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  1. Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62 - UPDATED Jun 3rd 2016

    Skyrim SexLab (SSL) v1.62
    An adult animation framework  
    This version of SexLab is for LE Edition ONLY
    For the newer SE / AE version, click here

    ----- Description --------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyrim SexLab, is intended to serve as a unifying resource for modders to pull animations from to aid them in development of adult themed mods, without having to going through the complex scripting work it takes by themselves. A modder is provided with a wealth of tools and functions they can call that will aid them in creating their own mod.
    As it is intended as a resource mod that other mods can pull from to use for adult animations. This mod does NOTHING by itself, and requires a separate mod to make use of the resources provided.
    ----- Frequently Asked Questions -------------------------------------------
    ----- Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) REQUIRES SKSE 1.7.3 OR NEWER
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS) REQUIRES FNIS 5.4.2 OR NEWER
    FNIS Creature Pack version 5.2 or newer is required only if you want creature animation support in SexLab, otherwise it is not required. If you get a warning in game about not having 5.2 installed despite having installed it. You have without exception, installed it incorrectly. You can either ignore the warning and keep using SexLab like normal if everything working anyway, or do the smart thing and figure out what's wrong with your FNIS install so the warning will leave you alone.
    If you dislike SkyUI for some reason, you can also install SkyUI-Away on top of it. It may work fine with older versions if you refuse to upgrade to 5.0 for whatever reason. You do so at your own risk.
    An actor skeleton mod such as XPMSE2 or XPMSE3

    Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch OR the individual applicable patches Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire Unofficial Patch
    This is not a hard requirement and can be skipped, it has been known to fix some problems people have had related to SexLab however and there is little to no reason to not be using them anyway. If you choose to not use the Unofficial Patches for whatever reason, expect to be browbeat about not having them when posting your load order in the troubleshooting section.
    ----- Basic Installation Procedure ------------------------------------------

    After properly installing SKSE, SkyUI, and FNIS as listed above, follow these steps.
    Download the latest full framework pack & install it using your mod manager of choice (Mod Organizer highly preferred.) Run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe tool. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (very likely, if you don't you should. See: XPMSE2 or XPMSE3) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. DO NOT ignore any warnings or errors you see in the FNIS window. Activate the SexLab.esm file in your list of active mods. Load or start a new save game in Skyrim and navigate to the Mod Configuration menu titled "SexLab" Check that you meet the requirements on the left pane and then click the Install option in the top right. NOTE: Some of the checks you'll see there are only soft dependencies, or can be a false-negative. If the Install button is clickable for you, just go ahead and continue. [*]Close all menus and stand still until the install finishes, it can take a few minutes.

    ----- Basic Update Procedure -------------------------------------------------
    Download the latest full framework archive, if you are using a version older than 1.60, you will need the full archive, otherwise you will only need the update patch. Extract the updated framework/patch into your Skyrim's data folder, or if using Mod Organizer (like you should be) then merge the files ontop of an existing MO mod install for SexLab Framework. (optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) Disable ALL SexLab related mods except for SexLab.esm and any that are absolutely required or disabling will mean losing progress on in some way. Navigate to your Skyrim's data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users folder and run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe utility. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (if you dont, you should) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. Load your save game and you should see a notification that SexLab is updating and/or installing, it will then go through the update process. If you were using a version of SexLab such as 1.59c or older, you will not get this notification and will instead need to go into the SexLab MCM and click the Install button. [*]Wait 1-2 minutes, until you see a notification that says SexLab has finished updating and/or installing [*]Wait another 30 seconds or so and then perform a quick test animation either via the SexLab MatchMaker mod or by starting one via the animation editor. [*]Assuming the test animation was successful, save your game with the update now fully applied, you should see the appropriate version number listed on the last page of the SexLab MCM. [*](optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) if you followed step 3, you should now reinstall all the SexLab mods you disabled, ensuring you are using the latest version of each. For best results reinstall them one at a time and make sure they are functional with the new version of SexLab before reinstalling the next one.

    ----- Creature Use Instructions -----------------------------------------

    If you want to use creature animations, you will need to follow some extra installation instructions.
    Install the latest FNIS and the latest FNIS Creature Pack if you have not yet, both of which are available on the FNIS Download page Run GenerateFNISforUsers and click the big "Update FNIS Behavior" button. After it finishes patching, you should see 2 lines, "Create Creature Behaviors ..." and BELOW that "Reading SexLabCreature ..." Load your Skyrim save Navigate to the SexLab Mod Configuration menu and go to the first available settings page, "Animation Settings" Check the box for "Allow Creature Animation" so that it is in a toggled on state (the box is filled instead of empty) You will need to install mod that lets you start animations with creatures, as SexLab Framework does not start any animations by itself. SexLab MatchMaker works with creatures, and is the more straight forward of means to start creature animations. For others, look through the download page for SexLab mods with creature support
    ----- Suggestions -----------------------------------------------------------------

    Since SexLab is largely a sex animation mod, you will likely want nude male and female bodies.
    While the mod does come with a nudesuit option to use in place of installing actual nude body mods, that remains an imperfect solution and is provided only for the sake of completeness. It's use is actually strongly discouraged. I would remove the feature entirely if I didn't know a handful of people who throw a fit.
    There are many body mods to choose from, personally I use and suggest UUNP / CBBE Bodyslide and Schlongs of Skyrim Default/Average for males. If for some weird reason you absolutely refuse to use a real body replacer and insist on using the horrible nudesuits option instead, you can enable the option in SexLab's MCM settings and then install the default meshes and textures for it here: SexLab Default NudeSuit
    SexLab is a very script heavy mod, if you come across an issue in-game related directly to SexLab, the very first place you should look is unquestionably the Papyrus debug log, with just the tiniest amount of modding know how you should be able to track down the culprit from just glancing over the log, if you can't decipher it than it should be unquestionably the first thing you are posting in a request for help.
    A BBP enabled skeleton is also useful, as many of the animations include BBP support, though it is optional it is STRONGLY recommended. I'd suggest XPMSE2 or XPMSE3
    There is support for other strapons for females to use, but you will need to download and install them separately and run the "Rebuild Strapon List" option from the menu's Rebuild page if you install or remove any after loading the mod. The supported strapon mods are aeonflux88's strapon, Horker Tusk, Futa Equippable, Cozy & Rebels Equippable TG, & SOS Equipable Schlong
    If you want First Person animations, I highly recommend using the Immersive First Person View mod by h38fh2mf
    Stop using Nexus Mod Manager or no manager at all and start using Mod Organizer.
    In the likely event that you run more than just a handful of different mods, install and run LOOT when installing and updating mods.
    ----- Uninstalling ----------------------------------------------------------------
    To cleanly uninstall the mod, perform the following steps.
    With your current installation, go into MCM and select the "Rebuild & Clean" page. Click on the row that says "Clean System" You will be prompted to close all your current menus, do so. After closing your menus and being told the system clean is complete, save your game. Perform the uninstall procedure for any 3rd party SexLab mods you have installed. Quit the game. Disable SexLab.esm and any SexLab mods you have enabled in your load order
    ----- Changelog ----------------------------------------------------------------

    More detailed changelog at http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/commits/master
    User Relevant Changes / Additions:
    Increased install limit of animations to 500 (up from 375) Added option to entirely remove any use of scaling applied to actors anywhere in the sexlab. May cause or fix some graphical glitches for some people or prevent the occasional scaling related CTD. [*]Holding Shift+End while outside of a sexlab animation will now forcibly end all active sexlab animations being done by NPCs.
    Functionally the same as opening the SexLab MCM and clicking the debug option to stop all scenes, but with the bonus of not having to navigate through the MCM to do it. [*]Added an enable toggle to the animation editor in the MCM
    The animation editor in the MCM will default to showing the currently playing animation for player Makes it easier to disable an animation you don't like without having to find what it's name is and hunt it down in the MCM. [*]Added a count of how many character animations, creature animations, voices, and expressions sexlab has registered so far.
    In the MCM debug/rebuild page. Lets you see how close you are to approaching the limit of 500. [*]Added Dragonborn and Dawnguard beds to sexlabs list of automatically detected beds when starting an animation. [*]When setting the player or NPC's voice setting in the MCM, any currently playing animations involving them will automatically update to use their newly set voice.
    Makes it much easier to test/sample various voices and find one you like. [*]The name of the animation being played is now only sent to your notifications if you have debug mode enabled. It is otherwise only shown in your console. [*]Creatures and Characters can no longer have the other's voice applies to them. Werewolves can only use the werewolf voice type if they are currently a werewolf. [*]SexLab no longer checks for a creature pack install, since they are no longer separate downloads. [*]Various other major and minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Mod Creator Relevant Changes / Additions:
    Added a method of registering animations via JSON files (similar to SLAL) See /SKSE/Plugins/SexLab/Animations for details A tool to generate the JSON files based of an animator's hkx files was originally planned, unsure if I'll get to it now or not though. [*]Added functions for adding custom bed forms to sexlabs bed list, including defining custom offsets to use for aligning to that bed and/or defining whether or not it's a bedroll, double, or single bed.
    Intended for beds in name, but could easily be used for helping define animation alignment for furniture other than beds as well. [*]Added modevent "SexLabActorGenderChange(form actorform, int gender)" that gets sent whenever an actor has their gender/futa-ness overridden or override/futa-ness removed. [*]Added some requested config property accessors to the main API script related to creatures. [*]Fixed some bugs related to making an actor silent during a scene.

    FIXED: Animation starting a few feet floating in the air. FIXED: Actors "jittering" during animation FIXED: Player being stuck while trying to move the scene FIXED: Free camera being disabled when changing animations during the 1st stage NEW: Export/Import settings now also includes your customizations in the Strip Editor.
    NEW: Toggle to enable actors walking to the location of the scene instead of instantly teleport NEW: Support for creature voices + some default creature voices for the basic creature types NEW: The cum texture from animation can now double up on a single location. If a character already has the vaginal cum texture applied, the 2nd time it's applied it'll apply a messier more cum filled version NEW: A toggle option to set whether or not newly encountered NPC's will have their sex stats seeded or initialized as empty NEW: Can now set your targeted actor's forced gender from the SexLab MCM as well NEW: When swapping between actors to adjust the location for in an animation, the newly selected one will glow briefly to indicate which you now have selected NEW: Option to fully disable the use bed prompt / disable only when player is victim / always ask NEW: Frostfall 3.0 support, exposure will automatically pause during animation so you don't freeze to death. NEW: Added support for NiOverride High Heels under the same toggle that previously handled only HDT High Heels. ALTERED: AP animations are now disabled by default ALTERED: Creature animations are no longer a separate pack, because I'm tired of dealing with people who can't figure it out API: Further documentation and guides added to SexLabFramework.psc for modders API: Lots of new API additions for modders, most of which were requested by various modders at some point. Sorry if I forgot the one you requested - remind me again FIXED: Aggressive scenes wrongly getting non-aggressive animations or not being tagged as aggressive internally FIXED: Poor default positioning for various animations when played on a bed FIXED: Lip Sync has been heavily altered and is now more compatible with expressions FIXED: Various other bugs users have reported that I can't fully remember right now FIXED: Orgasm triggering instantly when scene starts and separate orgasms are enabled FIXED: Various issues related to async animations not starting properly, with some actors not playing their animation while others do FIXED: Lots of other stuff
    v1.60.2 hotfix 2:
    Added back in a copy of MfgConsoleFunc and reverted expression functions to use them instead of SKSE's native functions. Added a message in the MCM strip options to inform you what item you currently have equipped in a slot when you hover it Added a message in the MCM strip editor to inform you what slot masks an item uses when you hover over it. Raised the number of possible animations in a single scene from 100 to 125 Fixed an issue with character scale not being reset properly at the start of and during animation. Fixed an issue with weapons getting re-equipped in the wrong hand after animation. Fixed an issue with orgasm effects not triggering properly under certain conditions. Fixed an issue that caused items flagged in the strip editor as always/never strip to not be treated property during stripping. Fixed an issue with PapyrusUtil 3.0 that sometimes caused CTD during save load Fixed a bug with aggressive animation selection (thanks to user Random of Amber) Expanded the install fatal error to be more clear and provide some suggestions. Some misc performance improvements throughout the MCM and animation startup.
    v1.60.1 hotfix 1:
    Set actor storage preloading to no longer hold up the install process, and only occur once Added a check for if sexlab's files/quest have been overridden and prevent attempts to install with an error message Added a new schlong adjusting hotkey. Defaults to the 'C' key.
    The SKSE requirement has been bumped up to 1.7.3 beta (or newer if available by the time you're reading this) is now required. The FNIS requirement has been bumped up to 5.5 or newer On new or old installs, you must now manually start SexLab's install process from the SexLab MCM install page. If you wish to use creature animations, the creature animations are now in a separate archive and is no longer included by default. If you for some crazy reason insist on using the nudesuit's option, the meshes and textures for it have also been removed from the default archive. You can find a link to these meshes and textures in the main post, or by clicking here Animation, creature animation, voices, and expressions are all now capable of registering up to 350 unique items each - can be easily expanding in the future if we ever bump up against the limit again. 14+ new animations by various authors such as Leito, 4uDIK, 3jiou, Mitos, & Arrok. These are animations previous in the NSAP pack, more to be carried over to the default pack in future updates. New item strip editor in MCM. Select items you or a target actor have in their inventory that should always or never be stripped at the start of a scene, regardless of other strip settings. Creature animation scan now have specific genders defined for their creature roles. By default all genders are considered the same gender, this can be toggled via the new creature gender option in the MCM. The player and NPCs can now optionally have separate, multiple, orgasms as their enjoyment stat builds up over the course of an animation. This is an optional effect enabled in addition to the traditional orgasm effect on the last stage of animation that has been in previous versions. A new animation setting option in the MCM to forcibly filter out non gay or lesbian animations in a scene when appropriate. So for example, 2 females in a scene will generally not play a regular animation with strapon if other animations are available to them. Can toggle the players override gender directly from the SexLab animation settings MCM page, so players can easily set them selves as transgender, with "female" player characters being treated as "male" in the eyes of SexLab, or vice versa. You can now toggle the default behavior of the adjustment hotkeys between adjusting all stages (default) or only the currently stage being played. Whichever you set it to will flip the modifier ctrl modifier hotkey to perform the opposite when held in combination. When targeting an actor and viewing their stats in the SexLab Diary/Journal, you can press the reset stats button once to complete zero all their skills, and then when pressed a second time while all stats are still zero in order to re-seed their starting stats. A new "limited strip" option (disabled by default) that will cause the actors in a scene to default to using the foreplay/limited strip options you have set, if ALL animations in the scene being played consist of only oral and foreplay animations. HDT Hight Heel effects detected and disabled after character strip to remove the height offset. Automatically enabled if you have HDT HighHeels installed, but can be turned off in the MCM if you prefer actors to keep their height offset during SexLab animation. Pressing the Realign actors hotkey is now more forceful, making all actors completely reset their animation, re-calculate their positions, and start the current stage's timer over from the start. Holding down the rotate scene hotkey will now continually rotate the actors until let go, just as the other adjustment hotkeys have done for a few versions now. Much improved (in my experience) syncing between separate actor animations. Many, many bug fixes and performance improvements than I could possibly remember or even attempt to name. TONS of things not listed here intended for modders to do new things with, will be more clear once the updated API documentation is released.  

    ----- Modder's Guide -------------------------------------------------------------
    A modders guide to using the API can be partially found in scripts/sources/SexLabFramework.psc as well as here: http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/wikis/home
    WARNING: The API docs are currently fairly outdated in some spots for v1.60. It should be fine in most spots, but if you have any questions feel free to private message me or ask somewhere else and I'll answer soon as I'm able. Updating them is my top priority right now.
    If you are a mod developer looking to develop a mod using SexLab, feel free to contact me via private message and I will do everything I can to help you along and if possible upgrade the framework to fit your needs.
    ----- Future Plans ----------------------------------------------------------------
    See dedicated development thread
    ----- Credits -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Scripting & Project Owner:
    SKSE Plugin:
    kapaer - Mfg Console
    Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp
    Arrok - BBP Animations
    JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution
    Athstai - Dark Investigations
    3jiou - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38317-3js-animations/
    Mitos - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/42217-mitos-animation-shop/
    Leito86 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39465-animations-by-leito-12915-new-animations/
    4uDIK - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38934-аnimations-for-sexlab/
    FalloutBoy2 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39160-animation-complete/
    Lovers with PK
    Calyp - Strapon
    oli3d - Bukkake Shaders
    4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit
    Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit
    Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures
    aravis7 - French
    CGi - German
    mswind - Chinese
    anonymous - Japanese
    fedim - Russian
    sh1ny - Russian
    holtof55 - Russian
    Huili - Russian
    RockMic - Italian
    NOTE: If you have an updated translation file or would like to translate or update one of the existing translations; send it to me or let me know if you have any questions about how.
    ----- Permissions -----------------------------------------------------------------
    You must ask my permission before distributing this base framework on any site other than LoversLab.com
    The animations themselves belong to the individual modders who made them, I am using them solely by their permission and/or stated open use policy. If you wish to repurpose them else where it is there permission you need and not mine.
    Unless you are contributing to the Git repository development branch, you are not allowed to edit any of the included scripts and resources except to translate the mod into another language.
    If you wish to translate the framework into another language, go right ahead, no need to ask. If you need it, I will provide you with as much support as I can to assist you with the translation process. Afterwards if you want to send me the translated file and I will package it with the releases, or you are free to release the translation file, and the translation file alone, however you wish.
    ----- Contacting Me --------------------------------------------------------------
    I will provide direct support to people via email and private message ONLY if you are a modder using the framework in your mod. People seeking support for using the mod contacting me this way will be, without hesitation, completely ignored. If you need support for the framework, use the thread or support section, I will answer such questions there and only there.



  2. MT Ghislaine Dedoldia Outfit UUNP-CBBE-BHUNP-3BA LE/SE

    This is a Port with bodyslide files included, the oufit consist in:
    -Belly mark
    -Cat tail
    -Cat Ears
    -2 alternate texture set for each part except hair, ears, belly and tail, those will change color in racemenu.
    all credits to Rifujin na Magonote author of Mushoku Tensei, and to hiika for the blender model used in this skyrim port. always support and endorse original mod authors!

    changes from original model:
    -more vertices on jacket, gloves and pants
    -separate each part
    -upscaled, edited and repainted textures
    -added smp to hair and tail

    *Includes prebuild meshes but dont forget to build meshes in bodyslide if want another body.
    *you can run nifoptimizer over the SE/LE files to port it to your correct game
    ********i like to add extra sliders, so is recomended to use with this bootleg merged bodies patch to avoid seams, or you can simply just ignore the extra sliders and use your own bodypreset created in the original body
    *****all credits to factoryclosed, haeun, Acro748,  ousnius, caliente, and themilkdrinker.
    ******if you grab this files to edit it please just dont forget to mention it, add a link to this and leave it as a requirement, dont share the complete mod as long as possible, dont reupload anywhere, and dont use this assets in paywalled mods.



  3. Toy Story LE

    What's New  A Major Release...
    Tripled the Quest Content / Telepathy Love / Voiced - See... Change Log  SE Version  LE & SE Support Thread
    Toys Story is a Toys&Love content mod. Includes the Curio Toy Box and the Toy Story Love Pack

    Toy Story v2.33 for LE

    Nocturnal's disobedient Night Sister was too distracted by her carnal desires.  As a result her mistress bound her in restrictive restraints that keep her from fulfilling her carnal desires.  In her own private lair she has sought a way to free herself to be able to resume her debaucherous ways.  All she needs is a little mortal helper for her work.
    Of course knowledge is not easily won when trying to undo the restraints of a Daedric Prince.  Rumors circulate of a forbidden archive hidden in the Arcaneum of Winterhold, guarded fiercely by the Librarian.  Knowledge of the Scion of the Curio bloodline, and possibly of the nature of these new Toys...
    Curio Toy Box & Toy Story Love Pack A significantly expanded quest to discover the mysteries of the toys A strange creature who does not, umm, really follow you A follower with a telepathic toy Multiple toys that trigger love scenes in various ways, and provide other effects 4 Trial Altars... failure is punishment, success is rewarded One of the punishments is having your followers sent into slavery, if you have installed Follower Slavery Mod Optional use of Denial and Fondle for Trial Outcomes  
    A Toy Story - Getting Started...
    After installing Toy Story a new quest will start shortly following your next game load. Works with the vanilla opening quest, an alternate start, or a much later save. If you're of a curious adventurous nature, you might dare to examine the first objective. 
    Curious Curio
    A "tribute to Zed", the lost quest, many of whom have been around for a long time miss and yearn for. And it does much more. When completed, you will have toys causing Uncontrollable Love in various ways, toys that you need to keep charged by orgasm, access to Trial Altars if you've not been banished, and access to two followers.
    Telepathy Fondle & Love
    You and a follower share a special connection, when both wearing a special telepathic toy. Play the quest to find out what this means!
    Curious Clothing
    A sand box style side quest involving 7 toys that need to be charged in various ways. Some need a simultaneous orgasm, others require you are propositioned for special needs, and one requires giving booze to the bear and dancing with him. This quest starts during Curious Curio.
    Curse of Talos
    Something can happen when you least expect it, wandering about in certain cities.
    Full Support for Males, including a genital toy
     Curio Toy Box
    45 Toys, similar to those found in the Toys Insignia Toy Box, with a different color scheme.
     Tests & Dev Tips
    Toy Story also serves as a demonstration for mod authors...
    MCM triggered tests can be run for each of the Toy Handling API Functions. Each serves as a demonstration for mod authors, and can be seen in Toy Story's TStoryMain.psc Turn on notifications to see all of Toys&Love's mod events triggering  
     Requirements, Installation, & Upgrading
    Toys Family of Mods - Listing of mods using or supporting Toys
    Wojtek Tips
    Change Log
    FAQs and Troubleshooting Steps to fix if the test in MCM failed Building toys in Bodyslide  
     Credits & Permissions
    The Toys Team
    Mercplatypus - Story & Dialogue / VirginMarie - Scripting / Audhol - Toy Creation / Slappa - Animations
    Full List of Credits...



  4. GSPoses & SLAL

    Hi I'm Gunslicer and created a Pose Mod that are animations. This is an ongoing mod.
    When you start the game you will have two rings in your inventory that serves to activate the poses and an additional power to use the poses in npcs.
    Extra information : I only show up at the weekend due to lack of time, so it is possible that I will not answer questions during the week.
    Current Poses : 316 - Normal
                             124 - Object Poses
                             15 - Futa (Better with UNP SOS)
                             14 - Futa Object Poses
                              I probably lost count.
    About the Khajiit in screnshoots, it is a human race (Temptress in my case) with different textures that I made by mixing two other textures from other mods. I didn’t upload the texture because the authors of the mods prefer the mods to be Nexus exclusive, if you want the textures send a message that I pass them individually.
    Mods used : SG Female Textures Renewal and Feminine Khajiit Textures, credits to them.
    Walking / Running Preview and Link :
    Sneaking Preview and Link :
    ALT Walk :
    Swimming Preview and Link :
    Two Handed Preview and Link :
    Bow Preview and Link :
    Crossbow Preview and Link :
    Staff (Left Only) Preview and Link :
    Less Drunk: 
    Me using GIMP:
    Working on: 
    How to make the NPC stop :

    Feel free to make a request, and I will try to do the animation (post any reference along with the request).
    and if you want to give me a support.
    Credits to : pornphile for his rigs and guide.
                      SirNibbles for his guide.
                      Dwadle for introducing me to Collygon.
                      Collygon for teaching me how to create the Mod.
                      ZaZ for his meshes and permission.
    SLAL Info : 



  5. Darkness Rises Assassin Heavenly Armor UUNP-CBBE-BHUNP-3BA LE/SE

    This is a Port with bodyslide files included, the oufit consist in:
    -Hair (with hairtie)
    -Hairtie (no hair for use with other hairs or wigs)
    -2 alternate texture set for all part, the hair will change color in racemenu.
    all credits to NEXON, and to Bringess for the xps model used in this skyrim port. always support and endorse original mod authors!

    changes from original model:
    -more vertices on all parts, particulary on boobs, butt and legs area
    -separate some parts
    -upscaled, edited and repainted textures
    -added smp to hair

    *Includes prebuild meshes but dont forget to build meshes in bodyslide if want another body.
    *you can run nifoptimizer over the SE/LE files to port it to your correct game
    ********i like to add extra sliders, so is recomended to use with this bootleg merged bodies patch to avoid seams, or you can simply just ignore the extra sliders and use your own bodypreset created in the original body
    *****all credits to factoryclosed, haeun, Acro748,  ousnius, caliente, and themilkdrinker.
    ******if you grab this files to edit it please just dont forget to mention it, add a link to this and leave it as a requirement, dont share the complete mod as long as possible, dont reupload anywhere, and dont use this assets in paywalled mods.



  6. Shout Like a Virgin Evolved LE

    Shout Like a Virgin Evolved v9.2 LE
     SE Version  LE & SE Support Thread
    What's New   Improved Pony Cart / Voiced... Change Log
    SLaVE is a Toys&Love content mod   & includes the Virgin Toy Box 

    Dibella, the Goddess of Beauty and Love, and Nocturnal, the Daedric Mistress of the Night, both have a little too much time on their hands. What they also have in common is their love for beautiful virgins. Dibella, keen to promote the erotic arts, promotes the deflowering of virgins. Nocturnal prefers that virgins stay pure since she needs to sacrifice lovely pure maidens to replenish her powers.
    Thus when they both heard that after centuries, there's a Dragonborn in Skyrim, they could not resist making a wager, Nocturnal vowing to keep the Dragonborn pure, and Dibella pledging to influence lost virginity.
    Nocturnal lurks in the shadows and waits to detect and seduce the Dragonborn when she shouts. It's said that a virgin shout, is the most powerful shout. Meanwhile, Dibella takes a more passive approach to influencing the Dragonborn.
    Mote detail can be seen on pages here... Quests / Features
    Will you choose to keep your virginity or lose it? Your choice matters and both states have advantages. Affects how Thu'ums of Love and Strip work, the Anal Skeleton Key Enchantment, your resistances, and more. It can also lead to punishment. Fortunately, with the rebirth, the choice is not permanent (you can switch back and forth) For Virgin Training, Nocturnal locks you in unusual Virgin Toys Earn the unique Thu'um of Love shout. It focuses the energies of your orgasm during orgies, to love enemies to death, even dragons. Earn Thu'um of Strip and make your enemies vulnerable by removing their armor. Shouting also leads to random encounters Nocturnal helps you gain trust with Daedrics to aid in your virgin rebirth. Dibella compels you to gain favour with Gods and Goddesses. Both have you in pursuit of the elusive third word for Thu'um of Love Encounters: Word Wall Love / Thu'um of Love loving / Thu'um of Strip stripping / Erotic Arts / Deflowering Lily / Love Collar Post, Table, & Pillory Love / Erotic Asphyxiation / Maiden in Need / Pain is Pleasure / Fondle Thyself / Pleasure Thyself / Nocturnal Teases / Orgasm Exhilaration Dance / Impassioned Waterfalls / Bedeviled Spit Roasts / Call Forth the Ravens / Orgasm Activated Dwemer Device / Standing Stone Love / Dragon Mound Love / Spider Webbing / Magic Mushrooms / Magical Body Piercings Be rebirthed on a spit roast. Be punished by a living Nocturnal Statue, or forced into a arm bindings for losing virginity. Have your skin seared and tattooed by a machine for failing to report in. Have your feet amputated and replaced with deer hooves. Be impassioned by a waterfall and walk on water. Love shrines to earn the Shrine Love Blessing. Dance for Dibella to be Asphyxiated and earn Asphyxiation Blessing. Love enough word walls to earn the Damage Armor Ability. Spank enough thieves to earn the Potion Ability Instead of death, with the help of Nocturnal, you can love yourself back to life
    Requirements, Installation, & Upgrading
    How to Begin
    Hint: Nocturnal lurks in the shadows and waits to detect and seduce the Dragonborn when she shouts. Total spoiler...
    Helpful Links
    Quests Features Virgin Toys Credits & Permissions FAQs & Troubleshooting Change Log  
    Credits & Permissions
    The Toys Team: Mercplatypus - Story & Dialogue / VirginMarie - Scripting / Audhol - Toy Creation / Slappa - Animations
    Full List of Credits Here
    Permissions Here



  7. Fox Collection

    These are all the Fox mods I have downloaded from various web sites that I thought why not keep them
    in one place so here they are.
    I'll be keeping this upto date when possible and Sorry for renaming these files
    If you rather download the merged version here's the link http://www.loverslab.com/topic/29836-foxmerged-2/
    and dont forget to thank Smokermegadrive
    Mods are created by fox6000 and Psychomachina
    All fox mods are UNP unless marked as CBBE



  8. Naruto Sasuko Outfit Pack UUNP-CBBE-BHUNP-3BA LE/SE

    This is a Port with bodyslide files included, the oufit consist in:
    -Breast Bandages
    -Long Sleeves Shirt
    -2 diferent Sleevesless Shirts
    -Short Gloves
    -Long Gloves
    -Akatsuki Coat
    -Sword (decorative at back)
    -Sword (functional weapon)
    -2 diferent Waist cloak (skirt kindda)
    -Giant Hands at back like wings
    -3 Hairs
    -2 Tatoo Seal Marks
    -1 alternate texture set for the shirts, the hairs and winged hands will change color in racemenu.
    all credits to Masashi Kishimoto, to ASideOfChidori for the model rigs and MVegeta for the xps port used in this skyrim port. always support and endorse original mod authors!
    *Screenshots taken on Vignetes by Halofarm

    changes from original model:
    -more vertices on all parts, particulary on boobs, butt and legs area
    -separate all parts
    -upscaled, edited and repainted textures
    -added smp to hair

    *Includes prebuild meshes but dont forget to build meshes in bodyslide if want another body.
    *you can run nifoptimizer over the SE/LE files to port it to your correct game
    ********i like to add extra sliders, so is recomended to use with this bootleg merged bodies patch to avoid seams, or you can simply just ignore the extra sliders and use your own bodypreset created in the original body
    *****all credits to factoryclosed, haeun, Acro748,  ousnius, caliente, and themilkdrinker.
    ******if you grab this files to edit it please just dont forget to mention it, add a link to this and leave it as a requirement, dont share the complete mod as long as possible, dont reupload anywhere, and dont use this assets in paywalled mods.




  9. Toys&Love LE

    3 Frameworks in 1... Bondage, Love Scenes, and Rousing
     What's New  A variety of Moan & Orgasm Voices - and much more, see Change Log
    Toys Discord   SE Page   LE & SE Support 
    New: Teaser for Orgies

    Teaser for Bondage

    Toys&Love v2.4 for LE   3 Frameworks in 1... Bondage, Love Scenes, and Rousing
    Skyrim. Land of the Nords, birthplace of Tiber Septim. It is a harsh land, shrouded in bitter cold and ancient mystery. A land of adventure where mead is consumed with the songs and stories of heroes and legends. A land where many come to find their fortune, themselves or their destiny.
    Skyrim is also the home of more exotic mysteries spoken of in hushed tones throughout the empire. Mysteries involving strange acts in bedrooms and brothels using the most intriguing contraptions that are never spoken of in polite company. These Toys, as the locals call them, have seen a resurgence in popularity during the recent turbulent times and just may be the real answer to how the Nords really stay warm in the frozen northlands...
    Toys&Love is three Frameworks in one... Bondage, Love Scenes, and Rousing. These are tightly integrated.
    Bondage - Equips toys from Toy Boxes, with numerous effects and escape methods.
    Love Scenes - Plays scenes using animations from Love Packs and the widely available SLAL Animation Packs.
    Rousing - Tracks rousing level, triggering Spontaneous Orgasms, effects on toys, and climax during love scenes. Fondle to increase rousing, or deny to stop from losing it. Overuse will cause you to become oversexed making this harder to do. If used right you may achieve Simultaneous Orgasm, and manage beneficial effects that scale to rousing.
    All of the above can be accessed by mods with easy to use API. See Mod Author Documentation.
     Feature Summary - Complete Outline of Features
    Love Scenes & Orgies Toy Effects with animations (binding, exhausted, signing etc.) Use... Toy Boxes / Love Packs / SLAL Animation Packs / Music Packs / LoveCum Packs Rousing, Fondle, Caressing, Denial, Oversexed Spontaneous Orgasm & Simultaneous Orgasm Buffs & Debuffs Toy Transformation Escape Methods / Keys  Voice In My Head Extensive, but easy to use, API for mods  Toy Boxes  - Tox Boxes
    Insignia, Ancient, & Chaotic Toy Boxes are included with Toys&Love.
    Install the optional Classic Toy Box or Sanguine's Toy Box of Orgies
    Other Toy Boxes are listed here
    Love Packs (supports SLAL Packs) - Love Packs
    The Toys Love Pack is included with Toys&Love
    Install the Toys Starter Love Pack or SLAL packs
    All Love Packs and SLAL Animation Packs are listed here
    Music Packs - Music Packs
    No music pack is included with with Toys&Love
    Install an optional MusicPacks
    LoveCum Packs - LoveCum Packs
    The Original LoveCum Pack is included with Toys&Love
     Toy Story  - Toy Story
    Toy Story is a companion Quest mod for Toys&Love.
    Toy Story is also a demonstration for mod authors.
     WildLife  - WildLife
    The optional WildLife mod is required to enable wildlife (aka creatures) in Toys&Love Love Scenes.
     Covenants  - Full List of Covenants
    Our promises to mod authors and users.
     Requirements & Installation
    See the details...
     Helpful inks
    New Toys Love:
    New Love FAQs SLAL Animation Packs FAQs How to Achieve Simultaneous Orgasm? Toys Family of Mods - Listing of mods and resources using or supporting Toys
    Toys&Love - Tips
    Toys Features
    Toyful Temptations - recommended so you can find keys and toys. Some find this mod essential
    Toy Story - Quest mod & Demo
    FAQs and Troubleshooting Golden Rule Steps to fix if the test in MCM failed Using Toys with AE Known Mod Conflicts Building toys in Bodyslide Mod Author Documentation Change Log  Credits & Permissions
    The Toys Team
    Mercplatypus - Story & Dialogue / VirginMarie - Scripting / Audhol - Toy Creation / Slappa - Animations
    Full List of Credits...



  10. Billyy's SLAL Animations (2022-10-1)

    Here’s my collection of animations for Skyrim. All my files are packed into 2 fomod packages for both LE and SE. Make sure to pick the one correct for your game, and you can select which ones to install from there. Refer to the below for the specific contents of each option. If you enjoy my works please consider supporting me on Pixiv Fanbox.

    ***New in SLAL_Billyy_Animations v6.1***
    Creature Animations

    Contained animations Creature Beasts Pack:
    Bear: 5
    Boar w/Rider: 8
    Canine: 24
    Horse: 11
    Sabrecat: 3
    Skeever: 17
    Contained animations Creature Constructs Pack:
    Atronach Flame: 4
    Atronach Frost: 3
    Atronach Storm: 5
    Dwarven Ballista: 2
    Dwarven Centurion: 1
    Dwarven Sphere: 5
    Dwarven Spider: 4
    Spriggan: 4
    Contained animations Creature Humanoids Pack:
    Draugr: 20
    Dragon Priest: 3
    Falmer: 22
    Gargoyle: 7
    Giant: 5
    Lurker: 2
    Riekling: 16
    Seeker: 6
    Troll: 12
    Werewolf: 20
    Vampire Lord: 2
    Contained animations Creature Insects Pack:
    Ash Hopper: 8
    Chaurus: 12
    Chaurus Reaper: 7
    Chaurus Hunter: 9
    Spider Small: 7
    Spider Large: 3
    Spider Giant: 3
    Contained animations Creature Misc Pack:
    Deer: 3
    Dragon: 3
    Fox: 3
    Goat: 1
    Horker: 3
    Ice Wraith: 2
    Mammoth: 3
    Rabbit: 2
    Slaughterfish: 2
    Blog Post
    Contained animations Creature Furniture Pack:
    Canine: 5
    Chaurus: 1
    Gargoyle: 1
    Horse: 2
    Skeever: 1
    Blog Link
    Contained animations Original Creature Pack:
    Bear: 4
    Chaurus: 10
    Chaurus Reaper: 4
    Dragon Priest: 3
    Draugr: 13
    Falmer: 20
    Gargoyle: 7
    Giant: 2
    Goat: 2
    Horker: 2
    Horse: 6
    Netch: 3
    Sabrecat: 5
    Skeever: 16
    Troll: 15
    Werewolf: 14
    Chaurus: 3
    Draugr: 3
    Falmer: 7
    Sabrecat: 1
    Legacy Boars:    
    Boar w/Rider: 10
    Legacy Dwarven Centurion:
    Dwarven Centurion: 3
    Blog Link
    Human Animations
    Contained animations Human Pack:
    Solo 1p: 6
    Pair 2p: 38
    Group FMM: 12
    Group FMMM: 9
    Group FMMMM: 2
    Blog post
    Contained animations Human Orgy Pack:
    Group FFM: 7
    Gorup FFFM: 1
    Contained animations Human Lesbian Pack:
    Lesbian 2p: 21
    Lesbian 3p: 6
    Blog post

    Contained animations Human Furniture Pack:
    Chair: 1
    FuroTub: 2
    GloryholeShack: 4
    Pillory: 1
    Stockade Fuck Machine: 1
    Tilted Wheel: 5
    X-Cross: 3
    Workstations: 2
    Blog post
    Contained animations Human Invisible Furniture Pack:
    Bed: 8
    Chair: 7
    Table: 7
    Wall: 7
    Blog post
    Contained animations Human Bondage Devices Pack:
    Armbinder: 7
    Cuffs: 14
    Yoke: 17
    Blog post
    Contained animations Human Furniture DD Devices Pack:
    DD Contraptions Gallows Upsidedown: 3
    Contained animations Human Futa Pack (futa on futa):
    Futa 1p: 5
    Futa 2p: 10
    Futa 3p: 4
    Sexlab Framework
    Sexlab Animation Loader
    More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition
    Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For users
    SexLab MatchMaker
    FootIK OFF Spell
    1. Download and copy files from each individual folder you want into skyrim data, or use a mod manager to install and then tick the boxes for which packs you want in the fomod upon installation (don't forget to tick the 'animobjects' option if you want objects).
    2. Run FNIS
    3. Register animations in SLAL's MCM menu
    It should be safe to update packs mid save with no adverse effects.
    1. Uninstall old pack(s) from mod manager (all animations are included in each update, you only ever need the latest version of a pack to have all the animations)
    2. Download and install new packs with a mod manager
    3. Run FNIS and that’s it usually
    4. Go in-game and open the SLAL MCM menu, then choose the animations and ‘register’ them.
    ---On rare occasion I will update an existing animation registration names (shorten them to decrease fnis stress). In these cases if you already have the renamed animations registered in SLAL in an active save file you’ll want to do a clean animation registration. You’ll know if you may need to do this step if you encounter a specific animation where both actors don’t animate, but all others seem to be okay. Otherwise it won’t negatively affect anything and this step can be skipped. If you’re starting a fresh save/SLAL registration then this won't be an issue either.
    4b. Go into the SLAL MCM > General Options > Disable All > Rebuild Sexlab Anim Registry > Wait, then re-enable and register all the animations you want again as you normally would when first setting up.

    ***Note: Please don't message me directly for basic troubleshooting, I usually won't respond if it's a question that's been asked multiple times before in the thread.***
    Q: I need version X.Y for this modlist, can you upload for me?
    A: No, sirs or madems. I get too many of these messages theses days. In terms of compatibility in your modlist you should see no difference between using an old or new version of the mod. It doesn't talk to any other mods, and are no running scripts that affect the game, they're just animation files and an on-board into allow SLAL to register them that other mods can call on. In theory all you're doing by using an older version is getting less animations.
    Q: My characters breasts stretch during some animations.
    A: You'll want to make sure you're using a recent version of XP32 skeleton. Factoryclose added some bones into the new versions that in theory improve the experience and give animators more bones to utilize. Could also be caused by odd old physics setups.
    Q: I can’t start 3p+ animations with MatchMaker.
    A: You’re probably using MassMatchMaker, which doesn’t support 3p+ with most creatures. Use SexLab MatchMaker instead for on-demand sex.
    Q: Some creature’s size increases during sex causing animation to misalign (Chauruses, Frostbite Spiders, Deer, Horker, etc.).
    A: Install latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition, and also turning on scaling in sexlab mcm might help unless you aren’t using a recent version of MNCSLAL, then scaling will produce bad results.
    Q: X creature is missing dick during sex.
    A: Install latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition, and then re-register mods in creature framework mcm.
    Q: I have an animation named with an affix '2' (Draugr Kneeling Faceufuck 2 for example), but I don't have '1'?
    A: Earlier variants of those positions will be in the 'Original Creatures' packs. No relation between them aside from being a different take on same position, and better quality. I add affixes as Sexlab doesn't like it if you have animations sharing the same name.
    Q: X creature's dick isn't animating during sex.
    A: You'll need to have Factoryclose's Animated Beast Cocks (ABC) mod for it to work. Make sure to follow install instructions and have it overwrite everything.
    Q: Can’t start animation with specific creature (usually newer creatures, Canines, Dwemer bots, Dragon Priest, Chaurus Hunter, specific Spiders).
    A: Make sure you have latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition installed, and then in the SLAL MCM, disable all animations, then “rebuild sexlab animation registry”, and then enable all your animations again and click “register animations”.
    Q: Creatures get stuck in sex animation after it ends (Spiders, Slaughterfish, Rabbit).
    A: Some king of bug with custom behaviors perhaps. I believe Ed86 found a solution for at least the spiders, which you can find download and instructions here. For any other creatures you’ll be stuck with the tedious manual work-around: open up console with ~ > select the bugged creature > type “disable” then enter > type “enable” then enter. This more or less re-spawns the creature back in a mobile state.
    Q: I CTD on load after installing mod.
    A: Most likely case is your save is hitting the string limit. Unfortunately just because FNIS lets you install all those animations, doesn't mean your game can handle them. You can try removing animations, or try installing this mod; Animation Loading Fix.
    You can also manually edit the SLAL source files to manually remove animations you don't want.
    Sexlab Animation loader Guide
    Q: Can you make animations for Mudcrabs?
    A: To the extent of my knowledge mudcrabs will frequently break out of their sex animation to play an idle and then never return to the sexing. So mudcrabs are very impractical with all the issues they have.
    Q: Can you convert X creature animation to work with Y creature.
    A: No. Some creature skeletons may look similar, but often they are shaped differently, so it is by no means an effortless process.
    Q: What is the 'Invisible Furniture Pack'?
    A: Not to be confused with the regular 'Furniture Pack', it's a separate pack with different animations that are designed with specific objects in mind (IE a bed, or a wall), but they don't spawn an object. It's up to player to somewhat preemptively choose to use one of these animations and align your actor accordingly. It's a bit more tedious, but is more flexible in fitting into your scene. Objects can have different collisions, so not all objects will give same mileage. However they're intended to work by directly facing the object when the sex scene is starting and it should align itself more or less with the object.
    There are also some other mods that add some furniture detection to sexlab that might make these work too, but I’ve not really tested them out.
    Q: No animobject appears for the furniture DD pack?
    A: It requires having the resources from Devious Devices isntalled, but the esp/esms don't need to be active.
    Q: How do I use Gloryhole animations?
    A: They start like any other animation. Fomod has 3 options to use for the gloryhole shack with different door variations. They’re just big animobjects that popup during animations, not a special object to find in sitting around in Skyrim.
    Q: What is the difference between and 'SLAL_Billyy_Animations' 'SLAL_Billyy_OriginalAnimations'. The 'OriginalAnimations' (see mod details for list) includes my older animations formerly know as 'creatures1' and also my legacy wolf pack. It was separated to save bandwidth as I never add to those packs so no reason to constantly redownload + keeps file size lower to allow for hosting on here. The standard 'Animations' pack includes all my more recent work that continues to be updated. They can be installed together if you want both sets of animations. No conflicts.
    Ashal - Sexlab Framework
    Factoryclose - Animated Beast Cocks
    Orxx - Sexlab Animation Loader
    Dentarr - More Nasty Critters
    MadMansGun - More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition and assets/animobjects + Support god and sanity saver extraordinaire
    Pornphile – Rigs
    Powerofthree – Rune Animobjects
    Leito – Rigs,Creature assets, Animobjects
    AnubiSs2167 – Rigs
    SirNibbles – 3ds Max Guide
    Kimy and Devious Device Team - Animobjects
    Shocky – Bone Table, Chaurus cage, WoodenPony, Creature Dildo Objects
    Stroti – Outhouse assets
    Xaz, Zaz – Furniture objects
    Wenderer – fomod Creation Tool
    Changelog 2022-10-1:
    SLAL_Billyy_Animations v6.1
    Creature Humanoids Pack
    - Falmer Lotus Kneeling
    - Riekling 5p Gangbang 1
        - Conversions from 5p:
        - Riekling 3p Doggy DoubleVag DP
        - Riekling 4p Gangbang 2 Spitroast
        - Riekling 4p Gangbang 2 TripplePen
    Creature Beasts Pack
    - Skeever Reverse Cowgirl
    Human Pack
    - Standing
    - Standing Blowjob
    Human Furniture DD Pack
    - Gallows Upside-down Blowjob
    - Gallows Upside-down Facefuck
    - Gallows Upside-down Facial
    Human Futa Pack
    - Futa mug fap 2
    Previous Versions:



  11. LamaKreis's Delphine or Delara Follower (High Poly) CBBE HDT - UUNP HDT and Fedault (Maidens of Skyrim - Part 19)

    Delara is the 19th Maidens of Skyrim and is also available as a replacer for Delphine.
    Have fun, LK

    Delara's story

    No one in Riverwood knew that the Valerius family also had a Breton branch. Their uncle had married a Breton woman and fathered a daughter who, once grown up, was as beautiful as she was dangerous. Delara, as her parents called her, had few qualms about using her beauty to her advantage or, if necessary, a weapon or magic.
    She had already had three marriages, all to much older men who, when they died, left their
    fortunes to Delara. Thus the beautiful Breton had come into a considerable fortune, which, however, did not free her from her greatestplague: boredom. So she used her money and travelled the countries, enjoying luxury and seeking adventure.

    When she arrived in Riverwood, neither Camilla nor her brother were thrilled by her presence, for her reputation was not the best and the imperial part of the family kept away from her. Therefore, they will certainly not object if you take Delara with you to retrieve the Golden Claw, and they would certainly not be angry if you do not release Delara from your service afterwards either....

    Name: Delara
    Race: Breton
    Weight: 100
    Texture: Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture
    Body: The Nordic Bombshell - Natural Body 1.3
    Combat: Onehanded, Fire magic
    Location: Riverwood Trader
    essential and marriageable
    As always, a big thank you to
    gabriel08, ocapity and Tlam99




  12. Demonic Creatures - Mod Version V1.6 LE/SE PATCH 1.62

    I find myself in stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to free time now these days. My motivation lately has also taken a nose dive. I'm still modding now and then, but it's maybe 10% compared with earlier. This is also the reason why I've gone "cold turkey" for a while in the thread. I'm still rigging models, fixing and adjusting the existing stuff in the mod, but I don't expect a new release any soon.
    This is the NSFW edition of Demonic Creatures -> For the SFW version go here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/21907-se-demonic-creatures-v16-safe-for-work-edition/
    DO NOT RE UPLOAD ON ANY OTHER MOD SITES. If I want to, I'll do it myself.
    ***25.06.2022 Release of Patchfix v1.62 for Special Edition
    ***25.06.2022 Release of Patchfix v1.62 for OLDRIM
    ***29.04.2022 Release of Patch v1.61 for Special Edition
    ***28.04.2022 Release of Patch v1.61 for OLDRIM
    Possible Quest breaking Bugs: Read first:
    Some few words:
    Thanks to everyone for reporting bugs, testings, ideas, tips or just saying thank you. There is so many involved in one way or another and I'm having troubles getting an overview. Know that all feedback is noticed and keeping me motivated to continue improving this, so Thank You!!
    (List of creatures is hosted inside the download "Patches, Textures & Documents V1.X")
    Picture Galleries:
    ANIMALS GALLERY: https://www.clickasnap.com/album/322873
    MONSTER GALLERY: https://www.clickasnap.com/album/322906
    UNDEAD like creatures GALLERY: https://www.clickasnap.com/album/322933
    DAEDRA like creatures GALLERY: https://www.clickasnap.com/album/322857
    FALMER & DWEMER like creatures GALLERY: https://www.clickasnap.com/album/322870
    GOBLIN-KEN like creatures GALLERY: https://www.clickasnap.com/album/322883
    This is a creature mod that brings 334 new monsters, animals, ambient small ones and fish types to Skyrim&Solstheim. Inside and outside. In addition to the vanilla spawns there is also many extra spawns with patrol markers (both inside and outside). My goal is to have enemies behave more dynamically to the world. Instead of always patrolling short distances between A and B, some enemies will now patrol further.
    "See that ruin up there? Bleak Falls Barrow. When I was a boy, that place always used to give me nightmares.
    Draugr creeping down the mountain to climb through my window at night, that kind of thing. I admit, I still don't much like the look of it." Hadvar
    I also aim to get the main enemies you encounter more up to date according to the lore. Both Falmers and Draugrs are supposed to venture outside their cave systems for either gathering supplies, hunt or just spread terror to the outside world.
    "The road to Whiterun's not safe these days. Lots of travelers just... disappear, south of Dragon Bridge. Can't find a trace of them." Solitude guard
    Now these words actually holds some truth in them. Added actors from this mod, be it Draugrs or Falmers will now leave their caves and go on raids together in groups lead by leader. Usually they will go out after dusk on patrols and they will go back in again before dawn (unless they are aggroed). They won't go near settlements (not 99% certain, u know, rabbits and deers), but will in some cases attack forts, guard holds that will be an easy prey for them. Group size is everything from 2-7 actors.
    Maybe sleeping outside that nordic ruin isn't that safe anymore. Maybe you shouldn't go through the swamps of morthal as low level since you now a group of grummites protects the area aggressively from outsiders.
    Mod features:
    - 334 new creatures (including leveled variants)
    - 26 new scripted WEQuests which includes demonic creatures (similar to the quest that spawns three patrolling stormcloaks)
    - ABC and creatureframework support for most of the creatures (see v1.X creature list OPENinEXCEL for which ones has not in Patches, Textures & Documents V1.X)
    - Goblins and other Daedra may spawn in all type of caves
    - Human actors (bandits, vigilants, mages, adventurers, hunters etc) have a slight spawn chance in all type of caves. Fighting with you or against you.
    - Demi Gods that are way harder to defeat than others may spawn in all type of caves, can be hostile, (Sanguine Mistress, Female Daedroth, Silver Demon and Servant of Malacath)
    - Small swarms of skeletons and other creatures inside tombs here and there.
    - Many new patrols (and group patrols) with wolf packs, draugrs, falmers, grummites, zombie hound packs, skavens, ancient tree guardians. Some has large patrols covering many cells. Some patrol at night and some at day. None of these uses extra scripts, only AI packages.
    - Small curious "things" here and there. Be it prisoned NPCs, small letters containing clues about powerful ingredients or stories about NPCs.
    Modding philosophy:
    - BE AWARE: Some few of these creatures are godlike and will not go down easily. This includes all DemiGods - Servants of the Daedra and the Ancient Tree Guardians (protectors of the forests). They have a greater amount of health (1200 pluss) and do huge damage to you. They can also spawn from level 1 and might put an end to your cave mission. I play the game with a follower framework (EFF) which makes me able to toggle aggressivness on/off for followers so they won't get stuck in certain death situations. Sometimes it's best to just run.
    - Besides the above, most creatures are close too vanilla when it comes to health, magic and stamina, but they do slightly more damage.
    - Most creatures have same size as their vanilla counterparts (improves sexlab compabillity, but sometimes they are resized or desized to enhance immersion of their species. This means that not every creature will align 100% in every sex animation created. You can check the Creature List in the "Patches, Textures & Documents V1.X" download.

    Patrols more explained:
    DemiGods - Servants of the Daedra:
    Servants of Daedric Princes and Daedra like creatures can be encountered in nordic ruins. These are creatures or humans who made a pact, either willingly or forced, with the Daedra. Some of them are hostile and some are not. Unless provoked of course. I was tired of being the only superior being in Skyrim. The gods in Skyrim are weak. You would expect they sent something more than a lousy two handed dremora against you. I want the feeling that there is always something stronger than you.These creatures have higher health than usual and are well skilled. They are possible to beat, but best option for a low level (below 35) might be to flee or sneak through. They can spawn no matter what level you are. So expect trouble.
    Some friendly ones will pop up in your game already from level 1, but the larger part of them starts to show from level 10 and up. I might change that in future versions when there is more creatures to distribute. However, I aim to keep DC creatures at 30% of the spawns you meet (keep in mind that if you play with SIC or other large creature mods this spawnrate is heavily reduced).
    Spawning ways - Details for those who have time:
    These must be installed with all their dependencies (valid LE or SSE version depending on your Skyrim Version):
    All Skyrim DLCs (you don't need Heartfire). Due to creature races from all those DLCs.
    More Nasty Critters SLAL edition and Creatureframework with their requirements.
    Animated Beast's Cocks (ABC) For LE users (for collision and animated creature schlongs you need the HDT-PE version,
    or download HDT-SMP patch made by LoveForNothing and choose ABC HDT SMP version. If on SE, make sure you get all textures from the ABC mod installed as well.
    Soft requirement:
    Schlongs of Skyrim - Makes it possible to schlonglify Skeleton conjurer and doombringer. Don't install SOS just because of these two. It's a minor thingy.
    INSTALLATION (after Hard requirements are installed):
    Download text file in download section.
    copy link in txt file  and download from mediafire.
    extract rar file and copy paste content into your Skyrim data folder (mod managers also works).

    If you have creature mods installed that modifies Skyrim vanilla LCHARs (leveled character lists) you must make a bashed patch using Wrye Bash (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/1840). If you don't do it, the creature mod ESP located lowest in your load order will overwrite the mods higher. Many mods alter these LCHARs (Skyrim Immersive Creatures, Monstermod, rogue-like encounters, and many more).
    This mod shouldn't overwrite anything cruical, to avoid even getting the question, check this out:
    - Case 1, you already have mihail mods installed. This mod includes several of mihails mods.You should at least deactivate the mihail creature ESP before you install this mod. Best is if you remove it totally in advance. If you decide to only deactivate the mihail ESPs you must let Demonic Creature overwrite everything it wants in both mihails meshes and texture folders (mihail skeletons included. This mod comes with its own dick textures and mesh modifications. Demonic Creature needs to overwrite mihail mods otherwise it won't work as intended.
    - Case 2, you already have Skaven creatures installed. Plz read and do as Case 1.
    The reason for these two cases is that I did not alter the folder locations from the original mods. Perhaps I should have.
    Copy paste new version over. Consider removing the data\meshes\newcreatures and data\textures\newcreatures, and sound folders to get rid of unused files.
    Remember to run "re-register creatures" in Creature Framework MCM. If some creatures still don't work, try to uninstall all skins in CF MCM, save, reload save and then "re-register creatures" again. See trouble shooting guide here if it still does not work: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4130-more-nasty-critters-slal-edition/
    Find "Uninstallation v1.X" in the Patches, Textures & Documents V1.X download.
    KNOWN BUGS v1.5
    - SE ONLY: Sanguine Mistress hand textures that are "off". Don't have a clue whats causing it. The tail is also slightly miscolored.
    - Confirmed: If a non draugr creature spawns in coffins or other ambush furniture the coffin might not open. Not a serious issue unless it does it in a quest critical area (read Possible Quest breaking Bugs at the top.
    - Drowner ambushes can be buggy. Sometimes they are not hiding properly in ambush state. Sometimes they do. I'm not getting wiser. Might be papyrus overload related.



  13. PapyrusUtil LE/SE/AE

    Which file to download:
    For Skyrim LE (Oldrim): PapyrusUtil LE v33.zip
    For Skyrim SE (Pre-AE, 1.5.x runtime): PapyrusUtil SE v39.zip
    For Skyrim SE/AE (1.6.x+ runtime): PapyrusUtil AE v43.zip
    1. Description
    SKSE plugin that allows you to save any amount of int, float, form and string values on any form or globally from papyrus scripts. Also supports lists of those data types. These values can be accessed from any mod allowing easy dynamic compatibility.
    Also adds the following papyrus commands:
    Toggle fly cam and set fly cam speed - TFC. Set menus on / off - TM. Adds an additional package stack override on actors. See ActorUtil.psc Replace any animations on selected objects. See ObjectUtil.psc Print messages to console. Get, set, save, or and load data to a custom external JSON file. See JsonUtil.psc  

    PapyrusUtil.psc - version check & variable initialized arrays.
    StorageUtil.psc - store variables and lists of data on a form that can be pulled back out using the form and variable name as keys. See psc file for documentation.
    JsonUtil.psc - Similar to StorageUtil.psc but saves data to custom external .json files instead of forms, letting them be customizable out of game and stored independent of a users save file.
    ActorUtil.psc - actor package override.
    ObjectUtil.psc - animation replacement.
    MiscUtil.psc - some misc commands.
    2. Examples
    Example 1:
    Setting and getting simple values
    StorageUtil.SetIntValue(none, "myGlobalVariable", 5) ; // enter none as first argument to set global variableStorageUtil.SetIntValue(Game.GetPlayer(), "myVariable", 25) ; // set "myVariable" to 25 on playerStorageUtil.SetFloatValue(akTarget, "myVariable", 75.3) ; // set "myVariable" to 75.3 on akTargetStorageUtil.SetStringValue(none, "myGlobalVariable", "hello") ; // enter none as first argument to set global variableint ivalue1 = StorageUtil.GetIntValue(none, "myGlobalVariable") ; // get the previously saved global variableint ivalue2 = StorageUtil.GetIntValue(Game.GetPlayer(), "myVariable") ; // get value of myVariable from player; // myGlobalVariable can exist both as int and string at the same time.; // Different type values are separate from each other.float fvalue = StorageUtil.GetFloatValue(akTarget, "myVariable") ; // get float value from akTargetstring svalue1 = StorageUtil.GetStringValue(none, "myGlobalVariable") ; // get "hello"string svalue2 = StorageUtil.GetStringValue(none, "myMissingVariable", "goodbye") ; // get "goodbye"; // an optional 3rd variable can be passed in the Get function to be returned if the given key "myMissingVariable" doesn't exists.  
    Example 2:
    Saving object references
    Actor akCasterActor akTargetStorageUtil.SetFormValue(akTarget, "Friend", akCaster)Actor friend = StorageUtil.GetFormValue(akTarget, "Friend") as Actor  
    Example 3:
    Value lists
    StorageUtil.IntListAdd(none, "myGlobalList", 5)StorageUtil.IntListAdd(none, "myGlobalList", 27)StorageUtil.IntListAdd(none, "myGlobalList", 183)StorageUtil.IntListAdd(none, "myGlobalList", 3)StorageUtil.IntListAdd(none, "myGlobalList", -12398); // iterate list from last added to first addedint valueCount = StorageUtil.IntListCount(none, "myGlobalList")while(valueCount > 0) valueCount -= 1 Debug.Notification("List[" + valueCount + "] = " + StorageUtil.IntListGet(none, "myGlobalList", valueCount))endwhile; // iterate list from first added to last addedvalueCount = StorageUtil.IntListCount(none, "myGlobalList")int i = 0while(i < valueCount) Debug.Notification("List[" + i + "] = " + StorageUtil.IntListGet(none, "myGlobalList", o)) i += 1endwhile; // Get the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th elements of the list into an arrayint[] myList = new int[3]StorageUtil.IntListSlice(none, "myGlobalList", myList, 1) ; // starts pulling elements from the list starting from from the 1 index; // skipping the 0 index value, "5" will fill the papyrus array until it runs out of either list or papyrus array elementsDebug.Notification("2nd: " + myList[0]) ; // prints "2nd: 27"Debug.Notification("3rd: " + myList[1]) ; // prints "3rd: 183"Debug.Notification("4th: " + myList[2]) ; // prints "4th: 3"; // remove 27 from the listStorageUtil.IntListRemove(none, "myGlobalList", 27); // remove last element of listStorageUtil.IntListRemoveAt(none, "myGlobalList", StorageUtil.IntListCount(none, "myGlobalList") - 1); // set first element to -7StorageUtil.IntListSet(none, "myGlobalList", 0, -7); // find first occurance of element in listint index = StorageUtil.IntListFind(none, "myGlobalList", 183)if(index < 0) Debug.Notification("Not found!")else Debug.Notification("Element 183 is at index " + index)endif; // clear listStorageUtil.IntListClear(none, "myGlobalList"); // create a new list from a papyrus arrayfloat[] newList = new float[3]newList[0] = 4.04newList[1] = 39.2newList[2] = -42.25StorageUtil.FloatListCopy(PlayerRef, "myCopiedList", newList)Debug.Notification("Copied value 0 = " +StorageUtil.FloatListGet(PlayerRef, "myCopiedList", 0)) ; // 4.04Debug.Notification("Copied value 1 = " +StorageUtil.FloatListGet(PlayerRef, "myCopiedList", 1)) ; // 39.2Debug.Notification("Copied value 2 = " +StorageUtil.FloatListGet(PlayerRef, "myCopiedList", 2)) ; // -42.25  
    Example 4:
    Saving values that are shared among all savegames in an externally saved file.
    JsonUtil.SetIntValue("MyModConfig.json", "AnswerToLifeUniverseEverything", 42); // (optional) Save any changes made to your file and creates it if it does not yet exists.; // This is done automatically without needing to be done manually whenever a player saves their game.; // Files are saved and loaded from Skyrim/data/SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtilDataJsonUtil.Save("MyModConfig.json") ; // ... Start a new game ...int mySetting = JsonUtil.GetIntValue("MyModConfig.json", "AnswerToLifeUniverseEverything") ; // mySetting == 3; // Alternative version using the globally shared external file; // All mods using these commands share this file, saved/loaded from Skyrim/data/SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtil.jsonStorageUtil.SetIntValue("AnswerToLifeUniverseEverything", 42); // ... Start a new game ...int mySetting = StorageUtil.GetIntValue("AnswerToLifeUniverseEverything") ; mySetting == 3  
    3. Requirements

    SKSE latest version: http://skse.silverlock.org/
    Address Library for SKSE Plugins: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32444
    4. Installing
    Use mod manager or extract files manually.
    5. Uninstalling
    Remove the files you added in Installing step.
    6. Updating
    Just overwrite all files.
    7. Compatibility & issues
    Should be compatible with everything.
    8. Credits
    Ashal - continued maintenance & refactoring of original plugin's source code
    h38fh2mf - original version, idea, address library conversion
    SKSE team - for making this plugin possible
    milzschnitte - for suggestions
    eventHandler, Expired, aers, arha, ianpatt - SKSE64 conversion & update assistance



  14. Morphology

    Morphology is an expansion mod that adds potions, enchantments, spells and other mechanics that can change the player's body or NPCs bodies.
    Note: If your character's body isn't changing when using the aspects of this mod, it is due to:
    Your body/clothing meshes don't have Morphs Enabled. Rebuild them with Bodyslide with 'Build Morphs' checked in the bottom left. You don't have NiOverride or RaceMenu installed. You're using body/clothing meshes built with a different set of morphs. This mod was built on LE UUNP/CBBE morphs. If you're using CBBE SE or 3BA, or other newer sliders, you likely won't see any changes. BHUNP is reported to be compatible, however.  
    wm46 has made an incredible Config Menu for Skyrim Special Edition that should fix issues with CBBE SE or 3BA morph sets. See here:
    Morphology - Morph Config Menu
    Illicit Ingredients

    Humanoids and many creatures and animals can be dissected to obtain powerful ingredients. Some of these ingredients can be converted back into normal ingredients at Alchemy Tables. Others can be cooked into odd meals.
    To perform dissections, the minimum you need is a simple dagger. Activating corpses with a dagger equipped gives the option to harvest flesh of the cadavers. To obtain the other ingredients, you will need more tools. Specific embalming tools found in warlock lairs and nordic ruins allow you harvest fluids and organs. The scalpel, pick, and scissors aid with organs, while the screw tool aids with fluids. If you come across a dwarven extractor, that will also help you drain fluids. Whenever you are dissecting a cadaver, you can choose to dissect either flesh, fluids, organs, or all. Selecting only one type of ingredient to harvest reduces the amount of time taken to finish the dissection.
    If you obtain a human heart or flesh, or one of the ingredients added by this mod, you can craft Dissection Tools at a forge, which allow you to harvest most cadavers easily. Warlocks, vampires, falmer, and other mages may carry a set of these tools, in addition to the ingredients themselves.
    Hunters and Apothecaries may carry some creature ingredients, while Vampires, Necromancers, and Warlocks may carry humanoid ingredients.
    These ingredients, by themselves, only cause bodily changes. Each creature and humanoid race increases or decreases the size of certian body areas, like torso, belly, legs, etc. Also, the size of the creature or animal determines the effectiveness of the ingredients. You can review the cheat sheet in the images to see exactly what creature provides what.
    Additionally, you can refine normal ingredients with them with an Alchemical Refinery to make elixirs, salves, and cures with experimental effects. These effects are different from normal alchemical effects, in that they can stack over eachother, with the 'draw-back' of causing bodily changes. Also, these experimental ingredients each have only one effect, so they can be added to other potion mixtures to easily add an additional effect, or three of them can be combined to easily make a potion with 3 effects.
    To refine ingredients you need an Alchemical Refinery, which can be bought from an Apothecary or found on some warlocks or mages. Activating the Refinery in your inventory, or placing it and activating it, brings up a menu allowing you to insert ingredients. You will need at least one 'normal' ingredient, and two different kinds of 'illicit' ingredients body ingredients like fat, flesh, bone meal; fluids like blood, marrow, bile; or organs. The type of illicit ingredients you add determines what effects you can refine.
    -Body and Fluid ingredients together can refine Fortify Skill effects, making Experimental Salves.
    -Body and Organ ingredients together can refine Resistance effects, making Experimental Elixirs.
    -Fluid and Organ ingredients together can refine Health, Magicka, and Stamina effects, making Experimental Cures.
    These experimental ingredients can also be carried by Apothecaries, Warlocks, and Vampires.
    The bodily changes caused by these ingredients and potions can be partially reverted by making Blood Elixirs at an Alchemy Table, or by buying morphing potions from Apothecaries.
    Unstable Enchantments
    Soul gem fragments from Black Soul Gems can be warped at an enchanting table, and used to Destabilize the enchanted armor you find. Placing enchanted armor in the world and then activating it while carrying at least three of the same kind of warped soul gem will make the enchantment unstable. If you disenchant the item, the unstable enchantment can be applied to any type of equipment. However, the enchantment will slowly alter your body if you wear it for extended periods of time.
    The warped soul gem fragments can be combined with a roll of paper at an enchanting table to make a Scroll of Restore Form, which will revert some of the effects from unstable enchantments.
    Morphing Spells

    A handful of new Alteration spells allow you to siphon body sizes to and from NPCs. You can find their associated tomes wherever you normally find Apprentice and Adept level spells. All spells are split into 8 body regions: Arms, Torso, Belly, Breasts, Nipples, Ass, Hips, Legs.
    Endow - Apprentice Level Spells that transfers a portion of one random morph from the caster to the target.
    Embezzle - Apprentice Level Spells that transfers a portion one random morph from the target to the caster.
    Plump - Adept Level Spells that transfers a portion of all relevant morphs from the caster to the target.
    Pilfer - Adept Level Spells that transfers a portion of all relevant morphs from the target to the caster.
    Size Effects
    Having a ridiculous voluptous body now has some effect on your gameplay. At increased sizes, your Health, Magicka, Stamina, and associated regeneration is increased, at the cost of mobility debuffs, all depending on what parts of your body were enlarged. For example, enourmous breasts increase your maximum Magicka, but cause you to trip and stumble while running or sprinting; while having an enourmous ass increases your Magicka Regeneration, but causes you to stumble and make noise while running or sprinting.
    The effects take into account all body changing mods, not just Morphology. So, if your character is enlarged by some of my other mods like Body Builders or Corruption, or through another mod that uses NiOverride Morphs, then you will still succumb to these effects.
    You can toggle the effects off in the MCM if it doesn't mesh with your gameplay. You can also set 'Size Offsets' in the MCM if you use a Bodyslide preset that is large by default.
    Vanilla Effects Plugin
    If you don't want to go through the effort of finding and using these ingredients and enchantments to start changing your character's body, you can download the Vanilla Effects optional plugin. This causes all vanilla armor enchantments and beneficial potions to cause changes similar to Experimental Ingredients and Unstable Enchantments.
    This mod requires NiOverride or RaceMenu, CBBE RaceMenu Morphs, and Armor and Clothing Models built through Bodyslide with Morphs Enabled.
    If you don't know about anything I just said, do some Googling or ask in the forums.
    This mod should be compatible with everything else. It just needs a bashed-patch due to some item list edits.
    Thanks to Blary for the model for the Alchemical Refinery.
    Change Log:
    3.1.0 (9/26/22)
    -Changed tripping from large breasts and stumbling from large asses. Tripping only happens when stamina is below a threshold.
    -Fixed potion morph effects. Apply remaining morph on effect end.
    -Skeletons can now be 'dissected', which gives random human/elf bone meal.
    -Dissecting Vampires now give 1-3 vampire dust.
    -Added Stamina threshold options to the MCM for size effects.
    -Fixed refinery breaking when it runs out of vanilla ingredients but still has morphology ingredients.
    3.0.2 (7/19/22)
    -Removed some debug items that were causing crashes with AddItemMenu
    3.0.1 (7/18/22)
    -Added Breasts size offset option to MCM that I somehow missed
    3.0 (7/16/22)
    -Redid script structure to better allow different morphs and male morphs.
    -Made size effects less extreme by default.
    -Reverted changes to creature drops.
    -Changed vanilla variant ingredients (Giant's toe, hagraven feathers, falmer ears) to morphology ingredients (liver, eyeballs)
    -Added maxs and mins to alchemy and enchants.
    -Added adept rank morphing spells (Plump- and Pilfer-).
    -Made blood elixirs and restore form scrolls always available at apothecaries and mages.
    -Made alchemy and enchanting effects cause weighted random morphs, rather than specific morphs.
    -Made unstable variants of robes.
    -Added restoring scrolls for NPCs.
    -Added morphing potions to vendors.
    -Added soul gems and unstable rings to court wizards.
    -Added unstable rings to warlocks, forsworn, vampires.
    -Made experimental ingredient effects last longer.
    -Rebalanced experimental ingredient values.
    -Added npc reactions to morph spells.
    -Added global max/min morph limits.
    -Added Nipple spells.
    -Changed size effect updating.
    -Added morphology spell tomes to vanilla spell tome lists.
    -Rebalanced tools when dissecting, so certain tools are more useful, and depreciated others.
    -Moved alchemy refining to a seperate tool. Alchemical Refinery.
    -Removed Specific Morphs from Alchemy/Enchanting effects. Now Alch/Ench effects randomly increase a random morph from a body section.
    -Alch/Ench effects now increase/decrease randomly, based off the total morph value that is being manipulated.
    -Added many more creature parts, so it's easier to use the alchemy system without playing as a ghoul or cannibal, reused depreciated 'fresh' ingredients.
    -Added size offsets for large Bodyslide presets.
    -Added mcm option for size exponent.
    -Added mcm toggle for removing items from dissected bodies.
    -Added mcm options for base dissection time.
    -Added multiple base dissection times for different corpse sizes.
    -Added cancel option to dissection.
    -Added force size update option to MCM.
    -Added player weaponspeedmult fix, and MCM option to disable it.
    -Decreased value of alchemical morph effects.
    -Added creature ingredients to hunters.
    -Added Reset Morphs debug options to MCM.
    Previous Versions:



  15. Nier Automata Popola Outfit UUNP-CBBE-BHUNP-3BBA LE/SE

    This is a Port with bodyslide files included, the oufit consist in:
    -2 alternate texture sets for all parts except for the hair because will change color in racemenu.
    all credits to Yoko Taro, to TFA-WS1 for the SFM model, and to Bringess for the xps model used in this skyrim port. always support and endorse original mod authors!
    *Screenshots taken on Vignetes by Halofarm

    changes from original model:
    -more vertices on all parts, particulary on boobs, butt and legs area
    -separate all parts
    -upscaled, edited and repainted 4K textures
    -added alt texture sets
    -added smp to hair and cloth

    *Includes prebuild meshes but dont forget to build meshes in bodyslide if want another body.
    *you can run nifoptimizer over the SE/LE files to port it to your correct game
    ********i like to add extra sliders, so is recomended to use with this bootleg merged bodies patch to avoid seams, or you can simply just ignore the extra sliders and use your own bodypreset created in the original body
    *****all credits to factoryclosed, haeun, Acro748,  ousnius, caliente, and themilkdrinker.
    ******if you grab this files to edit it please just dont forget to mention it, add a link to this and leave it as a requirement, dont share the complete mod as long as possible, dont reupload anywhere, and dont use this assets in paywalled mods.



  16. More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    ATTENTION: please read the upgrade procedure guide txt before updating from V9 or you may have problems.
    MNC is a unified collection of the basic adult creature mods, the contents within came from multiple mod authors.
    this version has updated mesh files, and is using SLAL for animation control.
    original More Nasty Critters made by dentarr: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1140-more-nasty-critters/
    More Nasty Critters for Skyrim Special Edition: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5464-more-nasty-critters-special-edition/
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    DISCLAIMER (copied from original mod page):
    I know its problematic to expand on the work of others or even expand upon someone elses expansion of the work of a third modder.
    However some of the stuff here cant be released in any other meaningful way, at least not for someone who just wants to download and have fun.
    If someone is offended by the stuff I put here let me know and I remove it. Its just here to give fellow players easy access to stuff thats posted all over the board, after all.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The Downloads:
    the main mod, adds aroused meshes & animations for creatures + registers races into SexLab so that other SLAL Packs can use them.
    (note: mod does not have a MCM of it's own, CF and SLAL are used to control this mod).
    adds spells to summon creatures for you to play with (note: mod has a MCM).
    .....also i seriously hate the name of this mod and want to rename it.
    various patches for other mods.
    CreatureFramework V2_0_#.7z
    used to apply aroused meshes onto creatures (note: mod has a MCM).
    removes creature animations from sexlab and re-adds them as a SLAL Pack.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Required Mods/Install Order:
    The full install guide (and a list of SLAL Packs) can be found here:
    WARNING1: uninstall MNC v9.# before installing v12, or you may overload FNIS with duplicated animation files.
    WARNING2: uninstall Bad Dog's Vanilla Critters if you have it, it's assets are already included in MNCv12.
    install mods in order shown:
    Skyrim Script Extender (aka: SKSE)
    Fores New Idles (aka: FNIS) (don't forget to download the "FNIS Creature Pack")
    UIExtensions (needed for SexLabTools)
    SexLab Tools (optional, but recommended)
    Sexlab Aroused Redux
    More Nasty Critters
    you are here
    Hentai Creatures (optional)
    you are here
    Creature Framework
    you are here
    SexLab Animation Loader (aka: SLAL)
    MatchMaker (optional, but recommended)
    Suggested Load Order:
    (Skyrim and it's DLCs here)
    (Sexlab Addon\Plugin mod's .esm here)
    (All other .esm mods here)
    UIExtensions.esp (needed for SexLabTools)
    (All other .esp mods here)
    SexLabTools.esp (optional)
    HentaiCreatures.esp (optional)
    SexLabMatchMaker.esp (optional)
    (Sexlab Addon\Plugin mod's .esp here)
    Warning: if you have it please load XP32/XPMSE before MNC. Do not let there skeletons overwrite MNC or your game may crash or have floating dick problems, MNCv12 is using nodes not found in these skeleton mods.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    other Related Mods/Addons you may or may not want:
    SexLab v1.62 fixes (for v1.62 only)
    or SexLab Utility Plus
    (please DON'T use both)
    Animation Limit Crash Fix
    HDT mods
    (ASOS is good for older animations, but most newer & remade ones are made to be used with ABC)
    SexLab Werewolves Redux (for using animations when in Werewolf form)
    SexLab Dragons
    + animations
    SexLab Aroused Creatures
    + patch
    Creature Overhaul:
    Bad Dog's Immersive Creatures - SIC Addon V3.0 (if you have "Skyrim Immersive Creatures" mod installed)
    Bad Dog's Bruma Creatures (if you have the "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma" mod installed)
    Scent of Sex
    Animal Mansion Plus
    SexLab Pheromones
    SexLab Beastess:
    Chaurus Life:
    Riding Styles:
    Animals and Followers:
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Animation Troubleshooting:
    1. if you are using a Mod Manager ( please go with Mod Organizer 2, it's highly recommended ) make sure it's installing the files to the right location and with the right load order.
    a good guide for using Mod Organizer 2 can be found here:
    2. run/rerun the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe, if you don't the animations wont work/run.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users\GenerateFNISforUsers.exe
    WARNING: Windows (Vista/7/8/10) Security may interfere with updating/overwriting the FNIS behavior files.
    you may not even get a error message telling you that this has happened.
    make sure FNIS and your mod manager are running with administrator privileges.
    3. when you start the game with the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) loader the list of installed mods wont get refreshed, so if you install a mod and just start the game with the loader any new mods you installed wont be fully activated. to fix this problem go to the skyrim launcher and click on "DATA FILES" and it will refresh the list of installed mods, you can now close the launcher and start the game with the skse loader.
    4. in game you need to go inside SexLab's Mod Control Menu (MCM) and click on "install" first before you can use SexLab.
    5. make sure you have "Allow Creature Animation" checked in SexLab's MCM settings.
    6. turn off "Match Creature Gender" in sexlab's MCM settings, if this setting is enabled some animations won't play, its because most creatures don't have female counterparts in skyrim by default.
    7. did you forget to install the FNIS Creature Pack? install it and rerun the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe, then do steps 5 & 8
    NOTE: if you do have the Creature Pack but some creatures are just playing idle animations during sex or not moving try clicking on "De-Install Creatures" in FNIS, after it's done running click on "Update FNIS Behavior"
    (doing this will delete all the creature behavior files generated by FNIS and remake new ones...that is assuming you DO have the FNIS Creature Pack installed)
    8. you may need to reload the animations, go to the Animation Loader's MCM and then:
    8.1. click on the "Disable All" button.
    8.2. click on "Rebuild Animation Registry", then Wait for the message to pop up*.
    8.3. click on "Reload JSON".
    8.4. click on "Enable All".
    8.5. click on "Count Animations" and make sure nothing is over 500, turn off some animations if they are.
    8.6. click on "Register Animations", then Wait for the message to pop up*.
    *if you like you can press "~" on your keyboard to open the console so you can watch it Register everything, just make sure you close it before you try to click on anything.
    9. if SLAL Packs are not being listed in SLAL try reinstalling/updating JContainers.
    10. if you are getting teleported into the air above Secunda's Kiss (giant camp at center of map) then try starting a animation in a indoor area first.
    it should stop happening outside after you do.
    11. if all else fails, try loading a older save file from before sexlab was installed....but first try using sexlab's debug menu to reset everything to there default values.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Creature Framework Troubleshooting:
    the MCM for Creature Framework is missing:
    you need to install Sexlab Aroused to fix this problem.
    also make sure it's loading before Creature Framework in the load order.
    Aroused mesh not getting/staying applied during animations (a list of things to try):
    A. go to the Creature Framework MCM and click on "Re-register all mods", then unpause the game and Wait a Minute.
    B. go to the Creature Framework MCM and click on "Clear Creatures"
    C. go to the Creature Framework MCM and enable "Force arousal update"
    D. go to the Creature Framework MCM and disable "SexLab Aroused integration"
    E. try clicking on the uninstall button in CF's MCM, then save & quit and reload the save. (wait for Creature Framework to reinstall and register)
    F. click on the uninstall button in CF's MCM, then save & quit, then use a save editor to remove all of Creature Framework's scripts & forms from your save file, then uninstall CF and install the older version (1.1.0-pre2). NOTE: you may need to save & quit again after installing to get it's MCM menu to load.
    also adding this to the Skyrim.ini (My Documents\My Games\Skyrim) may help CF work a bit better:
    Creature Framework not registering mods or stuck in a registering loop:
    try reinstalling JContainers.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    FNIS Troubleshooting:
    "ERROR(9): Index was outside the bounds of the array" or "ERROR(2026): Too many animations":
    you may have Too many animation mods and/or SLAL Packs installed, use the "XXL" version of FNIS or uninstall some animations.
    "ERROR(76): Could not find a part of the path DebugData.txt":
    a Win10 update (or antivirus software) has forcibly turned on real time protection and it's stopping FNIS from generating/updating files.
    you need to disable real time protection before running FNIS,
    add GenerateFNIS_for_Users.exe to the exclusions list (also you should probably add skse_loader.exe and TESV.exe as well)
    Crashing on loading save file:
    you have Too many animations installed, most people start crashing around 12000 to 14000.
    remove some animation mods to fix the problem.....or try installing these:
    Animation Loading Fix (only use v1.0) :
    LE Animation Limit Crash Fix:
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Papyrus Tweaks:
    the problem with installing script heavy mods is that the default Papyrus settings are not capable of handling the additional stress.
    This tweak should increase stability, and needs to be added to the Skyrim.ini file under the [Papyrus] section.
    Your Skyrim.ini can be found in "My Documents\My Games\Skyrim"
    note1: there is some debate on the last 3, it has been suggested that they should just be deleted from (or never entered into) the Skyrim.ini
    note2: you should only have logging turned on (bEnableLogging=1) if you are actively trying to find a problem, the rest of the time it's just a drain on system resources and it can cause extra stress for the papyrus system, therefor if you have it on all the time it can potentially become a part of the problem your trying to fix. it only logs the scripts anyways so if you have a problem like a deleted world object or a bad navmesh the log won't say anything helpfull, you should be doing this if you have such a problem:
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Other Notes:
    when you select "MNC Rescaled Meshes" for the wolves in the CF it makes the wolves scaled 1.2 with the original wolf 37 degree angled dick, if not then they are scaled 1.0 with a 28 degree angled dick.
    (if you have RaceMenu/NIOverride you may want to edit the MoreNastyCritters.esp to remove the object effect from the wolf armors or they may end up much bigger than 1.2)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Mod Compatibility Kit index of patches:
    Bear Mods:
    The DovahBear (with & without Werebear form)
    Canine Mods:
    Amaterasu The Great Spirit (was unnecessary, Amaterasu is/was Female, this makes her a male)
    garm companion
    GenderDogs (you don't need the original mod to use this because it's assets are already included in MNC)
    Zombie Dogs and Skinned Hounds- Mihail Monsters and Animals
    True Meeko
    Meeko Reborn
    Vigilance Reborn
    True Wolves of Skyrim
    Dragon Mods:
    Deadly Dragons
    Giants Mods:
    jacques00's HDT giants
    Female Giants
    Horse Mods (the bane of my existence):
    Convenient Horses V5
    gender horses
    Horse Armors
    Immersive Horses
    KrittaKitty Realistic Primitive Horse Breeds
    Levelers Tower
    Stendarr Rising
    Other Mods:
    Creature Mod - Degonians (A.K.A: a DeathClaw mod for Skyrim)
    Tame the Beasts of Skyrim II
    The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
    Tumbajamba's Mounts
    SexLab More Creatures (you don't need the original mod to use this because the mod was only one esp file to begin with)
    Bestial Essence (may or may not work)
    Zombies- Mihail Monsters and Animals
    Reapers The Dark Tower
    Vilja in Skyrim
    Yiffy Age of Skyrim
    installing the patches with a Mod Manager:
    note from harveytherabbit:
    "Mod Manager (i think he meant Mod Organizer) :  Install the patch in the Mod Manager interface and you will see all of them under that one install.  Navigate under the respective folder title for the patch you wish to install.  Keep expanding the folder hierarchy until you see that patch's 'data' folder and the Right Click and set as Data Directory.  Once it shows the green text indicating it is selected as the data folder, rename the install however you want to identify it as the patch for that specific mod (ex - "MNC Patch - ModTitle") and then complete the install and enable it.  Repeat these steps for each patch you need for your own mod structure."
    as i understand the things i've seen other people say in the past the patches need to be extracted and then recompressed into 7zip files of there own to be installed.
    i don't use any mod managers myself so i don't know which way works best.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    (there is a lot of stuff to keep track of, if i missed anyone let me know)
    Bad Dog
    Chosen Clue
    Dr Fring



  17. Personalized Music - MMORPG Style

    A very long time ago someone uploaded this... and it disappeared into the oblivion (and Mehrunes Dagon ate it).
    So I created something like that (but with major differences). This is a music pack for the Personalized Music Mod for both LE and SE.
    This is just the songs, so you need both the Personalized Music Mod and also a No Combat Music mod (here's for LE and SE) since I didn't put any Combat music on it (optional but the music will get interrupted every battle, it's up to you).
    This is just a set of BGMs to give you that Asian RPG feel (which consists of lots of Techno, Electro-symphony, and a little Metal on the side) or you just want to go down and bust some moves. This currently has BGMS for Exploration, Holds, Homes, Dungeons, Dragonborn and Dawnguard maps.
    Here are some of them:
    1. You must have Personalized Music Mod installed (LE link and SE link). I installed the no Vanilla Music version. But if you still want the Vanilla Music together, you can still use the basic one.
    2. Then install a No Combat Music Mod (LE Link and SE link). Make sure the No Combat Music plugin is on the bottom of the Personalized Music Plugin. Optional but recommended if you don't want the music getting interrupted.
    3. Then install my file.
    4. Now get your dancing shoes and light sticks and prepare to rave like it's the 2000's all over again.
    Note: You can actually skip installing a No Combat Music mod if you still want combat music, it will still work. I just don't have any combat music set up and I like not getting my jam interrupted.
    Note: The file has been extracted into 3 parts (because of size limit).

    Personalized Music (Iinks above)
    No Combat Music (links above, Optional but preferred if you don't want getting the music interrupted from time to time)



  18. Jenna Redguard not stand alone

    Jenna Redguard 2.1se

    Uses default body and textures
    Now Available with KS-Amor SMP Wig for SSE only
    standard SSE and LE versions still available
    Credit to WodoOfSkyrim
    other plugins will not work properly or at all with ks or le version of jenna
    HDT SMP Physics and KS SMP Wigs SSE must also be installed
    for a more versatile look for your game i recommend Wodo's Xing (Dint) Physics Wig Outfitter and NPC Outfitter for KS Hairdos HDT SMP 

    A Great Defender And Warrior

    I have updated my Jenna and have uploaded the new plugin for you all to try

    ks smp wigs version
    Jenna Is now  ready for SSE
    LE version still available ......... download Jenna-82274-1-0.7z for LE version

    original SSE Version

    LE version pictured here
    These are my personal creations do not upload these as yours on any site
    these are showcase videos featuring  mods I installed from  this website (XXX)
    Hot Brew
    Cold to Hot
    Hot to Cold Too!
    Ironbind..In Deeper
    this is a dragon fight with Jenna and Jordis
    Comments on videos welcome
    Your textures and ENB will affect how she looks but I do not use ENB.....all screenshots are from both SSE and LE thank you for the continued downloads I hope you enjoy her!






    Jenna !!! for your enjoyment ...she will like you !!!
    awaiting your beck and call at the bannered mare !
    please rate !!!!



    not sure she can talk with that in her mouth




























    i don't think running is an option

    She will take it any way you can manage to give it!




  19. Prison Overhaul Patched

    Prison Overhaul Patched (POP) replaces the original Prison Overhaul V033 (PO).

    Required Mods (this mod will not work without these and their dependencies) SexLab Zaz Animation Pack 8+ SkyUI (5.1 or later) PapyrusUtil 3.3 or later Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice Skyrim Utility Mod Dawnguard Dragonborn  
    Optional Mods (more features available with these and their dependencies) Devious Devices - Equip (DDe/DDE) Simple Slavery Death Alternative xVASynth Based Mod Voicification   Install
    If you have PO installed, it must be uninstalled for POP to work properly now.  Always use the latest version of SUM. Uninstall the previous POP version, then install the latest version overwriting everything. Versioning
    For example, given version No. 1.2.3
    A change in,
    3 -> Patch, can be installed on the previous version (uninstall the old, then install the new).
    2 -> Content update, clean save is recommended. 
    1 -> Major update, clean save required, new save recommended. 

    Skyrim Special Edition Conversion (SE)
    Provided by @Herowynne. Available in the download section.
    See here for release notes.   Stuff For Modders
    See post No. 2 in the support thread.
    Update Log



  20. Cute Forces (Genshin Impact Mod)

    Hello because I was bored and playing genshin at the time so I thought why not port some mmd models to skyrim and wala here we are 2 months later.

    This mod will be a companions/race mod. You can have them as followers and play as the race.
    All of them except yaoyao and sayu will have their english voice. other languages will not be made. (probably)

    I tried to give them skyrim (vanilla) versions of their talents and stuff some work others do not. sayu was before she was even announced and her before her skills were leaked, so she has nothing related to her beta talents. Yaoyao just has poison.

    The mod will require RaceCompatibility https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24168
    Now the followers are a bit op as all my mods are. You can find each character in their own cell, they will not be put in the same place.

    Qiqi is underground and summonable (The Midden)
    She has a 2 recipes in order to summon her at the alter.

    Figure out the blanks or watch the videos
    Klee is in prison, you have to break her out. (Whiterun)

    Diona is traveling with some other cat like folks in caravans (All over the map)
    If you cannot not find her, heres her ref ID 000501AA.

    Sayu is in the blue palace. (Solitude)

    Yaoyao is stuck inside the temple of kynareth. (Whiterun)
    Paimon is located deep underwater just ahead of guardian stones (near riverwood)

    I made alot of screenshots but there's too many so I made it downloaded if you wanted to look at them and I made videos of the mod. Only two are really needed, the rest is optional.

    Also the mod was made for skyrim 2011 so special edition will not work with it and converting it will take some times as well, as its not a simple port. I get texture errors.

    Version 1.1+
    Added paimon, lumine and aether (voice only)
    Paimon will have some follower voice lines but no combat lines
    Lumine and Aether will have combat lines but no follower lines. (May change later)
    Paimon can be found underwater just ahead of guardian stones (near riverwood) in the center of the lake. she's hard to spot with all the grass.
    Lumine is not in the world, shes just a support summon for paimon. aether has no model yet.
    Klee has modeled bombs and a new bomb spell.
    Paimon is playable along with her floating mode (lesser power). to use it fully enable Playable Monster Mod and Atronach Flame Anims
    Paimon can switch from walking to floating
    Added lumine facial animations.

    Version 1.1.1 SE Test

    Not a real update.
    Cute forces in sse problems:
    paimon head is missing
    everyone is brown
    inverted normals
    basically everything

    Version 1.1.5

    Added sayus new model and couple new voice lines, not finished.
    Thats it. No, she cannot roll.
    no sse beta test version.
    Version 1.2
    - Added some spells from Elemental Destruction. For now ED is required until its not. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69474?tab=files
    - Added aether model(no face animation yet)
    - Some tweaks here and there such as cooldowns on shouts and klees abusive firebombs.
    - Traveller will spawn between different elements such as "hydro" and "Anemo". ED helps with the new spells
    - Sayus hood should be changeable if she appears with her hood on or off. You just need a extra copy of her alternate hood.
    - Big and loud spamming spells such as klees big boom jumpy dumpty, will be limited to 12 seconds as mostly everyone who has a power spell.
    - Sayu should have more lines.(english)
    Version 1.3
    - Added amber, barbara, fischl, ganyu and hu tao. (No voice lines)
    - Hu tao can be found in the whiterun hall of dead. The rest are just standing in dragonsreach.
    - (Change Outfit)
    - (Wait another year for a update)
    Version 1.4
    - Added Keqing, Kokomi, Mona, Noelle, Sucrose, Xiangling, Xinyan, Yae, Yanfei, and Yoimiya.
    - Yae is in whiterun, Xinyan is in the bards college.
    - The rest is in dragonsreach.
    - Sayu was moved to outside the blue palace.
    - Added a cheat sheet to summon qiqi easier.
    - Added a few pet summons
    - No Males
    - No content
    Version 1.4.1
    - Maid outfit. nothing else.. no physics either. ass clipping
    Version 1.5
    - All characters will have their models updated. Females will be using unp bodies and will support more clothes. Head support is not available. 
    - Aether(Male) will be using whatever male body mod you have installed. Head support is not available. 
    - If you want more males, I would suggest going here. They won't be the same quality as mine though, just saying. https://arca.live/b/tullius/45420215
    - Each female "skeleton" will have their own default body option. 
    - Example: Klee, Hu Tao and Yae will not share the same default body. but they all share the same kinda body. I didn't change them yet.
    - New characters: Dori and Kusaloli. Dori will be a shop, a follower and will have eng va. Dori will sell gear from this mod. She also gets 4 versions of her slime summon.
    - Kusa is a clone of yaoyao basically but she has no voice. Changes to her can be made later.
    - Dori will be in belethors shop and Kusa will be in same shrine with yaoyao.
    - Fischl's summon changed into Oz.
    Version 1.5.1 
    - Minor fixes,
    - Dori textures increased to 2k.
    - Kusaloli bottom skirt glows..
    - Neck texture fix?
    - Adult body model changed into unp slim.
    Version 1.5.1 SSE "Test"
    - Textures are broken
    - Meshes converted
    - Textures compressed to bc7
    - Neck and body don't match
    - It just works.
    - If you know how to fix all this shoot me a dm or whatever.



  21. Being a Cow (Alternate Version)

    With 2.0, utilize caution when installing on a running game with a version below 1.9G (see new features spoiler for 1.9G below)!
    This mod is a partial redevelopment of Being a Cow by @skyrimfet to whom we owe the base version and most of the ideas. Some years ago he has stopped working on it and I started making some changes on my own and rewriting most of the base scripts to significantly decrease script load and CTD rate. Since then I added some content - mostly mutations - and cleaned up the quests (thanks to @GuruSR for the milk pump activation code). Also, new meshes have been introduced thanks to @Addywil.
    SE conversion thanks to @evilbom.If current version LE > SE, check this post.
    So, what is this about? Well, its a bovine transformation mod for female characters. It won't work well on non humanoid races and it supports custom races with some attention from your side. It requires MilkMod Economy and starts the transformation around the time when the first milking occurs. There are some small quests to find out about your fate.
    Requirements (SE users need to find the corresponding SE mod, unless otherwise stated):
    SKSE Sexlab Devious Devices - Assets Sexlab Aroused or Sexlab Aroused Redux ZaZ Animation Pack 8.0+ (SE version) MilkMod Economy (BAC can be installed without MME but will not start). Make sure to install MME with the option to utilize ZaZ milk pumps (tick either "No Sandbox" or "Sandbox"). Else BAC quests will be stuck. NiOverride or RaceMenu BodySlide to generate the dynamic meshes PapyrusUtil Fuz Roh D'oh (SE verion) and/or Project Echo Voice Pack (see optional files below)  
    Quad2Core's inventory functions (SE version, don't use with Skyrim AE [v1.6+]!) (makes the single transformation processing much faster and thus immersive) Schlongs of Skyrim (to query for some sex partner attributes regarding one mutation, if not available, this mutation will only work with creatures) Sexlab Inflation Framework (some things are not available if not found) SlaveTats (will not be used by this mod but the cow tats are made available for SlaveTats) MilkAddict (to help you discover your new bovine identity) PowerOfThree's Papyrus Extender (SE version) (to help retain face textures on CowHead mutation and better randomizer) Expressive Facegen Morphs (SE version) (to be able to adjust teeth and oral section to the large head, you'll then need to edit data\SKSE\plugins\chargen.ini (LE) or skee64.ini (SE) and change [FaceGen]
    to be able to move the Teeth-* and Oral-* sliders that appear in RaceMenu far enough)
    Project Echo Voice Pack (for fully synth voiced dialogue v1.9F1)
    @skyrimfet for the original mod and the idea @GuruSR for the milk pump activation code during scenes @Addywil for the awesome ears and udders and whatever else is to come to all those people already quoted in Being a Cow  
    Optional Files:
    Beastess_Beast_Sneak_noEsp.7z: Sneak Animations on all fours originally from Beastess mod, just hkx files, no esp needed.  
    The tats are not appearing/partially appearing/body is blue Check your slavetats folder unter data\textures\actors\character\SlaveTats\bac. Even if you don't have SlaveTats installed, that's where the tat textures are located Check data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini. Enable face tats and make sure you have enough tat slots available on all body parts
      The quest furniture is not appearing Make sure you have the correct version of ZaZ installed (see above)
      The Hammerheart quest is starting but then nothing happens / Errors in papyrus.log like "Error: Property Cows not found on bac_actor. Aborting call and returning None stack" You probably have the loose scripts from the original version of BAC still lying around. They are no longer compatible. Remove all files matching patterns bac*.pex, pf_bac*.pex, qf_bac*.pex, and sf_bac*.pex from data\scripts if you're using Mod Organizer 2, check this post. The fur/mutation tats are not appearing/stop appearing You probably have too few slots assigned to overlays in data\SKSE\plugins\nioverride.ini (LE) or skee64.ini (SE). Make sure you change those settings in the file: section [Overlays] bEnableFaceOverlays to 1 instead of 0 section [Overlays/Body] iNumOverlays to 30 instead of 6 section [Overlays/Hands] iNumOverlays to 20 instead of 3 section [Overlays/Feet] iNumOverlays to 20 instead of 3 section [Overlays/Face] iNumOverlays to 20 instead of 3  
    Install with mod manager of your choice, Do not forget to run BodySlide to (batch) generate all the dynamic meshes.



  22. OsmelMC Mod Tweaks

    My Mod Tweaks, Patch and Fixes
    This is a collection of mods that are mostly fixes to existing mods made by Other Mod Authors . I claim no credit for any of the tweaked mods. All credit goes to the original mod authors. Please note that I'm too lazy to make my ones but not too lazy to fix minor issues in mod's i like to use. If there's a problem with anything here just drop me a message and I'll take down the file in question or anything else that needs to be done. Also know that I'm not seeking to "take over" maintenance of any mod; in fact i usually send my changes to original Mod Authors with the hope they include in the next update and in that case remove from this page. Unless otherwise stated the tweaks posted here are only for the specific version of the mod it applies to and the original mod is required. I can't guarantee compatibility if a mod gets updated so pay attention to the version number usually the original mod version related to my tweak/patch is the last release before my tweak/patch easy to know because the version of my files are the date of the last change make to the files with the mask (year-month-day).

    All contained code and assets are subject to:
    Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike GPLv3  
    Please remember to endorse the original mod author for their hard work without which the content here would not been possible.
    *************** WARNING  ***************
    Some of the tweaks here like the SexLab Aroused Creatures provide conversions from SE to LE and in those cases the SE version is usually required, so paid special attention to the installation instructions of each mod on this page.
    +++++++ SexLab Utility Plus +++++++
    Mod Description:
    The main intention is Fix small issues left behind in "SexLab Framework v1.62" like the Actor Alignment, and put together other's fixes and patches make by different Authors on few Mod's already existing.
    This mod also:
    Include optional filters to correct animations to be compatible with "ZaZAnimationPack" and "Devious Devices - Assets" devices, solving the compatibility problem between ZaZ and DDI; enterally compatible with the ZaZ and DDI animation system and work better together improve the response time but not required.
    Include option to allow Actors to find a hidden place to have sex.
    Enhance the SortActors functions to sort the actors or creatures positions based on the current animation positions.
    Can handle Futa actors and Futa tagged animations filtering the animations and placing the Futa actors on the correct actor position.
    Include optional filters to correct animations gender positions and prevent Male x Male Vaginal.
    Include option to strip chance % for each individual items on "Strip Editor" (bigger the % value --> bigger the chance of get striped)
    Include Animation Cache and others changes taken from the SexLab AE 1.64.
    Increase the max animations count for the "Extra" version to 1250. thanks to Swe-DivX (For more capacity check his mod)
    Include option to incorporate furniture detection like chair or torture devices on "Extra" version. To prevent animation out of context and actor find the close match furniture to use as reference point. to start the animation (recommended remove furniture animation objects files from animations or install animations without the Furniture objects to prevent furniture clipping)
    Skyrim LE SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62
    Skyrim SE SexLab Framework v1.63 
    Skyrim AE SexLab Framework v1.64 (Warning: The SexLab GitHub version on development can be used but juts the version compiled before the release date of your SLU+)
    For teeth issues on the open mouth "Expressive Facial Animation"
    For Futa actors is recomended use Mod like "Schlongs of Skyrim - SexLab Addon" to help with the futa detection.
    SexLab Utility Plus may be incompatible with mods who change the same files on "SexLab Framework". And those compatible is because are already included inside this Utility. 
    Warning: The SexLab GitHub version on development can be used but juts the version compiled before the release date of your SLU+.
    * Compatible with "SexLab Separate Orgasm" (ensure to override the SLSO files with My SexLab Utility Plus. work fine without SLSO too)
    * Compatible with "SexLab Survival Open Mouth"
    Normal version:
    Download the last "SexLab Utility Plus" install file from the downloads Install the using some Mod Manager (select any of the not "Extra and Patch" option in the install assistant) Make sure none mod override some of my files. If you are on saved game probably need to "Reset Animation Registry" on SexLab MCM to start the cache and load the filter Tags of "Toggle Animations" Extra version:
    Download the last "SexLab Utility Plus" install file from the downloads Install the using some Mod Manager (select the "Extra and Patch" option in the install assistant) Make sure none mod override some of my files. (This is the most important thing to do because the consequence if not go from CTD to Actors getting atom size) Open you save game and in the SexLab MCM last page. Export the Configuration Execute the Clean System option to update the last changes. (If not will get errors or not execute some function or animations) Wait few minutes until the Clean process get completed. Import the previously exported configuration  
    * Recommended "Disabled" the Debug option on SexLab MCM to gain CPU speed.
    Stop all the animations threads in the SexLab MCM Save and close the game Remove the "SexLab Utility Plus" files  Open the saved game Execute the "Clean System" option in the SexLab MCM. Wait few minutes until the process finish and Save the game.  
    How Work:
    In SexLab Framework MCM on "Animation Settings" page are located the new options ("Use Hidding Place", "Use Furnitures", "Filter Gender Tags Animations", "Filter Devious Devices Compatible Animations", "Filter ZaZ Devices Compatible Animations", "Filter Fetish Tags Animations", "Wait Idles", ) Use Hidden Place:  If "Enabled" sets whether you want to use a nearby "Hidden Place" whenever starting an animation. Useful when sex in public is a crime. If the player is part of the scene will show you a Message Windows to allow you walk by yourself to a hidden place instead of the automatic process. To avoid unnecessary waiting the automatic process will be ignored if some of the Actors is detected as nude. The message options are: No: Will continue with the automatic process. Warning the automatic search functions are less than smart and can lead to unwanted outcomes. Yes: Will allow you walk by yourself to the wanted destination and once there will search the nearest furniture if the furniture options are enabled. Is the best option if you want to be hidden and is a good way to avoid some heavy process. This is fine!: Use the current player position as center reference for the scene and will search the nearest furniture if the furniture options are enabled. Is a good way to avoid some heavy process without walk. Let them see!: Temporally disable the hidden place functions for this scene. Is a good way to avoid some heavy process if you don't care to be seed. Use Furnitures:  If "Enabled" sets whether you want to use a nearby "Furniture" whenever starting a new animation and automatically remove furniture animations incompatible with the current furniture status. (For better results use my SLATE patch to properly assign furniture tags to animations) Example: If the first animation in list have "Chair" tag the actor will find the close furniture Chair to start the animation over the furniture. If one of the actors are using one restrictive furniture like Rack or XCross then the animation result will be one with the matched tag. The actual register tags are: Chair, Throne, Bench, BenchTable, Table, Counter, Workbench, AlchemyWorkbench, EnchantingWorkbench, Coffin, Wall, Pillory, Rack, Pole, XCross, TiltedWheel, RPost1, RPost2, RPost3, RPost4, RPost5, RPost6, WoodenHorse, ShackleWall, Stockade, HorizontalPole. Chair are all the one place chair without side arms. Throne are all the one place chair and throne with side arms. Bench are all the Benches with two places to sit and without back or side arms. BenchTable are the Tables that come with one or more benches without back or side arms usually founded on the Inn's. Table are the normal sized Round and Square Tables, some of the Dwarven Tables and the Invisible "LeanTableMarker" furniture easy to recognize because like the walls the NPC's use it to lean over the table and some surfaces. Counter are the invisible "CounterLeanMarker" furniture's and looks like the "LeanTableMarker" but are higher and usually placed on the bar counters (by the way to avoid alignment and collisions issues the visible bar counter is not detected) Workbench are more smaller surfaces like End and Night Tables or the Blacksmith Workbench that for his since don't allow most of the Table animations. If the animation is tagged as "Workbench" and "Table" the filters will show those animations on tables and workbench but if only have one of the tags then will be showed just on the matching furniture. AlchemyWorkbench and EnchantingWorkbench are in fact Table animations but for now just are showed over the Alchemy or Enchanting Workbench. Wall are mostly Invisible Walls type furniture existing in the game usually over a visible wall (they usually are not playable but can be identified because the NPC used it to rest), also include restrictive walls from ZaZ and the Tanning Rack. Filter Gender Tags Animations:  If "Enabled" scenes will automatically filter and sort the actors position to fit with the current animation, unless doing so would result in the scene having no animations at all. Useful if you are using mods how start SexLab animations without proper check the genders of the actors involved. Example: If you have Male actor in first position and Female actor in second position the allowed tag will be "MF" and in case you have "Enabled" "Females Use Strap-ons" animation settings option too, the allowed tag will be "MF", "MM" because in that case Female can be treated as Male too, the rest of the animation without those tags will be removed from the current animation list. Also if you have only Male actors involved in the animation then all the animations tagged as "Vaginal" all the animation with "Vaginal" tag will be removed from the current animation list. Filter Devious Devices Compatible Animations: If "Enabled" scenes incompatible with current equipped Devious Device will be automatically remove. This option can coexist with the original Devious Devices Animation System and the "Filter ZaZ Devices Compatible Animations" option improve the response time because Devious Devices Integration check and change the animations list once the animations already started taken more that 2x the time for the animation start. This speed up the start in more of the 70% on cases on Devious Device are equipped because my way do the job before the animation start and use one internal function of SexLab already existing who remove animations from the list if tags don't match. Also if you you have installed  Devious Devices Integration and ZaZ Animation Pack you should know his Animations Systems are not compatible and if you active one then you must deactivated the other leaving you without check for the others devices; in that case you could activate my option to keep checking both types devices because my options are completely compatible with both mods. Filter ZaZ Devices Compatible Animations: If "Enabled" scenes incompatible with current equipped ZaZ Device will be automatically remove. This option can coexist with the original ZaZ Animation Pack Animation System and the "Filter Devious Devices Compatible Animations" option improve the response time because ZaZ Animation Pack check and change the animations list once the animations already started taken more that 2x the time for the animation start. This speed up the start in more of the 70% on cases on ZaZ Device are equipped because my way do the job before the animation start and use one internal function of SexLab already existing who remove animations from the list if tags don't match. Also if you you have installed  ZaZ Animation Pack and Devious Devices Integration you should know his Animations Systems are not compatible and if you active one then you must deactivated the other leaving you without check for the others devices; in that case you could activate my option to keep checking both types devices because my options are completely compatible with both mods. Filter Fetish Tags Animations: If "Enabled" scenes incompatible with current actor type or profession will be automatically remove. (For better results use my SLATE patch to properly assign fetish tags to animations) Example: Animations tagged as "Vampire" only show with Vampire actors in the active role. Animations tagged as "Mage" only show with Mage actors in the active role. (Include "Warlock, Necromancers, Ghosts, Spell Sealer, College of Winterhold Faction") Animations tagged as "Alchemy" only show with Alchemy's actors in the active role. (Include "Apothecary, Alchemy Trainer") Animations tagged as "Necro" only show with Dead or Unconscious actors in the passive role at least the scene be specifically calling for Necro Animations in which case the actors won't be checked.  Wait Idles: If "Enabled" the actors will make few Animations Idles on the long waiting time between some functions that take to mosh (the Idles don't add extra time so are the best way to make more immersive the waiting) FadeToBlack: If "Enabled" and the Player is active actor in the SexLab Animation will apply a Fade effect on unnatural situations like the actors teleport or actors alignment. OpenMouth & Lip Sync Advanced Options: Those options placed on the "Expression Editor" page allow you take the deep control over the Moaning and the OpenMouth. Ahegao:   
    Also exist three toggle option to take in count ("Match Creature Genders", "Race/Gender Specific Adjustments" and "Even Actors Height") the combination of these affect the structure of the "Animation Profile"  
    1.  SexLab Aroused Creatures SE/LE v04.08 (Tweak) include:  
    Include all the changes and fixes from the original SE v04.08. Add compatibility with Creature x Creature animations (need CC animations like Horny Creatures of Skyrim) Add compatibility with SD+ (Crawling = Invite) Add extra compatibility with SexLab Utility Plus Add Check SexLab Skill Lewd Level off the NPC Victim in consensual Sex ( greatest Lewd "Sexual Perversion" --> more engage probabilities)  Add Configuration Toggle button to control the Lewd and Stamina Check on NPC's wen are pursuit. Add "Female Horse also Refuse" option to allow disable the refusal event for female horses and that way can make the female horses easier to mount than males. (Of course if all your horses have the same gender this is useless and should be Enabled to avoid issues) Detect the real actors dimensions, mass and strength allowing better Pursuit and Aggressor Rejected system. So now not longer need the Allowed Creatures options to prevent Chicken raping NPCs and the creature need to capture for real the NPC.  
    * To Install the tweak first install the original SE version even if is for LE, then patch with my this tweak and run FNIS. For LE make sure of select the LE option on the installation. If you have any issue with the configuration you can load the included "Setting Profile 05" and start from there.
    ** This is a patch, still need the original SE mod to work.
    *** Made for the SE v04.03 but I usually keep the last Tweaked version for the previous original versions on the Download. 
    **** Work over LE and SE without problem. Just follow the instructions to install it.
     1.1.  SexLab Aroused Creatures LE v04.0 Beta 10 (Tweak) include:  
    Include all the changes and fixes from the SE v04 Beta 10 (this is one LE version of the original SE) Fixed few minors issues on original mod add compatibility with Creature x Creature animations; if activate: Creatures always prefer Creatures over NPC (need CC animations like Horny Creatures of Skyrim) add a pop to resist to the aggressor Creatures (try to resist low the stamina of the victim and the aggressor in proportion) add compatibility with SD+ (Crawling = Invite) add Check SexLab Skill Lewd Level off the NPC Victim in consensual Sex ( greatest Lewd "Sexual Perversion" --> more engage probabilities)  add Configuration Toggle button to control the Lewd and Stamina Check on NPC's wen are pursuit.  
    ** This is a patch, still need the original mod to work.
    *** Compatible with the SE v04 Beta 10 original.
    2.  SexLab Aroused v28b (Tweak) include:
    Include a function step to check for the Sexlab "Sexual Purity" for “Neutral/Virgins” on Unique Actors (Player and some NPC's). Keeping the Arousal of Neutral/Virgins Actors less that 36 before losing the said virginity. This is to prevent the Player and Unique NPC's from being the victim’s of automatic sexual interactions like dialogs or rape from other mods before the requirement is met. Include detection of each Actor Orgasm events beside the Orgasm Event trigged at the end of the scene. Update few SexLab deprecated functions.  
    *** Also compatible with the SE versions
    ** This is a patch, still need the original mod to work. Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version or
    3.  Private Needs Discreet v1.20(Tweak) include: 
    Fixed NPC behaviors (now do his needs on time) Fixed Undressing and Redressing (Compatible with SexLab) Added detect when others mods execute a relive animation on NPC and update de internal Needs variables Added Bathing in Skyrim Compatibility Added Dialog to persuade NPC Follower to relive his needs Added Debuff to player to compelling relive needs. Bloated Debuff wen pass %95 off PC Bowels capacity, reduce Speed Swollen Debuff wen pass %95 of PC Bladder capacity, reduce Magic and  Stamina regeneration  
    ***This is a major FIX for PND v1.9 not longer need the main file. (The NPC Effects can take some time to refresh once updated the the mod)
    ****Don't forget run FNIS once installed to register the Animations
    4.  SOS Pubic Hair for Females and Males Addon (Mod) include:
    Change the modify the meshes, textures and script to use NiOverride. Fix color script (Work on NPC's too). BodySlide to CBBE with Belly (in the next days plan to upload the CBBE with out Belly) (Need generate the meches from the include BodySlide to work) BodySlide to UUNP with Belly (in the next days plan to upload the UUNP without Belly) (Recommended)  
    **The new version is for SE but the BodySlide here can be used for the LE at less for females
    ***Not compatible with most of the others meshes replacement because the meshes need Shade Type Property set on Default
    5.  Milk Mod Economy (Tweak) include: 
    Modify the weight of the milk to more immersion (Strong Milk is more heavy and Week Milk is less heavy). The Lactacid recover some Sleep Points in RND when you are to tired. The Succubus not longer produce Cum's bottles (to prevent eat you on cum) already included on original mod. Change the HF recipes to more realistic one.  
    ** This still need the original mod to work.
    *** The version date of my tweak is related to the previous original mod release (usually only work with the last original mod release previous my tweak release)
    6.  SLATE (Patch) include: 
    Make SLATE compatible with Creatures Animations Added furniture's Tag's Added creature animation sets  and Tags Correct the standards animation sets and Tags Added Tags compatible with the latest changes on "SexLab Utility Plus" Added Cleaning functions and "Registered Animation Only" option in the ActionLog file import section. Include option to show the progress of the current task even after save and load the game. (if the task take too long, is safe keep playing as usual)  
    * Possible conflict if Human Animation and Creature Animation share the same name (low possibility but possible)
    ** This need the original mod to work. (The original of BeamerMiasma is for LE and can't be used on SE without extract the BSA file so the link will send you to the SE conversion that work fine on LE and SE)
    7.  SexLab Adventures (Tweak) include: 
    Added the "None" choice for the Rape "Strip Type" option to allow disable the pre strip Scene Enhanced the Proximity Rape collision system. Include Proximity Rape Struggle option with Actors Mass Straight calculation Include the Min Distance option for the Proximity Rape Struggle. New Fixed few small issues on the original Mod.  
    ** This need the original Mod to work
    8.  FNIS Sexy Move (Patch) include: 
    Include compatibility with "Devious Devices" and "ZaZ Animation Pack" to prevent conflict with the Restrained Walk Idles Fix a small issues on the original Mod.  
    ** This need the original Mod from Nexus to work



  23. Curly Lykaios Tails

    A new curly tail for the Lykaios race.

    What you get:
    There are two versions to choose from.
    Replacer: Gives all Lykaios the new curly tails in place of the original wolf tails.
    Standalone: Adds the tails as an equippable item that can be worn. The tails were intended for the Lykaios race, but it can be worn on other races as well. 
    The tails will take on whatever skin tint you have. Be aware that the skin tinting on other races will not be exactly the same as the Lykaios.
    How to get them:
    In the standalone version you can get the tails in three ways.
    1. Use AddItemMenu
    2. Type help "curly" in the console
    3. Craft the tails at a tanning rack. You only need a single wolf pelt.
    HS-Dog: For the original Shiba model where the tails were taken from.



  24. Poses and Animations List

    Hi everyone!
    This is not a mod, per se, it is merely lists with or without pictures of poses from various sources because for some reason, many pose/animation makers don't provide useful names or handy charts to show you what poses/animations do what.
    There are no actual poses or animations here: this is simply text descriptions or pictures to help you find the poses you want without having to click through a thousand of them.
    Currently uploaded:
    FNIS Idles (come with FNIS)
    Halo poses: https://dysintropi.me/
    Halo Pairs
    Halo Pinup Action
    Halo Pinup Dramatic
    Halo Pinup Ex (2 files)
    Halo Pinup Ex2
    Halo Pinup Ex3
    Halo Pinup Ex4
    Halo Pinup Ex5 (note: poses 10, 15, 18, and 24 were blank)
    Halo Pinup for Men
    Halo Pinup Other 1
    Halo Pinup Other 2
    Halo Pinup SNSD
    Halo Pinup Standing 1 (2 files)
    Halo Pinup Standing 2 (2 files)
    Halo Pinup Standing 3 (2 files)
    Kinoko (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58394)
    One more note on the files: these are the BMP screenshots directly  from the game. I didn't take the time to format them other than to do a little cropping. 
    No more of this crap! XD




  25. Generated voice pack for Treasure Hunter Whore

    Voices for:
    Installation: Just install with your favorite mod manager like you would any other mod. 
    Thanks to DoubleCheeseburger for his script to extract voice lines, and thanks to Dan Ruta for xVaSyth.  @Tyrant99 for the original mod, @Herowynne for testing.
    P.S: I also welcome requests if you want something voiced. I'm particularly interested in quest mods but other stuff is fine too. 



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