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  1. Probably the stories contradict each other. But I'm not sure - played Amorous Adventures for a long time ago. Do you have a house in Riften? Honeyside? They only agree to go there. Skytemple Ruins. Yes, with codes (Setstage AAAReignitingDragonfires 10, AAAFallintoBriars 10). This is necessary so that the quests do not break the logic of what is happening.
  2. Yes, I forgot to write that she spawns by first dialogue with Molag Bal. You can use Setstage AAAOurCommonFather 10 code. AAACharity, AAACharityBuyingLove, AAACharityPledgedWhore, AAACharityTamedHeroine. I checked the code and it is in place. But there the quest stage is changing, maybe if I put the money giving above the stage - it will work. He must give 500 coins. When drinking potion - collars should be added on the PC, Mjoll and Ingun and stage is changed. This is triggered by receiving a reward for destroying the Dark Brotherhood. You can use Setstage AAAFallintoBriars 10 code. They teleports to the prison and you still can invite them to your home. They are not in a cell, but in the room with hanging cages and the evidence chest. You find this NPC in a dungeon, and then she after 5 minutes teleports to another dungeon. After you become a full member of the Bards College, talk to him in the buiding of Bards College. He won't do it on the street. Gladly. If anyone wants, they can correct the mod’s text or send me a corrected text and I will correct it myself. By the way, I added a new line to the mod description about the number of words in dialogues. Approximatly 130 000 words.
  3. Uh, spouse kidnapping is currently broken. The mod do not disable spouse.I don't know when I can fix this. I want to do a separate quest to steal them. You can try to uses codes, for example, player.placeatme id 1. He was a respected member of society, even wrote a couple of poorly selling books, but then he met a Namira cultist and was consumed by their ideas. Then problems piled up one after another, which badly affected his mental health. 1.9.0: Plans for 2.0: I think this must be special. Offer your variants and suggestions.
  4. On this week. Maximum on the next. In 2.0 I will try to add more options to MCM. No promises on category though.
  5. Setstage AAATroublesofHeroineQuest 10. This is strange. Nothing should prevent this.
  6. Yes, I use only Game.GetPlayer().UnequipItemSlot(32) or it can mess with Devious Devices. I canceled it. The idea was Escort Duty with more guests in a copy of Jorrvaskr cell, but without tables. Arcadia in the Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun should help. That all the quest's content. In the Cistern can be different amount of thieves based of Thieve Guild's progress, so I make new members an optional for this quest. Vifte Skuffelse - female Nord. By day she props up the railing by the marketplace and at night she sleeps in the Haelga's Bunkhouse.
  7. Oh, Serpent sends PC to Ulfric and he starts Sexist Stormcloaks quest. But Galmar also starts same Sexist Stormcloaks quest. I should do something about it. Now if you conquer Skyrim hold for Stormcloaks, then talk to female instructor again and he will give you new task.
  8. Speak to Crapeater in the Beggar's Row (Riften). Under What's New in Version 1.8.3 on download page of the mod. -A lot of small fixes... - is for 1.8.2. For 1.8.1 is just bugs text locations fixes. Greetings. It's good. I think, I made a walkthough with one-armed PC sometime. And made Horik Halfhand more lorefriendly. But about integration with my mod I didn't think because I don't know how. Я добавил завершение этого квеста. Угрожаем Балгруфу и он восстанавливает нас в звании, блокируя диалоги квеста и отключает реального Довакина. Yes.
  9. No, that all content of this quest. Maybe I should add specific dialogue to make this clear. Nord and Imperial stages for Khajiit and Argonian PC. Oh, I added a new dialogue to Nenya, but don't remember doing it. Maybe I was planning something for Siddgeir. You need find moth priest for Dawnguard to start this quest. Just by this time, the trolls will definitely appear in the castle.
  10. Catherine Chauvin in The Bee and Barb in Riften and Crapeater in the Beggar's Row in Riften. It's Leveled Character with only player in the list. Then actual NPC is using Template Data and Actor Base of this leveled character.
  11. It happens sometimes. Try to change location and wait. Plans for 1.9:
  12. That means I broke this quest by fixing Hire: Whore-Teacher. Problem in Catherine's aliase in her quests. In inventory. Yes, no piercing in ZAZ 7. You can use from other mods or just imagine piercing. Oh, quest don't start with game, no check in quest data. Do you tried the code setstage AAARedistributionofGlory 10? Он дает квесты на получение информации, кражу документов и разведку в штабах Империи и Братьев Бури.
  13. Serpent should have a new dialogue if the PC is not wearing anything on her body. Also Catherine must follow PC on this quest. You got a note from Serpent with instructions. Just talk to any residents of a town. Sometimes you need to talk to specific type of people (miners) or speak while naked. Speak to Serpent in the Forgotten Regret. If Lars is spawned - the quest on the next stage. Ask Real Dragonborn: "Do you need anything, magnificent Dragonborn?" (if something is broken, try setstage AAARedistributionofGlory 10). If you do not have at least one ingredient, then an alchemist and an innkeeper have a new dialogue about the purchase of required ingredients. Closest are Frida from The Mortar and Pestle and Thoring from Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar.
  14. Serpent gives you Civil Whore quest if you haven't given the Jagged Crown to General Tullius yet (here's quest id AAATOHCivilWhore 10). This quest starts Hermir is Jealous and Sexist Stormcloaks quests (AAASexistStormcloaks 10 and AAASSHermirisJealous 10). Or you can start the quest by starting a civil war for Stormcloaks). Quest continue when you conquer holds for Stormcloaks (or if location of hold have keyword data != CWImperial). Here's quest's id: AAASSFemaleSoldiers 10, AAASSOfficersOrgy 10, AAASSPleasureRoom 10. I don't know how the game will behave when using the console for this quests.
  15. Yes, instructor teleports you in this room and after "pleasure times" is over - door is automatically opens.
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