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Advanced Animation Framework mods that do not fit into any of other categories

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  1. AAF Spectators

    AAF Spectators gives your sex acts an audience.  When anyone has sex using AAF, NPCs will gather around to cheer and applaud.
    Mod Features
    This mod listens for AAF animation events, and collects actors within a configurable radius into an audience.  The actors will then walk over to watch, and play cheering and catcalling animations.
    The actors must not be hostile to the participants.  The MCM allows you to configure how far to look for spectators, and whether spectators can include unique actors or your companions.  You can specify how close spectators will stand to the actors, and whether they are male, female, or both.
    You can also select whether spectators will gather for hugging and kissing animations.  Animations tagged as Poses will always be ignored.  Also, since AAF Violate has its own audience system, animations from that mod will be ignored. 
    This mod will work with any animation played by AAF, whether directly using the AAF Wizard or played by a mod.  Solo, paired, and group animations all work.
    The download section includes an optional Whistle Sound Replacer that changes the annoying, high-pitched whistling sound of one of the idles to a more pleasant human-sounding whistle.
    Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) Installation
    Make sure AAF is installed and working, then install this mod using your favorite mod manager.



  2. Furry Fallout 4 Patch for Sexual Harassment

    A simple patch for Sexual Harassment that adds the Furry Fallout 4 races to the list of viable NPCs that can be selected to initiate an approach. Should work with 1.16.8.



  3. SAM Enhanced Animations

    This mod adds adjustments to animations. Many Atomic Lust, Mutated Lust, Leito's and Savage Cabbages animations are covered. I also made some of my own variants. Many animations have vaginal and anal versions. The FF animations require my modification of the Vioxis strap-on to work properly.
    This mod does not contain any animations, only adjustments for the existing ones.
    Some old animations don’t have working genitals, so I made SAM adjustments to make the genitals connect properly. Some orifice is opened and the dick goes in as precisely as possible. I also added some gravitational effects. Boobs sag a bit in doggy, powerbomb and laying on back positions. Balls hang a bit lower and do respect gravity. Hands and legs positions are changed in some cases.
    AAF installed according to the Fucking Manual SAM (Make sure you have the Blink hack checked in SAM menu to get the expressions right) SAMFormer SUP F4SE The original animation mods, FO4 Animations by Leito - 21/09/05 - 2.1b,  Atomic Lust 2.7b, Mutated Lust 1.4, Savage Cabbages animations v 1.2.9 Bodytalk 3 and Fusion Girl bodies Vioxis strap-on - use the fixed version download from the thread
    The ZeX skeleton needs to be the one that supports SAM Custom Moans  Sort of. Works fine without it on my setup. You just don't get the sounds and mouth movements without it. Instructions for installation here  
    AAF NativeSync Commonwealth Moisturiser With Savage Cabbage's animations I used scaling in Female receiver's SAM adjustments. Those work best if you set up AAF to scale actors.  
    Load this after all AAF guides mods. 
    Known incompatibilities: 
          Staged Leito + Erection Fix (In the Manual, yes, but not in the 28 basic files. It's a requirement for Hardship)
          Patch for animations (Squirt/Cum Effects, cum/tattoo overlays, stages, fixes) -  BUT people have made these work together by NOT installing Leito or Atomic Lust stuff from that mod.
    FO4 Animations by Leito - Voice Fix 1.1
    That's about it. Have fun!
    Now go bang your Piper.
    Also consider trying my Lewd Expressions mod on top of this. Most of the expressions are present in this mod already, but if you want to change the expressions of the actors yourself, go grab that one!
    Known issues:
    The pelvis jiggle is built in in some animations, which makes the legs shake in some cases. It also makes perfect aiming of the genitals impossible. Adjustments were made with The Girl Next Vault preset, which is my version of a slim classic big boob pornstar look - It also has OCBP and OCBPC settings built just for that body! I didn't adjust the male hands etc too much, so people who enjoy thicker stuff don't suffer from my slim preferences This will clutter your adjustments list in SAM If you change the AAF positions rapidly, sometimes adjustments are not removed when the position changes and you end up having two or more adjustments on simultaneously. If this happens, you need to open up SAM menu and turn off the one(s) you don’t want The strap-on is till a work in progress and will clip in some animations  
    My thanks go to:
    @Ulfberto for helping me out in the beginning
    The people behind the original animations this needs to run: @SavageCabbage @Rufgt  @Leito86
    @Saya Scarlett for The Fucking Manual
    @spicydoritos for forcing me to include Custom Moans
    @Bazinga for Custom Moans
    @lee3310 for feedback and some testing
    niston for SAM Former
    and of course all the kind people in AAF Discord that have helped me along the way
    If you want to use my stuff in your mods, just do it. I’d like to hear about it if you do, though.



  4. AAF Creature Resources

    What this mod will do:
    ? Give penis morphs to all the creatures as possible to be used in AAF Animations
    ? Provide creature resources to be used in other mods
    What this mod will not do:
    ? Mess with animation xmls / patch your AAF setup like One Patch does.

    No big deal, just install like any regular mod and load it as last as possible.
    !!!You dont want to have this installed if you already have UAP since i'm integrating all these assets in that patch already!!!

    Note for Modders!!!
    You'll be given an option if you are a modder or a regular user. If you choose the modder option you'll be given bodyslide files for testing purposes or to implement stuff your own.
    The models are misplaced in the viewport by default, so before opening the Outfit Studio for any of them, load the equivalent skeleton first. For example, if i want to load a Mutant Hound project, so i have to first go to Bodyslide settings and load the mutant-hound-skeleton.nif

    Note for Animators or AAF Authors!!!
    All the creatures has the erected state as Erection 100%, so this will be the morph you want to use to make creatures erected in AAF. There are also other morphs for all creatures which are:
    Erection Up
    Erection Down
    Scale -> For deathclaw only
    Penis adjust -> Only for gorillas for now



  5. AAF Moring Sex with Lover - Heather Casdin V2 Patch

    The original patch was from megururu  and I do not claim this patch is mine, I am updating it due to the mod seeming to be abandoned and the old patch no longer working with the current version of Heather Casdin due to a big overhaul update being pushed out by the mod owner.
    If megururu releases their own updated patch for heather casdin or wishes for this patch to be taken down I will remove this patch.
    This is a patch for the newest version of Heather Casdin (V2) released on the 4th of June 2022, to work with megururu's AAF Morning Sex with Lover.
    July 4th 2022 Update log:
    - Fixed a issue where the patch was overriding the quest a promising partnership with a older version of it causing script errors.
    - Updated to use the newer version of a promising partnership introduced in version 2 of Heather Casdin
    - Now requires the DLC Automatron, Nuka World, and Far Harbor, as it is required by heathers mod creator for V2 for heather's updated quests.
    - Fixed a bug where heather's quests would not properly start in the v2.3 version of Heather
    - Fixed a bug where heather's honeymoon quest would start then shutdown instantly.
    Do you also use I'm Darlene another amazing companion mod? Want to use MSWL with her most recent version? Well I also updated that patch for MSWL!:
    AAF Morning Sex with Lover 1.2.1
    The Original Patch for V1 Heather Casdin
    Heather Casdin



  6. AAF Moring Sex with Lover - I'm Darlene V2 Patch

    The original patch was from megururu  and I do not claim this patch is mine, I am updating it due to the mod seeming to be abandoned and the old patch no longer working with the current version of I'm Darlene due to a big overhaul update being pushed out by the mod owner.
    If megururu releases their own updated patch for I'm Darlene, wishes for this patch to be taken down, or GePalladium want's the patch gone; I will remove this patch.
    This is a patch for the newest version of I'm Darlene (V2) released on the 31th of Match 2022, to work with megururu's AAF Morning Sex with Lover.
    AAF Morning Sex with Lover 1.2.1
    The Original Patch for V1 I'm Darlene
    I'm Darlene



  7. Strap-On Gender Select

    Makes the Vioxsis' Strap-On's of Fallout 4 override the wearer's AAF gender as male. You may have to save/load the game for the effect to manifest.
    Requires AAF and Vioxsis' Strap-On's of Fallout 4.
    Download Vioxsis' mod here:
    I downloaded AAF from another website so I don't know if this is the same version, but you can download AAF here:



  8. Elzee's Supermutant Ragdoll Fix

    I tried to fix the ragdoll problem through animation records.
    Then I seemed to succeed.
    Please test it further.
    (The esp will not take up load limit.)
    If you want to support me
    My patreon



  9. save : clean fast start

    record on the normal version, just after climbing the elevator to shelter 111. as it was advisable to activate modding out of vault 111. for character nate   extract and copy to: this pc / documents / my games / fallout4 / save



  10. save : clean fast start

    record on the normal version, just after climbing the elevator to shelter 111. as it was advisable to activate modding out of vault 111. for character nora   extract and copy to: this pc / documents / my games / fallout4 / save  



  11. Synth Clamp-Ons

    Gives Clamp-Ons to Gen 1-2 synths
    Required: AAF, Strap-on's and ZaZ-Extended-Skeleton (ZeX)
    Original author
    If you like my mod - support me
    Old Changes:



  12. Cum Overlays - Scripted Edition

    Want Cum overlays?
    Don't wanna go through the hassle of using patches and their other changes for them?
    Don't wanna disable 95% of a mods' features for them?

    Then Behold!

    Scripted Overlays!

    Soon™, will include the Green mutant overlays, for now, just the white ones. My time is now!
    Now with Mutant/Creature overlays (Green goo's back!)
    And thanks to borrowing bits and pieces of @EgoBallistic's scripts, this will auto-update itself on new versions, much the same way SEU and Violate do.
    Note: Male will function on AAF update
    Evidently there's a bug with sending ApplyOverlaySet to AAF, which once that's fixed, male overlays should spontaneously function.
    Male Overlays should now work fine!
    Note 2; Cum Boogaloo: This is self-contained. The only requirement for the overlays is functioning AAF and F4SE, and the requisite tags on animations.
    Oh and I should have covered this somewhere:
    Permissions: I ask only two things.
    One is you credit as appropriate if you make use of my creations (which is basically the scripts, plugin itself, and the XML, the rest is Polistiro's).
    Second is please avoid integrating this separately into mods of your own/others'. Mostly for compatibility reasons. You can check for its presence within your own scripts and if not found, load a version of it yourself, but the last thing anyone needs is added confusion and conflicting scripts trying to do the same thing (Especially with how inconsistent LM/The game can get around Morphs and Overlays already).
    Otherwise, you're welcome to it, really. Source scripts are included in the file upload, the rest is readily accessible.
    Many thanks to the following:
    @Polistiro for the files and assets involved, and the original CumNWealth
    @EgoBallistic & @CGi for scripting help, including sources

    And you can all thank @SayKoRn for the reminder recently, when she went to install M.C.G. for overlays, rather than a Indarello's patch.
    It reminded me I wanted something like this, and I knew enough scripting to make it happen, with some aforementioned help sorting out the exact scripting necessary.
    @Travis77 Cheers for tryina help out with a tweaked script while I was sleepin'.

    If an animation doesn't have tags, it ain't gunna find anything to apply.
    Only ones I ran into with this were somehow, "Leito Canine Doggy", from wherever the fuck that particular one was, and I've no idea why it's got no tags.
    Either way, there's a few around that evidently lack tags, but most have 'em, so it'll work.

    If you have issues with this and Get Dirty/Dirty Sex, comment in the thread/ping me on the Discord about it.
    Preferably with a log.

    Changelog now in Spoiler (already):



  13. AhegaoAndy's Lewd Friendly Menu Loop

    This is my first mod... please don't murder me!
    What's This?!?
    This mod replaces the vanilla main menu loop with something a little more saucy. Did I mention that it's almost 9-minutes long? Now, instead of having to make a choice of only one sexy Fallout animation loop, you can enjoy almost 50 loops edit together into one beautiful sequence. So instead of actually playing the game, you can sit back and admire the master pieces created by SFM artists!
    NOTHING :3
    I have provided a PDF called READ ME that contains the Download Link and a Decryption Key, as well as a lot of the information you are reading now. Just copy and paste the link to your browser, copy and paste the key, then click download! You should be able to drop the archive into any mod organizer, but if that doesn’t work then open it and drop the data folder into your Fallout 4 directory. When asked if you want to replace click yes… If that doesn’t work then go into C:>Program Files (x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>Fallout 4>Data>Video and delete the older MainMenuLoop file. I am happy to help troubleshoot issues you are having just keep in mind that I may not answer immediately.
    Don’t @ Me
    NONE OF THESE ANIMATIONS WERE CREATED BY ME!!! I found them on rule34 and edited/converted them to replace the game file. Why? Because I like UI mods but want variety instead of having to pick only one sexy clip. I did my best to keep artist’s watermarks in frame. There was no cropping done intentionally. I plan on making many updates to this mod, and I am hoping to fix the resolution of the video export so that all artists are represented. I may also try to add a list of links to the mod page or this document.  I wanted video sequence to be as lore friendly as possible, so I only picked animations that fit the art style of the game. This did limit the number of clips I had to choose from. Please understand that while I may enjoy all the kinks represented, you might not. THIS SEQUENCE INCLUDES BEASTIALITY, FUTANARI, AND RAPE!!! This does not mean that I support any of these things outside of the game. IF ANY OF THESE TAGS ARE NOT FOR YOU DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!!! Also, I am sorry this is being uploaded in AAF mods. for some reason it wouldn't let me pick a categories in adult mods. If I ever get the chance to move it I will.  
    Final Words x.x
    This just a passion project of mine that I hope others can enjoy. I plan on adding more to this mod (replacing more of the vanilla videos, adding alternate sound/music, and fixing things that could be better). Please feel free to leave reviews, Ideas, and links to NSFW FO4 SFM clips. Once again, the real credit here goes to animators and artists, all I did was edit their art into a longer video.



  14. FPE Community Challenge - Cages

    so I decided to post "NEED HELP" here
    I need help with more than a few meshes.
    The reward is a special Credit in both Family Planning Enhanced & Wasteland Dairy Framework
    so if you make a good enough cage mesh then upload it in this mods support page
    so I need help developing Meshes for 2(+1) mods
    INVB_Enslavement - Captures certain named NPC's
    FPEAIOCreatureAddon - Breed Creatures and recently allows the capture of Creatures
    INVB_Wasteland_Creatures (whatever it name going to be) - Allows the capture of Creatures (No Breeding)
    the Following NPC's
    The following Creatures
    example of Bloatfly

    example of Gunner (I would like a female in a cage)

    what to do in Fo4edit




  15. AAF Porno Music

    Some AAF animations don't have sounds, or maybe you removed the voices yourself to make them more conducive to same sex pairings. Maybe you just want to lighten up the way your sexual encounters in The Commonwealth feel.  What this very simple mod does is play a little cheezy 70s style porno music whenever an AAF animation starts. that's pretty much all there is to it.
    New in 1.0.6
    -Porno music now won't play for animations tagged with "Pose", or the sitting and sleeping animations in my other mod Crackle.
    -The aggressive music will now play during, and soon after assault scenes in my other mod Hardship -Beggar - Whore -  regardless of how the animation itself is tagged.
    -Fixed issue with music sometimes not ending (I hope)
    -Fixed typo in MCM ?
    -Tidied up scripts
    Three funky tracks play randomly for vanilla sex anims Two seperate tracks play during aggressive animations with more of a dark 80s vibe. Each track fades out when the animation ends.  
    To toggle the mod's functionality Use the menu object which contains the extra functions as well, there is also a basic MCM which can also call the menu, if you have that.
    Advanced Animation Framework and it's requirements
    AAF Themes (or other XML mod that adds tags)
    MCM (Optional)
    Use a mod manager. I recommend Mod Organizer 2
    Obviously this is best played with the main music volume turned all the way down, but you do you!
    If you are using Player voice frequency slider, or a similar mod that changes the player voice pitch, it will also affect the pitch and tempo of the porno music. However if you stick within their recommended safe range the effect doesn't really detract from this mod.
    Note to those using "Polistro style" in Staged Leito Plus. or other XML sets with transition data. It's come to my attention that the Porno music will not play until the first transition is done on positions using transition data. IMO, this isn't a particularly bad thing. It's kind of immersive, but you should know that's why in some cases PM is waiting one stage to play. I don't believe it's due to AAF itself anymore. 
    Q: This mod is stupid.
    A: That's not a question but... Yes... yes it is.
    Q: Is this lore friendly?
    A: Not really... but I don't feel like it's especially lore breaking either.
    Royalty free music: Peter John Ross
    Royalty free music: Ender Guney



  16. AAF Gender Select

    This simple ESL mod allows you to craft an item that changes your AAF Gender via chemistry workbench or MCM
    New Feature
    Commands and Hotkeys in MCM
    Go into MCM, select AAF Gender Select to see the options
    Craft & wear a Female Ring to be treated as a Female in AFF
    Craft & wear a Male Ring to be treated as a Male in AFF
    Craft & use a Female Potion to be treated as a Female in AFF
    Craft & use a Male Potion to be treated as a Male in AFF
    Craft & Fire a Female Syringe to a NPC so they are treated as a Female in AFF
    Craft & Fire a Male Syringe to a NPC so they are treated as a Male in AFF
    You only need to craft one of each. (they will automatically respawn when used)
    Use it again on yourself or the target to remove the changes
    (Someone was a bit confused by this mod)
    Let me know if there is anything wrong with the mod (it should work)
    There is a issue with rapidly changing the keywords
    so for safety, Please Quick Save and load after changing keywords for a second time
    new changes->
    only the line in CAPS above, no changes to the file
    Requires LL_FOURPLAY F4SE Plugins (download AAF)



  17. Nightstriker Penises

    This Simply adds Dongs to the Nightstrikers from the Nightstriker Mod https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23004 I'm a noob at this so hopefully I did it correctly, they seem to be working for me at least.  This includes Borus the available companion, as well as all the wild varieties. 
    As mentioned I'm a noob so this is just the Vicious Dog assets (from leitos files I believe) pasted onto the Nightstriker body, so the colours dont match too well (mostly on the Albino) but I figure it better than nothing.
    Nightstrikers(Obviously): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23004
    All the usual stuff for a working AAF install:
    AAF:  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/31304
    Themes: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7720-fo4-aaf-themes-vanillasexanimations-kinkyaggressive-and-creaturesexanimations/   
    AAF Creature Resources for the correct morphs (i think): https://www.loverslab.com/topic/124318-aaf-creature-resources/
    AAF Violate(+Optional Nightstriker patch): for the wild varieties https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6657-aaf-violate/
    AAF SEU: to initiate sex with Borus the companion:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/110417-aaf-sex-em-up/
    Animation packs that have dog animations, such as Savagecabbages https://www.loverslab.com/topic/100576-my-animation-pack-updated-03092020/
    I think that cover it, let me know if i missed anything.



  18. (Legacy) Family Planning Enhanced Assorted Addon's

    This Mod has been discontinued, its successor is found here->
    Advanced Pregnancy Options require Family Planning Enhanced MCM option "Allow Creatures" to be turned on!
    (Older Files on request)
    Here is my WIP Assorted Addons for Family Planning Enhanced.
    due to changes this mod is only compatible with the latest version or
    AAF Family Planning Enhanced for CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod 2.400
    New merged edition
    this version contains the contents of the previous mods as well as adding additional features
    such as baby armor enhancements such as Life Detect and SPECIAL enhancements
    Added a container in Diamond City that should contain an abandoned baby
    it contains the following
    Injectable Semen - Impregnate yourself or friendly NPC's allowing you to create standard humans and Clones of yourself
    (found under Apparel in your inventory)
    Abandoned & Bloody Babies - you can find abandoned babies on dead bodies and in trash
    there will be a recipe in chem workbench, which is called FPE Feeding & Check Up
    this uses 1x Stimpak, 2x Breast Milk, 2x Cloth and a "lost" baby to create a growable FPE baby
    this also uses the cryo recipes from my More Creatures to store or sell FPE baby
    Two new methods for activate Abandoned and Bloody Babies
    1. Wear the baby with 1x Stimpak, 2x Breast Milk in your inventory and then unequip the baby to clean the baby.
    2. Craft a baby feeding kit( 1x Stimpak, 2x Breast Milk) in Planned Parenthood and use it if you have babies in your inventory.
    also there is an antidepressant(1xDaytripper, 1x Addictol) that treats raider and gunner babies
    Clones - Create your own clones for usage in settlement as well as a combat follower
    this mod uses a object called "Your DNA" to craft clones and this requires empty DNA bloodpacks.
    so in the chem workbench, under FPE Misc there should be a recipe a for empty DNA bloodpack.
    Use the empty bloodpack(and after a little(or major) amount of damage) it creates a "Your DNA Bloodpack"
    Companion Clones - Create companion clones by crafting custom injectors in the crafting menu
    requires companion Perks to craft
    Wearable Babies - All babies born from this mod is an armor piece that allows the player(or NPC) to hold the baby in a couple of different ways
    modify the baby in the armor workbench to change the holding method.
    Babies can be gender selected via chemistry workbench
    Consumables(DNA, Blood, Milk and Semen) - can be easily made in two different fashions - Armor & Used
    Cum - Cum Needles will extract cum from any friendly Male NPC(or female with workbench changes)
    Milk - Milk Bottles will extract Milk from any friendly Female NPC(or Male with workbench changes)
    Blood - Blood Needles will extract Blood from any friendly NPC
    DNA - DNA Needles will extract DNA from any friendly NPC
    Condoms from family Planning Enhanced now require cleaning and then they are wearable (T-BOS & CBBE)
    Available in five different Colours (Black, Blue, Green, Red and White)
    Birth Control - Craft Birth control to completely control pregnancies
    Powdered Milk - you can buy Powdered Milk from vendors to create Breast Milk by activating the Powdered Milk in your Inventory (New Concept)
    All mods should work otherwise let me know if there are any issues
    Don't Use ESPExplorer on the FPE_BabyAddons.esp (this will cause issues)
    Please give me constructive feedback
    Requires Bodyslide
    Requires Oppai Milk Pasties - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40562
    I completely forgotten to credit the mod author who made the Baby Backpack
    by LadySpades https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/7913065
    as well as AAF Family Planning Enhanced and additional help by EgoBallistic



  19. INVB Viagra

    This mod allows you to bypass or fix the Erection issue with certain AAF Mods
    (I would treat it like in the real world, only use it when you need it (AAF Morphing issues))
    Make some Viagra(requires a Stimpak) at the chemistry workbench under VIAGRA
    it causes an Erection on yourself or others
    Comes in six different types

    30 second long - Consumable & Syringe
    60 second long - Consumable & Syringe
    120 second long - Consumable & Syringe
    takes around 10-20 seconds to take effect
    only my basic testing so far but if used before a sex scene then the penis should be erect for the entire time
    Requires the BodyTalk male body with Erection slider set to 0% in Bodyslide with the 'Build Morphs' enabled
    I fired the syringes at some male NPC's, one fail and one worked
    Please let me know if you have issues



  20. Unique Player - AAF Patch

    Fixes the issue with the unique player body not being reused for the AAF scenes.
    What It Does
    Makes it so that MQ101PlayerSpouseMale and MQ101PlayerSpouseFemale are also affected by the Unique Player mod (adds the required references). AAF uses these records* when spawning a player NPC in the scenes so without the patch they will inherit default NPC setup for the body.
    Original Unique Player mod from the Nexus installed properly (follow the instructions there - you will need a custom body and skin textures etc) AAF - although this mod has nothing to do with AAF and will work regardless, there's no point in having it installed without AAF  
    Use any mod manager, it's a simple ESP. When prompted, override the ESP from Unique Player mod. Manually - just drop the ESP into your game Data folder and overwrite the existing file.
    Uninstall via mod manager (preferred way). If doing it manually - you'll need to restore the ESP from the original mod.
    * AAF uses the "doppelganger" NPC in some cases - that is copied from the "player" record (FormID: 00000014), but in some cases it does use the pre-war Nick/Nora, hence for these cases the patch is necessary.
    Q: Will it work with the unique player <insert name here> ? A: You can try the separate version. But it's still not likely Q: Why this mod and not the unique player <insert mod here> ? A: Because this is the most straight-forward mod that does exactly one thing and thus does not have any incompatibilities or complications. It it only my opinion, but out of all unique player mods that I inspected this is still the best one. Q: It doesn't work with the unique player mod <insert mod here>. Will you do a patch? A: No. Because I don't want to install them and test it. Q: How can I make it work with the unique player mod <insert mod here>? A: Open the mod ESP - the one that modifies the "player" record in F4Edit. Find the MQ101PlayerSpouseMale (FormID: A7D34) and MQ101PlayerSpouseFemale (FormID: A7D35) records in the base game. Copy them as override into the mod ESP. Change the WNAM - Skin field to the same as it is for the "player" record in that ESP. Save, done.



  21. Custom Moans

    Good evening or whatever time it is in your neck of the woods,
    a while ago I uploaded a voice fix for the female on female xmls added to Leito's animations by the One Patch. The problem with that animation mod and others is that the name of the voice set for sexy moaning is baked into the hkx animation files, which leads to male voices on female NPCs and other oddities if you mix up the gender combinations in the AAF xmls.
    While the approach I used to fix that worked it also wasn't very elegant and took way too much time to fix just one gender combination for one animation pack.
    Now thanks to @Rufgt I found a better solution, which is also documented in the AAF Wiki, but who reads manuals, right? ^^
    Instead of editing all these hkx animation files and then the sound descriptor entries in the esp too I simply prepared a universal voice package mod that can be called upon in the AAF  animation xmls and where you can easily replace the voice files if you don't like them.
    Right now this mod is still unfinished, but fully functional.
    I will add support for the different sex animation mods in the following days/weeks. Custom Moans 1.1 covers 2 patched versions of Leito's Animations (Polistiro's patch and The One Patch 1.1.1) and the original Atomic Lust 2.6.1b.
    This mod won't do anything on its own. For it to work you need AAF and at least a few animations of course, and if I didn't do it already then you also have to edit animationdata.xml files.
    In the case of Atomic Lust (which I already edited so you don't need to do it in this case) that would mean simply replacing the value for an action.
    one example:
    <animation id="Atomic Spork" frames="304">
        <actor gender="F">
            <idle form="0204D0BA" id="AtomicSporkF"/>
            <value path="action" value="CustomMoans01 Action" target="0" loop="true" from="1" to="0" frames="8.555"/>
        <actor gender="M">
            <idle form="0204D0BB" id="AtomicSporkM"/>
            <value path="action" value="CustomMoans01 Action" target="1" loop="true" from="1" to="0" frames="8.555"/>
     There are 3 actions you can call upon in this version, CustomMoans01 Action (female voice set 1 and male voice set 1), CustomMoans02 Action (female voice set 2) and CustomAggMoans Action (female voice set for aggressive animations and BDSM).
    The action doesn't just add moaning to an actor, it also adds an arousal bar. The voice set will switch from normal to orgasm if the arousal value exceeds 70. As soon as it reaches 100 the arousal value will reset to 30 to make sure that the character won't use the orgasm voice set exclusively during very long animations, gangbangs or scenarios with more than one animation in a row.
    Timings for the arousal increase speed can be adjusted in the Custom Moans_actiondata.xml, the decay rate in the Custom Moans_actorStatData.xml.
    If you don't like the voices you can easily replace the files, just use either the wav or fuz file format (which adds lip movement) and make sure to not change the number of sound files per folder (10 in each topic folder)
    Also keep the naming convention, the file names are basically formIDs with some noise added, and they need to stay the same. So basically replace the files, but keep the same number of files and the same file names.
    @dagobaking for AAF and his help setting this up
    @Rufgt for giving me the idea
    @Leito86, @Rufgt, @Gray User and others for the animations and voice files



  22. AAF Turn The Light ON

    About This MOD
    + This very mini MOD places 1 to 3 light sources (and a dummy object if turned ON in MCM) at the start of an AAF scene.
    + For the player character, and NPCs if set in MCM. (For NPCs, there are only 3 slots for NPCs, so it'll not light from the 4th.)
    + Light Radius, dummy usage, Light Level Threshold etc can be set in MCM.
    - This MOD is ESL.
    - I'm not so good at English, so please bear with my poor English and  I hope that I can tell you what I want to tell. Sorry.
    + Some Notes
    + The light level thresholds are set to 42 by default, but if you keep that values, TTLO may light up even in a slightly dim place.
    + TTLO has two objects as dummy, 'oil lamp' and 'fire barrel'.
    - Dummy objects may overlap actors depending on the animation being played.
    - So please adjust the placement distance in MCM according to your animation MODs while playing your FO4.
    + The light from the 'optional light (In this MOD, it ’s called AO-Light)' passes through the object and may be visible from the other side of the object (such as a wall) that normally blocks the light.
    + All lights and objects are reset when saving data is loaded.
    + Please please let me know if you noticed any bugs! Thank you!
    + For Modders: If you send "TTLONoLightUp" on Meta, TTLO will not light up that AAF scene.
    + If you need Japanese version of config.json for MCM, please download it separately.
    - Files other than config.json, ie ESL file, script do not need to be translated.
    - If I forget to explain something or the English text is very wrong, this description will probably be updated without updating the file. Sorry.



  23. [AAF] RSE II: Advanced Needs Settlement Solutions (07/02/19)

    PREMABLE (aka Important Information To Note Ahead of Downloading)
    This mod is NOT intended for ongoing games where you already have all settlements claimed, not if you wish to use modified settlements functionality. You can disable that upon the mod being installed and thus only have access to player farming, if that is your wish. But you should not install this mod for use on ongoing games with settlement outposts enabled. My whole-hearted recommendation is for new games only. It should also be said, as advisement, that I have modified a few of the vanilla scripts relating to Minutemen Radiant Quests and how they interact with owned settlements. All modifications are tested and function as expected. This warning is given so that you are aware that 1) I have modified core game scripting to allow this mod to work as written and 2) so that you are aware there will be scripts you need to ensure are removed should you ever uninstall this mod. There is a section below that highlights the modified script names and where to find them. Don't worry - I am a seasoned pro with this game's scripts and engine - the modifications are sound, tested and will not break your game.
    NOTE: You do NOT need to have RSE II's Advanced Needs installed to use Settlement Solutions.
    About Settlement Solutions:
    This mod came into being to expand upon those brave souls who once demoed Survival Mode on Youtube, where they did not take settlements or settlers and tried to survive in that way. While those survival mode playthrough vids were an inspiration for what I am doing with this mod, you are most definitely not limited to using it in survival mode - it can be used in ANY game mode. I expanded upon this idea by allowing you to take five settlements where only one of them can be an actual settlement with settlers summoned via a radio beacon tower. You will only be allowed to build ONE recruitment beacon and this settlement build item will be locked off from your menu for the rest of your game with that character, so it is important to choose your settlement location carefully, for once the transmitter is placed, you need to keep it in the settlement - if you scrap it, you will not be able to build another one. This was done to prevent people from having five settlements, as the intent was to have one and have four private places to do what you need to do whilst running around the Commonwealth, such as restocking, crafting, tending your crops and to sleep in safety. You can assign supply routes to these outposts so that your workbenches are linked, sharing resources. After you reach five owned settlement locations, all remaining Commonwealth locations are locked and you will not be able to activate them to claim ownership. If you have Automatron DLC installed, this mod will account for The Mechanists Lair as well. Suffice it to say, the note below about using the Removal Tool is very important should you wish to continue a saved game after removing this mod!

    A note about settlements and outposts. Should you opt to not claim Sanctuary when you come down from the vault and just go to rescue Preston and company from the Museum, their quest automatically assigns Sanctuary Hills upon speaking to Preston once he arrives there when they leave the Museum. So... if you do not want Sanctuary as one of your five allocated outposts, simply never go back there to talk to him. If however, you claim it or allow it to be auto-owned upon speaking to Preston, it will count as one of your five allocated outpost locations but it will NOT count as your settlement - just because the five of them are there does not qualify it as your settlement. Placing the recruitment beacon is what proclaims a settlement and forever blocks further beacons from being built. Just a headsup on that aspect of the mod and the games quests.

    This mod also gives you, the player, the ability to farm your own crops! No more do you need settlers to have produce items growing. Using the FARMING settlement build menu, you can place player farmed crop items. When placed, you will need to TEND to your crop in order for it to produce an item of food. Each planted crop item has its own need of being tended and has its own cycle of replenishment. You can adjust the length of time it take between tending and harvesting via the MCM. Crop items are not linked to the workshop, so do not generate happiness or food. They are also immune from settlement attack damage. The workshopobjectsscript was not altered in any way for these crop items - I simply removed it from my cloned food items and created my own script. Sadly, I could not link this script to the WorkshopParent script for the above resource tracking and damage as the WSParent script calls back directly to workshopobjectsscript and would not recognize my custom script on compiling. No big deal.

    This mod includes a custom Random Events script that will, at intervals, potentially start up some small random events, like raiders coming into your outposts to demand things from you or critters infesting your player farmed crop items. More will be added as the mod grows.

    It is very important that you use the Removal Prep Tool in the MCM should you wish to remove this mod after trying it out, so that it can unlock any workbenches that have been blocked and also to correct the settlement build menu.

    This mod alters the scripting on a few quest fragments for Minutemen radiant quests. This in no way hampers the quests nor breaks them. These small edits simply 1) prevent auto-ownership of workbenches upon completing a quest, so you have the choice to take it or not, and 2) on quests where you must place a radio beacon when defeating all of the hostiles in the location, it now skips this stage of the quest and proceeds straight to the stage where you update Preston that the quest is completed. In total, this comprises two single line edits on two scripts. The quest line involving the Castle is not interfered with in any way and the Castle (as well as Home Plate) are exempt from the settlement limiter scripting. The modified scripts are included in this download, so be sure you remove them should you uninstall the mod down the road. One will be found in your scripts folder, named "minrecruitquestscript.pex" and the other in your Scripts\Fragments\Quests\ folder called "QF_MinRecruit06_0015F040.pex", and "MinutemenCentralScript.pex". They has been modified to allow Defend the Castle to begin without worrying about the player owning 75% of the available settlements in the game. Please note that you will need to ensure this script is removed as well, should you ever uninstall the mod. All this edited script does is bypass the settlement count and never start up the Form Ranks quest that requires 75% settlement ownership.
    Available Mods That Use RSE II's ESM:
    RSE II Combat Surrender and Abductions RSE II Wastelander's Rash RSE II Random Shenanigans RSE II Advanced Needs  
    A functioning install of AAF.
    MCM -> https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497
    The source code is provided for you to make personal changes, should you wish to. It is not provided for you to alter, compile and redistribute your own version of the mod. The mod, Advanced Needs Settlement Solutions for RSE II is only allowed to be hosted and downloaded from Lover's Lab, under my specific user account.



  24. [AAF] - Flashy Depreciated Mods Repository (RSE and Autonomy)

    A repository of unsupported mods for Fallout 4, by Flashy(Joer).
    [FOURPLAY] - RSE v4.0 All-In-One
    [AAF] - RSE v4.0 All-In-One
    [AAF] - RSE Elements Vol.1 - Combat Surrender and Abductions (as stable as can be)
    [AAF] - RSE Elements Vol.2 - Advanced Needs (as stable as can be)
    [AAF] - RSE Elements Vol.3 - Karma System with Bounty Hunters, Jail, Stalkers and Nudity System (noted issues with Stalkers remain outstanding)
    [AAF] - RSE Elements Vol.4 - Brothels and Prostitution (as stable as can be)
    [AAF] - RSE Elements Vol.5 - Shenanigans, Arousal and Relationship System (noted issues with relationship system)
    [AAF] - RSE Elements Vol.6 - RCO (noted issues with quest stages not progressing)
    [AAF] - RSE Elements Vol.7 - Fetishes, Afflictions and Perversions (Monster Cock Lover is irreparably broken)
    [AAF] - Autonomy Enhanced (Stable and better than Elements Vol.5, for those looking for just NPC/NPC sex action ingame)
    [AAF] - Advanced Needs: Settlement Solutions (stable as fuck and changes the 'settlement' game in awesome ways!)
    **NOTE** Do not install RSE All-In-One at the same time as the Elements mods. They are more or less the same thing. Elements contain VAST improvements of the All In One version of RSE and are simply parts of RSE spun out into their own smaller mod.
    **NOTE** Do not install Autonomy Enhanced if you have RSE All In One installed, as it contains a vastly superior version within in. Also, do not install Autonomy Enhanced with RSE Elements Vol.5 installed, as again, that mod has a vastly superior version of autonomy built into it. Essentially, you should really only install Autonomy Enhanced if you dont use RSE at all.
    **NOTE** Settlement Solutions modifies Minutemen scripting on quests! The mod limits the total settlements you can own. It does NOT require you to have RSE Elements Vol.2 - Advanced Needs to be installed. Features new random events and player capable farming (no need for settlers to do it, you can do it yourself - perfect for survival mode thematic playthroughs without settlers). You can read about this mod HERE. Note the version available on Nexus is identical except it does not have an AAF component to it's random events. If you want the adult rated version, the mod hosted here is the one you want. You do not need to use the settlement limiter if all you want is player farming! When the mod starts, it asks if you want to use settlement limits - just say no and the game continues as it always did with the added bonus of the player farming and the added random events (crop infestations, feral hordes and raiders coming into settlements looking for tribute).
    None of these mods are supported. None of your bug reports will be addressed.
    These mods are provided for historical purposes only, for those looking to add them back into their games or to experience them for the first time.



  25. [AAF] Patch for Vulpine Race + A simple CBBE Retexture and VulpineGear

    -According to the feedback i got, the patch works now-
    ...so take it with a grain of salt...
    I recently got AFF and the Vulpine Race, but i saw a few conflicts between the two.
    The issue this patch fixes is simple, characters using the "Vulpine Race" did not show up in the animations (That's the issue i got).
    So i made this quick patch to fix it, now keep in mind i have 0% experience in modding, so one of two things might happen when you download and install this mod...
    °1- The patch will fix the issue.
    °2- The patch won't fix the iusse.
    Now, i really don't know if someone already made a patch or the issue is easy to fix (since i did 0% research about it, i just made the patch), if you find this patch first or you're to lazy to do it yourself, then feel free to download this.
    I also made a quick Re-Texture with the already existing body texture of the "Vulpine Race", just added some nipples and a vagina, now keep in mind that they also change color with the fur, so this retexture works best with White-Black fur colors.

    I made a custom Gas mask for the vulpine race, has the same stats as his human counter part, just download the  "Vulpine Gear.rar" file, activate the .esp and ingame type in the command console
    "(Vulpine)" without the quotes or player.additem xx000f99 1.
    I currently planning on doing all of the headgear that covers the face.
    Before you install the files, makes sure to Back up both your old "AAF_raceData_Fallout4.xml" and your new "AAF_raceData_Fallout4.xml" the old one is if you want to uninstall the "Vulpine Race" and restore the AAF data back and the new one is to keep it in hand everytime you download a AFF Update.
    Installing the textures is quite easy, just grab the "Texture" folder and place it on your "Data" folder.
    To install the "Vulpine Gear" you can use a Mod manager o just drop the files into the "Data" folder.
    CBBE BODY  -by Caliente
    The Vulpine Race also requires it.
    VULPINE RACE -by beardofsocrates
    If you don't use this, then i don't know why you're doing here, but you're still wellcome!!
    You also need this!!
    beardofsocrates - Made the entire texture, i just painted the dirty stuff on top of his amazing job!.
    zentience - I just used the texture of his mod  "NUCLEAR NUDE" to see where i had to draw the nipples and the vagina
    but still, without his amazing textures, my re-texture could have been a little bit more time consuming.



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