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    1. RSE (Reproductive System Effects)

      RSE (Reproductive System Effects)
      A FP Consequences Mod (Vol.2) - v1.1 Public Beta
      Release Date - November 17, 2017
      About: Reproductive System Effects is a mod intended ONLY for those who are playing as Nora, as everything in this mod is tailored towards a female protagonist and is meant especially for those players who want that extra level of immersion and realism in their four play enhanced game world. Nothing in this mod will work on a male character. This mod syncs with Family Planning Enhanced (v1.16) for pregnancy monitoring and condom uses. This is a requirement! The mod itself introduces most of the Romantic Companion Overhaul mechanics from my Wastelander's Rash mod, but now applies the effects to the player instead of the NPC. Feature list is below. This release is a public beta, so there are  likely to be mod conflicts as I have not yet performed conflict analysis on it, as I am not done adding features which require a slew of new formids. I will of course rectify this once the mod reaches final release candidate.
      Why this mod came about: I really love the idea of Family Planning, I mean four play in general true, but family planning really opened up a world of untapped possibility that noone was touching. This puzzled me, much like the lack of STD mods which prompted me to make Wastelander's Rash. Everything has a reason - like the lack of story telling USING four play as a tool to drive a narrative, rather than just being used for something that ultimately gets boring and unused, which prompted the immersive story in the Romantic Companion Overhaul (contained in Wastelanders Rash). RSE came about because there were some very exciting things I was doing to Curie in the Companion Overhaul that a load of people wished could be applied to the player. And you know, there aren't any mods that attempt to realistically show what it would be like to be a woman in a four play / family planning based post-apocalyptic wasteland. Especially a woman out of time that would be a little more conscious of her own sexual and reproductive health. And that's what drove this mod to fruition. I wanted to, as realistically as possible with input from female gamers, show what it would be like to actually be a woman going through pregnancy in this world, what sex could mean for her health if she didn't take steps to control risks. And it's my hope for the female gamers out there that I have done some small justice in this virtual world of showing what you go through every day in the real world. That said, there are some outrageous functions in this mod because it can't always be serious!
      Requirements: Four Play, Sex Em Up, Vinfamy's Autonomy (For Ardor) and Chosen Code's Family Planning Enhanced v1.16.
      (NEW) Visual LoS of NPC sex now increases your ardor. When ardor reaches a target number, interesting things can happen! Requires Autonomy to work! (v1.1) Lunar Calendar (28 day) is in place and running to control Menstrual Cycles. During periods, you cannot get pregnant. Notices will still appear for pregnancy, I cant control this, but the pregnancy will be immediately flushed out. If pregnant, the periods will cease until one month AFTER pregnancy has resulted in birth. Pregnancy is tied via my Fetal Monitor script to FPE's FPFP_Global_Day variable (days = month mechanic of FPE). Morning sickness occurs in first few months of pregnancy. Sex on sickness days will retrigger the morning sickness. Early term Miscarriage possibility in first two months of pregnancy. Critical injury / Cripple effects on your HEAD and/or TORSO during pregnancy can cause a combat miscarriage! Late term pregnancy Fatigue effects, months 7 - 9 there will be incremental debuffs. Sex related afflictions - UTIs, Yeast infections and others, with available cure / preventative items in the Chem Station -> Feminine Hygiene. Multiple unlimited orgasm mechanic, provided you meet the target requirements and can exceed your partners tolerance of your performance. There is a Nymphomania addiction in the mod that triggers debuffs when you dont have sex. Nymphomania can be reverted though a withdrawal method. Pretty much EVERY feature listed above has a buff or debuff attached to it and there are remedies (items, sleep, etc).  
      Afflictions and Remedies (Mod Mechanics):
      Urinary Tract Infections occur randomly from having sex. During menstrual cycles, they occur more frequently. Also during period sex, there is a VERY small chance you can get a bloodbug larval infection in your vagina. Two to Six of them will hatch following sleep! To prevent larval infection, you need to have condoms (from FPE) AND sanitary wipes in your inventory during period sex. Following period sex, you and your partner will be covered in blood for two minutes (see Abernathy screenshot). Yeast infections can occur in the week leading up to a period. You can cure UTIs with a Urinary Tract Infection cure item, in the chem station -> Feminine Hygiene You can cure Yeast Infections with a cure item, also in the chem station in the same menu. Vaginal Sanitary wipes are also located in the chem station menu. These cannot be used / equipped. They are removed automatically during period sex (1 per sex act). Morning Sickness will only go away with time. However, sex on a morning sickness day will retrigger the puking and double the debuffs for another couple hours. There is a small chance that morning sickness will be larger than normal and carries a larger debuff also. This is also affected by sex, as above. Morning Sickness puke laying around the floor is not harmful and will disappear on its own within two minutes. Miscarriage has a 2% chance each morning you wake up within the first two months of pregnancy. Combat Miscarriage occurs at ALL stages of your pregnancy. Late term fatigue triggers on months 7 through 9 of pregnancy and each has debuffs that last one hour longer than the previous one. The orgasm mechanic, if used too much, will trigger you step by step into Nymphomania. One Nympho Point can be earned per day. At a random number of points, you will become afflicted with sex addiction. Only way to relieve debuffs is sex, or you can try to cure yourself through withdrawl, which takes many days to roll away your Nympho Points. Debuff during no-sex Nympho days is -25 AP and partial crippling of both legs (health of legs reduced by 50%). Ardor is triggered through witnessing sex. When you see sex, an ardor counter is generated, requiring a different amount of sex views to trigger uncontrollable ardor. When you hit the target amount of ardor points, you will become uncontrollably horny and pay a penalty for that. Chance One: VERY small chance that you will drop where you are and fuck your companion or if alone, you will masterbate. If the above does not happen and you are no longer seeing Line of Sight Ardor notices, try going to sleep... Chance Two: The above will definitely happen in the morning after waking up - you cannot interrupt this or avoid it. More will certainly follow - premenstrual cramps are coming in the next build.  
      Installation: Download the zip file and extract the contents to your Fallout 4 folder, keeping file structure intact. Or, use NMM to install it using ADD MOD FROM FILE. This mod is a straight up .ESP file. It has one dependency for Family Planning Enhanced v1.16 and only requires the Fallout4.ESM master file. It should be placed under four-play and sex em up in your load order and most certainly under all of Vinfamy's plugins, just to be sure everything runs as I've been testing it here.
      Thanks: To My9Strings and Clegane for beta testing this mod from v0.01 up to the public release! Their input, observations and feedback, as well as reproductive health / medical guidance was immeasurable in assisting getting the mod to where it is today.



    2. Four Play Nudesuits

      Four Play Nudesuits
      Tired of those boners that last longer than 4 hours?(or forever for that matter)
      This mod remedies your concerns!
      This mod adds nudesuit functionality similar to Sexout for Fallout New Vegas, and Sexlab for Skyrim. When sex starts, males will equip a nudesuit that has an erection, so that you don't have to have your default outfit be a permanent boner.
      This mod also has support for supermutants(Requires Leito86's animations) and canines.
      This mod also supports the ability for other mods to add nudesuits to other creatures.
      Requires Four Play, and Four Play Community Patch and all of their requirements.
      Four Play and its requirements.  
      Four Play Community Patch, and all of its requirements  
      Install this mod (Four Play Nudesuits)
      Installing Leito's Fallout 4 Animations doesn't really have a required order.
      Installation from an older version:
      Just install the latest version over the older one. There's an in-built upgrade process that should do the rest.
      "I want a custom erection body!"
      Go ahead and replace the meshes and textures that come with Nudesuits with your own. Just use the same names for the mesh and texture files.
      "I want to have underwear whenever there's no sex, but nude bodies whenever there is!"
      You can most definitely have that. The default nudesuits install is already set to do exactly that. If you install other body mods for males, you need to make sure that MaleBody.NIF file doesn't exist or does not have any nudity in it. Make sure there are no textures are in the Data\Textures\Actors\Character\BaseHumanMale folder that don't meet your no-nudity requirement. The texture names to look out for include:
      "I want to add a new nudesuit for a new race!"
      To create your addon that extends the Nudesuits framework, create a new ESP in the creation kit, and make four_play_Nudesuits.esm as a master.
      Then create a new quest, and attach the script "four_play_Nudesuits:AddonQuest" to the quest in the scripts tab.
      You then will be asked to fill out some of the data for your quest. Fill out the name of the addon, the armor that will be equipped during sex, and keywords that are on the race you want to equip the nudesuit.
      Look at the NudesuitsBase quest in the master file to see what your addon should roughly look like.
      Take a look at the other quests like NudesuitsBaseRaiderDog to see how the optional features work.
      Leito86 for allowing EVB to be packaged with this mod  
      Tony Azor for allowing their Dogmeat genitals to be packaged with this mod and modified for raider dogs  
      Chosen Clue
      Future Plans:
      Maybe set up a nudesuit framework, like Creature Framework, except for Fallout 4's creatures, once there's enough creature animations added to justify the work.



    3. Wastelander's Rash v5.2 SE + Romantic Companion Overhaul

      Wastelander's Rash v5.2 SE
      A FP Consequences Mod (Vol.1)
      (Includes Romantic Companion Overhaul mechanics)
      UPDATED to Release Version 5.2 - November 17, 2017
      Now you can live in a world where random sexual encounters could lead to grave consequences for the health of your player character. Or you could simply be the sadist who wants to watch this wildfire spread to every corner of the Commonwealth - every NPC in the game is capable of being flagged as a transmission agent and with the help of Vin's Autonomy and enough time, they could literally infect everyone.
      This can be a very punishing mod for players. Not recommended for those who don't want a true role playing and immersive experience that introduces real risks, consequences and above all else, a need to manage your player's health and discomfort levels during outbreak cycles.
      Story: A virulent disease is slowly spreading its way across the Commonwealth! It's origins are not known but the Sole Survivor immediately knows this disease is the modern day version of the herpes virus. There are modern medical treatments to prevent infection but at this time, there is no known cure, just as there was no cure in the pre-war era. If you, the player, opt into the romantic companion overhaul after the cure has been discovered, the story takes some liberties in assuming you have certain NPC companions with you. Of course, if they are not yet with you, their dialogue will not trigger, which could cause some story misalignment / gaps. The overhaul is centered on Curie and though allowances have been made to a point to make this lesbian / bi friendly, at a certain point this just became impossible within the framework of the story I wanted to tell without incurring massive loads of work for myself. So it is best to play through this story as a male Sole Survivor. How the companion NPCs interact with the player is my own personal interpretation of the character of the NPCs used. For clarity, Curie always came across to me as naive, and quite unused to emotions and all that goes with romantic entanglements. She is the very definition of a reserved and proper 'lady'. Piper is portrayed as an emotionally shy, yet outspoken woman. When she warms up to the player, that outspoken nature overrules her shyness and she will say or do just about anything! Cait on the other hand is just the sort of woman who will spread her legs if you interest her in any way, ie: she doesn't hate you. To ensure the story makes as much sense as possible, it is recommended to have all three female companions, as Curie will reference the others and if you don't have them yet, well, it breaks the immersion. How you interact with the three female NPC companions, in terms of their affinity for you, is taken into account and certain triggers can only fire when an NPC is romantic with the player.
      Update: (November 17/17) - Version 5.2 SE is now available for download. This changes how condom use is calculated due to changes to Family Planning Enhanced v1.16. To use WR 5.2 you will *NEED* FPE 1.16. Condom usage bonus is now calculated PRE-SEX, if you are wearing one, rather than the old method of looking to see if you had any condoms left in inventory AFTER sex. Now it is more accurate.
      Versions: There are now THREE versions of the mod to download. 1) Wastelander's Rash 3.1 (without companion overhaul), 2) Wastelander's Rash SE v4.1 for Vinfamy's original Family Planning and 3) Wastelander's Rash SE v5.2 for Chosen Code's Family Planning Enhanced. Ensure you download the correct version for your installation of family planning!!!
      There will be no further updates to the v3.1 / v4.1 SE that utilizes Vinfamy's Family Planning. Going forward, only Chosen Code's Family Planning Enhanced is supported and required for companion overhaul functionality.
      Romantic Companion Overhaul Features (Include but are not limited to):
      Branching story where your dialogue choices, random number generation and calculations based on your stats affect the whole quest line. Quests feature 1200+ lines of dialogue! The story is tightly woven and integrated with minimal plot holes or dangling unresolved plot points. Characterizations of NPCs involved in quest line are as true to their vanilla counterparts as possible. Even slang and dialect taken into account. The quests are meant to be played at a longer time frame - certainly not the one day = one month pregnancy mechanic from FP/FPE. Specifically targeted language is used to evoke rapport and emotional connection to the various characters / situations within the quests. Fetal Monitor - my integration with Family Planning (Vins original and Chosen's FPE) for pregnancy related quests triggers / targets. Dynamic Needs Monitor - simple sexual frustration and nutrition requirement modules. Menstrual cycles now play a role in Curie's monthly life. During periods, she is less receptive to sex! (Fetal Monitor function) Possibility of miscarriage is now possible within the first two months of pregnancy (Fetal Monitor function) Miscarriage mechanic is tied to player Wastelander Rash infection. If infected at time of conception, higher chance of miscarriage! Post sex orgasm mechanic that allows rapid access to second round of sex, with potential bonuses for performance! Morning sickness is now at play during the first two months of pregnancy (v4.5 SE) FO4 Vanilla Affinity system is used to a greater extent to monitor your relationship with Curie and she reacts to everything. Romantic Options Menu - when you are married to Curie, this menu becomes available once a day (v4.5 SE) Sexual Consent settings now in use, meaning triggering sex before vanilla romance enabled is established carries penalties. (v4.5 SE) There are LOADS of hidden little things built into this mod that I do not want to spoil for you, should you be lucky enough to trigger them! Also included in archive are two sets of sex sound replacers in the EXTRAS folder, as well as an MCM slider for Vin's FP pregnancy chances.  
      While the overhaul is not a COMPLETE relationship simulation, it surely gives a more 3D dynamic to the relationship you foster with Curie. In my opinion, during testing, I found myself WAY more invested, as a player, in the welfare of Curie and her happiness with this mod in place, than I ever did in vanilla FO4, where she was just too one dimensional. While the overhaul is not a complete framework by any stretch, its due to the limitations of the game engine. Also, to take into consideration, your poor computer's system load. Too much running in this mod and CTDs are certain to occur, more than usual. This said... if down the road, there are advances in Four-Play or someone comes out with a functional Arousal framework, I may include more features...  
      How to unlock the overhaul: You need to first have the Quest for the Cure fire and make your way through it, to its conclusion where, in dialogue you are presented with choices of things to say. You would need to select, obviously, START COMPANION OVERHAUL as a response option (see attached screenshot). The requirements to trigger the cure quest remain the same: Curie as a romanced companion, you must be infected and you must have started a severe outbreak of the Rash amongst the population of the Commonwealth. Once you trigger the overhaul in dialogue, all sorts of branching can and will occur so that no two play throughs should ever be the same. I have removed all indicators from the available dialogue responses to show which selection is good / bad or leads to branching. Now, you are on your own and have to decide how best YOU feel about the situation at hand and then live with the choices you've made and their consequences, if any.
      One final note, a request actually. There are a LOAD of hidden triggers in this mod. I would ask that you not discuss them openly on the forum thread, just to prevent spoilers for others. Nothing I personally hate worse than spoilers...
      Wastelander's Rash Infection Features:
      MCM support for customization of various parameters MCM updated to integrate new options Acknowledgement of Vinfamy's Autonomy being installed and running, because without it, lets face it, this mod would be boring Family Planning / Family Planning Enhanced is now a hard requirement* NEW! The Rash is now randomly assigned to various groups in the world space as they spawn! (v5.0) Static health decrease upon infection Recurring side effects at two week intervals Damage incurred by the disease is scalable with player level - take note of this fact if you plan to play in Survival Mode Game world is pre-populated with a series of interior and exterior cell infected NPCs to get the ball rolling Leveled Item drops modified with new crafting and food items New food item is also available at food vendors Craftable relief and protective items in the Chem Station / STD Treatments Lore friendly holo-tapes located in the woods north of Sanctuary Hills to tell a story about the Rash Relief and protective items also sold at vendors: Chems, Doctors and General Store types Cure Item is now in the world! Once cure quest is completed, cure item is unlocked and can be found at Med Vendors Cure any NPC (once you are cured) simply by having sex with them. Stock up on protection first!!! Perverted Perk animation added for bonuses, with thanks to TokHaar Hok Gol! MXKer's Vault Meat animation added for bonuses - credited as request on mod page. New side effects, detrimental and positive, have been added Extremely rare event added where your non-quest giving settlers may die from highly toxic viral mutation ** Small chance of having a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. based bonus applied to your protection chances!!! Cheat mode: See notifications when someone is infected, total world infection count and more little secret messages as occasions arise Cheat mode: Disable the ability for anyone to become infected - player recurring effects will still occur however, if they were infected Cheat mode: Disable settler death chance (1% default chance) from viral infection mutations Cheat mode: Hard Core mode that significantly makes your life more difficult in the Wastelander's Rash infested world space Hard Core mode also features additional tiered recurring effects and potential rewards for the player MCM silder anti-cheat measure encoded in scripting - mod detects if default ranges have been altered and corrects them to default setting  
      * Condom count is used for bonus precalculation only. No condoms are removed from your inventory by this mod. Female players will need to have some in their inventory for bonuses to apply - think of it as forcing your partner to wearing a condom by giving him one, whether you are on the pill or not, especially for naughty one and dones!!! FP or FPE required for the companion overhaul mechanics to function.
      ** Settler death corresponds to members of the WorkshopNPCDialogue faction, which are the radiant quest giving, every day run of the mill settlers. These settlers are assigned level 1 in the game. These are used to calculate if the settlers are non-essential to quest giving like the Abernathy Family as an example or the Finch Family (they and others like them are listed as level 6 in the CK). These two factors used to determine who dies means that no patching is required for Better Settlers or Hookers of the Commonwealth - Settlement Edition (as you can see in a screenshot with a dead Prostitute from HotC). Rest assured, essential quest / story driving NPCs will not be affected by this.
      Fallout 4 (Vanilla, no DLC dependencies in this mod) Four-Play is required Sex 'em up is required Family Planning or Family Planning Enhanced is required, depending on the version you downloaded Autonomy is *highly* suggested, as without it, really, its only you that can get infected and infect others. Kind of boring... Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) is highly suggested as well so you can access the customization features built into the mod A severe desire to mess yourself up and suffer needlessly  
      Installation: Download the zip file and extract the contents to your Fallout 4 folder, keeping file structure intact. Or, use NMM to install it using ADD MOD FROM FILE. This mod is a straight up .ESP file. It has no dependencies nor master .ESM files, aside from Fallout4.esm. It should be placed under four-play and sex em up in your load order and most certainly under all of Vinfamy's plugins, just to be sure everything runs as I've been testing it here.
      Upgrading: Latest version is v4.1 SE for Vinfamy's original Family Planning - released Nov 10/17. Simply overwrite all files you are asked to, following installation method of your choosing, as outlined above. Also, there is now a version of WR v5.2 SE for Chosen Code's Family Planning Enhanced, released Nov 17/17. Be sure you download the correct version!
      Mod Mechanics: The mod functions silently in the background, triggered upon the conclusion of any four-play sexual activity triggered through Sex Em Up, Autonomy, etc. There are modeled statistical probabilities for protection success, protection failure and infection that are based on scientific models for real world STDs. Users have the option through the MCM to alter these percentile chances slightly and the hard-coded anti-cheat measure I implemented is to ensure the game mimcs the real world as closely as possible, within a margin of user preference. When you are infected, you will know it - a message box will announce it to you. You will also be made aware of any changes, such as recurring effects starting or stopping. Aside from this, its play the game as you see fit. You don't have to do anything except have protection or relief items in your inventory as the mod does everything else under the hood.
      Important Notice: Do *NOT* remove this mod while your character is suffering side effects from the infection. If you do, ALL active effects will be permanent on your character record and reinstalling after that point in the hopes of correcting the issue simply will not work. The cure item is now in the game world. You must finish the quest to obtain it. The item is locked quite tightly by my scripts, so it will not work until you hit specific targets. Once you have the cure, use it, it removes ALL effects from your player and then should you wish to uninstall the mod, you can then safely do so.
      Final Words: There are a load of easter eggs and such in this mod - do others and yourself a favour and keep the spoilers to yourself. Let others discover the dangers of this new world on their own. Also, a big thanks to Vinfamy, who kindly supplies all of his source code with his released mods. Without them, I would have *never* been able to figure things out on my own and make this a reality. Thanks a heap for your unintentional assistance Vin!
      I have been seriously bug testing each and every feature, one addition at a time and have had no issues on my 100+ mod enabled game. All features trigger and run as expected. Mod was tested against all of my running mods to be sure it is, at least for me, 100% conflict free (FO4Edit conflict Analysis). No CTDs have been experienced by me in testing. If there are problems, please let me know. My lack of knowledge and experience means I may not immediately have an answer, but I am *very* talented at getting results when I want to. This is my first mod and I've only been coding scripts and working in the Creation Kit for five days as of me writing this, so if my responses to technical questions are, as stated above, delayed, it's more than likely I am researching the hell out of it to provide you an answer and to soak up some more knowledge.
      Hell, if you just feel like screaming at me for ruining your player's health and well being, LoL, I really would like to hear your opinions - your feedback and/or criticisms can fuel creativity, innovation and outright changes, if I happen to agree with you.



    4. Heavy Full Metal Sword - Alpha

      Simple 1h sword for your OP power-armor freak. I made this at 3am, posted on the Brotherhood of Steel facebook page, and people wanted it so I posted it here. Because fuck the Sexus (nexus).
      24 melee damage and 10pts fire, fire on critical death as well. Pretty OP even on Legendary or Survival.
      None yet. For now add it in console as XX000f99, where XX is the load order identifier number.
      High. Ignore the potato screenshots.
      I have an overclocked GTX 1070 Ti, runs F4 at Ultra on three screens without a problem. There's no noticeable equip delay, even with 4K textures on the sword.
      Manual or with the mod organizer of your choice.
      Should not cause issues.
      Future Plans
      I plan on making a dungeon or something in the glowing sea, simple unmarked retrieve quest.
      You may NOT reupload this file to other sites, link to it from other sites for your own profit, or host on private/secure servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Mega, or other file hosting websites. You may not modify and upload to another site.

      I specifically forbid tesall.ru, skyrim.2game.com, devillord.tistory.com, and NexusMods to host this file in any way. This game modification for Fallout 4 is protected under international copyright laws. A DMCA will be filed against any website privately or publicly hosting this file other than that which I specify are allowed.
      If someone wants to convert this to Skyrim SE, ask me first.
      I've been doing this for a long time. I know what I'm doing. Sometimes a few things slip past me, so drop me a note if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Keep the bullshit comments to a minimum.
      Copyright © 2017 the following usernames: HorseRider (tesrenewal.com) RogueLizard (PornHub.com and E621.net) ZurinArctus85 (NexusMods.com) RussianPrince (Loverslab.com) 53XYH0R53 (Reddit)
      如果您从任何非原创网站上阅读此文件,此文件已被盗,并且托管网站是非法托管文件。 为避免法律上的麻烦,请向当局报告国际版权欺诈。
      Other NexusMods names: thisaccountisuseless, MicrowaveBurrito77, ShadoW, KitchenCrusader, AjaxHandSoap
      I will be uploading my Fallout 4 mods here within the next year.



    5. Usable Pillory

      Very simple mod that let's player use Pillory added in Contraptions Workshop DLC.
      It doesn't add any "special" functions.
      You can find it in Workshop under Resources -> Miscellaneous.
      - Contraptions Workshop DLC (DLCworkshop02.esm)



    6. Fallout 4 Player Surrender

      When your character gets defeated in combat (or gets caught while running around naked) this mod will stop combat and play one of the selected scenarios.
      Since there's no SexTec, no MCM, and F4SE is in very early stage, this mod has a very limited functionality. When we get all this stuff, my plan is to make a simplified version of Death Alternative with some Sexlab Defeat/Submit and Deviously Helpless features (check Skyrim section if you don't know what I'm talking about).
      Surrender conditions:
      Low health Crippled Caught without a weapon
      Surrender scenarios:
      Lose all items, move to some random location with a quest to recover your gear. If you "die" again without recovering your gear, quest just expands. Move to some random location (no quest, no items lost). Pacify enemies for a few seconds to let you heal and escape.
      What does "Essential player" mean?
      If you chose the "low health" surrender condition it makes your character immortal. You still take damage but you can't die, similar to some important NPCs. Unfortunately it means every time your health hits 0 you have to wait ~12 seconds lying on the ground before you can continue. I hope there will be some way to fix that in the future. - Fixed, but camera is still freaking out.
      Known issues:
      UPGRADING FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS DOESN'T WORK, START FROM A CLEAN SAVE IF YOU WANT TO TRY THIS MOD Settings menu is kind of clunky, it will be replaced later when mod configuration menu comes out When you surrender in Far Harbor you move back to Commonwealth Damage over time doesn't trigger any events It's WIP, so don't install it on your 100 hour save.
      This mod takes a lot of ideas from these Skyrim mods:
      Sexlab Defeat (Goubo)
      Sexlab Submit (dkatryl)
      Deviously Helpless (Srende)
      Death Alternative (BralorMarr)
      If you want something similar in Skyrim, check them out.
      Mod Review by VatiWah:
      Full changelog:



    7. Simple Sex Animations (FO4)

      All The rugs must be placed always with the Yellow arrow oriented to the north (just for paired animations)
      (place the rugs 02 in front of 01 and so on.)
      Paired Animations:
      01 Female bending, Male standing
      02 Lesbi 1 standing lesbi 2 fingering (Two Females)
      03 Lesbi 2 (Two Females) (one doggy, one with a dildo)
      04 Male,Female ridding (M in front of F) (Female with open mouth)
      05 3some Carry (two males one female)
      06 Oral Female, Male standing (Female with open mouth) ||| Requires A_SS Male Body to be equiped |||
      08 3some doggy (two Males one Female)
      09 Male,Female oral cum position with fake tongue
      10 Male,Female couch (edited anim.)
      10 Female couch Oral (can be swapped with Female couch from above)
      11 3some Handjob (two Female one Male)
      12 Pair Handjob ||| Requires A_SS Male Body2 to be equiped |||
      13 Male,Female Candle position
      Solo animations:
      07 Female lying down masturbate
      07 Male handjob standing
      added Edited and Equipable Male body (with smaller penis to fit the oral and/or handjob scenes.)
      = A_SS Male Body
      = A_SS Male Body2
      -Craft at chemistry station under utility.
      -How to use it-
      =Open workshop menu, place the blue floor rug 02 in front of 01 and so on.
      =Assign Followers or Settlers done.
      - Note -
      - The rugs are in: Furniture/Chairs-  (the positions names are just random, not something from real life.)

      - I used a Curvy CBBE body for the animation, if the hands
      doesn't fit adjust your preset in game with console cmd. SLM (looks menu)
      - Sometimes when the Game is re-lunched the NPC position is slightly moved.
      = Solution : just reload the same save game, or re-assign the NPC to the rugs
      - In some occasions, or sometimes the NPC can't use the rugs.
      = Solution : command the NPC to move First near the rugs , Then Assign them.
      Change Anim Face using console commands:
      1. Enter console commands
      2. Left click an NPC
      3 Type one of the commands Below:

      demo videos
      Download and extract the archive to Fallout 4 directory
      or use your prefered download manager.
      ! Manually Installation is Recommended !
      DO NOT Redistribute on Others Sites Forums Blogs etc.
      -Follow and Respect This site Rules-
      ShadeAnimator - FO4 animation kit, and documentation.
      MaikCG - F4Biped animation rig
      caliente - CBBE
      Leito86 - EVB
      Vader666 - metadata Instruction (Thanks)
      davethedrunk - tutorials



    8. Hentai Comics

      I couldn't find a good comic mod I liked, so I'm making my own. Now, as usual, sharing is caring~ Here you go
      Status: Getting things done. New LL is kinda weird, figuring that out. If you happen to have a suggestion, feel free to drop a post or message.



    9. Family Planning Enhanced

      Family Planning Enhanced
      By Chosen Clue
      Based on Vinfamy's
      Family Planning  

      This mod reworks and expands upon what the original Family Planning does, by changing pretty much everything and doing some general improvements.
      There has been so much changed that it's hard to list the differences in the description, so a detailed log of the changes are in, what else, the change log! If you are an old users of Family Planning, I urge you to check out the changes, to understand the breadth of what has been modified.
      For those new to Family Planning in general, here's the mod in a nutshell:
      You and other NPCs can get pregnant after having sex! After nine months, pregnant people give birth.
      Equip condoms as a man or woman to help prevent pregnancies during sex.
      As someone who can get pregnant, swallow contraceptive pills to help prevent pregnancies.
      Both the pills and condoms can be bought from doctors or found in containers in the world where you'd expect to find them.
      Fertility and virility. When you sleep, there's a chance you wake up fertile or virile depending on your sex, and increase the chance of conceiving after intercourse.
      Finding your daddy after learning you are pregnant. If you've had sex with more than one viable person, there will be a quest to find which partner that you've acquainted yourself with is the father of your unborn child.
      If your pregnancy was an unfortunate one, you can get an abortion up until the start of the 6th month of your pregnancy.
      This costs 1000 caps. However, you could convince the doctor to give you a free one, but the difficulty of convincing the doc increases the more money you have.
      Babies born grow into children, and children grow into adults.
      Babies are inventory items that can be placed in locations. If the location you place the baby in is a settlement, then the baby will grow into a child and then be added as a settlement NPC.
      Options to select who can get pregnant. You can choose whether only the player gets pregnant or everyone else. And you can choose to make the player the only person that can impregnate.
      Optional Non-NPC pregnancy. Get pregnant from creatures that can have sex. Off by default.
      Optional Male pregnancy. Get pregnant as a man, with visuals being affected. Taking contraceptive pills as a man will reduce pregnancy chance. Off by default.
      Optional Female to Female pregnancy. Dominant one will be the "father" of a possible pregnancy. Off by default.
      You can set whether you can be notified on a multitude of different things, from whether sex conceived a baby, to when children grow up to adults, and everything in between.
      If notifications about Virility and Fertility are on, your fertility/virility will also show up in your pip-boy menu.
      Months are determined by a custom amount of days that you can set. You can set it to be a realistic 30 days, or make it gamey by setting it to one day.
      In-fact, most of the options I've listed above are customize-able! You can customize the mod via the MCM menu. Check the screenshots to learn about the options
      ------How to best utilize this mod in it's default state------
      If you are a dude
      You just cum in a girl's vag until she's pregnant. That's really all there is to it.
      If you are a chick
      Keep having sex! Then you get
      Once babies are born, they can grow into adults that can be commanded to work in the settlements. Time to repopulate the wasteland!
      Four Play  
      Four Play Community Patch  
      (Soft Requirement)
      CBBE ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15/? )  
      (Soft Requirement)
      Mod Configuration Menu  

      The soft requirements aren't really needed for the mod to function, but you won't get any female pregnancy morphing(Baby bumps) without them.
      If you have the older Family Planning
      THIS ENHANCED VERSION REQUIRES YOU TO UNINSTALL THE OLD FAMILY PLANNING, LOAD YOUR SAVE, WAIT 30 SECONDs, SAVE, THEN QUIT. Once you've done that, use a save game cleaner to remove any of the old stuff. Then follow the FPE installation instructions and you should be fine.
      Of course, you should really be starting a new save for the optimal experience.
      Install all of the requirements. If you haven't,
      click this link to get F4SE, Four Play, and the Community Patch installed. If you've never modded Fallout 4 or any Bethesda Game Studios games, I recommend you read what's in that link.  
      Install Mod Configuration Menu
      (OPTIONAL) If you are using Mod Organizer 2, read the stickied comments on the Nexus Mod page for MCM. Follow those steps so that MCM is compatible with your MO2 install.
      Install Family Planning Enhanced (This mod!)
      (OPTIONAL) If you are using Mod Organizer 2, take the MCM menu that comes with this mod and put it in your Fallout4/Data folder
      ------FAQ and other helpful things------
      "Will this version of Family Planning transfer the data from the older version?"
      Unfortunately, no. With the way I've made this version work, it's almost completely different in implementation from the older Family Planning. Which means, yes, you will lose all of the old Family Planning data on pregnant people and growing babies. I will try my hardest to make sure that doesn't happen with future updates of Family Planning Enhanced.
      "Will I need Vinfamy's control panel anymore?"
      For this mod, no. However, if you still use other Vinfamy mods, you should keep it. Otherwise you're free to remove it.
      "Wait, I don't like the sound of this option..."
      Well you can go into the MCM and disable it most likely. I've made it to where most of the settings and the mechanics have options on how they work and whether they're active or not.
      "Do I really need MCM?"
      Well... technically not really. However you're gonna get a bunch of notifications begging you to install MCM.
      Otherwise the mod will just roll with the default settings and you can configure them via "Set *GlobalVariable* to #.#". But If you do that, please tell me in your bug reports. The MCM is used to keep all the numbers within a valid range so the mod doesn't break, so if you ever have to manually set it up, I can tell you when you might have set a setting to something invalid.
      Instructions for sharing MCM settings
      In this new MCM menu, you can grab your mod settings and upload them to share with others.
      This applies to Family Planning Enhanced as well, and FPE always loads the data in the FPE INI file in the MCM/Settings folder, and any missing data is assumed to be the default values.
      So if what you have as your options aren't desirable anymore, you can grab someone else's FPE settings and shove them into your MCM/Settings, and FPE will load them as soon as you start the game.
      This works best when you're starting FPE for the first time on the save and know that you already want specific kinds of settings
      For custom body morph compatibility with Unique Player
      When you do a batch build involving the female body it's imperative that you place the .tri file (the morphs file) from [the built assets in] characterassets into PlayerCharacterAssets. - Thank you, AnorexicPenguin
      Bethesda for the game
      F4SE team for their great work in providing extended modding tools to us
      DocClox for the beginnings of Four Play
      Vinfamy for Family Planning and the Four Play Community Patch
      LooksMenu team for the morphing scripts and plugin
      And anyone who's made morph compatible bodies
      DISCLAIMER: I don't condone real life sexual assault nor bestiality. Use your noggin and don't abuse or hurt real people and animals, living or dead. Okay?



    10. NPC Stats (for Diversive Bodies)

      Ever used Diversive Bodies and wondered why everybody looks kinda the same?
      Ever turned Diversive Bodies up to eleven to see some change and than cursed 'cause your Companions look ... well ... ridiculous?
      Than this mod is for you!
      Diversive Bodies uses S.P.E.C.I.A.L. statistics to morph the bodies. Problem is, only the PC and the Companions have stats (and some combatants and some jokes --> Mama Murphy has 15 STR). So I carefully examined the living conditions and social status of every NPC and ... Yeah, I just threw some D10 Now every body is S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
      Do I need Diversive Bodies for this one?
      Not really. But afaik nothing else uses S.P.E.C.I.A.L., so I don't see any reason to use this without it.
      You will need all DLCs though.
      Are the any compatibility issues?
      Sure. Anythings that overwrites NPCs is incompatible, but a merged patch helps greatly
      Will you do ...?
      No. It took me over a week of dice throwing to get everybody. I am not doing that again. You can easily do it in FO4Edit, though. The stats are in the NPC you want to change under PRPS-Properties.
      The archive also contains patches for NPC heavy mods I use. These are:
      * Tales From The Commonwealth (3DNPC FO4)
      * Ad Victoriam - A Brotherhood of Steel Overhaul
      * Better Settlers
      * Combat Zone Overhaul
      * Gunners Overhaul
      * My Minuteman
      * Raider Overhaul
      * Loving Curie (thx kirk777)
      * Wasteland Heroines (without companions) (thx kirk777)



    11. [Dev/Test/Beta] LL FourPlay community F4SE plugin v12-20171108

      ; Shared community library of utility function from LoverLab distributed with FourPlay ressources as a F4SE plugin.
      ;    Version 12 for runtime 1.10.40    2017 11 08 by jaam and Chosen Clue
      ;    Runtime version: This file should be runtime neutral. The accompanying F4SE plugin (ll_fourplay_1_10_40.dll) is NOT!
      ;        You need to always use a plugin corresponding with the game version you play.
      ;        Plugin should be available just after F4SE has been updated for the modified runtime.
      ;        Runtime versions lower than 1.10.40 will no longer be supported.
      ;        Written and tested against F4SE 0.6.1. You should not use an older version of F4SE.
      Known issue: errors in description and untested functionalities.
      This is the topic for intermediate and/or test versions. The released version will be available as part of the Four_Play Community patch.
      This is also where the sources for the released plugin will be found.
      Current interface and available functions for v5:
      Scriptname LL_FourPlay Native Hidden;; Shared community libray of utility function from LoverLab distributed with FourPlay ressources as a F4SE plugin with sources included;; Version 11 for runtime 1.10.26 2017 09 23 by jaam and Chosen Clue; Runtime version: This file should be runtime neutral. The accompanying F4SE plugin (ll_fourplay_1_10_26.dll) is NOT!; You need to always use a plugin corresponding with the game version you play.; Plugin should be available just after F4SE has been updated for the modified runtime.; Runtime versions lower than 1.10.26 will no longer be supported.; Written and tested against F4SE 0.6.0. You should not use an older version of F4SE.;;;; Returns the version of this script (when someone has not forgotten to update it )Float Function GetLLFPScriptVersion() global return 9.0endFunction; Returns the version of the plugin and servers to verify it is properly installed.Float Function GetLLFPPluginVersion() native global; Custom profile: written into "Data\F4SE\Plugins"; ===============; Returns the full path for custom profile name. IE "WhereverYourGameIs\Data\F4SE\Plugins\name". Don't forget to provide the .ini extension.string Function GetCustomConfigPath(string name) native global; Get the value of custom config string optionstring Function GetCustomConfigOption(string name, string section, string key) native global; Get the value of custom config integer option (Use 0/1 for boolean)int Function GetCustomConfigOption_UInt32(string name, string section, string key) native global; Get the value of custom config float optionFloat Function GetCustomConfigOption_float(string name, string section, string key) native global; Sets the value of custom config string option (at most 66535 characters per option). The directories and path will be created as needed. If the result is false, the set did not happen.bool Function SetCustomConfigOption(string name, string section, string key, string value) native global; Sets the value of custom config integer option. The directories and path will be created as needed. If the result is false, the set did not happen.bool Function SetCustomConfigOption_UInt32(string name, string section, string key, int data) native global; Sets the value of custom config float option. The directories and path will be created as needed. If the result is false, the set did not happen.bool Function SetCustomConfigOption_float(string name, string section, string key, float data) native global;; Camera functions; ================;; Forces the FlyCam state.; if activate is true and the FlyCam is not active AND the FXCam is not active either, the FlyCam will be activated.; if activate is false and the FlyCam is active, the FlyCam will be desactivated.; if the requested state is identical to the current state nothing is done.; Returns wether the FlyCam was active or not before the call so mods can restore the previous state if needed.bool Function SetFlyCam(bool activate) native global; Get the current state of the FlyCambool Function GetFlyCam() native global; Get the current state of the FXCambool Function GetFXCam() native global; Select the speed at which the FlyCam moves (identical to SetUFOCamSpeedMult/sucsm console command); The console command supports an optional second parameter to control rotation speed.; The way it handles default value is not compatible so I use an explicit bool to select which speed to change; Returns the previous value of the selected speed.float Function SetFlyCamSpeedMult(float speed, bool rotation=False) native global;; Power Armor/Race/Skeleton functions; ===================================;; Returns the actor's race when in PowerArmorRace Function GetActorPowerArmorRace(Actor akActor) native global; Returns the actor's skeleton when in PowerArmorstring Function GetActorPowerArmorSkeleton(Actor akActor) native global; Returns the actor's current skeleton, not affected by PowerArmorstring Function GetActorSkeleton(Actor akActor) native global;Chosen Clue Edit;; String functions; ================;; Returns the first index of the position the toFind string starts. You can use this to check if an animation has a tag on it. Is not case sensitive.Int Function StringFind(string theString, string toFind, int startIndex = 0) native global; Returns the selected substring from theString. If no length is set, the entire string past the startIndex number is returned.string Function StringSubstring(string theString, int startIndex, int len = 0) native global; Splits the string into a string array based on the delimiter given in the second parameter.; As this function does ignore whitespace, putting a space as the delimiter will only result in a string being returned without spaces.string[] Function StringSplit(string theString, string delimiter = ",") native global; Opposite of StringSplit.string Function StringJoin(string[] theStrings, string delimiter = ",") native global;; Array functions; ===============;;Just a precursor: This does not mean we can use Alias based scripts to store animations like sexlab does, as the F4SE team has yet to include a typedef of them in the F4SE CPP files. I am guessing that they haven't reverse engineered it yet.Form[] Function ResizeFormArray(Form[] theArray, int theSize, Form theFill = NONE) native globalString[] Function ResizeStringArray(String[] theArray, int theSize, String theFill = "") native globalInt[] Function ResizeIntArray(Int[] theArray, int theSize, Int theFill = 0) native globalFloat[] Function ResizeFloatArray(Float[] theArray, int theSize, Float theFill = 0.0) native globalBool[] Function ResizeBoolArray(Bool[] theArray, int theSize, Bool theFill = False) native globalVar[] Function ResizeVarArray(Var[] theArray, int theSize) global ; Because filling with invalid values will CTD int theFill = 0 return ResizeVarArrayInternal(theArray, theSize, theFill)endFunction; if the int theSize is negative, the resulting array is a copy of the original array unchanged.; Sets the minimum array size required by a mod. Returns false if the current value was greater.Bool Function SetMinimalMaxArraySize(int theMaxArraySize) native global; This patches add and insert so they respect that maximum. The value is memorised in LL_FourPLay.ini;[Custom Arrays];uMaxArraySize=nnnnnn;; !! Creating arrays that are too large will adversaly affect your game !!;; Keyword functions; =================;; Return the first keyword whose editorID is akEditorIDKeyword Function GetKeywordByName(string akEditorID) native global; Adds a keyword to a form (not a reference). Does not persists.bool Function AddKeywordToForm(Form akForm, Keyword akKeyword) native global; Return an array of all keywords loaded in game.Keyword[] Function GetAllKeywords() native global;; Misc. Form functions; ====================;; Returns the Editor ID of a Race. Originally GetFormEditorID, but passing in a form and using the F4SE function GetEditorID() has only worked on Quest and Race forms. So I've just made it for race forms only.String Function GetRaceEditorID(Race akForm) native global; Returns the name of the plugin that created a formString Function OriginalPluginName(Form akForm) native global; Returns the persistent ID of a form (excluding the load index) Should be compatible with esl files.Int Function OriginalPluginID(Form akForm) native global;; HIDDEN Functions. Never call directly.;; hidden function, use ResizeVarArray insteadVar[] Function ResizeVarArrayInternal(Var[] theArray, int theSize, Var theFill) native global  
      This is a community resource. It can be used in any way you wish in any mod.

      The released version can be re uploaded on other sites as needed but please do not duplicate on this site.
      Any part of the source code not provided as part of F4SE can be reused in your own work as you wish.
      Use this topic to comment, request and eventually propose new functionalities on the plugin.
      Also in v3:
      Compiled DLL properly named.
      Update to KK after test. Proved insufficient then commented out.
      new in v5:
      ; Select the speed at which the FlyCam moves (identical to SetUFOCamSpeedMult/sucsm console command)
      ; The console command supports an optional second parameter to control rotation speed.
      ; The way it handles default value is not compatible so I use an explicit bool to select which speed to change
      ; Returns the previous value of the selected speed.
      float Function SetFlyCamSpeedMult(float speed, bool rotation=False) native global
      new in v6:
      ; String functions
      ; ================
      ;Returns the first index of the position the toFind string starts. You can use this to check if an animation has a tag on it. Is not case sensitive.
      Int Function StringFind(string theString, string toFind, int startIndex = 0) native global
      ;Returns the selected substring from theString. If no length is set, the entire string past the startIndex number is returned.
      string Function StringSubstring(string theString, int startIndex, int len = 0) native global
      ;Splits the string into a string array based on the delimiter given in the second parameter.
      ;As this function does ignore whitespace, putting a space as the delimiter will only result in a string being returned without spaces.
      string[] Function StringSplit(string theString, string delimiter = ",") native global
      ; Opposite of StringSplit.
      string Function StringJoin(string[] theStrings, string delimiter = ",") native global
      new in v7:
      ; Array functions
      ; ===============
      ;Just a precursor: This does not mean we can use Alias based scripts to store animations like sexlab does, as the F4SE team has yet to include a typedef of them in the F4SE CPP files. I am guessing that they haven't reverse engineered it yet.
      Form[] Function ResizeFormArray(Form[] theArray, int theSize, Form theFill = NONE) native global
      String[] Function ResizeStringArray(String[] theArray, int theSize, String theFill = "") native global
      Int[] Function ResizeIntArray(Int[] theArray, int theSize, Int theFill = 0) native global
      Float[] Function ResizeFloatArray(Float[] theArray, int theSize, Float theFill = 0.0) native global
      Bool[] Function ResizeBoolArray(Bool[] theArray, int theSize, Bool theFill = False) native global
      Var[] Function ResizeVarArray(Var[] theArray, int theSize) global
      ; if the int theSize is negative, the reulting array is a copy of the original array unchanged.
      ; Misc. Form functions
      ; ====================
      ; Returns the Editor ID of a Race. Originally GetFormEditorID, but passing in a form and using the F4SE function GetEditorID() has only worked on Quest and Race forms. So I've just made it for race forms only.
      String Function GetRaceEditorID(Race akForm) native global
      new in V8:
      ; Keyword functions
      ; =================
      ; Return the first keyword whose editorID is akEditorID
      Keyword Function GetKeywordByName(string akEditorID) native global
      ; Adds a keyword to a form (not a reference). Does not persists.
      bool Function AddKeywordToForm(Form akForm, Keyword akKeyword) native global
      ; Return an array of all keywords loaded in game.
      Keyword[] Function GetAllKeywords() native global
      new in v9.0
      ; Shared community libray of utility function from LoverLab distributed with FourPlay ressources as a F4SE plugin with sources included
      ; Version 9 for runtime 1.10.20 2017 08 31 by jaam and Chosen Clue
      ; Runtime version: This file should be runtime neutral. The accompanying F4SE plugin (ll_fourplay_1_10_20.dll) is NOT!
      ; You need to always use a plugin corresponding with the game version you play.
      ; Plugin should be available just after F4SE has been updated for the modified runtime.
      ; Runtime versions lower than 1.10.20 will no longer be supported.
      ; Written and tested against F4SE 0.5.0. You should not use an older version of F4SE.
      ; Get the value of custom config float option
      Float Function GetCustomConfigOption_float(string name, string section, string key) native global
      ; Sets the value of custom config float option. The directories and path will be created as needed. If the result is false, the set did not happen.
      bool Function SetCustomConfigOption_float(string name, string section, string key, float data) native global
      ; Returns the name of the plugin that created a form
      String Function OriginalPluginName(Form akForm) native global
      ; Returns the persistent ID of a form (excluding the load index) Should be compatible with esl files.
      Int Function OriginalPluginID(Form akForm) native global
      ; Sets the minimum array size required by a mod. Returns false if the current value was greater.
      Bool Function SetMinimalMaxArraySize(int theMaxArraySize) native global
      ; This patches add and insert so they respect that maximum. The value is memorised in LL_FourPLay.ini
      ;[Custom Arrays]
      ; !! Creating arrays that are too large will adversaly affect your game !!
      new in v10:
      fix the FxCam offset so the FlyCam works properly
      reuploaded v10 without the 1.9 DLL. For 1.9 use v8 version of the DLL
      new in v11:
      compatible with runtime version v1.10.26
      new in v12:
      compatible with runtime version v1.10.40
      Other files:
      Test-LLFP-vX-YYYYMMDD contains the current version of the test and verification mod for the plugin.
      Src-LLP-vX-YYYYMMDD contains version X source files and compiled resources for developers.



    12. Franky Urban Cloth ( cbbe and francine preset )


      90 Girl Outfit

      present :


      Franky Urban Cloth

      Styled and desinged



      FRANCESCO84Inn an Italian videogamer, modder










      Francine CBBE Bodysliede Preset


      The Franky Urban Cloth can craft via ChemLab
      under the Utility category
      and contain the following part :
      Franky Urban Cloth skirt ( new * )
      Franky Urban Cloth shoes ( new * )
      Franky Urban Cloth belt
      Franky Urban Cloth thong ( tanga )
      Franky Urban Cloth panty
      Franky Urban Cloth t-shirt
      Franky Urban Cloth gilet
      You can equipe all the single part together ( the outfit is design to make this possible )
      or you can combain some element from Franky Urban Cloth whit another cloth\mod

      Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-

      ( by Caliente and Ousnius )

      BodySlide and Outfit Studio

      ( by Ousnius and Caliente )

      Francine CBBE Body Preset

      ( by me "FRANCESCO84Inn" )

      People on Nexusmod not understood my mod, i hope you like it !



    13. Boston Breeder

      Voice Actors/Actresses wanted. Details in this thread.
      Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.
      A sequel to Fertile Breeder.
      The cherry on top: this time I've taken male characters in account and male characters have some unique dialogue options where appropriate.
      NOTICE: There's currently no sex framework for Fallout 4. Especially not for animals and a pregnancy system going along with it. As such, the best I could do are text boxes. I've done my best to make those as enjoyable as possible.


      Jade likes/dislikes (repeatable):

      Other modules:
      NONE (at the moment)
      Install instructions:


      -This mod is about bestiality, but I'm guessing that much was obvious already. Still, don't be nitpicky.
      -If you want to use this mod for your own mods, please PM me. I usually give permission, but I like to know where this mod is being used (support wise/helping out making it and all that useful stuff.)
      -If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them over here and I might implement them. (Seriously, I take feedback seriously)

      Plans for future:
      (Items stricken through are already in or are being worked on.)
      -Quests focusing on vanilla companions.
      -Quests focusing on being captured and forced to breed. (Still trying to find a way to make it work properly for male characters )
      -Settlement implementation.
      -Patiently wait for an actual sex framework and implement that.



    14. Fallout 4 Texture Compressor

      Fallout 4 Texture Compressor is a tool designed to ease texture compression of Fallout 4 mods.
      Note: program can't work with .ba2 archives, you need to manually extract them or download loose version of mod if it exists
      Compress textures Resize textures Backup files


      Extract the contents of the archive to a folder. Run "Fallout 4 Texture Compressor.exe". Click "Browse" button to set destination folder (can be textures folder or whole mode folder) Choose your preferencies Click "Start"

      Comparison Table
      Major differences between BC* formats.

      Additional Information
      Do not compress face textures - 99% they will break. Anything else is ok.
      Compress BC* - Compress only BC2, BC3, BC4, BC5, BC7 formats to BC1. It reduces texture size by half size, while losing alpha channel. --Safe Compressing modifies this option!
      Compress other - Compress other formats to BC7, BC5, BC3. Common example of this would be compression of R8G8B8A8. As you can see on screenshots size was reduced from 87mb to 21mb.
      Safe Compressing - Checks alpha channel, so your textures won't lose precious transparency.
      Resize down - Resizes texture down by half it's size if parameters are met.
      Note: size is only reduced by half; if you set "resize if > 256" and texture size is 2048x2048, it's final size will be 1024x1024 not 256x256.
      Make Backup - any .dds texture in destination folder will be backuped to .zip file.
      Nexusmods release



    15. Black Desert Online Hairs


      Single File link





    16. Leito Animation Vanilla Female Sound Replacer

      Tired of playing Nate and hearing your dead wife's voice when you have sex????
      I know I was! Broke my immersive groove. So, as a HUGE lover of all things French (10 years living in Quebec will do that to you!) and especially Curie, I tooled through her sound files and replaced ALL of Leitos 'Vanilla Female' sounds with ones I extracted and edited. These are a personal preference set and you must consider I use this in a marriage to Curie scenario, so the sounds are tailored for precisely this. If there are sounds you dont like in there (I love you, I am very wet), just copy other grunt / moan noises, paste them and then rename them to replace the ones you dont like. Trust me, this is SO much more pleasant than Nora's voice (unless you are playing Nora and then that would be okay, wouldnt it?)
      Be sure you back up Leito's original folder before installing, so you dont lose the files in there:
      Fallout 4/Data/Sounds/FX/AnimationsByLeito/FemaleVanilla <- Just rename the folder to something else and then unzip my files into your Fallout4 folder (zip file structure set from DATA onwards).
      Since I've been sharing some customization I've been making for MY playthoughs, I figured why not add this one to the list today... enjoy, if you download it!



    17. Femout4 - All NPCs Now Futanari

      TL:DR; Turns all NPCs into futanari.
      Comment thread here-
      *V3 is the latest file. It should be safe to update with ongoing saves.*
      The main mod and screenshots are hosted on the Nexus due to large file size. Get it here-
      The Nexus version only converts NPCs into females. You will need to install it as a pre-requisite for any and all patches found on this page.
      This is the page for patches for Femout4 to convert all NPCs into futanari. These patch several loverslab mods together to make all NPCs use schlongs during Four-Play sex scenes. However, NPCs won't have schlongs outside of sex scenes; this is because Four Play doesn't have transgender support yet, and there aren't any good full-body futanari mods available yet.
      The patch should apply futanari schlongs from Bag of Dicks to feminized male NPCs during sex scenes for Four Play. It should also apply them to females when they are in a penetrative role during sex scenes.
      It should also replace strapons with futanari schlong from Bag of Dicks.
      Currently, the patch will NOT apply schlongs during regular gameplay, or to females when they are being penetrated in Four-Play sex scenes. This will be corrected when someone makes a futanari body that is compatible with sex frameworks.
      The current version of the mod is just a temporary version, until I can find a way to make all NPCs have permanent futanari schlongs that will be compatible with sex frameworks.
      Skyrim version is found here-
      Femout4 0.15beta (available on Nexus)
      Four Play Nudesuits v2.0 by Chosen Clue
      Bag of Dicks (Equipable penises for Fallout 4) - Fourplay Compatible v1.5
      Strap-on's of fallout 4 V2
      Credit goes to the original mod authors. This merely patches them to work together with my mod.



    18. VotW Plugin - Vintage Nudie Films (VNF)

      VotW Plugin - Vintage Nudie Films (VNF)
      **All VNFRelease files are now available**
      Each VNFRelease file is a little over 600mb compressed. In total, all files extracted are roughly 15gb.
      If you already have an older VNFRelease installed, just download the new release and install it. Nothing needs to be overwritten or removed.
      *Note: Each VNFRelease is standalone. You can download whichever one you want and it will work fine. I just want to clarify that each release is different footage so all VNFReleases should be downloaded to acquire all of the footage available.
      Each VNFRelease plugin adds 8 holotapes that contain an accumulated 54 minutes and 32 seconds of vintage erotic footage. Each holotape contains 6 minutes and 49 seconds of content.
      The footage is actually quite tasteful since there is no real pornographic material, however, there is full nudity.
      The only requirement to make this plugin work is RazorWires - Videos of the Wasteland.
      How to install:
      Simply install the .7z file with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)
      Manually install the contents of the .7z file accordingly to the Fallout 4 directory. You should be able to copy the Data folder in the .7z file and paste it directly over the Data folder in the Fallout 4 directory and overwrite when prompted without any problems. Do so at your own risk.
      How to use:
      Currently I do not have the holotapes placed anywhere.
      The only way to acquire the holotapes is through the console where you can use "help VNF 4" then use player.additem XXXXXXXX to add the holotapes to your inventory. Replace the X's with the ID's of the holotapes.
      RazorWire for Videos of the Wasteland
      I'm working on VNFSpecialRelease01. The VNFSpecialRelease files will contain explicitly pornographic vintage content. If you'd like to work with me on changing something else, please send me a message. Also feel free to do what you'd like with the files.
      There are no available guides teaching people how to create mods like this. I may offer private high quality Youtube lessons in the future if enough people private message me with serious interest.



    19. Furry Buttplugs

      These are some Buttplug Tails I made for funzies & I wanted to share them with the public.
      I'm eventually gonna do puff tails too, Like bunny tails.
      I might also do some glow in the dark versions.

      Enjoy. ;P
      To install these Buttplug Tails, Simply drop the Data folder in your F4 folder.
      Once ingame You can make them at the chem station.
      Credit goes to Bumex for porting fox tail mesh to Fallout 4.
      I would credit the mesh creator as well but idk who that is. .......
      If U know them or are the creator let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.



    20. Buffout Plus

      Hey all! First upload!
      Buffout Plus is a very bare-bones implementation of mechanics inspired by the line of "Macromancy" mods for Skyrim which allow you to manipulate your character's size. Specifically, it adds two new chems to the medicine tab of the chemistry workbench: Buffout Plus and Reducinol. The first is made from normal buffout and nuclear material and increases your character's size in small increments, granting you buffs at certain thresholds. Reducinol is made from nuclear material and med-x, each shot of it will reset your size to the default (so far you cannot shrink past the default size).
      There are some engine-related restrictions such as a total size-cap of 10 times the default and a blindingly fast run speed in third person (I reduced movement speed to account for the increase in overall size, but it only takes effect in first person)
      Really, my purpose in releasing this is to give anyone else who would be interested in making a size-changing mod a headstart, so feel free to take this and do anything you want with it and redistribute it however you'd like. No credit needed!



    21. Working noose - proof of concept

      [v4.61 bugfix]
      - fixed a significant havok bug
      - if you downloaded v4.6, please download 4.61 and replace all
      - if you haven't downloaded 4.6 yet, then you are fine, you can install 4.61, the link to the bugged 4.6 has been removed
      [/v4.61 bugfix]
      [v4.6 update]
      - adds the "Noose Arrow" - a "grenade"-type "weapon" which places a long noose furniture upon contact; behaves like a bullet, flies in straight line, but has to be "launched" as a grenade
      - the "noose arrow" id is xx810358b (player.additem xx810358b 100)
      - the "noose arrow" is useful to place nooses on high spots, especially outside settlements - shoot the arrow at the target object (a tree, for example), tweak the position using FO4 autohotkey positioning, then command the NPC to "snapintointeraction"; I'll upload a tutorial in the support thread
      - tweaks the convulsing havok yet again... hopefully with more consistent results; factored in the NPC mass
      - adds random collision objects around the hanged NPC's neck/head, which force the hanged NPC to twist the neck into random positions for a more "diverse look" - I am still tweaking this, it's a recent addition, so it may lead to weird positions or NPCs being forced out of the noose
      - there are now approx 30 different hanging outfits, feet pointing down, mostly female versions
      - due to the outfits, the file is now over 100MB, meaning LL will not accept the upload - I am uploading a txt file with a link to mega, and will be posting the mega link here as well; this is the first time I'm using mega for uploads, let me know if it doesn't work
      [/4.6 update]
      Best to do it manually, I haven't tested installing through NMM. Just copy my data folded into your data folder, overwrite anything. Make sure you read my caution in the 3.5 changelog, and the disclaimer.
      To Use
      Hanging Gun
      - Acquire the Hanging Gun via console (xx058BF4), fire at will
      [3.5 update] Do not use the HangingGunIDLE, will always be (is, until v4.1) broken / work in progress
      [4.1 update] This version has a functioning HangingGunIDLE (xx0AC438), you can use it to reanimate the sequence once the body is dead/hanging
      Hanging Furniture
      - the furniture needs to be built in God mode (!)
      - I highly recommend using Place Anywhere from Nexus, to be able to position the nooses more freely
      - build a noose from the workshop menu, just place it freely as of 3.7beta1
      - or build a hanging pole
      - console click the NPC, setcommandstate 1, or intimidate the NPC
      - exit console, hover on the noose around the slipknot area, the prompt changes into "sit"
      The NPC will play the furniture's specific animation, die, kick, swing
      Option 3 (start with a dead NPC) - this is more difficult
      - build the noose, and select it in console, then close the console
      - grab the NPC by the head, keeping it in an upright position
      - open the console, and autohotkey modpos the noose in position, around the neck
      - once the noose is around the neck, close the console and release the grab on the NPC
      Absolute requirement: Dead Body Collision, from Nexus
      And I really do recomment installing FO4 Hotkeys and assign one hotkey (I use F1) to the command "pna; setcommandstate 1" (this will enable you to command any NPC just by pointing at them and pressing F1)
      Place Everywhere is highly recommended
      An autohotkey manager for object manipulation (like this one) is highly recommended, to position the nooses freely outside workshop areas
      You can always spawn a workbench anywhere in the world by using pt c1aeb, and build freely in workshop mode around it.
      All DLCs and Armorsmith Extended required for version 4.1 (hopefully removed in 4.5 beta)
      - ag12 for his invaluable help in setting up the script, thank you!
      - Oakern, for his awesome CRX mod, which is a must-have for me (hopes he keeps adding content to it), for providing the inspiration and for giving me permission to use his assets (which I did)
      - Vader666, from whom I took the hands-bound animation and helped me figure out how to add animations to furniture (thank you!), check out his Torture Devices mod
      - LazyGirl, check out her Abduction mod
      - Uses one animation from Crazy (the crazy assfuck)
      - steve40 for giving me permission to use his dirt shader from CWSS
      - Crimsomrider, for giving me permission to distribute my modded versions of his outfits
      - others who kindly helped me at various stages along the way
      Use it - and hopefully improve upon it - in any way you want, but please let me know in a comment or PM if you managed to create a better version, so I can enjoy it myself. This is the reason why I uploaded it under modder's resouce.
      I cannot speak for the assets I took from Vader666, Crazy, steve40 and Crimsomrider - those assets belong to them.
      Future plans
      - fix the kneeling noose alignment (easy, but a tedious process) - in v3.5 it's pretty much solved... approximately
      - add proper animations - I need help here (!!!) I don't know squat about making animations
      - add swing to the noose - added some havok to the dead NPC, will continue to look into this - [3.7b1] added rotation and swing
      - add havok to the noose - no idea how
      - add more content to the kneeling nooses
      - a strappado
      - garotte devices - [v3.7b1] done, check out the immersive garrotte shithouse
      - additional restraints - [v3.6] added feet restraints to the hanging pole (straight)
      - look into introducing a hanging hook
      - introduce additional props
      This is my first scripted mod ever. It may break your save, your game, or your life (shouldn't, really, unless it's already fucked up) - I take no responsibility. The scripts are not tested for performance or for persistence. If you get bloated saves, or bloated Papyrus logs, or orphan scripts, or whatever, sorry, I don't really know what I'm doing, so use this mod(der's resource) on your own responsibility.
      Detailed change log (please take the time to read this)



    22. FallrimTools -- Script cleaner and more

      WARNING: Unattached Instances are a normal part of how Fallout 4 operates. Until I've determined how to distinguish between important unattached instances (still in active use) and the other kind (left behind by mods that were uninstalled), I recommend that you do NOT use the Remove Unattached Instances action on Fallout 4 savefiles.
      NOTE: If you're having a problem with a savefile, and you want my help, you'll need to post the savefile here in the support thread so that I can run tests on it.
      ReSaver is a savegame editor for Skyrim Legendary, Skyrim Special Edition, and Fallout 4. It is designed to provide more information that earlier tools, and to work with savefiles that other tools wont touch. It is relatively stable and reliable. Performance has gotten pretty good!
      The interface is modelled after Save Game Script Cleaner; it's not quite as fast (because of Java instead of super speedy assembly language) but it is actively maintained and has a much richer feature set. Like filtering using regular expressions, and scanning your scripts and esps for context! For Skyrim Legendary, it should read and write saves that exceed the string table limit, as long as you're using Crash Fixes v10 or later.
      Unzip the archive into a folder somewhere. Double-click on the file "ReSaver.exe".

      Unzip the FallrimTools archive somewhere. Double-click on ReSaver.exe. Choose your savegame. You should see a tree structure that has all of the save's script elements.

      The #1 thing that most people need is to remove script instances that are left behind when a mod is uninstalled.
      Go to the "Clean" menu and select "Show Unattached Instances". This will filter the list and show only the script instances that aren't attached to anything. Go to the "Clean" menu and select "Remove Unattached Instances". Save to a new file. Load your savegame in Skyrim/Fallout and make sure it's working properly.

      ReSaver is quite stable and I use it myself. Fallout 4 support is still new and in a beta state.

      I have hundreds of mods, including dozens of major quest mods. I NEED a serious save editor. That's why I wrote one. I can't promise that it's perfect. It's possible that it will ruin your savegame, hard drive, childhood, and kidneys all major organ systems. In other words, there is no guarantee of fitness for any particular purpose, etc. But it's pretty good.
      Java is a requirement -- ReSaver is written entirely in Java.

      Test the tools! Report any problems! Report any annoyances! Try cleaning a few savegames with ReSaver, see it the new tool works at all. Play with the tool, try to get it to crash in exciting ways. Let me know how you crashed it. Find problems or annoyances with the user interface.

      If you would like to donate, Steam gift cards are good, or donations through Nexus. Really, I'll accept anything. :-) Seriously, I'll take a high-five, or a photo your cats. An envelope full of your pubes? Sure! But it's not necessary. I wrote these tools because I love Skyrim and Fallout.



    23. Lewd SFM Main Menu Replacer - NMM Edition

      FYI: The link for the latest version is listed as open?id=0B6XsUZF2ix4veFRMRFFLOXBFazA on the LL downloader and is hosted on google drives, if it doesn't work for some reason, the link is also in a post below.
      Here's 6 19! sexy 1080p fallout 4 SFM loops to replace that boring old Main Menu.
      I think I've included pretty much every 1080p FO4 SFM I could find (well, at least the ones that were competently animated) but as always if anyone has links to more just post them in the support thread and I will gladly update this to include them.
      It's an NMM installer, so throw it in your mod manager of choice and select the loop you want for your menu.
      Manually, you just have to pick the loop you want and put it in Data/Videos.
      Old Description:
      So here's a small thing I whipped up out of boredom an hour or so ago, It's a replacer for the Main Menu that uses an SFM loop by Xentho II, injecting a bit more sexiness to that irritating 5 second freeze you get while the Creation Club news loads after your fifth crash of the day.
      I made this mostly because I liked the idea of this replacer, but due to the source video being sub-1080p it was distractingly low quality on my screen, so I went hunting for FO4 SFM webm's and this was the best I could find. Figured I'd release it just since there seems to only be two other sexy menu replacers out there.
      It should install fine with NMM, otherwise you can just extract the 7z in the main game directory (you might want to back up the original).
      If anyone has any other 1080p Fallout-themed sexy videos they would like converted, suggest them and post a link and I'll see what I can do.



    24. Four Play Sex Em Up

      Four Play - Sex 'Em Up


      A Four Play mod that allows for some basic immersive ways to initiate sex in Fallout 4 via using a hotkey to ask for sex, masturbate, and more!


      Supports super-mutants and canines, as well as threesomes.






      Simple pleasures of the world can be free. You can pleasure yourself by holding the SEU hotkey for one second.


      Flirt and Sex


      Flirt with others to solve carnal desires. Use the hotkey, and the person closest to you, within a meter, will initiate dialogue, where you have a host of options to choose from. The chance you have of convincing for sex is based off of your charisma and their charisma, but this can be changed.

      You can get those you flirted with to follow you by selecting "Follow Me" after successfully flirting with them.

      You can start a threesome by choosing "Look for a third?", then go to the second NPC you want to be involved in the act, and press the hotkey near them.




      You can ask someone to strip for you. But it may take some convincing! Use the hotkey to try to ask them to strip their clothes off.


      Sexual Assault


      Satiated those desires another way by means of force. Crouch and use the hotkey to attempt at assaulting the person closest to you, within a meter. The chance you have of forcing them is based off of your Strength and their, but this can be changed.




      Use can use Mod Configuration Manager to change the many options SEU comes with.






      Install F4SE and the scripts that come with it.


      Go into your C:\Users\*yourusername*\Documents\My Games\Fallout4 and open up the Fallout4.ini file with Notepad, and go to where it shows something like this:


      Change the numbers on the end of the last three lines from 0 to 1, then save.


      If those lines don't exist, add them and make sure it looks like this:


      Install Four Play and what it requires.


      Install Four Play Community Patch and what it requires.


      Install the Mod Configuration Menu and what it requires.

      If you use Mod Organizer 2, make sure to look in the stickied comments in the MCM modpage to see how to properly install MCM.


      Install this mod.


      Once you've installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the Sex 'Em Up MCM and go to the "Misc" page.

      There you will find the Sex Em' Up hotkey option. Set your prefered hotkey here to complete the installation.





      Four Play by DocClox

      Latest Four Play Community Patch by Vinfamy


      Fallout 4 Script Extender 0.6.0 or higher, and to install the scripts!


      And anything else Four Play needs.


      Mod Configuration Menu by the MCM team






      Please, help me by posting your Papyrus logs! I cannot be expected to reply if all I get is "The mod doesn't work"


      You can find those logs in this folder:


      C:\Users\*yourusername*\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Logs\Script


      Upload them here so that I and others can see if there's a problem.




      DISCLAIMER: I don't condone real life sexual assault nor bestiality. Use your noggin and don't abuse or hurt real people and animals, living or dead. Okay?



    25. Improved Intimidation Gameplay

      [This mod is currently not in active development, and may not work correctly.]
      This mod intends to improve the gameplay of the rank 1 Intimidation perk. When I first selected the perk I was quite disappointed:
      I could not loot the equipment of pacified enemies. I could not pick locks or hack computers - if I tried, the apparently pacified enemies decided to draw their weapons and shoot me in the back.

      The best thing to do with pacified enemies seems to be to calmly walk up to them, aim at their head while they stand with hands up, and kill them in cold blood. With this mod keeping pacified enemies alive will become a viable alternative.

      This mod allows you to do the following:
      Tie up pacified enemies. Tied up enemies will not be able to fight and therefore not become hostile if you decide to pick locks, hack computers, or do whatever else you decide to do. Once they are tied up, open their inventory and take their stuff. Untie them. They will return to the ‘hands up’ pose they had before being tied up. Of course they may decide to attack you if you do certain things after untying them.

      Known Limitations
      This is an early but well working beta. It has the following known limitations:
      There is no visual representation of bindings. Tied up enemies just sit on the ground with their hands behind their back. Tying up enemies is free and does not use up any resources. In some cases (e.g. after leaving and reentering the cell, or after previously being caught pickpocketing) untying a tied up enemy may show him hostile for a split second and start the combat music. No actual combat will take place.

      Not in Scope
      As mentioned above, this mod has the simple purpose of improving the gameplay of the intimidation perk. I am open for further ideas, but I will not implement features outside of that purpose. Things that I will not implement include:
      Lowering the charisma requirements of the intimidation perk. Fixing bugs of the intimidation perk – use the UOF4P, it fixes them. Converting pacified enemies to slaves – other authors are already working on that.

      Only base Fallout 4 at the moment – this should work without F4SS, DLCs and other mods.

      Compatibility in General
      I expect that this mod is compatible with almost all other mods. Consequently all the things mentioned above in the ‘Not in Scope’ section can be provided by other mods, some of them already existing. Of course if you want to be really, really sure, you will have to try it out.
      Technical details: Even though this mod seems to modify the Intimidation 1 perk, it does so without touching any existing quests, perks, spells, effects or scripts. The goal was to make this very compatible with other mods. That being said, the original holdup script written by Bethesda is a big messy bowl of spaghetti in my not-so-humble opinion, and I had to use some workarounds to implement everything without changing that original code. If another mod decides to rip out that original system and replace it with something ‘better’, it will probably break my mod (and every other mod that changes the Intimidation perks) by doing so.
      List of Known (In-)Compatible Mods
      UOF4P: Fully compatible, and highly recommended as it fixes the calculation of the bonus from the Black Widow / Lady Killer perks. Intimidation Redone: Mostly compatible. Intimidation Redone allows to tie up pacified enemies, too; the tie up options of the two mods are independent of each other, so a pacified enemy could be tied up twice, needing to be untied twice. I suggest not using the tie up function of Intimidation Redone when using it with my mod. F4:SS: Compatible. Tied up enemies can be captured just like anybody else (e.g. using Pax syringes). Note that F4:SS will replace the standard activation function with a menu, making it impossible to use the untie option of my mod after capturing an enemy. My mod will recognize the situation and automatically untie them when the player interacts with them. Abduction: Compatible. Tied up enemies can be abducted and will stay tied up. Enemies ‘Restrained’ by Abduction cannot be tied up, as the animation played by Abduction will prevent the tied up animation. This is only a visual bug: Once the ‘Restrained’ animation stops (e.g. after abduction, or after walking far away), they will correctly assume tied up position. Note that you need to recruit a tied up abductee to get the untie option.

      Please tell me if you find out about (in-)compatibility with other mods that modify the Intimidation perk.