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Misc Sex

SexLab SE mods that primarily deal with sex started through various other means

42 files

  1. Random Sex Mod for SexLab SE

    Now available for Skyrim SE with the following improvements!
    SKSE64 plugin cross-checks available NPCs against available animations and configuration settings during the evaluation. It is noticeably more effective at figuring out available sex act combinations from the available NPC pool. SKSE64 plugin patches into the translations to allow the sex act notifications "x, y and z are having sex" to be translatable entities in the language translation files. Proper use of faction assignments in ReferenceAlias entries removes the need for the cleanup script. Better use of Papyrus states in the scripts to improve code layout and efficiency. Quest based multithreading with up to 8 threads working to set up sex acts and masturbating onlookers. Splash screen lets the player know when SexLab has not been installed. Creature options are grayed out when SexLab allow creatures flag is not set. SexLab Aroused option is grayed out if SexLab Aroused is not installed.  
    A spell has fallen over the denizens of Skyrim. From the priestess in the temple to the blacksmith at his forge. From the ice wolf in the frozen tundra to the draugr in the tombs. None are able to resist their carnal urges, now plunged into an orgy of sexual depravity that threatens to destroy the world as we know it. Some try to resist, but cannot. Heimskr, desperately preaching his sermons to Talos while being subdued by Ysolda. Lydia loving every second of it. Only the children appear to be immune to the effects.
    This mod pairs random NPCs and Creatures together for sex using the SexLab framework.
    Full credit goes to WaxenFigure for the concept and his original implementation as part of the Sex Addicts mod.
    DDL source code can be viewed here.
    Requirements for Anniversary Edition version 20220921 - Note UNTESTED as I am still on Skyrim 1.6.353 but should be good if I haven't messed up the recompile.
    File:  SexLabRandomSexAE_V1_20220921
    Skyrim Anniversary Edition 1.6.640
    SKSE 2.2.2
    SexLab TBA (Not updated at time of writing this)
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.5
    Requirements for Anniversary Edition version 20220107
    File: SexLabRandomSexAE_20220107
    Skyrim Anniversary Edition 1.6.353
    SKSE 2.1.5
    SexLab 1.64c
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.5
    Requirements for Special Edition version 20211223
    File: SexLabRandomSexSE_20211223
    Skyrim SE 1.5.97
    SKSE 2.0.20
    SexLab 1.63
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.5
    NEW! Version 2 with creature on creature action for both SE 1.5.97 and AE 1.6.640 - Do not update an existing game with this version. Like V1 20220921 above this is untested as I am still on Skyrim 1.6.353. However, I have been running this code on my game for several months now so it should be stable if I haven't messed up the recompile.
    File: SexLabRandomSexSE_V2_20220921
    Skyrim Special Edition 1.5.97
    SKSE 2.0.20
    SexLab 1.64c
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.5
    File: SexLabRandomSexAE_V2_20220921
    Skyrim Anniversary Edition 1.6.640
    SKSE 2.2.2
    SexLab TBA (Not updated at time of writing this)
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.5
    I set up an MCM screen for my options as, quite honestly, it's a little hard to cast a configuration menu spell when Lydia is grinding one out on the player's face. When my mod is first loaded, it is switched off. You will need to go into the MCM menu and switch the mod on before you will see any action.
    Each time the code loops, a victim is selected along with one or more attackers and zero to four masturbating onlookers.
    Creature percentage is evaluated before threesome percentage. If the creature percentage check is passed and no creatures are available, processing continues with the threesome check. If the threesome percentage check is passed and no threesomes are available, twosomes are evaluated. Checks can fail because of a lack of animation selections in either the SexLab or the Random Sex menus (or simply because there are not enough available participants), so check settings in both menus if expected participant combinations are not showing up.
    Upon selecting participants, the sequence of events is this:
    (1) Each attacker runs towards the victim.
    (2) If this is a group sex act, attackers reaching the victim will follow the victim until all attackers have reached the victim.
    (3) The sex act is started.
    (4) Any assigned masturbators now make their way to the sex act in progress.
    (5) Upon reaching the sex act, masturbators start masturbating.
    The time between each loop is fully adjustable by specifying minimum and maximum intervals between iterations. Up to 90 minutes can be set up between iterations of the loop, so you can happily explore Skyrim with only the occasional surprise, or you can set up a 10 second loop and get a major orgy going in Whiterun or Solitude!
    Random Sex now comes with a distance slider that can be used to determine the radius around the player from which NPCs and creatures can be selected for sex acts. Minimum is 10 meters, maximum is 120 meters or a radius of approximately 2 in-game cells. At the minimum it is possible to stand between the gate guard and Adrianne at the Whiterun blacksmith and get those two to go at it. At the maximum setting, the whole of Whiterun is at the mercy of this mod.
    Anniversary Edition 20220921:
    Recompile for SKSE 2.2.2
    NEW: Version 2 with creature-on-creature action.
    Anniversary Edition 20220107:
    Recompile for SKSE 2.1.5
    Translation data loaded for first notification (removed SKSE event handler)
    Fix creature animation loading issue.
    Special Edition 20211223:
    Translation data loaded for first notification (removed SKSE event handler)
    Fix creature animation loading issue.
    Anniversary Edition 20211215:
    Recompiled with SKSE 2.1.4.
    Anniversary Edition 20211123:
    Recompiled with SKSE 2.1.3.
    Mannequin check uses isInRace(MannequinRace) to (hopefully) handle custom mannequins correctly.
    If the player has their weapon drawn, they won't be targeted for sex acts.
    Special Edition 20211123:
    Back-ported changes for Anniversary Edition above and recompiled with SKSE 2.0.20.
    Load Order
    Use LOOT - Not sure how the SKSE64 evaluator affects this, but following reports from several people it is highly recommended that Random Sex is placed above all other SexLab mods in the load order.



  2. SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Special Edition

    Rate Mod if you like it, you can support me on Patreon
    XPMSSE 2.0+ FNIS SE SkSe x64 SexLab Framework 1.63b2+ SkyUI Racemenu or Netimmerse Override, Or download netimmerse scaling Body/armor replacer with "NPC Belly", "NPC L Breast" and "NPC R Breast" nodes (CBBE SE, 3BBB only works with body morphs)  
    install dependencies install this mod* run FNIS SE Play *if you want to use bodymorph scaling(better pregnancy body visuals), you need to install bodyslide patch and build morphs for your armors/body
    SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Special Edition (SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Legendary Edition)
    This is continuation of SexLabHentaiPregnancy by flyingtoasters with bugfixes and new features.
    Simplified pregnancy for SexLab. Does not run simulations(yet?), the script gets attached to a NPC only for the duration that they are pregnant. Intended for PC and NPCs.
    Increases the breast and belly size of females using node scaling Body morph option also increases nipple areolas, milk increases nipple size Works for player, followers and NPCs, (creatures?) Pregnancies from creature sex Soulgem pregnancies Anal pregnancies(work for males) Mod supports up to 50 Pregnancies for NPCs at the same time. Milking (with ability to milk in jugs of milk if hearthfire dlc installed) Everything is configurable through MCM Support for old HP plugins if you want child birth options Support for SexLab Inflation Framework(SLIF) (if using node scaling, non bodyslide) Support for SexLab Separate Orgasms(SLSO)  
    Having sex can cause cum inflation, which can then cause pregnancy or deflation.
    Soulgem Pregnancy
    Characters can birth soulgems after having sex.
    Soulgem pregnancy does not produce child.
    Belly doesnt grow bigger than amount of soulgems it holds.
    Every time female is fertilized soulgem count increases (up to a maximum set in MCM) and size reduces, thus needing more time for gems to grow.
    To birth Black soulgems "father" must be human npc(non creature).
    PC can choose to birth soulgems prematurely.
    During 1/3 pregnancy time - 1/3 post pregnancy time, characters will lactate.
    PC will get spells to self milk, NPCs will milk them selves.
    If you have Hearthfire DLC, characters can lactate in Jug of Milk, which can be used later for crafting, consuming or sale.
    You can get milked by using zaz dwemer machines or MME milkpumps.
    Slavetats tattoos
    You can edit included json file to set desired tattoos for:
    -Non pregnant - post pregnancy/cuminflation
    -Normal pregnancy
    -Soulgem pregnancy
    You can check pregnancy through "HentaiPregnantFaction" its ranks are:
    1- actor is cuminflated
    2- actor is cuminflated and will be pregnant
    3- actor is pregnant
    You can check lactation through "HentaiLactatingFaction" its ranks equal to milk, not in faction = not lactating
    MCM is handled through HentaiPregnancy_ENGLISH.txt
    Script strings is handled through HentaiPregnancy_Strings
    Thanks to jbezorg for the fluids Thanks to GECK.O for leaky nips Thanks to flyingtoasters for original mod Thanks to Zaz/Zax for ZAP(milking animation)



  3. Generated voice pack for Slap da butt

    Generated voice pack for:
    Installation: Just install with your favorite mod manager like you would any other mod. BSA version recommended for SE.
    Thanks to @DoubleCheeseburger for his script to extract voice lines, and thanks to Dan Ruta for xVaSyth.  @ballsy for the original mod, @duy123a for testing.
    P.S: I also welcome requests if you want something voiced. I'm particularly interested in quest mods but other stuff is fine too. 



  4. SoulGem Oven 4: Integration Fork

    ### About
    There were features i wanted to add to SGO4.
    The basic idea was to add some longer term changes to SGO4, allowing actors to improve the more you use SGO. While also opening up options for making the gems more of a parasitic existence, as in the current release, they only provide positive buffs.
    All of the new additions are disabled by default, enable them either in the mcm of config.
    If you do not enable any new features, you will still benefit from certain bug fixes and mcm additions.
    ### Features New To SGO4: Integration Fork Beta 1.x
     ### Requirements:
    ### Installation:
    ###Download Explanations:
    ### Changelog
    DarkConsole: for the original SGO4 and helping me out along the way.
    SavageDomain: For Womb Tattoos.
    fair5210:  for lactation overlay textures (author currently mia, file will be removed upon author request)
    w234aew and jjabrams420: for figuring out workarounds to pizzahands.
     ###Issues or suggestions?
    Throw them in the discussion thread, don't bother Darkconsole with issues you find while using the Integration Fork.



  5. Bad Dog's Immersive Creatures SE

    Bad Dog's Immersive Creature Addon
    This mod adds genitalia to all the new creatures from the Skyrim Immersive Creature Mod SE version on Nexus.
    This is a bit of a placeholder in that it's not at all complete, but what's here works.
    First, no blue dicks on the canines. All filepaths are correct, I think.
    Second, I did a bunch of work on Creature Framework to figure out why schlongs weren't appearing reliably and ended up shipping a patch for it. @Ep1cL3w7z you may want to check it out and incorporate whatever works for you in the main mod. Details behind the spoiler. Note the install instructions below for handling the CF/MNC/BDIC stack.
    I also did a very minor patch to SexLab. Problem was that SL has the actors walk up to each other before the animation starts (which I like very much) but the radius they use is so small a large horizontal creature can't get close enough to satisfy them. I just increased the radius a bit to keep the creature from bumping into you repeatedly until the mechanism times out.
    And a minor patch to MNC just to add some of the new races until they can be incorporated in the base mod. @MadMansGun there are more new races to come so choose when you want to pick them up. I couldn't get the new races registered with a separate call to the SL registry--I don't know if that was my problem or what.
    For the mod itself, I have a stupid complicated spreadsheet showing every creature in SIC, its ARMO record, and the corresponding record in the CF json. Thank you xEdit. There are a lot of new creatures and many of them are quite nice but it will take a while to get to them all so have patience. 
    Load, in this order
    Skyrim Immersive Creatures V7.0.2 or later. Creature Framework V2.0.3 (you're getting it from the MNC page) More Nasty Critters  Bad Dog's Immersive Creatures (this mod) BDIC Creature Framework Patch SexLab check to make sure you get the latest BDIC Sexlab Patch BDIC MNC Patch SexLab Aroused Redux  Sexlab Animation Loader  Whatever animataion files you choose. Get all of Billyy's stuff.  
    Enjoy. You know you have to run FNIS, load the creature animations in SLAL, and turn on creatures in SL. Look at the SL install instructions if you don't know what that means.
    Run the "Reset Mods" option in Creature Framework if the new creatures aren't being equipped with junk. Also go to Creature Framework's MCM menu, "Performance" tab, and bump up the number of actors to the max.
    If you're using Sexlab Werewolves, Mighty Beasts and HDT Werewolves, load them after this mod. They have their own werewolf meshes. You may also need to reinstall the XP32 skeleton after this mod--if you end up with a mesh explosion (werewolf gets smeared everywhere) that's the problem.
    You can elect either SOS werewolf schlongs or Creature Framework schlongs. Turn off the werewolf options in SOS if you're using CF, and vice versa. Note that the SOS werewolf schlongs won't match the colors of the SIC werewolf variants--nothing I can do about that because SOS doesn't know about different skins.
    Good to have with this mod
    SexLab Wear and Tear (ouch! ouch!) SexLab Cumshot SexLab Matchmaker Defeat with the creature option turned on Untamed is sick fun with this mod, too.
    And of course the body replacer of your choice.

    Reporting problems:
    Reporting problems in useful way is a gift to your modder. I want this stuff to work, but if you don't provide details I'm working in the dark.
    Always give me the last screen or two of your papyrus log and any animal or sex mods in your load order (or the whole thing dumped from MO). Spoiler tags, please, if you load them here.
    CTD: There haven't been any reports of crashes, but hey. You may find CTDs that don't seem to be part of your normal Skyrim experience </snark>. One scenario that would not surprise me is that you're running across the landscape and suddenly CTD with no warning and nothing special in the log. If that happens, tell me exactly where in the Skyrim world you were and what time it was (Skyrim time) and I'll try to track it down. (Exactly as in, "The slope above the lake south of Riverwood just above where that bear is always fishing.")
    Misbehaving creatures: Tell me what it's doing and try to get me the baseID. Hit, ~ , click on the creature, read the baseID off the screen. Then hit ~ again and get the fuck out of there before he nails you. Useful also to report where you were in Skyrim. I've had a problem with draugr legs disappearing--reporting like this will help me solve it.
    This mod contains very little original work. It's all mix and match of stuff made by other people. All credit goes to them:
    lifestorock - Skyrim Immersive Creatures (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24913/)
    dentarr - More Nasty Critters http://www.loverslab.com/topic/32953-more-nasty-critters/
    lordescobar666 - SexLab Nude Creatures http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/441-sexlab-nude-creatures/ 
    Ep1cL3w7z - Creature Framework http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1622-creature-framework/
    Dayelyte, Gone, Panicforever, Xandero - animations
    diarawr, Gone, Leito86, Shocky, SkyMoMod - models
    Leito86 - Strapons (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19260-skyrim-strap-ons/)
    MadMansGun - Help with the patch and all the work on MNC



  6. SexLab SexLife SE Voiced

    SexLab SexLife SE Voiced
    I did NOT create this mod, I merely repack Dooge's mod and Nomkaz's conversation for Skyrim Special Edition with voices generated with xVASynth using DoubleCheeseburger's Guide.
    Hope my sharing can help SSE more enjoyable.
    Sexlab Framwork SE, Sexlab Aroused Redux SE or OSL Aroused ---------------------------------------
    Simplified DIY notes: 01) Ensure U have the requirements MicroSoft C++ Redistribution;   02) Download Steam version of xVaSynth to ensure up to date & easy installation. My experience with manual installation in Nexus always can’t get updates right;   03) Download “.lip and .fuz plugin for xVaSynth v2” link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/55605 Manual install plugin into xVaSynth dir. Launch xVaSynth & check tick enable plugin, then go setting for plugin lip_fuz, select lip format Skyrim, check tick delete lip files, check tick delete wave files, check tick use multiprocessing, check tick Make fuz files;   04) Download xVaSynth voice packs & place it to dir xVASynth\resources\app\models\skyrim. If downloading voice packs from other games like Triss for Triss Custom Voiced Follower, rename files’ names like “sk_xxxxxx”, use note to edit json file, rename gameId from "witcher" to "skyrim", rename voiceId from “w_xxxxxx” to ur new file name “sk_xxxxxx”, rename voiceName to match Custom Voiced Follower in Sound\Voice\xxxxxx.esp\xxxxxx. If U want to use multiple characters using same voice like FemaleYoungEager, U need to duplicate files & renamed them differently;   TO     TO   05) Download DoubleCheeseBurger’s SSEedit script file, install inside SSEEdit\Edit Scripts; —————— Start Edit Scripts —————— 06) Use note to edit xVASynth Dialogue Export.pas, at skvaVoiceIds.CommaText row add/remove text eg: “sk_xxxxxx=xxxxxx”;   07) At maleVoices.CommaText or femaleVoices.CommaText row, add/remove “xxxxxx”; ——————— End Edit Script ———————-
      08) At MO, launch SSEedit, load all mods, select adcsexlife.esp, right click, apply script, select “xVASynth Dialogue Export”, then click Ok; ———————- xVaSynth Batch ——————- 09) Close MO, launch xVaSynth, Open batch synthesis;   10) Open folder “SSEEdit\Edit Scripts\xVASynth Dialogue Export\” where adcsexlife.csv is being created. Drag adcsexlife.csv into “batch synthesis” window. Click “Synthesize Batch” to start generating fuz files, may take few hours depending on quantity;   ———————- End Batch ———————-
      11) After completion,  retrieved Sound folder at default setting “D:MO2\Mods\Voiced Mod\”. Repack it to your mod.   ————————- Complete DIY ——————-   SexLab SexLife Voiced v3-2
    Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nIK2DC2gi_xSLFY-gkEzpMSY97tf_DCF/view?usp=sharing
    SexLife Aviendha (from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/55404)
    Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SxYVDR0dpps91h_zb_iZQ1nmsGSFXmka/view?usp=sharing
    SexLife Adlora_Mrissi (from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9666)
    Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TRQO91Fhh1GlCKTCMGbE38jIbUzhzmYp/view?usp=sharing
    SexLife Lightning (from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/63210 Initiate Replacer)
    Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eybUSU-Wc1Ba4LqcjJIXRPbraA54i7N6/view?usp=sharing
    SexLife Triss (from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/54724)
    Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eGFJsfOrnhRE1JbwWEBXc3AWOvqM2m8j/view?usp=sharing



  7. Milk Mod Economy SE

    Rate Mod if you like it, you can support me on Patreon

    Full version requires:
    Skyrim Script Extender SE (SKSE)
    RaceMenu SE
    SkyUI SE
    Sexlab SE 1.63+
    Naked body and armor replacers with NPC Belly and NPC L/R Breast nodes, otherwise breast and belly sizes wont work
    Install MO or NMM, don't even think to ask for support if you install mod manually and its not working. Install all requirements and their dependencies, (listed above, under Full version requires:) Install latest Assets Install latest Scripts Run FNIS. if mod doesnt work(no MCM/poll 0 error) - disable mod esp, Finish Helgen/Alternate start, enable esp, if that doesn't help try Save, Load  
    Short description: this mod is about milking titties, a lot of milking titties
    For full version description refer to Legendary Edition thread description.
    Full version shares same code as Legendary Edition so it should support all Legendary Edition mods as long as they can be run in SE



  8. ScRappies Matchmaker

    ScRappies Matchmaker
    A beyond highly customizable Matchmaker capable of matching Creatures, NPC, Followers, Player - Hostile & Non-Hostile - together in SexLab or OStim Scenes with up to 5 (or 3) Actors at once and the option to have surrounding Actors join in!
    (Can be toggled on and off with a Hotkey if desired)
    ScRappies is build around a highly customizable Profiling System which allows you to define almost everything on a Per-Location Basis. Ever wanted Followers to be a bit hornier in Player Homes than on the Street? ScRappies can do just that! - Or how about creating Orgies in Cities but on the Land they're all civilized folk?
    ScRappies Matchmaker allows you to define an unlimited amount of completely independent Profiles which can be used in up to 28 different Location, allowing you to create the most immersive Matchmaker/Rape mod there is.. or just the most random & kinky Sex Orgy you can possibly imagine
    Profiles are created in the "Profiles" tab of the MCM and will be assigned to locations listed in the "Locations" tab. If a location is assigned a certain profile, the mod will use all settings as set in that specific profile! Profiles are separated into multiple Sections:
    System Checks
    Those are very generic Checks that dont have anything to do with the actual matching. You can set how likely it is for an Engagement to occur or set a time limite to restrict when a matching can happen (from - to)! Consideration
    ScRappies uses a multitude of "filters" to allow the best possible performance even with its massive amount of Options. "Consideration" is one of the many filters used and is responsible to give a first outline of who can be matched. You can sort out Hostility, Creatures and Followers here if you want, taking some pressure from the following checks. Yay! Initiator
    The "Initiator" is the NPC (or Creature) which will take the center or "bottom" position in an animation, making the Initiator the center of the animation!
    Because the Initiator fills such a key position in the entire Matchmaking, there are a lot different customization options for them. Next to the default options which will be shared with Partners, Initiators also have access to a large number of Advanced Conditions which allow you to set up very complex Condition-Structs when exactly an Initiator can be an Initiator! Examples for Advanced Conditions would be Health Threshold, Thaneship, Nudity, if you are Bound, or if its currently Nighttime: No Conditionals
    Keeping it simple. Because there's beauty in simplicity, right? Point System
    To be Initiator, it takes more than just being horny! The Point System will apply flags to all conditions. Each flag grants a specific amount of "Points" and if a NPC manages to get enough points, they are valid! Easy! But not really. The Flags you can choose between are: +1~3 Points -1~3 Points IGNORE -> 0 Points MANDATORY -> If this Condition does not apply, the potential Initiator will instantly be considered Invalid, further Checks and Points will be ignored OVERWRITE -> If this Condition does apply, the potential Initiator will instantly be considered Valid, further Checks and Points will be ignored Chance System
    Everyone hates RNG, so we need a RNG based one. Obviously. When using the Chance System, instead of flagging every Condition to collect Points, you will assign a Chance Manipulation. An Initiator is valid if the Sum of collected Chances passes a simple RNG check. With this System, you are rarely truly save and being Nude or Unarmed only increases the oddity of being engaged - How exciting! Partner
    With the Initiator done, the Partner seems fairly trivial. Partners are NPC that are matched together with the Initiator. They only have a limited amount of Options for customization but are certainly just as important as the Initiator! .. I think Matching
    Matching is the final filter before a Scene will start. Here you can customize if you want to recognize Disposition or if each Individual needs to see one another. All those things which can only be checked relative to another Target! You can also choose if the Matching in this Area should be considered Consensual or not  
    Threadbuilding is the next Step after Profiling and primarily focuses on actually creating the Scene. Because most of ScRappies attention is cenetered on the Profiling, this here is rather empty but there are still a few things to note, most importantly: Surrounding Actors join in!
    When an Animation starts there is a chance that surrounding Actors will stop by and check out what crazy things the matched NPC do in public - and if they feel like it they even join! How many Animations play in a single Matching can be customized here.. and thats pretty much all its good for. Yay?
    Adult Frame Integration
    As already mentioned, ScRappies supports both SexLab Framework and OStim
    You can decide if you only want to use one of them, or even both in Combination. Whatever you choose ScRappies can properly react to it! Just remember that whatever Frame you are using, you will need the associated Arousal mod for it. Theres no SLF without SLA and no OStim without OAroused.
    No matter which Frame you use, you will need both of those:
    PapyrusUtil (SE / LE) JContainers (SE / LE)  
    Then use the Framework of your choice, either
    SexLabFramework (SE / LE) AND One of the 5 billion SL Aroused Versions or
    OStim (SE) AND OAroused (SE)  
    Patreon Link if you want to support me -> Scrab Joséline | Patreon
    Discord Link for good measure -> https://discord.gg/mycaxFPSeV
    Previous Changelogs:



  9. Voice Packs - Devious Lore v2.2.1 -

    Voice Packs for Devious Lore v2.2.1

    Since no one made voice packs for Devious Lore I made it myself, the quality is pretty good I guess so I want to share it. Why v2.2.1? on my current loadorder I played with v2.2.1 I might update it in the near feature and then update this packs but should be somewhat compatible with Devious Lore v2.3.1 I hope, if it's not let me know.


    Devious Lore SE



  10. SexLab Dangerous Nights 2 SE

    SexLab Dangerous Nights 2 SE
    I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented Guffel
    I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission.
    If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give Guffel some love, and check out their other mods!
    The following copied from the original LE page:
    Skyrim, a land torn apart by civil war. Dragons attack villages at daytime, taking the struggleing farmers their homes and cattle. Vampires and Werewolfs raid at nighttime, making hardy men fear the night again. The roads are in the hands of bandits and every cave and cementy is infested by the undead. - But you have the all-protecting bedroll! The pillow-fortress of tight sleep! The holy bed of restedness! Just lay down into the fluffy sheets and nothing will harm you, for hours and days.
    Until now! Dangerous Nights 2 will turn the nights of Skyrim into a dangerously-arousing entertainment for all adventurers and vermin out there!
    Key Features:
    + random chance to be suprised in your sleep
    + chances depending on your sleep location
    + the longer you sleep the higher the chance
    + full follower support - will they be victims or attackers?
    + let a follower take the guard for the night
    + NPCs can be choosen from the surroundings
    + immersive NPC spawn from a long list of presets
    + spells to mark mod added homes and follower
    + set your custom save rooms where night attacks don't make sense

    Night Attacks:
    During yor sleep, there is a chance of being the target a night attack. The chance is calculated exponentially depending on the type of location you are sleeing in. As a result a night attack is almost certain in longer sleep sessions. The attacker can eigher be NPCs close around, your own follower or randomly spawned NPCs that fit into the location, including various animals.
    You can give one of your follower the order to stand guard at night and warn you on incoming attackers. But it might happen that your guard wants a piece of the jucy cake called dovahkiin for itself. Or, when unsatisfied, the guard might agree on some nightly fun with the dark strangers. But beware, your guard also can fall asleep on duty or be ambushed! Safty is never certain.
    Most functions and aspects can be configured in the MCM. The option should be self-explaining.
    In the "Debug" tab you have acess to three exclusive spells to fix problems with mod-added stuff:
    The follower spell: Mod-added follower are not in the appropriate faction and can't be found by DN2. Hitting them with this spell fixes that. The custom home spell: Not all mod-added player homes come with the appropiate keyword. Cast this spell in such a home's bedroom to save it as custom home. The save spell: The cell you cast this spell in will be ignored from DN2. This is for very secure player homes or places where night attacks are not wanted.
    DN2 supports up to 4 followers, 10 custom homes and 10 custom save-locations. They are all displayed in the "Debug" tab of the mcm and can be deleted individually.

    Manual: Drop the content of the archive into you Skyrim\Data folder
    Recommended: Use Vortex or MO2
    Known Conflicts:
    Sexlab Adventures.  Turn off Sleep Rape function since it conflicts with this mod and can cause CTD . problem and solution found by Kaos94

    I recommend to update with a clean safe because of the huge changes to the previous version!
    1. Start your game and safe.
    2. Close the game and deinstall the old version
    3. Start your game and load the safe from 1.
    4. Wait 2 in-game hours.
    5. Save and close the game again.
    6. Install the new version.
    7. From now on only load the safe made in 5. or newer ones
    Sexlab Framework
    Sexlab Aroused
    Fus-Roh-Do(h) - Silent Voice

    Ashal for SexLab Framework
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  11. MilkMeter

    This is MilkMeter™️.
    It's a quick and dirty status meter for Milk Mod Economy to show how much milk you have, as a percentage of your maximum. Disappears when you're empty unless you've got lactacid. Uses Event handling, so there's no periodic polling. The size and position of the meter is adjustable in the json file.  
    If Milk Mod Economy ever gets an Event for lactacid consumption, I'll add a lactacid bar too (the code is all in place, there's just no event to listen for).



  12. SexLab Madness

    Another NotSoRandomSex SexLab simple call mod.
    There are 3 modes:
    - Manual (you have to pick Agressor(s) and Victim(s)) - Agressors will take turns on Victim(s). Long press Alter hotkey in MAN will populate list with actors from current cell.
    - Semiautomatic (you pick Victims) - Agressors will try to group on Victim(s).
    - Automatic - Agressors will try to group on Victim(s).
    Works this way:
    - Pressing toggle hotkey, will cycle trough those modes (MAN/SEM/AUT).
    - Long press toggle hotkey - turns mod off.
    - Alter list hotkeys work in MAN and SEM.
    Example scenario:
    1. Toggle hotkey - (starts in MAN mode) add Aggressor(s), add Victim(s) via alter hotkeys.
    2. Toggle hotkey - (mode changed to SEM) you can add more victims at your desire.
    3. Toggle hotkey - mod goes to AUT, freeing your hands.
    4. Toggle hotkey - goto (1.5)
    n. Toggle hotkey - Long press > 2 seconds turns mod OFF.
    MCM Helper is hard requirement as diligently marked on the right side of this text.



  13. ScRappies Matchmaker (REDUNDANT; DONT USE)

    Nothing to see here; The mod youre looking for is here -> Click



  14. Nightcrawler - Battle Fuck! Add-on

    This is an add-on mod for Battle Fuck!, where NPCs will assault you while you are sleeping and start Battle Fuck after you notice the assault.
    Trigger Settings
    Forget Lock Chance
    Player's home is basically a safe place, but sometimes you may forget to lock the door. In that case, an assault may occur.
    Assault Chance
    While you are sleeping, the decision on whether or not to be assaulted is made every hour.
    The number of decisions is the number of sleeping hours - 1.
    Therefore, if you set the Assault Chance to 5% and sleep for 10 hours, you have a 37% chance of being assaulted (1.0 - (1-0.05)^9 = 0.37).
    Naked Boost
    if you are naked (your equipment does not have ArmorCuirass or ClothingBody keywords), the Assault Chance is multiplied by the Naked Boost.
    Night Time Boost
    Between 8pm and 4am, the Assault Chance is multiplied by the Night Time Boost.
    Spawn Chance
    This is the chance to spawn the aggressor depending on current location if there is no NPC available.
    Outside of the city, hostile NPC may spawn.
    Notice Trespass Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when the aggressor breaks into your room.
    Notice Strip Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault before you are stripped of all your armor.
    Notice Grope Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when the aggressor gropes your body.
    The aggressor will continue groping you until your SE value reaches 20.
    Notice Insert Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when you are inserted.
    Notice Thrust Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when you feel sexual stimulation in your vagina.
    Notice Orgasm Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when you are forced to climax.
    Notice Creampie Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when you get cummed inside the vagina.
    Safe Places
    You can register a safe place where NPCs will not assault you.
    Recommended Mods
    Mods that add NPCs, such as the following
    Trailblazers (More Immersive NPCs) Populated Skyrim Reborn SSE Enemy Plus  



  15. HDT Ahegao Tongues and Expressions for SexLab

    Actors will equip tongues and make ahegao faces during sex ("Ahegao" is when people make silly faces and stick out their tongue during sex. It's a Japanese word because of course it is). You can configure who gets tongues and when in the MCM menu.
    Requires Mfg Fix, Papyrus Util, and SexLab (tested on Beta 7 and Beta 9, should work on 8 too). Requires HDT if you choose the HDT version (you should) plus SkyUI for the MCM menu, and SKSE.
    For SexLab, this mod gives you lip sync, expressions, and tongues, and no lip stutter. You can also equip the tongues any time from your inventory and characters will open/close their mouths to accommodate them.
    About the tongues: I used the same ten Halo ones everyone uses (and one from Artsick for Argonians -it looks kinda terrible but I'm not a 3D modeler. Also, thanks to jiahaoiii3 for the HDT version). I changed the textures to look better (Artsick again, in part), gave them a bit of shininess in nifskope, and raised up the female versions to fit better in their mouths. Characters open their mouths in slightly different ways depending on which tongue they equip and whether they're male, female, khajiit, argonian. Khajiit work okayish, Argonians only have one tongue and it looks terrible, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
    Important Note: To make this work, I had to replace two SexLab files: sslBaseExpression and sslBaseVoice. I did that, because I couldn't hook into them in a non-invasive way. That said, I did not delete nor change the parameters of any function, so other SexLab mods should still be compatible as long as they don't also overwrite these two files (I have a LOT of SexLab mods, and they all work perfectly fine still).
    Tongues get applied when the actors's intensity variable crosses a certain threshold: you can configure this in the MCM for males and females. This same 'intensity' variable also drives how strong the emotions are in the characters' faces, so faces towards the end of the sex act have stronger expressions than at the beginning. It supports up to ten characters having sex at a time. The expressions are generated semi-randomly according to intensity (not stage), so it doesn't matter what your SL presets are -they're not used.
    I'm pretty happy with the way it works, so I don't have new features planned. I tried (hard) to make characters look at each other (headtracking) at certain moments during sex, but couldn't crack it -it might not be possible with the way the animations work, but if I'm wrong and someone could lend a hand please do. Thanks to Fable for helping me with goddamn genius advice that allowed me to overcome a nasty engine bug (player character was equipping the tongue but not displaying without NiNodeUpdate which reset the face for a second, all that is fixed, as well as issue with characters equipping their whole inventory when given tongues after SexLab had already stripped them). Seriously, don't thank me, thank Fable for this shit. 
    Ported to LE successfully, thanks to thegrimreaper2 and cantdownload22. No idea if it works in VR or Xbox, etc. Feel free to try it.
    For best results, get the extra-expressive mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19181, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19532, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/35785.
    If upgrading from an earlier version: uninstall the earlier version, clean your save file with Fallrim Tools, then install this one.
    You've open permissions to do anything you wish, just please include me in the credits and make sure to everyone below, even Fable:
    Halo for the tongues https://dysintropi.me/mods-archive/ and jiahaoiii3 for the HDT versions.
    Fable for spending hours helping me out with tough pieces of code. You need to play his quest/follower mod, it's the best follower ever and the story made me cry: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/47302
    Artsick for the Argonian tongue and some textures https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21973
    Ashal and team for SexLab, this whole thing wouldn't exist without it



  16. Sexlab Slut shout sse - 2.5c

    coverted the origonal file to be compatable for skyrim special edition just drop it into you desired mod manger and install.
    what it does:
    Like the orignal adds a shout and commands npc's in the surrounding area into sex animations which your current animation loadout from sexlab.
    known issues:
    some animations play longer then usual recommend not entering or exiting area once animations are playing.
    some animtaions will play as if they are all the same gender or gender swap positons.



  17. SexLab Aroused Killers

    Just a really simple, stupid mod that turns your followers into sex-mad psychopaths when they kill things.
    When something is killed by the player (this includes kills by player team-mates (followers and hirelings) as the player is marked as the killer in all cases), a percentage of followers will have their SexLab arousal exposure increased based on the parameters set in the MCM menu. This can be used alongside any sex mods that are triggered by the actor arousal level exceeding a certain threshold.
    I wrote this as I was getting bored with a lack of sex act triggers in Random Sex as the arousal increases seem to reduce as the level increases. At around level 50 I was having to walk around without my cuirass on in order to get any action.
    Since I use Nether's Follower Framework, I built the follower lists around that. So that, along with SexLab and SexLab Aroused are required for this mod. SkyUI is required for the MCM menu.



  18. Wilding - Simple Bestiality

    When the mod is enabled:
    Most animals will not attack you, since they view you as a potential mate. From time to time, a nearby animal will initiate sex with you, so long as you don't have your weapon drawn.  
    That's it. Simple.



  19. Sexlab Kidnapped Redux SE

    Sexlab Kidnapped Redux SE
    I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented Vinfamy
    I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission.
    UPDATE: I changed the download to the Oldrim/LE ESP which is in Form 43. I'm getting notifications that for some reason, dialogue gets broken when the ESP is converted to Form 44.
    If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give Vinfamy some love, and check out their other mods!
    Brazilian Portuguese translation provided by: @xxxaqui0 
    The following copied from the original LE page:
    Get ambushed and kidnapped by humans or creatures with your followers, spouse or friends. Then either get forced to watch or violated yourself until perversion. A friend may try to save you. Escape or take revenge. Or take on a rescue mission to save a violated damsel (or Nazeem) in distress.
    Suitable for all player characters: straight female, straight male, lesbian, futa, gay or bisexual.
    Click on "Follow this file" above to keep up-to-date with the latest releases.
    Ambushed by certain factions or creatures – avoid getting hit for five seconds (run, baby, run!) to dodge the ambush or be taken hostage Unlimited number of kidnap scenarios based on current location, able to take advantage of even modded content in your game. Massive orgies of up to 20 aggressors and 1 to 4 victims Much expanded Rescue Mission quest, with optional Voyeur’s Invisibility spell Spectator behaviour with cheering, laughing, clapping and derogatory comments Perversion and exhaustion mechanic Revenge on your kidnappers by killing them right there, or escape/ get dumped and come back, negotiate (via Thieves Guild) or work with the Companions to hunt them down. 150+ lines of dialogues thanks to contributions by Karma199696, Vauria, sophiextime and others. Contribute yours here. 84 MCM options to customize to your liking. Inventory stealing obeys SexLab’s no-strip settings Mod events for mod authors to easily integrate with SLKR. Optimized for best performance. High compatibility as no vanilla records were changed.
    SexLab Framework SE– that’s all you need. It will remain the only hard dependency

    To optimize performance, untick Race/Gender Adjustments, Disable Teleport and Seed NPC stats in SexLab's MCM page 2 and untick Debug in SexLab's MCM last page. Also, install SSE Engine Fixes.
    Optional But Highly Recommended
    Fuz Ro D-oh SE - gives you enough time to read the NPC-NPC dialogues
    SexLab Defeat SE– tested thoroughly with SLKR, with it:
    PC and followers get violated if you dodge the ambush but then lose the subsequent fight. Rescuer gets violated if he/she fails (check Defeat’ NPC-NPC settings) PC and followers get violated again if you try to fight back under hostage but lose. PC and followers get violated if defeated during the rescue mission. You can get other type of revenge on your kidnappers apart from just killing them.
    Optional Integrations
    More Nasty Critters SE: enable 12 additional creature kidnapper types in SLKR.
    Devious Devices SE– don’t’ forget to batch-build in Bodyslide: random DD pieces are put on victims under hostage.
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus SE (and in turn, many slavery mods): potential outcome after exhaustion, chance set in the MCM.
    SexLab Eager NPCs SE: Anyone you rescued will become your lover and become available for sex.

    Translations (might not be the latest versions)
    Spanish (by Gothuska)
    Chinese (by sexhaizai)
    From 4.1 onwards, German and Spanish translations have been incorporated into the installation wizard. Special thanks to CGi for the German translation and for implementing SKSE translation with SLKR.
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  20. AnimatedParasites SE

    A small mod addition to SexLab Parasites
    Animate: Chaurus Worm, BeltFaceHugger, BeltHugger, Plug Spider Eggs
    Used materials SexLab Parasites ( DeepBlueFrog )
    To work, you need:
    XPMSE32 SexLab Parasites ( SE version !) This mod AnimatedParasites  
    Full installation list:
    boot order:
    Used programs :
    3ds Max 2017
    TES5Edit 3.2
    For those who are engaged in animation.



  21. Deer Expansion - Mihail Monsters and Animals - MNC

    Expand your wildlife with more deer for More Nasty Critters

    This mod is a patch which makes Deer Expansion - Mihail Monsters and Animals  working with More Nasty Critters.
    You need the original mod installed and this patch in the load order behind it. Both are ESL flagged and will not take any space in your ESP slots.
    There are 4 versions to chose from:
    deer expansion sse MNC
    Adds schlongs to the male deer from the mod and makes sure they are recognized as regular deer, not custom races anymore.  
    deer expansion sse MNC - Always Erect
    For those of you who have problems with the erect schlongs not showing sometimes, this will make the males always erect (irrespective of their arousal).  
    deer expansion sse MNC - Tame
    This changes the deer's AI; in the original they are very shy, run away, but will get aggressive if you manage to sneak up to them. This version makes them tame.  
    deer expansion sse MNC - Tame - Always Erect
    Same as above but with always erect schlongs.  
    Use your favourite mod manager. The patch is safe to install or uninstall during game play but you may want to "Re-Register All Mods" in Creature Framework in either case, to be sure CF notices.
    More Nasty Critters SE, Deer Expansion - Mihail Monsters and Animals 



  22. Boars and Daggerbacks - Always Erect

    This mod adds about 200 Boars and Daggerbacks to Skyrim.
    This mod is based on Boars and Daggerbacks- Mihail Monsters and Animals (MIHAIL SSE PORT) from Nexus - so all credit goes to MihailMods for creating them.
    I originally made this simplified/adjusted version just for myself, but I thought I might aswell share it in case someone also likes it.
    The mod is a stand-alone version, the original mod is not required, it would in fact conflict.
     I simply wanted to make the boars usable by SexLab and I wanted more of them. So I made some changes:
    In order to make it work I changed their race from custom to the DLC2 boar race to make sure they are recognized by CF and Aroused Creatues (adding custom races is always so cumbersome, I wanted it quick and dirty). Then I added the MNC boar dick. They are always erect, no arousal logic, again just to facilitate it for me (I use always erect anyway). I made them all the same size so that you don't have to go crazy with animation adjustments. Finally, I added quite a few more than in the original mod. Now you will find 200 of them, they are in the forests of The Rift, Falkreath and in the mountains of The Reach.  
    And that's it. If you don't like "always erect", I can't help you. That's just how it is ?
    Make sure you have boar animation installed, there aren't that many, check out Billyy's SLAL Animations
    There are two versions to download: tame or aggressive. Personally I prefer the tame ones (I have all creatures tame in the game) simply to have more exciting interactions. The aggressive ones are actually non-hostile, but will attack if you come too close. This is not very helpful for SexLab action obviously, but maybe you want them for hunting?
    ESL-flagged to not take up any ESP-slot. This does not require MNC or CF or Aroused Creatures anything. Without these they will just be there and no sex will happen. In that case you may prefer the aggressive version so you have additional game in the game. Game in the game, ha!  



  23. Scamps of the Eastmarch - Always Erect

    This mod adds about 100 Scamps to the Eastmarch region.
    This mod is based on Scamps SE from Nexus - so all credit goes to 4thUnknown and Creeper for creating/porting this.
    I originally made this simplified/adjusted version just for myself, but I thought I might aswell share it in case someone also likes it.
    The mod is a stand-alone version, the original Scamp SE is not required, it would in fact conflict.
    I really only wanted the Scamps in the game, not the spells or any other other things the original mod adds. My intent was to simply have more creatures so they can be used by SexLab.
    In order to make that work I changed their race from custom to Riekling (they use Riekling skeleton and animations anyway) to make sure they are recognized by CF and Aroused Creatues (adding custom races is always so cumbersome, I wanted it quick and dirty). Then I added the Riekling cock and adjusted the fit and textures, they are always erect, no arousal logic, again just to facilitate it for me (I use always erect anyway). Finally, I created a female variant with "hair" and slightly more defined breasts. The females also have cocks because I don't want to see dry humping.  
    And that's it. If you don't like "always erect" or females with cocks, I can't help you. That's just how it is ?
    There are two versions to download: tame or aggressive. Personally I prefer the tame one (I have all creatures tame in the game) simply to have more exciting interactions. But that's up to you.
    ESL-flagged to not take up any ESP-slot. This does not require MNC or CF or Aroused Creatures anything. Without these they will just be there and no sex will happen. In that case you may prefer the hostile version so you have additional enemies in the game.  



  24. SexLab More Nasty Critters Always Erect SE

    This patch which make all male creatures in the game always show their erect schlongs, irrespective of their arousal.
    Note: This is based on (and requires) More Nasty Critters SE 12.3 - it will not affect ASOS schlongs. There are compatibility issues with More Nasty Critters 12.5, I will need to create a new version for that. Thanks to MadMansGun for pointing out how to do this and for allowing me to upload it.
    This patch does not affect the actual arousal of any creature. It simply points the non-aroused versions of all creatures to instead use the aroused meshes from More Nasty Critters.
    Using this patch you will not be able to judge the arousal based on the creatures´ schlongs anymore, they will always look horny. So yes, it really defeats the purpose of the arousal mechanics for creatures. But also you never get any dry humping if for some reason the schlong did not trigger to show.
    If you do see any more dry humping after this patch, it´s because
    they are really female and you have set Aroused Creatures to also work on female creatures or Random Sex or some other mod had an NPC select a female creature or some mod you have installed introduced its own meshes (replacer mods for dogs, horses, animal variants, etc. often carry their own meshes, not just textures) because I missed a creature - let me know  
    This patch makes the changes on all male default creatures which are in the vanilla game as well as on all creatures added by More Creatures (which btw. are all male). It will also affect the conjured Hentai Creatures. And since More Creatures does not only place the default creatures but also points one dog to use the Hentai Creatures German Shepherd mesh, I also had to include this as requirement.
    So for this patch to work you need:
    SexLab SE (obviously) More Nasty Critters SE 12.3 (oviously) Hentai Creatures SE (comes optional with the above) SexLab More Creatures SE  
    If you don´t have Hentai Creatures and More Creatures installed, and you also don´t want to: There is an "MNC-only" version available in the downloads also:
    The downloads come in various verions:
    More Nasty Critters Always Erect This is the main, original file as described above, including the dependencies to "Hentai Creatures" and "More Creatures". .  
    More Nasty Critters Always Erect - MNC only
    This is the same file but does not touch "Hentai Creatures" or "More Creatures". Therefore, these two are removed as masters and not needed for installation. This is for people who don´t want to install "Hentai Creatures" and "More Creatures".  
    More Nasty Critters Always Erect - F to M
    This is the same as the original, but has an additional feature: It will force that all the female vanilla dogs, horses, deer and elk will instead use their male (and always erect!) form. It does not make them male, but makes them look male (and erect). This is for people who like a lot of animal action but have these female creatures standing around not participating, as there are unfortunately only very very few female creature animations. If you want to see these "fake males animals" in action, you also have to a) tell Aroused Creatures to also work on female creatures and b) you have to tell SexLab to regard all creatures as male creatures c) Be aware that with these two settings the female werewolf will no longer look female and behave like a male werewolf. Trade-off. (Same goes for other female humanoids).  
    More Nasty Critters Always Erect - F to M - MNC only
    This is the same as above but again with all reference of "Hentai Creatures" and "More Creatures" removed. So you only need MNC to use this.



  25. Beavers and Raccoons MNC

    Now Skyrim is populated with Beavers and Raccoons for MNC

    This mod is based on gg77's Beavers and Raccoons of Skyrim SE and is a stand-alone, the original mod is not needed.
    If you like the meshes and textures, please head over to Nexus and give the original mod a thumbs up.
    There will now be almost 40 raccoon and almost 60 beavers in Skyrim, you will find them mostly near rivers and farms. They mind their own business, they are not aggressive and will flee if you get too close but may attack if you corner them. I have removed all scripts and dialogue and quest, etc. from the original, these are simply wildlife critters. I did adjust the textures of the beaver and included aroused meshes. They will now be automatically recognized by More Nasty Critters. They use default skeever behaviour and animations.
    There are 4 versions to chose from (use only one).
    Beavers and Raccoons MNC
    Simply introduces the raccoons and beavers and makes sure they are recognized by MNC.  
    Beavers and Raccoons MNC - Always Erect
    For those of you who have problems with the erect schlongs not showing sometimes, this version will also make them always erect (irrespective of their arousal).  
    Beavers and Raccoons MNC - Tame
    This includes a change in the raccoon's and beaver's AI; in the original they are shy. This version makes them tame.  
    Beavers and Raccoons MNC - Tame - Always Erect
    Same as above but again with always erect schlongs.  
    Use your favourite mod manager. The mod is safe to install or uninstall during game play but you may want to "Re-Register All Mods" in Creature Framework in either case, to be sure CF notices.
    More Nasty Critters SE



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