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    1. Advanced Animation Framework

      What is this?

      The Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) provides a variety of tools for modders to play animations from a scalable number of animation packs. Additional behavior controls, relationship features, user interface elements (menus) and statistics tracking are also planned.
      AAF has a similar purpose and technical strategy to CE0's Skyrim mod OSA – Skyrim Ascendancy Engine.
      Download Location & Instructions
      In the interest of stream-lining management of the files and extended mod details, the main AAF file(s) are available on Nexus and the extended details are on the AAF wiki. There is a link in the downloads list to the Nexus AAF page shown as "31304".
      An LL focused installation and usage guide can be found here.

      If you are interested in supporting this project, you can donate through my Patreon page.



    2. [FO4] [AAF] Themes - VanillaSexAnimations, Kinky/Aggressive and CreatureSexAnimations

      Themes allow customisation of AAF animation Packs by adding tags to installed Animation Positions. If you do not install some Themes, there will be no tags added to any relevant animations you have installed so they should not be picked by mods using the tagging system like Violate or RSE. So if you want to install an animation pack that has a mix of Human and Creature animations, this means mods can tell the difference and only pick the ones that interest you by its settings unless you manually pick them in the AAF wizard.

      The minimum Theme to install is Vanilla Theme which is installed automatically in the FOMOD whether you tick any other options or not.


      The VanillaSex, KinkySex and CreatureSex Themes are now combined in the one FOMOD and only available on Lovers Lab, the Basic Theme is only needed if you use poses.
      The Basic and Vanilla Sex Themes are available on Nexus but may be a version behind this for a week or so.
      Basic Theme - Covers one of the Pose packs. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.
      VanillaSex Theme - Covers all vanilla basic sex animations, Male/Female, Male/Male, Female/Female, GangBangs. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.

      KinkySexTheme - Includes Vanilla sex Theme and covers Aggressive/Rough Sex, Spanking, Bondage positions and Bondage furniture animations. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.
      CreatureSex Theme - Includes Vanilla sex Theme and covers all Creature Sex Animations including Aggressive ones. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.

      These theme packs contain all the parts of tagData from Halstroms_TagData.XML (APT) split into each relevant theme making APT redundant. If you have APT (Halstrom_tagData.xml) also installed it will result in double tagging some animations and probably cause weirdness or bugs. Installing all the themes is the same as having the full APT.
      This also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro most have not been tested yet.

      This spoiler contains links to the supported Animation mods.
      Let me know if I've missed any too.

      Vanilla Sex Theme contains the following xml files that may be removed if those human animations are not desired:
      Theme_SexVanilla_NoFurnFM_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla NonFurniture animations that involve 2 actors Male and Female
      Theme_SexVanilla_NoFurn2P_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla NonFurniture animations that involve 2 actors Ungendered
      Theme_SexVanilla_NoFurn1P_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla NonFurniture animations that involve 1 actor Male or Female or Ungendered
      Theme_SexVanilla_NoFurnMM_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla NonFurniture animations that involve 2 Male actors
      Theme_SexVanilla_NoFurnFF_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla NonFurniture animations that involve 2 Female actors
      Theme_SexVanilla_NoFurnGB_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla NonFurniture animations that involve More than 2 actors
      Theme_SexVanilla_FurnFM_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla Furniture animations that involve 2 actors Male and Female
      Theme_SexVanilla_Furn2P_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla Furniture animations that involve 2 actors Ungendered
      Theme_SexVanilla_Furn1P_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla Furniture animations that involve 1 actor Male or Female or Ungendered
      Theme_SexVanilla_FurnMM_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla Furniture animations that involve 2 Male actors
      Theme_SexVanilla_FurnFF_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla Furniture animations that involve 2 Female actors
      Theme_SexVanilla_FurnGB_tagData.xml - Contains all the Vanilla Furniture animations that involve More than 2 actors
      Kinky Sex Theme contains the following xml files that may be removed if those animations are not desired:
      Theme_SexKinky_NoFurnFM_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough NonFurniture animations that involve 2 actors Male and Female
      Theme_SexKinky_NoFurn2P_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough NonFurniture animations that involve 2 actors Ungendered
      Theme_SexKinky_NoFurn1P_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough NonFurniture animations that involve 1 actor Male or Female or Ungendered
      Theme_SexKinky_NoFurnMM_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough NonFurniture animations that involve 2 Male actors
      Theme_SexKinky_NoFurnFF_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough NonFurniture animations that involve 2 Female actors
      Theme_SexKinky_NoFurnGB_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough NonFurniture animations that involve More than 2 actors
      Theme_SexKinky_FurnFM_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough Furniture animations that involve 2 actors Male and Female
      Theme_SexKinky_Furn2P_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough Furniture animations that involve 2 actors Ungendered
      Theme_SexKinky_Furn1P_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough Furniture animations that involve 1 actor Male or Female or Ungendered
      Theme_SexKinky_FurnMM_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough Furniture animations that involve 2 Male actors
      Theme_SexKinky_FurnFF_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough Furniture animations that involve 2 Female actors
      Theme_SexKinky_FurnGB_tagData.xml - Contains all the Kinky or Aggressive/Rough Furniture animations that involve More than 2 actors
      Creatures Sex Theme contains the following xml files that may be removed if those animations are not desired:
      Theme_SexCreatures_Furn_tagData.xml - Contains all the Creature NonFurniture animations (This will be split by creature type soon)
      Theme_SexCreatures_NoFurn_tagData.xml - Contains all the Creature Furniture animations (This will be split by creature type soon)
      File versions are by date so 180510 is 10th of May 2018, not 5th of October 2018 unless you are American

      AAF obviously

      The DLC's are currently required for only the Kinky and Creature Themes until I update the FOMOD. But it can be used without them if the following files are removed.

      3 of the files are old versions just in case there's an issue with the latest version, the files are labelled by Date 181211.0 is 2018 December 11th version 0
      The VanillaSex, KinkySex and CreatureSex Themes are combined in the one FOMOD and only available on Lovers Lab.
      Thanks To:
      F4SE people
      Dagobaking for his help learning how this voodoo works
      CGI for general help and creating the FOMOD version
      EgoBallistic for his patience and input to mesh this into his mods
      and numerous sacrificial Test Minions
      No Kiddie Porn usage, I don't want to be involved in any crap that hits the fan. I DO NOT support any use of my mods for kiddie porn or adult sexual situations like child pregnancy.
      Otherwise do whatever you want with this except selling it, Animators are free to use it themselves to replace their templates, less work for me when updates then



    3. Atomic Muscle - A Male Body For Big Guys

      Leito86 for the base body (EVB - Enhanced Vanilla Bodies)
      ARYAYADA, Grayshepherd, smorris2012 (SHB) & Coldsteelj (SSBBW) for the slider references
      ZAZ for the Zaz Extended Skeleton and genitals weights
      Ousinus & Caliente for some other slider references + Bodyslide & Outfit Studio tools
      NaiRae for the SexSwap Outfit Conversion Templates
      EVERYONE IN BEARHOOD OF STEEL DISCORD SERVER who encouraged me to make this project
      @good0593 for the wonderful male texture resource
      asdasfa for the Bodygen tool
      Wanderer for the FOMOD Creation Tool
      @Napodan for the FO4edit script to apply random skin for male npcs.
      @FadeToBlack for the Immersive CBP Preset


      Atomic Muscle is a body replacer based on EVB and with the same idea as SAM ( 2 Major body sliders + Genital sliders).
      2 body sliders only because its easier to refit, with the downside of simple customization but can still be combined with vanilla sliders to accomplish various body shapes.


      🌑 Animated Penis, so its compatible with AAF Animations such as Atomic Lust, BP70's and Savage Cabbage Animation Pack
      🌑 Full compatible with AAF - Penis morphs are included for the compatibility as well as Anus Spread slider for anal penetration anims.
      🌑 Cut & Uncut Penis Variants
      🌑 Unique sculpted Anus
      🌑 2 Major Body Sliders
      - Nuclear Bodybuilder: focused on bodybuilder body type
      - Nuka Bull: focused on powerlifter body type (chonky but stronk)
       🌑 Optional Jiggly CBP Preset (requires CBP) or Immersive CBP Preset (by @FadeToBlack)
      🌑 Optional ZeX Skeleton Edits or ZeX Skeleton Edit Wider Shoulders
      🌑 Compatible with any EVB Based Body texture
      🌑 Looksmenu Integration for full customization experience ingame
      🌑 Support for all the Vanilla outfits including DLCs Nuka World, Far Harbour & Automatron (Refits)

      🌑 Optional Skin Randomization (I gonna call it Skingen). This will make all vanilla and dlcs npcs have different body skins. Recommend to be used with Bodygen

      🌑 Optional Bodygen. This will make all vanilla and dlcs npcs have different body morphs. Recomended to be used with Skingen



      🌑 Any EVB Based Texture of your choice, i highly recommend the Victoriam Line textures: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42913

      🌑 ZaZ Extended Skeleton, the skeleton this body was rigged to: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/36702

      🌑 Looksmenu, for the ingame customization: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12631
      🌑 Nude Skin for Human Male Ghoul not really a requirement but if you dont have something like this, human male ghouls will get a underwear texture when undressed and unmatched penis skin (Yeah, AM does work on human ghouls as well) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7432

      🌑 Main texture database for the Skin Randomization that comes in Skingen (you need to install the v1.6a the v1.6b is just some additional textures but they are not used in Skingen)  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38676

      🌑 Ulfberth's SKin Overlay + Its requirements If you want to have the Skin Randomization that comes in Skingen (Option available in the FOMOD) enabled.


      🌑 If you want the Nuka Bull Model's preset (Ulfberth) or the Nuclear Bodybuilder Model's preset (Danse): https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/295-ulfberths-looksmenu-presets-tattoos-for-atomic-muscle/
      🌑 Player Voice Frequency Slider. No point having a big body with a high voice. With this, you can have your character's voice really deep and make you wet as he talks: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/30953?tab=files
      🌑 Idle Animation for Muscular Male for a tougher look: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39256/
      🌑 for who wants to wide the shoulders a bit more, you can download the BT Skeleton in optional section of this mod page (yeah, it'll work with AM just fine): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40037?tab=files

      If you are going to do that, make sure load it after all the other conflicts!
      🌑 CBP Physics for Fallout 4; Atomic Muscle is compatible with CBP... and you'd need it if you pick the CBP Jiggly Preset during the FOMOD installation anyway: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39088?tab=description
      🌑 UAP (Ulfberth's AAF Patch). For AAF gay support + it has a lot of extras like male moaning during anims:
      🌑 Pip Boy 2000; because we cant refit the pip boy, it will clip a lot with the body, specially for atomic muscle where the bodies can look real big, so this mod will install a pipboy that is not shown in your forearm and you wont see the clipping bug while in the first person / while you have the pipboy menu on: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32025/
      🌑 Tactical Flashlight; in case you gonna use Pip Boy 2000 you'll lose the regular pipboy flashlight. So to keep it a bit more immersive, you can equip tactical flashlights to go through dark places:
      🌑 Pip-Boy Flashlight; to customize your  Tactical Flashlight lighting: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10840/?


      Just install with your mod manager like any other regular mod. If you have any other male body installed for any reason, you may want to load this after it.
      Since it comes with prebuilt meshes for vanilla outfits, you may want to load this before outfit replacers.
      The load order for other mods, in your assets order (left panel if you are mo2 user) should be something like:

      For the plugins order (right panel for mo2 users) You just want to load all the AM Bodygen plugins after MaleBodies.esm and UlfSkinOverlay.esp:


      Once you have installed your body, you may want customize it right away. Open looksmenu by bringing the console up then use SLM 14 to open the looksmenu for the player character or while the console is up, left click on the npcs you want to open the looksmenu for (an id will show up on the center) and enter SLM SHOWED_UP_NPC_ID_HERE > Like SLM 24cdb3.
      With the looksmenu interface up, select the Body option, then go to Advanced. There you may find some sliders you can make use of to customize your body.



      During FOMOD installation you'll notice some options that will give you bodyslide files. Those are meant for modders only to be used on any projects they may have as i believe users shouldnt have to go through bodyslide, just to have a body functioning.
      🌑 The regular naked projects can be used for skimpy outfits.
      🌑 The Nevernude for non skimpy outfits (NOTE that you are free to customize the bulge slider on your outfit the way you want).
      🌑 The Hands projects have the Nuka Bull and Nuclear Bodybuilder sliders on it to make the wrist more thicker and to match the body proportions more.
      🌑 The NeverNude/Cut/Uncut + Hands projects are just meant to be used to make it easier to conform from outfits that cover both the wrist/hands and the forearms. You dont want to keep it on the end of your project depending on how the outfit looks like (because the hand textures are messed up in this one)
      All the bodyslide projects, including the vanilla outfits, were added to a slider group, its called Atomic Muscle in bodyslide. You can directly DOWNLOAD HERE:

      If you want to add your outfits to the sliderGroup yourself, you can create a pull request here: https://github.com/ulfbearth/Atomic-Muscle-Slider-Group/tree/dev/Tools/BodySlide/SliderGroups Or, if you dont know how to use Github, just send the XML to me and i'll upload it with the changes.

      You are free to use these assets in your projects as long you credit me. You dont really need to ask for permission then, but at least let me know so i can know the cool things you are working on for it

      Port all, if not most of the refits i've done for bodytalk to Atomic Muscle

      Follow me in the | Twitter | if you want to get notified in real time when i publish new refits for Fallout 4
      Join us in the Bearhood of Steel | Discord |  NSFW Gay oriented server. Get in to be update with my stuff and to share yours too. A place for men who enjoy men.
      Follow this | File | if you want to be aware of new updates!
      Let me know if you have any questions, feedback, requests or suggestions.



    4. AAF Porno Music

      Some AAF animations don't have sounds, or maybe you removed the voices yourself to make them more conducive to same sex pairings. Maybe you just want to lighten up the way your sexual encounters in The Commonwealth feel.  What this very simple mod does is play a little cheezy 70s style porno music whenever an AAF animation starts. that's pretty much all there is to it.
      New in 1.0.6
      -Porno music now won't play for animations tagged with "Pose", or the sitting and sleeping animations in my other mod Crackle.
      -The aggressive music will now play during, and soon after assault scenes in my other mod Hardship -Beggar - Whore -  regardless of how the animation itself is tagged.
      -Fixed issue with music sometimes not ending (I hope)
      -Fixed typo in MCM 🙄
      -Tidied up scripts
      Three funky tracks play randomly for vanilla sex anims Two seperate tracks play during aggressive animations with more of a dark 80s vibe. Each track fades out when the animation ends.  
      To toggle the mod's functionality Use the menu object which contains the extra functions as well, there is also a basic MCM which can also call the menu, if you have that.
      Advanced Animation Framework and it's requirements
      AAF Themes (or other XML mod that adds tags)
      MCM (Optional)
      Use a mod manager. I recommend Mod Organizer 2
      Obviously this is best played with the main music volume turned all the way down, but you do you!
      If you are using Player voice frequency slider, or a similar mod that changes the player voice pitch, it will also affect the pitch and tempo of the porno music. However if you stick within their recommended safe range the effect doesn't really detract from this mod.
      The newer AAF can sometimes be slow figuring out what animation it's playing which may delay the music playing under some circumstances.
      Q: This mod is stupid.
      A: That's not a question but... Yes... yes it is.
      Q: Is this lore friendly?
      A: Not really... but I don't feel like it's especially lore breaking either.
      Royalty free music: Peter John Ross
      Royalty free music: Ender Guney



    5. CRACKLE - Comforting fires for the discerning hobo -

      What it is:
      I felt like something was missing from Fallout 4. I start a lot of new games where my character has nothing, and nowhere to go. Often using my light alternate start mod DLYH. Many times I'd get caught out in the rain only to come upon a fire. I usually roleplay being grateful to have the warmth, but the game itself gives me no such feedback and after a while such willful  "making your own fun" gets tiresome, so I thought: "What if the fires did SOMETHING... Anything... even if very small. So I made this little mod.
      What it does:
      Exposure and warmth:
      Now when you come upon a open fire in the world, such as a bonfire, campfire, or fire barrel, it will grant you a little bonus to endurance and added protection against diseases in survival mode. You have to sit by the fire a while to warm up before the effect starts, but once it does it will persist as long as you stay near, and for a few minutes after you leave (less if it's raining) The disease protection is particularly useful if you eat in front of the fire, or sleep by it. I personally think this is very realistic and immersive.
      Rain will now cool you off. There is no negative effect to this except if you get too cold it will take you longer to get warmed at the fire and receive the buff. If you are cold and not near a fire being under shelter will warm you up slowly, until you no longer have the cold time penalty at a fire. I didn't feel it was necessary to make rain more punitive as the vanilla game already raises your disease chance from being out in rain. It also works with snow.
      Swimming makes you soaking wet, which makes you cold. You will slowly warm up when cold if the sun is out. as well as when in cover, but you will not warm up without a fire at night, unless you are under shelter, you will however dry from being soaking wet to merely cold. (If it's not raining)
      Forage for wood, with potential dangerous encounters. However if your legs are crippled you won't be able to do this!
      It works with fires in the world, as well as with the Workshop campfire and fire barrel added by Wasteland Workshop. It also works out of the box with the following camping mods:
      Kitcat's camping gear (Recommended. Fires and tents as shelter!. Get "Firewood" item, and manual from MCM, and then forage for wood!)
      Campsite (Fires, Forage for firestarting kits instead of wood.)
      Advanced needs 2 (Fires)
      Conquest (Fires)
      Buildable burning campfires and fireplaces  (Fires)
      Woody's Wasteland Stuff (Fires)
      Sit or sleep anywhere, with Survival mode saving:
      Now, you can sit on the ground, or on top of most even surfaces whenever you like. You have several positions to choose from including a wounded sit. After you sit you'll be presented with a menu. You can either just sit and look around with the free camera or wait for increments of one hour or 5. Unlike Vanilla waiting this is instant which is a RL time saver. (The method used is safe and will advance AI and scripts properly, it's the same one used in the firewood foraging) When you are done sitting and get up. (Re-open the menu by hitting the hotkey/MCM button again) if you waited the game will then save.
      Now you can sleep on the ground (and again most even surfaces), as well as benches and couches. The mod uses AAF which will scan the area for couches and benches you can sleep on If none are found you sleep on the ground (or whetever you are standing on/in.) By default you will only actually latch onto the furniture 75% of the time. If you want you can up that percentage to 99 in the AAF.ini but if you do I suggest that you you reduce the furniture scan distance to something smaller like 200, that way you can decide if you want a particular piece of furniture more easily by standing by it..
      When you lay down after a moment a menu will appear and you can choose to sleep, lay there with free camera or get up. If you choose lay there simply hit the hotkey/MCM option again in order to bring back the menu.
      Unlike waiting this uses the vanilla sleep system. In survival mode, sleeping not near a fire is treated the same as using a sleeping bag. (3 hrs by default), wheras sleeping by a fire is treated like a Mattress (5 hrs) Because it uses the vanilla system mods that affect sleeping on sleeping bags and Mattresses will affect it. I've subtly altered the 2 messages warning that you can't oversleep on these items to be more immersive and frankly fit better with other vanilla messages and not sound like a preachy tutorial.

      When near a fire an option to play a hand warming animation (either standing or kneeling also occurs. To stop warming your hands simply hit the Hotkey/MCM option again. (May take a few seconds) 
      Known issues:
      If it stops raining while you are warm and by the fire you may temporarily have both the long and short version of the of the effect. I dunno if this actually makes the effects stack but they'll only overlap for 2 minutes so... have at it. 😛 
      Do not load the game while sitting, lying down, or warming your hands. Get up, stop what you are doing, or finish sleeping first. Otherwise you will break your pipboy and interactions completely and have to quit all the way out of Fallout 4 and reload.
      Occasionally if you try to sit on a CHALLENGING spot AAF which is used to handle the sitting and laying animations may get confused and take you for a walk like you are a mind controlled zombie. Just wait it out... eventually it'll resolve and usually put your body where you wanted it... Though your camera may be far from it.
      Wasteland Workshop
      Mod Configuration Menu
      Advanced Animation Framework v123 or above
      The source code is provided for you to make personal changes, should you wish to. It is not provided for you to alter, compile and redistribute your own version of the mod. The mod, Crackle is only allowed to be hosted and downloaded from Lover's Lab, and the Nexus, under my specific user accounts. 
      @dagobaking for AAF which makes animation mods like this possible.
      Those of you that actually come in the non adult section 😛



    6. AAF HARDSHIP - beggar- whore -

      This mod is a work of fiction. Any resemblence to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This is not a critique or commentary on poverty, RL sex work, gender issues, sexual orientation, abuse (sexual or otherwise) or any other serious social issue. This work is a fantasy designed purely for entertainment and contains content that may be disturbing to some, such as degrading language and sexual assault. This content is ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN. The author is not responsible for illegal alterations made to this mod after the fact, or any damage to the user's computer. If you cannot tell fantasy from reality, DO NOT INSTALL THIS MOD.
      In the most basic sense Hardship is a player prostitution mod, but there is a bit more to it than that. It's kind of become a general mod for roleplaying someone who is poor, desperate, and down on their luck.
      I made several videos describing the mod's functions and features. Be sure to click the HD icon otherwise they will look like garbage. They are best watched in the order I am presenting them here.
      Introduction and menu overview
      Begging and Prostitution
      Gunners and Raiders
      House Parties and Pimps
      New in 1.5 video
      MxR review
      Beggar Whore Mode:
      Toggling this option on activates all the interaction dialogue for this mod, as well as allowing for the detection of if you look threatening or not to Raoiders and Gunners. In general you should toggle BW mode off when doing vanilla quests, using vendors, or engaging with other mods that do similar things to Hardship. This can be done through the menu object, MCM, or a keyboard shortcut
      Sexual traits, history, and appearance:
      By equipping the menu item you can build out your character how you choose... determining things about them, from their sexual history, their sexual likes and dislikes, and whether npcs percieve them as average, very attractive, or just plain ugly. How you look affects how they treat you as well as how much you can charge!
      Makeup Mirror *
      Access the looks menu from anywhere, including editing the body without the dreaded camera bug, (See known issues for caveats)
      Barely managing to survive? Now you can beg for necessities like food and water... If you are pretty enough maybe they'll even throw you a few caps. Most won't help you though, and some of the ones that will, may only do so in exchange for sexual favors.
      Eventually you might get tired of begging for scraps, or doing favors for them. Then it's time to go into business for yourself selling... yourself. Make caps! Get rich, but be careful some guys just want to take it for free! To become a prostitute you can A: Just set "already a prostitute" In the sexual history menu, B: Beg until somebody offers to trade for sex, then demand caps instead or C : ask people if they know of any jobs that don't require fighting until one of them tells you that you can become a whore.
      Menacing Raiders:
      If in Beggar Whore mode, and with your weapon holstered (most) Raiders will no longer attack you on sight. Instead they'll send one out to menace you. This leads to a conversation that can end one of several ways... mostly bad... But hey... a chance is better than none.
      Sensible Gunners
      If you are in Beggar Whore mode with your weapon holstered Gunners will act much more like the paramilitary outfit they seem to be than the vicious raiders they are in vanilla. These are people you can do business with,... but don't let your guard down they are still bad guys. You can hire one to temporarily watch your back with caps or your body if they are so inclined.
      There are 4 unique pimps in the mod that the player can be recruited by. They provide some protection from rape, and added opportunities for revenge against or reformation of customer rapists. They do this at the cost of taking half your earnings and punishing you if you don't earn enough. They also provide small perks such as chems, alcohol, and cigarettes when you perform well. (This is very smoking mod friendly) There are 2 male and 2 female pimps. One of the female pimps is a dominatrix who explicitly puts you in a "consensual" D/s relationship. She has unique features in that she will assign you humiliating tasks along with your basic whore duties. If the player character is male she will make you occasionally cross dress and this can lead to (if the player wants) full time sissification. ALL OF THE PIMPS require you to already be a prostitute before they'll talk to you EXCEPT B.D. He doesn't care.  I can't remember if turning one trick is enough or if you need to have 5 customers. It's one or the other.
      Bad Boyfriend:
      There is an additional kind of follower who is kind of a pimp light. If solicit a rapist customer multiple times you will have an opportunity to begin an abusive relationship with them. The only benefit of this (beyond roleplaying) is that you have a simple, low feature follower that can help you in combat, who will rape and steal from you on a regular basis... However he won't take half your caps once a day like the bespoke pimps will.
      Addiction Dialogue:
      If you are addicted to Jet, Psycho, or Alcohol, and have none in your inventory, the "My prices" dialogue option will be replaced with you asking for the item you are addicted to. If the customer doesn't have any it will revert to the normal dialogue. Additionally there is a menu option which allows you to suck cock for cigarettes. This is designed for if you are using the mod: Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With HardCore Auto Save To save in survival mode, as cigarettes are pretty expensive and hard to come by in the large towns. This dialogue which can be toggled on and off replaces the "No Pussy" sexual limit on women and the Male/Male special dialogue on men.
      Extra male Dialogue:
      Because males have no need for a "No pussy" limit, I used that dialogue button for special dialogue for Male/Male interactions. You can choose your orientation/attitude in the mods menu as seen in the first video. Choosing the "Denial" option allows you to roleplay a straight guy forced to service men out of desparation, and complain about it the whole time. 
      Predator Dialogue:
      Use your position as a prostitute to victimize your customers with theft or murder. 
      IMPORTANT NOTE: While enabling predator mode adds a dialogue choice to the negotiation menu for male customers... for women it is an automatic thing because there is no negotiation phase... so unless you want to assault the female customer turn off Predator mode before getting to "someplace more private".  
      Damage/healing system:
      When beaten by a rapist, boyfriend, or pimp, the player may be physically injured (vanilla damage) and tagged with a keyword that tells NPCs that the player is visibly bruised. That's the main reason I added the Makeup Mirror so the player could easily and somewhat more reliably bring up the looks menu and apply appropriate bruises. Over time the damage will fade (though each beating adds one point of damage, so if you are raped and beaten by an entire raider camp it'll take many days to fade) When all damage points are depleted you will get a message saying that your bruises have faded. Unfortunately this seems to be the best possible way to do this in Fallout 4.
      There is also a sexual wear and tear system built in that will cause a tiny amount of vanilla damage. This is affected by lubrication. Pussy lubrication is handled by simple player choice of how aroused (or not) they are as a scene starts, while anal lubrication is handled by RNG deciding if the customer provides lube. If the player has "cooking oil" in their inventory they can offer it and that provides a better chance. Anal damage is also affected by the player's mental state. You will be offered a choice of how you feel about the situation which affect if you are able to relax or not. and if you are tense you will take extra damage regardless of lube.
      Companion sex:
      Dialogue options to offer free sex to teammates, including, including offering them/asking them to take your virginity if "virgin" is chosen in the menu. If Free sex is offered before you've whored yourself to the NPC, you will no longer have the option to whore to them. Theoretically should work with any modded followers as long as they are flagged as a teammate. Also works with hired Gunners in this mod.
      Mercenaries and Safe Passage integration:
      This mod has compatibility with my other mod Mercenaries and Safe Passage . If you have Blaze hired, (most) raiders won't menace you. It makes whoring to Raiders safe and you get slightly better payouts.
      If you have Sergeant Hammer hired, Menacing raiders will be more fearful of you (same with Strong and Danse), and you will be unable to beg from Gunners. "You had enough money to hire sarge! Do I look stupid"?
      Companions and raiders
      While accomponied by Vanilla human companions (or Strong) you (IIRC) Won't be raped by raiders and the dice roll is between fighting them and being let go. You can still be raped if you have Dogmeat though the chance is less. If your follower is intimidating (Strong, Danse, Sarge or Dogmeat) you get extra intimidation dialogue. There is also extra dialogue for if a Pimp is accompanying you. Also with or without companions there is always a small chance a menacing raider will just say they are going to murder you and attack.
      Things to do before you attempt to install Hardship. Feel free to consult this guide along side mine for more detailed, up to date information, but still read mine for the Hardship specific details!
      SECTION A: Preliminaries
      Do everything in this section, and read everything CAREFULLY ...    no excuses! 
      Note: Order of appearance reflects the order you should install items/do things. I will number things that need to /should be installed in orange so you can easily keep track. Wherever version numbers are listed consider "or later" to be implied
      0: Mod Manager:
      You will need a Mod Manager. There are only 2 truly modern ones. Vortex and Mod Organizer 2. Pick one and take time to learn how to use it. With AAF Mods, FILE  LOAD ORDER management is extremely important. In MO2 this is handled by the load order of the folders in the left pane of the browser. In Vortex it's handled through some kind of arcane rules system. I only use Mod Organizer 2 and only have a loose handle on Vortex's operation so I obviously recommend Mod Organizer 2.
      1: Enable modding in Fallout 4         
      Open the following file:
      If MO2 -> MO2 .ini editor -> Fallout4Custom.ini
      If Vortex -> Documents/mygames/Fallout4 -> Fallout4Custom.ini
      Add these lines if they aren't already there:
      2:  Build your infrastructure:
      1. F4SE -- Necessary for all AAF mods, as well as looksmenu
      2. Mod Configuration Menu -- Necessary for most AAF mods, including Hardship.
      3: Download and install nude bodies.
      You will need nude bodies and some support software. Download and install the following:
      3. Bodyslide -- At this point it's a good idea to learn how to use Bodyslide, as you will need it later to build the strap-on. It's an immensely useful tool for many things. It's important to do this now as it can be a bit of a learning curve learning to run bodyslide from your mod manager.
       4. LooksMenu -- This is what makes the erection morphing possible.
           Female body -- You can skip this if you are going for the gay only install option, just be sure to turn off female raider rapists in the menu if you do.
       5. CBBE v2.6.2 or newer or Fusion Girl v1.45 (Pick one.) -- I prefer Fusion girl but there are good reasons to use either. (Note: Fusion Girl above 1.45 has ISSUES right now. Do your research)
           Male body -- This is necessary. While you can have female/female sex only in Hardship, it's not a very viable playstyle.
       6. BodyTalk v3 -- (You don't even have to build the body yourself anymore!) or Any other EVB based body with genital morphs.
       7. ZaZ-Extended-Skeleton (ZeX) 2.0  -- In MO2 or Vortex always keep this at the bottom of your left pane load order/Rule it to override any other skeletons. Necessary for all AAF mods.
      4: Download and install AAF and it's requirements: 
      8. Advanced Animation Framework v131Beta or higher -- This is where the magic happens... the animation framework that makes these mods possible (We're not worthy oh dagobaking!)
      9. AAF Themes (Vanilla/Kinky/Creature Theme 200605.0) -- or higher This will be required by any mod using tags
      10. Leito Animations v2.0alpha -- For now just download this one animation pack. Best not to confuse things until you know what you are doing and you will need it for Hardship anyway.
      SECTION B: The main event.
      The instructions have changed A LOT so pay attention!
      If you wish to install the older version with Indarello support there is a link to instructions at the end of the guide.
      Completely uninstall any older version of Hardship, this will prevent conflicts with the new requirement. Install/Rule in Vortex/Left pane organize in MO2 the following in this order: 
      11. OPTIONAL -- Now is the time you can install more animations if you like. Animation packs that work well with Hardship (besides Leito) Are BP70 2.4 or higher  Savage Cabbage 1.2 or higher and Atomic Lust, 2.6.1 beta or higher NOTE: It is very important that you make sure these are up to date or they may cause conflicts.
      Soft Requirement: RugFt's animations (Necessary for Cunnilingus, and kissing found on the Atomic Lust download page. Note Hardship 1.5.9D will be the last version to require this.
      12. Vioxis' Strap-Ons of Fallout 4 5.0.0 -- Needed for strapon animations
      13. OPTIONAL -- For Gay (MM) Sex and Creature support: (UAP) Ulfberth's AAF Patch 2.5.30 Fix1 or higher  or  For Creature support without gay sex: AAF Creature Resources 1.1.3 or higher -- VERSION IS VERY IMPORTANT!
      14. Staged Leito Plus Erection Fix 0.9.0 Beta or above
      15.  Real Handcuffs  0.4.7 or above -- This is a true Master of Hardship and RealHandcuffs.esp must be above Beggar_Whore.esp in the plugin load order!
      16.  Install HARDSHIP 1.5.9D with your Mod Manager (MO2, or Vortex)
      -Make sure any mods that physically change Hotel Rexford (Like the great Fixed Hotel Rexford) is below Beggar_Whore.esp.
      -It's best to start the game after the prewar. If you don't and your menu item doesn't show up you can add one with the MCM.
      -Hardship uses slilent dialogue so you'll need to make sure that you have both kinds of subtitles turned on in Fallout 4's settings:

      Enjoy... and Good luck!
      Legacy instructions for Hardship 1.5.9B with One Patch Only, or Indarello (NOT RECOMMENDED)
      Stash those caps -- Necessary if you have a pimp and ever hope to save any caps.
      Smokeable Cigars - Cigarettes - Joints - With HardCore Auto Save -- The best alternate saving method for Survival, and makes some of the rewards in Hardship more valuable
      Survival Options -- Just extremely useful in general. Also great to turn on the wait saves if you want your PC to be a non smoker.
      Immersive Waiting -- To make the wait saves even more useful
      * The makeup mirror item is more reliable than the console command "showlooksmenu 14" It even allows you to edit the player's body without breaking the camera... USUALLY. This bug still randomly manifests every so often. I have no idea why. I feel like this happens most often when I am right outside the vault, so maybe don't do that. As always SAVE EARLY SAVE OFTEN. If you access the Makeup Mirror from the pipboy the screen will turn black until you hit Tab/Controller B button, then go into the looksmenu if it's behaving itself. If you access it from the favorites menu as is shown in the first video it will go straight into looksmenu. This is definitely the more reliable and preferred method. DO NOT use the mirror while sitting as there are repports that this will crash the game.
      If you have any mods that edit Hotel Rexford (such as the excellent Fixed Hotel Rexford) Place it below Beggar_Whore.esp in your load order. You will not be able to use the Rexford features with a mod that uses an alternative interior Cell for Rexford (such as possibly Depravity) The same goes for Home Plate mods. They should all be compatible so long as they use the Vanilla Cell as a base.
      XDI May or may not be compatible. My testing was inconclusive, but I am hearing it works fine from others. Personally I'd still recommend using the vanilla dialogue interface.
      This should be compatible with any player rape/abduction mods as long as you make sure that Beggar Whore mode is disabled when you are captured. It's been tested with Violate and RSE2 CSA. The menu will automatically be disabled when you are abducted in CSA, but you'll have to roleplay responsibly if using another mod  You should use the hotkey surrender option, as a holstered surrender option will likely cause you to auto surrender to Menacing Raiders.
      IF YOU ARE PLAYING MY OTHER MOD DLYH... TURN OFF BW MODE UNTIL YOU'VE COMPLETED THE COLLAR RELATED DIALOGUE WITH ANY GIVEN NPC. otherwise you may end up with a follower you can't interact with until you get the collar off.
      Sometimes you will get the addiction dialogue when not actually addicted yet. This is a vanilla bug with detecting the conditional. It only happens rarely and there's nothing I can do about it. If this problem persists you can simply make sure to keep one of the items (booze, psycho... etc...) in your inventory.
      This mod's "healing" system works on a simple 24 hr timer with a set refresh time every day. This is perfectly sufficient most of the time but it means that if you get beaten up right before the timer turns over you will heal right away. This also applies to "The Mayor's favor".
      Raiders who are using furniture will not menace or spectate. Roleplay this as them being lazy and take the win. If a Raider you've never met is standing and won't menace you, they may have bugged keywords. You can use the KEYWORD RESET utility to fix them. This utility can also sometimes fix customers with bugged dialogue, but this is MUUUUCH rarer.
      If you are using an alternate start mod like Start me up, you may not start the game with the [SETTINGS] BW MENU item. If this happens Save and then load that save. The item will appear.
      The source code is provided for you to make personal changes, should you wish to. It is not provided for you to alter, compile and redistribute your own version of the mod. The mod, HARDSHIP is only allowed to be hosted and downloaded from Lover's Lab, under my specific user account. Plugin addons using Hardship as a master that don't interfere with my original dialogue or code are allowed... for example additional pimps.
      Permission is granted to anyone wanting to use the sounds I include with Hardship in their mods, with the EXPLICIT EXCEPTION of Hardship.wav and Hardship 2.wav
      CREDITS: @DixiePig provided the the awesome slave collar added in 1.0.7.
                         Ender Guney for tiny snippet of royalty free track I used for Hardship disable sound.
      @Crazy6987 and @DocClox For getting the ball rolling
      @vinfamy for providing a tutorial and helping to advance FO4 sex modding
      @dagobaking For AAF , and for being generally helpful and all around cool
      @Flashy (JoeR),  @EgoBallistic, and @Ulfbearth For going the extra mile to offer help
      @Leito86 and @SavageCabbage For their great animations and @Halstrom and @Polistiro for making them usable
      @Goubo @TheDriedFinger @Odessa @Mavia and many others for the mods that have inspired me over the years!
      @Lynx2k10 for reminding me of the Pipboy Mirror issue.
      @LinkDeath For fixing the Blaze/Sarge bug.
      @SayKoRn for the up to date install guide which I used as reference while making my Installation guide.
      @Saya_Scarlett for the guide that encouraged me to organize my installation instructions better.
      And to the rest of you mugs for being the best damn community on the internet!



    7. Magnolia Romance

      This mod originally was made for AML russian community.
      It's a very small and simple mod, that allows you to have sex scenes with Magnolia, if you are persuade her. there is no sexs position choice - mod will use random animation. 
      If the first scene was successful (you are persuaded her and have sex with her)  you are can always ask her for another scene any time - i have unblocked this option for her default dialogue.
      there is also small MCM menu for hotel changed mods compatibility.



    8. Companion Ivy RealSex Mod

      @Reginald_001 gave me permission to have worked on this mod, and post it for public usage. 
      This mod is just replacing black screen scene when you choosing "let's make love" option in dialogue with Ivy (you need an affinity progression for her to make this option available) with AAF scene.
      ALL VOICES files are from original mod and just have other ID's

      ALL DIALOGUES are from original mod, and i didn't change them (except one phrase "Fuck that was fantastic!" -> "Fuck that will be fantastic!" because it's playing before scene starts for now)
      You need to have animations with tags installed, but there is built-in system to avoid tag-related glitches (as in my other mods) so if you have no property tags/animations there would be ANY animation chosen
      This mod DO NOT change anything in Ivy logic or behavior and technically compatible with any future updates for main Ivy mod, because it modifies only one scene. But it based on Ivy base mod. 
      version history:



    9. FEAR Suit For Atomic Beauty Bodyslide Conversion

      Thank you to  Xavier19870828 for allowing me to convert their awesome bodysuit to Atomic Beauty!!
      Please Note: It may clip with extreme presets or ultra bendy poses.
      Directions for Use!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Install BodySlide and Outfit Studio utility.

      2. Install Atomic Beauty body.

      4. Download and install this mod (automatically, a mod manager, or if manually
      then extract the file into Fallout 4's Data folder. Overwrite the
      original mesh when prompted.)

      5. If you only wish to play with the default Atomic Beauty body shape then stop here and enjoy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on.

      6. Open Bodyslide and the armor will be in AB FEAR Suit  group.

      7. Tweak sliders to your liking or use your preset.( If your preset
      is extreme, there is a good chance for clipping around skin areas)

      8.Craft according to the original armor's instructions

      Bethesda for Fallout 4
      Xavier19870828 for creating the outfit
      Themilkdrinker for creating Atomic Beauty
      Caliente for CBBE across multiple games
      Ousinous for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, without which the conversion would never have happened
      MunkySpunk for a lot of help on how to convert outfits
      Rpuresteel for the original instructions on how to convert outfits
      sUiCiDe.bUnnY for testing and screenshots
      AdamBurnsRed for testing and screenshots
      Gratiana for testing and screenshots
      Actares for testing and screenshots
      If I forgot anyone please let me know



    10. Mistral Armor For Atomic Beauty Bodyslide Conversion

      The Awesome Mistral Armor, now AB compatible. Big Thanks to mrsasa789 for this!

      Disclaimer: May not work great with extreme body presets or ultra bendy poses.

      You MUST HAVE the ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!!!

      My other conversions:
      Ashara FO4 Cyborg Armour for Atomic Beauty
      Ashara F04 Under Armours
      NovaBodysuit for Atomic Beauty
      Nova Catsuit I For Atomic Beauty Bodyslide Conversion
      Ero Selene Armor for Atomic Beauty
      CROSS Uni BoS Uniform for Atomic Beauty
      Street Fighter 5 Cammy Tactical Suit for Atomic Beauty
      Ranger Armor for Atomic Beauty
      Wasteland Pionerka For Atomic Beauty
      TheKite's MilitiaWoman for Atomic Beauty
      French Maid for Atomic Beauty
      Diano Armor for Atomic Beauty
      Crimsomrider's Catwoman Year 1 For Atomic Beauty
      BOS Pilot Uniform For Atomic Beauty
      BOS Recon for Atomic Beauty
      WM Jumpsuit for Atomic Beauty
      ZGC Atom Cats Girl for Atomic Beauty
      Franky Swimsuit for Atomic Beauty
      ZGC Zilents for Atomic Beauty with Physics
      TERA Rogue for Atomic Beauty

      Directions for Use!!!!!!!!!!  (Built on nonphysics Atomic Beauty base)

      1. Install BodySlide and Outfit Studio utility.

      2. Install Atomic Beauty body.


      4. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM, or if manually
      then extract the file into Fallout 4's Data folder. Overwrite the
      original mesh when prompted.)

      5. If you only wish to play with the default Atomic Beauty body shape then stop here and enjoy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on.

      6. Open Bodyslide and the armor will be in AB Mistral group.

      7. Tweak sliders to your liking or use your preset.( If your preset
      is extreme, there is a good chance for clipping around skin areas)

      8.Craft according to the original armor's instructions

      Bethesda for Fallout 4
      mrsasa789 for creating the awesome armor and allowing it to be converted
      Themilkdrinker for creating Atomic Beauty
      Caliente for CBBE across multiple games
      Ousinous for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, without which the conversion would never have happened
      MunkySpunk for a lot of help on how to convert outfits
      Rpuresteel for the original instructions on how to convert outfits
      RPGMMO117 for testing and screenshots
      AdamBurnsRed for testing and screenshots
      Nectalite for testing and screenshots
      Gratiana for testing and screenshots
      If I forgot anyone please let me know.



    11. ZGC Rachel Wetsuit for Atomic Beauty Bodyslide Conversion

      Thank you to ZatanicGC for allowing me to convert their awesome wetsuit to Atomic Beauty compatible!!
      Please Note: Only the wetsuit is converted! And it may clip with extreme presets or ultra bendy poses.
      Directions for Use!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Install BodySlide and Outfit Studio utility.

      2. Install Atomic Beauty body.

      4. Download and install this mod (automatically, a mod manager, or if manually
      then extract the file into Fallout 4's Data folder. Overwrite the
      original mesh when prompted.)

      5. If you only wish to play with the default Atomic Beauty body shape then stop here and enjoy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on.

      6. Open Bodyslide and the armor will be in AB ZGC Rachel Wetsuit  group.

      7. Tweak sliders to your liking or use your preset.( If your preset
      is extreme, there is a good chance for clipping around skin areas)

      8.Craft according to the original armor's instructions

      Bethesda for Fallout 4
      ZatanicGC for creating the outfit
      Themilkdrinker for creating Atomic Beauty
      Caliente for CBBE across multiple games
      Ousinous for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, without which the conversion would never have happened
      MunkySpunk for a lot of help on how to convert outfits
      Rpuresteel for the original instructions on how to convert outfits
      sUiCiDe.bUnnY for testing and screenshots
      If I forgot anyone please let me know.



    12. Staged Leito Plus Erection Fix

      I've been a huge fan of Leito's animations for a long time. It's my opinion that despite their age and a few quirks, his Fallout 4 pack is still the best one available. I felt it was needed to create an updated set of  XMLs matching the current format used by AAF that didn't rely (too much) on unsupported mods to work.  
      XML SET:
      This mod installs clean, up-to-date tagged XMLs of Staged Leito FM, FF, FD, and FSM, positions for use with Advanced Animation Framework. They require [AAF] FO4 Animations by Leito 2.0A be installed. These XMLs feature aligned erections and offsets. They also come with an up to date non conflicting morphsetData XML for erections. No need for any additional erection fix, as well as the XMLs required for strapon functuality.
      Installer options include:
      -Staged or Extended
      -One patch style (full), Polistro style(Transitions), and  Middle stages only staging
      -FF,FD, and Mutant position installations are optional
      IMPORTANT NOTES: While I've done my best to correct things, at times erectile dysfunction, pokethrough, and clipping will still occur either through desynched animations or a morph not going off when it should, these are engine limitations and there is nothing anyone can do about it. 
      HARDSHIP 1.59B and below users must uninstall and update to 1.5.9C or above to avoid serious conflicts.
      These were previously included in HARDSHIP - beggar - whore - 
      -Mute Moans -- Installs silent sound files for vocal aspects of FO4 animations by Leito, BP70, and Savage Cabbage, while leaving the sex sound effects in place. Select this to get rid of potentially distracting and/or gender inappropriate sounds. This uses the same technique as mods like Custom moans, and manly moans and is perfectly compatible with them.
      -Squirt emitter overwrite: -- If like me you find the baked in particle squirting in Leito's positions distracting and immersion breaking. This option will overwrite the particle emitter: Meshes\AnimObjects\AnimationsByLeito\ZaZSquirtLight.nif  with a dummy file. If any other plugins use this specific file from this specific location it will also block them from using it, so only do this if you know what you are doing!
      Install/Rule in Vortex/Left pane organize in MO2 the following in this order: 
      HARD REQUIREMENTS: This uses AAF's new XML format so AAF version is especially important!
      Advanced Animation Framework v 123 or higher --- and all it's requirements. Note to ensure alignment, leave the scale_actors_for_animations option false in the AAF ini.
      AAF Themes (Vanilla/Kinky/Creature Theme 200605.0) -- or higher
      [AAF] FO4 Animations by Leito 2.0A
      Vioxis' Strap-Ons of Fallout 4 5.0.0 -- Needed for FF animations
      <Other animation packs go here> -- Make sure they are up to date or you may get conflicts with items below.
      For Gay (MM) Sex and Creature support:
      (UAP) Ulfberth's AAF Patch 2.5.30 Fix1 or higher -- VERSION IS VERY IMPORTANT!
      For Creature support without gay sex:
      AAF Creature Resources 1.1.3 or higher -- VERSION IS VERY IMPORTANT!
      Install Staged Leito Plus Erection Fix with your Mod Manager (MO2, or Vortex)
      -Carefully read the installer options.
      That's it, You're done!

      There is nothing especially unique about these XMLs It's based on experimentation and observation of how others did it. Do what you want with them other than reposting the mod as a whole. That said... consider not duplicating efforts unnecessarily. I saw a need here to update these which is why I made this. It helps nobody if there is 90 versions of the same thing floating around, which is why I didn't touch gay positions, because Ulfbearth had it handled, and I also work closely with him so our mods don't cause problems for eachother.
      @Leito86 Thanks for all the great animations. 
      @Ulfbearth for being supportive and helpful, and for his great mods.
      @dagobaking for AAF
      @Halstrom for Themes
      @an3k and @Polistiro for the foundation I learned from.
      @Saya_Scarlett for quickly adopting this in her guide. 




      NOTE: This mod's compatibility with Hardship is currently broken. It should still function but you won't have all the bells and whistles that come from Hardship events. I'll correct this ASAP as well as release a proper second alpha soon. But for now I have more pressing issues. Thanks for your patience.
      This mod is a work of fiction. Any resemblence to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This is not a critique or commentary on poverty, RL sex work, gender issues, sexual orientation, abuse (sexual or otherwise) or any other serious social issue. This work is a fantasy designed purely for entertainment and contains content that may be disturbing to some, such as degrading language and sexual assault. This content is ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN. The author is not responsible for illegal alterations made to this mod after the fact, or any damage to the user's computer. If you cannot tell fantasy from reality, DO NOT INSTALL THIS MOD.
      Many times I've been playing Fallout 4 and found it unimmersive how the only way to engage with the settlements was by doing their "go kill so-and-so" quest. If you didn't you could generally just loiter around and nobody particularly seems to mind. This is my rather lazy attempt to offer some kind of alternative.
      For now this mod only covers the Slog. When you arrive there if you choose not to take Wiseman's quest instead activate Hospitality mode in the MCM and talk to him again. You can then ask him if you can stay there for the night (a 12 hr period from when he says yes) He'll have someone drag out a spare mattress for you and you'll be treated like a guest. When your time is up the mattress is removed and you can ask again, but ask too many times and you'll soon wear out your welcome!
      That's where the AAF part comes in: You can help satisfy Wiseman's smoothskin fetish in return for a bed, or alternatively pay 50 caps a might. (The Slog isn't a flophouse smoothy!)
      A working tested install of:
      Advanced Animation Framework and it's requirements
      AAF Themes Required as of this release, however will be replaced by One Patch to Bang them all 2.0+ in the near future
      Fallout 4 Animations by Leito Is the pack this mod was most designed to work it has EVERY kind of animation this mod calls... TECHNICALLY with the right combination of other packs you'd be fine but don't come bitching to me about missing animations. 
      Staged Leito Plus Erection Fix
      AAF HARDSHIP - beggar- whore -
      Not a requirement, but will greatly enhance your experience as Hospitality will utilize certain Hardship systems and sound effects if present.
      I made this in 3 days, and it should be considered alpha software. In the future I intend to add more settlements, but I felt like The Slog was the one most in need.



    14. Fox Island

      Beta version of Fox Island
      New Island Fox Island
      Requires Nuka World & Far Harbor the Island is off the coast of Maine
      Super Mutants
      Unique Synths
      New player homes
      Teleport to Fox Island go to Kingsport Lighthouse in the commonwealth 
      watch the trailer if you can't find it. 
      Thanks for the support alpha build is coming soon. This is a limited time only mod so download while you can.
      Testers are wanted now for compatibility. 
      Thank you follow me to stay updated. 
      -DJ Red X



    15. (UAP) Ulfberth's AAF Patch - For MM Only

      This is a AAF Patch that has the same method of 
      With the difference of focus on MM support. It has all files/ the creature patch i worked on (which is now integrated in the one patch)
      Q: So why making a separated patch just for MM?
      A: Because i've been working on more optional and extra stuff and since its not The One Patch's goal, i felt like making it standalone and put everything in a single FOMOD.

      Q: I like to see MM action, but i'd like to have some MF and FF too
      A: Follow this guide
      Now going to the actual Mod's description...

      !!!IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THIS PATCH, REPORT IN THIS THREAD, DON'T BOTHER AN3K OR SOMEONE ELSE. You are also free to ask for support for any animation pack you come across with or an AAF mod that you are afraid its not compatible with this patch!!!
      This patch will make most AAF animations have the erection working correctly. It includes all the penises for creatures and stuff so it will work for all the Human and Creature Animations. This will also add TAGS for many animations, so they can be called by other AAF mods.

      So the only requirements is:
      *Any EVB Based body of your choice that comes with erection morph. I highly recommend Atomic Muscle: https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/291-atomic-muscle-a-male-body-for-big-guys/
      *AAF and its Requirements
      *Any animation pack of your choice
      * AiO Theme pack from here:
      * Cum Overlays Scripted Edition for automated cum applier: 
      Compatible Animation Mods:
      50 Shades of Fallout 4: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/9601-50-shades-of-fallout-4/
        Atomic Lust: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/98255-atomic-lust-72319/
        BP70's Fallout 4 Sex Animations: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/93123-aaf-bp70s-fallout-4-sex-anims-22/
        Crazy's Animations [Gun Version] : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3288-crazy6987-sex-animation/
        Four-Play Animations by Crazy: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3987-four-play-animations-by-crazy6987/
        Farelle’s Animations (outdated anims with zex skeleton): https://www.loverslab.com/topic/103230-farelle-animations-for-aaf-football-lovers-update-alpha/
        FO4 Animations by Leito: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/75915-aaf-fo4-animations-by-leito-122118/
        Gray User's Creature Pack: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/111917-aaf-creature-pack-release-v02/
        Gray User's Bad End Animation Pack : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8183-aaf-bad-end-animation-pack/
        Gray User's Bondage Animations: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6927-aaf-bondage-animations/
        Mutated Lust: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/101242-mutated-lust-5219/
        SavageCabbage’s Animation Pack: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/100576-my-animation-pack-updated-27122018/
        Vadermania’s Animations: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/103546-vadermania-aaf-animations/
        ZazOut4 (Outdated anims with zex skeleton) : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/106799-zazout4-beta-v003/  

      Installation Instructions:
      Install AAF and all its requirements Install Any EVB Based Body with Working Erection Morph Install at least one of the compatible Animation Mods Install this patch and let it overwrite everything / put it as the latest in load-order  
      IMPORTANT!!! Whenever you install/uninstall an animation pack, you need to reinstall this patch afterwards, because the FOMOD use the plugin check method which checks for the plugins you have installed and install the files accordingly. This is an automated feature coming from the FOMOD implementation.
      This FOMOD have the following options to install:

      🌑 Separated selection for creatures; some animations packs like gray user creature pack has animations from many creatures in a single place. Some users might rather have support for just some of those creatures. During FOMOD installation you can pick which creature you'd like to have creature support for.

      🌑 Extended Supermutant body; if you pick the Extended version, you'll get the animated Penis for supermutants, but with the downside of some Supermutants freezing after getting killed. If you pick Vanilla then you'll lose the animated penis, but Supermutants wont freeze anymore (NOTE THAT EVEN IF THE SUPERMUTANT FREEZES FOR THE EXTENDED VERSION, IT WONT BREAK YOUR GAME, THEY'LL RAGDOLL UPON CELL RELOAD)

      🌑Auto Staged Anims; dont enjoy smashing pg up/pg down buttom to change to another scene? with auto Staged anims thats possible. This Patch added staged anims for many animations packs
      For Animation category If you select Normal, only Staged anims will be available in AAF selection. If you pick Extended, you will get both Staged sequences and the Stages to choose from (Extended doesnt mean more anims, it just means you'll be able to manually switch the stages)

      *If you pick the Manly Moans module, you'll get male moaning support for all animations packs being patched by UAP. Manly Moans is a WIP project and aim to give very exclusive features for the males of the commonwealth; you'll be able to have exclusive voicesets for unique npcs, creatures and custom sex stats will be applied as the men moans.
      Currently theres voicesets for Player, Ulfberth (my character, which is the same voiceset for Player but deeper), Paladin Danse and generic voicesets for all the rest of the men. You can set your own voicesets for  your character if you wish by moving the desired sound files to the Sound\Voice\Manly Moans.esp. There you'll find the Player related folder, so you just gotta rename the sound files to exactly same ones that are in each folder. If you wish to have deeper voice for your character, you can get the sounds files from Ulfberth folder and move to the Player folder.

      *If you pick the Silence! option, youll get just the empty files that will overwrite all the male and female moaning so only sex sound effects will stay

      *If you pick none, so no sound files will be touched.

      🌑 Cum overlays for MCG; This will installl necessaries files for cum overlays to work. Unfortunately, even with AAF resources, i couldnt make cum overlays to apply on males. If you have MCG installed tho (Magno Cum Gadio) they will apply for any AAF animation when it ends (Your need the cum overlays module active in MCG's MCM menu).

      🌑NO GREEN CUM! With cum overlays being applied by MCG, all creatures will give green cum (including Dogs). This can be unimmersive for some ppl so pick this option to "fix" that. It requires the CUM overlays for MCG option to work.

      🌑Behemoth Loincloth FOMOD option, Behemoths now has penis, but in order to not make them all walk naked, you can get this option.

      🌑Behemoth No Cart FOMOD option, if you dont want Behemoths to have the ugly cart on their back.

      🌑AAF Better Partial Stripping FOMOD option, this will strip only the bodyslot so things like Gloves, Leg Armor, Arm Armor, Chest Armor and Helmet will stay during AAF. In addition, i made a separated condition for supermutants so they strip only the parts that cover the junk.
      note: If you wish, you can always edit that in Data/AAF/AAF_Equipmenset.xml or you can use Roggvir's Strip manager. > Ask me if you need guidance

      🌑Rottweiler Dogmeat Replacer; this will replace dogmeat with rottweiler breed
      🌑AJ VARIOUS XMLS is a mod that will unlock you the option to use the SC's animations on the floor for 2 actors and 3way/4way/5way on the furnitures. The original AJ Various XMLS is not required.


      🌑FP ANIMATIONS BY CRAZY PLUGIN Check this if you have Fourplay Crazy version animation pack installed. This will install a file so the FOMOD can check you have this animation pack and install the files accordingly

      🌑Tongue compatibility for Natural Expressions; Pick this if you have have Natural Expression mod installed. This will offset the the tongue from animation like Savage Cabbage and Mutated Lust so they dont look off.

      🌑Support for many mods like AAF SEU, AAF Violate, AAF Hardships, Zodiac and more. Since this mods adds TAGS for many positions, this is now possible.

      the mod order in MO2 may look something like this (note that UAP must overwrite everything else, including your Male Body) :

      Note, that in MO2 this is the left panel, which is the assets order. So if you are using Vortex as mod manager, you may sort the priority following the template above

      This is a FOMOD so the options will be displayed like this during installation



      BIG THANKS TO...
      DagobaKing; for the amazing animation framework.
      An3k, Halstrom, Nebuchadnezzer2; for the One Patch development and for Tags database.
      Ayser, Maars; for the big help with creature textures.
      Wenderer For the FOMOD Creation Tool, which helped a ton to make this FOMOD
      Leito, ZaZ; For the creature/sound/particles and other important assets that makes this patch to function.
      and everyone else who supported me.
      @ZarthonTheVanquished for the mirelurk king penises


      Join us in the Bearhood of Steel | Discord |  NSFW Gay oriented server. Get in to be update with my stuff and to share yours too. A place for men who enjoy men.



    16. Boston Devious Helper ALPHA

      This is an alpha version!
      Don't expect a complete, working, fun mod!
      Any help testing or giving general feedback would be appreciated!
      English is not my first language, so all the dialog is pretty bad!!!
      This mod is intended for a female player character with a female companion (Piper | Cait).
      Used adult themes:
      Humiliation, FM, FF, Dom/Sub, BDSM, Bimbo, Bestiality Content
      There is no fixed story/quest to follow. Events are mostly triggered randomly. Not all content is available from start, the PC unlocks new content over time. Helpers
      When locked in Devious Devices the PC can ask friendly NPCs for help.
      Some NPCs will agree to help her, some will not. Sometimes NPCs will demand sexual favors for their help. Companion
      The PC can ask her companion for help with Devious Devices. The follower will only help if the PC agrees to enter a Dom/Sub relationship with her.
      The PC can ask her Mistress to help with devious devices. The Mistress will demand humiliating tasks from her sub from time to time. Slutwalk
      The Mistress will occasionally dress her sub in slutty outfits. (requires additional mods, see Outfit mods below)
      NPCs will notice and comment when they see the PC running around in an outfit. Sometimes they will try to have some 'fun' with the PC. Bimbo Collar
      The PC can obtain a Bimbo Mind Control collar which will trigger various bimbo themed events.
      The collar is given by the companion after completing the basic companion tasks (will take a while to get one!)  
      Boston Devious Helper v0.3.9.7z
      The main mod
      Boston Devious Helper v0.3.9 - Voice.7z
      Silent voice files so the dialog scenes work correctly
      Boston Devious Helper v0.3.9 - Voice collar.7z
      Audio voice files for the bimbo collar
      Boston Devious Helper v0.3.9 - Fusion Girl patch.7z
      Fusion girl patch for body morphs (thanks @Greyholder)
      YES (if you use FusionGirl Body!)
      Boston Devious Helper v0.3.9 Ru.7z
      Russian language patch (Thanks @stas2503)
      Patch - Plugs of the Commonwealth Slot54.zip
      Changes the slots of the plugs so they don't conflict with the other outfit mods

      You want to install the files in the order like they are in the table above! Patch - Plugs of the Commonwealth Slot54.zip goes after Plugs of the Commonwealth  
      Fallout 4 runtime v1.10.163
      F4SE v0.6.20
      Advanced Animation Framework
      Devious Devices
      Outfit mods (optional, recommended)
      The Slutwalk event requires the following mods to be installed. The mod should also run without them, it will check if the mods are installed or not...
      Outfits are randomly chosen from the following mods
      Absolutely Skimpy Attire Dicky's Pinup Outfit Equippable Bikini High Heels Stockings and Gloves Lacy Underwear Sporty Underwear Highheels Fusion Girl Versions/Patches
      Thanks @Greyholder for the links (Source)
      Highheels ASA Absolute Skyimpy Attire CB Bikini Accessories
      These mods add additional items to outfits
      Sed7 Body Piercings Conversion for Fallout 4 Kinky Kollars Lordescobar's Moddable Piercings Plugs of the Commonwealth  
      Thanks to everyone who helped and/or created content this mod is using...
      dagobaking, EgoBallistic, an3k, Nebuchadnezzer2
      ugibber, izzyknows, stas2503, Greyholder
      Kimy, Konata Inoue, lordescobar666, darkconsole, Indarello
      Dikr, Dickyftw, Bumex and Newmiller, ousnius and Nezzar84, Bluto Blutarsky



    17. Erection Fix by SilverPerv

      What does this mod do?
      This fixes common erection problems for users of both "One Patch to Bang Them All" and "Patch for animations".
      It makes it so the penis is erect during AAF animations and is flaccid otherwise.
      This mod also contains (optional) fixes i made to address other animation issues, click below for info and screenshots.
      BodyTalk v2.75 OR Atomic Muscle
      LooksMenu v1.6.18
      ZaZ-Extended-Skeleton (ZeX) v2.0
      Advanced Animation Framework v139
      AAF Theme v200623.0
      One Patch to Bang Them All v1.1.1 OR Patch for animations (Squirt/Cum Effects, cum/tattoo overlays, stages, fixes) v7.3

      Installation Instructions
      BodyTalk v2.75
      Build the male body with Erection slider set to 0% (Flaccid) in Bodyslide while the 'Build Morphs' box in the lower left corner is checked. (Screenshot Below)
      Atomic Muscle
      Ready to go! Already includes working mesh you can customize using LooksMenu.
      Do NOT install the optional male body included in the Patch for Animations mod.
      Mod Load Order
      NMM/Manual: Overwrite files.
      Vortex: Put this mod AFTER BodyTalk/AM & One Patch & AnimationsAddonsAndFixes7.2 & all other animation mods in "Rules".
      Mo2: Put this mod BELOW BodyTalk/AM & One Patch & Patch for Animations & all other animation mods in the left mod list(Sort on Priority).
      AAF Install Guide and Discord.
      [AAF] Up-To-Date Adult oriented setup guide
      Official AAF Discord



    18. AAF Dangerous Nights

      Mod is at early stage of development, so it needs to be tested.
      It is developing for AML (russian community), but i also post it here because there is no similar mods for F4.
      It's a mod for survival style playing. Everywhere where you may sleep a rapers can found you. 
      There is configurable MCM menu with alot of options.
      You need to have animation files for each race you have turned on via MCM menu!
      current roadmap is:
      implemented in ver 0.3 companion could be raped. I want to make option for companion to be raped with player (if there is more than one "guest") and also allow player to choose mode when only companion will be raped, but not player. implemented in ver 0.27. allow to disable "anal" tag for those who play male main character and do not want to be raped with such way   option to multiply scenes if threesome is off but there is more than one "guest" - they would rape victims one by one theft and ransoming DD and Cliffs support  
      version history:



    19. DickChick Addon for WDF

      Addon for Wasteland Dairy Framework
      Now you can use the semen extaction for female charakters with DICKS!
      The files belong to Invictusblade. I just fitted the postion of the items and scale them for the body in OutfitStudio.
      I choose the midhard position of the dick beacuse it matches better with diverse sex animations.
      Special Thanks for Invictusblade
      This is my first publication, sorry for my bad grammar.



    20. Patch for animations (Squirt/Cum Effects, cum/tattoo overlays, stages, fixes)

      What this mod changes:
      Other options:
      What next:
      Thanks to, original authors and ideas:
      If you like my mod - support me



    21. The Selachii - Shark Race FO4

      This mod adds a playable anthropomorphic shark race with fully animated headparts and some customization options.
      --- F4SE
      --- Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
      --- LooksMenu
      (Required for the custom Azar and KS hairs included with the race to work; otherwise, they will be missing materials and textures)
      --- Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
      --- Commonwealth Cuts
      --- KS Hairdos – Addon with Physics
      --- Eyewear and Mask Retexture
      Race Information:
      "Originally envisioned as part of the European Commonwealth's HELIX Research Project, the Selachii are a bioengineered species of anthropomorphic sharks meant to operate on coastal and maritime environments for military and eventually civilian purposes. Most Selachii found roaming the wastelands are pureblood descendants of the original project subjects that escaped and carved their livelihood out of the chaos unleashed over the world after the bombs, but rumor goes there is a special variant of the Forced Evolutionary Virus capable of transforming any (un)lucky human host into a Selachii themselves... provided they survive the transformation."
      Selachii can breathe underwater, which gives them the same effect as the Rank 1 of AquaBoy/Girl but lacking the water rad resistance. AquaBoy/Girl is still required for proper marine navigation unless a Hazmat suit or another rad-resistant gear or consumable is used.
      Make sure to check out Kuroyami's blog for info on the mod, the race's lore, planned and existing characters/quests, etc:
      Notes for Character Creation:
      --- The “Eye Type” options for eye size will fail to apply to the eye meshes themselves when selecting them the first time. Opening the Eye color option list and browsing through some of them should reload the eye meshes and force them to apply the morphs as intended.

      --- Female Selachii will use a custom body with beast feet by default, customizable through a Bodyslide set and with both nude and nevernude options available. By using LooksMenu's “Skin” submenu in the “Body” tab (with the vanilla body shape selector triangle), it is possible to select a skin with “human feet” instead. It should be noted that this option simply forces the player to use the default/vanilla female body path (meshes\actors\character\characterassets\FemaleBody.nif), so they will use the same nude body as humans do.
      Recommended Mods:
      --- Start Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul by TinyManticore: SMU is strongly recommended, in order to prevent the game's plot and dialogue from going completely haywire due to the change to the player's species. To do so, simply choose one of the starts as a random wastelander that removes any mentions to the PC being related to Shaun and having lived pre-War.
      (It should be noted that while SMU is still not a hard requirement and the mod should work without it, the tests on a 100% vanilla start have been minimal and there could be some weirdness involved).
      --- BodyTalk2 - The Extended Skeleton Edition by TheBottomhoodofSteel or alternatively Enhanced Vanilla Bodies by Leito86: male Selachii textures are compatible with the vanilla male body UV so a male body replacer is not required to use the mod, but using BT2 or EVB is strongly recommended to ensure there's no issues with male bodies and they work as intended.
      Known Issues:
      --- The tail may spazz out and get stuck in a weird/distorted position, especially after using some crafting workbenches or furniture. Simply open and close the PipBoy and the tail should go back to normal.
      Future Plans:
      --- Any requests I like and I have the skills to fulfil will probably be done, though I can't promise anything.
      --- If not posted here, possible WIPs and ideas may be posted in the thread itself.
      --- Shark Race FO4 v1.0 - MAIN - FOMOD: Main file of the mod, includes both the base race files and the vanilla Gear refits plugin packed in a FOMOD installer for ease of use; manual install should still be pretty straightforward. REQUIRED
      --- Shark Race FO4 v1.0 - Cait Replacer: small proof-of-concept plugin that turns Cait into a Selachii, will conflict with any other mod or plugin that edits Cait's NPC record. Requires the main race ESM but can be used without the SharkPlayer plugin (i.e. the PC does not need to be a Selachii to use this). WIP.
      Shark Overlays Extension:

      You probably saw this coming.
      by ASlySpyDuo
      Includes 2 options for stripe overlays, thick and thin. Female only. Needs the main race mod to be enabled in order to load, but is not Selachii-exclusive; should work on humans, Vulpines or any other playable races as well as long as they use CBBE bodies.
      Install with your favorite mod manager, can be found under body -> overlays -> (Shark) Thin/Thick Stripes.
      A note about LooksMenu limitations and overlays:
      --- Initial Release
      Credits and Thanks:
      V1.0 CREDITS
      NightroModzz for the original shark head mesh and the FO4 refit.
      Kuroyami for several major contributions to the mod.
      ASlySpyDuo for the overlays and for awesome shark pics.
      BadDog for the beast feet and help with the mod.
      Tail Blehczar for the Freckles overlay and help with the mod.
      MadMansGun for porting the tail meshes and help with the mod.
      blabba for CITRUS Heads.
      HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion.
      Caliente and Ousnius for Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-.
      Leito86 for Enhanced Vanilla Bodies.
      TheBottomhoodofSteel, TrophiHunter and the rest of the authors for BodyTalk2 - The Extended Skeleton Edition.
      azarkiowa for Ponytail Hairstyles.
      Kalilies, Stealthic and the rest of the authors for KS Hairdos.
      oeliza for the FO4 port of KS Hairs with Physics.
      liambutt for Sleek Styles - a Hairstyle Pack.
      nevenbridge81 for Natural Eyes.
      Dark1Nova for Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes.
      AyyRofLmao for the original Sharkmer Race.
      thesholintiger and Force2013 for the original tail and back fin meshes for the Sharkmer Race
      BeardofSocrates, ExceptionGate and RussianPrince for the Vulpine Race.
      Elianora for the Hawke Bloodsmear face paint reference.
      Aubri, Monno and highhthere for Monno's Bikini - CBBE - BodySlide.
      Castell for Eyewear and mask retexture.
      Note: according to permissions, everything here should be fine, but if any author wants me to remove their assets from this file for some reason or to edit the credit section, just let me know and I will comply as soon as possible.



    22. AAF Gender Select

      This simple ESL mod allows you to craft an item that changes your AAF Gender via chemistry workbench
      Craft & wear a Female Ring to be treated as a Female in AFF
      Craft & wear a Male Ring to be treated as a Male in AFF
      Craft & use a Female Potion to be treated as a Female in AFF
      Craft & use a Male Potion to be treated as a Male in AFF
      Craft & Fire a Female Syringe to a NPC so they are treated as a Female in AFF
      Craft & Fire a Male Syringe to a NPC so they are treated as a Male in AFF
      You only need to craft one of each. (they will automatically respawn when used)
      Use it again on yourself or the target to remove the changes
      (Someone was a bit confused by this mod)
      Let me know if there is anything wrong with the mod (it should work)
      new changes->
      only the line in CAPS above, no changes to the file



    23. Rad Morphing Redux

      This is simply a copy of @Invictusblade's Rad Morphing mod, reimplemented as a quest mod with configuration through MCM. It should work with all bodies that use BodySlide as long as you enter the correct slider names in MCM.
      As you accumulate rads selected BodySlide sliders are raised or lowered according to your settings. If rads get high enough clothes may be unequipped from some slots.
      Initially I created this mod just for myself. After sharing an early version with @Invictusblade he suggested I'd upload it here for everyone else.
      All source code is included in case anyone else wants to build on it.
      Cover image on LoversLab graciously provided by @Narsdarknest
      By default this mod is disabled.
      You need to open MCM to configure and enable it.
      Install with your mod manager of choice. The FOMOD installer asks you to select one (optional) preset for MCM that sets up the same slider names for boobs and butt for the selected body type that are used in the original Rad Morphing mod.
      Before uninstalling, disable this mod in MCM to restore the original body. If you uninstall without disabling the mod first in MCM you will be stuck with a morphed body.
      MCM to configure the mod. LooksMenu to apply morphs. You must build your clothes with morphs enabled in BodySlide. F4SE 0.6.20 for Fallout 1.10.163
      if you are using an older version of F4SE you should still be able to use this mod by downloading a matching version of the LL_FourPlay library  
      Combat Strip Lite or Combat Strip Lite, Sound Replacer (Ripping Sounds)
      Installing either of these mods (or both) allows Rad Morphing Redux to play a sound from that mod when clothes are removed due to rads.  
      I would expect this mod to conflict with any other mod that changes the same sliders that you configure in this one.
      The mod comes with the LL_FourPlay library (LL_FourPlay.pex/psc/dll) that is also included in e.g. AAF. When your mod manager complains about a conflict I would suggest letting AAF overwrite this file.
      The FOMOD installer comes with default settings for Atomic Beauty, CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod. However, you can configure it to your liking with up to 20 sets of sliders with individual morphing strengths and ranges.
      Start or load a game, pause, open the MCM, and select Rad Morphing Redux.
      General Settings
      On the general settings page you can enable / disable the mod (it is disabled when you first install it), decide whether to show a warning when it is disabled, and set the update interval (how many seconds between rads are checked and sliders adjusted).
      Enable Rad Morphing
      Enable or disable this mod. Display disabled warning
      Whether to display a warning message when you load a game with this mod disabled. This warning really only exists for first installs since the mod is disabled by default.
        Update type
      Whether to update every x seconds (update delay) or only after sleeping.
      When this is set to "After sleeping" morphing will increase by the current amount of rads, i.e. after sleeping four times with 25% rads morphs will reach the maximum value. With "After sleeping" only doctors can reset your morphs since 0% rads just means that no further morphing happens while sleeping. Update delay (when update type is set to "Periodically")
      Seconds between checking rads and updating morphs.
        Radiation detection
      Actual radiation: Use the player's current rads (red part of the health bar) to determine morphing strength.
      Random: Use random rads (random value between random rads lower and upper limit) per second while the player is taking rads (red "+X RADS" shown above health bar). Use this if you are playing with god mode or other ways that keep your rads (red part of the health bar) from increasing. Random rads lower limit
      Minimum rads to take per second with random radiation detection. Random rads upper limit
      Maximum rads to take per second with random radiation detection.
      Total rads that the player can accumulate is 1000. Don't set this value too high.  
      Debug Tools
      Some helpful actions for debugging and testing this mod.
      Reset mod state
      Reset the mod to its initial state without restoring the original body.
      This does not reset your MCM settings. It makes the mod "forget" everything that it remembers about your current game. This includes the original body shapes of you and your companions. Add irradiated blood
      Puts 50 bags of irradiated blood (20 rads) into the player's inventory. Helps with testing the mod without finding other sources of radiation.  
      Slider Sets
      This is where you set up what will change and by how much.
      A slider set is a group of sliders that will all react the same way when the radiation level changes. Each of the 20 available slider sets consists of four settings:
      Slider Names
      Enter the names of the sliders that should be affected. When entering multiple sliders separate them with "|" (e.g. "Boobs Yuge|Bum Chubby").
      Unfortunately you cannot just take the labels shown in BodySlide as we need the internal name here. You can look these up your body's XML file in BodySlide's "SliderCategories" file. In that file each slider has a "name" attribute and a "displayname" attribute. The value for "name" is what we are looking for.
      One example from Fusion Girl (ZeX-FusionG.xml): <Slider name="Boobs Yuge" displayname="Breast Size (Larger)" />
      The internal name for the slider labeled "Breast Size (Larger)" in BodySlide is "Boobs Yuge". So "Boobs Yuge" is what you need to enter in MCM if you want this slider to change. Target size increase
      How much the slider will change when fully irradiated. These are absolute percentage points (not percentage of the current slider value). If the slider on your current preset is at 50% and you set the target size increase to 100% you will end up with 150% when fully irradiated. When set to -100% you will end up with -50%. Lower radiation threshold
      Percentage of irradiation at which the slider changes start. With rads lower than this threshold there will be no slider changes (all sliders are at their original values). Upper radiation threshold
      Percentage of irradiation at which the slider changes stop. With rads higher than this threshold you will see no further slider changes (all sliders are fully adjusted). Armor slots to unequip
      Enter the numbers of the armor slots to unequip when your rads get too high (e.g. "9|11|15"). You can only equip them again once you have lowered your rads.
      To see what you are currently wearing in which slot, use the button labeled "Show worn clothes" at the top of the "Slider Sets" config page. Unequip threshold
      When x% of your target morphing has been reached the selected slots will be unequipped. This is a percentage value that refers to the range between the lower and upper radiation thresholds. Only doctors can reset morphs
      While RadAway, decontamination arches, or other means of reducing radiation still work they will no longer restore your body's shape. Only healing rads at a doctor will restore your original body. Additive morphing (when Only doctors can reset morphs is enabled)
      If enabled rads you gain after reducing rads through non-doctor means will increase morphing, even if you are less irradiated than before healing.
      If disabled morphing only happens when you are more irradiated than before healing (keeps the linear relationship between rads and morphs intact). Limit additive morphing (when Additive morphing is enabled)
      If enabled you can set a limit as to how far additive morphing can exceed the target size increase.
      If disabled there is no limit and you can morph until Fallout crashes... I would keep this enabled. Additive morphing limit (when Limit additive morphing is enabled)
      Percentage how far additive morphing can exceed the target size increase.
      0%: morphing will stop once the target is reached.
      100%: morphing will stop once 2x the target is reached. Appy to companions
      Apply this slider set to companions. Choose from none (only applies to player), female (player + female companions), male, or all companions.
      Companions are morphed and undressed based on the player's rads value since companions don't get irradiated.  
      The morphs are applied linearly between the lower and upper threshold with rads lesser or equal to the lower threshold resulting in no morph and rads greater or equal to the upper threshold resulting in full morph (= target size increase).
      How to restore your original body if you are stuck with a morphed body
      If you are stuck with a morphed body you can follow the below steps to restore your original BodySlide preset.
      Looksmenu: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12631 BodySlide: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25 BodyConvert: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/41781?tab=files  



    24. Gender Swapper: A simple AAF toggle.

      Since @galgat mentioned it on the LL Discord, and I realised how simple it was, I figured I'd whip up a script, set up a basic MCM option, to force a specific gender for AAF.
      Thus, This.

      Simple: Literally just a true/false MCM option, and the script to check that, and remove/apply the keywords.
      Note: If an item is applying/removing the same keywords, there may be Shenanigans™, otherwise, shouldn't have any issues (unless I messed up the script somewhere).

      Might have a break before workin on somethin else, but we'll see.

      Edit: Might flag it as ESL at a later stage, am lazy right now.



    25. AAF Creature Resources

      What this mod will do:
      🌑 Give penis morphs to all the creatures as possible to be used in AAF Animations
      🌑 Provide creature resources to be used in other mods
      What this mod will not do:
      🌑 Mess with animation xmls / patch your AAF setup like One Patch does.

      No big deal, just install like any regular mod and load it as last as possible.
      !!!You dont want to have this installed if you already have UAP since i'm integrating all these assets in that patch already!!!

      Note for Modders!!!
      You'll be given an option if you are a modder or a regular user. If you choose the modder option you'll be given bodyslide files for testing purposes or to implement stuff your own.
      The models are misplaced in the viewport by default, so before opening the Outfit Studio for any of them, load the equivalent skeleton first. For example, if i want to load a Mutant Hound project, so i have to first go to Bodyslide settings and load the mutant-hound-skeleton.nif

      Note for Animators or AAF Authors!!!
      All the creatures has the erected state as Erection 100%, so this will be the morph you want to use to make creatures erected in AAF. There are also other morphs for all creatures which are:
      Erection Up
      Erection Down
      Scale -> For deathclaw only
      Penis adjust -> Only for gorillas for now



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