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  1. some one broke you feralisk race support patch
  2. that because i wrote patches to fix PC shit, but then there some smart people who come and complain that their pawns bodyparts "randomly" changing or pawns dont have sex, or their alien races birth only humans
  3. how much you're paying? it never worked way out is that way ->(alt+f4) since you already know how to code, how about you stop make excuses and code in compatibilty yourself (and while you do it also fix all the broken shit in pc, im sure youll get some thanks(or not) from all the mod authors whose mods PC breaks)?
  4. bound milkpumps, cheat options somewhere in mcm
  5. someone should disconnect their pc from internet or they will get virus
  6. he's watching you suffer from a hidden spot
  7. included with mod or on git
  8. dont be silly, everyone you ever met is a rapist, only way to have consensual sex is to do it under supervision of your and your partners lawyer, who can then certify that act was consensual
  9. bestiality = rape
  10. its because you're special and they are idiots
  11. rjw 1.3 early access v4.7z
  12. rjw 1.3 early access v3.7z
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