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  1. This is probably down to script lag. Right now the script waits for a couple of seconds after triggering stripping to allow time for the animation to end. Clearly this may not be enough in some circumstances. I'll probably bump up the wait time by a couple more seconds and maybe add an option to skip the strip anim.
  2. That should have been fixed a couple of versions ago. Make sure nothing is overriding Aroused Creatures' files. If you are using the Random Invite Animations patch then uninstall it as it's not compatible with the current version.
  3. This is not an Aroused Creatures issue but reinstall the latest versions of SexLab SE Beta, FNIS, and the FNIS Creature Pack. Make sure they overwrite everything.
  4. Go to PC/NPC Auto Settings > PC Only and set Crouch Effect to No Effect. There's no AC Debug output in that papyrus log. In future make sure that the Trace option in enabled. Instructions for manually enabling papyrus logging. Or use BethINI. Remember to disable papyrus logging and AC debug when you are done as they both contribute a performance hit.
  5. The profile by itself is not useful for diagnosing issues. Check the Aroused Creatures MCM > Help page which may show why the PC is failing engagements. Otherwise I would need to see a papyrus log for a game in which the issue is encountered: make sure papyrus logging is enabled in your INI and that the Debug option is enabled in AC MCM > General Settings.
  6. A fundamental dilemma really. It almost needs an entirely new mechanic to deal with it though I'm not sure how it would work. You could try some of the lower level OWN settings, not making them exactly friendly or allied, so attacking them might trigger an aggressive response immediately. There is a similar quandary with Defeat where you only get to see the animations with enemies if you lose the fight by getting knocked or surrendering. I'll take a look at blocking the AC dialogue if the creature is in pursuit. Hadn't considered that before.
  7. Just uploaded a new version of SexLab Aroused Creatures SE v4.05 (40008) (2021-03-30) This is mainly just bug fixes. The big one is the group animation system which now works "properly" but as a result also works more slowly. Remember to keep the Aroused Creatures Debug option disabled as this adds significant processing. SexLab Aroused Creatures SE v4.05 (40008) (2021-03-30): Added: Option to dump current settings to the trace log. Useful for getting users' config data without having to ask for individual settings. This will dump automatically on loading a game
  8. The closest you'll get to this is to turn off auto engagement for the PC and configure the Suitors options under Dialogue & Interactions. The Suitors option allows interested creatures to follow the player without actually engaging. You can then either use the dialogue options set for All Creatures or the direct invite key. You can also draw your weapons to chase them off but they will come back soon enough. Pursuit is very dependant on pathing and time. There will be instances when a creature just cannot get to their partner in the time available, or at all. I see this most of
  9. Hard to say from just the profile. If you have Random Invite Animations installed then remove it as it's not compatible with the current version. Make sure nothing is overriding Aroused Creatures' files. Check the Aroused Creatures MCM > Help page and see why creatures/NPCs are being rejected. If there is still an issue then enable Papyrus logging for your game, enable the Debug option under Aroused Creatures MCM > General Settings, then post the log for a game in which the issue is encountered.
  10. Keep in mind that any support required for Aroused Creatures using those patches needs to requested in the Mod Tweaks thread.
  11. Not able to reproduce this. Take a look at the Play Invite Animation option under PC/NPC Auto Settings > Pursuit and make sure it's unchecked. If you have Random Invite Animations installed then remove it as it's not compatible with the current version. Make sure nothing in Aroused Creatures is being overridden by other mods.
  12. Sounds like the OnCrosshairRefChange() SKSE event does not fire in VR when using the wands. That could cause a bunch of other issues, especially with horses, and would probably explain why you are unable to talk to silent creatures. Not even close to being able to test in VR unfortunately. I'll look at a compatibility option for triggering creature force greet by other means but even if it's possible it won't be in the next update I'm afraid.
  13. Could you indicate which situations they are playing in, direct invite, dialogue, automatic? Prefer NPC just means that the PC is placed at the back of the queue - each creature looks at four potential partners in the vicinity, the player will be the first (prefers PC), last (prefers NPC), or randomly first or last (no preference). Check the Help page in the MCM and see why the creatures are rejecting the NPCs, you may need to tweak the PC/NPC Auto Settings to even things out. Check the Help page in the Aroused Creatures MCM. If that does not indicate any issues then
  14. Ooh, well-spotted! Odd that this never presented in testing. In fact I just went in and got a 3p canine animation through dialogue right off the bat. Maybe something to do with enabling creature genders. Regardless, I'll see about getting that fixed in the next version. In the meantime could you try disabling creature gender in SL, setting all the creature stuff to Male only in AC, and see if group animations start working again?
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