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Models & Textures

Adult oriented Fallout 3 mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

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  1. Fallout 3 Adult-erized Clutter

    Simply swaps out the majority of the clutter textures that are found in the vanilla game, to much sexier ones containing nudity or simple raunchy stuff. Things that have been changed include:
    -Generic books
    -Generic books (ruined)
    -Bulletin board
    -Framed quote
    -Misc. pictures
    -Skill books
    -Tranquility lane clock



  2. Booty Bay Beach House v1 - by Rez

    Booty Bay Beach House by REZ
    See pics.. its a beach house.
    Set up with tons of idles for your companions.
    Required Files.
    Fallout 3
    DLC Point lookout
    And to answer the first question I'm sure I'll get ... No I'm not planning on a port to NV... and if you think I should have added something or you want something added, knock yourself out... OK now that we got that out of the way.. I don't have to worry about biting a whole in my tongue.
    Copy included Data Folder to your Games Data Folder (doesn't overwrite anything but
    If prompted select yes to all)
    Activate the ESP in your load order anywhere after your DLCs
    Command Prompt, Format C.. " Joking ... Don't do that"
    Just reverse the steps for install...
    Where Can I find this Booty Bay Place?
    Its NW of Anchorage Memorial at the Wharf. There is a small boat you click on at the dock that takes you there. See Pictures. Also has Map Marker.
    Things to know about this MOD... and some Features.
    1) I've added some Pool Float Items and made the Surf Boards Float... You can pick them up and add them into your Inventory .OR Z grab them and move them around. BUT WARNING.. If you have a bunch of these in your inventory and drop more then one at a time, they are pretty large so they might get stuck inside each other. If this happens just select one of them back into your inventory. Also floating objects are a bit resource draining (but not that bad) so keep that in mind.
    2) The Shower in the Master Bath has script for it doing this.
    a) Makes female sandboxing NPC's get naked 0_o..
    Puts their clothes in the wardrobe near the shower and leaves them there for the next Female that takes a shower to put on.
    (up can't access these Wardrobes)
    c) Puts on the outfit the Last female NPC left.
    Figured I would make things a bit random and immersive with this.
    3) I left this as an ESP file so Modders can customize it the way they want it. But it does have the ESM flag set as an ESM in the header for Nav reasons.. So that would have to be unchecked before saving it in GECK again. And also the ESM flag set again before game play or you get NAVWhack..
    4) Has working Light switches.. But also keep in mind it has TONS of lights which to many can get a bit resource intensive..
    5) The lower Bar Has a Dance floor. There is a light switch near the bar.. When you turn it on and the funky town lights get going it also enables dancing idle animation in the area... (can't wait for the 70's theme dancing NPC screenshots from people with this.) I'm sure there are some cool 70's outfits out there people are holding on to..
    6) I started making a snorkel and such since there is alot of under water ... But figured I would be reinventing the wheel due to Jaysus already having a snorkel and flippers in his COMM mod.. so if you want some get them from that.. Think its still on the nexus..
    7) I had orig built this about 4 years ago in most part.. and it was as a night hangout for me and my companions .. So most of the work and detail looks the best in a night time setting and is very immersive. But daytime isn't to shabby also..
    8) File has been cleaned .. does not effect Vanilla game .. Also has its own Weather, Climate, IMODs... So if you have a weather mod it shouldn't effect this island and worldspace. (won't rain in your house)
    9) And LAST... while around in the general area of your beach house, You can play custom music.. Just Add your MP3 song files to DATA/Music/KK1 folder. If for some reason it doesn't start playing when you enter the Cell (or to get it to stop playing right away when you leave) just open your pipboy and click any radio station on and off.. "Exterior cells are funny with custom music so you have to do this sometimes"
    Also I didn't build LOD... Why? cuz it takes forever and I didn't feel like it..
    Kendo2 for the orig Surfboard model
    Cire992 for some of the MEResource building Pieces. and also the white couch
    ITOS for Barstools, Armchair, Coffeetable and Fridge.
    Ghogiel for the Arcade games and the lava lamps
    Kirava for the Ceiling fans
    Malo for fish animation
    HumanNature66 and Yossarian22 for the Palmtrees
    HugePinball for the Orig whitefang Piano
    Umpa Animations
    Rez for all the other junk.
    If I'm forgetting someone please let me know(some of this mod is over 4 years old and I'm old)
    I encourage other people to Mod the crap out of this the way you want it... But keep in mind... This mod is not NEXUS friendly due to ports and fallout 3 and NV content. Also always try to support/credit the Authors listed in the credits.. without their work mods like this wouldn't be possible.
    Have fun..



  3. Kendo 2's Alien Abomination Adult Mesh Replacers (ABANDONED)

    (@ modders; if you want ownership of this mod PM me and I will arrange it with the staff.)
    Kendo 2's Alien Abomination Adult Mesh Replacers
    I made this a few years ago as a gag, but the meshes are fully functional and everything works.
    TO USE: In the download folder, follow this file path; meshes\dlc05\creatures\abomination and rename the mesh of your choice to abomination and copy/paste it into data\meshes\dlc05\creatures\abomination.
    PERMISSIONS: Feel free to use this content in your own mods, provided you credit me and you do not upload my content to Nexus. Nothing I make may be hosted there. IF YOU’RE MODDING FOR NEXUS, YOU MAY NOT USE MY CONTENT IN YOUR MOD. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    NOTE: I have abandoned this mod. There will not be any updates or support provided, and I will not be responding to posts. For all intent and purposes this mod is dead until such a time that someone capable of maintaining the upload page contacts me via PM.



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