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  1. Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62 - UPDATED Jun 3rd 2016

    Skyrim SexLab (SSL) v1.62
    An adult animation framework  

    ----- Description --------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyrim SexLab, is intended to serve as a unifying resource for modders to pull animations from to aid them in development of adult themed mods, without having to going through the complex scripting work it takes by themselves. A modder is provided with a wealth of tools and functions they can call that will aid them in creating their own mod.
    As it is intended as a resource mod that other mods can pull from to use for adult animations. This mod does NOTHING by itself, and requires a separate mod to make use of the resources provided.
    ----- Frequently Asked Questions -------------------------------------------
    ----- Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) REQUIRES SKSE 1.7.3 OR NEWER
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS) REQUIRES FNIS 5.4.2 OR NEWER
    FNIS Creature Pack version 5.2 or newer is required only if you want creature animation support in SexLab, otherwise it is not required. If you get a warning in game about not having 5.2 installed despite having installed it. You have without exception, installed it incorrectly. You can either ignore the warning and keep using SexLab like normal if everything working anyway, or do the smart thing and figure out what's wrong with your FNIS install so the warning will leave you alone.
    If you dislike SkyUI for some reason, you can also install SkyUI-Away on top of it. It may work fine with older versions if you refuse to upgrade to 5.0 for whatever reason. You do so at your own risk.
    An actor skeleton mod such as XPMSE2 or XPMSE3

    Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch OR the individual applicable patches Skyrim, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Hearthfire Unofficial Patch
    This is not a hard requirement and can be skipped, it has been known to fix some problems people have had related to SexLab however and there is little to no reason to not be using them anyway. If you choose to not use the Unofficial Patches for whatever reason, expect to be browbeat about not having them when posting your load order in the troubleshooting section.
    ----- Basic Installation Procedure ------------------------------------------

    After properly installing SKSE, SkyUI, and FNIS as listed above, follow these steps.
    Download the latest full framework pack & install it using your mod manager of choice (Mod Organizer highly preferred.) Run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe tool. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (very likely, if you don't you should. See: XPMSE2 or XPMSE3) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. DO NOT ignore any warnings or errors you see in the FNIS window. Activate the SexLab.esm file in your list of active mods. Load or start a new save game in Skyrim and navigate to the Mod Configuration menu titled "SexLab" Check that you meet the requirements on the left pane and then click the Install option in the top right. NOTE: Some of the checks you'll see there are only soft dependencies, or can be a false-negative. If the Install button is clickable for you, just go ahead and continue. [*]Close all menus and stand still until the install finishes, it can take a few minutes.

    ----- Basic Update Procedure -------------------------------------------------
    Download the latest full framework archive, if you are using a version older than 1.60, you will need the full archive, otherwise you will only need the update patch. Extract the updated framework/patch into your Skyrim's data folder, or if using Mod Organizer (like you should be) then merge the files ontop of an existing MO mod install for SexLab Framework. (optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) Disable ALL SexLab related mods except for SexLab.esm and any that are absolutely required or disabling will mean losing progress on in some way. Navigate to your Skyrim's data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users folder and run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe utility. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (if you dont, you should) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. Load your save game and you should see a notification that SexLab is updating and/or installing, it will then go through the update process. If you were using a version of SexLab such as 1.59c or older, you will not get this notification and will instead need to go into the SexLab MCM and click the Install button. [*]Wait 1-2 minutes, until you see a notification that says SexLab has finished updating and/or installing [*]Wait another 30 seconds or so and then perform a quick test animation either via the SexLab MatchMaker mod or by starting one via the animation editor. [*]Assuming the test animation was successful, save your game with the update now fully applied, you should see the appropriate version number listed on the last page of the SexLab MCM. [*](optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) if you followed step 3, you should now reinstall all the SexLab mods you disabled, ensuring you are using the latest version of each. For best results reinstall them one at a time and make sure they are functional with the new version of SexLab before reinstalling the next one.

    ----- Creature Use Instructions -----------------------------------------

    If you want to use creature animations, you will need to follow some extra installation instructions.
    Install the latest FNIS and the latest FNIS Creature Pack if you have not yet, both of which are available on the FNIS Download page Run GenerateFNISforUsers and click the big "Update FNIS Behavior" button. After it finishes patching, you should see 2 lines, "Create Creature Behaviors ..." and BELOW that "Reading SexLabCreature ..." Load your Skyrim save Navigate to the SexLab Mod Configuration menu and go to the first available settings page, "Animation Settings" Check the box for "Allow Creature Animation" so that it is in a toggled on state (the box is filled instead of empty) You will need to install mod that lets you start animations with creatures, as SexLab Framework does not start any animations by itself. SexLab MatchMaker works with creatures, and is the more straight forward of means to start creature animations. For others, look through the download page for SexLab mods with creature support
    ----- Suggestions -----------------------------------------------------------------

    Since SexLab is largely a sex animation mod, you will likely want nude male and female bodies.
    While the mod does come with a nudesuit option to use in place of installing actual nude body mods, that remains an imperfect solution and is provided only for the sake of completeness. It's use is actually strongly discouraged. I would remove the feature entirely if I didn't know a handful of people who throw a fit.
    There are many body mods to choose from, personally I use and suggest UUNP / CBBE Bodyslide and Schlongs of Skyrim Default/Average for males. If for some weird reason you absolutely refuse to use a real body replacer and insist on using the horrible nudesuits option instead, you can enable the option in SexLab's MCM settings and then install the default meshes and textures for it here: SexLab Default NudeSuit
    SexLab is a very script heavy mod, if you come across an issue in-game related directly to SexLab, the very first place you should look is unquestionably the Papyrus debug log, with just the tiniest amount of modding know how you should be able to track down the culprit from just glancing over the log, if you can't decipher it than it should be unquestionably the first thing you are posting in a request for help.
    A BBP enabled skeleton is also useful, as many of the animations include BBP support, though it is optional it is STRONGLY recommended. I'd suggest XPMSE2 or XPMSE3
    There is support for other strapons for females to use, but you will need to download and install them separately and run the "Rebuild Strapon List" option from the menu's Rebuild page if you install or remove any after loading the mod. The supported strapon mods are aeonflux88's strapon, Horker Tusk, Futa Equippable, Cozy & Rebels Equippable TG, & SOS Equipable Schlong
    If you want First Person animations, I highly recommend using the Immersive First Person View mod by h38fh2mf
    Stop using Nexus Mod Manager or no manager at all and start using Mod Organizer.
    In the likely event that you run more than just a handful of different mods, install and run LOOT when installing and updating mods.
    ----- Uninstalling ----------------------------------------------------------------
    To cleanly uninstall the mod, perform the following steps.
    With your current installation, go into MCM and select the "Rebuild & Clean" page. Click on the row that says "Clean System" You will be prompted to close all your current menus, do so. After closing your menus and being told the system clean is complete, save your game. Perform the uninstall procedure for any 3rd party SexLab mods you have installed. Quit the game. Disable SexLab.esm and any SexLab mods you have enabled in your load order
    ----- Changelog ----------------------------------------------------------------

    More detailed changelog at http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/commits/master
    User Relevant Changes / Additions:
    Increased install limit of animations to 500 (up from 375) Added option to entirely remove any use of scaling applied to actors anywhere in the sexlab. May cause or fix some graphical glitches for some people or prevent the occasional scaling related CTD. [*]Holding Shift+End while outside of a sexlab animation will now forcibly end all active sexlab animations being done by NPCs.
    Functionally the same as opening the SexLab MCM and clicking the debug option to stop all scenes, but with the bonus of not having to navigate through the MCM to do it. [*]Added an enable toggle to the animation editor in the MCM
    The animation editor in the MCM will default to showing the currently playing animation for player Makes it easier to disable an animation you don't like without having to find what it's name is and hunt it down in the MCM. [*]Added a count of how many character animations, creature animations, voices, and expressions sexlab has registered so far.
    In the MCM debug/rebuild page. Lets you see how close you are to approaching the limit of 500. [*]Added Dragonborn and Dawnguard beds to sexlabs list of automatically detected beds when starting an animation. [*]When setting the player or NPC's voice setting in the MCM, any currently playing animations involving them will automatically update to use their newly set voice.
    Makes it much easier to test/sample various voices and find one you like. [*]The name of the animation being played is now only sent to your notifications if you have debug mode enabled. It is otherwise only shown in your console. [*]Creatures and Characters can no longer have the other's voice applies to them. Werewolves can only use the werewolf voice type if they are currently a werewolf. [*]SexLab no longer checks for a creature pack install, since they are no longer separate downloads. [*]Various other major and minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Mod Creator Relevant Changes / Additions:
    Added a method of registering animations via JSON files (similar to SLAL) See /SKSE/Plugins/SexLab/Animations for details A tool to generate the JSON files based of an animator's hkx files was originally planned, unsure if I'll get to it now or not though. [*]Added functions for adding custom bed forms to sexlabs bed list, including defining custom offsets to use for aligning to that bed and/or defining whether or not it's a bedroll, double, or single bed.
    Intended for beds in name, but could easily be used for helping define animation alignment for furniture other than beds as well. [*]Added modevent "SexLabActorGenderChange(form actorform, int gender)" that gets sent whenever an actor has their gender/futa-ness overridden or override/futa-ness removed. [*]Added some requested config property accessors to the main API script related to creatures. [*]Fixed some bugs related to making an actor silent during a scene.

    FIXED: Animation starting a few feet floating in the air. FIXED: Actors "jittering" during animation FIXED: Player being stuck while trying to move the scene FIXED: Free camera being disabled when changing animations during the 1st stage NEW: Export/Import settings now also includes your customizations in the Strip Editor.
    NEW: Toggle to enable actors walking to the location of the scene instead of instantly teleport NEW: Support for creature voices + some default creature voices for the basic creature types NEW: The cum texture from animation can now double up on a single location. If a character already has the vaginal cum texture applied, the 2nd time it's applied it'll apply a messier more cum filled version NEW: A toggle option to set whether or not newly encountered NPC's will have their sex stats seeded or initialized as empty NEW: Can now set your targeted actor's forced gender from the SexLab MCM as well NEW: When swapping between actors to adjust the location for in an animation, the newly selected one will glow briefly to indicate which you now have selected NEW: Option to fully disable the use bed prompt / disable only when player is victim / always ask NEW: Frostfall 3.0 support, exposure will automatically pause during animation so you don't freeze to death. NEW: Added support for NiOverride High Heels under the same toggle that previously handled only HDT High Heels. ALTERED: AP animations are now disabled by default ALTERED: Creature animations are no longer a separate pack, because I'm tired of dealing with people who can't figure it out API: Further documentation and guides added to SexLabFramework.psc for modders API: Lots of new API additions for modders, most of which were requested by various modders at some point. Sorry if I forgot the one you requested - remind me again FIXED: Aggressive scenes wrongly getting non-aggressive animations or not being tagged as aggressive internally FIXED: Poor default positioning for various animations when played on a bed FIXED: Lip Sync has been heavily altered and is now more compatible with expressions FIXED: Various other bugs users have reported that I can't fully remember right now FIXED: Orgasm triggering instantly when scene starts and separate orgasms are enabled FIXED: Various issues related to async animations not starting properly, with some actors not playing their animation while others do FIXED: Lots of other stuff
    v1.60.2 hotfix 2:
    Added back in a copy of MfgConsoleFunc and reverted expression functions to use them instead of SKSE's native functions. Added a message in the MCM strip options to inform you what item you currently have equipped in a slot when you hover it Added a message in the MCM strip editor to inform you what slot masks an item uses when you hover over it. Raised the number of possible animations in a single scene from 100 to 125 Fixed an issue with character scale not being reset properly at the start of and during animation. Fixed an issue with weapons getting re-equipped in the wrong hand after animation. Fixed an issue with orgasm effects not triggering properly under certain conditions. Fixed an issue that caused items flagged in the strip editor as always/never strip to not be treated property during stripping. Fixed an issue with PapyrusUtil 3.0 that sometimes caused CTD during save load Fixed a bug with aggressive animation selection (thanks to user Random of Amber) Expanded the install fatal error to be more clear and provide some suggestions. Some misc performance improvements throughout the MCM and animation startup.
    v1.60.1 hotfix 1:
    Set actor storage preloading to no longer hold up the install process, and only occur once Added a check for if sexlab's files/quest have been overridden and prevent attempts to install with an error message Added a new schlong adjusting hotkey. Defaults to the 'C' key.
    The SKSE requirement has been bumped up to 1.7.3 beta (or newer if available by the time you're reading this) is now required. The FNIS requirement has been bumped up to 5.5 or newer On new or old installs, you must now manually start SexLab's install process from the SexLab MCM install page. If you wish to use creature animations, the creature animations are now in a separate archive and is no longer included by default. If you for some crazy reason insist on using the nudesuit's option, the meshes and textures for it have also been removed from the default archive. You can find a link to these meshes and textures in the main post, or by clicking here Animation, creature animation, voices, and expressions are all now capable of registering up to 350 unique items each - can be easily expanding in the future if we ever bump up against the limit again. 14+ new animations by various authors such as Leito, 4uDIK, 3jiou, Mitos, & Arrok. These are animations previous in the NSAP pack, more to be carried over to the default pack in future updates. New item strip editor in MCM. Select items you or a target actor have in their inventory that should always or never be stripped at the start of a scene, regardless of other strip settings. Creature animation scan now have specific genders defined for their creature roles. By default all genders are considered the same gender, this can be toggled via the new creature gender option in the MCM. The player and NPCs can now optionally have separate, multiple, orgasms as their enjoyment stat builds up over the course of an animation. This is an optional effect enabled in addition to the traditional orgasm effect on the last stage of animation that has been in previous versions. A new animation setting option in the MCM to forcibly filter out non gay or lesbian animations in a scene when appropriate. So for example, 2 females in a scene will generally not play a regular animation with strapon if other animations are available to them. Can toggle the players override gender directly from the SexLab animation settings MCM page, so players can easily set them selves as transgender, with "female" player characters being treated as "male" in the eyes of SexLab, or vice versa. You can now toggle the default behavior of the adjustment hotkeys between adjusting all stages (default) or only the currently stage being played. Whichever you set it to will flip the modifier ctrl modifier hotkey to perform the opposite when held in combination. When targeting an actor and viewing their stats in the SexLab Diary/Journal, you can press the reset stats button once to complete zero all their skills, and then when pressed a second time while all stats are still zero in order to re-seed their starting stats. A new "limited strip" option (disabled by default) that will cause the actors in a scene to default to using the foreplay/limited strip options you have set, if ALL animations in the scene being played consist of only oral and foreplay animations. HDT Hight Heel effects detected and disabled after character strip to remove the height offset. Automatically enabled if you have HDT HighHeels installed, but can be turned off in the MCM if you prefer actors to keep their height offset during SexLab animation. Pressing the Realign actors hotkey is now more forceful, making all actors completely reset their animation, re-calculate their positions, and start the current stage's timer over from the start. Holding down the rotate scene hotkey will now continually rotate the actors until let go, just as the other adjustment hotkeys have done for a few versions now. Much improved (in my experience) syncing between separate actor animations. Many, many bug fixes and performance improvements than I could possibly remember or even attempt to name. TONS of things not listed here intended for modders to do new things with, will be more clear once the updated API documentation is released.  

    ----- Modder's Guide -------------------------------------------------------------
    A modders guide to using the API can be partially found in scripts/sources/SexLabFramework.psc as well as here: http://git.loverslab.com/sexlab/framework/wikis/home
    WARNING: The API docs are currently fairly outdated in some spots for v1.60. It should be fine in most spots, but if you have any questions feel free to private message me or ask somewhere else and I'll answer soon as I'm able. Updating them is my top priority right now.
    If you are a mod developer looking to develop a mod using SexLab, feel free to contact me via private message and I will do everything I can to help you along and if possible upgrade the framework to fit your needs.
    ----- Future Plans ----------------------------------------------------------------
    See dedicated development thread
    ----- Credits -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Scripting & Project Owner:
    SKSE Plugin:
    kapaer - Mfg Console
    Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp
    Arrok - BBP Animations
    JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution
    Athstai - Dark Investigations
    3jiou - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38317-3js-animations/
    Mitos - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/42217-mitos-animation-shop/
    Leito86 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39465-animations-by-leito-12915-new-animations/
    4uDIK - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38934-аnimations-for-sexlab/
    FalloutBoy2 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39160-animation-complete/
    Lovers with PK
    Calyp - Strapon
    oli3d - Bukkake Shaders
    4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit
    Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit
    Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures
    aravis7 - French
    CGi - German
    mswind - Chinese
    anonymous - Japanese
    fedim - Russian
    sh1ny - Russian
    holtof55 - Russian
    Huili - Russian
    RockMic - Italian
    NOTE: If you have an updated translation file or would like to translate or update one of the existing translations; send it to me or let me know if you have any questions about how.
    ----- Permissions -----------------------------------------------------------------
    You must ask my permission before distributing this base framework on any site other than LoversLab.com
    The animations themselves belong to the individual modders who made them, I am using them solely by their permission and/or stated open use policy. If you wish to repurpose them else where it is there permission you need and not mine.
    Unless you are contributing to the Git repository development branch, you are not allowed to edit any of the included scripts and resources except to translate the mod into another language.
    If you wish to translate the framework into another language, go right ahead, no need to ask. If you need it, I will provide you with as much support as I can to assist you with the translation process. Afterwards if you want to send me the translated file and I will package it with the releases, or you are free to release the translation file, and the translation file alone, however you wish.
    ----- Contacting Me --------------------------------------------------------------
    I will provide direct support to people via email and private message ONLY if you are a modder using the framework in your mod. People seeking support for using the mod contacting me this way will be, without hesitation, completely ignored. If you need support for the framework, use the thread or support section, I will answer such questions there and only there.



  2. RussianPrince Skyrim Content Compendium

    This is an ever-growing compendium of my current armors.
    I will add more to it as I work, and I will also continue to upload standalone armors.
    The main BSA is about 700mb and you must use 7zip to extract this file, WinRar can throw errors as it doesn't understand some of the compression methods used by 7zip.
    In this compendium, there are 10 armors and a few weapons. You can get all armors through crafting, combat, or quest rewards.
    Black Fox Armor: Worn by TG members and in the small lake near Fort DG.
    Elven Eagle Armor: Worn by Thalmor.
    Light Daedric Armor: can be found in Mehrunes Dagon's shrine
    Light Dwarven: Crafting only
    Light Iron Armor: Crafting only
    Lord Tristrum's Armor: I forget, either found in the Temple of Xrib or scattered around the world
    Royal Bonemold: Found on the body of Gratian Cairellius
    Thalmor Armor: worn by Thalmor
    Lapis Lazuli Armor: Buy it from Eorlund Graymane after Lvl. 35
    Fine Steel: Worn by Hired Thugs and can be crafted



  3. Fine Steel Armor and Weapons (reupload)

    This is a reupload of my old Fine Steel armor.
    Full armor and weapons set, including shortsword and longsword.
    Weapon meshes were made by @THECRAZEBLING
    I'm too busy and lazy to write a proper description.
    Don't steal my shit.



  4. Lapis Lazuli Armor (OLD)

    This is a LoversLab reupload of my Lapis Lazuli armor from the Nexus after the 100th time I was banned from there.

    This adds a set of armor for sale by Eorlund Greymane AFTER YOU REACH LEVEL 35.
    This adds a new armor set to the game based off of the Lapis Lazuli stone. You cannot craft it because there is no lapis lazuli in Skyrim. I made it available after level 35 because it is really, really expensive. 
    With this mod, you get:

    *1K+2K textures and item-exclusive environmentmaps + a new cubemap

    *A new set of light armor





    This armor has the same stats as ebony, except half the weight, which qualifies it as light armor. I added a new keyword, "ArmorMaterialStone" for purposeful inclusion in any mod that might want to include it (please ask). 
    You can upgrade it for 1 Moonstone Ingot and 1 Refined Malachite Ingot per armor item. You CANNOT CRAFT IT.

    It includes a female and male version, plus race-exclusive headgear (they all look the same, but some meshes are different).
    It should be compatible with anything and everything.
    This uses assets from Dawnguard and the official high-resolution DLC.
    Nexus Mirror:



  5. LadyHorus TERA Armor for UUNP Females and Vanilla Males (ver 2.9, 4-9-2021)

    ~ Armor and Accessories from TERA for UUNP female and Vanilla Male bodies ~  
    Update Notes 4-9-21: Major Update Added! Please see links under "Downloads" section of this description. Please note that this update includes edits to existing textures and armor models, and will need to overwrite previous versions in your load order (this includes any texture mods made for this mod).
    Details section is fully edited. I moved some information (Old HDT PE versions, their requirements and a separate post for FAQ) to different forum posts (links are provided).
    4-10-21: Added missing screenshots.

    Welcome to the mod, "LadyHorus' TERA Armor for UUNP Females and Vanilla Males".
    This mod was originally largely inspired by Asianboy345's TERA Collection, and created to add even more conversions of the armor from TERA to Skyrim!
    With that said, though, all armors in my mod are new conversions straight from TERA, I did not use anyone elses' previous work.
    Every armor has been converted with care, especially in the case of UUNP. As of version 2.10, I opted only to support certain body morphs since doing the original 40+ was quite a lot of work. I tried to focus on those that were not only requested but also which tend to be most popular. All of the basic sliders (for example breast, arms, legs etc) are all supported. For a full list of the supported bodytypes please see the following spoiler:
    Supported Bodies in Bodyslide:
    Since this keeps coming up, I'm going to reiterate that yes, this does support pregnancy. It also has belly node weighting for belly physics. Please be aware however that I have not tested it beyond the sliders in Bodyslide, so it may have less than desirable results in-game using other mods that utilize pregnancy and that sort of thing. This is not something I ever intended to use so I don't plan to make any further adjustments to it.
    BBP and cloth physics: In addition to Breast and Butt bounce support, there is also HDT SMP support for many armors which have flowing cloth physics. Please see the requirements/installation section for important info on what you'll need. As of version 2.5 HDT PE is no longer being supported, since the new SMP version uses different cloth bones/properties. HOWEVER, if you want to run it with only HDT PE that is possible, it just means not using any armor that uses new cloth physics bones. So no capes, skirts, loincloths etc. Only use form-fitting outfits like Deathshell, Viridinium (female), Abyss, Twisted, etc). Alternatively I have a separate download for xmls which can be used with a dual HDT PE and SMP setup for those who only want SMP to control cloth physics but the rest (breast/butt/belly) with HDT PE.
    High heels in this mod also will change character height thanks to NiO High Heels! Please see the requirements section for more info.
    Overall I did my best to make each armor look good with every setting and body type. Enjoy!









    Currently there are 30 Heavy, 24 Light, 16 Robe armors (including some retextures and variants).
    My original plan when I first started this mod had been to convert all Heavy armor I liked, then move on to the other types. So that is why there is mostly Heavy for the time being. I'm working on adding more Light armor and Robes in future updates (and don't worry, I'm not done adding Heavy sets either).
    All armor sets require their respective Blacksmithing skill to craft. Accessories do not require any crafting skill. Alternatively, you can spawn a chest ("LadyHorus' Tera Chest") which includes everything in this mod (instructions are listed under the FAQ).
    Armor Listing in the Spoiler (Newly Added Armors are marked with Orange). Some armor names/material values have changed as of version 2.5 to better match with Asianboy's Tera mod just for the sake of keeping things simple. I'm not planning to convert all of the same armors as those found in his mod, but for the ones which are essentailly "doubles" I thought keeping the names/materials the same would make things a bit easier.

    If you're using the old version of the mod for Dream Girl, you cannot use both simultaneously as they will overwrite each other. You must uninstall the Dream Girl version entirely before installing this version.
    This mod is a completely separate mod from other authors' TERA mods! Therefore it should work alongside them and/or without them just fine.
    The Castanic Horns in this mod use slot 57, which means that any mod that has items that occupy this slot will conflict!
    Compatibility has been added for the following mods:
    Stealth Skills Rebalanced
    Any gloves that are fingerless should not hinder lockpicking or pickpocketing with this mod installed! Also, any dark outfits (like the Rogue outfit) should benefit from the dark clothing perks.

    All of these are required, and remember to also have everything these require to work as well! Check their individual pages for that info.
    For version 2.5 and above:
    Please note that this version no longer supports HDT PE cloth physics! However, it is possible to run my mod with only HDT PE, just do not use any armors which add new cloth physics or it may either not work or crash your game. It's possible to run both SMP and HDT PE side-by-side, and this will require the optional file "LadyHorus TERA SMP xmls for dual HDT PE and SMP setups". In short, SMP and HDT PE cannot control the same physics bones at the same time without some issues (for obvious reasons). Only have one or the other apply to breast/butt/belly and other body physics, not both. If you want to set up this way you will need to read the necessary tutorials/documentation on it as I'm not here to help you set this up.
      • SKSE: Skyrim Script Extender
    • HDT SMP version 0730 (can be found for download here under "optional files", or I have hosted a mirror here). It is REQUIRED to update to this version, as this is what my mod was built upon. The download includes HDT PE, the HDT Physics Extensions files can be deleted if you only plan to run SMP. If you do run both HDT PE and SMP together, it will be necessary to download the xmls for my mod which do not include BBP support (so that SMP and HDT PE are not trying to control the same physics bones for breast/butt at the same time). This download can be found under Optional Downloads below. Please don't try running my mod with previous versions of SMP as the physics on my mod will not work as intended. If there are newer versions of SMP I'm unaware of them at the moment, so I cannot guarantee my mod will work with new versions (if any exist).
    • Please read and follow the instructions on this All-In-One to get SMP running for your specific setup. Please note however that the files from this All-In-One are at this point a bit outdated. While they will work, the physics will not interact properly with the updated version of SMP. So I recommend using the following files from CBBE below. Other useful documentation on SMP can be found here as well. A simple to understand tutorial can also be found here for those who might need it.
    • For breast and butt physics I personally use the settings from Caliente's CBBE for SSE which you can find under optional files here ("CBBE SMP Config v1.0.6") (CBBE and SSE are obviously not required as these are settings which only pertain to SMP). To get these to apply to UUNP, a line will have to be added to the defaultBBPs.xml file located in the SKSE/plugins/hdtSkinnedMeshPhysics directory:
    <map shape="UUNP" file="SKSE\Plugins\hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs\CBBE.xml"/> HOWEVER. If you run a dual HDT PE setup (and HDT PE controls breast/butt/belly physics via the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml) DO NOT use the files from CBBE SMP listed here as it will conflict. You don't want SMP and HDT PE controlling the same physics bones at the same time as this will obviously cause issues.
    • XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE by Groovtama: This skeleton is now required for this mod, NO EXCEPTIONS! This is what adds the required bones for TBBP physics to work.
    • NiOverride High Heels: Every female high heels set makes use of height changes provided by the mod NiOverride High Heels. However, it is not required that you have NiOHeels installed, just understand that without it, heels will sink underground!
    • Bodyslide: UUNP makes use of Bodyslide in order to adjust female body settings. By default there are no female meshes in the Skyrim mesh directory, you MUST generate them using Bodyslide. Use Bodyslide to make the female body you'd like to use and generate your own female armors!
    - Additional Note: For some armors I included "collision" meshes which are basically blank meshes meant to act as something for the physics to interact with. So your previews may look something like this. Don't worry, it is working as intended and will look as it should once in-game.

    For versions 2.0 to 2.10:
    Requirements Listed Here
    Main Files, Version 2.9 with SMP (current):
    LadyHorus TERA Armor for UUNP Females and Vanilla Males v2.9 HDT SMP
    Update Files for Version 2.5 to Version 2.9:
    LadyHorus TERA Armor for UUNP Females and Vanilla Males v2.9 HDT SMP Update File
    Optional Files:
    LadyHorus TERA Castanic Horns Standalone v2.05
    (Please note this does not include the two new horn sets yet, I will update this at a later time)
     LadyHorus TERA SMP xmls for dual HDT PE and SMP setups 
    (no SMP BBP support, but SMP still controls cloth physics. This is for a dual setup where HDT PE controls Breast/Butt/Belly physics)
    Old Versions (SMP):
    Old Versions HDT PE
    Please Click Here for OLD versions downloads listing.

    Installation instructions below in the spoiler, PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW before asking for help:

    • Delete all files included in this mod. This should include the following:
    Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\Bodyslide\ShapeData\Horus ...
    Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\Bodyslide\SliderGroups\LadyHorus Tera UUNP.xml
    Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\Bodyslide\SliderSets\LadyHorus TERA xxx.osp (all files that begin with "LadyHorus TERA")
    Skyrim\Data\Meshes\Horus ...
    Skyrim\Data\Textures\Horus ...
    Mod Organizer:
    • Deactivate the esp and files in your manager of choice. Delete my mod from your mod listing in your mod manager if you want it completely uninstalled and are not planning on installing again. If you aren't sure, you can always deactivate it in the left pane by unchecking it on the checklist. This will keep the files but they are not active in your virtual file system created by MO.

    • All clothing, armors and accessories are from the MMORPG TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea, property of BlueHole Studios and En Masse Entertainment. I do not claim any of it, only that I took the time and energy to extract and convert all content within this mod for use in Skyrim.
    • Bare feet mesh (for high heels) is from Charming High Heels, and is by ChronoTrigger77: Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide and TBBP HDT
    • Bare feet mesh (for high heels such as the gold heels from the Cheongsam outfit) are from Elewin Pumps.
    • UUNP is from Bodyslide (obviously), and all credits for it go to them!
    • The "chitin_e_ebony" cubemap used on some armors is from Ebony Retextures by CaBaL120.
    • New cubemaps in version 2.9 are by Humus, with some coming from Humus Cubemaps on Nexus. Others were edited by me.

    Please DO NOT reupload elsewhere! DO NOT upload to Nexus or Steam! If you wish to post about it on another site or blog, link to this page only. Don't reupload it! Don't claim it as your own conversion work either, please. If you want to host a mirror for the sake of having a backup that is fine too, though I would like to be aware of the locations if possible.
    Generally speaking, I'm okay with my mod's assets being used for Follower mods as long as credit is given to me for the armor (or accessories) conversion that you've used, and a link is provided to this page.
    If you'd like to do translations to other languages that is fine too, as long as my mod is still required to use it (ie, you only provide a translated esp).
    Generally I'm a pretty easy going person, so don't be afraid to ask if you have questions. ^-^
    Thank you for respecting my wishes.

    • 3D Studio Max 2012
    • NifSkope
    • Notepad+ +
    • Photoshop CS6
    • Bodyslide: Outfit Studio
    • Umodel (for extracting TERA models)
    • Creation Kit

    Many special thanks to a great inspiration and teacher, Nightasy. If not for his tutorials none of this would have been possible!
    Asianboy345 - For his encouragement and help learning the nuances of how he worked on his mod.
    Arjuna76 - For encouraging me to do UUNP conversions! I've learned a lot in the process.
    Ousnius - For help when I had questions regarding Bodyslide and NiO High Heels! Very appreciated!
    And of course, to Bethesda for creating Skyrim, and Bluehole Studios for creating Tera! Two great games that I love to play.




  6. Peril

    Peril is a death-alternative mod that allows the player to try to recover from defeat in combat. Enemies will punish the player and their allies if they continue to attack after their first defeat, stealing any and all items they carry, and doing more nefarious things if other mods are installed.
    After entering combat you can be defeated by your enemies after you and all your allies are bleeding out, or by pressing the Surrender Hotkey in the MCM. Without aid, you and your companions won't be able to recover from bleedout. If you give your allies potions or scrolls of healing, they may use them to get back on their feet. (This doesn't always work, so it's disabled by default.)
    After being defeated, one of your enemies will come up to you to start negotiations, if they're humanoid. If you're defeated by creatures, then you will have a prompt to try to distract them. If you move, draw your weapon, try to pickpocket, open a container, take any items, or exit dialogue before or during this parlay, then combat will start again, and your enemies won't bother trying to talk to you if you are defeated again.
    During parlay, you have few options to escape worse punishments. You can attempt to bribe your enemies with some gold or some of your carried gear. You can only offer your gear as a tribute if you are carrying some useful items, like lockpicks, health potions, or gems. If your enemy is a member of one of the holds, then you will have the option to surrender and be escorted to jail. (Currently, you're just taken to vanilla jail.) If you want to experience some of the worse punishments, you can pathetically plead for your life.
    If you are defeated twice by the same enemy, or grovel during negotiations, then you will be subject to some worse punishments by your enemies. Without any other mods installed, the punishments are mostly stealing certain items. Either all of your carried gold could be stolen, all of your potions, scrolls, soul gems, etc. could be stolen, your weapons could be taken, and you could be stripped completely bare of all items, including quest items. The relative weights for these punishments can be set in the MCM
    The last two punishments will only happen if you are at a dungeon that has had a Stolen Items container placed inside. These containers are placed right next to the end chest of the dungeon. These containers don't respawn, so, any quest items or unique equipment can be recovered if you return to clear the dungeon.
    If you have SexLab installed, then your enemies may rape you, one of your companions, or will force one of your allies to rape you. Again, the rates for these punishments can be set in the MCM.
    If you have Devious Devices installed, then you and your allies can be bound in either chastity devices, or heavy restraints.
    After parlay or punishments, you will be given 30 seconds to flee the area before combat starts again. If you draw your weapon or try to loot or steal anything, then combat will start before then.
    If you want to avoid punishments completely, then you will either need to kill all of the enemies you face, or flee until you're roughly 60 meters away from them before you are defeated.
    This mod shouldn't be used with other defeat mods under most circumstances. However, other modders can temporarily shut down this mod if they need to for certain scenarios. To do this, they should call the following papyrus command before combat starts in their scenario:
    if(Game.GetModByName("Peril.esp") != 255) (Game.GetFormFromFile(0x008AC2, "Peril.esp") as GlobalVariable).SetValue(0) endIf  
    This will prevent Peril from starting a defeat scenario when combat starts. After the external scenario is completed, the above command should be used to reset the global variables value back to 1, which will re-enable Peril's defeat system.
    Future Updates
    This mod is going to be developed at a slow pace. One of the reasons I decided to make my own defeat mod, first with Dragonborn in Distress, and now with Peril, was because every other defeat mod consistently failed during defeat scenarios. So, I'm developing this mod with the hope that every defeat scenario will work every single time. For that to happen I have to plan these mods out carefully, which takes a lot of time.
    2.1.1 (4-9-21)
    -Added an option for the defeat notifications. Disabled by default.
    -Quadrupled the distance required to flee to escape defeat.
    -Successfully fleeing from enemies stops combat with them.
    -Made defeat start more reliably, especially if transitioning from one combat encounter to another.



  7. SlaveTats | Anuketh Themed Mini Packs - LE / SE

    I will upload here some Themed Mini Packs I've made for SlaveTats (RaceMenu Overlays will be added soon). As always, these packs are CBBE and UNP compatible.
    Each mini pack has 10 tattoos only and not +50 like my normal packs. At the moment I've only made 2 Mini Packs: Hanfu Mini Pack and Viking Mini Pack.
    Hanfu Mini Pack includes: 10 face-only hanfu inspired tattoos. Viking Mini Pack includes: 4 back tattoos, 2 arm tattoos, 2 legs tattoos and 2 face tattoos.  
    Check out my other SlaveTats Packs:
    Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #1   |   Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #2   |   Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #3
    Social Links
    Discord | YouTube | Instagram | Ko-Fi | Patreon

    This mod is NOT standalone. That means that it requires other resources in order to work.
    Legendary Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Legendary Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu (or NetImmerse Override). SlaveTats for LE.  
    Special Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Special Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu. SlaveTats for SE.  
    Installation (extracted from SlaveTats page):
    1. Make sure you have the requirements.
    2. Download SlaveTats and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Download this mod and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Start Skyrim. You'll have a SlaveTats menu under the SkyUI's MCM.
    4. On the Setup tab, select the character you want to apply a tattoo and then click Add/remove tattoos (so the mod will register my tattoo pack).
    5. On the Body/Face tabs, select a Section and then a specific Pattern of your liking.
    6. Pick color, glow and gloss if you like, or leave them with their defaults colors.
    7. Exit the MCM and your tattoos will appear in a moment.

    SlaveTats - murfk



  8. SlaveTats + RaceMenu Overlays | Anuketh Pack #3 - LE / SE

    More tattoos for you to enjoy. Compatible for both CBBE and UNP / Skyrim Legendary Edition and Skyrim Special Edition.
    This pack includes the following:
    52 Tattoos: Whiskers (Face), Sugar Skull Alt (Face), Sugar Skull (Face), Stitches (Face), Pirate Skull (Leg), Bat Upside Down (UNP), Bat Upside Down (CBBE), Dead Tree (Back), Cross UNP (Bust), Cross CBBE (Bust), Arrows Alt (Back), Arrows (Pubic), Daedra's Hole (Pubic), Troll Lover (Pubic), Tribal Dragon (Back), Tribal Dragon (Front), Tribal (Back), Crowned Heart UNP (Underboob), Crowned Heart CBBE (Underboob), Cupid Bow (Back), Lips (Face), Skull (Face), Owl (Face), Dreamcatcher (Back), Underboob 3 UNP, Underboob 3 CBBE, Underboob 2 UNP, Underboob 2 CBBE, Underboob 1 UNP and Underboob 1 CBBE, Harder Daddy (Back), MILF in Distress (Back), Hermaeus Mora Eye (Face), Molag Bal (Back), Adornment (Back), Siren (Back), Lute (Back), Chest 3 UNP (Front), Chest 3 CBBE (Front), Chest 2 UNP (Front), Chest 2 CBBE (Front), Chest 1 (Front), Slut (Face), Eyeliner Light (Face), Boethiah (Back), Sheogorath (Back), Namira (Back), Mythic Dawn (Back), Chinese Dragon (Back), Lines (Front/Back), Wings (Front), Azura Star (Front).
    ██ First version (v1.0) | (17.02.2021) Release
    ██ Second version (v1.2) | (19.02.2021) Update
    ██ Third version (v1.3) | (20.02.2021) Update
    ██ Fourth version (v1.4) | (22.02.2021) Update
    ██ Fifth version (v1.5) | (04.03.2021) Latest Version
    Check out my other SlaveTats Packs:
    Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #1   |   Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #2
    Social Links
    Discord | YouTube | Instagram | Ko-Fi | Patreon

    This mod is NOT standalone. That means that it requires other resources in order to work.
    Legendary Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Legendary Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu (or NetImmerse Override). SlaveTats for LE.  
    Special Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Special Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu. SlaveTats for SE.  
    Installation (extracted from SlaveTats page):
    1. Make sure you have the requirements.
    2. Download SlaveTats and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Download this mod and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Start Skyrim. You'll have a SlaveTats menu under the SkyUI's MCM.
    4. On the Setup tab, select the character you want to apply a tattoo and then click Add/remove tattoos (so the mod will register my tattoo pack).
    5. On the Body/Face tabs, select a Section and then a specific Pattern of your liking.
    6. Pick color, glow and gloss if you like, or leave them with their defaults colors.
    7. Exit the MCM and your tattoos will appear in a moment.

    SlaveTats - murfk
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    If you have a specific request, send me a PM.



  9. Submissive Lola: The Resubmission LE/SE

    A highly updated version of the original Submissive Lola mod by alexvkj.  The mod was rebooted as The Resubmission by MrEsturk and Hexbolt8.  When MrEsturk became unavailable, I created this page to continue updates & support.  Same mod, with a new page to conveniently get updates.
    What Does It Do?
    The mod lets you turn a follower into a dominant personality in a consensual master-slave relationship (though there are optional non-consensual features, and you can even start by being bought as a slave).  You can optionally have a contract time to fulfill.
    Any playable race follower can become your owner, male or female, though custom followers with their own specialized frameworks might not work.  Male and female player characters are supported.  Some content is exclusively for female player characters, but most is not.  Dialog will change in many instances for male player characters.  You may specify your gender preference, and play a gay or lesbian character if you wish.
    Your progress in the relationship is measured with a submission score.  Initially only basic events are available, but as the score increases more and more events open up.  At the highest score level the events can be inconvenient (if you act like a submissive doormat, you get treated like one), so you might choose to avoid reaching the max score 100.
    Your dominant follower "owner" will call you Lola, regardless of your character's gender (there's a book with lore about that).  There is an automated process (described below) to change that name if you can use TES5Edit.  You can change your owner's title in the MCM if you don't care for Master or Mistress.
    Your owner rules you with a firm hand, but is often playful and teasing.  When you're made to do humiliating things, it's said that it's to help you admit your darkest desires, or to help you learn obedience, and both are for your own good.  You're like a valued pet.  And a sex slave.  Your owner understands the value of fantasy and imagination, and will sometimes suggest things that will never actually be done to you.  Above all, your owner wants your submission and obedience, not your gold.  Gold CAN play a large role in your relationship if you enable those features, or it can have no part of it.
    - The main download SubmissiveLolaResubmission is required.  EsturkBooze is optional (details below).
    - Players should have at least one spanking animation, or the spanking scenes will be generic sex.  I recommend "Rydin Overlap Spanking".  LE version is here.  SE version is here.
    - This mod replaces any other Submissive Lola, including 1.1 on MrEsturk's old mod page.  Do not install two versions.  (Apparently Vortex thinks 1.1 and 2.x are different mods.  They are not.  This is a newer version of 1.1.)  You may update from 1.1 by following the update procedure below.  You cannot update from classic Submissive Lola or the old SE beta.
    - One installation that works with LE or SE out of the box, no conversions needed.
    - MCM with extensive customization options.
    - Compatibility with Devious Devices, though if you're wearing a ZAP device the mod will recognize it.
    - Support for custom collar and gag meshes & textures.  Or just use the collar of your choice from another mod.
    - If you have multiple followers, you can change which one is your owner at any time.
    - Prostitution events that use Radiant Prostitution if you have it (WraithSlayer and Gigolo versions both work), or a basic form is provided by the mod.
    - Gold sharing system.  Highly configurable.  Automatically split gold with your owner.  Pay your owner, or have your owner pay you!
    - Have your owner confiscate your keys, and some or all of your lockpicks.
    - Soft integration with Simple Slavery++.  Have a follower buy you and become your owner -- or buy you again if already your owner.
    - Mod events can cause Devious Followers Continued resistance loss (if installed).
    - Spanking and whipping as punishment, or as reward!
    - When your owner spanks you, a mod event is sent to Spank That Ass (if installed).
    - City-specific events.  Be displayed at the Riften slave market.  Have 3-way sex with a priestess in the Temple of Dibella.  Perform at the Bards College.  Naked.
    - Make embarrassing admissions (some of which might even be true) to strangers, and get punished if you don't say it right.
    - Make deliveries as a pony girl, with your choice of outfit color.
    How Do I Start?
    What is EsturkBooze?
    Updating (from 1.1)
    Changing "Lola"
    For Modders
    alexvkj:  Creator of the original Submissive Lola mod.
    MrEsturk:  Rebooted the mod as The Resubmission, adding the MCM, new events, and the brown leather texture.
    t.ara for Zaz Animation Pack, and Pfiffy for the SE conversion.
    MrEsturk:  Pony girl gear pink and blue colors from SLUTS.
    skyrimfet:  Pony girl amulet texture from Devious Training, used with permission.
    Roggvir:  EFF compatibility scripts for owner's "inventory" versus "container".



  10. Unforgiving Devices

    Goal with this mod is to make custom devices with custom behavier. My vision is to make convert all devices from framework and give them custom behavier that will be more punishing for player. With that i meand something along this line: Gas mask will actualy work like gas masks, reducing player ability to breath. Collars can choke player. Moving in restrictive boots will hurt player. Trying to swim with heavy bondage will drown player.
    This are all examples of what I want to archieve in this mod (not what is currently in this mod yet).
    Custom Heavy Bondage Restrains
    New types of hand restrains. My main reason for making them way to make escaping restrains less RNG. There is no way any of this devices will fall off just because you get lucky. You will actualy have to invest not small ammout of time to escape them. Many of them have various stats and modifiers, making most devices unique. Currently there are following restrains of this type:
    Abadon Armbinder, Abadon Ropes, Abadon Straitjacket = this are quest items made for Abadon plug Unforgiving Armbinder = first restrain i made and never realy balanced it MageBinder = Straitjacket that is made as restrain for mages. Requires big ammout of magicka to struggle. Is sentient and can mend itself. RogueBinder = Elbowbinder that is made as restrain for stamina related classed. Require big ammout of stamina to struggle. Realy hard to escape but doesn't mend.  
    Abadon Plug
    Plug that is locked on player and grow stronger over time.
    You can't currently get any of this devices in the game by natural means. You will have to either use console or AddItemMenu.
    For abadon plug you can alternatively use my mod Alternate start - More Devious Starts that will give you option of starting game with this plug.
    Any of this devices works with NPCs so don't try to quip it on them. This devices are supposed to be more script heavy and making them to also work for NPCs would propably make your PC explode. I even added some simple safe check that should prevent player from equiping it on NPCs.
    Special edition
    After trying it i thing it works with se just fine. If you want to use it in SE just download file and install it like SE mod. If you use MO it will probably give you warning of using older form. Just ignore it (most of the dd mods for SE use older form anyway). I didnt have enough time to try every thing. So if you use this mod with SE (or with LE) and you find something not working or ode please let me know.
    Future plans
    Making quest for Abadon plug so player can find it naturaly. Also possible quest if player fails to remove plug in time Making more Custom Heavy bondage devices so there is more variaty More devices with custom behavier. My next possible target will propably be collar that throttle player as suggested by SirCrazy



  11. Pama´s Deadly Furniture (scripts)

    This is an ongoing work to bring actual functionality to Execution/torture devices added by zap ZAP (or any other source if i can get my hands on them).
    Already implemented:
    -The Garotte
    -The Wayrest Guilloutine
    -The MK2 Guilloutine
    -The chopping Block
    -Generic painfull script for stuff like static Racks/Crosses/spikey stuff/....
    General Features
    -works on player and NPC´s
    -Fully interactive. The garotte for example allows to slowly suffocate your victims, or to keep going until their necks break.
    -Nonlethal mode available which will knock you/NPC out for a adjustable time rather than killing.
    -Fully reusable
    -MCM with tons of options (death camera duration, knock out duration, amount of chocking damage to PC/NPC ...)
    -sound Options
    -Self construction routine. This allows you to place these things via console /cell builder/other placement mod (description below)
    Hard requirements! (if you complain about any error thats caused by ignoring these, i WILL make fun of you!)
    -Powerofthree´s Papyrus Extender
     For LE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95017
     For SE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22854
     For LE: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4688-zaz-animation-pack-v-80-2017-11-15/
    For SE:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5957-zaz-animation-packs-for-se/
               (You need to scroll down a bit to see the links for version the 8.0 version)
               I believe that you can find one of these on your own.
    - SE converted animations (PamaDeadlyFurniture_SSE_ConversionFiles_VX.X.X) can be found under downloads.
              !Always use the most recent version, even if its version doesn't match the main mods!
              Do NOT download these if you are on LE!
    -Mod manager of your choice or drop manually into you data Folder
    -SSE users install the the SSE-conversion files just like a regular mod
           -Install them AFTER the main mod and make sure they overwrite anything from the main mod
    -Run FNIS/Nemesis
    Demo Location
    -outside of the regular world.
    type the following into your console
    "coc pamaTestZone"
    Issues/Compatibility :
    Crash when using Guilloutine/Chopping Block
    This is caused by Nioverride. A quick workaround:
    Open Data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini try to find [Overlays/Face] and make it look like this
    [Overlays/Face] ; "Face [Ovl#]" and "Face [SOvl#]"
    ; Determines how many face overlays there should be
    iNumOverlays=0 ; Default[3]
    iSpellOverlays=0 ; Default[1]
    For special Edition users, this setting can be found in
    For Sexlab-Defeat users:
    You need this version: SexLab Defeat v5.3.5 fixed - Eng 180903 Bane Version Defeat v535 Fixed 030918 (+Bane fixes v2) (+ restored all rest eng strings 24.09.2018) ESP
    which you can find here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/19941-sexlab-defeat/page/505/
    The old default v5.3.5 WON´T work properly!
    Interactive BDSM
    Not fully compatible right now.
    Only the NON-Lethal variants will work properly.
    All mods which place the Player or NPC´s under an Essential Alias will be problematic, since these characters cannot be killed by anything
    SE Version
    -It should work in SSE, but i didn't test it. It cannot damage your savegames, so using it shouldn't come with any risks.
    For those who cannot use the Creation Kit, but still want to place this somewhere else

    1. use the console/placement mod to spawn one of these.
    2. For Furnitures with activators (i.e. Garotte, some Racks, ....) you need to attack the main Furniture first to spawn in the remaining parts. (if it doesnt work first time, keep trying)
    If you want to vote on which device i should do next, Want exclusive early access to new Stuff, or Just like my work, consider supporting me:
    Detailed Descriptions/property Explanations
    TheGarotte (pamaGarotteFurniture):
    The Chopping Block (pamaHeadChoppingBlockFurniture)
    The Guillotine:
    The Generic Painfull Furniture (pamaGenericPainfullFurniture):
    For Modders
    -If you want any modifications for Use in your own mod, just ask. I´m always happy to help
    -if you want to use/upload it somewhere else, please give proper credit and include a link to the original.
    Also, check out the Gallow:
    Special Thanks / Credits
    -T.ara for all the Furnitures/animations/Motivation
    -very Special thanks to Erholung for Fixing the Wayrests collision Model
    -To All my Patrons for the support, love you Guys



  12. femboy CBBE preset with SoS and Unique Character guide

    Inspired by Ansvyne, who was in turn inspired by this mod.

    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    High Poly Head
    Silent Player
    Unique Character

    + + +

    Navigate to your Data folder and fire up Bodyslide (it has issues starting from the mod manager). The top dropdown menu should say CBBE, and the bottom should say TransBoy. Hit Batch Build if you want to make all CBBE armors fit this preset, or Build if you want to select specific ones. If there are any conflicts, manually select the non-physics option; my preset does not support physics.

    + + +

    Download this, then this. Androgynous has a CBBE-compatible texture that removes the female genitals. If you want a trans man, or plan to wear underwear, it is safe to ignore this step.

    + + +
    I've done a Fair Skin patch for you, but I also highly highly highly suggest using High Poly Head since you won't need to worry about making Expressive Facegen Morphs or the like compatible with Unique Character; High Poly Head will overwrite everything except textures.

    The only catch is vanilla armor. You can use a different CBBE preset for NPCs if you like, but if you do, you can only use mod armor for your character.

    I personally don't find that particularly heartbreaking.



  13. OsmelMC Mod Tweaks

    My Mod Tweaks, Patch and Fixes
    This is a collection of mods that are mostly fixes to existing mods made by Other Mod Authors . I claim no credit for any of the tweaked mods. All credit goes to the original mod authors. Please note that I'm too lazy to make my ones but not too lazy to fix minor issues in mod's i like to use. If there's a problem with anything here just drop me a message and I'll take down the file in question or anything else that needs to be done. Also know that I'm not seeking to "take over" maintenance of any mod; in fact i usually send my changes to original Mod Authors with the hope they include in the next update and in that case remove from this page. Unless otherwise stated the tweaks posted here are only for the specific version of the mod it applies to and the original mod is required. I can't guarantee compatibility if a mod gets updated so pay attention to the version number usually the original mod version related to my tweak/patch is the last release before my tweak/patch easy to know because the version of my files are the date of the last change make to the files with the mask (year-month-day).

    All contained code and assets are subject to:
    Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike GPLv3  
    Please remember to endorse the original mod author for their hard work without which the content here would not been possible.
    *************** WARNING  ***************
    Some of the tweaks here like the SexLab Aroused Creatures provide conversions from SE to LE and in those cases the SE version is usually required, so paid special attention to the installation instructions of each mod on this page.
    +++++++ SexLab Utility Plus +++++++
    Mod Description:
    The main intention is Fix small issues left behind in "SexLab Framework v1.62" like the Actor Alignment, and put together other's fixes and patches make by different Authors on few Mod's already existing.
    Include optionals filters to correct animations to be compatible with "ZaZAnimationPack" and "Devious Devices - Assets" devices, solving the compatibility problem between ZaZ and DDI; enteraly compatible with the ZaZ and DDI animation system and work better together improve the response time but not required.
    Include option to allow Actors to find a hidden place to have sex.
    Include optionals filters to correct animations gender positions and prevent Male x Male Vaginal.
    Include option to strip chance % for each individual items on "Strip Editor" (bigger the % value --> bigger the chance of ged striped)
    Include Animation Cache and others changes taken from the SexLab SE 1.63 Beta 8.
    Increase the max animations count for the "Extra" version to 1250. thanks to @Swe-DivX (For more capacity check his mod)
    Include option to incorporate furniture detection like chair or torture devices on "Extra" version. To prevent animation out of context and actor find the close match furniture to use as reference point. to start the animation (recommended remove furniture animation objects files from animations or install animations without the Furniture objects to prevent furniture cliping)
    Skyrim LE SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62
    Skyrim SE SexLab Framework v1.63 (Warning: Not the GitHub SexLab version on development)
    SexLab Utility Plus may be incompatible with mods who change the same files on SexLabFramework. And those compatible is because are already included inside this Utility. 
    Warning: The SexLab Utility Plus is not compatible with the GitHub SexLab version on development.
    * Compatible with "SexLab Separate Orgasm" (ensure to override the SLSO files with My SexLab Utility Plus. work fine without SLSO too)
    * Compatible with "SexLab Survival Open Mouth"
    Normal version:
    Download the last "SexLab Utility Plus" install file from the downloads Install the using some Mod Manager (select any of the not "Extra and Patch" option in the install assistant) Make sure none mod override some of my files. If you are on saved game probably need to "Reset Animation Registry" on SexLab MCM to start the cache and load the filter Tags of "Toggle Animations" Extra version:
    Download the last "SexLab Utility Plus" install file from the downloads Install the using some Mod Manager (select the "Extra and Patch" option in the install assistant) Make sure none mod override some of my files. (This is the most important thing to do because the consequence if not go from CTD to Actors getting atom size) Open you save game and in the SexLab MCM last page. Export the Configuration Execute the Clean System option to update the last changes. (If not will get errors or not execute some function or animations) Wait few minutes until the Clean process get completed. Import the previously exported configuration  
    * Recommended "Disabled" the Debug option on SexLab MCM to gain CPU speed.
    Stop all the animations threads in the SexLab MCM Save and close the game Remove the "SexLab Utility Plus" files  Open the saved game Execute the "Clean System" option in the SexLab MCM. Wait few minutes until the process finish and Save the game.  
    How Work:
    In SexLab Framework MCM on "Animation Settings" page are located the new options ("Use Hidding Place", "Use Furnitures", "Filter Gender Tags Animations", "Filter Devious Devices Compatible Animations", "Filter ZaZ Devices Compatible Animations", "Filter Fetish Tags Animations", "Wait Idles", ) Use Hidden Place:  If "Enabled" sets whether you want to use a nearby "Hidden Place" whenever starting an animation. Useful when sex in public is a crime. To avoid unnecessary waiting the process will be ignored if some of the Actors is detected as nude. Use Furnitures:  If "Enabled" sets whether you want to use a nearby "Furniture" whenever starting a new animation and automatically remove furniture animations incompatible with the current furniture status. (For better results use my SLATE patch to properly assign furniture tags to animations) Example: If the first animation in list have "Chair" tag the actor will find the close furniture Chair to start the animation over the furniture. If one of the actors are using one restrictive furniture like Rack or XCross then the animation result will be one with the matched tag. The actual register tags are: Chair, Throne, Bench, BenchTable, Table, Counter, Workbench, AlchemyWorkbench, EnchantingWorkbench, Coffin, Wall, Pillory, Rack, Pole, XCross, TiltedWheel, RPost1, RPost2, RPost3, RPost4, RPost5, RPost6, WoodenHorse, ShackleWall, Stockade, HorizontalPole. Chair are all the one place chair without side arms. Throne are all the one place chair and throne with side arms. Bench are all the Benches with two places to sit and without back or side arms. BenchTable are the Tables that come with one or more benches without back or side arms usually founded on the Inn's. Table are the normal sized Round and Square Tables, some of the Dwarven Tables and the Invisible "LeanTableMarker" furniture easy to recognize because like the walls the NPC's use it to lean over the table and some surfaces. Counter are the invisible "CounterLeanMarker" furnitures and looks like the "LeanTableMarker" but are higher and usually placed on the bar counters (by the way to avoid alignment and collisions issues the visible bar counter is not detected) Workbench are more smaller surfaces like End and Night Tables or the Blacksmith Workbench that for his sice don't allow most of the Tabe animations. If the animation is tagged as "Workbench" and "Table" the filters will show those animations on tables and workbench but if only have one of the tags then will be showed just on the matching furniture. AlchemyWorkbench and EnchantingWorkbench are in fact Table animations but for now just are showed over the Alchemy or Enchanting Workbench. Wall are mostly Invisible Walls type furniture existing in the game usually over a visible wall (they usually are not playable but can be identified because the NPC used it to rest), also include restrictive walls from ZaZ and the Tanning Rack. Filter Gender Tags Animations:  If "Enabled" scenes will automatically filter and sort the actors position to fit with the current animation, unless doing so would result in the scene having no animations at all. Useful if you are using mods how start SexLab animations without proper check the genders of the actors involved. Example: If you have Male actor in first position and Female actor in second position the allowed tag will be "MF" and in case you have "Enabled" "Females Use Strap-ons" animation settings option too, the allowed tag will be "MF", "MM" because in that case Female can be treated as Male too, the rest of the animation without those tags will be removed from the current animation list. Also if you have only Male actors involved in the animation then all the animations tagged as "Vaginal" all the animation with "Vaginal" tag will be removed from the current animation list. Filter Devious Devices Compatible Animations: If "Enabled" scenes incompatible with current equipped Devious Device will be automatically remove. This option can coexist with the original Devious Devices Animation System and the "Filter ZaZ Devices Compatible Animations" option improve the response time because Devious Devices Integration check and change the animations list once the animations already started taken more that 2x the time for the animation start. This speed up the start in more of the 70% on cases on Devious Device are equipped because my way do the job before the animation start and use one internal function of SexLab already existing who remove animations from the list if tags don't match. Also if you you have installed  Devious Devices Integration and ZaZ Animation Pack you should know his Animations Systems are not compatible and if you active one then you must deactivated the other leaving you without check for the others devices; in that case you could activate my option to keep checking both types devices because my options are completely compatible with both mods. Filter ZaZ Devices Compatible Animations: If "Enabled" scenes incompatible with current equipped ZaZ Device will be automatically remove. This option can coexist with the original ZaZ Animation Pack Animation System and the "Filter Devious Devices Compatible Animations" option improve the response time because ZaZ Animation Pack check and change the animations list once the animations already started taken more that 2x the time for the animation start. This speed up the start in more of the 70% on cases on ZaZ Device are equipped because my way do the job before the animation start and use one internal function of SexLab already existing who remove animations from the list if tags don't match. Also if you you have installed  ZaZ Animation Pack and Devious Devices Integration you should know his Animations Systems are not compatible and if you active one then you must deactivated the other leaving you without check for the others devices; in that case you could activate my option to keep checking both types devices because my options are completely compatible with both mods. Filter Fetish Tags Animations: If "Enabled" scenes incompatible with current actor type or profession will be automatically remove. (For better results use my SLATE patch to properly assign fetish tags to animations) Example: Animations tagged as "Vampire" only show with Vampire actors in the active role. Animations tagged as "Mage" only show with Mage actors in the active role. (Include "Warlock, Necromancers, Ghosts, Spell Saler, College of Winterhold Faction") Animations tagged as "Alchemy" only show with Alchemy's actors in the active role. (Include "Apothecary, Alchemy Trainer") Wait Idles: If "Enabled" the actors will make few Animations Idles on the long waiting time between some functions that take to mosh (the Idles don't add extra time so are the best way to make more immersive the waiting) FadeToBlack: If "Enabled" and the Player is active actor in the SexLab Animation will apply a Fade effect on unnatural situations like the actors teleport or actors alignment.  
    Also exist three toggle option to take in count ("Match Creature Genders", "Race/Gender Specific Adjustments" and "Even Actors Height") the combination of these affect the structure of the "Animation Profile" The "Animation Profile" come in three different structures: Global (The more simple and easy to use; is advisable when most of the actors have similar height) need "Even Actors Height" "Enabled" and "Race/Gender Specific Adjustments" "Disabled" RaceGenderScale (Compatible with the old RaceGender structure add numbers to indicate the scale of the actor. Example: Player in RaceMenu are Race = Nord, Gender = Female, BodyHeigth = 1.0 then scale is null and show like "NordRaceF"; if the same player in RaceMenu are Race = Nord, Gender = Female, BodyHeigth = 0.5 then the scale is 13 and show like "NordRaceF13") need "Even Actors Height" "Disabled" and "Race/Gender Specific Adjustments" "Enabled" RaceKeyGenderScale (New and versatile use SexLab RaceKey on creatures like Dog [DogCompanionRace, dlc1HuskyArmoredRace, WolfRace, etc...] when Dog is the RaceKey and Humanoid on [NordRace, ArgonianRace, DremoraRace, etc...] . Example: Player in RaceMenu are Race = Nord, Gender = Female, BodyHeigth = 1.5 then scale is 38 and show like "HumanoidF38"; if the same player in RaceMenu are Race = Argonian, Gender = Male, BodyHeigth = 1.5 then the scale is 38 and show like "HumanoidM38") need "Even Actors Height" "Disabled" and "Race/Gender Specific Adjustments" "Disabled" In SexLab Framework MCM on "Strip Editor" page are located the new slider options to control the stripping chance for individuals dress items only accessible when the item is set as AlwaysStrip  
    1.  SexLab Aroused Creatures SE/LE v04.05 (Tweak) include:  
    Include all the changes and fixes from the original SE v04.05. Add compatibility with Creature x Creature animations (need CC animations like Horny Creatures of Skyrim) Add compatibility with SD+ (Crawling = Invite) Add extra compatibility with SexLab Utility Plus Add Check SexLab Skill Lewd Level off the NPC Victim in consensual Sex ( greatest Lewd "Sexual Perversion" --> more engage probabilities)  Add Configuration Toggle button to control the Lewd and Stamina Check on NPC's wen are pursuit. Add "Female Horse also Refuse" option to allow disable the refusal event for female horses and that way can make the female horses easier to mount than males. (Of course if all your horses have the same gender this is useless and should be keeped Enabled to avoid issues) Detect the real actors dimensions, mass and strength allowing better Pursuit and Aggressor Rejected system. So now not longer need the Allowed Creatures options to prevent Chicken raping NPCs and the creature need to capture for real the NPC.  
    * To Install the tweak first install the original SE version even if is for LE, then patch with my this tweak and run FNIS. For LE make sure of select the LE option on the installation. If you have any issue with the configuration you can load the included "Setting Profile 05" and start from there.
    ** This is a patch, still need the original SE mod to work.
    *** Made for the SE v04.03 but I usually keep the last Tweaked version for the previous original versions on the Download. 
    **** Work over LE and SE without problem. Just follow the instructions to install it.
     1.1.  SexLab Aroused Creatures LE v04.0 Beta 10 (Tweak) include:  
    Include all the changes and fixes from the SE v04 Beta 10 (this is one LE version of the original SE) Fixed few minors issues on original mod add compatibility with Creature x Creature animations; if activate: Creatures always prefer Creatures over NPC (need CC animations like Horny Creatures of Skyrim) add a pop to resist to the aggressor Creatures (try to resist low the stamina of the victim and the aggressor in proportion) add compatibility with SD+ (Crawling = Invite) add Check SexLab Skill Lewd Level off the NPC Victim in consensual Sex ( greatest Lewd "Sexual Perversion" --> more engage probabilities)  add Configuration Toggle button to control the Lewd and Stamina Check on NPC's wen are pursuit.  
    ** This is a patch, still need the original mod to work.
    *** Compatible with the SE v04 Beta 10 original.
    2.  SexLab Aroused v28b (Tweak) include:
    adds a check for the Sexlab "Sexual Purity" for “Neutral/Virgins” on Unique Actors (Player and some NPC's). Keeping the Arousal of Neutral/Virgins Actors less that 36 before losing the said virginity. This is to prevent the Player and Unique NPC's from being the victim’s of automatic sexual interactions like dialogs or rape from other mods before the requirement is met.  
    *** Also compatible with the SE versions
    ** This is a patch, still need the original mod to work. Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version or
    3.  Private Needs Discreet v1.20(Tweak) include: 
    Fixed NPC behaviors (now do his needs on time) Fixed Undressing and Redressing (Compatible with SexLab) Added detect when others mods execute a relive animation on NPC and update de internal Needs variables Added Bathing in Skyrim Compatibility Added Dialog to persuade NPC Follower to relive his needs Added Debuff to player to compelling relive needs. Bloated Debuff wen pass %95 off PC Bowels capacity, reduce Speed Swollen Debuff wen pass %95 of PC Bladder capacity, reduce Magic and  Stamina regeneration  
    ***This is a major FIX for PND v1.9 not longer need the main file. (The NPC Effects can take some time to refresh once updated the the mod)
    ****Don't forget run FNIS once installed to register the Animations
    4.  SOS Pubic Hair for Females Addon (Mod) include:
    change the modify the meshes, textures and script to use NiOverride. Fix color script (Work on NPC's to). BodySlide to CBBE with Belly (in the next days plan to upload the CBBE with out Belly) (Need generate the meches from the include BodySlide to work) BodySlide to UUNP with Belly (in the next days plan to upload the UUNP without Belly) (Recommended)  
    *Still some bugs like the color don't load on Load Saved Game resulting in some red Glow come from the pubic (in this case change room fix the problem).
    **Not need previous versions (need a Clean Save to reload default values)
    ***Not compatible with most of the others meshes replacement because the meshes need Shade Type Property set on Default
    5.  Milk Mod Economy (Tweak) include: 
    Modify the weight of the milk to more immersion (Strong Milk is more heavy and Week Milk is less heavy). The Lactacid recover some Sleep Points in RND when you are to tired. The Succubus not longer produce cum's bottles (to prevent eat you on cum) already included on original mod. Change the HF recipes to more realistic one.  
    ** This still need the original mod to work.
    *** The version date of my tweak is related to the previous original mod release (usually only work with the last original mod release previous my tweak release)
    6.  SLATE (Patch) include: 
    Make SLATE compatible with Creatures Animations Added furnitures Tag's Added creature animation sets  and Tags Correct the standards animation sets and Tags Added Tags compatible with the latest changes on "SexLab Utility Plus" Added Cleaning functions and "Registered Animation Only" option in the ActionLog file import section.  
    * Possible conflict if Human Animation and Creature Animation share the same name (low possibility but possible)
    ** This need the original mod to work. 
    7.  SexLab Adventures (Tweak) include: 
    Added the "None" choice for the Rape "Strip Type" option to allow disable the pre strip Scene Enhanced the Proximity Rape collision system. Include Proximity Rape Struggle option with Actors Mass Straight calculation Fixed few small issues on the original Mod.  
    ** This need the original Mod to work
    8.  FNIS Sexy Move (Patch) include: 
    Include compatibility with "Devious Devices" and "ZaZ Animation Pack" to prevent conflict with the Restrained Walk Idles Fix a small issues on the original Mod.  
    ** This need the original Mod from Nexus to work



  14. Public Whore

    Jarl Balgruuf kicked back in his throne and opened a bottle of mead. He had finally found a solution to the tax revenue loss due to the hardships that had plagued his city recently. And such an easy fix! The answer had been running around his city, drawing the eyes of his citizens in temptation for weeks now. All he had had to do was write one official decree and Whiterun had a new main attraction...
    ...the Dragonborn...
    ...the new Public Whore.
    Public Whore
    (Note: this version likely has bugs. Nothing game-breaking as far as I can tell but save often as always, and let me know about bugs you find)
    >>Execution scenes cannot be disabled in this version (the feature isn't working), they are hard to get to but just be aware if that type of content is problematic for you<<
    The premise of this mod is as posted here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/114261-public-whore/
    The core notion is that the player character ends up brought before the court against her will, and declared the public whore of a city. She is then the public property of that city, and can be used by the citizens in exchange for money that goes to the Jarl. This isn't particularly story driven - right now it's more of another "system" that adds to the gameplay loop, though I wish to expand it's quest content with time.
    Hard Dependencies (mod will break without these):
    SKSE Sexlab ZaZ Animation Pack v8.0+  (post in the thread if you want a version without ZaZ dependency)  
    Soft Dependencies (mod works perfectly fine without them, but was designed to have them):
    Devious Devices SlaveTats Sexlab Aroused Sexlab Sexual Fame Simple Slavery Plus Plus SD+  
    Recommended (no interaction I just like having them with this):
    Spectator Crowds Populated Cities Towns Villages  
    How to Start
    Introduction Quests (Whiterun and Solitude): asking Balgruuf/Vignar if they have any work for you will begin Whiterun's quest, and speaking to Vedia Belenus in the Winking Skeever will start Solitude's quest. Fame: acquire enough SLSF fame, or use the mod's somewhat less advanced built-in sexual fame system, and you'll eventually be declared public whore by virtue of your depravity. Alternatively, do enough heroic things and your forced prostitution will be an irresistible money-grab for the Jarls. By asking to start: speak to any one of the new Thanes positioned near the Jarls, and you can volunteer yourself easily. Get sold to a city via SS++, and you'll be sent straight into 'enforced mode', in which you can't leave the city and have a more difficult quota.  
    <More detailed instructions or user manual coming soon>
    Possible Future Soft Dependencies (I may add these eventually but it currently isn't on my to-do list)
    Sanguine's Debauchery+: as a possible way to handle enforced mode mechanics City Bondage: as a method of implementing restraints in the city Devious Mindbreak: where a high enough corruption will cause the PC to love the job  
    Thanks to
    gianclod for the idea poblivion for referring me to the idea and sticking with the mod throughout development Verstort for laying out an initial concept of how the mod might work Pamatronic for permission to package Interactive Gallows resources with the mod Tenri for providing insight into how to get DD running For extensive beta testing: poblivion, Sidewasy, jc321, zenrae, laucters, drunken toad - all of these guys provided incredibly in-depth feedback and analysis during the closed betas. Without their help the mod wouldn't be anywhere near as robust as it is. Aldid for mod screenshots GerdWagner for the German translation stas2503 for the Russian translation  
    If you wish to use files from Public Whore elsewhere ask me and I will determine on a case-by-case basis.
    Otherwise, redistribution of this mod in any way, shape, or form is not permitted.



  15. ZAP - No Collision Furnitures (improves camera and whipping)

    This replaces almost all ZAP Furnitures with a "non collidable" version.
    No longer will your camera get stuck inside a furniture or your master fail to reach you with his whip.
    I changed the "SKYL_STATIC"  to  "SKYL_NONCOLLIDABLE" in NifScope which removes collision.
    Why? Because of two problems:
    1. Camera gets stuck inside of Furnitures when locked in
    This issue was so annoying that I decided to make this mod
    2. Whipping gets blocked
    Whippers sometimes cant reach the victim or run way past. With the no collision furnitures I get the impression that whipping behaviour improved. Could be a placebo effect tho
    Install as usual and make sure you overwrite ZAP Animation pack (should work with all versions up to 8+)
    - does not require a new game 
    - does not require a clean save
    - save to install mid - playthrough (only replaces meshes that already exist) 
    - save to uninstall at any time
    - no scripts, ESP changes or whatnot.
    This could lead to some unwanted behaviour of mods that use ZAP furnitures.
    I did not find anything bad yet and only had major improvements from using this.
    And yes, this allows PC and NPC to "walk through" ZAP Furnitures. For me that was a very minor "downside". 
    Feel free to report any problems back to me so I can post them here.
    For testing:
    type: coc zbftestzone in console to get to BDSM IKEA or use this mod:



  16. Gryphon in Skyrim LE SE

    Gryphon Bless Skyrim 
    Finally, I finished the gryphon mod,
    use it at your discretion, change and edit it as you want, add it to your mods.

    наконец доделал мод грифона,
    пользуйтесь на свое усмотрение  изменяйте и редактируйте как хотите добавляйте в свои моды.


    HentaiCreatures.esp   (you can immediately summon skeveers)
    SexLabMatchMaker.esp   (to invite multiple users at once)
    slal Billyy_Creature  recommend
    incompatible with my other mods and everything that replaces rats
    You will have to choose one thing or create your own mod



  17. Pama´s Interactive Gallows

    This is the definitive Solution if you want to execute your followers by hanging, or want this Experience for your Dragonborn.
    An easy to set up kit to build a fully Physics enabled Gallow, which can be used to torture/kill characters.
    New Features
    - An All new System which allows for the use of a real Havok-enabled rope to be connected to the victims Neck during Ragdoll phase AND animations(!)
    - virtually seamless transition between animated -> Ragdoll phase
    - Fully self contained. doesn´t require any Quest scripting to work. Just Place in the world, set references to Lever/wheel, and you´re good to go.
    - Torture functionality: Hoist victims up to choke them, rather than killing them outright.
    - victims can be released without killing them
    - Dead victims remain Tied up
    - corpses can be removed from the rope, without breaking the bindings
    - automated mode available. useful if you want to kill yourself
    - nonlethal mode available
    - tons of customizable options available via script properties (detailed explanation further below
    How to install
    -Use mod manager of your choice or drop into your data-Folder manually
    -Let it overwrite ZAP8, ZAP8+ and Heretical Resources if asked
    -run FNIS!
    How to use on yourself
    -You should see the notification "Gallow Ready" when approaching. if not, punch it (or just try activating the lever/wheel) it will then ready itself.
    - It is set to automated if used by the player, so just enter it and see what happens.
    How to use on NPC´s
    -Command your follower to use the Gallow Furniture. Or use the SetFavorStat command for any other NPC
    -using the Lever now will do the obvious thing.
    -you can use the Wheel at the side of the Gallow to hoist your victim up, as seen in the screenshots. Victim will loose HP if you do this.
    -punching the Gallow will bring the victims back to its feet. ("punching" = "attack")
    -punching the Gallow AGAIN will completely release the Victim
    -if your victim IS DEAD, punching the gallow will remove the corpse and reset the Gallow
    Location of this Demo
    -GallowsLanding, East of whiterun.
    -There is a identical named cell, if you want to find it in the Creation Kit
    -If you want to try out the nonlethal mode, but don't know how to use the Creation Kit, replace the .esp with this one
    Minitutorial for those who have a basic idea on how to use the Creation kit:
    SE Version
    -Available Now!
    Known Issues
    -This does NOT work twice on the Player character. If you Kill yourself with this, you have to restart your Game, or change Character for it to work again.    Solved
    -When Loading a savegame in close proximity to this thing, it might fail to initialize properly. Punch It to solve.
    -Visual Results in General might vary, depending on victims size. Its optimized for Vanilla characters without any bodyscale alterations. (and maybe a bit smaller)
    -3rd Person view can break when PC´s using it. This might happen to larger characters.
    Solution: IF this happens to you, try scaling down your character to 0.97-0.95 BEFORE using the Gallow.
    Compatibility Issues:
    For Sexlab-Defeat users:
    You need this version: SexLab Defeat v5.3.5 fixed - Eng 180903 Bane Version Defeat v535 Fixed 030918 (+Bane fixes v2) (+ restored all rest eng strings 24.09.2018) ESP
    which you can find here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/19941-sexlab-defeat/page/505/
    The old default v5.3.5 WON´T work properly!
    Interactive BDSM
    Not compatible right now.
    If you want to use it, you need the non-Lethal version of this Gallow (see above)
    For Modders
    How to set up? -> Manual with images is available as separate download.
    Script properties
    Functional Properties
    -rope: Select the Rope in Render Window
    -Dummy: select the Rigid body dummy. (you might want to look for its FormID in the Cell View)
    -wheel: Select the Wheel in Render Window ( Any kind of Activator can be used instead of the GarrroteWheel)
    -Lever: Select the Lever in Render Window ( Any kind of Activator can be used instead of the this specific Lever)
    -Trapdoor: Select the Trapdoor in Render Window ( Can be any Kind of Trapdoor, including Vanilla ones)
    -zbf: select ZBF from the dropdown menu ( this is for recognition of ZAP keywords)
    optional properties
    -Collar: The Rope around the victims Neck. recommended: zbfCollarRopeExtreme02
    -cuffs: the restraints you want to have equipped on the victim. used in demo: zbfCuffsRope02
    -tieFeet: leave unchecked if you dont want the Victims Ankles to be Tied up
    -damageModifierPlayer: damage/sec to the Player when being choked
    -damageModifierNPC: damage/sec to NPC´s when being choked
    -automaticForPlayer: check if you want the furniture to go through an automated sequence when activated by the player
    -automaticForNPC: same for NPC´s
    -removeCuffsOnRelease: check if you want to remove cuffs on (Alive)Released Victims
    -nonLethal: toggles the nonlethal mode on. Characters will go unconscious rather than die and will be released after a while.
    -deathCamDuration: deathcam duration after you died. also controls the unconscious Phase when nonLethal is toggled on. (This value Only Applies, when you are killed by the Gallow, it doesn't interfere with other mods that alter deathcam duration.)
    -onlyRopeShootdwn: NOT YET USED
    sound Properties
    should be self explanatory. no sound files are selected yet. suiting files will hopefully be included in the upcoming ZAP9
    You can use this However you like. Just send me a link if you include it somewhere.
    If you need additional info/Help/alterations for usage in your own mod, just let me know. I´m always glad when i can help
    If you like my work and want to support me, consider becoming a patreon!
    Special Thanks / Credits
    -t.ara for all the ZAP Stuff, a swell as the initial impulse to start this thing in the first place
    -Musje for Technical support
    Check Out my other scripts for ZAP Furnitures:



  18. adcSexlife Plus

    All Credit to Dooge for the original adcSexlife 1.4.2
    Update from the original adcSexlife 1.4.2, you have to do a clean save.
    5.2 Bug - Attribute export fBackup = 1 after update, you have to rename you last backup and run import again after update
    Upgrade from 2.6 1. Run the game and export your settings. 2. Backup your SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData folder 3. Disable the mod 4. Run the game and save 5. Enable the new version. Dont delete you old version. 6. Run the game. It will take some time before the mod upgrades 7. Its recomended to do a clean save  
    Normal Update
    1. Start the game and Export your Config och Attribute settings.
    2. Disable the old mod.
    3. Backup your SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData folder
    4. Enable the new mod, dont delete yore old mod files. Did the config files save in the overwrite folder? Dont move them.
    5. Run the game. The update will start in 1 - 5 min.
    6. The mod will Export a backup off your settings and import the settings you exporter.
    Normal Install
    1. Download the original mod and this one.
    2. Download last config version.
    4. Enable the old mod, new version and config files.
    5. Run the game. The update will start in 1 - 5 min.
    6. The mod will import config on install.

    This is a update patch for the original mod. You will need a clean save if you have the original mod installed.
    Mod that defines all NPCs to have sexual preferences, and allows them to engage in sexual activities accordingly. When aroused, they will make sex oriented chatter to each other and try to match up for sex. It is also possible to create preset files that define what attributes each NPC have, this functionality can cover any other mod. Attributes can also be edited from the MCM menu.
    Voice files is still missing. If someone wants to help?
    The mod is NPC-NPC. NPC-Player.
    Sexlife Plus 4.9+ Now support HumanX4-Human Human-Beasts BeastX4-Human BeastX4-Beast NPCx4-Player Beastx4-Player

    Actor1, 3,4,5 will speak to Actor2, Actor6 and 7 will speak to Actor1. ( topics needs improvement )
    Sexlab Framework
    Sexlab Aroused
    Fuz Ro D-oh
    adcSexlife 1.4.2
    OsmelMC Mod Tweaks - SexLab Utility Plus
    SexLab sslAnimationSlots 2000 LE
    SexLab Animation Tag Editor (SLATE) - Add tags to old animations in game
    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim 3.00.004
    Devious Devices LE 5.0
    Furniture Sex Framework - needs more work
    Bugs and improvements
    Dialogs needs more immersive lines:: Open the esp in Tesedit >> Dialog Topic >> Copy the form ID and write a suggestion in the support section
    Voice files for Dialogs:: If you want to help SKVA Synth - xVASynth
    You will find a readme file in the scripts with Actor ID
    Share your setup file in the support section
    Dialog Topic
    Faithful - Agrees to sex only with lover or spouse. If single, is still reluctant to have sex with anyone. Can get raped.
    Submissive - Pushover. Less likely to try to have sex with someone. More likely to end up being raped.
    Dominant - Behaves dominant and aggressive. Tries to get sex more often, doesn't take refusal very well.
    Rapist - May rape when refused sex
    SameRace- Initiates and agrees only to same-race sex.
    Sizequeen - Prefers larger than average dick size on partner
    Golddigger - Prefers prestige and wealth on partner. Refuses sex with poor and insignificant people.
    Excluded - Can not be even approached for sex
    Victim - Unable to resist sex when approached
    Prostitution - May buy sex
    Prostitute - May sell sex
    Gangbanger - Will invite more actors
    Wench - Wench may sell sex - Not active in script
    PrisonerM - Force actor to be Prisoner
    WenchM - Wench may sell sex - Not active in script
    SlaveM - Force actor to be slave
    Joyless duty
    viterra - save changes NPC settings in game to json files
    0x8421 - for his script tweaks
    osmelmc - for bug fixes
    6.0 unique topics for scenes
    Add Player Dialog
    New topics
    Unique NPC topics
    Add Actor names to topic
    7.0 Add Races Attributes
    Import and export custom races Attribute
    8.0 Environment
    City, cave, forest, Inn
    9.0 NPC unique place



  19. PB's Devious Guards

    So this is actually a mod I made around a year ago, but it was a huge unfinished mess that I lost the files for. After recently dropping my support for my other mod (Devious Carriages) I had this 'itch' to come back for at least a couple of days and make something, so I decided to remake Devious Guards. 
    This mod makes city guards a little more devious. When entering a city, there is a probability that the Dragonborn will be approached by a guard. The interaction may be for different reasons. Maybe the guard recognised the Dragonborn and is afraid they might misuse their Shouts. Or Maybe she fits the description of a wanted criminal, and the guard wants to take precautionary measures. Whatever the situation may be, the solution is always going to be a little (or very  ) devious. But don't worry, all devices locked on the Dragonborn by the guards can be unlocked as she leaves the town, so she can continue her adventuring in peace.
    Apart from restraining the poor female adventurers of Skyrim, guards have also become more helpful. With the new Damsel Assist Service, guards can now unlock most generic devices the player may be wearing. The cost for the service is added to a city-specific debt which can be paid off at anytime. But damsels should always try to pay their debts as soon as possible, as the guards may get impatient if a debt is left for too long...
    How it actually works
    Restraining the player
    When the player enters a walled city (Whiterun, Windhelm, Riften, Markarth, Solitude), they have a chance of triggering an event. If an event is triggered, the player will be approached by a guard, who will force greet them with dialogue. The dialogue will usually result in the player being restrained. Trying to interrupt the dialogue will also lock devices on the player, and will sometimes be more harsh as punishment for trying to run away. When the player is done doing whatever it is they were doing in the city, as long as they leave through the main gate, they can ask the guard outside to unlock their restraints. This ends the event. However, the player can't just leave and re-enter the town to get rid of their restraints. Guards will remember about the restraints for several hours after the start of the event, and will make sure to re-bind the player as they re-enter.
    Damsel Assist Service
    This feature cannot be used to unlock restraints locked on the player by the guards as part of guard events. It is intended for devices locked on the player by other mods, such as DCL. The player can ask a guard to help them devious devices, which will be unlocked for a fee. This fee is added to that city's debt, and can be payed off at any time. However, if the player leaves their debt for too long, it will trigger a punishment phase. This will result in a 'punishment' event always triggering as the player enters that city, until the debt is paid. Punishment events equip the player with devices which cannot be escaped from. The longer the debt exists, the harsher the punishment. 
    Follower Support
    If enabled in the MCM, followers can also be bound by guards in most events. This excludes the Pet event, Dragonborn event and Debt punishment events. Be careful, because if you dismiss your follower during an event, they will not be released from their devices when the event ends and will have to find their own way out. 
    MCM Settings
    Just the usual stuff:
    Devious Devices 5.0 - and all of their requirements
    Fus Roh D-oh
    Devious Lore: Compatible, but make sure you have 'Block Guard Dialogue During Events' enabled in the 'Other' section of the MCM.
    Open Cities Skyrim
    Anything else that messes with city worldspaces
    SE Compatibility
    Some people have tested this mod on SSE and claimed it works fine (or mostly fine).
    I have set the mod to 'SSE Compatible: No' because I will not support any SSE exclusive bugs, and do not guarantee that it will continue to work in the future. 
    Future Plans
    Things I may add in the future (If I'm not too busy)
    - More events
    - City-specific devious story quests.
    - Make the Damsel Assist Service less generic and boring.
    I have not tested this mod on another install of Skyrim yet. Make a save back-up, and if anything is wrong, comment here. Also feel free to post as many suggestions for events or other features as possible, I love hearing other people's ideas.



  20. My Followers Pack 7 - Standalone Followers - LE

    Seventh follower pack released! I hope you enjoy this one too. I'll be waiting for your feedback!
    Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ 
    Read Emma's story here. Read Lizzy's story here. Read Rhidia's story here. Read Sahora's story here.  
    >> Check the outfits list here <<

    Followers: Emma, Lizzy, Rhidia, Sahora and Shera. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. They wear the following clothes/armor:
    Emma → Penitus Oculatus armor.
    Lizzy → College Restoration Robes.
    Rhidia → Alik'r armor.
    Sahora → Jarl clothes.
    Shera → None.  
    I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).

    Emma - Inside Jorrvaskr, Whiterun.

    Lizzy - Stendarr's Beacon, The Rift.

    Rhidia - Outside White River Watch, Whiterun.

    Sahora - Inside Jarl Elisif The Fair's Bedroom, Blue Palace (Solitude).

    Shera - North-East Lake of Darkwater Crossing, Eastmarch.

    A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE).  

    Body - UNPK (Bodyslide Studio)
    Skin -  Fair Skin Complexion
    Brows - Hvergelmir's Brows
    Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty
    Hair - KS Hairdo's
    ENB - Picturesque ENB



  21. My Followers Pack 6 - Standalone Followers - LE

    Sixth follower pack released! I hope you enjoy this one too. I'll be waiting for your feedback!
    Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ 
    Read Chloe's story here.
    Read Christine's story here.
    Read Eliria's story here.
    >> Check the outfits list here <<


    Followers: Chloe, Christine, Eliria, Libra and Thalyssa. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. They wear the following clothes/armor:
    Chloe → Dwemer armor.
    Christine → Fine clothes.
    Eliria → Tavern clothes.
    Libra → Vampire armor.
    Thalyssa → Hide armor.  
    I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).

    Chloe - Wandering around Mixwater Mill.

    Christine - Outside Helgen (follow the road to escape from Helgen). You will spot a little camping settlement.

    Eliria - Outside the Temple of Dibella, Markarth.
    Libra - Outside Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood.

    Thalyssa - Hunter's Campsite, Lake Ilinalta.


    A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE).  

    Body - Bodyslide Studio  - SE / LE
    Skin -  Leyenda Skin  - SE / LE
    Brows - Enhanced Brows  - SE / LE
    Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE
    Hair - KS Hairdo's  - SE / LE
    ENB - Rudy ENB  - SE / LE



  22. My Followers Pack 5 - Standalone Followers - LE

    This mod has been officially released. I hope you enjoy this fifth merged pack.
    Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ 
    Read Helia's story here. Read Isabella's story here. Read Leah's story here. Read Oasis' story here.  
    >> Check the outfits list here <<


    Followers: Helia, Isabella, Leah, Linn and Oasis.
    Level: 10 and will level up with the player.
    Marriageable: Yes.
    They wear the following clothes/armor:
    Helia → Companion's armor / Dawnbreaker Isabella → Fine clothes / Steel sword Leah → Archmage robes / 2x Ebony daggers Linn → Elven armor / 2x Elven daggers Oasis → Tavern clothes / 2x Scimitars
    I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).

    Helia - Outside Kilkreath's Temple, Solitude.
    Isabella - East Empire Company Docks, Solitude.
    Leah - Wandering around Shor's Stone.
    Linn - Sky Haven Temple.
    Oasis - Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood.

    A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE).  

    Body - Bodyslide Studio/3BA  - SE / LE
    Skin -  Leyenda Skin  - SE / LE
    Brows - Enhanced Brows  - SE / LE
    Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty - SE / LE
    Hair - KS Hairdo's  - SE / LE
    ENB - Rudy ENB  - SE / LE



  23. SKYGIRL BOOK, Vol.2 - Booty, Legendary Edition

    SKYGIRL BOOK, Vol.2 - Booty LE
    Legendary Edition 
    Nude Retro & Modern Models
    Only Big Butts!
    LoversLab Version: 11 Pages
    Patreon Version: 49 Pages!! ---->>> Patreon
    Bonus: +1 skill Pickpocket
    Location: Riften, Thieves Guild, Shrine of Talos
    Special Edition Version: Download
    More Mods? Support Me on PATREON!!



  24. SKYGIRL BOOK, Vol.1 - Boobs, Legendary Edition

    SKYGIRL BOOK, Vol.1 - Boobs LE
    Legendary Edition Version
    Nude Retro & Modern Models
    Only Big Boobs!
    LoversLab Version: 11 Pages
    Patreon Version: 61 Pages!!
    Patreon Version
    Bonus: +1 Skill Speech
    Location: Dragonsreach, Shrine of Talos
    Special Edition Version: Download
    More Mods? Support Me on PATREON!!



  25. Devious Lore

    This mod adds several new NPCs, quests, and mechanics to better incorporate Devious Devices into the world of Skyrim.
    As you adventure across Skyrim, you may stumble upon strange items; abandoned crates, ancient urns, and other containers. It is likely worthwhile opening them (select them in your inventory), they may contain some gear useful to adventurers, but they may also contain some more devious things; skin-tight dresses imported from the Summerset Isles, ancient engraved steel jewelry used by the Dragon Cult, extreme restraints of Daedric origin. Depending on how aroused you are, it's possible that you will find yourself locked in these devices! Fear not, as blacksmiths, lockpicking experts, some of your allies, and even some of the guards may be willing to help you out of your predicament. Be warned, the blacksmiths and lockpickers will charge you for their time, the guards may take advantage of you, and your allies may come to enjoy seeing you bound up and helpless.
    If you aren't able to find someone to help you, and don't want to risk talking with the guards, you can ask the local innkeeper if they've seen anyone strange recently. There's a chance one of the Lore-Mongers has come to town, and may help you if you complete their quest.
    Blacksmiths, Fences, Guards:
    If you find yourself in any restraints, you may be able to seek out blacksmiths you've befriended, or fences you've recruited to the Thieves Guild. Blacksmiths will be able to cut off any generic device, for a price. Fences and Lockpicking Experts will be able to un-jam and unlock the devices, but will cost twice as much to hire.
    You may also approach any hold guard for help. They may be able to get you out of heavy restraints; like yokes, armbinders, bondage mittens; ankle chains and hobble dresses; gags; and chastity items. Keep in mind that being a guard is a boring job, and they may decide to have some fun with you after unlocking some devices.
    If you want to avoid getting locked up in jail. You might also be able to convince guards to have some fun with you. Surrendering to them and pleading with them may result in them simply locking you in some iron chains and letting you go. Keep in mind that most violent crimes won't be able to be blown over that easy.
    In each hold there is now a jail-master, in charge of overseeing the prisoners the guards bring in, usually found in the prisons or barracks of the hold capitol. They are incredibly suspicious, and will refuse to talk to you if you are wearing any restraints, as they will suspect you are an escaped prisoner. If you aren't bound in any way, then you will be able to buy generic iron restraints from them, or sell off any of the more devious items you've collected in your travels. You will also be able to buy restraint keys from them, though at a high cost.
    Devious Allies:
    The friends and allies you've made in your travels can now help you with the strange items you find. If you find you are too 'distracted' to open those items safely, simply ask your allies for their help, and they'll open them for you. Keep in mind, if both of your minds are wandering and daydreaming, you may both end up bound.
    If you've managed to pick up a large assortment of devices and keys, you can give them to your allies for safekeeping. You can then ask your allies to try to unlock devices locked on you. Your allies will likely break the keys and tools you gave them, but there will be no risk of jamming the locks on your devices. If your allies unlock several devices of the same type, ie devices that come from the same strange item, or are sold by the same vendor, they will become more skilled with those devices, and less likely to break keys and tools when removing them.
    If your allies are skilled warriors, mages, or thieves, they may be able to remove devices locked on you without keys. Keep in mind, warriors and mages may end up breaking the restraints, and thieves will require several lockpicks to get through most restraints.
    If you are in a playful mood, you can also ask your allies to lock devices on you or tie you up. They will use the the devices you gave them, or, if you haven't given them any devices to hold onto, they will use simple rope and tape restraints. You can ask any friend to untie you, but the regular devices will be more difficult to remove. If an ally locks several of the same type of device on you, they will become more skilled with those devices, making it easier for them to unlock those devices later.
    Note, that whenever an ally locks, unlocks, ties, or unties you, they will become slightly more dominant towards you. Eventually, they may refuse to unlock or untie you for up to two in-game days, depending on how dominant they are, and will persuade your other allies to wait as well.
    Struggle Minigame:
    As a replacement for the standard timer-based struggle system, you can now struggle out of your restraints in this new minigame!
    If you are bound, you can select lockpicks or standard restraint/chastity/piercing keys in your inventory to start the minigame. Or you can use a hotkey you define in the MCM. You can then select the device you want to struggle with (heavy restraints like armbinders, yokes, and bondage mittens have to be removed first before you can struggle out of anything else), and what you are trying to do with it: unlock it, pick its lock, force it off, cut it off, or repair its lock.
    Once you have chosen the restraint, and what you are trying to do with it, you'll start the minigame. Your character will start playing a struggle animation (if one is available) and your stamina will start to drain. What you need to do is press and hold one of the WASD movement keys to keep struggling and slow the rate at which your stamina drains. Holding the correct WASD key will slow the drain on your stamina, and improves your struggle attempts. Holding more than one key at a time, or spamming them, will cause you to run out of stamina more quickly. The key you need to hold changes every few seconds. If you fail to escape or repair the device before your stamina runs out, you'll get a temporary stamina regen debuff, preventing you from trying again until you wait for it to wear off or you drink a potion.
    The Devious Devices global difficulty settings, device difficulty settings, and your skill in Smithing, Lockpicking, and Pickpocketing will all determine how long it takes you to struggle out of a device, and you will gain some experience in the relevant skill through attempting this minigame.
    The Lore-Mongers:
    These six individuals are women researching, collecting, or distributing those same devices you may find. If you find them out of their laboratories or shops, then they are looking for one of those strange containers. If you help them, they will help you out of your predicament. They can also give you gold, useful gear, or keys if you decide you enjoy your situation. Ask the local innkeepers if they've seen any strange people recently, they may point you to one of them.
    These women will only start venturing out of their shops once you've found and opened one of their associated items. Once you encounter them in a town and city, after asking the local innkeeper about odd-people visiting the area, they will open up their shops.
    While out of their shops, they will be looking for an item found in a nearby dungeon.
    If you retrieve it without opening it, you will receive a random reward of gold, gear, or keys. If you open the item and then are bound by the devices enclosed, you can return to the loremonger to be unlocked and given a random reward. If you open the item and avoid being bound, you can ask the loremonger for a specific reward. Or, you can simply give the item for no reward, which increases your favor with the loremonger.  
    Once their shops are unlocked, you can ask the loremongers for a variety of things.
    Each loremonger sells a variety of useful items; scrolls, potions, robes, armor, etc. After asking about the items they're looking for, you can bring one to them for a random reward. If you open up one of the items they're looking for while retrieving it for a loremonger, you will discover the restraints they're actually looking for. Once you do this you will be able to ask about them, and you'll be given the option to buy a set of restraints from them. If you've gained the loremonger's favor, you can ask them to unlock devices locked on you. If you've gained the loremonger's favor and asked about the devices they're interested in, you can ask and receive training from them that gives you unique benefits while wearing devices.  
    Hjorni the Distracted, the Scholar
    Hjorni is searching for information about her ancestors: members of the Dragon Cult. She has found texts discussing rituals involving virgin women, and the ornamental gear used to keep them virgins. She is currently looking for more sets of this ornamental jewelry, and some clues as to how to recreate the rituals. Her last attempt left her locked in the jewelry for months, and has left her...distracted.
    The jewelry she's looking for are stored in nordic Ceremonial Urns. They are most often found in Nordic Ruins, but might be found in Giant Camps, Vampire Lairs, or as cargo of shipwrecks. It's possible they may also contain some more practical enchanted jewelry. Once you open your first urn, Hjorni will begin gathering information on the various nordic ruins from the people living in towns and cities.
    She is currently working out of the Nordic Archives outpost, located on the road West of Windhelm. There she also sells a handful of enchanted jewelry she has found in her excursions. Hjorni will open up her shop after you first speak with her in a town or city. Though, she may not remember your conversation.
    If you've gained Hjorni's favor, you will be able to receive training sessions from her. Currently only one kind of training is implemented. More will be added soon:
    Frustration: After this training, weapon damage is increased if wearing a chastity belt without plugs while arousal is over 50.  
    Llathesi R'uer, the Scribe
    The Dark Elf, Llathesi R'uer, has spent her life studying the Dwemer. She was certain she could find some technology in their brass ruins to help make life in Morrowind more hospitable. While she was exploring ruins in the Eastern side of Skyrim, she discovered a brass vial of some strange fluid, and some tomes discussing a new use for Dwarven Oil. She has fallen in love with the skin-tight suits she has made from the stuff, and is always looking for fresh vials of the material.
    The viscous fluid she is looking for is found in Dwarven Vials, most often found in Dwarven Ruins. Falmer hives and Bandit hideouts might also have a set stored away. It's possible these vials may instead contain some useful potions. Llathesi will begin asking townsfolk of nearby Dwarven Ruins after you find and empty one of these vials.
    Llathesi works out her labratory in a small Dwarven Ruin on the road running along the Velothi Mountains, South of Windhelm. She still has a decent collection of potions from her alchemical experimentation, and is willing to sell some of them off. Llathesi will open up her laboratory after you first encounter her in a town or city.
    Mistress Elarie, the Seamstress
    This Altmer ambassador has taken it upon herself to show the women of Skyrim the refinement of her people. Specifically, the skin-tight dresses and nine-inch heels worn by so many in the Summerset Isles. She claims these items, among others, train a women's posture and poise to the highest degree. She also claims the women of Skyrim, wrapped in naught but fur, are in need of some serious training.
    Elarie makes most of the dresses and other devices herself, but also often receives shipments from the Summerset Isles through the East Empire Company. These East Empire Company Crates have a habit of not making it to her shop, and can end up in nearly any hideout in Skyrim. The crates occasionally carry some enchanted clothing from the various magic guilds on the isles. After you first find one of these lost crates, Elarie will start making appearances in towns and cities, looking for them.
    Mistress Elarie works out of her shop, Aldmeri Imports, on the road between Dragon Bridge and Solitude, and only a short distance away from the Thalmor Embassy. In addition to the tight dresses she herself wears, Elarie also has a large collection of mage robes to sell. Elarie will open up her shop after you first encounter her in a town or city.
    Vigilant Laekette, the Seer
    This Vigilant of Stendarr has ended up in an unfortunate predicament. A perverted Dremora has asked his worshipers to create sets of brightly colored buckled gear to completely immobile their victims. His worshipers end up binding their sacrifices in this gear before sending them to their master. Laekette managed to remove a set from one such victim, but was locked up in the same devices herself! No magic she knows has been able to weaken the locks, so she has spent her life since seeking out the remaining sets so that no one ends up in the same situation she's in.
    Laekette knows that this perverted gear is sometimes transferred to its victims through a Daedric Charm, a miniature Sigil Stone. The devices are thrown through a portal the charm creates, locking onto whatever poor soul is before it. She aims to collect and disarm these charms before they are put to use. Strangely, some charms may instead spit out staves and soul gems. Vampires, Warlocks, Necromancers, and Forsworn are the most likely to carry one of these charms. After your first encounter and use of one of these charms, Laekette will start venturing into towns and cities looking for them.
    Vigilant Laekette is stationed at her vigil, an old imperial watchtower set on a hill North-East of Whiterun, South-East of the Hall of the Vigilant. Laekette is in charge of hoarding magical items deemed to dangerous for the general public, including staves and soul gems. Laekette will open up her vigil after you first speak to her in a town or city.
    Thelia, the Stable Master
    This redguard blacksmith girl was sent across the border by her master in Hammerfell. She is to tame and send back servants to her master. Since being renounced from the Empire, Hammerfell has grown more hostile to outsiders. Thelia's master has taken this to his advantage, and has been smuggling in servants of other races across the border, where no one will search for them, and no one in Hammerfell will care about them. The restraints Thelia's master uses are designed to resemble horse harnesses, to further disguise his actions when the devices cross the border.
    Thelia makes these restraints herself, and sends them off to other servants of her master, and the occasional deviant noble. However, the couriers she sends are not of fighting stock and are often lost along the way. The Smuggled Packages end up in any number of locations. Some other group has also been shipping similar packages, but they seem to be smuggling enchanted weapons and armor. After you find one and take a look inside, Thelia will start showing up in towns and cities looking for the couriers she sent with them.
    The new servants Thelia corrals end up at her farm, Hammer-Worn Stables, along the road between Whiterun and The Reach, South-East of Rorikstead. Thelia master has incredible resources at his disposal, some of which is spent on Thelia's creation. Powerful enchanted armor and weapons are often being made at her stables, and she may part with a few. Thelia will open up her shop after you first talk to her in a town or city.
    Mirtienne the Mix-Blood, the Sorceress
    Mirtrienne claims to be an Imperial mage, though her nickname doesn't agree. She has moved slightly North of the Cyrodiil border to set up shop, and now travels the province looking for the work of one of the last members of the Mage's Guild. The binding and animating spells he created are of incredible interest to her, and their results she finds very precious.
    The old mage's work lies within Old Grimoires, which can be found in most hideouts, but most often with Vampries and Warlocks. Inside you will find the remnants of one of the mage's binding spells, still waiting to be activated. You may also find grimoire's from other mages, which will still hold useful pages which can be used as scrolls. Once you find one and start looking through its pages, Mirtrienne will start appearing in towns and cities looking for hints of their location.
    The new shop Mirtrienne has set up is called Mix-Blood Magics, and is within eyesight of the gate to Cyrodiil. There, she has brought an extensive collection of books and scrolls, and works diligently to make copies to sell. Mirtrienne will open up her shop after you first talk to her in a town or city.
    The Skeleton Key:
    One final way to get yourself out of any device. If you manage to find and secure the legendary Skeleton Key, you will be able to remove any device at any time. Simply examine it, and it's power will unlock you.
    Kimy, creator of Cursed Loot, which was my inspiration for this mod.
    The Devious Devices Dev Team, who made this game much more interesting
    Use only one of the following patches:
    Devious Devices - Struggle Idles Patch, Updated 4/16/2020 (Currently includes all devices up to DDi and DDx 4.3)
    -Almost all devices, apart from corsets and petsuits, now use available and somewhat appropriate struggle animations.
    -Several ground models have been fixed as well.
    Devious Devices - Lore Patch, Updated 4/16/20 (Currently includes all devices up to DDi and DDx 4.3)
    -Includes all changes in the Struggle Patch
    -Renames all devices to be consistent with the main Devious Lore mod.
    -Descriptions from devices have been removed.
    -Devices can be enchanted.
    -Various other fixes and minor changes to the base Devious Devices mods.
    Change Log:
    2.1.0 (4/5/21)
    Added the first "Devious Training". After you gain Hjorni's Favor by retrieving and opening one of the urns she's looking for, without being bound, and after asking about practical uses of the restraints she collects, she will offer a simple training regiment: raise your weapon skills 5 times while wearing a full chastity set. Doing so will give you a buff that increases damage done with weapons while chaste and aroused. Three more trainings are planned for Hjorni to give, and the other loremongers will soon offer trainings for their own devices.



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