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  1. Patch for animations (Squirt/Cum Effects, cum/tattoo overlays, stages, fixes) View File IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THIS PATCH, REPORT IN THIS THREAD, DON'T ASK HELP ON AAF DISCORD OR SOMEWHERE ELSE What this mod changes: Other options: Required: What next: Recommended: Thanks to, original authors and ideas: If you like my mod - support me Submitter Indarello Submitted 09/29/2019 Category Sex Effects Requires
  2. Fill Her Up SE View File This mod was not made by me. I didn't even used it. I'm just the caretaker. I didn't ask Yinkle why he leaves. I just asked him to leave his mods for the community, because a lot of ppl like what he has done and he said it is ok if I take care of them. I will do this with respect for him and with respect of his work. About This is a port of Fill Her Up - NetImmerse Override Compatibility Patch 1.12 which is an upgrade of Fill Her Up - Cum Inflation. The original port was by Zebruh but he has passed on the rights to me so I can maintain the mod and provide support. Progressive cum inflation Affects only belly node Per-race cum amounts NPC & creature support Separate tracking for anal and vaginal sex Automatic deflation with random-ish intervals with a configurable minimum time before deflation Hotkey for manual deflation Zaz animations for deflation Female on female inflation when female/female cum is in use in sexlab NPC comments and status messages related to inflation Requirements Be sure to check each mod here for their own requirements. SKSE64 SKY UI FNIS (If you have never used FNIS before, please use this tutorial for Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex) XPMSSE Sexlab Framework SE 1.63 NOT SexLab Light SE Racemenu The Download files ~ use one or the other not both! UUNP version requirements: The bodyslide download from oldrim with the UUNP option ZAZ animation pack SE Note: I've left this here as Zebrah's legacy conversion from the oldrim mod. The SE version does what this does and more, see the changelog for 2.1+ for details. SE version requirements: Bodyslide Highly Recommended for both: USSEP SSE Engine Fixes Installation Instructions If you are new to Skyrim modding you might not understand some of this and may have to look up a guide, I recommend this one, not the necessarily modlist itself (even though it is the one I use when modding my game) but the info near the top is very useful. Please do not attempt modding your game without a mod manager otherwise nobody can help you with issues. 1. Install all of the requirements for the version you are using 2. Run Fnis. For NMM/Vortex watch this and for Mod organizer 2 users go to the data tab and find the same file path shown in the gif. 3. Run bodyslide and check the box at the bottom as shown here Update Instructions Reset inflation in-game, delete the old mod, drop in the new one, run FNIS. Compatibility/Troubleshooting If you have too much stress on papyrus is could cause issues Researching... Thanks Srende - For making this awesome mod 4onen - For improving the mod and giving me permission to port and post it ZAZ Team - For giving Yinkle and I permission to upload with some ZAZ files included You - For reading this and downloading it (I hope) Submitter Pfiffy Submitted 06/17/2018 Category Sex Effects Requires Check requirements section Regular Edition Compatible No
  3. View File I call this Image, 'The Two' . . . . . . (Psssst... That girl behind me is a dirty dirty girl!!!) ----- Version 3.0c Changed the file structure to work with Vortex, and newer mod installers.. (files are packed to root), I have two packages, with and without sexlab integration. As requested! Previous Updates NOTE: You Might need to reset Sexlab to use this mod, or Start a New Game!!!. (MCM --> Sexlab --> Install Menu --> Reset) HUGE THANKS TO ASHAL FOR CODES TO CREATE MY SCRIPT. I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT SCRIPTING, AND ASHAL HELPED ME HEAPS ENB is Recommended for this Mod! ... this MOD has been designed with ENB in mind! Please see Screenshot Comparisons of ENB ON/OFF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have the First SEXLAB Bukkake mod. Why did I make this mod? Because I like the Cum on Clothes Look more then only nudes! & Bukkake is Cool! My New Textures came out pretty good!!! I Recommend using ENB for this mod.. The textures will look so much better with ENB. (TOP Images = ENB On) ENB ON ---- DAY ------------------------- Dusk ------------------------- Night ENB OFF I have a ENB Performance guide for a few extra FPS... Click here. A New Screenie... I like the Cum on Clothes Look more then only nudes! More * Large *Screenshots More Screenies What is this MOD? In Sexlab or any adult themed Mods, I noticed that cumshots are not ever on the armor, I disliked that, maybe a personal thing... I dunno, but I feel armor needs the same treatment, just like real bukkake.. it's not always on skin! I noticed that Oblivion's Lovers with PK did have cum on the clothes.. I have created 4 Spells to allow a 4 leveled cum effect so you can shoot your target to cover them or yourself!!!! hahaha Sexlab uses the 8 Layers and I will rebuild the spells to use 8 layers soon. The Bukkake Multi Leveled Cum spells were created by me. I have built up my own textures entirely, I Hope to improve the Textures over time. I have swapped sexlab's cum spell to use my spells and allows upto 8 Layers of bukkake on repeating sex scene I have also got 4 Spells you can still find the Books in the bridge area of Riverwood.. How to use my MOD. This Mod Requires SEXLAB 1. You don't need to learn any spells or anything for this to work 2. You simply do the naughty deed and when the deed is done within a specific time (Within Minutes! don't leave it too long.) the effect increases to the next level texture. 3. I recommend the SEXLAB mod which allows random NPC sex. or the Mod which allows Target sex. 4. It is advised to start a new game or at the very least use mcm to reset sexlab should you have issues working it 5. I have included 3 Texture Sets, Please simply overwrite the textures inside (Textures\effects\BukkakeStakker) To Install, Extract the game to your Data folder or use Mod Organizer and extract it to a Folder Named Scoclb Make sure both the Master and the Plugin are both enabled. LOAD Order, IMPORTANT *** Please make the ESM last of all your ESM's (scoclb.esm) and the ESP is last of all your ESP's Upgrading to 3.0+, I have a single ESM (ScocLB.esm) and a single ESP, Please note the ESP have been renamed. (ScoclbQuestSexlab.esp) To Uninstall, Please Let me know of your thoughts.. the good the bad & the ugly.. Please use this Link for Mod discussions. Submitter toxsickcity Submitted 12/25/2014 Category Framework & Resources Requires Sexlab 1.60+ (If Problems, Try reset SEXLAB) Special Edition Compatible View File
  4. View File ***Note that this is a Beta Release*** About This mod adds 2 additional stages of cum effects for each of the 3 default regions provided by SexLab: Vaginal, Oral, and Anal. This allows the user to experience a greater number and combination of stacking cum effects resulting from SexLab scenes, with a total of 4 stages for each region. That's 124 combinations! Wow! With MCM you can configure the number of layers to use depending on your preferences, anywhere from 0 to 4. With MCM you can also configure how to handle Vaginal Cum with Schlonged Actors to better support users with Futa mods. The EffectsShaders for Cum are also altered to use 1+Alpha for transparency to prevent strange desaturation seen on default cum effects in well lit environments for some users. This mod is built for and with Skyrim SE but is reportedly LE compatible. Prerequisites SexLab Framework All SexLab dependencies (Skyrim, SKSE, etc.) Installation MO2 (recommended), or other applicable Mod Organizers: Install the mod Prioritize below SexLab for both overwrites and ESP Manual: Install SexLab Extract this mod into Skyrim's Data folder, overwrite when prompted I recommend backing up your files just in case, or start using MO2... Upgrading MO2 (recommended), or other applicable Mod Organizers: Disable/Remove the prior version of SLACS Install the new version Prioritize below SexLab for both overwrites and ESP (optional) IF you are loading an existing save that was running SLACS v0.1.0b, you will likely need to Clean & Rebuild SexLab once more Upgrading from SLACS v0.2.0b to v0.3.0b should require no action Manual: Extract this mod into Skyrim's Data folder, overwrite when prompted Note that the textures have moved from ./Data/Textures/SexLab to ./Data/Textures/SLACS; you don't have to clean these up, but it's a waste of drive space if you don't I recommend backing up your files just in case, or start using MO2... (optional) IF you are loading an existing save that was running SLACS v0.1.0b, you will likely need to Clean & Rebuild SexLab once more Upgrading from SLACS v0.2.0b to v0.3.0b should require no action Troubleshooting & Suggestions ***Note that this is a Beta Release*** If you are having trouble, verify there are no other mods overwriting this one & or drop this lower in mod priority & load order. Ensure you don't have any mods active that may be blocking the spell effects of SLACS, it is reported that "Glow be Gone" will block the effect unless you configure it to ignore SLACS. Beyond that, or if you have suggestions for the mod, post away. Future Plans Look at patching for mods that utilize the native SL Cum Functions - Enabled as of 0.3.0b, will see separate uploads Utilize RaceMenu Overlays for effects instead of EffectShaders Utilize Normal Maps for higher quality Implement new textures Time-based "crusty" effects Implement further MCM customizations Credits @Ashal for SexLab & LoversLab & @oli3d for work on the original SexLab cum textures which have been utilized in this mod so far: @Mr. Wick for the Insane Cum Textures SSE, utilized to build textures for the third and fourth layers in this mod: By extension, @Vacaliga & @QuiteUnfortunate for SexLab Cum Textures Remake + Slavetats 1.2.5 & SexLab Quite the Sperm Replacer 4.20 Ridiculous Edition respectively: Submitter Kyeckr Submitted 05/09/2020 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab Framework SE v1.63 Regular Edition Compatible View File
  5. View File This patch for Fill Her Up changes all the scripts over to using NetImmerse Override for node scaling. (NIO) And adds male support without use of workarounds to the latest beta version. And reimplements the status system. I haven't seen Srende on the forums in ages, and I really wanted a few more features in FHU. So... now I'm making them! Notes: Yes, the patch file has no ESPs. This is no longer purely a change to around a hundred lines around a thousand lines in two five seven of FHU's scripts, but now goes in and changes a bunch of spoken lines to be more gender appropriate, usually. Also, the file I'm providing alongside my patch is version 9 of FHU beta 2, which includes a number of quests for FHU. I've written my patch for this version, because it just makes sense to write patches aimed at the latest version of a thing. You must use my patch files with that version of FHU, or it will break FHU and possibly cause CTDs. Features currently added to FHU: NetImmerse Override support! FHU now uses NIO for node scaling, and will no longer node fight with other mods. Horray! Workaround-less Male support! --You'll still need meshes though. SAM HDT has 'em. SOS doesn't have the necessary weighting. Sorry! Can't help with that. If you want male support, you have to be using SAM meshes for your male nudes. Individual Gender Disable Toggle NPC (global) Comment toggle! Now you can make the NPCs _STOP_ telling you you're a sovengarde-worthy jizz barrel! --Version 0.7: Not certain this toggle affects follower comments at all, but follower comments are infuriatingly hard to trigger. This requires more testing. --Version 1.11: I haven't even gotten follower comments triggering in my main save. I'll have to spend a lot of time sometime taking follower comments apart. Deflation Animation toggle! Now the cum you're filled with can magically disappear without interrupting your physically impossible combat experience! Status messages! They're a thing again! --Version 1.11: And now they're gramatically & genderifically correct! MALE SUPPORT INSTRUCTIONS: This is incredibly complicated, and can go wrong at _so_ many stages. However, the bare minimum of male support is implemented. To start, you must be using Shape Atlas for Men (SAM). Make sure you also install the SAM HDT package, available somewhere else on that forum you get SAM from. The HDT package includes properly weighted nude meshes for the belly, butt, and pecs. (NOTE: As far as I can tell, HDT meshes do NOT exist for male armor. So... inflation only works while nude.) Next, make sure Male Inflation is enabled in the MCM Congrats! NOTE: Don't use with vaginas-with-collisions mods. Apparently the HDT xml files for these mods don't get along with SAM's weighting. Thanks: I'd like to thank arkanae for helping me locate the v9 beta 2.0 file, which for some reason I couldn't find in the FHU thread. I'd like to thank Srende for making FHU in the first place. I'd like to thank Ashal for making SexLab. I'd like to thank Groovtama for helping me understand NIO and node systems, way back in my BFrame days. I'd like to thank LoversLab staff for the amazing site. I'd like to thank all these people, but meeting in person is creepy and weird, especially considering all we do on here. So the best I can do is leave this message: Thanks! Compatibility: In theory, better than FHU's was. In practice... I am certain I haven't made it any worse. Requirements: -All of FHU's requirements -FillHerUp 2.0 Beta 9 (This will fail on any other FHU) -NetImmerse Override AND/OR RaceMenu 3.0+ See FHU original thread for FHU's requirements: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/35463-fill-her-up-cum-inflation/ Installation (manual): Extract the file into your data directory. Files should be overwritten in these locations: Data -sr_FillHerUp.esp -Scripts --sr_inflateQuest.pex --sr_inflateThread.pex --sr_inflateConfig.pex --sr_InfEventManager.pex --sr_infDeflateAbility.pex --Source ---sr_inflateQuest.psc ---sr_inflateThread.psc ---sr_inflateConfig.pex ---sr_InfEventManager.pex ---sr_infDeflateAbility.pex -Interface --Translations ---sr_FillHerUp_ENGLISH.txt -SKSE --plugins ---FillHerUp ----statuses.json Installation: Installation (MO): Install "FillHerUp-v2.00-9.7z" somewhere after SexLab in the load order. Then install "FillHerUp 2 Beta NIO release 1.12.7z" somewhere after that. MO can re-order other mods between this patch and FHU as needed, just be sure that v2.00-9 comes before my NIO release. Installation (NMM): I don't understand why you're using this, but if this is what works for you, who am I to argue? See the MO installation guide, but also make sure NMM puts the scripts folder and its sub-directories into the data directory. I've seen it miss that sometimes. Installation (Manual): Theoretically extract n' drop. However, theories rarely survive to reality. Make absolutely sure that you're putting in the contents of "FillHerUp-v2.00-9.7z" BEFORE any contents of "FillHerUp 2 Beta NIO release 1.12.7z", and that "FillHerUp 2 Beta NIO release 1.12.7z" overwrites any conflicting files from "FillHerUp-v2.00-9.7z". UPDATE PROCEDURE: ANY_VERSION -> | 1.12 | Drop-in replacement. License/repost/copying information: I made a mod for a mod. That doesn't give me ownership of the original mod! If you want to repost FHU, take that up with Srende. If you want to repost my patch... Er... why? It's only usable with FHU. Sure. Whatever. Do what you want with it. Just remember that FHU belongs to Srende, and though I might not defend the mod from repostings, they might. Q/A: Q. Wait, there are two files listed there. Do I just need one? Or both? What? A. You will need both "FillHerUp-v2.00-9.7z" (found HERE) and "FillHerUp 2 Beta NIO release 1.12.7z". You will also need a body with belly node weightmapping, a skeleton with a belly node (I recommend XPMSE, to be put after all other skeleton mods in your load order), and SexLab and all of its requirements. Q. I have the MCM menu, but my cum amount is set to 0.0 and won't stay at another number when I leave the screen! Inflation doesn't work! A. This occurs if you install "FillHerUp 2 Beta NIO release 1.12.7z" without installing "FillHerUp-v2.00-9.7z". Make sure that "FillHerUp-v2.00-9.7z" gets put in before "FillHerUp 2 Beta NIO release 1.12.7z" in your installation order and the problem should subside. If it does not, try clean-saving. Q. The quests in FillThemUp.esp are broken. Why are you including broken quests? A. The "FillHerUp-v2.00-9.7z" I'm distributing was an internal testing build by Srende that otherwise never would've seen the light of day. It was going to be a continuation of FHU, but Srende left LoversLab before completing it. Internal testers of this build wanted an NIO patch for this new v2, and I decided that a year of silence on Srende's part was long enough to indicate that they no longer cared significantly about the future of FHU. (Srende, if I'm wrong, please do correct me!) Hence, I published the beta version in full, and the patch that I produced. This publishing includes the broken quests, for completeness and posterity. Q. Are you ever going to continue the questline-- A. No. Or, rather, I can't. I don't have the time or ability. If someone else believes they do, feel free to try! (This statement should not indicate that I have the ability to grant such permission, as the mod's rights belong entirely to Srende. This statement is only to indicate that, should someone want to continue FHU and acquire the relevant permissions from Srende, I will not claim theft of my patch were they to include that in their continuation.) Q. Hey, I'm making a mod package for Skyrim's adult mods. Can I include this mod in that? A. Absolutely! Again, though, I speak only for my patch. If Srende returns and wants you to stop publishing FHU, then sorry m8. Q. Hey, I'd like to include your patch in a paid-- A. No. Okay, that was a little harsh. Technically I'm not restricting you from doing so, but I will continue to publish this patch online for free until and unless Srende asks me not to. I would frown upon you including it as a part of a paid package considering how buggy it is, but I've really left myself no legal recourse to stop you. HOWEVER, I WILL NOT provide support or fixes for any version included in a paid package. So it's more of a please don't that's all bark and no bite. Submitter 4onen Submitted 10/08/2015 Category Sex Effects Requires "FillHerUp-v2.00-9.7z" AND "FillHerUp 2 Beta NIO release 1.12.7z" Special Edition Compatible  
  6. I noticed this problem when using Sexlab in Goma Pero Land. The cum textures load fine on the vanilla Skyrim map, but once I go in a worldspace added by a mod (like Aibellia island, etc.), the textures don't show up. The setting in the Sexlab mcm are unchanged there.
  7. View File What is it? This mod is a simple Alchemy mod Derrived from the wonderful work of ffabris. It adds various ingredients to Animals and Creatures. What kind of Ingredients? The best kind, cum. What else does it do? It has various Potions, poisons and Food Items of a sexual nature. The ingredients are used like normal ingredients, they have various effects and the effects are based on the type of animal/creature you recieve it from. Like a fox, they are sneaky right? So Of course you make a potion with its essence it will give you boosts to be a cheeky little bugger. Of course the normal rules of alchemy apply, You combine the ingredients and you get a potion based on the effects of the ingredients and Level. Each ingredient also has one bad effect that is Extremely Detrimental and a little over powered if you can craft it into a poison. What it isn't This mod Does not add New effects, Is not a replacement for Alcemy, Just an addition. !!!!!UPDATING!!!!! When upgrading to the newest version, uninstall the old file and just install the new one. If you have Wrye bash, Rebuild your patch. Otherwise this mod should not need anything special done. Just copy and replace or uninstall reinstall Cum Alchemy.Esp. When scripts get added that is when there might be special install instructions. REQUIREMENTS Dawnguard Dragonborn. Ingredients Bold= Uncommon Underlined=rare Bear Chicken Cow Death Hound Dog Dragon Draugr Dremora Elk Falmer Fox Gargoyle Giant Goat Horker Horse Human Lurker Mammoth Riekling Sabrecat Seeker Skeleton Slaughterfish Spider Spriggan Troll Werewolf Wolf Potions/Poisons/Beverages Bold= recipe exists at the cook pot Cum of the arch mage Seminal Power Sperm of Healing Dremora's offering Lurker Spunk Seeker's Testicular Revenge Miraak's Precum Creme Delight Dragon spunk Stallion's mead Spiced Spunk Wolf's Bane Mead Essence of the Wild Merchants: Dawnstar - Mortar and Pestle Falkreath- Grey Pine Goods Markarth- Hag's Cure Riften- Elgrim's Elixirs Riverwood- Riverwood trader Windhelm- The White Phial Whiterun- Belethor's Shop and Arcadia's Cauldron Khajiit Caravans- Each one has one ingredient and a potion to help me differentiate between them. In the CK it just lists them as A,B,C. Known Bugs: none :3 Planned Features More variety and Racial Support for various Races of man mer and beast races. Merchants- More than just 3 merchants Selling the stuff. Custom Shop- A Specific place to buy, and possibly Farm the good stuff? Crafting recipes for all the food. More Unique food/potions/poisons. The ability to "Milk" tame domesticated animals. Spell that calms and buff's any beast in the wild to allow for Collection. More to come as I think of them. Questions Comments or Suggestions? Please Feel free to Leave a comment or drop me a personal message. I do not bite, unless you like that in which case I will bite you so hard even gengar would be like DAMN SON. A Very Special Thanks To: ffabris- not only for allowing me to edit his mod, but for putting up with my inscessant nagging about issues that kept popping up while I worked on it. If you like this mod not only rate, Comment and follow This mod, Go here and Rate and Support him as Well. He is bloody brilliant. Ashal- For starting this Wonderful site Because lord knows I hate going to the nexus for things. Drekan- For a few ideas and Just being a good sport. Satanic Husky- For being my guinea pig and listening to me bitch about the process. Submitter RufusTVoltaire Submitted 04/08/2016 Category Sexual Content Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Special Edition Compatible  
  8. Cum Overlays - Scripted Edition View File Want Cum overlays? Don't wanna go through the hassle of using patches and their other changes for them? Don't wanna disable 95% of a mods' features for them? Then Behold! Scripted Overlays! Soon™, will include the Green mutant overlays, for now, just the white ones. My time is now! Now with Mutant/Creature overlays (Green goo's back!) And thanks to borrowing bits and pieces of @EgoBallistic's scripts, this will auto-update itself on new versions, much the same way SEU and Violate do. Note: Male will function on AAF update Evidently there's a bug with sending ApplyOverlaySet to AAF, which once that's fixed, male overlays should spontaneously function. Male Overlays should now work fine! Note 2; Cum Boogaloo: This is self-contained. The only requirement for the overlays is functioning AAF and F4SE, and the requisite tags on animations. Oh and I should have covered this somewhere: Permissions: I ask only two things. One is you credit as appropriate if you make use of my creations (which is basically the scripts, plugin itself, and the XML, the rest is Polistiro's). Second is please avoid integrating this separately into mods of your own/others'. Mostly for compatibility reasons. You can check for its presence within your own scripts and if not found, load a version of it yourself, but the last thing anyone needs is added confusion and conflicting scripts trying to do the same thing (Especially with how inconsistent LM/The game can get around Morphs and Overlays already). Otherwise, you're welcome to it, really. Source scripts are included in the file upload, the rest is readily accessible. Many thanks to the following: @Polistiro for the files and assets involved, and the original CumNWealth @EgoBallistic & @CGi for scripting help, including sources And you can all thank @SayKoRn for the reminder recently, when she went to install M.C.G. for overlays, rather than a Indarello's patch. It reminded me I wanted something like this, and I knew enough scripting to make it happen, with some aforementioned help sorting out the exact scripting necessary. @Travis77 Cheers for tryina help out with a tweaked script while I was sleepin'. Also: If an animation doesn't have tags, it ain't gunna find anything to apply. Only ones I ran into with this were somehow, "Leito Canine Doggy", from wherever the fuck that particular one was, and I've no idea why it's got no tags. Either way, there's a few around that evidently lack tags, but most have 'em, so it'll work. If you have issues with this and Get Dirty/Dirty Sex, comment in the thread/ping me on the Discord about it. Preferably with a log. Changelog now in Spoiler (already): Submitter Nebuchadnezzer2 Submitted 06/16/2020 Category Other Requires AAF, AAF Themes (Or other tags)
  9. All of these mods (or part like textures) can be used as resource for your mod without permission but it must remain free. Here are examples of my wip /!\ +18 spoiler /!\ Boby painting using overlays (like body tatoo overlays with bgem files), face painting using human race alteration like seen in a tutorial here on laverslab By Frayja (Thanks you Frayja). Facials are not compatible with mods that edits humanrace too like looksmenu compendium Solved in facials b2 EDIT direct access: Facials Screenshots LAST VERSION: LL Facials b2.7z >> it using Looksmenu Tints for compatibility with other mods. No longer need to patch looksmenu compendium. Same 10 textures for both genders. I can't make custom facials category : textures are placed in " Face Paint " category. Looksmenu tints is supposed to work with all others mods without any issue and it is right until now for me. ------------------------------------- Facials beta release 2K version TEXTURES.ba2 Overwrite 1k ba2 file ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Outfit version Cumsuit preview 2 (5 outfits CBBE / male EVB) build them before start the game! A red toolbox with all 5 cumsuits are in sanctuary on the floor between the armor workbenches IF TEXTURES DOESN'T APPEAR IN MENU: (not tested) ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Body version (included in my Leito and Crazy add-on for AAF) Body overlays for AAF resource files for modders (don't install this with my leito and crazy patches V2, it is already included) : CumNWealth for AAF.7z It is very easy to make them glowing, edit the bgem file (make some adjustments in effect tab like color with material editor by ousnius) ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- OBSOLETE files If you want use Facials obsolete version (humanrace alteration) with LocksMenu Customization Compendium you have to patch original mod using this short tutorial this take some few minutes to work. You can also follow this tutorial to edit compendium manually with creation kit. Facials beta release 1K version [obsolete] Tutorial to automatically make LooksMenu Compendium compatible with Facials ( PATCH compendium) [obsolete] Body overlays beta release Cumsuit preview 1 (3 outfits only with sliders)
  10. View File WARNING ADULT CONTENT YOU MUST HAVE 18+ This mod should not be used. Description I always wondered why there is no animated cum grid in Sims4? Now she is! This is not the final version. I will still make changes. Future plans In future, I plan to create more animated objects such as new bondage furnishings and accessories. How to install? Copy .package files to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder, that's all. Why mod not working? Make sure you have latest patch installed and you need latest version WickedWhims(LL version) Support me If you like my mod, you can visit and support my project, and also download more new content for FREE here on MyPatreon Recommended additional mods Noir and Dark Sims Penis Models WickedWhims Mod By TURBODRIVER Cherry_Pie Animation Enjoy Submitter Cherry_Pie Submitted 06/11/2019 Category WickedWhims Requires WickedWhims Mod By TURBODRIVER View File  
  11. Version 1.0.2


    Addon for Wasteland Dairy Framework Now you can use the semen extaction for female charakters with DICKS! The files belong to Invictusblade. I just fitted the postion of the items and scale them for the body in OutfitStudio. I choose the midhard position of the dick beacuse it matches better with diverse sex animations. !PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR THE NEW FILES! -just overwrite the old files- Requirements: Special Thanks for Invictusblade This is my first publication, sorry for my bad grammar.
  12. View File "Love Comes In Spurts" What it is Sexout Spunk is in essence a data communication mod. It was meant as a detailed and flexible system of determining who orgasms, and what happens with the cum. It generates a bunch of data when an actor orgasms - gender, race, species, location where the ejaculate ends up, volume, time of ejaculation etc - and then tracks and recalculates that. Over time, some other systems were added to it, although they are all modular so you can pick and choose. Let's go over all of them: 1. Lust tracking Lust is conceptualized as a primary need. A long-term need that becomes an itch that needs scratching. This is made a bit more real for you with buffs and debuffs. In spunk, it goes from 0 to 100. Spunk can visualize this on screen with its own HUD or with the patches that work with oHUD and IMCNNV. As soon as lust tracking is on (default), the player is tracked. In order to add an NPC to the system, you get them under your crosshair and press the hotkey you select in the MCM submenu. Do it again to remove the NPC. Lust is reduced by sexual acts, if the actor can be expected to be able to orgasm from it. Actors who get raped will be set to a negative value which will only be restored back to 0 over time, taking into account a setting you select for that. Drugs, alcohol and drug withdrawal can all have an impact on lust increase rate. Some will boost it, others will slow it down. SleepEZ and LustOh from SODrugs affect lust increase rate as well. Lust increase can be affected by the Frigid and Horndog perks, by 5% per rank. The Nymphomaniac perk also boosts lust increase, as well as arousal increase by 5%. The masochist perk makes you hornier and easier to please when wounded. 2. Arousal and orgasm During a sex act, an 'arousal' variable will be calculated for each actor in it. When it exceeds the value of 100, this is taken to be an orgasm, kicking into gear the other functionalities below like cum tracking etc. Arousal is affected by - the lust value the actor had at the time, - a gender-specific value you can set in MCM, - the experience they and their partners have for their roles in the act if the XP system is used, - the personal preference they have for their roles in the act if the enjoyment system is used, - lingering rape penalties (see lust tracking) - the timing of the act compared to Sexout's default time It is possible, then, for an actor not to receive an orgasm when the act is terminated, and this can lead to a lowering of enjoyment for the roles performed in the act, starting a vicious circle! To combat that, when the player is involved in an act, you can try holding down the 'run' control key to speed up your own arousal increase, or the 'crouch' control to slow it down. A HUD readout should give you some indication of how you're doing. If an actor can't orgasm from an act, eg performing oral, their arousal will be capped. Turning arousal on can affect the duration of the act: if both actors have orgasmed and the current timing's within the window you've set in MCM there's a good chance the act will stop early. Conversely, if an actor is 'nearly there', the act may be prolonged until orgasm. The Insatiable perk makes it more likely for you to continue after orgasm. 3. Cum tracking Cum tracking is as explained above, a background core system that the others rely on. It really is only a virtual representation of what happens when people orgasm during sex. Depending on settings like 'pullout', 'squirt' and 'overflow', cum will be determined to land on different places, and will be tracked in arrays that I call 'spurts'. They contain information about the actor's species, race, gender, identity, volume and the time of ejaculation. 4. Sperm tracking Any vaginal cum spurts start to release sperm into the sperm tracking system, a copy of cum tracking that replaces "volume" with "sperm count" and carries over the other information. This means that sperm increases gradually over time, and is also killed off after a set time. In between, the number's ready for a mod like Sexout Pregnancy to determine it's enough to trigger a pregnancy. This makes for a system that's fairly realistic, but precludes insta-pregnancy. If you want to increase your odds, try raising cum volume settings in MCM. 5. Smell tracking Upon orgasm, a non-human species will leave behind a 'smell' that makes other creatures of that species friendly to the 'receiver'. MCM settings let you determine how long that lasts. Left out of the system are anchorage chimera tanks, lucky 38 securitrons, liberty prime and ZAX computers. Dogs that are faction sniffers won't make you legion, ncr etc. 6. Cum shaders On orgasm, it's possible that cum shaders are applied to the receiver's body. If in your MCM settings you choose to 'let spunk decide', this will depend on how much lands on the outside of the body in the (virtual) cum tracking system (3). You may want to override with other settings to force it to always happen. Some creatures' cum may look funny. This is intentional. In order to line up the fading out of the 'dripping' shader with the application of the 'permanent' one, the timing of the dripping one is rather short. I've provided intel on how to increase that duration... somewhere in the thread. 7. Washing On interaction with water, you can be prompted to wash yourself if there's cum on the outside of the body in the cum tracking system, a shader is applied, or a smell is applied. This will clear all of these. You can also tell NPCs to wash. There are two ways I use to know if you're interacting with water. The effect-based one detects more types of water, such as puddles, but some experience problems with it, so there's also an activator-based one you can choose in MCM. 8. Experience and enjoyment At the beginning of an act, Spunk detects what each actor is doing in it, assigning them 'roles'. The role strings are: Sucker, Sucked, Fucker, Fucked, Assfucker, Assfucked, Licker, Licked, Titfucker, Titfucked, Jerker, Jerked, Fingerer, Fingered, Footsier, Footsied, Tribber, Inserter, Inserted, DoggyDo, DoggyDone, MissDo, MissDone, Riding, Ridden, Tantric, Bound, Binding, Dom, Sub, Group, Whipper, Whipped. (Titfucker & Footsier are the owners of the tits/feet.) The count system keeps track of how many times an actor has performed a specific role, and how often they've been with a non-human species. It does this in the form of NX variables with the following namespace: "SO:Count:Role:Rolestring" "SO:Count:Species:Speciesstring" (The species strings can be found in the outdated documentation that ships with the mod.) The XP system hands out experience points based on the existing experience of the actors in the act and how difficult it should be to get the other to orgasm. Experience is always increased a little for everyone, but more for whoever gets their partner(s) to orgasm. "SO:XP:Role:Rolestring" "SO:XP:Species:Speciesstring" If you take the Are You Experienced? perk, sex experience gained will be added to your game xp. The enjoyment system is based on the premisse that orgasming from an act increases your preference for what you did in it, and not getting to orgasm or even being raped decreases it. "SO:Enjoy:Role:Rolestring" "SO:Enjoy:Species:Speciesstring" Enjoyment for a role the actor's never played usually starts at the neutral value of 1, except a few that start higher (receiving oral) and a few that start lower (receiving anal, whipping). Both the XP and Enjoy system range from 0.2 to 5, as they are used as multipliers in determining arousal increase during an act. A neutral value is 1. If you notice that your character's arousal increases only very slowly, generate a Spunk log before sex and check it afterwards for a line starting with "SpunkSPArousalScpt" and a bunch of numbers. "XPF" there is the experience factor, "Enjoy" gives you the enjoyment factor. Especially enjoyment may be too low for your tastes. You can change it by opening the console, clicking on the character and typing: Set_EVFL "SO:XP:Role:TheRoleString" somevalue Alternatively, you can go in MCM, and turn off xp and/or enjoyment tracking. This should clear out all your enjoyment variables, giving you a fresh start. Wait in game for at least 5 seconds, then turn it back on. Spunk assigns a series of up to 66 perks to the player character that depend on their enjoyment for specific roles. On their own, these perks do nothing except give you a clue how high or low your character's enjoyment for a particular act is. You should be able to derive that from the description and rank. 9. Troubleshooting - Definitely make sure you have the correct versions of NVSE, SexoutNG and NX. If Spunk says you don't, you don't. - Make sure you run the latest Spunk. Bugs in previous versions may've been fixed, after all. - Use the debug tools you can access from MCM, and if you plan to report what you think is a bug, definitely use the "generate log" feature in a way that the bug is captured. - If a character, especially the player character, doesn't seem to orgasm from sex, re-read the chapters about arousal (2) and enjoyment (8). Requirements: SexoutNG 2.10.97+, NVSE 5.1.2+, NX 16+, UIO 1.31+, JIP 53+ Permissions: GPL3 Credits Jaam, mostly, for porting the fancy NVSE4 stuff I’m using in this mod, as well as fixing the fancy NVSE4 stuff that didn’t work at first, and adding some fancy stuff to nx for me. I pestered Jaam about so many things, and he always came through in record time, so I gave him co-authorship. I honestly hope more modders will start to use this stuff and make some great mods with it. ChaseRoxand, for the orginal SexoutLust, which most of my own lust tracking is based on A.J. for teaching me how to HUD Zippy57 for Lust's original HUD readout addons for pHUD and oHUD. Whoever did Lust's anyHUD addon. Prideslayer, for a couple of tips along the way Hal, for pitching the idea & showing patience as it grew and grew - no Doc mod without a bit of feature creep Odessa, for a great debug dump template QQuix, for the “DeepDump” UDF found on the TES4 modding wiki, also for several examples of nested array use in assorted posts on the Beth forums, without which I wouldn't have known if that was even possible or how to go about it. TSS5062 for cum shaders - yowsa! panthercom for perk names And, well, some unknown Japanese modders who made the textures I use for the cum shaders (the LoverswithPK bukkake ones). Anybody who ever reported a bug in a way that I could fix it Submitter DoctaSax Submitted 01/05/2014 Category WIP / Beta Requires SexoutNG 2.10.97+, NVSE5.1.2+, NX16+, UIO 1.31+, JIP 53+ View File
  13. Tabatha had not long since moved to San Myshuno she used her parents money she had inherited to move into a lavish & the best apartment in the town, she needed a job fast with good money & which she was able to work her own hours, so when she saw an ad for an escort job she signed up & there is one thing she loves to have sex with strangers. It can be in her own home or out in public she is not fussed because at the end of the day she is nobody yet at least so she can get away with this. When she is not whoring herself out she likes to stream on Switch where people love her but she already got a warning for being to provocative on there as well as wearing a bikini which of course is not allowed. She wants to have as many children as she can & if they join the career path that she is doing she will support them because after all her parents just threw money at her & did not support her at all.
  14. Tiffany Doll Wall Art View File 3-image series of Tiffany Doll getting gangbanged, facialised and creampied. Made using base-game objects. Just add to your mods folder! Enjoy! Submitter WetMissLuci Submitted 11/03/2020 Category Objects Requires Base game only  
  15. Version 1.0.0


    3-image series of Tiffany Doll getting gangbanged, facialised and creampied. Made using base-game objects. Just add to your mods folder! Enjoy!
  16. For Mod Authors/Animators Only ! [-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I Orgasmic Particle Effects V1 (Modders Resource) Pack contains .nif Files using edited assets from FO4 there is no esp/esm and they use the existing in game textures. File Details: Squirt - Liquid Particle effects launched with Speed ZaZSquirtLight.nif : Stream of droplets ZaZSquirtHeavy.nif : Mist of droplets ZaZSquirtUber.nif : Mix of the above two in one file Gush - Similar to the effects from Skyrim used in Sexlab ZaZGushLight.nif : Particle effects around the pussy ZaZGushHeavy.nif : Torrent effects around the pussy Cum Fart - It its what it is ZaZCumFartLight.nif : SquirtLight positioned to align with the butthole ZaZCumFartHeavy.nif : Heavier Version of SquirtLight Pussy Leaks - Some effects similar to the ones in Skyrim ZaZPussyDroplets.nif : Droplets leaking from Pussy ZaZPussyCumLeak.nif : Thick Goo slowly leaking from Pussy (Better to use when actor is stationary) Squirt Image Example Orgasmic_Particle_Effects-V1.rar [-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I Piss Particle Effects V1 (Modders Resource) Pack contains .nif Files using edited assets from FO4 there is no esp/esm , There is a texture file included !!! File Details: For Women ZaZFemalePiss.nif : Long stream of yellow droplets. ZaZFemalePissAngled.nif : Long stream of yellow droplets angled forward for water sports etc ? ZaZFemalePissAngledWC.nif : Long stream of yellow droplets angled downward, when using a WC (Western Commode) For Men (EVB Nude Body / Leito's Nude Suits) ZaZMalePiss.nif : Long stream of yellow droplets. ZaZMalePissAngled.nif : Long stream of yellow droplets angled forward for water sports etc ? Note for Animators Since they are parented Pelvis, You can rotate the bone to Aim etc .......... Piss Image Examples Piss_Particle_Effects-V1.rar [-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I [-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I CumShots Particle Effects V1 (Modders Resource) Pack contains .nif Files using edited assets from FO4 there is no esp/esm and they use the existing in game textures. File Details: For Men (EVB Nude Body / Leito's Nude Suits) ZaZCumShotBasic : Quick Small Spurt every 1.5 seconds.. ZaZCumShotThickSlow : Slow Thick Spurt every 3 seconds. ZaZCumShotThickUber : Ridiculous Spurts every 1 second. Note for Animators Since they are parented Pelvis, You can rotate the bone to Aim etc .......... Best be that you create a new stage if if your using this one for facials etc. CumShot Image Examples CumShot Particles-V1.rar [-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I Usage : As Armor All .nifs can be equipped by creating an Armor and the ArmorAddon, using any slot (use fx slot - 61) There is NO world Model (Use anything appropriate from the CK, its not something one would craft at a work station, But feel free if to create if people want to wear for screen shots) In Animations Alternatively Animators can use these .nifs as AnimbObjects (Mostly in the last stage of their animation or in in between if they see fit) In Special Effects (Citation Needed) There maybe a way to use these as an effect etc ....... I'm not so CK savy No Permissions required to use or modify these files Enjoy
  17. SlaveTats Cum Textures View File I thought I might just share my own collection of cum textures. This Mod contains a bunch of cum textures for use with SlaveTats. There are quite a bunch of them and you can mix and match them however you want using the SlaveTats menu. You do of course need SlaveTats. The Files: CumMain includes textures for the body ( breast, vaginal, back, chest, legs, high back ) that gradually increase in .. cum amount. Much like the standard cum textures you get with SexLab. CumFacial includes textures for the face. CumVariations includes further textures for the body but those are more "standalone" - there is no progression in those. In short: If you like the textures just get all three files and mix them as you wish. The separations are kind of arbitrary. If you do want to use this mod I highly recommend increasing the bodypaint texture count ( See: ). Submitter Buggzz Submitted 10/18/2020 Category Models & Textures Requires SlaveTats Special Edition Compatible
  18. Hi, everyone. I'm creating this topic to get the attention of the animators, programmers and creators of adult content for The Sims 4. I had commented on a topic of requests, but I decided to create an own one so that it could be more visualized. I would like to set out some ideas about this request, I hope that someone really cares about this and makes it happen. I do not understand programming at all, so I do not dare to do it myself. I'm sure it would give a great mod or update to add to WickedWhims and a strong Patreon page. I really would like a realistic orgasm for my sims, to join with the Wicked Whims mod. I have some suggestions for that: - Visible cumshots animations for male sims on "climax" stage. (The most important of all) - Flux control option for players and animators (more or less cum). - New traits and moodlets. Sims with excess cum stock would become uncomfortable or excited during the day, for example. (Sex, masturbation or could shower to relieve this) And teenagers need more masturbation than adults. - Teenagers and Young Adults could get a chance to wake up "wet" after several days without masturbation. (Hygiene options for solve this) - Chance for a hard dick in the morning. Mostly teenagers, but Young adults and Adults too. - Maybe a squirt option trait for a female sim, taking the "mesh" of urine for this animation. (if it is possible) - New "Half naked" option for sex or "stealthy masturbation" with new exhibitionists clothes. (Open Zipper, Hole in underwear, lift the skirt, with penis and vagina compatibility and visibility) chance of people reacting to this! (for more adrenaline) -Compatible with the WickedWhims mod!! (Or maybe an update? Hopefully the Turbodriver will be able to implement it all.) !! Illustratives Files ❣️: - Please! Someone, make my dream come true! T^T For sure, many people would be happy to help on patreon donate! (And so sorry for my bad english, i had help for google translate) @TURBODRIVER Image by: crammyboy.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    I thought I might just share my own collection of cum textures. This Mod contains a bunch of cum textures for use with SlaveTats. There are quite a bunch of them and you can mix and match them however you want using the SlaveTats menu. You do of course need SlaveTats. The Files: CumMain includes textures for the body ( breast, vaginal, back, chest, legs, high back ) that gradually increase in .. cum amount. Much like the standard cum textures you get with SexLab. CumFacial includes textures for the face. CumVariations includes further textures for the body but those are more "standalone" - there is no progression in those. In short: If you like the textures just get all three files and mix them as you wish. The separations are kind of arbitrary. If you do want to use this mod I highly recommend increasing the bodypaint texture count ( See: ).
  20. STOC : WW Cum Replacer View File STOCV2 - Shit Tons of Cums - Cum Textures replacer for TS4 Wicked Whims By ecobot This mod replace the Cum Texture for Wicked Whims so you'll need Wicked Whims To work Thank you Turbodriver! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are other cum texture replacers out there for WW but I want to adds a more volumic bukkake style for it. This is not intended in anyway to be a "better" version of the originals. Originally I wanted the cum to have more weight and gloss but my modding skill is quite limited so this is it for now. A little credit would be nice if anyone wanted to share this stuff somewhere Also a shout out to Madrix and Mass Cum Mod! My mod is based on that very mod, so please check them out! Introducing.. FLAVORS ------------------- - ALMOND - Basically a default version (from previous version) A bukake galore with updated alpha. ------------------------------------------------------------ - MILKSHAKE - Bring all the boys in the yard. An ultimate cum bath. Goes in every nook and cranny. ------------------------------------------------------------ - SOY - Lite Version. A more "realistic" take, kind of believable for a single person's load. ------------------------------------------------------------ - M I X E D - A bit of everything. A mixed between not too much cum and too many cum, personally a version I used. ------------------------------------------------------------ 75A or 50A? This is basically just 75% opacity version and 50% -ish opacity version. Use 50A if you plan on "using" this mod on a darker skin sims so it wouldn't look too much like a white paint. -------------------------- I N S T A L L ---------------- 1. Enable custom contents in game settings 2. Install Wicked Whims 3. Delete old versions of this mod if you have them. 4. Download this mod CHOOSE ONLY ONE FILE - there can be no more than one cum replacer mod in your folder. 5. Put the .package file in your Mods folder which is usually - My Document\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods - AND DON"T PUT THEM IN FOLDERS WITHIN FOLDERS 6. Launch the game and test it out! ------------------------ Some Bugs -There are several reports of new cum textures not changing. If that happened - try putting this mod in your WickedWhims's folder. ------------------------------- I did this just for fun and I hope you have fun with it too. Enjoy! ----- Submitter ecobotstar Submitted 12/18/2019 Category Extensions Requires Wicked Whims for The Sims 4  
  21. Version 8.0


    IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THIS PATCH, REPORT IN THIS THREAD, DON'T ASK HELP ON AAF DISCORD OR SOMEWHERE ELSE What this mod changes: Other options: Required: What next: Recommended: Thanks to, original authors and ideas: If you like my mod - support me
  22. i can't get the cum removed visually in the game using the settings portion of wicked whims. I do remember fixing this problem once a couple years ago but considering the fact that i am now a 71 year old male with half a brain, i really don't remember what i did to solve it. Additionally, it could have been changed on wicked whims side with one of their updates. If someone could just walk me thru the process, it would be great!
  23. ----Super Fighter Slaves X - -Episode 11 Fallen Warrior? Part 2---- Length: 20:00 (Synopsis) After learning horrible news, can Stacy keep her head on the task at hand, and save everyone? --------------------- 😍 Hentai : 30% 😎 Action : 20% 🗨️ Story : 50% --------------------- Google Drive Link: Episode 11 Episode Images
  24. Pretty new to this, but I'm enjoying it immensely. Would be interested to see your gangbang and/or bukkake screenshots and feel free to pass along some tips! Gangbang Bukkake scene # 1: https://imgur.com/a/v280UXm
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