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  1. mark animations as rape so it requires aggressor orgasm
  2. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    aw, how sad, no pedo content on 1.1?
  3. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    learn C#, make fork of PC, rewrite it
  4. you have actor scale resizing in sexlab mcm, or w/e its called and maybe some other mod that changes character scaling
  5. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    4.4.1 added https://subscribestar.adult/Ed86 so you can send me all your money there added forced can_rape check for rmb, which ignores pawn sexneed, so now all you degenerate rapist can rape pawns non stop added race sexdrive modifier to race support(*looks at hentai space cats*) added option to strip rape victims changed Vigorous Quirk to reduce sex rest drop by half instead of by 1 changed Vigorous Quirk description changed SexulaizeGenderlessPawn to SexualizeGenderlessPawn fixed? teleport fucking fixed mod menu rectangles heights, sidescroll fix has_genitals checking wrong bodypartrecord 4.4.0 translations: chinese, korean RJW-
  6. problem is not in SLA, no matter who does what with SLA you still will get broken arousal, problem in your mods, because those mods were written that way( game launches and doesnt crash - good enough) and havent updated for years
  7. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    WELL its kind of funny b__33_1 tells that it tries to find NightmareIncarnation.CompProperties_SuccubusRace
  8. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    *sends healing thoughts*
  9. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    no, whole interaction system is hardcoded and needs rewrite
  10. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    yes. You need pawn with high psychic sensitivity if you want tamed insects from rjw eggs
  11. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    they cant reproduce by themselves
  12. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    remove non animal dicks from colony
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