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  1. [XCL] X-Change Life Mod Loader Utility

    This is the official utility that can be used for applying mods to the game X-Change Life. 
    Find mod loader usage details here: https://gitgud.io/xchange-life/mod-loader/-/wikis/home
    And a step-by-step guide for applying mods with this utility: https://x-change.life/wiki/docs/mods/
    Developed by @togashikokujin who is a primary contributor to the X-Change Life project.



  2. X-Change™ Life

    X-Change Life is a text-based, sandbox RPG with tons of sex. It takes place in a world where gender-swapping pills can give you any body you want! The core concepts include making sex encounters quite interactive, and giving you a lot of gameplay choices compared to other HTML-based sex games. You can either download it (it's big, about 5gb due to having thousands of media files - they're all compressed, I promise), or play online. 
    Find out more about the project here. You can support me on SubscribeStar here for access to early playtests and votes on future content!
    This game is in its early stages (it's been in public development for a bit over a year), but already has a decent chunk of content. It's also built from the ground up to be extremely modular and moddable. It's also completely open source and you can check out the code repository (I even give bounties for bug fixes) in the first link.
    Anyhow, that's all! Enjoy.



  3. [XCL] [0.19] LM Expanded Cheats

    Was frustrated with the slow grindy and low value nature of gaining Essence and losing essence, so I added Essence options to Goodburger's updated cheats menu. Works as pictured.
    Added new options for job management.
    Not compatible with Goodburger's or TheFifthXephon's version because this is just an expanded copy.
    As this is just an expansion of Goodburger and TheFifthXephon's mods, I do not claim this as my original, and respect that Goodburger or TheFifthXephon may request that I take it down and/or incorporate it into their original mod.
    Their mods are below it'd you'd prefer without the essence or if mine bugs out for whatever reason, as I am new at coding and modding.



  4. [XCL] [0.19] Adriana - modular playable character

    Please read the description before installing !!!!!
    Hey there my loyal pervs. Here i'm again bringing you a new character mod. She is based on actress Adriana Chechik. The goal of modular character is for you to pick what content you want in game based on available modules. This project will be much bigger over time, so expect many updates.
    Don't forget to join x-change official discord : https://discord.gg/xchangelife . You can find me there and you can bug report or take part on future updates there.
    Base mod:
    This file is necessary for having Adriana available as playable option. There are 2 options. USE ONLY ONE OF THEM !!!
    Adriana-base mod:
    120 outfits (15 for each category) + mens, + 1 very special outfit
    20 hairstyles
    23 transactional bj options, 16 transactional rough bj options
    34 transactional doggy options
    49 bedroom positions
    47 cum clips options
    Adriana-base mod anal version :
    Same as base mod plus:
    5 anal creampies
    22 anal transactional doggy options
    Adriana anal positions module:
    This file is optional. Adds 19 new anal bedroom positions.
    Adriana squirting positions module:
    This file is optional. Adds 18 new squirting bedroom positions both vaginal and anal.
    Adriana superslut module module:
    This file is optional. Adds 12 new "outfits" 2 for each category except for lingerie. Keep in mind that by using this module i'm officially judging you as person.
    Adriana bdsm positions module:
    This file is optional.Adds 15 light bdsm positions for bedroom.
    Adriana humiliation positions module:
    This file is optional.Adds 11 humiliation positions for bedroom.
    Adriana toys positions module:
    This file is optional.Adds 11 bedroom positions with sex toys.
    Adriana femdom positions module:
    This file is optional. Ever wanted to get back at Bruce for being a dick ? Now you can. Make him your bitch for a change. Adds 9 femdom bedroom positions. And yes....pegging is involved.
    Adriana outfits module:
    This file is optional. Adds 75 new outfits. At thispoint just for beach,casual and fetish. more will come in future.
    This file is optional. Adds 4 bj, 4 cum, 14 female and 16 male alternative portraits. Picj the one you like the most ad rename it to adriana.Then drag and drop them in thier right folder and let override.
    bj : img/characters/bj/bwc
    cum: img/characters/cum
    female : img/characters/female
    male : img/characters/male
    Download the zip file and place it inside the X-Change game folder. Run the  Mod-Loader. Make sure you got the latest one: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/25582-xcl-x-change-life-mod-loader-utility/ Select  the base mod and all downloaded modules. Click load mods. Would recommend deleting the 'mods' folder in the main directory. Start the game by clicking on X-Change Life Mod.html.  
    The multiple characters mod is mandatory for this mod to work : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/31320-xcl-multiple-characters-018b/
    Recommended mods:
    Yes,daddy: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/25585-yes-daddy-mod/
    Petname: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/31720-xcl-19-petname-princess/
    None as far s i know.
    Aphrodite - for creating the game.
    Coriander - made possible the files being smaller.
    Shadowspawn - for the work on outfits module.
    Last and definitely the least : Sorrow - for troubleshooting and play testing - Yes. Unfortunetly have to mention Sorrow too.
    Here is new roadmap up to 3.0.0. Main focus is on updating already existing modules.




  5. [XCL] [0.19] Big Buying

    This adds the option to buy Zipple in quantities of 10, if you can afford it.
    Coming Next: Buying multiple clothing option at Bonwit



  6. [XCL] Potent People Pleaser

    Adds more checks for the People Pleaser side effect in appropriate places
    Author: usagitriplesix
    Potent People Pleaser
    EXPERIMENTAL! - Mostly untested. Use at your own risk!
    If you ever felt like the People Pleaser side effect didn't do much, you're not alone. I attempted to add checks for the side effects in sections of the game where it seemed relevant, to make it a bit more interesting.
    Some of these include:
    Being groped (It's hard to get angry when you know groping you makes other happy!) Being hit on by coworkers (Giving them that BJ would probably make their day!) Being hit on by random guys (A chance to make a guy you just met happy—who could turn that down?) Getting offered drinks at the bar or club (They bought them for you already, so it'd be rude to say 'no!') Buying Alexia lattes (C'mon, hot girls run on lattes—she needs it!)  
    Action points can be used to "buy" your way out of most of these, but the cost is occasionally compounded in situations that already required an action point (such as turning down a "chad" or being horny).



  7. [XCL] [0.19] Library Card

    This is your Library Card to give you access to The Library in The Wharf. Just a bunch of fanciful stories and poems. Rumors of hidden passages and rooms are greatly exagerated.
    Developers: Shadowspawn/Dragon42 & Jirkislo
    Inspiration: Sorrow
    Thank you for XCL: Aphrodite and everyone who helps her
    Adding [library_section_add]-, [library_book_add] and [library_mod_summary]& to allow for easy adding of books by mods.
    Current Library Sections supported are:
    $book_list    Works of Fiction: Long+
    $story_list    Works of Fiction: Short+
    $poetry_list    Poetry of all Flavors+
    $gallery_maps    The Library's Map Room*
    $xchange_list    Stories of fact and faction set in Summer City+
    $lore_bios    Works about the People of Summer City+
    $lore_company    Works about the various corporations at play in Summer City+
    $lore_pill    Works about the various Pills that can be found, both legal and shady+
    $erotica_list    Erotica specific list. While the first three lists CAN have erotica, this is the place for fully erotic works.+
    $testimonials_list    These are meant to be actual things written by exchange users. Think public reviews in the form of stories cleaned up for "book" presentation.+
    * (set:$gallery_maps to it + (a:"<img class='greyborder' src='img/Library/MapSummerCity.jpg' width=60% height=auto>") allows you to add maps to the Map Room in the Library.
    + (set:$variable_you_want_to_set to it + "Book Name") where Book Name is both the title of the work and the passage (:: Book Name) that contains your book. You'll need to copy the Generic Book template at the end of Library and modify it with the contents of your book.
    - [library_section_add] allows you to add new sections to the Main Library passage. You'll need to add a $yourvar_list variable for the buttons and corresponding passages for each book.
    & [library_mod_summary] a simple passage with "* [Your Mod Name Here]: [SHORT Description of your Mod here]"
    Template Passages and Examples are included at the end of Library's .twee file



  8. [XCL] [0.19] Gallery Pass

    This is your Gallery Pass to the Art Gallery in the Wharf.



  9. [XCL] Curio's Outfit Expansion Vol. 2

    MASSIVE Cassidy Update! This adds 167 new outfits for Cassidy! This includes tons of office and gym outfits, dozens of new stylish clothes, and so much more. This also upgrades almost sixty of her existing outfits! I'm pretty sure this is the biggest update I've worked on for any of the X-Change women. This update also includes a Standalone option for Cassidy's new outfits.
    In addition to the current big update, this mod also adds over 140 new outfits for Scarlit and gives you almost 50 outfit upgrades. It also completely overhauls Jade's outfit collection, giving her 160 new outfits for Jade and dozens of upgrades. It also adds 115 new outfits for Jia and 70 new outfits for Ella! Next I will (finally) finish working on completing Lana's outfit collection! If you want to keep up with progress on this mod, I'm keeping people updated on the work in Discord.
    Buying all of the new outfits will probably slow your wardrobe selection down at the least. Think of this as adding more variety to choose from, which could be very useful considering the new matching handbag mechanics as well as current and future mechanics that incentivize having a large wardrobe.
    Thanks to: Chuck (who I learned how to make this mod from), Onion (patient early outfit guidance), Hi, It's Me (Goddess of AI), Riskybisnu (Goddess of outfit hunting), Ebiora (Goddess of XCL outfits), and Aphrodite (Goddess of Goddesses).
    Download the "Curio Expansion Mod 2.zip" file and place it inside the X-Change game folder. Add it with Mod-loader and then click load mods Note: if using this mod on a pre-existing save, it may take a full week of in-game time for the outfits to show up as available to purchase.  
    Important Note: the STANDALONE download options install the same way the Curio Expansion Mod does. You do not need those if you install the main Curio Expansion Mod. They are only here in case you want to just download the outfits of a single girl.



  10. [XCL] Spike Fun

    Adds a variety of drug-spiking and non-con sex to the workplace, bar, and club.
    Author: usagitriplesix
    ONLY USE ONE VERSION: 0.7+ Stable or 0.8 Experimental!
    EXPERIMENTAL VERSION: Spike Fun 0.8+ for X-Change Life v0.19
    WARNING: This version is still experimental and break your game! Use at your own risk!.
    This is a release of a new major build for Spike Fun that likely has a lot of broken aspects, so use at your own risk!
    Important change to note:
    The Yes! drug has been removed from Spike Fun and is now an optional component. It should still work, if you have it installed, but it no longer comes bundled with the mod. You will want to get the updated version from here, with my other drug mods.
    New Events:
    Bimbo Recruitment - Specifically focused on lowering your character's intellect, this will probably do the most with the Wonka Bigger Int Penalty modlet, which makes the "intellect drain" side effect delete more Int XP. Smartie Wants a Dumb Girlfriend - Keeping with the theme, You may encounter a "smart" guy looking for a dumb, slutty girlfriend...and he's not afraid to "make" one through drink spikes! Only partially tested, this one doesn't have much in the way of built-in escapes, so I'm not sure how long you might get stuck. (It's also missing some planned features due to me not wanting to edit more key passages of the base game.)  
    Changes and improvements
    Lots of assorted bug fixes, including a rework of how temporary side effects were handled. Seems I had the wrong idea about how it worked, and I have (hopefully) corrected that mistake. Removal of "breeder effect," as it appears this didn't work properly, anyway. Added "clone effect," because it turns out it was easier to added clones to Breeder pills than breeding to Clones pills. Rewrote the :: sex orgasm passage for better compatibility between Spike Fun, BR Pills, and Multiple Character Mod Tweaked the "multiple orgasms" side effect to be a little less powerful (and, hopefully, less likely to cause an infinite climax loop) Added a passive spike activity "heat" gain on days the player isn't at the bar. Probably other stuff I forgot about because I didn't write it down because I don't take this very seriously...  
    Spike Fun: 0.7+ for X-Change Life v0.19
    Introducing Spike Fun “Stories!” This new version of Spike Fun was made with the intent of adding some small bits of narrative to some of the drink spiking at the bar. Potentially optional (there’s an untested menu option to turn off the new “Stories” additions), this build of the mod adds short scenes involving the player character and other bar-goers having their drinks spiked with drugs and transformables.
      Here’s a quick rundown of the new features:     Drink Spikes - It’s Not Just You You’re not the only one who needs to watch your drink; all of the bar girls are also at risk. Some of the girls may become “unavailable” for a while, if a would-be spiker has their way with them. (A mod that adds extra bar girls is recommended.)     Spike Activity and Crime Reporting The bar and club both have periods where drink-spikes are more and less frequent. Visiting them during these periods have a higher risk of drinks being spiked.   While the club activity periods ebb and wane on their own, the bar’s activity can be influenced by the player. If you witness a drink-spiking attempt, you can report it to the authorities—the Summer City Police Department has officers occasionally at the bar, and have a booth at the mall where they can be contacted. (The mall booth also has spiking activity notices.)   If you spot someone attempting to drug one the bar girls, you can also intervene—your success may depend on your skills and how drunk you are, however.   Each drink-drugging crime reported has a chance of helping the SCPD end the current wave of spiking activity, and calm things down at the bar.     Drink-Spike Culprits The people putting drugs into drinks now have a little more motivation and personality. What kind of transformation and side effects the player character gets hit with may depend on what they’re after.   Some of them may be influenced by interactions with the player character, directly, or indirectly. (Some may not take well to busybodies who keep reporting them and their friends to the police… )   Mixed in with the minor drink spike events are a few large ones, which could have severe, longer-lasting impacts on the PC.     Spikers Make House Calls Sometimes, you just can’t say “no”—likely because you’ve been drugged by a highly illegal substance only found in Summer City’s black market. If you get hit by one of these special drugs, you may find yourself “willingly” inviting a stranger into your room for late-night activities. (Don’t worry, they effects should wear off…eventually.)     Picking Up Girls is More Annoying Has picking up bar girls been too easy and free of aggravation? This version of Spike Fun expands on the interruption events from previous builds, that would sometimes get between you and your hookup target.   Sometimes, they’re innocent and harmless events, and other times, it’s your competition trying to beat you to the girl. There’s a bit more variety to these events, in the hopes that your bar visits will be more interesting.     You’re Not Safe as a Girl Girl spikes are a thing, now. Both at the bar and the club, women can be drugged and taken advantage of—watch your drinks!   Your coworkers can spike you, too. Both as a saleswoman and a secretary, you might find an aphrodisiac slipped into your coffee.     Additional Side Effects and Combos I’ve recreated some of the BR Pills as side effects, so they can be used in combination with other pill types. A Kannagi (masturbation denial) / Continue pill? Empress / Clone pill? These are possible, now.     Requirements: In order to function properly, you need to include these mods in your load order: Drug Framework 2+ (Flip's updated version) BR Pills Mod (for new pills to be used in drink spikes) Wonka Shop (for pill side effects) U666 Drugs: Caliente, Futility, Yes! (These files are currently included in the build)     Recommended: My Diagnostic Kiosk - This expansion of part of the BR Pills mod will help you find out what you’ve been drugged with.     Mod Compatibility Needless to say, this version of Spike Fun is extremely invasive, and touches on many passages of the game, so there are likely going to be unintended interactions with other mods.   Currently, I’ve used it with these mods without issues: Girls, Girls, Girls & BR’s Bar Girl Framework Christy Bar Girl Alex   There is direct support for: Pharm-Rx - Spike Fun should recognize and use some of the drugs from the mod HGH Side Effect - There are some special scenarios built around this mod Pregmod - The SWP nanobots have will be added as a possible drug effect if this mod is detected. WARNING: Some combinations of side effects can result in situations many have deemed to be... "unplayable." Multiple Character Mod - This should work, in theory, but Spike Fun may need to load AFTER Multiple Characters   No known conflicts: Bar Drugging - Both mods should work together, but your character will be abused... a lot. Also, police reporting won't have any effect on Bar Drugging.   Not supported: Brrtz-More Bar Characters Avaible - Untested, but highly likely that it conflicts with passages Spike Fun uses to control which NPCs show up at the bar.  
    Installation For version 0.7+, you will need an 0.7+ MEDIA file and an 0.7+ code file. (Multiple Character Patch file is an extra for those trying to use Spike Fun with the Multiple Characters mod. Don't use the patch if you don't have this mod.)    
    Special Credit
    The clone pill code, and one of the big inspirations for the mod, comes from Heck Tate's Random Work Spike mod (Not required). MCL compatibility by Sorrow.
     Special thanks to Badrabbit, Heck Tate, and Portinari, who's mods I blatantly stole from in putting this together (primarily for my own amusement).



  11. [XCL] Knock-off Pharmacy [for 0.18a]

    Adds a new pharmacy to the mall for selling (non-X-Change) knock-off pills.
    Author: usagitriplesix
    Knock-off Pharmacy
    This mod adds a new store called "Pill Poppa" to the mall.
    While the mod doesn't include any new pills, it's been created with the intent of giving modders a place to sell non-X-Change "knock-off" pills. So, if it's not a reputable product of the X-Change corporation, this Pill Poppa is probably the place to look for it.
    Works with X-Change Life v0.19
    NOTE: The patches require a new game in order to work; old saves will likely not have the pills in the correct stores.
    Instructions for Players
    To use this mod, you need the core Twee file and the media file. The store does not come with any pills on it's own. These need to be added via other mods or through patches. I have included a few patches, but other creators can make their own.
    Explanation of the available files:
    REQUIRED: XCL u666 knockoff pharmacy CORE: TWEE and MEDIA files - These two core files  are required to add the store to the mall. All additional files will add different options to the store.  
    Patches for Pills - These patches allow pills/drugs from other mods to be sold through the Pill Poppa pharmacy
    XCL u666 knockoff pharmacy Patch4BRpills - This is a patch for BR Pill Mod. This will move two of the non-X-Change brand pills to the knock-off pharmacy. XCL u666 knockoff pharmacy Patch4Caliente - This allows the Caliente and Futility pills from U666's Drugs or Spike Fun (requires Drug Framework 2) to be sold in the store. XCL u666 knockoff pharmacy Patch4CockUp - This allows the Cock-Up pill from U666's Drugs  (requires Drug Framework 2) to be sold in the store. XCL u666 knockoff pharmacy Patch4Yes - This allows the Yes! pill from U666's Drugs  (requires Drug Framework 2) to be sold in the store. XCL u666 knockoff pharmacy Patch4PharmInc - This allows the various Pharm Inc pills (requires Drug Framework 2) to be sold in the store.  
    Other patches
    XCL u666z knockoff pharmacy Patch4Diagnostic - This is a patch for the Pill Diagnostic Kiosk (requires BR Pill Mod). It should also work with Drug Framework mods.  
    For Modders:
    In theory, the new passages added by this mod should allow you to add pills to the knock-off pharmacy just as you would for the X-change one. A sample file has been included to demonstrate. The passages are:
    ko_pharmacy_options - For adding additional options to the pharmacy ko_browse_pills - For browsing the store's pill inventory ko_purchase_pills - For purchasing a pill  
    See the file u666_knockoff_pharmacy_sample_pills.twee for a sample.



  12. [XCL] Pill Diagnostic Kiosk

    Upgrade for BR Pill Mod - Enhanced kiosk detects what pill you've been spiked with, including side effects.
    Author: usagitriplesix
    REQUIRES: Badrabbit's BR Pill Mod
    What it does: This is an upgrade for the portion of BR Pill Mod that handles informing the player of what kind of pill they've been spiked with. Mostly a graphical and audio upgrade, adding a kiosk to the X-Change Pharmacy that detects the pill you've been spiked with and your side effects.
    Originally a part of my Spike Fun mod, I realized it can work simply as an addition for BR Pill Mod as well.
    Works with version 0.19 of X-Change Life.
    Make sure BR Pill Mod is installed. Also compatible with Wonka Shop. Install both the TWEE and MEDIA (XCL) files.



  13. [XCL] [0.19] X-Change Battles

    Welcome to X-Change Battles, the playable TCG!
    There are two ways to play:
    Build a Deck and Play the Game
    Skill Roll Battles ... a random system with many modifiers
    Battles Content:
    123 new TCG cards including new sets and new rarities
    Gaming Store in Serendipity's basement
    Nerdvana, the Battles hub, located off the Beach
    Dragon's Lair, a gaming store located in The Wharf (Wharf required)
    Gift Shop in the Mall has Nerd items
    Purchasable singles at each gaming location
    Booster Packs
    Mass buy and sell
    Trade for mythics
    Play games at any location for fun
    Each location has its own daily tournament(s)
    Monthly tournament where you earn points to qualify for The World Championship
    Four Regional tournaments where you earn points to qualify for The World Championship
    The World Championship... a 256 player extravaganza involving the best Battlers in the world
    There are already a few quests/stories live in Battles with more to come!
    The Wharf has a number of features that either require Battles or are there to enhance your Battles experience. In particular you will find the Portal Potty useful to allow you to visit multiple locations in the same day.
     *Dragon's Lair, the gaming store. Day and Night visits with separate tournament for each.
     *Portal Potty, flush three or more times and exit in a different location than you entered.
     *Zoltar, fortune teller who uses the new cards to see the future

    If you have Dreddful Endings + Wharf you get access to the drug dealers in the south alley who sell Battles performance enhancing drugs... and offer their own Dreddful ends if you abuse them.
    Lead Developer: Shadowspawn/Dragon42
    Developement Team: Winrarw - couldn't have done it without you!
    Coding Consultatnts: Chuck, Goctionne, Apologetic
    Original Inspiration/Plague Carrier: Tawnee - Thanks for the fever dream!
    Special Thanks to Aphrodite for creating an amazing game!
    My Friends: Sorrow and Jirkislo
    Disables the achievements related to cards for performance issues



  14. [XCL] [0.19] Cemetery Gate

    Adds a Cemetery to XCL. If you hit Game Overs, it creates a tombstone in the graveyard to commemorate your character. Purchase bigger and better plots and markers for status. Triggers exist in:
     Base Game
     All Dreddful Endings
     All Wharf Endings
    Developers: Shadowspawn/Dragon42
    Inspiration: Dizzy's trauma
    Thank you for XCL: Aphrodite and everyone who helps her
    Requires Wharf



  15. [XCL] [0.19] The Wharf

    A new area of Summer City to explore. Located off the Beach, you can stroll the streets and piers of The Wharf. Shop the many shops. Listen to some smooth jazz at the jazz bar. Take a tour of the winery! there will be both day time and night time options. Come play at The Wharf!
    If you would like to develope a building location for The Wharf, contact Shadowspawn on Discord.
    Lead Developers: Dragon42/Shadowspawn AND PudgeFattyFat
    Developement team: TinyGoal



  16. [XCL] [0.19] Summer Park

    Just a bunch of fanciful trails you can stroll with amazing views.



  17. [XCL] [0.19] DreddfulEndings

    It adds 8 BAD endings to X-Change Life centered around the Side Effects that drain stats or identity. Eventually, it will add 8 redemption arcs for those bad endings, but right now only one is implemented, the rest just dump you back to the base game. It also adds a cat.
    Lead Developer: Dragon42/Shadowspawn/DragonEpiphany/ME
    Developement Team:  Winrarw
    Coding Consultant: Chuck
    Special Thanks to Aphrodite for creating an amazing game!
    This Mod affects the bar dance and dredd job passages., as well as the Pharmacy main, Dumb Bitch Demo, Hot N Ready Demo, and Secretary Demo. It adds 8 BAD endings to X-Change Life centered around the Side Effects for the affected passages



  18. [XCL] [0.19] Eva Lovia - Playable Character

    Hey all, if you've been keeping track of the discord you'll know that this character has been in the works for a while and I can say it's final out! The character is based on the actress Eva Lovia. This'll be my first mod I've ever worked on (for now) so let me know if you come across any bugs while playing and just DM me on Discord. 
    Since Eva is currently not an active actress and has been retired for a while so there won't be as many updates to add new positions and outfits. Currently planning on adding outfits specific scenes but time will tell with that. 
    53 outfits 
    10 hairstyles
    9 transactional bj scenes
    7 transactional doggy scenes
    53 position scenes
    16 cum scenes (creampies and all)(
    Download the zip file and place it inside the X-Change game folder. Run the  Mod-Loader. Select  the base mod and all downloaded modules. Click load mods. Would recommend deleting the 'mods' folder in the main directory. Start the game by clicking on X-Change Life Mod.html.\  
    The multiple characters mod is mandatory for this mod to work : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/31320-xcl-multiple-characters-018b/
    Aphrodite - for creating the game.
    Sorrow - for troubleshooting and play testing. Helped me out a HUGE amount. Honestly would not be possible without Sorrow
    Jirkislo - for helping out a bunch with the initial start of the mod and general tips with modding and even troubleshooting and play testing.
    RiteWriter - for helping out with the naming conventions for a lot of the outfits



  19. [XCL] Spike Fun Timed Avoidance

    A mod for the Spike Fun mod by Usagi666.  Replaces the randomized INT based chance to avoid a spiked drink with a timer based on your INT, Arousal, alcohol, and a couple side effects.
    Currently covers female spikes, bar spikes, and club spikes.  Not currently covered: male workplace spikes & secretary spikes.
    Any and all feedback is welcome.
    Spike Fun 0.7.x or 0.8.x & associated requirements.
    XCL v.19



  20. Bruce cucks you

    If your cock is too small to please a bar girl when you try to take her home, she might call up Bruce to please her instead. 
    Spoiler alert: contains chastity, cum eating, cuckolding, and impregnation stuff. 



  21. TFX Updated Cheats [XCL] [0.19]

    Combines Luna Muffin and and goodburger's updated cheat mods, updated for the March 21 changes to the cheat menu, and adds skills previously left off. Those skills are sexy dancing, pregnancy, and milking talents. Lastly it updates "Advance Pregnancy to Next Stage" to replace greater than with greater than or equal to for week 12.
    else-if:$pregnancy's weeks < 12 and $pregnancy's "weeks" >= 8



  22. Alexia embarrasses you when you wear a bathrobe

    If you wear a bathrobe to greet a guy, Alexia might have something to say about that



  23. [XCL] A Missing Pill mod [0.19]

    This is a very simple mod that just runs on the start of every new day. It checks to see if the player is female, but is missing a pill (i.e. there is no pill icon next to your name).
    This would mean there is no easy way to change back to a male, and you'd be stuck in a pill forever...
    Why might this happen? Mods - and mod interactions. For instance, you do a demo that forces you to take a pill in it, but for whatever reason, you end up taking a pill that doesn't exist (i.e. the mod's pill array is not written properly).
    Whatever the reason may be, it stands to reason as of now if you are a female, you have taken a pill (even New-U gives you a pill effect). So with that in mind, if you are female but there's no pill - something is messed up. And that's what this mod fixes. It sets your $pill_taken to "basic".
    None known at this time. Its a very simple code that wraps around :: day
    However, if there is a mod that makes it so you play as a female without having to take a pill, this could conflict with that.
    I also haven't check to see how it works with base game pregnancy permanence, so it may be that this could effectively remove the pregnancy permanence effect.
    Will update if so, and if I get the chance.
    Update: Pregnancy Permanence ALSO sets your $pill_taken to Plus with an infinite timer. So this mod is compatible with that as well 😄



  24. [XCL] [0.19] LittleBlonde

    What it is: This is an update for littleblondebigcity, including many redone, resized, and reformatted pics, standardized file sizes, and standardized backgrounds for pics missing rose or grey backgrounds, as well as many new pics, and a new outfit or two. Also included, missing video for ecstasy sinking in, and code fixes to update littleblonde to 0.19.
    Now more than 6 times the transactional positions of most base characters. 3 times as many blowjob transactionals. Over 100 bedroom positions, roughly 4x more than the base characters, and longer as well. More everything. By a lot. Except size. Everything super compressed for your downloading pleasure.
    Drop littleblonde 2.69.420 in your mods folder, make sure you have Multiple Characters and hit mod loader.
    A gigantic thank you to Jirkislo, who went out and got the miles and miles of video footage. Without him, we'd still be waiting for me to go out and find it!
    A gigantic thank you to Apologetic for helping me bugfix everything. You rock!
    Also big thanks to Limdood for helping test, and laurentb for lots of the new outfits, and some still to come!



  25. Super cheater. Turns off current game cheating testing.

    This does some simple work to turn the $cheated flag off.  This should stop the current cheat tracking.



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