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  1. well... maybe if you turn into creature you can
  2. you need to set lactacid to 0, after it deflates disable belly scaling, then re inflate
  3. Ed86

    Licentia Labs

    RJWLicentiaLabs_0.5f -raised serum prices and production costs -changed research tree, most research are now spacer tech -moved gender serums to own research -slightly changed some descriptions -removed double effect from temp serums -changed serum effect from sexability to sexdrive RJWLicentiaLabs_0.5f.7z
  4. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    bukkake is technically an addon, just integrated into rjw, there is already basic cum in rjw, and even while disabled bukkake still has harmony patches and uses cpu, so im not sure how i feel about it stds... i dont have interest in that, and mechanics are poor, chance of them is close to 0 unless you use stds from environment but that is not immersive, so i thought if its split from main mod there would be some small chance someone would pick it up and do something with it but these are just general ideas, im not sure ill find enough motivation to sit few days/week to split them off
  5. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    yes and no. you know people have better things to do than spending up to 12h a day on a mod? like ... you know ... trying to get some cash, food, pay bills and stuff. i like "my" mod, thats is why i still support it and you can play it in 1.0 - 1.1. without an accidental sneeze turning whole your save into shit because of "lets add more new stuff who cares if it works" you are dreaming that someone will do everything for you, that doesnt work like that well if you look in changelogs and see nothing, then i guess nothing can sate your appetite -beds -bdsm apparel -bukkake -stds
  6. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    i dont see a reason why it should clutter rjw
  7. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    no. it grows fine oof there wont be anything new but bug fixes. idk, need to read changelogs seems to be a lot of added stuff. i actually want to remove bunch of stuff like beds and stuff you can boot me up the ass and help this mod grow by learning xml, C#, photoshop and supplying sprites and code for sex arcades, so it can be made into separate addon
  8. Ed86

    [mod] RimJobWorld

    the only difference between "sex arcade" and "simple" stockades is furniture sprite but either way i dont find it interesting enough to to spend huge amount of time writing all that code, maybe one day but not anywhere soon
  9. i think someone said that blush when aroused resets arousal to 0 after sex
  10. any chance on sources or removing wildman override/making wild dragonians in separate event?
  11. no one likes to write descriptions i dont think wider his have any relation to milk production there is a mod for turning into cow
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