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X-Change Life

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  1. X-Change™ Life

    X-Change Life is a text-based, sandbox RPG with tons of sex. It takes place in a world where gender-swapping pills can give you any body you want! The core concepts include making sex encounters quite interactive, and giving you a lot of gameplay choices compared to other HTML-based sex games. You can either download it (it's big, about 5gb due to having thousands of media files - they're all compressed, I promise), or play online. 
    Find out more about the project here. You can support me on SubscribeStar here for access to early playtests and votes on future content!
    This game is in its early stages (it's been in public development for a bit over a year), but already has a decent chunk of content. It's also built from the ground up to be extremely modular and moddable. It's also completely open source and you can check out the code repository (I even give bounties for bug fixes) in the first link.
    Anyhow, that's all! Enjoy.



  2. Exhibitionist Mod

    This mod adds the Exhibitionist side effect into X-Change Life.
    Ability to gain Exhibitionist side effect through misuse of the Insta-strip pill. Exhibitionist side effect will cause the player to enjoy being observed by others while wearing revealing clothes, and feel uncomfortable in modest clothes. Exhibitionist side effect becomes more affecting and detrimental at higher Femininity levels. Exhibitionist side effect becomes dramatically more affecting and detrimental with missing Identity.  
    Hidden Features (spoilered for those who want to discover during play)
    Version 1.3:
    Updated to use new tag system (courtesy of McLurkington) Uncomfortable status will no longer overwrite some other statuses Relationship statuses will update again when being caught by family while having the Exhibitionist side effect.  
    Installation: After downloading, use the XCL Mod Loader to add the mod to the game.



  3. Easy Bardrug

    Due to popular demand here is a mod to a mod. This makes the bardrug event practically guarenteed to occur (if requirements are met). Requirements to occur are also much lower.
    Requires Bar drug 1.2.3 to work. Modloader will give an error that the two mods are incompatible after loading but that can safely be ignored.



  4. Easier Masculinity Gain During Sex

    Masculinity increases with the number of orgasms you gave them during that session, up to a maximum of 5.
    Angering your partner by cumming inside without permission halves your masculinity gain, rounded down.
    Cumming inside without angering your partner will earn you an extra masculinity point, for a possible maximum of 6 points.
    Passages altered:
    ::girl sex aftermath
    This change makes gaining masculinity much easier if you're trying to restore it for whatever reason, and also makes physical fitness more useful; the more physically fit you are, the faster you'll be able to return to a more masculine state. This means the fastest way to return from a highly feminine state is to buy some workout clothes, work out as a female as much as possible for the fitness XP gain, and consistently fuck women as your fitness levels improve.
    Download the .twee file, save wherever you keep your mods, and load it using the XCL Modloader.

    Compatibility notes: should be highly compatible with any current mods out there as of Feb 2 2023. Any mod that affects sex with the bargirls *could* be incompatible if it affects the above passage. The "Fitness Gains" mod I authored is compatible and synergizes well.
    Should be compatible with 0.16f as no common passages were altered.



  5. More Useful Body Pillow

    The Body Pillow is actually useful now as Jia or Scarlit!
    When female, owning the body pillow has a 50% chance of providing a random +2 buff to a single stat every day. This status will overtake buffs from wearing pajamas, but is less powerful than pregnancy related debuffs like cramps or morning sickness.
    Passages edited:
    :: next day



  6. [XCL] Address Book Mod

    What does getting a number for a girl at the bar do? Nothing?
    Not with this mod. For those of us who are not sufficiently patient to wait for the male content update - you can now use the phone numbers to call the girls in question. What the result of that call can be depends on your history with the girl.
    With thanks to McLurkington without whom this would not have been possible.



  7. Bar drugging

    This mod adds the a scene where the character gets drugged with an X-Change pill.
    New scene when leaving the bar as male Have a semi rare case of happening but there are multiple things that can trigger this WARNING: contains non consent. Requires non consent to be turned on in menu  
    Install using XCL Mod Loader. Shouldn't conflict with other mods as it uses a passage tag when leaving bar and is otherwise a new scene.



  8. Mystery Shop

    Small mod with a new shop in the mall that adds two items no use for them yet.



  9. Perfect_you_test

    Just the start of a bimbo mod, at the moment it is just a pill had help getting it running from "McLurkington".
    incompatible with the following at the moment. (Pharmacist Deals mod) - (TheUSB mod).
    works with the following mods. (Buff display mod) - (voice mods) - (Exhibitionist) - (SWP Recruiter) - (YesDaddy) - (SWP Recruter) - (Bardruging) - (Curiosity Quest) - (People Pleaser Plus) - (Shoplifter) - (Performance Reviews).
    have not test newer mods.



  10. Can't Hold It

    Guys can't hold it! When you take too long to tell them where you want it, they just bust their load...
    A small mod that will give you limited time to choose where he should finish after sex. If you don't choose in time, it's random.
    The choices will slowly fade, so you get a hint when it's time.
    Doesn't affect guys who make up their mind before and simply cum how they want.
    Tested with 0.16f
    Should not conflict with any mod (only modifies "sex transactional he cums choice" passage)
    Credit to user "dums" on F95zone, for the idea for this mod



  11. [XCL] Female Orgasms Mod

    Small mod. Changes effects of female orgasms and the numbers required to achieve different effects. At the moment the numbers are static, This mod bases the effect on the character on what has happened to them in the past (it uses an average).
    Changes the :: proposition sex check shame passage,
    Should not conflict with any other mods.



  12. [XCL] Porn mod

    This is a mod to do with watching porn on the computer in the mc's bedroom and masturbating.
    Conflicts with the big black mod and the Curiosity Quests mod.
    Adds flavor text to watching porn on the computer (and some masturbation successes), tweaks elements of watching porn and masturbation - changes arousal and difficulty and some results (including masculinity/femininity at extremes) - nothing huge.



  13. [XCL] Call Pill Mod

    Small quality of life mod.
    Overwrites the npc invites himself passage.
    Conflicts with the people pleaser plus mod.
    If you have pills available when you get a call as a guy you can take the pill and answer as a girl.



  14. Blackjack for Everyone

    Just a small tweak that updates Dredd and Bruce so that they'll play blackjack with anyone, regardless of gender. Dredd won't let you play for the highest stakes if you're already on an X-Change, but he'll still play a game or two with you.



  15. [XCL] Machine Breakdown Mod

    Sometimes the New U Machine breaks down. When it does that might affect supply and price of pills at the pharmacy.
    Should not conflict with any other mods. Has some slight additional content if installed with McLurkington's Pharmacist Deals Mod.
    At the moment in the mod, after the first week, there is a 10% chance per day that the New U machine will break down, forcing the character to consider other options. If the machine breaks it will stay broken until Friday when there will be a 90% chance it will be fixed - there will then again be a 10% chance per day that the machine will break down again. I would welcome any feedback, particularly around how often the machine should break or there should be other consequences (such as pill shortages).



  16. X-Change Life Mod Loader Utility

    This is the official utility that can be used for applying mods to the game X-Change Life. 
    Find mod loader usage details here: https://gitgud.io/xchange-life/mod-loader/-/wikis/home
    And a step-by-step guide for applying mods with this utility: https://x-change.life/wiki/docs/mods/
    Developed by @togashikokujin who is a primary contributor to the X-Change Life project.



  17. Pharmacist 'Discount' Offers Mod

    This mod expands the 'Work Something Out' option with the Pharmacist, adding new ways you might discover the option to make a deal, unexpected side effects to the pills you receive, and an interactive sex-scene! (Currently only the first half of the sex scene is complete, though there's still plenty to discover there. The complete scene is coming in the next version, and should be on par with some of the sales demo sex scenes, with its own unique mechanic and outcomes.)
      If you don't have enough money for something, but you have at least $50, the Pharmacist might offer to work something out. If you don't even have $50, you can still make deal, but you'll have to look for a way to ask about getting a discount directly. There's a tip you can find somewhere in the mall that can point you toward the possibility of making a deal.  Discounted pills may have unexpected side effects. There are hints when you transform, so keep an eye out!  Discounted pills may also have unpredictable durations. (Some types might last a week or more.) The Pharmacist will sometimes offer to make sex part of the deal, in exchange for something extra. (If you want to guarantee the offer, try to satisfy him as much as possible during the blowjob.) But watch out if you happen to wind up with the Breeder side effect and agree to have sex. He's not fond of pulling out! Support for Ebiora's Exhibitionist mod: If you have both installed, discounted pills may have the Exhibitionist side effect.
    Most features will function on v0.16d of X-Change Life, but for full functionality v0.16e or higher is required.

    Quick reminder, since a couple people have run into this issue: Please do *not* unzip this mod before using the mod loader. It includes files and images in subdirectories that will not be loaded properly if it is unzipped, causing errors.



  18. Curiosity Quests

    This mod adds Curiosity Quests to the game. Each time you take a pill, you will be given a curiosity. Satisfy that curiosity and you will be rewarded with bonuses at the start of the next day.
    NOTE: This mod is still in testing, at the moment the most difficulty Curiosity Quests do not reward bonus XP.



  19. [XCL] Bar Girl Pregnancy Scare Mod

    There are consequences for cumming inside one of the bar girls (Leah) when she's not on the pill.
    This is a story mod - it adds a bit of content - it's not big.
    Starting a new game is probably best. It's going to conflict with the bar girls mod and the easier masculinity gains from sex mod.
    If you have non-con disabled then this mod will do nothing.
    This mod was made for the February 2023 X-Change Life Modding Competition - Inner Thots.



  20. People pleaser plus

    This simple mod adds two new conditions to the People pleaser side effect. 
    Should your character fall victim to the people pleaser side effect, this mod will make it more difficult to turn down guys after you've had sex with them.  Using this mod you'll find yourself saying yes, when you should be saying no when guys:
    Ask for your phone number Invite themselves over.   
    It will also be more difficult to dump them.  Especially when you are a woman.  



  21. X-Change Life - Online patch

    This is a patch for X-Change Life, that enables a modded version to be played "online". No need to download 5+GB to play with mods!
    The patch will work with a local Game and Mods, but all resources (images, videos, music, sound, ...) of the base game are loaded from the X-Change Life webserver. Mod resources are still loaded locally.
    NOTE: This is not a mod for the X-Change Life Modding framework!
    It replaces the original X-Change Life game file (X-Change Life.html) with a patched version.
    How to use
    Just download, extract and open X-Change Life.html in your favorite browser. The game will run like the orignial online version on https://x-change.life/
    To add Mods, use the official X-Change Life mod-loader and follow the instructions at https://gitgud.io/xchange-life/mod-loader/-/wikis/home
    A short summary:
    Download the mod-loader JAR from https://gitgud.io/xchange-life/mod-loader/-/releases Download mods from https://gitgud.io/xchange-life/mod-loader/-/wikis/List-of-Mods Start the mod-loader (double-click on JAR file, Java required), and add your mods Click "Load mods" Open X-Change Life Mod.html in your browser Profit! Updating to new X-Change Life version
    The patch will simply add an addiotinal JS file at the bottom of the HTML file. The current version is bundled with this patch.
    When a new version of X-Change Life is released, it must be updated. Simply go to http://x-change.life/ and save the website locally (e.g. in FireFox, Right-Click > Save Website As... > (choose "Website (Only HTML))")
    The file MUST be named "X-Change Life.html", as this is also required by the mod-loader.
    Then, double-click on "patcher.bat"
    After this, the mods must be re-installed using the mod-loader
    Changed JS/CSS
    The base game includes some JS and CSS files in the header directly. Those are also bundled in this package. I don't assume they will change frequently, but if so, they also must be downloaded from the original game.
    They can be found at the top of the HTML file, in <script src=...> and <link rel="stylesheet" src=...>



  22. Gabbie

    A small mod to permit Gabbie to continue to be available to take out from the bar after the Dredd scene.
    NOT compatible with the bar girls mod.



  23. [XCL] [Utility] Trackers

    This is not a content or gameplay mod - there should be no noticeable difference to the game. There should be no conflicts with any other mods.
    The mod creates a number of variables for use in modding.
    The main purpose of the mod was to try to get info about roughness and penis size (the last 4 variables) so the bits of the mod that aren’t to do with that are less well developed. All these relate to the mc in a female body. They don’t track any of the male stats.
    Unfortunately, not all scenes use the ordinary orgasm passage or specify a size of penis for the npc or have a specified roughness – so they are not tracked properly.
    The variables created by the mod, and what they track, are:
    $oralorgasmnumber – tracks any orgasms that go through the sex orgasm passage and have the oral type – so any orgasms caused by oral on the mc when she is at the bar or at the gym (in a normal scene) and at home – does not include dumb bitch orgasm if oral.
    $soloorgasmnumber - tracks any orgasms that go through the sex masturbation passage with the mc as a female – which I think is all of them but I am not entirely sure.
    $totalorgasmnumber – tracks any orgasms that go through the sex orgasm passage or the masturbation passage as a female – so with dredd’s boys, in dumb bitch demo, at home, at the gym (normal scene) and at the bar NOT the gym special scenes.
    $pivorgasmnumber – tracks orgasms that go through the sex orgasm passage where the npc has a specified cock size – at the moment that’s at the bar, at the gym (normal scene) and at home.
    $pivxorgasmnumber - tracks orgasms that go through the ordinary sex transactional route where the positions used have a specified roughness – at the moment that’s only with fuckbuddies at home.
    $roughpref - tracks the average roughness of the position used that results in the mc orgasm where the positions used have a specified roughness – at the moment that’s only with fuckbuddies at home.
    $sizepref - tracks the average cock rating of the npc that results in the mc orgasm where the npc’s cock is specified – at the moment that’s at home, in the bar and at the gym (normal scenes).
    $lengthpref - tracks the average cock length of the npc that results in the mc orgasm where the npc’s cock is specified – at the moment that’s at home, in the bar and at the gym (normal scenes).
    $fatpref - tracks the average cock fatness of the npc that results in the mc orgasm where the npc’s cock is specified – at the moment that’s at home, in the bar and at the gym (normal scenes



  24. Fitness Gains during Rough Sex

    **Rough Sex As Male Fitness Gains**
    Using rough sex positions as a male will now provide with fitness gains. Each act of rough sex provides between 1 and 3 points of fitness depending on your combo. Since higher levels of fitness allow you to use more sex acts, this means that you can gain fitness faster and faster as your max energy level increases.
    This also makes achieving fitness level 10 easier as a male, leading to more reasons to actually have sex with the bargirls without pissing them off. For balance reasons, rough actions now take two points of energy. Better hit the gym too!
    *Passages altered*
    :: girl sex rough result
    *Passages called*
    ::fitness gain xp
    Should be compatible with all mods as of Feb 2 2023. Any mods that affect sex with the bargirls could be affected in the future, but only if they affect the two passages listed above. The Easy Masculinity Gains mod is compatible.
    Should be compatible with version 0.16f as no common passages were altered.
    Download the .twee file and add it to your mods using the XCL Modloader, then apply patches.



  25. Alexia the shoplifter

    A trivial little mod.  It makes the chances that your sister a shoplifter about 2:1 in favor.  It doesn't change how often she chooses to go to the mall with you, just makes sure that she is more likely to shoplift when she does.



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