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Adult Mods

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These Fallout 4 mods are of an adult nature.


    1. Wash Out That Cum

      About This MOD
      + This mini MOD is aims to wash out the "Cum Overlay", when the player character is using another MOD's shower furniture (by PlayerRef's "OnSit" Event), or when swimming (by "OnPlayerSwimming" Event).
      + For player character only
      - This MOD is ESL
      - I'm not so good at English, so... please bear with my poor English and  I hope that I can tell you what I want to tell. Sorry.
      + LooksMenu
      + MCM
      +  If plan to remove "Cum Overlay" by showers, at least you need either BYOP or CWSS for building showers (or bathtubs).
      - You can use both Shower MODs at the same time without problems. In that case, please select "For Both" during installation.
      - Build Your Own Pool v4.0
      - CWSS Redux v2.1
      About FOMOD
      + WashOutThatCum.esl
      + "For Swimming Only" or "For BYOP Only" or "For CWSS Only" or "For Both"
      + Installing "For Both" file and using only one shower MOD is OK. However, even in that case, this MOD will check the conditions for both MODs.
      -  Installing second shower MOD after using "For Both" file is also OK.
      + Files that can be changed to:
      - "For Swimming Only" -> "For Only One Shower MOD" -> "For Both" (This is irreversible)
      + Not recommended:
      - From "For Only One Shower MOD" to another "For Only One Shower MOD"
      How To Work
      + After installation, this MOD adds shower furniture's "FormID" from BYOP or CWSS to its own "FormID List".
      + When the player character uses furniture, this MOD checks whether or not that furniture is registered in the "FormID List".
      + If the furniture is registered, this MOD removes the overlay which has the same ID as the following ID list from the player character.
      + In the case of swimming, the overlay is removed when the player character begins to swim.
      + This MOD do not using any Spell or Magic Effect.
      "Cum Overlay" IDs Supported by this MOD
      + Overlays other than the following ID (eg. "Belly_5" etc) are not supported
      - IDs From "AAF patches for Crazy & Leito mods [V3.2 Leito pack v2 + BodyTalk support]" By Polistiro
      - IDs From "AAF Overlay Patches V2.0.0" By riot_punch
      + Supported Overlay ID List
      + When using BYOP or CWSS, please do not change the ESP name.
      + Any MODs including overlays with the same ID as the above list ("Overlay ID" are contained in "overlays.json") will be conflicted (means when taking a shower or swimming, the conflicting overlay will be removed from the player character).
      - Tested with overlays added by AAF. However, if that overlay is added by the LooksMenu's overlay function, and the ID is same as above list, it'll be removed from the player character when taking a shower or swimming.
      - I checked the various MOD (eg. Tattoo MOD etc) that using overlays, but no conflicts were found at the moment. If there are any other MODs that has same overlay ID, please let me know!



    2. [AAF] FO4 Animations by Leito - 12/21/18 -

      Update - 12/21/18 - v2.0a
      -Removed all references to nude suits.
      -Removed all Vortex managing files (that I could find)

      Update - 12/20/18 - v2.0
      There has been lot of changes to this mod, so please read the installation, requirements, and bugs section.
      -Mod is now dependent on Advance Animation Framework
      -No longer compatible with Four-Play (nor will it ever be again in its current state)
      -Removed sex guns (and it'll never return)
      -Removed scripts associated with sex guns
      -Removed fomod installer
      -Removed previously included male body
      -Added mouth movements to all animations
      -Removed looping heavy breathing from all animations
      -Added new voices and sound effects
      -Removed the need for character offsets (AAF)
      -Added squirting effect at the end of most animation sequences (thanks Zaz)
      -Reworked some animations
      -Made some animations compatible with beds, mattresses and sleeping bags
      -Supermutants and Dog xmls for AAF are included
      -Re-exported all animations to be compatible with the upcoming extended skeleton

      This is an animation pack for Advance Animation Framework.
      Animation List (Click on links for previews)
      Blowjob - ground
      Carry - ground
      Carry 2 - ground
      Cowgirl - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Cowgirl 2 - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Cowgirl 3 - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Cowgirl 4 - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Doggy - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Doggy 2 - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Missionary - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Missionary 2 - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Powerbomb - ground
      Reverse Carry - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Reverse Cowgirl - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Reverse Cowgirl 2 - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Spoon - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Standing Doggy - ground
      Standing Doggy 2 - ground
      Aggressive Blowjob - ground
      Aggressive Carry - ground
      Aggressive Cowgirl - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Aggressive Doggy - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Aggressive Missionary - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Aggressive Powerbomb - ground
      Doggy - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Doggy 2 - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Missionary - ground, single beds, double beds, mattresses, sleeping bags
      Carry - ground
      Doggy - ground
      Powerbomb - ground
      Reverse Carry - ground
      Standing Doggy - ground
      Standing Sideways - ground
      Advance Animation Framework (and all its requirements)  (IMPORTANT: Make sure my mod loads after this mod)
      AAF Compatibility Patches  (IMPORTANT: Make sure my mod loads after this mod)
      AAF patches for Crazy & Leito  (IMPORTANT: Make sure my mod loads after this mod)

      Use a mod manager like Vortex. Make sure you have the latest version.
      1) Install Advance Animation Framework
      2) Install FO4 Animations by Leito
      3) Install AAF patches for Crazy & Leito
      This mod is required for cum overlays and canine parts to work correctly.  You will encounter an "Overlay Missing" error if this isn't installed.  My mod doesn't support gay/lesbian because I don't want to keep up with that many xmls.  However, AAF patches for Crazy & Leito does support that.
      4) Install AAF Compatibility Patches 
      This mod is required for human and supermutant dicks to work.
      I don't condone having fun with critters or participating in non-consensual acts in real life.  This is purely fantasy shenanigans.
      Leito86 - author
      Ashal and Loverlab
      Crazy6987 - Crazy6987 - Sex Animation
      dagobaking - Advanced Animation Framework 
      DocClox - Four-Play
      ShadeAnimator, DexesTPP and whoever else for their work on deciphering FO4's animation.
      vinfamy - For the various Four-Play mods
      Polistiro - AAF patches for Crazy & Leito (cum overlays)
      Zaz - Techincal advice and Particle Effects
      Skbs - gun fix
      dragonborn_s20 - alternate female voices
      I don't want this or any parts of this mod Bethesda.net. Obvious Reasons. Don't be that guy.
      You may not use/include any of the content in this mod in any commercial or donation taking mods/projects.  



    3. Working noose - proof of concept

      13-Feb-19 uploaded 5.0 stable - please see "what's new" below
      17-Feb-19 uploaded 5.01, hopefully should fix CTD when building the "hanging plain" furniture - the rest of the 5.0 comments below are still relevant
      Best to do it manually, I haven't tested installing through NMM. Just copy my data folded into your data folder, overwrite anything. Make sure you read my caution in the 3.5 changelog, and the disclaimer.
      To Use
      Hanging Gun
      - Acquire the Hanging Gun via console (xx058BF4), fire at will
      [3.5 update] Do not use the HangingGunIDLE, it is broken / work in progress
      [5.0 update] + Hanging gun FURN, + Noose Arrow
      Hanging Furniture
      - the furniture needs to be built in God mode (!) I think I fixed this since version 5.0
      - I highly recommend using Place Anywhere from Nexus, to be able to position the nooses more freely
      - build a noose from the workshop menu, just place it freely as of 3.7beta1
      - or build a hanging pole
      - console click the NPC, setcommandstate 1, or intimidate the NPC
      - exit console, hover on the noose around the slipknot area, the prompt changes into "sit"
      The NPC will play the furniture's specific animation, die, kick, swing
      Absolute requirements: Dead Body Collision and F4SE
      Version 5.0+ requires Gray User's Bad Ends Animations ; his NSWF pack is recommended if you want sound during the animation phase
      I really do recomment installing FO4 Hotkeys and assign one hotkey (I use F1) to the command "pna; setcommandstate 1" (this will enable you to command any NPC just by pointing at them and pressing F1)
      Place Everywhere is highly recommended
      An autohotkey manager for object manipulation (like this one) is highly recommended, to position the nooses freely outside workshop areas
      You can always spawn a workbench anywhere in the world by using pt c1aeb, and build freely in workshop mode around it.
      All DLCs and Armorsmith Extended required for version 4.1 (hopefully removed since 4.5 beta)
      - ag12 for his invaluable help in setting up the script, thank you!
      - Oakern, for his awesome CRX mod, which is a must-have for me (hopes he keeps adding content to it), for providing the inspiration and for giving me permission to use his assets (which I did)
      - Vader666, from whom I took the hands-bound animation and helped me figure out how to add animations to furniture (thank you!), check out his Torture Devices mod
      - LazyGirl, check out her Abduction mod
      - Uses one animation from Crazy (the crazy assfuck)
      - steve40 for giving me permission to use his dirt shader from CWSS
      - Crimsomrider, for giving me permission to distribute my modded versions of his outfits
      - Gray User for his hanging animations
      - others who kindly helped me at various stages along the way
      Use it - and hopefully improve upon it - in any way you want, but please let me know in a comment or PM if you managed to create a better version, so I can enjoy it myself. This is the reason why I uploaded it under modder's resouce.
      I cannot speak for the assets I took from Vader666, Crazy, steve40 and Crimsomrider - those assets belong to them.
      Future plans
      - fix the kneeling noose alignment (easy, but a tedious process) - in v3.5 it's pretty much solved... approximately
      - add proper animations - I need help here (!!!) I don't know squat about making animations
      - add swing to the noose - added some havok to the dead NPC, will continue to look into this - [3.7b1] added rotation and swing
      - add havok to the noose - no idea how
      - add more content to the kneeling nooses
      - a strappado
      - garotte devices - [v3.7b1] done, check out the immersive garrotte shithouse
      - additional restraints - [v3.6] added feet restraints to the hanging pole (straight)
      - look into introducing a hanging hook
      - introduce additional props
      This is my first scripted mod ever. It may break your save, your game, or your life (shouldn't, really, unless it's already fucked up) - I take no responsibility. The scripts are not tested for performance or for persistence. If you get bloated saves, or bloated Papyrus logs, or orphan scripts, or whatever, sorry, I don't really know what I'm doing, so use this mod(der's resource) on your own responsibility.
      Detailed change log (please take the time to read this)



    4. Family Planning Enhanced More Creatures

      Here is my expanded WIP mod addon for family planning enhanced. (which is an requirement to this mod) (this is also edited from posts in different topics and a bit long winded)

      There is five versions of this mod with an ESP or ESL depending on your preference
      FPEAIOCreatureAddon contains both the impregnation from creatures as well as the Egg mechanic
      FPEAIOCreatureAddon_NS is a non sexual version with only the Egg & Womb mechanic (because of issues I added that all creatures offspring is a non-living sac)
      FPEAIOCreatureAddon_Breed only contains the impregnation quests from certain creatures
      FPEAIOCreatureAddon_Horror is more restricted version of the nonsexual version, all creatures offspring is a non-living sac
      FPEVanillaCreatureAddon contains both the impregnation from creatures as well as the Egg mechanic from the vanilla game
      Egg's or Wombs

      Basically there is a chance on a dead creatures bodies, there may be a chance of getting a dying creature egg(or womb) which is designed so that the quest won't start until you want it to start. also there is a chance that you can find a living egg in a nest
      To revive the egg, visit the chemistry station with the egg, stimpak, Jet and some of its DNA(flesh or blood)
      this also requires two(of three) perks - Science! and Animal Friend or Wasteland Whisperer (with different level depending on the creature)
      Additional, you can delay, buy and sell eggs (and babies) via the use of cryogenics, in chemistry station, you can add liquid Nitrogen or cryo ammo to your eggs to enable them to be sold
      there is also a price incentive for this as well that frozen eggs are worth 4X the value of dying eggs (revived eggs are 0)
      To reheat the egg, visit the chemistry station to reheat them. (this step is designed because the eggs kept hatching on vendors)
      The progression of the egg(or womb) cycle
      Dying --> Revived  <--> Frozen
      Children & Adults
      when an Egg(or womb) is revived then the quest begins and after a certain amount of time(depended on the creature type)
      Then the revived egg is hatched with a friendly baby creature spawning at your location(or settlement if you drop them at a settlement)
      after an amount of time the child will grow into an adult and then it becomes one of two possible outcomes.
      Tamed Creatures are dependent on the workshop but provide greater defense but you can control them and they at a lower level)
      Feral Creatures are independent and don't provide anything to the workshop but they are usually at a higher level than tamed but you cannot control them
      also the growing is different for each creature type.
      Creatures eggs and wombs included in this mod
      Alien^added in 0.975
      Bloodbugs (hostile only)
      Raider dog(i think)
      Dogmeat (can be found on other dogs)
      Vicious Dog
      Ghoul from Feral Ghouls
      Gorilla^added in 0.975
      Mirelurk Queen^added in 0.975
      Mutant Hound
      Yao Guai
      *Mirelurk this now uses the vanilla food item as its dying egg
      *Deathclaw this now uses the vanilla food item as its dying egg
      *Radscorpion this now uses the vanilla food item as its dying egg
      Hermit Crabs^added in 0.975
      Anglers^added in 0.975
      Fog Crawlers^added in 0.975
      Gulpers^added in 0.975
      Brahmiluff (added an unique death levelled list to Brahimuff)
      Cave Cricket
      Ghoulrilla^added in 0.975 (as part of gorilla)
      Rad Gazelle
      and the NPCs can be impregnated by the most of the above.
      However some of them will not work until animations come out
      Additional Information
      This is NOT compatible with "Family Planning"
      This mod is still work in progress so I still have to find good balance of the number involve in this mod
      which include making a quick and dirty life cycle for each creature.
      as well finding a good mesh for nonhuman newborns
      also there might a size issue with some children and double messaging
      there is a size issue with some adults as well such as Mirelurk Queen and Gorilla
      if anyone interested in testing this addon, here it is
      and please give me constructive feedback
      and yes, i know this is long winded



    5. Meet FULLY VOICED Insane Ivy 4.0!

      4457 Lines of unique and quest related dialogue!
      2/16/2019 - Add Video Promo.

      She has without a doubt more dialogue than any other custom companion out there!
      *Translates to over 7 hours of dialogue, voice by Chic Geek*
      *Translates to over 6 hours of dialogue in robotic voice*
      Ivy is completely and UNIQUELY VOICED (no copy/pasting vanilla lines).
      Ivy is completely FUCKING INSANE.
      Ivy is a fully automated fucked up Sex Synth.
      She's extremely RUDE and PERVERSE.
      She is SURPRISINGLY DEEP AND INTENSE with a dark and intricate backstory which unfolds as Ivy's affinity for you rises.
      You can literally talk to her for hours on end and never hear a repeated sentence!
      She's a strong, tough, capable young woman, but for you her knees turn weak.
      New! @urbanoantigo has been kind enough to make a Portugese-Brazilian translation available as separate download.
      Installation instructions:
      - First install the Base 7z file
      - Install your voice of choice (robot / human)
      - Now download the translation 7z file and unzip into your Fallout4 directory, overwrite any target files.
      - Warning: File has been tested, but by a select audience. Please report any bugs (in english as I don't speak pt-BR myself).
      The most COMPLETE version of Ivy yet!
      Now voiced by a REAL voice actress!
      Step 1) Install the BASE mod by unzipping the 7zip file directly into your fallout 4 directory, overwrite any target files.
      Step 2) Choose either Ivy';s original voice files, or choose Chic Geek's voice files, download and install in the same manner.
      Alternatively, instead of manually unzipping, drag the chosen 7zip files into your Mod Manager, and install through that.
      If you are experiencing the 'WIVS radio is not playing' bug. Then you can download this patch.
      Instructions follow below:
      Open up the NX-2C Controller Holotape. Open the Advanced options. Click on 'Reset Radio'. Exit the pipboy, wait a bit (5-10 seconds). Start the radio station in any way you see fit (pipboy radio, buildable radio etc..)  
      1) Ivy's HAIR.
      - Order Ivy to SIT on a chair.
      - Stand in front of her, open the console and click on her. Note her ID in the top of the console.
      - Type 'SLM #IVY'S ID# 2' <-- Note and do not forget the '2' behind Ivy's ID.
      - Close the console
      2) Ivy's DRESS.
      - Talk to IVY and enter her TRADE menu.
      - Give her the item of clothing you want to give her, and press T to have her equip it.
      3) Ivy's FACE.
      - Order Ivy to SIT on a chair.
      - Stand in front of her, open the console and click on her. Note her ID in the top of the console.
      - Type 'SLM #IVY'S ID# 1' <-- Note and do not forget the '1' behind Ivy's ID.
      - Close the console
      If you like this mod, help us and subscribe to Chic Geek's channel!!
      Want more of Chic Geek?
      ?Follow her!!?
      ?Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ChicGeek
      ?Discord: https://discord.gg/WvPyC25
      ? Instagram: chicgeekgamer
      ?SnapChat: chicgeekgamer
      ?️ Twitter: @chicgeekgamer
      ?️Twitch: chicgeekgamer
      Warning & Legal

      What others say about Ivy:



    6. [AAF] Themes (beta) - BasicAnimations, SexAnimations, Kinky/CreatureSexAnimations

      Themes allow customisation of AAF by tuning it to ignore some installed animations. If you do not install some themes Theme, there will be no tags added to any relevant animations you have installed so they should not be picked by mods using the tagging system, So if you want to install an animation pack that has a mix of Posing and Other animations, you should only experience the Posing ones in your game unless you manually pick them in the AAF wizard.
      You can install any one theme or all of them. There are duplicated files across them so let them overwrite or not makes no difference, unless one is newer.

      The VanillaSex, KinkySex and CreatureSex Themes are now combined in the one FOMOD and only available on Lovers Lab, the Basic Theme is only needed if you use poses.

      You should only see the message when a theme is first installed on a save game.

      These theme packs contain all the parts of tagData from Halstroms_TagData.XML (APT) split into each relevant theme making APT redundant. If you have APT (Halstrom_tagData.xml) also installed it will result in double tagging some animations and probably cause weirdness or bugs.
      Installing all the themes is the same as having the full APT.
      This also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro most have not been tested yet.
      This spoiler contains links to the supported Animation mods.
      Let me know if I've missed any too.
      File versions are by date so 180510 is 10th of May 2018, not 5th of October 2018 unless you are American

      Thanks To:
      F4SE people
      Dagobaking for his help learning how this voodoo works
      CGI for general help and creating the FOMOD version
      and Test Minions
      No Kiddie Porn usage, I don't want to be involved in any crap that hits the fan. I DO NOT support any use of my mods for kiddie porn or adult sexual situations like child pregnancy.
      Otherwise do whatever you want with this except selling it, Animators are free to use it themselves to replace their templates, less work for me when updates then

      The Basic and Vanilla Sex Themes are available on Nexus but may be a version behind this for a week or so.
      Basic Theme - Covers one of the Pose packs. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.
      BasicSex Theme - Covers all vanilla basic sex animations, Male/Female, Male/Male, Female/Female, GangBangs. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.

      KinkySexTheme - Includes Vanilla sex Theme and covers Aggressive/Rough Sex, Spanking, Bondage positions and Bondage furniture animations. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.
      CreatureSex Theme - Includes Vanilla sex Theme and covers all Creature Sex Animations including Aggressive ones. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.

      AAF obviously
      The DLC's are currently required for only the Kinky and Creature Themes until I update the FOMOD. But they can be used if the following files are removed.

      3 of the files are old versions just in case there's an issue with the latest version, the files are labelled by Date 181211.0 is 2018 December 11th version 0
      The VanillaSex, KinkySex and CreatureSex Themes are combined in the one FOMOD and only available on Lovers Lab.



    7. Raider Pet

      This mod provides a scenario for role-playing a Raider captive.  The quest is basically free-form, no quest markers or fixed objectives; it can be started anytime after the initial rebuilding of Sanctuary, simply by putting all your weapons in storage and walking into a Raider camp.  There's a demanding note (found and delivered by Jun Long in Sanctuary) providing some extra motivation, but that's entirely optional.
      The first raider who greets you will take various items (bobby pins, caps, DD keys) and lock you in a collar - with an explosive attached.  If you run away, or just stay away from Raider encounters for too long (20 min.), it will kill you... though there's a chance it'll misfire and spare your life.  If you manage to remove the collar, or equip a weapon, the raiders will turn hostile again (grenades or mines don't count, if you equip them while sneaking).
      The raider boss (if one could be identified) will have some additional dialogue, but other raiders are mostly generic.  He or she will also have a key to your collar.  If no boss could be identified, then the raider who put the collar on will have the key.
      If you don't have Devious Devices loaded, you'll have to use your imagination for the collar, and there won't be any keys to find.  In that case, the timer will be disarmed as soon as hostilities resume.  So DD is strongly recommended - but it isn't a hard dependency.
      The first time you escape, you will gain the Black Widow perk (if you don't already have it).  Every capture & escape will also provide a modest XP reward.
      The scenario is repeatable.
      NPC Interactions:
      Jun Long finds a ransom demand and delivers it to you. Several followers (Deacon, MacCready, Cait, Strong) may have scenes that play after you clear a location (any time after running the base infiltration scenario). Diamond City guards will be abusive, but not hostile, if you've been running with a Raider pack.  
      Start by putting away all weapons and walking into Raider territory unarmed.  Power armor does not count as 'unarmed', by the way. The first raider will collar you and take some items from your inventory. You'll be able to talk to the raiders, and may even get paid a little.  You can probably filch stuff from camp, while you're at it. With the right animations installed, gang options will be available.  Actors will be chosen from among the ones who've already greeted you, whether they previously participated in a scene or not.  Max of 5 actors, including the player character. Equipping a weapon will end the infiltration, and the raiders will turn hostile again.  Immediately. Equipping a mine or grenade (when sneaking) will not end the infiltration - if you can find or steal one.  Neither will placing a grenade in a target's pocket (though that usually kills you too). Removing the collar, by any means, will turn the raiders hostile again. There is a risk that one of the Raiders will attack you in a jealous rage. One of the non-boss Raiders will be chosen as the special actor 'Lucky', who will have some additional dialogue (work-in-progress at the moment). Using a cookpot or chem lab with Rat Poison in your inventory will give you a chance that people you encounter will take tainted food or drugs from you.  Low level raiders may die, others will just be weaker.   Poison is slow acting, and doesn't affect everyone you meet.  Rat poison can often be found in garage cabinets (hint). Pickpocket attempts are easier, for a short while after sex (i.e. distraction helps), but the DD keys are hard to steal. This scenario is repeatable.  Assuming you can still walk afterwards.  
      Mod Interactions:
      Uses a collar and tape gag from Devious Devices, if available. Adjusts D/s orientation in SexAttributes, depending on dialogue responses (mostly towards the submissive side).  
      Modder Documentation and Example:
      This file is an example of various ways other mods can interact with this one, with extensive comments.  It's a working example, tested in game.
      Thanks go to the LL mods gang, for fantastic mod resources.
      Thanks to @CGi for the German translation, and @Caiena for the Russian translation.
      This mod requires AAF for animations (minimum version AAF 49Beta).  It won't load without that.  FP-based mods should (mostly) work with it, using the AAF FourPlay proxy.
      The new dialogue is not voiced, so turn on subtitles.
      Optional extras:
      Toxic Raider Armor
      SexAttributes (the AAF version of FPAttributes)
      Devious Devices
      No known conflicts. 
      This covers some of the same territory as my Rogue Sexbot mod, so I don't necessarily recommend using both at once, but they shouldn't actually conflict.
      Version History:



    8. Real Comics Replacer

      This mod replaces some comics from the Real Comics mod with some NSFW stuff. This mod was originally made for personal use so I may or may not have cut some corners in some places. It mostly includes stuff from shadbase but because shadman draws some questionable stuff some of it has been removed from this mod. It also includes some furry stuff This mod includes all kinds of comics.
      I will be adding more to this mod as time goes on.
      Currently there are 34 comics (Most of them include multiple smaller comics in one book)
      Install using Nexus Mod Manager (or any other manager)
      Manually extract in the Fallout 4 directory
      Real Comics: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17291
       - No Comment
      Where do I get these comics?
      - Real Comics added them to the leveled list, so they will randomly spawn in certain boxes and lockers and that kind of stuff, you can choose how often that happens with the ESP you download from the Real Comics page. If you can't wait for that you can also just cheat them in with something like ESP Explorer, but beware when using VIS-G, your game may crash. So you can also search the ID of the comic (help name 4) and spawn it with console (player.additem ID 1), that does fortunately not crash your game.
      - The image above does not represent all comics, there are way more.



    9. geigerzaehler CBBE BodySlide Preset Pack

      Meet Linda, Mary, Wendy and Sarah! 😗
      Here is how to use the preset:
      Copy the XML file to ..\Fallout 4\Data\Tools\BodySlide\SliderPresets Run BodySlide.exe Look for presets called geigerzaehler: ... Select your outfit and build it



    10. Banshee Bulge (Banshee Recon Armor futa edit)

      What is this:
      A quick and dirty edit of Deserter X's Banshee Recon Armor to give the shorts a slight bulge.
      For futa/trans characters or whatever you want to call a female body with a dick. I've seen a few mods that add dicks to female characters, but only one mod that edits armor (and it's all base game vanilla stuff which i'm sure everyone is tired of by now). I like this armor, but it lacks bodyslide and I lack the knowledge to make it bodyslidable, so I did this.
      How (to install)?:
      First, download this: Banshee Recon Armor CBBE from nexus. and install it however you want.
      Then, download my file from here.
      Go to your fallout 4 folder, and go to Data\meshes\DX\Banshee, then replace Banshee.nif with the one from my file.
      Just a reminder, this is just the edited mesh, you NEED the original armor installed to use this.



    11. AAF Morning Sex With Lover

      About This MOD
      + When a romanced companion who woke up together speaks "Pillow-Talk", this little MOD calls an AAF scene with three probabilities and some customizable settings.
      - This MOD works with "Romanceable Vanilla and DLC Companions". If you want this MOD to works with "Romanceable Non-Vanilla Companion", you need to create a patch esp.
      - I'm not good at English, like couldn't sense difference between dude vs. buddy, or probability vs. possibility. So... please bear with my poor English and  I hope that I can tell you what I want to tell. Sorry.
      + Nuka-World DLC (If you use Gage. "No Nuka-World esp" is available in the FOMOD.)
      + AAF Beta26 or above
      + MCM v1.11 or above
      + Any MODs that changes "Pillow Talk" dialogue.
      - Player's comments on "Pillow-Talk" will be conflicts. So patched esp for "PlayerComments MOD" is available in the FOMOD. Load this MOD after "PlayerComments.esp".
      - If there are any other MODs that needs patches, please let me know.
      How to Work
      + Basically, when PC wakes up, -> The romanced companion wakes up with pillow-talk, (Up to this point, this MOD do nothing,) -> Probability calculation, -> The companion approaching to PC, -> Then starts an AAF scene. Simple as that.
      + To start an AAF scene, the following conditions must be met.
      + The companion who spoke the pillow-talk must be within the distance set in the MCM.
      + The player character must not hold a weapon (or bare-hands), and not be in combat state.
      + Also, the "pillow-talk" must be played within 10sec after the sleep menu is executed and blackout is completed.
      + This MOD checks whether the companion is in wake-up animation, considering the case that the pillow-talk dialogue is played at normal times.
      - However, since Danse is always in PA, the wake-up animation will not be played. So, only in his case, if he is in PA, he clears the condition and no longer needs to be in wake-up animation. Please let me know if there is any problem with this.
      - Dance now uses the same checking method as other companions.
      Some MCM Settings and Features
      ++ MSWL's Settings 
      + Main Switch is in MCM. There are also the rings alternative to the main switch (no need any equip-slot), these can be crafted at the Chemistry station.
      + ON/OFF of [Check the Player's Sleep State]
      - When set to "Do Not Check", this MOD ignores whether the sleep menu was executed just before the "pillow-talk".
      + High Chance, Medium Chance, Low Chance
      - Scripts with different probabilities are attached to each dialogue. You can change the number of probabilities, but you cannot change the type of probability. Sorry.
      + Waiting Time in Seconds (You can change this number in MCM)
      - There is a little waiting time for RP, before and after an AAF scene. The companion will follows the PC and looks at the face. (Some companion management MODs may interfere with the function of looks at the PC's face.)
      + Minimum Sleeping Hours
      - If the sleeping hours is shorter than or not equal to the setting hours, MSWL scene will not be started.
      ++ AAF Scene Settings (Only affects MSWL's AAF scenes)
      + Duration of Animations
      + ON/OFF of [AAF's "travel and wait" Packages]
      + ON/OFF of [Animations Using Furniture]
      - (You can set a percentage for "furniture-preference", also set the "Furniture Scan Radius", in MCM.)
      + Whether to include aggressive animations or not, or use aggressive animations only.
      - (Tags MOD like "Animation Position Tags" or "[AAF] Themes (beta)" by Halstrom is required.)
      + ON/OFF of [Change Subs' Expression to "in Pain", If "Aggressive" Animation is Playing]
      - Note that if "xxx_animationData.xml" has any animations with blank gender settings, and the actor nodes in that animation node are not in the order of F then M, this function dose not works well. (Not the subs' expresson, but the aggressor's expression will be changed to "in Pain".)
      - If "ignore_animation_genders" in "AAF_settings.xml" is "true", "the order of F then M" is required for all animations.
      - If not works well, please turn off this function or edit those xml.
      Examples for required order:
              <actor gender=""> Settings for "Receiving" Actor, like Female. </actor>
              <actor> Settings for "Giving" Actor, like Male. </actor>
              <actor gender="F"> Settings for "Receiving" Actor, like Female. </actor>
              <actor gender="M"> Settings for "Giving" Actor, like Male. </actor>
      ++ About PC's Position (Only affects MSWL's AAF scenes, and Most only affects the same-sex scenes)
      - Receiving, Giving, Random
      + If "ignore_animation_genders" in "AAF_settings.xml" is "false (Default)", this setting will works with the following animations.
      - Same-sex animations.
      - If there are any animations with blank gender settings, such as <actor gender =""> line or "gender =" is omitted, in the "xxx_animationData.xml". In this case, "the order of F then M" is required for those animations.
      + If "ignore_animation_genders" in "AAF_settings.xml" is "true", this setting will works with the following animations.
      - "The order of F then M" is required for all animations.
      - All animations regardless of gender settings (...I think).
      ++ The AAF_GenderOverride Rings
      - Add/remove the following keywords to equipped character. These rings can be crafted at the Chemistry station. (Only works with unique characters).
      - Characters with these keywords are treated as the indicated gender in AAF.
      - If you add/remove these keywords in the middle of the playing, you will need to save and load for reset the AAF's cache or something to actually apply the keyword to the character.
      + AAF_GenderOverride_Female
      - Cum Overlays after animations will be applied. Male genital morph will be no longer apply.
      - "ON/OFF of [Morph a Male PC who has "Female Keyword"] for MSWL's AAF scene" is available in MCM. (ApplyMorphSet to OverrideFemale-Male seems to works only for PC (or Doppelganger), for now.)
      + AAF_GenderOverride_Male
      - Cum Overlays after animations will be no longer apply.
      - I have not tested what happens to female's strapon, sorry.
      ++ Turn PlayerComments MOD OFF During the Scenes
      + Only during the MSWL scenes.
      - For no more comments on the partner's naked body or Race or something.
      Patch ESPs For "Non-Vanilla Companions"
      Meet FULLY VOICED Insane Ivy 4.0! By Reginald_001



    12. Destroyer's Files

      This is just a collection of modifications I made for my own game or for others, I will place them here for anyone who wants and doesn't know how to do it himself. Latest updated files will be marked with * to avoid confusion with updates.
      AAF SEU Servitron
      This mod will make Servitron 'work' with AAF Sex Em Up. Only works for playercharacter, no companions.
      ZaZOut beta v.003 - damage patch
      Will lower the damage the cane does and should prevent NPC's from becoming hostile when you hit them.
      Xarna Height Adjustment
      Will change Xarna's height to the size of a normal female, so animations with AAF don't look offset.
      Texture Replacer
      A texture replacer so small, I didn't even want to make a seperate page for it. It is meant to be used together with other texure replacers on this site so it shouldn't overwrite (except when I found something more appealing)



    13. AAF Prostitution

      Many thanks to @Torn for actively testing the mod and suggestions for its improvement.
      This is FP Prostitution (based on 2.71) conversion to AAF API with some changes.  Original mod was made by @vinfamy
      AFF 0.36+ is REQUIRED! (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5584-advanced-animation-framework/)
      If you turn on "Bed using" feature you need those mods:
      * SavageCabbages Animation Pack (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5983-my-animation-pack-updated-25082018/) 
      * Various AAF XML files 2.21 is required (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7057-fo4-various-aaf-xml-files/). When Install it choose "SavageCabbage - Crowd", "SavageCabbage - FF" and "SavageCabbage - Ground"

      Main features
      General checks information

      Prostitution Mode
      Role assignment mode
      MCM Settings
      Original mod page (with detailed descrition) is:



    14. Rogue Sexbot

      There are several excellent mods available that let you wander the Commonwealth as a sexbot, but it's a bit jarring that nobody seems to recognize your nature.  So this mod aims to provide some of the key NPCs with additional dialogue and behavior to make this a more immersive experience.  It doesn't provide a story quest, in the traditional sense - just some extra role-play opportunities to fit into your own tale.
      The A.S.I.A. mod is an excellent option for this, there should be no conflict between these scenes and it's terminal-driven storyline.  Another good choice is the Rogue Prototype armor mod (with Unique Player to create a unique nude body for the player).  But you can use any body you like, it doesn't affect this mod's behavior.   It's written for female characters, but gender roles are not enforced in any way.
      NPC Interactions:
      Sturges may proposition you, anytime after completing the settlement tutorial quest for him. Deacon (as a follower) has several new dialogues, mostly in major settlements, provided you have Devious Devices and/or RSE. MacCready (as a follower) may proposition you, once he gets to know you a bit (kill off the Gunners at the overpass). Piper is curious about how lifelike you feel (does not require that she be your follower) Hancock may demand tribute of a personal nature (does not require that he be your follower, does require Fahrenheit to still be alive). Nick Valentine may comment on your similarities.  And the nicer packaging. Random passerby may make rude (or admiring) comments.  Some of them are specific to Good Neighbor or Bunker Hill, to give each community a more unique flavor. ASIA sexbots have a few new dialogue scenes of their own, including one to cadge Nanite Overclock drugs from the player. Patrick (Trudy's Jet-addict son) has a bit of new dialogue as well. Knight Rhys has a scene of his own, once you've completed your first radiant quest for him (Brotherhood quest line). Travis has an option to start an Infiltration mission, at the appropriate point in the Confidence Man quest (i.e. to scout the Beantown Brewery). Sturges can also start an Infiltration mission, once you've done a scene with him - though he won't follow you.  This makes Infiltration a viable option for the Corvega Factory mission: get in, hack the Protectron, and escape in the resulting confusion. Strong can also proposition you.  Codsworth cannot, but may have other comments from time to time. Several of these scenes are repeatable, and responses are slightly different after the first time.  
      Once they get to know you a bit, either Deacon or MacCready will have a new dialogue option:  they'll offer to hold your guns while you go off and infiltrate a raider or supermutant camp... as their toy.  Should also work with Strong (as of v1_3). You'll be able to talk to the raiders or mutants, and may even get paid a little.  You can probably filch stuff from camp, while you're at it. With the right animations installed, gang-bang options will be available.  Actors will be chosen from among the ones who've already greeted you, whether they previously participated in a scene or not.  Max of 5 actors, including the player character. Equipping a weapon will end the infiltration, and the bad guys will turn hostile again.  Immediately. Equipping a mine or grenade (when sneaking) will not end the infiltration - if you can find or steal one. Using a cookpot or chem lab with Rat Poison in your inventory will give you a chance that people you encounter will take tainted food or drugs from you.  Low level raiders may die, others will just be weaker.   Poison is slow acting, and doesn't affect everyone you meet. This scenario is repeatable.  Assuming you can still walk afterwards.  
      Mod Interactions:
      Uses a collar from Devious Devices, if available. Notifies SexAttributes if scenes are aggressive or consensual, and may defer scenes if the character's too worn out. Adjusts D/s orientation in SexAttributes, depending on dialogue responses (mostly towards the submissive side). Uses 'Pickaxe Body Spray' from RSE in one scene, if available.  
      Thanks go to the LL mods gang, for fantastic mod resources.
      Thanks to @Caiena, for the Russian translation.
      This mod requires AAF for animations.  It won't load without that.  FP-based mods should (mostly) work with it, using the AAF FourPlay proxy.
      The new dialogue is not voiced, so turn on subtitles.
      Optional extras:
      New A.S.I.A with BoS Addon 
      Rogue Prototype ( and Unique Player to provide a unique nude body based on it )
      Recommend adding the SavageCabbage animation pack, if you want gang scenes to work.
      SexAttributes (the AAF version of FPAttributes)
      RSE (either FP or AAF)
      Devious Devices
      No known conflicts.
      Version History:



    15. The Islander's Almanac Replacer

      A texture replacer that will replace the Islander's Almanac.
      Requirements: Far Harbor DLC



    16. Re-textured Magazines - DLC #3 The Islanders Almanac 1.0.0

      I had a request for the Far Harbor magazines re-texture, so here you go...
      I haven't been able to find re-textures to my liking, so i decided to make my own...
      I didn't try to keep within the same universe of 'lore' as the original magazines except for keeping most of the wording the originals had.
      Most of the original art was made by Rebecca



    17. Just Business [WIP]

      This mod allows you to enslave NPCs. Enslaved NPCs can be sent to settlements to work there or can be used as companions.
      Fallout 4 DLC Nuka-World DLC Vault-Tec Workshop F4SE Mod Configuration Menu Extended Dialogue Interface Advanced Animation Framework LL FourPlay community F4SE plugin (Included in AAF)  
      Rename Anything TextInputMenu [AAF] Themes (beta) - BasicAnimations, SexAnimations, Kinky/CreatureSexAnimations  
      To install simply extract all files into Fallout 4 folder and enable "Just Business.esp" in any plugin manager.
      To update just extract all files to Fallout 4 folder and allow newer files to replace old ones.
      If you are updating from version 0.3.2 or higher use "Update" option in MCM-menu.
      Warning: Clean save is strongly recommended if you are updating from versions lower than 0.3.0.
      For version 0.6.7, a clean save is recommended. Upgrade is possible only from version 0.5.8.
      Attention: If you decide to update the mod, you need to, before installing the update, to dismiss slaves from any work and from the followers and just settle them in the settlement.
      Be sure to wait for the message about the end of the update!
      This mod adds new "Hunter mode", in which you can mark victims. While marked, NPCs will become essential and once their health reaches "0" they will enter "bleedout state".  When NPCs is in "bleedout state" player can talk to them and decide their fate (kill, enslave or let go) .
      To enter "Hunter mode" you need to press "H" (can be reassigned in MCM). To mark NPC press "R".
      Enslaved NPCs can be used as companions (you can have more than one companion slave at once) or sent to any player settlement.
      All enslaved NPCs have "submission level"  which represents their escape chance. "Submission" is being increased automatically while slave wears "Shock collar" or works in your settlement. You can see slave's "submission"  in information option in dialogue. There you can also change NPC's name and appearance.
      If NPC's "submission" reached 100 you can assign this NPC to be a "Quartermaster".  This allows NPC to have "Pack Brahmin" in which you can store your items.
      Companion slaves can take orders in command mode(same as vanilla game companions), you can ask them to relax, show their inventory, use power armor and instantly unequip all their clothes.
      In settlements NPCs can be assigned to any settler activities except some, that have slave "submission" level requirement. These activities are: stay on guard post (requires at least 80 "submission"), use trading post (50 "submission") or use trade caravan post (100 "submission").
      If you leave slave with "submission" lower than 100, then this slave will have a chance to escape depending on his "submission" value i.e. the lower "submission level", the more chances are that slave will escape. When slave escapes, player will receive "Escaped slave" quest ,which will show runaway slave location.
      To prevent slaves from escaping - assign them to pillory in settlement (DLC "ContraptionsWorkshop").
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - Gameplay - v0.3.0
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.2 - New Features
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.3 - New Features
      Fallout 4 Just Business [WIP] - v0.3.7 - New Features
      You can toggle:
      slave tracking unlimited ammo for slaves ability to rename settlers (not slaves) reassign "Hunter mode" button allow teleport to Institute (and not only) allow management of vassal settlements switch the quest "Runaway slave" Enables and assigns a hotkey to "Additional Dialogs Mode" Settings sex scenes with slaves.  
      DMC500 for translating the description into English F4SE Team for F4SE reg2k - Neanka - shadowslasher410 - registrator2000 for Mod Configuration Menu and Extended Dialogue Interface registrator2000 for Rename Anything Neanka for TextInputMenu DocClox for Four-Play vinfamy for Four-Play Community Patch dagobaking for Advanced Animation Framework jaam for LL FourPlay community F4SE plugin  



    18. AAF Violate

      Being defeated in combat can now result in your character and companions being violated rather than killed.  Violators may also take your valuable gear, leading to a quest to exact vengeance and retrieve your stolen possessions.  Likewise, you now have a chance to violate and rob your defeated enemies.
      This is a conversion of Four-Play Violate to AAF, with numerous modifications and enhancements.  This conversion was started by @Jahem_kinkaid and has now been taken over by @EgoBallistic.  The original Four-Play Violate was made by @vinfamy.
      Full control of options via MCM Combat Defeat: Violation of your character and optionally of your companions when you lose in combat Companions: Choose whether your companions can be violated.  Decide whether only male, only female, or both genders can be victims Multiple, simultaneous animations: if there are more aggressors than victims, everyone gets assaulted at the same time - no waiting in line! Assailants: Restrict the gender of your assailants to male, female, or both.  Limit assailants to a few races or allow any race to be an assailant Robbery: Choose whether assailants can steal your gear Enemy Surrender: When your enemies' health drops below a threshold, they may surrender and become your victim Devious Devices integration: optionally allow your assailants to slap you into Devious Devices restraints Devious Keys: the assailant who robs you (or just the first assailant if robbery doesn't happen) will have keys to your DD restraints Threesomes: Choose whether assailants can gang up on your character and companions Perversion: Allow your character to start begging for more after a selectable number of assaults Exhaustion: Decide when you've had enough and your assailants abandon you Tags: Optionally enable animation tags (requires AAF Themes so that animations will have the appropriate tags)  
      Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.  Please make sure this is installed correctly.
      Advanced Animation Framework version beta 24 or later Mod Configuration Menu is required to configure the mod options Animation Packs.  The exact packs you need will depend on the options you select for gender, threesomes, races, etc.  Atomic Lust, BP70, Crazy's, Farelle, Leito, SavageCabbage, VaderMania, Mutated Lust, all work nicely with this mod.  
      Devious Devices.  AAF Violate will automatically detect if this is installed. Roggvir's DD Items Manager to control which Devious Devices items can be randomly applied AAF Themes.  Required if use of tags is enabled in the MCM.  You will want to install all three themes (Basic, Sex, and Kinky/Creatures)  
      Install the prerequisite mods, listed under Requirements above.
      Then, install AAF Violate, either with your favorite mod manager, or manually by dragging the Data folder from the archive into your Fallout 4 installation folder.
      The _fr, and _ru folders contain the optional French, and Russian translated plugin files.  The English plugin is installed by default.
      Once you've installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the AAF Violate MCM menu.
      Go to the Global Options page and set your Aggressor Races, Allow threesome, Use tags, and Devious Devices integration options according to the animation packs and mods you have installed.
      Finally, go into the Player surrender options page.  There you will find the Hotkey for surrender option. Set your prefered hotkey to complete the installation.
      Installation Order:
      Q: How do I control the number of violations that take place?
      A: This is determined by two things: the number of aggressors, and the Exhaustion MCM setting.  Normally, violations will end either when every aggressor has had a turn, or  when the player has been violated a number of times equal to the Exhaustion setting, whichever occurs first.  A "turn"' for aggressors means being part of an animation, whether individually or as part of a threesome.  So with 4 aggressors and an Exhaustion setting of 4, the scene will end after the player has been double-teamed two times, since all 4 aggressors will have had a turn.
      Enabling the Sex until exhaustion MCM setting changes this, so that the violations continue until the player has been violated a number of times equal to the Exhaustion setting, regardless of the number of aggressors.
      Q: How do Companions factor into the number of violations?
      A: When a companion is part of an animation, that counts as a turn for the aggressors.  So if the player has one companion with them, and there are 4 aggressors, the scene could end when the player and the companion have each been double-teamed, since all 4 aggressors will have been part of an animation.
      If the Player can be violated setting is turned off, then Exhaustion applies to companions instead of the player.  So the number of animations should be about the same.
      Q: How does Perversion work?
      A: The Perversion MCM option sets the number of times a victim can be violated before they start enjoying it.  When they become Perverted, their facial expressions will change and their dialogue will have them begging for more rather than insulting the violators and begging them to stop.  If the "Use Tags" MCM option is  enabled, Violate will call for animations tagged as "Aggressive" before Perversion starts and allow consensual animations afterward.
      There are no lasting effects; once the violation scene ends, all Perverted characters return to normal.
      Q: What races can be aggressors in violations?
      A: By default, i.e. with the Aggressor races setting in MCM set to Default, aggressors can be Human, non-feral Ghoul, Synths, and Super Mutants.  If the Extended setting is used, then dog races, feral Ghouls (including Bloated, Glowing Ones, etc), and Deathclaws are added to the list.  If the Everything setting is used, then the added races from the AAF Creature Pack 01 are added to the list.
      Note that you must have animation packs installed that match your Aggressor Races setting, or AAF will generate errors when you try to do animations with those races.
      Q: What does the God Mode toggle do in Player Surrender Options?
      Turning this setting to ON causes the player to become unkillable as soon as surrender is initiated, either by the manual surrender hotkey, a crippled limb, or reaching the health threshold.  The purpose of this is to prevent accidentally being killed by an attack that was already under way, a nearby explosion, radiation damage from enemies, etc.  God mode will be turned off again once the surrender scene ends.
      With the setting OFF in the MCM, Violate will never set or un-set God Mode.  If you normally play with God Mode enabled, i.e. via the "tgm" console command, you should leave the MCM setting OFF so that Violate will not disable it after a surrender.
      Q: Does this mod require Four-Play or the original Four-Play Violate?
      A: No.  This mod only uses AAF, and does not require Four-Play or the AAF Four-Play Proxy.  It is completely independent of the original FP_Violate, and the two cannot be used together.
      Q: Is this mod compatible with XYZ that does similar things?
      AAF SEU works fine alongside this mod.  However, you should take care not to use the SEU hotkeys while in a surrender scene from Violate, or vice versa. RSE can also work alongside this mod, but they will clash unpredictably unless the CSA feature in RSE is completely turned off.  Knockout Framework can also be used alongside this mod.  The only issue you can run into is that, depending on how AAF Violate is configured, an actor might surrender before they are knocked out.  This is not really a problem, and you can always use the MCM to reduce or eliminate the chance that the actors will surrender.  If you set the chance to zero for enemies, for example, then they will never surrender and you will always be able to knock them out right away.  
      Q: What is the Update! button in MCM used for?
      This forces AAF Violate to reconfigure itself the same way it does when you update it to a new version.  You normally do not need to use this, because Violate detects when it has been updated and configures itself automatically.  However, you need to use this button whenever you update a mod that Violate interfaces with, such as AAF, Devious Devices, or Rogg DD Items Manager, to ensure that the Script Objects that Violate uses to talk to those mods are up to date.



    19. VotW Breaking the Quiet by Animopron

      This mod includes the 2 episodes of Breaking the Quiet (divided into 4 tapes) by animopron. All the tapes can be crafted in the holotape workbench.
      Install using Nexus Mod Manager
      Manually extract in the fallout 4 folder.
      Videos of the Wasteland 2: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435
      Related mod:



    20. AAF Sex Em Up

      This is a port of Chosen Clue's great mod Four-Play Sex 'Em Up to the Advanced Animation Framework.
      Sex 'Em Up is a casual sex mod that allows for some basic, immersive ways to initiate sex in Fallout 4 via using hotkeys and dialogue to ask for sex, prostitute yourself, masturbate, and more!  It allows you and your companions, and even your dog, to hook up with humans, non-feral ghouls, Gen 3 synths, and super mutants.
      Simple pleasures of the world can be free. You can pleasure yourself by holding the SEU Active hotkey for one second.
      Flirting and Sex
      Flirt with others to sate your carnal desires. Use the Active hotkey, and the person closest to you, within a short distance, will initiate dialogue giving you a host of options to choose from.  You can kiss, cuddle, hug, or have sex, or convince someone to have sex with your companion.  The chance you have of convincing someone is based on your charisma and their charisma, but this can be changed.
      You can get those you flirted with to follow you by selecting "Let's find somewhere private" after successfully flirting with them.  When you have found the right spot, talk to your partner using the normal dialogue controls (the "e" key) to continue the dialogue.
      You can start a threesome by successfully flirting with someone, then choosing "Hey, want to find someone to join us?"  Then, go to the second NPC you want to be involved in the act, and press the Active hotkey near them to have them join you.
      You can ask someone to strip for you. But it may take some convincing! Use the Active hotkey to try to ask them to strip their clothes off.
      Sexual Assault
      Satiate those desires another way - by means of force. Crouch and use the Active hotkey to attempt to assault the person closest to you, within a short distance. The chance you have of forcing them is based off of your Strength and theirs, but this can be changed.  Be careful - if they fight you off, they will become hostile.
      If you'd rather watch the action than participate, you can have your companion assault the victim instead.  In that case, your companion's Strength determines success.
      Combat Surrender
      Surrender to your enemies.  In combat, use the Passive hotkey to initiate surrender.  You can then negotiate with your enemies - will you bribe them with money, talk your way out, or trade your body for your freedom?
      Sell your body for pleasure and profit.  When you are around NPCs, use the Passive hotkey to initiate a prostitution dialogue.  You can then sell your "goods", or those of your companions, for extra caps.  If you've got the charisma for it, drive up the price - but don't get too greedy or your customers may decide you're not worth it.
      To go somewhere more private, select "Follow me" in the dialogue.  When you have found the right spot, talk to your customer using the normal dialogue controls (the "e" key) to continue the transaction.
      You can use Mod Configuration Manager to change the many options SEU comes with.
      Install the prerequisite mods, listed under Requirements below.
      Then, install SEU, either with your favorite mod manager, or manually by dragging the archive contents into your ..\Fallout 4\Data\ folder.
      Once you've installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the Sex 'Em Up MCM and go to the "Hotkeys" page.
      There you will find the Sex Em' Up hotkey option. Set your preferred Active and Passive hotkeys here.  You can also select whether each hotkey will select the last actor under the crosshairs, or use an area scan.  By default, the Active hotkey uses the crosshairs, while the Passive hotkey uses an area scan.
      Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.  Please make sure this is installed correctly.
      Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) by Dagobaking.  SEU requires AAF version 35 or later.
      Mod Configuration Menu by Registrator2000
      AAF Themes by Halstrom
      Animation Packs: SEU does not include any animations itself.  You must download and install animation packs to use with it.  Atomic Lust, BP70, Crazy's, Farelle, Leito, SavageCabbage, VaderMania, Mutated Lust, all work nicely with this mod.
      Installation order:
      Mod Status and Known Issues
      Version 0.90 is a fully functional port of Four-Play SEU version 2.5.1 to AAF.  All of the features of the original mod should work as they did before.  In addition, AAF SEU has several enhancements, including actor selection using the crosshairs, additional options when flirting, protection to prevent hotkey activation while animations from other mods are playing, and full integration with the game's affinity system.
      AAF SEU does not require Four-Play at all, nor does it need the Four-Play proxy from AAF.  It relies entirely on native AAF calls for playing animations.



    21. (AAF) Bad End Animation Pack

      AAF Bad End Animation Pack v01.02
      Shadeanimator, for the indispensible FO4 animation tutorials.
      Dagoba King, for all his amazing work on AAF.
      EgoBallistic, for a lot of beta testing, troubleshooting, and work on the AAF XML files.
      SAC, for the gallows meshes and textures
      Zaz, whose fluid nifs and textures I have included.
      1.02 - added textures for Zaz fluids
      This is a pack of furniture based 'bad end' animations. Each of the following furnitures has an animation series that goes with it:
      Impaling Pole
      Strangling (Garrote) Pole
      Reclamation Chair (electrocution)
      Machine themed Chair (electrocution)
      The animations should work with either male or female actors, though there may be some oddities with male actors (clipping, things may not be in the right places, etc).
      For each furniture, the AAF files have individual animation stages, or a sequential animation that plays a series of stages in a particular order. Note that, by itself, this mod doesn't do much (since you can only trigger the animations when you're near the furnitures). You'll need to find other mods that incorporate the content in an immersive way (or you could go to aaBadEndTestCell, which is a room that I used for development testing).
      This pack requires AAF and Fallout 4 (surprise!). If you want sound, it requires my NSFW pack.

      You are free to use any of the animations and files in this pack, with the following conditions:
      - Do not post them to sites outside of LL without asking me. Basically, don't be that person who puts this up on Nexus or Bethesda.net...
      - You cannot charge for mods that contain these animations. If you have an optional payment, that's fine, as long as users who don't pay get the same functionality

      Install directions:
      Copy the files into your /data/ folder. To uninstall, delete the files you copied. At present, the animation pack contains no scripts or anything else that should cause problems when added to or removed from an existing game. The pack includes some of Zaz' fluids, so if you are asked to overwrite those files, don't (it shouldn't cause any problems if you do - the files should be identical, but if at some point in the future Zaz release's an even better version, you shouldn't replace it with what's in this pack)
      Future Plans, Notes:
      None really. I may add more ends if I get ideas. If bugs come up, I'll try to get around to fixing them. If someone wants to mod this so you can build the furnitures in the workshop, go for it - you can either release that as a separate esp that depends on this one, or send me back an edited copy and I'll credit you. Just please don't release a fork of this mod without asking.
      I've left 'armor' versions of the meshes in the esp. There were some bugs associated with using them, and I'm expecting other modders to use the meshes that have been set up as furniture.
      There shouldn't be any dirty or off-topic edits in the esp, but I did change the sound output model for Mono1500 to include vibration. If that bothers you, it's easy to load the esp up in FO4edit and delete that change. If that bothers a lot of people, I can release a fork without it. 



    22. RSE Compatibility Patches [OBSOLETE]


      1.  RSE - Diamond City Expansion Patch
           Puts the redemption chair back in the DCE edited cell.
           Compatible with RSE 4.0 and DCE 1.4
           Just put it after DCE and RSE mods in your load order.
      2.  RSE - Better Settlers Patch
           If RSE is loaded after BS, it resets head parts and default outfits to vanilla.
           If BS is loaded after RSE, it deletes RSE scripts and madame faction attached to settlers. This one resolves those issues.
           Compatible with RSE 4.0 and BS 2.0 (Clean Faces)
           Load order of BS and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
      3.  RSE - Horizon Patch
           This edits some conflicting item and npc records and also adds tags to RSE items for Horizon's item sorting.
           Compatible with RSE 4.0 and Horizon 1.6
           Load order of Horizon and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
      4.  RSE - Better Settlers - Horizon Patch
           If you have RSE, BS and Horizon all three, you'll need only this one. You shouldn't install other (RSE-BS and RSE-Horizon) patches.
           Compatible with RSE 4.0, BS 2.0 (Clean Faces) and Horizon 1.6
           Load order of BS, Horizon and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
      5.  RSE - VIS Patch
           It just adds tags to RSE items for Valdacil's item sorting mod compatibility. It's also compatible with VIS-G sorting.
           Load order of VIS and RSE doesn't matter as long as you put this patch after them.
      6.  RSE - CWSS Redux v2 Patch
           Thanks to @AWP3RATOR for this amazing work.
           RSE - CWSS Redux v2 Patch download page
      -  Updated all patches (NMM users: select [overwrite files] when installing).
      -  Updated AAF_RSE-Better Settlers-Horizon and AAF_RSE-Horizon patches for GenericDoctorsScript compatibility (NMM users: select [overwrite files] when installing).
      -  Updated AAF_RSE-Better Settlers-Horizon and AAF_RSE-Horizon patches for RSE v3. compatibility.
      -  Added some missing tags of ingestibles to AAF and FP versions of Valdacil's Item Sorting Patch.
      -  Initial release of AAF and FP versions of Valdacil's Item Sorting Patch.
      -  Put FP versions of the patches back to the front page for people who want to roll back to FP_RSE. Renamed esps's to prevent confusion.
      -  Added AW3RAPTOR's RSE - CWSS Redux v2 Patch link.
      -  Initial release of AAF versions of Diamond City, Horizon and Better Settlers patches.
      -  Initial release of FP versions of Diamond City, Horizon and Better Settlers patches.
      Anyone who wants to add more RSE patches is always welcomed.
      And thanks to @Flashy (JoeR) for this amazing mod.



    23. BodyTalk V2: The Extended Skeleton Edition


      This is a effort to improve and expand on SHB's slider base. Many of the original sliders were redone to look a little more realistic as well as some new additions to the sliders to give a bit more customization. This is a special update for The New Extended Skeleton project I've been glad to be a part of.
      Brand New Sliders and Redone Sliders from SHB along with integrations of Greyshepherd's Aryayda Base Sliders. Brand New Male Body with Skinned Penis/Testicles, Anus, Butt and Belly for New animations using the New Skeleton Brand new Male Hands (Thank you Leito86)  Craftable Nudesuits, and a Craftable Boxer NeverNude / Alternative NeverNude based on the Cut Vanilla undies Works with AAF's Morphs system for Legacy animations.  Comes with Base Nude Textures (Leito's Nude Defaults) and Hand Textures (That I borrowed from F76)  
      In order to get the Penis to work with AAF's Animations, You will need to do the following:
      Build your Bodies of choice in Bodyslide. Make sure the Erection slider stays at it's default Values Tick the box titled "Build Morphs" Build your Bodies You'll need to get the character nude either using your default nude or the nudesuits.  Run it through AAF.  Notes: you require animations that make use of the morphs system.   
      There's issues with the new Penis Sliders and the Erection Slider I can't fix. Until we can get replaced vanilla anims for Men (That put the penis in a flaccid state) I am using AAF's Morphs system to control the Erection to prevent a perma-erection situation with Nude males in game. It will work otherwise when not flaccid though. 
      Currently Right now, Dismemberment is not supported, This is coming soon, so expect an update. 
      Also The New body Base has a new UV map for the skinned Anus, No skin Texture mod currently out will work with it for now, I know some people working on male skins, but No date on release.
      Need Help? Want Support? Want to Discuss Male Modding? Want to See WIPS? My Discord (The Male Modder's Coven) is open for Support Questions Related to BT2 as well as a hangout for those who love to make hot men. 
      Need Extended Skeleton Help? Want to keep an eye on Releases and Testing for it? Join The Extended Skeleton Discord
      Leito86 - Base Male Body/Hands Meshes
      Vinfamy - Edits and basis from DoF 
      smorris2012 - SHB Sliders
      Greyshepherd - Muscle Sliders
      Aryayda - Muscle Base 
      Zaz & Vioxsis - Help with skinning 
      Hair: Cazy's Harper (Personal Conversion)
      Skin: Victoriam Line (Edited)
      Face Skin: Personal

      Hair: Nightcrawler's Nala (Personal conversion)
      Skin: Wasteland Lumberjack
      Face Skin: The Wandering Scavver



    24. AAF Overlay Patches

      AAF Overlay Patches for Various Animation Packs
      Also adds in glowing mutant overlays.
      Patched Animation Packs:
      -Leito's animations v2.0a (mutant animations)
      -SavageCabbage's animations v1.0.4
      -ZaZ's animations v003
      -Gray User's animations v02
      -Farelle's animations v0.1.2
      -Rufgt's animations v2.3a (mutant v1.1)
      -Polistiro's Patch v3.1
      -Leito's animations
      -SavageCabbage's animations, ZaZOut, Atomic Lust, Mutated Lust, Creature Pack, and Farelle's Animations (you don't have to install all of these)
      -Leito's Animations
      -Leito-AAF patch
      -This mod's base files
      -Patch the animation packs you are using
       (Overwrite when asked)
      Note for Users: 
      -If the overlays gets stuck/won't disappear, use looksmenu to disable it manually (Showlooksmenu>body>overlays). If you're camera gets stuck when exiting the character menu, press the left mouse button.
      Note for Modders:
      (these are the overlay group ids)
      example = normal female
      example_m = normal male
      m_example = mutant female
      m_example_m = mutant male
      Thanks to the AAF team, the animators, @Polistiro, and @WandererZero.
      Report any bugs and disregard older versions posted on comments sections.



    25. Feet And Hands Textures For CBBE

      I'm  not the author of the original body and hands skin textures, the credit goes to Caliente and Ousnius, who made the magnificent Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- mod for the female characters on Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15/?tab=files (Thank you guys for this AMAZING modification).
      It's NECESSARY to install their mod first to make my modified textures look correctly on the character's body.
      I decided to mark this mod as adult content on Nexus. It doesn't contain any nudity in its conventional meaning, however it focuses on naked feet theme, which might be considered as sexually stimulating. All those foot fetishists out there (me included) will probably agree about this matter. On the other hand, since LoversLab is in its huge part focused on sexual content anyway, I thought that I wouldn't place my mod in the adult section here.
      Please don't send any messages to the author of the mod on Nexus, in case you think that it's a "stolen" file. The author on Nexus - frigid - is me  .
      In case someone would like to download from Nexus, here's the link to my mod:  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34344
      1) You don't need to use Bodyslide after installing those texture files, as long as you already have CBBE installed. These textures are really the same thing as the original CBBE files (minus my small additions) and they will behave the same way on the body shape as their CBBE equivalents. Besides, my additions are applied only to the feet and hands, which can't be modified in any significant way in Bodyslide anyway. As far as I know, we have a slider for ankles, but that really doesn't change anything for the body textures.
      2) Someone on Nexus brought this into attention, so I feel I should explain one thing about these texture additions and skin tones:
      Both palms and soles textures will get brighter or darker together with the whole body texture, depending on a skin tone chosen for the character in the looksmenu (character creation / customization interface). As far as I'm aware it's the game's limitation, because Bethesda apparently made just one skin texture for all female characters and one for male characters (+ "dirty" and "old" options) and then gave us those skin tones which, apart from adding a pink / brown / yellow tone, just make the skin textures darker or brighter along with all their details (they didn't take into account that people with very dark skin tend to have their palms and soles brighter than the rest of their body). Since it works that way in Fallout 4, probably CBBE creators decided to keep the whole skin texture in just one tone without any significant differences. Their original textures just get darker or brighter entirely, depending on the chosen skin tone in-game. So do mine, that's why these additions work best on bright skinned characters, like the lady on the screenshots.
      The only workaround I can think of right now would be creating a mod which would load those additions as special overlays on top of the basic body texture. Then it would be possible to create some variations for different races / skin tones, I guess. Unfortunately I'm not a professional modder and I lack skills necessary for preparing such modification, sorry.
      Of course, I might have overlooked some things about texture system in Fallout 4. If someone has a better knowledge about this matter, please feel free to correct me.
      It's a simple modification of the CBBE body textures for those who like playing a barefoot female character, but they always felt the lack of dirt on their character's soles. I added some dirt textures to the soles, the other additions were just created for my personal use and preference: pink fingers and soles / heels / toes + dark fingernails / toenails. Just thought that I would share this with the community.
      These additions are all optional - I made a subfolder structure inside my package with appropriate names, so it's probably quite easy to find your way around, so to speak.
      I know the textures aren't perfect - I'm not a professional digital artist, but please consider that I put some time and effort into creating this small modification. If you don't like the result, that's ok, but please try to refrain from any malicious comments. Thank you.
      What exactly did I do? I just put some additional textures with dirt on the soles, pink skin parts on both hands and feet and dark nails on top of the original CBBE textures and exported as .dds files in BC7 compression. There are only two files modified by me: FemaleBody_d.dds and basefemalehands_d.dds (in various options, which are contained in my package). I kept the original CBBE resolution of both files: 4096x4096 px.
      Available options in the package (in separate folders):
      01. Feet - Dirty Soles
      02. Feet - Dirty Soles + Dark Toenails
      03. Feet - Dirty Soles + Pink Soles and Toes
      04. Feet - Dirty Soles + Pink Soles and Toes + Dark Toenails
      05. Feet - Pink Soles and Toes
      06. Feet - Pink Soles and Toes + Dark Toenails
      07. Feet - Dark Toenails
      08. Hands - Pink Fingers
      09. Hands - Pink Fingers + Dark Fingernails
      10. Hands - Dark Fingernails
      11. Hands and Feet - All Options Together
      It's pretty much possible to mix the options, if you want, however some of them probably might look a bit weird together. The best choice would be to combine pink soles and toes with pink fingers, dark toenails with dark fingernails and so on. You can see those options in the image gallery and also in the "References" folder inside my package. In the image gallery there are also in-game examples of how all the options gathered together look on my character.
      Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- mod from Caliente and Ousnius.
      01. Download and install CBBE from Caliente and Ousnius, following their own installation instructions: 
      After the installation you'll have a character textures folder structure inside you Fallout 4 Data folder: 
      Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/. 
      This is just an information about where exactly my two .dds files go.
      02. Download my .zip file and extract its content to your desired location.
      03. FOR FEET: put the "Data" folder from one of my folders (01-07) into your Fallout 4 main game folder (where Fallout4.exe is located) and overwrite any files when asked.
      04. FOR HANDS: put the "Data" folder from one of my folders (08-10) into your Fallout 4 main game folder (where Fallout4.exe is located) and overwrite any files when asked.
      05. If you want both hands and feet pink + dark fingernails and toenails + dirty soles (in other words: all above options together), just put the "Data" folder from the folder 11 into your Fallout 4 main game folder (where Fallout4.exe is located) and overwrite any files when asked.
      Since this mod replaces two textures from CBBE body textures and I'm probably not allowed to upload the original files here, you'll have to reinstall CBBE or just manually replace these two .dds files in this location:
      Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/ basefemalehands_d.dds
      Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/ FemaleBody_d.dds
      with the original CBBE files which have exactly the same names.
      There shouldn't be any issues with other mods, except the ones that modify female body and hands textures. My mod just replaces two .dds files from the original CBBE files structure.
      If you happen to have the skin textures messed up on your body, it's at 99% not my modification's fault, since, like it is said above, it only replaces two files with exactly the same names as the ones from CBBE. The file structure is IDENTICAL to the vanilla / CBBE one. It's really as if you just had still CBBE installed, only with some small visual changes in the feet and hands areas. The messed up textures or black shoulder spot on the body are often reported to be caused by CBBE itself conflicting with some game outfits. Also Unique Player mod, while being a very good modification, causes sometimes those skin distortions - maybe because it has a different file structure than vanilla / CBBE. It is good to always check the bug section / sticky posts of each mod that applies some changes to the body meshes / textures and armor / clothing.
      First thing to try would be deleting my textures and reinstalling CBBE. If the problem continues, then it's probably the CBBE conflict I mentioned above or other body / armor / clothing mods.
      In case some of you would like to play a bit with the modified textures for your own purposes, here are my Photoshop source files, based on the original CBBE textures:
      source files.rar
      Just please remember that it's always polite to credit the authors of the original files, if you happen to release a mod based on them.
      Caliente and Ousnius for their Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- mod and all these talented Authors of the outfit elements and poses my character Sara is using on the screenshots. Thank you for the amazing mods!

      Alternate Hands and Feet - CBBE by Leito86 - for making awesome CBBE hands and feet models even more amazing and sexy.
      BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente - probably no need to introduce this mod; it lets you create a desired body mesh for your CBBE body and more.
      Unique Player by d_rail - if you don't want most of female npcs in the game look just like your character, then this mod is for you. However there are some bug reports about this mod messing the body textures. Best strategy: look for possible fixes in the bugs section and check out the author's sticky posts.
      Barefoot Footstep by GrozaTerroristow - a MUST-HAVE for everyone who thinks that the lack of barefoot sound in vanilla game is immersion breaking.
      Barefoot Wetsuit by ThatMrSmile - for those who love to walk barefoot in the wasteland, but still want to have a stylish and sexy outfit (strongly recommended for female characters)
      Jackets and Coats of the Commonwealth by Hunk92 - standalone jackets and coats to wear on top of your basic clothing.
      Apocalypse Accessories - Glasses - Scarves - Bags by Elianora and jet4571 - great outfits and modular additions.
      Wedding Ring Enhanced by Crimsomrider - for spicing up the looks of your hands and feet.
      GET DIRTY (take a bath) by 7StarC - if you would like to have more dirt on your character than just some permanent dust on the soles.
      Jewelries (CBBE) -FO4- by Guest -  adds some body and face piercings, earrings, rings on fingers and toes + wrist and ankle bracelletes. If the file is not available for download, please check this page of the file's thread, user mAttii was kind enough to reupload the file in his / her post.
      Diamond City Expansion by Statsmakten - for getting a much richer experience while spending some time in Green Jewel.
      Flirty Commonwealth by VaultFalcone - for spicing up your gameplay without making it too much erotic.
      Player Comments and Head Tracking by Gargorias - amazing mod that breathes some life into the player character, helps you in getting more attached to him / her.
      Female Sexy Sitting and Standing Animation Replacer by Lazman555 - for a more sexy and feminine sitting pose; one of its options can be seen on my screenshots.
      ShinoPoses by Shinoboru and Sunjeong - great poses for screenshots.
      Pose It by navy5465 - great poses for screenshots.
      In-game Third Person Camera Config by MrSaitama - for setting your favourite FOV and camera distance from the player character.
      More Skin Colors by Acacophony - more variety for your character's skin complexion; I'm using a very pale skin color on my screenshots.
      Ponytail Hairstyles v2.5a by Azar - an amazing collection of great hairstyles for your female character.
      Zella's Hair Dye Collection by ANiceOakTree - more variety for your character's hair dye.
      FCO - HD Eyes by Drumber - for making your character's eyes beautiful and seducing.
      Clothing Of The Commonwealth by Crimsomrider - a great collection of modified vanilla outfits; there are barefoot options for those who don't like shoes.
      FCO - Fully Customizable Outfits Reloaded by Hunk92 - a magnificent collection of fully modular outfits, made from the vanilla ones.
      NAC - Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth by L00 - for stunning visuals.
      Enhanced Lights and FX by Anamorfus - for a significant lighting improvement.
      Interiors Enhanced - Darker Ambient Light and Fog by fadingsignal - for a much more immersive lighting in interiors.
      Illuminated Billboards - Lighting by Ceaseless and PDE and all other mods of their "illuminated" series - for bringing a unique (if not very immersive) experience to the vanilla game.
      Clean Vanilla HUD With Compass On Top by eezz - a simple unintrusive hud modification.