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  1. Advanced Animation Framework

    What is this?

    The Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) provides a variety of tools for modders to play animations from a scalable number of animation packs. Additional behavior controls, relationship features, user interface elements (menus) and statistics tracking are also planned.
    AAF has a similar purpose and technical strategy to CE0's Skyrim mod OSA – Skyrim Ascendancy Engine.
    Download Location & Instructions
    The latest version of AAF is hosted at www.moddingham.com. The reason for this is that Nexus has terms for hosting files that I find unreasonable (once uploaded they gain the right to distribute a mod forever). Also, AAF is not an adult mod by itself and there are non-adult mods using it. So, LL, being an adult-focused site is not the right place to host. The issue has already been debated extensively in this thread. You can dig through the pages to find those discussions if interested. However, the matter is considered closed now. Further discussion about where AAF is hosted, how that impacts anyone or anything, is not allowed in this thread. If you wish to discuss those things, please bring them up in some other thread.
    Further details about how to install and use AAF (for users and mod authors) are on the AAF wiki.
    An LL focused installation and usage guide can be found here.

    If you are interested in supporting this project, you can donate through my Patreon page.



  2. [FO4] [AAF] Themes - VanillaSexAnimations, Kinky/Aggressive and CreatureSexAnimations

    Themes allow customisation of AAF animation Packs by adding tags to installed Animation Positions. If you do not install some Themes, there will be no tags added to any relevant animations you have installed so they should not be picked by mods using the tagging system like Violate or RSE. So if you want to install an animation pack that has a mix of Human and Creature animations, this means mods can tell the difference and only pick the ones that interest you by its settings unless you manually pick them in the AAF wizard.

    The minimum Theme to install is Vanilla Theme which is installed automatically in the FOMOD whether you tick any other options or not.


    The VanillaSex, KinkySex and CreatureSex Themes are now combined in the one FOMOD and only available on Lovers Lab, the Basic Theme is only needed if you use poses.
    The Basic and Vanilla Sex Themes are available on Nexus but may be a version behind this for a week or so.
    Basic Theme - Covers one of the Pose packs. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.
    VanillaSex Theme - Covers all vanilla basic sex animations, Male/Female, Male/Male, Female/Female, GangBangs. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.

    KinkySexTheme - Includes Vanilla sex Theme and covers Aggressive/Rough Sex, Spanking, Bondage positions and Bondage furniture animations. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.
    CreatureSex Theme - Includes Vanilla sex Theme and covers all Creature Sex Animations including Aggressive ones. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.

    These theme packs contain all the parts of tagData from Halstroms_TagData.XML (APT) split into each relevant theme making APT redundant. If you have APT (Halstrom_tagData.xml) also installed it will result in double tagging some animations and probably cause weirdness or bugs. Installing all the themes is the same as having the full APT.
    This also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro most have not been tested yet.

    This spoiler contains links to the supported Animation mods.
    Let me know if I've missed any too.

    This spoiler contains Tagging information.
    File versions are by date so 180510 is 10th of May 2018, not 5th of October 2018 unless you are American

    AAF obviously

    The DLC's are currently required for only the Kinky and Creature Themes until I update the FOMOD. But it can be used without them if the following files are removed.

    3 of the files are old versions just in case there's an issue with the latest version, the files are labelled by Date 181211.0 is 2018 December 11th version 0
    The VanillaSex, KinkySex and CreatureSex Themes are combined in the one FOMOD and only available on Lovers Lab.
    Thanks To:
    F4SE people
    Dagobaking for his help learning how this voodoo works
    CGI for general help and creating the FOMOD version
    EgoBallistic for his patience and input to mesh this into his mods
    and numerous sacrificial Test Minions
    No Kiddie Porn usage, I don't want to be involved in any crap that hits the fan. I DO NOT support any use of my mods for kiddie porn or adult sexual situations like child pregnancy.
    Otherwise do whatever you want with this except selling it, Animators are free to use it themselves to replace their templates, less work for me when updates then



  3. Patch for animations (Squirt/Cum Effects, cum overlays, stages, fixes)

    What this mod changes:
    Other options:
    What next:
    Thanks to, original authors and ideas:
    Old changes:
    Contact me if you can create x-ray arts or vault style arts



  4. Problems of Survivor

    Warning: Disgusting, sexist, humiliating and violent content!
    Fallout 4's version of my Skyrim mod Troubles of Heroine. Adds NPCs, quests and events to make life for a woman in a post-apocalypse world more cruel and degrading.
    The mod includes hard choices on a universal scale and supports zero kill walkthroughs.
    There is the hidden parameter - Your Dignity, which changes as you communicate with Brutus or Xana. To unlock its full potential - use the code: set aaayourdignity to 100. To check it - find the Wise Toilet in Diamond City, near the destroyed van. In dialogues, if you don't have a required perk or SPECIAL, you won't see the option. In the non-XDI version, some options are hidden by other options.
    Males have less content than females - some will be missed and some will be completely inaccessible. To play female content for a male, use code: set AAAiamsissy to 1.
    The AAAPOSSpecialRoom has the mod's items safe and buttons to disable/enable some content.
    POSScripts - for modders only!
    Lines of dialog: 15953.
    Put this mod at the very end of your modlist!
    Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) + animations;
    Extended Dialogue Interface (optional);
    F4z Ro D'oh to skip dialogues;
    Roleplayer's Expanded Dialogue (RED) to add more dialogues and skill checks to the vanilla game so that there is not such a big difference between the mod and base game dialogues;
    Idiot Savant to Idiot Slut.
    Better dialogues:
    1.7 RUS:
    Nudella Mask:
    Mr. NTR for lesbians:
    Basil's Desat-English dictionary:
    Future plans:
    More dialogs; More quests; More situations; More followers; More filth.  
    Do what you want with the mod.



  5. [AAF] Voicepacks and SFX

    Because sound matters. Features 2 Voicepacks.


    The goal of this mod is to make a seamingless "One Voice" experience throughout some of the outstanding mods done by community, as well as introduce clean and updated sounds that will play during animations of the supported mods. Mod was developed with Ultimate AAF Patch (UAP) in mind, although some users mentioned that no UAP works as well... So keep in mind that without UAP, you may experience some bad sounds... 

    Non-Voice Specific Previews

    Vault-Girl Voicetype
    Vanilla, Mature

    Consists of Nora (Fo4), Jack (Mass Effect 2) and Ada Wong (Resident Evil 6)
    Will suit perfectly for vanilla characters.
    Features a bit of dirty talk here and there (requires Leito animations)
    You may also consider downloading, Cough and Jump Grunt along side this for more Nora noises


    Supported Mods and Compatibility

    Athletic Voicetype
    Young, Sporty and High Pitched

    Consists of voicelines of Tracer (Overwatch), Ciri (Witcher 3) and Ellie (The Last Of Us 2).
    Voicelines and sounds of all girls were sped up/changed/pitched so it is unlikely that you will recognise some of them.
    Will suit perfectly for slim/athletic bodytypes and character aged around 19-26
    Sometimes in consensual animations your character may chuckle or dirty talk (but very rarely).
    Lot's of screaming and abusive language during non-consentual animations.
    Already comes with Clean Sound Effect files, download either regular version or optional version.
    Requires UAP to work properly, otherwise some of animations won't be as exciting.
    You may also consider downloading Silent Protagonist, Cough and Jump Grunt along side this, as having Nora speaking and making noises may break immersion.


    Supported Mods and Compatibility

    And that's all for now folks, if you want to support the mod, I would appreciate a review or an endorsment (or both if you feel charitable)
    Always remember that my files should always overwrite any of the listed mods or you may encounter some weird shit
    If any of the preview links will become dead, please message me I will try to fix the issue
    If you want to help the project you can always share some good resources to use in direct

    See ya space cowboy

    Resources used:
    Adobe Premiere
    Tracer FX - Link
    Ciri FX - Link
    Ellie FX - Link
    Other FX - Link
    Preview Artwork: Ashe And Tracer in Pool, Tracer Showing Off Abs.



  6. FO4 DOA6 Followers Bayman Honoka Marie Rose.

    Adds Bayman Honoka and Marie Rose followers of DOA fame. Based on DOA6.

    and I will replace all your food with Kale!
    (ok joking)
    Embark on a massive quest as they join forces and hire you as a guide to take on the legendary 39 steps of Alfred Hitchcock fame (or a FO4 adaptation of them).
    A quest driven by music and musical themes in the vein of Michael Mann. 

    find any one of the followers and it triggers a prequel quest to find the others. Marie Rose is a he most likely to find first she is in a central location where lots of npcs pass through (your only hint). Bayman is the next likely and Honoka is like a needle in a haystack unless you found Marie first or already played the mod.
    look high and low. I added new doors that’s where to look. 
    and added some new tricks.
    A large part of the main quest Is random. I can’t times offer advice and will publish a cheat sheet but the point of the mod and the danger of the enemies grows the longer you don’t find the next thing. 
    You are not fighting mercenaries or an army you are fighting spies they fight like spies and die as easy as spies. Ie glass canons. For me to reveal their locations is basically changing the difficulty of the mod.
    1- outfit change. Same as other doa follower mods but because the main quest demands certain missions use specific outfits you can’t forcibly select their outfits.
    2- cell phone use.
    mat first glance this would seem not lore friendly but because they use the same wireless company from saints row 2 it makes it lore friendly. IllWireless is an amazing service I highly recommend you use it in Real life too. 
    A - with their cellphones they can play music and use apps to help w your quest.
    B - after you complete their main quest you can use their cellphones to call each other if one is not a current follower.
    3- they talk A LOT of SHIT!
    they are college freshmen. They talk more to each other than to you.
    4- you will eventually get a customizable interior player home. Enjoy.
    5 - during the quest Honoka and Marie Rose receive weapons training from Bayman. Their weapons upgrade.
    6- if for some ridiculous reason you don’t like honokas nipple piercing (Mr Moo) you can equip her “remove nipple piercing”.  This was actually inspired by an old mod I saw for skyrim but the meshes and textures are not from that mod (because I have to be an asshole and make everything a higher poly. Count than something from probably 2015) I will credit the author once I have had a chance to look him/her up for the inspiration and idea to add the nipple piercing Mr. Moo. 

    7- you can change their hairstyles by talking to them. Each has four to choose from except Bayman who has one.
    8- Honoka and Marie Rose have ten personal songs between them. I will give you the filepath to change if you want to overwrite those for your personal music.I highly recommend you don’t change the story mod music. It’s not shit that’s on my playlist and 80% is probably not on anyone’s playlist cause it’s “movie music”.  Most of the story songs are there cause they inspired scenes in the mod. Not the other way around. That also resulted in an inordinate amount of Basil Palodoris. 
    Fusion girl version Only for now. CBBE To Follow. (Expect CBBE version to be after august 7. And all bodyslide files. I am doing those now this like all were originally shaped around the custom follower bodies I did for fusion girl. I could conceivably finish by next week but then I fly to Florida. To visit family. So …. Delay.)  I’ve been living breathing and sweating this mod since October 2022 so I wanted it released. ASAP.
    Ummmm. I don’t have much more to say….. enjoy.
    oh- if the NPCs end up fighting each other (it’s a possibility. May or may not happen. It’s doa has to be a chance) Don’t interfere you can break the scene and I haven’t decided on a level of punishment for interference. Or if I shoild bother cause only an ass that wants to break the mod would do that.

    I don’t fucking know.
     You tell me.
    I took a page from every 80s sitcom here heavily leaning on Cheers. Marie and Honoka are roommates with a close bond. (As evidenced in DOA6 story mode). But like every good dynamic I intentionally danced around the issue in part because I want them to be your characters too but also because if I am capable I want to continue to use these two clowns.
    (once you beat the main quest…. Goto v111 w both of them).

    - (q&a) can I call them out on their shit?
    - a - yes. You can. But they might not like you. They have dialogue that wants to sit cait down for a reverse intervention if you have her get the cure.  
    Q - why does Bayman wear a Ukraine flag.
    A - in game dialogue covers that but here is some keywords (putins daughter, anal sex, drapes, kremlin). Bayman is an action hero not a prude.
    q- is Helena in this mod you keep talking about her.
    a - yes because she is mentioned and her influence is inescapable w these chars. No physically because she is too busy running DOATEC and running freaky/cool French sex clubs.
     Q - I can't find where Bayman, Honoka Or Marie Rose is in their initial locations.
     A - 
    Q - I can't find ______ Location in the Main Quest.
    A - I will do a cheat sheet but wait a bit. try to find It on your own for a bit. This mod isn't even a few days old.
    if you really hate the main quest you only have to beat it once. After you are given the tools and recipie to find the right items in the world to craft an item to let you bypass the main quest. You just need the purpose pill and the Im an ok code. Beat it once. But that option may still have issues. 
    please report anything.
    If it seems like a scene isn’t firing talk to any one of the followers. I’ve added failsafes. But don’t spam it cause it could just keep repeating the scene.

    OH I DONT WANT THIS TO BE CONFUSING. They are not your followers. You are their follower. Well paid in American dollars. 
    female bodies are 4k I can upload the fusion girl 8k version if people want.
    drag and drop just overwrite the main file bsa.
    PLEASE NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS. I don’t want to be an asshole and delete them and micro manage shit. 
    BASIC LOW SPOILER MOD FLOW CHART: (I will do a full cheat sheet at some point that you can download)
    Credit to SystemManager for the Mr. Moo Nipple Ring mesh. Originally it was not a nipple ring I converted the Original Cow Mesh to jewelry and added the Hoop Ring.
    Link Below
    (typing - still haven’t finished updating description)



  7. Jackgas Pub/Nightclub Of the Commonwealth.

    Nightclub 2.0
    FO4 nightclub upgrade summary:

    What does this mod do?
    - this Upgrade expands the nightclub so that you can become a partner/co-owner. You will operate as a co owner and vote on major future events in future add ons. Only a few “starter” examples of voting is included in this upgrade.

    - You can now recruit staff (Promoters and dancers) in preparation for the grand opening (grand opening will be a future add on).
    - Control your staff actions, have them dance on the bar, hang out in the VIP room etc.
    - Adds 30+ quests mostly dialogue based. Do the promoter/staff’s recruitment quest and then another quest (dialogue or random elements) that may expand their background, function or your knowledge of it.
    - Fully buildable VIP room.
    - any followers? No but one npc can follow you for a limited time on the museum of freedom main stage quest.
    - Also includes all the old content such as the he tons and tons of modular clothing courtesy of jackga) as well as the hidden boss battle themed fights to upgrade the weapons sold at the nightclub.
    - Adds the option of to change the club music once you get the singers dialogue to a certain point. Find the sheet music for over 20+ songs. Future add ons will expand on this. Craft speakers and radios to listen to the current song at other settlements or in the vip room.
    read the summary and FAQ text document for some more details. FAQ contains spoilers.
    This is the Full Version of The Fallout 4 Conversion of Jackga's Pub outfits. 
     Unlike the skyrim pub this focuses on outfits appropriate to Fallout 4 (with a few fan favorite armors thrown in). Over 155 Pieces plus weapons and extras. The Pub itself is more of a Nightclub and keeping with the spirit of the original pub for skyrim something seeming out of place for Fallout 4.  
    Many of the Armor pieces are customizeable from color to removal or add on of parts.
    The pricing of the pub is intended to be expensive.
    The weapons are upgradeable (temperable) in a manner similar to skyrim.  
    There are also nine tough boss battles one must undergo to uncover the max level of each weapon. 
    This mod also includes some content added beyond Jackga's pub. By myself and from Ghosu (who has openly given permission to use his assets).
    Bodyslide support.
    NOTE: this mod favors fusion girl although I have included bodyslide files for cbbe based bodies.
    Find some dead merchants and crates with defective starter outfits outside sanctuary.  The rest is spoilers ill keep for now. (Will Update the page with information and proper spoiler tags later for those who don't like discovery).
    Please let me know any issues there are a LOT of moving parts.
    Added NPC list and Where they are from.
    Jackga- Jackga for the core base of this mod, and the permission to convert even though he says on his steam page to do what you want. (pics on request)
    Ghosu- for the open perms on his Highlander swords.
    Credit to the various musical artists whose themes were added (this will be upgraded later, will add).
    ousinus and the bodyslide crew.
    2.1 - Adds Map Marker for the nightclub and a new NPC quest. The map marker only shows up when you purchase the nightclub as a partner. If you have already purchased the club drink the absinthe on the table in the owners room. 



  8. Vioxsis Strap-on (ZeX Bones fixed) - Engine (Lesbian) XML Patch (8/29/23)

    This provides a fix, with skinned bones properly improved by hand, compared to other 'fixes' (SAM Enhanced animations, under files or someone who tried to fix) that actually is clipping than fixed. ...

    What's behind the work? 3ds max/blender/Outfit studio. I Move into the correct positions where the bones are located. I extend the edges of dildo's length, to paint the weight with precision. It turned out the dildo works like a charm after several tries in fallout 4.
    *It's still beta, requires time to do the rest if there's more.

    ZeX bones skinned fully working FG and CBBE bodyslide (pre-built nif+tri, zero-ed sliders) Xml patches but as FF (Lesbian) genders [0.1-0.4], using LXP_Equipmentsetdata (Auto equip strap-on(s) - There's more variants but one of them are taken)
    [in 0.5 with Vio fix 2.0, it's ungendered due to rescaling problems, while patching synths with penis, they detect it as male.] Doesn't require any Morphsetdata.xml for AAF. The strapons, dildo, penis,... are always erected as it is.  
    PACKAGES / What's inside of the content?
            [Strap-on Version Type]
    STRAP-ON (LITE) - Dildo Bulge slider - I modified the dildo tip to look like male shaped penis. (Slider value 0.0 = my modification, 1.0 = vio's default shape) STRAP-ON (FULL) - Erection Up + Down sliders added, but dildo bulge slider is removed and separated into 2 types. So if you pick bulged or less bulged, both works at the same slider value.
            [Penis, Dick, Dildo...]
    DILDO (Viodoe) CHASTITY [DD Add-on] [2.0 only] (Currently incompatible..., not fixed) - Indarello provided futa dicks in his fomod to be replaced. Clamp-on from Indarello [2.0 only] (Support for Synths during AAF Scene)
            [Efficiency, Add-ons]
    [2.0] - Vioxsis plugin with ESL flagged ESP - LINK (FG users) - FG group sliders patched (Vaultbait) - LINK  
    VIOXSIS [TEXTURE SELECTIVE] - Texture replacer (FOMOD) - (REQUIRES ECF [Placeholder] if you choose latex colors !) Strap-on DILDO  
    ENGINE (LESBIAN) XML PATCH EQUIPMENT SET (AAF) - Strap-on / Dildo / Chasity variants Supported Animation packs: SavageCabbage - 1.3 [DLC's + Torture Devices merged] + Staged animations BP70 - 2.8  
    About Equipment set... Framework (How it's injected?) - Actiondata method brought some issues. I used equipmentsetdata instead.

    VIOXSIS [ZEX BONES] - REQUIRED Lesbian XML Patch - REQUIRED / OPTIONAL (*some [FF] patches uses FF_Activity from Vioxsis_Strap-on.esp source plugin, but they are in the SAME FormIDs) - Otherwise it won't be visible in AAF
    (1.0 - Source plugin original name, 2.0 - uses the plugin as Indarello named, patched)

    [If you want to keep the original's name, you can change the plugin VIO_Strap-on.esp as Vioxsis_Strap-on.esp in the Source="" defaults branch; LXP_equipmentsetdata] Vioxsis [TEXTURE SELECTIVE - FOMOD] - OPTIONAL  
    REQUIREMENTS (Following up Saya's Scarlett's fucking manual guide)
    VIOXSIS [ZEX BONES] + TEXTURE SELECTIVE Vioxsis's strap-on - To get their assets and textures (If you use LXP 1.0)
    [ *2.0 is already packed up ] CBBE or Fusion Girl (FG needs Zex extended, as it's using genital bones for animations) ZeX Extended skeletons - 6.0 Environment Cubemapping Framework (Nexus / LL) (Direct links) - (Download both packs under installation highlight and merge in, as a mod) (Optional) Indarello's fix - In 2.0, now added support Chastity based on the options you picked in his FOMOD.

    *Install both vioxsis strap-on zex bones [2.0] and indarello's, and make it overwritting AFTER Indarello.
    (Since he provided both viodoe and strap-on nif files looking like futa dick instead, my fix will be overwritten !)

    *If you are on MO2, your mod order should look like this:
      - Indarello's mod - Vioxsis Zex Bones fixed  
    LESBIAN XML PATCH AAF (171b and newer) Lee3310's SC Rescaling Patch (AAF_SCRS_CR - 1.1) Outfit ReDress Fix Animation Packs (AAF)
    - Normally, ZeX extended skeleton is not compatible with those who use CBBE knee fix and it turns that Strap-on with bones becomes stretched out. In the same mod there's a version for SAM, you don't need to have skeleton.nif conflicts under ZeX. I suggest to install/have at least 2 mods:
    1. Screen Archer Menu
    2. CBBE Knee Fix (SAM Adjustment version + Girly/HeadNeck SAM version)
    3. (Optional) Discrete Female Skeleton

    *SAM Adjustments are like skeleton bone modifiers, overwriting your current bones. Load one of the adjustments of your choice (OR even more adjustments at once), and it remains permanently in the menu as soon as you remove; on your game save.
    *Also 3BBB is not compatible. The goal is Zex bones must be visible or at least present, in skeleton.nif to make strapon animating. None of other's should overwrite Zex, regardless. 
    Dagoba_king, and other developers who made AAF and LLFP scripts Lee3310 + niston for SC rescaling patch and SAMFormer TBOS and ZaZ, for Zex extended skeleton and fusion girl Snapdragon for outfit redress fix An3k for repacking Vioxsis's modders resource strapons SavageCabbage + BP70 for animations Kziitd, vaultbait, ookkerpak, eflat01 for suggestions, fixes Indarello for clamp-on and his fixes  
    Recommendations / Extra efficiency
    SAMFormer (Useful, especially if i find the scaling issues i'll need some reports. Efficient than conflicting with another) Ultimate AAF Patch (Except SC's latest 1.3 but 1.28 ...)
    I got my server, join me if you want.




  9. NGamma's Fusion Girl Bodyslide and IKAROS Android Patch collection

    Ngamma's Fusion Girl Bodyslide and IKAROS Android Patch collection
    To avoid conflicts, in the future I will post all Fusion Girl bodyslides and Ikaros Android patches I created, whose main mod is not available on Nexus Mods, here.
    Cyberpunk HeyGirl
    Dark Secret Outfit
    Enigma Redux
    IceStorm's Blade Thigh Boots
     IceStorm's Heelless Wedge Pumps
    IceStorms Oxford Heels
     IceStorm's Platform Ankle Boots
    IceStorm's Platform Pumps
    IceStorm's Stiletto High Heel Boots
    Sexy Alet Police
    RR Tekky Cat
    Vtaw Wardrobe 9 Beta 0.91
    Zero Two



  10. diamont city radio replacement

    Diamont city radio replacement
    Beach party
    french house, funky house, house, electro house, progressive house, EDM, synthpop, dance pop, electropop, future bass, future rave, deep house
    To enable mods:
    Change Fallout4.ini (located in the same folder that your saves folder is in) 
    where sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\ 
    sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, textures\, meshes\, scripts\, sound\, music\, misc\, shadersfx\, interface\, programs\, materials\



  11. 100 Custom Songs For 2029 Radio - Pipboy Custom Radio

    100 canciones personalizadas para la radio 2029 - Pipboy Custom Radio s50, s60, s70
    1. descargue e instale la canción 2029 Radio - Pipboy Custom Radio 100 by backporter
    2.elimina las canciones que viene con
    3.instale o copie 100 canciones personalizadas para la radio 2029 - Pipboy Custom Radio
    I recommend this mod Useable Turntable by TheRealKrisJay



  12. Just Business Hunter

    Adds a customizable hotkey to Just Business for marking NPCs for enslavement. Similarly to default behavior, marked NPCs will enter bleedout state once defeated. Player can then engage in a dialog with the NPC in order to enslave it. Mod also makes it so that the enslaved NPC will retain its appearance including the bodygen data.

    Custom hotkey for marking NPCs for enslavement Filters to avoid marking wrong NPCs. Main purpose of this is to avoid messing with unique NPCs. Fixes appearance not being retained over the enslavement process. (Bodygen etc)  Ability to list all marks Ability to clear all marks in order to decrease save game bloat Minimal Just Business overwrite to ascertain compatibility  
    Disable Hunter Mode Unbind Hunter Mode key (Hunter mode is no longer needed) Bind Mark Target Hotkey Adjust filters Aim at a NPC Click Mark Target Hotkey Player should see red mist on the target indicating a mark attempt. There is also a notification. Defeat the marked NPC and enslave it  
    Just Business 0.7.6 Advanced Animations Framework Extended Dialogue Interface DLC Nuka-World DLC Vault-Tec Workshop  
    MIT License Copyright (c) 2023 Dassu Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. In other words: Do whatever you like with my code but I will not pay retributions if it ruins your save game. I would prefer receiving credit if the code is used in some other project.



  13. AAF Sex Em Up - german translation

    Deutsche Übersetzung von AAF Sex Em Up
    AAF Sex Em Up
    Installiere zuerst die Original Mod und deren Voraussetzungen, überschreibe anschließend die Dateien der Original Mod mit der Übersetzung.



  14. AAF Sex Em Up

    This is a port of Chosen Clue's great mod Four-Play Sex 'Em Up to the Advanced Animation Framework.
    Sex 'Em Up is a casual sex mod that allows for some basic, immersive ways to initiate sex in Fallout 4 via using hotkeys and dialogue to ask for sex, prostitute yourself, masturbate, and more!  It allows you and your companions, and even your dog, to hook up with humans, non-feral ghouls, Gen 3 synths, and super mutants.
    Simple pleasures of the world can be free. You can pleasure yourself by holding the SEU Active hotkey for one second.
    Flirting and Sex
    Flirt with others to sate your carnal desires. Use the Active hotkey, and the person closest to you, within a short distance, will initiate dialogue giving you a host of options to choose from.  You can kiss, cuddle, hug, or have sex, or convince someone to have sex with your companion.  The chance you have of convincing someone is based on your charisma and their charisma, but this can be changed.
    You can get those you flirted with to follow you by selecting "Let's find somewhere private" after successfully flirting with them.  When you have found the right spot, talk to your partner using the normal dialogue controls (the "e" key) to continue the dialogue.
    You can start a threesome by successfully flirting with someone, then choosing "Hey, want to find someone to join us?"  Then, go to the second NPC you want to be involved in the act, and press the Active hotkey near them to have them join you.
    You can ask someone to strip for you. But it may take some convincing! Use the Active hotkey to try to ask them to strip their clothes off.
    Sexual Assault
    Satiate those desires another way - by means of force. Crouch and use the Active hotkey to attempt to assault the person closest to you, within a short distance. The chance you have of forcing them is based off of your Strength and theirs, but this can be changed.  Be careful - if they fight you off, they will become hostile.
    If you'd rather watch the action than participate, you can have your companion assault the victim instead.  In that case, your companion's Strength determines success.
    Combat Surrender
    Surrender to your enemies.  In combat, use the Passive hotkey to initiate surrender.  You can then negotiate with your enemies - will you bribe them with money, talk your way out, or trade your body for your freedom?
    Sell your body for pleasure and profit.  When you are around NPCs, use the Passive hotkey to initiate a prostitution dialogue.  You can then sell your "goods", or those of your companions, for extra caps.  If you've got the charisma for it, drive up the price - but don't get too greedy or your customers may decide you're not worth it.
    To go somewhere more private, select "Follow me" in the dialogue.  When you have found the right spot, talk to your customer using the normal dialogue controls (the "e" key) to continue the transaction.
    Furniture Selection
    You can select furniture for animations with the crosshairs and the Active hotkey.  Walk up to a piece furniture, then press the Active hotkey while the activation prompt (Sit, Sleep, etc.) is on screen.  SEU will show a message indicating the furniture has been selected.  Flirt and Prostitution sex will then use the selected furniture, if possible.  You can do this before initiating dialogue with an NPC, or while they are following you to somewhere more private. 
    The mod will remember your selected furniture until you move far away from it, you select another furniture, or you press the Active hotkey with nothing in your crosshairs (you'll see the message "You find nothing interesting").
    Actor Positions
    Pressing either the Active hotkey or Passive hotkey while in a flirt or prostitution dialogue will toggle the role of the actors (top / bottom) in same-sex or ungendered animations.  This will usually have no effect in male/female animations since those animations explicitly assign the roles to male and female actors.
    You can use Mod Configuration Manager to change the many options SEU comes with.
    Install the prerequisite mods, listed under Requirements below. 
    Pay special attention to the F4SE installation -- you must install the Data folder from the F4SE archive into your Fallout 4 folder. Once you have installed the prerequisites, make sure they work:
    Use the [Home] key to play some AAF animations.  Open the MCM and view some mod settings. Then, install AAF Sex 'Em Up (this mod) with your favorite mod manager.
    Once you have installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the Sex 'Em Up MCM and go to the "Hotkeys" page.
    There you will find the Sex Em' Up hotkey option. Set your preferred Active and Passive hotkeys here.  You can also select whether each hotkey will select the last actor under the crosshairs, or use an area scan.  By default, the Active hotkey uses the crosshairs, while the Passive hotkey uses an area scan.
    Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.  Please make sure this is installed correctly.
    Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) by Dagobaking.  SEU requires AAF Beta 160 or later.
    Mod Configuration Menu by Registrator2000
    AAF Themes by Halstrom
    Animation Packs: SEU does not include any animations itself.  You must download and install animation packs to use with it.  Atomic Lust, BP70, Crazy's, Farelle, Leito, SavageCabbage, VaderMania, Mutated Lust, all work nicely with this mod.
    Note that you need Rufgt's Atomic Lust or Avilas' C.H.A.K. Animation Pack for the Hugging, Making Out, and Cuddling options to work.  The optional file AAF_SEU_XML_Addon.7z modifies the Hug/Kiss/Cuddle animations from Atomic Lust and RufGT's Old Animations so they are gender-neutral and do not force the actors to remove their clothes.  C.H.A.K. Animation Pack comes with the requried tags already so it does not need a patch.
    AAF SEU requires Fallout 4 version 1.10.162 or newer.  Older versions of Fallout 4 will not be able to load the esp.  If you are running an older version of Fallout 4 you can use Fallout 4 Plugin Version Check Patcher to enable it to load SEU.
    I am generally very happy to collaborate with other mod authors, to share code, and for other modders to make patches and extensions to my mods. However, with recent developments, it is time I formally state a few rules so that things don't get out of hand:
    This mod is only to be hosted on LoversLab and only under my account. You may not publish a fork or port of this mod, or a mod that uses this mod's code to reproduce substantial portions of its features or functionality, without my explicit permission. You may not publish patches for this mod that include any of this mod's code or modify its plugin without my explicit permission. You may not use any code from this mod in a closed-source project, a paywalled project, or a project offered for sale. You may publish translations of this mod, provided the translation is a patch that only replaces or modifies the portions of the mod required to make the translation. Your translation patch must indicate the version(s) of the mod that it applies to, and it must be hosted exclusively on LoversLab. You may use code from this mod in your own projects as long as you publish the source of your project, you allow others to use your code in a similar fashion, and you give credit where it is due. Any patches, forks, translations, etc, of this mod that were published before August 21, 2023 are assumed to be in compliance with these permissions.



  15. Furry Posters

    Changes the Bus Stop pictures and wall posters to something more furry.



  16. Krazyones Devious Ground Models

    Krazyones Devious Ground Models KP

    This is a collection of Ground Objects I made... GO objects
    In the Vanilla Devious Devices and Deviously Cursed Wasteland, these are the items you see in the Preview in your Pipboy,
    and what you see when dropped.
    Vanilla Ground Objects are either a Ring, or Institute Shock Collar, mostly...

    I decided to finally make some Ground Objects for Devious Devices, as I use Devious Devices in all my play-through's. Whilst I was at it, I fixed the Preview in your Pipboy and Workbenches, making for some truly gorgeous looking previews, for some extremely nasty Devious Devices. Look at the Chain Bell's device, for fastening into victims orifices.
    Just looking at them, will have you both wincing, and gasping in awe...
    - Devious Devices v2.0 Original version, not updated.
    - Devious Devices RC version, this is the updated version. Download in the Devious Devices Comments Section, DD RC9.
    - Devious Devices Torture Devices
    - Deviously Cursed Wasteland ............................... If using that mod, the patch adds Ground / Preview Objects
    - AWKR
    - Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    Handy mods...
    Roggvir's DD Items Manager .................... Violate and RSE Devious Devices MCM based Manager
    Deviously Cursed Menu .............................. Deviously Cursed Wasteland MCM
    Jacks Disable Quick Loot ............................. Stops you seeing inside containers, and allows Deviously Cursed Wasteland to fire it's traps
    - New... Ground Models... Previews Models when you look at them in your Pipboy, and drop them on the floor.
    - New... Pipboy and Workbench Previews... gorgeous Previews, when looking at your Devious Devices, in your Pipboy and Workbenches.
    - NEW... Coc Qasmoke, Custom Containers...
                     Vault Guard Corpse Devious Devices container ... All Devious Devices
                     Custom Keys container ... 100 of each Key
                     Custom Institute Test container ... Torture Devices content, 3 items
    - NEW Nipple Rings... use bodyslide 
    - Patches for Devious Devices and Deviously Cursed Wasteland.
    - Notes in Mod Organizer 2 Notes Section, with Load Order


    Load Order...
    Mod Organizer 2...
    Devious Devices 2.0
    Devious Devices Deviously Cursed Wasteland V1.4
    Devious Devices Torture Devices 2.2a
    Devious Devices DD Ground Models KP

    Deviously Cursed Wasteland GO AddOn KP ...................... if using Deviously Cursed Wasteland

    Devious Devices 2.0.esm
    Devious Devices Torture Devices.esm
    Devious Devices Deviously Cursed Wasteland.esp
    Devious Devices GO KP.esp

    Deviously Cursed Wasteland GO AddOn KP.esp

    Devious Devices
    Deviously Cursed Wasteland
    Devious Devices Slave Heels
    NEW Replacer Nipple Rings...  New PiercingNSoulBlue_Rings CBBE KP
    A Mashup using DASHA Devious Collars ring, adding non morphing Nipple Rings... 
    If you want to use them, just use the bodyslide. If you want to change back, just use the Vanilla bodyslide
    PiercingNSoulBlue ................................................... Vanilla
    PiercingNSoulBlue_Rings CBBE KP ............. Alternate huge Nipple Rings, for that, I am a Slave look
    Bodyslide... PiercingNSoulBlue_Rings CBBE KP



  17. AAF Dangerous Nights 0.38 - voice files

    With xVASynth, AI generated voice and mouth animation files for Dangerous Nights.
    The current voices were created with Dangerous Nights 0.38.
    There are voicelines for both male and female players.
    All male NPCs have the same voice.
    All female NPCs have the same voice.
    Required files:



  18. Akawaiitent's Bodychange Re-Release

    Version 0.8 was done from the ground up as a new .esp file. Mostly to remove feature creep and bloat from testing things in creation kit and it causing problems.
    The mod has overall been simplified to just be body updating on sleep, with 2 mcm options for pausing updates and changing between whether or not buffs to special stats will also change your appearance (i don't recommend going above 17~ in a special stat with this or ull start to become a freak)
    The overall formula by default has also been  changed to be a lesser change at low special stats and noticeable changes once you start to get 5+ in a special stat.)
    The mod also now generates fusion girl and TWB sliders at the same time, so feel free you use whichever you prefer (note that twb is cbbe based so basic cbbe things will also have a bit of the scaling but not all the sliders)
    This mod is now very simple. When you sleep your character's bodygenmorphs will update based on your special stats. The changes will be small at lower special values and become more noticeable at higher special stats.
    By default these changes only account for your base special stats, but there's an experimental feature in the MCM options to turn on buffs from clothes/drugs changing your shape too. (for example if you had a temp buff for +5 str, you'd become more buff until you slept after the buff wore off)
    The mod also adds to drugs that you can find in the console with help AKT, one can be used to test the temp buffs by giving you +10 str for 5 minutes, the other purges any slider with my tag in it.
    For people curious about the removed features such as the cryopod, I plan to release more things as seperate mods, including a player companion mod with a story tied to body changing drugs and the cryopods. (atm i have their appearance done, and a general idea of the story done, but i'm still learning how to making working quests in F04)
    f4se - https://f4se.silverlock.org/
    bodyslide - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25
    TWB OR Fusiongirl and their additional looksmenu sliders
    (you can find the looksmenu zex sliders on the nexus)
    MCM - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497 
    Before you panic.
    1. Do you have proper bodyslide files for your clothing?
    2. Do you have the addional looksmenu sliders for the bodyshape?
    3. Have you generated the .tri files using the optional checkbox in bodyslide?
    If all of the above is a yes, continue.
    Do they work in Looksmenu?
    If Yes, Check for other mods that effect bodymorphs (IF you're 100% certain you don't have any, tell the mod author in forums. Plz include your plugins list so I can confirm you don't have any)
    If No, Do they work in looksmenu w/o my mod? 
        If Yes. Do they only stop working when you install my mod?) (If yes, Let author know you plugin list, so I can look for potential conflicts)
    Elseif they don't work in looksmenu w/o my mod Double check the 3 steps. At this point its got nothing to do with my mod.
    Known Potential Issues:
    The mod is really big file size wise (99% of the filesize is the lib.swf used to create the mcm image, blame adobe, idk why its so huge.
    Sleeping Morphs Happen on a vanilla script that checks for your sleep state if a mod changed this script for some reason (which it should never do) there may be issues.
    Bodymorph Sliders are only ment to be controlled by one mod. If another mod uses the same sliders as me, there's going to be issues. Atm I havn't added support for disabling individual sliders, but if there's a demand for it I can add that support to make it more compatible with other mods)
    Known Bugs
    Currently in a heavily modded area (such as a dense sim settlement) there are occasional lag spikes during sleeping, especially in my testing version due to an NPC activatable version of the pod. The lag spikes are significantly decreased if you sleep somewhere else. Though to be honest I also have a potato PC so it may just be a me thing. 
    Sometimes you may have the script stop loading updates on sleeping. So far this has only happened to me once and simply loading a save fixed it.
    Credits :
    vinfamy - His mod was what inspired me to make this, and his code was used as reference for bits and pieces
    Kinggath - His youtube tutorials Bethesda Mod School helped me create the  workshop furniture Link to his Youtube playlist
    Azima - File thumbnail artwork.
    All  of the mod requirements - Without all of these  amazing mods, this mod would not even be close to being possible. ^ endorse/support these mods people.
    Neanka - Their github was massively useful in terms of finding information about MCM, and general papyrus scripting. https://github.com/Neanka/MCM_0.1_AS3/wiki
    The loverslab community - I found many solutions to problems through old loverslab forums postings (some dating back half a decade or more)
    This mod is heavily inspired by 



  19. IceStorm's Heelless Wedge Pumps

    IceStorm's Heelless Wedge Sandals - Version 1.1
    See my Patreon for more mods, screenshots or if you want to support me.
    A pair of pumps with wedge platform and no heel. Comes with ankle cuffs and padlocks... you better don't lose that key. Also has a variant with heels, though they're not so... heelless anymore.    
    Fallout 4 (obviously) CBBE BodySlide (Optionally but highly recommended) Fallout 4 High Heels System (FO4HHS) and it's dependencies  
    Install with your mod manager or manually. Run BodySlide to build the shoes (with body) for your preset. This mod requires FO4HHS.
    How to acquire Craft them at the chemlab under "IceStorm's Shoes" for some materials. You can modify the color at an armor workbench.
    The heels use Slot 33-Body, like any other pair of high heel shoes. They come with custom high heel sounds, but you can change it back to vanilla at the armor workbench.
    Sound of the heels is louder than normal footsteps. Sneaking is almost impossible and enemies will hear you much earlier than with flat shoes. If you revert it back to vanilla, this does not apply. To keep the high amount of details, full precision is enabled on the shoe's mesh. This means, that you may encounter some graphics glitches when a character wearing the shoes is set on fire (e.g. hit by a molotov). This mod requires game version 1.10.162 or newer due to changes to the ESP/ESL format.



  20. Furry Holotapes

    Furrifies the Game Holotapes in FO4 and Automaton. Needs only the base game and DLC, but it is recommended to use a mod to add displays for Holotapes, such as Holotape Display Shelves (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42316)



  21. AAF Violate

    A combat defeat and death alternative mod. Losing in combat now means you can be raped, robbed, bound and gagged, executed, or sold into slavery by your enemies.
    This mod started life as Four-Play Violate by @vinfamy, was converted to AAF by @Jahem_kinkaid, and is maintained and expanded by @EgoBallistic.
    Combat Defeat: You and your companions can be forced to surrender and be violated by your enemies when you lose in combat Death Alternative: Instead of dying, you can be knocked down and automatically surrender when your health falls to zero Companions: Your companions and allies can be violated along with you.  Male, female, or both genders can be victims Gangbangs!  Threesomes, foursomes, and fivesomes are possible if you have the right animation packs and XML installed Assailants: Assailants can be male only, female only, or both.  You can limit assailants to a few races or allow any race to be an assailant Robbery: Assailants can not only violate you, but leave you stranded in the wasteland without your gear and supplies Enemy Surrender: Injured enemies may surrender and become your victim Submission: Your character can start begging for more after a selectable number of assaults Exhaustion: After you've had enough, you lose consciousness and your assailants abandon you Teleport to safety: Instead of awakening on the spot, you can be teleported to your nearest settlement after your assailants are done with you All options are configurable via the in-game MCM menu. Requirements
    The latest version of Fallout 4.  If you have an older version you can use Fallout 4 Plugin Version Check Patcher to enable it to load AAF Violate.
    Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.
    Advanced Animation Framework version Beta 161 or later Mod Configuration Menu is required to configure the mod options AAF Themes.  You will want to enable Sex - Kinky Animation Support as well as all of the Race/Creature animations you will need. Animation Packs.  AAF Violate does not include animations of its own.  AAF Violate will work with any animation pack, but the exact packs you need will depend on the options you select for gender, threesomes, races, etc.  See the FAQ below for links to animation packs that work well with Violate. Third-Party Mod Support
    The following mods are not required, but Violate will detect if they are installed and can use them if the option is enabled in Violate's MCM
    Devious Devices allows violators to bind you and your companions in restraints Roggvir's DD Items Manager to control which Devious Devices items can be randomly applied.  Version 1.0.3 or later is required. Real Handcuffs also enables violators to bind you in restraints.  Version 0.4 or later is required Plugs of the Commonwealth allows your violators to stuff various things up your butt.  This works with the regular plugs (Slot 57 version is recommended) as well as @tehuti181's patch which converts the Plugs to Devious Devices format. AAF Bad End Animation Pack lets your violators hang, electrocute, and otherwise execute you after they violate you Bad End: Purgatory provides a death alternative for fatal Bad End outcomes Raider Pet allows Raiders to keep you as their slave if you surrender to them in one of their strongholds.  Version v1_3 or later is required. RSE II: Combat Surrender and Abductions enables Gunners, Raiders, and Super Mutants to abduct you after they violate you.  For best results, disable Auto-Surrender in CSA.  Abduction options in the CSA MCM, such as whether companions are sent home or abducted with you or by themselves, will work as normal.
    Sex Attributes Framework will recognize sex initiated by Violate.  Combat against NPCs for whom the player has Perversion cravings can lead to auto surrender.  The player's dialogue during violation scenes will change depending on your Sex Attributes stats such as Spirit, Willpower, and Sex Addiction.  Killing enemies who violated you will restore your Self Esteem.
    If you have Combat Strip Lite installed, you can make your character automatically surrender when a certain number of items have been stripped.
    If you have Human Resources installed, enemies who surrender to you through Violate can be enslaved by hitting them with an Enslavement Baton.
    Bound in Public adds another possible outcome, in which your violators abandon you in bondage furniture to be abused by various denizens of the Commonwealth.
    AAF Violate is packaged in an all-in-one FOMOD installer.  Simply download the mod and install with your favorite mod manager.  If you are updating, just uninstall the old version and install the new one.  Violate's scripts will detect that the mod has been updated and will reload themselves as needed.
    Install the prerequisite mods, listed under Requirements above.
    Pay special attention to the F4SE installation -- you must install the Data folder from the F4SE archive into your Fallout 4 folder. Once you have installed the prerequisites, make sure they work:
    Use the [Home] key to play some AAF animations.  Open the MCM and view some mod settings. Then, install AAF Violate using your favorite mod manager.
    Once you've installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the AAF Violate MCM menu.
    Set your animation preferences in Global Options.  Only enable gangbangs and females in gangbangs if you have installed animation packs that support those.
    Set your preferences for aggressor races and genders in Aggressor Options pages.  Again, only enable aggressors for which you have animations installed.
    Finally, go into the Player surrender options page.  There you will find the Hotkey for surrender option. Set your prefered hotkey to complete the installation.  The hotkey can be used to surrender immediately to enemies while in combat.  Holding it down for 5 or more seconds and releasing it will force the violation to end.
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    @vinfamy for Four-Play Violate
    @Jahem_kinkaid for initially converting Violate to AAF
    @fedim for Russian translation
    @WandererZero for additional dialogue, writing, and playtesting
    This mod is only to be hosted on LoversLab and only under my account. You may not publish a fork or port of this mod, or a mod that uses this mod's code to reproduce substantial portions of its features or functionality, without my explicit permission. You may not publish patches for this mod that include any of this mod's code or modify its plugin without my explicit permission. You may not use any code from this mod in a closed-source project, a paywalled project, or a project offered for sale. You may publish translations of this mod, provided the translation is a patch that only replaces or modifies the portions of the mod required to make the translation. Your translation patch must indicate the version(s) of the mod that it applies to, and it must be hosted exclusively on LoversLab. You may use code from this mod in your own projects as long as you publish the source of your project, you allow others to use your code in a similar fashion, and you give credit where it is due. Any patches, forks, translations, etc, of this mod that were published before August 21, 2023 are assumed to be in compliance with these permissions.



  22. Magazine Replacer for Ketaros Missing Magazines

    I made these last night and thought I'd share, just a simple low effort retexture for the magazines in Ketaros Missing Magazines mod. All it requires is the original mod, just unzip the archive and drag the Textures folder into the mod, make sure to delete the original textures in there. Locations for the mags can be found on the original mod page.

    Artist used: 
    15 - TheDirtyMonkey
    16 - Imsofckinlost
    17 - DigitalHToy
    18 - Sinner/Sillygirl
    19 - Demimond
    20 - Zoquete
    21 - Girok 
    22 - DigitalHToy
    23 - Zoquete
    24 - Reliusmax



  23. More Ways of Washing

    Does your player character suffer from persistent cum overlays that hang around longer than a 200 year old ghoul with a grudge?
    Do your NPCs need some way to wash the cum overlays off of them without having to open LooksMenu every time?
    Do you like washing in the rain?
    More Ways of Washing (MWoW) adds more ways to wash your character and NPCs when they have cum overlays.  It is intended to complement the mod, Wash Out That Cum (WOTC), which cleans cum overlays by swimming, showering, or bathing.
    MWoW allows the Player to wash themselves using a bar of super soap in the same fashion that the Get Dirty mod uses soap to clean off Get Dirty's dirt layers.  MWoW cleans the same cum overlays that are cleaned by WOTC as well as cleaning off Get Dirty's dirt layers and radiation hazard.  It also cleans cum overlays from the mod, Commonwealth Moisturizer.  Yes, finally, one soap to clean them all!  And this soap comes in four different colors: white, spring green, sporty blue, and eye melting yellow.  All you have to do is craft it at your nearest Chemistry Workbench or Cooking Station by using the Soap submenu.
    But wait, there's more.  MWoW also allows you to take a shower in the rain to remove those unwanted layers of dirt and spunk.  All you need is a good rain and a bar of soap or super soap in your inventory.
    Is that it?  Oh wait, MWoW also upgrades the standard Nuka World Thirst Zapper so that it will allow you to clean cum and dirt off of any NPC.  Just aim and squirt to get them squeaky clean.  Yes, you could use WOTC's notes to do the same thing, but I have never had good luck with that method and it's just a lot more fun to squirt people.  Note:  MWoW does not add any extra Thirst Zappers to the game so you will have to get them via the console or find them the old-fashioned way at Nuka World.
    MWoW has been tested during its development by Marg597 (a dirt and soap afficienado).  However, it may have glitches or conflicts since you may use mods that Marg doesn't have yet.  Just leave a comment in the discussion forum for the mod if you find anything odd.  Lee3310 tested version 1.6 of this mod with CWSS since Marg597 doesn't use it.
    Installation:  MWoW is a single zip file that you can drop into your mod organizer the same way as most other mods.  The file is larger now (3.6 MB) than before because of the added texture file and animation.
    Load Order:  I don't think it will matter much as long as it is after Fallout 4 and the Nuka World DLC.
    End of pitch Disclaimers:  MWoW does not require Get Dirty, Wash Out That Cum, Commonwealth Moisturizer, or CWSS Redux to function but it will check to see if they are loaded.  MWoW washes off dirt effect shaders from Get Dirty and Commonwealth Captives.  MWoW may also wash off CWSS dirt layers but this feature has not been tested.  I am not responsible for any radiation that you may get while showering in the rain or for any damage done by ghouls, mirelurks, deathclaws, Todd Howard, etc.  It's a post-apocalyptic environment.  Shower at your own risk.
    Helpful hints: 
    1.  Use the soap by dropping it on the ground and then activate it.
    2.  The shower in the rain effect might not trigger during the first 26 hours of game time.  You can speed this up by saving your game and reloading it which will reset the timer check to one hour of game time (about 3 minutes of real time depending on game speed setting).
    3.  When you craft the super soap in the Chem Workbench, you will need antiseptic, oil, and 2 wood as components for crafting.
    4.  Soap doesn't last forever.  You might need several bars on a road trip because sometimes they get used up.
    5.  You cannot wash with the soap while you are wearing power armor or in combat status (enemies nearby).
    Notes about updating from an older version to a newer version:
    A.  You may have to reinitialize the Super Soap in the MCM once you start playing with a new version unless you also started a new game.
    B.  The MCM Rain Shower Auto Prompt On/Off switcher may not work correctly unless you start a new game of FO4.  Try it in your current save and see.  We need more data but it did not work for our playtester, Marg597, until a new game was started.
    Future plans for this mod:
          No future plans for this mod.  Version 2.0 will hopefully be the last.  If I add anything else, it will probably be a new color of soap.
    Version Information:
    Version 1.4.2 was an ESP version and the first version of this mod. NOTE:  Filename was v 1.42 because I mistyped it.
    Version 1.4.3 was an ESL flagged ESP version with a few changes to crafting (adding the cooking station and required 2 wood).  Also had a small change to the washing finished message.
    Version 1.4.4 was an updated ESP version with the added features that were put into 1.4.3.  It was safe to use with saved games made using Version 1.4.2 of this mod (the original version).
    Version 1.4.5 had an ESP version and an ESL-Flagged ESP version (see esl in the zip file name).  It added an MCM so that you can disable the auto prompt for showering in the rain.  It also added a user definable hotkey (via the MCM) that you can use to shower in the rain as long as you have a bar of soap.  It made super soap safe from being scrapped for oil component and also adds a few reinitialization options in the MCM.   Get Dirty's cleanliness status will update in the Pipboy now when you shower or use super soap.
    Version 1.5.0 was intended to correct the issue with the Rain Shower switcher so that it will remain in the On position if switched On.  There were separate files for a normal ESP and an ESL flagged ESP(uses "_esl" in the file name.  The customizable Hotkey issue with the ESL flagged ESP version was fixed.  NOTE:  This version was missing the MCM script.  That was corrected in Version 1.5.1.  If you are using Version 1.5.0, the MCM is not working correctly.
    Version 1.6 added an anim when washing/showering with the soap as well as soap sud effect shaders (using one of CWSS' shaders if you have that mod installed or my less capable version if you don't have CWSS installed).
    Version 1.6.1 changed so that you can no longer accidentally put your soap into a settlement workbench.  NOTE that this affects all workbenches in the settlement.  If you wish to place super soap into the workbench, drop it, and open your workshop build menu.  Use the store option while in that menu to put a dropped bar of soap into the workbench inventory.  I also modified the MCM json files for the ESL flagged ESP version so that the form ids in the MCM point to the compacted form IDs used by the ESL flagged version.  This should make the MCM settings and keybind work correctly now in the ESL flagged ESP version of this mod.  Thanks to rubber_duck for this solution.
    Version 1.7 added a wonderful new washing animation by kziitd and made MWoW's washing methods remove Commonwealth Moisturizer's cum.  Unfortunately, this version also expanded the biped slots in the undressing function to the full 0-43 range which is a problem for players that use many of the slots for costume items that they do not want removed during washing.
    Version 2.0 finally solved the problem of washing off the Get Dirty radiation hazard so take some Super Soap along when you play Hard n Dirty.  This version also reverted the undressing function to only affecting biped slots 3-15.  AAF Protected Keywords and the Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource (SAKR) protection keyword are also incorporated into this mod so that clothing items using the protection keywords should not be removed during undressing.  This version is a total rewrite so it also uses fewer script properties in order to reduce persistence of variables.
    Older versions are maintained for people who want them.  It is highly recommended that you only download and use the latest version.



  24. Invisible Dead Body Fixer

    so I have finally made an invisible dead body fixer that (should) work on every dead NPC in the game (including all mods)
    so the mod is extremely simple
    install it and run it
    so the basic idea of the mod is that it will equip and unequip an invisible armor piece on a dead body, which will force the body to reappear.
    and this will be maintained for a short while until you decide to move on.
    More details
    So a new game isn't required but be aware that existing dead NPCs will remain invisible. (This mod adds an armor piece upon spawn)
    This mod also contains a mechanic to cancel this fix (for performance reasons)
    if you are outside of 8192 units(a three to five-ish minute walk) of the dead NPC, the next load will start the cancellation of the script, and then the load after will revert the NPC to its invisible state.
    (you can resume the fix by going to the body, go into Console, Click on the NPC, and type 'equipitem armor_Tick' and enter)
    You need the latest version of Robco Patcher (At least v3.5)
    because while the script and mod is easy, the distribution of it is the insanely hard part.
    Thanks to aGuycalledB's Project PACER for some of the screenshots (needed to test modded corpses)
    Please note, the screenshots are in the correct order. and I am using my other mod called Random Overlay Framework to define the invisible bodies.
    Please let me know if there is any issues or complains



  25. Big Booty Girl FO4 Edition - CBBE Bodyslide Preset

    A remake of my Big Booty Girl 3BA preset for SSE. Below is the description for that mod because I don't feel like repeating myself.
    A CBBE Bodyslide preset to honor my club on Loverslab! This preset is actually based on my 1st girlfriend, Kalyna's, body. A while ago, I asked her if she was OK with me doing this, and at first she said yes but wanted me to wait until she built up her muscle tone. Then, after we got home from going out to eat, she said that I could do it now and just update it as she progresses with her workouts and stuff. So here it is.
    Following an update some time later.
    Kalyna has worked very hard and it has paid off! She has built her body's muscle tone very well with intense workout routines and dieting! I, along with Babydoll and Valerie, am very proud of her!
    How to use:
    1. Go into Bodyslide.
    2. In the top left hand corner, there are two drop down menus. The top one is for outfits and stuff, the other is your presets. Click the top one and select "CBBE Body". Then click the one on the bottom.
    3. You should see your presets. Select "Big Booty Girl FO4".
    4. On the top right hand side, there is a menu where you can select outfits and bodies. Click the search icon and a menu should pop up of all of your bodies and outfits. Select all available options. To make sure it’s working, select the “Preview” button above the “Build” button on the bottom.
    5. In the bottom left, there will be a button labeled “Batch Build”. Click it, and everything should be made to the BBGFO4 preset. Click “Save” and exit BS.
    6. Go into your game and travel around. If your female character and female NPCs have this body, that should mean it worked.
    Special thanks!
    My 1st girlfriend, Kalyna, for being one of the greatest things in my life. The others being our 2 other girlfriends, Babydoll and Valerie!
    All members of the Big Booty Girls Club.
    Loverslab for being a place where I can share my weirdness in ways I can't, unless it's with my 3 equally weird girlfriends.
    Nexus, for being my starting place for modding. Couldn't have done it without you!



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