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  1. Hentai Creatures is a requirement for More Creatures as it uses a couple of models and textures from HC. You do not need to enable the HentaiCreatures.esp if you do not want to, only the files are required. HC adds the GSD model to provide a third dog breed to potential spawns. Even if you do not intend to use HC in gameplay (which would be understandable as its very clunky) it is still an invaluable testing tool for debugging creature support in SL. If you would rather not install HC at all then use xEdit to remove the GSD from the More Creatures leveled lists.
  2. Not familiar with them but as long as they are not using the NPC skeleton and they have the appropriate keywords and you have animations for them installed then they should work.
  3. Check the Aroused Creatures MCM > Help page. This will show potential problems with SL and AC configuration and list the reasons for recent engagement failures. Hover the pointer over an option to see an explanation at the bottom.
  4. Well, if the player script is not running then nothing at all is going to happen, not even debugging. Could you uninstall AC, download it again and test the archive to make sure that's valid (7zip: right-click archive > 7-Zip > Test Archive), make a clean save, then reinstall.
  5. Unfortunately that's not it. There are instructions on manually enabling Papyrus logging here (that's a troubleshooting guide for LE but the process is identical for SE). A better option would be to use BethINI to clean up and update your INI. Is the creature you are trying to invite from a particular mod? The only thing I can think of is that the animal is not carrying the ActorTypeCreature keyword which, currently, would exclude it from working with AC. This issue should be fixed in the next update which will work on a negative matching system instead. Yes, sorry a
  6. Odd. Make sure that the target select key is bound under Aroused Creature MCM > Dialogue & Interactions. Try standing back from the creature while in 1st-person and using the key with the crosshair is over it (this will use a targeted spell to select the creature). If you are still having this issue then if possible I would like to see a papyrus log for a session in which you encounter it. You would first need to enable papyrus logging in the your INI and then enable the Debug option in the Aroused Creatures MCM > General Settings. Remember to disable both afterwards as t
  7. Use the target select key (default N) on the creature then go to the Aroused Creatures MCM > Help page and check the failure codes listed there for the creature. Hover the pointer over the option to see an explanation at the bottom.
  8. No, AC only looks to see if an item is equipped. Another mod must be adding the equipment to NPC leveled lists. This usually means that the FNIS Creature Pack is not installed or that there were errors when running Generate FNIS for Users. You can find the latest version of FNIS and the Creature Pack here. FNIS is no longer maintained so the latest version is 7.6 from February last year.
  9. There may be some confusion there. The Aggressive Animations lists show animations that have the Aggressive tag, either by default or added by Aroused Creatures or any other mod. Toggling aggressive/consensual in these lists is literally adding/removing that tag from the animations. If you hover over the animation in the list for a couple of seconds it will display all the tags on that animation at the bottom.
  10. Can you tell me the sequence you were going through here? The aggressive animation toggle options should be saved in the profile and should be restored when loading that profile after resetting. It should be noted that it will only add or remove the aggressive tag for animations that are available to SL at the time the profile is loaded - so if you load the profile and then enable the animations in SLAL you would need to load the profile again to make sure those added animation get the modified tags from the profile. Also be aware there is a Load Profile Tags option on the
  11. Neither SexLab nor Aroused Creatures support creature-on-creature animations right now. You would need to check the support threads for mods that can get this working or ask in the main SE support forum. I'm not familiar with the process myself.
  12. The delay in starting up a scene is usually down to the number of installed creature animations. More animations means more work in figuring out which animations are appropriate. SexLab now has a caching system but it can take time for this to populate so initial scenes will take longer to start than later ones. You might be able to improve performance a little. In SexLab MCM > Rebuild & Clean disable the Debug option which is on by default, then go to SexLab MCM > Animation Settings and uncheck the Disable Starting Teleport option. In the Aroused Creatures MCM > PC/NP
  13. It does not look like SexLab Aroused is running at all. Reinstall the SexLab Aroused Redux linked in the description and make sure it overrides everything. There are also a lot of errors from other mod scripts. I'm afraid there may be issues with your load order that go beyond simply getting SL Aroused to work.
  14. This suggests that SexLab Aroused is not automatically updating actor arousal for some reason. When you use N on a creature SL Aroused will manually updated their arousal, bypassing the automated updates. It should be noted that by default SL Aroused only updates arousal for nearby actors once every 120 seconds. This can be reduced under SexLab Aroused MCM > Settings. There are situations where Aroused will stop updating arousal levels because it thinks there is an SL animation playing. You would need to look at the Papyrus log to see with this is the case and maybe
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