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  1. Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62 - UPDATED Jun 3rd 2016

    Skyrim SexLab (SSL) v1.62
    An adult animation framework  

    ----- Description --------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyrim SexLab, is intended to serve as a unifying resource for modders to pull animations from to aid them in development of adult themed mods, without having to going through the complex scripting work it takes by themselves. A modder is provided with a wealth of tools and functions they can call that will aid them in creating their own mod.
    As it is intended as a resource mod that other mods can pull from to use for adult animations. This mod does NOTHING by itself, and requires a separate mod to make use of the resources provided.
    ----- Frequently Asked Questions -------------------------------------------
    ----- Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) REQUIRES SKSE 1.7.3 OR NEWER
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS) REQUIRES FNIS 5.4.2 OR NEWER
    FNIS Creature Pack version 5.2 or newer is required only if you want creature animation support in SexLab, otherwise it is not required. If you get a warning in game about not having 5.2 installed despite having installed it. You have without exception, installed it incorrectly. You can either ignore the warning and keep using SexLab like normal if everything working anyway, or do the smart thing and figure out what's wrong with your FNIS install so the warning will leave you alone.
    If you dislike SkyUI for some reason, you can also install SkyUI-Away on top of it. It may work fine with older versions if you refuse to upgrade to 5.0 for whatever reason. You do so at your own risk.
    An actor skeleton mod such as XPMSE2 or XPMSE3

    Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch OR the individual applicable patches Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire Unofficial Patch
    This is not a hard requirement and can be skipped, it has been known to fix some problems people have had related to SexLab however and there is little to no reason to not be using them anyway. If you choose to not use the Unofficial Patches for whatever reason, expect to be browbeat about not having them when posting your load order in the troubleshooting section.
    ----- Basic Installation Procedure ------------------------------------------

    After properly installing SKSE, SkyUI, and FNIS as listed above, follow these steps.
    Download the latest full framework pack & install it using your mod manager of choice (Mod Organizer highly preferred.) Run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe tool. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (very likely, if you don't you should. See: XPMSE2 or XPMSE3) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. DO NOT ignore any warnings or errors you see in the FNIS window. Activate the SexLab.esm file in your list of active mods. Load or start a new save game in Skyrim and navigate to the Mod Configuration menu titled "SexLab" Check that you meet the requirements on the left pane and then click the Install option in the top right. NOTE: Some of the checks you'll see there are only soft dependencies, or can be a false-negative. If the Install button is clickable for you, just go ahead and continue. [*]Close all menus and stand still until the install finishes, it can take a few minutes.

    ----- Basic Update Procedure -------------------------------------------------
    Download the latest full framework archive, if you are using a version older than 1.60, you will need the full archive, otherwise you will only need the update patch. Extract the updated framework/patch into your Skyrim's data folder, or if using Mod Organizer (like you should be) then merge the files ontop of an existing MO mod install for SexLab Framework. (optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) Disable ALL SexLab related mods except for SexLab.esm and any that are absolutely required or disabling will mean losing progress on in some way. Navigate to your Skyrim's data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users folder and run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe utility. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (if you dont, you should) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. Load your save game and you should see a notification that SexLab is updating and/or installing, it will then go through the update process. If you were using a version of SexLab such as 1.59c or older, you will not get this notification and will instead need to go into the SexLab MCM and click the Install button. [*]Wait 1-2 minutes, until you see a notification that says SexLab has finished updating and/or installing [*]Wait another 30 seconds or so and then perform a quick test animation either via the SexLab MatchMaker mod or by starting one via the animation editor. [*]Assuming the test animation was successful, save your game with the update now fully applied, you should see the appropriate version number listed on the last page of the SexLab MCM. [*](optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) if you followed step 3, you should now reinstall all the SexLab mods you disabled, ensuring you are using the latest version of each. For best results reinstall them one at a time and make sure they are functional with the new version of SexLab before reinstalling the next one.

    ----- Creature Use Instructions -----------------------------------------

    If you want to use creature animations, you will need to follow some extra installation instructions.
    Install the latest FNIS and the latest FNIS Creature Pack if you have not yet, both of which are available on the FNIS Download page Run GenerateFNISforUsers and click the big "Update FNIS Behavior" button. After it finishes patching, you should see 2 lines, "Create Creature Behaviors ..." and BELOW that "Reading SexLabCreature ..." Load your Skyrim save Navigate to the SexLab Mod Configuration menu and go to the first available settings page, "Animation Settings" Check the box for "Allow Creature Animation" so that it is in a toggled on state (the box is filled instead of empty) You will need to install mod that lets you start animations with creatures, as SexLab Framework does not start any animations by itself. SexLab MatchMaker works with creatures, and is the more straight forward of means to start creature animations. For others, look through the download page for SexLab mods with creature support
    ----- Suggestions -----------------------------------------------------------------

    Since SexLab is largely a sex animation mod, you will likely want nude male and female bodies.
    While the mod does come with a nudesuit option to use in place of installing actual nude body mods, that remains an imperfect solution and is provided only for the sake of completeness. It's use is actually strongly discouraged. I would remove the feature entirely if I didn't know a handful of people who throw a fit.
    There are many body mods to choose from, personally I use and suggest UUNP / CBBE Bodyslide and Schlongs of Skyrim Default/Average for males. If for some weird reason you absolutely refuse to use a real body replacer and insist on using the horrible nudesuits option instead, you can enable the option in SexLab's MCM settings and then install the default meshes and textures for it here: SexLab Default NudeSuit
    SexLab is a very script heavy mod, if you come across an issue in-game related directly to SexLab, the very first place you should look is unquestionably the Papyrus debug log, with just the tiniest amount of modding know how you should be able to track down the culprit from just glancing over the log, if you can't decipher it than it should be unquestionably the first thing you are posting in a request for help.
    A BBP enabled skeleton is also useful, as many of the animations include BBP support, though it is optional it is STRONGLY recommended. I'd suggest XPMSE2 or XPMSE3
    There is support for other strapons for females to use, but you will need to download and install them separately and run the "Rebuild Strapon List" option from the menu's Rebuild page if you install or remove any after loading the mod. The supported strapon mods are aeonflux88's strapon, Horker Tusk, Futa Equippable, Cozy & Rebels Equippable TG, & SOS Equipable Schlong
    If you want First Person animations, I highly recommend using the Immersive First Person View mod by h38fh2mf
    Stop using Nexus Mod Manager or no manager at all and start using Mod Organizer.
    In the likely event that you run more than just a handful of different mods, install and run LOOT when installing and updating mods.
    ----- Uninstalling ----------------------------------------------------------------
    To cleanly uninstall the mod, perform the following steps.
    With your current installation, go into MCM and select the "Rebuild & Clean" page. Click on the row that says "Clean System" You will be prompted to close all your current menus, do so. After closing your menus and being told the system clean is complete, save your game. Perform the uninstall procedure for any 3rd party SexLab mods you have installed. Quit the game. Disable SexLab.esm and any SexLab mods you have enabled in your load order
    ----- Changelog ----------------------------------------------------------------

    More detailed changelog at http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/commits/master
    User Relevant Changes / Additions:
    Increased install limit of animations to 500 (up from 375) Added option to entirely remove any use of scaling applied to actors anywhere in the sexlab. May cause or fix some graphical glitches for some people or prevent the occasional scaling related CTD. [*]Holding Shift+End while outside of a sexlab animation will now forcibly end all active sexlab animations being done by NPCs.
    Functionally the same as opening the SexLab MCM and clicking the debug option to stop all scenes, but with the bonus of not having to navigate through the MCM to do it. [*]Added an enable toggle to the animation editor in the MCM
    The animation editor in the MCM will default to showing the currently playing animation for player Makes it easier to disable an animation you don't like without having to find what it's name is and hunt it down in the MCM. [*]Added a count of how many character animations, creature animations, voices, and expressions sexlab has registered so far.
    In the MCM debug/rebuild page. Lets you see how close you are to approaching the limit of 500. [*]Added Dragonborn and Dawnguard beds to sexlabs list of automatically detected beds when starting an animation. [*]When setting the player or NPC's voice setting in the MCM, any currently playing animations involving them will automatically update to use their newly set voice.
    Makes it much easier to test/sample various voices and find one you like. [*]The name of the animation being played is now only sent to your notifications if you have debug mode enabled. It is otherwise only shown in your console. [*]Creatures and Characters can no longer have the other's voice applies to them. Werewolves can only use the werewolf voice type if they are currently a werewolf. [*]SexLab no longer checks for a creature pack install, since they are no longer separate downloads. [*]Various other major and minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Mod Creator Relevant Changes / Additions:
    Added a method of registering animations via JSON files (similar to SLAL) See /SKSE/Plugins/SexLab/Animations for details A tool to generate the JSON files based of an animator's hkx files was originally planned, unsure if I'll get to it now or not though. [*]Added functions for adding custom bed forms to sexlabs bed list, including defining custom offsets to use for aligning to that bed and/or defining whether or not it's a bedroll, double, or single bed.
    Intended for beds in name, but could easily be used for helping define animation alignment for furniture other than beds as well. [*]Added modevent "SexLabActorGenderChange(form actorform, int gender)" that gets sent whenever an actor has their gender/futa-ness overridden or override/futa-ness removed. [*]Added some requested config property accessors to the main API script related to creatures. [*]Fixed some bugs related to making an actor silent during a scene.

    FIXED: Animation starting a few feet floating in the air. FIXED: Actors "jittering" during animation FIXED: Player being stuck while trying to move the scene FIXED: Free camera being disabled when changing animations during the 1st stage NEW: Export/Import settings now also includes your customizations in the Strip Editor.
    NEW: Toggle to enable actors walking to the location of the scene instead of instantly teleport NEW: Support for creature voices + some default creature voices for the basic creature types NEW: The cum texture from animation can now double up on a single location. If a character already has the vaginal cum texture applied, the 2nd time it's applied it'll apply a messier more cum filled version NEW: A toggle option to set whether or not newly encountered NPC's will have their sex stats seeded or initialized as empty NEW: Can now set your targeted actor's forced gender from the SexLab MCM as well NEW: When swapping between actors to adjust the location for in an animation, the newly selected one will glow briefly to indicate which you now have selected NEW: Option to fully disable the use bed prompt / disable only when player is victim / always ask NEW: Frostfall 3.0 support, exposure will automatically pause during animation so you don't freeze to death. NEW: Added support for NiOverride High Heels under the same toggle that previously handled only HDT High Heels. ALTERED: AP animations are now disabled by default ALTERED: Creature animations are no longer a separate pack, because I'm tired of dealing with people who can't figure it out API: Further documentation and guides added to SexLabFramework.psc for modders API: Lots of new API additions for modders, most of which were requested by various modders at some point. Sorry if I forgot the one you requested - remind me again FIXED: Aggressive scenes wrongly getting non-aggressive animations or not being tagged as aggressive internally FIXED: Poor default positioning for various animations when played on a bed FIXED: Lip Sync has been heavily altered and is now more compatible with expressions FIXED: Various other bugs users have reported that I can't fully remember right now FIXED: Orgasm triggering instantly when scene starts and separate orgasms are enabled FIXED: Various issues related to async animations not starting properly, with some actors not playing their animation while others do FIXED: Lots of other stuff
    v1.60.2 hotfix 2:
    Added back in a copy of MfgConsoleFunc and reverted expression functions to use them instead of SKSE's native functions. Added a message in the MCM strip options to inform you what item you currently have equipped in a slot when you hover it Added a message in the MCM strip editor to inform you what slot masks an item uses when you hover over it. Raised the number of possible animations in a single scene from 100 to 125 Fixed an issue with character scale not being reset properly at the start of and during animation. Fixed an issue with weapons getting re-equipped in the wrong hand after animation. Fixed an issue with orgasm effects not triggering properly under certain conditions. Fixed an issue that caused items flagged in the strip editor as always/never strip to not be treated property during stripping. Fixed an issue with PapyrusUtil 3.0 that sometimes caused CTD during save load Fixed a bug with aggressive animation selection (thanks to user Random of Amber) Expanded the install fatal error to be more clear and provide some suggestions. Some misc performance improvements throughout the MCM and animation startup.
    v1.60.1 hotfix 1:
    Set actor storage preloading to no longer hold up the install process, and only occur once Added a check for if sexlab's files/quest have been overridden and prevent attempts to install with an error message Added a new schlong adjusting hotkey. Defaults to the 'C' key.
    The SKSE requirement has been bumped up to 1.7.3 beta (or newer if available by the time you're reading this) is now required. The FNIS requirement has been bumped up to 5.5 or newer On new or old installs, you must now manually start SexLab's install process from the SexLab MCM install page. If you wish to use creature animations, the creature animations are now in a separate archive and is no longer included by default. If you for some crazy reason insist on using the nudesuit's option, the meshes and textures for it have also been removed from the default archive. You can find a link to these meshes and textures in the main post, or by clicking here Animation, creature animation, voices, and expressions are all now capable of registering up to 350 unique items each - can be easily expanding in the future if we ever bump up against the limit again. 14+ new animations by various authors such as Leito, 4uDIK, 3jiou, Mitos, & Arrok. These are animations previous in the NSAP pack, more to be carried over to the default pack in future updates. New item strip editor in MCM. Select items you or a target actor have in their inventory that should always or never be stripped at the start of a scene, regardless of other strip settings. Creature animation scan now have specific genders defined for their creature roles. By default all genders are considered the same gender, this can be toggled via the new creature gender option in the MCM. The player and NPCs can now optionally have separate, multiple, orgasms as their enjoyment stat builds up over the course of an animation. This is an optional effect enabled in addition to the traditional orgasm effect on the last stage of animation that has been in previous versions. A new animation setting option in the MCM to forcibly filter out non gay or lesbian animations in a scene when appropriate. So for example, 2 females in a scene will generally not play a regular animation with strapon if other animations are available to them. Can toggle the players override gender directly from the SexLab animation settings MCM page, so players can easily set them selves as transgender, with "female" player characters being treated as "male" in the eyes of SexLab, or vice versa. You can now toggle the default behavior of the adjustment hotkeys between adjusting all stages (default) or only the currently stage being played. Whichever you set it to will flip the modifier ctrl modifier hotkey to perform the opposite when held in combination. When targeting an actor and viewing their stats in the SexLab Diary/Journal, you can press the reset stats button once to complete zero all their skills, and then when pressed a second time while all stats are still zero in order to re-seed their starting stats. A new "limited strip" option (disabled by default) that will cause the actors in a scene to default to using the foreplay/limited strip options you have set, if ALL animations in the scene being played consist of only oral and foreplay animations. HDT Hight Heel effects detected and disabled after character strip to remove the height offset. Automatically enabled if you have HDT HighHeels installed, but can be turned off in the MCM if you prefer actors to keep their height offset during SexLab animation. Pressing the Realign actors hotkey is now more forceful, making all actors completely reset their animation, re-calculate their positions, and start the current stage's timer over from the start. Holding down the rotate scene hotkey will now continually rotate the actors until let go, just as the other adjustment hotkeys have done for a few versions now. Much improved (in my experience) syncing between separate actor animations. Many, many bug fixes and performance improvements than I could possibly remember or even attempt to name. TONS of things not listed here intended for modders to do new things with, will be more clear once the updated API documentation is released.  

    ----- Modder's Guide -------------------------------------------------------------
    A modders guide to using the API can be partially found in scripts/sources/SexLabFramework.psc as well as here: http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/wikis/home
    WARNING: The API docs are currently fairly outdated in some spots for v1.60. It should be fine in most spots, but if you have any questions feel free to private message me or ask somewhere else and I'll answer soon as I'm able. Updating them is my top priority right now.
    If you are a mod developer looking to develop a mod using SexLab, feel free to contact me via private message and I will do everything I can to help you along and if possible upgrade the framework to fit your needs.
    ----- Future Plans ----------------------------------------------------------------
    See dedicated development thread
    ----- Credits -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Scripting & Project Owner:
    SKSE Plugin:
    kapaer - Mfg Console
    Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp
    Arrok - BBP Animations
    JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution
    Athstai - Dark Investigations
    3jiou - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38317-3js-animations/
    Mitos - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/42217-mitos-animation-shop/
    Leito86 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39465-animations-by-leito-12915-new-animations/
    4uDIK - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38934-аnimations-for-sexlab/
    FalloutBoy2 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39160-animation-complete/
    Lovers with PK
    Calyp - Strapon
    oli3d - Bukkake Shaders
    4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit
    Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit
    Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures
    aravis7 - French
    CGi - German
    mswind - Chinese
    anonymous - Japanese
    fedim - Russian
    sh1ny - Russian
    holtof55 - Russian
    Huili - Russian
    RockMic - Italian
    NOTE: If you have an updated translation file or would like to translate or update one of the existing translations; send it to me or let me know if you have any questions about how.
    ----- Permissions -----------------------------------------------------------------
    You must ask my permission before distributing this base framework on any site other than LoversLab.com
    The animations themselves belong to the individual modders who made them, I am using them solely by their permission and/or stated open use policy. If you wish to repurpose them else where it is there permission you need and not mine.
    Unless you are contributing to the Git repository development branch, you are not allowed to edit any of the included scripts and resources except to translate the mod into another language.
    If you wish to translate the framework into another language, go right ahead, no need to ask. If you need it, I will provide you with as much support as I can to assist you with the translation process. Afterwards if you want to send me the translated file and I will package it with the releases, or you are free to release the translation file, and the translation file alone, however you wish.
    ----- Contacting Me --------------------------------------------------------------
    I will provide direct support to people via email and private message ONLY if you are a modder using the framework in your mod. People seeking support for using the mod contacting me this way will be, without hesitation, completely ignored. If you need support for the framework, use the thread or support section, I will answer such questions there and only there.



  2. Shibari Rope Art CBBE

    A sexy Shibari Based outfit
    Changes Made:

    -Oily Body
    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Shibari"




  3. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    This mod turns all the humans in Skyrim into furries--with beast feet and beast schlongs.
    SSE version available here
    LE Version Here
    Each Skyrim race is transformed into a different animal race:
    Nord - Lykaios (Wolf) by KrittaKitty Imperial - Vaalsark (Jackal-ish) originally by Wolf of the Azar, updated by Bad Dog and Valehyena Breton - Fennec Fox by Jelly, new texture and adapted to Citrus mesh by Bad Dog Redguard - Kygarra (Hyena) by Wolf of the Azar, adapted to Citrus mesh by Bad Dog High Elf - Cheetah by Bad Dog, head mesh by NightroModzz Wood Elf - Tigers by Bad Dog, head mesh by NightroModzz Dark Elf - Panther by Bad Dog, head mesh by NightroModzz Orc - Saberlion by Bad Dog, head mesh by NightroModzz Khajiit - Khajiit Snow Elf - Snow Leopard Reachmen - Striped Hyenas by Valehyena Skaal - African Wild Dogs by Valehyena and BD
    The change is appearance only. Each race still has its vanilla race-specific buffs. You can also play as a dremora (panther-style) or snow elf.
    There's a Discord Server for discussion and what-all for those who are into that.
    Character Setup
    Check the "Dirt" slider on the canine races. I had more patterns than sliders so I put some overall face patterns there. I also co-opted some of the other sliders, so check around and see what they do. (The lips slider, for example, isn't really useful on furries so it generally does something else.) Also I put some earrings on the "brows" slider so you can mix them up with hair.
    Content Warning
    The base mod contains statues which are nude but not erotic. The SOS download adds a bunch of nudie load screens. Many of the paintings in that addon are erotic.
    I recommend you start this on a new game. You're changing every race and every NPC mesh--Skyrim will probably freak if you try to load it over an existing game.
    The files are too big for LL (lots of race texture files). So get the file from the "Mirror" link in downloads.
    Version 10 Version 9  
    Upgrading from 9 to 10 is likely to break saves. If you want to try to preserve them, disable schlongs and digi, clean save, and then install 10.
    Load the prerequisites first:
    Skyrim Legendary Edition (all DLCs) SKSE RaceMenu RaceCompatibility PapyrusUtil (comes with Sexlab) Sexlab (optional) SOS (optional) A UNP or CBBE body (optional)  
    For YA itself, there are lots of files because lots of options. Just load up the ones you want, one after another in this order, from the mirror site. They are:
    01 Yiffy_Age - The base mod. Always. Plantigrade feet. Near-SFW--there are nude statues but that's all. Expects a UNP/vanilla body. 02 YA Digi - Digitigrade feet. Requires XPMSE and RaceMenu. Options: Skip this--platigrade feet, visible boots Install this--digitigrade feet, invisible boots but you still get the buffs Install but disable the ESP--bare feet are digitigrade, boots are planti and show normally MMG Digi Boots--add this for @MadMansGun's special digitigrade boots. If you enable the invisible boots, put this ESP after it. Boots will be invisible unless they're covered by MMG. You can play with different combinations without breaking everything, so decide what you like. 03 YA HDT Tails - Only use if you have HDT set up. The tails are awesome but they do have the usual stretching and bouncing you get with HDT and they can make your engine freak out. Limit frame rate to 60 or less if you load this. 04 YA SOS - The privy members. Requires SOS. DISABLE the SOS schlong esps to get only the furry schlongs. The sheath works on all females, the slit works on argonian females. For males, the default is a sheathing animal dingus but you can choose an anthropomorphic look if you prefer. You also get nudie load screens. YA_COSIO_Patch. - If you're using a CBBE body, credit to ASlySpyDuo.  
    One you have YA running, there are variants and options you can load if you choose. 
    YA Paintings - Makes sundry paintings from other mods furry (Dragonfall Castle, Legacy of the DB, Interesting NPCS, etc). And yiffy. NSFW.  Valehyena has done a bunch of extensions to YA. Check it out.  Patch files for other mods. Any mod that edits vanilla races or adds NPCs needs a patch. Check the patches subfolder and see if there's one available. The mod description links to the mod they are for, as does the description in the ESP itself. All patches are generally made to work with digitigrade feet, which means any boots in the mod become invisible. If you don't like that fire up TES5Edit and remove all boot ARMO and ARMA records from the patch. Deer NPCs -- If you stack my unglate races and want some of the vanilla NPCs in Falkreath to be deer, load that ESP after YA. XPMSE -- goes last. Don't enable the ESP if you don't want all that schmutz.  
    Female schlongs are set up as separate SOS schlongs. That way you can set the probability of female schlongs as you like, separate from the males. By default all the female hyenas get schlongs, because hyenas, but you can set up the other races so they sometimes or always have schlongs. There's a "no schlong" option for females so the SOS probabilities will work. Enable strapons in Sexlab (the default). In this version, SL handles them.
    I'm using a revealing armor in the screenshots. If you don't like to look at dick, don't load revealing armor and your furries will cover themselves up decently. If you don't like online synthetic beast sex, don't load the schlong addon and your furries will strip to underwear. In that mode, SOS and SexLab are not required. Load screens will be SFW. Some statues will be nude but not erotic.
    This mod is based on the work of the people who made the race mods! At this point all the assets except the Lykaios are mine, but YA wouldn't have happened without their inspiration. Please click on the links above and vote up their mods! It's the only reward a modder gets.
    Setting up HDT is just not easy. You need the right female body and the right armor. Check out Blaze's post on how to do this--it has pointers on some other HDT bodies.
    Other Furry mods
    I have other furry mods that you can stack with YA, if 8 or 9 furry races aren't enough for you. Load any of them before YA. 
    Horse Otter Bird & Bat Deer Note that Lykaios are already in YA, as are Cat Races.
    Sample Load Order
    Here's a minimal load order to get you started. Contains YA set up for sexytimes, with a few extra mods I recommend. Lower in the list loads later.
    Things to try when your installation seems borked (thanks to ASlySpyDuo): 
    Q: WTF all my characters have animal heads but body is human plz help!!
    A: Something is overwriting Yiffy Age's changes. Make sure that nothing overwrites its files and race changes. Make sure the ESP loads as late as possible, just before alternate start mods.
    Q: All NPCs look like they should but I'm a half-human hybrid, this mod is broken!!1
    A: Unique player werewolf mods are incompatible, disable those.
    Q: tails are detaching from npc during animations what do
    A: Your skeleton is either broken or incompatible. (Re)install XPMSE.
    Q: Children are bald humans with floating eyes and mouths. I'm terrified.
    A: Killable children is incompatible since it modifies child race records.
    YA is a script-heavy mod, when schlongs and digi are loaded. The following ini settings may make your installation more stable:
    Anything that makes major changes to races. So Requiem and such overhauls are not likely to work. Killable Children does not work. It also makes it possible to sex up children, so cut that shit right out. XPMSE isn't incompatible, but for the digitigrade skeleton I had to take a snapshot and they are updating all the time. It's possible you'll end up with a mod that wants a later skeleton than I provide. Any new human races. Inconsequential NPCs adds a teen race and they aren't handled properly without the patch. No Snow Under the Roof mod - messes up some statues, otherwise works. Mods that add NPCs generally do work, but the NPCs won't have any color variation or tattoos. SOS is the only male mesh supported. No Better Males or SAM or SOS Lite. Improved Open Face Helmets is redundant--the furries have open face helmets that suit their race.
    Version Numbering
    Just in case you're wondering what the version numbers mean...
    Don't, the impact is too high. Treat this mod like its own game.
    Old Versions
    Version 7 Version 8  
    Blaze69 for major contributions: schlongs for the ladies, better texture files, kids, chasing bugs through dark corners of the Skyrim engine & more NightroModzz for great heads and feet Ranaline over at Nexus for assets from RS Children Overhaul Trado for the original Furry Age Fluffy, Jelly, KrittaKitty, Mickyan, Wolf of the Azar, ArcicCarnage for the furries Navida1 for Improved Closedfaced Helmets, which I borrowed some meshes from. Grimoas and Ratoboran for the Almighty Talos statue idea, which triggered way too much work PaulGreen and ChosenClue for scripting and nif help
    Go vote up their mods over on Nexus while you're there.



  4. Devious Devices LE 5.0

    Devious Devices
    By The DD Team:
    - Kimy (Lead Maintainer)
    - Collygon
    Past Contributors: Min (Founder), Zadil (Founder), Feuertin, Princessity, Pincopallino, Heretical, El Duderino, Coopervane, Koffii, Aelie, zenetx, Srende, Lordescobar666, xaz, Cedec0, MaikCG
    Devious Devices is a collection of wearable and furniture bondage devices to restrain and torment your Dragonborn, including, but not limited to: chastity belts, collars, cuffs, vibrators, gags, armbinders, yokes, slave harnesses, straitjackets and even hobble skirts! And don't worry about wiggling out of them: All devices lock in place, and only the correct key can open the locks! And these devices don't just look restrictive, they ARE! These shackles really lock your hands on your back and make you unable to fight. Running in leg irons? No way! And yes, wearing a gag will make you speak gibberish!
    - Escape system: Nobody likes to be tied up. At least not against their will! Try to escape your bindings by attempting to struggle out from them, cut them, or pick the locks! You might succeed! Or you will just tighten your restraints, or break your lockpicks. If you are really unlucky, you will jam the lock and be unable to unlock yourself even if you have the key, unless you manage to repair the lock.
    - Framework: Want to create your own bondage mod? Kinky quests? Custom restraints? DD is providing all needed functionality for that, so you don't have to! Want to create custom bondage items? Just make your item use the DD scripts and customize dozens of properties to your taste and create your own toys without writing one line of code! Items with custom keys? No problem! Multiple locks? For sure! Timed locks? You bet! Cuttable material? Yep, got that, too! Impossible to struggle out from? Check! Items that cannot be removed as long as another is locked on? Yes, even that! And if all of that isn't enough, override the item behavior with a custom script. If you think it can't be done, think again!
    - Devious Effects: Unique and devious effects to tantalize, titillate, and torment the Dragonborn and her companions! Whether it's inflatable, vibrating, or simply impossible to remove, you'll find something different with each item! All plugs increase stimulation, and do so at different rates based on what you do; sitting down or riding a horse is much more intense than just walking around! The inflatable plugs can be squeezed manually for more stimulation, or by accident as you travel around Skyrim! Want something more intense? Try the vibrating soulgem plugs! Some are activated by magic, others will have a mind of their own and activate randomly or after building up for a good strong burst of vibrations. But watch out, there are some plugs out there that are much more devious: the victim will be driven to the edge by these relentless plugs, but never allowed sweet release...
    - Full NPC Support: All devious devices are capable of being worn by NPCs, and most devious effects will function on them as well! Show your companion who's in charge, or teach that annoying bitch in the shop a lesson!
    - Intuitive Interfaces: No need to use spells, shouts, or other quirky methods to enjoy these devices! Just click them in your inventory and choose what you want to do with them via the easy to use interaction menu!
    - Sexlab Support: While in a chastity belt, the Dragonborn's (or any NPC's) most intimate of intimates will be off limits! The actors will be unable to use any sex scenes involving the "Vaginal", "Anal", "Masturbation", or "Fisting" tags. In most cases, the scene will be replaced by a chastity-friendly scene, including Oral, Blowjobs, Handjobs, Boobjobs, and whatever else may be available. While wearing gags, the Oral animations will be off limits as well, unless it happens to be a ring gag.
    - Sexlab Aroused Support: Being locked away in cold steel may not seem so bad at first, but the longer the Dragonborn is locked away, the more she'll crave that sweet release! Animations, on-screen messages, and even sounds will change depending upon arousal level; same with NPCs!
    Bondage Furniture: DD doesn't only contain wearable restraints, but also a variety of bondage furniture for use in BDSM themed mods, and provides mechanics for using the devices in game. Device behavior can be freely configured by the modder, and without having to write code or handle complicated packages. The devices are fully compatible with DD restraints, without modders having to write complex workarounds on their end.
    Bondage Furniture Features
    - Both players and NPCs can use the furniture.
    - Actors can be placed and released from devices via script.
    - Hotkey to order arbitrary NPCs into furniture, where they can be either locked in, or held for a certain amount of time, at the player's discretion!
    - Hotkey triggered dialogue for the player to lock up herself, either to play for a certain amount of time, or with fully engaged locks for extra kink!
    - Locking system (requiring one or more keys to release the subject), including optional configurable lock shields preventing unlocking the device for a given time.
    - Escape system for both player and NPC. Devices can be struggled out from, lock-picked, or even broken. The player can help NPCs to escape with not in posession of a key, in which case the player performs the escape checks for the NPC.
    - Configurable escape difficulties and cooldowns per device.
    - Devices are fully compatible with DD restraints. No workarounds needed. Each furniture device can be set to allow any type of DD restraint to be worn while locked in it. Incompatible restraints will be hidden.
    - Alternate poses can be set to accommodate DD wrist restraints (e.g. for wearing armbinders while sitting on a wooden horse)
    - Arbitrary number of additional scripted effects the device will apply to subjects locked in it.
    - Configurable messages per device.
    - Outfit swapping for NPCs, stripping for players, plus re-equipping gear on release.
    - Arbitrary number of poses per device, one of which is randomly chosen or set by script.
    - Struggle animations played both periodically and when trying to escape.
    - NPC poses survive cell changes.
    - The player cannot wait/sleep if the device doesn't allow it.
    - Self Bondage feature, allowing the player to set a timed lock, both for herself or any NPC she locks in the device.
    - Optional minigame that rewards the player with configurable rewards if she escapes the device before the release timer sets her free.
    - Build-able devices, that can be placed in the game world by the player during a playthough.
    - Transportable devices: The player can pick up certain devices and re-build them somewhere else.
    - Sex scene support to allow playing animations with one actor locked in the device.
    General remark: The point of this mod is locking the player in restraints hard to remove. This feature might cause issues with other mods not expecting the character to wear unremovable items. Known issues will be listed in this section. Feel free to report incompatibilities in the support thread.
    - Frostfall: While wearing restraints the player might be unable to keep herself warm.  
    - Player Succubus Quest: Transformation will wipe restraints from your character, so this function is generally incompatible with DD. Disable Transformation if you want to use this mod with and DD mod.
    - Trapped in Rubber: is using custom restraints not compatible with DD in general. Solution: Make sure you're not wearing any DD items before you start the quest and suspend any mod that might equip DD items on you while playing TiR.
    - SPERG: Works fine, but set Hand to Hand combat to "Manual" in its MCM to avoid annoying clicking sounds when wearing wrist restraints.
    - Play Random Idle - can break custom idles used by our restraints.
    SexLab 1.6+ - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v159c-updated-oct-3rd/
    SexLab Aroused Redux - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1421-sexlab-aroused-redux/
    FNIS 7.0 - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811/? You need to run FNIS for Users after installing this mod!!!
    Racemenu: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624/? (if you really don't want it, you can also install just NiOverride, but you need one or the other)
    CBBE/UUNP Bodyslide compatible body (either CBBE or UUNP): http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25971-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended/
    1. Install ALL requirements listed above using your favorite mod manager, including THEIR respective requirements.
    2. Install DD using the mod manager of choice. Manual installation is possible but not recommended or supported.
    3. Run FNIS when done
    4. And don't forget to use Bodyslide to build the assets. Half of all user support requests are caused by them not running Bodyslide. RUN BODYSLIDE!!!!
    5. Make sure that Beast Races Refit is loaded AFTER DD For Him, if you installed both. LOOT will not recognize this and not automatically sort it!
    6. Start up Skyrim, and either create a New Game, or load your Save.
    7. Save the game, and then load the save you just created (DD will not register Animations / Events until you load a save after it has been installed).
    Wearable restraints:
    - The 'equipped' indicator may not update immediately following player interaction. This can be solved easily by closing and reopening the inventory or selecting another item (It is simply a display quirk).
    - Attempting to interact with a specific device while having multiple instances of it in your inventory is ill-advised, due to a Skyrim engine bug/limitation. Doing so will unpredictably cause Skyrim to not send the Papyrus events that the devices require to function (OnUnequipped / OnEquipped), leading to a device visually being equipped, despite being unequipped in your inventory. If you encounter this issue, remove all but one copy of the problem-device from your inventory, then re-equip said device.
    - The furniture object will display a slight flicker when transitioning back and from the struggle animation.
    - Some furniture devices will freeze the camera zoom in weird positions after locking the player in. SexLab's free camera hotkey is your friend to get a better view!
    Q: How to best report any issues with Devious Devices?
    A: Post your issue in the support thread and describe what happened, and how. In enough detail that I might have a chance to understand what went wrong there. Oh, and post a Papyrus log if you can. While I might be able to guess the cause of your problem every now and then, chances are that I will never find out what went wrong unless you provide me with the log. DO NOT PM THE DD TEAM WITH SUPPORT REQUESTS!!!
    Q: I have this and that problem with an older version of Devious Devices.
    A: Please don't ask about older versions. Ever. I release patches for a reason. Use them! Some of them even might have fixed the exact bug you're reporting to occur in your ancient version of this mod. Only the newest version is supported at any time. Don't post any questions in the support thread unless you're running the -newest- version of this mod AND all of its requirements.
    Q: I have a support question and wonder if I should PM it to you.
    A: Please, PLEASE do NOT use PMs for support issues and bug reports. I might/will ignore them and delete them without responding to them! Support requests belong in the support thread and nowhere else, so other people having the same issue can see the reply as well, or even help each other, so I don't have to answer ALL questions people might have.
    Q: Can I suggest new features?
    A: Absolutely! I have implemented a lot of user-suggested features and will continue doing so. But please understand that I cannot implement them all and that some others I really just won't like enough. As a general guideline, DD is about bondage, kink clothing, domination, submission, (light) slavery topics and sex in bondage. If your suggestion fits this general theme or compliments it and doesn't gross me out right away, chances are that I might make use of it one way or the other. What I am definitely NOT looking for is suggestions involving bestiality, watersports, scat, futa, extreme humiliation, and extreme punishment/dismememberment. Please don't be offended if that's your kind of thing, but personally I find all of that stuff repulsive and don't want to have to look at it, let alone create it.
    Q: Why are the bundled items changing my body when equipped? Why are some items invisible? Why is everything so messed up???
    A: Use Bodyslide, Luke! It's listed in the requirements for a reason. You need to actually build the assets with Bodyslide!
    Q: Is this mod compatible with <obscure mod you found in a remote corner of the internet and nobody else but you ever seems to use>?
    A: Ummm...I dunno.. You tell me! I list all known incompatibilities in this ReadMe, but there are really a lot of mods out there, and I can't possibly test them all. Generally, DD builts content against vanilla Skyrim and does not assume other community mods being installed, although the vast majority of them should work just fine with DD.
    Q: Why don't you add <items from this and that other restraint mod available on LL> to DD's item library?
    A: If the other mod has been out on LL for more than a couple months and I haven't added the items, chances are that we don't like them enough and/or their creators didn't give permission. Or there are 3rd party rights attached to the assets preventing me from using it. I cannot use assets from commercial sources even if YOU have a licence to.
    Q: Can I translate your mod?
    A: Yes. But please re-post only the files needed for the actual translation, as a patch with a link to the offical mod! Do NOT re-distribute the entire mod. If you want to post the translated files outsides of LL, please ask for permission first.
    Q: I found this awesome model that would be a perfect fit for a DD item. Will you include it?
    A: I will not put in anything in DD that doesn't support both CBBE Bodyslide and UUNP. The model AND the sliders obviously also need to come with permissions to freely include and distribute it in 3rd party mods. If it does, feel free to suggest it!
    Q: Where can I get the items in game?
    A: DD itself won't equip anything on you. It is a library of bondage items and mechanics related to them. You will need mods actually using the framework, such as Deviously Cursed Loot, Devious Followers or Shout Like a Virgin.
    Q: Will this mod ever support another body than CBBE Bodyslide or UUNP?
    A: That's very extremely unlikely. Unless another body completely takes over the market in the future, I will not even think about it. CBBE and UUNP are good enough and support pretty much any imaginable body shape through Bodyslide. There is zero reason for more body mods, really.
    Q: I unequipped an item, but it's still visually on my character!
    A: See the "Known Issues" section.
    Anyone that wishes to use this mod as a dependency for their own work is quite welcome to. Proper credit is appreciated.  
    - You can NOT bundle/re-distribute any parts of this mod with your own (e.g. include patched versions of DD's files in your mod) as future updates to DD might break your and other mods if you do.
    - You can NOT post this mod or any of its parts (including any derived works) without explicit permission.
    - You can NOT post or share any patches against this mod without my express permission, unless their sole purpose is fixing bugs.
    - You can NOT incorporate any parts of this mod in any for-profit project (Donations/Patreons are fine as long as they are strictly voluntary)
    - You can NOT incorporate any parts of this mod in a project that's going to be uploaded to Bethesda.Net and/or made available for consoles in any other way.
    - You can NOT use any code or assets from this mod in projects competing with it, without permission.
    - You can NOT use any parts of this mod in a closed source project. No exceptions, ever. No need to ask for permission either. It won't be given.
    - You can NOT publish a full or partial fork of this mod (as in using it as a base for a project offering similar functionality) without permission. That includes porting it to other platforms/games.
    - You CAN otherwise use code for your own projects as long as you include all source code with your distribution and allow others to use your own code in a similar fashion. And give proper credit where it's due. All above rules still apply! For art assets, please contact their respective creator directly.
    In plain English: Do with my code what you want, as long as you credit me, and your own project is also open source and available free of charge. But don't use my own code to make mods competing with mine, don't change my mod's behavior against my will, and don't steal my stuff by uploading it somewhere else.
    For all art assets used by this mod, all conditions set by their original creators apply instead. Please contact the respective author for further information on permissions etc.
    API Documentation can be found in zadlibs.psc for wearable devices and zadclibs.psc for furniture devices (code comments within these files). Feel free to ask team members if you need assistance creating a mod using the resources provided by this mod.
    Devices are exposed to the API via these library files as well, so they can be manipulated via script. A great many more wearable devices can be found in in zadxlibs, and zadxlibs2.
    Contributions to DD are welcome! If you are considering contributing to DD, here are our guidelines for your consideration:
    By contributing assets or code to DD, you grant the DD team represented by its lead maintainer a non-exclusive, non-revokable, and non-transferable licence to use your assets without limitation in Devious Devices or any other projects, provided that proper credits are given. You still retain full rights to your work. Everything you create is still yours. Instead of this licence, you may also opt to place your work under an alternative licence compatible with the above, such as Creative Commons or MIT (it cannot be more restrictive, though!) In the later case, we will mark your work as subject to the licence you chose. By contributing assets you also assure that the assets contributed are free from any 3rd party rights that might prevent re-distributing them.
    Kimy and Min for the code.
    Zadil, Koffii, Coopervane, Pincopallino, Feuertin, El Duderino, Heretical, and Colycon for all the awesome wearable devices.
    Feuertin, T'ara, and ZaZ Chris for the furniture devices.
    Feuertin, ZaZ Chris, Xaz, SpaceHamster and Billyy for the awesome animations.
    KestrelSky, Caden, Wasps, Rydin, Veladarius, Kendo2 and Skullered for Devious Devices for Him.
    Skullered for Beast Races Refit.
    Cedec0 for the bound combat that is now a part of this mod.
    Volfin for the gag sounds from GagSFX and the gagged voices code, which the implementation in DD is based on.
    MaikCG for the alternative bound combat animations.
    Kharos, DeWired, Lordescobar666, Aelie, Princessity and Srende for code contributions.
    Tifa Lockheart for the awesome screenshots and the conversations! ❤️
    VirginMarie, Kharos, Jbezorg, UrbanSniper, Ms Leeches, Aelie, Coopervane, Veladarius, Stobor, Pinute, Srende, KomradePavlov, Slorm, Skeuomorph, Aareyn, Zacko, KestrelSky, Naaitsab, MixedupJim, Mord Sif for beta-testing new releases.
    LoversLab Forum Members for some great suggestions and putting this mod to good use.
    If you run into issues, please read the FAQ first. If this doesn't solve your problem, use the search feature: Most questions you're going to ask have probably already been answered. If you're still unable to find the answer to your issue, please post in the support thread proving a Papyrus log and an in-depth description about your issue to allow us to figure out what went wrong there and why. Do NOT PM maintainers with bug reports. Bug reports go in the support thread and only there! Bug reports not accompanied by a log and/or sent via PM will likely be ignored.
    I want to thank both Zadil and Min for making Devious Devices possible in the first place. When I first came to LL, I had no plans to become a modder, but DD and the content mods built on it made me stay. DD is arguably the most comprehensive BDSM framework for any game out there, and it's so much fun! I am proud to have been chosen to take over DD development for you, and I hope you like the result.
    If you're looking for older support posts, here are the threads used for DD before the merger in DD5:
    Devious Devices Assets: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/269-devious-devices-assets/
    Devious Devices Integration: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/371-devious-devices-integration-12092014/
    Devious Devices Expansion: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1305-devious-devices-expansion-v116/
    Devious Devices Contraptions: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/133152-devious-devices-contraptions-11-2020-05-05/




  5. Submissive Lola: The Resubmission LE/SE

    A highly updated version of the original Submissive Lola mod by alexvkj.  The mod was rebooted as The Resubmission by MrEsturk and Hexbolt8.  When MrEsturk became unavailable, I created this page to continue updates & support.  Same mod, with a new page to conveniently get updates.
    What Does It Do?
    The mod lets you turn a follower into a dominant personality in a consensual master-slave relationship (though there are optional non-consensual features, and you can even start by being bought as a slave).  You can optionally have a contract time to fulfill.
    Any playable race follower can become your owner, male or female, though custom followers with their own specialized frameworks might not work.  Male and female player characters are supported.  Some content is exclusively for female player characters, but most is not.  Dialog will change in many instances for male player characters.  You may specify your gender preference, and play a gay or lesbian character if you wish.
    Your progress in the relationship is measured with a submission score.  Initially only basic events are available, but as the score increases more and more events open up.  At the highest score level the events can be inconvenient (if you act like a submissive doormat, you get treated like one), so you might choose to avoid reaching the max score 100.
    Your dominant follower "owner" will call you Lola, regardless of your character's gender (there's a book with lore about that).  There is an automated process (described below) to change that name if you can use TES5Edit.  You can change your owner's title in the MCM if you don't care for Master or Mistress.
    Your owner rules you with a firm hand, but is often playful and teasing.  When you're made to do humiliating things, it's said that it's to help you admit your darkest desires, or to help you learn obedience, and both are for your own good.  You're like a valued pet.  And a sex slave.  Your owner understands the value of fantasy and imagination, and will sometimes suggest things that will never actually be done to you.  Above all, your owner wants your submission and obedience, not your gold.  Gold CAN play a large role in your relationship if you enable those features, or it can have no part of it.
    - The main download SubmissiveLolaResubmission is required.  EsturkBooze is optional (details below).
    - Players should have at least one spanking animation, or the spanking scenes will be generic sex.  I recommend "Rydin Overlap Spanking".  LE version is here.  SE version is here.
    - This mod replaces any other Submissive Lola, including 1.1 on MrEsturk's old mod page.  Do not install two versions.  (Apparently Vortex thinks 1.1 and 2.x are different mods.  They are not.  This is a newer version of 1.1.)  You may update from 1.1 by following the update procedure below.  You cannot update from classic Submissive Lola or the old SE beta.
    - One installation that works with LE or SE out of the box, no conversions needed.
    - MCM with extensive customization options.
    - Compatibility with Devious Devices, though if you're wearing a ZAP device the mod will recognize it.
    - Support for custom collar and gag meshes & textures.  Or just use the collar of your choice from another mod.
    - If you have multiple followers, you can change which one is your owner at any time.
    - Prostitution events that use Radiant Prostitution if you have it (WraithSlayer and Gigolo versions both work), or a basic form is provided by the mod.
    - Gold sharing system.  Highly configurable.  Automatically split gold with your owner.  Pay your owner, or have your owner pay you!
    - Have your owner confiscate your keys, and some or all of your lockpicks.
    - Soft integration with Simple Slavery++.  Have a follower buy you and become your owner -- or buy you again if already your owner.
    - Mod events can cause Devious Followers Continued resistance loss (if installed).
    - Spanking and whipping as punishment, or as reward!
    - When your owner spanks you, a mod event is sent to Spank That Ass (if installed).
    - City-specific events.  Be displayed at the Riften slave market.  Have 3-way sex with a priestess in the Temple of Dibella.  Perform at the Bards College.  Naked.
    - Make embarrassing admissions (some of which might even be true) to strangers, and get punished if you don't say it right.
    - Make deliveries as a pony girl, with your choice of outfit color.
    How Do I Start?
    What is EsturkBooze?
    Updating (from 1.1)
    Changing "Lola"
    alexvkj:  Creator of the original Submissive Lola mod.
    MrEsturk:  Rebooted the mod as The Resubmission, adding the MCM, new events, and the brown leather texture.
    MrEsturk:  Pony girl gear pink and blue colors from SLUTS.
    skyrimfet:  Pony girl amulet texture from Devious Training, used with permission.
    Roggvir:  EFF compatibility scripts for owner's "inventory" versus "container".



  6. Peril

    Peril is a death-alternative mod that allows the player to try to recover from defeat in combat. Enemies will punish the player and their allies if they continue to attack after their first defeat, stealing any and all items they carry, and doing more nefarious things if other mods are installed.
    After entering combat you can be defeated by your enemies after you and all your allies are bleeding out, or by pressing the Surrender Hotkey in the MCM. Without aid, you and your companions won't be able to recover from bleedout. If you give your allies potions or scrolls of healing, they may use them to get back on their feet. (This doesn't always work, so it's disabled by default.)
    After being defeated, one of your enemies will come up to you to start negotiations, if they're humanoid. If you're defeated by creatures, then you will have a prompt to try to distract them. If you move, draw your weapon, try to pickpocket, open a container, take any items, or exit dialogue before or during this parlay, then combat will start again, and your enemies won't bother trying to talk to you if you are defeated again.
    During parlay, you have few options to escape worse punishments. You can attempt to bribe your enemies with some gold or some of your carried gear. You can only offer your gear as a tribute if you are carrying some useful items, like lockpicks, health potions, or gems. If your enemy is a member of one of the holds, then you will have the option to surrender and be escorted to jail. (Currently, you're just taken to vanilla jail.) If you want to experience some of the worse punishments, you can pathetically plead for your life.
    If you are defeated twice by the same enemy, or grovel during negotiations, then you will be subject to some worse punishments by your enemies. Without any other mods installed, the punishments are mostly stealing certain items. Either all of your carried gold could be stolen, all of your potions, scrolls, soul gems, etc. could be stolen, your weapons could be taken, and you could be stripped completely bare of all items, including quest items. The relative weights for these punishments can be set in the MCM
    The last two punishments will only happen if you are at a dungeon that has had a Stolen Items container placed inside. These containers are placed right next to the end chest of the dungeon. These containers don't respawn, so, any quest items or unique equipment can be recovered if you return to clear the dungeon.
    If you have SexLab installed, then your enemies may rape you, one of your companions, or will force one of your allies to rape you. Again, the rates for these punishments can be set in the MCM.
    If you have Devious Devices installed, then you and your allies can be bound in either chastity devices, or heavy restraints.
    After parlay or punishments, you will be given 30 seconds to flee the area before combat starts again. If you draw your weapon or try to loot or steal anything, then combat will start before then.
    If you want to avoid punishments completely, then you will either need to kill all of the enemies you face, or flee until you're roughly 60 meters away from them before you are defeated.
    This mod shouldn't be used with other defeat mods under most circumstances. However, other modders can temporarily shut down this mod if they need to for certain scenarios. To do this, they should call the following papyrus command before combat starts in their scenario:
    if(Game.GetModByName("Peril.esp") != 255) (Game.GetFormFromFile(0x008AC2, "Peril.esp") as GlobalVariable).SetValue(0) endIf  
    This will prevent Peril from starting a defeat scenario when combat starts. After the external scenario is completed, the above command should be used to reset the global variables value back to 1, which will re-enable Peril's defeat system.
    Future Updates
    This mod is going to be developed at a slow pace. One of the reasons I decided to make my own defeat mod, first with Dragonborn in Distress, and now with Peril, was because every other defeat mod consistently failed during defeat scenarios. So, I'm developing this mod with the hope that every defeat scenario will work every single time. For that to happen I have to plan these mods out carefully, which takes a lot of time.



  7. Corruption

    An extensive addiction mod with extreme customizing options and compatibility.
    Corruption is a catch-all mod for addictions, implementing as many as I could think of in a single system. The addictions range from substance abuse like alcoholism and drug addiction, to sexual fetishes like fellatio and bondage, to becoming to addicted to daedra and submitting to them as their plaything. All addictions are controlled and monitored by three character traits, Withdrawal, Addiction, and Corruption, as well as a shared trait Trauma. These determine gameplay benefits and penalties, can cause disturbing thoughts, and make your character act spontaneously without your control.
    Trauma is increased by entering bleedout or by being raped. When it is high enough it will cause disturbing thoughts and some gameplay penalties like lower experience rate, increased spell costs, and debuffed crafting skills. These penalties can be disabled in the MCM if they are too extreme for your playstyle. Trauma decays overtime, also configurable in the MCM, but can also be cured by increasing your Corruption in an addiction.
    Corruption is the trait that measures how far gone you are to an addiction. Every time you commit an addictive action, drinking a beer, wearing a chastity belt, fucking an atronach, your Corruption will increase. Your Corruption also increases through other actions, eating certain ingredients or lingering in certain places can increase your Corruption passively. Increasing Corruption through an addictive action decreases your Trauma at a 1:1 ratio if your Corruption is above a threshold.
    Your Corruption starts below zero, and naturally decays if you keep it below zero. If you become so lost in an addiction you get your Corruption above zero, then it becomes permanent, only cured by offering gems at a Divine's Shrine. However, becoming so invested in an addiction will also cause some gameplay benefits. Many addictions will cause some physical change to your character at high Corruption, this can be disabled in the MCM for each addiction.
    Addiction is the trait that measures how currently addicted you are to some action or substance. Addiction is increased by performing addictive actions, moreso when traumatized, and decays overtime, increasing Withdrawal at a 1:1 ratio. However, Addiction is bounded by your Corruption, unable to fall below it. So, your Withdrawal may constantly increase when at a positive Corruption. Both Addiction and Withdrawal determine how likely your character is to act spontaneously.
    Withdrawal is the trait that measures how badly you need some addictive substance or action. Withdrawal is increased when Addiction decays, by a 1:1 ratio, and decreases when performing addictive actions. Withdrawal also decays naturally if Addiction is at zero. Allowing your Withdrawal to increase will cause some disturbing thoughts and debilitating effects. Both Addiction and Withdrawal determine how likely your character is to act spontaneously.
    The rate at which these four traits change can be customized in the MCM. More details are listed in the MCM for each addiction's benefits, penalties, and transformations.
    List of Addictions:
    This is the current list of implemented addictions, and their transformations. All addictions start disabled, and must be enabled through the MCM menu.
    Addiction to drinking alcohol. High Withdrawal causes you to spontaneously take and drink alcohol you see or are carrying. This can be prevented by wearing a closed gag.
    High Corruption gives you a beer belly. (Requires NIOverride and Bodyslide Morphs)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Mara.
    Addiction to consuming skooma, moonsugur, lactacid (If Milk Mod Economy is Installed), and other drugs. High Withdrawal causes you to spontaneously take and consume drugs you see or are carrying. This can be prevented by wearing a closed gag.
    High Corruption causes emaciation. (Requires NIOverride and Bodyslide Morphs)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Mara.
    Addiction to eating decadent and valuable food. High Withdrawal causes you to spontaneously take and eat food you see. This can be prevented by wearing a closed gag.
    High Corruption causes weight gain. (Requires NIOverride and Bodyslide Morphs)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Mara.
    Addiction to stealing valuable items. High Withdrawal causes you to spontaneously take valuable items you see. This can be prevented by wearing wrist restraints.
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Stendarr.
    Objectification (Requires Devious Devices):
    Addiction to wearing bondage devices or concealing masks. High Withdrawal causes you to spontaneously equip bondage devices you are carrying.
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Stendarr.
    Addiction to being nude or wearing skimpy clothing. High Withdrawal causes you to spontaneously strip off non-skimpy clothing and make you reluctant to wear non-skimpy clothing. This can be prevented by wearing wrist restraints.
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Dibella.
    Lactation (Requires SexLab or Milk Mod Economy):
    Addiction to being milked or having your breasts suckled. High Withdrawal causes you to spontaneously use nearby milk pumps and to spontaneously attempt to force others to suckle you. This can be prevented by wearing wrist restraints, a chastity bra, or a bondage suit.
    Withdrawal is capped by your current milk percent.
    High Corruption increases the size of your nipples. (Requires NIOverride and Bodyslide Morphs)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Zenithar.
    Cum Bathing (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to feeling cum on your chest and body. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on men and male creatures. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity bra.
    Withdrawal is capped by either arousal or Corruption, whichever is highest.
    High Corruption causes breast expansion. (Requires NIOverride and Bodyslide Morphs)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Dibella.
    Cum Guzzling (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to performing fellatio. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to suck off men and male creatures. This can be prevented by wearing a closed gag.
    Withdrawal is capped by either arousal or Corruption, whichever is highest.
    High Corruption plumps your lips.
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Dibella.
    Vaginal Sex (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to normal vaginal sex. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on others. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt or a vaginal plug.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption thickens your legs. (Requires NIOverride and Bodyslide Morphs)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Dibella.
    Anal Sex (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to anal sex. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on others. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt that doesn't allow anal sex or an anal plug.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption plumps your ass. (Requires NIOverride and Bodyslide Morphs)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Dibella.
    Furry Sex (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to sex with Khajiit, werewolves, and furry animals. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on Khajiit and furry animals. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt or wrist restraints.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption causes you to grow fur, a tail, and cat ears. (Requires Furry Transformation Files)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Kynareth.
    Scaly Sex (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to sex with Argonians and dragons. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on them. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt or wrist restraints.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption causes you to grow scales, a tail, and horns. (Requires Scaly Transformation Files)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Kynareth.
    Teratophilia (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to sex with humanoid monsters like falmer, giants, hagravens, and trolls. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on them. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt or wrist restraints.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption causes a monstrous transformation that gives you black marks on your skin. (Requires Monster Transformation Files)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Talos.
    Formicophilia (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to sex with giant insects like frostbite spiders and chaurus. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on them. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt or wrist restraints.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption causes a insectoid transformation that gives you chitinous spine. (Requires Insect Transformation Files)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Talos.
    Xenophilia (Requires SexLab or Estrus Chaurus+):
    Addiction to sex with tentacled creatures. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on them, and cause spontaneous tentacle attacks in caves. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt or wrist restraints.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption causes you to grow fish scales. (Requires Tentacle Transformation Files)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Talos.
    Daedraphilia (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to sex with the daedra. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on them. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt or wrist restraints.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption causes you to grow horns and causes your skin to split. (Requires Daedra Transformation Files)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Akatosh.
    Necrophilia (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to sex with the undead. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on them. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt or wrist restraints.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption causes your skin to crack and become grey. (Requires Undead Transformation Files)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Arkay.
    Agalmatophilia (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to sex with automatons. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on them. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt or wrist restraints.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption causes you to transform into a living china doll. (Requires Automaton Transformation Files)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Julianos.
    Arborphilia (Requires SexLab):
    Addiction to sex with spriggans. High Withdrawal causes spontaneous attempts to sexually force yourself on them. This can be prevented by wearing a chastity belt or wrist restraints.
    Withdrawal is capped by your arousal.
    High Corruption causes you to transform into a dryad. (Requires Spriggan Transformation Files)
    Corruption can be decreased by placing gems at a Shrine of Kynareth.
    A Note on Transformations:
    The transformations of latter addictions (Furry Sex - Arborphilia) are very resource heavy, so I included them in separate downloads. Download only the ones you want in your game.
    Also, these transformation files are based off of the textures provided by the UUNP versions of All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy, if you use different body textures, you will have a neck seam.
    These transformations are only available for vanilla human, elven, and orc races, can only trigger if the player character doesn't have a "skin model" applied, and also only trigger after sleeping.
    This mod only requires the base game for basic functionality, and doesn't modify any vanilla forms, so it should be compatible with almost everything, and with every mod list. The DLC and any other mods that are used by this mod can be installed beside it without any need for patches, with the exception of a DLC patch needed for the latter addictions. (Furry Sex - Arborphilia)
    The only mods that can cause compatibility issues are mods that change the player's "Skin" model, as that will prevent some transformations from happening.
    The following mods are supported and add to the experience:

    SexLab (Why do I even need to link this?)
    SexLab Aroused Redux
    Devious Devices Integration or Devious Devices 5.0
    Milk Mod Economy
    Estrus Chaurus+
    Third-Party Mod Support:
    The spontaneous addictive actions added by this mod can break other mods, like capture and slavery mods. So, I've added mod events for other mod authors to use that stop addictive actions. There is also an MCM toggle option to disable addictive actions as well.
    To stop addictive actions, simply send the mod event:
    To re-enable addictive actions, send the mod event:
    Mod authors should also register for the mod event "CorruptionPromptBlock", when this mod event is triggered, it means another mod has re-enabled actions. If your mod still needs actions to be blocked, send "CorruptionStartBlock" again.
    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy
    Eyes of Aber
    Astaroth Horns Redone
    China Doll Race
    Half Dragon Race
    Homumkul Race
    Dagi-Raht Race Reborn
    Naiad Race
    TDN Equipable Horns
    Xenius Otherwordly Beings
    Thanks to everyone who posted on my writing suggestions thread for this mod!
    Change Log:



  8. My Followers Pack 5 - Standalone Followers - LE / SE

    This mod has been officially released. I hope you enjoy this fifth merged pack.
    Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ 
    Read Helia's story here. Read Isabella's story here. Read Leah's story here. Read Oasis' story here.  
    >> Check the outfits list here <<


    Followers: Helia, Isabella, Leah, Linn and Oasis.
    Level: 10 and will level up with the player.
    Marriageable: Yes.
    They wear the following clothes/armor:
    Helia → Companion's armor / Dawnbreaker Isabella → Fine clothes / Steel sword Leah → Archmage robes / 2x Ebony daggers Linn → Elven armor / 2x Elven daggers Oasis → Tavern clothes / 2x Scimitars
    I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).

    Helia - Outside Kilkreath's Temple, Solitude.
    Isabella - East Empire Company Docks, Solitude.
    Leah - Wandering around Shor's Stone.
    Linn - Sky Haven Temple.
    Oasis - Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood.

    A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE).  

    Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA  - SE / LE
    Skin -  Leyenda Skin  - SE / LE
    Brows - Enhanced Brows  - SE / LE
    Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE
    Hair - KS Hairdo's  - SE / LE
    ENB - Rudy ENB  - SE / LE



  9. My Followers Pack 4 - Standalone Followers - LE / SE

    This mod has been officially released. I hope you enjoy this fourth merged pack.
    Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ 
    Read Adasha's story here. Read Iliss' story here. Read Juliet's story here. Read Miane's story here. Read Vivi's story here.  
    >> Check the outfits list here <<



    Followers: Adasha, Iliss, Juliet, Miane and Vivi.
    Level: 10 and will level up with the player.
    Marriageable: Yes.
    Adasha and Miane carry two scimitars, Juliet carries a steel dagger, Iliss carries two daedric daggers and Vivi carries the Dawnbreaker.
    They wear the following clothes/armor:
    Adasha & Miane → Redguard outfit.
    Iliss → Dark Brotherhood armor.
    Juliet → Jarl outfit.
    Vivi → Psijic robes.

    I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).

    Adasha - The Sea Squall, Dawnstar.
    Iliss - Outside Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Falkreath.
    Juliet - Blue Palace, Solitude.
    Miane - Outside Jarl's Longhouse, Falkreath.
    Vivi - The Bee and Barb, Riften.

    A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE).  

    Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA  - SE / LE
    Skin -  Leyenda Skin  - SE / LE
    Brows - Enhanced Brows  - SE / LE
    Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE
    Hair - KS Hairdo's  - SE / LE
    ENB - Rudy ENB  - SE / LE



  10. My Followers Pack 3 - Standalone Followers - LE / SE

    This mod has been officially released. I hope you enjoy this third merged pack.
    Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ 
    Read Chihako's story here. Read Keyla's story here. Read Sharon's story here. Read Veris's story here. Read Zeila's story here.  
    >> Check the outfits list here <<


    Followers: Chihako, Keyla, Sharon, Veris and Zeila. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. Chihako and Veris carry a dagger. Veris is the only one who knows some spells (due to her vampirism). I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).  

    Chihako - Winking Skeever Inn (upper zone), Solitude.
    Keyla - Jorvaskrr, Whiterun.
    Sharon - Hall of the Elements, College of Winterhold.
    Veris - Alva's Cellar (inside Alva's House), Morthal.
    Zeila - Honningbrew Meadery, Whiterun.

    A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE).  

    Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA  - SE / LE
    Skin -  Leyenda Skin  - SE / LE
    Brows - Enhanced Brows  - SE / LE
    Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE
    Hair - KS Hairdo's  - SE / LE
    ENB - Rudy ENB  - SE / LE



  11. My Followers Pack 2 - Standalone Followers - LE / SE

    Second follower pack released! After some days of testing it with no problems, this mod will be released. I hope you enjoy this second merged pack.
    Thank you for all the support! I hope you're staying safe at home ❤️ 
    Read Aqua & Bella's story here and here. Read Kamako's story here. Read Julie's story here. Read Seranya's story here. Read Ursula's story here.  
    >> Check the outfits list here <<


    Followers: Aqua, Bella, Julie, Kamako, Seranya and Ursula. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. They don't carry anything, except for Julie, Kamako and Seranya, who carry some weapons (a paralysis staff, an akaviri katana and an elven greatsword). I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).  

    Aqua & Bella - Temple of the Divines, Solitude.
    Julie - Arch-Mage's Quarters, College of Winterhold.
    Seranya - Thalmor Embassy, Northwest of Solitude.
    Kamako - Temple of Mara, Riften.
    Ursula - Eldergleam Sanctuary, between Windhelm and Riften.

    A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE).  

    Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA  - SE / LE
    Skin -  Leyenda Skin  - SE / LE
    Brows - Enhanced Brows  - SE / LE
    Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE
    Hair - KS Hairdo's  - SE / LE
    ENB - Rudy ENB  - SE / LE



  12. My Followers Pack 1 - Standalone Followers - LE / SE

    First follower pack released! After some days of testing it with no problems, this mod will be released. For this one I used RaceMenu instead of ECE as I usually did. ECE has been giving me some headaches when I had to export the head and RaceMenu works better for me in that matter. From now on, I'll be using RaceMenu again for my characters. This means I've remade their faces from the start, but I tried to make both versions as close as I can.
    I hope you enjoy this first merged pack.
    Thank you for all the support! I hope you're staying safe at home ❤️ 
    Read Alana's story here. Read Anuketh's story here. Read Luna's story here. Read Myrina's story here. Read Yumiko's story here.  
    >> Check the outfits list here <<


    Followers: Alana, Anuketh (now with elf ears on both versions), Luna, Myrina and Yumiko. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. They all carry a steel dagger except for Myrina, who carries a steel greatsword. I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).  

    Alana - Abandoned Shack, between Morthal and Solitude.
    Anuketh - The Ratway, Riften.
    Luna - The Bee and Barb Inn, Riften.
    Myrina - Castle Dour, Solitude.
    Yumiko - Temple of Dibella, Markarth.

    A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE).  

    Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA  - SE / LE
    Skin -  Leyenda Skin  - SE / LE
    Brows - Enhanced Brows  - SE / LE
    Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE
    Hair - KS Hairdo's  - SE / LE
    ENB - Rudy ENB  - SE / LE



  13. Remodel Armor AIO and Underwear CBBE HDT for Devious Device

    Make Skyrim Clothing and Armor Fit Into Devious Device Without Being Hidden.
    This Is My Personal Modification Mods. From Many Author Around The World. All Thanks To Them.
    All In One, Skimpy Version. All Outfit Including DLC.
    Include Armor Support for Skyrim Immersive Creature Add-on Version 6.5.2b.
    If You Want to add it into All NPC Around Skyrim you may Need This Mods. But It Will Change all Female Character Face. See More Detail In That Page.

    Simple Description: Plus and Minus, Just See Screenshot....
    Installation: Just Copy Into Textures and Meshes Folder and Activate The ESP File.
    Chastity Belt is Exotic and Erotic, But It Will be Hidden When Player Wearing an Armor? Because It's Through Player Clothing? Love Bra, Panties, and Chastity Belt Straps but We Can't See it? Love Chastity Belt and Bra, Why We Don't Have Other Underwear to Fit it Altogether?  Plug Through Clothing and Armor Because She Wearing a Pants?  
    Support Pee and Fart without Taking an Armor, Only Panties (Because Most of Female Outfit is Skirt and Dress (Mini)).
    Hopefully This Mods Can Change It! See Long Description Below...

    Warning: Please Backup Your Meshes and Textures Folder Before Replace With This Mods.
    This is My Personal Modification Mods. Combined With Many Various Modder. And it's Quite Big (About 5Gb Unrar). So You Need Download it All Via Google Drive.
    There is 4 Download Link: 2 Is Texture (Part 1 and 2) (Google Drive). 1 Meshes (Google Drive). 1 is ESP File Update Included (Direct Download). Outfit for Skyrim Immersive Creature Add-on is Included (see Download Section).  
    Setting For Devious Hider is Still Need to Hide a Pierced Nipple, Specially when Wearing a Bra Only. (The Configuration Should be Like Below...)
    To Make Fit with Other Bra, Chastity Bra Cup Size is Reduced. Make a Piercing Through The Bra. (That's Why you still need Devious Hider For Nipple Piercing When Wearing Bra or Outfit).

    Characteristic in This Mods:
    Underwear Using Same Slot as Devious Device. (Bra (56) and Panty (49)). All Armor and Clothing is Skimpy Version. (Combined with Various Modder). All Outfit is CBBE HDT Version including Underwear. All Outfit is No Hood, Hood Now is a Separated Equipment.  All Hooded Version Is Replace with Alternate Version (Other Skimpy Outfit). Most of Clothing Type Is Thigh High. Armor Have a Thigh High Boots. You Can Upgrade it From Smiting Forge. (ChronoTrigger77 Mods). Almost No Pauldron. It's Weird for Behind and... Less Sexy Maybe.... Almost Outfit is Sleeveless. All Outfit is Skirt or Dress Type. (Perfect Outfit for Female).  With Skirt or Dress, There is No Trouble for Plug. (Better Looking). Better if Using Costume Female Sprint or Running Animation. (Up-skirt from Behind). Include High Heels Boots Version by lyliths. The Garter Belt Will Shown The Effect if You Wear Altogether with Thighs or Stocking. Armor, Clothing, Thigh Highs, High Heels, Underwear Stats Re-balance.  
    Underwear Have Some Various Enchantment Effect to Support Female Character only. Include Garter and Stocking. Void Armor Now Wearing Skirt, Stats Rebalance. (Thanks for Killer Keo). Some Armor Top and Bottom is Combined With Another Modder. 3 Version or Dragon Armor Heavy Type, 2 Version of Light, and Add Alduin Armor Light Type From (MaikCG).  All of Them is Good, I Include Them All.
    Some Personal Modified That Include into This Mod.
    Add Color for Nausicca Underwear (8 Variation). Add Color for LSAR Underwear (5 Variation). Some Modified for Armor from many wonderful Modder. Replace Short with Skirt. Have 2 body, Tube-top type clothing, the Breast is a Little Push-up to reduced Gaping. Such (mage Expert and Master, Vampire Royal Armor, Barkeeper, Etc. (All Tube-top Type)). For Armor of the Old Gods, I Used Another Skimpy Armor to Make More Variant Than Casual Forsworn Outfit. Mini Skirt For All Mage Clothing. Include Default CBBE Female Body. Re-scale For Nipple Piercing to Fit The Outfit.  

    Fit to Chastity Belt and Bra, Harness, Collar and Corset (Devious Integration). Support for Underwear in same Slot as Chastity Belt and Bra. Without Hide it. Skimpy Armor it Will Looks Erotic with Bra/Panty or Chastity.  

    Also Fit for Corset, Harness, Devious Bra, Iron, and Steel Belt.

    All Underwear Included (from nisetanaka, ChronoTrigger77, Nausicaa, amk, Osare, LSAR. Support (CBBE HDT).

    Include All Bra and Panties. Clothing, Light and Heavy. (Support Ground Object).

    Support Pee And Fart or Private Need Without Take off Armor or Clothing! Just Panties (Lift Skirt/Dress) (MCM should be Set).
    Gaping Between Female Body and Clothing/Armor. Make a Female Looks Little Fat. Still Gaping in Some Animation.  


    Credit, Support and Thanks...
    Skimpy Clothing And Armor Including Underwear Division:
    Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT by ChronoTrigger77
    HDT CBBE for A Little Sexy Apparel Replacer by Dollvahkiin
    CBBE HDT Spice Gear by sgtmcbiscuits
    CBBE HDT Minidresses by sgtmcbiscuits
    Special Underwear Division:
    Bikini Armor by nisetanaka
    amk Border Lace Lingerie CBBEv3M and UNP by amesake
    Osare Panty CBBE TBBP with Bodyslide by Sylis
    Lingerie Set - CBBE - HDT - BodySlide by Alunder
    Replacer and Addon Outfit and Boots Division:
    Daedric female armor replacer by MaikCG
    HDT High Heeled Boots by lyliths
    CBBE HDT Conversion of Killerkeo's skimpy armor replacer by strikegio
    Ashara's Romantic outfit CBBEHDT conversion by strikegio
    Ashara Imperial Outfit CBBE Conversion by FraWolfHD
    Elder Outfit Overhaul by Shadohz
    Retexture Outfit Division:
    Mage Outfit Texture Overhaul - Schools of Magic by Alexandriel
    Dragonborn Mages Robes Retexture Pack by Rafuel
    Realistic Transparent Glass Armors Weapons v3 - VANILLA UNP CBBE - optional textures by Cabal120 by mikegemini
    Body and Tool Division:
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Caliente
    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Caliente
    Devious Device Division:
    Devious Devices (Assets) 3.0e by Zadil
    Devious Devices - Integration V4.3a by Min
    Everyone And Another Modder that I can't tell them all.... (I Forget).



  14. Bad Dog's Birds

    This mod adds flying bird, bat and gryphon races to Skyrim for PCs and NPCs. Birds have all-new avian heads and head parts (crests, ears, horns because why not) with complete chargen and expression morphs. Crests and ears show expressions. Birds have claw hands and feet. They have wings courtesy of "Animated Wings Ultimate" by Anton over on Nexus. Birds have privy members if you want them.
    There's enough variety in the parts to create a wide range of birds: ravens, eagles, songbirds, parrots, Skeksis. Bats come in leaf-nose and flying fox varieties. 
    Privy members use my "hoodies" mechanism to extrude from a slit in the crotch. The griffons have a cat peen. Lady griffons can have a peen too, if that's what you like. There was a lot of discussion when I was developing this mod about whether birds get tits. I said no, because birds. Others said yes, because titties are never a bad thing. So now they're an option.
    Clawfeet use my adaptation of the high heels mechanism to give digitigrade feet, if you choose that option. Don't try to put boots on them--the birds will just take them off again. 
    SE version here.
    Get the mod from here because it's big for LL
    In this version
    Ulri (raven), Eagle, Griffon, Songbird, and Talis/vulture races. I haven't done anything fancy with the races, just gave them each a different set of perks and abilities so you have something to play with. Use the racemenu setup to get your PC looking as you like. There are a few sliders that don't do anything, but most of them are useful and some of them are intuitive. The races have presets showing some of what you can do. Bats! Various face shading. There's a dirt texture that gives you dark ears. Ear shape is on the mouth morph. Sorry about that. Maybe I'll be arsed to make a separate racemenu slider. The eye depth slider changes the size of the eyes from tiny to large. Only choose bat eyes if you use this. (I can't keep Racemenu from showing you khajiit eyes as well.) There are a few different complexions, for leaf noses and fox noses, and for furry ears or the big bat ears. You want to select a complexion that works with your nose. Muzzle/nose tints are in three places; "laugh lines" for the muzzle, "eyeliner" for the part around the nose, and "nose" for the nose itself. The leaf nose uses eyeliner + nose; the fox nose uses nose only, and you'll want the muzzle and "eyeliner" to match to cover the whole muzzle. There's a separate digitigrade feet patch. Base mod is plantigrade bird feet, so you can wear boots. I think if you wear open-toed boots it looks weird. So don't. With the digitigrade patch, NPCs will take boots off. Genitals for all races. Griffons get cat peens. Birds and bats get a new mesh by ModMansGun--say what you think of it. Bats can have an SOS bat-type schlong or a Hoodie canine-type sheath. NPC file. Load it up to have bird or bat followers. Adds a flock of birds of each race in a different place in Skyrim. Bird followers fly when you do and will fight from the air. Find their campsite or wait for them at an inn to recruit them. Most are friendly so you can just ask one to join you. As with the races I haven't tried to be really creative but they should be adequate followers with a range of abilities. There's a book in each camp that gives you some details on the races and adds markers for the camps to your map. A few birds with wings take up a lot of room, so if you're running a mod that adds a bunch of NPCs to inns you may find them awfully crowded in the evening. Ulri - Camp in the saddle between the exit from the Helgen cave and the south gate to Falkreath. They go to the Sleeping Giant Inn in the evening. Eagle - Camp just southwest of the Thalmor Embassy. Relax at the Winking Skeever in the evening. Griffon - Camp on a rocky outcrop on the plains between Whiterun and Rorikstead. At the Rorikstead inn in the evening. Songbirds - Camp southwest of Falkreath, right up against the mountain range. At Dead Man's Drink in the evening. Talis - Camp in the badlands of Eastmarch south of Kynesgrove. At Braidwood Inn in the evening.  Bats - Cave southeast of Markarth. They bum around Markarth in the afternoons and congregate in the Sliver-Blood Inn in the evening.  
    Wings and Flying
    lDelta6l has updated the flying mods and it's pretty much fabulous. Wings are much easier for me to handle, so each race gets their own wings on startup, no need for potions. Flying is pretty intuitive and the animations are really nice. There are no collisions while flying and you really zoom along, but that's tolerable.
    Wings and flying are optional if you don't want to hassle with all that.
    Problems and Issues
    There are some glitches with the flying. Generally just fiddling--pausing in the air, going into and out of sneak on the ground--fixes them. No collisions while flying. Don't fly into things, it's bad. Don't expect kissing animations--or blow job animations--or drinking from a cup animations--to work at all reasonably with a beak. Sucks to be a bird.  
    Install in this order:
    Sexlab if you want it SOS if you want the schlongs RaceCompatibility Animated Wings Ultimate depends on the following. Install according to AWU's instructions: Flying Mod Flying Mod Overhaul Flying Mod Rework Animated Wings Ultimate Birds of Skyrim - doesn't matter where it goes in your load order Always enable BDBirds.esp If you want to fly, enable BDBirdWings.esp. Without that there's no wings and no dependency on AWU. Don't enable BDBirdsLAL.esp. That's legacy, might go back to it if there's a reason to. --optionally-- Birds of Skyrim Digi - load this up after the base mod if you want digitigrade feet. Note they don't work well with boots--just go barefoot.  Birds of Skyrim Schlongs - for the dicks Enable BDBirdSchlongs.esp and BadDogSchlongCore.esm for the bird dicks and bat sheath. These are all hoodies. Enable BDBatSOS.esp for the special bat schlong. It's a regular SOS schlong.  Birds of Skyrim NPCs - For followers. Birds of Skyrim Titties - for bird tits.  
    Wait, you're NOT DONE! Before you can fly, you have to do the following:
    Start the game, get out of character edit, let MCM do its thing Go to the AWU mod page and set the control keys. I use "G" held for 1.5 seconds as the wing toggle button and "G" tapped twice as the flight button. Then from the Powers menu, use the "Wings" power. Your wings will disappear. From the Powers menu, use the "Endow <something> Wings" power. (The name is different depending on your race.) Your wings will come back. Now you can fly.  
    You just have to do that once at the beginning of the game. From then on, you can just fly. 
    Note your own wings may not have color at first. Go through a load door or save/load and that should be fixed.
    Good with this mod
    Open Cities of Skyrim -- you should be able to fly over the walls when you're a bird DynDOLOD -- Up in the air, your eyes are on the horizon. You should be able to see what's out there. Look in the DynDOLOD manual about how to handle Shrine of Azura replacers and do what it says. Also there are special instructions for handling Open Cities.  
    Ulri and Talis races are the invention of @GDelscribe - appearance and lore follow their design.  Erect schlong by @MadMansGun  
    For Modders
    The birds (not the bats) have tintmasks in 256 and 2048 sizes. By default, the size is 2048 so you can set up your characters in RaceMenu. If you're creating NPCs you need the smaller files--navigate to the tintmask folder and copy the contents of the subfolder Size256 up to the parent folder. That way CK won't freak.
    Getting the NPCs to have colored wings was a trick, because the skin color isn't reliably applied to the wings, so wing color has to be baked in. There are a set of keywords "BDB_Keyword_<some color>". If you give your NPC one of those keywords, the  wings script will apply wings of the right color.



  15. Anub's animation dump (REBORN)

    Hi all, you know me by now. I make sex animations for Sexlab. You can download em here.
    New previews will be posted in the thread if requested (Old were lost in Tumblr purge)
    Please support me via PATREON or SUBSCRIBESTAR if you like me to continue my work.
    Fastest wasy to contact me is on discord:
    To install those animations you need Sexlab animation loader:
    Animation are devided into 3 packs:
    Human animations:

    Creature animations:



  16. Racoonity's Workshop: requested UUNP HDT conversions

    🦝 Conquer the Earth... Destroy all humans... The RACOONITY will REIGN SUPREME... 🦝

    🦝 What? Oh!
    Hi everyone, I'm Racoonity and this is where I'm going to keep requested conversions. 😀
    I'll convert anything as long as:
    1) the original authors gave permission or are willing to; (🦝 Duh, you don't say... Who wrote that? Charlie?)
    2) I like them enough. Don't be afraid to ask though, I have pretty low standards; (🦝 WHAT?! Gimme that! *BONK!* 🦝Ouch!🤕)
    3) no racoon gets hurt! (🦝Now, that's better!  🦝But you just hurt me... 🦝Silence!)
    4) you post a link or a screenshot of the conversation, if you ask for permission on your own. (🦝 And in that case, I'd say "thanks". 😉)
    I'll keep them sorted by mod author, who I am thanking for their great work! Skyrim would be a much more boring place without you!
    And I'm talking about all mod authors, not only the ones listed here. 😀
    If you need help to fix issues, feel free to ask, I'll do all I can! (🦝 Or at least, all I know I can do. 🦝 But that's the same thing! 🦝 I guess it's a matter of shades...)
    Though do these things first, please:
           0. restart your computer; (🦝No! Don't do it! I was kidding! 🤣  🦝 You see boss? You can be funny too if you want!  🦝 I gue... What?! No! Shut up, Charlie!)
    be sure that all the outfits from my conversion have been built in BodySlide; check if your base body has been built on the same preset of the outfits from my conversion; (🦝 hands and feet too, of course) send me or post your xml preset; be specific in your report; (🦝I am ashamed of myself for even having to write this 😓) post a screenshot; (🦝 if you don't feel like writing a lot 🤣) (🦝something else that will come to my mind later 😅).  
    Blades Hakama requested by sickomusiclovers
    Original: Blades Hakama
    FromSoft / Azraille:
    Faraam Knight requested by AnzoCaio and Gargolon
    Original: ComfyKnight
    Garuda B.;
    Aqua's Dress from "Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku o!" requested by Aequus
    Original: KonoSuba Aqua's Dress UNPB by GarudaB.
    Alyn Shir requested by LordDragon
    Original: Alyn Shir Armor - CBBEv3 - UNP - UNP-BBP
    Alduin's Scales requested by AnzoCaio
    Original: Alduins Scale Armor
    Krista / Trevor07:
     Female Vampire Lord Armor  requested by Teruke
    Original: Female Vampire Lord Armor for 7BO
    Inner Wear requested by Gräfin Zeppelin
    Original: R18Pn Set - Inner Wear Set for UNP and CBBEV3
    Santa Robes requested by Aequus
    Original: Skyrim Santa Robes
    Shadowrun requested by fahrockza
    Original: Schatten lauf Armor - CBBE By Nausicaa
    Bikini and Skirt requested by AnzoCaio
    Original: Bikini and skirt CBBE
    Nzymia / Stillsnow1234:
    Daring Armor of Intrigue requested by tuxagent7
    Original: Daring Armor of Intrigue CBBE BS LE
    WARFRAME requested by phrompy
    Original: Warframe port
    DRAGON MAIDENS requested by zapdragon 
    Original: Sacrificial Maidens - UNP Shift and Bloomers
    Ancient Greek Armor requested by AnzoCaio
    Original: Ancient Greek Steel Armor UNP
    Gymnastics Leotard requested by wren888
    Original: Gymnastics Leotard -CBBE
    Daring Gigaduex Outfit requested by Darcaan2012
    Original: Daring Gigaduex Armor Set CBBE HDT BS NIO - LE Backport
    Team TAL:
    Sacra requested by sickomusiclovers
    Original: [LE] BDOR Sacra by Team TAL
    Supertight Body requested by Hanshurtig11
    Original: Supertight Body CBBE-HDT V.1.01
    Ultracricket / mrheadhopper:
    Snow White Armor requested by Gargolon
    Original: Snow White Armor by Ultracriket
    🦝 Well, for the next ones I couldn't find an author, so I'll keep them sorted by requester, instead.
    Salome Dress requested by Teruke
    Original: Salome Dress



  17. Racoonity's Wardrobe: UUNP HDT conversions

    🦝 Conquer the Earth... Destroy all humans... The RACOONITY will REIGN SUPREME... 🦝

    🦝 What? Oh!
    Hi everyone, I'm Racoonity and my racoon slaves have... ehm, I mean... I have recently learned how to convert outfits with Outfit Studio. ☺️
    This makes me so happy, that I decided to share them... it...
    😅 Well there's only one for now, but I'll add more later...
    I'll keep them sorted by mod author, who I am thanking for their great work! Skyrim would be a much more boring place without you!
    And I'm talking about all mod authors, not only the ones listed here. 😀
    If you need help to fix issues, feel free to ask, I'll do all I can! (🦝 Or at least, all I know I can do. 🦝 But that's the same thing! 🦝 I guess it's a matter of shades...)
    Though do these things first, please:
           0. restart your computer; (🦝No! Don't do it! I was kidding! 🤣  🦝 You see boss? You can be funny too if you want!  🦝 I gue... What?! No! Shut up, Charlie!)
    be sure that all the outfits from my conversion have been built in BodySlide; check if your base body has been built on the same preset of the outfits from my conversion; (🦝 hands and feet too, of course) send me or post your xml preset; be specific in your report; (🦝I am ashamed of myself for even having to write this 😓) post a screenshot; (🦝 if you don't feel like writing a lot 🤣) (🦝something else that will come to my mind later 😅).  
    Osare Maid Outfit
    Original: Osare Maid Outfit - UNP
    Dragon Ball Z Outfits requested by Lilzt3hcat
    Original: Cre DBZ OutFit Set 
     QT Honey  +  Pride Troopers retexture  (🦝 by me! 😄)
    Original: Cre QT Honey 2018
    Sailor Guardians  requested by Lilzt3hcat
    Original: Sailor Moon costume Set
     Tifa from FFVII  +  Fake Remake  by us! 🦝
    Original: Cre_Tifa_AC
    Zelda Twilight Princess
    Original: Princess ZELDA Armor
    Fox 21 Serah FFXIII-2
    Original: Fox Collection [21]
    Weapon: Final Fantasy 13 2 Serah Weapon Starseeker
    Fox 32  Maid  + Lingerie requested by Aequus
    Original: Fox Collection [32] - Maid + Lingerie
    Power Girl and Power Girl + 
    Original: PowerGirl UNPB
    Supergirl & Skyrimgirl
    Original: Kara Supergirl
    WINTER SWEATER requested by jamesmand
    Original: Winter Sweater
    Zelda BOTW
    Original: Zelda BOTW Outfit and Weapon For LE (google it for now)
    Honoka Maid Outfit requested by tamai
    Original: Honoka Maid Outfit
    Team TAL:
    Danharum requested by COLOCO
    Original:[LE] DM BDOR Danharum by Team TAL
    Original: [LE] BDOR Pack by Team TAL v2.0 200905    ⚠️You don't need the original esp, only meshes and textures ⚠️
    The Witcher Ciri DLC requested by COLOCO          Now with STUUNP version! (🦝 What does it mean?  🦝 It means "Smaller Than UUNP", like the screenshot!)
    Original: The Witcher Ciri DLC by Team TAL



  18. Simple Slavery Plus Plus

    "The entire sold on a platform experience."
    Simple Slavery is a slave auction mod, a gateway to other player enslavement mods.  Defeat mods and other peril mods can send you here to be sold in a slave auction.  You must have at least one enslavement mod installed and selected in this mod's MCM or you'll just be released after the auction.
    This is an update to Simple Slavery Plus.  I had some fixes and enhancements, and since Lozeak has moved on, jfraser encouraged me to publish them as an official release.  This version does not use Devious Framework (not to be confused with Devious Devices).  I won't be supporting Devious Framework.
    Read about how it all began!
    How Does It Work?
    Combat defeat mods like SL Defeat or Death Alternative can send you here when you lose in battle.  Other peril or sexual assault mods might send you here as well.  You will be placed in a holding cell.  Speak to the Slavemaster in front of the cage and you will find yourself on the auction block, where people will bid on you.  You will then be sent to one of the many enslavement (or slave-like) mods provided by the talented modders of LoversLab.
    What Do I Get With Plus Plus?
    This is a replacement for the SS+ files.  The esp file has the same name.  You can update from SS+ 6.04 without a new game.  Remove SS+ and install SS++ in its place (or install over it).  You can *probably* update from any older version of SS+.  
    Narrative Description
    Enslavement Mods
    Have at least one installed and enabled in this mod's MCM or you'll simply be released after the auction.
    For Modders
    Credit & Thanks



  19. Apropos2 Text DB Update

    I consider this pre-release but ready to use (see "Future Work" below to see what I believe is missing from full release version).
    Oh look, colors!  This must be a professional mod that I will try immediately!
    What is this?
    Apropos 2 is great.  It's a well-designed engine for translating animations into descriptive text on the screen, increasing immersion.  However, the text database is large and (Gooser's words) "labor intensive".  I decided that I wanted to add some text to it, and found that the database needed some love.  So I did that.
    It bears note that I speak, read, and write American English, so the output of this project is going to reflect that localization.
    *  W&T: Added Succubus Heart and Skooma Whore consumable compatibility
    *  W&T: Healing potions now affect W&T
    *  Synonym definition updates
    *  Dramatically increased the places that the synonyms are utilized in the database
    *  Added missing Female/Creature and Female/Female content
    *  Fixed typos and grammar 
    *  Added patchups to animation tags that needed it
    *  Other text description additions to the DB
    Why do this?
    Synonyms are a quick, cheap way to add a ton of variation to the text displayed by Apropos 2.
    Known Issues
    *  Some synonyms get capitalized when they're parsed, sometimes in very odd ways.  This is a code issue that will need to be fixed in Apropos2 itself.
    *  Female/Female animations make it hard to predict {PRIMARY} and {ACTIVE} actor assignments, making 1st and 2nd person narratives come out odd sometimes.
    *  NMM chokes when trying to remove this mod.  You might consider switching to Vortex if you're still using NMM.
    *  MO makes some assumptions about mods that can be tricky, worik wrote a walk-through!
    Future Work
    *  Animation patchups - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)
    *  Consistency: remove 3rd person strings that discuss internal thought processes - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)
    *  Consistency: change strings said out loud to start with ({ACTIVE/PRIMARY}) - IN PROGRESS (long-term effort)
    *  Add missing Female/Creature content (Spriggan [OHV], Wisp [V], Canine [G], Horse [G], Skeever [H], HighlandCow [O], Scrib [OV], Lurker [A], StormAtronach [V]) - IN PROGRESS (0.6 versions)
    *  Add missing Female/Male and Female/Female Foreplay content - IN PROGRESS (0.6 versions)
    *  Add Dwemer Estrus-specific text and UniqueAnimations assignments - IN PROGRESS (0.6 versions)
    *  GoBack, HugeLoad, and LargeLoad refresh or implementation for all content - 0.7 versions
    *  Convert Female/Male content in order to fill out Male/Female - 0.7 versions
    *  Place content into files that are blank templates - 0.7 versions
    *  Replace Female/Female {PRIMARY} and {ACTIVE} tokens with pronouns
    *  "Rescue" strings utilized for unique animations and generalize them
    *  Perform manual/editorial review of all Male PC content
    *  Develop "Kink Kit" system so content of certain types can be swapped in and out of the DB
    Make sure you have Apropos 2 installed!
    1.  Use your mod manager to install this file
    2.  In the Apropos 2 MCM, go to "Message Preferences" and click "Refresh from Database"
    3.  In the same MCM menu, click "Sexlab Animation Patchups"
    Recommended Mods
    * Skooma Whore: Play the balancing act between body aches and pains and addiction!
    * Sexlab Pheremones: There are now plenty of consumable options for managing W&T.  Some of them include ingestable potions with a risk of contracting pheromones.
    * Apropos DB Filter: Is there something weird you don't like in the DB?  Why remove it manually when you can be lazy AND thorough?
    @gooser: for creating and maintaining the original database, not to mention the whole of Apropos2!
    @Vauria: for reporting broken JSON.  Repeatedly. 



  20. Kardia of Rhodes Armoury CBBE


    Kardia of Rhodes Armoury for CBBE, based on Nisetanakas Art.
    Ported to LE from the original mod for SE by TheMilkDrinker:

    Changes Made (other than CBBE Bodyslide):

    -Oily Body
    -Optional "Breast Plates" on some armors
    -Multiple Panty options (that retexture) on others
    NOTE: WaffenRock is not completely working at this point, and needs more work....

    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Kardia" 

    Note that I tried to reach TheMilkDrinker for permission to convert, but was unable to.
    Given that fact, if they request the removal of this mod, I will comply.
    Nisetanaka (The creator of Kardia)
    Ousnius (for Bodyslide and RaceMenu High Heels)
    Daymarr (testing and patches)




  21. [full_inu] Armors and Outfits

    This is a collection of mods that I made from December, 2018 to August, 2020.
    UNP body and textures
    Schlongs of Skyrim 

    You can get more information on corresponding mod pages, to see correct requirements, more screenshots and details:
    Geralt Hair, Yahar'gul Set, Ordained Set, Henryk's Hunter Set,
    Sebastian Castellanos Outfit, Cainhurst Knight Set, Ada Wong Coat, Annalise Dress,
    Lord Nicholas Armor, Gloom Set, Grave Warden Set, Painter Hair,
    Lothric War Banner, Antiquated Plain Set, Tower of London Guard Set, Noble Dress,
    Black Witch Set, Medieval Knight Set, Maria Outfit, Eredrim, the Venerable,
    Galahad Renegade Coat, Millwood Knight Set, Saint's Set.
    * Original models and textures - FROM SOFTWARE, KOEI TECMO, Asobo Studio, CD Project RED, Tango Gameworks, CAPCOM, Ubisoft, Cold Symmetry, Ready at Dawn
    * List of games - Bloodborne, DARK SOULS III, Demon's Souls, Sekiro, A PLague Tale: Innocence, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Nioh, Resident Evil 2: Remake, The Evil Within, Assassin's Creed: Unity, Mortal Shell, The Order: 1886
    * Artwork - Betsujin, Witchy, Starkhark, CrimsonSky, Smokeybear187, Luceian. Necomatta Cece



  22. Paradise Halls Enhanced (pahe) repacked with the customary addons

    This mod is for oldrim classic skyrim, see here for sse version:
    this is both an expansion on and bug fix for paradise halls 7.3 by layam with his full endorsement, original mod (paradise halls version 7.4 included):
    based on the work of blabla from paradise halls sexlab extension - original thread here:

    7.4.9 includes the required paradise halls files needed to run(do not mix with another paradise halls!!!)
    clean save no longer required to upgrade old saves (aside from "friendly bandits bug")
    slave camps and addons are now separate - choose those from the download page
    7.0 new users will not need to restart to fix those dialog issues - only need clean start from 7 to 7.1.1 to fix the friendly bandits bugs
    7.1.1 upgrading to 7.1.2 should be instant for dialog, but behavioral changes might require a reboot from the mcm (or unknown if requires new game for behavior changes)
    SexLab V1.61+ and its requirements: SKSE (V1.7.3) SkyUI Zaz animation pack V6.11(version 7 will also work and version 8 should work) basic install pack only has the above mod requirements and the requirements of those mods and fnis must be run after install the lakeview manor cell requires hearthfires tdf patch requires tdf prostitution mod alt start addon requires arthmoor's alt start devious devices addon removed(further info below) Pahe_Dwarven_Devious_suits requires Devious Devices expansion4.3 or DD5 Run FNIS after installation! ALL requirements for the above mods must also be installed full install requires all above requirements and the included Pahe_Dwarven_Devious_suits requires Devious Devices expansion 4.3 creature framework conflict appears to be removed from 7.x versions
    Mods based on Paradise Halls
    Paradise halls has been built to be a platform for other modders to build their own content for.

    Be careful : some mods developped as add-ons for previous versions of PAH won't be compatible with last version or future versions. To make them compatible ask the modder of the add-on, no answer will be done here on the subject, if a mod is based on an .esm (Skyrim, DLCs or another mod) and is not upgraded when the base .esm change, it's a dead mod.
    Currently Compatible with version7.4.1:
    home sweet home
    aygas(and you get a slave)
    these mods should be compatible, but don't seem to do anything paradise halls related anymore...and seem to be abandoned(so not likely
    to be fixed anytime soon):

    Paradise Halls - Slavers Hideout Add-On by Emotika: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/33462
    Paradise Halls - Family Feud by OmegaIsraelTerri: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/32865

    These mods are not yet compatible with version 0.7. Using them will result in extreme weirdness (not the good sort).
    Paradise Halls Merchant add-on by lucen15: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/31907
    Dres Trade by RET45: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30297

    These mods are obsolete, won't be updated and should not be used in current or future releases:
    Paradise Halls Extender - Slave Capture Spells and Poisons by Mutifex: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/31307
    Immersive sex slaves - Animatied Prostitution patch for Paradise Halls by Mutifex: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/31160

    chinese translation seems a bit old, but recent french translation is available
    What you can do now:
    * Enslave people
    * Train them as slaves
    * Train them to be respectful
    * Train them to fight for you
     fuck your slaves as punishment or for your own pleasure adequately fucked slaves can also be turned into tdf sluts - requires tdf prostitution mod sufficiently submissive slaves may also be into turned into tdf sluts - requires tdf prostitution mod * Slaves can be given equipment to wear
    * Slaves can be leashed up to stop them running off (which they'll try to)
    also advanced leash options available in mcm to allow the slave to continue following the player for training similar to the old leash, the slaves can now also be restrained ropes are not inescapable, but the iron cuffs can be made at the forge for a much sturdier restraint restrained slaves also receive pose training * Slaves have a separate backpack for carrying stuff you don't want them to wear
    * All slave dialogue Most slave dialogues re-use existing dialogue, so no matter the voice type of the person enslaved, you will hear them talk
    unique follower voices and dlc content can be silent as well as the added sex dialogues, recommend fuz-ro-doh many newer voice types added to the list of voices for the slave so its not always even toned * You have a whip (it even leaves whip-marks)
    Sell slaves to Master Jerrek in the Fellglow Slave Camp
    camp differences info of the update versus the original version from layam:
    alternate start is also compatible here, in fact i recommend it to allow your mods to start cleaner devious devices patch functions have been integrated into the scripts adding more collar variants as leash collars and when chosen with advanced leash collar option from mcm this mean its easier to manage multiple slaves 128 slaves instead of 15 Easier enslavement (see changelog "Initial Release") MCM Simple jail expansion for HF Falkreath enslave cancel button for canceling the enslavement process before its started(useful if dialog was attempted, especially useful for eff users) teleport debug to teleport a lost or stuck slave to the player from anywhere on the map via the mcm release dialogs added as well as additional release option from mcm  
    What you can't do
    * Enslave anything which isn't a playable race
    some creature exclusions are now available and further will be added at my discretion * Enslave any 'important' npcs.
    well no, actually you can, But i wouldn't advise it if you plan to complete the quest that npc is associated with...it just might fail to complete the quest random additional note, some quest npc's tend to have disappearing acts removing them from the game at certain quest stages that may effect your slave if you choose to enslave that npc * Enslave any 'scripted' npcs.
    easiest or most common example for this is scripted follower addon mods, but sometimes even the follower framework used is enough to interfere enslaving scripted npc's often leads to breaking something and i can't guarantee what will happen afterwords  
    escape rules and prevention:
    first if they're above submission setting, wearables won't matter next if they're below the setting, but wearing a leash collar, submision won't matter devious collar will also behave as leash collars and dwarven devious suits will also act as devious collars "with benefits" and most devious devices that prevent running will also prevent a slave from running and thus also prevent them from escape if they're below the setting with a basic collar, but wearing zbf shackles, additional rules apply for escape chances based on the shackle type if it activates the tied state or if the update gametime event activates the tied state  
    using the dialog "I'm going to make sure you stay here." will use the zbf cuffs or shackles from inventory to activate the "tied state" ropes are the easiest to escape from and either color iron cuffs are the hardest with everything else in between iron cuffs are either impossible to escape from or nearly so, haven't had an escape from those since they were added to the system ropes are given freely using the dialog options, but have an escape chance high enough you can reach about 100 yards or so on average before the slave is running or standing there ready to run leather cuffs craftable at the tanning rack. iron cuffs craftable at the forge  
    Go to Whiterun, check in Farengar's study. You'll find he's taken on an 'interesting' hobby.

    To enslave someone, simply (actually it's not that easy) attack them until they're nearly dead and go down on one knee, then activate them when they're down. You don't need any specific tools, but you'll find them really hard to keep hold of without the slave collars found on Farengar's desk.

    Remember that 'important' NPC's cannot be enslaved. Important NPC's are the NPC's which can't be killed normally. When they reach 0 health they go down on one knee in a bleedout state for a while and then heal up and come back at you.
    hmm, not so sure if that's true or not
    Slave collars and whips can both be created at the forge - Collars under Jewelry and whips under Misc.
    cuffs can also be made to restrain your slaves, iron being the most difficult to escape  
    To sell slaves, go to the Fellglow Slave Camp, near Fellglow Keep. additional options for selling slaves thru these outside mods:
    home sweet home
    aygas(and you get a slave)
    * This mod requires SKSE
    * Some users have reported that some SKSE functions do not work when using skyrim 4G. Skyrim 4G isn't needed anymore anyway so might as well simply not use it.

    Use NMM or unpack into data folder. (mod organizer and vortex seem to work better than nmm)

    Your load order should be as follows:

    ... other Bethesda DLCs
    ... other stuff

    Important for U.F.O Users (not aft users or eff users)(thanks etaineleanor):
    >correct loadorder:

    Other stuff
    finally U.F.O.
    You can't really clean an existing save in the same way you could with previous Best games. Scripts are actually saved in a save game file and so may continue running even if the script file no longer exists. SKSE has a feature to clean up dirty scripts but it needs to be enabled in an ini file. I strongly recommend editing / creating a "skyrim/data/skse/skse.ini" to include this:
    Longer lasting whip-marks
    Some people have asked to have the duration of whip-marks increased. This isn't possible with the CK, however there is am ini tweak you can do. Find and open your skyrim.ini, under [Display] add this line:

    That will increase the lifetime for ALL decals in the game which you may or may not want.
    final trouble shooting methods when all else fails:
    This doesn't really touch any existing forms, so compatibility shouldn't be a problem. I haven't done any compatability testing yet, so I can't really guarantee it's going to play nicely with everything. There's no reason I can see why it would cause problems though.

    * There is one exception to this: Mods which cause NPC's to surrender are likely to conflict with the capture mechanic here.
    * It seems that skyre and possibly other mods which increase weapon damage cause the whip to do more damage than it should, potentially killing captives before they submit.

    For SkyRe users: you should add the following line under <weapon_exclusion_strings> in ReProccer's Stats.xml


    then run the patcher. This way the whip will keep its damage as 1.
    Recommended mods(useful, but not required):
    PAH Home Sweet Home by Musje Prettier Bandits by EinarrTheRed Slave Way Manor 1.0 by drlove33 Eastern Holding Cells 1.0 by drlove33 Slave Den 1.0,1.1 by drlove33 Slave Holding Cells 1.1 by drlove33 The Bondage House 0.5 by Vykroft  

    addition thanks to:
    AVS for the dwarven suits ground objects
    devious dwarven suits patch based on the work of MaikCG for Dwarven Devious Cuirass 1.1a
    Hambam9871 for the miaslair patch
    EinarrTheRed for the felglow slave camp updated npc's and navmeshes
    a1b2c3d4e5f6h7i8 for the female player oral animations fix
    julzor for compiling my script while i'm away from my pc
    Vykroft for fixing the lakeview manor cell addon
    Pfiffy for translation updates
    Xorgroth for more slaves patch2 allowing upto 100 slaves
    WaxenFigure for the solution to naked bandits for non - temporary actors (still issues with temporary actors)
    BlackShades for finding the faction check bugs in condescending dialogs
    ragnam for his help with the behaviors



  23. Futanari Prisoner Standalone Follower +Schlong Files

    Hey gamers!

    Finally, Prisoner is available for download, along with her customized schlong mesh and textures

    She is a standalone follower, found in Jorrvaskr, Whiterun.  UUNP body.
    There are two variations:  Classic Prisoner, in her standard Nord bikini, and aMidianBorn Prisoner, with a similar Nord bikini using aMidianBorn textures.  The aMidianBorn version is just a little bit taller, since she is wearing high heels.
    Don't forget to have a schlong mod installed!  SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim by b3lisario
    SoS is required for the loose schlong files.  Some work (copy + pasting, Racemenu edits) will be required in order to use the files in the SoS Loose Files download.  Remember to back up your existing files, and I'd recommend using Equippable Schlong, linked below.  If you prefer to keep her female, or ignore the mesh and give her a schlong size of your choosing, that's completely up to you.
    All the credits are found within readme files, and the SoS loose schlong files are everything you need to faithfully recreate Prisoner in your very own Skyrim. 

    If you are having issues with her Racemenu settings resetting, make sure to keep her position in the load order intact, and try "Equipable Schlong" mod found here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/20826-sos-equipable-schlong-and-more/.  Specific settings within SoS MCM menu might be required, such as making sure she doesn't have a schlong assigned, if using "Equipable Schlong".

    If you are having issues with her Racemenu SOS settings not appearing, sometimes spawning her via console is the culprit.  Try manually tracking her down in Jorrvaskr, Whiterun.  Also, make sure you have XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS mod installed.
    UPDATE:  Uploaded "UVR FOR NORD BIKINI" which is her UNP Bodyslide preset in case you'd like to make more outfits for her.
    EDIT:  Added a file, called SOS - FutaPrisoner Addon, created by TanookiTamaTachi that includes and esp allowing users with the full version of SoS to add a schlong to Prisoner via a new SoS Addon.  Here is the original post:  
    EDIT2:  Added a file called Futanari Prisoner Follower Classic v1.0_SE created by mrschmoe.  This HDT-free ESP is much more Special Edition-friendly than my original ESP, which was created for LE Skyrim.  Big thanks to mrschmoe!  The original post can be found here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/97561-futanari-prisoner-standalone-follower-schlong-files/?do=findComment&comment=2222353
    To anyone wishing to keep Prisoner female, I've uploaded the meshes for a matching thong built to her size.  The Amazing World of Bikini Armor by nisetanaka is required for this file, as you will be replacing the original thong included in that mod; TAWoBA is found here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83383
    I'd love to see your screenshots with Prisoner!
    Please let me know if you have any issues.
    Special thanks to Donegan at http://godonegan.tumblr.com/ for compiling this follower mod along with some cute screenshots with their orc Seline, and ekans https://www.flickr.com/photos/118733065@N06/ for providing some nice screenshots with his character Talyn!



  24. GSPoses & SLAL

    Hi I'm Gunslicer and created a Pose Mod that are animations. This is an ongoing mod.
    When you start the game you will have two rings in your inventory that serves to activate the poses and an additional power to use the poses in npcs.
    Extra information : I only show up at the weekend due to lack of time, so it is possible that I will not answer questions during the week.
    Current Poses : 212 - Normal
                             52 - Object Poses
                             13 - Futa (Better with UNP SOS)
                             12 - Futa Object Poses
                              I probably lost count.
    About the Khajiit in screnshoots, it is a human race (Temptress in my case) with different textures that I made by mixing two other textures from other mods. I didn’t upload the texture because the authors of the mods prefer the mods to be Nexus exclusive, if you want the textures send a message that I pass them individually. 😉
    Mods used : SG Female Textures Renewal and Feminine Khajiit Textures, credits to them.
    Idle Priview:
    How to make the NPC stop :

    Feel free to make a request, and I will try to do the animation (post any reference along with the request).
    and if you want to give me a support.
    Credits to : pornphile for his rigs and guide.
                      SirNibbles for his guide.
                      Dwadle for introducing me to Collygon.
                      Collygon for teaching me how to create the Mod.
                      ZaZ for his meshes and permission.
    SLAL Info : 
    Why don't I do animations other than poses and SLAL (I really wanted to) :



  25. Devious Devices Escape Overhaul

    This is an early version of the mod. Please, read the notes section.
    I've never quite liked the way DD framework handled escaping from devices. It puts me out of controls as a player. Then I had my time playing with the mod "Devious Lore" which provided a good alternative, putting me back in control. However, I didn't feel fully satisfied with it so I've decided to create a mod that would handle escaping (and escaping only).
    Current features:
    By pressing a configurable hotkey you can open an escape menu. There you can choose what device you want to escape from.
    Three supported ways of escaping from a device: unlocking with a key, struggling out of a device, or picking its lock.
    Unlocking the device with a key is a guaranteed way to escape. Given that you can use a key, of course.
    Struggling is implemented as a minigame where you are supposed to guess in which direction you should move your body to weaken the device by pressing W, A, S, and D. Each attempt to guess costs you a bit of stamina. Failing or succeeding to struggle out of a device exhausts your character (configurable).
    Picking the lock is implemented as an actual Skyrim's lockpicking minigame! Beware that you have only one shot at picking a lock before failing. Breaking the lockpick may jam the lock.
    Lock repairing minigame.
    Difficulty and availability of all escape methods are based on DD's settings as well as various settings provided by this mod.
    Wrist restraints (also known as heavy bondage) can be configured to prevent certain ways of escaping from them. They can also block ALL lockpicking.
    Blindfolds and bondage mittens can make it harder (or even impossible) to escape in certain ways.
    Devious devices 5.0 and its requirements.
    The mod is currently in a relatively early stage of its development. Expect bugs to happen. Escaping from devices may feel too easy or too hard because I didn't spend a lot of time balancing the difficulty. Try adjusting DD's difficulty levels to your liking and see if it helps. Although the mod is called an overhaul, it doesn't modify DD framework itself (almost). The standard way of escaping devices is still there. The mod supports only generic devices. Non-generic and quest devices aren't supported for obvious reasons ((you won't be able to use this mod to escape from them). Known issues
    Devices with lock shields aren't supported. Unfortunately, it is a limitation cause by DD framework. Lock timers aren't supported. This means that if a timer elapses, this mod won't recognise it. Unfortunately, it is a limitation cause by DD framework. Planned features (these are supposed to be added at some point of time in the future, priority order)
    Add a minigame for unlocking devices with a key, key breaking. Add followers support (followers capable of picking locks on devices or cutting them open, devices on followers preventing them from doing so, removing devices from followers by picking the locks or cutting devices open). Add NPCs support (similar to followers) Possibly add magical means of escape



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