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  1. I don't know, maybe a new NPC? You need to have Alto Wine, Horker Stew, Cooked Beef, Cooked Chicken and 1000 gold in your inventory. Also: setstage AAATOHSlaveBirthdayParty 30. Setstage AAATOHDraftAnimal 20-30. You mean Malicious Accomplice?
  2. You only can sell Tapasvee to him. Also slavers from Lars' quest call slaves sisters - a small reference to him. But he already has a name - Fattig, "poor" in Norwegian, like usually Nords have. Text to fix: Restoration of Justice - Heroine's past enemies return to take revenge on her.
  3. You need to wait 14 hours after this dialogue. Sometimes, if at the end of the dialogue there is a script for the timer, it does not end and you need to exit dialogue manually. In the new update, you need to talk to her about her responsibilities and wait 24 hours. Or use code setstage AAAMoralCharacter 10. No plans. Yes. But why? There are two types of stones to prevent cheating: AAAHeavyBoulder and AAAHeavyBoulderForReturn. You need the last. They are also in qasmoke cell.
  4. Some key changes actors during animations. "+" maybe? Yes, Serpent can be attacked at any time, he is not immortal. You can also complete Breaking Chains to defeat him bloodlessly. Here are the Sexist Companion quests: Beauty and the Beast, Beauties and the Beast, Escort Duty, Learning Responsibility, Wereslut. You must be a werewolf for some. I hope you don't regret it). I think about new revenge room in Forgotten Regret. Previous antagonists appear there to take revenge on the heroine. So far I came up with this: Mercer Frey (He pretended to be dead like P
  5. Ogrnar in Riverwood or Urag gro-Shub in the Arcanaeum. Sadly I can’t say anything about the merged version, because I didn’t make it. Yes, it breaks the lore, although we don't know, maybe it's a lorefriendly gif. Yes. I assume this is from a mod? Although, in a conflict, objects should simply overlap each other. Can you try Load Game CTD Fix? To fix this, I need to know what to fix. I haven't changed anything in this cell in current update. And the mod itself adds there one simple NPC - harlequin. She has 2 warpaints, maybe it's reason? Can you try Load
  6. Yes. Of course, write new character traits for them. I have no plans for them. Well, they were, but I scraped them. For example, Wrecker is the son of Knife and Legsspreader. I thought I fixed this by deleting the wedding scene with Bruiser. No, they should just be in the same room. I didn't do anything with this quest. And the other characters don't give the book? Each time the PC demonstrates submission, several tokens are removed depending on the degree of submission. The fewer there are, the bolder Bruiser is and more dialogues open. These tokens can
  7. They shouldn't go anywhere. There is another group in the courtyard of the Vittoria Vici's house. Kill him or spare. Well, I used code akSpeaker.UnequipItemSlot(32) and it didn't do anything. I also need to dress the NPC back in the same. No, the check: bottles >=6 and dirt >=9, at least in the latest version. Little boy Pirve and your spouse. Of course, Serpent does not name specifically, because the pool of possible spouses is too large and can be changed by mods. This is the first time I've heard or met such a bug too. You need to have
  8. This question is not for me, but for @nomkaz. Only one of the crowd has dialogues, I would go crazy adding a few dialogs to each for an orgy. You need Jordis near you and wearing wooden mask ("Just wooden mask. Or is it?") on your face. Yes, I'll post my version for spellchecking later. Due to the game's limits: 149 symbol for the NPC phrase and 80 for the player's response. I fixed everything in 2.1.1, but she is a follower, and can wear any armor, and in order to undress a NPC, I must remove a specific armor. And I do not know what to return for her. N
  9. No. Yes, I'll fix it in 2.1.1. Oops.. forget to fill Sexlab property. I added masks to the chest of the store (merchant chests, where they get the assortment from. Usually under the textures.) I also added 2 masks in Radiant Raiment on the cupboard. I also added werewolf pelt in the Penitus Oculatus Outpost, it may be needed on Wild Hunt quest. Right at the exit of Falkreath Barracks, near Jarl's Longhouse.
  10. Yes, actually: Noble Slut, Ebony Whore, Shy and Naughty, Wild Hunt, Jailbreak, Friendly Sex, Night Mistress can be completed by heterosexual male PC.
  11. Setstage AAAMoralCharacter 10 (20). I will add another trigger for the quest.
  12. No, it probably from mods which gives new dialogs to vanilla NPCs for sex. Sexlab Solutions, Sexlab Pleasure or Sexlab Stories.
  13. I think this dialogue is for everyone in the vampire faction. Did you talk to spouse after skeever? No new dialogs? It's creepy. Like "Fargoth's cycle" or "Watch the sky". But maybe some other mod adds a doppelganger? Nope. Have no ideas. You need to have 50 or fewer "your dignity" tokens in your inventory. I don't speak German, but maybe someone else can do it. Although the amount of mod's text is large.
  14. Well, I can implement almost anything with tricks like textboxes or blackouts. When I tested everything worked. Spouse just becomes enable (do nothing if spouse already enabled) and teleports to PC. On the lowest floor, behind three closed doors. Maybe, but the mod only adds new content, and does not change the game. If two mods give new dialogs to one character, then both dialogs should appear. By the way, I rewrote the last part - with endless orgies: Plans for 2.1:
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