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These Fallout 4 mods are of an adult nature.


    1. Happy Hookers Inc. (20/06/18)

      "Join Us"
      "Your New Career Awaits"
      Current version: 0.92 (20/06/18)
      Please do not redistribute or modify any of the mod contents without permission. Thanks.
      Happy Hookers Inc makes zero edits to the fallout game files or other mods (to help with compatibility).
      If you use this mod I recommend finding a mod which increases the terminal output speed to preserve your sanity (you most likely already have one).
      Enable general and dialogue subtitles in settings.
      Hard Requirements: (mod won't run without these)
      Latest version of F4SE. (Link)
      Latest version of Extended Dialogue Interface (XDI). (Link)
      Optional Requirements: (add them later, if you decide you want them/don't already have them - though you'll probably want Leito's mod )
      The following mods are looked for at runtime. They're not required (and can be installed later/removed etc) but if they are present, additional features will appear in Happy Hookers.
      FO4_AnimationsByLeito.esp (Leito86) (Link) - Allows the player to use the included animations. If not installed, client interactions will randomly calculate your rating and interactions will fade the screen instead. Use of this mod can be overridden at any time via the 'other mod' settings pages in the holotape and at portals.
      Z_Horizon.esp (zawinul) (Link) - If it is installed, this mod will make use of certain items within Horizon and offer them as potential rewards for agency companions. Use of this mod can be overridden at any time via the 'other mod' settings pages in the holotape and at portals.
      AAF.esm (dagobaking) (link) - If detected an option will appear in the other mod AAF page under gameplay (check agency holotape or one of the portals). It is disabled by default. If you enable it, Happy Hookers will notify AAF when an encounter has ended (passing actors involved, idles used etc).
      Property mods: These will allow the player to use those premises as a place for client encounters in tandem with the client booking list. Don't worry, if you don't want to install any of these wonderful mods (they really are). You will still be able to access the client booking list at settlements (if you purchase the settlement permit) and future bespoke agency properties.
      Eli_MarlboroughHouse.esp (Elianora) (Link)
      Eli_Chestnut Lodge DLC.esp (Elianora) (Link)
      RRTV_CambridgeBungalow.esp (RedRocketTV) (Link)
      RRTV_HomesAndBunkers_Oberland.esp (RedRocketTV) (Link)
      RRTV_EdenCinemaHome.esp (RedRocketTV) (Link)
      Where to start? (Read this)

      What next? (and this)

      See next post for FAQ (You can also read them in game at portals)
      Thank you:



    2. VotW Animo Pron's Lara With Horse 2

      Animo Pron's Lara with Horse 2 for VotW 2.1.1
      all 4 epsiodes of Animo Pron's Lara With Horse 2 featuring the  XRay version of episode 4 edited together then split into 5 holotapes, each approx 10 minutes long.
      This is my first ever uploaded mod so please go easy on me.
      Installation: using MO2, simple install all 3 parts with the same name and use the merge option. Other Mod Managers, extract all 3 parts top a single folder and create a new archive. Manual, extract and drop into the data folder. 
      Tapes are available at the Holotape Workbench
      Requires Videos of the Wastelandver 2.1.1 https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435
      Credits: Animo Pron for the video used in this mod   https://animopron.com/
                 RazorWire - Dertspovor06 - AGreatWeight for Videos of the Wasteland   https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435



    3. VotW_-_Lara_With_Horse_Xray_Pt2.7z




    4. VotW_-_Lara_With_Horse_Xray_Pt3.7z




    5. VotW_-_Lara_With_Horse_Xray_Pt1.7z

      Animo Pron's Lara with Horse 2 for VotW 2.1.1
      This is my first mod to upload, it is Animo Pron's Lara with Horse part 2, all episodes edited into 1, then divided into 5 holotapes for VotW 2.1.1.
      Each tape is approx 10 minutes in length, hence the large file size. Tapes are craftable in the VotW holotape workbench
      Videos of the Wasteland ver 2.1.1 and all files required by VOTW
      For MO2, install files in order using the same name for each and using the merge function. Other Mod Managers or Manual, extract all the files and install manually or create a single archive and use the Manager of your choice
       Video: Animo Pron https://animopron.com/
       VOTW: RazorWire - Dertspovor06 - AGreatWeight
       HumbleBundle for allowing to me snag Vega Movie Studio dirt cheap



    6. Just Business [WIP]

      This mod allows you to enslave NPCs. Enslaved NPCs can be sent to settlements to work there or can be used as companions.
      Fallout 4 ALL DLCs F4SE Mod Configuration Menu Extended Dialogue Interface Rename Anything (Scripts\RenameAnything.pex, F4SE\Plugins\rename_anything.dll, F4SE\Plugins\rename_anything.ini – are required) TextInputMenu Advanced Animation Framework Four-Play (Optional. Instead AAF) Four-Play Community Patch (Optional. Instead AAF)  
      To install simply extract all files into Fallout 4 folder and enable "Just Business.esp" in any plugin manager.
      To update just extract all files to Fallout 4 folder and allow newer files to replace old ones.
      If you are updating from version 0.3.2 or higher use "Update" option in MCM-menu.
      Warning: Clean save is strongly recommended if you are updating from versions lower than 0.3.0.
      This mod adds new "Hunter mode", in which you can mark victims. While marked, NPCs will become essential and once their health reaches "0" they will enter "bleedout state".  When NPCs is in "bleedout state" player can talk to them and decide their fate (kill, enslave or let go) .
      To enter "Hunter mode" you need to press "H" (can be reassigned in MCM). To mark NPC press "R".
      Enslaved NPCs can be used as companions (you can have more than one companion slave at once) or sent to any player settlement.
      All enslaved NPCs have "submission level"  which represents their escape chance. "Submission" is being increased automatically while slave wears "Shock collar" or works in your settlement. You can see slave's "submission"  in information option in dialogue. There you can also change NPC's name and appearance.
      If NPC's "submission" reached 100 you can assign this NPC to be a "Quartermaster".  This allows NPC to have "Pack Brahmin" in which you can store your items.
      Companion slaves can take orders in command mode(same as vanilla game companions), you can ask them to relax, show their inventory, use power armor and instantly unequip all their clothes.
      In settlements NPCs can be assigned to any settler activities except some, that have slave "submission" level requirement. These activities are: stay on guard post (requires at least 80 "submission"), use trading post (50 "submission") or use trade caravan post (100 "submission").
      If you leave slave with "submission" lower than 100, then this slave will have a chance to escape depending on his "submission" value i.e. the lower "submission level", the more chances are that slave will escape. When slave escapes, player will receive "Escaped slave" quest ,which will show runaway slave location.
      To prevent slaves from escaping - assign them to pillory in settlement (DLC "ContraptionsWorkshop").
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - Gameplay - v0.3.0
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.2 - New Features
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.3 - New Features
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.7 - New Features
      You can toggle:
      slave tracking unlimited ammo for slaves ability to rename settlers (not slaves) reassign "Hunter mode" button option that counts slaves as settlement population duration of sex with a slave allow teleport to Institute (and not only) allow management of vassal settlements switch the quest "Runaway slave"  
      DMC500 for translating the description into English F4SE Team for F4SE reg2k - Neanka - shadowslasher410 - registrator2000 for Mod Configuration Menu and Extended Dialogue Interface registrator2000 for Rename Anything Neanka for TextInputMenu DocClox for Four-Play vinfamy for Four-Play Community Patch dagobaking for Advanced Animation Framework  



    7. AAF Compatibility Patches - 06/18/2018

      AAF Compatibility Patches - V2.6 - Changelogs available.
      This place is now the only place where you can download the Compatibility Patches for the Advanced Animation Framework. As this file isn't the main focus of Dagobaking, CGi and myself decided do take care of these patches while Dagobaking continue the development of AAF.
      If you want installation instructions, please refers to this post. 



    8. Meet FULLY VOICED Insane Ivy 4.0!

      4457 Lines of unique and quest related dialogue!
      She has without a doubt more dialogue than any other custom companion out there!
      *Translates to over 7 hours of dialogue, voice by Chic Geek*
      *Translates to over 6 hours of dialogue in robotic voice*
      Ivy is completely and UNIQUELY VOICED (no copy/pasting vanilla lines).
      Ivy is completely FUCKING INSANE.
      Ivy is a fully automated fucked up Sex Synth.
      She's extremely RUDE and PERVERSE.
      She is SURPRISINGLY DEEP AND INTENSE with a dark and intricate backstory which unfolds as Ivy's affinity for you rises.
      You can literally talk to her for hours on end and never hear a repeated sentence!
      She's a strong, tough, capable young woman, but for you her knees turn weak.
      New! @urbanoantigo has been kind enough to make a Portugese-Brazilian translation available as separate download.
      Installation instructions:
      - First install the Base 7z file
      - Install your voice of choice (robot / human)
      - Now download the translation 7z file and unzip into your Fallout4 directory, overwrite any target files.
      - Warning: File has been tested, but by a select audience. Please report any bugs (in english as I don't speak pt-BR myself).
      The most COMPLETE version of Ivy yet!
      Now voiced by a REAL voice actress!
      Step 1) Install the BASE mod by unzipping the 7zip file directly into your fallout 4 directory, overwrite any target files.
      Step 2) Choose either Ivy';s original voice files, or choose Chic Geek's voice files, download and install in the same manner.
      Alternatively, instead of manually unzipping, drag the chosen 7zip files into your Mod Manager, and install through that.
      If you like this mod, help us and subscribe to Chic Geek's channel!!
      Want more of Chic Geek?
      💖Follow her!!💖
      👸Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ChicGeek
      💬Discord: https://discord.gg/WvPyC25
      📸 Instagram: chicgeekgamer
      👻SnapChat: chicgeekgamer
      🕊️ Twitter: @chicgeekgamer
      🕹️Twitch: chicgeekgamer
      Warning & Legal

      What others say about Ivy:



    9. Mutated Lust

      This is an expansion of my other mod, Atomic Lust. I'll be uploading all of my creature animations to this mod. I decided to make these separate from Atomic Lust to keep my animations organized, and because they wouldn't quite fit in with what Atomic Lust is about. Of course, I will continue to add more animations to this in the future, but I also have to focus on Atomic Lust, so please be patient. All current animations are shown in either the screenshots or GIFs above. Enjoy!
      Ghoul schlongs available here!:
      To install the meshes, zip up the data folder provided with Leito's latest file and install it with a mod manager of your choice. Big thanks to Leito for making the meshes!
      Advanced Animation Framework
      Known Issues:
      Sometimes, beginning the animation with a Glowing One will cause a CTD  
      I'd like to show my appreciation for those who help make AAF the fine framework that it is, and to those who have helped me with animating in any way. Thank you all!
      @CEO 0S
      @Flashy (JoeR)



    10. My Animation Pack

      This mod adds a bunch of animations, based around a female protagonist, that lets her "get to know" other men better. The pack contains many animations designed to be played in sequence which may come in the future.
      If you're looking for group animations, specifically one girl and lots of guys, this is the place to be. I made a fair few and plan to expand upon the ones I've already made so that they get an entire sequence from start to finish, with atleast four full animations to be played in any sequence.
      Other than that, I have plenty of animations tied to specific objects in the game; single beds, double beds, various chairs, stools, tables, desks, benches, couches, pillories, shackles. Go somewhere in the world and you might find a place to initiate an animation, or build something in a settlement and see what you can do with it.
      These come with sound included but no voice lines. I have some to use but decided against it. Some animations I made when I was still heavily in the beginner stage of learning animating this kinda thing but I left them in there anyway. Maybe in the future I will go back and redo them. I have already redone some.
      Also, if you want to take the sounds for your own work, feel free to do so. No need to ask me for permission.
      Definite Requirements: AAF. It won't work without it. AAF EVB Morphs (AAF Compatibility Patch).
      Full Version Requirements: Contraptions Workshop, Nuka World, SSEX (Settlement Supplies Extended), Homemaker, Torture Devices and Prisoner Shackles for certain animations. I think if you don't have these DLCs/mods it might give you an error.
      There are three files:
      *Full, with all animations and DLC/mod requirements, if you want to install manually.
      *Vanilla, which only requires AAF and the compatibility patch, if you want to install manually.
      *FOMOD so you can smartly pick and choose which features you want installed, if you want to install through a mod manager.







      All the people involved in animating here, sorry if I can't remember you.



    11. Boston Breeder

      Voice Actors/Actresses wanted. Details in this thread.
      Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
      For this mod to work smoothly, I highly recommend installing the BLANK AUDIO FILES, this allows you to skip through dialogue and keeps the camera focused on the NPC talking.
      A sequel to Fertile Breeder.
      The cherry on top: this time I've taken male characters in account and male characters have some unique dialogue options where appropriate.
      NOTICE: There's currently no sex framework for Fallout 4. Especially not for animals and a pregnancy system going along with it. As such, the best I could do are text boxes. I've done my best to make those as enjoyable as possible.



    12. Synth Player Gynoid AlphaTest

      This is a very early work. Be prepared for bugs and suffering.
      "The bombs... the vault... I felt cold... I'm awake again... but I feel nothing... NATE! What are these numbers in my vision? WHAT DID THEY DO TO ME?"
      Its basic features are functional with no crashing or bugs that I know of. It should not activate itill you exit the CryoPod but can also be used on any saved game of any level. Basically by installing this you agree to become one of my test minions and submit detailed reports on issues and papyrus log files when needed if possible

      How to enable Debug Logging and where to find the files: https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Enable_Debug_Logging
      Those logs should be for the last 4 save games. My messages should all have the Prefix "SynthPlayer:"
      Basically the goal is to simulate the player awakening from crysleep replaced into a Synth, a Gen 2.5 Prototype Gynoid Sexbot to be more specific. It is Player only and wont be expanded to other actors. As the unit becomes more experienced, abilities to override Vault-Techs Asimov like safety protocols and be more combat orientated will increase. Currently the mod assumes you appear completely human, although later Robots and Synths may detect you as an escaped Synth.

      This is not meant or survival mod as being a bot you should not suffer hunger disease, poison etc, by the time I disable all that, your playing in normal mode anyway

      Bad News - Less Electricity resistance, but it improves as you level. Normal healing like Stimpacks doesn't work on you.
      Good News - . You are immune to Poisons and regenerate damage and use Rads to generate power. Action Points, Endurance, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Movement and Jumping Speed are increased as you get higher in Status
      Damage Regeneration = Requires power also occurs more efficiently when not moving, sitting or sleeping.
      OverClocking gives you a Status/Level Boost for a short time when activated by key or Combat detection. The Duration in seconds and Percentage of Unit Status boost is set from the MCM sliders and has a 100 second cooldown afterwards.
      There is a MCM menu for Settings and HUD displaying the following:
      UnitStatus = Basically the current operational status of the Gynoid, health and other systems etc. It Buffs Physical stats, Action points, Speed and Jump Height.
      Power = Electricity, you need it. Drained by Running/Sprinting/Jumping/Sex etc. Power affects Movement and Jumping rates. Slow recharges from soaking any Rads you have, rad can now be useful, but they can still kill you and create overheating. Though if you have Rads you can't fully heal and if you are fully charged you can't process anymore rads. Conversion of Rads happens asted when stationary, and faster again when seated or sleeping. You can also use the Torture Devices Extractor Chair or Synth Reclaimation chair at the cost of some LubriCool or Plugs Of The Commonwealth Buttplug Cores. You can also charge from Fusion cores using Power Armor. if you enter Power armor both batteries will average out the charge between them, so you could end up losing power to charge the power armor or using its power to charge you. 
      CoreTemp = 0-100 degrees Celsius plus a small level buff, Heat generated by external temperature, heavy armor rating and running, Rads, Arousal, Fertilty. Reduced by Stationary, sitting, sleeping or swimming. External temperatures are 18degrees indoors, 8 degrees while swimming and varying 18 +/-12 degrees outdoors dependant on time of day. The more armor rating you wear the hotter you will get.

      LubriCool = Is the total LubriCool you have in your body, it cools and lubricates. It is lost from damage or during sex or high arousal, restored by drinking it or making it. LubriCool affects Movement and Jumping. The Gynoid has 1000ml of storage in body + 1000ml in Breasts, 500ml in the Butt, 500ml in the Womb and up to 1000ml in the Belly and the LubriCool enters the Belly and transfers gradually through the Butt, Breasts then into the Body as needed at roughly 1ml per second. Excessive Lubricant will cause bloating and swelling in areas using LooksMenu Morphing. There are sliders in MCM to adjust the amount of Morphing for each area. I have avoided using the Pregnancy Belly bodymorph node thingy so it should not conflict with it. Finally a use for all those Coolant containers, you can craft LubriCool from Coolant and Oil. You can craft Coolant from Alcohol and Abraxo. You can consume Abraxo and Oil by crafting it into Cups or Glasses. Food, Soda and Water Consumption generate waste which is planned to be linked to pooping in RSE, but I'll make that an optional feature. Waste is stored in the stomach and Butt area. The Butt Waste and LubriCool storage sizes are adjustable in MCM for those who want more or less of either.
      NutriMilk = (Haven't made a HUD for it yet) Its made from Food, Water and Cum. required to fill womb when pregnant to an equal volume as the offspring.
      Firewall = (Non-Functional) Resistance to Hacking by Synths and Robots and the Gynoids SexualProcessor, reduced by Gynoids Arousal, Lust and Submissiveness. Killing things especially Synths and Humans will result in Behaviour errors and corrective shocks if your Firewall is low.
      Sexual Processor = (WIP) The Gynoid is a Sexbot, the Sexual processor is basically the units Lust to engage in Sexual activity and may gradually override the Gynoids options and responses, I plan to actually alter settings and other factors in mods like RSE, FPA, Perversions etc so the player will have less control. It is going to be like a virus in your system, you may start becoming Sadistic or Masochistic or desiring Supermutants, or whatever just to sate your programmed desires.

      Arousal = (WIP) How close to Orgasm, Arousal and Orgasm expels LubriCool and increases the Sexual Processor Control.

      UpperServos = Arms health, when damaged to low levels abilities like Combat may be lost but damage does regenerate. Systems disabled re-enable at twice the Percentage they disable, so if Combat is disabled at 10% it will re-enable at 20%.
      MobilityServos = Legs health, when damaged to low levels abilities like FastTravel, Sprint, Jump, Running and Movement may be lost but damage does regenerate.
      TorsoChassis = Torso health, also damaged by overheating and sex. Later will effect cooling and recharging system efficiency, but damage does regenerate.
      CranialStatus = Head health, also damaged by overheating, when damaged to low levels abilities like Sneak and VATS may be lost but damage does regenerate.
      VisualSensors = Eyes health, when damaged to low levels abilities like "Look At" may be lost but damage does regenerate.
      Storage System:
      These storage areas may stretch to 200% of the full amount. After this the fluids will transfer to another storage location.
      If Body, Breasts or Butt storage locations are less than 100% they will transfer the appropriate liquid from another location.
      Excess will be sent to waste system. Excess waste can result in emergency waste release.
      Body - 1000ml of LubriCool, may also be contaminated by Injected/Inhaled Chems
      Breasts - 500ml of LubriCool
      Breasts - 500ml of NutriMilk
      Butt - 500ml of LubriCool (adjustable in MCM for those who don't want Butt expansion)
      Butt - 500ml of Solid Waste (adjustable in MCM for those who don't want Butt expansion)
      Belly - Womb 100ml of Offspring or NutriMilk. Possibly contaminated with Oil and LubriCool from Robots or Synths and Cum from Biologicals
      Belly - Bladder 200ml of Liquid Waste
      Belly - Stomach 300ml of Storage containing Food, Water, Sodas, LubriCool, NutriMilk, Cum, Oil, Coolant, Abraxo, Alcohol and Ingested Chems.
      The Stomach converts its contents into other substances with some wastage generated.
      Coolant and Oil make LubriCool
      Abraxo and Alcohol make Coolant
      Food, Water and Cum make NutriMilk
      Food and Sodas make Waste
      Waste is removed by using RSE's Peeing and Pooping animations with a manual hotkey in MCM. It's frequency can be adjusted or turned off with the MCM sliders.
      In the HUD there are settings that don't do much yet but will be hijacked by the SPU meaning you will be able to set them at start but may lose the ability to adjust them when the SPU has control:
      VocalInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or Pained by Oral Sexual interation
      UpperStorageInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or Pained by Boobs Sexual interation
      PrimaryPortInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or Pained by Genital Sexual interation
      WastePortInterationResponse: How much the Unit is aroused or Pained by Anal Sexual interation
      Humaan Appearance Slider: This tells my mod how human the Gynoid appears. I have no idea what body mod you may be using. This will eventually alter the chances of NPC's and opponents like BOS treating you as a human.
      You can adjust the spacing of the messages in MCM to make them less frequent, currently they are set to 10% changes prompt a message.
      Male Gynoids:
      Although this is aimed at females I plan to allow for Futa/Male Androids, but wont be doing any testing, let me know if anything doesn't work or make sense for males and I will see if I can make it work. I have already set some of the sounds to alter for male players. I'll have to add a toggle in to disable the womb stuff, some things really depend on know ing what type of sex is occurring, which will only come from AAF. Yeah I could do a whole balls swelling with Cum thing later
      This is mainly scripted with few records altered so should not conflict with any other mods.
      F4SE, I think I only use it for one function so far but will use for others later.
      HUD Framework, you wont see any status without it
      MCM if you want to change settings.
      DLC? I think Far Harbour is required. (I should be able to remove that requirement later).
      This is designed to interface with the following to this degree so far:
      LooksMenu - This is required for the Boob, Belly and Breast inflation, it also morphs the body Muscles dependant on the Strength Stat. Not all outfits are set up for morphing as far as I can see.
      FourPlay - Yes it detects sex and adds Cum, increases SexProcessor and Arousal (I will jump on the AAF bandwagon when it and I are ready enough to do so).
      Family Planning Enhanced - Detects Fertility, Pregnancy will draw extra power, NutriMilk, etc, and reduces physical abilities.
      Devious Devices - Not a great deal so far but working on Institute devices to reduce Firewall and slowly hack the Gynoid. Chastity Bra, Chastity Belt and Corset should prevent Bodymorphing in relevant parts. Corset and Catsuits will increase Core temperature.

      Torture Devices - Extraction and Reclamation Chair which will be used recharge at the cost of gathering coolant from the Gynoid. Stimulation from the Milking Chair and HydroPillory

      Four Play Attributes - The Stats affect Firewall and wear is repaired.
      Realistic Saliascious Encounters - Disables Basic and Advanced needs as they aren't relevant to a Gynoid. Uses the peeing and pooping Animations.
      Perversions - Plans to link into the Orgasm feature and adjust some settings.
      Plugs Of The Commonwealth - The FusionCore is usable as a recharging item. And may cause additional SexProcessor/Arousal Buff/Debuff dependant on the MCM Anal penetration response setting
      Glory Hole - Reduces SelfEsteem and Dominance, Cum is an ingredient needed to make NutriMilk.
      You will get FREE STUFF added for testing purposes and to retain playability, ideally they should not be needed to play this mod.
      There is something funny going on between this and other HUDFramework mods causing zero readings and no updating. Make sure you install the FPAttributes HUD in a save before adding this mod and it seems to solve it.
      There is a script reset in MCM that may solve issues if you have updated from older versions. Some bugs I've found due to the engine require clean saves.
      Future Plans:
      Adding a game start Bootup sequence to gradually raise all values from zero to current operational status and make it feel a little more immersive.
      Use Fusion Cores and Fusion Generators to charge somehow. Makeshift Batteries? Settlement Generators?
      AAF support, just waiting for it to stabilise a bit and have the detection I need for Sex types and Races etc, hopefully Fade to Black at least for Robots till animations are made.
      Hijack the Family Planning Fertility settings so it is controlled by the Gynoids SPU.
      Place Reclaimation chargers around the Commonwealth and reduce the charging effect of Rads. Or maybe I use the Vault Tech Single person Nuke Shelters. Hopefully I can do that by script once I work out the co-ordinates. A Reclaimation chair may be the only way to get the Institute Chastity Belt removed once added.
      Other Synths and Robots will use you for a Battery or LubriCool source, they will milk your swollen boobs before bloating your Belly with materials to create more before maybe releasing you.
      Gen 1 Synths just want to drain power from you by fucking you. May add DD Institute devices to you.
      Gen 2's require LubriCool and attempt to hack you during sex to make you more submissive. May add DD Institute devices to you.
      Robots? Any of the above I guess. May add DD Institute devices to you.
      Assaultrons? Got to be something special for them.
      The Rust Devils will want you of course too and who knows what the Mechanist's plans are for you?
      The Institute will want you for experiments, you may not know you are programmed to collect something like FEV Hound sperm so will automatically submit when you find one.
      You may catch a Virus from a Radio Station, Terminal, Holotape or Power Armor.
      Pumps and valves that transfer LubriCool between areas may fail leading to uncontrolled bloating or shortages.
      Adding the ability to hack robots and other Synths.
      Adding features like Nightvision that use power of course.
      Finding upgrade components that can increase systems efficiency, those Military Circuit boards will be handy.
      Most healing other than Stimpacks will be disabled, I'm only leaving them in for emergency use, the aim is to play without them so just Roleplay that for now
      I have no plans to use a body race or similar or make it a requirement, Mesh/Textures is pretty much beyond my ability, I mainly just script code
      Lastly get my SInstitute idea happening again and linked to this.
      Any new ideas are welcome or suggestions on improvements.

      File versions are by date so 180510 is 10th of May 2018, not 5th of October 2018 unless you are American



    13. Atomic Lust - 5/27/18

      I am new to modding and animating, so you may expect to see problems in my work, but I'll do my best to publish quality content. I plan on adding various animations to this page and look forward to contributing to the Fallout 4 modding community.
      Advanced Animation Framework  by dagobaking
      To Use:
      Start the animation via the AAF menu
      Current Animation List:
      Male/Female Animations
      "Atomic Kissing" "Atomic Embrace" "Kissing" "Smooching" "Spooning"  
      Lesbian Animations
      "Rocket 69" "The Scissor" "Make Out" "Cunnilingus"  
      Threesome Animations
      "Atomic Threesome Handjob" - M/M/F  
      Current Pose List:
      Male/Female Poses
      "Atomic Stroke Pose"  
      Known Issues:
      Switching between my animations and other's animations may cause alignment issues (not my mod causing this) Others use their own offsets for positioning, while I position my actors relative to the AAF animation positioning guide  
      Future Additions to This Mod:
      Female masturbation animations Lesbian animations Male/Female animations Creature animations (if/when AAF supports them) Threesome animations  
      I'm also open to suggestions, if you have any. 
      dagobaking for Advanced Animation Framework and for helping me getting started on animating
      CGi - contributor to Advanced Animation Framework
      Flashy (JoeR)
      ShadeAnimator - Fallout 4 Animation Kit
      CE0 - 3ds Max animating guides



    14. RXL 's No More Lazy Hookers and other AAF patches

      This is a repository for my aaf patches, so they are easier to find.
      Currently there are the following files:
      rxl No More Lazy Hookers HotC Full
      Hookers of the Commonwealth (HotC)
      Make those Hookers work for their Caps, instead of simply knocking you out and take your caps.
      Known Issues:
      The Hooker might start wandering quite a bit between the teleport and the animation, depending on your papyrus load. I'm not sure if there is anything I can do about that, without going much further into the mod and changing much more than I intended. I will have to see about how to handle this.
      rxl No More Lazy Hookers HotC SE
      Hookers of the Commonwealth (HotC) - Settlement Edition
      Make those Hookers work for their Caps, instead of simply knocking you out and take your caps.
      rxl_bpanims 1.0.4 for aaf.7z
      BP70s anims (WIP) (ONLY REPLACERS) 1.0.4
      This patch adds aaf support for bp70's animations.
      The 8 original *.hkx files need to be in
      Many thanks to @CGi who helped me a lot getting papyrus set up and has spent a lot of time answering my sometimes stupid questions,
      @dagobaking for aaf and also a lot of help on his discord, @blankproject for his animations and all the other modders I forgot.



    15. Devious Devices

      Devious Devices - A Bondage Framework for Fallout 4
      Code By Kimy, using some design ideas from Min's DD implemention for Skyrim.
      Additional code by AG12.
      Devious Devices Art assets by Zadil, Koffii, Pincopallino and Heretical.
      Additional art assets by DixiePig, Vioxsis, Newmiller, HisDudeness, Vader666, mxwqtkl, Dasha and Nytesorrow.
      Fallout 4 conversion of Skyrim art assets by Bumex
      Devious Devices is a collection of restraining devices and toys to torment your Nora, including, but not limited to: chastity belts, collars, cuffs, vibrators, gags, and even hobble skirts! And don't worry about wiggling out of them: All devices lock in place, and only the correct key can open the locks! And these devices don't just look restrictive, they ARE! These handcuffs really lock your hands on your back and make you unable to fight. Running in leg irons? No way! And yes, wearing a gag will make you speak gibberish!
      NPC Support: Yes, it works with the other denizens of the Wasteland, too. Is Preston asking you to save yet another settlement you couldn't care less about? Just gag him and shut him up!
      Intuitive Interfaces! - No need to use spells, or batch files or other quirky methods to enjoy these devices! Just click them in your inventory and choose what you want to do with them via the easy to use interaction menu!
      Framework! - Want to create your own bondage mod? Kinky quests? Custom restraints? DD is providing all needed functionality for that, so you don't have to! Want to create custom bondage items? Just make your item use the DD scripts and customize dozens of properties to your taste and create your own toys without writing one line of code! Items with custom keys? No problem! Multiple locks? For sure! Timed locks? You bet! Cuttable material? Yep, got that, too! Impossible to struggle out from? Check! Override animations? Just tell the item which ones to use, or create your own! Items that cannot be removed as long as another is locked on? Yes, even that! And if all of that isn't enough, create your own spell effects and add any number of them to your item. If you think it can't be done, think again!
      - All DLCs (And please don't ask for a non-DLC version. I won't make one.)
      - CBBE Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15/?
      - Bodyslide and Outfit Studio - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25/?
      - Armor Keyword Resource - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6091/?
      - Torture Devices - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/68652-torturedevices/
      1. Install the NEWEST versions of ALL requirements listed above using your favorite mod manager, including THEIR respective requirements.
      2. Install this mod with a mod manager of your choice.
      3. Run Bodyslide and batch build all assets using the preset of your choice.
      General: The point of this mod is locking the player character in restraints hard to remove. This feature might cause issues with other mods not expecting the character to wear non-removable items. Known issues will be listed in this section. Feel free to report incompatibilities in the support thread.
      No other conflicts known at this point.

      The items do not have world/ground models. I don't have world models I could use. Gags do not change an actor's expression and do not force them to open their mouth. That's currently not feasible to do (at least not that I'd know of). For that reason, the panel gag works best. Some of the items might clip with others and with clothing. There is currently no way to dynamically hide armor on a character. The code is currently not attempting to catch brute-force removal of DD items via UnequipAll(). This command, if used on the player without other precautions, breaks the game anyway, as it stips the PipBoy from the player as well. I don't expect mods to widely use it. I will deal with it down the road in case I have to. Some API functions work on the player only, not NPCs (e.g. RemoveGenericItemByKeyword). This is due to a scripting lanaguage limitation. As a consequence, modders need to keep track of what they are equipping on NPCs, if they want to remove the items later on.

      You can NOT post this mod or any of its parts (including any derived works) outsides of LL without my explicit permission. You can NOT incorporate any of my code in any for-profit project (Donations/Patreons are fine as long as they are strictly voluntary and don't offer the donor any tangible advantage over non-donors) You can NOT incorporate any of my code in mod that's going to be uploaded to Bethesda.Net and/or made available for consoles in any other way. You can NOT use any of my code in a closed source project. No exceptions, ever. No need to ask for permission either. I won't give it. Even in my wildest dreams I can't think of a good reason not to publish a mod's source code. You can NOT publish a fork of this mod (as in using it as a base for a project offering similar functionality) without my permission. That includes porting it to other platforms/games. You CAN otherwise use my code for your own projects as long as you include all source code with your distribution and allow others to use your own code in a similar fashion. And give proper credit where it's due. All above rules still apply!

      Legacy clause: If I can no longer be contacted for a sustained period of time despite sincere efforts to do so, I grant the LL staff permission to assign a new maintainer to Devious Devices to update it with fixes and feature enhancements. In case this clause is invoked, I do reserve the right to request back maintainer status of the mod at any time for any reason, though.

      For all third party assets used by this mod (namely art assets, see credits section), all conditions set by their original creators apply instead. Please contact the respective author for further information on permissions etc.
      Please refer to the documentation in the archive!
      There are actually quite a few of them. Some are owed to FO4 being a different game with different capabilities. Some are lessons learned from years of developing for Skyrim DD. Generally, DD for FO4 is not really a 1:1 port of Skyrim DDI, it's more a reimplementation. In particular:
      Stuff that's different because of game differences and/or scripting limitations:
      Unlike Skyrim DDI, effects and relations between devices aren't hardcoded in Fallout 4 DD. Not a single one of them is. All effects, without any exception, are set via item properties and/or keywords. E.g. if you want to create a custom plug and want them to be unable to be removed from a character wearing a chastity belt, you will have to assign the relevant item properties, or the code will ignore it. You can even make gags that don't prevent you from speaking or corsets that make you blind. Because even these effects are not hardcoded for the device types. Unless you tell the code otherwise, a device is just a lockable thing that by itself doesn't do anything except cling to you. Skyrim DDI's approach to creating custom items was objected oriented inheritance: You would inherit the base script and override/add what you wanted. FO4 DD's approach is making everything customizable via script properties and hardcode as few features as possible. This approach should make writing custom code unnecessary almost 100% of the time. Since every item can have an arbitrary number of spell effects attached to it, there is practically no limit to what you can do. There are only limited global user settings affecting item difficulty or behavior in FO4 DD. There never will be any customization options allowing shutting off any features of the device system entirely. Everything influencing item behavior is determined on the device level. This is putting all control in the hands of the modder, where it should be. The settings can be vastly different from item to item. E.g. one item can have a 20% chance to break the key, another can have 0%. The user can apply a modifer to generic items, but a device designed to be punishing will always be punishing in relation to others. Which makes item behavior predictable for modders using the framework - the item will behave exactly the way it was designed! On the flip side, it puts also more responsibility on the modder, not to create unfun features or devices that users will generally end up hating. DDI had a tag-based item database for randomly picking restraints. I do not plan to implement this feature. There is a function in this mod that can pick random devices from formlists. It's not quite as powerful as DDI's tag database, but for most applications it will do its job just nicely. The FormLists are exposed to the API, so 3rd party mods can add their own devices to it! FO4 DD has only one blindfold mode, that's equivalent to Leeches mode in DDI. No other blindfold modes are planned for the framework. The player can NOT set the blindfold strength. The modder can. But even the strictest setting still allows you to navigate your environment. The compass is still there, too. The framework blindfolds are a lot less punishing than their counterparts in DDI. There is no hardcoded event system either. If you want devices to trigger reoccurring events, create a magic effect running a timer and add it to the correct device property. Refer to the implementation of the Plug Vibrate effect to see how to do that. Most of the old events did not get reimplemented because they did not do much, except displaying a text. The dreaded corset implementation is gone and won't be back. The price for that is serious clipping of corsets with most chastity belts, but I prefer that to non-working scripts and broken item states all over the place. There are special chastity belt add-ons for use with corsets. They don't clip. Vaginal piercings did not get implemented and likely never will. This item type was underwhelming in Skyrim (yet another vibrating thing that barely can be seen on the character...) Plugs trigger vibrate effects and that's all the vibrations you will ever need! There is only one class of hand restraints in FO4 DD. Armbinders, yokes, shackles, handcuffs and all other types of wrist restraints share one item type. Which means that characters cannot wear handcuffs and armbinders at the same time, unlike in DDI. Yes, I know that in real life it's possible to put a handcuffed person in an armbinder for additional giggles, but this little drawback made the implementation of wrist restraints so much more efficient that it's not even funny.

      Generally: The code allows you all sorts of freedom, but you need to be responsible with it. If you create a quest restraint with only one key in the entire world that can unlock it, and then set the key break chance to 90%...don't complain about angry users laying siege to your support thread!

      Q: How to best report any issues with Devious Devices?
      A: Post your issue in the support thread and describe what happened, and how. In enough detail that I might have a chance to understand what went wrong there. Oh, and post a Papyrus log if you can. While I might be able to guess the cause of your problem every now and then, chances are that I will never find out what went wrong unless you provide me with the log. DO NOT PM ME WITH SUPPORT REQUESTS!!!
      Q: I have this and that problem with an older version of Devious Devices.
      A: Please don't ask me about older versions. Ever. I release patches for a reason. Use them! Some of them even might have fixed the exact bug you're reporting to occur in your ancient version of this mod. Only the newest version is supported at any time. Don't post any questions in the support thread unless you're running the -newest- version of this mod AND all of its requirements.
      Q: I have a support question and wonder if I should PM it to you.
      A: Please, PLEASE do NOT use PMs for support issues and bug reports. I might/will ignore them and delete them without responding to them! Support requests belong in the support thread and nowhere else, so other people having the same issue can see the reply as well, or even help each other, so I don't have to answer ALL questions people might have.
      Q: I love this mod and want to support you. Can I?
      A: It would be very much appreciated! I have a Patreon set up if you want to tip me: https://www.patreon.com/kimy
      Q: Can I suggest new features?
      A: Absolutely! I have implemented a lot of user-suggested features in my mods and I will continue doing so. But please understand that I cannot implement them all and that some others I really just won't like enough.
      Q: Will this mod ever support male player characters?
      A: Male player characters will never be officially supported. Blame it on me being lazy or on the general lack of interest of the LL community in DD support for males. It's also just fair, because the gaming industry is making me play guy characters in their games all the time and I don't like that either. Some of the items offer male models at their creator's discretion, in which case I might add them to DD, so that they can be used on male NPCs. But I will not ever give any sort of guarantee that any particular item will work on males, and I will never test or design any feature of this mod with male characters in mind.
      Q: Why are the bundled items changing my body when equipped? Why are some items invisible? Why is everything so messed up???
      A: Use Bodyslide, Luke! It's listed in the requirements for a reason. You need to actually build the assets with Bodyslide!
      Q: Is this mod compatible with ?
      A: Ummm...I dunno.. You tell me! I list all known incompatibilities in this ReadMe, but there are really a lot of mods out there, and I can't possibly test them all.
      Q: Why don't you add to DD's item library?
      A: If the other mod has been out on LL for more than a couple months and I haven't added the items, chances are that I don't like them enough and/or their creators didn't give me permission.
      Q: Can I translate your mod?
      A: I'd feel honoured, but please re-post only the files needed for the actual translation, as a patch with a link to the offical mod! Do NOT re-distribute the entire mod. If you want to post the translated files outsides of LL, please ask for permission first. I am likely to give permission for non-English speaking communities outside of the EU or NA and very, very unlikely otherwise. I also reserve the right to pack any translated files with the main mod and distribute it as part of DD.
      Q: I found this awesome model that would be a perfect fit for a DD item. Will you include it?
      A: I will not put in anything in DD that doesn't support CBBE Bodyslide. The model AND the sliders obviously also need to come with permissions to freely include and distribute it in 3rd party mods. If it does, feel free to suggest it!
      Q: How can make this mod not ever hide the PipBoy? I want to use my own PipBoy hider mod!
      A: Set DD_PipBoyAlwaysHide to -1. This will completely disable the hider feature. Warning: Some restraints will look extremely silly with the PipBoy not hidden. Use this only if you have the PipBoy permanently hidden by another mod and do NOT use this setting when DD's hider feature is currently active.
      Q: Where can I get the items in game?
      A: There is a vendor in Goodneighbor, in the Memory Den. She can sell you restraints and (standard) keys. Her name is Kimy!
      Q: Can I craft the items?
      A: Yes! Make a restraint workbench (found in the workshop menu)
      Q: Can I craft keys?
      A: No. Kimy (the NPC) can sell you standard keys. But she knows how desperate locked-up people are to get their hands on a key, so her prices might be a tad obscene.
      Q: Will DD integrate with FourPlay?
      A: While DD content mods might want to be able to trigger sex scenes to enhance their quests, the framework itself has limited reason to. The biggest use-case is providing a means to pick restraints-aware animations for scenes (so that these chastity belts actually prevent what they are meant to prevent), but FP is not yet stable enough to consider adding it as a dependency. I also want to keep DD F4SE free, so I will probably be looking for ways to link to it as a soft dependency or through an add-on.
      Q: Will this mod ever support another body than CBBE Bodyslide?
      A: That's very extremely unlikely. The Skyrim body wars still haunt me, and I am not keen on a reprisal. Unless another body completely takes over the market in the future, I will not even think about it. And I hope none ever will. CBBE is good enough and supports pretty much any imaginable body shape through Bodyslide. There is zero reason for more body mods, really.
      Q: How about physics support?
      A: In contrast to Skyrim, no single physics mod has currently achieved high enough popularity/support to warrant supporting it. Once this changes and physics-supported gear becomes widely available, it will be considered.
      Min for originally developing Devious Devices Integration for Skyrim, and the design concepts and ideas I used for this mod. Vader666 for making the bound animations in Torture Devices, which are utilized by this mod. Bumex for converting so many Skyrim devices to FO4 for me. You might want to check out his/her awesome clothing pack for FO4 as well: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/72183-fo4-clothing-conversions-from-skyrim-wip/ Zadil for the original Devious Devices Assets, used in this mod with his permission. Fallout 4 conversions by Bumex. DixiePig for the Slave collar and manacles set: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2847-not-at-all-kinky-slave-collar-and-manacles/ These items are licenced under Creative Commons (http://creativecommo...y/4.0/legalcode) Vioxsis for the Institute and Vault-Tec slave sets, used as per the general permissions: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3362-vault-tec-slave-gear/ and http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3160-institute-slave-gear/ Koffii for the awesome restrictive set and the yoke, originally made for Skyrim Devious Devices. These items are licenced under Creative Commons. A copy of that licence can be found with the items. Fallout 4 conversions by Bumex. Pincopallino for the bondage mittens, straitjacket, hobble skirts and formal/elegant dresses, originally made for Skyrim Devious Devices Expansion. Fallout 4 conversions by Bumex. Heretical for the chain harness, nipple clamps, shame mask, and pear gag, originally made for Skyrim Devious Devices Expansion and Heretic Resource Pack. Fallout 4 conversions by Bumex. Newmiller for the latex mini dresses and spandex dresses, taken from the Experimental Latex set. The mod recently got reuploaded again: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72361/? These items are free to use for non-commercial purposes, as long as credit as given. Fallout 4 conversions by Bumex. mxwqtkl for the Shiny Rubber gear, used as per his/her general use permission: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41534/? Fallout 4 conversions by Bumex. HisDudeness for the Balloon Bondage Mittens and Balloon Hoods used as per the general permissions. Get the original mod here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2819-the-duders-grab-bag-of-fetish-items-wip/. Fallout 4 conversions by Bumex. Volfin for allowing me to bundle the excellent gagged sounds from GagSFX with this mod - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/794-gagsfx/ Nytesorrow for generously allowing me to use the latex hoods (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38270-wip-latex-hood/) Dasha for her awesome Devious Toys I partially bundled with this mod in good faith that it's ok to (the assets will be removed immediately in case it is not): http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2170-dashas-devious-toys/ Fallout 4 conversions by Bumex. All the other current and previous members of the DD Team for their work and contributions!