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  1. be a man of culture and dont edit starts, use the blessings sent to you by RNGods
  2. i think there was a mod that would run custom scripts and console commands on sexlab events, dont remember its name, try searching?
  3. you need to: convert file to esm add pump convert file to esp
  4. who knows.... racial milk should be based on boobgasms just sell them like normal food, or use as potions? BreastRows * Math.pow( 2, BreastsSize_Node) * (1+ akActor.GetLeveledActorBase().GetWeight()/100) i guess you could limit it to 3, im not even sure if SE bodies can display more than 3... good old LE times where boobs at size 9 were like half whiterun xD
  5. that would need a new widget, and im not sure i want to code it
  6. increase feeding duration, add lactacid bottles to npcs?
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