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  1. its only locked until it recovers to i think it was 25%
  2. progress bar how fast bar is increased arousal no one knows
  3. there is, ive probably fixed them so they dont error, but will need live test on community =D
  4. uhh..... welcome to RimJobWorld Insider Program ... ... (applause!) erm... well... this is build from dev branch with pretty much rewrite of interaction system and rmb functionality with the aim to make system dynamic, instead of being hardcoded, therefore, all previous interactionDefs were removed/changed interactions now has modextension <li Class="rjw.Modules.Interactions.DefModExtensions.InteractionSelectorExtension"> which describes what happens/ what parts involved so with this, you or not you, can add as many options to rmb/pawn ai sex as they want there is \Defs\InteractionDef\RJW_Interaction template.xml with XMLSchema file so you can build any(probably) interaction you want, Use Visual Studio Code + XML Extension(redhat.vscode-xml) for validation i mostly want feedback on rmb menu, rmb labels that said, you need a new save, and your rjw addons most likely not compatible rjw insider preview.zip
  5. because save/load pawns is only supported for vanilla and wont work with other mods that add any data to pawn without patch
  6. it goes to mother inventory i dont really remember settings, but i guess set gem size to 1, so only 1 fits and doesnt break down into smaller, and short pregnancy duration
  7. its not a temporary fix, its the way it should be
  8. the issue is in ticks, logic is run on every tick 60 times every second, instead of being cached and run on demand or... at least like 1 per second. and multithreading wont fix that you cant really expect mod authors to know how to cache their stuff and so more mods you install more game perf tanks perfect example would be using multiplayer mod and adding synchronization to tick(), itll just ddos you and server and youll get like 1fps or crash
  9. yea! right, make your own rimworld!
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