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  1. View File This mod allows you to charm nearly any NPC in the game to lure back to your house to use as bondage decorations. Also contains a furniture building and placement system for all the animations exclusive to this mod. Now Introducing... The Long Awaited... I'll Take The Display Model II ~ Current Version: 206 ~ See the Change Log at the bottom for important notes. Nothing you have to do just something I need you to know. ~ If you are just now joining us from a version 202 or older, check out the special section titled that. ~ No, this mod will not work on SSE any time soon. (SKSE, SexLab, NiOverride, FNIS) Requirements SKSE 1.7.3 or newer. ZaZ Animation Pack 6.1 or newer. UIExtensions (not, Extended UI). SexLab 1.6 or newer. FNIS 5.4 OR NEWER AND THEN RUN IT AFTER INSTALLING DM2. Racemen 3.4 OR NiOverride 3.4 Features of DM2 This is a 100% new codebase. ALL of the spells have been replaced with dialog. It contains all the under-the-hood advancements made during Soulgem Oven and Untamed, including persisting anonymous actors and the like. 119 Poses - 19 Exclusive Furniture The ZaZ Animation pack is huge and awesome. Using his resources I was even able to cobble together some pose combos that did not currently exist already. There are still more that can be added, including a few I intentionally skipped because they are bugged, but Xaz seems to be on it. As of version 203 there is also furniture I made that is in no other mod. Dialog Command In order to engage the DM2 dialog options you need to craft an Amulet of Control for 1 leather strip and 1 ingot at any forge. You do not need to equip it, merely having it in your inventory will be good enough to allow you to use the DM2 dialog options. Afterwhich any NPC which you can engage dialog with normally (even if they didn't have dialog before) you will gain new dialog options to control them with. The only known NPCs so far that are out of bounds is the Courier and of course children. Simply leave the amulet at home when you no longer wish to have your dialog menu cluttered. Getting an NPC under your control. The first step is to charm an NPC to be under your control. You do this by walking up to them and saying "Come with me..." at which point they will be unable to resist your Amulet of Control and immediately begin following you anywhere you go. That will be your only dialog choice at this point. They will not fight. They will not do follower things. They will only go where you go. Once they are following you can talk with them again and many more dialog options will be available. To the opposite, telling them to go away will turn DM2 off for this actor and they will go back to whatever the crap they usually do. Come with me... (Engage DM2 for this NPC) Stay. Lets get you rigged up... (Engage Pose Mode) Move... (Engage Move Mode) Remove Outfit / Replace Outfit. I Want You To Wear These Things... (Open Inventory) I Want You To Do Something... (Begin Vanilla Command/Favor Mode) Go away. (Disengage DM2 for this NPC) NPCs as Mannequins There is a dialog choice now which will open a bound NPCs inventory and they will wear what you give them. They are not true mannequins in that they will wear the last thing given to them - they still attempt to wear what they think is the best thing for them, so if you want them to wear something specific take away things they should not have. Pose Mode After engaging pose mode you will be presented with a list of pose categories. Select one, and you will begin cycling through the poses. You will know you are in pose mode because the screen will tint blue. Tapping your SHOUT key will go to the next pose, while tapping your SPRINT key will go back a pose. Long Pressing SHOUT will cancel pose mode, where Long Pressing SPRINT will re-open the menu allowing you to choose a new category. You know when you have long pressed enough because the screen will flash. Move Mode After engaging move mode you can tap SHOUT and the NPC will walk over to that exact spot AND angle you were standing in. You will know you are in move mode because the screen will tint blue. So the trick here is you can stand exactly where you want them, align your self straight to whatever you want their bondage aligned to, hit SHOUT and then get the fuck out of the way so they can get in that spot. Long Pressing SHOUT will cancel move mode. You know when you have long pressed enough because the screen will flash. Self Bondage Crafting an Amulet of Repose at the forge and equipping it will engage Pose Mode on your player character. You can unequip it if you prefer for whatever reason like if you are screenshotting yourself. To release yourself, unequip and equip the Amulet of Repose again. This feature is currently a testing preview, doing nothing more than letting you see yourself in bondage. Placeable Furniture As of version 203 there is some craftable furniture. Currently only the furniture I have made for DM2 are placeable due to the tricks required to make it work, meaning, none of the ZAP stuff at this time. You can craft them at the forge they are prefixed with [DM2]. They will show up in the MISC section of your inventory. To place them, attempt to equip them (just like how you attempt to equip AddItemMenu to open the menu) and close the menus. The furniture will show up where you were standing and now you have kinky home decor. You can talk to the furniture to use it (self bondage), move it with the same DM2 move mode as you move NPCs, or pick it back up. You can also command NPCs to use it. I've left sandboxing enabled so there is a chance a follower could accidentally get themselves stuck on it! You can talk to them to release them... if you want. INTERESTING NOTE ABOUT PLACEABLE FURNITURE - because of the way the game handles occlusion planes, if you place something in one room, then move it to another, it is possible that the object will be invisible in that new room, unless you are standing in the old room looking into the new room. It's weird, I know. If you intend to move the device more than a few meters or to a different room, I highly suggest you pick it up and redrop it in the new room rather than use the move mode. Updating from DM1 Updating DM2 from 202 OR OLDER Frequently Asked Questions Permissions Packaged Assets - Meshes (nif), Animations (hkx), Textures (png, jpg, dds) All assets which are exclusive to Display Model are to remain as such. You may require DM2 be installed as a dependency and then reference the assets in your own mods, but I ask you do not copy the files into your own mods. Packaged Code - Papyrus (psc) The source code is released under the MIT licence with the following provisions: I ask you do not fork it while I am still an active member of the community. Some sort of reasonable attempt to contact me should be made before you even consider it. It will be hard for you to find parts of code that are really copy-paste-win. The spirit of open sourcing it is so you can look and learn from it, and hopefully avoid any pitfalls that took me a long time to engineer around. Other Permissions This mod is not to be re-uploaded to any other sites without permission. It is exclusive to LoversLab. Changelog 2017-02-16 - v206 Interaction Mode - when an NPC is in the chair bondage they now offer an Interaction Menu in the dialog, which will allow you to do various things like sit on them, fist them, etc. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS FEATURE EXPERIMENTAL. I suggest hitting QUICKSAVE before you try it so you can QUICKLOAD if something fucks up. I am confident it is fine but the amount of foolery that has to happen for this mod to work is staggering it would take me an entire day without bathroom breaks to explain all the things that it has to do. THE CHAIR IN THE MISC CATEGORY IS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS INTERACTION RIGHT NOW. Added 4 new poses - suspended tear drop (free and secured), directional post stylized after the captured dreams logo (crisp and relaxed) to the dm2 misc category. Fix for move command with NPCs refusing to change the direction they are facing. Fix for when NPCs would walk away when you told them to stay here. The inventory menu will now automatically close when dropping DM2 furniture instead of showing the message to close the menu. When telling NPCs to do something, and that thing you told them was to mount DM2 furniture, they will now automatically end command/favor mode. Before you'd have to manually hit ( to cancel it. You can test if an actor has interaction ability by seeing if they are in my interaction faction. I repeat, currently, only that one chair pose has interactions. Submitter darkconsole Submitted 07/27/2014 Category Other Requires SKYUI, SexLab, Zaz Animation Pack Special Edition Compatible
  2. View File Lore friendly, intelligent, and sexy . . . what more could you want?! (Khajiit sold separately, batteries not included) Sexy Bandit Captives (mod to Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps) - Beta release v0.940 This mod is being updated very frequently. Recommend following for release notifications. FAQ: (Note: mod not currently configured for mod manager setup; recommend manual installation during beta testing) For using a mod-manager/organizer: v0.940 PATCH NOW AVAILABLE IN THE DOWNLOAD SECTION (Mostly scripts and the .esp + a couple of textures, so relatively small file size; manual unpack and paste/overwrite into Data folder) Advisement: This patch with a "hot-load" into an existing game will fix many script based errors, but will likely cause others. Some behaviors and dialogue logics become "baked in" to your savegame. If you can live with the errors, fine, but the best thing to do will be to reload everything from a "clean" save. If you're having problems, as a test case, disable SBC, load a clean save, save a new game in an empty slot, exit, then enable SBC again and see what happens. v0.940 Changes Note1: If cell scanning gets stuck, try "stopquest SBCMain" then "startquest SBCMain" from the console. Note2: If you're not playing a Futa character, and you get a Futa detection on loading this mod, it means you have something "else" occupying SlotMask52. It's Ok. Just use "RemoveFaction xx014D90" on your character from the console to remove her from the Futa-Faction for dialogue prompts and animation selection. Futa Player Character Support: Thanks to those who have patiently borne the errors these first hectic months of beta release/testing. Overview: I've been working for several months on an update mod to the original excellent concept started in the Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps mod posted by pchs in 2014. The functionality intended, however, did not execute in game and many people were frustrated by it. Additionally, I liked using the freed captives for TDF's Aggressive Prostitution mod, but it bothered me that they showed up un-named in that dialogue as well as in SLA Monitor Widget. What we now have here (finally) can absolutely be just a simple "rescue the girls" campaign, if that's how the user wants to play it. Or a slave collection / harem builder . . . or a TDF prostitution source . . . or a potential follower source . . . or anything in between/combination thereof. I took a slightly different direction for immersion and dialogue, hence the name change to Sexy Bandit Captives. One of the central ideas changed is that the captives are being saved for sale as pleasure slaves rather than just being used by the bandits, and their restraints are enchanted so are much less bulky as well as much more difficult to remove. Disclaimer: This is a beta release. It's not done, but the bones of the mod are there and functional; it is quite playable at this point. Gameplay aspects are not fully developed, so releasing captives from restraints is automatically successful for now. Subjugation of captives, however, is not automatic and requires both SpeechCraft skill and PC level for success through all stages. Note 1: The captive's outfits are currently built with UNPB meshes, but it works reasonably well with CBBE bodies as well I'm told. Full CBBE patch on the drawing board. Note 2: There are only 7 10 captive release "destinations" currently, but at least 35 more planned. Note 3: There may be a glitch where one of the dialogue options does not show to ask a captive about her restraints. On a pre-beta tester's setup, this was the known result of a script not firing for an unknown reason (maybe script lag?) the second time it is invoked when talking to new captives. Here is the workaround if that happens: Note 4: Tattoos will not show up in-game unless you have "The Coenaculi UNP" folder as well as the associated "thecoenaculi.json" file in your Skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character\SlaveTats folder. Detailed Description: The separate files are required due to file size from extensive texture & mesh work for both NPCs and outfits. Download and extract to your Skyrim\Data folder manually. Not designed for mod manager implementation. (I've heard NMM treats it like 3 mods.) (xx KB) Most recent patch version posted (i.e., v0.9x) -- this is a WIP so patches will be issued frequently (98.35 MB) SexyBanditCaptives-File_01 = Main .esp file + Scripts + .SEQ file + NPC Meshes + NPC Textures (80.79 MB) SexyBanditCaptives-File_02 = Outfit meshes (86.63 MB) SexyBanditCaptives-File_03 = Outfit textures Mod functionality specifics: The (current) clothing files are built for UNPB functionality (seems to work for any UNP) right now just because that happens to be what I had loaded when I started. Adaptation to CBBE will be a follow-on project post-beta I think. Hard Dependencies (aside from Skyrim.esm and Update.esm, obviously): SexLab - by Ashal (This was required by the original mod; provides animation framework) ZaZ Animation Pack - by xaz, ZaZ Chris (This was required by the original mod; provides furniture, devices, animations) SexLabAroused Redux - by fishburger67 (Specifically designed to "minimize the papyrus impact of Aroused") ApachiiHair.esm, ApachiiHairFemales.esm - by Apachii (Intend to make a version that uses Apachii Hairs & Apachii Female Hairs as well as a version without.) . . . and the other subordinate mods required by the above. Optional / Recommended: More Bandit Camps by skillest (This mod would run without it, but you might find some captives alone in odd places; I would probably produce a version without the MBC sites populated for those who think there are already plenty of bandit sites.) (SOS) Schlongs of Skyrim by b3lisario (Full version needed for Futa detection and other miscellaneous functionality.) SlaveTats by murfk (Should work without, but tattooed captives will be bare; mrufk helped me out on implementing!) The Coenaculi - Tattoo Parlor plugin for Slavetats UNP_MALE_Vanilla version Kyu.7z by RustyXXL (required along with SlaveTats for ANY tattoos to show up on captives) Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice by shadeMe (makes menus move much smoother) Other SexLab/SLAL/NSAP animations as the user desires. Reported Unresolved Mod Conflicts: Requiem or its patch Requiem for the Indifferent (causes essential dialogue to not display) Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Birthsigns - Classes - Skills - Specializations - Attributes Disparity - Dialogue options missing once class and skill selected; reversible if unselected Testing Environment: Credits: Really spoiling spoiler Special Thanks! PERMISSION USAGE 1. Kept on Lover's Lab only. Submitter Blackbird Wanderer Submitted 08/27/2017 Category Dialog Sex Requires SexLab, ZaZ Animation Pack, SexLabAroused Redux, ​ApachiiHair.esm, ApachiiHairFemales.esm Special Edition Compatible No
  3. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Post here your screenshots of your character in action. It will be good to share what mods you are using during the sex time, let people see your intimate life and fantasies. Photos: Videos:
  4. View File Submitter Hoenheim Submitted 02/07/2015 Category Sex Effects Requires Sexlab 1.6 (Hotfix 2) +, Racemenu (Latest) Special Edition Compatible  
  5. Beta build is for Skyrim Special Edition only More details on the version/beta coming later when I have more time. For now, I just want to get the beta out there for testing. So here it is. Non-SE users will likely have to wait until release for 1.63. I have no plans right now to release a non-SE version of the beta. Requirements: Skyrim SE 1.5.23 SKSE SE v2.0.6 SkyUI SE Changes since 1.62: Added a caching system to animation searches Increased animation slots to 750, decreased voice/expression slots to 375. A new scaling fix that finally solves the issue with some actors/creatures randomly changing sizes when animating (enabled by default) (partially implemented) a new hook system for developers that don't work on events, allowing them to fully complete their hook function before the thread continues. Solves some sync issues with more complicated or timing sensitive hooks. Some other stuff I'm surely forgetting because it's been a long time. Known Issues: Animations take longer to start than normal right now. Other Notes: Animation packs from non-SE version have to have their animations converted to 64 bit in order to work. This can be easily automated and done quickly by the pack developers. All existing basic mods should work as is as far as I know. As long as they don't require any other SKSE plugins that haven't yet been converted. This means Devious Devices and its mods won't work until DD gets its SKSE plugin updated. I haven't fully tested a lot of the plugin in SE beyond making sure basic functionality works. So submitting bug reports are critical here. Download: SexLabFrameworkSE_v163_BETA1.7z
  6. View File Latest change: 14-02-2018 uploaded Slaverun V3.0 Alpha 2c which is only a patched esp for : just intall over alpha 2 to overrite your esp (fixes bug with free woman blocked in arena quest when talking to Bellamy, Gustus and Quintus) 11-02-2018 I uploaded Alpha 2 version of Slaverun V3.0 08-01-2018 I uploaded Alpha 1 version of Slaverun V3.0. BUT PLEASE READ MY COMMENT HERE BEFORE INSTALLING Latest change: 28-12-2017 Slaverun V2.1.3 - fixing not doing sexlab calls because Zaz Framework 8.0 results true for isanimating when npc uses furniture - try to fix heavy deivces like yoke and armbinder for DD V 4.0 24-11-2017 Slaverun V2.1.2 - enabled usage of Zaz Framework 8.0 - removed haircoloring for slaves with yps fashion framework New prequest: Notes for Slaverun Reloaded 2.1 New prequest: the Slaverun Mainquest will now not be started the first time you start a game with active slaverun esp file. A new prequest will now be started by courier. After the new prequest is done the mainquest will start as usual. Wedding quest: The wedding quest is totaly optional. In this quest you will get visit from your family. Your family members (5 NPCs) will be Nord and Breton race. So if you are playing a non-human race and are annoyed by this, just don't play this quest. You have more then one option to skip or abort it! As I said it is optional Conditions to start the wedding quest: - you are a slave - Windhelm slavery quest is finished - faction with Bellamy must have been at least once at 20 and now > 15 - DeadslaveWalking quest must have been proceeded where you have done enough whiterun tasks and enough arena fights to make Slave master Pike rethink his execution plans (you can do this by easy by activating the ingame cheat option); for this the faction with Pike must now also be 20 (= most submissive as possible) - once who have started and aborted the whitewedding1 quest by telling Pike your parents are dead, the wedding quest can not be retriggered Notes for Slaverun Reloaded 2.0 Very Important. - the latest patch 2.04 reqires and checks at startup for ZAZ Animation Pack V7, you can find it here - Version 2.0 has more hard dependencies than 1.x, if you have a CTD at startup you probably missed one, please do yourself something good and use a TOOL like Wyrebash or MO to find out what you are missing - Version 2.0 has a storymode flag in MCM Menu which is by default disabled. With storymode off, scenes will be shorter, less text is displayed, and skipped. I recommend playing with storymode on, but I guess more people don't want to read text and there is realy a lot of it in v2 Here is a list of ids and names of the complete slave quests, in case you need them , yes there are more than in v1 Slaverun Reloaded This mod was inspired by the original Slaverun mod: The authors pchs and WaxenFigure did a fantastic job. But since the mod wasn't updated in a long time and with major updates for other mods as well as new content rolling out, compatibility problems began to pop up for a lot of people. I wanted to fix this, so I learned to use CK (and am still learning). Eventually I realized that in order to rid the mod of all of it's issues, I had to recode it from scratch. And while I was there, I figured I might as well expand on it's potential. So expand on it I did. A lot. Version 1.x of Slaverun Reloaded is finished with a slave and slaver questline for all cities (in my opinion), but I am sure not bugfree. I will make bugfix releases for 1.0, but there will be no new features in this version. I continue working on Slaverun Reloaded V2 Beta which will have new features, new quests and also new dependencies (see the forum thread for more details) What is this mod about: "Civil war has turned Skyrim bad. As men fight, women become victims of their rage and lust. Whiterun, now commonly called Slaverun, became a center of female slave trade. Every unwealthy female without resources to keep herself safe may become a victim of enslavement." (quote from original mod) In the original mod, when you arrive at Whiterun, the town is already enslaved, and if you're a female Dragonborn, you might end up as part of the inventory. A nice little slave training quest followed. All of this is still intact (and fixed). Here is where the mod was expanded. The mod starts automatically when activated, but the town has not changed, you get a quest to go to the Jarl of Whiterun instead. After the prologue quest you have choices: - Get enslaved as a female but with resistance. Your slave trainer has a particular fondness for rebellious slaves, he didn't buy all those torture devices for nothin'. (This is the female slave questline. You will have to do a lot of quest for your slave master. Status: finished) - Get enslaved without resistance or voluntarily and you will get a normal slave training. Good girl. (Also the female slave questline, just the beginning differs a little bit) - Comply with the new law but remain free (all other options remain available). I suggest you bring your favorite killing skill up to max fast cuz otherwise we all know where you will end up. (You stay free, but have to obey the "women naked" law. City after city will fall autimatically under slavery, but you will do nothing about that, there are no quests for you!) - Male player characters can join the slavery organization if you like. Oh you know you do, I don't even know why I made this optional. (This is the male slaver questline, you work as a slaver and will do quests for the slave master. Status: finished - If you happen to be a strong woman you can kick the slavers' asses and start to work in the slavery organisation despite having the vagina box checked on the equipment tab. Who knows, you may end up making your would be master into your own personal bitch. Charma is fun. (This is the female slaver questline, you work as a slaver and will do quests for the slave master. This questline is nearly identical to the male slaver questline. Status: finished Right now the female submissive story is functionally complete. It will send you onto a long quest to enslave the whole of Skyrim for your slave masters. It has three different endings depending on your choices. It may recieve more polishing later. The dominant player questline is now also finished and has two different endings. Both the slave and slaver quests will eventually implement the laws layed down in Whiterun by the original mod in every hold capital + Riverwood. Things you should know BEFORE installing the mod: - This mod is now released in a version 1.0, For me this version runs pretty good, but of course there a some bugs still hidden and compatibility is always a problem. I will make bugfixes in this version, but no further features. New features will all be in a beta of V2.0, which will come soon. If you expect a bug-free and polished mod like Falskaar, this mod will as big a disappointment to you as you are to your parents. - Quests are still being worked on, content is still being added. Don't play with a save that you care about. Once an update rolls out, it may well be that you have to start over from a point where the mod was not started yet. - This mod will change the world forever, even after the main quest is finished. Keep that in mind before you begin. - If you don't want your female Dragonborn to get tortured and have lot of sex with things both humanoid and not so humanoid (and I do mean a LOT), don't play. I'm serious, you'll be fucking for hours. - Strong language should not offend you. If it does, the fuck are you doing here. - Some of the quests for the submissive story line assume you are neither Orc, Argonian nor Khajiit. There is nothing preventing you from playing as these races but odd things will happen. You have been warned. - If you plan on continuing to play vanilla quests in enslaved cities, this is entirely possible. But beware. If the enforcer options are toggled on, things may break vanilla quests in new and exciting ways (e.g. try using the Staff of Magnus in the college after it has been enslaved during the Arch Mage quest line. Tolfdir will troll you no end. Or the guard reporting to the Jarl of Whiterun during the Alduin questline might decide to go fuck a slave instead, breaking the quest). So i suggest turning those off for the duration. Credits pchs and waxenfigure for Slaverun + Enforcer/ Requirements: Fuz Ro Do - on Nexus Hard Dependencies for V1 (mod won't work/game will crash without these): SexLab - by Ashal (I recommend 1.61+, as it fixed all freeze problems for me) Zaz Animation Pack [2014-04-21] - by xaz Devious Devices and Devious Integration - by Min SexLab Aroused - mod redneck2x or Sexlab Aroused Redux by fishburger67 Hard Dependencies for V2 (mod won't work/game will crash without these): SexLab - by Ashal (I recommend 1.61+, as it fixed all freeze problems for me) Zaz Animation Pack [2014-04-21] - by xaz Devious Devices and Devious Intgration - by Min SexLab Aroused - mod redneck2x or Sexlab Aroused Redux by fishburger67 Dragonborn.esm (yes, slavery comes to Raven Rock) and Dawnguard.esm Devious Expansion.esm iis now a hard dependency ApachiiHair.esm and ApachiiFemalesHair.esm both here Crash fixes to handle the 64k string limitation of Skyrim Very very very much recommended mods: Better Dialogue Controls Highly recomended is to install the fantastic animations by FunnyBizness , here , Slaverun V2 will use these animations, special the FMMMM gangbang animations if available Soft dependencies (mod will utilise or has been made compatible with these mods, nothing bad will happen if you don't have them): Slavetats V1.2.1 with Tatoos "SlaveTats-slut" by murfk if enabled in MCM an enslaved PC will get 3 tattoes in the face and 2 on the hands, 10 progressive tatoos which can be configured in the json config file will be added later, each after a new city is enslaved BrandingDevice of Doom V0.47 by nooblet123 (also needs "SlaveTats-slut" from Slavetats) if tattoos are enabled in MCM and this mod is found, the progressive tatoos will be applied in a little scene where the player is branded down in the slaverun dungeon Coriontios Progressive Slavetats v0.04 by Corinthio (you don't need the esp only the tatoos) these tatoos are the default configuration in the json config file, change to other if you want to use your own tatoo selection SerialStrip v1.1.4 by Antono was used when the player was forced to undress during the enslavement (I think it will not be used there anymore, as serialstrip does not work in scenes) SexLab - Sexual Fame Framework version 0.95+ by Versh (for the OPTIONAL slaverun comments.esp) Slaverun comments.esp is is an standalone esp which can be used with slaverun or without, it uses collected fame of the sexual fame framework to let npc make comments, for example when you are seen with devious devices or be well known to have sex with animals, argonians, orcs.... Simple Slavery v3.92+ by jfraser is used in both directions; slaverun is a possible outcome from simple slavery when enabled in the MCM of simple slavery, but also Slave Master Pike offers you the dialogue option to sell you (if you are his slave) to Simple Slavery in V2.0 there is also a button in slaverun MCM where you can simply trigger the event to be send to simple slavery Hydragon Slavegirls by hydragorgon this mod adds a lot of npc which are slavers or slaves. Slaverun Reloaded can use them to create a more immersive feeling that cities fall to slavery. As default (can be disabled in MCM) slaverun will disable slaves in free towns and will enable them if a new town is enslaved Diablo-esque Decorations - by nooblet123 is similar to hydragon slavegirls and adds some tortured or killed nps to a few Skyrim cities. Slaverun will also disable them and slowly add them again when a city is enslaved Milk Mod Economy by Ed86 Slave Master Pike will get a dialogue to make you a milk cow it the esp is found. When you are a milk cow, Pike gets an option to milk you (slaves only) Skooma Whore by Guffel Slave Master Pike will get a dialogue to give you some drugs if you ask nice (slaves only) Deviously Cursed Loot by Kimy Slave Master Pike will get a dialgoue to give you a cursed item if you ask nice (slaves only) Player Succubus Quest by ojanen After finishing the dremora slave training, your dremora trainer will offer you a quest to make you a succubus, if this mod is found Frostfall 3.0+ by Chesko Due to forced being naked in enslaved cities you would probably freeze to death, so slaverun will save you from that Immersive Hair Growth and Styling by emily1673 in MCM you can choose between slaverun hairgrowth or Immerysive hair growth Slaverun Reloaded had its own hair regrowth mechanic, but you can check an MCM option to use the mechanic of Immersive Hair Growth mod Amputation Framework by Haeretic This framework is used in 3 places to cut off some arms and legs (even if installed in can be disabled in MCM) The first victim is your slave sister Ivana during your enslavement, then the player when your Master will get very angry by some actions and during the quest 'Daughter of Coldharbour' SOS Schlongs of Skyrim by b3lisario, if mod is installed and checkbox in mcm menu is enabled all male slavers will start with a schong size 10 (default for the max size in SOS), after every city quest the schlong size will increase and your slavers dick will get bigger Sexlab Inflation Framework by qotsafan if enabled in MCM the enslaved PC boobs will grow after enslaving a city (Alternative you can enable weight growth if you have a bodyslide configuration that fits). Any growing feature is disabled by default. Mods that add more NPCs, like Inconsequential NPCs, Interesting people, Immersive Whenches, Populated Towns, etc. Appropos by gooser With the wear and tear textures toggled on, your female PC will be in tears half way through slave training, I kid you not. Conflicting mods The original Slaverun mod of course, as it does the same. Special Features: Slave Tattoos (if toggled on in MCM): Your master might give you tattoos so you and others may know your place. If installed he may also send you into the branding device of doom. Note that if you want slavetats to do it's work, you must make sure the number of overlays defined in the nioverride.ini is larger than 0. The customisable progressive tats feature: If you enabled slave tattoos in the MCM menu, the PC will get a new tattoo after each city quest and city prequest. The names of the tattoos are defined in the json file in skse/plugins/slaverun/slaverunconfig.json Tattoo section and tatoo names build a pair to define the tattoo to be used. Predefined are here the tattoos from Corintio's Progressive Slavetats by Corintio, see the threads there and my screenshots. You can replace them with any tattoo you like. At the moment there a 10 tatoos defined, if you want to use them, your nioverride.ini must have iNumOverlays>=10 in Overlays/Body (I use 12). If you want less tatoos, you could simply accept the slavetats error, or replace the tattoo name by "", i.e. replace "Slave Stg 10" by "" (removing the complete line is not recommended). Slave shaving (if toggled on in MCM): Once enslaved your master will shave your head. Ya know, just to remove any illusions of control over your body you might still have. Over time your hair will regrow to it's original length. How long this takes and how many stages there are are also configurable in the MCM. If you are an Elf and nothing happens, try installing this: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11282 Slave Name changing (if toggled on in MCM): The PC will get a new surname at the end the slave training and following that the end of each city quest. The surname can also be configured in SlaverunConfig.json. Find the lines containing "slaverunslavename" in the json file to see what the names are in order of appearance (slaverunslavename0 is 1st, slaverunslavename1 is 2nd and so on). The Enforcer System (if toggled on in MCM): Men will periodically check for slaves and/or free women to tend to their needs. I mean cocks. Highly customizable regarding who should be called, what arousal levels should be used and if you want a filter for aggressive animations. If you have performance issues, try turning this off, it does put stress on your system. Test/Cheat mode for testing (if toggled on in JSON file): In the JSON file is a property testmode. Setting the value 1 will enable some new Cheat dialogues to skip content and jump from the begin of a subquest to its end. Recommended for testing MCM help: Walkthrough for the medium end of the female slave quest line since the good and bad endings can't be missed. I'm assuming that if you're reading here, you just want to get shit done and don't care about spoilers. But still. Spoilers ahead. Here an overview what quest are in the mod, if you need the technical ids (OLD, this is for V1.x, see top for slave quests in V2) Old Changelog Submitter Kenjoka Submitted 09/23/2015 Category Quests Requires SexLab.esm (tested with 1.61 and 1.62) SexLabAroused.esm Devious Devices - Assets.esm ZaZAnimationPack.esm Devious Devices - Integration.esm (more for V2, see the OP) Special Edition Compatible
  7. View File Requires: Sexlab Framework 1.59c with PapyrusUtil 2.8+(should be included in SL) Sexlab Framework 1.60+ ZaZ Animation Pack 6.00+ AND TEXTURES XPMSE 2.14+ SkyUI Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) RaceMenu 2.0+ OR NetImmerse Override Custom body replacer that support breast scaling, like CBBE or UUNP Breast pumping animation only works with hdt dll disabled and BBP body/skeleton Recommended: Sexlab Aroused Redux, without it you'll miss out a lot of content, since mod was designed and intended to be played with arousal Use game controller as Vibrator! The Dungeon: Milk Mod Economy Follower Home Non-SexLab Animation Pack - Breastfeeding animations for Sexlab Framework 1.59c JUGs - Alternate dialogues to trigger Breastfeeding animations Rate Mod if you like it, that might keep me motivated, oh and of course you can support me on Patreon Mod Description [RP]: Installation: Install MO or NMM installer, don't even think to ask for support if you install mod manually and its not working. Install all requirements and their dependencies or MME will not to work. Make sure your skyrim/character is not broken by some crap mod, which will prevent MME from starting. If you want breast pumping animation during milkpump milking use XPMSE 2.14+ with BBP Rig(or old patch in installer), pumping breast animation is for BBP Rig only and will not work with HDT Rig and no, i don't know how to change that. During installation you can select patches you want and pre-built Milk Cuirass Model for you body. During installation select (or don't) integration scripts for mods you have, if you select scripts for mods you don't have MME will likely refuse to work. Run LooT and/or make sure all patches got after MilkModNEW.esp. Run FNIS. Wait for mod to load, usually few seconds, you will see "Milk Mod Enabled. Event intervals set to: Milk production - 1 hour". Or get an repeating error window if you installed something wrong and/or mod isn't working. Bodyslide: If you have BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio, you can install different bodyslide slider sets for Milk Cuirass in order to change it to fit your body and/or Zap(remove) collar and panties (Optionally) merge esps IF upgrading from older versions - check change-log for requirements! OR ELSE! Solving problems: READ FAQ, USE SEARCH, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>POST PAPYRUS.LOG<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, make detailed description of problem you have Uninstall: MCM -> Milkmod -> Debug -> Uninstall, this will reset everything to default state, stop running scripts, wipe milkmaids data in StorageUtil script, reset body state Save Delete mod with your mod manager To become Milkmaid: Soft linked plugins - not required but supported: MCM menu: (De)buffs: Milk and food this mod has to offer: Stories: Mod features few flavor stories that are displayed randomly during milking start/end, you can enable/disable them in mcm. NPC Comments: When Milk Maid breasts full and leaking milk, npcs might make comments. By default option is turned off, but you can turn it on in MCM. NPC Dialogues milking: Supported Armors (Armors with names that contain, this might not work with translated games/armors): Custom SOS support(hairs etc): FAQ: Known issues: Conflicts: Permissions: If you repost/share this mod to other sites, you must add link to mods thread and provide descent translation of everything written on this page. You are not allowed to post/host/share this mod on cloud storage, torrent sites and file hosting services that: -force you to wait 15+ seconds and watch advertisements while "your file being prepared" or buy premium to get file instantly crap. -force to buy premium and sms crap. -give you money for file downloads/uploads/views/clicks. -install adware, crapware, trojans, viruses, miners, etc Patch notes and, maybe, some additional info in 2nd post Submitter Ed86 Submitted 09/16/2014 Category Other Requires Sexlab Framework, Zaz Animation Pack, XPMSE, SkyUI, SKSE Special Edition Compatible
  8. View File BETA Version – Expect Bugs. Some features are missing or unfinished. Summary An eclectic mod containing various features I wanted to be in the game or I have experimented with, some as a result of a request being posted here on Loverslab. The two main features as of now are: The SexCrime feature, which is a continuation and expansion of SexCrime (not to be confused with SexCrime Redux, which came out recently.) The Rape feature, which is based on the rape feature in Deviously Cursed Loot. Sexlab Adventures is intended for female characters, but I tried to make it at least compatible with male characters. Feature Details SexCrime: Nudity, being covered in cum or having sex in public are crimes. When reported, you will get a bounty. The amount of bounty can be customized in the MCM (globally or on a per-hold basis). Exteriors are always considered public, certain types of interiors (like stores and inns) can be toggled as public or non-public in the MCM. The law on public nudity can be reversed, requiring you to remain naked or get the bounty (the “Nudity Law”). A “Bounty Randomizer” has been implemented, which will randomize bounties based on some parameters. Options to be exempt from these rules if you are Thane in the current hold. Optional hardcore mode blocks most options. Some more misc options. Rape: Based on the rape feature in Deviously Cursed Loot, you can be raped when conditions set in the MCM are met and valid attackers (based on customizable parameters) are in the vicinity. There are more elaborate conditions available, which are not necessarily self-explanatory. I tried to explain them on the Help page in the MCM, not sure if successfully. You can also uncheck “Use Advanced Conditions”, the system will then use simpler conditions (as in DCL). Valid attackers can be NPCs (any gender, customizable) or creatures (any creature that has Sexlab animations installed, customizable) Parameters whether to allow threesomes, and which animations to use (consensual / aggressive) If enabled, your attacker(s) will pursue you before the rape, allowing you to escape (Otherwise, you will be knocked down instantly.) Option to allow nearby NPCs / creatures to “join in” Option to be vulnerable when spotted masturbating, allowing immediate rape ignoring conditions Follower support (Vanilla slot only): You can be forced to have sex with your follower and your follower can be raped as well (customizable). Sleep Rape: When going to sleep, there is a chance you’ll get company (customizable). (Please note I am aware the transition into and out of the sleep rape is not the best right now.) Post Rape Scenarios: Your attackers might do more than just rape you. Lots of options and settings. Minor Features: Optional “Poverty” mechanic (Reduces maximum carry weight.) Optional “Vow of Nudity” mechanic (Slowly drains Stamina and Magicka to provide an incentive to remain naked.) Optional “Sleep Creep” mechanic (When going to sleep within a city, someone might visit you while you sleep. They might also steal from you.) Optional Tax mechanic (When spending too much time within a city, you will have to pay a tax, giving you a bounty.) A “Masturbation Button” for lonely moments Character Renamer: MCM option to rename your character, allowing letters like the German ä, ö, ü and ß as well as special characters. Installation/Update: You need to go to the “Activation Center” page in the MCM and click the option to start/update the mod. Also please verify all installed mods are correctly labelled as “found”. Mod Support: Some mods add additional features. Devious Devices (Assets, Integration, ZaZAnimationPack): Basic support; an additional “Restrained” rape condition if DDa and ZaZ are loaded. Prison Overhaul Patched: SexCrime reports and Rape attacks are suspended while imprisoned; you can get jailed through POP as a result of a Post Rape Scenario. (Only the new merged version is supported.) Simple Slavery: You can be sent to a slavery auction as a result of a Post Rape Scenario. Skooma Whore: An additional “Drugged” rape condition. Realistic Needs and Diseases: An additional “Drunk” rape condition. Optional Plugin: The download package contains an additional esp (SLAdv_GoldWeight.esp). With this, gold has weight (50 gold has a weight of 1). I think this works well with the Poverty mechanic. If you don’t like this, you can disable or delete it. (This can be uninstalled from a running game without causing problems, Skyrim will give you a warning but you can ignore it.) File Permissions: This mod is only possible because others have released their mods open source and allowed me to use their code, so I want to do the same. You may use my code in your own projects if Your work is open source Your work is non-commercial You publish your work here on Loverslab You give credit (this includes the people I have credited myself when appropriate) Your work is not a fork / an edited version of mine, but a mod in its own right You allow others to use your code in a similar fashion. Credits: Kimy for the rape feature in Deviously Cursed Loot leechlord and QLee for SexCrime (the latter for their edit) Submitter Teutonic Submitted 01/27/2018 Category WIP / Beta Requires Sexlab, Sexlab Aroused (Redux) Special Edition Compatible  
  9. View File Conversion of SexLab Framework to Skyrim Special Edition without relying on SKSE64 and PapyrusUtil. More Nasty Critters + many popular SLAL animation packs already included. Features: SexLab Framework API was kept as intact as much as the lack of SKSE64 and PapyrusUtil allows, meaning most Oldrim SexLab mods either work right away or can be converted fairly easily 803 animations (467 human, 336 creature) all packaged as its default animations, including the original SexLab animations, multiple SLAL packs and More Nasty Critters (At Tween's request for including his M2M animations, please read his legal terms of use included in the archive) Small MCM and in-scene control functionality Erection system that works with Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE But still, please don't expect everything to be the same as Oldrim SexLab. Without SKSE64, a lot of code had to be rewritten, meaning certain features get implemented differently or sacrificed altogether. This project has been undertaken with Ashal's permission. Ashal has offered future help to me if I hit any roadblock. However, please avoid confusing this port with the full Sexlab (all SexLab Light SE releases will have 0.x.x version numbers to avoid confusion). We especially want to clarify that Ashal himself is not responsible for supporting this 'SexLab Light SE' port so don't message him for troubleshooting about it. All questions about SexLab Light SE should be directed to myself only for the time being. Ashal still intends to port the full SexLab to SSE, if and when SKSE64 gets released with all the stuffs he needs. Requirements: FNIS Behavior SE - you need the Main download at least. Download the FNIS Creature Pack optional file also if you want bestiality stuffs. XPMSSE Recommended: (for nude bodies) UNP Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE (or this for different textures) - erection system works with SexLab Light SE Installation Instructions: read this detailed guide instead if you're new to SexLab Install the 3 requirements above Download SexLab Light SE from one of the two links provided (Google Drive and Mega.Nz) and install it. Run GenerateFNISForUsers.exe as admin, tick Skeleton Arm Fix, press Update FNIS Behavior Load a save (ideally clean, avoid starting a new game with SexLab.esm enabled), SexLab Light SE will automatically start its first-time initialization itself (takes a while). (Optional) The MCM can be accessed in Spells > Illusion. The in-scene controls are in a form of an Apparel inventory item - you should favorite it to a number, then press that number during sex Enjoy! Use one of the mods below to trigger sex Mods Using SexLab Light SE: SexLab MatchMaker Light SE - port of MatchMaker to work with SexLab Light SE. Easy mindless way to trigger sex scenes. SexLab Pleasure SE - 80 light-hearted but lore-friendly unique dialogues Abduction SSE Carnival - more complex version of MatchMaker The below Oldrim mods aren't official ports (at least not yet), but they have been tested and confirmed as working right away with SexLab Light SE without any conversion, though some bugs may exist Amorous Adventures SexLab Solutions 4.0.2 (but not v5.x, which requires Unofficial Patch LE.esp) Spouses Enhanced v1.7.3 (quicksave and load once for the dialogue option to show up) SexLab Necrophilia (must extract the BSA) SexLab Enchantress (must extract the BSA) SexLab Working Girl (must extract the BSA) Animal Mansion 0.6e (but not AM Plus which requires ZaZ, must extract the BSA) BSA's can be extracted very easily with BAE: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/78/? Future Plans: Creature schlongs Furniture and animated objects Creature on Creature Known Issues: Due to the 803 animations included and the lack of script extender, sometimes it takes quite a while to pick the animation to play. I'll optimize this later. Some creatures added by MNC (chickens, deers) sometimes refuse to have sex with males. I'll address this. Credits: Ashal for the original SexLab Framework Leito86, Anub, SirNibbles, Tweens, Billyy, and FunnyBizness for the animation packs included Dentarr for More Nasty Critters, whose animations are also included Fore for FNIS Groovtama for XPMSSE SexLab Framework Credits: SKSE Plugin: kapaer - Mfg Console h38fh2mf Ashal Animations: Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp Arrok - BBP Animations JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution Mithos Blac945 Zynsch TDA Zynsch Bleagh PanicForever Athstai - Dark Investigations 3jiou Mitos Leito86 4uDIK FalloutBoy2 Audio: Lovers with PK Setekh Mesh/Textures: Calyp - Strapon oli3d - Bukkake Shaders 4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures More Nasty Critter Credits: LordEscobar (Nude Creatures) Ep1cL3w1s (Creature Framework) Flyingtoaster (Hentai Creatures) Panicforever & Gone (Lurker, Werebear and Riekling Animations (AND Horse Animation)... AND Panic did the new Wolf+Dog Animations) Panic also did the newer new Dog and Wolf Animations and the corresponding Tail animations! Dayelyte (Female Werewolf and Atronach Animation and new consensual Dog/Wolf) Xandero (Spriggan Animations + second Atronach Animation + third Atronach Animation) Billyy (Skeever Animations) llabsky (Sabrecat, Hagraven, Goat, Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Ashhopper, Chaurushunter and Wispmother) Anubiss (Draugr, Sabrecat) FunnyBiz (for Hagraven Animation) Leito86 (for Creature Features - now included and new Dog Animations) Gone (for Beastiality Extras - now Included) Bad Dog (nude models of Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Skeletton) Vioxsis (nude model of Goat and Horker) diarawr (for JUDAH model) Shocky (for Deathhound Brute) SkyMoMod (for Arch Demon) More Nasty Critters Disclaimer: I know its problematic to expand on the work of others or even expand upon someone elses expansion of the work of a third modder. However some of the stuff here cant be released in any other meaningful way, at least not for someone who just wants to download/copy and have fun. If someone is offended by the stuff I put here let me know and I remove it. Its just here to give fellow players easy access to stuff thats posted all over the board, after all. Submitter vinfamy Submitted 08/29/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires FNIS SE, XPMSSE, (optional) FNIS Creature Pack SE Regular Edition Compatible  
  10. since v162 the redress player option has being removed why? it is really annoying ro dres my character again. please put the option back in.
  11. View File Thread: http://www.loverslab...xlab-defeat-32/ 5.3.0+ : /!\ SexLab Framework 1.61b or newer is REQUIRED. /!\ You should disable the option "Disable Starting Teleport" from SexLab, it conflict somehow with Defeat and will slow down and break some feature of Defeat. /!\ Funnybizness Animation Pack Highly recommended to be played with Defeat. You can use SexLab Animation Loader mod to register his animations for easy use. (SLAL version of the animation pack) /!\ If you are stuck in the MCM menu after checking an animation list you'll need to press the modifier key (left shift by default) again. -------------------- What is this mod? Defeat aim to give more combat outcomes and alternatives to death, whether the player is the victim, the aggressor or not even involved. (NPC vs NPC) ----- Player as victim --- Knock down way The player can be knocked down in combat, three ways for this to happen: - Bleedout Will set the player as essential, though the player WILL die if the aggressor is not valid. On bleedout enter when the player's HP reach 0 it will starts a Defeat scene with the last aggressor that hit the player. Highly imcompatible with other mods that deal with the bleedout event such as Death Alternative and can conflict with the normal Defeat knock down ways, you might want to disable at least the health threshold knock down way. - Wound The player can be knocked down on hit using a health threshold. - Exhaustion An aggressor will try to grab and choke the player if his stamina value is low, you can the chance on hit and choose if the aggressors can grab you only from behind. - Stun The player can be knocked down by power attacks hits, you can set the chance on hit and the stagger level at which a weapon can knock down the player. --- Knocked out The player can set a chance for the player to be knocked out instead of knocked down, if knocked out, the player won’t be able to resist the first sexual assault and the follower will automatically be knocked down. Has the priority over knocked down and Auto Resist. --- Auto resist The player can set a chance for the player to automatically resist a sexual aggression attempt. (Only sexually interested aggressors) Has the priority over knocked down. --- Scenario When the player is knocked down in combat, 3 different scenarios can happen (MCM): - All down If followers are present when the player is knocked down, they all need to be knocked down as well before the scene continues. Followers can be knocked down with the NPC vs NPC settings or when entering bleed out. (If NPC vs NPC is disabled for example.) When the remaining followers are still in combat you can try to fill the struggle bar to get up before they are defeated. - Original Your followers will be knocked down at the same time as you, hostiles NPCs will then come at you. - No transition You will get instantly sexually assaulted and the fight will continue. (No threesome or multiple animations if multiple aggressors.) --- Resist The player has the possibility of resisting a sexual assault attempt, to do so you need to press and hold your strafe left or right hotkey until you see the struggle bar appear and then you need to alternatively press strafe left and strafe right hotkeys to fill the bar, if you manage to fulfil the bar before the aggressor get you (5 seconds), you will make a resist move that depend of your first main resist skill chosen in MCM then you’ll get on your feet and the combat will restart. You can choose two skills in MCM that will determine how hard the struggle bar will be to fill, depending on the level, the gender and the two highest skills of the aggressor. You can resist every sexual assault attempt during a scene but there will be an additional penalty if you have been sexually assaulted already. --- Resist mid SexLab scene Press down both resist keys during a SexLab scene then press the keys alternatively to try to push away the aggressor using your remaining stamina, the goal is to not reach 0 stamina or the resist attempt fails so you might want to do it slowly to let your stamina get back up but not too slowly because there is a time limit of 15 seconds. --- Collateral If there is multiple aggressors, followers can be assaulted too (Depending of the NPC vs NPC settings for allowed genders and strip options) If a follower is sexually assaulted during the aggression scene, he will enter in a trauma or an exhausted state, you will then need to get him on his feet by using the Revive option. (Activate Key or Action Key) or wait for them to get up by themselves (MCM settings), when the player changes cell the follower exits his state automatically. --- Surrender (Surrender Key Default: K) 3 features: 1 - Surrender In combat you can use the hotkey to try to surrender to your enemies. Surrender to humans If you surrender to a human, the nearest aggressor will come to you and a dialogue will start. Those may vary corresponding to the aggressor and the settings in MCM (Pages “Player as Victim” and “NPC vs NPC” (for followers)) If the dialogue leads to a sexual assault attempt against the player the same rules as if the player was knock down applies, meaning you can resist. Surrender to humans - Conditions that matter for the dialogue: Has the player been already a victim of this aggressor? Change the dialogue if you surrender to a NPC that sexually assaulted you already. Is the player has a weapon? Check if the player has weapons equipped. The aggressor will make you throw your weapon on the floor. Is the player dressed? Check if a torso piece is equipped. Change some dialogues, increase the chances of sexual assault. Is the aggressor interested by your gender? Depend of the gender settings in MCM (Page “Player as Victim”) The aggressor has a chance to sexually assault the player. Is the aggressor among the evil factions? NPCs that are in evil faction will not let the player run away without giving anything. (Evil factions are listed in MCM, page “Post-Assault”.) Is there a witness? Important condition that you can disable in MCM (page “Player as Victim” option “Witness”.) Normal NPCs will not react the same way if there is a witness around, of course it does not count the NPCs that are in the scene. (The aggressors, the followers and the player.) Evil factions don't care if there is a witness or not. Is the aggressor moral? A NPC is considered moral if they are unaggressive or met the settings in MCM (Page “Player as Victim” options “Morality” Those NPCs will react almost the same as the evil faction except when you succeed a persuasion or a bribe. The Aggressivity, morality (MCM) and relationship the player (MCM) are checked. Is there a potential aggressor? Check if among the aggressors there is someone that might be interested by more than the gold and if the aggressor you are talking to isn’t interested by your gender he might let the interested aggressor do his thing, you can also propose your followers in this case. Is the aggressor interested in one of your followers? One of the aggressors might want one of your followers, in this case you can sacrifice yourself instead of the follower, the aggressor needs to be interested in your gender for this to succeed, and this is a persuasion. You can also sell out your followers if you want to keep your gold or avoid the worst yourself, the outcome is random. (He can choose to accept or choose to punish the player.) Surrender to creatures You can surrender to a creature the normal way but you can also hold the Modifier key to take a submission pose to “invite” the creature, if the creature is sexually interested you won’t be able to resist during the scene. 2 – Player/Follower prostitution & proposal You can propose paid or free sex to any NPC by pressing Surrender Key, it will open a dialogue tree, see Player/Follower as aggressor¨ Handover and prostitution for more details. 3 - Come over here You can ask a NPC to follow you for 20 seconds by targeting him from afar (not at a dialogue distance) and pressing Surrender Key, the player needs to be at least at 1500 units from their target, you can cancel the following by pressing Surrender Key again. ----- Post-Assault After the player has been assaulted, depending of the aggressor and his faction, different events can happen, each event has its set of settings. Events are separated in 3 types: (Base) Base event types are simple event that can happen by default or before another event. This include: - End of the scene This is the default event that will happen if no other events are chosen After the aggression scene you’ll need to fill the struggle bar to get up (or wait a few seconds if resist is disabled) and run away, when you are far enough the aggressors will become hostile again. (If they were hostile before the scene) - Robbed The player is robbed of all his gold and valuables (above a MCM configurable gold value) and a quest to track your robber down starts. This event can happen before another one triggers. This Event can trigger before any other event other events can still be triggered after Robbed. - Jailed If the last aggressor is a guard, the player is sent to jail after the scene. - Death Alternative Triggers Make OnBlackout events from Death Alternative trigger, including Defeat’s ones. (To be set in DA’s MCM menu) (Misc) - Left For Dead The player and his followers will black out and get up somewhere in the wilderness. - Rescued The player and his followers will black out and get rescued by an adventurer and wake up in an inn. - Simple Slavery For the Simple Slavery mod to trigger. ----- Player/Follower as aggressor --- Knock down mechanics & commands Default hotkey for the Modifier key: Shift Default hotkey for the Action Key: G Default hotkey for the Activate key: Your Activate hotkey - Marking Pressing Action key will “Mark” your current target, while Marked a NPC can be knocked down by bash and unarmed attacks every 2 seconds depending of their resistance (MCM configurable), if the target is unaware of your presence any bash/unarmed attack will knock them down. You can also order your follower to act on the Marked target (See Registering follower for orders and follower orders). - Knock down 3 ways to knock down a NPC: 1 - Pressing Action key while undetected and with your weapon sheathed, will choke and knock down the target. If witness intervention is enabled, a witness can stop you from choking your target and send the alarm. This method is silent, you can choke a NPC beside his friend and remains undetected as long as they don’t see you choking their friend. 2 - Bash attack or unarmed attack while undetected and out of combat on a Marked target. 3 - Unarmed hit or bash attack from the player on a Marked target during combat, followers unarmed/bash attacks do count. - Trauma/Exhausted/Flee The victim of a sexual assault will enter in one of those 3 states depending of MCM settings, while in those states the player can interact with them with the Action Key. - Knock out Bash attack or unarmed attack when a NPC is affected by a defeat’s state. - Yield Weapon out, undetected, press Action key on a NPC from behind. The victim can get out of his yield state if the player enters in combat or gets out of the sight of the victim. - Kill Weapon out, press Action key and hold. - Menus options If the target is bleeding out /knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up you can use Action key/Activate key for a menu to appear: /!\ IMPORTANT: Using the Action key/Activate key on a Bleeding out target will stop them from recovery of their bleeding out state and will put them in a knocked down state. Inventory Opens the inventory of your target. Rob Opens a submenu where you can choose what equipped piece of armor you wish to steal on the target. Rape Will make you sexually assault your target. More options will appear for a tied up NPC. Rape with player Available if you use Modifier key and Action key to give an order to your registered follower to take actions on a knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up NPC. Tie up Use to tie up your target during a configurable time in MCM. Tie options Opens a submenu where you can choose to change the pose, Gag/Ungag, change the device used, tighten the links or permanently tie your target. Untie Will free the tied up target. Untie & rape Untie and abuse the tied up target. Put in a sack Put the victim in a burlap sack, press Action key to release the victim wherever you want. The victim keep the state they were in. (e.g A tied up NPC stay tied.) Feed Available for vampires, give you the ability to drink on a knocked down/trauma/exhausted target, the target enters in an exhausted state afterwards. Revive Used to remove any Defeat’s state on an affected NPC or to get a bleeding out NPC on their feet. - Registering follower for command Aim a follower, hold Modifier key then press Action key. The follower remains registered until you register another follower. Also adds a line of dialogue that allows you to prostitute the registered follower if you speak to a NPC with Surrender Key (Default: K) (See Player/Follower prostitution & proposal) - Follower command Every follower commands are done by holding Modifier key when pressing Action key, the target will automatically be marked. - Out of combat the follower will try to sneak up on the target and choke them. - Hold Action key for the follower to sneak up on the target and attempt to kill them. - If the Marked target is bleeding out /knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up a menu similar to the one of the player will open you will be able to give more orders to the follower. (See Menus options) - Taunt You can taunt your target when your weapon is out, aim the NPC you want to taunt then press Action key, you can also make your follower taunt the Marked target by holding Modifier key and pressing Action Key. (Only in combat for followers) - When in combat, the taunted target will target the player or follower the taunt is coming from if they were targeting another NPC/Creature or follower. - (Only for the player) Out of combat taunting someone will reduce your relationship with the target by 1, when the relationship with the target it is at -2, the target will attack you. USE WITH CAUTION: the target will be attacked by guards and such. Note: The target is always marked before you can taunt so you’ll have to press the key twice. - Rescue A NPC that is about to get assaulted can be rescued by the player, two ways to do it: - Weapon out, press Action key on the victim and use the revive option. - Weapon out, press Action key on the aggressor when they are walking toward their victim to push them away. - Other Action key effects Cheer: Close to the target and weapon sheathed, aim a follower involved in a sex scene then press Action key/Activate key, will perform a cheer animation. Masturbate: Weapon sheathed, sneaking, hold Action key during 1 seconds then release. Necrophilia: While sneaking Action key/Activate key on a dead NPC. --- Handover and prostitution When you capture a NPC and get them out of the bag if they are tied up a new dialogue line will appear when you talk to the NPCs around (the player has to be at least at 1500 or less units from the victim) - Market value Each NPC you capture will have a market value determined by bonus/malus multipliers based on the level of the NPC: Level: (Level * Level multiplier, default: 2 * lvl) Gender: If the customer is sexually interested by the prisoner (NPC vs NPC settings) > +/- (Level * Gender multiplier, default: 10 * lvl) Unique: If the prisoner is unique > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 20 * lvl) Faction: If the prisoner among a faction wanted by the customer’s one > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 30 * lvl) Silver Hand <> Companion Vampire <> Vigilant Of Stendar Thalmor <> Imperial Imperial <> Stormcloak (<> Means works both sides) Pure: If the NPC is virgin (SexLab stats are automatically send to the NPC when the value is checked.) > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 25 * lvl) The handover and prostitution values are calculated based on the market value: handover = Market value / 2, prostitution = Market value / 10 You can modify every multiplier to your liking with the option Set multiplier values in MCM, those values are saved into the export/import function of Defeat, you can also simply use the default button of MCM to reset the values. You can check the value of the NPC under your crosshair using the MCM option or the option “Check value” if the tool section of the option menu (0 by default), note that if you haven’t any NPC under your crosshair it will display the value of the player The value may change depending of the customer, when this function is chosen the player is considered the customer.) - Handover You can hand over your prisoner if you talk to a particular NPC: Victim Customer Bandit/Forworn > Guards Silver hand > Companion (circle) Imperial <> Stormcloak Vampire <> Vigilant Of Stendar You can only handover one NPC every 6 hours. (MCM to change it if you want.) The prisoner will disappear and it is not possible to handover unique NPCs for obvious reasons. - Prostitution You can prostitute your prisoner to any NPC for gold, their value are determined by their market value divided by 10, you’ll have to wait until they are done to get paid. Note: If Relation matters and/or Morality matter are enabled, the NPC you are talking to will call for guards or even attack you if they know somehow the prisoner (family etc.) or have a high morality. - Player/Follower prostitution & proposal The player can prostitute themself to any NPC, the same market value is used but the target may react differently depending of the target and the option enabled. (They won’t attack you for example.) To ask a NPC under your crosshair use the Surrender Key (Default: K) of Player as victim feature (as such, the feature needs to be enabled for this to work), it will open a dialogue just for this, you will have options for paid or free sex. To prostitute your follower you need to register them first. (Aim the follower, hold Modifier key then press Action key.) No particular conditions except witness and gender combination. You can also be a part of the sex scene, the prostitute value of the player will then be added to the reward. You can also ask for sex to any NPC, this will have impact on NPC you know such as your wife/husband, housecarl, hired follower etc. ----- NPC vs NPC A NPC can decide to attempt to sexual assault/Rob or kill his defeated foe when his life drops below a health value. You can set the health threshold and the chance on hit as well as some other MCM settings. Creatures can be allowed too. /!\ Creatures must be allowed in the SexLab Framework MCM menu. /!\ ----- SexLab Menu Controller UIExtension is needed for this to work. Default hotkey for the Modifier key: Shift Default hotkey for the Option Key: 0 You can access the SexLab menu controller by pressing Option Key when the player is involved in a SexLab sex scene or by aiming a NPC involved in a SexLab sex scene. Pressing Option Key will open a menu where you can choose from all the animations that are playing in this current scene. Holding Modifier key and pressing Option Key will open the stage selector. For more options use my mod SexLab Tools -------------------- Requirements Last versions of these mods are REQUIRED : SexLab Framework 1.60+ SKYUI SKSE 1.7.3+ FNIS Do no forget to download and install the creature pack under optional files. -------------------- Installation /!\ NEEDED: Run FNIS tool to register the animations. /!\ NEEDED: Make sure to delete any previous version of Defeat (scripts etc…). Use a mod manager to install the installer, Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer will do, Mod Organizer being strongly recommended. If you choose to install it manually, don’t, download and use a manager. -------------------- Uninstallation To do for every save you wish to uninstall the mod from. 1.) Click on mod status in the MCM menu to uninstall the mod. 2.) Close the menu. 3.) Wait until you see the notification. (should be really fast if not instant) 4.) Save. 5.) Quit the game. 6.) You can now delete the mod’s files. 7.) Run FNIS tool. -------------------- FAQ Q. Is it safe to upgrade to a new version without doing anything? A. It is always recommended that before uninstalling a mod and installing its new version you should make a clean save but I try to make my mod so it can be upgraded without uninstalling it, though if I say in the change log that a clean save is required you need to do it. Clean Saving: http://arwenevecom.ipage.com/Skyrim/Skyrim-Tips.htm#Clean_Save Follow these steps: 1.) It is generally best to go to an interior cell, and smaller cells are best. An interior cell is apparent because you have a loading screen when you "open" the door from the outside (such as when you enter most buildings). 2.) Save your game to a new save slot (do not overwrite an earlier save) and quit the game. 3.) Uninstall the mod. 4.) Start the game and load your last saved game. 5.) After the game full loads, make a SECOND new save (do not overwrite an earlier save) and quit the game. 6.) If you're upgrading the mod that you uninstalled, you can now install the new version. 7.) Start the game and load your previous saved game. 8.) Just to be safe: make one more new save (do not overwrite an earlier save). 9.) You have a cleaned save? Ok let’s clean it a little more with Save game script cleaner and you will not forget to endorse the mod of course. (See screenshot at the end of the post) Your save is now fully cleaned from Defeat. Q. Why is there some spelling/grammar mistakes? A. English isn’t my first language, if you see some errors or a sentence that could benefit from a better formulation please let me know so I can fix it. -------------------- Incompatibilities Mod that deal with OnHit events can cause problems. As for player as victim, Defeat’s knock down mechanics can enter in conflict with Death Alternative’s ones, but keep in mind that they can be disabled and Defeat can start through Death Alternative, Death Alternative’s knock out scenarios can also start after a Defeat’s scene, it’s just a question of right settings of both mods. -------------------- Recommended Devious Capture By Ms Leeches Zaz Animation Pack By Zaz & Xaz Death Alternative By BralorMarr EFF - Extensible Follower Framework By Expired - Very good mod to handle multiple followers (Defeat handle up to 5 followers.) UIExtension By Expired - Menu framework I use for animation selection & stage selection, this mod is already included in Extensible Follower Framework. Free Death Camera By gp160 - Cool mod to remove the useless camera effect when the player dies, also work on ragdoll, go endorse the mod it did not get enough attention imo, the guy has some good ideas for mods. Funnybizness Animation Pack By FunnyBizness - Highly recommended to be played with Defeat, use SexLab Animation Loader to register his animations for easy use. Break Undies Plus by thegooglyman - Will break the compatible armor progressively during a struggle phase and break the armor upon Defeat’s strip function. -------------------- Credits & thanks Ashal for creating the SexLab Framework and answering my questions about it. Cmod for Sexis Defeated mod which served this mod as a base. Camila and Meowcakes for the logo. Cyndi for the body bag meshe. AwfulArchdemon for the spell check. CGi for his help with translations, the installer and the German translation. Aravis7 for the French translation. Expired for his UIExtension mod. (And all his mods really ^^) Xaz & Zaz for the Zaz Animation Pack, used some of their (nice) resources. Germanicus who helped me as a beta tester and moral support. Cotyounoyume for some of his animations from Estrus. Arrok for his resist animation. FunnyBizness for his animations. -------------------- Change log ​
  12. View File This mod de-castrates male werewolves, gives female werewolves their breasts back, and gives male (and female, if the MCM option is enabled) werewolves an erection when sex is initiated. In addition, player-character werewolves can rape NPCs (can be completely disabled) with a configurable hotkey, and requirements for a rape attempt to succeed can be changed. This mod may conflict with other mods that modify the werewolf race - if this is the case, I recommend using Wrye Bash or TES5Edit to resolve the conflicts. As of 3.0, the mod is packaged as a fomod. It has multiple model variants to choose from. If you want to use Schlongs of Skyrim for the werewolf penises, install the castrated male version. Requirements Creature Framework (and its requirements, RC11 or newer) SexLab (1.32 or newer) SkyUI Version History Credits Male animal-style, male castrated, and female models (regular and Mighty Beasts) from Werewolves by Erundil Male human-style models (regular) from Creature Features by Leito86 Male human-style models (Mighty Beasts) from Mighty Creature Features by rangedphoenix Old non-aroused male werewolves from Derrax Male Werewolves by Derrax Old aroused male werewolves from Adult Real Werewolves by ~X~ Old female werewolves from Female Werewolf by Moutarde421 Submitter Ep1cL3w7z Submitted 12/09/2013 Category Misc Sex Requires Creature Framework RC11, SexLab, SkyUI Special Edition Compatible
  13. i cant seem to get the SexLab diary to track my character. i have tried Gay Sex , Stra8 sex , horse sex and nothing!! i am hoping i am just blind and missed something when i installed. all idea and info is welcome.
  14. Untamed

    View File Build Your Pack. Command Your Pack. That Was Dramatic. This mod aims to handle two main gameplay mechanics: Nude Play. How do you play nude and be a tank without getting slaughtered? Every time you lay with a beast you get stronger, more resilient, you will find yourself not depending on armour for too long. The whole reason I came up with this was because the game does not put your armor back on after you revert from werewolf form, and I got super tired of equipping it. Obviously, the logical solution was to make the game so I can play without armor. Animal Companion / Pack Mentality. Beasts will follow and fight for you. The more experience you gain with them the more you will be able to control and use the pack. From the start you get the Mating Call shout which will charm any of the animals who heard it, and perhaps engage in some sexy times. Just as you get stronger by the beast, so does the beast by you. They will get stronger in a similar mechanic as you do for nude play the more time you spend with them. Current Version: untamed-124 Recent versions added: IF you encounter any issues, I highly suggest you MCM > Untamed > Repair > Reset Mod !!!Settings!!! before posting about it on the forum. Added Optional File: dc-untamed-stfu-wolf.zip This is an extra ESP which will greatly reduce the number of times Wolves howl. By default there was like a 30% chance they would howl every 20 fucking seconds. Now its like 5% every 2 minutes. [124] (From Lost 123) Adds Catch Up Mode (default on) - This allows you to level beasts up to your level faster. If you are super high level taming a new beast, the new beast get the difference of half the Untamed levels between you and it each encounter, until the math no longer works and it just goes back to 1 level per boink. [124] Switches back to the clone method of taming to attempt to prevent vanishing animals. You probably won't care. Unless your animals were vanishing. [[this only affects newly tamed animals. existing ones still have the possiblity they could vanish on cell reset or something]] [124] Fixes "Post Sex Heal" option in the MCM. The problem with this option was that everyone thought it did something different than what it did. What it used to do was heal everyone to full after sex with a beast, including the beast. What everyone thought it did was disable the Beastial Health and Beastial Stamina buffs which increase heal and stamina rates. So now it disables Beastial Health and Beastial Stamina. You will no longer get those rate buffs after your current ones expire, with that option disabled. [124] Fixes buffs "Thick Hide" and "Arcane Breeding" - these buffs no longer stack with chest armor. It should still stack with chest clothing though. Basically if you are wearing anything with the ArmorCuirass keyword, it wont stack. These buffs are only to support naked and mage play, as was the intention by design since day one. [she says, 24 releases later] Requirements SkyUI SexLab UIExtensions FNIS Creature Pack If you are not leveling, PapyrusUtil 2.8 or newer. This is probably due to your SexLab being old or you installed SOS because SOS is bad. Various Features Charm animals. Seduce Animals. Build a pack. Control your pack. Shouts to command the entire pack to stay, follow, or summon if they got lost. Heal your pack in combat via Last Stand shout and passive healing which scales off of your restoration. Heal Other on your pack! Sexy time after combat will heal all parties involved. Grow stronger as you run and play with your pack, strong enough to be able to shed that heavy armor and run free. Pack members will get stronger in the same way you get stronger when you engage sexy time with them. Give your animals names. Make them legend. Birth / Spawn little animals that will "slowly" "grow". Beasts can loot corpses for you. Aggro Management (Taunt and Cower) Shapeshift into an animal form (bear or cat). Optional Files These are additional files you can use. I add them when things piss me off but don't belong in the main mod for whatever reason. dc-untamed-stfu-wolf - lowers the chance a wolf will howl by a lot, so that they are not howling while idle every 20 goddaym seconds. they will still howl, just not as much. does not require untamed you can actually use this on its own if you want it. dc-untamed-stfu-spriggan - removes the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz spriggans make just by being alive when idle. does not require untamed you can use this on its own if you want it. How It Works Building A Pack Untamed Level Progression Beasts and Beast Forms Frequently Asked Questions If the question is on here, I am probably going to stop responding if you ask me, because these are things I am getting super tired of repeating. And I mean SUPER tired. Videos Suggested Other Mods These mods are not required, but I suggest them to make the game more interesting to play as a full on Untamed. Gamplay Ideas Here are some ideas for you to consider for your Untamed RPG experience if you are going to start a new game. Known Issues These are known problems that may not really have a solution that I can do anything about right now. Change Log Submitter darkconsole Submitted 01/25/2015 Category Sexual Content Requires sexlab Special Edition Compatible
  15. View File This is an enhancement for Sweaty Wet Skin Auto Adjustment. It replace the logic (scripts) applying the sweaty textures and theirs strengths. Requirements PapyrusUtil 3.2 SKSE 1.7.3 SkyUI 5.0+ RaceMenu or NetImmerse Override 3.4.0+ Textures not required, but strongly recommended CBBE: Sweaty Wet Skin Auto Adjustment (textures only) UNP: Textures by bola08 Male: Wet function redux - male textures Optional mods (with integration) SexLab SexLab Aroused Devious Devices - Integration ZaZ Animation Pack SexLab Skooma Whore Frostfall 3.0.3+ Quickstart Install everything Make sure Wet Function Redux overwrites Sweaty Wet Skin Auto Adjustment Start game and go into MCM menu of Wet Function Redux Open Targets Select Player Click Start effect Go back into the game (close all menus) Experiment a bit by: Go back into the Targets menu Select the player as target (if not already) Screw around with the values Go back into the game and wait for them to update (2 seconds by default) Additional Features Support for texture swapping on male targets: own set of textures - does not interfere with female textures SOS support diffuse texture swapping - for different details while wet (body hair) [*]A lot of sources for wetness, each with its own rate of wetness generation stamina & magica usage (as before but with seperate rates) sprinting running sneaking galloping working (mining, chopping wood, any blacksmith work) weather influence pleasant cloudy rainy snow interiors/other [*]SexLab (if installed) base rate during scenes increasing rate with each stage orgasm modifiers victim modifiers [*]SexLab Aroused (if installed) increasing rate with arousal threshold above which the textures with wet pussy effect may be used [*]Zad/Devious Devices (if installed) rate from vibration, increasing with strength orgasm caused by device edged by device [*]SexLab Skooma Whore (if installed) Physical addiction Mental addiction Magical addiction Overall addiction stage [*]Frostfall (if installed) drying when near fire (scales with fire size) separate weather influence for rainy and snow when in shelter [*]Effect can be applied to any number of NPCs view current values and modify wetness can force a constant wetness and specular-/glossiness-strength [*]Auto-apply the effect: to (options): every NPC followers Participants in a SexLab scene (with option for the player scene only) NPC wearing something that is flagged by: ZaZ: Ankles, Belt, Blindfold, Bra, Collar, Device, Gag, Hood, Wrist, Yoke Devous Devices: Lockable, Armbinder, ArmCuffs, Belt, Blindfold, Boots, Bra, Clamps, Collar, Corset, Gag, Gloves, Harness, Hood, LegCuffs, PiercingsNipple, PiercingsVaginal, Plug, PlugAnal, PlugVaginal, Suit, Yoke [*]naked NPCs [*]auto-removes itself if: not refreshed (no save-game bloat) the player is not nearby the model is/was unloaded [*]can auto-fix broken effects (does not need other features to be enabled) [*]can be controlled as any normal effect [*]uses PapyrusUtil instead of cloak spells/quests: efficient and can't cause the brawl bug [*]Global wetness rate multiplier [*]NPC-only global wetness rate multiplier and bonus (for AI lethargy compensation) [*]Support for head texture swapping (textures are not included in the linked texture sources) [*]Export/Import all settings A video introducing the mod by @shinji72 Changes compared to original Player is not affected by default - must be added as any other NPC The weather sets the drying rate - if any (e.g. rain) The curve which translates wetness to specular/glossiness strength has changed (see plot in screenshots): below the dry point the minimal effect and no textures are applied when coming from a dry state, any visual effect is delayed until the start point is exceeded this will increase faster than normal until the soaked point is reached wetness is capped at cap point, at which the maximum strength of the effect is reached the effect strength will now change linear between max to min when the wetness changes from cap point to dry point it will stay on this straight even when rising again when the wetness falls below the dry point, it can use the delay mechanism again [*]Texture swapping is enabled by default Notes for Updating to version 28: all effects need to be applied again some previously affected actors may show up as outdated (these are the ones were the game just decided to remove the effect partially for absolutely no reason) to version 32: effect on beast races (Khajiit, Argonian) should be reapplied: stop effect, restart game (if head texture swapping was enabled), start effect to version 35: all effects will be automatically stopped during update, setting and forced values remain untouched! (needed to purge the zombie-self-revival, that was used to fix broken effects automatically - which is now superseded by the auto-fix broken function introduced together with the Auto-apply functions) Known Issues If you upgrade a save which used the normal Sweaty Wet Skin Auto Adjustment the MCM menu entry will still be named "Sweaty Wet Skin" - this is a problem on SkyUI side and can't be fixed On affected NPCs the game may just remove the effect partially on cell change (this is a known Skyrim bug). I implemented a workaround that fixed this problem in my test cases. The bug can still be provoked. If there is any need, I can implement more severe measure to circumvent this bug. Using head texture swapping will cause brief visual glitches when swapping the texture. In some cases (certain presets/followers) the effect won't show up despite them being correctly applied by the mod. I'm still investigating the cause of this and am suspecting RaceMenu overlays (maybe in combination with a some certain ENB). If your are encountering this issue, feel free to provide me with a debug log so I may get a better handle on this. Changes of a NPCs sex will only be detected after stopping and restarting the effect on the target. Using custom textures CTDs Submitter nop0x90 Submitted 03/06/2016 Category Sex Effects Requires Textures, PapyrusUtil 3.2, SKSE 1.7.3, SkyUI 5.0, RaceMenu/NetImmerse Override 3.4.0 Special Edition Compatible
  16. View File Make SexLab Separate Orgasms Great Again! Issue: SexLab animation always end with orgasms Fix: make separate orgasms for actors -But.... isn't that option already there? -Well yes and no, sexlab always ends animations with orgasm, this was probably left due to compatibility reasons with earlier SexLab versions, and i don't think there any mods that use separate orgasms functionality, therefore that SL separate orgasms option is totally useless as a feature. -So what does this mod do? -This mod tries to fix above problem by modifying sslThreadController script to only play "OrgasmStart" and "OrgasmEnd" events when player has "Separate Orgasms" option disabled. -But doesn't that break many mods that use those events? -Yes, authors will have to update their mods, this would take around 5 min to add 1 new event. Requirements: exactly Sex Animation Framework v1.62, not less, not more SkyUI SKSE Recommended mods: Dripping When Aroused SLSO Player Succubus Addon Rate Mod if you like it, that might keep me motivated, oh and of course support me on Patreon Features: -interactive sex -yours/partners actions actually matter -yours/partners Sexlab skills and relations actually matter -each actor orgasms individually instead of everyone orgasm at Sexlab AnimationEnd event -multi orgasms -multiple impregnations/inflation by male/futa/beast ejaculation(if your impregnation/inflation mod supports SLSO) -lots of logical conditions for orgasms -aggressor controls, so animation wont end until aggressor is done with you and you can go... i mean crawl away and carry your burden -victim controls, ability to set if victim of rape can orgasm -possibility for orgasm denial and punishment(if your slavery mod supports SLSO) -depending on relations, npc's may try to pleasure player, i don't know why but mighty dragonborn can return them favour -ability to break npc's mentally, or be broken by Sex Grandmaster Lydia and be turned into orgasming mess -sex enjoyment widget -SLA patch: reduced arousal reduction based on character lewdness, arousal gain for lewd characters from being raped -animation speed control based on actor enjoyment/stamina Installation: 1)download 2)install with your mod manager 3)goto sexlab mcm enable separate orgasms 4)goto sexlab mcm enable ending orgasm effects, if you want camera shake and stuff 5)probably goto sexlab mcm and disable auto stage advance, or your poor key-bashing performance might be not enough to orgasm Sound packs Installation: 1)download 2)install with your mod manager 3)wait 10 seconds, see notification in top left corner 4)goto SLSO mcm and setup/select voice pack *seems i've forgotten to tell you to launch game after step 2), yes you need to do that too useful Sexlab hot-keys: SPACE!!! - advance animation stage (+10 base excitement per stage(up to 60 at the end, i think?)) shift+SPACE!!! - go back 1 animation stage(-10 base excitement) O - switch animation End - End animation Exhibitionism: PC/NPC interactions: Modders stuff: SexLab Separate Orgasm GitHub Supported mods: Native support: Hentai Pregnancy Estrus Spider Dripping when aroused Milk Mod Economy Devious Training Patches: Sexlab Aroused(Redux) V28b(patch included) Fill Her Up 2 Beta NIO 1.12 SexLabUtil1.7 Community patches: SoulgemOven 3 Player Succubus Quest Apropos SexLab Cumshot Sexlab Squirt Reborn SexLab Hormones BeeingFemale report supported mods that are not in list i might make patches for mods that are no longer updated and use sexlab default events don't even ask(me) for patches for mods that are still actively maintained/updated by someone,... unless you support me on Patreon (LOL) Credits: Ashal @ Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework h38fh2mf @ SexLab Animation Speed Control fishburger67 @ Sexlab Aroused Redux tanookitamatachi @ Animation-Appropriate Arousal Adjustments SKSE team SKYUI team Permissions: If you repost/share this mod to other sites, you must add link to mods thread, my patreon, and provide descent translation of everything written on this page. You are not allowed to post/host/share this mod on cloud storage, torrent sites and file hosting services that: -force to buy premium and sms crap/ have terrible slow speeds. -give you money for file downloads/uploads/views/clicks. -install adware, crapware, trojans, viruses, miners, etc Submitter Ed86 Submitted 02/13/2017 Category Sex Effects Requires Sexlab Framework, SkyUi, SkSe Special Edition Compatible
  17. Devious Captures

    View File Devious Captures is an addon to Sexlab Defeat and Devious Devices that builds an immersive bridge between the two by allowing enemies to equip various devices on the player after defeat. The devious outlaws of skyrim may decide that robbing their victim isn't enough and may just have an appropriate means of making things even more inconvenient on hand... In order to receive devices after defeat player must be robbed! Devices will be equipped one at a time during the robbery scene. They will not be equipped unless the scene is triggered which should (I hope!) prevent animals and other invalid actors from being more devious than they should be. If you'd like Devious Captures to trigger often make sure to increase the chances of robbery! Since version 2.5 there is also another way of getting into devices upon defeat! MCM includes an option to enable Assault Events. Assault Events trigger during Defeat rapes and don't require robbery! Assault Events will only equip one device at a time but it's possible to trigger them more than once per encounter if your character found herself surrounded by many lustful enemies! Update notice! If you're upgrading to version 2.0b+ from an earlier version please use MCM menu to uninstall the previous version first before installing the new version! If upgrading from 2.0b+ to later versions simply overwriting the files and then using "Update" function in MCM should be enough. A new version of Defeat just came out! Is Captures still compatible? Yes. Goubo and I collaborated to ensure forward compatibility for the foreseeable future. Unless announced otherwise, assume that it works with the newest version of Defeat. On the 0.01% off-chance that it isn't and you can confirm it in game, please let me know. Recommendations: ----------------------------------- Deviously Cursed Loot by Kimy: My mod has its own inbuilt way of obtaining keys to help you get out of the devices it puts on you but it's not the most exciting way. But Kimy's mod can be used to find keys as random loots on dead bodies and containers all over skyrim! Or to get into even more trouble if your little sticky fingers trigger a devious trap! Devious Devices Expansion by Coopervane: Installing it will add lots of variety to the devices you may get yourself locked into! If you have to walk around covered in straps why not turn them into a fashion statement? ^^ Deviously Helpless by Srende: It synergises with Captures so well by adding more spice and gameplay options for the unlucky adventurer who keeps getting covered in restraints! Your assailants and all kinds of opportunists around Skyrim love when a wrapped up gift stumbles into their lairs! n_~ Devious Devices Equip by Inte: Adds lots and lots of new patterns and colours to the pool of available devices! Captured Dreams Shop by Veladarius: Adds a few more types of devices to the pool, further increasing variety! Known bugs and issues: ----------------------------------- Timing can be a little off depending on how many script intensive mods you have running, sometimes a few seconds can pass before the mod kicks in and it may not look very natural I take no responsibility for the devices registered by other mods. If someone's devices do not follow the established rules, they will cause issues. If you're a modder, make sure that the devices you want to register as generic use ONLY Integration scripts and slot conventions. There is a Framework-side issue with generic Mittens not spawning. As such the Mittens slider doesn't do anything, you will get regular gloves instead. Installation (Manual, MO or NMM installation is recommended instead): ----------------------------------- Extract the archive Copy the contents of the archive in your Skyrim Data folder Open the Skyrim launcher and check the mslDeviousCaptures.esp in the Data Files section Uninstall (IMPORTANT! Do not skip the first step!): ----------------------------------- Go the Devious Captures MCM menu in game and choose the "Uninstall" function Uncheck the esp plugin Delete all files that came with the mod Requirements: ----------------------------------- Latest version of Sexlab Defeat (at minimum 5.3.2) Latest version of Devious Devices Integration (at minimum 3.3b) Latest version of Devious Devices Expansion (at minimum 2.0c) All requirements of the above mods Latest version SkyUI (at minimum 5.0) Latest version of SKSE (recommended at least 1.7.2!) Credits: ----------------------------------- Princessity/Ms Leeches Goubo for SexLab Defeat! Zadil, Min and all others who create and develop Devious Devices and expansions for it! Especially Srende who was happy to accommodate my requests and extend the DD API with functions I needed! redneck2x for making Lovers Victim which helped me understand how SexLab hooks work! Ashal for SexLab Framework without which none of this would be possible! Bethesda for making the most addictive games and modding tools ever! Submitter Princessity Submitted 02/27/2014 Category Other Requires Devious Devices Integration, Sexlab Defeat, SkyUI, SKSE Special Edition Compatible  
  18. View File Sex Slaves Sexlab Sex Slave - Features An interesting and fun main quest has you following a trail that eventually leads you to Alicia Painslut's (Alicia Painslut mod is NOT required) mother Mia Lorenz. Once there, you get a chance to meet and make followers of 6 sex slaves, one of which is a house carl. Once the main quest is completed, you can also have any other follower go though sex slave training in one of two ways. After the Jarl's Daughter quest is completed, you can start the Dark Possession quest as detailed below. Other features: Sex slaves are completely unlike other slaves. They are designed to be fun and loving companions that you will keep with you as you venture into Skyrim. Sex slaves love their masters and will fight to the death (figuratively as they cannot die) to save them. They are excellent archers and two handed fighters in the assassin style. They can seduce your humanoid enemies making encounters with multiple enemies a breeze. This only works in interior enemy places. They will save your life many times by coming to your aid when your health gets low. They can amuse you by seducing other NPCs in an orgy. (Take one to Jorrvaskr in the evening when there are lots of people there and tell one to make and orgy). This only works in interior friendly places. They can annoy you by requiring sex at the most inopportune times. You also get a rather fancy new player home with a fully stocked workshop. You get a generic follower dialog that is meant to replace lovers comfort and Sexlab romance which I have long since removed. Supports vanilla EFF 4.0+ only, AFT and any other follower mods that subclass (modifies the existing) the generic follower system. Two fully voiced followers with over 400 lines of dialog. These two followers rival and surpass the best followers any Skyrim mod has to offer. Another follower with 200 lines of dialog and three others that are partially voiced using the Alicia Painslut voice. New - Dominant male follower for female players. See "Andrew" below for details. NOTE: - There is a 61f patch file on the download page. It is REQUIRED to prevent a major error. Install it after installing the 61e version and allow it to overwrite if you are installing the loose version. Be prepared to uninstall this if upgrade later. Sex Slaves has been translated to Italian If you are an Italian user, go here to down load it: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2237-miaslair-v51-h-traduzione-in-italiano/ Thanks to orsoner for this work. I have not tested this, so use at your own risk. New Castilian Translation You can find it here: As above, I have not tested this. Use at your own risk. Installation You will find installation instructions below. Be sure to install the 62b patch file after installing the base file . Additional installation instructions can be found in this post. Episode 4 - Rewrite of the Dominant Andrew Having problems? Visit the Troubleshooting section near the bottom of this page and on this post. Note that MiasLair is distributed as an esp file. It is however really a master file and should be named MiasLair.esm. (NOTE - THIS IS NO LONGER ADVISED. There are sound, meshes, and Texture files with a MiasLair.esp name in them and they too must be renamed.) It belongs in the top section of your load order below zaz and aroused. If you are a first time user, you can safely rename MiasLair.esp to MiasLair.esm. If you are upgrading, do not rename it as doing so will break your saves. Special Thanks A special thank you to all those people who have contributed to the Andrew upgrade. Aqqh as always continues to provide invaluable effort both in coding and his ideas. Brvtality Brvtality has worked his ass off on over 800 new dialog lines. And, he doesn't just read the lines, he really brings Andrew to to life. Tepi Has proven to be an excellent beta tester. A special thanks to him for the many many hours spent rooting out the bugs Aqqh and I left in there. Many of the bugs found would have been left in the release and I cannot thank him enough. Old Book has provided both excellent voice acting skills as well and unmatched writing skills. He even recruited his wife Mrs. Book to do the voice work for Annabelle. I find myself passing any new ideas we have past him for his excellent input and the resulting product is so much better as a result of their efforts. Thanks. Thanks to everyone who has offered ideas and testing. Ecstasy Patch If you are experiencing CTDs during the Ecstasy animation after the animation begins and especially if you are using 1.60, this patch may help you. This patch removes the sex moans during the animation which may correct the problem for you. This patch over-writes a single .pex file. Allow it to over-write if you are using the loose version New Radiant Quests for Sasha and Jenny Version 5.2 adds 9 new random radiant quests to help keep your slaves happy. Installation Quick Start Open the spoiler for basic installation instructions On the download page MiasLairxxx_loose is the loose version and MiasLairxxxBSA is the bsa version. The BSA version contains all the assets in the loose version, but packed into a single MiasLair.bsa file. This is the best choice for most users and give some modest speed improvement over the loose version. Like every other Skyrim mod, it is best to make a save using the console command "Save beforeMiasLair". Then, if you decide to uninstall MiasLair, you can uninstall and load that save and then continue playing without worrying about save game artifacts. Like every other Skyrim mod, that is the ONLY completely safe way to remove a mod. However, we expect that you will never remove it. The companions provided will quickly become friends you cannot live without. To reduce the papyrus impact to close to zero, leave Cell Scans turned off in the MCM unless you are going to start orgies and/or seduce enemies. Episode 3: Dominant Andrew Version 5.0 is finally released. With this version, MiasLair becomes a master file that you can mod as you wish. Although the extension remains .esp, it is a master file that you can write other mods against. Another three months in the making, this release introduces a great deal of new content. First, the opening quest has been entirely rewritten by Aqqh. He has done a steller job making the opening quest much more compelling and fun. It introduces two new NPCs, Vess and Niri. If you have already completed the opening (Find the Jarl's Daughter) quest, you can find these NPCs in the inns of two cities, Falkreath and Rorikstead. Both of these NPCs can be recruited and trained as Sex Slaves. This new work is fully voiced and Vess and Niri have over a hundred lines of dialog each. Niri was voiced by the sultry shadoweir and Vess by TheTrueMayhem's wife Teena. Thanks to both. Boss Jorlan and the Necromancer were voiced by brvtality. This release also introduces the new Dominant Andrew. Check the MCM menu option to make him dominant and then go talk to him. He makes a great and compelling companion for our female players and over a long period, you can make him fall in love with you. There is a fairly long "quest" where Andrew first starts to enjoy your company and then finally, falls in love with you. But, keep him happy or he will get angry with you. Dominant Andrew is spectacularly voiced by brvtality who also wrote a good deal of the dialog. Additionally, Shadoweir and Carida contributed greatly to his dialog. We also added 45 new pieces of dialog for Jenny and Sasha. This new dialog is mostly situational. You can encounter it by taking your slaves with you into various places like inns and bandit camps or by healing them. Creating a mod for Mias Lair Episode 2: Dark Possession Three months in the making, Dark Possession takes Sex Slaves into a new realm. Written and directed by Darkminxi, this new addition to Sex Slaves helps the player explore their innermost sexuality. Volkar, the Dremora Prince of Lust leads you to an exploration of your sensuality taking you on two quests to get answers about yourself and to free a virgin. Volkar is superbly voice acted by CallMeRoxas who gave him life with over 400 lines of dialog. He is so compelling that one of the beta testers said "...either way you look at it if I could Marry him I totally would, to me he has become the sexiest character in the game <3". The female PC (or his follower if you play a male) is voice acted by Darkminxi who gives an amazingly believable performance. If you are a female player, you MUST have BDSM turned on in the MCM menu to enable this quest. This episode also provides a great deal of improved existing content, including fully voice sex acts, two new dungeon areas, teleport spells to keep you from walking as well as improved and refined methods of slave training and a host of additional things I no longer remember. Female and sensitive players: Warning Note: News: Darkminxi has agreed to become a permanent part of Sex Slaves and will direct all future additions to the Dark Possession quest line and is a full partner in the development of all the content we will provide in the future. I hope you all enjoy her work as much as I do. Without her, Dark Possession would not exist, Jenny would not exist and Sex Slaves would be just another ho-hum Skyrim mod. In addition to being an amazing voice actress (she did 4 of the female voices in the Tabitha quest and I dare you to figure out which ones), she is profoundly creative and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. She is also a perfectionist, so you can depend on any work with her name on it being as clean as it can be. In addition, Aqqh has agreed to join the development team as well. He has taken the opening quest and re-written it to be much more compelling and fun. If you want to do this quest, make sure you make a save from before you started with MiasLair. He is working with me and Darkminxi on future developments, so stay tuned. We expect to put out another release fairly soon with Aqqhs work in it along with some other fun things we have planned. There is a lot of work in this. Before I lose your attention, let me list the voice actors who have contributed their time and talent. Without them all, none of this would have been possible: Brvtality CallMeRoxas Carida Czarblood and his lovely wife Darkminxi jrok72 Mythborn Rocktarckles Shadoweir TheTrueMayhem and his lovely wife Teena. I am eternally grateful for their efforts because good voice acting make the difference between a good and great mod for me. New or Improved NPCs In the Dark Possession episode: Volkar - Prince of Lust. He is a servant of Sanguine, immortal, and supremely confident. With an insatiable lust for female humans and in particular for the Dragonborn or his female companions, he uses his guile and persuasiveness to entrap and ensnare. He is superbly voice acted by CallMeRoxas who gave him life with over 400 lines of dialog. He is so compelling that one of the female beta testers said "...either way you look at it if I could Marry him I totally would, to me he has become the sexiest character in the game". CallMeRoxas is a gifted actor and if you ever get to hear his normal voice, you will understand why we were so thrilled to have him. Sasha Belen - A pampered little princess from Hammerfell, she ran away from home as a young girl and was captured by bandits. When her parents refused to pay her ransom, she was sold as a slave and passed from one group to another, each more brutal than the last. When she was finally sold to Mia, her spirit was broken and she became a compliant shell of her former self. Take her as a companion and help her get back what years of torture and abuse took away. Sasha has over 300 lines of dialog on a variety of topics. She is superbly acted by the very talented Carida (who also provided voices for two of the NPCs in the Tabitha quest). Carida wrote much of her own dialog and Sasha's story line as well as providing the voice acting and the result is one of the funniest and most sensuous followers is all of Skyrim. Carida has an unusually creative gift for both writing and acting. Some of the writing and voice acting she does here is absolutely extraordinary. One of the beta testers had this to say : "I finally took her out for a spin and am I ever glad I did! Sasha is my favorite follower - vanilla or otherwise." You will find her in the Pleasure Palace. If you are doing Sex Slaves for the first time, you will get a quest to talk to her along the way. If you are upgrading from 3.5, visit the Palace and talk to her in the kitchen or in her bed in the servants quarters. She is a skilled combat assissin. Give her two daggers and a bow and watch her carve up your enemies. She is particuarly fond of killing bandits. Sasha's Full Story: Jenny Winglow - She is voiced by the fabulous Darkminxi with a superb Cambridge accent, she really brings Jenny Winglow to life. Let her soft voice and college girl mannerisms delight you both in battle and in more pleasurable pursuits. Jenny now has over 400 fully voiced lines of dialog appropriate for many of the places and situations you will find as you adventure in Skyrim. She now rivals Vilja in the depth of her content. Jenny is the only gender neutral Sex Slave having dialog for both male and female players. Here is a quote from one of our users"and Jenny is probably the best companion in all of Skyrim in my opinion." She is a highly skilled combat assassin. She uses both the dagger and bow to great effect. She is also a highly advance Sex Slave. She enjoys her ability to seduce both men and women. Because the Dragonborn has saved her, she loves him with great intensity and will do anything to protect him and make him happy. Jenny's Story: Andrew - A rough and tumble soldier who was coerced into slavery by Mia Lorenz. He and Sylvia are lovers and he does not fight his enslavement so he can be nearby to protect her. Freed by the Dragonborn he will happily follow you as a soldier companion. If you are a female player, he is also eager to fulfill your more sensual desires. He was voice acted by the fabulous Rocktarckles who brings this male companion to life. Take him with you to fight by your side or share your bed (female players only). Rock was gracious enough to provide over a hundred lines of sexually oriented and combat dialog for our female players. Linda Markley - Done by talented and fabulously beautiful Mrs. czarblood. Take Linda with you and let her tease you with her sexy banter and rape you when she doesn't get enough of what she needs. Linda's Story: Lore of the Sex Slave Installation instructions Create your own faces for your Sex Slaves Compatibility: Sex Slaves is compatible with any mod that does not modify the area in front of Mias Castle and the Brylin house in Solitude. However, many mods will cause some of the complex scenes to fail to run. If you are having trouble running the Dark Possession or It's a Trap gas trap scenes, download the two Load Order files and make sure your mods are in the list. These two files are from users that experience no issues. Incompatible Mods The following mods are know to cause issues with Sex Slaves as reported by some users. Possible Conflict using a controller : See post http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36882-sexlab-sex-slaves/?p=1226412 groovetama's one handed animation replace See post http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36882-sexlab-sex-slaves/?p=1226412 This apparently only affects the Tabitha quest. Skykids Addon Drow follower Taldyn is said to cause problems with quest progressing properly. Badly Behaving Mods: You can find a list of well known mods that can cause you problems by looking at this steam post of dangerous and outdated mods. In addition, we have compiled a list of mods that heavily tax the papyrus system. Many of you have these mods and they all work fine. But, if you have too many, they will overload your system and cause your game to misbehave and/or crash. If you are experiencing CTDS or FPS lag, please consider removing some of them. These mods are not incompatible with MIasLair and in fact, many users use one of more of them. Special thanks to Sacremas for doing a ton of research. If you won't follow his advise, do not ask for help on the forums. This advise is based on months of hard work and was very thoughtfully done. If you have any of these mods, consider removing all of them in category A. Those in category B should be disabled before doing Dark Possession or any of the BDSM scenes. Consider removing them unless they have functionality you cannot live without. Note that these mods are NOT incompatible with Sex Slaves. They are just papyrus engine killing mods and will cause lots of problems with any mod that also uses papyrus scripts or vanilla scenes of some varieties. Use them at your own risk. You will know if you have problems if scripted scenes do not progress for you. If you can complete the main quest without issue, you should not have any problems later on. Note also that these recommendations are the result of feedback from users. You may be able to use these mods just fine and my never experience any issues. Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul The following was reported on the forum. I have not verified this because I don't use this mod: Wet & Cold and Dual Sheath Redux: I know these two mods are very popular and add a lot of immersion. But sometimes, we have to make choices. I have seen dozens of papyrus logs stack dumping with Wet & Cold loaded. For those of you who insist on using Wet & Cold and Dual Sheath Redux, please read this quote: Concerning Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite This too is a popular mod. I myself have used it and like it, but after using it for a while, I found my self almost never returning. I now use Undergound Bathhouse as a replacement which does not cause me any problems. A. Remove these if you have them : Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite Wet and Cold Dual Sheath Redux The Dance of Death (Update to VioLens) Epic Gameplay Overhaul (Including FIre & Ice Overhaul) Perkus Maximus (1.1 and down until it's xmasharedscripts scripts gets repaired) Nature of the Beast (all versions, including Advanced Skyrim Overhaul) Jaxonz Smart Loot (as well as Utilities which includes it; Smart Loot has an MCM option to disable it but this DOES NOT WORK and it will continue to hit your system 2 times per second even with the benefit turned off). It is reported that the latest release is a major rewrite and may fix these problems. Sexlab Spectator Crowds and Guards, and Spectator Crowds (too hard system hit, only use with VERY light load orders) Equipping Overhaul 4.25 (Use version 3.13 instead) Wonders of Weather - Sacremas reports: Caused tons of crashing, extreme lag during rain that's going to destroy any scripted companion stuff if you have one of the three companions with you when it's raining, etc. It's a beautiful little mod in idea, but it's just causing tons of issues. Creature Framework - See note below Immersive Creature - See note below Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps - See below Creature Framework, Immersive Creature, Sex Slaves for Vanilla Bandit Camps notes from OldGuy879 Concerning Equipping Overhaul 4.25, here is a quote from uglykidcid:
  19. View File 13.12.0 (likely) requires save cleaning or new save. You may try playing an old version updated, with only a mods reset, but if you find the mod reset button doesn't do anything try leaving the button on then save/loading. 13.9.X+ Does not require DDI 4.0 yet, The changes I have made are for compatibility but do not require the upgrade yet, you can keep using 3.3 and DEC should still work. I accidentally made UIExtensions a requirement, you can download it HERE at the Nexus and I'll see about fixing it in the future. Here to stay as requirement, too useful. If the mod doesn't start, make sure this is installed. VERSION 11.0 specific notes: Isle of mara detection is incomplete, DE turns itself off when you get sent there, and I suggest you leave it off unless you want DE to interrupt that mod's gameplay, Tattoos and masters you can get sent too are all hard coded. If you find a tattoo that does not get detected TELL ME because I don't play with them all and need to know which ones are not being detected correctly. If you have any ideas for additional SD masters to get sent to, there are only a few requirements I have: The NPC must be found in an area that has at least one bed and 2 additional interactive items (enchantment tables, cooking fires, tables to eat at, ect) so that they have slightly interesting day-to-day activities. Must be a vanilla NPC, might make an exception for DLC If the NPC is interesting enough, or their area is interesting, I'm willing to add Mod and DLC specific NPCs. Cages or good lighting are a plus. Female masters and civilians are currently rare in the list. Description/summary: Deviously enslaved was originally created to make the world react to the player while the player was wearing slave gear and other DD/Zap Bondage gear. If the player is found wearing such gear, they may be approached (out of combat) by the population of skyrim for free sex or acquired as a new slave. This mod only handles approach by non-combat NPCs, in towns and on the road for instance, this is not a combat or defeat mod and should not conflict with mods that offer such functionality 13.0 added some follower interaction, so you can get Cursed loot-esque item finding in the world, some sex, even some bdsm with your followers. Still being worked on. Overview of changes since Chase's last 1.04 release: Better control over when the player is attack-able through MCM options More slavery outcomes: Instead of just the original SD and Maria eden, several mods have been added as possible outcomes Follower interaction beyond the regular outcomes Better integration with modern DD/Slavery mods, Requiring less user intervention and less DE interruption Better detection of NPC slaves in the world, leading to less awkward interaction from "unavailable" NPCs Optimizations: DEC should be faster and lighter that DE, so users with weaker computers may be able to play it where previously could not. Frequently Asked Questions: What happens if I don't have any optional mods? No enslavement, only sex and item adding. While DEC doesn't require any specific optional mod to work, DEC does not provide any player slavery itself, piggybacking on the available slavery provided by optional mods instead. Without at least one optional mod DEC does not make use of slavery. Can you explain the Vulnerability system? The vulnerability system needs an overhaul. There are 5 levels of player vulnerability (0-4) are described as such: 0: not vulnerable at all, except if you set it in the MCM menu 1: wearing collar or naked 2: wearing the following while naked: harness, collar, piercings, semen. without naked requirement: slaveboots, gag, blindfold 3: wearing armbinder, sitting in zaz bondage furniture 4: 1 lvl 3 items and one lvl 2 item or 3 lvl 2 items, with some exceptions There is no difference with chance to get approached for the different vulnerabilities, any vulnerability over 0 leads to you being approached (sex) at the same chance, but you can set in the MCM menu what levels you want to get approached for enslavement (maybe sex is lvl 1, but you're not enslaveable until your hands are tied (lvl3) and you can't fight back, for instance) The Sexlab Fame system mod can add +1 to vulnerability with the MCM settings as well, along with the night setting. last updated: 4/2016 What is Morality? Morality is an actor value found in the vanilla game. In the actual game, it is used to determine what crimes a person is willing to commit in aiding his allies and friends. See here: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Morality#Morality Not a perfect correlation with is willing to enslave someone they meet in the world but was the closest thing the game had to such a system. If there was a better system I would consider implementing it. There are options in my menu for mods that I do not have that are turned on but greyed out, is that bad? If they are greyed out they are inactive, even if they are marked as turned on. There are options in my menu for mods that are greyed out, what mod am I missing? Not all greyd out items are because mods are missing, some are greyed out because they don't work yet and I haven't gotten around to adding them to the mod yet. Why is there a training plug in this mod? Chase put that there, I don't know what he planned for it but I don't want the headache of trying to remove it finding out it causes issues. Since I can't control orgasm through sexlab I don't really have a use for it right now. Why should I use this instead of Cursed loot? Feel free to use it with Cursed Loot. Cursed loot provides many similar features, but does not handle enslavement, only sex and item adding (5.0). Cursed loot doesn't allow for male playing either, although I don't focus on dual gender usage, it remains available in DEC. Do I need the original mod (Deviously enslaved)? No, DEC is standalone, and does not require the original Deviously enslaved at all. Is this mod lighter than the original Deviously Enslaved? Efforts have been made to make it lighter on the papyrus script engine, a lot lighter, but it is still a script heavy mod and shouldn't be combined with too many other script heavy mods. There are a few ways to reduce the load DEC uses: Increase the time between approach attempts by increasing "Event interval" in the MCM menu to a larger number Increase the cooldown between attacks Turning off Slavetats detection Turning off Alternate Chest slot detection Leaving arousal detection on faction instead of function Limiting how many items you wear and carry with you in your inventory Turn off follower finds items in chest feature, heavier than it looks Reduce the number of mods DEC looks for, but that's silly What do I need to do when updating from a previous version? Depends on the update, the larger the update the more likely a save cleaning is required, or a new save. Save tool works pretty well with Deviously enslaved to clean old versions off of a save. It is also recommended to manually reset mods detection in the debug menu, if it isn't set to auto-reset. How do I save clean? Fallrim tools seems to work perfectly with DEC. You can also try using Save tool if you don't have crash fixes. For fallrim tools "Resaver": * Make a new hard save for cleaning, I recommend the player being inside not surrounded by NPCs or too many objects * Open the save you just made in resaver. * add "crde" to the top left filter box, or select Deviously enslaved.esp in the mod filter box * right click "Scripts(#number)" and select "Delete elements(#number)" * Do the same for Script instances * Inside of the "Clean" menu in the top left, select "Remove unattached instances" * Inside of the "Clean" menu in the top left, select "Remove undefined elements" * save your changes OR: * Make a hard save with DEC uninstalled * open the save in resaver * Inside of the "Clean" menu in the top left, select "Remove unattached instances" * Inside of the "Clean" menu in the top left, select "Remove undefined elements" * save your changes For save tool: * Make a hard save when DEC is uninstalled * Load the save in savetool.exe * go back to the main page and hit "FixScriptInstances" and "Fix all #" * save your changes Or: * Make a hard save * Load the save in savetool.exe * Go to "Mod editor" and check deviouslyenslaved.esp on the list * Hit both delete forms and delete scripts on the right side, * go back to the main page and hit "FixScriptInstances" and "Fix all #" <- for good measure * save your changes Throwing in a "fix broken inactives" might be a good idea too, after everything else, in the past it would cause more problems then solve, but that seems to have been fixed. If Save cleaning doesn't refresh DEC's MCM, manually search for "crde" in save tools left script search,and delete all scripts that show up with that name, that has fixed that odd bug for me in the past. I'm not an expert with using save tool, but this works really well for DE and DEC. The only part of your save that isn't cleaned are the crde StorageUtil variables, which are only used as time stamps currently anyway, so it shouldn't matter if they are left over What is "Armbinder conversation" and why does it never seem to activate? Chase put that in, and never finished it. I never got around to finishing it because I wasn't sure until recently what it was supposed to be. Right now it does nothing. Why are you still using "CRDE" as an identifier and "deviouslyenslaved.esp" instead of changing them to something more accurately named? Lazy. DEC doesn't work, what's wrong? Double check that the mod is not working by enabling DEBUG through the MCM menu (ON by default), setting it to console so it doesn't spam your notifications (ON by default), and open the console and check if you get CRDE debug output every 8-15 seconds. The game must be moving for those 8-15 seconds (out of console/ui) Common reasons DEC is working but you aren't being approached: NPCs don't have high enough arousal, lower the threshold or find some way to warm them up NPCs have too high of morality, lower the threshold in the options or change the character morality through console NPC is wearing slave gear (Zaz/DD) or is in a faction that marks them a slave. You have a quest active that DEC uses to check if the player is busy, finish the quest Those weren't the issue! AND/OR you cannot see debug info in the console Describe what is wrong and include a papyrus log (with debug messages turned ON) in the support thread and I'll see if I can figure out why it doesn't work for you. Mods that DEC connects with (slavery): SD+ Maria Eden (1.19 and 1.24 mostly work) Cursed loot Simple slavery Devious Cidhna Wolfclub (old) Slaverun and Slaverun Reloaded S_L_U_T_S Isle of Mara Tweaked The rest of the mods, and how/why they connect with DEC are explained in the second post on the forum. Incompatible mods: Currently, the only mod I recommend users not use in combination with DEC is Sky Slavery, which adds male slaves around skyrim. I cannot find a way to detect that they are slaves, so there is no way to stop them from attacking the player, and some of them were bugged out and could not interact with last time I tried the mod. * Mia's Lair: I think I got all incompatibilities with Mia's lair sorted out, but you might still get a stack dump during the interrogation part, because I haven't added location based detection for that part yet. Everything after that is smooth, and you shouldn't need to turn DEC off, if you have reason to believe otherwise tell me. * Submit: Once in awhile, a user shows up saying they think Submit breaks the mod. I don't even know if or which submit variant is still being maintained, and I'm not going to test them all. I'm going to assume the issue was misattributed to something else until a user gives me a replicatable case with a specific Submit version, but be aware that there might be a real issue here. * Maria's Eden 2.0: Local enslave works, but not Khajit (Defeat), although that might fix itself if the problem was on ME's end. Some mods, for whatever reason, create template NPCs that have the wrong gender assigned to them. DEC uses ActorReference.GetActorBase().getSex() to get gender, and I don't know how else to get it. So far, I don't know of a more accurate way to fix it from my side, ask the dev from that side if there's anything that could fix it. * Traps, Pitfalls and Dangerious Things: I never got a response back from Jim about how to get the two mods to detect one another, he seems MIA. For now this mod is on my list too As a reminder: if DEC is getting in the way of a mod/quest/scene you can turn it off temporarily in the MCM settings TODO: Find a good image to use for mod icon TODO: Find someone who wants to write dialogue TODO: Figure out minimum requirements for mod versions TODO: Find out why every time I edit this page paragraphs get extra new lines Permissions: DEC is now licensed as GPL 3.0. Thanks to: Chase Roxand, the original author, for doing the hardest part Zippy for being a bro The authors of Sexlab, Devious devices and ZAP for providing the necessary framework The authors of LoversLab mods for freely providing their code source for code discovery and providing their assistance where available simplefries for pointing out that I was an idiot Firescrat for tracking down and fixing quite a few bugs. Legume for putting up with my shit Everyone else who has helped me when I couldn't figure out the solution to a problem myself Old support thread for Deviously Enslaved (Chase Roxand): http://www.loverslab.com/topic/40916-deviously-enslaved-v104-1715/page-47 Old DE download page: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1602-deviously-enslaved-v104-1715/ Less important details about the mod have been moved to the second post of the support thread to keep this page to a reasonable size Submitter Verstort Submitted 10/22/2015 Category Dialog Sex Requires SKYUI(for MCM), Sexlab, Sexlab Aroused, Zaz animation framework, Devious Devices (assets,integration,expansion), UIExtensions Special Edition Compatible No  
  20. Devious Skyrim

    The following is an overview of all works related to the 'Devious Devices' mod family for Skyrim. - Last updated: 22nd February 2015 - Support for each mod is provided by the respective mod author, so please don't post any mod-specific issues in this thread. Devious Framework Overview The following infographic explains the interaction of the various mods that make up the Devices Devices family. Devious Essentials These mods form the base of Devious Devices and are required for most if not all of the other Devious Devices mods to work properly. Devious Devices - Assets by Zadil Devious Devices - Expansion by Coopervane Devious Devices - Integration by Min Devious Add-Ons Mods that are based on the Devious Devices framework. Keep in mind that some of these mods may have additional dependencies and/or be based on outdated versions of the base mods. Alternate Start: Live a Deviant Life by Aelie Angrim's Apprentice by stobor Aradia's Devious Outift by Aradia/Gameplayer DD Restrained by irquih Devious Captures by Ms Leeches' Devious Cidhna by stobor Devious Devices - Captured Dreams Shop by Veladarius Devious Devices for Him by Wasps Devious Devices - For the Masses II by Veladarius Devious Devices - Gags+ by jbezorg Devious Devices Gags Mod Overhaul by zenetx Deviously Cursed Loot by Kimy Deviously Enchanted Chests by Bane_Master Deviously Helpless by Srende Devious Interactions by Veladarius Devious Loading Screens by Zadil Devious Regulations by Srende Devious Traps by aqqh GagSFX by volfin ImmerSlave - Life a Slave's Life by arbiter Sacrificial Spriggan by stobor Sanguine's Debauchery Enhanced by skyrimll SexLab Stories by skyrimll Sexlab Submit+Devious Devices by Aelie Skyrim Bound by Srende Submit + Devious Devices + Follower Friendly by zacko Submit + Devious Devices Progression Mod by MixedupJim Devious Keyholders by Kalarr More Devious Quest by Versh Deviously Enslaved by Chase Roxand Quick As You Like! by DocClox Devious Conversions Modifications or additions to the devices that add support for additional bodies, races or genders. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/51563-the-devious-corner/ by Gameplayer Devious Devices Bodyslide CBBE CT77 Body TBBP by Aensland_src Devious Devices + Devious Expansion for Bodyslide2 HDT + preg by RustyXXL Devious Devices for Bodyslide2 by Skeuomorph Devious Devices - Males Addon by KestrelSky Devious Devices Assets for UNPB PB TBBP by uglykidcyd Devious Devices Expansion for UNPB PB TBBP by uglykidcyd MIC - Make It Compatible by Heromaster Piercing Meshes for UNPB TBBP HDT preg (link) by circ SevenBase Conversion by Shocky Xarathos Armor Workshop for 7Base (O)ppai by Xarathos DD + DDX for bodyslide 2.2d CBBE HDT by toptoper Devious Stories Literary works inspired by, or based on the contents of these mods. A Recounting of Devices Most Devious by UrbanSniper Abduction for Beginners by Thulas (also part of 'Books of Skyrim') The Female Legionnaire Quandary by UrbanSniper The Order of Immaculate Chastity by UrbanSniper Kafrid's Diary by Thulas (also part of 'Books of Skyrim') Devious Videos "Devious Deviants: Forbidden Tome" quest walkthrough by Kronnos44 Part 1 of 4 part 2 of 4 Part 3 of 4 Part 4 of 4 Note: Until Zadil returns to activity, I have assumed stewardship of this thread. If I'm missing any mods from this list, please let me know.
  21. View File This is a lightweight mod that allows the player to engage in prostitution and surrender to hostile NPCs. Both events blend seamlessly into the game and don't require additional configuration or toggles. Prostitution is a random forcegreet-event that will trigger periodically whenever the player is in a non-hostile location (like cities, towns or inns). The respective NPC will also check for nearby observers and ask you to search for a quiet place. Surrender on the other hand will be triggered either by spell or whenever the player is about to die. Once the player has submitted to a hostile NPC, the game will play a small scene and than teleport you to a random city or town. Requirement SexLab Light SE Future Plans Remove items from the inventory when surrendered Enslave the player character, instead of teleporting to a "friendly" location Calculate prostitution reward and chance based on player attributes, such as speechcraft for instance Randomized dialog for the forcegreet FadeOut / FadeIn effects for better looking scenes succubus STD Exhaustion for NPCs Submitter DoomSequirrel Submitted 10/24/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires SexLab Light SE Regular Edition Compatible  
  22. View File Warning This mod contains animations depicting non consensual sex acts. Description I wanted to give you something different to the usual stuff you have available. a lot of my stuff involves, groping, coercion, passed out, that kind of thing. The quality is good, not great, but you will be pleased, I think. You can view previews here >>> https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/blog/909-rohzima-animation-previews/ Future Plans Check out my upcoming SLAL packs here >>> https://rohzimaupcoming.tumblr.com/ I will be adding at least one new SLAL pack per month, for as long as I can sustain it. It takes a fair amount of work to do just twenty seconds of quality animations so if you enjoy my style and want me to be able to keep producing this type of material then please consider supporting me. Support me and get early access here >>> https://www.patreon.com/rohzima Style I do not make creature animations and never will. Mostly I will be making paired with some solo & threesome stuff thrown in. Animated objects I plan to do extensively. You are more than welcome to make suggestions and if it interests me I will certainly give it a go. Installation Make sure you copy the JSON and source data over (\data\SLAnims\) because some MO's ignore them. You install them using SLAL so if you install SLAL, read it's documentation, then you will know the process for installing Final Thoughts Now all you need is some quiet time, lol There are some bugs and problems with the first batch. I know what is up and will rectify it in future releases, hopefully I will fix most or all of the shit with the first pack. P.S - If any quest modders want to use these or any of my other animations (on nexus) as a resource for a quest, please go right ahead and just give credit, no need to ask permission. -Roh Animations so far: Submitter RohZima Submitted 02/06/2018 Category Animation Requires SLAL, Sexlab, Your right hand Special Edition Compatible No
  23. View File First of all, be warned, this is barely a mod, just some txt files, if I uploaded to wrong section, please let me know or just move it to where it belongs. So, ever wondering you Skyrim sexlab doesn't get the expession you often see in Hentai comics and animes? Don't worry, here comes your help. Ahegao Faces? Rly? Is that the best you can do? I suck at modding, to be honest, and that's probably the main reason I don't even want to touch CK though I was planning on my follower mods, but still there's something I can do for the community. OFC I'm pretty sure some of you folks can do better than me(there is, his name is trickerfu, check out his expressions in screenshots, they're divine), but this is a "novice friendly" file so please don't get offended. Anyway, here comes my presets of ahegao faces for your sexlab expression. One thing I need to make clear is that these expressions work best for characters with big eyes but relatively small pupils or you would barely notice the difference. Also, screenshots are needed for this post cuz damn I need some of that. What I'm gonna do with it, Luciver!? Oh yes, good that you asked, this is not a "NMM or MO whatever ready" pack, this is just some txt files you can adapt into your game with two possible means: 1. Use Mfg console, which you can get it from Nexus: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44596/? Just put all these files into your Skyrim folder, get in game, open console, click somebody and then use bat XXXX(file name) then just give it a good look. 2. Play the hardball, adopt them in you sexlab expression presets. Just go into the sexlab mcm menu and edit one of the expression presets according to the txt files. 3. Sell your soul to me and you will get an personal Amen from me. What's in the BOX??? The pack contains following tweaked expressions in form of txt files. Now it contains folloing expressions: Disgusted (fuckdisgust) Slightly silly (silly) Fucked silly (fucksilly) and 3 other different variations/tweaked versions of Fucked silly goes by the name of fucksilly2, fucksilly3 and fucksilly4... Yes I know it's silly... (Added in ver 1.1) Fucksnuffground: Her eyes rolled up then left, perfect match for a murderous fest. (Added in ver 1.2) Fucksnufffear: Nothing other than fear goes better with your pervy urge. (Added in ver 1.2) Fucksnuffed: Can someone from medical school tell me whether a man's eyes stop rolling back after killed? I only studied forensic science back in college... (Added in ver 1.3) Fuckunreluctant and Fuckunreluctorgasm: Looking away won't help you to ignore the pain and the pleasure passing through your womanhood. (Added in ver 1.3) Fuckpuzzle1: I forgot about this at all XD... (Added in ver 1.3) Fuckhitbelow: Looks good with any animation contains vag/belly brutality contents. (Added in ver 1.4) Pleasured1: What? I do know what a happy face looks like ok? (Added in ver 1,4) Fuckunreluct2 and Fuckunreluct2alt: Embarrassed and eager to relieved from shameful deeds.(alt version features looking at another direction) I fully admit these presets are largely influenced by the comic of Markydaysaid, I'm a big fan of his work. You can find him here: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/markydaysaid Please don't be shy to adapt it to your game or mod or whatever you create or simply tweak them if you don't like'em, it's nothing but some silly gigs to help. PS: You're also welcomed to leave a comment below and tell me which type of ahegao you would like to see. Faces of PLeasure 1.4.zip Submitter Luciver Submitted 05/12/2017 Category Sexual Content Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  24. View File Captured Dreams Shop An add on for Devious Devices Notice! File download structure has changed so read the Install instructions Any questions concerning installation will be referred back to these instructions! Welcome to the Captured Dreams shop where you can find something to capture your dream. The Captured Dreams shop sells various chastity and bondage items as well as provides special sessions for VIP customers. There are a large number of items available in a wide variety of finishes and colors to get that perfect look you wanted. There are also a number of services from getting out of items placed on you against your will to trying out some of the items first hand to getting something to help keep you ‘safe’ from the bandits and those with ill intent. There are also some employment opportunities making deliveries and recovering some that have been stolen. Just see the Master of the shop for whatever it is you need. The shop is close to the Half Moon Mill north of Falkreath on the road that goes from Falkreath north through Rorikstead. V4 is localized and includes both English and German language text Note: V4.09 is non localized and is English only, a localized version with updated German translation will be released when it is available. Requirements: SexLab v1.62 SexLab Aroused or Aroused Redux Devious Devices Assets v2.9+ Devious Devices Integration v3.2 Devious Devices Expansion v1.2.3 ZAZ Animation Pack v 6.11 or later - is compatible with v7.0 Fus Ro D’oh SkyUI Recommended Mods: Deviously Cursed Loot – Master can remove some items For the Masses 3 Devious Devices for Him – so items show on male npc’s Deviously Helpless – Bandits will take certain items if caught Skyrim Bound Live a Deviant Life Resurrection – can use slavery start Devious Captures Devious Devices Equip Simple Slavery – can use slavery start Or most any other DD mod. Resources Used: Resources were used from the following mods as allowed by their posted allowed use -Knapsack Retexture Pack- http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34474/?tab=3&selected_game=110&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fmodimages%2F%3Fid%3D34474%26user%3D1%26gid%3D110&pUp=1 -Ships - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59426/?tab=1&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D59426%26preview%3D&pUp=1 -Ashara’s Romantic Outfit- http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5577/? -TES4 Mod- http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59867/? -Shiny Rubber Catsuits mod- http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41534/? -Hoods- Thanks to nytesorrow for permission to use these within my mods Extras: The MCM menu is set to automatically import items from some mods. Currently the list is rather small and the original esp is required: -Tera Armors CBBE Only- http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29411/? -Neo’s Slave Leia Renewal - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60264/? -Tera Armors UNP - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25846/? Installation: Use your preferred mod manager to install, manual installation is not recommended due the number of scripts included in CD (just over 1700). The mod is broken up over several parts: Part 1 - Esp, scripts and other minor files Required Part 2 - Meshes and Textures by texture size Required Part 3 - Catsuit data by body including bodyslide files Optional if you already have Shiny Rubber Catsuits but you should not need the esp for it now Part 4 - Pre generated DD meshes by body type - CBBE v3.2 or UUNP's UNPB Optional Part 5 - Misc optional files (female guard file and UNPB meshes for chastity piercings) Optional v4.05 was left for those that wish to use the last German version. Both the v4.05 and v4.051 files are needed. Install v4.051 after v4.05. Part 4 may be used with v4.05 Full Install: V4.09 Required Install Part 1 Install Part 2 (whichever resolution you chose) Optional (as needed) Install Part 3 Install Part 4 Unzip and install whatever files you need of Part 5 V4.05 - Last Localized version with German language support Install v4.05 Install v4.051 (was the LESP file) Update Install: Updating from v4.00 - v4.09 beta 1 Due to additions of the catsuits and hoods follow the full install instructions to ensure you get all of the files you need Updating from v4.09 full version Download updated files that have the new current version. If a particular file set has a previous version then it was not changed and does not need reinstalled Conflicts: Use the following at your own risk, I will not provide support if these are used with CD: Use of the ReStringer tool may make it impossible for me to give you assistance if you are having issues since it changes names of variables and such. Maria Eden has been known to cause issues with CD and DD in general due to the incompatibilities of the locking systems. General overview of what this mod does: I will break this down into several sections to help keep it organized The MCM Menu Player Info page: All the player’s stats are displayed here including Disposition (sub/dom) as well as the 5 tendencies. You can also adjust the time scale as there is some times where waiting is disabled. There are also other options (enable/disable controls and such) and some other stats. Quest Options: The options on this page include the ability to turn on/off various quests (all are OFF as default) and adjust any setting that a particular quest may have. The option to instantly finish the grounds expansion for the shop is here as well. Slavery Options: There are a few options for the slavery section of the mod as well as options for Erani Devices: This page lets you enable/disable some devices as well as set preferences as far as materials, color and belt types. Note that these may not be followed in some cases. Addon Management: This controls the system that grabs items from specific mods and makes them available for purchase as well as adds some as outfits to different npc’s. The system is modular and is currently set to handle 10 slots with each slot assigned to a specific mod. Player Statistics There are 6 statistics that make up the player’s personality: Primary: runs from 1 (sub) to 20 (dom) and may change during the game Disposition – A measure of their submissive or dominant nature and is the primary stat used Tendencies: runs from 1 (dislike) to 7 (like). These can be looked at in various combinations and don’t change during the course of the game Sadism – enjoys hurting or tormenting someone either mentally or physically Masochism – enjoys pain and being tormented either mentally or physically Sexuality – how much someone enjoys sex Bondage – how much a person likes to be bound Control – how much a person like being in control or being controlled Note: I know a lot of people wonder what the difference between Control and Disposition would be. A person who is a sub does not necessarily mean they are meek and do whatever anyone says, they just prefer to be the bottom in the relationship. You can easily have a sub who enjoys tormenting and commanding others (sadist and control), especially for their master. Custom Items: There are a number of custom items including custom textured devices by Coopervane and a few items by Zaria from the Zaria's Restraints mod. There are also 7 custom vaginal plugs and 2 anal plugs for sale and more on the way! Current items available: Additional finishes for items - New colors include: Silver, Bronze, Black, Red, Dark Red and White for the following items: Padded Belt (both styles), Padded Bra, Padded Arm and Leg Cuffs, Padded Collar and Posture Collar Little Helper Plugs - Made to help the wearer in a few skill areas but at the cost of being constantly horny and on edge. - Assassin: +20% Sneak, Additional x2 on Backstab, +20% with both One Handed and Bows - Fighter: +20% on One Handed, Two Handed and Block skills - Mage: +15% on spell magnitude - Thief: +20% on Sneak, Pick Pocket and Pick Lock +++ The beneficial enchantments will not work unless the users arousal is 80 or higher and they DO NOT have a chastity key in their inventory +++ All Little Helper plugs also will: Sometimes Edge wearer, Random Vibration, Electro Stim and are Magically Sensitive. +++ All are vaginal plugs Little Devil Plugs - Made to tease and torment the wearer relentlessly - Exciter Vaginal Plug - Random Vibration and Sometimes edge wearer - Orgasmo Vaginal Plug - Periodically Vibrate Very Strongly, Very Lively, Periodic Stamina Drain - Tormentor Vaginal Plug - Electrostim Effect - Punisher Anal Plug - Electro Stim, Sometimes Edge wearer, Periodic Health, Stamina and Mana Drain - Spoiler Anal Plug - Electro Stim and Sometimes Edge wearer Protector series Belt and Bra - Made to keep the wearer safe from those horny bandits, undead and other creatures wandering Skyrim. Once locked an enchantment ensures that it stays locked, they can not be picked or opened in any other way than the use of the Protector Amulet. Upon putting on the Protector Amulet the Belt and Bra will unlock and be removed. - Protectors are sold in a set, 1 Belt and 1 Bra. The belt is available in either the open or closed back Padded Belts. - You get your choice of finish - standard Steel finish, Silvered finish or Bronze finish - On the first purchase of a Protector set you will get a recipe to make the amulet. It requires the crafting of 2 parts: an amulet of gold and a special cooling mixture. The recipe has the complete instructions within it and will be consumed in the process of making it. - If you lose the amulet or recipe you can purchase an additional copy of the recipe. - Items are sold by the Master, just ask about items to keep you safe. - Quests can still be done while wearing the Protector Series of items. Shop Grounds To start the shop will be the only building in place but after a while the grounds will be expanded to also include a barracks, stable, smithy, mine, manor house and VIP house. If it starts on its own it will take about 2-3 weeks in game to finish or you can set it so it is done (must be done before it starts). The number of npc’s will increase and include guards and slaves working at various jobs. If you take your horse to the stable, dismount and walk away the stable hand will take the horse into the stable for you. Courier Captured Dreams has their own courier who will deliver ads or requests from the Shop Master. Shop Services -Buy and sell various bondage and chastity devices -Removal of devices locked on you -Free Trial of items to see if you like them or not -Special items to help keep you safe from those why may take advantage of you Employment -Deliver a package of items to a customer somewhere in Skyrim within a specified amount of time -Recover a package seized by bandits -Help a customer by modeling some items for them -Take part in a special session with a VIP -Do a bit of mining in the mine, paid by the piece -Special tasks may be offered to you if Master likes you well enough Consequences for Misdeeds Sometimes things don’t go your way and you end up screwing up so Master has ways to deal with these situations. She has a number of punishments she may do depending on the infraction as well as how well you have done in the past and if she likes you or not. Some are rather minor while others… not so much. There are 3 levels of punishment: Basic, Moderate and Advanced. Earning higher level punishments will also get you punishments from the lower levels so if you happen to earn an Advanced punishment you will also get a Moderate and Basic punishment. Enslavement There are 2 kinds of enslavement in CD: 1 – Submitting to Master as a personal slave (aka Relationship Slave) 2 – Being taken as property for whatever reason you have pissed her off (aka Property Slave) Quest Specifics Special Tasks Consequences Slavery Load order: Captured Dreams can be placed most anywhere in the load order with a few exceptions: - Scenic Carriages should be placed after Captured Dreams As to the order of the ESM files (SexLab, Assets, Integration etc...) I have tried placing them in the same order as Integration uses but doing so breaks a number of the properties each time I try. Since the CK just rearranges it again later and fixing the properties each time takes hours and can leave some missed breaking things (has happened earlier) I will not be attempting it again. In game setup: 1- TURN OFF MASTURBATION ON BELT REMOVAL!! - any scene where a belt is removed (pretty much all of them) will be stopped otherwise. 2- Any mods that can take control of the player or npc's at random times (SC07 Random Attack or others like it) need to be disabled during scenes. Since these give the player control back at the end the scene will halt where it is and may result in the other npc's no longer responding as they should. Conflicts and Issues: Crashes during SexLab scenes: Conflicts with other mods: If scenes stop and no longer respond: If items are not removed from player but show as unequipped: If you are having issues with crashing, quests/scenes not advancing or problems with item removal / equipping: 1- Check your papyrus log for rapidly repeating errors and fix them! These will degrade script performance and CD makes heavy use of DD Integration. 2- If you are still having issues give me specific information about where it happens and what it is doing. If it concerns the adding / removing of items please include a papyrus log (if you have repeating errors from other mods I will tell you to fix those first). Thanks to: Zadil and Min for creating Devious Devices. Min, Aelie, Srende and many of the other Devious Devices developers for assistance in scripting. Aelie, Naaitsab, KomradePavlov, Comrade Lokomootje, CliftonDJ, billiedovakin and Galgat for helping playtest and point things out that I missed Naaitsab for the custom textures for the belts and other devices (and the MCM menu artwork). Coopervane for the updated textures for the devices. Zadil for the custom sign. Zaria for permission to use items from Zarias Restraints. btn2k3 for the UNPB meshes for the chastity piercings. CGi for the German Translation and help in setting up the Localized esp. Everyone else who has supported and inspired me along the way. Future Updates: There was quite a bit that I had hoped to get into V4 and there was quite a bit that made it in that I had not planned on. Updates from here on out will be smaller as the major frameworks are in place and can easily be added on to. I thank you all for your patience while v4 was developed. Change Log v4.00 - everything pretty much. v4.01 - Patch - install over v4.00 v4.02 - full version - can install over current version v4.03 - patch - can install over previous versions V4.04 - Full version V4.04 fixed - Full Version V4.05 - Full Version - fixed issuee with Smithy forcegreets happening even when not working there - added some scenes to several npc's to try to stop their repeated forcegreets - fixed the issue with debt and free trial belts not being recognized for delivery quest - made minor chages to Erani's controlling quests, mostly with scripting - made change to end of the Windhelm quest as it was not ending correctly - fixed issue for end of day on the roadside post tasks V4.06 - Update: English only non localized V4.07 - Update: English only non localized V4-08 - Update: English only non localized V4-09 Beta 1 - Update: English only non localized V4-09 Beta 1.1 - Update: English only non localized v4.09 full v4.10 update v4.11 update v4.12 Update v4.13 Update v4.14 Update v4.15 Update Submitter Veladarius Submitted 12/10/2013 Category Quests Requires SexLab SexLab Aroused Devious Devices - Assets Devious Devices - Integration ZAZ Animation Pack Special Edition Compatible