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These Fallout 4 mods are of an adult nature.


    1. Vault-Tec Breeding Posters - Adult Version

      Hi all,
      This is the adult version of my Vault-Tec Breeding Posters.
      It consists of currently 6 posters, craftable in the workshop under Decorations->Vault->Posters for 2 cloth each.
      I keep those separate, since I believe, that this version is not very lore friendly, and those who don't want the adult version should be able to get the regular version without this.
      The non-adult version can be found here: Non-Adult Mod
      That said, both mods can be used together without complications or duplicates.
      Do you really have to ask?
      Version 3.0 is here. The MURRICA Update. This features a lot of patriotic (nationalistic) flavored Posters. ALSO: RAIDER UPDATE. As a little bonus, and ince a few people asked fot this. 6 totaly new Posters, themed for a raider slave market.
      With this, the adult mod contains 28 Posters, as usual in pristine and dirty versions.
      Have Fun
      If you have ideas for some additional posters or critisism for this six, please leave a comment.
      I would like to have some more posters, maybe also themed a little bit different ones for you, so your ideas are welcome.
      Some of the Posters are rather ... political incorrect. Be warned.



    2. AAF Violate (Vergewaltigen) und NPCs haben zzufällog Sex - Übersetzung

      Siehe Dateien.
      Übersetzung in Deutsch
      AAF Violate V0.44 - Deutsch (Komplett) von Tay
      AAF AutonomyEnhanced v106 - Deutsch von Tay



    3. AAF Violate

      AAF Violate
      This is a conversion of FP_Violate to AAF, with several modifications and updates.  This conversion was started by @Jahem_kinkaid and has now been taken over by @EgoBallistic.
      The original FP_Violate was made by vinfamy.  AAF Violate was originally based on FP_Violate 2.5.1.
      Being defeated in combat can now result in your character and companions being violated rather than killed.  Violators may also take your valuable gear, leading to a quest to exact vengeance and retrieve your stolen possessions.  Likewise, you now have a chance to violate and rob your defeated enemies.
      This mod contains over 150 lines of dialogue contributed by Karma199696, Vauria, sophiextime and others.
      Full control of options via MCM Combat Defeat: Violation of your character and optionally of your companions when you lose in combat Companions: Choose whether your companions can be violated.  Decide whether only male, only female, or both genders can be victims Assailants: Restrict the gender of your assailants to male, female, or both.  Limit assailants to a few races or allow any race to be an assailant Robbery: Choose whether assailants can steal your gear Enemy Surrender: When your enemies' health drops below a threshold, they may surrender and become your victim Devious Devices integration: optionally allow your assailants to slap you into Devious Devices restraints Threesomes: Choose whether assailants can gang up on your character and companions Perversion: Allow your character to start begging for more after a selectable number of assaults Exhaustion: Decide when you've had enough and your assailants abandon you Tags: Optionally enable animation tags (requires an AAF tags file such as Halstrom's Animation Position Tags mod)  
      Q: How do I control the number of violations that take place?
      A: This is determined by two things: the number of aggressors, and the Exhaustion MCM setting.  Normally, violations will end either when every aggressor has had a turn, or  when the player has been violated a number of times equal to the Exhaustion setting, whichever occurs first.  A "turn"' for aggressors means being part of an animation, whether individually or as part of a threesome.  So with 4 aggressors and an Exhaustion setting of 4, the scene will end after the player has been double-teamed two times, since all 4 aggressors will have had a turn.
      Enabling the "Sex until exhaustion" MCM setting changes this, so that the violations continue until the player has been violated a number of times equal to the Exhaustion setting, regardless of the number of aggressors.
      Q: How do Companions factor into the number of violations?
      A: When a companion is part of an animation, that counts as a turn for the aggressors.  So if the player has one companion with them, and there are 4 aggressors, the scene could end when the player and the companion have each been double-teamed, since all 4 aggressors will have been part of an animation.
      If the "Player can be raped" setting is turned off, then Exhaustion applies to companions instead of the player.  So the number of animations should be about the same.
      Q: How does Perversion work?
      A: Perversion is the number of times a victim can be violated before they start enjoying it.  When they become Perverted, their facial expressions will change and their dialogue will have them begging for more rather than insulting the violators and begging them to stop.  There are no lasting effects; once the violation scene ends, all Perverted characters return to normal.
      Q: What races can be aggressors in violations?
      A: By default, i.e. with the "Default Races" setting enabled in MCM, aggressors can be Human, non-feral Ghoul, Synths, and Super Mutants.  If the "Default Races" setting is turned off, then dog races, feral Ghouls, and Deathclaws are added to the list.
      Q: Does this mod require Four-Play or the original Four-Play Violate?
      A: No.  This mod only uses AAF, and does not require the AAF Four-Play Proxy.  It is completely independent of the original FP_Violate, and the two cannot be used together.
      Q: Is this mod compatible with XYZ that does similar things?
      This mod can be used alongside RSE, but they will clash unpredictably unless the CSA feature in RSE is completely turned off.  It works fine alongside Knockout Framework.  The only issue you can run into is that, depending on how AAF Violate is configured, an actor might surrender before they are knocked out.  This is not really a problem, and you can always use the MCM to reduce or eliminate the chance that the actors will surrender.  If you set the chance to zero for enemies, for example, then they will never surrender and you will always be able to knock them out right away.
      Advanced Animation Framework, version beta 24 or later Mod Configuration Menu (technically only a soft requirement; it is possible to configure everything by setting global variables in console) Animation Packs.  The exact packs you need will depend on the options you select for gender, threesomes, races, etc.  Atomic Lust, BP70, Crazy's, Farelle, Leito, SavageCabbage, VaderMania, Mutated Lust, all work nicely with this mod.  
      Devious Devices.  AAF Violate will automatically detect if this is installed. Roggvir's DD Items Manager to control which Devious Devices items can be randomly applied Animation Position Tags.  Required if use of tags is enabled in the MCM.  



    4. Synth Player Gynoid AlphaTest

      This is a very early work. Be prepared for bugs and suffering.
      "The bombs... the vault... I felt cold... I'm awake again... but I feel nothing... SHAUN!! NATE!! Why am I seeing these numbers in my vision? WHAT DID THEY DO TO ME?"
      Its basic features are functional with no crashing or bugs that I know of. It should not activate till you exit the CryoPod but can also be used on any saved game of any level. Basically by installing this you agree to become one of my test minions and submit detailed reports on issues and papyrus log files when needed if possible

      How to enable Debug Logging and where to find the files: https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Enable_Debug_Logging
      It should look something like this: Papyrus.0.log
      Those logs should be for the last 4 save games. My messages should all have the Prefix "SynthPlayer:"
      With all the other mods cleaned out using Notepad++ Search "SynthPlayer:" it looks like this: PapyrusCleaned.0.log
      Basically the goal is to simulate the player awakening from crysleep replaced into a Synth, a Gen 2.5 Prototype Gynoid Sexbot to be more specific. It is Player only and wont be expanded to other actors. As the unit becomes more experienced, abilities to override Vault-Techs Asimov like safety protocols and be more combat orientated will increase. Currently the mod assumes you appear completely human, although later Robots and Synths may detect you as an escaped Synth.

      This is not meant or survival mod as being a bot you should not suffer hunger disease, poison etc, by the time I disable all that, your playing in normal mode anyway

      Bad News - Less Electricity resistance, but it improves as you level. Normal healing like Stimpacks doesn't work on you.
      Good News - . You are immune to Poisons and regenerate damage and use Rads to generate power. Action Points, Endurance, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Movement and Jumping Speed are increased as you get higher in Status
      Damage Regeneration = Requires power also occurs more efficiently when not moving, sitting or sleeping.
      OverClocking gives you a Status/Level Boost for a short time when activated by key or Combat detection. The Duration in seconds and Percentage of Unit Status boost is set from the MCM sliders and has a 100 second cooldown afterwards.
      There is a MCM menu for Settings and HUD displaying the following:
      UnitStatus = Basically the current operational status of the Gynoid, health and other systems etc. It Buffs Physical stats, Action points, Speed and Jump Height.
      Power = Electricity, you need it. Drained by Running/Sprinting/Jumping/Sex etc. Power affects Movement and Jumping rates. Slow recharges from soaking any Rads you have, rad can now be useful, but they can still kill you and create overheating. Though if you have Rads you can't fully heal and if you are fully charged you can't process anymore rads. Conversion of Rads happens asted when stationary, and faster again when seated or sleeping. You can also use the Torture Devices Extractor Chair or Synth Reclaimation chair at the cost of some LubriCool or Plugs Of The Commonwealth Buttplug Cores. You can also charge from Fusion cores using Power Armor. if you enter Power armor both batteries will average out the charge between them, so you could end up losing power to charge the Power Armor or using its power to charge you.  There should be wearable Insertable Fusion Core option if you have any Fusion Cores in your inventory. When depleted they should become Depleted Cores. Similar for Plugs of the Commonwealth Butt Plug Fusion Cores.
      CoreTemp = 0-100 degrees Celsius plus a small level buff, Heat generated by external temperature, heavy armor rating and running, Rads, Arousal, Fertilty. Reduced by Stationary, sitting, sleeping or swimming. External temperatures are 18degrees indoors, 8 degrees while swimming and varying 18 +/-12 degrees outdoors dependant on time of day. The more armor rating you wear the hotter you will get too.

      NutriLube = Is the total NutriLube you have in your body, it repairs, cools and lubricates. It is lost from damage or during sex or high arousal, restored by drinking it or making it. NutriLube affects Movement and Jumping. The Gynoid has 1000ml of storage in body + 1000ml in Breasts, 500ml in the Butt, 500ml in the Womb and up to 1000ml in the Belly and the NutriLube enters the Belly and transfers gradually through the Butt, Breasts then into the Body as needed at roughly 1ml per second. Excessive Lubricant will cause bloating and swelling in areas using LooksMenu Morphing. There are sliders in MCM to adjust the amount of Morphing for each area. I have avoided using the Pregnancy Belly bodymorph node thingy so it should not conflict with it. Finally a use for all those Coolant containers, you can craft NutriLube from Semen, Coolant and Oil. You can craft Coolant from Alcohol and Abraxo. You can consume Coolant, Abraxo and Oil by crafting it into Cups or Glasses. Food, Soda and Water Consumption generate waste which is planned to be linked to pooping in RSE, but I'll make that an optional feature. Waste is stored in the stomach and Butt area. The Butt Waste and NutriLube storage sizes are adjustable in MCM for those who want more or less of either. You should see digestible Abraxo, Coolant and Cooking Oil in your AID tab if you have any normal versions in your inventory.
      Firewall = (Non-Functional) Resistance to Hacking by Synths and Robots and the Gynoids SexualProcessor, reduced by Gynoids Arousal, Lust and Submissiveness. Killing things especially Synths and Humans will result in Behaviour errors and corrective shocks if your Firewall is low.
      Sexual Processor = (WIP) The Gynoid is a Sexbot, the Sexual processor is basically the units Lust to engage in Sexual activity and may gradually override the Gynoids options and responses, I plan to actually alter settings and other factors in mods like RSE, FPA, Perversions etc so the player will have less control. It is going to be like a virus in your system, you may start becoming Sadistic or Masochistic or desiring Supermutants, or whatever just to sate your programmed desires.

      Arousal = (WIP) How close to Orgasm, Arousal and Orgasm expels LubriCool and increases the Sexual Processor Control.

      UpperServos = Arms health, when damaged to low levels abilities like Combat may be lost but damage does regenerate. Systems disabled re-enable at twice the Percentage they disable, so if Combat is disabled at 10% it will re-enable at 20%.
      MobilityServos = Legs health, when damaged to low levels abilities like FastTravel, Sprint, Jump, Running and Movement may be lost but damage does regenerate.
      TorsoChassis = Torso health, also damaged by overheating and sex. Later will effect cooling and recharging system efficiency, but damage does regenerate.
      CranialStatus = Head health, also damaged by overheating, when damaged to low levels abilities like Sneak and VATS may be lost but damage does regenerate.
      VisualSensors = Eyes health, when damaged to low levels abilities like "Look At" may be lost but damage does regenerate.
      Storage System:
      These storage areas may stretch to 200% of the full amount. After this the fluids will transfer to another storage location.
      If Body, Breasts or Butt storage locations are less than 100% they will transfer the appropriate liquid from another location.
      Excess will be sent to waste system. Excess waste can result in emergency waste release.
      Body - 1000ml of NutriLube, may also be contaminated by Injected/Inhaled Chems
      Breasts - 1000ml of NutriLube (adjustable in MCM for those who don't want Breast expansion)
      Butt - 500ml of NutriLube (adjustable in MCM for those who don't want Butt expansion)
      Butt - 500ml of Solid Waste (adjustable in MCM for those who don't want Butt expansion)
      Belly - 200ml of Womb, when Pregnant contains offspring size and NutriLube. Possibly contaminated with Oil and NutriLube from Robots or Synths and Semen from Biologicals
      Belly - 200ml of Bladder, Liquid Waste
      Belly - 200ml of Stomach, Storage containing Food, Water, Soda, NutriLube, Cum, Oil, Coolant, Abraxo, Alcohol and Ingested Chems.
      The Stomach converts its contents into other substances with some wastage generated.
      Coolant and Oil make NutriLube
      Abraxo and Alcohol make Coolant
      Food, Water and Cum make NutriMilk
      Food and Sodas make Waste
      Waste is removed by using RSE's Peeing and Pooping animations with a manual hotkey in MCM. It's frequency can be adjusted or turned off with the MCM sliders.
      Devious Devices Corsets, Chastity Belts, Chastity Bras and Catsuits will restrict or reduce expansion of Butt, Breasts and Belly.
      MCM Settings:
      In the HUD there are settings that don't do much yet but will be hijacked by the SPU meaning you will be able to set them at start but may lose the ability to adjust them when the SPU has control:
      VocalInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or Pained by Oral Sexual interaction
      UpperStorageInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or pained by Boobs Sexual interaction
      PrimaryPortInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or pained by Genital Sexual interaction
      WastePortInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or pained by Anal Sexual interaction
      DermalInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or pained by skin contact
      Human Appearance Slider: This tells my mod how human the Gynoid appears. I have no idea what body mod you may be using. This will eventually alter the chances of NPC's and opponents like BOS treating you as a human. may be adjusted by extreme expansion amking you look inhuman.
      You can adjust the spacing of most of the top left status messages in MCM to make them less frequent, currently default is 15unit changes prompt a message.
      Male Gynoids:
      Although this is aimed at females I plan to allow for Futa/Male Androids, but wont be doing any testing, let me know if anything doesn't work or make sense for males and I will see if I can make it work. I have already set some of the sounds to alter for male players. I'll have to add a toggle in to disable the womb stuff, some things really depend on know ing what type of sex is occurring, which will only come from AAF. Yeah, I could do a whole balls swelling with Cum thing later
      This is mainly scripted with few records altered so should not conflict with any other mods.
      Requirements (No hard requirements, no idea how it will go if you don't have some installed:
      F4SE, I think I only use it for one function so far but will use for others later.
      HUD Framework, you wont see any status without it, not a hard requirement though as it seems a bit buggy for some.
      MCM if you want to change settings.
      No DLC required, it does soft load some assets if installed.
      This is designed to interface with the following to this degree so far:
      LooksMenu - This is required for the Boob, Belly and Breast inflation, it also morphs the body Muscles dependant on the Strength Stat. Not all outfits are set up for morphing as far as I can see.
      AAF - Yes it detects sex and adds Cum, increases SexProcessor and Arousal.

      FourPlay - Yes it detects sex and adds Cum, increases SexProcessor and Arousal.
      Family Planning Enhanced - Detects Fertility, Pregnancy will draw extra power, NutriMilk, etc, and reduces physical abilities.
      Devious Devices - Not a great deal so far but working on Institute devices to reduce Firewall and slowly hack the Gynoid. Chastity Bra, Chastity Belt and Corset should prevent Bodymorphing in relevant parts. Corset and Catsuits will increase Core temperature.

      Torture Devices - Extraction and Reclamation Chair which will be used recharge at the cost of gathering coolant from the Gynoid. Stimulation from the Milking Chair and HydroPillory

      Four Play Attributes - The Stats affect Firewall and wear is repaired.
      Realistic Saliascious Encounters - Disables Basic and Advanced needs as they aren't relevant to a Gynoid. Uses the peeing and pooping Animations ,it should work fine with both FourPlay and AAF versions.
      Perversions - Plans to link into the Orgasm feature and adjust some settings.
      Plugs Of The Commonwealth - The FusionCore is usable as a recharging item. And may cause additional SexProcessor/Arousal Buff/Debuff dependant on the MCM Anal penetration response setting
      Glory Hole - Reduces SelfEsteem and Dominance, Cum is an ingredient needed to make NutriMilk.
      ASIA - Charging from some of the upgrade chairs, more stuff to come, this should work fine with both FourPlay and AAF versions.

      As its an Alpha, you will get FREE STUFF added for testing purposes and to retain playability, ideally they should not be needed to play this mod.
      There is something funny going on between this and other HUDFramework mods causing zero readings and no updating. Make sure you install the FPAttributes HUD in a save before adding this mod and it seems to solve it.
      There is a script reset in MCM that may solve issues if you have updated from older versions. Some bugs I've found due to the engine require clean saves.
      Future Plans:
      Adding a game start Bootup sequence to gradually raise all values from zero to current operational status and make it feel a little more immersive.
      Use Fusion Generators to charge somehow. Makeshift Batteries? Settlement Generators?
      AAF support, just waiting for it to stabilise a bit and have the detection I need for Sex types and Races etc, hopefully Fade to Black at least for Robots till animations are made.
      Hijack the Family Planning Fertility settings so it is controlled by the Gynoids SPU.
      Place Reclaimation chargers around the Commonwealth and reduce the charging effect of Rads. Or maybe I use the Vault Tech Single person Nuke Shelters. Hopefully I can do that by script once I work out the co-ordinates. A Reclaimation chair may be the only way to get the Institute Chastity Belt removed once added.
      Other Synths and Robots will use you for a Battery or LubriCool source, they will milk your swollen boobs before bloating your Belly with materials to create more before maybe releasing you.
      Gen 1 Synths just want to drain power from you by fucking you. May add DD Institute devices to you.
      Gen 2's require NutriLube and attempt to hack you during sex to make you more submissive. May add DD Institute devices to you.
      Robots? Any of the above I guess. May add DD Institute devices to you.
      Assaultrons? Got to be something special for them.
      The Rust Devils will want you of course too and who knows what the Mechanist's plans are for you?
      The Institute will want you for experiments, you may not know you are programmed to collect something like FEV Hound sperm so will automatically submit when you find one.
      You may catch a Virus from a Radio Station, Terminal, Holotape or Power Armor.
      Pumps and valves that transfer LubriCool between areas may fail leading to uncontrolled bloating or shortages.
      Adding the ability to hack robots and other Synths.
      Adding features like Nightvision that use power of course.
      Finding upgrade components that can increase systems efficiency, those Military Circuit boards will be handy.
      Most healing other than Stimpacks will be disabled, I'm only leaving them in for emergency use, the aim is to play without them so just Roleplay that for now
      I have no plans to use a body race or similar or make it a requirement, Mesh/Textures is pretty much beyond my ability, I mainly just script code
      Lastly get my SInstitute idea happening again and linked to this.
      Any new ideas are welcome or suggestions on improvements.

      File versions are by date so 180510 is 10th of May 2018, not 5th of October 2018 unless you are American
      Translations are cool, just don't claim my stuff is yours.
      No uploading elsewhere than LoverLab.
      No Kiddie Porn usage, I don't want to be involved in any crap that hits the fan. I DO NOT support any use of my mods for kiddie porn or adult sexual situations like child pregnancy.
      If I disappear or am inactive on Lovers Lab for over 3 months, others are free to take over my mods, don't claim its yours unless you do a reasonable amount of upgrading, then just thank me in the credits



    5. Femout4 - All NPCs Now Futanari

      TL:DR; Turns all NPCs into futanari.
      Comment thread here-
      *V4 is the latest file. It should be safe to update with ongoing saves.*
      The main mod and screenshots are hosted on the Nexus due to large file size. Get it here-
      The Nexus version only converts NPCs into females. You will need to install it as a pre-requisite for any and all patches found on this page.
      This is the page for patches for Femout4 to convert all NPCs into futanari. These patch several loverslab mods together to make all NPCs use schlongs during Four-Play sex scenes. However, NPCs won't have schlongs outside of sex scenes; this is because Four Play doesn't have transgender support yet, and there aren't any good full-body futanari mods available yet.
      The patch should apply futanari schlongs from Bag of Dicks to feminized male NPCs during sex scenes for Four Play. It should also apply them to females when they are in a penetrative role during sex scenes.
      It should also replace strapons with futanari schlong from Bag of Dicks.
      Currently, the patch will NOT apply schlongs during regular gameplay, or to females when they are being penetrated in Four-Play sex scenes. This will be corrected when someone makes a futanari body that is compatible with sex frameworks.
      The current version of the mod is just a temporary version, until I can find a way to make all NPCs have permanent futanari schlongs that will be compatible with sex frameworks.
      Femout4 Patch Futanari V4.7z - This is the futanari patch for Femout4.
      Femout4 V1 Patch RSE - Additional patch for RSE 3.7.8 to fix ghoul eyes. Optional. I forgot to add masters to the file so remember to load it after Femout4.esp and any RSE plugins.
      Femout4 Patch Alpha Female Futanari Males Only.7z - Additional patch for if you use 'Femout4 Alpha Female Body for Males Addon' from the Nexus page. This version only adds schlongs to feminized males. Needs you to also install 'Femout4 Patch Futanari V4.7z'.
      Femout4 Patch Alpha Female Futanari Both Genders.7z - Same as above, except it also adds schlongs to regular females as well as feminized males. Use this or the above, not both. Also needs you to install 'Femout4 Patch Futanari V4.7z'.
      On the Nexus page for the main mod I have added the 'Femout4 Alpha Female Body For Males Addon' which makes feminized males use a seperate female body type (Thanks to HarmonicaBlues for letting me use the assets from his Alpha Female Body mod). They will be extremely buff and muscular with this installed. Females will still use whatever female body type you have installed and will be much less muscular. This allows futa/female dimorphism, if you're into that kind of thing.
      There are two mutually exclusive futanari patches for 'Femout4 Alpha Female Body For Males Addon'. 'Femout4 Patch Alpha Female Futanari Males Only.7z' will add schlongs only to feminized males with the Alpha Female body. 'Femout4 Patch Alpha Female Futanari Both Genders.7z' will add schlongs to both genders. This will allow you to choose between either futa/futa or futa/female sex in your game.
      If you want BOTH genders to be buff, then just install the regular Alpha Female Body mod (not the one on the Femout4 page, use the one on it's own mod page here by HamonicaBlues). You don't need an additional patch to make it compatible with Femout, but you still need a patch to add schlongs. In this case, you should just use 'Femout4 Patch Futanari V4.7z' to install schlongs and you don't need either of the other two Alpha Female futa patches.
      Skyrim version is found here-
      Femout4 0.15beta (available on Nexus)
      Four Play Nudesuits v2.18 by Chosen Clue
      Bag of Dicks (Equipable penises for Fallout 4) - Fourplay Compatible v1.5
      Strap-on's of fallout 4 V2
      Magazines Retex: from pimp to futanari - To improve magazine textures and add many futanari pics to the game
      Credit goes to the original mod authors. This merely patches them to work together with my mod.



    6. re - texture paintings

      required mods :
      https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1714 - Vault meat paintings
      https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22014 - FAC paintings
      just a re texture of paintings
      after install required mods  copy SetDressing in Fallout4/Data/Texture



    7. [AAF] Animation Position Tags (APT)

      This adds a heap of AAF tags to animations, these tags allow mods to choose animations dependant on positions they add tags to animations like "Kissing", "Blowjob" or "Missionary".
      Don't bother downloading this unless you are needing it or want to use it in your mod.
      If you rename Halstrom_tagData and also rename it to the same in the first line you can replace it with your own custom xml too.  Though if you run mine as well it will cause issues with SexStatSystem.

      Mods using this so far:
      [AAF] RSE 180901 onwards
      [A.A.F.] M.C.G. (Wear and Tear, V.Fudge and Statistics) 1.7.10 BETA onwards
      SynthPlayer 180828 onwards
      Animations Tagged so far:
      Atomic Lust / Mutant Lust
      Savage Cabbage - Be sure you have the latest version as it is causing issues for people with older versions
      Vadermainia - Be sure you have the latest version as it is causing issues for people with older versions
      ZazOut4 Pillory
      GreyUserBP's Bondage animations (Requires EgoBallistics Mod to use them)
      Let me know if I've missed any too.
      None, but it won't do anything without AAF, animations and mods that read the tags.
      The latest version should be able to be installed using any mod manager as normal as its only one file, no esp.
      And now thanks to CGI, there is a FOMOD version that should work with any ModManager.
      This is an effort to set some sort of standard for animation attributes by editing Animation XML files using the Tags in AAF feel free to discuss or add suggestions.
      I'm no expert by any means and basically doing it because no one else has and I feel it needs to be done for AAF to progress further in FO4.
      Please feel free to point out my numerous errors and better ways to do things
      Many mods like Pregnancy want to know where cum is going or what orifices are being used.
      I'm still considering changes to tag names etc, so if any modder starts to use these, please let me know, I will make a list in this post of mods using it.
      Just overwrite the Animation packs positioning XML with my version, I'm hopng to work out a non overwriting way of doing it next, now I seem to have it testing ok.

      Example XML Edit:
      <position id="F-Dance03-01TwerkStart" tag="Held0,Love0,Stim1,Dom0,Dancing"/> <position id="FM-Bed01-01Handjob" location="Single_Bed" tag="Held1,Love3,Stim1,Dom-3,PenisToHand"/> <position id="FMMMM-Floor01-01Gangbang" tag="Held9,Love0,Stim9,Dom-9,PenisToVagina,PenisToAnus,PenisToMouth,PenisToHand"/> Location Tags:
      Leitos: NoFurn,
      Vadermania: NoFurn, Table,
      Crazy: NoFurn, SingleBed, DoubleBed,
      Farelles: NoFurn,
      Rufgt: NoFurn, Double Bed, Power Armor Station, Alternative PA Station, Cryo Pod, AWKCR Power Armor Station, AWKCR Compact PA Station, Atomic Cryo Pod SOE,
      SavageCabbage: NoFurn, Single_Bed, Bunk_Bed, Double_Bed, ArmChair, ChairHigh, ChairMedium, ChairLow, ChairVeryLow, Seat, Stool, Couch, Couches, Desk, RoundTable, MediumTable, PoolTable, TiresBed, SMBed, Stocks, Shackles, Throne, HydroPillory, Pillory, WallChurch
      Sex Position Tags:

      pose - Poses
      aggressive - for Combat Sex etc
      Loving - For Lovers only
      Neutral - Either Combat Sex or Lovers
      Bound - For cuffed, tied etc not using furniture
      Restrained Tags:
      Held0 = Free, no actors or bindings
      Held1 = receiver 1% restrained, the receiver has a 99% chance to change positions or control the animation, usually a willing participant etc, on bottom in missionary position etc
      Held3 = Held in some way like Doggystyle
      Held5 = Held in firm hold or pinned down,
      Held7 = Held in firm hold or pinned down by multiple actors, spitroast,
      Held9 = receiver 99% restrained, little chance of breaking free, receiver has no control over what is happening to them, they are bound, wall shackles etc
      Arousal Tags:
      Stim-9 = extreme pain, iced water
      Stim-7 =
      Stim-5 =
      Stim-3 =
      Stim-1 = unwanted contact
      Stim1 = Spooning, touching
      Stim3 = Fondling, caressing
      Stim5 = Missionary sex
      Stim7 =Doggy style sex
      Stim9 = Wild Sex
      Loving/Romance Tags:
      Love-9 = This could cause a major reduction in relationship status (rape)
      Love-7 =
      Love-5 =
      Love-3 =
      Love-1 = This could reduce any relationship status slightly
      Love0 =
      Love1 = This slowly could progress the receiver to be  emotionally attached to the giver, blowjob
      Love3 = missionary sex
      Love5 =
      Love7 = spooning, cuddling
      Love9 = The receiver could more rapidly form an emotional need with the giver, kissing

      Dominance/Submission Tags:
      Dom-9 = position for receiver is submissive on bottom
      Dom-7 = giving blowjob
      Dom-5 =
      Dom-3 = spanked
      Dom-1- position for receiver is slightly submissive, missionary sex on bottom
      Dom0 =
      Dom1 = position is slightly dominating, missionary sex on top
      Dom3 = spanking
      Dom5 =
      Dom7 =
      Dom9 = position is very dominating
      Sex Type Tags:
      These all assume the first actor is the receiver and additional tags are for additional actors relating to the receiver unless they are reversed then they become relating to that actor.

      StickToStick - Stick could be StrapOn or Penis and is determined by the sex of the Actor
      StickToEither - Could be either Vagina orAnus depending on preference
      PenisToEither - Could be either Vagina orAnus depending on preference
      StrapOnToEither - Could be either Vagina orAnus depending on preference
      SpankToButt - spanking
      SpankToChest - spanking
      To read them in the mod we need to do something like this which may be wrong because I learnt Arrays on a Commodore VIC20:
      Event AAF:AAF_API.OnAnimationStop(AAF:AAF_API akSender, Var[] akArgs) Debug.Notification("AAF OnAnimationStop Event Heard!") ; The status: int status = akArgs[0] as int ; The Actors involved: Actor[] actors = Utility.VarToVarArray(akArgs[1]) as Actor[] Actor rActor0 = actors[0] as Actor Actor rActor1 = actors[1] as Actor Actor rActor2 = actors[2] as Actor Actor rActor3 = actors[3] as Actor ; The Position playing: String position = akArgs[2] as String ; *** Unpack the tags which are in akArgs[3] and populate the new array "sTags" with them Var[] aArrayTags = Utility.VarToVarArray(akArgs[3]) String[] aTags = aArrayTags as String[] String sTags0 = atags [0] as String String sTags1 = atags [1] as String String sTags2 = atags [2] as String String sTags3 = atags [3] as String
      If the above script was used on this below:
      <position id="Staged Leito_MM_ Blowjob" animationGroup="Staged_Leito_MM_Blowjob" tags="Restrained1,PenisToMouth">
      It should return:
      sTag0 == "Restrained1"
      sTag1 == "PenisToMouth"
      sTag2 == None
      sTag3 == None
      File versions are by date so 180510 is 10th of May 2018, not 5th of October 2018 unless you are American

      Thanks To:
      F4SE people
      Dagobaking for his help learning how this voodoo works
      CGI for general help and creating the FOMOD version
      and Test Minions
      No Kiddie Porn usage, I don't want to be involved in any crap that hits the fan. I DO NOT support any use of my mods for kiddie porn or adult sexual situations like child pregnancy.
      Otherwise do whatever you want with this except selling it, Animators are free to use it themselves to replace their templates, less work for me when updates then



    8. [FO4] Various AAF XML files

      These XML allow extra combinations with the existing animations, so you can have more possibilities when choosing actors / animation / furniture. I'm making some XML files while I'm learning how things work. I'll dump them here if they seem interesting enough. Please let me know what you think.
      Download the archive you want to install and unpack it inside your Fallout 4\Data folder, so that the XML files will end up inside \AAF subfolder.
      To uninstall, just do the contrary: go inside Fallout 4\Data\AAF and remove the files added by these packages.
      - AAF
      - SavageCabbage vanilla pack. If you have the full, I think it works anyway, I'm just not using its animations
      - Leito FF patch (which will want you to install Vioxis Strapon too)
      - FF: adds FF interaction to SavageCabbage animations, in the same way that Leito patch does.
      File Names: SavageCabbage_FF_animationData and SavageCabbage_FF_positionData
      - Ground: adds some SavageCabbage animations on the ground (floor) instead than using furnitures. This is for both FM and FF.
      File Names: SavageCabbage_Ground_animationData and SavageCabbage_Ground_positionData
      - Crowd: unrestricts gender for M, allowing any F+strapon to play M role. This means FFM, FMM, FFF, FFFF, FMFF etc.
      File Names: SavageCabbage_Crowd_animationData and SavageCabbage_Crowd_positionData
      - Vs: it adds furnitures compatibility with the amazing V's Stylish Decor. Not only it classifies the groups of SC's animations, it also will add new groups to allow some mix among them. IF YOU INSTALL THIS ONE, OF COURSE YOU'LL ALSO NEED V'S STYLISH DECOR AS REQUIREMENT
      File Names: SavageCabbage_Vs_animationData, SavageCabbage_Vs_furnitureData and SavageCabbage_Vs_positionData
      - If you have an error, first of all please remove the file and see if the error goes away.
      - V's are aligned by me, I based it to my char, if you have misalignment please post a pic and we can see what we can do.
      - Huge alignment issue: try to cycle all the animations and retry the one who gave you the problem. If it persists, try another time. If still persist, please post a picture.
      - Small alignment issue: please post a picture and let's see if we can correct.
      Thank you to all these who worked or still work in the previously mentioned mods.
      Feel free to do whatever you want with these notepad files.



    9. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters (09-30-18)

      RSE has its own DISCORD SERVER now, located HERE! If you're having issues
      with the mod or just want to chat with your fellow RSE fans, this is the place
      to go for immediate, real-time, satisfaction!
      RSE for Fourplay has been discontinued and removed from this download page.
      A replacement page for legacy users will go live in the coming days.

      What is RSE?
      RSE is a game changing overhaul that adds more depth than the Marianna Trench to Fallout 4. It is to quote it's users, a story
      maker, a Ferrari engine, the one mod you will never play without again. RSE allows you to tailor over 220 different parameters
      via the MCM! RSE allows you to live in a more lived-in game world, post-war. From simple sexual game mechanics from an
      Arousal System, the first of it's kind in Fallout 4, to things such as sexual afflictions and psychoses. There is a modified version
      of Vinfamy's Autonomy so that your NPCs can randomly wander off for some adult play time. There is a rather robust Infamy
      System with a corresponding Atonement and Redemption System. RSE includes player Solicitation and the ability to build
      Brothels in your settlements (and includes RSE's own brothel settlement attacks Random Events!). There are Fetishes, Perversions,
      sexually transmitted diseases, like the lite version of Wastelander's Rash! There are pregnancy related side effects like morning
      sickness, combat related miscarriage and late term pregnancy fatigue, all linked via API to Chosen Code's Family Planning Enhanced.
      RSE is Devious Devices aware and ready to slap your player character in restraints with the flip of a toggle in the MCM! RSE also
      includes Combat Surrender and Abductions, formerly known as Combat Sexual Assault and Abductions, where the player and
      companions can be sexually abused when losing in battle, leading to consequences such as robbery, battery and being abducted.
      RSE also has a Nemesis System that is linked uniquely to the CSA (Combat Surrender and Abductions) module. RSE also includes
      another landmark first by including Basic Needs, which requires the player to go the bathroom, either in the wilds or in settlements
      on craftable toilets, that NPCs may use as well! Going hand in hand with Basic Needs, is RSE's own version of Survival Mode called
      Advanced Needs, which is better tailored and more balanced than vanilla survival mode. RSE has way more on offer than this! It has
      so many small touches that will bring your game to life and you will, as everyone says, never play without it again!
      Advanced Needs features list can be viewed HERE.
      What is this RCO that is coming in RSE v4.0?
      Notes about RSE under AAF:
      RSE v3.9.x.x.x builds are to be considered BETA. There are quirks with how AAF handles functions that under fourplay worked flawlessly
      and as such, these functions may not work as intended, as you are used to or outright fail altogether. This will be the case until the
      addressable issues in AAF are coded and tested. RSE is 100% ready for AAF to stabilize at this time. Once the framework issues are
      corrected, then RSE will undergo another API overhaul to start using animation tags so that specific animations can be called by their
      corresponding activity type. For now, know that I know there are reportable issues and all I, or anyone else, can do is to wait for AAF
      to be bug-fixed.
      UPDATE: RSE is now stable under AAF, since BETA 9. Conversion to use positions and tags will begin soon!
      Includes download links for:
      Latest AAF build of RSE v3.9 FINAL The old RSE user's guide (not very relevant anymore) Requires:
      AAF AAF Animation packs Family Planning Enhanced for AAF Roggvir's DD Items Manager (Optional) Devious Devices (Optional) Knockout Framework v1.1.0 Halstron's Animation Properties Files.  
      Some mods require patching to resolve conflicts or to extend RSE functions into them. On this thread,
      you will find patches for CWSS, Horizon and more. Note that patches used will need to be place UNDER
      RSE in your load order in order for them to function as intended.
      Notes about updating from previous versions:
      If you are a previous user of RSE and are going to be updating to a newer version, pay attention to any noted requirement to do a clean save
      for existing games, especially if you are an Advanced Needs player. Since Advanced Needs mimics some aspects of Survival Mode, there are
      modifications done to the player records, such a player carry weight limit, potentially your speed multiplier and certainly RSE adds a host of
      buffs and debuffs to you that you would not want to have stuck on you once you remove RSE to update. So, when you are going to update,
      prior to performing a clean save using Fallrim Tools or Resaver, you will want to toggle the RSE Reset Tool in the MCM to on and then exit
      the MCM back into the game and wait for RSE to tell you that everything has been reversed on the player record. At that point, you can save
      and exit you game, to do whatever you are going to do in terms of cleaning your save and updating to the newest version of RSE.



    10. JB Fair & Square

      Well, I have what you need then!
      Presenting Just Business FAIR & SQUARE, another addon that aims to make enslaving more rewarding and immersive!
      What this addon does?
      Instead of you activating hunter mode, aiming your gun to a poor unsuspecting victim, now you have to work to profit. Get a Syringer Rifle, go to the chem workbench with 2 aluminium, buffout, fertilizer and a grape mentats (Be sure to have the Chemist perk level 1), craft the newest Supressant Syringe under "syringer ammo" tab, equip on your syringer and happy hunting!
      You didn't disable the conventional "hunter mode" button, is it supposed to be like that?
      It is. I tried to keep everything as the same as the master mod. Just with some additions:
      I can enslave Supermutants... How's this?
      I've added Supermutant support (tried ferals to but their head dissapear and that's just troublesome). However, animals and creatures are disabled too (It would have made not goddang sense).
      I think the requirements are too steep...Can I suggest to make some changes?
      Of course! I tried to keep it "fairly fair", but maybe I exaggerated a bit. Feel free to point me out on that
      JustBusiness from Ignotum_Virum and his requirements, I think you should try too Syringer Weapon Rework, available on Nexus. I find that it makes the syringer a totally available weapon for main use. 



    11. Sexual Harassment (10/9/2018)

      Sexual Harassment
      v1.0.0 BETA (for AAF)
      > INTRO
      NPCs will approach, harass, and demand sex from players!
      This mod features dynamic dialogues. Depending on the player's attributes (using Sex Attributes), the player's response options and success chance for each options change. Dominant players will find themselves being able to intimidate the NPCs, and finding greater success with it. Submissive players might find themselves willfully submitting and having difficulty resisting. NPCs may try to persuade the player and influence them into agreeing to doing sexual favors for them. Or in the end, it may come down to who has more willpower to overpower the other in a test of will!
      > FEATURES
      Naked Approaches
      When players walk around naked, NPCs may approach the player for sex, thinking she's a hooker, or is just asking for it. When NPCs approach player for sex, player will initially be given 4 options (3 in some cases): Plead, Resist, Intimidate, Submit.
      Plead: Try to appeal to the harasser's humanity and convince him to let you go! You may just get lucky with a harasser who's half decent, who will let you go without trouble. This has a success chance equal to your charisma, which is quite low. If unsuccessful, the harasser will then try to persuade the player and trick her. The persuasion chance is determined by the player's spirit (higher spirit means lower chance for NPC to succeed in persuasion). If harasser successfully persuades the player, the confused player will agree to let the harasser rape her. If unsuccessful, the player will keep resisting, and it comes down to a showdown between two willpowers. Every approaching harassers will be given a random willpower score. The harasser's willpower score vs player's willpower will determine who gives up first, either NPC walking away, or player giving in to the harasser's unrelenting advances.
      Resist: This option is only available if you have at least 5 willpower, and costs 5 willpower to select. If you don't have the willpower for it, it will be replaced with just another "plead" option. This has a baseline success chance of 50%. If successful, harasser will leave. If unsuccessful, the harasser will try to persuade the player - same dialogue tree as the Plead. This has a greater chance to succeed initially compared to Plead - 50% vs % equal to Charisma, but costs willpower. The dialogues and chances that come after plead failure and resist failure are identical.
      Intimidate: Dominant (and neutral) players may consider this option instead. The success chance is based on the player's dominance level, plus self-esteem. A self-esteem of 100 will give +25% chance to succeed, while self-esteem of 0 will give -25% chance to succeed. Submissive players can also choose this option, but since they have a much lower chance to succeed, it may not be worth it. If successful, harasser will leave the player. If unsuccessful, harasser will proceed to rape the player. Regardless of the outcome, choosing this option will slightly increase the player's dominant orientation
      Submit: If plead, resist, and intimidate all seem like risky options, then submitting may be the only option. Submissive players will not consider this as a rape as it is a willful submission, This means less wear-and-tear and no self-esteem or willpower lost from the sex act. Neutral or dominant players, however, will consider this as a rape, since they are just not wired that way. Choosing this outcome will slightly increase the player's submissive orientation.
      The chances mentioned above are all configurable in MCM. Note that intimidation and NPC persuasion chances are baked into FP Attributes, so to change that, you need to go to FO Attributes MCM page.
      Clothed Approach
      You can enable clothed approach, where NPCs will still approach player even while clothed. The chance that this will happen can be customized in MCM. You can let the mod dynamically calculate the chance, based on player's spirit and D/s orientation. Spirit and D/s orientation will contribute up to +/- 50% chance each. So that means if you are at 0 spirit with -50 submissive orientation, you will get additional 100% chance that NPCs will approach you while clothed (you can set a modifier to this in MCM). Whats more, you can tell the mod to use RSE's Infamous Standing perk! If enabled, mod will increase the clothed approach chance to whatever value you desire if the player is infamous. Note that all these are disabled by default and can be enabled in MCM.
      Dom Approaches
      A dominant NPC will approach the player and demand sexual submission. This happens even while the player is clothed, so watch out, submissives! If your player is submissive, she may have a really hard time resisting this! 
      When doms approach the player, the player will have 3 dialogue choices: Intimidate, Refuse, Submit
      Intimidate: Works identically to intimidate option for naked approaches. Nothing new here
      Submit: Works identically to submit option for naked approaches. Also nothing new
      Refuse: Refuse the dom's demands. But beware, some doms won't take no for an answer, and will try to overpower the player's will! When the Dom refuses to walk away, the player is then given 2 choices: resist or surrender. Resist has a dynamic willpower cost depending on player's D/s orientation. The more submissive the player is, the higher willpower cost will be to resist. If you don't have the willpower for it, you are only given surrender options. (Be warned, however, since you already refused the dom once, he will be angry at your defiance and punish you, meaning this will be considered a rape even if you are submissive.) If you resist and succeed, the dom may walk away at that point. Or, the dom may keep persisting! Depending on how crazy of a dom it is, you may have to resist up to 3 times. Do you think you have the willpower to last that long and resist until the end? If you dont think so, maybe you should submit from the beginning, and not anger the dom.
      Like Naked Approaches, doms will follow the player until the player responds. If the player keeps ignoring, the dom may just proceed to rape the player. 
      If you have RSE installed, you can use infamy value to dynamically increase Dom approach chance.
      Fan Approaches
      Your player has become famous! As a result, some NPCs may want to give players some treat. A fan/admirer will approach player and offer a special drink! Not all NPCs are evil, I suppose. You are given 2 choices: Refuse, Accept
      Accept: Accept the NPCs kind gesture and drink the special drink he made for you. It will give you a temporary buff!
      Refuse: Refuse the NPCs drink offer. But sometimes, the NPC will try to persuade the player to take it. This is a medium difficulty persuasion. If NPC persuasion is successful, the player will only be given options to take it. If not, the player can refuse again, or take it this time. Should you take the drink? You'd have to ask yourself how much you trust drinks from a stranger.

      Like Naked and Dom approaches, fans will follow you, but will not proceed to rape you if you ignore (he's your fan after all). He'll just keep following you and annoy you.
      You can dynamically increase fan approach chance based on players level. Higher level will lead to higher chance for fans to approach. You're famous! (you can disable this and use a flat chance of course) 
      Devious devices approach
      Vanilla sex approach
      This mod is heavily integrated with Sex Attributes (a hard requirement). As such, you don't need to manually select sex type (consensual vs aggressive) for sex triggered by this mod. This mod communicates with SexAttributes to relay that info, so no need for manual selection! (if you have no idea what this means, just disregard and play!) 
      AAF and all its requirements, including animations
      [AAF] Animation Position Tags
      Sex Attributes 2.0.0 or higher
      (Optional) MCM - if you want to be able to change settings
      Combat Strip Lite - Introduces chances for enemies to strip your player naked in combat!
      Like you would any other mod, NMM (or equivalent) or manual.
      Since this mod doesn't modify player's stats, you should be safe uninstalling it normally.
      This mod is as open source as it can get. That means you can, and are encouraged to, take source code from this mod and adapt it into your mod. Copy implementation word for word, or just take ideas from it and add your own twist, it doesn't matter! This mod is primarily designed to be a demonstration of how Four-Play Attributes can be used to diversify player's interaction with NPCs. As such, please feel free to use every piece of feature or code in this mod for yourself. If you want, you can even build off of this mod as a starting point and add your own features! Just call it something else though, to avoid confusion.
      > FAQ
      I'm standing naked in the middle of Diamond City and nothing is happening.
      You might have to wait a little. To improve performance, this mod only scans every once in a while to see if player is nude and there are eligible NPCs around. Also, after an NPC approach, there is a cooldown that prevents more approaches to give players time to figure out her life (and leave the area). The cooldown is configurable in MCM.
      Can this be used for male players?
      Yes. But at this time, the dialogue is targeting female players. So it will work, but you will have to get used to being called "girl" or "lady". Also, currently all harassers are male, of ghoul or human race. I may expand that, or I may not. Depends on how much time I have.
      I don't see any dialogues! My player and NPC just stare at each other
      You need to enable dialogue subtitles from the game's setting menu. 
      Help! My harasser keeps following me!
      The harasser will keep following you until you respond to him. He will not be ignored! If you keep ignoring and walking away from him, he may just decide to skip the dialogue and rape you on the spot. So, do yourself a favor and have a chat
      I changed the persuasion/intimidate/___ chance to ___, but I still keep failing!
      Note that any settings you change in MCM won't take affect for the dialogue that's currently in progress. That's because the mod actually calculates all the chances and predetermines the outcomes for the different dialogue forks at the start of an NPC approach. That's right, your player's fate is already sealed by the time theres a harasser approaching!



    12. AAF_SexStatSystem (SSS) (ALPHA)

      This is a really basic plugin for AAF_STATS (STATS) that reads the player having sex and modifies Lust and Arousal and Triggers Orgasm which improves Happiness.
      It gives buffs/debuffs for High Arousal, High Lust, High Pain, High Stimulation, Low Stamina and post Orgasm.
      It currently only works on the Player.
      Later versions will stop the animation when orgasm occurs etc.
      AAF 10.0 or later
      Animation Tag Properties (APT)
      AAF_STATS (STATS) 180925.0

      Basically the concept is this:
      Lust is how much desire the Actor has to have Sex and an Orgasm.
      Arousal is physical arousal caused by Stimulation so wetness for females and erectness for males.
      When Arousal reaches 100% the Orgasm process starts.
      Lust starts dropping during orgasm.
      Orgasm length is determined by the amount of Lust that has built up or if Orgasm reaches 100%.
      When Orgasm ends, Lust, Arousal and Orgasm are all set to 0% and Happiness is increased according to the length of the Orgasm.

      The basic Arousal code for other Script Monkeys :

      SexHealth and Stamina are also reduced by Sex but they don't do anything yet.
      Sexperience increases from sex.
      Domination  is reduced or increased according to Scene tags




      This adds a common set of Stats displayed in AAF that I hope all Sex mods will eventually use.
      There is a MCM menu to set the NPC and Player Preferences.
      Currently its only covering the Player and uses the NPC setings
      AAF 10.0 or later
      Animation Tag Properties (APT)
      Included and working now with AAF's Stat system displaying in the Wizard are the following Stats from ActorValues, 100% would be a normal peak human level:
      Stimulation% (-999 to 999) - How much an actor wants to have sex, 100% find a suitable partner or masturbate, 900% would be find anything to have sex with
      Lust% (0 to 999) - How much an actor wants to have sex, 100% find a suitable partner or masturbate, 900% would be find anything to have sex with
      Arousal% (0 to 999) - How much the actor is physically Aroused and close to orgasm, hit 100% and Orgasm should start
      Orgasm% (0 to 999) - How far through Orgasm the Actor is, it really should stop at 100%, but maybe it doesn't?
      Dominance% (-999 to 999) - How Dominant/Submissive an Actor is, -100 for fully Submissive, 100% for fully Dominant
      SexHealth% (0 to 999) - The current sexual physical readiness or wear state
      Sexperience% (0 to 999) - How much Sexual Experience an Actor has, 0 is Virgin, 100 is average middle aged married person.
      Happiness% (-999 to 999) - How unhappy to happy an Actor is
      Stamina% (0 to 999) - How fatigued an actor is 0% would be fall asleep
      Potency% (0 to 999) - How potent the Actors Semen is to cause Pregnancy
      Fertility% (0 to 999) - How Fertile an actor is to produce Ova, 900% would mean a possible 9 Ova (this would not preclude them splitting though)
      Pregnancy% (0 to 999) - How close to birthing a pregnant Actor is (100% should be where birthing starts) 

      There will be sorting of the Stats  display order and hiding of Potency or Fertility by Gender when version 18 or later of AAF is released.

      These are stored as Actor Values, there is one value that is the HUD and the other is the live STAT.
      The HUD version only updates at the end of the animation so is not a lot of use.
      The live STAT is modified by using the corisponding MOD adjustment.
      So to change Arousal you would read the current MODArousal in case another Plugin is already changing it, add your change then Write it back into MODArousal.
      This is a community project, I'm just kicking it out there, any ideas or thoughts on the Stats and Lists please feel free to discuss. Feel free to populate it or submit your preference lists here too.



    14. Sex Attributes - Framework (10/9/2018)

      Sex Attributes
      v2.0.0 BETA (for AAF)
      FO4 Sexual Framework for managing player's psychological attributes and offering different consequences and outcomes!
      When your player gets sexually assaulted, he/she should not be walking around as if nothing happened. Conversely, if the player just saved the entire Commonwealth, he/she should get a confidence boost that positively affects the things he/she does. This mod aims to bring that idea to life! Your player's successes should bring further boost to her abilities and mental state and your player's failures should bring further consequences and put him/her in increasingly precarious situations.
      This mod tracks two independent attribute types: physical and psychological. Each can be enabled/disabled in MCM independently.
      Physical attribute will track the player's oral, vaginal, and anal health. Have sex? Your wear and tear level increases, and adds physical debuffs to your character.
      Psychological attribute is the bread-and-butter of this mod and is divided into 4 pillars: Willpower, Self-Esteem, Spirit, and Submissive/Dominant orientation.
      Willpower is your character's ability and determination to overcome challenges in the Commonwealth. Weaker willpower should result in your character easily giving up to pressure or tough challenges while stronger willpower should result in your character being able to overcome tough challenges and having a do-or-die mentality.
      Stat-wise, lower willpower will result in lower perception, intelligence, and luck (lower pickpicking and hacking skills).
      Higher willpower will result in higher aforementioned stats.
      Willpower slowly regenerates over time, and is the most volatile psychological attribute; it can be viewed as a currency. The player loses willpower each time he/she is a victim of sexual assault. Willpower regeneration rate is affected by the player's spirit. 
      Self-Esteem is your character's confidence level and his/her view of self. Lower self-esteem should result in struggling to convince others and not believing in oneself while higher self-esteem should result in easily convincing others and being confident in one's ability.
      Stat-wise, lower self-esteem will result in lower charisma, slower AP regen, and increased damage taken (based on the theory that if you think you're going to die, you are more likely to die, and if you think you are going to make it, then you are more likely to make it).
      Higher self-esteem will result in higher charisma, faster AP regen, and decreased damage taken.
      Self-Esteem does not regenerate over time and only changes based on player's actions (successes/failures). Self-Esteem is increased by gaining experience (Winning fights against enemies, exploring new areas, completing quests, etc). Self-Esteem is decreased each time the player is a victim of sexual assault. Self-Esteem gain amount is affected by the player's spirit. 
      Spirit is your character's resistance and resilience. Weaker spirit should result in your character being heavily suggestible and influenced by others while stronger spirit should result in your character being more stable, and resistant to external influences.
      Stat-wise, lower spirit will result in weaker bartering skills and persuasion chances.
      Higher spirit will result in stronger bartering skills and persuasion chances.
      Spirit does not regenerate over time and is very difficult to move in either direction. As such, it is the most permanent psychological attribute. The only way to accrue spirit points is to gain experience while already at 100 self-esteem. Any experience gained while at 100 self-esteem will "spill over" into spirit. Similarly, the only way to lose spirit points is to be assaulted while already at 0 self-esteem. Spirit increases and decreases at a 5% rate of self-esteem. That means if you were to lose 10 self-esteem points (from sexual assault) while at 0 self-esteem, you'd be losing 0.5 spirit point. Willpower affects how fast/slow spirit points are gained/lost.
      Submissive/Dominant Orientation is your character's natural inclination to submit to or defy others. Being more submissive should result in your character rather enjoying submitting to others while being more dominant should result in your character being defiant and enjoying the position of authority.
      Stat-wise being more submissive will decrease your barter skills and persuasion chance, but increase your resistance to wear and tear damage from aggressive sex and also increase your endurance (from being accustomed to pain).
      Being more dominant will increase barter skills and persuasion chance, but make the player receive increased wear and tear damage from aggressive sex, and become susceptible to "Frustration" debuff when being assaulted. Furthermore, dominant (and neutral) players will lose self-esteem over time when wearing Devious Devices (if installed).
      Sub/Dom orientation is mostly a permanent, independent trait of your character. You can choose your player's starting D/s orientation when running the game for the first time with the mod. After that, your player's D/s orientation will remain fixed.
      To summarize, each psychological attribute (except D/s orientation) affects the other in some way. Self-esteem feeds into spirit, which then affects self-esteem gain/loss rate. Willpower affects spirit gain/loss rate, while spirit affects willpower regeneration rate. Essentially, self-esteem <-- affects --> spirit <-- affects --> willpower. This system creates an effect where if your player is depleted in self-esteem, spirit, and willpower, it is extremely difficult to reverse that, almost making it a permanent change to the player's psyche.
      Reset Stats
      Doctor Neura is an advanced neurologist who is able to reset your character's mental attributes, at the cost of some caps. The cost is equal to player's level times 100. If your player is broke and can't afford it, Neura is willing to do it with whatever money the player has; how generous! She is located in Memory Den of Goodneighbor and usually hangs out near Dr Amari.
      Ever felt that vanilla game's Charisma-based speech check was very one dimensional and boring? This mod brings possibilities for more variety! This mod alone doesn't change anything, as it's just a framework for it. But other mods can use APIs provided by this mod to greatly diversify player's interaction with NPC.
      Allows players to intimidate NPCs! Intimidation success chance is based on a combination of player's dominant/submissive orientation plus self-esteem. More dominant and high self-esteem will result in higher intimidation chance. 
      NPC Persuasion
      NPCs can now persuade the player! There are three persuasion difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard. For example, Easy would be something like, "Hey, give me a Nuka Cola!", while Medium could be "Go clear settlement #999", and Hard could be "Come give me a handjob." NPC's persuasion chance is based on the persuasion difficulty and player's spirit. Lower spirit players will be much more vulnerable to persuasion by NPCs.
      Intimidation and NPC persuasion chances can be customized in this mod's MCM page.
      Mods using NPC interaction mechanics:
      Sexual Harassment - NPCs will approach player and demand sex
      Oral: 0 ~ 100
      Vaginal: 0 ~ 100
      Anal: 0 ~ 100
      Willpower: 0 ~ 100
      Self-Esteem: 0 ~ 100
      Spirit: 0 ~ 100
      Sub/Dom Orientation: -50 ~ 50
      Frustration Debuff:
      This mod aims to be a framework that other mods can use to offer different choices (or lack of choice) for the player. Currently, the following are mods integrated with Sex Attributes:
      Mods Using Sex Attributes:
      Sexual Harassment
      Offers dynamic NPC dialogues that change based on player's attributes. The player can use willpower to resist NPCs, and NPCs can take advantage of player depending on player's attribute deficiencies. 
      Mods Used By Sex Attributes:
      Devious Device
      Wearing Devious Devices reduces player's self-esteem over time. Dominant players will receive further penalty and lose more, while submissive players will lose less, or even not lose any at all.
      Remove Devious Devices with Willpower
      Currently, AAF does not provide information regarding who the victim was during Aggressive sex. So there's really no reliable way for this mod to know what type of sex the player indulged in. So you have to tell the mod whether sex acts should be considered consensual or aggressive. I tried to make this as easy as possible by adding an MCM hotkey that you can press to toggle between different sex modes. 
      You can also tell the mod to treat all sex with "Aggressive" tag as player rape. This can be changed in MCM
      A simple plugin mod that displays the player's attributes in HUD. This allows you to easily view the player's attributes. This plugin uses HUDFramework, which makes it a requirement. If you dont install this plugin, then you don't need HUDFramework.
      Note that if you do install SexAttributesHUD and wish to uninstall it later, press the uninstall button in that mod's MCM menu. Otherwise, you will get HUD widgets that stay even if you remove the .esp file.
      AAF and all its requirements, including animations
      Animation Position Tags - Required for mod to detect which orifice was used during sex. Also for detecting "Aggressive" sex tag
      (Optional) HUDFramework - only if you install my HUD plugin mod
      (Optional) MCM - if you want to be able to change settings
      (Optional) Devious Devices (and all its requirements) - for integration with DD
      Like you would any other mod, NMM (or equivalent) or manual. Install Sex_Attributes for base mod. Also install Sex_AttributesHUD if you want to see attribute values in HUD
      BEFORE uninstalling the mod, turn OFF effects for physical and psychological (if you have buffs/debuffs on your character). Otherwise, your character might get permanent buff/debuffs.
      In the event that people are awaiting needed maintenance and/or new features, and I've gone MIA (say >4 months), I give permission to others to take the mod and its source code (included) and expand on it/maintain it. Just make sure it remains within the scope of the original mod - a modular, simple, framework for player's attributes. 



    15. Roggvir's DD Items Manager

      Allows the player to control which "Devious Devices" items can be put on
      Toggle which items are allowed or not, and set probability of picking random item from each of the 26 categories
      ...currently ignores actor's sex (female is presumed), but that shouldn't be a problem for now.
      - Items are distributed amongst several Categories.
      - When picking items, all Categories are considered.
      - Each Category has a configurable probability/chance of picking ONE randomly chosen item.
      - Individual items can be allowed/forbidden from the picking procedure.
      - Uses lists of "mutualy exclusive items" to prevent picking conflicting items (by function, or visually)
      Supported by mods:
      Four-Play Violate v2.5.1 - requires a patch available here RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters - natively supported by RSE v3.1.9 (and onward)  
      Version 1.0.2 now has MCM menu, so MCM is required for 1.0.2.
      If you do not have MCM installed, stick with version 1.0.1 - the only difference is that 1.0.2 has the MCM menu, while 1.0.1 does not use MCM.
      If you are updating from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2, simply uninstall the old version and install the new one, then in game use the "REPAIR MCM SETTINGS" button. No special cleaning steps neccessary.
      You should be given the "Devious Devices Manager" item automatically.
      If not, you can craft it at any Chem Station (recipe can be found under Utility).

      To use the "Devious Devices Manager", click on it as if you are trying to equip it.
      (you can of course bind it to some quick item slot, but i dont think you are gonna use it that often)

      Toggle Allowed Items.
      Any items you set to OFF, will be ignored by this MOD's procedure for picking random items.

      NOTE: I do want to make a proper user-friendly variant using MCM later, but no guarantees.
      Review and Configure the Probability settings.
      Each category contains items that are somewhat distinct from items in other categories - by their looks, by their function, sometimes (not always) by used slots.
      When picking up random items, the probability setting affects the chance that ONE random item (allowed only) will be picked from that category.
      The system considers lists of "mutually exclusive items", so it won't try to put on both hood AND a blindfold, and it tries to pick items from EVERY category in sequence (from highest probability to the lowest).

      Pick a Category...

      ...and set its Probability

      NOW, obviously this wont do much, unless...
      ...some MOD makes use of the provided functionality (for example, a patch for Four-Play Violate v2.5.1 is available on this mods download page).
      Use the following to fetch a list of random items to be put on:
      Rogg:DDManager DDManager = Rogg:DDManager.GetAPI() form[] _items = DDManager.PickRandomItems() ; now you can call the EquipDevice() from DD:DD_Library to equip the items one by one  



    16. PinUp by Gamoholic

      Hi, this is a PinUp by Gamoholic



    17. Cowgirl by Gamoholic

      Hi, this is a Cowgirl by Gamoholic



    18. Potion 66

      Warning one: This mod should be considered WIP and could break things or future updates might contain breaking changes. Having given the warning I think its fairly safe and things that go wrong should only have something weird happen during an encounter.
      Warning two: This is mostly a goofy, I want to see what happens and minor sort of cheat mod so I am not too worried about lore friendliness or really balance impacts right now.
      Warning three: I had some of story and a workshop crime syndicate thing I was building around this, but I came to the conclusion I would rather poke my eyes out than work with the quest and dialogue parts of them creation kit, so these chems were ripped out of that mod so I may have missed testing some things.
      Warning four: This mod mostly means having sex within in combat areas so any alignment issues can be more pronounced. This also means that there is higher chance than normal of you being attacked or your partner being killed during the animations.
      The mods basic premise is to add a few chems that for lack of a better word weaponize sex.
      The chems added:
      Potion 66 - This tries to pacify any npc's that are attacking the player. (All the effects below last about 5 min before they become hostile again if they are still alive).
      If the npc is in the four play allowed race list it has a 100% chance and these 3 things can happen:
      1. 40% chance of causing the npc's to go into a frenzy and try to repeatedly force sex on the player. If after a certain period they are put off, they will start attacking their former comrades before finally just collapsing dead.
      2. 30% chance that become so horny that if they don't get enough sex before the effect wears off they will drop dead. Basically, they will try and force sex with random characters close to them, prioritizing the player if they are within a certain distance.
      3. 30% chance they will become docile until the effect wears off.
      If the npc is not in the four play allowed race list there is a 50% chance they will become docile until the effect wears off.
      If the npc is not in the four play allowed race list there is a 50% chance they will become docile until the effect wears off.
      For 60 seconds after taking the chem any new npc's that were not effected by the original use will be affected when they attack and hit the player. The player will be in a walking state for these 60 seconds.
      One thing to note with Potion 66 if you have your weapon drawn the effects will not work, the idea being you seem too hostile for it to effect those around you.
      If attacked by the player while under the effect, the effect will cancel and they will become hostile again.
      Potion 66 Black Widow - This will cause the player to pretend to submit to the closet target under the effects of Potion 66 above and have sex with them until you kill them. (This was mostly created if you were using Potion 66 in a area and you really needed to kill that one npc to finish a quest).
      Like Potion 66 if you have your weapon drawn the effect will not work.
      Potion 66 Protection - This adds damage, energy and radiation resistance allong with some base stat buffs. (Idea of this one is more than anything to be an armour re-placer.) The effect lasts 30 min.
      Potion 66 Inspire - This is meant to boost the players current followers damage output.. (Right now it adds a custom perk that gives 200% dmg on anyone following the player). The effect lasts 5 min. On the end of the effect the follower will attempt to force sex on the player.
      All the chems can be crafted at a chem station under drugs in packs of 10 for 1 fertilizer.
      Things I was thinking about next:
      Add Side effects to prolonged usage. Balance pass.  

      Four-Play and any of its requirments for file Potion66 V1.2.2 or lower AAF and any of its requirments for file Potion66 V1.2.2 AAF (Super Mutants and Creatures were included as allowed races, so should have an animation pack that includes the corresponding animations.)  

      MCM: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497/?  

      Updating should only require replacing the old files with the new files.
      V.1.2.2 AAF 
      Added File version to support AAF  
      V 1.2
      Added option to adjust numbers used in the Potion 66 Effects through MCM Bug Fixes (biggest would be a last ditch call to check if an npc is dead before calling four-play).  

      V1.1 Changes
      Fixes to reduce the occurrences of the four play busy error. Changed the chance of the Frenzy Effect from 50% to 40%, Horny Effect from 35% to 30%, Basic Pacify from 15% to 30%. Reduced the damage from the Potion 66 Black Widow by 50% (This probably still needs to be reduced more). Changed that npc's under one of the 3 Potion 66 pacify effects will go hostile when attacked by the player. Other small bug fixes.



    19. Newpath

      This is a wip and should not be used  it is only being uploaded so someone with more skill can fix my errors



    20. AAF Guides - Official Thread (PDFs + web link) by RitualClarity and forgets

      RitualClarity and I, with a  little  lot of help from our friends, have been working together on two different general help/informational guides to AAF. My guide is a simple quick-and-dirty thing that spells out the basic installation, troubleshooting, and save cleaning process visually, using flowcharts. RitualClarity's guide is a more in-depth textual manual introducing a user to AAF, its functions and general usage with reference to existing AAF-compatible mods. It also covers installation, load order, save cleaning and updating. Our feeling is that the two documents complement each other, and so should be available for download in the same place--so here you go.
      RitualClarity also has a live weblink to the latest version of his guide. Note that only a certain number of users can access it at any given time, so if you have trouble viewing it, maybe just look at the PDF for now and try the link again later.
      Those of you who use RSE, and I know there are very many of you, will be excited to learn that Paeantrix is in the process of making a guide specific to AAF + RSE. As I understand it, it should be published quite soon, and what I have seen of it is excellent. Look for it soon in the RSE forum post and/or join the RSE Discord if you are interested.



    21. RSE Compatibility Patches

      3.10.2018 - Removed FP versions. FP_RSE is no more supported so FP_RSE patches won't be supported also.

      1.  RSE - Diamond City Expansion Patch
           Puts the redemption chair back in the DCE edited cell.
           Compatible with latest RSE and DCE 1.3.2+
           Just put it after DCE and RSE mods in your load order.
      2.  RSE - Better Settlers Patch
           If RSE is loaded after BS, it resets head parts and default outfits to vanilla.
           If BS is loaded after RSE, it deletes RSE scripts and madame faction attached to settlers. This one resolves those issues.
           Compatible with latest RSE and BS 2.0 (Clean Faces)
           Load order of BS and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
      3.  RSE - Horizon Patch
           This edits some conflicting item and npc records and also adds tags to RSE items for Horizon's item sorting.
           Compatible with latest RSE and Horizon 1.5+
           Load order of Horizon and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
      4.  RSE - Better Settlers - Horizon Patch
           If you have RSE, BS and Horizon all three, you'll need only this one. You shouldn't install other (RSE-BS and RSE-Horizon) patches.
           Compatible with latest RSE, BS 2.0 (Clean Faces) and Horizon 1.5+
           Load order of BS, Horizon and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
      5.  RSE - VIS Patch
           It just adds tags to RSE items for Valdacil's item sorting mod compatibility. It's also compatible with VIS-G sorting.
           Load order of VIS and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
      6.  RSE - CWSS Redux v2 Patch
           Thanks to @AWP3RATOR for this amazing work.
           RSE - CWSS Redux v2 Patch download page
      -  Updated AAF_RSE-Better Settlers-Horizon and AAF_RSE-Horizon patches for GenericDoctorsScript compatibility (NMM users: select [overwrite files] when installing).
      -  Updated AAF_RSE-Better Settlers-Horizon and AAF_RSE-Horizon patches for RSE v3. compatibility.
      -  Added some missing tags of ingestibles to AAF and FP versions of Valdacil's Item Sorting Patch.
      -  Initial release of AAF and FP versions of Valdacil's Item Sorting Patch.
      -  Put FP versions of the patches back to the front page for people who want to roll back to FP_RSE. Renamed esps's to prevent confusion.
      -  Added AW3RAPTOR's RSE - CWSS Redux v2 Patch link.
      -  Initial release of AAF versions of Diamond City, Horizon and Better Settlers patches.
      -  Initial release of FP versions of Diamond City, Horizon and Better Settlers patches.
      Anyone who wants to add more RSE patches is always welcomed.
      And thanks to @Flashy (JoeR) for this amazing mod.



    22. Strap-on's of fallout 4

      I made this because the only alternative was.. a little disappointing.
      Comes with 3 textures for the harness, Brown leather, black and white leather, and camo.
      Like wise the attachment comes also with 3 textures, black, purple and nude/flesh.
      The textures and objects are separate, so you can have any colour harness with any colour dildo.
      The .esp was made just for testing purposes, so very basic, you can get them by console (help "strap-on" 4)
      The only glaring problem I've noticed is with the ground model, it for the most part works in in the world but when looked at in the pipboy its a no show.
      Other then that I've not done much extensive testing (my fallout 4 needs a spring clean) but I lined it up with Leitos EVB male so it should align...
      Ow yea, it also works with BodySlide so it should fit your preset, I think that's everything, if you find any bugs let me know.

      V2, added an attachment for the institute chastity belt, found here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/66027-institute-slave-gear/ and more importantly here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/68208-community-restraints-pack/ and here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/73925-devious-devices-12/
      Should work with BodySlide, but BSing something to fit something already BS'd was.. I think i made harder then it needed to be.. but like i said should work, probably.
      Need to make a proper ground file for it, and a better description page...



    23. The Auction House BETA

      feel free to comment your issues on the chat below, but please, don't expect that I can solve every error on your specific game, as always 
      check your load order and game files!
      A humble room on the top of Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor
      Why u made this? (You mad bastard)
      This mod was specifically made for Ignotum's JustBusiness mod as a way for you sad slaver to trade your slaves outside of Nuka World in a nifty, lore friendly-ish, place on the center of the Commonwealth...Well...that was the idea at the start, It's safe to say that the Idea..."developed"
      Wonderful! But wait, that means...
      The Auctionhaus is not only a slave market! It's a bar! It's a Clinic and if you want, a mini dungeon with veeeery hard enemies and some unique legendaries! (or you could just...cough...pickpocket...stuff).
      The Auctionhaus features some secrets too as well some history on how the place started, a way to not break (too much) your slavery immersion!
      All of that sounds wonderful but...
      This mod, as I said before, is a BETA and my most difficult mod, and there's Bethesda CK that is...funny to say the least. Just keep in mind that the mod it's not completely optimized so fps drops should be expected, I hope I get more time to optimize it more, but I'm afraid that the Gamebryo Engine is just too old for it to run smoothly...
      Hey! I downloaded this and now you flipped up my game!
      Whoa, Jeez m8, just relax and post on the comments exactly what's going on! My mod only changes the vanilla Hotel Rexford cell in Goodneighbor, but could happen that your game won't look as beautiful as the screenshots above, I use a Ultra modded game and obviously, I use ENB.
      Be polite and I'll listen to you, trust me, I know what's frustration over mods failing and flipping up.
      OK, the mod is great and all, but may I make a suggestion to improve it?
      Feel free to post your suggestion, just mind that my mod deeply requires Ignotum's Just Business, AND I DON'T DO SCRIPTING, don't ask anything that changes how his mod works, I can add NPC's, cells, maybe even models from other mods, but I won't touch on scripting!
      That said, these are the future plans to be implemented to this mod:
      already added
      being worked on
      impossible to me (requires scripting)
      Make the Servants not only buy, but sell their displayed slaves
      add random travelling traders, transporting slaves throughout the Commonwealth and available for you to sell yours.
      Make the displayed Slaves randomize
      fix the easy stealing and some doors being improperly open by aggroed  NPCs



    24. Diverse Bodies: ABE (Atomic Beauty Edition)

      This file is a conversion of Vinfamy's Diverse Bodies (Visit that page for full mod info) for use with the Atomic Beauty body. It is based off of Diverse Bodies 1.1. This version does support Dongs of Fallout. You do not need to download the Vinfamy's original CBBE version, this file contains all you need, just unzip it into your fallout 4 game directory. It will load up when you start the game.
             There aren't that many mods that support Atomic Beauty since the mesh is entirely different, however you can use CBBE skins.
      What to expect from Diverse Bodies Atomic Beauty Edition:
             Fallout 4 randomly generates SPECIAL stats for mundane NPC's, this mod uses those stats to randomize each NPC body.
      High Strength NPC's will have a "V" shaped body. Bodybuilder Body
      High Endurance NPC's will have a "/\" shaped body. Pear-like Body
      High Charisma NPC's will have a "8" shaped body. Hourglass Body
      High Agility NPC's will have a "||" shaped body. Fitness Body
      High Luck NPC's will have a "b" shaped body. Fat Body
      - Vinfamy originally had High Luck NPC's with "just bigger boobs". I thought that a survivor in the wasteland who was lucky was likely well fed, so well fed they could stand to lose a couple pounds.
      NPC's sometimes don't have a High enough stat that causes a significant morph, and some have multiple stats over the threshold (5), this allows for some interesting body combinations. Bodymorph's were checked against the default AB mesh in Bodyslide with all faders at 0.
      Wha Hoppen, Boss?!?:
             If you are updating the file, I recommend you load a save without the mod loaded, save, then reload a save to clean the morphs.
      Also, check back for updates of slider values.
      0.6 Slider Values have been revised.
      0.7 Slider Values completely reworked new stat scheme
      Required Files:
      Atomic Beauty Mod - Ya Think? and it's BodySlide requirement.
      Looksmenu - Which needs F4SE
      Recommended Files: (not required)
      NPC Stats (For Diverse Bodies) by trippleT - He assigned stats to EVERY named NPC in the game.
      Thanks to:
      VINFAMY - For the original DB Mod. Without his mod and permission this could not been made, by me.
      TheMilkDrinker - Atomic Body is the Best Body (imho) for Fallout 4.
      Expired for F4SE, LooksMenu and F4EE morphing system.
      Caliente and Ousnius  - For making games look good and tools that work.
      Also, I'm enjoying your screen shots. I got a good chuckle.
      "It ain't hittin', till it's clippin'."
      Bear in Mind, I'm using a little more THICC build in bodyslide ABE than you may. -GM 9/18



    25. Just Business [WIP]

      This mod allows you to enslave NPCs. Enslaved NPCs can be sent to settlements to work there or can be used as companions.
      Fallout 4 ALL DLCs F4SE Mod Configuration Menu Extended Dialogue Interface Rename Anything (Scripts\RenameAnything.pex, F4SE\Plugins\rename_anything.dll, F4SE\Plugins\rename_anything.ini – are required) TextInputMenu Advanced Animation Framework LL FourPlay community F4SE plugin (Included in AAF)  
      Animation Position Tags (APT)  
      To install simply extract all files into Fallout 4 folder and enable "Just Business.esp" in any plugin manager.
      To update just extract all files to Fallout 4 folder and allow newer files to replace old ones.
      If you are updating from version 0.3.2 or higher use "Update" option in MCM-menu.
      Warning: Clean save is strongly recommended if you are updating from versions lower than 0.3.0.
      This mod adds new "Hunter mode", in which you can mark victims. While marked, NPCs will become essential and once their health reaches "0" they will enter "bleedout state".  When NPCs is in "bleedout state" player can talk to them and decide their fate (kill, enslave or let go) .
      To enter "Hunter mode" you need to press "H" (can be reassigned in MCM). To mark NPC press "R".
      Enslaved NPCs can be used as companions (you can have more than one companion slave at once) or sent to any player settlement.
      All enslaved NPCs have "submission level"  which represents their escape chance. "Submission" is being increased automatically while slave wears "Shock collar" or works in your settlement. You can see slave's "submission"  in information option in dialogue. There you can also change NPC's name and appearance.
      If NPC's "submission" reached 100 you can assign this NPC to be a "Quartermaster".  This allows NPC to have "Pack Brahmin" in which you can store your items.
      Companion slaves can take orders in command mode(same as vanilla game companions), you can ask them to relax, show their inventory, use power armor and instantly unequip all their clothes.
      In settlements NPCs can be assigned to any settler activities except some, that have slave "submission" level requirement. These activities are: stay on guard post (requires at least 80 "submission"), use trading post (50 "submission") or use trade caravan post (100 "submission").
      If you leave slave with "submission" lower than 100, then this slave will have a chance to escape depending on his "submission" value i.e. the lower "submission level", the more chances are that slave will escape. When slave escapes, player will receive "Escaped slave" quest ,which will show runaway slave location.
      To prevent slaves from escaping - assign them to pillory in settlement (DLC "ContraptionsWorkshop").
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - Gameplay - v0.3.0
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.2 - New Features
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.3 - New Features
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.7 - New Features
      You can toggle:
      slave tracking unlimited ammo for slaves ability to rename settlers (not slaves) reassign "Hunter mode" button option that counts slaves as settlement population duration of sex with a slave allow teleport to Institute (and not only) allow management of vassal settlements switch the quest "Runaway slave"  
      DMC500 for translating the description into English F4SE Team for F4SE reg2k - Neanka - shadowslasher410 - registrator2000 for Mod Configuration Menu and Extended Dialogue Interface registrator2000 for Rename Anything Neanka for TextInputMenu DocClox for Four-Play vinfamy for Four-Play Community Patch dagobaking for Advanced Animation Framework jaam for LL FourPlay community F4SE plugin