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Sexual Content

Adult oriented Oblivion mods that add Sexual related content

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  1. Main Menu for NSFW playthrough

    Main Menu for NSFW Playthrough
    By: Azuka's Veil
    "Monsters, futa, big tits and demons..."
    Tried to make oblivion the ultimate hentai game, but couldn't find the right main menu mod? Well friend, look no further. Welcome to MMNP, the main menu for nsfw playthrough!
    After a long search on the nexus and loverslab, i was suprised that i couldn't find any nsfw main menu, cuz you know, oblivion is a great game and it has been around for... what?15 years? 
    So after a long night, i finally made a main menu mod that will give the "Damn, this is a hentai game" feeling next time you open your modded oblivion. This is my first mod so if you find any bugs, please let me know. Enjoy!
    Mittsies: For the "Mittsies - Lustrum" music!
    Animationbewyx: For the "Daemon_Girl_Doggystyle_Animation_NSFW" video!
    SimsEro3D: For the "Комната для Призыва Демона (3D Хентай) video" video!
    SimsEro3d: For the "Sexy Succubus and her Horse Racing. (3D Hentai)" video!
    Voidmond: For the "Dois Lobisomens e um elfo" video!
    VLDstudio: For the "Shadow Monster Part 3 [3D][Honey Select 2]" video!
    szyca: For the "甜心选择2 堕落的女武士" video!
    Paranoid sheep: For the "DANGEROUS BITCH, Kasumi the Slave off HELL." video!
    JCMNVA: For the "Tale of High Elf and Futa Oni" video!
    Auxtasy: For the "Succubus Fuck POV" video!
    !!!This mod wasn't made with the intention of offending anyone, but if any of those mentioned in the credits doesn't want their work in my mod, please let me know so i can take it down and make the proper ajustments!!!



  2. Cursed Armour EV 0.85 (All Merge, .83-87) English Version

    These file merge all the available resources and also updated guides,I could find so you do not have to go running around.  I also added screen shots these mod seems to have VERY few.



  3. Basic Instinct v2

    NOTE: I am not the author/creator of Basic Instinct, I simply made some slight modifications to accommodate clothing options for certain companion mods.
    Basic Instinct is well known at this point and is included/integrated in some other mods and pose packs (i.e. sexlivion, etc). No one seems to really know who the original author was but the work is generally regarded well. However I kind of found it personally disturbing that none of the female NPC actors had any facial expressions during the 'exercise'. So I began some modification to add facial expressions to the NPC's animation files. Then it got to the point where I also made changes to the script and spell. So finally here is a list of changes made before I called it a rest.
    - Spell class is now fully in the restoration school and the duration extended to a full 2 minutes.
    - The beginning quest message box is also the completed stage.
    - The spell script now correctly checks for alternative NPC inventory containers when in sleep (i.e. Vilja's pajama bag).
    - The "going basic" token is also scanned for and removed if left in the NPC inventory after a forced dispell and/or script termination. Just cast the spell on the NPC a second time.
    - A "keep cloths on ring" item is now included. Place the ring in a female NPC inventory if you what her to still were some cloths (Vipcxj's real high heels is a good add).
    - Corner messages added.
    - NPC no longer removes cloths until they reach the bed(roll). Clothing packages are re-evaluated after the spell terminates.
    - Female vocalizations are now moved to the animation files and synced to facial expressions.
    - Facial expressions are random and include mouth, cheek, eye, and eyebrow movements. She now blinks every now and then, like she's suppose to. Distinctive plateau vocalizations.
    - Breast animations are still exclusive to Eshme's bodies.
    Future To do:
    - Random leg movements.
    - Breast movement for HCEG/Exnem bodies.
    - and attempt to try whatever anyone else thinks is a good idea.
    Use it freely, enjoy!
    They belong to everybody else, no need to even mention me.
    Who am I:
    Noble N'wah
    WARNING: adult content. Do not install if you are under the legal age for it or consider adult content to be offensive.

    After mod activation you should see a welcome message. A new spell will be added to your spellbook.
    It is a nastier version of the stark reality spell. Make sure there is a bed or a bedroll available
    nearby for your spell target. Animations work properly only on female NPCs.
    I do not recommend using this spell on the quest NPCs as it forcefully resets the AI package on the target
    (i.e. it probably would be a bad idea to cast it on Martin when he follows you, LOL ).

    I do not expect many conflicts with other mods. This mod adds a new folder into the sleep idle animations
    that is more or less self-contained. Still, I did not test it with lots of other mods and cannot promise it
    will work in all situations. Please consider it an early betta and back up your savegames.
    Animations are a bit choppy sometimes - right now I am more interested in a two-actor version than in fixing them.
    The new spell can make game rather unbalanced in some situations as it removes all armor/rings/amulets from the target.
    I tried to balance it out by adding a restore health effect for the duration of the spell.
    1) Oblivion
    2) Eshme's better bodies highly recommended. I fully expect some ugly results without it. I have not tried it with any
    other female body replacement mods.
    1) Copy the contents of the Data folder into the oblivion folder. The mod does not replace any oblivion files.
    Below is the file list:
    2) Activate mod in the "Data Files" section of the oblivion launcher.
    Mr.Cellophane - for the awesome animation tutorial and examples
    Psychos - for the good script to get actors undressed
    Authors of Eshme's better bodies mod for the inspiration
    People who created all the tools/tutorials to make the animation export/import possible.



  4. Estrus English Voice Sounds

    Just some Estrus English Voices I found on my external Hard Drive. It doesn't cover estrus curse sounds.



  5. LL Nudes

    LL Nudes


    LoversLab Members Gone Wild

    A Porn cinema in the Imperial City Market District.
    ( think not compatible with Better imperial City)
    Copy-paste the LL Nudes.esp, Meshes, Textures and Sound folder in your Oblivion\data Folder.
    Oblivion 1.2.0416
    created with SI and OBSE CSE but think not required.
    The Mod:
    Entrance room: Cinema box office. Pay admission 10 Septims.
    Main room: the Cinema.
    You can turn off/on the moaning sound in game: activate the Teddy on the shelf by the bar.
    You can buy portable pictures, drinks and other things at the bar.
    The Movie intro is very short/fast, but I don't want to bore anyone with it.( I will slow it down if the movie gets longer )
    The Loo:
    Very dirty. A Teddy with animated banana, animated water in the washstand and toilets (in the toilets with bubbles and dead rat or shit )
    Version 2 update: LL Nudes v2 update.7z ( first install LL Nudes.7z )
    New female movies:1x Ari2 , 1x Vexy Rage.
    Male movies: 1 x Illuminati, 3x MrAlthalus.
    At the cash you can select if you want to see the female or the male movie.
    The male moans can be turned off/on with the teddy.(like the female moans )
    Version 3 update: LL Nudes v3 update.7z ( first install LL Nudes.7z and LL Nudes v2 update.7z )
    New female movies: 1x Ari2
    New male movies: 1 x 8inchesdownthere, 1x RapidWaterOver
    Version 4 update: LL Nudes v4 update.7z ( first install LL Nudes.7z and LL Nudes v2 update.7z and LL Nudes v3 update.7z )
    NO new movies ! Only a fix.
    The LL Slut told the player:" you have to leave now" AI Package fixed !
    And a new AI+animation for the LL Slut, sometimes she leans against the wall.
    Credits: Many thanks to our lovely female LL members: Nightwynd, Ari2, VexyRage, Illuminati, MrAlthalus, 8inchesdownthere, RapidWaterOver
    Meshes and/or Textures from DukeCity, Sevennity, kingkong, and others which I have forgotten.
    You are not allowed to upload the Mod somewhere else.
    You can use all meshes in the Mod but only for free Mods!
    You create Mods for money = no permission !
    You are not allowed to use any Picture or movie textures without permission of Nightwynd, Ari2, VexyRage, Illuminati, MrAlthalus, 8inchesdownthere, RapidWaterOver



  6. Creature Sexual Organs Vanilla/FCOM-compatible Replacer

    June 21 2013
    I am working on a simpler, smaller solution: esps for each component of FCOM, as well as one merged ESP, and only the meshes by fejeena and others not already included in LoversCreatures 2.0.
    I will also be upgrading for compatibility with FCOM 1.0, which I didn't realize existed until after I'd begun this project (which is designed for FCOM 0.9.9 available on the Nexus). It is available on TESAlliance. I will not be linking it in this topic because I don't want people to download it and then complain that some of the stuff is missing genitalia.
    ETA: When it's done.
    Previous Notice:
    As it stands now, the available download WILL add cocks to all creatures in the vanilla game and several OOO creatures as well, so go ahead and use it if that is what you need.
    LoversCreatures 2.0
    LoversMotionNT (the top file, not v1.5)
    FCOM (and all of its requirements)
    This is a work in progress. Checklist:
    Vanilla creatures - DONE
    OOO creatures - DONE*
    WarCry creatures - NOT DONE
    MMM creatures - NOT DONE
    Enabling anims - NOT DONE
    * No guar genitalia available.
    v. 1.0 -- release
    v. 1.1 -- added fejeena's zombie meshes
    v. 1.2 -- added more of fejeena's meshes that I'd missed
    This is a mesh REPLACER mod that will add sexual organs to all creatures in the game. Compatible with vanilla, OOO, MMM, Frans, and FCOM.
    None of the model work is my own - credit goes to (if I recall correctly) Donkey, Galgat, Gregathit, fejeena, and unknown Japanese modders (please PM me if you need to be added to the credits or wish the file to be taken down). All I did was some filename editing, file copying and texture path correcting in NifSkope. I originally did this just for myself, but as a member had PM'd me asking how to do it I thought I'd share it with him, then figured hell, why not let everyone have a crack at it.
    Manual -
    Copy meshes and textures folders to your Data folder.
    OBMM -
    Click "Create", then "Add Archive". Add the archive. Name it something pretty and click "Create omod". Then activate as usual.
    Wrye Bash -
    If you use bash installers you don't need me to tell you what to do.
    - This WILL replace all default creature body meshes in the game. I recommend installing with OBMM or Wrye Bash so you can uninstall easily if you don't like it.
    - This DOES NOT come with any animations of any sort, only meshes.
    - If you are not using FCOM there are tons of meshes in the file you don't need. They shouldn't mess anything up though. Don't worry about it or go deleting stuff unless you know what you're doing.
    - Yes, this means all creatures will have boners all the time.
    - The following vanilla creatures do not have boners, because we do not have any meshes for them:



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