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These Fallout 4 mods are of an adult nature.

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  1. FO4 DOA6 Followers Bayman Honoka Marie Rose.

    Adds Bayman Honoka and Marie Rose followers of DOA fame. Based on DOA6.

    and I will replace all your food with Kale!
    (ok joking)
    Embark on a massive quest as they join forces and hire you as a guide to take on the legendary 39 steps of Alfred Hitchcock fame (or a FO4 adaptation of them).
    A quest driven by music and musical themes in the vein of Michael Mann. 

    find any one of the followers and it triggers a prequel quest to find the others. Marie Rose is a he most likely to find first she is in a central location where lots of npcs pass through (your only hint). Bayman is the next likely and Honoka is like a needle in a haystack unless you found Marie first or already played the mod.
    look high and low. I added new doors that’s where to look. 
    and added some new tricks.
    A large part of the main quest Is random. I can’t times offer advice and will publish a cheat sheet but the point of the mod and the danger of the enemies grows the longer you don’t find the next thing. 
    You are not fighting mercenaries or an army you are fighting spies they fight like spies and die as easy as spies. Ie glass canons. For me to reveal their locations is basically changing the difficulty of the mod.
    1- outfit change. Same as other doa follower mods but because the main quest demands certain missions use specific outfits you can’t forcibly select their outfits.
    2- cell phone use.
    mat first glance this would seem not lore friendly but because they use the same wireless company from saints row 2 it makes it lore friendly. IllWireless is an amazing service I highly recommend you use it in Real life too. 
    A - with their cellphones they can play music and use apps to help w your quest.
    B - after you complete their main quest you can use their cellphones to call each other if one is not a current follower.
    3- they talk A LOT of SHIT!
    they are college freshmen. They talk more to each other than to you.
    4- you will eventually get a customizable interior player home. Enjoy.
    5 - during the quest Honoka and Marie Rose receive weapons training from Bayman. Their weapons upgrade.
    6- if for some ridiculous reason you don’t like honokas nipple piercing (Mr Moo) you can equip her “remove nipple piercing”.  This was actually inspired by an old mod I saw for skyrim but the meshes and textures are not from that mod (because I have to be an asshole and make everything a higher poly. Count than something from probably 2015) I will credit the author once I have had a chance to look him/her up for the inspiration and idea to add the nipple piercing Mr. Moo. 

    7- you can change their hairstyles by talking to them. Each has four to choose from except Bayman who has one.
    8- Honoka and Marie Rose have ten personal songs between them. I will give you the filepath to change if you want to overwrite those for your personal music.I highly recommend you don’t change the story mod music. It’s not shit that’s on my playlist and 80% is probably not on anyone’s playlist cause it’s “movie music”.  Most of the story songs are there cause they inspired scenes in the mod. Not the other way around. That also resulted in an inordinate amount of Basil Palodoris. 
    Fusion girl version Only for now. CBBE To Follow. (Expect CBBE version to be after august 7. And all bodyslide files. I am doing those now this like all were originally shaped around the custom follower bodies I did for fusion girl. I could conceivably finish by next week but then I fly to Florida. To visit family. So …. Delay.)  I’ve been living breathing and sweating this mod since October 2022 so I wanted it released. ASAP.
    Ummmm. I don’t have much more to say….. enjoy.
    oh- if the NPCs end up fighting each other (it’s a possibility. May or may not happen. It’s doa has to be a chance) Don’t interfere you can break the scene and I haven’t decided on a level of punishment for interference. Or if I shoild bother cause only an ass that wants to break the mod would do that.

    I don’t fucking know.
     You tell me.
    I took a page from every 80s sitcom here heavily leaning on Cheers. Marie and Honoka are roommates with a close bond. (As evidenced in DOA6 story mode). But like every good dynamic I intentionally danced around the issue in part because I want them to be your characters too but also because if I am capable I want to continue to use these two clowns.
    (once you beat the main quest…. Goto v111 w both of them).

    - (q&a) can I call them out on their shit?
    - a - yes. You can. But they might not like you. They have dialogue that wants to sit cait down for a reverse intervention if you have her get the cure.  
    Q - why does Bayman wear a Ukraine flag.
    A - in game dialogue covers that but here is some keywords (putins daughter, anal sex, drapes, kremlin). Bayman is an action hero not a prude.
    q- is Helena in this mod you keep talking about her.
    a - yes because she is mentioned and her influence is inescapable w these chars. No physically because she is too busy running DOATEC and running freaky/cool French sex clubs.
     Q - I can't find where Bayman, Honoka Or Marie Rose is in their initial locations.
     A - 
    Q - I can't find ______ Location in the Main Quest.
    A - I will do a cheat sheet but wait a bit. try to find It on your own for a bit. This mod isn't even a few days old.
    if you really hate the main quest you only have to beat it once. After you are given the tools and recipie to find the right items in the world to craft an item to let you bypass the main quest. You just need the purpose pill and the Im an ok code. Beat it once. But that option may still have issues. 
    please report anything.
    If it seems like a scene isn’t firing talk to any one of the followers. I’ve added failsafes. But don’t spam it cause it could just keep repeating the scene.

    OH I DONT WANT THIS TO BE CONFUSING. They are not your followers. You are their follower. Well paid in American dollars. 
    female bodies are 4k I can upload the fusion girl 8k version if people want.
    drag and drop just overwrite the main file bsa.
    PLEASE NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS. I don’t want to be an asshole and delete them and micro manage shit. 
    BASIC LOW SPOILER MOD FLOW CHART: (I will do a full cheat sheet at some point that you can download)
    Credit to SystemManager for the Mr. Moo Nipple Ring mesh. Originally it was not a nipple ring I converted the Original Cow Mesh to jewelry and added the Hoop Ring.
    Link Below
    (typing - still haven’t finished updating description)



  2. Just Business Hunter

    Adds a customizable hotkey to Just Business for marking NPCs for enslavement. Similarly to default behavior, marked NPCs will enter bleedout state once defeated. Player can then engage in a dialog with the NPC in order to enslave it. Mod also makes it so that the enslaved NPC will retain its appearance including the bodygen data.

    Custom hotkey for marking NPCs for enslavement Filters to avoid marking wrong NPCs. Main purpose of this is to avoid messing with unique NPCs. Fixes appearance not being retained over the enslavement process. (Bodygen etc)  Ability to list all marks Ability to clear all marks in order to decrease save game bloat Minimal Just Business overwrite to ascertain compatibility  
    Disable Hunter Mode Unbind Hunter Mode key (Hunter mode is no longer needed) Bind Mark Target Hotkey Adjust filters Aim at a NPC Click Mark Target Hotkey Player should see red mist on the target indicating a mark attempt. There is also a notification. Defeat the marked NPC and enslave it  
    Just Business 0.7.6 Advanced Animations Framework Extended Dialogue Interface DLC Nuka-World DLC Vault-Tec Workshop  
    MIT License Copyright (c) 2023 Dassu Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. In other words: Do whatever you like with my code but I will not pay retributions if it ruins your save game. I would prefer receiving credit if the code is used in some other project.



  3. Furry Posters

    Changes the Bus Stop pictures and wall posters to something more furry.



  4. Krazyones Devious Ground Models

    Krazyones Devious Ground Models KP

    This is a collection of Ground Objects I made... GO objects
    In the Vanilla Devious Devices and Deviously Cursed Wasteland, these are the items you see in the Preview in your Pipboy,
    and what you see when dropped.
    Vanilla Ground Objects are either a Ring, or Institute Shock Collar, mostly...

    I decided to finally make some Ground Objects for Devious Devices, as I use Devious Devices in all my play-through's. Whilst I was at it, I fixed the Preview in your Pipboy and Workbenches, making for some truly gorgeous looking previews, for some extremely nasty Devious Devices. Look at the Chain Bell's device, for fastening into victims orifices.
    Just looking at them, will have you both wincing, and gasping in awe...
    - Devious Devices v2.0 Original version, not updated.
    - Devious Devices RC version, this is the updated version. Download in the Devious Devices Comments Section, DD RC9.
    - Devious Devices Torture Devices
    - Deviously Cursed Wasteland ............................... If using that mod, the patch adds Ground / Preview Objects
    - AWKR
    - Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    Handy mods...
    Roggvir's DD Items Manager .................... Violate and RSE Devious Devices MCM based Manager
    Deviously Cursed Menu .............................. Deviously Cursed Wasteland MCM
    Jacks Disable Quick Loot ............................. Stops you seeing inside containers, and allows Deviously Cursed Wasteland to fire it's traps
    - New... Ground Models... Previews Models when you look at them in your Pipboy, and drop them on the floor.
    - New... Pipboy and Workbench Previews... gorgeous Previews, when looking at your Devious Devices, in your Pipboy and Workbenches.
    - NEW... Coc Qasmoke, Custom Containers...
                     Vault Guard Corpse Devious Devices container ... All Devious Devices
                     Custom Keys container ... 100 of each Key
                     Custom Institute Test container ... Torture Devices content, 3 items
    - NEW Nipple Rings... use bodyslide 
    - Patches for Devious Devices and Deviously Cursed Wasteland.
    - Notes in Mod Organizer 2 Notes Section, with Load Order


    Load Order...
    Mod Organizer 2...
    Devious Devices 2.0
    Devious Devices Deviously Cursed Wasteland V1.4
    Devious Devices Torture Devices 2.2a
    Devious Devices DD Ground Models KP

    Deviously Cursed Wasteland GO AddOn KP ...................... if using Deviously Cursed Wasteland

    Devious Devices 2.0.esm
    Devious Devices Torture Devices.esm
    Devious Devices Deviously Cursed Wasteland.esp
    Devious Devices GO KP.esp

    Deviously Cursed Wasteland GO AddOn KP.esp

    Devious Devices
    Deviously Cursed Wasteland
    Devious Devices Slave Heels
    NEW Replacer Nipple Rings...  New PiercingNSoulBlue_Rings CBBE KP
    A Mashup using DASHA Devious Collars ring, adding non morphing Nipple Rings... 
    If you want to use them, just use the bodyslide. If you want to change back, just use the Vanilla bodyslide
    PiercingNSoulBlue ................................................... Vanilla
    PiercingNSoulBlue_Rings CBBE KP ............. Alternate huge Nipple Rings, for that, I am a Slave look
    Bodyslide... PiercingNSoulBlue_Rings CBBE KP



  5. Furry Holotapes

    Furrifies the Game Holotapes in FO4 and Automaton. Needs only the base game and DLC, but it is recommended to use a mod to add displays for Holotapes, such as Holotape Display Shelves (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42316)



  6. Magazine Replacer for Ketaros Missing Magazines

    I made these last night and thought I'd share, just a simple low effort retexture for the magazines in Ketaros Missing Magazines mod. All it requires is the original mod, just unzip the archive and drag the Textures folder into the mod, make sure to delete the original textures in there. Locations for the mags can be found on the original mod page.

    Artist used: 
    15 - TheDirtyMonkey
    16 - Imsofckinlost
    17 - DigitalHToy
    18 - Sinner/Sillygirl
    19 - Demimond
    20 - Zoquete
    21 - Girok 
    22 - DigitalHToy
    23 - Zoquete
    24 - Reliusmax



  7. More Ways of Washing

    Does your player character suffer from persistent cum overlays that hang around longer than a 200 year old ghoul with a grudge?
    Do your NPCs need some way to wash the cum overlays off of them without having to open LooksMenu every time?
    Do you like washing in the rain?
    More Ways of Washing (MWoW) adds more ways to wash your character and NPCs when they have cum overlays.  It is intended to complement the mod, Wash Out That Cum (WOTC), which cleans cum overlays by swimming, showering, or bathing.
    MWoW allows the Player to wash themselves using a bar of super soap in the same fashion that the Get Dirty mod uses soap to clean off Get Dirty's dirt layers.  MWoW cleans the same cum overlays that are cleaned by WOTC as well as cleaning off Get Dirty's dirt layers and radiation hazard.  It also cleans cum overlays from the mod, Commonwealth Moisturizer.  Yes, finally, one soap to clean them all!  And this soap comes in four different colors: white, spring green, sporty blue, and eye melting yellow.  All you have to do is craft it at your nearest Chemistry Workbench or Cooking Station by using the Soap submenu.
    But wait, there's more.  MWoW also allows you to take a shower in the rain to remove those unwanted layers of dirt and spunk.  All you need is a good rain and a bar of soap or super soap in your inventory.
    Is that it?  Oh wait, MWoW also upgrades the standard Nuka World Thirst Zapper so that it will allow you to clean cum and dirt off of any NPC.  Just aim and squirt to get them squeaky clean.  Yes, you could use WOTC's notes to do the same thing, but I have never had good luck with that method and it's just a lot more fun to squirt people.  Note:  MWoW does not add any extra Thirst Zappers to the game so you will have to get them via the console or find them the old-fashioned way at Nuka World.
    MWoW has been tested during its development by Marg597 (a dirt and soap afficienado).  However, it may have glitches or conflicts since you may use mods that Marg doesn't have yet.  Just leave a comment in the discussion forum for the mod if you find anything odd.  Lee3310 tested version 1.6 of this mod with CWSS since Marg597 doesn't use it.
    Installation:  MWoW is a single zip file that you can drop into your mod organizer the same way as most other mods.  The file is larger now (3.6 MB) than before because of the added texture file and animation.
    Load Order:  I don't think it will matter much as long as it is after Fallout 4 and the Nuka World DLC.
    End of pitch Disclaimers:  MWoW does not require Get Dirty, Wash Out That Cum, Commonwealth Moisturizer, or CWSS Redux to function but it will check to see if they are loaded.  MWoW washes off dirt effect shaders from Get Dirty and Commonwealth Captives.  MWoW may also wash off CWSS dirt layers but this feature has not been tested.  I am not responsible for any radiation that you may get while showering in the rain or for any damage done by ghouls, mirelurks, deathclaws, Todd Howard, etc.  It's a post-apocalyptic environment.  Shower at your own risk.
    Helpful hints: 
    1.  Use the soap by dropping it on the ground and then activate it.
    2.  The shower in the rain effect might not trigger during the first 26 hours of game time.  You can speed this up by saving your game and reloading it which will reset the timer check to one hour of game time (about 3 minutes of real time depending on game speed setting).
    3.  When you craft the super soap in the Chem Workbench, you will need antiseptic, oil, and 2 wood as components for crafting.
    4.  Soap doesn't last forever.  You might need several bars on a road trip because sometimes they get used up.
    5.  You cannot wash with the soap while you are wearing power armor or in combat status (enemies nearby).
    Notes about updating from an older version to a newer version:
    A.  You may have to reinitialize the Super Soap in the MCM once you start playing with a new version unless you also started a new game.
    B.  The MCM Rain Shower Auto Prompt On/Off switcher may not work correctly unless you start a new game of FO4.  Try it in your current save and see.  We need more data but it did not work for our playtester, Marg597, until a new game was started.
    Future plans for this mod:
          No future plans for this mod.  Version 2.0 will hopefully be the last.  If I add anything else, it will probably be a new color of soap.
    Version Information:
    Version 1.4.2 was an ESP version and the first version of this mod. NOTE:  Filename was v 1.42 because I mistyped it.
    Version 1.4.3 was an ESL flagged ESP version with a few changes to crafting (adding the cooking station and required 2 wood).  Also had a small change to the washing finished message.
    Version 1.4.4 was an updated ESP version with the added features that were put into 1.4.3.  It was safe to use with saved games made using Version 1.4.2 of this mod (the original version).
    Version 1.4.5 had an ESP version and an ESL-Flagged ESP version (see esl in the zip file name).  It added an MCM so that you can disable the auto prompt for showering in the rain.  It also added a user definable hotkey (via the MCM) that you can use to shower in the rain as long as you have a bar of soap.  It made super soap safe from being scrapped for oil component and also adds a few reinitialization options in the MCM.   Get Dirty's cleanliness status will update in the Pipboy now when you shower or use super soap.
    Version 1.5.0 was intended to correct the issue with the Rain Shower switcher so that it will remain in the On position if switched On.  There were separate files for a normal ESP and an ESL flagged ESP(uses "_esl" in the file name.  The customizable Hotkey issue with the ESL flagged ESP version was fixed.  NOTE:  This version was missing the MCM script.  That was corrected in Version 1.5.1.  If you are using Version 1.5.0, the MCM is not working correctly.
    Version 1.6 added an anim when washing/showering with the soap as well as soap sud effect shaders (using one of CWSS' shaders if you have that mod installed or my less capable version if you don't have CWSS installed).
    Version 1.6.1 changed so that you can no longer accidentally put your soap into a settlement workbench.  NOTE that this affects all workbenches in the settlement.  If you wish to place super soap into the workbench, drop it, and open your workshop build menu.  Use the store option while in that menu to put a dropped bar of soap into the workbench inventory.  I also modified the MCM json files for the ESL flagged ESP version so that the form ids in the MCM point to the compacted form IDs used by the ESL flagged version.  This should make the MCM settings and keybind work correctly now in the ESL flagged ESP version of this mod.  Thanks to rubber_duck for this solution.
    Version 1.7 added a wonderful new washing animation by kziitd and made MWoW's washing methods remove Commonwealth Moisturizer's cum.  Unfortunately, this version also expanded the biped slots in the undressing function to the full 0-43 range which is a problem for players that use many of the slots for costume items that they do not want removed during washing.
    Version 2.0 finally solved the problem of washing off the Get Dirty radiation hazard so take some Super Soap along when you play Hard n Dirty.  This version also reverted the undressing function to only affecting biped slots 3-15.  AAF Protected Keywords and the Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource (SAKR) protection keyword are also incorporated into this mod so that clothing items using the protection keywords should not be removed during undressing.  This version is a total rewrite so it also uses fewer script properties in order to reduce persistence of variables.
    Older versions are maintained for people who want them.  It is highly recommended that you only download and use the latest version.



  8. Big Booty Girl FO4 Edition - CBBE Bodyslide Preset

    A remake of my Big Booty Girl 3BA preset for SSE. Below is the description for that mod because I don't feel like repeating myself.
    A CBBE Bodyslide preset to honor my club on Loverslab! This preset is actually based on my 1st girlfriend, Kalyna's, body. A while ago, I asked her if she was OK with me doing this, and at first she said yes but wanted me to wait until she built up her muscle tone. Then, after we got home from going out to eat, she said that I could do it now and just update it as she progresses with her workouts and stuff. So here it is.
    Following an update some time later.
    Kalyna has worked very hard and it has paid off! She has built her body's muscle tone very well with intense workout routines and dieting! I, along with Babydoll and Valerie, am very proud of her!
    How to use:
    1. Go into Bodyslide.
    2. In the top left hand corner, there are two drop down menus. The top one is for outfits and stuff, the other is your presets. Click the top one and select "CBBE Body". Then click the one on the bottom.
    3. You should see your presets. Select "Big Booty Girl FO4".
    4. On the top right hand side, there is a menu where you can select outfits and bodies. Click the search icon and a menu should pop up of all of your bodies and outfits. Select all available options. To make sure it’s working, select the “Preview” button above the “Build” button on the bottom.
    5. In the bottom left, there will be a button labeled “Batch Build”. Click it, and everything should be made to the BBGFO4 preset. Click “Save” and exit BS.
    6. Go into your game and travel around. If your female character and female NPCs have this body, that should mean it worked.
    Special thanks!
    My 1st girlfriend, Kalyna, for being one of the greatest things in my life. The others being our 2 other girlfriends, Babydoll and Valerie!
    All members of the Big Booty Girls Club.
    Loverslab for being a place where I can share my weirdness in ways I can't, unless it's with my 3 equally weird girlfriends.
    Nexus, for being my starting place for modding. Couldn't have done it without you!



  9. FFO Female Porno Magazine Retexture

    A retexture of Furry Fallout's female porno mag replacer. Install and overwrite/merge if using MO2.



  10. Bound In Public 1.3.3 Traducción al Español

    Estamos nuevamente con mas mods traducidos al español por uniondojo, en este caso le toca a un mod que salio recientemente hace poco (el 07/04/23 por si pasa tiempo y vez este mensaje). 
    Un mod realmente interesante con algo de aire fresco para los fanaticos del BDSM enfocado principalmente para protagonistas femeninos.
    Si desean que traduzca algun mod en especifico favor de decirmelo y con gusto lo hare gratis (ya si me quieren donar pues no les dire que no xd)
    Si ustedes quieren corregir los errores ya sea de coherencia u otros con todo el gusto pueden usar mi traduccion y modificarla. 
    Para que el mod funcione correctamente se necesita intalar primero el mod original el cual es: 
    Evidentemente con todos los requisitos que este pida, esos requisitos los puedes ver en el mod original, sin mas espero volver a verlos luego con mas mods traducidos para la comunidad y cualquier duda que pueda surgir con mucho gusto puedo ayudar a solucionarla, que tengan un exelente dia 



  11. SexHarassment 1.19.2 Traducción al Español

    Buenas, he traducido varios mods y los estare subiendo mas tarde, cabe recalcar que la traduccion fue hecha con traductores como google y deepl mas sin embargo en algunas partes que los dialogos estaban muy incoherentes ya los corregi manualmente no obstante hay cosas que se me fueron como por ejemplo "Abanico" que en realidad significa "Fan", "Gorras, Tapones, Corcholatas" que en relidad son "Chapas" pero la verdad es que por hueva no lo corregi XD
    Si desean que traduzca algun mod en especifico favor de decirmelo y con gusto lo hare gratis (ya si me quieren donar pues no les dire que no xd)
    Este mod fue traducido por UNIONDOJO, y si ustedes quieren corregir los errores ya sea de coherencia o esas cosas que mencione arriba con todo el gusto pueden usar mi traduccion y modificarla. 
    Para que el mod funcione correctamente se necesita intalar primero el mod original el cual es: 
    Evidentemente con todos los requisitos que este pida, esos requisitos los puedes ver en el mod original, sin mas espero volver a verlos luego con mas mods traducidos para la comunidad y cualquier duda que pueda surgir con mucho gusto puedo ayudar a solucionarla, que tengan un exelente dia



  12. F4BipedCAT (Zex skeleton extended) [3d max]

    A set of rigs MaikCG (original) created, but with zex bones added...

    *I used MaikCG's rig for my pose pack, except the extended sex poses. Should be fine with importing existing hkx with this rig.

    A rig you can animate with:
    - Penis and its testicle balls (supports AM + BT)
    - Vagina (only supports FG)
    - Tongue (supports anything)
    - Anus (FG, AM, BT)
    - Breasts (FG)

    I made each rigs built for:
    - FG
    - CBBE (or universal, clothes)
    - AM (1 and 2)
    - BT3
    (All of them are separate to prevent larger space per scene) - Strap-ons for FG and CBBE are imported from my fixed bones.

    - 3D max 2014 (let me know if u want it 2013 converted. I don't support 2015)
    - niftools (3d max)
    - havok content tools (i use 2014 anarchy pc)
    *There's internet, search on Google...

    Blender version (BRF) will be soon.

    Before you download the txt an hko... You gotta put them in a folder anywhere...
    When you open the HCT export, load the hko, update the skeleton txt path in the CREATE SKELETON tab. *Recommended is to save the hko after that.
    Write to platform tab, you set a path where you want your poses/animations to export.

    Credits: TBOS, Zaz (BT, FG, ZeX skeleton), Ulfberto (AM), Caliente (CBBE), MaikGC (Rigs).... These meshes are imported as references. Intended for making either poses or animations for your future mod pack.



  13. A-Body - Male Body Replacer

    Male body replacer based on EVB and AM bodies, with amount of sliders for wide customisation and other features.

    Avaible features:

    -Male body replacer based on Atomic Muscle Body 2.0+ with all features AM has, adapted to use EVB-compatible textures.
    -60 Sliders for wide customization capabilities, avaible from ingame via LooksMenu or traditionally with BodySlide projects.
    -Many improvements to body shape and weighting.
    -High Poly hand meshes.
    -High quality photorealistic textures for body.
    -Meshes are completely seamless. Textures will be properly updated in new releases.
    -Working Dismemberment.
    -Nude and Nevernude options.
    -Few underwear colour options for Nevernude variants.
    -Optional CBP configuration file so A-Body will use CBP bounce.
    -Main mod version use common TRI morphing for erection, so will work with AAF and similar mods that accumulate "Erection" morph out of the box.
    -NudeSuit mod version will need UAP to accumulate Nudesuit erection, but will allow more customisation for character genitalia.

    Planned features:

    -More textures versions (hairy, etc.).
    -Updated raiders and Ghouls textures (you can use EVB ones for now)
    -Vanilla armor adaptation.
    -[HARD]ZeX Skeleton (install ScreenArcher version)
    -[SOFT]LooksMenu - for ingame sliders
    -[SOFT]UAP - for Nudesuit optional version


    All-in-one installer will provide all options during Mod Manager2 installation.

    Other mod managers are not tested and may cause issues. You can always unpack archive and install mod manually.


    -Mod use EVB-compatible UV so will technically be compatible to any EVB, BT or vanilla armours. Making it use straightforward ABod mesh and sliders will require proper refit though.
    -AAF UAP NudeSuit solution is optional, for those who wants more dick customisation options. NudeSuit option requires UAP for erection to work.


    -Does mod contain skimpy outfits?

    -I have no erection during AAF animations.
    If you use NudeSuit mesh version - Install UAP.

    -I have pipi/butt/etc. stretching to infinity..
    ABod requires ZeX skeleton and will not work with any other skeletons and "cbbe fix" mods.
    Having stretched balls during character creation is normal. It's engine bug. It will be okay after you begin a game.

    -I still have pipi/butt/etc. stretching to infinity!.
    Try installing Screenarcher version of ZeX skeleton. Seems that installer is bugged a bit and fails to install properly with basic option.

    -I have only "positive" sliders in BodySlide.
    Almost all sliders are designed to properly work "both ways" to avoid ingame sliders cluttering, so if you want, as example, use "size" slider to make it smaller - just put negative value in slider line. Values up to -100% will be fine for all sliders that were designed this way.


    Ulfberto - Atomic Muscle Body, which A-Body is heavily based off.
    Leito - for original EVB.

    You can find patches, some dev showcases and exclusive mods on this discord server: https://discord.gg/9QZh48BK6G



  14. Krazyones SAKR Skimpy Armor Keyword Resources Addons

    I have plenty of Clothing Mods on The Nexus, I also like SAKR. Skimpy Armor Keyword Resources. As it takes out the guesswork out of clothing.
    Such as mods working out what the clothing your character is wearing, as well as what it looks like. Is it a Top, Bottom, Full Outfit, Heels.
    Is it tight, or loose fitting, slutty, or damn right obscene to wear in public.
    - TAGS for clothing types
    - Mods can tell if a piece of clothing is Top, Bottom, Full, Heels, Stockings, Sheer, Slutty, Tight, Loose
    - Knowing Armor Slots not needed, with a mod that reads the TAGS. Sexual Harassment does this
    - Mod Organizer 2 instructions in mods Notes section
    - Works with my Clothing Treasure Hunt mods, on The Nexus

    Required mods...
    - SAKR Skimpy Armor Keyword Resources
    - Armorsmith Extended
    - AWKCR Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource
    Mods that use this...
    - Sexual Harassment
    Load Order...  Mod Organizer 2
    - Rubber Duck's SAKR Repo
    - NGamma's Skimpy Armor Keyword Robco Patches



  15. Pony ZeX Extended Skeleton

    This is a modified Skeleton created using ZeX Skeleton assets. I modified this Skeleton to work with the Fusion Girl Body.
    1.- (CaN) Crimes against Nature: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19040
    2.- Custom Race Skeleton Fixes: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/56101
    Note: Because I am using the Custom Race Skeleton Fixes mod for an easier way to install my skeleton you don't need the RaceCustomizer mod for CaN.
    If anybody finds any issue with the skeleton please comment.
    Tutorial for OCBP/OCBPC, CHW and HHS for Pony Race:
    Nude textures on the mega link here:



  16. Wasteland Eggspansion

    Wasteland Eggspansion is a pregnancy mod centred around laying eggs. Intended to be something light-hearted, embracing the ridiculous side of Fallout. Pregnancies are initiated without sex. The experience is customizable. Be sure to check whether the default MCM settings suit your needs. Please note that there are no quests to complete or NPCs. This is a background mod, not the main course.
    What it does
    Makes the player character or companions eager egg-layers. You get started by finding and consuming an item. One can be found near the statue next to the Sanctuary bridge. Contact in combat and eating food act as triggers for unlocking new egg types. At the beginning, the capacity to carry eggs is limited, but it will improve gradually. The size of the belly is connected to how many and what type of eggs the egg-layer is carrying.  Simple labour effects: moans, crouching, eggs dropping on the ground one by one and controller rumble. Can be turned off.  Supports most of the vanilla, DLC and some of the Mojave species.   
    Hard requirements needed for things to work:
    F4SE Mod Configuration Menu Looksmenu For the morphs a suitable body and the outfits for it built in Bodyslide Studio (guide for MO2) SUP F4SE LL FourPlay community F4SE plugin (if you have a working AAF installation - you already got it) Willingness to play Fallout 4  
    A more suitable crouching animation (maybe this?) UI mod of your choice to make message boxes better and prettier.  
    For male character belly morphs this might be needed: Male Morph Support.  Supported body types: CBBE, TWB, Fusion Girl, Janebod and Bodytalk. For other bodies custom sliders can be used, but if the body type doesn't have a pregnancy belly slider, not much can be done. 
    All egg types can be unlocked even without the DLCs and associated mods. The necessary consumable item is found by dumpster-diving and is often dropped by raider types. If you are on an old save, visiting new areas or places that haven’t been visited lately does the trick. Making companions egg-layers works by putting jellies or jellied food into their inventory. Amount of egg-laying companions/NPCs is limited to 20. Companions won’t become egg-layers unless it makes sense for them to do so. If in a hurry and unable to wait to get the necessary companion affinity perk, sole survivors (or startmeuppers) are going to have to engage sneaky asshole mode and use a “jellied” food item in order to trick their egg-layer candidates. Recipes found inside magazine #1 and crafted items sometimes dropped by raiders. This can be bypassed with 10+ charisma or having a reputation as an egg-layer.
    Mod management
    Installation: Install like any other mod. Make sure the files are unzipped correctly and the plugin or bsa limit hasn’t been reached. The Manual has straightforward instructions on how to install F4SE manually. If morphs don’t work properly, see the general morph troubleshooting section below. It might cover your particular issue.
    Updating: There’s an update system. Updating to a new version on an existing save should work.
    Pausing: It’s possible to freeze the player in their current state and to halt temporarily all progression, morph updates and food/combat monitoring. To make the mod completely inert and have all perks removed, it needs to be stopped/reset.
    Starting fresh: Stopping and then restarting should work, nothing gets shut down permanently. Magazine bonuses and recipes already acquired persist and won’t get reset.
    Uninstallation: Stop the mod from MCM/Mod management to disable all activity. Clean and remove if you know what you are doing and really need the plugin slot (yur doing it wrong if you do).
    Current state of the mod and future plans
    For now, the mod is done. Bug fixing continues when needed. 
    A lot of ideas, mainly the labor system, come from MorePrinniesDood's excellent EggFactory
    Fallout Vore convinced me that interacting with the vanilla game mechanics is the way to go.
    pepertje's Fertile Breeder lore inspired me to do this mod in the first place and gave a handy way to explain who/what is behind the nonsense.
    And, of course, all the numerous people on the interwebs willing to share their knowledge in order to help beginners to get started.
    The troublesome morphs
    These are just some general observations that will be amended if more correct information turns up.



  17. AAF Nuka Ride: A Porn Studio Mod

    A mysterious eyebot travels the Commonwealth handing out fliers to every girl he meets, in his never-ending search for the next Golden Globes Studio porn star.
    But while there are many pretty girls in the wasteland, the real problem is finding the one who is up to the task.
    Nuka Ride is intended as an alternate start mod and is written with a woman as the protagonist.
    *Quest mod.
    *Broken english - I don't speak English.
    *Very focused on dialogue, not gunfights.
    *Domination content. Transformation. Bimbofication. 
    *Pretty hardcore content too, I do not recommend it for sensitive people.
    *Bestiality (totally optional)
    How do I start? 
    Duke, a yellow eyebot, will interact with you. If you are near Vault 111 you will find him immediately as he is looking for you. If you're not around, you can fast travel anywhere or sit and wait, and Duke will come to you.
    Hard & Soft Requirements
    Workshop DLC
    Nuka World DLC
    Far Harbor DLC
    Fully functional AAF:

    F4z Roh Doh 
    RealHandcuffs -thanks to @naaitsab
    Torture Devices
    Fusion Girl Or CBBE
    HN66's Easy Girl - I only use textures & materials. You can disable the plugins if you want.
    HN66 TRS - same, just textures & materials.
    Captive Tattoos (soft)
    Sex Attributes (soft)
    MCM (soft)
    High Heel System (soft)
    Family Planning Enhanced (Original or Redux) (soft)
    OverQueen Armor (soft)
    HBD DressBox (soft)
    Plugs of the Commonwealth (soft, I suggest use the slot 56 one)
    Commonwealth Moisturizer (soft)
    HN66 nails (Fusion Girl Version) (soft)
    Black Male Raiders - (soft, optional. It will make all raiders in Nuka Town black and therefore comment as if your protagonist were the only white girl in the place. ) 
    The current version has the following quests, some of them are used to unlock new furniture in the Porn Studio, and to be able to film new scenes.
    The Audition
    Becoming a Porn Star (Main Quest, repeatable)
    The Motorcycle
    The Flagpole 
    Visiting Mason (repeatable)
    Next set of missions start once you win "Becoming a Porn Star" -you can talk to Shank or any Nuka World raider will let you know that Shank wants to talk to you-
    A New Name 
    A New Ride 
    Tattoo Shop - Repeatable
    VIP Party - Repeatable
    Rising Porn Star 
    Golden Globes Radio
    Visiting Vadim - Repeatable
    Lucy in the Sky 
    A Date with the Boss
    Made In Heaven
    Lost in the Jungle
    Being a Mule – Repeatable
    The Dog Walker – Repeatable
    The Special Girls
    Propagandistic Porn - Repeatable
    Kill Me Softly
    The Studio - Repeatable
    The Mirelurk King - Repeatable
    Night Fever 
    Fans - When you win Night Fever, the mod will enable fans to come up to you (Diamond City and Settlements).
    The Nuka Club - Repeatable
    The Rescue - Repeatable
    Heart of Steel 
    ❗  The next set of missions (Nuka Ride 6) starts here. After filming at least once the movie "The Rescue", talk to Charlotte and ask her if there is anything to do.
    The Way You Say My Name
    Dolled Up
    Head for Business
    Night Movie
    Fly Me To The Moon
    The Student
    War Rig
    Semper Sexy
    Scooter Refill Quest - Repeatable
    Porn Movie: Golden Girls - Repeatable
    A Place called Home - Talk to the new tattoo shop pet after you get back from Far Harbor to start this.

    General recommendations
    This mod is programmed to stop and auto turn off if you enter the Nuka Train Station (since this is where the quest to kill the Overboss starts). The Overboss is a mayor character in this mod and we need him alive. If you are new to AAF, I recommend the Official Guide by Saya. This is an alternative start mod. I need many living Npc that in a late game could be dead, so I strongly recommend using it in a new game. Activate the subtitles. You can also download the synthetic voice file made by Axary and Kalistara.  This mod will take you throughout many parts of the Commonwealth and Nuka World, and so it is incompatible with many mods that change the locations and interiors of places it takes part in.  To avoid conflicts, put Nuka Ride among the last of your load order.  I do NOT recommend playing it together with other story mods. They can be very invasive. Otherwise very bizarre things are going to happen and take you out of the immersion. I recommend XDI for a better experience, but it is not required. If you have a problem with AAF loading at 68%, reinstall Savage Cabbage version 1.2.9 or superior, and check all animation boxes. Don't worry, non-human animations are completely optional in my mod. But you need to have them installed. I would advise you to use a character without tattoos, since in this mod there are characters who put tattoos on you as the story progresses and obviously I don't know if your character normally have tattoos that could overlap with mine. Nuka Ride is going to doll you up a little: NPCs put you clothes, piercings and jewelry too. To advance or start some missions, you must wear any of the clothes they give you or else they will simply ignore you.  Don't clean your Nuka Ride save with ReSaver. I did it once and never again. Everything, absolutely everything, was upside down. Packages, aliases, dialogs. Don't do it.  I suggest you disable the Bokeh Effect if you have BethIni, because it conflicts with my special cameras. Here is an example of what I am saying.  
    Why are objects and textures in Nuka Town flickering and disappearing?
    Pre-culling issue. To resolve it, place Nuka Ride.esp in the bottom of your load order

    Made a Playlist in Youtube with all songs.
    Nuka Ride Spotify Playlist thanks to @neeceerae ! 
    Golden Globes Radio
    Thanks to Katy Webb and @steelpanther24 for the publicity for Golden Globes Radio!
    Abernathy Farm commercial Voiced by Wyatt Henry
    Atom Cats voiced by TheEmpireStrikes1st
    Drumline Diner voiced by fluxmarsh
    Myrna commercial voiced by QueenJamJam
     SQr17 (Sneaking Idle) from his New Idles mod!
    Langnao (Bimbo-like walking animation)
    @RohZima For the new poses!

    KonataInoue (The PickUp and the Scooter!)
    FlashyJoer (Poop mesh)
    Annarietta (The fancy purse and Nuka Ride boxes!)
    FeatherDer ( for the backpacks!)  
    Sebbo and Kinggath's Mod School Resources for the dancing idles.
    @Axaryfor creating a tall flagpole for me so poledance would look good in heels.
    Icestorm for the mirror mesh!
    Laptop – Pra (Laptop Terminal)
    Oil Rig World – Otellino (America Rising)
    Kali Preset – Astraea Preset by csxx520 
    Bubbles and petals - keungkeung
    Thank you very much for allowing free use with acknowledgment of authorship.

    You can recognize them by the prefixes in Bodyslide!
    @Axary (Overboss Piercing, Overboss Clit Piercing & Queen of Spades Choker)
    @hwybee4996 for the belts in Bubblegum & Primadonna outfits! Fallout Demon Hunter II
    Hell Kitty Outfit (shorts & top) – Delyte & Charm
    HN66 (Human Nature 66)
    GamoHolic (You will see it as GH in Bodyslide)
    Maibatsu Heels! (Corsican and Maxson Heels)
    Kharnet and En Masse Entertainment and BlueHole Studios for TERA POLICE
    Snakel101 (Patreon) - Belt in Adolf Outfit
    Icestorm Heels! (
      Patreon) - Adolf Heels & Gage Heels-
    Newermind - Nisha Outfit!
    Vanvid - Dancer Heels
    Recommended Mods

    Collection of Textures and Preset for the girls - My characters are based on the facial textures you will find in this collection. Vanilla textures are fine, but young characters will look mature or not very similar to my pics.  I advise you to remove/deactivate the plugins that come with that mod. You only need the textures.   Brawl Bug Fix by ErshinPL - Necessary for those who have many mods in order to have a clean and bug free brawl. You can install the loose version, it has no plugins. You don't need it if you use Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch. FallSoul, with this mod you will be able to see your character make different idles when using the Nuka Ride mirror. Note that this mod does not work very well with other mods such as Devious Devices and who knows what else.  Nuka Ride: The Previous Girl by @tissemann- Alternative tattoos and a fantastic menu related to Nuka Ride. Dynamic Cinematic Face Lights by @Reginald_001 - I can't play without this mod. Natural lighting during dialogues when it's dark. Rusty Face Fix - by Seb263 - Install it and brown faces will be a thing of the past.  Nuka Ride: Easy Girl Patch  by @Reese if you use Easy Girl outfits. Not compatible with Commonwealth Slavers. ❗ Nuka Ride: Pornstar Outfit Patch  by @belegost- if you use outfits from the Pornstar Outfit. Nuka Ride: FFO Patch by @poblivion - Furry patch for those who like the theme.  

    This mod disables a lot of triggerboxes in Nuka World, as the ultimate goal is to replace the DLC. All unlockables will be unlocked little by little with Nuka Ride. So basically don't uninstall the mod. If you want to play the classic DLC, start a new game without Nuka Ride installed.

    Thanks to! 
    @EgoBallistic, @dagobaking, @Operand, @fish00, @requiredname, @Tentacus, @lee3310, @vaultbait and @Invictusblade for the invaluable help with the scripts.
      @Saya Scarlett for the AAF guide!
    @spicydoritos for random comments from NPCs!

    @Gamaramdi, @RileyAP, @cosworth, @Splithorse @osculim @MrNicoras @kaxat @orcking12 @Rangerguy @kazeha9 @caveman74 for patiently testing the mod! 🙏
    @ecobotstar for the posters!
    kirkieballox by White Dog Meat!
    @Snapdragon_ for the idles for photo shoots!
    Vexenonifi por the tattoos resources!

    Seddon4494 for his Creation Kit tutorials!
    Bethesda for CK and Fallout 4. It's an amazing tool for doing amazing things.
    Stuck on a Quest?

    Guide with all the quests and stages 💥



  18. monno's bikini - skyrim port.

    monno's bikini from skyrim ported to fallout 4.
    cbbe required for female, evb for male.
    supports bodyslide & an experimental test of janebod.
    vanilla, armorsmith extended, and awkcr versions available. also available on the nexus.
    ae & awkcr can be crafted at the armorsmith workbench:

    vanilla can be crafted at the chemlab:
    obtain using console:   ADDITIONS: monno's bikini bodyslide with physics body files by mrtroublemaker. monno's bikini for vanilla-evb by radbeetle. monno's bikini - fusion cbbe - separated to upper and lower part by busses. monno's bikini horizon 1.8 patch by likun.   CREDITS:
    monno - granting me permission to port their bikini. mizho - flag-based retextures.
    rumbicup - clean/dirty retextures.
    mergatroid skittle - spoopy retextures.
    melvinius - retextures.
    daftbunny - screenshots.
    ousnius - sliders.
    slapmesilly - advice and mesh work.
    caliente & cell - cbbe, bodyslide and outfit studio.
    material editor.



  19. Story Action Poses (8/20/23)

    PATCHES / SUPPORT (FOMOD Installations)
    SAP COMMANDS ( + List of Poses per Groups / Support )
    ・Story Action Compendium (Discord Server)
    ・Blender Rig Framework (Nexus Link)
    ・Story Action Poses (Nexus Link)



  20. Commonwealth Captives

    Adds bound captives to Raider and Super Mutant lairs that you can rescue and recruit for your settlements.
    Mod Features
    Commonwealth Captives randomly spawns captive settlers in various states of distress throughout enemy lairs in the Commonwealth.  You can find them crucified, strapped to metal frames, lashed to torture devices, or bound on their knees.
    Once freed, the settlers become followers who can be given equipment and who will fight alongside you.  You can also request sexual favors from them in return for your gallant efforts.  When you are ready, you can dismiss them or recruit them to one of your settlements.
    The mod works with devices from Torture Devices, Prisoner Shackles, CRX - Workshop Crosses, and ZaZOut4.  These devices are not included in this mod, so you will want to install those mods if you don't already have them.
    The mod uses its own lists of unique settler NPCs.  It does not modify vanilla NPCs or settler leveled lists, so it is compatible with mods that add new settlers like Better Settlers, Lots More Settlers and Enemies, etc.  The settlers do not include their own meshes or textures, so they will use whatever body mesh and skin textures you have installed.
    All dialogue is fully voiced, using vanilla player and settler lines. 
    Dynamic Placement
    Commonwealth Captives makes no edits to any vanilla records, including cell records.  This means no mod conflicts and no broken precombines.  The mod detects when you approach Raider camps and Super Mutant lairs and dynamically places captives near the inhabitants.  The chance of captives appearing is controllable via the MCM.  Captives you do not set free, or ones that you set free and then dismiss, will be de-spawned when you travel far enough away from them.  The only captives who persist in the game world are those who are traveling with you, and ones that you have recruited to settlements.  This means no save bloat and no crowds of NPCs to cause performance issues.
    If there isn't enough room in a particular spot for large contraptions, prisoners will simply be found tied up and kneeling.
    Not every enemy lair will have captives, and captives won't appear in the same place or with the same restraints, adding variety and unpredictability to the encounters.  And because it is dynamic and based on factions, the mods also works with new Raider and Super Mutant camps added by mods.
    Playing the mod
    Everything is driven by dialogue.
    When you first talk to a captive, the Set free and Let's go options let you free them from their bondage.  The None of my business and I'll be back options exit the conversation, much to the captive's dismay.  You can talk to them again if you decide to free them later.  Note that if you are bound with Real Handcuffs or Devious Devices, you won't be able to free the settlers until you free yourself from your restraints.
    Once the captive is free, they will follow you, sneak when you sneak, and fight enemies.  You can talk to them; the Trade option lets you change their equipment, Get out of here dismisses them permanently, Work for me lets you pick a settlement to send them to, and Return the favor lets you have sex with them.
    If you give your captives new armor or clothing, they will continue to wear it if you send them to a settlement.  If you didn't give them a new outfit, they will pick one up on their way to their new home.
    The MCM options are:
    Enable Mod - allows you to enable or disable the mod.  Disabling the mod will only prevent new captives from spawning, it will not affect existing freed captives or ones who have been turned into settlers. Chance of first captive - determines the chance that there is at least one captive in a location Chance of additional captives - the mod scans the location for additional enemies, and this setting controls the chance that a captive will spawn near each enemy Chance captive is male - just like it sounds Animation duration - sets the duration of animations when you ask a captive you have freed to return the favor You can also enable or disable the use of any of the supported restraint mods that are installed.
    AAF is a hard requirement, the mod will not work without it.
    Mod Configuration Menu is required if you  want to configure the mod.
    At least one of the following is highly recommended.  The mod is really intended to work with all of them, as this will give you the most variety of devices:
    Torture Devices
    CRX - Workshop Crosses
    Prisoner Shackles
    ZaZOut 4 Repack - Install the version at this link, not the original.  Version ZaZOut4 [REPACK] V0.0.3.3 or later is required.

    Credits and Thanks
    RayV12 for settlers from Rez's Settler Makeover
    veter75n for settlers from The new settlers a plus Overhaul vanilla
    @ZaZ for ZAP bondage ropes I converted from Skyrim, and for making ZaZOut4
    @Oakern for making CRX - Workshop Crosses
    @Vader666 for making TortureDevices
    mlucke for making Prisoner Shackles
    @Gothuska for multiple translations of the mod
    This mod is only to be hosted on LoversLab and only under my account. You may not publish a fork or port of this mod, or a mod that uses this mod's code to reproduce substantial portions of its features or functionality, without my explicit permission. You may not publish patches for this mod that include any of this mod's code or modify its plugin without my explicit permission. You may not use any code from this mod in a closed-source project, a paywalled project, or a project offered for sale. You may publish translations of this mod, provided the translation is a patch that only replaces or modifies the portions of the mod required to make the translation. Your translation patch must indicate the version(s) of the mod that it applies to, and it must be hosted exclusively on LoversLab. You may use code from this mod in your own projects as long as you publish the source of your project, you allow others to use your code in a similar fashion, and you give credit where it is due. Any patches, forks, translations, etc, of this mod that were published before August 21, 2023 are assumed to be in compliance with these permissions.



  21. Milking Human Kindness

    Welcome to your new home, breeder! Alternate start scenario and unique location with lightweight quests, lore-friendly stories and so many super mutants...
    Hello beta testers. This is a prerelease of the first phase of what's planned to become a much larger mod. I have playtested it extensively and fixed all the bugs I encountered, but I'm certain there are plenty more for you to find. Please let me know in the support topic if you run into problems with the setting or new gameplay features. I can also try to answer specific questions there, within reason, but first make sure you've read everything on the file page and initial few support posts where frequently asked questions and known bugs will be tracked. No offense, but for now I'm not interested in your ideas on what else I could add, I already have a planned feature list longer than a behemoth's belly bat. What I need help with is improving what's already implemented, so if you're interested in doing that your assistance is most welcome.
    Please be aware that this mod includes references to non-consensual sex, human bondage, extreme violence, snuff, bestiality, drug and alcohol use, forced breeding, breastmilk, fat fetishism, degrading speech, pee play, and all sorts of similarly perverted fare. Engaging in any such activities is entirely optional, but if you're easily offended by these ideas then this mod is not for you. This mod will theoretically work with a male protagonist and even alternate race mods, but it's designed around playing as a human female (sorry guys!).
    So what the hell is in this?
    Without giving too much away, the mod consists of a central area where super mutants are fertilizing human women the old fashioned way, and using them to incubate new super mutants. You'll also find that the Commonwealth strain super mutants have learned to harness F.E.V. based fertility hormones which improve their chances of reproducing, and they may occasionally inject you with some during sex (as well as confiscating any birth control you're carrying, you won't be needing that any more). While under the lasting effects of the drug, you and any followers will be able to move freely among super mutant camps as long as you remain naked and don't equip any weapons (the included HUD indicator can help to warn you whenever you forget you're armed or clothed).
    Anything to know about installing?
    Not much... it's a FOMOD package, so use a modern mod manager that can support those. You do need all the DLCs since it takes assets from most of them for added flavor, and F4SE because the game's scripting engine is somewhat limited without it. Other mods are optional.
    There is no actual pregnancy mechanic included, but the scenario is meant for use with Family Planning Enhanced with its separate FPESuperMutantAddon.7z or Family Planning Enhanced Redux with Wasteland Dairy's Offspring plugin, and has some soft script integrations with either of those if present. AAF is, of course, strongly recommended (and no, I won't even attempt to explain how to install AAF) but is not strictly required to use the mod, you just won't be having any sexy-time animations without it. With AAF you'll want either Creature Resources or Ultimate AAF Patch so that greenies have appropriate sex organs and a dismemberable skeleton. Installing Mod Configuration Menu will make it possible to toggle some of the mod's features off and on, adjust settings or access debugging functions. HUDFramework is used by the optional on-screen indicator for armed and clothed states.
    There's also soft integration with or support for additional mods which may enhance your experience: Unhealthy Craving, Skimpy Armor Keywords Resource, LooksMenu, Better Living Through Cumistry, Provocative Perks, TSEX, Sex Attributes, Sexual Harassment, Animated Tentacles, Commonwealth Captives, Real Handcuffs, Devious Devices, DD Armorbench Unlocker, Bound in Public, Advanced Needs 76, Light 'Em Up, Myopia Simulator, Get Dirty, CWSS, Immersive Animation Framework. Many of these integrations rely on RobCo Patcher configuration, so will activate transparently if it's installed.
    Additional mods you might want to consider using with this: Chem Visuals, Alias Settlers, Alias Mutants, Behemoth Weapon Variety, Super Mutant Behemoth 4k, LC's UHD Super Mutant Hound 4k, Suicider Replacement, Splashzone's NSFW Texture Mashup.
    Conflicts with other mods?
    The perks in this mod were inspired by, and are therefore mostly redundant with, Beneficial Nudity Redone (thehurtbear) and Passive Radiation loss while Nude (Modfreak). If you plan to acquire the perk books from the Colostrum Cave Adventure quest, you should probably uninstall those mods.
    There are also some vanilla Fallout 4 locations where this mod adds items or characters and, while it's kept to a necessary minimum, anything altering these locations could lead to accessibility issues: Vault111Ext, WestEverettEstates01, WestEverettEstatesExt02. In particular, load plugins which include "previs" for those locations like PRP or UWBF after MilkingHumanKindness.esp if you use them, or else you'll get missing landscape in affected cells (PRP) and the bathroom in the Backyard Bunker won't be full-featured (UWBF).
    For custom random events, a new stacked event branch is inserted in the story manager. This necessitated setting the child field of the vanilla game's REBranchNormalTriggers from REBranchSpecialTriggers to the new MHK_Encounters (which in turn has REBranchSpecialTriggers as its child). Any mods which add or alter random encounters will conflict if they similarly adjust the relationship between those two REBranch nodes, in which case a patch plugin may be required.
    Armorsmith Extended and Equipment Crafting Overhaul remove underarmor coverage from many vanilla outfits, which causes this mod's internal nudity tracking implementation to think you're unclothed when wearing them, but optional SAKR based nudity tracking is strongly recommended (used automatically if SAKR is installed) and won't be affected by underarmor slot patching by mods like AE and ECO.
    Early game quest mods like Commonwealth Slavers, Deviously Cursed Wasteland or DLYH Light Alternate Start can be problematic if you start the captive scenario for this mod without first completing any similar sorts of slavery and bondage quests that are already in progress, since you might otherwise end up stuck without the resources or freedom you need to survive. You can use them together, just be careful to plan out what order you'll play them in and don't start the scenarios for more than one at a time.
    Mods which perform extensive setup routines when first installed can cause severe script lag, resulting in noticeable delays for actions in this mod. For best results when beginning a new playthrough, wait for any startup notifications to scroll off the screen, and maybe even explore the area around the vault for a minute or two before you interact with the safe. You might consider using Baka MaxPapyrusOps to reduce script contention and startup times, but if you're still experiencing issues with script-driven features then test with SKK Script Lag latency detector to help pinpoint the cause.
    How do I start?
    Find an innocuous looking safe just outside Vault 111, and you should be able to figure out the rest for yourself.
    This is intended for entry-level characters fresh out of the vault so is best used in a new playthrough, ideally loading an unmodded save like Ms. Vault 111 (you'll be given options to reset your name, special stats and appearance anyway). It should also work with more seasoned characters, but probably won't be nearly as much fun. If you're carrying a lot of things in your inventory, or in companion/follower inventories, you will probably want to store it all somewhere like a settlement first; the scripted inventory transfer could take a long time to complete and make it seem like your game has frozen.
    Of course, keep a save from before you installed this, and don't uninstall  it mid-play either since it does have scripts. Removing it probably won't break anything as long as you use the shutdown opion in its debugging page in MCM, but I'm not responsible when your game catches on fire. If you get stuck, check out the FAPs (Fucking Amazing Pointers) post for some possibly fun-spoiling details.
    Credits and Permissions
    All assets in Milking Human Kindness are reused from Fallout 4 or are the creation of the author, and are supplied free of charge to anyone who wishes to play. You're welcome to reuse any of the assets or scripts in your own creations, but don't repost this mod itself anywhere, and please let others know if you use any of its contents in creating any of your own published mods.
    I could never hope to assemble a complete list of all the people whose work has inspired me either in concept or through example, nor those who have provided invaluable assistance on this journey. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly thank the LoversLab community, all the modders who answered my endless stream of questions, and the countless mod authors whose creations titillated while showing me what's possible. Your generosity (and perversity) knows no bounds. If in doubt, fuck it; if not in doubt, get in doubt!



  22. Furry Paintings

    Changed all the Cabot, Generic, Institute, and Portrait paintings to be a little more furrified.



  23. NGamma's Skimpy Armor Keyword RobCo Patches

    This is a collection of Skimpy Armor Keyword patches created by me with Rubber Duck’s SAKR/RCP Gen for use with RobCo Patcher (RCP).
    If you have wishes and I have the time for it, I will gladly create more patches and add them to the collection.
    Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource
    RobCo Patcher
    How to install/use?
    1) Install Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource and activate its plugin
    2) Install RobCo Patcher
    3.1) If the patch's been made with default Plugin, you're good to go!
    3.2) If the patch's been made with ESL-flagged Plugin, you'll have to open the provided INI and change Armor FormIDs OR create your own INI using rubber duck's SAKR/RCP Gen tool.
    Patches for Armor mods



  24. Erotic Art - Expanded v3

    This mod is an expansion to the Erotic Art -mod on Nexus. The purpose of the mod was to add more exclusively Fallout related pics, which sadly the original mod was pretty light on.
    The expansion adds 304 additional pics, and 9 new magazines from which said craftable pics are unlocked from, just as in the original mod.
    The pics are sourced from random post on Sankaku Complex and Rule34 image boards, but the only artist I able recognize and name is Shädmän.
    Download the original mod, and install the *ESP* version of the mod, and ONLY THE ESP VERSION:
      Download this mod, and install it.  
    No More ESL version?
    Sorry, the issues caused by using the ESL that were dependent on ESP was just more trouble than it was worth, so I converted the entire mod into .ESP and it is now only in .ESP. Second, editing .ESL version for more content is also a hassle, third, having both .ESP and .ESL version of the base mod supported, meant I had to remake the mod for each version, sorry, I am just too lazy to keep doing that.
    Also, the menus are now inserted into the Erotic Art's -menu structure via scripts, so even if it gets updated etc. this will be compatible.
    The magazines are located at:
    Changes from v1 to v2.
    Some pics were changed due to their inappropriate nature breaking loverslab rules, that's it, nothing else has been changed.



  25. Commonwealth Slavers

    Content Warning
    This mod contains entirely fictional events based on fictional characters for adult entertainment purposes only. It shows no real people or events.
    All characters are 18 years old or older and no actuals bits were harmed in the making of this mod.
    Commonwealth Slavers is a quest mod where the player is enslaved by raiders and forced to do cruel quests for them. This mod is violent, cruel and ruthless. If you are sensitive with this type of content, you should not install it. If this type of content scares you, please back away slowly. Be aware that all claims will be ignored due to this warning.

    The raider gang leader in Corvega had an epiphany: The Sight foretold him power, caps and joy, and to that end he will put into action his plan to unify all the gangs of the wasteland into a single powerful one.
    Commonwealth Slavers is a descent into hell where the character is destroyed physically and mentally. But it is your final decision to let yourself be devoured, flee, or light the fire of rebellion and destroy the chains that have taken the Commonwealth. 

    When the storm seems to overpower you, hold tight. Tough storms don't last, but strong people do. 🔥
    How to start?
    A person is injured under the security booth outside Vault 111.
    This is a mod that offers an alternate start so you need a new game where you exit the Vault. Or at least a game where you have not cleared Corvega of enemies. The mod will not start if Corvega is cleared of enemies, and you will get a warning, before the mod shuts itself down.
    Through the mod you will get various vanilla perks to improve stealing, stealth, scrapping, chemistry and even to master animals of the wasteland, so it is intended for a real start with no perks. To access the mission that will give you perks for the animals you must activate the option in the MCM, bestial content is disabled by default.
    The mod frankly imposes a lot of restrictions once you are enslaved, but you can cheat in the MCM to bypass these restrictions. Under normal conditions, you won't be able to wear clothing, armor, equip yourself with weapons, or access workbenches without permission. And in certain missions you won't even be able to sit, sleep or even take stuffs. I did it this way because I like to have a sense of helplessness in the PC.
    Preston, the Mayor, Piper and other characters are not encountered during the course of the mod and only at the end, when you gain freedom, will you be able to meet them and start a vanilla adventure if you want, or start your personal vendetta against your former slavers. If you have Nuka Ride installed you will be offered to flee to Nuka World to seek protection from the Pack and Golden Globes Studio, once the mod ends.
    However, you also have the option to remain a slave forever, once the option arises.
    It is intended to be played in Survival mode, however, it is not mandatory. A new drug is implemented (Slavers Jet) that relieves hunger and the need to sleep, although it gives addiction. You can choose whether your character ends up addicted, which has consequences in both appearance and speech.
    If you go to the Data\AAF\AAF_equipmentSetData file and delete the line <unEquip bipedSlot="Unnamed5"/> then the piercings from Lord Escobar will not be removed during AAF scenes.
    If you have the latest version of the UAP 👽 (v2.6.64-1), make this small manual fix 👇 Thanks to @lee3310
    A tip for those who play Horizon by @Evelynith

    1 Intro quest
     “Lucky Day”  
    13 main quests
    “The Truce” “The Pet” “Pest Control” “The Fighter” “The Hooker” “The Scaver” “Pet Walk” "The Weapon" "The Runaway Slave" “The Threat” "The Pit" "The Porn Studio" "The Scientist" "The Snuff" (AKA Dead Ending)  
    1 Ending quest, which is included in 4 quests. 
    “The Hero” "The Harvester" "The Correctional" "The Harvestress"  
    This Ending is unlocked after you have done n amount of successful repeatable quests (configurable in the MCM).  So each time you complete a quest successfully - you may fail some of them - you will receive one point.
    Once you have finished the basic missions, you will have an option to go out and roam the wasteland as a reward for doing your chores. However, you will have a time limit and you will also have to bring money to your gang. In this mode you can go anywhere but the locals will not ask you for help (the typical missions to unlock settlements are not activated while you are enslaved).
    Likewise, as well as roaming freely after finishing the basic quests, you will be able to make your own clothes.
    Hard Requirements
    Nuka World DLC Far Harbor DLC AAF Themes Savage Cabbage Leito Animations Real Handcuffs Torture Devices Absolutely Skimpy Attire (CBBE or Fusion Girl Version)  
    Soft Requierements
    Fuz Roh Doh Amputator FO4 - Amputation events are optional. If you haven't installed this mod there will be no amputation events.  Animated Tentacles - Same. Don't install it if you are not interested in this. Custom Camera (No need for Barber and Surgeon Camera Fix)  Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch  MCM BP70 Animations (Soft) Bad End Animations (Soft) - Slavers will use this mod if they find it installed. Plugs of the Commonwealth (Soft)- Slavers will use this mod if they find it installed. Lord Escobar Piercings (Soft) - The slavers will decorate you. In their own way. Sex Attributes (Soft) - This mod has rebellious and submissive routes. Captive Tattoos (Soft) Family Planning  (Soft) Slave and Model Poses (Don't download the ESL version)  
    Recommended Mods
    I played with these mods to spice up the experience.
    Get Dirty and AAF Dirty Sex - For aesthetic reasons. Be careful! You don't want to swim to get the dirt off. The Get Dirty mod will remove your collar and that will have deadly consequences with my mod. Use the soap instead. I personally recommend you to disable the Dirt Radiation Hazard mode of the MCM. It's just too much unnecessary difficulty.  
    Classic Holstered Weapons - I like that the characters have their weapons visible, it gives them a more menacing look. It reinforces the difference between the PC and the raiders.
    Random Overlays Framework - this mod will put various tattoos on raiders.
    LooksMenu Body Tattoos and Tattoo Collection - the tattoos that the Random Overlay Framework will put on the raiders.
    Hardcore Raiders - a mod included in the fomod. Raiders will wear their best armor and weapons.
    Rad Morphing Redux - Mental transformation also entails a physical transformation. Super recomendded.
    Remove Infection - Honestly this Survival mode disease is so unbalanced and just a nuisance, especially in a mod like mine. Even if you don't play this mod, if you get this disease in your first few levels you are doomed to learn chemistry perks in order to heal yourself. Use this mod to block this disease.
    Unlimited Survival Mode - A must-have. You will be able to save in the middle of Survival mode and every time you enter/exit a cell. 
    SKK Fast Start New Game - FastStart a new game in less than 2 minutes from Main menu. 
    Gender Ratios - For all raiders or gunners to be all men -or as you prefer-.
    AAF Rogvir Equipment - So that the piercing of this mod does not end removed during AAF scenes.
     If you use Vortex, here's a little tip to give priority to my mod. Put it in the Dynamic Patches group: 
    Any mode that spawn random enemies/random encounters is a big NO due to the nature of this mod because they will cause interruptions. I REALLY wanted to make a mod where you have to walk the wasteland, live the experience of being herded like an animal. Part of the transformation of a character requires living through those experiences in which you realize that you have no other choice, you have lost your freedom. And that has its costs: you must get rid of those mods that interfere with that experience. 
    I have tested with "The Forest" and "Desperados" and it goes really well, but The Forest has no navmeshes so NPCs will always get stuck against trees. I included a cheat in the MCM that can help in these situations, to transport the slavers to you in case they get stuck.
    Incompatible mods that have emerged thanks to user reports
    Zetans - Alien Invaders in the Commonwealth Scavers Closet Knockout Framework  Sexual Harrasment (Suspending all approaches in the MCM works just fine) Boston Breeder  Sentinel Control System Companion (Creation Club) RealHandcuffs_DD_Compatibility.esp  Combat Drones Assimilation ( Just make sure you turn off the assimilation chances to 0% so you don't get sucked away to service another faction) Combat stalkers, More enemies, Npc travels. Hangman's Alley Modification - Modifies Diamond City's navmeshes. Recruitable Settlers Crime and Punishment - Break the scenes in the security office.  Gun for Hire  Diamond City Interiors Redone (D.C.I.R.) - nav meshes and moved walls Diamond City Outskirts - settlers outside the city will be killed by Gristle. DC Guards will just watch so it's not game breaking.  
    Guide with Quests and Stages
    Special Thanks
    This mod has a lot of routes and it would be impossible for me to test them all without burning myself in the attempt, so thank you very much to those who participated with the testing and also for suggesting a lot of ideas that ended up being implemented! 
    This was from June 17 to July 31.  
    Grammar correction thanks to @xSapphire who proofread more than 7.000 lines of dialog! ✔️
                                                           Assets & Musics
    Youtube Playlist with all songs 🔥
    Why are objects and textures in Corvega flickering and disappearing?
    Pre-culling issue. To resolve it, place Commonwealth Slavers.esp in the bottom of your load order
    Third Party Support
    Frankly I barely know what I'm doing but I've created a simple script so that any other mod can start my mod if the conditions are met, without hard dependencies.



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