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SexLab SE mods that primarily deal with combat related Sex

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  1. Simple Events - Practical Defeat Addon

    Several human-oriented events for Practical Defeat with integrations to Spank that Ass, YPS Immersive Fashion, and Rape Tats. Works for both male and female player characters.
    Events include:
    Practical Defeat Sexlab Soft:
    Billyy's SLAL Pack (for spanking animations)
    Spank that Ass SE and Impact Play (for spank sound/visual effects during spanking/bukkake event and debuffs) YPS Immersive Fashion (for the makeover event) Rape Tats (for the makeover event) iWantWidgets and iWantWidgets NG (for the bukkake minigame) Recommended:
    Sexlab Cum Overlays Extended (for more layers during the bukkake event) Alpia's Scribbles (for RapeTats, check the description for RT configuration steps) Zaki Tattoo Pack (for RapeTats, check the description for RT configuration steps) Installation
    Install as you would any other mod For Users
    For balancing purposes, this mod will temporarily disable RT and SLS automatic application. They will be enabled again once the defeat is over.
    You can customize the makeup applied during the makeover event in "SKSE\Plugins\Practical Defeat\Simple Events\makeover.json". The positioning for the bukkake event can be edited in "SKSE\Plugins\Practical Defeat\Simple Events\offsets.json". Let me know if you have any questions about either of these.
    Future Plans
    More JSON customization options More dialogue variation [Your ideas here] Credit
    Monoman1 for some adapted makeover code from SL Survival If you'd like to support subsequent development, get early access to some stuff, and vote on what comes next, consider becoming a Patron:
       Patreon        Discord



  2. Creature Comforts - Practical Defeat Addon

    Several creature-oriented events for Practical Defeat. Works for both male and female player characters.
    Events include:
    Practical Defeat Sexlab Soft:
    Billyy's SLAL Pack (for creature animations) Devious Devices (for special accessories) HDT Tails Wearable (for special doggy accessories) S.L.U.T.S. (for special pony accessories) Installation
    Install as you would any other mod Enable Creature Content in the Practical Defeat MCM For Users
    You can customize the dog ear and tail accessories in "SKSE\Plugins\Practical Defeat\Creature Comforts\accessories.json". Let me know if you have any questions about how.
    Future Plans
    More JSON customization options More dialogue variation [Your ideas here] If you'd like to support subsequent development, get early access to some stuff, and vote on what comes next, consider becoming a Patron:
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  3. (BETA) Practical Defeat

    A comprehensive, modular, and extensible human enemy-player defeat system for Acheron. Features include:
    Parametrized robbery by item type, value, and chance Varied defeat events and release outcomes including Simple Slavery, Devious Devices, Follower Slavery Mod, etc. Struggle animations + minigame via Acheron Extension Library First class followers support (up to 3) Fast, multi-threaded operation with fail safes Designed/written for any player character and follower gender Heavy bondage (DD) awareness - default idles will change, enemies will react to player already being restrained, confiscate keys, and tamper with devices Easily extendable by other mod authors and can be used to hook into other Acheron consequences This mod (and to a lesser extent Acheron) is very much in development. Bug reports are highly appreciated. You can use other Acheron Consequence mods like Simple Outcomes for Acheron and/or Yamete Kudasai 2.x with this mod for creature support and to defeat NPCs. To reiterate, this mod only adds a system for player defeat at the hands of humanoid enemies e.g. Nords, Khajits, etc.
    Acheron is SE/AE-exclusive and as a result so is this mod.
    Not designed for use with defeat mods beyond other Acheron Consequences i.e. you should not use Defeat, Naked Defeat, etc. with this mod. You can add similar features from those mods to this one using Simple Outcomes and/or Yamete Kudasai.
    Acheron (if you run into issues with 0.4.3 or greater, downgrade to 0.4.2) SkyUI Fuz ro D'Oh PO3 Papyrus Extender PapyrusUtil (latest for your version SE/AE) Sexlab FNIS / Nemesis Pyramid Utils (v0.2 is required for PD v0.4.5) Open Animation Replacer (for crawling/surrender animations) Soft:
    Acheron Extension Library (for struggles) Open Animation Replacer (for crawling) Simple Slavery++ (for player enslavement) Sanguine Debauchery (for player enslavement) Follower Slavery Mod (for follower enslavement) Devious Devices (for restraints) Amputator Framework Tweaked (for post-defeat amputation) Kidnapped by Rieklings (for the titular post-defeat outcome) Recommended:
    Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition (for immersive comments and reactions during events) and Crowd Control (if you only want crowds during this mod's events) SL Survival (for amputee gameplay effects and healing methods) Sexlab P+ (for faster starting scenes but only if you're okay with using a work-in-progress mod) Addons
    Simple Events Bad Endings Creature Comforts Voice Pack by @krzp Installation
    Install as you would any other mod. Run FNIS or Nemesis Configure the weight of this outcome in the Acheron MCM. Upgrading
    If you're playing on an existing save, please ensure you remain on your selected ESP format i.e. ESP -> ESP or ESP -> ESL. Swapping mid-game can cause damage to your save and cause issues with event registration.
    For Users
    If all members of your party including you enter bleedout, an enemy will initiate a struggle minigame with you. If you win, you and your followers will recover and can get back in the fight.
    If you lose, you and your followers will be robbed and subjected to some...unsavory events until the max number of rounds is reached or (if enabled) all aggressors are satisfied. Once the last round is complete, a release event will play out.
    You can find all registered events in the MCM's events page. It features a number of configuration options including robbery parameters, event weights, and restraint type chance. Feel free to request more.
    You can edit the default restraints by modifying Data/SKSE/Plugins/Practical Defeat/Devious Devices.json which includes a list of each of potential restraints for each area. I've mostly picked ones I feel are appropriate for Skyrim's world (rope, iron, leather). Being restrained with DD's may spawn the necessary keys on the enemy which should incentivize you to get revenge.
    I've included some safe measures for preventing item loss on enemy despawn. Please call this out if it doesn't work.
    Performance may be slightly worse on 1.5.97 (SE) due to missing PapyrusUtil functions.

    For Modders
    @Scrab for Acheron, Acheron Extension Library, and a bunch of general development help @Mister X for laying the groundwork for Acheron defeat mods @Pamatronic for inspiring this mod's design with Prison Alternative ZAP team for various bound animations Future Plans
    A lot of bug squashing...and then:
    If you'd like to support subsequent development, get early access to some stuff, and vote on what comes next, consider becoming a Patron:
       Patreon        Discord



  4. Naked Defeat SE

    A fast and immersive Defeat Mod (NPC defeats Player centered) focussing on continuation and immersion.
    Full Customization Options from "kinky gameplay interuptions" to "fucked and bound nonstop" 
    Please consider supporting me if you like my mods.
    While in the past I thought I can literally make this full time, the end of the corona lockdowns tought me otherwise.
    If you become a patreon you support my work and guarantee I can continue development of this.
    (current workload - 2024 - roughly 2-4 hours a day). 
    Patreon features already implemented (and also constantly beeing worked at):
    - Outcame: "Wake up at an Inn"
    - better follower handling 
    The next new feature will get a vote soon on my patreon
    ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/nymra ❤️
    Future Plans:
    - local slavery (somewhere between Peril and SD+) with mini games and actual slave stuff to do.
    - fucked to death outcome & executions (with Pamas Deadly furnitures, FunnyBiz Death animations and my own stuff)
    - post death scenarios that bring you into short afterlife quests where you have to escape from and get back to life
    - voiced comments
    - interaction with the aggressors via a new "Interaction hotkey" (insult them, plead for mercy or tease them)
    - elaborate equipment and outfit save and load system to make beeing stripped naked more fun without beeing totally unable to play the game
    - and many more...
    For Special Edition (SE) Users:
    The mod has now a dedicated Special Edition Download (internal LL link) to have its own Support Section and better overview for me and for users.
    | ----Installation --- |
    - Install as any other mod.
    - Mod Organizer 2 HIGHLY recommended. Everything else is crap IMO
    - Let it overwrite Zap Animation Pack (it comes with some Animation Replacements for the hogtie places)
    - Activate Mod in MCM / System / Mod Enabled [x]
    - save & reload your game
    - Install EXTRA downloads as you please (they are independent of the mod version)
    --> 2k or 4k versions of textures (1k versions are included)
    --> Bodyslide files for FuckingBelts (UNP standard included) only required if you do NOT have "The Amazing World of Bikini Armor" installed
    --> DDe Outfits if you want DD support via DDequip mod
    --> Golden Showers Mini SLAL if you like ... golden showers ^^
    | ---- Updating --- |
    I try to make Naked Defeat new versions as update friendly as possible. That means that they should not require a new game AND not require a clean save either.
    If a new game or clean save is required I will give that info in big red lines in the changelog.
    Updating from Full Version to new Full Version:
    - remove all patches and old version
    - install new version 
    - load your savegame
    - go into Naked Defeat MCM / System ---> untick: Mod Enabled [ ] 
    - save and reload
    - enable the mod: System: Mod Enabled [x]
    - save and reload
    - get fucked
    I usually give a hint in the changelog if running FNIS is required or not.
    Updating with Patches:
    Patches require a previous full version usually (they will not work on their own)
    - just overwrite the matching full version with the patch 
    - remove older patches (if not told otherwise in the changelog)
    Not recommended:
    It is usually NOT required to make a clean save for any update (full or patch)
    It is also NOT necessary to: uninstall mod in Mod Organizer, load game, save, exit, install new version. 
    Why Patches? 
    Because that allows me to release updates faster. Full versions just take more time.
    | ---- Uninstalling --- |
    For LE: disable Mod in MCM/System. Save & Reload & Save.
    Uninstall in your Mod Manager.
    Reload -> play 
    Can Clean Script but afaik it should not be necessary.
    This mod uses Form 43. Removing it from a save can lead to corrupted Saves.
    I recommend testing Naked Defeat on a new game or a copied profile. 
    OR  just untick the mod in the MCM, save & reload. Naked Defeat will do NOTHING then but reserve an ESP slot.
    On SE/AE you should have plenty
    | ---- Hard Requirements --- |
    Zaz Animation Pack 8+ (older versions will not show some of the furnitures. I cannot advise to use ANY old version of ZAP with this mod at the moment)
    Sexlab Aroused (any version will do, including SLAX) 
    Dragonborn DLC
    Dawnguard DLC
    | ---- Soft Requirements --- |
    Crosshair-Reference Script Hang Fix --------- highly recommended for SE users. For LE users try MCM / System / LagFix [x]
    Simple Slavery --------- for Simple Slavery outcome of Defeat obviously
    Devious Devices Equip --------- required for "Captivity DDe Chance" to equip Devious Devices
    My DDe Custom Outfits from the Download Section
    The Amazing World of Bikini Armor (must overwrite Naked Defeat) -> for Fuckbelts) -> if you dont want this mod you can use Naked Defeats internal version, bodyslide for UUNP is in downloads)
    For whip marks and slow fading out of the same:
    Slave Tattoos
    Rape Tattoos 
    Fade Tattoos 
    Rape Tattoos Tweak by Monoman 
    My Rape Hands from the Download Section
    My Whipmarks from the Download Section
    Important note for Rapehands (and possibly also WhipMarks?
    to make them work you need to go into RapeTats MCM, search RapeHands and WhipMarks entries and check if they are (Excluded)
    If they are excluded (and only then), change it to (Unassigned) instead.
    | ---- Recommended Mods & Guides ---- |
    Spank that Ass --------- by the inglorious monoman1 perfect for getting slapped while in the furniture (you can set the "furniture spank chance" in the MCM) -> small problem with followers tho
    ZAP - No Collision Furnitures --------- really improves the furniture experience by alot, can't recommend it enough
    ZAP - Faster in and out of furnitures --------- really improves the furniture experience by alot, can't recommend it enough
    Sexlab Defeat - does the same thing (I m working on a compatibility bridge mod tho)
    Sexlab Submit - does the same thing
    Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life - does the same thing -> might work if you play around with the settings - will add a guide later (a user had some ideas!)
    Peril -  does the same thing
    Dragonborn in Distress - does the same thing
    Possible fixes for compatibiltiy: 
    - tick "Remove Player Essential Flag" in MCM
    - Set "Defeat Chance (Bleedout) to 0% in MCM
    Customize your Combat Options in MCM. Now Naked Defeat can only start via critical hits or surrender. On Bleedout other mods can trigger.
    If possible, disable other mods that trigger on Hits (Estrus Spider and Chaurus Spit attacks for example) since they can lead to double starts and broken animations.
    Cursed Loot -> disable combat defeat feature - most likely it is not compatible with mine. 
    Ultimate Combat -> breaks Whipping for all mods. I suggest using Active Combat or other mods instead - no workaround or solution possible 
    Interactive BDSM -> locks the PC in furniture on its own way. I did not test it but it seems to lead to some... problems. I can only advise for now not to use the mod alongside Naked Defeat. 
    Problematic MCM Settings (should be no more issue in NADE 3.2 and later)
    Zap Animation Pack (any version) -> disable "Overwrite Bound Animations" in its MCM (Sexlab or PlayerControl Center) -> might lead to problems with Shout like a Virgin
    Sexlab with Sexlab Utility Plus -> disable Zaz Animation filter 
    Sexlab with Sexlab Utility Plus-> if you have strange trouble with furnitures, look here and in doubt tweak or disable SLU+ furniture options (might be 100% compatible tho, please share your experiences)
    Guides worth looking at
    Conglomerate 01 - by donttouchmethere -> how to install your stuff
    Conglomerate 02 - by donttouchmethere -> how to install your kinky stuff
    Conglomerate 03 - by donttouchmethere -> how to merge your stuff
    Skyrim LE Stability Guide - by mrsrt -> how to not blow your stuff up
    | ---- Walkthrough ---- |
    This is meant to give you an overview of the mod content and primary features.
    Chapter 1: 3 Ways (?) to Defeat
    1. Bleedout Defeat:
    Triggers on 0 HP.
    You can set in "MCM > Naked Defeat > Defeat > Kill Player on Bleedout to basically disable this (but well,... you will die instead (and be forced to reload).
    2. Critical Defeat:
    This can be set in
    MCM > Naked Defeat > Extras > Combat Strip
    Basically it adds a chance to every hit you receive to knock you down and start the Defeat Scenario, no matter how much HP you have left.
    3. Surrender:
    This stops combat and makes you willingly start the Defeat Scenario via Hotkey ("K").
    Chapter 2: Defeat Rape
    This is a classical rape scenario.
    Your PC and Followers will be raped 1-3 times by humans and creatures with all available anims (support for 2P, 3P, 4P and 5P for all races).
    There are also scenarios which can trigger which change the course of the Defeat Rape to center around a certain topic like a piece of bondage (yoke, cuffs) or some special action (rodeo -> PC is whipped while playing cowgirl and standing animations).
    Chapter 3: Aftermath
    After the rape alot of things can happen, based on your settings.
    Most will lead to other mods (Slavery Chance ->SD+ or SS++), to a nearby Inn (Rescue Chance), leave you robbed of your possesions (with a chance to get them back from your captor).
    Or they will simply let you go, soaked in cum and broken.
    But the central part of Naked Defeat is the Local Captivity Event that will add another outcome after the rape which is currently unique among loverslab:
    Chapter 4: Escape Game ?
    This is basically an Aftermath, but a special one so I call it chapter 4.
    For the Escape game your PC is tied to a ZAP furnture or with a chain (based on the scenario types from the Defeat Rape).
    There is a chance to be whipped into submission (just because they like to see you struggle) and then you get the chance to escape.
    All you have to do for this is pressing the escape hotkey (space by default) to start the "struggle mini game".
    This has some random outcomes based on your difficulty settings (escape chance) and on the punishment types you want (see MCM -> Library)
    It can lead to more whipping, to another round of Rape, equipping of devices, a unique fucking belt and I will continously add more punishments too.
    There is a random difficulty to the escape game. I recommend setting the base difficulty to as low as 1%. 
    If your captors not suck you can raise this chance up to 15-20%.
    In addition to that, each time you struggle it becomes easier to escape, so when you struggled 5 times in painfully tight restraints you have a 6% chance to escape on the next try.
    If you break free, your captors will turn aggressive again and try to chase you, so be quick to run away.
    Hint: when you broke loose you can wait "in furniture" pretending to still be bound. Your captors will not see that and you can wait for a good moment to make your escape.
    | ---- Hotkeys and Shortcuts ---- |
    This is the main hotkey of Naked Defeat and offers different functionality based on the situation, queststage and other things.
    I want to keep the number of required hotkeys as low as possible, hence this "workaround".

    K is the Action Key by default and if you change it, ofc the shortcuts here are also meant to be the changed key....
    While Defeated (always, no matter if bound, fucked, whipped etc.)
    Abort everything (CHEAT) -------> CTRL + ALT + K
    Should abort all SexScenes and the Defeat Scenario and set the player free.
    Careful, enemies might become hostile immediatly.
    This is a cheat meant for debugging or unwanted situations.
    While Defeated & told to "Find a good spot"
    Stop Crawling -------> K
    This is meant to allow the player to find a good place for the scene to start. 
    Other Defeat mods usually just start where the player was defeated or where the attackers stand. 
    That leads to bad clipping with the floor or even floating animations, half buried in furniture etc. 
    Keep in mind that your followers need room too, they will always be placed roughly 2 metres in front and left and right of the player at 45°.
    Spawn flat ground -------> Shift+K
    Sometimes the ground nearby is just ugly or steep or whatnot. With this you can spawn generic grey flat ground for the sexscenes to look better.
    Works only for a short period of time after "Prepare for your fate" message.
    While Defeated & captured (in furniture/yoke/cuffs etc.) "Try to wiggle free"
    Remove Punishment Gear -------> K
    Removes all gear equiped for fun. Gags, Fuckbelts, Ropes, blindfolds. 
    Meant for debugging or when ppl do not like this. 
    Wiggle Free -------> SPACE
    DONT SPAM. does not help...
    This will also restore the furniture animation if your character broke it somehow.
    Starts the small "wiggle free" game. When you press space your PC will try to wiggle free. This can lead to certain scenarios and punishments.
    Each time you wiggle, the chance to break free is increased by some %. 
    Worst case (bound tight) you have a 1% escape chance and each time you wiggle increases it by 1%. 
    Just press SPACE again when you read "Your bindings are still too tight" or when your punishment or break is over...
    Accept slavery -------> SHIFT + K
    You give up on escaping and accept your fate. 
    Starts the Simple Slavery Auction. 
    Meant for Roleplay and also for hopeless situations, where your enemies are too strong and always down you when you try to escape.
    Break Free (CHEAT) -------> ALT + K
    Stops the capture scenario and releases the player.
    If you get bored or stuff breaks or is broken.
    After Defeat & when escaping "Crawl away now cunt"
    Stop Crawling/Stand up -------> K
    Releases the PC, enables Controls but also turns enemies hostile again.
    Use this when you think you are far enough away and save...
    While FREE
    Change Hairstyle -------> K
    Changes the saved hairstyle to another one at random.
    Also has some debugging hidden inside, so if you think something from Naked Defeat did not "clean up" correctly, try this hotkey.
    Wash yourself -------> SHIFT+K
    Starts a set of washing animations and sends a ModEvent to Bathing in Skyrim to clean the PC.
    Does not require water (its for roleplaying). 
    Wash regularly or Naked Defeat will punish you for it!         
    Teleportation Ritual (enable Fast Travel) -------> ALT+K
    When you ticked "Naked Travel" in the MCM Extras, you can use this shortcut to start the "Teleportation Scenario".
    Expect Mishaps... also try to be in a nice open and flat area...
    Public Punishment ON/OFF (CHEAT) -------> CTRL+ALT+K
    Fast Enable/Disable of Public Punishment Feature. Sometimes necessary for Quests or debugging.
    While in Combat
    Surrender -------> K
    You surrender to your enemies. Your followers too. 
    Recommended for Roleplay or playtesting. Will get more features in the future. 
    | ---- FAQ ---- |
    My Screen gets all blurry!
    This is intentional and meant as a fade between scenes and to cover up ugly gaps like from sexlab etc. 
    The blur is meant for ENB users. Will add a blackfade too later.
    MCM/System/Disable Blur [x] if you dont like it.
    If the blur does not go away, press CTRL+ALT+K and report to the support thread.
    I get CTD from X or Y
    Most likely not from this mod. Check your installation. CTD is usually caused by bad meshes or heavy scriptload from too many mods.
    If you come to the support thread, please upload a papyrus.log too... I will at least TRY to help.
    Sex does not start
    Try to increase search radius (I recommend 5000 min.)
    See if you disabled something somewhere.
    See if you have suitable SLAL packs installed.
    When reporting to support, upload papyrus log please.
    My PC is invulnerable
    open console, type TGM
    My PC is invulnerable
    open console, type TGM
    Integration into Acheron Framework?
    I will not rewrite Naked Defeat for that, but I will still try to work with Scrab to make this happen...
    SL Defeat/Babo Defeat/Bane Defeat
    See "Recommended Mods & Guides" further above.
    SD+ Integration?
    Already there. Check the MCM "Aftermath" Options.
    No further integration will happen. Ever.
    Corrupted Save?
    See "Uninstalling" further above.
    Corrupted Save?
    See "Uninstalling"
    The scenario does not progress!
    - See "Hotkeys & Shortcuts"
    - See "Recommended Mods"
    - try ticking "LagFix" in MCM System (before Naked Defeat starts!)
    - Try open the console for some seconds
    My follower...
    yeah, there are bugs... I m working on followers again soon.
    My quest items have been robbed!
    Working on it. no promises
    My XYZ item has been robbed!
    Try setting it to "do not remove" in Sexlab MCM "Strip Options".
    If that does not work, report to support thread.
    Mod XYZ starts when I am defeated
    Nothing I can do
    Just remove the mod in question. 
    I could make patches, but new mod versions of the said mod would require me to update my patches too. 
    Furniture does not show up
    Wrong Version of ZAZ animation pack (you should use ZAP 8+)
    Compatible with ZAP 9.X?
    Should... check if Zap 9 says its backwards compatible or ask in the support thread.
    Feel free to report your findings, I had no time to work with Zap 9 yet...
    | ---- Debugging / Repairing Stuff ---- |
    Special Thanks to
    - galahad_69 for making Naked Dungeons (without this mod I would ve quit Skyrim by now I think) on which this mod is based on
    - donttouchmethere for naked testing and feedback 
    - orgs1n for helping out with scripting and basically kickstarting all this by making me look into the scripts for the first time
    - Hawk for refining and improving my code (sad to see you go) 
    - tenri for helping with my annoying coding questions
    - Nazzzgul666 for testing and feedback
    - GunSlicer for his awesome pose mod (you see 3 of his idles as human surrender poses)
    - the various creators of SLAL packs, all this would not be possible without you (Billyy, Anubs, Proxy, Milky, NCK30, Leito, etc. etc.)
    - zaz for creating zap framework which is one of the key resources for me in skyrim because of the awesome and plenty furniture, struggle and bound animations
    - BakaFactory for his Animations and for allowing me to use them
    - Proxy for ther animations and for allowing me to use them
    Old Changelogs



  5. Voice Replacer for Sexlab Defeat Baka Edition SE

    Hi there,
    So Sexlab Defeat Baka Edition SE is nice, but personally I dont like the voices so here is a tiny mod to replace the audio, with voices from sexlap.
    A preview audio is attached below.
    Requires Sexlab Defeat Baka Edition LE/SE 1.50 and all its requirements:



  6. Sexlab Defeat Baka Edition LE/SE

    Sexlab Defeat
    Baka Edition
    ◎ Original Thread
    ◎ What changes?
    - Revamped overall old Defeat motions and boring vanilla motions
    - Removed unnecessary required mods(Like...Breakable Undies)
    - Solved the compatibility issues with BaboDialogue
    - Some minor tweaks for personal preference.
    - Independent creature struggle motions support (WIP) - 1.1V supports wolf, skeever, draugr
    ◎ Future plan?
    The main purpose is overall improvement and maintenance.
    I tend to let it be as it is excepting patching up some old bugs and adding custom motions for immersion so that other modders might make some improvements or add-ons.
    ◎ Requirements
    - Sexlab Framework 1.62v LE / SE
    - SLAX  or  Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version    /  Sexlab Aroused Redux SE BakaFactory Edited Version
    - Silent Voice - Fus-Roh-Du(h)
    - FNIS LE / SE
    - SkyUI
    - SKSE
    - UIExtensions
    - Baka Motion Data Pack 
    - Dynamic Animation Replacer
    ◎ Known Issues
    - NPC vs NPC has many issues to solve. I strongly recommend you turn it off till they are fixed.
    ◎ Previews
    Preview Site
    ◎ Modders Note
    - You can use my animation resource here. You are always free to use it as long as you credit me. You don't have to gain permission from me. If it's money related, please contact me for permission.



  7. Yamete REDUX

    BETA >>> Yamete REDUX <<< BETA
    This is a modified version of the fantastic Yamete 4.3.2 created by @Scrab. As far as I know, it's the only combat mod with Sex Act in the middle of combat... and that's wonderful. The original Yamete 4.3.2 has some issues related to speed, performance, stability, and compatibility, but @Scrab doesn't want to work on it anymore and released Yamete Kudasai, a super fast version of Yamete made with a DLL for SKSE, but with less functionality since they removed the sexual act in the middle of combat, when that is exactly the functionality that I want. But in REDUX, to make it faster and more compatible, I remove some of the original features from Yamete 4.3.2 like Black Market, Reapers Mercy and their skill tree.
    Now we have 3 versions to select from:
    1 - Yamete 4.3.2 with Sex Act in the middle of the fight and Reapers Mercy but slow.
    2 - Yamete Kudasai 1.01 with a super fast SKSE DLL but no Sex Act in the middle of the fight.
    3 - Yamete REDUX with a modest speed and Sex Act mid-combat but without the Reapers Mercy skill tree.
    I made this version with the intention of making it compatible with all versions of the game (Legendary, Special, Anniversary and VR) without using any special DLL and providing enough speed to make it really functional in the middle of combat, having enough speed and performance, but using only pure Papyrus code.
    My average time for Hit Procesing is below 0.5 seconds and normally is enougth fast to cancel the attack animation and practically the NPC's not make a second attack. But as this is only pure Papyrus Code, sometimes, the Hit Procesing can need one entire second or more and that only depend on how the game mix the script. I'm not have a ligth installation, playing now with 478 mods, but sometimes happend to me.
    Practically, all the main features from the Original Yamete are present, take a look to the Original Mod for more detail, except the Reapers Mercy skill tree and the Black Market:
    Rushed Traditional Mixed Compatible ->NEW mode added by Yamete REDUX. Get detailled instructions in this post.  
    Ignore Kill Add Zaz/DD Items Robbed Assault
      Knockdown Conditions
    Default Conditions Misc Conditions  
    Left forDead Simple Slavery Follower Slavery Paradise Hall  
    Reapers Mercy
    REDUX >>> The circular menu show and works but the red options are NOT available.
    The Black Market
    PapyrusUtil (SE / LE) REDUX >>> REMOVED powerofthree's Papyrus Extender (SE / LE) UIExtensions (SE / LE)  
    Optional (Soft Dependency)
    SL Framework (SE / LE) OStim (SE) Flowergirls (SE) REDUX >>> REMOVED Custom Skills Framework (SE) REDUX >>> RECOVER Simple Slavery (SE / LE) REDUX >>> New Follower Slavery (SE / LE) REDUX >>> New Paradise Halls (SE / LE) REDUX >>> New Devious Devices REDUX >>> New Zaz Animation  
    @Scrab Of course, as the main creator... a millon of thanks to allow me publish this version...   All the modding comunity because practically every mod use a lot of tools, DLL's and code made by others persons...  A LOT OF THANKS TO ALL...  



  8. Yamete! (Abandoned)

    An SKSE-based reboot can be found here Yamete Kudasai For the Papyrus-based continuation see Yamete REDUX  
    Yamete is a Combat Defeat & Death Alternative Mod which is able to handle any and every Combination of Player, Follower & NPC Defeat
    During Combat, Yamete will take care of the Player, up to 10 Followers and another 16 random NPC/Creatures in the Area
    Each time any of them is hit, Yamete will check whether or not they should be considered Defeated - or suffer some other form of Consequence. All of this is decided by Knockdown Conditions which can be fully customized in the MCM. Player, Followers and NPC have their own, individual Settings. What exactly happens with a Defeated Victim is decided by the Scenario in use
    Scenarios are used to define what exactly happens when a Victim is defeated and how Combat plays out due to this. They play a big part in the mods overall Behavior!
    Yamete offers you a total of 3 different Scenarios. You can only use one of them at a time:
    Rushed is Yametes "Classic" Mode basically. The mid Combat Defeat, the 2D Hentai Game Simulation, the "Please Stop hitting me with an Arrow while being Banged"-Mode or however you wanna call it. Rushed allows Targets to be Defeated & Taken Advantage off Mid Combat - without stopping it for anyone else
    With a bit of luck, that would only be a minor setback and Victims can to stand up afterwards and continue fighting, though you always have to wonder how long this Luck will last.. Traditional
    This is properly how most would expect a Defeat Mod to work. When Defeated, a Victim will simply fall into Bleedout and stay there until the Combat is over. Whoever ends up still standing is considered the Winning Team and will do fancy stuff to the Victim, like robbing it of all their possessions! or so. The strength in this Algorithm is its expanded Post Combat Resolution! Mixed
    "Scrab, what happens when you combine Rushed with Traditional?" - Good Quest. The answer is Mixed.
    Mixed uses the mid combat Algorithm from "Rushed" and combines it with the Combat End algorithm from "Traditional", giving you that extra fancy Mid Combat experience from Rushed and a lot of Spice with the Resolution Quest from "Traditional"! Such fancy, much spice, cant handle. Or something like that, idk, Im not funny Resolution
    Resolution is the Action taken against a defeated Victim. Its exact timing is defined by the Scenario in use:
    Rushed: Whenever a Victim is defeated Traditional: Once Combat fully ended  There can only ever be one Action taken per Resolution, current available Actions are:
    A defeated Victim may be robbed, having all their Items taken from them and moved into the Aggressors Inventory. What exactly is being robbed depends on your Setting. You can choose between 3 different Robbing Algorithms & further specify if also Equipped & Quest Items should be stolen. Assaults
    Probably the reason why Robbed is barely used. In Rushed, Scenes are limited to 2p. In Traditional, this has 3~5p Support & allows surrounding Actors to join in. Comes with 3 different Algorithms, all allowing for more than 1 Scene no matter the Scenario: Default
    Assaults will be chained together at [Next Round] Chance until [Max Rounds] have passed Reversed
    Assaults will be chained together until [Max Rounds] have passed or no Aggressor is interested anymore which is defined by the [Next Round] Setting Endless
    This can only be called for NPC/Follower Interactions and only supports 2p Animation. Scenes will be repeated forever, should survive cell Changes if nothing is interfering with it. To cancel, you have to hit one of the participators. Knockdown Conditions
    Those are Effects which are applied when a Victim is being hit by an Aggressor. The Game will run through a multitude of customizable Settings to determine of a certain Effect should be applied. Most of those have the Goal to force you into Bleedout (knock you down) but they can also have different Effects (such as Stripping off Armor)
    Yamete offers the Following Knockdown Conditions:
    Default Conditions Shared Settings
    Default Conditions share multiple Conditions to simplify customization  Hit Chance
    The probability for a Hit to be evaluated. This is a great way to thin out and randomize the Knockdown Unblocked only
    Only allow unblocked Attacks to knockdown Melee only
    Only allow melee Attacks to knockdown Weakened
    A Target is considered Weakened when they are missing too much Hp Exhausted
    A Target is considered Exhausted when their Stamina or Magicka is too low Vulnerable
    A Target is considered Vulnerable when they are wearing too little Armor Misc Conditions Lethality
    "Essential" Conditions. Yes, theres a reason why this isnt called Essential Essential Player
    Turn the Player essential (During Combat only) Treat Essential NPC
    If Yamete should ignore essential Victims (other than the Player if the above Option is ticked) Stripping
    A supportive Feature to be used in Combination with Vulnerable to strip an Actor mid combat! Drop Item
    You can choose if Stripped Items should be dropped or destroyed Destroy Item
    Probability for a Stripped Item to be destroyed instead of dropped/unequipped! Protect Unique Items
    You can use this Setting to Protect Items you don't want to be destroyed from the "Destroy Item" Feature  
    Reapers Mercy
    Just like any other NPC in the Game, you as the Player are also able to knockdown others. To avoid this causing unnecessary annoyances while clearing a Dungeon or so you will have to enable this first however. In the MCM under "Reapers Mercy" you will need to either add yourself the "Reapers Mercy" ability or bind the Toggle to a Key
    While this Ability is active, you will be able to knockdown other NPC & Creatures, just like anyone else does! 
    While a Victim is bleeding out, you can Active it to gain access to a unique Menu which allows you to interact with those Victims in multiple ways. This even works for Vanilla Bleedouts, though you will have to enable Reapers Mercy first. The options are:
    Permanently restrain a Victim in Bleedout Open Inventory
    Gain access to the Victims Inventory and help yourself to anything you want! Give Potion
    Rescue a Victim by giving it a Potion Gnade
    Rescue a Victim (12h Cooldown) Capture/Enslave
    Enforce a Victims obedience Assault
    Sexually assault a Victim Kill
    Execute a Victim Colored Options need to be unlocked first by advancing in the Black Markets Story
    The Black Market
    The Black Market is a new Organisation introduced by Yamete. It is located near the Border of Morrorwind, just north of Refugees Rest
    Once you reach Level 15 or Completed Dragon Rising and are at least Lv7 (For Record: Dragon Rising is the Quest in which you kill your first Dragon) a Courier will approach you, handing you a Letter which will start the Black Market Intro Quest. Completing this Quests makes you a recognized part of this Organisation which allows you to sell Victims you captured for some Money
    The Black Market will also grant you access to meet up with mysterious "Agents" which allow you to further strengthen Reapers Mercy.
    Known Issues
    Leaving Cells while an Actor is in Bleedout may glitch that Actor out, causing them to be stuck in Bleedout until forced to play a different Animation (e.g. Stagger). This Bug is caused by Havok being unable to reset an Actors Animations  while their 3D isn't properly loaded in. I consider this Bug to be impossible to fix in any reasonable fashion
    If you happen to know a simple & reliable Solution to this, feel free to contact me  
    PapyrusUtil (SE / LE) powerofthree's Papyrus Extender (SE / LE) UIExtensions (SE / LE) Optional
    SL Framework (SE / LE) OStim (SE) Flowergirls (SE) Custom Skills Framework (SE) Simple Slavery (SE / LE)  
    Custom Bleedout Animations: Billyy Skilltree Background & Agent Design: audhol Additional Screenshots by: Vinamael, riorao  
    Previous Changelogs



  9. Battle Fuck!

    A combat rape/dialogue rape mod for female player character.
    Demo Movie
    https://imgur.com/nAcGSLh Raper aura and QTE to escape from restraint https://imgur.com/n07UnCT Successfully escaped https://imgur.com/bW6ekC6 bleedout https://imgur.com/9vYZ8jP aggressor change https://imgur.com/SRU9qJr QTE to keep you conscious  
    Trigger Conditions
    During combat, human enemies will take on a pink aura. If you are hit by a melee attack from an enemy clad in pink aura (even if you successfully block it), the enemy will try to restrain you and a QTE will occur.
    In QTE, if you can input the commands consisting of four buttons within the time limit, you can escape from the enemy's restraint.
    If you fail to input a command, you will be restrained and the battle fuck will begin.
    The four buttons on the right side of the game controller, the Dpad on the game controller, the arrow keys on the keyboard, and the configurable keys on the keyboard can be used as QTE inputs.
    You can also configure so that when your health reaches zero, you do not die, but instead start a battle fuck.
    NPCs that meet the requirements of RelationshipRank and Morality will forcegreet you and start a QTE; if the QTE fails, Battle Fuck will begin.
    RelationshipRank, Morality threshold and Forcegreet occurrence chance can be changed in MCM.
    Battle Fuck
    BP and SE
    In Battle Fuck, you and your enemy have parameters called BP and SE, respectively.
    BP is a parameter that affects how likely your actions are to succeed. The higher the BP, the more successful the action will be.
    SE is a value that indicates how close you are to sexual climax; when it reaches 100, you will climax and be unable to act for several turns.
    If the player climaxes or is penetrated, the maximum BP will be reduced. When the maximum BP reaches 0, the player is defeated and the rape scene begins. Try to escape from the enemy's restraints before that happens.
    Maximum BP will be restored after 6 hours of sleep in a safe place such as the player's home or inn.
    Barrier Items
    Barrier Items protect you from insertion. Enemies must remove Barrier Items before inserting you. By default, Barrier Items are armor that has the ArmorCuirass or ClothingBody keyword set.
    If you have other armor that you want to use as Barrier Items, you can add them from the MCM.
    In Battle Fuck, you can take 9 actions.
    1. Look for a chance: You can charge BP. If you do not input anything during the command input time, this action will be taken.
    2. Try to Escape: Consume all BP and try to escape. The escape chances are affected by how high your BP is.
    All you need to know are the two commands described above. You can do without the remaining seven commands. These are for atmospheric purposes.
    3. Suppress Sexual Stimulation: Consume a little BP to lower the SE value.
    4. Call for Help: Consume all BP and call for help from the people around you.
    5. Accept Fate: Give up resisting. If it is in an inserted state, it will be defeated instantly.
    6. Prevent Insertion: Consume a little BP and prevents insertion. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    7. Prevent Groping: Consume a little BP and prevent your body from being groped. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    8. Prevent Armor Break: Consume a little BP and prevent your armor from being destroyed and stripped off. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    9. Prevent Pushing Down: Consume a little BP and prevents you from being pushed down. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    You can set the buttons corresponding to commands 2 through 5 in MCM. You can also set a guard button. If you hold down the guard button while pressing the other button, you can enter commands 6 through 9. If nothing is entered, the command will be 1.
    If you input the same command twice in a row, the input acceptance time will end immediately. Inputting only the Guard key twice in a row will charge your BP.
    When an enemy has cum, the next enemy is selected from the Onlookers and begins to Battle Fuck with you. When all the onlookers have cum in you, you will be released. If Battle Fuck was started in combat, the combat will be restarted.
    If your maximum BP reaches zero before all the onlookers climax, you are defeated.
    After Defeated
    After defeated, if there are still unsatisfied onlookers left, you will be raped by them.
    Before the SexLab animation of the rape starts, a QTE will begin that will determine whether or not you will lose consciousness. If you lose consciousness, you will be able to skip the rape scene.
    After the rape of the onlookers is over, one of them will take your belongings, regardless of whether you are still conscious or not.
    If you can beat the robber within the time limit, you can get your belongings back.
    If you fail to do so, the robber will sell your possessions to a general store. You can buy back your belongings from the general store. Therefore, no items other than money will be lost.
    If you lose consciousness, it will randomly determine where you will wake up.
    Left Alone: You will wake up on the spot. Recovered in the Jail: If you have a bounty on your head, you may wake up in a prison cell. Recovered in the Inn: Someone rescued you. You will wake up in an inn. Simple Slavery: How unhappy you are. You've been sold into the slave market! (Required Simple Slavery Plus Plus)  
    If you keep conscious, you are basically left alone in the field. However, if the enemy did not make much money from the robbery, they may try to sell you to the slave market. Even in that case, rescue may come before you are sent to the slave market, and you will wake up in either the prison, inn, or slave market.

    Creatures Compatibility
    If your health reaches zero in a battle with Creatures, Battle Fuck will not occur and you will be taken directly to the rape scene.

    HUD Strings
    I'm not a native English user, so my English may be strange. the text displayed in the HUD is read from a .json file located in data/skse/plugins/BattleFuck/HUDStrings/, so feel free to modify it.

    For Modders
    You can trigger Battle Fuck from your mod by writing the following code in the papyrus fragment of the topic info in CK.
    bool isInCombat = false int handle = ModEvent.Create("_BF_API_StartBattleFuck") if handle ModEvent.PushForm(handle, akSpeaker) ModEvent.PushBool(handle, isInCombat) ModEvent.Send(handle) else  
    Consequences can be added by plug-ins.
    As a sample, I've added one using Kidnapped by Rieklings - Quest Resource, which may be selected if a riekling exists in Onlookers.
    The following page shows you how to add Consequences.

    Hard Requirements
    SKSE 2.0.19 SkyUI 5.2SE PapyrusUtil 3.9 powerofthree's Papyrus Extender 4.4.1 ConsoleUtilSSE 1.2.0 sztkUtil 20220312 Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE 7.6 SexLab Framework SE 1.63 BETA8 SexLab Animation Loader SSE 1.0.0 SLAL Animation Pack by Leito SE 1.6 BakaFactory SLAL Animation 4.60V SE    
    Soft Requirements
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus It is necessary for you to be sent to the slave market. Breakable Equipment System When armor is destroyed, it turns into a Broken Item, which can be repaired to restore it.  
    Recommended Mods
    Super Fast Get Up Animation Replaces vanilla's fucking slow get up animation with a faster one. Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI Make the MCM screen wider so you can read the text.  
    Compatible Mods with Patch
    SexLab Separate Orgasm SE  
    Incompatible Mods
    A mod that starts SexLab animations when you are attacked by an enemy. A mod that starts the SexLab animation when your health reaches 0.  
    Add-on Mods
    Iron Chain Council: Battle Fuck is inspired by Fallen Empire. Leito, BakaFactory: Thanks to their animation, I can make this mod. Cotyounoyume: gave me permission to use the Exhausted Animation included in EstrusForSkyrim.  



  10. Devious Captures SE

    Devious Captures SE v2.9.0
    Converted to Skyrim SE by Roggvir
    Resaved ESP in CK Recompiled all scripts Moved script sources to correct SSE folder "source/scripts"  
    WARNING: It has been brought to my attention by several users, that the mod may not work well with the new DD 5.
    It shouldn't cause game-breaking issues, and depending on the settings (and possibly other mod's settings, like DD), it may still kinda work, but for the less adventurous users i recommend to stay away from it.
    The mod needs a significant rewrite, which doesn't seem possible due to lack of permissions from the original author - if anybody is able to help obtain the permissions, please leave a note in the Support topic of this conversion, there are some people willing to fix it, so this would be a big help.
    SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 2 Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE v2.9 Sexlab Defeat SSE 1.0.0 ZAZ Animation Packs for SE 1.0.0 (ZAZ 7.0SE-Rev1) Devious Devices SE BETA (Assets and Integration)  
    Original mod:



  11. ODefeat - Defeat Reborn

    The much anticipated next generation defeat mod has arrived.
    This is not a port of SL Defeat. Rather, it's a new and modern take on it built from the ground up with new features.
    - Assault NPCs, or get assaulted yourself when losing a battle
    - A new dynamic minigame, OStruggle, with a new mechanic
    - Special animations
    - Full OStim integration. Controls optionally lock up when your character is being assaulted.
    - Full follower and multi-scene support 
    - Special first person animations if using the OStim first person improved cam setup
    - Can break out of OStim scenes where you are being assaulted
    - Advanced system for dropping the player in a safe spot after a victim scene ends
    - Heavy design emphasis on reliablity, and smoothness
    - Modular post-defeat-scene system similar to Death Alternative
    - Built in tutorial

    OStruggle - a new mid-combat minigame

    Seamless and modular post-defeat event system


    Scene initiation
    Pressing the G key by default on an npc will cause you to throw them to the ground and initiate a OStruggle minigame. If you win, the NPC will enter Knockout. The will recover from this when you leave the area or about 15 minutes passes. In the meantime, pressing G on them again will start a OStim scene with them
    You can also have scenes initiated on you by other NPCs. When you run out of health in combat, a nearby enemy may grab you and start an OStruggle game on you. If you lose, your character and your followers will all be assaulted, and then either killed or dropped somewhere nearby.

    OStruggle - a new minigame
    Instead of using health thresholds, bashes, and random numbers to determine when an ODefeat sex scene should start, a new mechanic called OStruggle is added. When you press G on an NPC in combat, or you run out of health and are assaulted, the OStruggle minigame begins. You and the NPC are tossed to the ground in a special animation, and a bar appears on screen. You must alternate between mashing two buttons to either make the bar fill up (player attacker) or drain the bar (player victim). The NPC you are battling against will fight back as well, trying to push the bar in the opposite direction. How hard they fight back is determined by a special algorithm. The following factors change the difficulty of the npc:
    - Their level relative to yours
    - Their health
    - Whether or not you caught them by suprise
    - more, including bonuses for catching a sleeping npc or an npc in bleedout
    Playing ODefeat as an attacker is a bit like pokemon. You will likely be able to win against random low level bandits without even harming them first, but boss enemies will need their health reduced before you start an OStruggle attack against them for you to have a fighting chance. Alternatively you can use stealth and catch them by suprise. When you defeat an NPC in a struggle, they enter Knockout. More on that below.
    When your player is attacked upon running out of health, it is much the same, except you are tring to reduce the bar to 0 to escape. If you escape, you regain some health and have another chance to fight.
    Keep in mind winning struggles while below level 5 is extremely difficult
    More OStruggle mechanics
    ODefeat integrates with OCrime. With OCrime installed, doing an OStruggle attack on an NPC is a serious crime in most holds. Additionally, the resulting OStim scene is considered illegal and will draw the attention of guards that will give you an extra large fine and try to attack you outright. Without OCrime installed, OStruggle attacks will just make the NPC attack you back when they recover.
    When you are attacking an NPC, their clothes are stripped off as the bar gets filled. Additionally, during both player attacker and player victim games, you will deal small damage to each other depending on who is winning the struggle.
    When you are being assaulted after losing all of your health, combat is temporarily stopped with a new and reliable SKSE technique so you aren't killed. Combat is NOT stopped when YOU are attacking an NPC with a struggle, so make sure the area is somewhat safe when trying to attack an NPC (unless you have some good armor or something)
    After you beat an NPC at an OStruggle game as an attacker, they enter Knockout and play a special animation. They cannot get up until about 15 minutes passes or you leave the area. You can then press G on that NPC to actually start the OStim scene with them. With this system, you can Knockout multiple enemies during a battle, then have sex with all of them afterwards.

    Being defeated, and waking up afterwards
    ODefeat uses a reliable Deferred Kill method to track the player during combat. When you die in combat, if your enemies have no morality, one of them will come over to you and start an OStruggle battle with you. When you lose, an OStim scene starts involving you and your followers. Afterwards, you will either be killed, or you will wake up outside of the camp, or wherever. You can also choose to have belongings over a certain threshold stolen and placed in that NPC's inventory.
    Breaking out mid-scene
    If you are being assaulted, during an OStim scene you can press G to try to escape. You must have full stamina to try. If your stamina is full, an OStruggle game starts. If you succeed, you will escape with some health back. Otherwise you will lose all of your stamina again.
    Followers work too
    When you lose a battle and get assaulted, your followers are also captured and assaulted nearby as well. This supports up to 10 active followers, and 10 active OStim scenes at once. 

    OStim integration
    OSA control is optionally locked during player-victim scenes. Additionally, scenes marked as aggressive are chosen by OStim if they exist. The automatic speed control algorithim is also slightly tweaked to be more aggressive, during ODefeat scenes. On average ODefeat scenes will be slightly shorter. 

    First person & the camera
    OStruggle scenes are made for OStim's improved camera setup. If you use third person or the vanilla camera, everything will still work fine.
    Getting dumped outside of a bandit camp/fort has a special animation if in first person.

    A focus on reliability 
    One of the main goals of this mod was to be as reliable and jank-free as Skyrim will allow. A lot of testing and effort went into it working properly 100% of the time. A lot of extra work went into developing special SKSE plugin API calls for ODefeat to use.
    Modular post-scene events
    Mod authors can take advantage of a simple system involving .json files to add new events to ODefeat post-player-victim-scene.

    Pressing G on a dead npc will unequip a part of their armor. You can also open a knocked down npc's inventory by pressing E on them.

    Requirements and compatibility
        - OStim (latest) (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/40725) 
        - Po3's papyrus extender (make sure to update, it is frequently updated) (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22854)
        - Nemesis or FNIS (RUN AFTER INSTALL)
        - nl_mcm (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/49127)
    Works with:
        - OCrime, adds crime and bounty support to ODefeat. Link @ nexus page
    Player victim is not compatible with Death Alternative(and similar mods)'s deferred kill system due to both using deferred kill. You can use them at the same time but you have to choose between ODefeat's player victim and DA's deferred kill. 
    Due to this system, once you enable player victim you cannot disable it or remove ODefeat. Victim is disabled by default so you can choose if you want this. Deferred kill was chosen as the main victim scene initiation method for its high reliablity. 
    Default controls:
    G - Start a struggle; Break out of a player victim scene; start a scene with a knocked-out npc; strip a dead npc;
    E (activate key) - Rob a knocked-out npc
    To win the struggle: Press left-shift, followed by right-shift alternating, as fast as you can
    Press spacebar to give up

    > Will there be NPC capturing and bagging for player-aggressor?
    That was a fun system but it was very unbalanced in the orignal defeat. But it was a lot of fun so I want to reimplement that as an addon to this in the future.
    > Will this support other frameworks in the future?
    Event System (Info for Modders)
    Modular post-defeat events are pulled from json files stored in Data/Meshes/ODefeatData/Events/*.json
    They are formatted like so:
    { "Simple Slavery Enslavement": { "Form": "__formData|SimpleSlavery.esp|0x00492E", "modEventName" : "SSLV Entry", "Weighting": 69, "Description" : "After a defeat, you wake up in the Simple Slavery auction house as the next item to be sold." } }  
    Breaking this down, you can see:
    Event Name: At the top, this is what will be displayed in the MCM. Form: A formid that can be used to check if the relative mod is installed. This can be whatever you want really. modEventName: The name of the modevent this post-defeat event should fire. Weighting: Default weighting for this event to be shown on the MCM. Description: Describes the event to the user, shown in the info section at the bottom of the MCM when moused over.  
    (Yes btw, if you have simple slavery installed you can use that event.)

    Authorship, thanks and credits
    Concept, design, and original prototype - Sairion
    Lots of work on the code and the entirety of the event system - OsmosisWrench 
    Animation - Leito

    Permission from me is required to modify or reupload this.



  12. Estrus Chaurus for SE

    Since Bane master made the jump to SE himself and added Body morphs to Estrus Chaurus it is time to say: Goodbye and thanks for all the fish....
    The actual SE Version of Estrus Chaurus for SE can be found here:
    Thanks to the the ppl active in the SSE conversion tracking thread: 



  13. SL Defeat "Add-on" SE

    SL Defeat "Add-on" SE
    I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented -Caden-
    I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission.
    If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give -Caden- some love, and check out their other mods!
    The following copied from the original LE page:
    Sexlab Defeat "Add-on"

    I take no credit for the making of the mod SL Defeat, all of the amazing work for SL Defeat was done by Goubo
        This is a dialog Add-on for SL Defeat that adds Follower Aware Dialog to the combat rape
    What this adds
       More PC rape aware dialog
       Not so easy to talk/bribe your way out of a surrender
       Dialog that is aware of the following followers:  
    Aela the Huntress (Was already part of Defeat, just remove the condition of faction Silverhand)
    Uthgerd the Unbroken
    Erik the Slayer
    Jordis the Sword Maiden
    Since this is technically not a Add-on, but an overwrite instead, it will not add a additional ESP file to your game
    SL Defeat SE and its requirements 
    Install SL Defeat first, then overwrite the ESP with the file from this addition, unzip and drop the file in or install with mod manager and click yes to overwrite
    My game crashed after I installed this mod, why?
      No it didnt, its a dialog change, think before making a dumb statement
    Will you do more dialog?
      Possibly yes, we will see what time I have
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  14. VO Succubus Rape Spell

    VO Succubus Rape Spell
    Version 1.0.A -March  2022
    by Virtual Oxytocin

    Description :

    This simple mod add a Two new Spell: "Sexual Rape Spell" and "Sexual Rape Power"

    Sexual Rape Spell can be equiped in either hand
    The spell is precise and long range.

    Sexual Rape Power can be equiped in the power/voice slot
    The spell release a shout-like cone and is short range.
    The spell effect is based on the "Night  embrace spell" from Succubus heart but simply remove the sleeping check condition, making it a 100% success change to trigger an aggressive interaction.

    Getting started :
    Open the console command and type :
    help "Sexual Rape"
    Read the books ids that show up and add them in your inventory like:
    player.additem ITEM_ID 1

    Requirements :
    -Skyrim SE or VR
    -Succubus Heart
    - anything that Succubus Heart SE requires

    Installation :
    -Simply drop the content of this mod into your Data folder / use a mod manager

    Known Issues :
    No issues detected for the moment
    Done using Skyrim SE/Creation Kit
    Tested using Skyrim VR

    Credits :
    - Spirit shard https://www.loverslab.com/profile/594569-spirit_shard/ for the succubus Heart mod



  15. SexLab Fuck 'Em Up SE

    SexLab Fuck 'Em Up SE
    I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented Guffel
    I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission.
    If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give Guffel some love, and check out their other mods!
    OPTIONAL v1.2 - Tweaked by Garkin  May have some bugs, not fully tested. Leave bug reports/issues comments in support thread, and tag Garkin.
    The following copied from the original LE page:
    As my Christmas gift for you all, I present you:
    SexLab Fuck 'em Up !!!
    or in short: deal damage by sex!
    This is a fun mod I made out of a whim and I have no intention to further expand it.
    The story behind this mod:
    When playing Skyrim with some SexLab mods I usually play a weak-ish female character, but not as a whore or bitch. Rather as a weak but strong willed and idealistic person who then is eventually abused or taken advantage of (Submit, SD+, Dangerously Nude, DN,... you know what I mean). But this image was always troubled by the fact, that when doing any quests, you must slay your way through bandit camps and draugr crypts, which doesn't let my char seem weak anymore.
    Then I remembered a hentai I watched once. It was a short clip and I don't know the name or the context around it. It was about a heroine who was bravely attacking some monsters. But she was completely helpless and only got disarmed and raped by everything right at the beginning. Then, everyone who cum on or in her turned to stone on broke into pieces. And the idea for this mod was born!
    After I realized how easily it could be done I just couldn't resist and sat down yesterday to make this mod 
    What this mod does:
    The player gets two spells: Perverted Infiltration and Sexual Revenge (the names don't really matter, I just didn't want to call them Spell 1 and 2  )
    Perverted Infiltration:
    This spell is basically a stronger version of the vanilla Harmony spell. It calms every enemy up to level 100 in large area for 10 minutes and give the player the Perverted Infiltration effect. For as long as this spell is active, every time the player has sex everyone involved gets a damage over time spell (the same as lingering health damage poison) at the final stage of the animation. The strength of the spell depends on the Sex Lab Proficiency of the respecting kind of the animation (Oral, Vaginal, Anal).* The Sex Lab Proficiency has 9 steps and the damage spell get stronger accordingly. So you get better in fucking everyone to death over time  .
    Additionally for the duration of the spell three dialogue options are available: Active, Passive and Submissive*. They all practically do the same and let you trigger an oral, vaginal or anal animation with every human. The Active option result in consensual and the Submissive in aggressive animations. The Passive one will choose randomly. Creatures aren't included, but it doesn't matter how the sex is triggered to deal the damage.
    You can either approach a bandit camp and offer your body and let them pay for their urge one after another or you can submit without knowing about your secret power (or just pretend to) 
    The gender doesn't matter, you can also walk around as Mr. Big Dick Dovahkiin and fuck all these bandits in the ass 
    Btw: I haven't tested Dragons, that could be interesting^^
    Sexual Revenge:
    This spell gives (and removes) the player a constant ability of the same name. It doesn't enable the dialogue. But when the player is raped with the ability active all aggressors get the damage over time spell like above, at doubled cost*.
    Sexergy: (I'm really proud of this word  )
    Every time someone gets damage it costs 10 points of Sexergy. Any Sexual Revenge cost 20*. To recover Sexergy you must have consensual sex without the Perverted Infiltration spell active. By default it give 30 points back.* The maximum Sexergy depends on the Sex Lab Proficiency of all three kinds, starting by 60 (I'll add the full table later). You can see your current Sexergy in the MCM.
    The MCM:
    * The damage Spell can be chosen freely if you want to just fuck everyone to death.
    * All three dialogue options can be toggled off, so you only see the one you like and want to use.
    * The doubled cost for the Sexual Revenge can be turned of so it costs only 10.
    * The Sexergy multiplier can be changed from 1 to 10. (Default: 3)
    * The Sexergy can be turned off completely so you can just fuck up everyone with no holding back
    SexLab Framework SE Fus-Ro-Do(h) SE  
    Use Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager
    For manual: Unpack the archive and drop it into your Skyrim/Data folder.
    Ashal for SexLab Framework
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  16. Futa Edition Sexlab Defeat Addon SE

    Futa Edition Sexlab Defeat Addon SE
    I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented -Caden-
    I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission.
    If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give -Caden- some love, and check out their other mods!
    The following copied from the original LE page:
    Futa Edition Sexlab Defeat "Add-on"


    I take no credit for the making of the mod SL Defeat, all of the amazing work for SL Defeat was done by Goubo
        (This is a requested dialog mod) This is a dialog Add-on for SL Defeat that adds dialog for people playing thier game with all the females as futa or shemales. This does NOT add cocks to the females in the game, the dialog in this assumes you have already done that.
    The reason I uploaded this to its own page is so I didnt have to repeatedly answer the questions after people got confused from multiple different files on the original page
    Since this is technically not a Add-on, but an overwrite instead, it will not add a additional ESP file to your game
    SL Defeat SE and its requirements 
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  17. Sexlab Defeat SSE

    Here's the converted version of the last release of Defeat for special edition.
    Description of the mod -> 



  18. Deviously Helpless SE

    Deviously Helpless SE v1.17a
    Converted to Skyrim SE by Roggvir
    Removed deprecated DD's "HardcoreEffects" dependency from "WD_EventLegCuffs" and "WD_eventWornVibrate" scripts. Moved script sources to correct SSE folder "source/scripts". Recompiled all scripts. Resaved plugin using 64bit CK. Regenerated the SEQ file using xEdit 3.2.  
    SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 2 Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE v2.9 ZAZ Animation Packs for SE 1.0.0 (ZAZ 7.0SE-Rev1) Devious Devices SE BETA (Assets and Integration)  
    I am posting this conversion without consent from Srende, this mod's original creator.
    I tried reaching him to ask for permisson, but his profile shows his last visit was on September 2, 2017 - almost a year ago.
    Therefore i took the liberty of uploading it in good faith that it is not against the wishes of the original author.
    I got a reply from Srende after all, and he agreed i can upload the conversion, and so did Slorm, maintaining the updated version 1.17a.
    All credit goes to the original authors as always.
    Links to the original Oldrim mods:
    Original mod by Srende, version 1.15d
    Updated version 1.17a, maintained by Slorm



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