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  1. mrrakkonn's Uploaded Sims

    Re-upload of sims I shared a while back on the old site. The DL links seem to have gone away, and now, since I figured out the Tray Importer I can find and list the CC much faster and better than before. I'll keep adding sims to this upload, at least to add the ones I already uploaded, and possibly keep going after that. 
    NOTE: I've included some links to mods from my own mod folder when I couldn't find the creator's link. I figured in that case that the mod in question may be gone from the web, alot of my CC is pretty old. In at least one case I've also included a link because someone said that the site in question was full of ads and triggered malware alerts. 
    CC used for Thalia, first uploaded sim



  2. Milf-tastic Hentai Posters & Rugs

    Woo my first upload!
    So I've finally got around to messing w/ the Sims 4 studio and decided to upload a few poster and rug recolors as a test. I am a firm believer in the gospel of THICC and especially love Older Milf characters. There is some western stuff mixed in I think. 
    28 Posters
    12 Rugs



  3. Male Open Jeans with Penis by Julie J


    Not too happy with the texture on the penis - Will be imporved in future versions.

    Everyday Wear - Works with Sliders
    Penis used from this post

    Please don't reupload or claim as your own - No paysites/Patreon/Adfly.
    I make no profit from my cc so no-one else should profit from anything I make.



  4. Rubberdoll - Facemask

    I always wanted to have a Rubberdoll in Sims. Unfortunately I did not find anything that suited my idea. So I have to make one myself.
    I have not much experience with Sims 4 midding yet. And especially not with Blender.
    I started with Blender and 3D modeling last week.
    Here is the first part. A simple latex mask. More parts will follow.
    - All parts comes in 5 different colors: Black, white, red, pink and creme.
    - V1 without shadows... V2 will with shadows, wrinkles and many more...
    Here is a list of what is done, what is in progress and what is planned.
    - Rubberdoll facemask (Facial painting) - V1 finished
    - Fuckdoll facemask (Hat) -  WIP
    - Rubberdoll full body suit - Status - planned
    - Rubberdoll dress (Upper body) -  WIP
    - Fuckdoll pants (Lower body) - planned
    - Rubberdoll gloves (Gloves) - planned
    - Rubberdoll shoes (Shoes) - planned
    - Metal handcuffs / shekless / collar - planned
    Rubberdoll - Fuckdoll facemask preview:

    Vortex & weight are assholes xD
    If you find an error then please let me know.
    The whole text has been trenslated with Google.



  5. Cutout Bodysuit


    Cutout Bodysuit. Exhibitionist bodysuit with cutout lower area for easy access. All genders. Available as Tops and Gloves.
    Custom shadow, specular, and normal map.
    Custom Thumbnails.

    Citrontart (http://citrontart.tumblr.com/) for the colours. Joanne Bernice (http://joannebernice.tumblr.com/) for the pose used in the custom thumbnail. EA/Maxis, for the original textures.  
    Texture is not 3D, so any details like 3D nipples in this post are the gloves version over a nude top which does have those details.
    I will not answer any further wcif's or questions about what CC is used in these pictures. 
    TOU - Minimal. Don't profit off this, and if you make derivative works like recolours, credit me. (You don't need permission and can include the mesh. The "mesh")  
    Making content to suit both frames doubles my workload, as I have to make the same item twice to fit both frames. I do it because I want Sims of all genders to enjoy cute, sexy clothing. If you appreciate that, or anything else I do, consider leaving a donation. https://ko-fi.com/hbaabw
    More bodysuits to come..?



  6. Pancake Areolas - for your supple and Bodacious Sims.

    So I had commissioned Luumiasim to do a larger areola mod and here it is, he hasn't put it on his on Simblr but I'm here to share it with the world regardless.
    I recommend using either Majesticsim's skin or Luumiasim's
    I also recommend using Luumiasim's TIT-E II Modification 
    you can find it in the Skin Details (so look at the face) in CaS.



  7. Chinese translation for Basemental Drugs v1.09

    Chinese translation file for Basemental Drugs v1.09
    UPDATE (更新记录 / 更新記錄):
    Nov 17:
    First release for version 1.09
    NOTICE (注意事项 / 注意事項):
    The *_CHS_Basemental_Drugs.zip zipped file contains ONLY the Chinese Simplified translation file.
    The *_CHT_Basemental_Drugs.zip zipped file contains ONLY the Chinese Traditional translation file.
    Please leave me a message if you find any errors, or if you think some phrases can be better translated.
    *_CHS_*.zip 压缩档仅包含简体中文版的语言档,需配合模组本体使用,如有疑问与建议,请务必留言分享!
    HOW TO USE (使用方式 / 使用方式):
    MUST be used with BasementalDrugs
    DOWNLOAD HERE (点此下载 / 點此下載)
    Recommended mod to use with, WickedWhims
    DOWNLOAD HERE (点此下载 / 點此下載)
    Choose ONLY ONE .zip file to download.
    Please unzip 1.0_*_Basemental_Drugs.package into your BasementalDrugs mod directory.
    请将压缩档里的1.0_*_Basemental_Drugs.package 解压至您的BasementalDrugs模组资料夹
    請將壓縮檔裡的1.0_*_Basemental_Drugs.package 解壓至您的BasementalDrugs模組資料夾
    NOTE (备注事项 / 備註事項):
    Million thanks to Basemental for this great mod, can't wait to see the new version.



  8. [Sims 4] Club laced-up panties

    Peek-a-boo laced up panties. Has 13 swatches -  11 solids and 2 stripes :D



  9. Underbust corset (Edit of an EA lingerie)

    These are an edited EA lingerie. See the difference between the original and my edits in the screenshots. There are four package files in the .ZIP;
    Top for female sims - Top for male sims
    Accessory clothes (in gloves) for female sims - Accessory clothes (in gloves) for male sims
    BGC. Everyday, Party, Formal, and Sleepwear. Young Adult, Adult and Elder. Optimized for all genders. Custom thumbnails. 10 colours.

    Top version. + Acc version with Luumia's TIT-E top. + Acc version with Heliotropic's Heavy Boobs top

    Top version. + Acc version with Luumia's BOD-E top. + Acc version with Untraditional Nerd's Muscular Top

    Custom thumbnails preview.
    Edited Diffuse, Specular, and Normal. TOU - None. Except, if you make derivative works like recolours, credit me. (You don't need permission and can include the mesh. The "mesh")  
    Tip jar: ko-fi.com/hbaabw



  10. [WIP] Golden88's sex animations for WickedWhims

    Installation Instruction:

    in order to perform my animations, users need to download WickedWhims mod first then download my animation package.
    Once you have both files, move them into to the one of the Sims 4 file name "Mods" (the file is located at User\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods).
    Download Link/Recommend Mod:

    Here is the download link to WickedWhims mod: (Requirement)

    If the download link to my animation above does not work, try this download link below:
    Awesome skin mode I recommend:
    Animation List:
    Doggy on the Floor 01
    Doggy on the Floor 02
    Doggy on the Floor Climax
    Standing Doggy 01
    Standing Doggy 02
    Standing Doggy Climax
    little note for the Window Doggy series animation:
    the series of Standing Doggy animations only worked for french windows, it will act strangely while performing with other types of window...
    Really thank TurboDriver for making the WW mod, and thank Turbo who helped me troubleshooting and solving all kind of technique problem while I creating my animations.



  11. [SIMS 4] 'Champagne Poppin' Stripper Pole Animations By BlackCinema

    SIMS 4 'CHAMPAGNE POPPIN' Stripper Pole Animation Pack







  12. Chinese Simplified translation for Jens85_WickedJobs 0.131b

    Chinese Simplified translation file for Jens85_WickedJobs 0.131b
    UPDATE (更新记录):
    Nov 04:
    First release for version 0.131b
    NOTICE (注意事项):
    The .zip file contains ONLY the Chinese Simplified version of translation.
    Please leave me a message if you find any errors, or if you think some phrases can be better translated.
    HOW TO USE (使用方式):
    MUST be used with WickedWhims
    DOWNLOAD HERE (点此下载)
    MUST be used with Jens85_WickedJobs
    DOWNLOAD HERE (点此下载)
    Please unzip Jens85_WickedJobs 0.131b CHS.package into your Jens85_WickedJobs mod directory.
    请将压缩档里的Jens85_WickedJobs 0.131b CHS.package解压至您的Jens85_WickedJobs模组资料夹
    NOTE (备注事项):
    Million thanks to Jens85 for this great mod, can't wait to see the new version. :D



  13. Chinese Traditional translation for Jens85_WickedJobs 0.131b

    Chinese Traditional translation file for Jens85_WickedJobs 0.131b
    UPDATE (更新記錄):
    Nov 04:
    First release for version 0.131b
    NOTICE (注意事項):
    The .zip file contains ONLY the Chinese Traditional version of translation.
    Please leave me a message if you find any errors, or if you think some phrases can be better translated.
    HOW TO USE (使用方式):
    MUST be used with WickedWhims
    必須與 WickedWhims 模組本體一起使用
    DOWNLOAD HERE (點此下載)
    MUST be used with Jens85_WickedJobs
    必須與 Jens85_WickedJobs 模組本體一起使用
    DOWNLOAD HERE (點此下載)
    Please unzip Jens85_WickedJobs 0.131b CHT.package into your Jens85_WickedJobs mod directory.
    請將壓縮檔裡的 Jens85_WickedJobs 0.131b CHT.package 解壓至您的 Jens85_WickedJobs 模組資料夾
    NOTE (備註事項):
    Million thanks to Jens85 for this great mod, can't wait to see the new version. :D
    萬分感激 Jens85 傾力創作 Jens85_WickedJobs 模組!



  14. Stay Exotic Wall Art

    So I decided to make some wall art cc for the Sims 4. It comes with 8 total swatches I believe and is base game compatible. These are recolors of the Stay Weirder wall art featuring Bob Pancakes (the photo that kinda looks like Drake). I learned and made these in about 2 hours so sorry if the quality is poor or is just overall crappy. I do intend to make more eventually and learn how to make other custom content as well. Just drop this gem into your mods folder.



  15. Ковры ручной работы

    I saw on the forum. developed the topic. Decided to share. sorry for English, it's more complicated than the modification. In the archive 10 carpets with 2 colors each.



  16. Country_Boy's - Jasmin Black

    Let me introduce, Jasmin Black.
    Jasmin is a 3rd generation in game born vampire. Her great, great, grandmother is none other than, Cassandra Goth.
    Jasmin is a happy go lucky kind of vampire. She's not one to hide her self in the shadows or hide her dark form. In fact, she doesn't have a dark form to hide. What you see is what you get, her main form is her dark form. Jasmin never had to learn a way to hide her dark form due to the fact that people love her where ever she goes. She's always friendly and looking to make new friends, weather it be other vampires, humans or alien. She's never met a stranger, or a man or woman she's didn't want to love (or at least get to know better)
    Only 3 things needed for her to look like the screenshots. Everything else is just basic game stuff that everyone should already have.
    Skin overlay: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-sets/title/kylie-j-skin-%28overlay-non-overlay%29/id/1393082/
    Heavy boobs top: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4185-sims-4-heavy-boobs/
    Better body bottoms: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3682-sims-4-better-body-31072017/
    Credits to: FashionRoyaltySims for the skin overlay I am using, Hiroki for Better Body and Heliotropic for Heavy Boobs
    Hope everyone enjoys her



  17. [S4] InkySquid - Frilly Slut Skirt w/ Hiked Up Version

    New Meshes! Made a super short version of the frilly skirt/shorts with plenty of 'easy access'.

    I also made a version where the skirt is hiked up in back, perfect for spanking and doggy style!

    This is my first time making something with blender. Let me know what you think!



  18. Slave Tattoos

    New with V3 : I just added realistic and anime style cum coatings as well as whip marks for your sim. You can find these as tattoos for the same body part.
    You can use this cum to work with WickedWhim. For that, download the "Karsus_WickedWhims_******.rar" file of your choosing (only one) and extract it in the same folder as WickedWhims.
    You can find the full body tattoos in "face paint", it allows putting it as part of an outfit. Each theme has several versions with and without writting on the face/ forearms so that your sim can hide the tattoos under her clothing.
    You can also find tattoos for each body part in the tattoo section.
    If the quality in this pack is inconsistent, it's because I learned the trade as I went and I am getting better.



  19. Improved Male Rig with Penis Bones (Updated 17/11/2017)

    Azmodan22 Improved Male Rig
    with Penis Bones

    This is an imroved rig that adds 14 more bones. 7 of them are intended to be used to animate the male penis, 3 to animate the male testicles and 4 for the tongue made by autobanned. It is mostly for animators ang penis model makers as simple gamers will not see anything new in their game. But you will be required to have it to see penis animations when they are available. Included you will also find Cmar's Penis from WW edited and weight painted. Overight the file that comes with WW with this one.
    Moders and animators must also place the new rig in their Sims4Studio mod foler !!. Otherwise the new bones will not be recognized when you import your work.
    Under normall circumstances most of my work (and especially such complicated one) is first puplished in my Patreon, and after a while it becomes public. However when it comes to a rig replacement that animators and other moders use, It Should be ONLY ONE. Therefore all animators and moders should be able to speak their mind, contribute to it's development and come up with ONE Rig to rule them All, to be used by all creators so in the future all our creations will not be incompatible with each other, because we made the with different Rigs.
    This thread is aimed to do just that.!
    About the Rig
    The rig has 7 bones for the penis and 3 for the Testicles. Animators should use the b__Penis_Base bone to ROTATE the penis. The rest of the bones are not basicaly intended to be rotated in the animation as the erect penis usualy does not bent. But if you have a good weighted penis and a good idea, go ahead and try it.
    They are mailnly there to avoid clipping. If in an animation the male penis clips out of the female (usuallu) body, you can use thes boned to bent or move the penis model to make it visually stay in the female dony.
    For penis developers remember that vertices can only be bound to ONE bone at a time. What you add to each bone you must remove from every other bone thei might exist. Usually the Pelvice.
    As of v2 aurobanned's bones for the tongue have been added to this rig as well so now you can use the tongue with this rig.
    A Male and Female Rig are included, to help animators and developer use the new bones.
    For this rig to work, you must delete any other rigs that you may have.
    Weight Painting Basic Tutorial
    Required Mods
    WickedWims - Otherwise why would you need an animated penis?
    Rcommended Mods
    Sims 4 Tongue by autobanned - (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/85318-test-sims-4-tounge/)
    If you like my work please consider supporting me on Patreon.



  20. [S4] InkySquid - Horny Nametags

    Nametag sticker accesories with sexy / slutty writing on them. Comes with 8 designs in 3 different locations. Found in Nosering (Left) and Ringfinger (Left) accessory slots. Goes over most kinds of clothing, works well for retail, restaurant, or butler uniforms.
    I know I had other things in mind, but the muse sort of hit me and it seemed like something I could do without too much pixel pushing. Let me know what you think!



  21. Everlasting Summer paintings

    About 70 Everlasting Summer pics.



  22. Porn paintings part 1

    Approx 80 porn paitings (womens only).



  23. Country_Boy's Custom Sim

    I have been sitting back for almost a year watching all the great cc and mods all the guys and gals have been posting here at LL. Well, I thought it was about high time I tried to contribute. Best I can do at this moment is share my sexy in-game wife, Brianna. I am leaving her undressed because each of us have our own special way of dressing our ladies and guys. But, There are a few cc items that will be needed for her to look like she does in the picture. So links are as followed.
    Hair: http://sims4hairs.com/hallow-sims-raon-36-hair-retextured/ or if not working use http://simfileshare.net/folder/13711/ and press ctrl+f and in search window type 36 and hit enter, it will highlight the one you need.
    Eyebrows: https://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/S-Club/downloads/details/category/sims4-hair-facial/title/s-club-ll-thesims4-eyebrows-f04/id/1265617/
    Face details: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-skintones/title/s-club-wmll-thesims4-facemask-2.0/id/1271719/
    ​ I am only using to BB bottoms: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3682-sims-4-better-body-31072017/
    ​And this is why I only use the BB bottoms: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4185-sims-4-heavy-boobs/
    Skin overlay: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-sets/title/kylie-j-skin-%28overlay-non-overlay%29/id/1393082/
    Eyes: https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-eyecolors/title/s-club-ll-ts4-eyecolors-06/id/1289217/
    Download Lipstick 1: http://mia8sims3.blogspot.ru/2015/10/make-up.html
    ​Vagina: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3476-sims-4-wild-guys-female-body-details-10102017/
    My first upload so I hope everything works right with the links. If not you may have to copy/paste/search. But I hope all shows up right.
    Credits: S-Club for awesome makeup, MIA8sims, wild_guy, , FashionRoyaltySims for the overlay I am using, Heliotropic for the Heavy boobs, Hiroki for Better Body. Hallowsims, though their tumbler is gone.
    My first upload so please, if I forgot something or did something wrong, please send me a PM and I will correct it and know the next time.



  24. GayPornMagazines

    Selection of Gay Porn magazines.



  25. GayBillBoards

    Various Erotic gay billboards