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  1. WickedWhims

    \/ SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR CHANGELOG \/     Supports game version 1.77.146   Looking for the Legacy Edition version? Click here.         Topic | Website Want new features early? Check my Patreon!         What is WickedWhims? WickedWhims is a mod that offers animated sex, nudity interactions, exhibitionism interactions, relationship enhancements, gameplay and visual improvements. Do you want your Sims to have sex? Do you want to try naturism or flash your neighbors? Try WickedWhims!   New custom interactions, custom mechanics, custom skills, custom traits, custom moodlets, custom whims, custom objects, custom animations, custom reactions, nudity autonomy, sex autonomy, custom story progression and enhancements to existing gameplay.   Read about the features and check out the screenshots and videos at the end of the post!     - Features - Sex
    Animated Sex
    Get on a bed, or a sofa, or the floor, or anywhere you want and get freaky with your partner
    Invite more Sims and ask them to join in to create an unforgettable orgy
    Download and experience over 7000+ animations from various creators with support for visual effects and custom props or animate yourself
    Tag favorite animations and create your own animations playlists
    Undressing & Strapon
    Control Sims outfit during sex by undressing their top, bottom, underwear, or any individual part of their outfit
    Apply or remove a strapon from any Sim when the situation requires it
    Encounter Sims having sex by their own will, affected by their interactions, relations, situation, location and personality.
    Supported by stupidly complex recognition system of environment structure that picks the best fitting location for sex based on the current most fitting situation
    Apply the 'Hypersexual' Lot Trait to any location to increase the base sex autonomy frequency and chance
    Use the Sex Autonomy Signs available in Build/Buy to adjust rules of sex per room or per lot
    See layers of cum on Sim’s bodies after sex or manually apply them during sex whenever you want and wherever you want
    Avoid negative (or positive) reactions to cum on your face by cleaning it off in a sink or by showering
    Get the 'Cum Slut' Attribute trait to make your Sim always react to cum positively
    Contract, spread, and medicate Crabs
    Turn your computer on and watch some good old porn to release the pressure
    If you’re into watching others, get on in there and watch as much as you like
    Consider purchasing the 'Cuckold/Cuckquean' Attribute trait to make our Sim enjoy watching their partners have sex with others
    User Vampire powers to get Sims into kinky situations
    Watch Sims experience the magic of a fully-featured Menstrual Cycle with periods and variable fertility
    Purchase tampons and pads to fight against the menstrual bleeding and get the 'Extra Absorbency' Reward Store trait to improve their absorbency
    Learn about your fertility by purchasing the Fertility Awareness Test available to use on toilets
    Consider going through the Fertility Treatment service to improve your chances of getting pregnant
    Avoid getting pregnant by using condoms and birth control pills
    Stop your unwanted pregnancy by using the Pregnancy Termination service
    Optionally switch to the Simple Pregnancy Mode and use flat percentage chances for pregnancy
    Encounter optional miscarriage from taking drugs (requires Basemental Drugs)
    All of it compatible with the Try For Baby interactions as well (optional)
    NPC Sims
    Enable the cheat to control any Sim in the game and make them have sex, like a true puppet master
    Clubs (Get Together Expansion)
    Create a club that’s all about having sex, or make an alternative variant of it that’s all about swinging
    When attempting sexual intercourse, respect Sims relations based on the friendship level and romance level, desire level, mood, moodlets, skills, traits, hygiene, attractiveness, relationship status and current situation
    Learn about Sims satisfaction from sex based on their relationship, mood, hygiene, energy, traits, skills, moodlets and situation
    For easy mode, purchase the 'Sexually Alluring' Reward Store trait make asked Sims always agree to sex propositions
    To avoid sex, purchase the 'Sexually Abstinent' Attribute trait to make your Sim never agree to sex propositions
    React to sex with 16 different flavors of responses based on the mood, traits, relationship, situation, and family relations
    Get jealous in 6 different flavors from encountering your partner in the act with someone else (respects the 'Player' and 'Polyamorous' traits)
    Enjoy integration with Basemental Drugs mod drug dealing component
    Naked Body, Penis & Hair
    Fully detailed naked body for all genders
    Dynamically growing pubic hair
    Support for independent creators to add their own body content
    Nudity & Undressing
    Undress everything at once or one by one - top, bottom, shoes, and underwear
    Socialize by complimenting others body, talking about nudity, convincing to nudity and converting to exhibitionism, or simply asking to undress… or dress up
    Affect Sims with Vampire powers and get them naked in an instant
    Apply the 'Nudist' Lot Trait to any location and removes all undressing restrictions
    Use the Nudity Autonomy Signs available in Build/Buy to adjust rules of undressing per room or per lot
    Discover the skill of Naturism by undressing and learn how to be comfortable and happy naked around others
    Gain a bonus to hygiene when performing tasks naked
    Unlock the Exhibitionism skill by leveling up Naturism and purchasing the 'Exhibitionism' Store Reward trait
    Gain the ability to flash others, streak at any moment, or pee at any spot you want
    Change Sim underwear for any base outfit
    Remove underwear per Sim, disable underwear for everybody in setting, or purchase the 'No Underwear' Attribute trait to get rid of extra layers of clothing
    Strip Club
    Open an entirely new and fully playable business type
    Build, hire staff, and manage your own Strip Club
    Window Peeping
    Peep into any window to watch naked Sims or Sims having sex
    Take pictures of naked Sims and sell them online
    Encounter premade peeping Sims living in your neighborhood and trying to catch you naked
    Watch Sims get all sweaty from working out or having sex
    Experience various outfit specific interactions that can be performed naked, like yoga, massages, exercises, sleeping, etc.
    Watch out when jumping into the water, swimwear accidents include losing your swim trunks
    Try not to daydream too much during showering, you might forget to put your towel on afterward
    Autonomous undressing from anybody who just feels like getting naked is the right thing to do
    Get positively or negatively shocked from encountering nudity
    Let others Ignore your Sim’s privacy when nudity is the norm at your place
    Clubs (Get Together Expansion)
    Create a club where you Embrace Nudity to others or Flash everybody 
    Live in a world where every Sim has their own style and preferences that affect everybody else
    Refine your own style and define your own preferences
    Encounter storytelling situations that make your Sims heart beat faster
    Learn what others are into and try to impress them with your looks
    Learn Sims personality archetypes and share your unique view on the world
    Use your new special social interactions to voice your personality preference
    Fake your personality to make others like you more or risk looking like a poser
    Polygamy/Polyamory Relationships
    Have multiple spouses or romantic partners at the same time
    Purchase the 'Polyamorous' Attribute trait to open up your Sim’s view on multiple romantic partners and avoid unwanted jealousy
    Get multiple Sims to 'Stay the Night’ at the same time
    Ability to disable jealousy in the entire game
    Make the atmosphere hot and heavy by flirting and getting nude
    Get Sims ready for positive sexy time by increasing desire
          - Installation - Check out the Manual Installation page. Check out the Animations Installation page. Check out the Common Mistakes page.       - Required Mods - Sex animations available under 'Animations' are required for more sex positions! No additional mods are required to use all available functionalities of WickedWhims!     - Additional Mods - Click Here to go to the Additional Mods List
        - Animations - Click Here to go to the Animations List
        - Translations - Click Here to go the Translations List



  2. Ladies Legion

    This Lot is a Ladies club, but men are welcomed.
    I mostly created this Lot for story telling but feel free to add to your collection of Lots to test out your sims inside
    The lot is placed in Del Sol Val
    look at screenshot

    Hope you guys Like, I will update this in the future adding more stuff at my own discretion.
    Type in Cheat command, bb.moveobjects (so everything stays in place)
    DLCs - look to the right to see what game packs and expansions you will need.
    Install for Lot
    Docs/Electronic Arts/Tray  
    Mods Install
    Docs/Electronic Arts/Mods

    Recommended Mods -
    Animated wall and floor by MrcreativeX https://mrcreativex.tumblr.com/
    Cannibal Mod by necrodog https://necrodogmtsands4s.tumblr.com/post/613135499567251456/cannibal-mod-v2-final-hello-i-have-finished-this



  3. Devious Desires - Russian translation/Русский перевод

    Русский перевод мода  Devious Desires (DD).
    В файл перевода так же встроены переводы для Sims 4 Community Library (S4CL) и
                                          Mod Settings Menu (MSM), Sim Snatcher, Sims 4 Control Menu.
    Для настройки мода DD необходим мод Mod Settings Menu (MSM).



  4. Devious Desires - Deutsche Übersetzung

    das ist die deutsche Übersetzung der Mod Devious Desire von ColonolNutty.
    - Die Texte habe ich mit Hilfe eines Translator übersetzt. Mach mir Verbesserungsvorschläge wenn etwas falsch ist oder anders Übersetz werden sollte.
    - Beispiel: "Knotting", eine Whicked Pets Funktion. Wie übersetzt man das korrekt ins Deutsche? Ich habe keine Ahnung und es daher einfach bei behalten.
    - Ich werde wohl auch manchmal  ein paar Updates von ColonolNutty überspringen, vor allem wenn sich nichts an den Texte ändert, da braucht es ja kein Update von meiner Seite.
    Ins Verzeichnis droppen wo die Hauptmod liegt.
    Auf Mac eventuell ein "z" an den Dateinamen präfixen, i.e. "zdeviousdesires_de.package", ansonsten lädt der die eventuell vor der Hauptmod, hab ich mal irgendwo gehört und dann klappt der ganze Mist nicht.
    Auch noch Wichtig:
    In der Regel ist es kein Problem, wenn die Hauptmod etwas neuer als die Übersetzung ist. Dann werden halt einige wenige Texte nicht übersetzt. Ihr könnt also ruhig diese Übersetzung installieren, wenn ColonolNutty's Mod schon ein paar Versionen weiter ist. Manchmal kommen ja auch gar keine neuen englischen Texte dazu.
    - Einige Debug-Ausgaben (da diese aus dem Script kommen) sind ebenfalls englisch. Kann ich nichts dran machen.
    Werden gerne angenommen.
    Wer was verbessert haben will soll es mir schreiben und ich überlege es mir.
    Viel Spaß...



  5. MIKKOI - Female Body Details

    This mod includes more than 1000 interchangeable female body details available in CAS (tattoos and body details).
    compatible with wild_guy's Female Body Details (tanlines, pubic hair, vagina.)
    The body parts included in this mod are:

    Labia majora and thighs
    Knees / Elbows
    other details: cesarean tatoo, cesarean scar, shiny body.
    Important requirements:
    2. Remove female default body parts. (no need to delete non-default body parts. no need to delete body parts from body selector)
    3. Download: Female barbie top, Nude in CAS and Female bottom unchanged, Nude in CAS. available in:  https://cmarnyc.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-sims-4-anatomy-mod-penis-3d-nipples.html?zx=921504247efd4961
    4. In the game open the body selector and select "NATIVE" (Necessary if your sim uses the "vulva tattoo")

    Copy 'MIKKOI BODY DETAILS' folder to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder.
    MIKKOI_CAS_ANIMATION_REMPLACE_ARTLOVER.package is a mod that replaces the animation art lover but is optional
    note: some default skins increase the shine of the shoulders.
    My details are transparent. the default skin should not be too dark or light. I recommend the default female skin: MoonchildLovesTheNight_URRealLATTE_DefaultFEMALE_TeenToElder_CaucasianFIXED
    Thanks creators: 
    The Klub 17 (pack 9 and 10 nipples come from them)



  6. [Sims 4] Anarcis' Animations for WickedWhims

    This mod adds sex interactions to Turbodriver's Wicked Whims mod framework. It is an ongoing project which is expanded upon on a monthly basis.
    I try to make animations that are specific to situations and objects, for use in story-driven scenarios. I would like to inject as much diversity as possibly, whether that means, straight, same-sex, group or roleplaying situations. I add new animations roughly every week exclusively on my Patreon. These are then added to LL later.
    At the moment, these animations are available:
    Make sure you have Turbrodriver's Wicked Whims installed. Download either the .zip or .7zip version. Use 7Zip or similar to unpack WW_Anarcis.7z. Place the .package file in The Sims 4's mod folder. You're done.


    If you like my work and/or wish I had more time to spend on it, please consider having a look at my Patreon Page.



  7. SexySuductive Mod

    2021/07/29-fixed for latest patch let me no if there are issues
    Sexy Suductive Mod V1
    New Romace mod out for early access on my patreon its still in early stage
    This mod is all about suddition your partner or others there is a computer interaction to allowing you to talk to other suductive members
    and in V2 version will have ways to look for dates online
    there is social interactions on clicking on other sims with the same trait also a social event for your lovers or friends to join in on the fun
    In V2 there will be for computer interactions as well as other options i will not say but looking forward to see how you guys enjoy it
    thank you all for your support
    P.S thank you Wicked Pixel and Mod Constructor and Sim4Studio
    P.S i found out do not use other romance traits with the trait with it im trying to fix that 
    V2.5 out 2 weeks early access



  8. High Life Mod

    2021/07/29- fixed for latest patch let me no if there are issues
    High Life Mod
    High Life Mod is not complete yet but would like to share for early access to all of my Favourite people
    High Life Mod V1- Not complete but has Trait with interactions a Lot trait with Buff with social interactions.
    High Life Mod V2- Will have Social event as well as other things i hope you guys will like.
    Like i said V1 is like a beta so please let me no of any issues so i can fix them for you i have test it and it does work.
    P.S thank you Wicked Pixel and Mod Constructor
    V2.5 added some more interactions and other fun stuff
    V2.6 special surprise hope you will like
    Sexy Suductive Mod V1
    New Romace mod out for early access on my patreon its still in early stage
    This mod is all about suddition your partner or others there is a computer interaction to allowing you to talk to other suductive members
    and in V2 version will have ways to look for dates online
    there is social interactions on clicking on other sims with the same trait also a social event for your lovers or friends to join in on the fun
    In V2 there will be for computer interactions as well as other options i will not say but looking forward to see how you guys enjoy it
    thank you all for your support



  9. Hentai posters [New posters added 07/21/21]

     Various hentai posters by IdichVolfe.
    Hello everyone, this is the first time I make object CCs, I will keep this updated and add new characters whenever I can :).
    There are in total 10 different swatches for each file, a total of 482 swatches.

    07/28/2021 - Takamaki Ann (Persona 5)
    07/28/2021 - Darjeeling (Girls und Panzer)

    Make sure to check my Patreon, if you support me you'll have access to requests, early access and exclusive content such as:
    Rosé (Patreon Exclusive)

      Kimmy Granger (Early Access) 
     K/DA Akali (2 week early access) 

    03/17/2021 - Emilia (Re: Zero)
    03/17/2021 - Echidna (Re: Zero)
     03/24/2021 - Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)
    03/24/2021 - Bowsette (Internet's Disturbed Hive Mind)
     03/31/2021 - Lux (League of Legends)
    03/31/2021 - Katarina (League of Legends)
     04/07/2021 - D.va (Overwatch)
    04/07/2021 - Tracer (Overwatch)
     04/14/2021 - Mercy (Overwatch)
    04/14/2021 - Ahri (League of Legends)
     04/21/2021 - Rich Thots I (Sky Freedom)
    04/21/2021 - Rich Thots II (Sky Freedom)
     04/28/2021 - Rem (Re:Zero)
    04/28/2021 - Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate)
     05/5/2021 - Pyra (Xenoblade)
    05/5/2021 - Sutr (Arknights)
     05/12/2021 - Ajax (Azur Lane)
    05/12/2021 - Kashima (Kantai Collection)
     05/19/2021 - K/DA Akali (League of Legends)
    05/19/2021 - Rin Toshaka (Fate/Stay Night: UBW)
     06/02/2021 - Mitsuri Kanroji (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
    06/02/2021 - Alice Margatroid (Tohou Project)
     06/09/2021 - Ganyu (Genshin Impact)
    06/09/2021 - Zero-Two II (Darling in the FranXX)
     06/16/2021 - Artoria Pendragon/Saber (Fate Series)
    06/16/2021 - Mordred (Fate Apocrypha/Grand Order)
     06/23/2021 - Ram (Re:Zero)
    06/23/2021 - Rem Gallau (How Not To Summon A Demon Lord)
     06/30/2021 - Yuigahama Yui (SNAFU!)
    06/30/2021 - Amber (Genshin Impact)
     07/07/2021 - 2B II (NieR: Automata)
    07/07/2021 - Yukinoshita Yukinon (SNAFU!)
     07/21/2021 - Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)
    07/21/2021 - Iroha Isshiki (SNAFU!)

    Visit this link for the artists credits



  10. Traducción Español Nisa's Wicked Perversions

    Mod Los Sims 4 Versión 2.2.4ha  PATREON - LL3.1d  LOVERSLAB  
    Traducción a Español basada en su versión adelantada de Patreon. Esta traducción es compatible para ambas versiones del mod PATREON Y PUBLIC. Esto es sólo un archivo de traducción, necesita el mod Nisa Wicked Perversions por @NisaK para funcionar. (Patreon o Public) Si tienes dudas, sugerencias o algún problema con la traducción, coméntalo aquí o envía un msj priv.  
    No olvides reportar errores en la traducción A TIEMPO para realizar su corrección inmediata. Mientras no haya nuevas líneas de texto en cada actualización del mod, ¡La traducción sigue siendo compatible con cualquier versión! Para sus actualizaciones, elimina o reemplaza el archivo anterior.  
    Esta es una traducción gratuita. No resubas este archivo haciendo pasar por tuyo, comparte el link directo de esta página para su descarga. La traducción de estos mods extensos, lleva ardúo trabajo. Ten paciencia para sus actualizaciones.  
    Debes tener instalado el mod original de Nisak en tu carpeta mods.           Documentos > Electronic Arts > Los Sims 4 > Mods
    Descarga y agrega el archivo .package de la traducción en la misma carpeta donde tengas el mod instalado.           Importante no cambiar el nombre del paquete
            Basemental Drugs
            AEP Pornography



  11. Traducción Español Basemental Drugs

    Mod Los Sims 4
    Versión 7.13.172  PATREON - 7.13.139  PUBLIC
    Traducción a Español basada en su versión adelantada de Patreon. Esta traducción es compatible para ambas versiones del mod PATREON Y PUBLIC. Esto es sólo un archivo de traducción, necesita el mod Basemental Drugs para funcionar. (Public o Patreon) Si tienes dudas, sugerencias o algún problema con la traducción, coméntalo aquí o envía un msj priv.   
    No olvides reportar errores en la traducción A TIEMPO para realizar su corrección inmediata.  
    Mientras no haya nuevas líneas de texto en cada actualización del mod, ¡la traducción sigue siendo compatible con cualquier versión!  
    Esta es una traducción gratuita. No resubas este archivo haciendo pasar por tuyo, comparte el link directo de esta página para su descarga. La traducción de estos mods extensos, lleva ardúo trabajo. Ten paciencia para sus actualizaciones.  
    Debes tener instalado el mod original Basemental Drugs en tu carpeta mods.   
               Documentos > Electronic Arts > Los Sims 4 > Mods
    Descarga y agrega el archivo .package de la traducción en la misma carpeta donde tengas el mod instalado.   
               Importante no cambiar el nombre del paquete.
               OTRAS TRADUCCIONES.
    Nisa's Wicked Perversions  AEP Pornography



  12. modella's boutique

    modella's boutique
    Your one stop shop to all of my adorably naughty CC
    Terms of Use: Do what you will my goodies, but under no circumstance may they be shared on paysites! My CC will always be free.
    Searching for previews of previous downloads? Check here amd here!
    Searching for my old CC? Check out my folder StrawberriKhunnie's Graveyard on Mega, everything is there. Preview pictures can be found here: I, II, III, IV, V.
    buy me a cookie!
    - - -
    Purgatori || Xnalara Conversion Set

    When I tell you this fits for some of these comic book characters are giving me so much life right now. XnaFan88 outdid themselves with their Purgatori model. I took one look at it and I said, this character looks like the baddest vampire goddess and I MUST have her in my game. MUST. Haha, so I converted a few pieces of the outfit. The set includes the top, anklets (found in tights), bracelets (found in wrist left and right), the necklace, and wings (found in glasses). I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do ❤️  
    Lexi Top & Smeller Skates|| Exposed & Regular, 3t4 Conversion

    A new top that's been hiding out in my WIP folder for a while and also a 3t4 conversion of Smeller's adorable roller skates as shoes for your simmies ❤️   
    Leche || Xnalara Conversion

    In honor of Cottage Living not being a terrible EP (the little chickens are freaking ADORABLE) and in hopes there will hopefully be a few hucow inspired mods to stem from it, heehee, I decided to convert this lovely little cow bikini outfit from XPS. Because hucows should be thicc, I ventured out and used Myobi's Eve Bottom v6 for the bikini bottom as a base, and my very own Hucow Udders top as a base for the bikini top. I may do Better Body in the future, but for now, this is what I have for you all ❤️ Also a cute little choker with a bell found in necklaces and a nice horn headband found in hats!  
    Raven Hex Costume || Xnalara Conversion

    I was trying SO hard to wait until Halloween to release this costume conversion but . . . why wait? I'm not super familiar with the character, but her outfit is flawless, haha, I saw this on DA and added it to my naughty list of conversions to tackle. This includes a lovely crown found in hats, a choker found in necklaces, a very pointy nipple pasty top, chest tattoos (found in chest upper and chest lower), and my terrible attempt at creating a custom skintone (found in acne in skin details). Enjoy lovelies ❤️  
    Georgianna & Bon Bon || Matching Outfit & Collar

    I have so many things in my WIP and I need to clear it out ASAP. Haha, this was a little full body outfit I'd made not too long ago. Hope you all like it ❤️ And it comes with a matching collar I converted from somewhere (but of course, I can't find it ;____;)! Yay!  
    Babi Tee || Exposed & Regular

    A cute little cropped tank top ❤️  
    Anaconda || Xnalara Conversion

    This one is for the barbz ❤️ Saw this adorable outfit on DA for XPS and knew I had to convert it.  
    Starri || Nipple Pasties Top

    Sneaking in one new goodie. I made this last week and thought it was too cute!  
    Shellkini || Xnalara Conversion

    I solemnly swear this will be my last upload for this month *looks nervously at my growing WIP folder*. Haha, so I actually converted this cute bathing suit from XNALara a few days ago. Might as well release it.  
    Golyhawhaw's Classic Physique || WickedWhims Selectable

     @necromancerneo had asked if anyone could make Golyhawhaw's awesome Classic Physique top selectable in body selector and I decided why not, we all need more beef cakes ❤️ This download contains two files but you do NOT need both in your game. If you already have the Classic Physique top in your game, just place the tuning file into your Mods folder. If you don't, place the WW package file into your Mods folder as this contains both the tuning file and Golyhawhaw's file in one package.  
    Leblanc Top & Xia Skirt || Exposed & Regular

    I blame SheIn for this one, haha. So I took a break, from my break, to make just one more goodie for you guys! I saw the most adorable and sexy top on SheIn and thought . . . maybe I can make this for my sims. Turns out I definitely could, and did! I give you all the Leblanc top, a naughty little peekaboo top for your daring pixel hunnies. And what's a cute top without a cute skirt? I have the matching Xia skirt to go along with it so you can mix and match to your heart's content ❤️  



  13. [GER] AEP Pornography German translation / Deutsche Übersetzung

    This is a german translation for AEP mod by Ksuihuh.
    The original file is needed. German text below.
    Dies ist eine deutsche Übersetzung für die Mod AEP Pornography mit netter Unterstützung von Sims4Adults und 21073.
    Die Übersetzung basiert auf der Version auf Patreon (aktuell 4.6.7/ Stand 23.01.2021), aber diese sollte auch für die kostenlose Version hier auf Loverslab oder auch mit älteren Versionen funktionieren. 
    Auch sollte alles noch mit den gefixten Versionen für das Addon Landhaus Leben (4.6.8 Patreon bzw. 4.3.3a Loverslab)  funktionieren, da es hier nur fixes gab und keine neuen Texte oder Inhalte. Konnte ich aber bisher noch nicht testen.
    Hinweise zu Rechtschreibfehlern oder Unstimmigkeiten bitte in die Kommentare oder vielleicht auch über Discord. Auf folgenden Discord von der WW Übersetzungstruppe bin ich unter nem anderen Nick "xpsfm" manchmal unterwegs.
    Der Discord gehört nicht mir, und ist definitiv eher für die WW Übersetzung gedacht. Daher Hinweise zur AEP Übersetzung eher per DM und nicht direkt auf den Server. Ihr könnt mich da halt finden.
    Die Originaldateien der Mod sind definitiv notwendig. Am Besten kopiert ihr meine .package Datei in den gleichen Ordner in dem ihr auch AEP installiert habt.
    Bei Mac Usern muss anscheinend noch ein "Z" vornedran gesetzt werden. Zumindest steht das so bei einigen anderen Übersetzungsmods. Da ich keinen Mac habe, weiß ich darüber aber nichts.
    Ich gebe keinen Support was die AEP Mod betrifft. Fragen zu AEP daher bitte direkt an den Modautor richten.
    Wenn unabhängig von der Übersetzung was nicht funzt bitte immer auch folgendes beachten:
    - Ihr braucht die Sims 4 Erweiterungen "An die Arbeit", "Großstadtleben" und "Werde berühmt"
    - Ihr solltet auch die Mod "Neia_Careers_Commons" in eurem Mod Ordner haben. Diese ist bei der Patreon Version nicht dabei (Ksuihuh kann schlecht die Mod von jemand anderem gegen Bezahlung verteilen) und nur bei der kostenlosen Version auf Loverslab mit im Archiv.
    Die "Neia_Careers_Commons" habe ich nicht übersetzt, da ggf. auch nur ein oder zweimal was Texte angeht darauf zugegriffen wird.
    Mir ist bisher nix aufgefallen was das angeht.
    Danke an Randlocher für die Hilfe hinsichtlich des verwendeten Übersetzungtools
    Danke an Sims4Adults für die Unterstützung bei der Übersetzung
    Danke an 21073 vom Discord für ein paar weitere Übersetzungen und Inspirationen
    Danke an Ksuihuh für die AEP Mod
    Danke an voky für das Übersetzungtool
    Ich versuche die Übersetzung bei Updates einigermaßen aktuell zu halten so lange ich auch Sims 4 spiele.
    Versprechen kann ich nichts. Sollte ich nicht mehr weitermachen wollen, werde ich mein Dictionary für das Übersetzungstool von voky aber hochladen, sodass jemand anderes übernehmen kann, ohne von vorne anfangen zu müssen.
    Grundsätzlich sollte die Übersetzung auch nach Updates der Mod funktionieren, wenn diese nicht von Grund auf neu gebaut wird. Nur sind dann eben eventuell neue Optionen oder Texte halt noch nicht übersetzt. Die Texte die nun aktuell übersetzt sind, sollten aber auch zukünftig in Deutsch erscheinen.




    Hello everyone, here I will share some parts for the WW body selector.

    WW VAGINA + ANUS: vagina + anus compatible with WW body selector, Compatible with some "body presets". don't overuse sliders. requires "MIKKOI_VAGINA_DETAILS_COMPATIBLE"
    MIKKOI_VAGINA_DETAILS_COMPATIBLE: compatible version + wild_guy's Details + fix details.
    MIKKOI_VAGINA_DETAILS_COMPATIBLE_V2:   Version with the transparent groin. 



  15. [Sims 4] Jaybee Animations for WickedWhims (Updated 28th of July, 5 new animations!)

    And thanks for checking out my animations!
    The reason I started animating was because I wanted to make animations suitable for more than one body, as I was missing animations for trans sims and fat sims. I try to make my animations versatile by avoiding limbs too close to the stomach, chest and thigh area (when I can, not all positions allow this). Also, all my animations have animated tits, dicks and balls, regardless of the gender categorization. As of now I am very, very new to animating, so my animations might stutter and suffer from hovering hands or floating limbs, but I get better all the time!
    Any animations requiring other CC has the CC linked in the "requirements" section and the .txt file that comes with the download. If you want a list of just the required CC (with links) scroll to the bottom of the page.
    If you enjoy my animations, please let me know! Comments fuel me. And a special thanks to khlas for helping me with an XML problem🙏 
    IMPORTANT: Animations marked [Somno] play with somnophilia. Animations marked [R] play with nonconsent, and are disabled for random, so you need to seek them out to see them.


    List of animations (sorted by location)

    Double bed





     Required CC

    On your own

    Resized Noir metallic dildos
    [Somno] Real heavy sleeper

    2 sims

    No CC required.

    (New!) [Somno] Don't wake daddy up STAGE 1


    Male/male (or any)/any

    3 sims

    No CC required.

    (New!) [Somno] Don't wake daddy up STAGE 2

    Male/male (or any)/any

    3 sims

    No CC required.

    (New!) [Somno] Don't wake daddy up STAGE 3

    Male/male (or any)/any
    3 sims

    No CC required.

    (New!) "[Somno] Daddy woke up STAGE 1



     3 sims

     No CC required.

    (New!) "[Somno] Daddy woke up STAGE 2

     3 sims

    No CC required.

    Mirror/Window (Looks best on the ones that reach the floor)





     Required CC

    Horsecocksucker in training

    Noir horse dildo set







     Required CC

    [R] Facefucked to sleep
    2 sims

    Cherry Pie Cum Mesh

    List of required CC:
    Resized Noir metallic dildos Noir horse dildo set Cherry Pie Cum Mesh



  16. More Series Posters by Pixboy Tales

    "The Solis Brothers"  and "A Christmas Tale"  Posters by Pixboy Tales. 
    $50 in game.
    *The Sims 4 Get Together is required.
    Watch both series! 
    "Dante becomes a headliner at a gay strip club and earns some extra money doing private lap dances."
    "Christmas is Tyler Hughes’ favorite holiday.  Can a young, internet start-up millionaire find love in the big city for Christmas?""



  17. The Farm - Secret re-education and training lab.

    Beneath this inconspicuous warehouse in Strangerville is a state-of-the-art secret laboratory facility called "The Farm" where unscrupulous scientists analyze the Sixam plants found in Strangerville and misuse them for their evil purposes. An extract of the spores is used here to experiment on abducted Sims and turn them into submissive slaves, who are then sold to ultra-rich buyers in the "doll market".
    The Farm.
    We do what we must, for science, and for profit.
    Requires the following gamepacks:
    Sims 4 Base Game.  No? Yes! OHHH!
    Get to Work
    Get Together
    City Living
    Get Famous
    Spa Day
    Dine out
    Perfect Patio Stuff
    Kids Room Stuff
    Vintage Glamour Stuff
    Fitness Stuff
    Object Mods:
    Ozzy Objects
    Azmodan22 Bondage Cross and Bed Double Dildo Not used in V2. 0 anymore
    G315t Hypno Monitors (just a recolored wall sculpture with a few hypno spiral swatches) 
    See Change log below for additional requirements
    Nisa Wicked Perversions (Free Version should Work, Needed for the house slave gameplay) 
    Turbodriver Wicked Whims (if you want the strip poles for your houseslaves to train, you need the Patreon verion, otherwise free version should work)  Strip Poles gone from the Lab. In v2.0 Too much accidents with Subjects getting dizziness from the workout. So no need for WW anymore. But of course you still want to have it.  You know you want it. Do it! Obey! 



  18. Traducción al Español para Devious Desires

    Traducción automática al español de Devious Desires V3.0-test-build-21
    También incluye la traducción de: 
    Sims 4 Community Library
    Mod Settings Menu (MSM)



  19. MO_Gay_Yiff_Tees

    22 T-shirts with random gay furry pictures on them. Does not replace original shirt.
    Most shirts are just a screened image on top of a plain black shirt.
    A couple shirt designs wrap around the sim, but mostly the backs are plain black.
    Artist signatures on right sleeve if on original picture.
    Last two and a half shirts are full re-textured shirts.
    Tested with all expansions and stuff

    All art used in this pack does not belong to me, Please see links to original Art and Artist below.
    Art Used in Pack:
    Original Image Link Artist FA Link https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10454092/ Tsaiwolf https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tsaiwolf/ https://rule34.us/index.php?r=posts/... Jinxii Unable to find… https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24920644/ Anchee https://www.furaffinity.net/user/anchee/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/18130156/ Ifus https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ifus/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/14036201/ Meesh https://www.furaffinity.net/user/meesh https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31068307/ Keavemind https://www.furaffinity.net/user/keavemind https://www.furaffinity.net/view/15296583/ Arcticlion https://www.furaffinity.net/user/arcticlion https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10430977/ Mickey_the_Retriever https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mickeytheretriever/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11829094/ TaroLyon  https://www.furaffinity.net/user/tarolyon/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/12389561/ green roon https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/greenroon/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11559987/ Jeck https://www.furaffinity.net/user/jeck/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24674465/ Pandx https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pandx/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/18929663/ Blueballs https://www.furaffinity.net/user/blueballs/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/20882695/ GLITTER-TRAP-BOY https://www.furaffinity.net/user/glitter-trap-boy/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11621769/ seth-iova https://www.furaffinity.net/user/seth-iova https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9796544/ Cheetahpaws https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cheetahpaws https://www.furaffinity.net/view/22994963/ Twang https://www.furaffinity.net/user/twang/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19412345/ TaintedStar https://www.furaffinity.net/user/taintedstar/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19414023/ Dragondrawer https://www.furaffinity.net/user/dragondrawer/ https://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/... NaughtyBurd Unable to find… https://www.furaffinity.net/view/29516656/ HinarMiler  https://www.furaffinity.net/user/hinarmiler/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/20963716/ demicoeur  https://www.furaffinity.net/user/demicoeur  




  20. Simspornstar poster 210727

    Productions of porn sims on new posters. With a Simlish font set, it fits better into the game world.



  21. Ksuihuh's RedAppleNet Germans Translate

    Eine Übersetzung für Ksuihuh's RedAppleNet
    Public Version sowie Patreon Version.
    Wenn die PatreonÜbersetzung abweicht findet ihr im Dateinamen _Pat_ -
    Ansonsten sind die Übersetzungen für beide Versionen nutzbar.
    Sicher sind noch  Fehler oder Formulierungen enthalten, die nicht so ganz passen, da Englisch manchmal etwas schwammig ist ,
    gerne Rückmeldung dann werde ich die Übersetzung verbessern.
    Dieses gilt ebenso bei Syntax-Fehlern. Danke. Habt Spaß!
    Gegebenenfalls müsst ihr den Dateinamen am Anfang ändern, je nachdem wann die Datei geladen wird. 1 weg und Z hin oder nur 1 weg
    Thanks @Ksuihuh for this  Mod



  22. Ksuihuh's AEP_Pornography German Translate für Patreon und Public Version

    Eine Übersetzung für Ksuihuh's AEP_Pornography
    Derzeitige Patreon Version 4.6.7
    Derzeitige Public Version 4.3.2b
    Wenn die PatreonÜbersetzung abweicht findet ihr im Dateinamen _Pat_ -
    Ansonsten sind die Übersetzungen für beide Versionen nutzbar.
    Sicher sind noch  Fehler oder Formulierungen enthalten, die nicht so ganz passen, da Englisch manchmal etwas schwammig ist ,
    gerne Rückmeldung dann werde ich die Übersetzung verbessern.
    Dieses gilt ebenso bei Syntax-Fehlern. Danke. Habt Spaß!
    Gegebenenfalls müsst ihr den Dateinamen am Anfang ändern, je nachdem wann die Datei geladen wird. 1 weg und Z hin oder nur 1 weg
    Thanks @Ksuihuh for this  Mod



  23. RedAppleNet 1.1.5e - Part-time Active Career - July 26, 2021.

    = RedAppleNet =  

    Supports Game Version 
    = Mod Requirements = 
    Get to Work
    WickedWhims by TURBODRIVER
    This mod adds Part-time Active Career in the cybersex company. You will spend your day having sexy conversations with clients in the chat rooms and on the phone and maybe even have personal video sessions. 
    However, this company doesn't have the best reputation, so climbing career ladder will be virtually impossible. You might need to suck up to quite a sleazy boss to get the desired promotion. 
    This is a short description of the mod and its features. It's up to you to discover all of its features.
    Some installation steps are quite intricate so, please check out Important Notes or Change Log.
    If you have any problems, please read the FAQ and if you still do not find the solution to your problem, message me on the Discord in RedAppleNet Channel.

    The 'RedAppleNet' company is not as perfect as AEP, so you will have to deal with unfairness and quite a sleazy boss. It would be virtually impossible to complete your day with a golden reward without hard work and staying late.

    However, you can choose another way of getting what you want. You can try to seduce your Boss and earn promotion this way. For that, just follow the third chain in your workday tasks. 
    Do not try to have sex with your Boss without an appropriate task! It won't affect your work progress! 

    The career has three levels. And every level has its own custom interactions. They will be available to your Sim during the workday.
    Most of them labeled by the RedAplleNet icon. There is a hint under most of the tasks during a workday which will let you know what interaction you need to perform to complete the task. 
    This mod is in no way a realistic representation of reality. It's all my fantasy and fanfiction. 
    !Important Notes!
    Before starting the career, you need to put RedAppleNet venue in the world. You can download the Venue in download section or here. Just follow installation instructions in the post. This mod overrides a few in-game CAS and Build items, but it shouldn’t conflict with anything.
    If you use any other VenueLists, remove them and leave only KsuihuhVenueList.
    You can find all objects required in the venue requirements, BUT you need to use specific chairs since some NPCs are anchored to them! Put Boss’s Chair in the boss's office and so on, otherwise they won't be able to perform their job. Also make sure that Video Chat operators have separate offices since they need privacy to do their job. And don't forget to put a computer on the front desk for Receptionist!

    1. Download just one version of the mod.
    2. Extract files from the .zip file.
    3. Put .package file and .ts4script file into your Mods folder. To do this, go to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. 
    4. Download RedAppleNetOffice Venue in the Download section and follow installation instruction in the post here .
    5. Make sure you have only one VenueList in your Mods folder. KsuihuhVenueList already contains all other existing venues of other modders I'm aware of: LittleMsSam's, Zerbu's, Basemental's, Coolspear’s Multipark Venue and  itasan2's Get To College Mod. So If you use one of these mods delete their VenueList and keep just KsuihuhVenueList.
    6. Make sure that Script Mods are enabled in your game. To do that go to your game setting, click Game Options, Other, and see if Script Mods are allowed.
    !Check out the ChangeLog to learn what new features are added to new versions of the mod!
      Become a Patron and get early access to new features! 
                                  = Patreon Version =                           
      RedAppleNet 1.3.2
    July 26, 2021
    Join my Discord Server for help and conversation!

    Visit my site! I upload different CC, Lots and Sims and other mods I create.



  24. Deutsche Übersetzung Basemental Drugs und Basemental Gangs

    Basemental Drugs GER --- Komplett überarbeitet --- Deutsche Übersetzung --- jetzt auch für Legacy Version
    Basmental Gangs GER + Alle Optional Files GER
    Achtet bitte auf den Changelog! Dort sind die aktuellen Übersetzungversionen und Neuerungen angegeben, da ich mehrere Übersetzungsversionen habe,
    mir aber Orginaldateien leider z.Z. nicht immer Zeitgleich mit dem Erscheinen zur Verfügung stehen. Danke fürs Verständnis.
    Wenn die PatreonÜbersetzung abweicht findet ihr im Dateinamen _Pat_ !!!
    Die Legacy Version ist ebenfalls gekennzeichnet. Bitte nur die entsprechende GER-Datei für Eure Version benutzen!!!
    Gibt es nur eine Version der Übersetzung ist diese für alle nutzbar.
    Es bedarf viel Fantasie, Emotionen in verständliche deutsche Sätze zu formulieren, so dass jeder versteht worum es geht.
    Die Mischung aus "Fach"-wörtern / Insider-Begriffen ist eine Herausforderung.
    Allein sich Informationen zu beschaffen, wenn man von dem Thema keine Ahnung hat.
    Sicher sind noch  Fehler oder Formulierungen enthalten, die nicht so ganz passen, da Englisch manchmal etwas schwammig ist ,
    BITTE Rückmeldung, dann werde ich die Übersetzung gern verbessern.
    Dieses gilt ebenso bei Syntax-Fehlern.
    Gegebenenfalls müsst ihr den Dateinamen am Anfang ändern, je nachdem wann die Datei geladen wird. eine 1 oder Z davor hinzufügen.
    Ich wünsche allen, viel Spaß mit meiner Übersetzung.
    (Kuttoe's Basemental Addons GER -(Habe Übersetzung entfernt, da Mods Deutsch integriert haben)
    Dank an @Basemental für das Scheiben des Mods.



  25. The Jiggly Room Strip Club

    The Jiggly Room Strip Club
    If you are looking for a small, modern and full of fun just for adults sims, you are in the right place. The Jiggle Room offer music, strippers and a lower level fully equiped for the most exciting moments.
    This is my first build, so I hope you like it.
    As you can see, I've used a lot CC on my build so, I decided to include a link to the content of all the amazing cc creators who did a great job to make my build possible.
    Required Mods:
    - Wicked Whims
    - Basemental Drugs
    - AEP Pornography
    Credit to CC Creators:
    - Kritical
    - Noir and Dark Sims
    - RemarK998
    - RavenDiaval
    - Podyssey
    - MiniGiles
    - Azmodan22
    - Kodenu
    - Chisami
    - Ozzy
    - La Bamba Club
    - Simdulgence
    - PeaceMaker
    - Illogical Sims
    - Mr Creative X
    - MXIMS
    - Black Mojitos
    - SimKoos
    - LittleDica
    - RevyRei
    - MadHox
    - PlasticBox
    - Mutske
    - MenaceMen 44
    - Bakie



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