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  1. you cant, stun state is applied after sex so that victim dont fightback
  2. that is because -1 is a value that forces script to use global settings
  3. its based on breast node, depending on you mods it after it reaches max value it starts from 1 again
  4. because i forgot to remove that crap? marriage_collar_without_add_elona_shoujo 1.2.zip
  5. OOF what am i doing with my life?
  6. part sizes change when: -pawn bodysize changes -something broken part(like changing pawn hediffs(PC)), idk how morphing works, but i guess original pawn get replaced with morph, so parts transfer but not their data, so they break and reset yes
  7. parts dont change sizes, they are fixed size when they are created
  8. well since you are here, can you ask them to not include of 25mb git trash in workshop download? and sources with debug and all other trash
  9. only git discord has bots and LL idk, seems to have links to latest
  10. whatever rjw does not build pawns error log clearly suggest where problem is which is asChild = PawnBackgroundUtility.TechLevelByBackstory[pawn.story.childhood.identifier]; if (pawn.story.adulthood != null) asAdult = PawnBackgroundUtility.TechLevelByBackstory[pawn.story.adulthood.identifier]; childhoodSkill = pawn.story.childhood.skillGainsResolved.Aggregate((a, b) => (a.Value >= b.Value) ? a : b).Key; anyway this "one of the best mods in the workshop." introduces huge performance loss and cripples RW to cra
  11. its determined by 3 factors: 1) litter_size * fertility(100% max) 2) baby_size 3) Quirk.Breeder x2 if litter_size max is 2, then babies are very smol and mother belly can fit more, and you get 3+ birth, or you have breeder quirk
  12. unfortunately i have little interest in fixing other people mods, error is caused by their mod so its their job to fix their code yes, -set futa chances to 0 -make parents non futas
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