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  1. I've met this problem before. Perhaps ZAZ does not register a removal of devices. Unfortunately, I do not know of other solutions besides loading early saves. It shouldn't block in any way because they are not connected. It would be strange that different quests were blocking the dialogues of other quests. It grows with the player from level 1 to 20. It's a vanilla crime system. If the player takes off the bondage, then she is assigned a fine after dialogue with the Jarl. Try Setstage AAAServicetoArt 31. Does the innkeeper have new dialogues? Do
  2. You can bring the Jagged Crown to the other side. The quest starts after the oath or after Serpent's quest Civil Whore. Or you can use setstage AAASexistLegion 10. Other quest starts, if a global value of hold belongs to Empire. You can use codes, but it will skip intro dialogues. AAASLGiantHelp, AAASLPushingPaper, AAASLRecruitmentofNewMembers, AAASLServicetoPropaganda, AAASLVaeVictis. You need to bring it to Farkas. Yes, I want to continue her story. When I have ideas on this matter.
  3. Ask any innkeeper. Usually after 4 refuses. Maybe Marriage Mod - To Have And To Hold mod can help? No, only for females. Yes, he is friendly until you choose hostile lines of dialogue. You need find moth priest for Dawnguard, so so that trolls are definitely in the castle.
  4. Hi. Setstage AAATOHModelShow 40. You need to start Good Memories quest from Serpent.
  5. I think it's "Acrobatic Blowjob", but not sure. There are no specific plans, but I am constantly thinking about new opportunities. Open console and type: help Grammok, player.placeatme her id. Or reload different save, find her, open console, click on NPC, load your save and type in console: moveto player. After quest Slave Birthday Party talk to Bruiser.
  6. Yes. No special armor for this. I think there is one animation for which the dialogue is written. I'll write something. Following the example of the prisoners on the top floor. Each cell also need with a queen prostitute. Almalexia, maybee Ayrenn, what else? No, I don't know how to do it. I suppose to check "allow repetable stages", but not sure. It's just visual. When you press this option the global value changes to 0 or 1. Some dialogs are only possible with a value of 0 in this value. Or some dialogues have an alternative. Perhaps, but for every dia
  7. Hi. Should work. Mod only adds without changing the game. I have no control over text speed. This dialogue made like everyone else. You can read all the text in the post #2099. Lydia is defined through the Alias in dialogs, maybe it is not filled in? I used tags: "Acrobatic" and "Blowjob". Near Dayspring Canyon, where is Fort Dawnguard. Of course! Maybe I poorly described how to start content. You need to talk with Ahlam and own Vlindrel Hall. He should be enabled at 11 stage of the quest. Most of the quests. Here's a list of cont
  8. Like her other quests - just ask her. New quest can be started after Good Memories quest. I tried to add new dialogs to him after each giving money, but apparently not for all dialogs. It triggers by first meeting with her. Try setstage AAAMoralCharacter 10 (or 30 for next step).
  9. Yes. You also need to buy Vlindrel Hall. Setstage AAASuddenBrothel 10, just in case. Loss is triggered when the PC has a certain health value. Maybe that's the problem? They not ready yet. Talk to Lars with Rattfadiga near. Setstage AAAToHTamingObstinate 30. Sexist Legion - After oath to Tullius or after Civil Whore for the Empire. Or Setstage AAASexistLegion 10. Malicious Accomplice - any Falkreath guard after Sinding's escape. Prison - Falkreath Jarl. Yes. Yes. Yes, for me - they loaded in T-pose and did not react to anything. I
  10. 2.0.0: Slaves: Harlequin - Falkreath Jarl's Longhouse; Sudden Brothel - Made a small brothel from the Vlindrel Hall, voluntarily or not. Talk to innkeeper in Silver-Blood Inn to start; Special Drink - Talk to Hadring from Nightgate Inn to get raped by him and some frequenter; Moral Character 2 - Lydia continue her dearest thane's enslavement; The Plains District - cuck Nazeem; Prisoner Rehabilitation Program - Become a warden of a special prison to put prisoners on the right path create own harem of cocky brutes; Sexist Legion - Each Legion adapts to
  11. Last texts of 2.0 for fix. Spoilers: After Serpent Easy Money Great Sage Endings:
  12. Yes, I can do that. I am planning to update MCM in 2.1 anyway (add quests tab for example). Since crashes do not happen for everyone (for example, everything works for me), then I can assume that this are mod conflicts. Hello, Rasul al-Gharaba from Serpent's Good Memories quest can help with this. AAATOHOldestProfession 20. You spoke before with Dagur from Winterhold inn and Urag gro-Shub at the Arcanaeum? Interesting, but I haven't worked with talking dragons yet. Is it the same as regular NPCs? I don’t know how to do it. Good knowledge of scripts is ne
  13. Yes. I removed this in one of the previous updates. I have no ideas how to continue this yet. There's the "Innocent Child" option, which disable/enable Pirve. Something in the room may cause a crash, such as the absence of a model. All the models there are vanilla except ZAZ furniture. Maybe try Crash Fixes and Load Game CTD Fix mods.
  14. No plans. Maybe later. The Artano content is finished for now. I was planning to add new tasks if I think of any. Yes, she has a new id. She also changes her outfit. He randomly takes a filled or empty soulgem (Or common gem and ink). I think I will rewrite his dialogue that it was possible to choose which gem to give. (Edit: I found the reason: you need exactly one copy of a soul gem in your inventory. I'll fix it next update.) Serpent will randomly give this quest. AAATOHNewHoles 10. She uses the usual Skyrim follower framework. Maybe this is some othe
  15. Quest should ends when Aerin give you a potion and USF I planned to continue. Of course, there is still plenty of space. For example, slaves quarters, when there are will be a lot of them or a torture chamber. Lars can, kind of. Inside Riften Fishery. Wow, time of 2.0 plans: Oh, here's text to fix of "Mage":
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