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    1. Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62 - UPDATED Jun 3rd 2016

      Skyrim SexLab (SSL) v1.62
      An adult animation framework  

      ----- Description --------------------------------------------------------------
      Skyrim SexLab, is intended to serve as a unifying resource for modders to pull animations from to aid them in development of adult themed mods, without having to going through the complex scripting work it takes by themselves. A modder is provided with a wealth of tools and functions they can call that will aid them in creating their own mod.
      As it is intended as a resource mod that other mods can pull from to use for adult animations. This mod does NOTHING by itself, and requires a separate mod to make use of the resources provided.
      ----- Frequently Asked Questions -------------------------------------------
      ----- Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------
      Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) REQUIRES SKSE 1.7.3 OR NEWER
      Fores New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS) REQUIRES FNIS 5.4.2 OR NEWER
      FNIS Creature Pack version 5.2 or newer is required only if you want creature animation support in SexLab, otherwise it is not required. If you get a warning in game about not having 5.2 installed despite having installed it. You have without exception, installed it incorrectly. You can either ignore the warning and keep using SexLab like normal if everything working anyway, or do the smart thing and figure out what's wrong with your FNIS install so the warning will leave you alone.
      If you dislike SkyUI for some reason, you can also install SkyUI-Away on top of it. It may work fine with older versions if you refuse to upgrade to 5.0 for whatever reason. You do so at your own risk.
      An actor skeleton mod such as XPMSE2 or XPMSE3

      Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch OR the individual applicable patches Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire Unofficial Patch
      This is not a hard requirement and can be skipped, it has been known to fix some problems people have had related to SexLab however and there is little to no reason to not be using them anyway. If you choose to not use the Unofficial Patches for whatever reason, expect to be browbeat about not having them when posting your load order in the troubleshooting section.
      ----- Basic Installation Procedure ------------------------------------------

      After properly installing SKSE, SkyUI, and FNIS as listed above, follow these steps.
      Download the latest full framework pack & install it using your mod manager of choice (Mod Organizer highly preferred.) Run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe tool. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (very likely, if you don't you should. See: XPMSE2 or XPMSE3) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. DO NOT ignore any warnings or errors you see in the FNIS window. Activate the SexLab.esm file in your list of active mods. Load or start a new save game in Skyrim and navigate to the Mod Configuration menu titled "SexLab" Check that you meet the requirements on the left pane and then click the Install option in the top right. NOTE: Some of the checks you'll see there are only soft dependencies, or can be a false-negative. If the Install button is clickable for you, just go ahead and continue. [*]Close all menus and stand still until the install finishes, it can take a few minutes.

      ----- Basic Update Procedure -------------------------------------------------
      Download the latest full framework archive, if you are using a version older than 1.60, you will need the full archive, otherwise you will only need the update patch. Extract the updated framework/patch into your Skyrim's data folder, or if using Mod Organizer (like you should be) then merge the files ontop of an existing MO mod install for SexLab Framework. (optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) Disable ALL SexLab related mods except for SexLab.esm and any that are absolutely required or disabling will mean losing progress on in some way. Navigate to your Skyrim's data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users folder and run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe utility. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (if you dont, you should) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. Load your save game and you should see a notification that SexLab is updating and/or installing, it will then go through the update process. If you were using a version of SexLab such as 1.59c or older, you will not get this notification and will instead need to go into the SexLab MCM and click the Install button. [*]Wait 1-2 minutes, until you see a notification that says SexLab has finished updating and/or installing [*]Wait another 30 seconds or so and then perform a quick test animation either via the SexLab MatchMaker mod or by starting one via the animation editor. [*]Assuming the test animation was successful, save your game with the update now fully applied, you should see the appropriate version number listed on the last page of the SexLab MCM. [*](optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) if you followed step 3, you should now reinstall all the SexLab mods you disabled, ensuring you are using the latest version of each. For best results reinstall them one at a time and make sure they are functional with the new version of SexLab before reinstalling the next one.

      ----- Creature Use Instructions -----------------------------------------

      If you want to use creature animations, you will need to follow some extra installation instructions.
      Install the latest FNIS and the latest FNIS Creature Pack if you have not yet, both of which are available on the FNIS Download page Run GenerateFNISforUsers and click the big "Update FNIS Behavior" button. After it finishes patching, you should see 2 lines, "Create Creature Behaviors ..." and BELOW that "Reading SexLabCreature ..." Load your Skyrim save Navigate to the SexLab Mod Configuration menu and go to the first available settings page, "Animation Settings" Check the box for "Allow Creature Animation" so that it is in a toggled on state (the box is filled instead of empty) You will need to install mod that lets you start animations with creatures, as SexLab Framework does not start any animations by itself. SexLab MatchMaker works with creatures, and is the more straight forward of means to start creature animations. For others, look through the download page for SexLab mods with creature support
      ----- Suggestions -----------------------------------------------------------------

      Since SexLab is largely a sex animation mod, you will likely want nude male and female bodies.
      While the mod does come with a nudesuit option to use in place of installing actual nude body mods, that remains an imperfect solution and is provided only for the sake of completeness. It's use is actually strongly discouraged. I would remove the feature entirely if I didn't know a handful of people who throw a fit.
      There are many body mods to choose from, personally I use and suggest UUNP / CBBE Bodyslide and Schlongs of Skyrim Default/Average for males. If for some weird reason you absolutely refuse to use a real body replacer and insist on using the horrible nudesuits option instead, you can enable the option in SexLab's MCM settings and then install the default meshes and textures for it here: SexLab Default NudeSuit
      SexLab is a very script heavy mod, if you come across an issue in-game related directly to SexLab, the very first place you should look is unquestionably the Papyrus debug log, with just the tiniest amount of modding know how you should be able to track down the culprit from just glancing over the log, if you can't decipher it than it should be unquestionably the first thing you are posting in a request for help.
      A BBP enabled skeleton is also useful, as many of the animations include BBP support, though it is optional it is STRONGLY recommended. I'd suggest XPMSE2 or XPMSE3
      There is support for other strapons for females to use, but you will need to download and install them separately and run the "Rebuild Strapon List" option from the menu's Rebuild page if you install or remove any after loading the mod. The supported strapon mods are aeonflux88's strapon, Horker Tusk, Futa Equippable, Cozy & Rebels Equippable TG, & SOS Equipable Schlong
      If you want First Person animations, I highly recommend using the Immersive First Person View mod by h38fh2mf
      Stop using Nexus Mod Manager or no manager at all and start using Mod Organizer.
      In the likely event that you run more than just a handful of different mods, install and run LOOT when installing and updating mods.
      ----- Uninstalling ----------------------------------------------------------------
      To cleanly uninstall the mod, perform the following steps.
      With your current installation, go into MCM and select the "Rebuild & Clean" page. Click on the row that says "Clean System" You will be prompted to close all your current menus, do so. After closing your menus and being told the system clean is complete, save your game. Perform the uninstall procedure for any 3rd party SexLab mods you have installed. Quit the game. Disable SexLab.esm and any SexLab mods you have enabled in your load order
      ----- Changelog ----------------------------------------------------------------

      More detailed changelog at http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/commits/master
      User Relevant Changes / Additions:
      Increased install limit of animations to 500 (up from 375) Added option to entirely remove any use of scaling applied to actors anywhere in the sexlab. May cause or fix some graphical glitches for some people or prevent the occasional scaling related CTD. [*]Holding Shift+End while outside of a sexlab animation will now forcibly end all active sexlab animations being done by NPCs.
      Functionally the same as opening the SexLab MCM and clicking the debug option to stop all scenes, but with the bonus of not having to navigate through the MCM to do it. [*]Added an enable toggle to the animation editor in the MCM
      The animation editor in the MCM will default to showing the currently playing animation for player Makes it easier to disable an animation you don't like without having to find what it's name is and hunt it down in the MCM. [*]Added a count of how many character animations, creature animations, voices, and expressions sexlab has registered so far.
      In the MCM debug/rebuild page. Lets you see how close you are to approaching the limit of 500. [*]Added Dragonborn and Dawnguard beds to sexlabs list of automatically detected beds when starting an animation. [*]When setting the player or NPC's voice setting in the MCM, any currently playing animations involving them will automatically update to use their newly set voice.
      Makes it much easier to test/sample various voices and find one you like. [*]The name of the animation being played is now only sent to your notifications if you have debug mode enabled. It is otherwise only shown in your console. [*]Creatures and Characters can no longer have the other's voice applies to them. Werewolves can only use the werewolf voice type if they are currently a werewolf. [*]SexLab no longer checks for a creature pack install, since they are no longer separate downloads. [*]Various other major and minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

      Mod Creator Relevant Changes / Additions:
      Added a method of registering animations via JSON files (similar to SLAL) See /SKSE/Plugins/SexLab/Animations for details A tool to generate the JSON files based of an animator's hkx files was originally planned, unsure if I'll get to it now or not though. [*]Added functions for adding custom bed forms to sexlabs bed list, including defining custom offsets to use for aligning to that bed and/or defining whether or not it's a bedroll, double, or single bed.
      Intended for beds in name, but could easily be used for helping define animation alignment for furniture other than beds as well. [*]Added modevent "SexLabActorGenderChange(form actorform, int gender)" that gets sent whenever an actor has their gender/futa-ness overridden or override/futa-ness removed. [*]Added some requested config property accessors to the main API script related to creatures. [*]Fixed some bugs related to making an actor silent during a scene.

      FIXED: Animation starting a few feet floating in the air. FIXED: Actors "jittering" during animation FIXED: Player being stuck while trying to move the scene FIXED: Free camera being disabled when changing animations during the 1st stage NEW: Export/Import settings now also includes your customizations in the Strip Editor.
      NEW: Toggle to enable actors walking to the location of the scene instead of instantly teleport NEW: Support for creature voices + some default creature voices for the basic creature types NEW: The cum texture from animation can now double up on a single location. If a character already has the vaginal cum texture applied, the 2nd time it's applied it'll apply a messier more cum filled version NEW: A toggle option to set whether or not newly encountered NPC's will have their sex stats seeded or initialized as empty NEW: Can now set your targeted actor's forced gender from the SexLab MCM as well NEW: When swapping between actors to adjust the location for in an animation, the newly selected one will glow briefly to indicate which you now have selected NEW: Option to fully disable the use bed prompt / disable only when player is victim / always ask NEW: Frostfall 3.0 support, exposure will automatically pause during animation so you don't freeze to death. NEW: Added support for NiOverride High Heels under the same toggle that previously handled only HDT High Heels. ALTERED: AP animations are now disabled by default ALTERED: Creature animations are no longer a separate pack, because I'm tired of dealing with people who can't figure it out API: Further documentation and guides added to SexLabFramework.psc for modders API: Lots of new API additions for modders, most of which were requested by various modders at some point. Sorry if I forgot the one you requested - remind me again FIXED: Aggressive scenes wrongly getting non-aggressive animations or not being tagged as aggressive internally FIXED: Poor default positioning for various animations when played on a bed FIXED: Lip Sync has been heavily altered and is now more compatible with expressions FIXED: Various other bugs users have reported that I can't fully remember right now FIXED: Orgasm triggering instantly when scene starts and separate orgasms are enabled FIXED: Various issues related to async animations not starting properly, with some actors not playing their animation while others do FIXED: Lots of other stuff
      v1.60.2 hotfix 2:
      Added back in a copy of MfgConsoleFunc and reverted expression functions to use them instead of SKSE's native functions. Added a message in the MCM strip options to inform you what item you currently have equipped in a slot when you hover it Added a message in the MCM strip editor to inform you what slot masks an item uses when you hover over it. Raised the number of possible animations in a single scene from 100 to 125 Fixed an issue with character scale not being reset properly at the start of and during animation. Fixed an issue with weapons getting re-equipped in the wrong hand after animation. Fixed an issue with orgasm effects not triggering properly under certain conditions. Fixed an issue that caused items flagged in the strip editor as always/never strip to not be treated property during stripping. Fixed an issue with PapyrusUtil 3.0 that sometimes caused CTD during save load Fixed a bug with aggressive animation selection (thanks to user Random of Amber) Expanded the install fatal error to be more clear and provide some suggestions. Some misc performance improvements throughout the MCM and animation startup.
      v1.60.1 hotfix 1:
      Set actor storage preloading to no longer hold up the install process, and only occur once Added a check for if sexlab's files/quest have been overridden and prevent attempts to install with an error message Added a new schlong adjusting hotkey. Defaults to the 'C' key.
      The SKSE requirement has been bumped up to 1.7.3 beta (or newer if available by the time you're reading this) is now required. The FNIS requirement has been bumped up to 5.5 or newer On new or old installs, you must now manually start SexLab's install process from the SexLab MCM install page. If you wish to use creature animations, the creature animations are now in a separate archive and is no longer included by default. If you for some crazy reason insist on using the nudesuit's option, the meshes and textures for it have also been removed from the default archive. You can find a link to these meshes and textures in the main post, or by clicking here Animation, creature animation, voices, and expressions are all now capable of registering up to 350 unique items each - can be easily expanding in the future if we ever bump up against the limit again. 14+ new animations by various authors such as Leito, 4uDIK, 3jiou, Mitos, & Arrok. These are animations previous in the NSAP pack, more to be carried over to the default pack in future updates. New item strip editor in MCM. Select items you or a target actor have in their inventory that should always or never be stripped at the start of a scene, regardless of other strip settings. Creature animation scan now have specific genders defined for their creature roles. By default all genders are considered the same gender, this can be toggled via the new creature gender option in the MCM. The player and NPCs can now optionally have separate, multiple, orgasms as their enjoyment stat builds up over the course of an animation. This is an optional effect enabled in addition to the traditional orgasm effect on the last stage of animation that has been in previous versions. A new animation setting option in the MCM to forcibly filter out non gay or lesbian animations in a scene when appropriate. So for example, 2 females in a scene will generally not play a regular animation with strapon if other animations are available to them. Can toggle the players override gender directly from the SexLab animation settings MCM page, so players can easily set them selves as transgender, with "female" player characters being treated as "male" in the eyes of SexLab, or vice versa. You can now toggle the default behavior of the adjustment hotkeys between adjusting all stages (default) or only the currently stage being played. Whichever you set it to will flip the modifier ctrl modifier hotkey to perform the opposite when held in combination. When targeting an actor and viewing their stats in the SexLab Diary/Journal, you can press the reset stats button once to complete zero all their skills, and then when pressed a second time while all stats are still zero in order to re-seed their starting stats. A new "limited strip" option (disabled by default) that will cause the actors in a scene to default to using the foreplay/limited strip options you have set, if ALL animations in the scene being played consist of only oral and foreplay animations. HDT Hight Heel effects detected and disabled after character strip to remove the height offset. Automatically enabled if you have HDT HighHeels installed, but can be turned off in the MCM if you prefer actors to keep their height offset during SexLab animation. Pressing the Realign actors hotkey is now more forceful, making all actors completely reset their animation, re-calculate their positions, and start the current stage's timer over from the start. Holding down the rotate scene hotkey will now continually rotate the actors until let go, just as the other adjustment hotkeys have done for a few versions now. Much improved (in my experience) syncing between separate actor animations. Many, many bug fixes and performance improvements than I could possibly remember or even attempt to name. TONS of things not listed here intended for modders to do new things with, will be more clear once the updated API documentation is released.  

      ----- Modder's Guide -------------------------------------------------------------
      A modders guide to using the API can be partially found in scripts/sources/SexLabFramework.psc as well as here: http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/wikis/home
      WARNING: The API docs are currently fairly outdated in some spots for v1.60. It should be fine in most spots, but if you have any questions feel free to private message me or ask somewhere else and I'll answer soon as I'm able. Updating them is my top priority right now.
      If you are a mod developer looking to develop a mod using SexLab, feel free to contact me via private message and I will do everything I can to help you along and if possible upgrade the framework to fit your needs.
      ----- Future Plans ----------------------------------------------------------------
      See dedicated development thread
      ----- Credits -----------------------------------------------------------------------
      Scripting & Project Owner:
      SKSE Plugin:
      kapaer - Mfg Console
      Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp
      Arrok - BBP Animations
      JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution
      Athstai - Dark Investigations
      3jiou - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38317-3js-animations/
      Mitos - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/42217-mitos-animation-shop/
      Leito86 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39465-animations-by-leito-12915-new-animations/
      4uDIK - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38934-аnimations-for-sexlab/
      FalloutBoy2 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39160-animation-complete/
      Lovers with PK
      Calyp - Strapon
      oli3d - Bukkake Shaders
      4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit
      Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit
      Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures
      aravis7 - French
      CGi - German
      mswind - Chinese
      anonymous - Japanese
      fedim - Russian
      sh1ny - Russian
      holtof55 - Russian
      Huili - Russian
      RockMic - Italian
      NOTE: If you have an updated translation file or would like to translate or update one of the existing translations; send it to me or let me know if you have any questions about how.
      ----- Permissions -----------------------------------------------------------------
      You must ask my permission before distributing this base framework on any site other than LoversLab.com
      The animations themselves belong to the individual modders who made them, I am using them solely by their permission and/or stated open use policy. If you wish to repurpose them else where it is there permission you need and not mine.
      Unless you are contributing to the Git repository development branch, you are not allowed to edit any of the included scripts and resources except to translate the mod into another language.
      If you wish to translate the framework into another language, go right ahead, no need to ask. If you need it, I will provide you with as much support as I can to assist you with the translation process. Afterwards if you want to send me the translated file and I will package it with the releases, or you are free to release the translation file, and the translation file alone, however you wish.
      ----- Contacting Me --------------------------------------------------------------
      I will provide direct support to people via email and private message ONLY if you are a modder using the framework in your mod. People seeking support for using the mod contacting me this way will be, without hesitation, completely ignored. If you need support for the framework, use the thread or support section, I will answer such questions there and only there.



    2. Smooth Argonians

      -Smooth Argonians-
      240 GRIT!!
      This is my attempt to make argonians smoother while maintaining their scaly look.
      UNP\CBBE support for females and SOS support for males
      Because the vanilla npcs were designed around the vanilla textures *duh* I had to edit them to make them look alright with my textures, and that's what the esp is for. The esp also is also needed for the new feet model and the tail fix.
      Quirks about this-
      -the eye model has been replaced with a glowing one
      -the head model has been edited to make it less square and the neck less scrawny
      -the feet model has been replaced with the one from Bad Dog's "Yiffy Age of Skyrim"
      -optional human type feet models.
      -males have been given orange and red eye options and females have been given blue and sliver eye options
      -textures come in 4k (default) and 2k. (neither are compressed as I tried to compress them but that made the colours go a bit funny)
      -The "really smooth" version has a more human looking front.
      -the tail msn maps are a bit shit right now
      -texture seams on some areas (mostly on the male textures)
      -the claws on the hands and feet need some work
      Things on my To-Do list-
      -fix the texture seams on the neck and hands - working on
      -edit scar meshes - working on
      -make a smoother tail Model - working on
      Recommended Mods-
      - Natural Eyes by nevenbridge81 - has better argonian eye textures, makes them look less gormless
      - 03_YA5_HDT_Tails.5.11.7z from Yiffy Age of Skyrim - adds HDT and collision to beast tails, doesn't require Yiffy Age but does require HDT Physics Extensions
      - Beast Race Bodypaints by DomainWolf - overlays for your character, 'cause you don't want them to be to plain now
      - Better Claws and Gauntlets by Derok - because long fingernails are not good enough
      -you may not reupload this mod onto any other modding website
      -you may use my textures as a base for your own, so long as you credit me and the others listed below
      - Navetsea - CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible - textures used
      - HHaleyy - Fair Skin Complexion - textures used
      - RomeoZero - [Schlongs of Skyrim] Fair Skin for Men overhaul textures - textures used
      - Phygit - Femfeet - model used
      - Bad Dog -  Yiffy Age of Skyrim - feet models
      - Bethesda - Home Alone on NES -yes



    3. CosioHD Outie convertion of BDO Valkyrie Olympia By Dint999

      requirements for this mod in order
      Cbbe veriosn of BDO Valkyrie Olympia By Dint999 Clams of Skyrim InnieOutie  
      Valkyrie Needs HDT Heals and Heels sound
      You need the original installed first and then use the same options
      Bodyslide Use
      open bodyslide --->select CosioHD BDO_Valkyrie [Olympia] outfits on outfit/body tab  Press build on each  or use the Batch build
      RUN FNIS and your done Make sure BuildMorphs are ticked

      Recommended MODS

      Bathing in skyrim
      SexLab Separate Orgasm
      Wet Function Redux 39
      Sexlab Defeat
      More Nasty Critters
      Soulgem Oven III 310
      KS Hairdos HDTPhysics with BBP HDT FIX
      NCK30 Animations
      Remodeled Armor for Cosio Bodyslide HDT 1.0.0
      Credits and Thanks
      Bodyslide Caliente
      Cosio Defuse Map by HeroedeLeyenda
      KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies
      SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim by b3lisario
      SOS Addon - Pubic Hair for Females by Raistin 1
      Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS by fore
      HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT
      and all my Patrons on Patreon
      KNOW BUGS :
      none so far  



    4. Dark Souls Remastered Pack HDT

      Dark Souls Remastered Pack adds 28 different armour sets and weapons from Dark Souls. Pack includes Smough's Set [HDT], Black Iron Tarkus Set [HDT], Catarina Set [HDT], Silver Knight Set [HDT], Painting Guardian Set [HDT], Wanderer Set [HDT], Havel the Rock [HDT], Black Knight Set, Armor of Favor Set, Pyromancer Set [HDT], Sorcerer Set, Adventurer Set, Thief Set, Warrior Set, Hunter Set, Brass Set, Gwyn's Set, Eastern Set, Armor of Thorns Set, Elite Knight Set, Knight Set, Solaire Set, Ciaran Set [HDT], Ornstein Set [HDT], Artorias Set [HDT], Channeler's Set [HDT], Dark Set, and Witch Set [HDT]. All sets come with their respective in-game weapons. All sets can be crafted and tempered, with the exception of Havel's set which can only be tempered and the Witch set is neither craftable or temperable because it's clothes. All armours and weapons can be found in "Mysterious Box" in Riverwood at the right end of Southern entrance (see picture). Witch set can be found in a chest in the College of Winterhold (see picture as well). UUNP bodyslides for the Painting Guardian Set and Brass Set.
      Bodyslide and Outfitstudio by Ousnius and Caliente: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015
      HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
      XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000 
      Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811
      ********Download Link**********: https://www.patreon.com/posts/28440619
      Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
      Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
      HDT Skirt Bones and xml file by @Graviczapa Dark Souls armor sets and Witch Set: https://graviczapa.blogspot.com/2018/07/dark-souls-graviczapa-dark-souls.html 
      HDT bones and xml file by @Team TAL's Dark Souls/Blood Borne assets: https://www.patreon.com/takealook   
      Resplendent Armor HDT PE assets by sarcasticshark: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77315?
      KS Hairdos - HDT Physics bones and xml files: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70363
      Original Link from pan.baidu: https://all-mods.ru/skyrim/novaya-bronya-i-odezhda/skyrim-bronya-iz-dark-souls-darksoulsの防具パック 10種/

      Special Thanks:
      @Nameless God for providing models and textures for some of the armour sets and weapons!
      Mesh and texturing fix and weight painting by @Siegmeyer Knight of Catarina!
      @Lagrie for the the Dark Set: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=684265063&searchtext=dark+souls
      @ ReGenBot03 for the models and re-texturing of the Dark Souls 01 set: https://regenbot.tistory.com/64
      @Jewpwnicus for letting me post his shield: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81690
      @Kiionohi_sky for the Brass Set: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/46018742?tab=about+me



    5. GSPoses & SLAL

      Hi I'm Gunslicer and created a Pose Mod that are animations. This is an ongoing mod.
      When you start the game you will have two rings in your inventory that serves to activate the poses and an additional power to use the poses in npcs.
      Current Poses : 66 - Normal
                               17 - Object Poses
                               06 - Futa (Better with UNP SOS)
                               09 - Futa Object Poses
      Some Gifs made by @Andreis
      Feel free to make a request, and I will try to do the animation (post any reference along with the request).
      and if you want to give me a support.
      Credits to : pornphile for his rigs and guide.
                        SirNibbles for his guide.
                        Dwadle for introducing me to Collygon.
                        Collygon for teaching me how to create the Mod.
                        ZaZ for his meshes and permission.
      SLAL Info : 



    6. FunnyBizness Animations SLAL Btasqan Picks

      This is a reduced version of Shashankie's SLAL animations 12.0 and FunnyBizness Creature Armbinder Animations. It contains about only 1/5 to 1/4 (or maybe even less, I didn't count) of the original animations.
      I made this because I had hit my FNIS animation limit (thanks to Anub, Billy, Baka and Nibbles), but I had some of my favorite animations within FunnyBizness pack. So a full uninstall of his animations was not an option.
      I chose which animations would stay according to the criteria innovation, uniqueness and quality. If an animation met two or more criteria it stayed. I kept the group and furniture animations untouched though because of some mods out there which depend on them as soft requirements.
      Before using:
      1. Make sure you have all requirements listed below.
      2. You will have to uninstall your Shashankie and Creature Armbind FunnyBizness animations if you still have some installed. Otherwise you might get conflicts.
      3. After installing this mod, make sure you run FNIS.
      4. In game in SLAL MCM, you will need to rebuild SL registry and then register the animations which you want. After this is done, remember to reload JSON Data and reapply JSON Settings.
      5. If you use creature animations make sure you "Re-register all mods" in Creature Framework MCM.
      My picked animations are under the tabs beginning with "btq" in SLAL. Group and furniture animations are under there original "Funny Bizness" tabs.
      How to update:
      - Uninstall previous version.
      - Follow step 3 and further from the above section "Before using".
      Additions to this SLAL version:
      - Compatibility patch for Anubs furniture animations.
      - Added new tags to some of the animations so that sound is played properly or mouth opens at some BJ animations which had the mouth closed.
      Great thanks to:
      FunnyBizness (for his work and his permission to share this pack)
      Shashankie (for volunteering in making FB animations SLAL compatible)
      Ashal (for making this community possible)
      Fore (for his incredible FNIS)
      Groovtama (for setting a milestone in Skyrim animations with XP32)
      Orxx (for making us independant from SL animation limits with his SLAL)
      Steveju76 (for allowing us to pimp up SLAL with more animations with his SLAL More Animations plugin)
      Madmansgun (for maintaining and continuing MNC)
      Silvericed (for providing us with Jcontainers)
      XP32 Extended
      MNC (optional)
      Make sure to also install the requirements of the mods above!
      - Added a few anal animations from FunnyBizness Armbinder Creatures mod. Optional installation.
      - Optimized some alignments
      - Cleaned up unneeded files
      - Now with fomod modular installation. Necro, guro and creature animations are now optional.
      - Changed a few sound related tags.



    7. SexLab Disparity

      SexLab Disparity is a flexible system for settings buffs and debuffs based on things that other mods do. If you're not happy with the way that SexLab Arousal, or Milk Mod Economy buff or debuff your character, SLD lets you change it. If you want to make it so that SexLab Hormones body-weight, breast, butt or belly-size changes have consequences, SLD can do it. If you want to give those wussy Fertility Mode buffs and debuffs some real teeth, SLD can do that.
      It's non-intrusive, and highly-compatible. How does it work?
      SLD reads properties of your character like the node values of breasts, belly, and butt, body-weight, arousal values, and more. It has specific integration of Milk Mod Economy, so it can read your current milk, percentage-fullness, and pain levels. Additional integrations are planned, but a large range of mods work with no changes.
      SLD lets you feed the values it reads into a simple-to-configure calculation engine, to generate a vast range of buffs, debuffs, and events of your choice. Yes, as well as buffs and debuffs on practically every stat in the game, it can also controls the probability of certain events happening, like your character falling over, dropping weapons, getting injured, and so on.
      SLD can buff and debuff all the major stats: Health, Stamina, Magicka, along with every skill in the vanilla game, and many other values besides, such as carry-weight, movement speed, and attack speed. It does so in a robust, and highly-compatible way, that is unlikely to cause crazy problems with other mods.
      SLD can use inputs from body nodes, morph values, SLA, MME, Apropos2, worn items, devious devices, and also collects data of its own - all of this information can be used to create the dynamic modifiers you want. SLD modifiers change directly with the input, they aren't fixed, or determined by a simple threshold.
      Everything can be configured through an MCM that is full of sliders, sliders, sliders ... but once you understand how they work, it's easy to get the results you want, and setup is quick and simple. It's likely that SLD has the most sliders of any mod in existence! SLD does all its number crunching - and there's a lot of it - without impacting your game performance at all. It does the hard work almost instantly, using its own SKSE plugin. It was developed on a potato, and it will run fine on your potato too. Papyrus script load is pretty minimal, and you can adjust it for more or less frequent updates if you like.
      Please read the quick-start instructions lower down.
      It's simple, but it's not necessarily obvious at first!
      There is some stuff you just NEED to know first.
      SexLab 1.62+ SKSE, SkyUI XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (XP32MSE) 3.0+ (built against 4.51) NiOverride (get this from RaceMenu, or use the Standalone)  
      Explicit Support for:
      SexLab Aroused v28b (this is optional, but recommended) Devious Devices 4.1+ Apropos 2 SLIF 1.2.2 beta+ Milk Mod Economy (any 2018+ version) older versions may work, but SLD V13 was written against the above mod versions. SexLab Separate Orgasm (SLSO)  
      Works well with:
      SexLab Hormones (any version) SexLab Parasites (any version) SexLab Stories / Devious (any version) Sanguine's Debauchery Plus (Flowering Spriggan quest etc) Fill Her Up (any version) Deviously Cursed Loot (any version) Diet Based Butt Estrus Chaurus+ Estrus Chaurus Spider Addon SexLab Survival Spank that Ass SexLab Adventures Any pregnancy mod that can change breast or belly size Any other mod that messes with body shape, weight, or SexLab Arousal data  
      About this version:
      This version will definitely not work with SE, due to the new SKSE plugin As well as bug fixes, major additions in the latest V14.X compared to V13.X include: Worn items support - configure modifiers for different statistics relating to worn items, vanilla and devious. New inputs for orgasms, rapes, steps taken, damage taken, beatings, sex/item addiction and more. SLSO support - orgasms and rapes correctly tracked for SLSO. C++ plugin accelerates the crazy amount of calculations this mod performs - performance should be much more responsive. Can now set update time as low as one-second. Morph values now have a global application offset for each class of morph. Awareness of various vanilla DCL, DF and TAWoBA armors. Awareness of SD+ special wrist shackles. Fixed unintended creature rapes. Expanded range on many modifiers. Carry weight now a direct value, not a percentage. "huge number of cocks" dialog now only shows at 100 arousal. Sliders in debug menu to set Orgasm and Rape data manually. Removed gender and XMPSE version check - not sure what will happen if your character is male or you have wrong libs now - it's your problem  
      Update Instructions:
      SLD will update itself automatically into a running game. Simply install the new version and load your existing save. You should see a message about the update on the top left just after loading. Open the MCM and check the version number. That's all you need to do. Note for MO users: if updating an existing game, make sure you don't change the position of SLD (or any other mods) in your load order. The easy way to ensure this is to install the new SLD version as a new mod, and only after that is enabled and positioned in your left pane, disable and remove the old mod. That way, MO will retain the load order without modification. Do not disable the old mod, then install the new one, as this will put the SLD ESP at the end of the load order, which is probably not what you want ... unless that's where it was to begin with.  
      Included animations in V13.6+ are by Gunslicer - used with permission.  
      The Devious Devices framework team, Ed86 for Milk Mod Economy and SLSO, Gooser for Apropos, and DeepBlueFrog - if it hadn't been for SexLab Hormones I wouldn't have started this.  
      Quick Start Guide
      If you install SLD into an existing game, it will take a while for the MCM to show up. This is normal. Open the MCM of another mod, then close the menu and wait a while. If nothing shows up after a minute, save and load, open the MCM of another mod, close, and then wait ... wait ... it will show up. If it doesn't, it's not my fault! Try Jaxonz MCM Kicker if you have troubles with MCMs not starting.
      When you first open the Sexlab Disparity MCM, SLD will be disabled. Tick the box to enable, quit the MCM, and go back in. SLD should now be working, and you'll have a main screen like the one in the screenshots.
      The main screen has the "master sliders". If you turn these down to zero you can stop buffs or debuffs being applied at all by SLD, or you can use them to quickly adjust your game to react to some stupid mod that's suddenly made your SLD debuffs into a lethal horror. You can also adjust the update frequency here. Shorter is more responsive, longer will load your machine less. The default should be fine for anyone. SLD was developed on an eight-year-old laptop, and ran effortlessly on that with the default setting.
      Each input (or group of inputs, such as Arousal data, or Milk Mod Economy stats) has its own page. Every page is page is pretty much the same...
      If the page is an input "group", like Milk or Arousal, multiple values are crammed onto one page, and there is a drop down at the top to pick what stat from the group you want to adjust settings for. It's just a way of having more pages. Regardless of what you set, all of the settings from the group will apply if you enable processing for that group. In the future, probably all the pages will be like this because I'll need the space.
      There are two columns of sliders. The left column is for debuffs, the right column for buffs ... In theory anyway.
      At the top of each column is a sub-master slider that controls the strength of effects from this input.
      By default, these sliders are always set to zero. This makes the entire column do nothing! It's safer this way.
      You must change the slider to something other than zero for the column to have any effect.
      Beneath the sub-master slider are two sliders Debuff from (node value), and Debuff to (node value).
      These determine the range of the input you want to apply modifiers for, and their order matters. In fact, it is SUPER IMPORTANT!
      From is the input-value at which the effects below will be zero, and To is the input-value at which the effects will be fully applied.
      The "input-value" is of course the thing the page is for, like breast-size, or body-weight, or sex-addiction.
      Go to the Breasts page, and set the master slider for debuffs to 100 (that's the slider at the top of the left column). Then, set the From slider to 1.0 and the To slider to 2.0 (the default limit is for bigger breasts, size 6.0, but that's pretty huge).  
      What does this do?
      With a range of From 1.0  ... To 2.0, debuffs will start to apply when your character's breast size gets up to a value of 1.0
      Values below that will have no effect - they're smaller than From.
      As it increases towards 2.0 the effects of the modifiers you pick below will increase to their full "100%" effect. With a breast-size larger than 2.0, they will not get any stronger.
      To sum up:
      With From 1.0, To 2.0
      Any breast size below 1.0 will have zero effect.
      Any breast size of 2.0 or greater will have full effect.
      But this still does nothing! Yet...
      Because you didn't pick any of the modifiers below From .. To.
      Open the Magicka slider, and set it to 100% Then, open the Stamina slider, and set it to -100% Scroll down and enjoy the huge range of sliders you can slide!  
      What will this do?
      Now, as your breasts grow from size 1.0 to 2.0, a buff will be applied to magicka, and a debuff will be applied to stamina.
      Negative values in the modifiers = debuffs, and positive ones equal buffs...
      Even though this is the "debuffs" column ... well, it's just a convention, it's up to you whether you set them up as bonuses or penalties for any given range.
      In modifiers, negative is bad, positive is good. Always.
      Sometimes it's a bit odd, like when you set the chance of falling over, only negative values give a chance to fall, and positive values are all ways of saying "don't fall over, ever".
      But it is consistent. As there are so many values, it would be confusing if sometimes the convention flipped around, just because it was a "chance" value rather than a buff/debuff.
      Now, let's suppose you put From and To, the other way around...
      Set From to 2.0 and To to 1.0
      Now, as your character's breasts decrease in size from 2.0 to 1.0, the effect of the modifiers will increase to 100%.
      So you will get no modifications at breast size 2.0 but at 1.5 you'll get +50 magicka, and -50 stamina. At size 1.0 (or below), you'll get + 100 magicka and -100 stamina.
      Which is silly, but it's just an example.
      So the ordering of From and To is very important.
      The From value is always the one that applies no effect, and the To value is always the one that applies full effect.
      It's intuitive when you want to set a buff for small breasts, that increases as they get smaller.
      Set the master slider for breast buffs to 100%. Set From 0.9 and To 0.0  
      Now the modifiers in the buffs column will increase to 100% of their configured values as your breasts approach size 0.0, with benefits starting to kick in at 0.9 or lower.
      As every screen is pretty much the same, you now know how to set up everything!
      There's a page called Limits... and it's different from the others.
      What does it do?
      Basically, ALL of the modifiers you configure, on all the pages, are totalled up before being applied.
      So, let's say, you set a magicka bonus of 100 from breasts, and a magicka bonus of 100 from belly, but a magicka debuff of 90 from arousal.
      Imagine that the From .. To values of breasts result in 75% effect, and the values on belly result in 30% effect, and the values on arousal 50%.
      These are all totalled up, so you get 75 + 30 - 45 = 60 magicka bonus.
      So negative and positive values can cancel out. 
      But in some cases, you'll add large values of the same sign together, and a big number will result.
      Let's say you end up with a total health modifier of -270. If you have less health than this, you'd die, right?
      Well... that's not quite how Skyrim works, but pretty close.
      That's where limits come in. The default Limit for health is -90, so no more than -90 will be applied to your health.
      You can adjust the limits as you see fit, so if you never want to get a Movement Speed debuff worse than -25% from SLD, set that in the lower limit, and totalled speed debuffs will simply be clamped at that value before application.
      What about buffs and debuffs from other mods? How does SLD interact with them?
      SLD doesn't stick its fingers into other mods: it doesn't disable their effects. However, most mods will let you disable their buffs or debuffs. Sometimes the options to do so are strangely named, or hidden in a debug menu, but it is usually possible. In the case where SLD is modifying a value, and another mod is doing it too, the higher modifier usually overwrites the weaker one. Movement speed is a bit different, because DD, and other mods set it directly instead of using an effect
      At this time, SLD only limits the modifiers it applies, it can't control what other mods might do. This might change for movement speed, but it's technically impractical to do it for other values.
      If you have SLIF installed, you can choose to get node (and morph) values from it. This is the best way to get them, and is more efficient than if SLD reads them directly.
      What is this Body Morph thing? Does it change morphs?
      SLD's body morph awareness allows it to generate 'fake' node values from mods (such as MME, or various SLIF patches) that modify body morphs instead of skeleton nodes. These values are not used by anything except SLD's internal modification calculations. You have to set up how you want the morphs to be interpreted. See below for more information...
      Adding Custom Animations
      The "internal animations" for Stagger, Trip and Fall are intended to support custom animations (by Gunslicer) now bundled with SLD for those events. If you don't want to use them, you can disable them and use vanilla animations ... or ... you can use your own custom animations. You can add your own animations if you have suitable .hkx files you want to use. It's recommended you use the built-in animations, but you can change them if you want.
      Worn Items
      The 'Worn' tab conceals a large number of options. At the top of the page are two drop-down menus, one to pick the ITEM, and one to pick the MODE. There are 45+ items, and 12+ modes, and each ITEM x MODE combination is a unique configuration set! In practice, you may not want to set up all items, and you will certainly never want to set up all the modes for all items.
      The items are largely self-explanatory. At the top are the major outfit types: 'Naked', 'Clothing', 'Light Armor' and 'Heavy Armor', followed by 'Bare Feet'. While the major outfit types are naturally exclusive to each other, most of the other item types aren't. It's possible for a character to wear gloves, a collar, and slave boots - but a character can't wear slave boots and have bare feet.
      In the drop-downs there will be a '+' next to items you are considered to be wearing. There will be an '*' next to items you've enabled for the current mode, and an '*' next to modes you've enabled for the current item. The '*' is MODE x ITEM combination specific, it helps you track what you've enabled.
      If you do not enable an ITEM x MODE combination, it will not be processed, and its modifiers will not be applied.
      The modes need some explanation:
      I plan to write a full guide for SLD when things are more complete, but for now, I hope this is enough. Use the forum thingy if you have questions.
      Change History



    8. S_L_U_T_S Redux

      S_L_U_T_S Redux, by MrEsturk and DocClox
      This is an updated version of DocClox's Skyrim Licensed Universal Transport Serivice mod, released with his permission. 
      NOTICE: Just a heads up I have retired from modding Skyrim for the time being. Modding it became too much of a headache to bear and also I've been trying to shift my focus on indie game development. So this mod is officially up for adoption. If you are interested in continuing keep in mind DocClox started this mod, so respect any wishes he has on the matter. My only personal request is that you keep any added hardcore/bestiality content completely optional in the MCM menu.
      About Skyrim Special Edition: For the record I have never owned or have any intention of purchasing Skyrim Special Edition. Thus even if I do decide to come back to this mod I can't exactly port it to a game I don't even have. However if anyone else wishes create a port of it to SSE you have my blessing.

      The carriage drivers of Skyrim have banded together to form the Skyrim Licenced Universal Transport Service, and they're looking to take on staff.

      Talk to a carriage driver, one of the stewards or an innkeeper to get started.


      It's a ponygirl mod. You get locked into a yoke, hooked up to a cart and told to pull it to another city. For which you get paid. Unless too many bandits have their way with you on the way. If that happens they'll pilfer from the cart as well, and you can end up owing money to the Company. But that's not a problem: They'll just send on another run until you can pay off all the arrears. Isn't that nice of them?
      For more details, check out DocClox's original mod.
      It is recommended you use a cleansave for the redux version, or at least save your game with the old mod disabled then load with the redux version installed. If you are using an old save and the MCM menu isn't working properly, go to the debug section and select "Reset to Default". That should correct the menu.
      Sexlab Framework
      Devious Devices 3.0
      Devious Devices Expansion 4.0
      Devious Devices Intergration 4.0
      Zaz (Might possiblely be covered already by Devious Devices, I can't remember)
      XP32 Maximum Skeleton or a similar skeleton (Or try this older skeleton suggested in DocClox's version)
      Obsolete: HdtHeels is not required for the redux version. Yay
      Recommended Mods:
      Come together N Out of the way: Allows you to tweak the distance your companion follows you at. You can use it to set them to stay farther away so they don't spend most of their time dry-humping the back of your cart while following you during a run. I'm going to be lazy and insist you use this if you want to control your companion's spacing 
      Fus Ro Doh: Used to make unvoiced dialogue work better and always display subtitles. Yep, neither me nor DocClox recorded any spoke dialogue for this mod. Seems to be a theme with the fetish mods of this site, lol.
      I also recommend using a mod that increases the encounter of bandits and other hostile humanoid NPCs on the roads. Such as one of the following:
      Extra Encounters Reborn
      Populated Lands Roads Paths Legendary
      Enemy Encounter
      - New Customizable Costume:
      The ponygirl costume has been updated to incorporate many of the newer ponygirl themed items that have been released in the last few years. Choose one of five color themes (black,red,white,blue,pink) ,four tail styles, and a choice between a Yoke/Breast Yoke/Armbinder/Handcuffs from the MCM menu.
      - Base Pay Affected by Distance and Tweakable in MCM:
      Instead of a flat rate of 500 gold your pay will be calculated on the distance of your haul. A longer run = more pay! And is the 500 base modifier seeming a bit low for your lvl 255 Dragonborn? No problem! You can increase the payout to something that feels much more endgame in the MCM menu.
      - Overtime Bonus:
      So you've decided your character is better suited to make her living as a pack horse than an adventurer? S_L_U_T_S loves a dedicated ponygirl willing to go above and beyond the call of duty! For each delivery in a row you complete without collecting your escrow you will receive an ever increasing overtime multiplier to your pay (multiplier rate can be set or disabled in MCM). Disclaimer: Overtime benefits only apply to voluntary ponies who make perfect deliveries. (And yes, that annoying bug where you only got payed once when doing multiple deliveries has been squashed.)
      - Choose Your Own Destination:
      Need to be somewhere for a different quest and want to turn the walk into a little money on the side? Now you can specify with Hold you want to make a haul too. Of course you won't get paid as much and don't get this option if you owe debt to the company, but more choices are more choices!
      - Spontaneous Failure:
      Did some super stealthy thief plunder your cargo without your notice? Or maybe you where in such a hurry you didn't notice your cargo got knocked loose on one of the bumpier roads. Set a % chance in MCM that your perfect run will turn out not so perfect when you reach your destination. Great for those who don't want to flood their Skyrim with armies of rapey bandits or just want to add one more random risk to the pile. Or you can set it to 0% and forget this feature ever existed.
      - S_L_U_T_S Rehabilitation Program:
      So you have a criminal fine under 10000 gold you don't want to pay or go to jail for? No problem! S_L_U_T_S will be happy to convert your fine into a reduced (or increased) arrears debt you can work off hauling freight! Just turn yourself in to a local guard and ask about our world class rehabilitation program! (Conversion rate costumizable in the MCM menu)
      - No talking on the job:
      You're supposed to be working, not chatting! While on the job you won't be able to communicate with most NPCs. Well you can try, but you'll likely just get a demeaning comment then ignored...
      - Pit stops for voluntary workers now allowed:
      Did you drop off a delivery, get released, but then change your mind? Not to worry! Just talk to the last S_L_U_T_S agent you delivered cargo to instead of claiming your escrow and we'll have you back on the road where you belong! We'll even retain any overtime bonus you built up! Neat, huh?
      - All nine holds now supported:
      Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal, and Winterhold now have dispatchers that can deploy/receive deliveries.
      - There is one other small Easter Egg to be had. See if you can find it!
      - Misc Stuff:
      - Humiliation System: Want to skip the walk to your Escrow Chest? Ask your dispatcher the right questions and he'll teleport it to you! Just so long as you don't mind a doing questionable return favor as well as doing some advertisement duty.
      - Simple Slavery support now includes a MCM menu to set three possible debts owed when bought from the auction house.
      - Needs Mods/Frostfall support added.
      - Normal Devious Devices that conflict with the ponygirl costume will now be removed before the ponygirl costume is applied. This does not cover extreme devious devices, such as some of the nastier items found in Deviously Cursed Loot or Captured Dreams.
      - The Livery Tattoo is now properly removed when you are released from service.
      - Grammar fixes and some new minor dialog added.
      - Male PCs can no longer enter this questline. Its not that I have anything against those that would like to place their male PCs in a bunch of restraints and make them into a pack animal. Its just that neither most of the costume pieces nor much of the dialog is set up for male characters. Sorry.
      - Known Issues:
      - For now gags are removed when a guard takes you to rehab, due to dialog conflicts they cause (for some reason even giving the rehab dialog massive priority didn't always work)
      - Sometimes the carriage drivers will cast their ponygirl spell twice. This doesn't have any apparent negative effects however.
      - When agreeing/forced to do consecutive runs the S_L_U_T_S tattoo is removed temporarily between cart change outs. This is to allow possible MCM changes to the tattoo design to take effect. It was something I added at the last minute, so didn't want to set up any coding too fancy for it just yet.
      - The process of removing conflicting devious devices is very slow. Nothing that can be done about this, but thankfully the script is only run when conflicting devices are detected.
      - The cart is as buggy as its always been.
      - Incompatabilities:

      - Complete Fast Travel Overhaul: This one removes all the stock carriage drivers and replaces them with clones.
      - Note to Bestiality Fans:
      - I find bestiality to be a huge turnoff to put it nicely. Thus I have no intention spending countless playtesting hours being forced to watch it. So the answer is no: there will be no stallion fucking/etc added to this mod while I'm in charge of it. Sorry if that disappoints you, but its not happening.
      - Credits
      - DocClox: For creating the original mod and giving me permission to make this upgrade.
      - El Duderino: For creating the ponygirl mittens used in this mod.
      - CGi: For creating an FMOD friendly version as well as various other minor tweaks.
      - The many, many people behind Sexlab and Devious Devices.
      - Rob_J: For the custom S.L.U.T.S. cart texture.
      - Additional ponygirl screenshots provided by: LatexLuger, max99max, valcon767, random11714
      That's all for now. Feel free to share your ponygirl pics in the comments section!



    9. Defeat Skill Loss

      Rape now gives you brain damage!  Whenever you are raped you will lose a few levels of random skills.
      Supported mods:
      SexLab - When you are the victim in an animation
      SexLab Separate Orgasm - When you orgasm as the victim in an animation
      SexLab Defeat - On post-assault blackout
      Prison Overhaul Patched - At set intervals while you are imprisoned
      SkyUI / MCM
      This is what happens when skill loss is triggered:
      A skill to lose is selected using a weighted random selection.  The selection weight is the skill level minus the minimum level defined in the MCM config.  Skills at or below that level have a weight of zero, and will never be selected. You lose one level of that skill.  Your experience for that skill will remain at the same proportion needed for level up.  E.g. if you had level 20 in a skill with 500/1000 XP, after losing that skill you will have level 19 with 450/900 XP. You lose level experience equal to the amount you gained for getting the skill to that level.  If this causes your level experience to drop below 0, you also lose a level and your maximum health, maximum magicka or maximum stamina and carry weight will be decreased by the amount you would gain from a level up bonus (random weighted selection, similar to skill selection, with a minimum value of 100). If you have any unused perk points when you will lose a level, you will lose a perk point. If you do not have any unused perk points when you level up, the next time you level up, you will not gain a perk point. Repeat from step 1. for the number of skills configured in the MCM menu.  
      You will never drop below level 1 from this.  If losing a skill would cause you to drop below level 1, you will not lose that skill.  You can also disable level loss in the config menu.
      Any mod that changes how experience, level ups, or attributes are calculated will likely be inconsistent with this mod, especially if you lose a level.  This mod assumes mostly vanilla behaviour, but it does respect game settings, such as fXPPerSkillRank and iAVDhmsLevelUp.
      GPL 3.0
      Goubo for SexLab Defeat
      Princessity for Devious Captures, and Inte for Prison Overhaul Patched - I referenced your code to figure out how to hook into Defeat and mess with skill levels
      Other notes:
      This is my first real mod, and it probably contains bugs and noob mistakes.  Please let me know if notice any errors.
      I'm looking for other mods to integrate this with.  First on my list is Prison Overhaul Patched.  Any other suggestions?



    10. Paradise Halls Enhanced (pahe) repacked with the customary addons

      This mod is for oldrim classic skyrim, see here for sse version:
      this is both an expansion on and bug fix for paradise halls 7.3 by layam with his full endorsement, original mod (version paradise halls version 7.4 included):
      based on the work of blabla from paradise halls sexlab extension - original thread here:

      7.2.4 includes the required paradise halls files needed to run(do not mix with another paradise halls!!!)
      clean save no longer required to upgrade old saves (aside from "friendly bandits bug")
      slave camps and addons are now separate - choose those from the download page
      7.0 new users will not need to restart to fix those dialog issues - only need clean start from 7 to 7.1.1 to fix the friendly bandits bugs
      7.1.1 upgrading to 7.1.2 should be instant for dialog, but behavioral changes might require a reboot from the mcm (or unknown if requires new game for behavior changes)
      SexLab V1.61+ and its requirements: SKSE (V1.7.3) SkyUI Zaz animation pack V6.11 basic install pack only has the above mod requirements and the requirements of those mods and fnis must be run after install the lakeview manor cell requires hearthfires tdf patch requires tdf prostitution mod devious devices addon requires Devious Devices Integration 2.92(or above)(newer versions now have their own patches, please use the correct dd patch for your dd version) pahe-DeviousDevices-addon-DDx-patch requires Devious Devices expansion ,(newer versions now have their own patches, please be sure to use the ddx patch that matches your version) Run FNIS after installation! ALL requirements for the above mods must also be installed full install requires all above requirements and thee included ddx patch requires Devious Devices expansion 4.1 creature framework conflict appears to be removed from 7.x versions
      camp differences info of the update versus the original version from layam:

      only reason the update is kept separate is we were unable to determine why it wouldn't update everytime on current saves and its not an easy fix aside from a new game

      due to the number of bugs in pahe5 to have been fixed in version 6 and now having an option to ignore followers for those people who had eff issues, 5.0 is discontinued
      Rule #1 failure to meet a requirement will not always result in ctd, some requirements are there for full feature support of the mod Rule #2 if you find anything weird or unusual happening revert to rule #1first (and in some cases you may need to check those files for other mods overwriting them especially known for this issue is the skse files), then if that doesn't solve it reboot the mod and wait for it to finish before being alarmed of the situation, if that fails then rule 3 applies Rule #3 if you break it thru some other mod Or if something breaks due to an update: i need to know the version you're running And i need the papyrus log of the occurrence of the bug you're describing to see what broke it before reporting a dialog bug please note the voice type from the mcm - this helps me to determine if its a known bug i'm working on or a new bug with the new voice types or a new voice type needed for mod support altho i make update/fix this mod i will try to give any features requested that don't already conflict with another request, in such case it will be added to the waiting list for a menu option to choose from further explanation of any features consists of any features i'm capable of, unless you provide the code or means to the code.... Oh and altho this is my first mod in skyrim, it's not my first time scripting, i used to train or teach the bots of diablo to let nothing stand in their path and only the limits of their character stop them blabla was like a mentor to me.. he was rubbing stones together to make pah do what he wanted while i learned its behaviors and when i learned every in and out of pah/e, he acclimated me to mod skyrim as well  

      if using this with daymoyl, its also required to load paradise halls after daymoyl, if also using this with sd, load pahe after sd
      pahe must be loaded after paradise halls
      improvements on pah by pahe:
      Sex training Punish slave with sex 63 slaves instead of 15 Easier enslavement (see changelog "Initial Release") MCM Simple jail expansion for HF Falkreath enslave cancel button for canceling the enslavement process before its started(useful if dialog was attempted, especially useful for eff users) teleport debug to teleport a lost or stuck slave to the player from anywhere on the map via the mcm  
      Done , Testing , In Progress )  

      more slaves-have 72, working on 135+
      wait_sandbox changes for slaves to do jobs from other mods
      lakeview prison cell moved to separate esp--- repaired
      dialog changes...still need better responses
      arousal fuck requests
      food dialog to raise affection level
      get gender for the slaves based on sexlab preferences instead of skyrim
      respect overhaul
      release script and dialog fixes and possible overhaul the concept
      Milestone 0.2: Training by follower Bugfixes   More voices, not just eventoned * Whatever I fancy Whatever people suggest (and can be done) or provide the code for as long as it fits into my general idea of what this should be (No, I can't explain that yet, I'll decide on a case to case basis)  

      Recommended mods(useful, but not required):
      PAH Home Sweet Home by Musje Prettier Bandits by EinarrTheRed Slave Way Manor 1.0 by drlove33 Eastern Holding Cells 1.0 by drlove33 Slave Den 1.0,1.1 by drlove33 Slave Holding Cells 1.1 by drlove33 The Bondage House 0.5 by Vykroft  

      addition thanks to:
      EinarrTheRed for the felglow slave camp updated npc's and navmeshes
      a1b2c3d4e5f6h7i8 for the female player oral animations fix
      julzor for compiling my script while i'm away from my pc
      Vykroft for fixing the lakeview manor cell addon
      Pfiffy for translation updates
      Xorgroth for more slaves patch2 allowing upto 100 slaves
      WaxenFigure for the solution to naked bandits for non - temporary actors (still issues with temporary actors)
      BlackShades for finding the faction check bugs in condescending dialogs
      ragnam for his help with the behaviors



    11. Sexworker s life 1.0a27

      Live your life as a sexworker. Talk to npc and hope that they are interested in your body and your proposals. If so they will pay you, but only if they are satisfied with your performance! And sometimes a client runs to a guard and defames you. Become better and convince your customers to become patrons so they invest more septims in your services.
      Play as a man or woman and earn your septims as sexworker. You will be rewarded for all challenges you complete. Make love and not war!

      Sexworker's life on Nexus
      Because it takes forever to play each combination and to search for bugs, I am looking forward to feedback. From the moment when the A disappears the mod will probably be "finished".

      What you need:

      - SexLabFramework (( 162 full ) ( it works for me ))
      - SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim - 3.00.004 ( it works for me )
      better some Schlongs-Addons ( because the size is different in differnt addons )
      - SexLabArouesd_V28b ( it works for me )
      - FileAccessInterface for Skyrim
      - NetImmerse Override
      - Parent Masters:Update.esm, HearthFires.esm and Dragonborn.esm
      - Bathing in Skyrim for some dialogs ( who wants to "play" with a unclean dirty person? )
      - Swl will work with Paradise Halls together
      Find PaH here
      ( Start a function that is "looking" for new slave who are in the list of Pah. The function will add those slaves to Swl too and you are able to interact with them in Swl.  This function will only work if you installed paradise_halls.esm ! )
      - Swl will work with other mods together if you want to put in plugs, to train your sexworker skills.
      ( every Plug with the words Plug and Anal or (Anal) and or Plug and Vaginal or (Vaginal) in it could be a training plug now. It must show up with those words in the mcm - dresscode - active slots! So NOT every plug will be able to start training! )

      What you get:
      - The ability to sort any animation in menus and decide which game type best suits which dialog options.
      - The ability to customize any animation in terms of hardness and delay time. Because the hardness will make your life more difficult or easier!
      - A pain-scan-system for aa, av, mf pv, mf pa
      - The option to set a harm-level to the schlongs of skyrim which size is given by their faction-rank of sos.
      - A lube-system, because lube saves your ass. ( You need to pick the stuf from the ground to get blooms and activate the bottle )
      - A plug-training-system, because training saves your a...( Forge your carving knife. )
      - A similar system as sos for men only for the female bush. ( 3 types of bushes so far )
      - You are able to chose if or if not you want to wear a bush.
      - A dresscode-system for the player and for the client ( full control to what you wear during your service )
      - A guard-scan-system, because it can be much more interesting to do something forbidden.
      - A automatic-client-seeking-system, you can wait for your customers, and do nothing except staring at your own butt.
      - A small reward-system for small goals that you achieve during your job.
      - A lot of dialogs between you and your clients.
      - A ranking-system for clients ( from casual to patron ( 1-11 jobs with the same client ) ) A patron will require services from you that are paid higher.
      - A tip-system dependency of skills and arousal of the customer.
      - SWL dialogs *reacting* now on Bathing in Skyrim status if you want.
      - Bed support via dialog option.
      - Black list for npc who should not be part of the auto seeking system. - Be able to trigger sex animations between two npc in your area. - Choose between 1/30 chance, to get sick from sex ( two disease: herpes and or gonorrhoe ) - The STD will grow over time on your body and will show up as a "Tattoo" / Overlay! - You are also able to set your own "Tattoos" on your Body. Open the mcm and go to sexworker's life. / SWL Overlays
      Type in a name ( for example "peace" / peace is a dds file with a little peace tattoo )  after that type in color, glow and body part. Close the mcm and peace will show up on your body as a overlay. Create your own dds files and put them on your body as a tattoo if you want. All dds files need to be in the ( Data/textures/actors/character/SwlOv ) file to be ready to found!
      - A well trained slave who is able to do solo shows while you are working with a client, is able to convince the client to tip more gold for your service!
      - During intercourse, you can now grab your customer's pocket (whoever finds it may keep it and whoever does not notice it is your own fault!)

      What you do not get:

      - Sex-Animations for Sexlab. Google them, get FNIS, install so many as you want. And SWL will show 3x127 on maximum 3 pages.



    12. Map Skyrim

      Interactive Skyrim Map that allows you to find the desired location by name.



    13. City Bondage

      City Bondage
      Version 1.9.5
      By davisev5225
      The citizens of Skyrim are terrified. First, there were rumors of dragons. Then, the dragons actually showed up. Now, there's rumors that a Dragonborn may be walking amongst them! Dragons are bad enough, being capable of laying waste to entire cities. If the Dragonborn is capable of defeating dragons, what hope do the citizens of Skyrim have against such power, should the Dragonborn turn out to be evil?
      As the citizens of Skyrim slowly grew more and more panicked, the various Jarls of Skyrim felt they had no choice but to turn to a cult of dark wizards to enact the Dragonbane Rituals.
      Made by request for MrsBelch, this mod adds user-configurable inescapable bindings when entering a city or town. When you leave the city or town (as defined by its Location group in the CK), the devices are unequipped. I can't really say it's a "minimal script load" anymore, but a lot of work has been put into making it as lightweight as possible. Unless you're playing Skyrim on a stone tablet, you shouldn't notice any lag from this mod.
      NEW IN 1.9:
      Now Dwemer ruins are no longer safe. If Dwemer automatons still roam the halls, don't be surprised if they happen to have some (in)effective defenses against the Dragonborn... 
      BodySlide is now required! Build all the pieces that start with DwarvenDD to whatever preset you like.
      Dragonborn DLC
      HearthFires DLC
      Dawnguard DLC
      Sexlab v1.62
      Sexlab Aroused Redux 28b
      Zaz Animation Pack V7.0
      Devious Devices - Assets 3.0e
      Devious Devices - Integration V4.2
      Devious Devices - Expansion V4.2
      BodySlide and Outfit Studio (any recent version)
      (and all their associated dependencies)
      Note: Only the exact version of each of the above listed mods will be officially supported. You have been warned!  (I will try to keep up with releases that make changes, but I cannot guarantee a timely update.)
      Download and install the latest version as you would with any other mod.  Mod Organizer preferred, I cannot provide support to users of NMM or the clinically insane (people who manually install everything).

      Special thanks to:
      The entire team behind the 3 Devious Devices mods (Assets, Integration, Expansion). Kimy, for Deviously Cursed Loot (and all the contributors to DCL). shyguy570, for pointing me in the right direction with the random bindings selection and other misc. logic. The entire team behind the ZaZ Animation Pack. Mud, for pointing me in the right direction to use a better player home detection method. MaikCG, for the wonderful Dwarven Devious Cuirass mod. Per his "just do it!" permissions, I have re-packaged both the UUNP and the CBBE versions directly into my mod, so you do not need to download his mod for it to work. MeisterEdersPumuckl, for help with FOMOD. Inte for some minor code assistance regarding Werewolves and Vampire Lords.  

      This code is free for any LoversLab user to use, reference, or otherwise incorporate into their own works as long as those works are released to the public for free on LoversLab and so long as I receive appropriate credit. This mod may not be released, in part or in whole, anywhere except LoversLab.  You may not re-publish this mod without my express permission, nor may you "revive" or otherwise attempt to re-introduce this mod or incorporate functionality that is so similar in nature as to appear identical into any other mods without my express permission.  Should you be unable to contact me for any reason, I still retain my rights as content creator and these permissions shall remain in force - those rights and these permissions do not cease to be just because I do not respond.
      Most importantly: Distributing any content based on my code, even just as a reference, behind any scheme that does not allow a user to directly download it from LoversLab without having to join a "club", group, or perform any other actions beyond a direct download is prohibited.  I do not consider such schemes to be "free distribution", despite the staff's insistence that the lack of a paywall makes it free.
      Versions 1.3 to 1.9.1 used code from Deviously Cursed Loot. The following permissions disclaimer from Kimy therefore applies to those versions, and has been left here just in case I still have a code snippet somewhere:
      All other permission disclaimers from mods that are referenced (masters) or incorporated by this mod apply, please check their respective pages for details.




    14. Harder Devious Regulation

      Civil War Regulation now required Plug for Female.
      Getting Punish if not wearing a Regulation plug or carry a master key.
      Simple Description:
      Devious Regulation Equipment have good enchantment. Also side effect if not worn correctly (without plug or belt).
      Punishment Collar can Shock player. Damage stamina and magicka. Chastity Belt can reduced or increase Carry Weight and Stamina Regeneration. Collar must pairing with correct plug (Padded for Punishment, Posture for Strong). Iron and Primitive plug (Basic Plug) also need wearing a correct belt (Regulation Belt).  
      Tullius, Galmar and Rikke will punish the player if player carry a master key or take-out the plug.
      Change a Dialog for plug requirement. (need suggest, because my English is poor...)
      Available for Armor and non-Armor version. (Belt and Collar have an armor bonus. Work with Heavy, Light armor Perk. Also Mage Armor Bonus too...).
      Originally Created by Serende,
      Thanks for all moder who created the best mods for Skyrim.
      Recommended for using Devious Regulation Fix.
      Work For Devious Device Version 4.1 and 4.2.
      some NPC who not wear plug can damage her carry weight and stamina, so I disable visible effect from belt. But effect still persist. Because devious regulation auto belt system sometimes added female NPC without plug.



    15. DS Painting Guardian Set HDT

      DS Painting Guardian Set.zip Adds the Painting Guardian set from Dark Souls. The set comes with the Painting Guardian Robes, Waistcloth, Gloves, Hood, and Sword. The outfit comes with a 0 and 1 body type weight for both male and female versions and comes with a UUNP bodyslide for Bodyslide and Outfitstudio. Armor and weapon cam be crated at any forge, no perk requirement. And can be tempered at any work bench and grind stone. Hood has HDT physics. 
      NO LONGER BEING UPDATED!!! Please see All-in-on pack: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dark-souls-pack-28440619
      Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
      Bodyslide and Outfitstudio by Ousnius and Caliente: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015
      KS Hairdos - HDT Physics by Stealthic and Kalilies: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70363
      Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
      HDT Physics Extension: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
      All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy by HeroedeLeyenda: Google it



    16. DS Wanderer Set HDT

      DS Wanderer Set is added to Skyrim. Set comes with Wanderer Coat, Boots, Manchette, and Hood. Has the same crafting and tempering requirements as Leather armor. Wanderer has HDT physics applied to the Coat. 
      NO LONGER BEING UPDATED!!! Please see All-in-on pack: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dark-souls-pack-28440619
      Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
      HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
      Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
      Team TAL's Bloodborne assets HDT bones and xml files



    17. DS Black Iron Tarkus Set HDT

      DS Black Iron Tarkus Set.zip Adds the Black Iron set from Dark Souls. The set comes with the Black Iron Helmet, Armor, Gauntlets, Leggings, Greatshield, and Greatsword. The armour set and weapon can be crafted at any forge under the "Ebony" smithing perk and can be tempered at any work bench and grindstone for the weapon. The shield is also "Dual Sheath-Redux"/"Equipping Overhaul" compatible. 
      NO LONGER BEING UPDATED!!! Please see All-in-on pack: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dark-souls-pack-28440619
      Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
      Special big thanks to Jewpwnicus for letting me post his shield; https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81690
      HDT bones and xml files by Team TAL
      Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
      HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
      Special Thanks to @Nameless God for the Greatsword form DS3 Weapons Pack 



    18. DS Silver Knight Set HDT

      DS Silver Knight Set.zip Adds the Silver Knight set from Dark Souls. The set comes with the Silver Knight Helmet, Armor, Gauntlets, Leggings, and Shield. The shield is also dual-sheath redux/equipping overhaul compatible. The armour set can be crafted at any forge under the "Advance Armors" smithing perk and can be tempered at any work bench. Armor set also comes with complete Silver Knight weapons all crafted under the "Elven" smithing perk and can be tempered. And exclusive weapon Ledo's Great Hammer crafted under "Ebony" smithing perk with tempering. Greatarrows have knock-back effect. The Silver Knight Armor now comes with HDT PE cloth physics for the cape.   
      NO LONGER BEING UPDATED!!! Please see All-in-on pack: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dark-souls-pack-28440619
      Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
      Meshes/Textures by @Nameless God for Dragonslayer Greatbow/Greatarrows/Lightning Arrows
      Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
      HDT assets by Team TAL
      HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996



    19. DS Smough's Set HDT

      DS Smough's Set.zip Adds Executioner Smough's set from Dark Souls. The set comes with Smough's Helmet, Armor, Gauntlets, Leggings, and Hammer. The armour and weapon set can be crafted at any forge under the "Dwarven" smithing perk and can be tempered at any work bench and grind stone for the weapon. HDT physics is applied to the waist-cloth piece of the armor. 
      NO LONGER BEING UPDATED!!! Please see All-in-on pack: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dark-souls-pack-28440619
      Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
      HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
      Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
      Resplendent Armor HDT PE assets by sarcasticshark: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77315?



    20. DS Catarina Set HDT

      DS Catarina Set.zip Adds the Catarina set from Dark Souls. The set comes with the Catarina Helmet, Armor, Gauntlets, Leggings, Pierce Shield, and Zweihander. The armour has HDT physics applied to the skirt. The armour set can be crafted at any forge under the "Ebony" smithing perk and can be tempered at any work bench. Zweihander can be crafted at any forge and sharpened at any grind stone. Pierce Shield comes with bash bleed effect. 
      NO LONGER BEING UPDATED!!! Please see All-in-on pack: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dark-souls-pack-28440619
      Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
      HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
      Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
      HDT assets by Team TAL's Dark Souls Pack
      Special Thanks:
      Mesh and texturing fix and weight painting by @Siegmeyer Knight of Catarina



    21. Dark Souls TESV Armor Pack HDT

      Dark Souls TESV Armor Pack comes with 10 armor sets with 12 different types of weapons and 8 different types of shields from Dark Souls added to Skyrim. The armor pack come with Havel's Set (HDT), Black Knight Set, Adventurer Set, Favor Set, Thief Set, Pyromancer Set (HDT), Hunter Set, Warrior Set, Sorcerer Set, and Wanderer Set (HDT). All armor sets and weapons are craftable and temperable (with the exception of Havel's Set which can only be tempered). All shields are dual-sheath redux compatible. All armour sets can be found in a chest called "mysterious box" in Riverwood near the Southern entrance on the right (see picture). This armor pack was updated from pan.baidu.  
      NO LONGER BEING UPDATED!!! Please see All-in-on pack: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dark-souls-pack-28440619
      Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
      HDT Physics Extension: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
      Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
      HDT assets from Team TAL Dark Souls/Bloodborne Pack
      Special thanks the the @Nameless God for the Back Knight and Favor sets and shields
      Original Link from pan.baidu: https://all-mods.ru/skyrim/novaya-bronya-i-odezhda/skyrim-bronya-iz-dark-souls-darksoulsの防具パック 10種/



    22. DS Channeler's Set HDT

      DS Channeler's Set added to Skyrim. Channeler's Set comes with Channeler's Robes, Gauntlets, Six-Eyed Helmet, Waistcloth, and Trident. Channeler's set can be crafed under the "Advance Armors" smithing perk. Can be crafted at any forge and tempered at any work bench and grind stone for the weapon. Channeler's set comes with HDT physics on the Robe and Waistcloth. 
      NO LONGER BEING UPDATED!!! Please see All-in-on pack: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dark-souls-pack-28440619
      Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
      HDT Physics Extension: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
      Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
      HDT assets from Team TAL Dark Souls/Bloodborne Pack and @Graviczapa's Dark Souls sets: https://graviczapa.blogspot.com/2018/07/dark-souls-graviczapa-dark-souls.html



    23. SMC

      - convert xwm and fuz files to wav and mp3 and back (xwm only).
      - save files to wav formats (may take much more space than the original) and mp3 (conversion may take a long time).
      - maintaining a log file in which you can see the errors, if any.
      - delete source files to save space.
      - ability to expand the window at the end of work, which allows you to minimize the program and forget about it while it works.
      Convert between xwm and wav: xWMAEncode utility, Microsoft's DirectX SDK.
      Convert to and from mp3: Lame mp3 Encoder (freeware soft).
      - added a new mode of operation - SMC Express (to go to it, you must press the Express button).
      More about Express:
      The new operating mode is useful if you need to convert individual files.
      By clicking on the corresponding buttons on the panel, the user selects the destination path (by default, the files will be saved to the same folder as the original), the destination format (by default wav). Adding files is done by dragging and dropping them into the Converter window from Explorer or any file Manager. Once added, the conversion process begins without requiring the user to confirm.
      The Express Converter window always lies on top of all the Windows, so dragging and dropping files into it should not cause any difficulties. In addition, the window "sticks" to the edges of the screen, which allows you to attach it to a convenient angle.



    24. High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane [UUNP HDT] - HDT Cloth Patch

      Sally Whitemane Set - HDT Cloth Patch by full_inu

      This mod is a patch for UUNP conversion of existing mod, which is available to download here: High Inquisitor Whitemane UUNP
      You need original mod to work!
      This patch will add classic HDT-PE physics to shoulder, back and upper parts of outfit. I also have adjusted retouched textures.

      How to install:
      1) Download all three files from blog link above and install in order
      2) Overwrite content with my patch
      3) Build UUNP Parts of outfit in BodySlide
      4) Enjoy HDT physics and also more sharpness and glossy textures!

      - original meshes, textures, bodyslide conversions belong to their respective authors
      - XML files of physics created by full_inu
      - artwork and video by Betsujin



    25. Skyrim Chain Beasts

      Skyrim chain Beasts (v0.2.5/6alpha)
      Obligatory `first mod from Noob' warning; though it seems to be working well enough for people I still advice you to keep well away from anything important !

      Something I've been playing with inspired by an oblivion mod called `chainbeasts': (www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34346)
      This beta level mod adds chainbeasts to Skyrim.
      The mod is split into parts. The master file just provides the resources without really impacting the game world. Plugins provide functionality:
       Integration plugin:  Adds ZAZ furniture to several place is Skyrim and `Mines' that can summon beasts when attacked/activated.  In general it requires player action for beasts to appear. Exceptions: In the wilds plugin: Adds `surprise' beasts  (eg random encounter, traps etc.) (this is the plan at least - for now it is very limited.) DB (dragonborn) adds mines and a new type of beast to Solstheim (REQUIRES: dragonborn) PAH: Enables use of player summoned beasts to enslave NPCs (REQUIRES: Paradise Halls)  
      There is an MCM menu to configure and control most of the mod.

      ZAZ animation pack; created with v7, v8 also works (v6.11 may also work, I'm not sure) (www.loverslab.com/topic/17062-zaz-animation-pack-v70-2017-05-16/). FNIS (www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811). For DB plugin only:  Dragonborn DLC For PAH plugin only: Paradise Halls Recommended
      SKYUI: For the MCM menu. (Highly recommended though should not be strictly required if you do not care about the menu, but not sure - not tested.) Fuz Ro D-oh:  To see the NPC dialog. Get up faster (www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17491)  
      How to install
      For LE/Oldrim:
      Download SkyrimChainBeasts-v0.2.6.7z and use an installer. Manually: unzip the file place content of `00 Base' and of any options you want in your data folder. Ensure the esm and esp-s are activated. To upgrade: Use shutdown mod from MCM, then make a clean save, then install as above. If using CBBE bodyslide: Download and install CBBE body slide fixed (do not confuse with the SSE version). I still seem to have include the wrong version in the latest files (v0.2.6) so the fix is still needed. Hopefully I'll do better next build. Run FNIS for Users For SSE:
      Download SkyrimChainBeasts-v0.2.5-SSE.7z and use an installer. Complete conversion of LE version v0.2.5. Not very stable in my testing (though my sse version is maybe a bit to heavily modded for my machine); so keep a backup save handy... (Or use previous version: 0.2.2) Manual install only for the moment. Grab v0.2.1-SSE, install v0.2.2-SSE over top, add SSE CBBE bodyslide files if you want. Active esm. Run FNIS for Users  
      Detailed description:
      Latest changes


      See ZAZ animation pack as this uses some of its resources. including Koffii yoke mesh (see ZAP for its Creative Commons Attribution license) For the crawling animations see crawl-on-all-fours by DarkAngel1265 (www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33097) The alternate riding method was figured out by Fingerscrossed;  custom riding animations support was learned from riding styles2. Other than that feel free to use as you like.  
      Credits & Tools used (in no particular order)
       Oblivion chainbeasts mod for the basic idea  Zaz animation pack  This mod uses devices & textures from this mod and some meshes were created using ZAP meshes as a base. It also relies on ZAP furniture as a main part of its game-play mechanics. Uses animations from crawl-on-all-fours by DarkAngel1265 (www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33097) Thanks to DeepBlueFrog for pointing me to these. Model creation tools: Blender,  Blender nif tools,  Anton tools, NifSkope Skyrim creation kit and game. Mod Organizer (see here on how to use it with scripts) and NMM. Forum members for useful suggestions, hints, etc. (and perhaps others I've forgotten...)
      Known Possible Issues, Conflicts and Workarounds
      Cosmetic issues




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