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  1. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    well yes ... you delete old pawn and create new pawn, modded stuff dont transfer
  2. well who knows then, messages say that alias filled so i see no reason why it shouldnt work
  3. replace slso script with this, it should show these in console when you start sl animation with player "SLSO OnSexLabStart: fill alias " + number "SLSO OnSexLabStart: alias filled with " + actorname v2 script added additional clear() so maybe should force clear aliases aftersex / on game load if on modevent fails try and report SLSO_PlayerAliasScript.7z SLSO_PlayerAliasScript v2.7z
  4. well i have no intention to DL 250 mb mod for "one line code" this is code for fertility mode if Plugin_FertilityMode && IsBabyArmor == false IsBabyArmor = akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x05E7E, "FertilityMode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0BFB8, "FertilityMode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0BFB9, "FertilityMode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0BFBA, "FertilityMode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0BFBB, "FertilityMode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x105D4, "FertilityMode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x105D5, "FertilityMode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x105D6, "FertilityMode.esp")) endif if Plugin_FertilityMode2 && IsBabyArmor == false IsBabyArmor = akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x08964, "Fertility Mode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x08ECE, "Fertility Mode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x08ECF, "Fertility Mode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x08ED0, "Fertility Mode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x08ED1, "Fertility Mode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x08ED2, "Fertility Mode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x08ED3, "Fertility Mode.esp"))\ || akActor.IsEquipped(Game.GetFormFromFile(0x08ED4, "Fertility Mode.esp")) endif if IsBabyArmor if MilkCnt >= 1 && akActor.IsNearPlayer() Milking(akActor, 0, 4, 0) endif if you want you can edit it to work with FM3 and send me back to include it
  5. since everyone now has their own version of MC, ive decided i need one too v1.3.5 - rewrite breast size code, breast size now has (noticeble) effect on milk production - multi breast support - allow milk go over max capacity(max 150%) - breast increase from not milking(1%/day) - changed rjwpregnancy detection - added rjw dependency and since its me i also - disabled milk? production for parts that has no Fluidtype((slime)/hydraulics/bionics) - removed Chicken Egg and other nonsence "milk" production RJW Milkable Colonists.7z
  6. you probably better ask animators, they are the one dealing with skeletons and animations
  7. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    how rude! stop telling people to read instructions
  8. idk, maybe error in mcm formula, its probably base+/w lactacid
  9. you cant set it lower than certain value
  10. 1. read what it says 2. do what it says 3. if it doesnt work - repeat from 1.
  11. as far as i remember skyrim has limit of ~65k strings there is a hack to go over, but i guess if you already over and install mod that adds more strings, your save is fucked
  12. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    never too late to make you own relationship mod with complete overhaul of mood and stuff
  13. its required when you want to have worse scaling than you currently have
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