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These Fallout 4 mods are of an adult nature.


    1. Four-Play Sexual Harassment (3/22/2018) 0.1.3

      Four-Play Sexual Harassment
      v0.1.3 ALPHA
      > INTRO
      NPCs will harass and demand sex from players if walking around naked!
      NPCs will approach players and demand sex from them. Depending on the player's attributes (using Four-Play Attributes), the player's response options and success chance for each options change. Dominant players will find themselves being able to intimidate the NPCs, and finding greater success with it. Submissive players might find themselves willfully submitting. NPCs may try to persuade the player and influence them into agreeing to doing sexual favors for them. Or in the end, it may come down to who has more willpower to resist each other!
      > FEATURES
      When NPCs approach player for sex, player will initially be given 4 options (3 in some cases): Plead, Resist, Intimidate, Submit, Resist.
      Plead: Try to appeal to the harasser's humanity and convince him to let you go free! You may just get lucky with a harasser who's half decent, who will let you go without trouble. This has a success chance equal to your charisma, which is quite low. If unsuccessful, the harasser will then try to persuade the player and trick her. The persuasion chance is determined by the player's spirit (higher spirit means lower chance for NPC to succeed in persuasion). If harasser successfully persuades the player, the confused player will agree to let the harasser rape her. If unsuccessful, the player will keep resisting, and it comes down to a showdown between two willpowers. Every approaching harassers will be given a random willpower score. The harasser's willpower score vs player's willpower will determine who gives up first, either NPC walking away, or player giving in to the harasser's unrelenting advances.
      Resist: This option is only available if you have at least 5 willpower, and costs 5 willpower to select. If you don't have the willpower for it, it will be replaced with just another "plead" option. This has a baseline success chance of 50%. If successful, harasser will leave. If unsuccessful, the harasser will try to persuade the player - same dialogue tree as the Plead. This has a greater chance to succeed initially compared to Plead - 50% vs % equal to Charisma, but costs willpower. The dialogues and chances that come after plead failure and resist failure are identical.
      Intimidate: Dominant (and neutral) players may consider this option instead. The success chance is based on the player's dominance level, plus self-esteem. A self-esteem of 100 will give +25% chance to succeed, while self-esteem of 0 will give -25% chance to succeed. Submissive players can also choose this option, but since they have a much lower chance to succeed, it may not be worth it. If successful, harasser will leave the player. If unsuccessful, harasser will proceed to rape the player. Regardless of the outcome, choosing this option will slightly increase the player's dominant orientation
      Submit: If plead, resist, and intimidate all seem like risky options, then submitting may be the only option. Submissive players will not consider this as a rape as it is a willful submission, This means less wear-and-tear and no self-esteem or willpower lost from the sex act. Neutral or dominant players, however, will consider this as a rape, since they are just not wired that way. Choosing this outcome will slightly increase the player's submissive orientation.
      The chances mentioned above are all configurable in MCM. Note that intimidation and NPC persuasion chances are baked into FP Attributes, so to change that, you need to go to FO Attributes MCM page.
      Some ideas I have are to diversify the dialogue tree and add more scenarios in which NPC approaches occur: possibly when Devious Devices are equipped. 
      I may also add comments (as opposed to sex demands) that lower player's self-esteem a little, instead of resulting in a rape.
      This mod is heavily integrated with Four-Play Attributes (a hard requirement). As such, you don't need to manually select sex type (consensual vs aggressive) for sex triggered by this mod. This mod communicates with FP Attributes to relay that info, so no need for manual selection!
      Four-Play and all its requirements
      Four-Play Attributes. 1.0.0 and higher
      (Optional) MCM - if you want to be able to change settings
      Combat Strip Lite - Introduces chances for enemies to strip your player naked in combat!
      Like you would any other mod, NMM (or equivalent) or manual.
      Since this mod doesn't modify player's stats, you should be safe uninstalling it normally.
      This mod is as open source as it can get. That means you can, and are encouraged to, take source code from this mod and adapt it into your mod. Copy implementation word for word, or just take ideas from it and add your own twist, it doesn't matter! This mod is primarily designed to be a demonstration of how Four-Play Attributes can be used to diversify player's interaction with NPCs. As such, please feel free to use every piece of feature or code in this mod for yourself. If you want, you can even build off of this mod as a starting point and add your own features! Just call it something else though, to avoid confusion.
      > FAQ
      I'm standing naked in the middle of Diamond City and nothing is happening.
      You might have to wait a little. To improve performance, this mod only scans every once in a while to see if player is nude and there are eligible NPCs around. Also, after an NPC approach, there is a cooldown that prevents more approaches to give players time to figure out her life (and leave the area). The cooldown is configurable in MCM.
      Can this be used for male players?
      Yes. But at this time, the dialogue is targeting female players. So it will work, but you will have to get used to being called "girl" or "lady". Also, currently all harassers are male, of ghoul or human race. I may expand that, or I may not. Depends on how much time I have.
      Help! My harasser keeps following me!
      The harasser will keep following you until you respond to him. He will not be ignored! If you keep ignoring and walking away from him, he may just decide to skip the dialogue and rape you on the spot. So, do yourself a favor and have a chat
      I changed the persuasion/intimidate/___ chance to ___, but I still keep failing!
      Note that any settings you change in MCM won't take affect for the dialogue that's currently in progress. That's because the mod actually calculates all the chances and predetermines the outcomes for the different dialogue forks at the start of an NPC approach. That's right, your player's fate is already sealed by the time theres a harasser approaching!



    2. Combat Strip Lite (3/22/2018) 1.3.0

      Combat Strip Lite
      Brief Intro
      Mod that enables the player character to get stripped during combat!
      Immersive Intro
      Being frozen for centuries in a pod and then abruptly having to adjust to a post-nuclear wasteland has introduced some interesting side effects to Nora's skin. When struck really hard, her skin will become bruised and inflamed, to the point where she can't wear clothing for some time! Careful not to get hit often, because otherwise, your poor Nora might have to explore the Commonwealth naked!
      Introduces chances for the player to get stripped during combat. When being stripped, the player will also get "damaged/bruised" on that particular body part, which will prevent clothing/armor from being worn on that body slot. 
      Ways to get stripped during combat (further explained later):
      1) Player's health reaches zero (Invincible-until-stripped mode)
      2) Unlucky hits: when hit below a certain health threshold
      3) Power and bash attacks
      4) Attacks from certain race
      Stripping is progressive, and body damage can stack up to 6 times.
      At damage stacks 1 & 2, player's arm armor will get stripped.
      At stacks 3 & 4, leg armor will get stripped.
      At stacks 5, head and chest armor will get stripped.
      At stacks 6, body/clothing will get stripped (completely naked at this point!).
      After the 6th stack, any subsequent strips (well, theres nothing more to strip now) will instead increase the recovery time. You will get punished for being naked!
      (Note that these are the defaults and can be changed in MCM)
      The mod offers 3 ways for the player to heal from the damage so that he/she can wear clothes and armor again:
      1) Heal over time. This healing is real life time. So waiting or fast traveling will not speed up the healing
      2) Stimpacks
      3) Sleep
      Invincible-Until-Stripped mode
      This mode makes the player invincible until he/she has reached damage stack 6 (fully naked). After reaching stack 6, the player will lose the invincible status, and can be killed. In this mode, the player will get stripped and receive damage stack(s) when taking any hit that brings his/her health down to 0. The mode also has a feature where the player will get healed when being stripped (if you want to mimic having extra lives). The heal amount can be adjusted or disabled altogether in MCM. This mode is disabled by default and can be enabled in MCM.
      Unlucky Hits
      When taking hits below a certain threshold, the player has a chance to get stripped. The health threshold and chance are both customizable in MCM. But wait, Nora's got some good luck, too! Unlucky hits may strip her, but it can also heal her for certain amount. This heal amount is customizable in MCM (can also be disabled).
      WARNING: Be conservative with the health threshold. Since this can be triggered by ANYTHING, such as damage auras, poison, etc, it is recommended that you set the health threshold low (probably below 30% ish). Otherwise, you might find yourself getting stripped often by weird, unexpected things... of course unless you want that.
      Power and Bash Attacks
      Beware of melee attacks! Chance is customizable in MCM. I personally set this to 100%. Since ferals tend to use a lot of power attacks, that means I basically get stripped when being hit by a feral. Those nasty perverts... oh wait.
      Attacks From Specific Races
      You can set a flat chance where any attacks from certain races can trigger a strip. Races are divided into 4 categories: Ferals, Human, Animals, Mutants. 
      WARNING: Just like unlucky hits, this can be triggered by ANYTHING. It's recommended that you set the chance to low (or even 0) for races that's known to have DoT effects or damage auras that ticks frequently (like Feral Ghoul's radiation damage aura). This feature is more BETA, since I can't figure out how to separate out DoTs and auras.
      The player will automatically recover from damage over time (real time). The time-to-recover value is customizable in MCM. Also, by default, the player only recovers one stack at a time. That means if the recovery time is set to 60 seconds and player is currently at damage stack 5, after 60 seconds, the player will recover to damage stack 4. Then stack 3 after another 60 seconds, then 2 after 60 seconds and so on. The MCM lets you change it so that player fully recovers instead of recovering one stack at a time.
      Stimpack recovery can be customized in MCM. You can customize the amount of stacks it recovers, or disable stimpack recovery.
      You can also enable/disable recovery from sleep. If enabled, sleep recovers all stacks (unless you were interrupted and woken up from sleep)
      Customize Armor Slots
      If you have custom armor/clothing mods that use different item slots, or want the armor pieces to be stripped in different order, you can customize what item slots get stripped for each damage stack level. This setting can be found in "Advanced" page of MCM. The slots can be 0 - 28. Refer to Biped slot documentation if you are not sure which slot is for which body part.
      (Optional) MCM
      Manual installation or NMM, whichever you prefer
      If you turned on Invincible-Until-Stripped mode, make sure to turn that off before uninstalling the mod. Otherwise, your character will be left invincible (you can probably fix that using console commands, maybe).
      Custom Sound Replacer
      By VaderHater: Sound replacer - Original female grunt sound with ripping sounds overlay

      Is this compatible with combat surrender type mods, like VP Violate & RSE?
      Yes, in fact it works really well (at least for me :P). I personally use invincible-until-stripped mode and set the damage to 6, along with RSE's combat surrender. When my player's health reaches 0, she gets stripped naked, gets raped (by RSE), and is forced to stay naked for some time post-rape. Adds some more consequences to getting defeated in combat.
      Is this compatible with Devious Devices?
      Yes. Devious devices items will not be stripped on strip events. However, the player will still receive damage stacks, which means when you get those devious devices removed, your character still needs to heal before he/she can wear armor on that body part.
      How will this work with power armor
      By default, strip events will not happen when the player is in a power armor. But you can change that in the MCM. An exception to this is if you are using invincible-until-stripped mode and the player's health reaches zero, then player will get stripped. 
      Does this work for male players?
      Yes. But you might want to turn off the strip sound. Currently, when the player gets stripped, the mod will play a female grunt/moan sound. You can turn the sound off in MCM, unless you dont mind your dude moaning like a girl when getting stripped.
      Can I create my own sound for this mod for males/different female/dog/cat/____ (and also upload)?
      By all means! If I like it, I'll even add a link to it here for recommendation.
      What are the "!Damaged __" items that show up in my player's inventory?
      Those items are for display purposes only. They show up in the inventory when the player gets damaged. It just helps you know which body parts are currently damaged. When the player recovers, those items will be automatically removed from inventory.
      Hope you all enjoy!



    3. Four-Play Attributes - Framework (3/22/2018) 1.0.1

      Four-Play Attributes
      Four Play Framework for managing player's psychological attributes and offering different consequences and outcomes!
      When your player gets sexually assaulted, he/she should not be walking around as if nothing happened. Conversely, if the player just saved the entire Commonwealth, he/she should get a confidence boost that positively affects the things he/she does. This mod aims to bring that idea to life! Your player's successes should bring further boost to her abilities and mental state and your player's failures should bring further consequences and put him/her in increasingly precarious situations.
      This mod tracks two independent attribute types: physical and psychological. Each can be enabled/disabled in MCM independently.
      Physical attribute is just your average run-of-the-mill wear and tear system. Have sex? Your wear and tear level increases, and adds physical debuffs to your character.
      Psychological attribute is the bread-and-butter of this mod and is divided into 4 pillars: Willpower, Self-Esteem, Spirit, and Submissive/Dominant orientation.
      Willpower is your character's ability and determination to overcome challenges in the Commonwealth. Weaker willpower should result in your character easily giving up to pressure or tough challenges while stronger willpower should result in your character being able to overcome tough challenges and having a do-or-die mentality. Stat-wise, lower willpower will result in lower perception, intelligence, and luck (lower pickpicking and hacking skills). Higher willpower will result in higher aforementioned stats.
      Willpower slowly regenerates over time, and is the most volatile psychological attribute; it can be viewed as a currency. The player loses willpower each time he/she is a victim of sexual assault. Willpower regeneration rate is affected by the player's spirit. 
      Self-Esteem is your character's confidence level and his/her view of self. Lower self-esteem should result in struggling to convince others and not believing in oneself while higher self-esteem should result in easily convincing others and being confident in one's ability. Stat-wise, lower self-esteem will result in lower charisma, slower AP regen, and increased damage taken (based on the theory that if you think you're going to die, you are more likely to die, and if you think you are going to make it, then you are more likely to make it). Higher self-esteem will result in higher charisma, faster AP regen, and decreased damage taken.
      Self-Esteem does not regenerate over time and only changes based on player's actions (successes/failures). Self-Esteem is increased by gaining experience (Winning fights against enemies, exploring new areas, completing quests, etc). Self-Esteem is decreased each time the player is a victim of sexual assault. Self-Esteem gain amount is affected by the player's spirit. 
      Spirit is your character's overall psychological health, integrity, and resolve. Weaker spirit should result in your character being heavily suggestible and influenced by others while stronger spirit should result in your character being more stable, confident, and resistant to external influences. Stat-wise, lower spirit will result in weaker bartering skills and persuasion chances. Higher spirit will result in stronger bartering skills and persuasion chances.
      Spirit does not regenerate over time and is very difficult to move in either direction. As such, it is the most permanent psychological attribute. The only way to accrue spirit points is to gain experience while already at 100 self-esteem. Any experience gained while at 100 self-esteem will "spill over" into spirit. Similarly, the only way to lose spirit points is to be assaulted while already at 0 self-esteem. Spirit increases and decreases at a 5% rate of self-esteem. That means if you were to lose 10 self-esteem points (from sexual assault) while at 0 self-esteem, you'd be losing 0.5 spirit point. Willpower affects how fast/slow spirit points are gained/lost.
      Submissive/Dominant Orientation is your character's natural inclination to submit to or defy others. Being more submissive should result in your character rather enjoying submitting to others while being more dominant should result in your character being defiant and enjoying the position of authority. Stat-wise being more submissive will decrease your barter skills and persuasion chance, but increase your resistance to wear and tear damage from aggressive sex and also increase your endurance (from being accustomed to pain). Being more dominant will increase barter skills and persuasion chance, but make the player receive increased wear and tear damage from aggressive sex, and become susceptible to "Frustration" debuff when being assaulted. Frustration debuff occurs after rape because your dominant player gets annoyed that he/she was bested by low-life thugs, and becomes distracted, resulting in reduced int, perception, and luck temporarily.
      Sub/Dom orientation is mostly a permanent, independent trait of your character. You can choose your player's starting D/s orientation when running the game for the first time with the mod. After that, your player's D/s orientation will remain fixed.
      There is one way to change D/s orientation, however. If "Personality change" setting is enabled in MCM, then your character will slowly start to become more submissive when being sexually assaulted at 0 spirit. Likewise, he/she will start to become more dominant when gaining experience at 100 spirit. This is to allow roleplay where your player becomes broken and turned submissive from repeated abuse. But since getting to 0 or 100 spirit is already very difficult in itself, your character's D/s orientation is going to be very hard to change, and even harder to reverse.
      To summarize, each psychological attribute (except D/s orientation) affects the other in some way. Self-esteem feeds into spirit, which then affects self-esteem gain/loss rate. Willpower affects spirit gain/loss rate, while spirit affects willpower regeneration rate. Essentially, self-esteem <-- affects --> spirit <-- affects --> willpower. This system creates an effect where if your player is depleted in self-esteem, spirit, and willpower, it is extremely difficult to reverse that, almost making it a permanent change to the player's psyche.
      Ever felt that vanilla game's Charisma-based speech check was very one dimensional and boring? This mod brings possibilities for more variety! This mod alone doesn't change anything, as it's just a framework for it. But other mods can use APIs provided by this mod to greatly diversify player's interaction with NPC.
      Allows players to intimidate NPCs! Intimidation success chance is based on a combination of player's dominant/submissive orientation plus self-esteem. More dominant and high self-esteem will result in higher intimidation chance. 
      NPC Persuasion
      NPCs can now persuade the player! There are three persuasion difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard. For example, Easy would be something like, "Hey, give me a Nuka Cola!", while Medium could be "Go clear settlement #999", and Hard could be "Come give me a handjob." NPC's persuasion chance is based on the persuasion difficulty and player's spirit. Lower spirit players will be much more vulnerable to persuasion by NPCs.
      Intimidation and NPC persuasion chances can be customized in this mod's MCM page.
      Mods using NPC interaction mechanics:
      Four-Play Sexual Harassment - NPCs will approach naked player and demand sex
      Wear and Tear: 0 ~ 100
      0  ~ 19.99: no stats change
      20 ~ 29.99: -1 AGI
      30 ~ 39.99: -1 AGI, -1 STR
      40 ~ 49.99: -2 AGI, -1 STR, -5% Movespeed
      50 ~ 59.99: -2 AGI, -2 STR, -10% Movespeed
      60 ~ 69.99: -3 AGI, -2 STR, -1 END, -20% Movespeed, +2% Dmg Taken
      70 ~ 79.99: -3 AGI, -3 STR, -2 END, -30% Movespeed, +5% Dmg Taken
      80 ~ 89.99: -4 AGI, -3 STR, -3 END, -45% Movespeed, +10% Dmg Taken, +3x Cone of Fire
      90 ~ 100:   -4 AGI, -4 STR, -4 END, -60% Movespeed, +20% Dmg Taken, +6x Cone of Fire
      Willpower: 0 ~ 100
      0             (No willpower)   : -3 PER, -3 INT, -3 LUCK, -50% Spirit Gains & +100% Spirit Losses
      0.01  ~ 20    (Low willpower)  : -2 PER, -2 INT, -2 LUCK, -33% Spirit Gains & +75% Spirit Losses
      20.01 ~ 40    (Lousy willpower): -1 PER, -1 INT, -1 LUCK, -25% Spirit Gains & +50% Spirit Losses
      40.01 ~ 59.99 (Avg willpower)  : no stats change
      60    ~ 79.99 (Good willpower) : +1 PER, +1 INT, +1 LUCK, +50% Spirit Gains & -25% Spirit Losses
      80    ~ 99.99 (High willpower) : +2 PER, +2 INT, +2 LUCK, +75% Spirit Gains & -33% Spirit Losses
      100           (Soaring willpower): +3 PER, +3 INT, +3 LUCK, +100% Spirit Gains & -50% Spirit Losses
      Self-Esteem: 0 ~ 100
      0             (No self-esteem)   : -6 CHA, -80% AP regen, +20% Dmg Taken, Begin to lose points into spirit for each rape
      0.01  ~ 20    (Low self-esteem)  : -3 CHA, -50% AP regen, +10% Dmg Taken
      20.01 ~ 40    (Lousy self-esteem): -1 CHA, -25% AP regen, +5% Dmg Taken
      40.01 ~ 59.99 (Avg self-esteem)  : no stats change
      60    ~ 79.99 (Good self-esteem) : +1 CHA, +25% AP regen, -5% Dmg Taken
      80    ~ 99.99 (High self-esteem) : +3 CHA, +50% AP regen, -10% Dmg Taken
      100           (Soaring self-esteem): +6 CHA, +100% AP regen ,-20% Dmg Taken, Begin to gain points into spirit for each exp gained
      Spirit: 0 ~ 100
      0             (Broken)   : -30% Persuasion success chance, +30% Buy price, -30% Sell price, No willpower regen
      0.01  ~ 20    (Vulnerable)  : -20% Persuasion success chance, +20% Buy price, -20% Sell price, -75% willpower regen
      20.01 ~ 40    (Insecure): -10% Persuasion success chance, +10% Buy price, -10% Sell price, -50% willpower regen
      40.01 ~ 59.99 (Normal)  : no stats change
      60    ~ 79.99 (Secure) : +10% Persuasion success chance, -10% Buy price, +10% Sell price, +50% willpower regen
      80    ~ 99.99 (High Spirited) : +20% Persuasion success chance, -20% Buy price, +20% Sell price, +100% willpower regen
      100           (Unbreakable): +30% Persuasion success chance, -30% Buy price, +30% Sell price, +200% willpower regen
      Sub/Dom Orientation: -50 ~ 50
      -50    ~ -30  (Extremely Submissive):
      PROS: +3 END, No wear and tear damage penalty for aggressive sex
      CONS: -30% Persuasion success chance, +30% Buy price, -30% Sell price
      -29.99 ~ -20  (Submissive)          :
      PROS: +2 END, -75% reduced penalty for wear and tear damage from aggressive sex
      CONS: -20% Persuasion success chance, +20% Buy price, -20% Sell price
      -19.99 ~ -10  (Slightly Submissive) :
      PROS:  +1 END, -50% reduced penalty for wear and tear damage from aggressive sex
      CONS: -10% Persuasion success chance, +10% Buy price, -10% Sell price
      -9.99 ~ 9.99  (Neutral)             : no stats change
      10    ~ 19.99 (Slightly Dominant)   :
      PROS: +10% Persuasion success chance, -10% Buy price, +10% Sell price
      CONS: +25% increased penalty for wear and tear damage from aggressive sex. Suffer "Frustration" debuff after aggressive sex (-1 INT, PER, LUCK)
      20    ~ 29.99 (Dominant)            :
      PROS: +20% Persuasion success chance, -20% Buy price, +20% Sell price
      CONS: +50% increased penalty for wear and tear damage from aggressive sex. Suffer "Frustration" debuff after aggressive sex (-2 INT, PER, LUCK)
      30    ~ 50    (Extremely Dominant)  :
      PROS: +30% Persuasion success chance, -30% Buy price, +30% Sell price
      CONS: +100% increased penalty for wear and tear damage from aggressive sex. Suffer "Frustration" debuff after aggressive sex (-3 INT, PER, LUCK)
      I plan to expand this mod to introduce more ways willpower and self-esteem are gained and lost. For instance, walking around naked with no gear should lower self-esteem. Wearing a humiliating devious device should also lower self-esteem. Any other suggestions are welcome.
      This mod aims to be a framework that other mods can use to offer different choices (or lack of choice) for the player. For now, it doesn't do much other than modify stats and affect the game's built in barter rates and speech checks. These are some ideas I have where this mod can be used with other mods to improve gameplay, but it's really up to other mod authors to use the resources provided by this mod.
      Kimy's Devious Device/Deviously Cursed Wasteland:
      Willpower could increase/decrease chance to struggle out of restraints. Each struggle attempt could lower willpower
      Sub/Dom orientation could increase/decrease chance to trigger restraints.
      Flashy's RSE
      Sub/Dom orientation could affect player's response to sex approaches. If extremely submissive, when approached for sex, the player's choices could be "yes", "yes", or "yes". If dominant, the dialogue choices could be completely different
      Willpower can be used to determine if the player can resist the aggressor (during abduction). Submitting will lower willpower while resisting will increase willpower (at the cost of being punished :P)
      Other NPC's comments might affect player's self-esteem. For instance, if an NPC tells the player that he/she's awesome for saving their kidnapped friend, self-esteem should increase. Conversely, if a master/owner NPC (for a player slavery mod) tells the player he/she is a slave or just a playtoy, that should decrease self-esteem.
      The possibilities are endless! I intended this mod to be simple and have a very specific scope with one purpose, similar to Skyrim's Sexlab Aroused framework mod, so that it can safely be added as a dependency or integrated with other mods without worries of conflict or duplicated features. Speaking of Skyrim mods, this mod was inspired by gooser's Apropos and m.skynet's Devious Attributes. So much thanks and credit to them for great mod and ideas!
      Currently, Four Play does not provide information regarding the type of sex, whether the sex was aggressive or consensual. So there's really no way for this mod to know what type of sex the player indulged in. So you have to tell the mod whether sex acts should be considered consensual or aggressive. I tried to make this as easy as possible by adding an MCM hotkey that you can press to toggle between different sex modes. But until Four Play gets an update, manual is the only way to go. 
      A simple plugin mod that displays the player's attributes in HUD. (Similar to widgets from Anghelos' Magno Cum Gaudio). This allows you to easily view the player's attributes. This plugin uses HUDFramework, which makes it a requirement. If you dont install this plugin, then you don't need HUDFramework.
      Note that if you do install FPAttributesHUD and wish to uninstall it later, press the uninstall button in that mod's MCM menu. Otherwise, you will get HUD widgets that stay even if you remove the .esp file.
      Four-Play and all its requirements
      (Optional) HUDFramework - only if you install my HUD plugin mod
      (Optional) MCM - if you want to be able to change settings
      Like you would any other mod, NMM (or equivalent) or manual. Install FP_Attributes for base mod. Also install FP_AttributesHUD if you want to see attribute values in HUD
      BEFORE uninstalling the mod, turn OFF effects for physical and psychological (if you have buffs/debuffs on your character). Otherwise, your character might get permanent buff/debuffs.
      In the event that people are awaiting needed maintenance and/or new features, and I've gone MIA (say >4 months), I give permission to others to take the mod and its source code (included) and expand on it/maintain it. Just make sure it remains within the scope of the original mod - a modular, simple, framework for player's attributes. 



    4. FULLY VOICED Companion: Completely Oversexed Ivy 2.0a Stable Build

      Meet OVERSEXED Ivy!

      1983 Lines of unique and quest related dialog
      She's completely and UNIQUELY VOICED (no copy/pasting vanilla lines).
      She's completely FUCKING CRAZY.
      She has more dialogue than any other companion out there! (I think??).
      She's a fully automated fucked up Sex Synth.
      She's extremely RUDE.
      I'm actually a bit ashamed to release her to the world, I will deny everything!!!
      She invents her own swear words!
      You can talk to her for hours on end!
      She's a strong, tough, capable young woman, but for you her knees turn weak.
      Basically, Ivy was done from the ground up since the 1.5 release.
      After fixing all bug reports from the 1.9 'field test' release I now humbly and proudly present to you Companion Ivy 2.0.
      - If you had any version of Ivy installed before this, use a fresh game. I do not think that 'cleaning up the save' will actually prevent all bugs from happening. In other words, just start a fresh game, or load a previous game where Ivy was not loaded before.
      - MULTI COMPANION mods will work but are NOT SUPPORTED *ye'r on ye'r own* (THIS INCLUDES THE NORA MOD)
      Ivy is such a demanding companion, she is a quest and treasure to discover in itself. Stick with her, dump your other companions.. worthless duds! (I'm really just kidding, Heather is fan-fucking-tastic).
      If you DO choose to ignore this advice and want to try anyway with companion altering mods. Users have reported success with placing Ivy at the top of the load order, loading her ABOVE other companion mods such as amazing follower tweaks, the Nora follower mod and other MC mods.
      - LOAD ORDER (!) (!)
      - Move Ivy's load order ABOVE the Spring Cleaning mod and any other mods you have that edit the Sanctuary Hills area and you should be fine.
      (This will be addressed in the coming release, through which Ivy will not be placed in the worldspace by editing it, but through scripting)
      - Move Ivy's load order ABOVE the Armor Extended mod.
      What's different in this version?
      - The recruit quest is now complete.
      - W.I.V.S. Radio has been added through which Ivy will recruit new customers.
      - Ivy has her own moral code and affinity system, she tracks how well you know each other by the amount of interactions you have. The more you talk and sleep with her, the better you get to know each other, and the more of her dialog will unfold...
      - IVY Now has a fully functional Profanity Filter setting, so YouTube reviewers can now review her safely (just stay out of the sexy dialog).
      (if you review her, drop me a line or somewhere in this thread, I'd love to watch!)
      - You can order Ivy to stop being a prostitute, but it will cost you income. If you allow her to be a prostitute, she will share profits with you (very reasonable amounts 10-20 caps per customer, per day).
      - Her 'Your thoughts?' has over 100 lines.
      - Her 'Sexy talk' has over 80 lines.
      - Her 'Memory Archive' has 16 longer monologues of Ivy and short sexy stories.
      - Whenever you exit the dialog 'that's all', Ivy pulls from another 100+ different lines of exit dialogues.
      - Ivy has over 400 situational and quest related idles.
      - Where most regular companions have 3-7 idles for any given situation, Ivy will often have 10 or 20, sometimes more.
      - You can safely start a new game with this incarnation.
      - The NX-2C Controller Holotape was added, granting the player unique control over Ivy. Dismiss her without dialog from the Holotape. If you want to recruit her, no need to travel! Using her internal teleport systems you can call her and she will come back to you as follower, even if she was dismissed before.
      (Important: Recall procedures can take up to 10 seconds to initiate. Exit the holotape for the procedure to commence).
      - All dialog was sped up considerably.
      - All bugs as reported in 1.9 have been confirmed fixed! She should be stable as fuck again.
      - All dialog volume has been normalized, combat volume is louder and reaches farther.
      - Ivy has been integrated into Vanilla quest lines, sometimes even added where regular companions are not active.
      - Ivy can now use Power Armor but will scold you for it.
      - Ivy can hack terminals for you.
      Gameplay tips
      - Certain locations might trigger latent memories or abnormal behavior in her. Always observe her behavior and be prepared to act accordingly.
      - You should not want to have to give her another weapon. Her own custom made weapon has an important backstory which makes it an important gun for her. She will not release it to you and it is not playable. It is hers alone. Besides that, it is a fine weapon and she will take very good care of you with it. Ideal for passive playthroughs where you want your companion to do the shooting.
      - Her Synth body makes her like a tank, equipping her with Power Armor will not only physically slow her down, it will negatively affect her in other ways as well. If you insist on making her wear Power Armor she WILL call you out on it if you ask her how she feels about you.
      - Ivy often lingers at dead bodies. This is by design. People think she gets 'stuck' but she's actually taking her time to search the corpse for goodies or caps, sometimes you will find her speaking to them.
      Quest integration so far:
      - Call to Arms
      - Confidence Man
      - Fire Support
      - Old Guns
      - Pickman's gift
      - Pinned
      - Plugging a Leak
      - Pull the Plug
      - Reunions
      - Shadow of Steel
      - Taking Independence
      - 'Minute man - Taking Point' Radiant quests
      - The Devil's Due
      - The Disappearing Act
      - The Secrret of Cabot House
      - Tracking Kellog
      - Unlikely valentine
      - With our Powers Combined
      If I did my work correctly, you should be able to install the 7zip file using NMM.
      If that doesn't work, simply unzip the contents into your Fallout4 folder.
      File contents:
      - ESP
      - Voice file directory
      - Script files
      - Meshes (actor meshes unused currently)
      - Textures (actor textures unused currently)
      (RULE #1) -Ivy is completely fictional and not representative of REAL women. She is NOT a representation of how I view women.If you think this is sexist, piggish, gross, not good enough, childish, or are otherwise offended in any way by this, then I don't really want to know and certainly don't care enough. I'll just quote you this rule, and we'll be even. Nobody is forcing you to install and play this mod.
      Screenshots.. but WHO CARES about screenshots. You will customize her to your liking anyway!



    5. Magno CUM Gaudio (Wear and Tear, "Sexout 4", Attributes and Statistics) 1.6.10 BETA "V. Fudge replacer"

      M.C.G. 1.6.10 BETA is out! 
      (the original wear and tear and statistics framework)
      "Vanilla Fudge Replacer Update with hotfixes"
      [!] PLEASE always read the entire mod description before installing and playing, I am not responsible if you can't follow instructions, thank you.
      [!]IMPORTANT:  [ this is not required if you make a complete new game ] If you upgrade from a previous version, after installing the new version 1.6.10 AND THE SOURCE FILES, do a "restart mod (SOFT)" in MCM in debug page, return to game, wait 10 seconds, then in MCM use the "refresh widget" button in the widget page.
      [!] REMINDER: If you update the mod and do the soft restart, only that current game session will be updated, so you should save after the soft restart. When you will have saved, only that save will be updated. If you reload a save where you did not do the soft restart you'll need to do the soft restart again!
      [?] WHAT'S NEW?
      As always please Help me improving this mod, by reporting bugs and suggesting new functionalities. 
      [.] Summary of FEATURES  This mod has been coded as an emulation of Sexout mods since it adds a lot of features, you can customize and/or disable almost every system at your discretion in MCM   Vanilla Fudge Replacer ( original mod here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3944-four-play-vanilla-fudge/ ); Save your load order space just one .esp used, this mod has everything you need and it's compatible with almost everything due to the modular nature! Build relationships with named actors from vanilla fallout 4; Vanilla integration. Nothing absurd, everything is balanced and as integrated as possible with the vanilla experience. I coded the mod as if the features should have been in the original vanilla game; Enlist settlers in your army as followers or recruit people with money or when reaching a certain rank in faction (i.e. sentinel for brotherhood); Knock out people  and rape, rob or enslave them; Leave your slaves or enlisted settlers where you want guarding the place; Flirt with non unique characters and with luck engage in relation with them; Equip bare hands feature [ long press " 1 " ]; Tame animals and creatures  as slaves; Enslave humans, synths, Mutants, robots; Start sex from dialogue or from activation in Expanded Interaction Mode; Alternative death instead of simply being killed and reload; Lust need and wear level with systems of racial preference and orgasm; Sexual addictions from aggressive sex, Sexual Perversion from submissive sex; widgets to control your lust and wear levels; Vanilla disease chance for non protected sex; Pacify enemy in area as a non combat solution offering your body as toll; Transfer the damn caps in containers! Integration with sex started form Sex EM Up and RSE; Call to you people wearing the call armor utility; Immersive descriptions with Active Effects UI and Perks; Threesome support! Rent any owned bed, and pay with sex or caps for it! MCM for set up the mod! If you are a modder use my mod as a framework, a lot of options provided, including starting sex directly from my function instead of importing four play, options include but are not limited to: statistics based on actor values so values like wear and tear able to be used also for npc and not only player function to call sex for player that add a layer to determine sub/dom nature of the sex supporting even external mods Modular! All systems can be disabled in MCM  
      [.] Requirements: (Soft are required only if you want the corresponding feature)
      All Fallout 4 Official DLCs: BUY THEM! FAllout 4 Script Extender : http://f4se.silverlock.org/ Four_Play and it's requirements: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3924-four-play/ Four_Play Community Patch: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4245-four-play-community-patch/  
      (SOFT) Required only if you want use the widgets: HUD FRAMEWORK: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20309/ (SOFT) Required to set up the mod as you like: FALLOUT 4 MCM: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497/ (SOFT) Required only for the vanilla diseases protection: Four_Play_FamilyPlanningEnhanced: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4629-family-planning-enhanced/ (SOFT) Use FULL DIALOGUE INTERFACE or a mod that let you see the full line of dialogues: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1235/  [.] Installation: (guided installer for mod managers)
      Make sure all of the requirements are installed correctly with all their dependencies, so I suggest to read the instruction of each mod page carefully; Download the last version of the mod and the source files; Add my mod and the source files with a mod manager and install them, I suggest Nexus Mod Manager;  For the Load Order I just put it after Four_Play.esp and after Family Planning Enhanced (if you installed it) and before RSE (if you installed it); [.] For those who wants to manually install the mod (not recommended):
      Extract the archive and open the "main files" folder, then copy paste the content in your "Data" Folder of Fallout 4. [.] Suggested mods: (not required/optional)
      Four_Play Autonomy enhanced: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4919-four-play-autonomy-enhanced-random-npc-sex/ (if you don't use RSE) CWSS https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/14326/ (optional patch in installer. NOTE: use the patch only if you don't have mods that depends on CWSS like "get dirty". If you have them just use CWSS without my patch) Companion Status HUD https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20310 (optional patch in installer) Light_Up 2.0 https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17749 (optional patch in installer) Locksmith https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12454/ (optional patch in installer)  
      [?] FOR MODDERS: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94455-faq-and-media-about-magnocumgaudio-do-not-reply-here/?do=findComment&comment=2183717
      [!] Note on RSE compatibility: 
      [!] Unsupported and incompatible:
      [!] Know Bugs:
      [!!!] Awesome People:
      [!] Legal:
      [!] Disclaimer:



    6. origs.zip 1.0.0

      origs.zip is the original images I made this mod from. just some old images I had in a directory called "old timey hookers" hope you enjoy them.
      I hope this doesn't come up as a separate mod, I also attached them to the actual mod I uploaded, sorry first time uploading here.



    7. bordello_paintings_1.0.zip 1.0.0

      Hi, do you have a bordello, brothel or whore house that you want to decorate with appropiate paintings, well look no further I have you covered.
      Currently the Bordello collection is of black and white photos of prostitutes from the 1900's, although  since I have over a hundred slots free I plan to keep adding pictures.
      Want to include some strippers and burlesque performers from the 1950's and any old timey prostitue pictures, even old west ones if I can find them.
      I have to say this is just a repackage of the personal paintings mod with some of the blanks filled in.
      I would suggest not filing in these yourselves because like I said I am planning updates to it, till its completely filled with pics.

      I also have included in another file the original pics, enjoy.



    8. Perversions 0.4.2

      Here is a small little mod that adds perversions to your character. The mod is designed for a female PC but will work just as well for a male, however some parts won't make much sense for a male, like some names in the Need system.
      These perversions mean that some normal (and not entirely normal) gameplay takes on a new implications. Take Masochism for example (cough the only one at the moment cough), taking hits can cause you to orgasm (a modified stagger effect), so OK these perversions are bad right why would I take one (if I am not just roleplaying) well they add some bonuses that relate to the perversion, for example Masochism reduces damage taken and a minor stagger resistance (25% and 10% respectively) while also slightly reducing damage (10%). These numbers are subject to change because balance.
      Update: V4c Now with more stat interdependence.
      Adds perversions which give bonuses and deficits to your character. Adds a pleasure/orgasm system which is triggered by your perversions. Adds an arousal system (Need) which currently only gives stat de/buffs. Masochism perversion Sadism perversion Exhibitionism perversion  
      Requires Automatron DLC for some visual effects, I am looking into removing it, but if it becomes more trouble than it is worth I will leave it in. Requires F4SE, to check what you are wearing, seriously Bethesda, that isn't a native function.... MCM to modify how much pleasure you get.  
      The usual add with mod manager of choice or directly extract to the base game folder (the files are already in a Data folder for my convenience).
      Future plans include:
      More perversions. A more intricate needs system. More intricate pleasure gain from perversions. Philias/Phobias. Shit that just turns you on/off. Perverse Desires. Shit that turns you off but somehow on..... Dirty Underwear. Something that will prob be far easier to implement than my next focus.... NPC interaction with your perversion/orgasming. EXPLOSIONS. Well explosive orgasms anyway, for those times when you really got off. (sorta in but really not) FourPlay intergration. Sound  
      I welcome all to try, and pass suggestions as to balance (kinda hard to get it good right from the start) and more perversions to add. Any perversion I add is subject to implementation feasibility, ie if I can't see how to implement it, I ain't adding it.
      Flashy, for (indirectly) inspiring me to make a mod, and for helping me out with some CK issues. Chosen Clue, for getting me off the ground with the CK and some papyrus issues.  



    9. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters - German Translation 3.4.1 | 1.0

      This is just a german translation of RSE. The original by Flashy (JoeR) is still needed and should be overwritten when installing this translation. Check out the requirements.
      Hierbei handelt es sich lediglich um die deutsche Übersetzung von RSE. Das Original von Flashy (JoeR) wird weiterhin benötigt und sollte beim Installieren dieser Übersetzung lediglich überschrieben werden. Die erforderlichen Dateien bzw. Mods, sind unter "Requires" ersichtlich.
      Fragen zum Original werden bitte direkt auf der offiziellen Seite von Flashy (JoeR) gestellt. Verbesserungen, Vorschläge und auch Ratschläge zur oder für die Übersetzung, können gerne hier in den Kommentaren veröffentlicht werden.
      Klickt für weitere Details zu den einzelnen Versionen, einfach unten auf die jeweilige Version.
      Die Installationsanleitung findest du hier: Zur Installationsanleitung
      Denkt bitte daran, dass ich nur die .esp Datei übersetzt habe. Auch musste ich Strings so umschreiben, damit sie für uns Sinn ergeben! Auch Wörter wie "Jesus" habe ich umgeschrieben, damit sie mehr zur "Lore" passen. (meiner Meinung nach)
      Die deutsche Version steht jetzt immer hinter dem | der offiziellen Version (Beispiel: 2.7.5 | 1.0). 1.0 ist immer die erste Übersetzung der offiziellen Mod. Wenn ich Korrekturen an einer offiziellen Version vornehme, dann verändere ich lediglich die Version hinter dem Strich.
      Flashy (JoeR) für die tolle Mod!
      winny257 für die schnelle Hilfe bzw. Auskunft!



    10. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters 3.4.1

      News: Version v3.4.1 is HERE and is now available for download. A CLEAN SAVE or NEW GAME is REQUIRED for this update! Details are HERE.
      Please read this POST carefully to understand how to install and use Advanced Needs.
      INSTALLATION INFORMATION: When preparing to install RSE for the first time or when updating, follow the outline in THIS post.
      RSE User Guide: The downloadable web wiki has been updated to match current version of RSE as of January 3, 2018 - it is severely out of date for modern versions of RSE but for new users, it will give a good basic intro to some of the mechanics in the mod. You may download this standalone web wiki using the DOWNLOAD THIS FILE button, located on the right side of this page and selecting the RSE_USER_GUIDE.zip file from the options provided. All original content of this download page that offered insight into mod mechanics have been deleted so that I can centralize updated information within the downloadable web-wiki. To use the guide, simply extract the zip file anywhere and then open the file START.HTM via windows explorer. It will open the webwiki for you to begin going through the nav list and learning about all of the systems in the mod.
      Compatibility Notices: The following list is not complete and as I am made aware of issues, I will add mod names here:
      Player Comments and Headtracking (users will need to make their own merged patch for this one in Fo4Edit) TheKite's Vault-Tec Slave Suit - it has been noted that wearing this outfit causes the game to crash when using the orgasm mechanic. Once again FP_Violate comes into conflict with RSE as I now have my own internal take on that mod's mechanics. Best practice, remove FP_Violate. Some users report performance or other strange issues while having Sex Em Up (SEU) - I can neither verify nor deny this as I see no difference, SEU installed or not. CWSS toilets do NOT work with RSE's Basic Needs. Showers are known to cause issues as well. Functional Displays - mod author made mannequin displays a member of the human race, so they will always be chosen in Untamed Ardor events, if nearest the player. CBBE Nails - appears to cause one of RSE magic effects to display strangely. All mods that alter HEADPARTS category should now go underneath RSE in your load order, such as any Hair Mods.  
      About: RSE is a complete overhaul of many of Fallout 4's vanilla systems and seeks to enhance them. It also seeks to improve upon the four-play modded environment by adding elements to the game that take advantage of or are a natural result of adult content. The mod is now gender neutral, allowable for both male and female player characters. There are MANY systems in place within the mod. You are encouraged to download and READ the User Guide to understand the principles behind the various systems and mechanisms. By downloading and installing this mod, you open your game world to things such as sexual psychosis, stalkers, rapists, robbers, an arousal system, a reputation system, even to basic needs such as urinating and defecating. RSE offers you a WEALTH of customization options though it's included MCM - you can see from the screenshots on the download page the sheer amount of controls you have at your disposal to tailor RSE to your play style. But don't take my word on any of it! Visit the support thread to see what others think about the game world this mod creates for you to play in!
      For German speaking users, there is a translation available here. Please read instructions prior to downloading and installing. Thanks to Randlocher for providing this to you!
      Reviewers: If you review RSE on your channel / blog, I would love to know about it and see what you think about your experiences with it! Drop me a line!
      Disclaimer: I do not condone or support bestiality, rape, slavery or sexual / emotional assault of any kind in real life. This is a work of fiction in a world where such things are, potentially, considered the norm and as such are included in this mod to expand upon this fictional game world. 
      Legal: This mod is not to be upload to any other site. Download of RSE may only be done on Loverslab. Permission is not granted to decompile, modify and publicly redistribute the included scripts or assets without direct permission.
      Thanks: To My9Strings and Clegane for beta testing this mod from v0.01 up to the public release! Their input, observations and feedback, as well as reproductive health / medical guidance was immeasurable in assisting getting the mod to where it is today. And also, I want to thank EACH AND EVERY USER of RSE for your constant feedback and bug reporting - honestly without you, this mod would NOT be where it is today!
      And a HUGE thanks to Vinfamy for allowing me to recode Autonomy and include it as Random Shenanigans in this mod!
      And since people always ask where my Patreon account is, I will put it here, at the bottom, so that its not in your face in a way that begs for your donations. MY PATREON



    11. Debby's Good Girl adult diapers & pull-ups soft

      Hello fellow people Dibz here, I am a member of the DL community (Diaper Lover) as some may know by now.......
      I was always into girls sucking on binkies & I think that's how me liking diapers slowly started, But now I'm a full blown DL.
      I don't know why but I think its cute & sexy when women wear diapers & pull-ups, I also like it when they pee in them.
      Pee is the limit for me though,  I think it's GROSS when women mess(poop) in they're diapers........To me that's just disgusting.
      To each they're own though, If it's what u like then enjoy it........I'm not one to judge.
      This is for all you other diaper lovers out there. 
      This is an adult diaper / pull-ups mod for Fallout4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   There are nine different pull-ups in this mod,   They each match pacifiers from Debby's glow ring binkies & Kitty's good girl binkies.   1.Aqua Pull-ups, Blue with bubbles.   2.Atomic Pull-ups, Green with atoms.   3.Citrus Pull-ups, Orange with Oranges.   4.Flower Pull-ups, Pink with flowers.   5.Star Pull-ups, Purple with yellow stars.   6.Lightning Pull-ups, Black with yellow lightning bolts.   7.Rosie Pull-ups, Red with roeses.   8.Galactic Pull-ups, Purple stars in the middle with a galaxy on the sides.   9.Debby's Pull-ups, Debby's personal pull-ups made to match Her binkie, Pink with hearts & paws. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   To install drop the Data folder in your Fallout 4 folder, Then run Bodyslide for the pull-ups.   Once ingame all the pull-ups can be made at the chem station. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Credit & a big THANK YOU goes to my friend Lucia1 for the diaper meshes used in the making of this mod.



    12. Just Business [WIP] 0.3.5

      This mod allows you to enslave NPCs. Enslaved NPCs can be sent to settlements to work there or can be used as companions.
      Fallout 4 ALL DLCs F4SE Mod Configuration Menu Extended Dialogue Interface Rename Anything (Scripts\RenameAnything.pex, F4SE\Plugins\rename_anything.dll, F4SE\Plugins\rename_anything.ini – are required) TextInputMenu  
      To install simply extract all files into Fallout 4 folder and enable "Just Business.esp" in any plugin manager.
      To update just extract all files to Fallout 4 folder and allow newer files to replace old ones.
      If you are updating from version 0.3.2 or higher use "Update" option in MCM-menu.
      Warning: Clean save is strongly recommended if you are updating from versions lower than 0.3.0.
      This mod adds new "Hunter mode", in which you can mark victims. While marked, NPCs will become essential and once their health reaches "0" they will enter "bleedout state".  When NPCs is in "bleedout state" player can talk to them and decide their fate (kill, enslave or let go) .
      To enter "Hunter mode" you need to press "H" (can be reassigned in MCM). To mark NPC press "R".
      Enslaved NPCs can be used as companions (you can have more than one companion slave at once) or sent to any player settlement.
      All enslaved NPCs have "submission level"  which represents their escape chance. "Submission" is being increased automatically while slave wears "Shock collar" or works in your settlement. You can see slave's "submission"  in information option in dialogue. There you can also change NPC's name and appearance.
      If NPC's "submission" reached 100 you can assign this NPC to be a "Quartermaster".  This allows NPC to have "Pack Brahmin" in which you can store your items.
      Companion slaves can take orders in command mode(same as vanilla game companions), you can ask them to relax, show their inventory, use power armor and instantly unequip all their clothes.
      In settlements NPCs can be assigned to any settler activities except some, that have slave "submission" level requirement. These activities are: stay on guard post (requires at least 80 "submission"), use trading post (50 "submission") or use trade caravan post (100 "submission").
      If you leave slave with "submission" lower than 100, then this slave will have a chance to escape depending on his "submission" value i.e. the lower "submission level", the more chances are that slave will escape. When slave escapes, player will receive "Escaped slave" quest ,which will show runaway slave location.
      To prevent slaves from escaping - assign them to pillory in settlement (DLC "ContraptionsWorkshop").
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - Gameplay - v0.3.0
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.2 - New Features
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.3 - New Features
      You can toggle:
      slave tracking unlimited ammo for slaves ability to rename settlers (not slaves) reassign "Hunter mode" button option that counts slaves as settlement population  
      DMC500 for translating the description into English F4SE Team for F4SE reg2k - Neanka - shadowslasher410 - registrator2000 for Mod Configuration Menu and Extended Dialogue Interface registrator2000 for Rename Anything Neanka for TextInputMenu  



    13. Combat Strip Lite, Sound Replacer (Ripping Sounds) 1.0.0

      This replaces the sounds in Combat Strip Lite(CSL) by @twistedtrebla. I just added basic ripping sounds to the original voice. 
      To install:
      Download and install Combat Strip Lite located at https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5275-combat-strip-lite-352018/
      Extract the sounds folder from this mod.
      Drop it in the Data folder.



    14. Debby - A cute wandering scientist (Character Preset)

      This is a preset of my favorite personal character for anyone who likes Her..........Debby.
      Debby's a cute smart resourceful young ex-Brotherhood scientist who was born in vault 101,  She used to be one of Brotherhood's highest regarded techies,
      But when Arthur Maxson took control of the east coast chapter Debby was upset with His methods & defected from the Brotherhood shortly after,
      She had decided She would rather die then march across the land killing anything remotely mutated & stripping people of technology in the name of they're protection.......
      Ever since Debby had abandoned the Brotherhood of Steel She spent Her time following & watching elder Maxson's movements hoping He'll never go full genocide.
      Debby is a 20 year old women with an I.Q. of 142 & a natural hair color of white that She dyes random colors every now & then.
      She was born with a medical condition that makes Her a urinary incontinent women which means She has no control over Her bladder & She wears diapers because of this,
      Debby's worn diapers Her whole life & always been embarrassed about it, But She's always feared not having diapers at all because then She'd eventually pee puddles in public.
      In the Brotherhood of Steel She was even made fun of by all the knights & paladins who would call Debby "Baby Girl" & tap Her butt whenever She walked by.
      But She never let anyone truly get to Her because of Her problem or let it hold Her back from being a confident & person who eventually becoming a smart scientist,
      In fact She actually invented Her own small line of pacifiers & diapers just to spite everyone & for some of the mothers with infants while She was still in the Brotherhood,
      Debby even made one pacifier just for Herself because She would always suck Her thumb anyway when She would go to sleep at night,
      & now Debby has a guilty pleasure of sucking on Her binkie whenever She feels stressed out or takes a nap.
      These files require CBBE BodySlide OutfitStudio by Ousnius & Caliente
      along with these other files below.
      Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar-https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/8126/
      F4SE as well as LooksMenu
      looks menu customization compendium-https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24830?tab=images
        These files are just recommended.     3D Pubic Hair for Fo4 by Vioxsis from loverslab.com (Body replacer version)NOT(the color change version)-https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3091-3d-pubic-hair-for-fo4/   For Debby's bush....     Diaper lovers Fallout 4 by my friend Lucia-https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3177-diaper-lovers-fallout-4/   If you want Diapers..... + Good Girl diapers by me-https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4848-debbys-good-girl-diapers-texture-pack/   For Debby's diapers...     Debby's Binkies by me-https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4319-debbys-binkies/   For Debby's binkie.....   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Credit goes to ousnius & Caliente for the original body textures   used in the creation of this one.
      Everyone enjoy   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Here is how to install Debby's skin texture(s)   Step.1   (Optional)Backup your normal skin.WARNING-if you do not follow Step.1   your original skin texture will be overwritten.   Open the (basehumanfemale) folder in your (Fallout 4) folder.   most likely located in here (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\Textures\actors\Character)   Now move the following dds files from the (basehumanfemale) folder   to the folder labled (z.Folder to backup your skin.z)   in the (Debby) folder.   1.basefemalehands_d.dds   2.basefemalehands_s.dds   3.BaseFemaleHead_d.dds   4.femalebody_d.dds   5.femalebody_s.dds   this will keep your original skin texture safe.   When installing this skin u need to do step 1   for the (CharacterAssets) folders NOT the (character assets) I know confusing.   So you preserv those original textures as well...Assumeing u have this mod.   Zella's Hair Dye Collection by ANiceOakTree (V.2.1 not V.2.2) & 3D Pubic Hair for Fo4 by Vioxsis from loverslab.com (Body replacer version)NOT(the color change version)   If u want Debby to have a bush. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Step.2   Installing Debby &/or Her Skin texture.   Copy the (Debby) folder to your desktop...   Now open the (Debby) folder & grab all the folder(s) in the (Data) folder and drop them in the (Data) folder thats in your (Fallout 4) folder   most likely located in here (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4)   If you followed these steps correctly your Player will now have Debby's Skin.   Debby's bodyslide preset is in hear to but of course you may shape Her how ever you like. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Step.3   Play the game and enjoy.;P



    15. Miss.Kitty Character Preset & Body furry

      This is a preset for my favorite furry character, Miss.Kitty..............I just wanted to share Her with anyone who like Her.
      Miss.Kitty is a 19 year old bob tailed felyne lady who was made as part of an experiment by scientists in a hidden bunker,
      One day that bunker got raided by a squad of brotherhood & during the battle Kitty & Her little sister Kimmy were saved by a women named Debby who took care of them from then on.

      Miss.Kitty is a pink bob tailed feline women who likes to suck on a binkie & wear adult pull-ups because Her idol (Debby) does.

      Recommended mods.
      Zella's Hair Dye Collection by ANiceOakTree (V.2.1 not V.2.2) (Recommended)https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2613/?
      Wild Whiskers by me DIBZ (Recommended)http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4329-wild-whiskers/
      Unique Player by d_rail - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3718/?
      / or Unique Player and Followers REDUX by FGmodule (Highly Recommended)https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26108/?
      These mods are only Recomended.
      Required mods.
      (Ponytail Hairstyles) by Azar (Required)https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/8126/?
      (Looks Menu Customization Compendium) Made by AGodComplexPikachu / CurioNC / EmissaryOFWind / JTesmer / ANiceOakTree /
      Kirse10 / imAarwyn / Robberfox / RoboAsimov / TrophiHunter / & Wendera.(Required)https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24830/?
      And lastly (F4SE.script extender & Looksmenu)...Which are both (Required).
      Credit goes to ousnius & Caliente for the original body textures
      used in the creation of this furry one.
      Everyone enjoy
      Here is how to install Kitty's Fur, Tail, & Ears.
      (Optional)Backup your normal skin.
      WARNING-if you do not follow Step.1
      your original skin texture will be overwritten.
      Open the (basehumanfemale) folder in your (Fallout 4) folder.
      most likely located in here (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\Textures\actors\Character)
      Now move the following dds files from the (basehumanfemale) folder
      to the folder labled (z.Folder to backup your skin.z)
      in the (Miss.Kitty) folder.
      this will keep your original skin texture safe.
      When installing this skin u need to do step 1
      for the (CharacterAssets) folder NOT the (character assets) I know confusing.
      So you preserv those original textures as well...Assumeing u have this mod.
      Zella's Hair Dye Collection by ANiceOakTree (V.2.1 not V.2.2)
      Installing Kitty &/or Her Fur.
      Copy the (Miss.Kitty) folder to your desktop...
      Now open the (Miss.Kitty) folder, grab the folder labeled (Data) & drop it in your (Fallout 4) folder
      most likely located in here (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4)
      Then run BodySlide & build your desired body.
      If you followed these steps correctly your Player will now have Kitty's Fur, tail, & ears.
      Play the game and enjoy.;P