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Armor & Clothing

Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that replace or add new armor or clothes

39 files

  1. [CBBE] Symbiote Armor

    FO4 conversion of Aradia's Living Armor with Jexsam's retexture. Glow map added for effect.
    NOTE: This has only been tested on my system. Your mileage may vary.
    How to Install
    Drag and drop into any mod manager, or extract directly into your FO4 directory.
    How to Get
    Option A.) An item named "Pulsating Collar" can be found sitting on the ground near Swan's Pond, partially hidden inside one of the dark bushes.
    Option B.) Type "Help Symbiote 4 ARMO" into the console to find the form ID, then use "player.additem xxx 1" to add the armor to your inventory, where xxx is the form ID.
    - Aradia for the original Living Armor mesh
    - Jexsam for the retexture



  2. Strap-ons - Servitron Patch

    Servitron compatibility patches for Strap-ons by Vioxsis
    Makes the strap-ons wearable by Servitrons.

    Servitron Strap-on's of fallout 4
    NOTE: make sure to use a patch appropriate for the version of strap-ons you are using:
    Strap-On's V1 - Servitron Patch v1.0.0.zip for Strap-On's V1.7z
    Strap-On's V2 - Servitron Patch v1.0.0.zip for Strap-On's V2.7z
    VIO_Strap-On V3 - Servitron Patch v1.0.0.zip for VIO_Strap-On V3.7z  
    Install the requirements and correct strap-on patch Build the "Servitron - ***" strap-on meshes from BodySlide
    NOTE: make sure to use the same preset you used for building all the other Servitron meshes (especially for any of the Abdomens, or Torso Mk 5).  



  3. Common Clothing Lists (CCL) beta

    Basically by installing this you agree to become one of my test minions and submit detailed reports on issues and papyrus log files when needed if possible
    How to enable Debug Logging and where to find the files: https://www.creationkit.com/fallout4/index.php?title=Enable_Debug_Logging
    This plugin contains a heap of FormLists and Levelled lists for clothing to be added to vendors or checked by other mods like:

    There are several clothing mods automatically added to the lists if they are installed. It might take a game day or 2 for them to appear.
    The Lists are added to Vendors, some Actor Clothing Lists and Loots depending on the MCM settings.
    Supported Mod esp's are:
    [SunJeong] Dva Outfits.esp
    BRx Armor.esp
    [SunJeong] Yurica Summer Dress.esp
    Black chinese qipao.esp
    Sporty Underwear.esp
    Lara's Wetsuit.esp
    ShinoCosplay Spider Gwen.esp
    Crimsonrider's WonderWoman.esp
    Holsters & Sheaths.esp
    Devious Devices.esm
    I don't know where to get these files, most are from Nexus or Lover Lab.
    I probably won't get much done on this myself unless other people send in modded scripts to add to it for new outfits. Some outfits are near impossible to add too if the color variations are set by templates.
    Don't forget to give thanks to all the Modders who made this cool stuff.



  4. Jane Bod (JB) Conversions

    Various BodySlide Converions for Jane Bod (JB)
    I'll just upload some of the conversions I make for my playthrough here:
    -I convert these to the zeroed Jane Bod Preset.
    -I have most likely not tested these items a lot and are using my Jane Bod preset while doing so.
    -Imperfections may occur (specially if using "extreme" presets). 
    Minimum Requiements:
    BodySlide and Outfitstudio
    Jane Bod
    For my part, feel free to what you want as long as it is shared on Loverslab or Nexus and nowhere else.
    -Check with original mod authors for their permissions and credit them. 
    No need to credit me I just convert, the hard work was already done.
    1. Honest Abe's Armor Series CBBE
    2. Eli's Armour Compendium
    3. Trashcan Carla and Guards
    ousnius for BodySlide and Outfitstudio
    Nightasy for Jane Bod
    AbeLincoln55 for Honest Abe's Armor Series CBBE
    Elianora for Eli's Armour Compendium
    DWooT for Trashcan Carla and Guards -- Caravan-Merchant -- CBBE-SHB



  5. Mistral Armor For Atomic Beauty Bodyslide Conversion

    The Awesome Mistral Armor, now AB compatible. Big Thanks to mrsasa789 for this!

    Disclaimer: May not work great with extreme body presets or ultra bendy poses.

    You MUST HAVE the ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!!!

    My other conversions:
    Ashara FO4 Cyborg Armour for Atomic Beauty
    Ashara F04 Under Armours
    NovaBodysuit for Atomic Beauty
    Nova Catsuit I For Atomic Beauty Bodyslide Conversion
    Ero Selene Armor for Atomic Beauty
    CROSS Uni BoS Uniform for Atomic Beauty
    Street Fighter 5 Cammy Tactical Suit for Atomic Beauty
    Ranger Armor for Atomic Beauty
    Wasteland Pionerka For Atomic Beauty
    TheKite's MilitiaWoman for Atomic Beauty
    French Maid for Atomic Beauty
    Diano Armor for Atomic Beauty
    Crimsomrider's Catwoman Year 1 For Atomic Beauty
    BOS Pilot Uniform For Atomic Beauty
    BOS Recon for Atomic Beauty
    WM Jumpsuit for Atomic Beauty
    ZGC Atom Cats Girl for Atomic Beauty
    Franky Swimsuit for Atomic Beauty
    ZGC Zilents for Atomic Beauty with Physics
    TERA Rogue for Atomic Beauty

    Directions for Use!!!!!!!!!!  (Built on nonphysics Atomic Beauty base)

    1. Install BodySlide and Outfit Studio utility.

    2. Install Atomic Beauty body.


    4. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM, or if manually
    then extract the file into Fallout 4's Data folder. Overwrite the
    original mesh when prompted.)

    5. If you only wish to play with the default Atomic Beauty body shape then stop here and enjoy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on.

    6. Open Bodyslide and the armor will be in AB Mistral group.

    7. Tweak sliders to your liking or use your preset.( If your preset
    is extreme, there is a good chance for clipping around skin areas)

    8.Craft according to the original armor's instructions

    Bethesda for Fallout 4
    mrsasa789 for creating the awesome armor and allowing it to be converted
    Themilkdrinker for creating Atomic Beauty
    Caliente for CBBE across multiple games
    Ousinous for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, without which the conversion would never have happened
    MunkySpunk for a lot of help on how to convert outfits
    Rpuresteel for the original instructions on how to convert outfits
    RPGMMO117 for testing and screenshots
    AdamBurnsRed for testing and screenshots
    Nectalite for testing and screenshots
    Gratiana for testing and screenshots
    If I forgot anyone please let me know.



  6. [v1.0] Tau Ceti - Fully Modular Combat Armor (Bodyslide available)

    Tau Ceti Combat Armor

    See original post here.
    AWP3RATOR has created Bodyslide files for this set, see here
    This mod adds a high quality (4k textures only), fully modular armor set to Fallout 4.
    I got the idea for a fully modular armor set while playing with Fallout 4's weapon/armor modification system, and I thought it would be cool to have a set of armor that can be fully customized in game, with each piece of the armor conferring unique and interesting gameplay effects.

    The outer set is Aeon Soul's Tau Ceti, hence the name of this armor set.
    The inner layers consist of a bunch of random stuff I myself and others have made over the years, and re-purposed for Fallout.
    Currently, the armor is divided into 11 sections, each consisting a set of modules.
    Each module will confer unique gameplay effects, as well as altering both the name and the appearance of the outfit.
    Naturally, the modules can be mixed and matched to suit the player's preference and play style:

    List of the current modules:
    Use mod manager of  your choice, or drag n drop into Fallout 4's data folder.
    In game:
    Craft at chem station. Upgrade at armor workbench.
    A few sample combinations:

    Additional shots:
    I grant any/all users explicit permission to create/share any/all derivative work(s) based on this mod.
    However, please do not share/upload any portion(s) of this mod without my express consent.
    I stopped releasing my Skyrim mods to the public because of this; here's hoping that the Fallout 4 community is better...



  7. FEAR Suit For Atomic Beauty Bodyslide Conversion

    Thank you to  Xavier19870828 for allowing me to convert their awesome bodysuit to Atomic Beauty!!
    Please Note: It may clip with extreme presets or ultra bendy poses.
    Directions for Use!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Install BodySlide and Outfit Studio utility.

    2. Install Atomic Beauty body.

    4. Download and install this mod (automatically, a mod manager, or if manually
    then extract the file into Fallout 4's Data folder. Overwrite the
    original mesh when prompted.)

    5. If you only wish to play with the default Atomic Beauty body shape then stop here and enjoy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on.

    6. Open Bodyslide and the armor will be in AB FEAR Suit  group.

    7. Tweak sliders to your liking or use your preset.( If your preset
    is extreme, there is a good chance for clipping around skin areas)

    8.Craft according to the original armor's instructions

    Bethesda for Fallout 4
    Xavier19870828 for creating the outfit
    Themilkdrinker for creating Atomic Beauty
    Caliente for CBBE across multiple games
    Ousinous for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, without which the conversion would never have happened
    MunkySpunk for a lot of help on how to convert outfits
    Rpuresteel for the original instructions on how to convert outfits
    sUiCiDe.bUnnY for testing and screenshots
    AdamBurnsRed for testing and screenshots
    Gratiana for testing and screenshots
    Actares for testing and screenshots
    If I forgot anyone please let me know



  8. Living Parasite CBBE Armor

    I have decided to port this armor after reading the "Subject #130" thread.
    This armor was originally made by DixiePig for Skyrim, thanks to him.
    I tweaked it a little bit and added a specular map. Also, I have included my body preset/bodyslide file.
    It use the slot 54 or 55 ( I can't remember) so it can be worn with almost everything but there will be clipping.
    You can craft it at the chemistry station.
    CBBE compatible.
    I'm not the best modder but if you have suggestion to improve this armor, go ahead.
    Version 1.0
    Added "Living parasite armor".



  9. ZGC Rachel Wetsuit for Atomic Beauty Bodyslide Conversion

    Thank you to ZatanicGC for allowing me to convert their awesome wetsuit to Atomic Beauty compatible!!
    Please Note: Only the wetsuit is converted! And it may clip with extreme presets or ultra bendy poses.
    Directions for Use!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Install BodySlide and Outfit Studio utility.

    2. Install Atomic Beauty body.

    4. Download and install this mod (automatically, a mod manager, or if manually
    then extract the file into Fallout 4's Data folder. Overwrite the
    original mesh when prompted.)

    5. If you only wish to play with the default Atomic Beauty body shape then stop here and enjoy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on.

    6. Open Bodyslide and the armor will be in AB ZGC Rachel Wetsuit  group.

    7. Tweak sliders to your liking or use your preset.( If your preset
    is extreme, there is a good chance for clipping around skin areas)

    8.Craft according to the original armor's instructions

    Bethesda for Fallout 4
    ZatanicGC for creating the outfit
    Themilkdrinker for creating Atomic Beauty
    Caliente for CBBE across multiple games
    Ousinous for Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, without which the conversion would never have happened
    MunkySpunk for a lot of help on how to convert outfits
    Rpuresteel for the original instructions on how to convert outfits
    sUiCiDe.bUnnY for testing and screenshots
    If I forgot anyone please let me know.



  10. D.Va Outfits - CBBE - BodySlide - BBP Physics

    D.Va Outfits for Fallout 4

    An outfit for the CBBE body for Fallout 4. Comes with BodySlide support. This also supports Better Body Physics!!! This outfit comes with a 3 different types:

    1. Normal Outfit
    2. Slutty version with exposed breasts and butt
    3. Slutty version with exposed breasts and butt and barefoot.
    4. D.Va Headphones
    Install using your mod manager of choice. My preference is Nexus Mod Manager.
    Open up BodySlide and you can find the outfits under "Dva". 
    How to Get:
    There is one way to get this outfit:
    1. Craft in the CHemistry Workbench under "Dva Outfits".
    2. Or use console commands help "D.Va" 4 to get FORMID and then "player.additem FORMID quantity"


    I would like to credit myself for obtaining the original meshes and textures of the outfit. And using 3D Studio to make the slutty versions. As far as I know there isn't anything else like this mod. I first made this for Skyrim SE and am now playing Fallout 4 and decided to bring over.

    Feel free to use for anything and repost anywhere. I don't care about credits or permissions. Please don't message me asking for permissions, just use it.



  11. Chrysalis' Armour

    Chrysalis' Armour originally started out as just that; an armour mod. But over the months of developing assets, it's grown in to more than that.

    The armour itself is based off of Burgerkiss' lewd depiction of the armour, as seen in game as one of the added world objects. That is based off of IDW's Fiendship comic series, Queen Chrysalis' arc in particular.
    The optional file, suffixed with "perversions", is a simple replacement plugin that uses the armour keywords for the exhibitionism feature in Odinn's Perversions mod.
    All the poses used in the screenshots can be found as part of Dave's Poses.
    The ENB used for the screenshots is Vivid ENB.
    You can find the Nexus hosted version Here.

    Notes on compatibility:
    -If you decide to use CaN's "Player Pony" plugin, then you will crash when using the mod, Unique Player Redux.
    -Be aware of any mods that alter CaN's records directly, especially the RACE records. This mod relies on those, and having them
            changed will break things.

    If anything else is incompatible, let me know and I will add it to the list.

    -A full set of armour based upon a picture done by Burgerkiss, which itself is based upon the original depiction of the armour in the MLP
             Fiendship comics.
    -The armour is all Body Morph ready; use the in-game bodyslide to your heart's content!
    -The armour is all weighted using CHCBBEBP; hooray for boob and butt physics!
    -Alternate models so that you can at least somewhat cover yourself.
    -Dedicated slider in the bra to prevent the middle strap from being crumpled by cleavage.
    -A new perk that allows you to consume the love of anyone you meet. A warning, though, this will make people hostile!
    -New weapons that summon drones that will aid you in combat!
    -Full custom assets so that you can look like the best Changeling Queen!
    -Script added items; no Vanilla records are directly edited to ensure maximum compatibility.

    Place Anywhere
    Allows you to do exactly that; place anywhere.

    Ponify the wasteland!

    Pony Raiders
    Make yourself less like an alien to everyone else.

    Pony Settlers
    Make yourself even less alien.

    Player Comments
    Finally be able to comment back.

    Miscellaneous Settings
    -Set the player scale to 1.35, and change the speedmult actor value down to 85. Fix for ensuing terminal issues would be
            Any terminal At Any Height.
    -Disable character lighting.

    Where do I find the armour?
    The armour can be bought from the Mr. Handy in the Cambridge Science Centre Gift Shop, for between 1,000 and 3,000 caps apiece.

    The hair is clipping reeeeee(?)
    Rebuild using the ChrysHair Bodyslide file and your preset of choice, preferably one that is close to your Body Morph sliders, if you're using it. Body Morph doesn't work on Headparts, it seems.

    I can't see the tail when I wear the helmet. Why?
    I don't know/can't recall how Vanilla's helmets that show hair, such as the Metal Helmet, only show certain bits of it. At the moment, the helmet shows all or nothing. And trust me, you don't want to see the "all".

    Is there an Atomic Beauty version of this mod?
    At the moment, no. However, there may be one released in the future, provided there's enough interest for it.

    I made the boobs big but now the middle part of the bra is missing?
    Please remember to set the "Cleavage" slider to an appropriate value when building the bra meshes.

    Why is the Cleavage/Butt/Glove Slider's range different to the rest of the sliders?
    CBBE's default slider range is from 0 to 1, and mine if -2 to 2. Install the optional file that replaces it with my version with larger slider ranges.

    Do you actually lay eggs in this mod?
    No, not really, no. You do get given eggs, though. Keep eating that love.

    Where do you find those new workshop items you added?
    The Egg Cluster and Nymph can be found under Decorations -> Miscellaneous, and the Posters are under Decorations -> Wall Decorations -> Posters.

    The posters don't have collision and are hard to place, pls fix(?)
    If you know of an appropriate mesh which I can steal collision off of, sure, I'll fix it. Otherwise, I really can't. I recommend using a mod such as Place Anywhere.

    Because I could.

    This mod breaks my immersion ten different ways!(?)
    Don't use it, then.

    You use the wrong English!11!one(?)
    No u.

    Will this mod be coming to the xbone?
    Highly unlikely, as as far as I know, it goes against BethNet's Terms of Service in regards to more adult mods.

    The panties won't follow my Body Morph settings?
    The way I implemented it, the bits that are affected by my new sliders are not affected by any others. Rebuild using the Bodyslide files without the added slider.

    For the absolutely wonderful piece of work that inspired me to create this mod in the first place! Go check them out on their Patreon!
    For doing the original sketch that I created some of the posters out of. Go check them out on their Patreon!

    For helping me with some texture issues that were plaguing me for weeks. Half this mod's looks wouldn't have been possible without your help!

    For helping with some of the initial testing with this mod. Thanks man!

    TFN Discord
    For answering my various questions about plugin and script related things, and giving ideas on what might be causing issues.

    For CHCBBEBP. The physics is awesome!

    For the awesome tutorial series on Blender; it made it so much easer to model things after watching

    For the two great Bodyslide presets that I used to create this mod's preset.

    For the tool, jBS2BG, which made creating BodyGen morphs a hell of a lot easier.

    For the FOMOD Creation Tool.
    For help with making the wing Tri Morphs.



  12. Debby's Good Girl adult diapers & pull-ups

    Hello fellow people Dibz here, I am a member of the DL community (Diaper Lover) as some may know by now.......
    I was always into girls sucking on binkies & I think that's how me liking diapers slowly started, But now I'm a full blown DL.
    I don't know why but I think its cute & sexy when women wear diapers & pull-ups, I also like it when they pee in them.
    Pee is the limit for me though,  I think it's GROSS when women mess(poop) in they're diapers........To me that's just disgusting.
    To each they're own though, If it's what u like then enjoy it........I'm not one to judge.
    This is for all you other diaper lovers out there. 
    These are adult diaper / pull-ups mod(s) for Fallout4. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   To install drop the Data folder(s) in your Fallout 4 folder, Then run Bodyslide for the pull-ups / diapers.   Once ingame all the pull-ups / diapers can be made at the chem station in they're own sections. ^^ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Credit & a big THANK YOU goes to my friend Lucia1 for the diaper meshes used in the making of this mod.



  13. FO4 Clothing Conversions from Skyrim to Atomic Beauty Conversion

    This is the on-going Atomic Beauty Conversion of the conversion mod started by bumex. I will update the file as I'm converting more pieces over to Atomic Beauty. Clipping might occur and will be fixed accordingly. Images can be found on my tumblr http://oeliza-req.tumblr.com/ - currently unable to upload screens to this post.
    SkyAradiaBikini (all colors) Skybikini6 Skybikini8 Skybikini9 SkyCorset SkyDress3 SkyPriestessBikini1  
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio CBBE Atomic Beauty FO4 Clothing Conversions from Skyrim [WIP]  
    credits go to bumex for porting the Clothing and Armors from Skyrim over to Fallout 4 and all original mod authors If any original author has an issue with this conversion, feel free to PM me and I'll take it down.



  14. Kitten Mittens

    Hello fellow people Dibz here, I'll just give a Short description.
    These are some wool mittens in multiple colors for everyone who likes Mittens.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   To install the Mittens,   Simply drop the Data folder in your Fallout4 folder & then play the game.   Once ingame You can make the Mittens at the Chem station. ;)



  15. Furry Buttplugs

    These are some Buttplug Tails I made for funzies & I wanted to share them with the public.?
    I finally got around to making the puffy bob tails, There're kinda like bunny tails.
    I still might do some glow in the dark versions of the fox tails & the bob tails at some point.?

    To install these Buttplug Tails, Simply drop the Data folder in your F4 folder.
    Once ingame You can make them at the chem station.
    Credit goes to Bumex for porting the fox tail mesh to Fallout 4.
    I would credit the mesh creator as well but idk who that is. ?......
    If U know them or are the creator let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.



  16. Franky Urban Cloth ( cbbe and francine preset )


    90 Girl Outfit

    present :


    Franky Urban Cloth

    Styled and desinged



    FRANCESCO84Inn an Italian videogamer, modder










    Francine CBBE Bodysliede Preset


    The Franky Urban Cloth can craft via ChemLab
    under the Utility category
    and contain the following part :
    Franky Urban Cloth skirt ( new * )
    Franky Urban Cloth shoes ( new * )
    Franky Urban Cloth belt
    Franky Urban Cloth thong ( tanga )
    Franky Urban Cloth panty
    Franky Urban Cloth t-shirt
    Franky Urban Cloth gilet
    You can equipe all the single part together ( the outfit is design to make this possible )
    or you can combain some element from Franky Urban Cloth whit another cloth\mod

    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-

    ( by Caliente and Ousnius )

    BodySlide and Outfit Studio

    ( by Ousnius and Caliente )

    Francine CBBE Body Preset

    ( by me "FRANCESCO84Inn" )

    People on Nexusmod not understood my mod, i hope you like it !



  17. I.L.L. or I Like Lace

    I.L.L. (I Like Lace)... a Skyrim Conversion.

    V 0.3 (Still Fine Tuning...)
    Fixes from V0.2
    Stocking color should now work, it was pointing to the wrong attach point in the omod... FIXED.
    GarterClips now pointed to the correct Material File. I left off the "S" in the damn lacegarterclipS.bgsm... Fixed
    Items and Slot Numbers!!!
    Slot 33 - 4 items.
    Heels and body
    Heels, Stockings, and Body
    Flat Foot Stockings and Body
    Full Package (body, heels, stockings, garter, slip, and dress)
    Slot 36 - Garter Belt (Under Armor Chest Slot)
    Slot 37 - Slip (another Under armor slot)
    Slot 38 - Dress (another Under armor slot)
    Next up:
    Look into maybe changing the base color for the slip to something with a pattern (cause if it has a patern it can be worn as a smaller dress by itself)...
    Look into making different lace patterns available for the dress and stockings (maybe a rose patern or something else, I'm not sure)...
    Probably look into making some specular maps in the future so they will look better... a texture expert I am not (but I can mod the fuk out of some meshes)...

    Special Bits:
    As of version 0.3... There is a Ballistic Weave MK6 - Costs 500 caps, 100 ballistic weave, some ruber, some glue, and some other small bits... It is as it says (Cheater Version) cause it adds 500 to the following defense bits of an armor: armor, energy, cryo, poison, and radiation. It also gives you +10 to stealth move (basically double what sleek gives you when you crouch with a drawn weapon).
    Labia Textures in the tools\temp folder:
    If you take a look at the body you will see it has naughty bits added to the cbbe body (cause reasons).
    There is a set of textures in the \tools\temp folder. You'll need to blend them into your female body textures for the labia to show up (yes the diffuse, normal, and specular textures).

    -----------------------------Everything Below this line is from the v0.1 list---------------------------
    So this is version 0.1 of my Lace Dress, Stockings, heels, panties, bra's, and Garter Belt conversion from the Skyrim "Black Lace Mini Dress UUNP".
    Why: cause I like Heels and Stockings and See Thru Dress's and all kinds of shit!!!
    Currently done
    1 set of heels (with body); 1 flat foot stocking (with body); & 1 combo of Stockings, heels, & Body.
    Note: They set in slot 33 (body slot).
    They have Cherry Hots weight Paintings and the body is a little something special (its all the rage)....
    There are 6 colors to the stockings (choose at the armor bench), and they can be crafted at the chem station under a custom category... called "I.L.L. "I Like Lace""...
    The Colors are Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, and White (cause those were the sets I created back when the skyrim package as being made a long ass time ago).
    Version 0.2 will have the Lace Dress and probably the Slip... (uh we aren't there yet cause I haven't converted them, spent most of this morning setting up the material swaps and making sure they work).
    I'm probably going to go with Slot 38 for the dress, 37 for the Slip... I'll try to make it compatible with Easy Girl from HN666 where ever possible...
    So for now enjoy some shoes and some lacey stockings.
    Oh yeah You'll need to build them in bodyslide to your preset cause the default ones are my preset
    Side note: The shoe's are based on the meshes from charming high heels (converted to FO4 nif's and relocated to the FO4 CBBE foot) and just made to use a pure black texture for now... but since the feet and heels now fit those... I could probably convert all the other parts over (but I'ld make it multiple shoes with the different strap designs -vs- build your own as that just takes up to many slots).
    That or I may take the shoes from Lazman's High Heels mod and work them until they fit the body and stocking set...



  18. Snuggie Onesies

    These are the Onesies that were made by Lucia1 for Skyrim.
    I personally thought Lucia's Onesies were really really cute...........So I ported them to Fallout 4,
    And I love sharing with people so here we are.
    Attention- To those who downloaded onesies before sunday 9/3/2017, I fixed the 1stPerson issue.
    Just re-download the onesies you want, Let the files overwrite, Build your body, And play the game.
    1 more color pack coming soon, I'm going to add more colors, Orange Green & Indigo(Dark Blue).
    To install these Onesies, Simply drop the Data folder in your F4 folder.
    Use BodySlide to build your body type, & then play the game.....
    Once ingame You can make them at the chem station.
    Credit goes to Lucia1 for the creation of the original Onesie mesh(s).
    Credit goes to Me(Dibz666) for porting them to Fallout 4.



  19. Debby's Binkies

    Yay I did it!!! For all you Binkie lovers out there, Like me.....
    This is a project I've been workin on for about 2 months now, And I finally finished it.
    This is a stand alone mod, There shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods.
    This mod will add a NEW line of Pacifiers into Fallout 4,
    These Binkies were originally created by a modder named ae6b9 for use in Skyrim.
    I ported them & just wanted to share with everyone.
    More textures may be on the way.
    Full credit goes to ae6b9 for the original creation of the meshes for these Binkies.
    I just ported them to Fallout 4.
    To install the Binkies,
    Simply drop the Data folder in your Fallout4 folder & then play the game.
    Once ingame You can make the Binkies at the Chem station....Everyone Enjoy. ^^



  20. Devious Merchants

    You may occasionally find a few random devious devices being sold by merchants that sell clothes. You can then buy them and equip them with full DD functionality.
    15 July - Not a new update. Just reuploaded the file as it was down after LoversLab's server upgrade error.
    Providing a lore-friendly but easy way to get your hands on some devious devices without using any console commands. Once you buy the devices, you can use them with Violate and Prostitution as follows (in addition to the optional DD integration already described in Violate and Prostitution's threads):
    Violate: as an aggressor, you can select the Rob option, then give your victim a few devious devices, which will be equipped on them automatically, tying them up Prostitution: you can trade with your brothel prostitutes (since they're settlers/ companions) and give them the DD items, which will also be equipped automatically.


    Devious Devices and its requirements
    Like any other mods. Manually or with mod manager.
    Note: Merchants will only reset their stock every 48 hours in game so you won't see the DD items being sold immediately. You can wait 48 hours if you're impatient.



  21. Fusion Core Chastity Belts

    These are altered versions of the Institute Chastity Belt,
    These are generally the same as the original belt, Except These ones have Fusion cores in the back as Butt plugs.
    I screwed up, ............The Belts from pack 1.2, They had no mesh files & I didn't back them up.
    I managed to save pack 2 but I'll have to do pack 1.2 over..............I don't know when It'll be done,
    when I upload more belts I'll put more work into them.
    The 1st & 2nd pack(s) should still work.
    To install these Chastity belts, Simply drop the Data folder in your Fallout 4 folder.
    Use BodySlide to build your body type, Then play the game.
    Once ingame You can make them at the chem station.
    Credit goes to Vioxsis for the creation of the original Institute Chastity Belt.
    I just added Fusion cores.
    P.S. You can use OutfitStudio to tweak the position of the Fusion cores.



  22. Synth Outfit

    It's a synth outfit consisting of a suit and mask. I never intended to upload this and only did as an afterthought, I merely made it to help me learn my way around outfit studio and the creation kit. Male version of the mask has some clipping issues as I only did a single mesh based on a CBBE female form, I might get around to fixing it. To obtain type "help mask 4" in command console and scroll till you see "synth mask" then add item, repeat process for the suit using "help suit 4" and scroll till you find "synth suit". Have fun creeping the normies out kek



  23. Community Restraints Pack

    Community Restraints Pack

    Version 1.2c / 4.2.17


    This pack is an attempt to unify the available restraints for Fallout 4 into a single dependency in order to make them available to modders and users without the need to distribute them with the individual mods. In addition to the assets, CRP offers a broad range of keywords for identification of items by other mods and implements a dedicated Workshop Bench for all these nice things. Credit has been given where credit is due, check bottom of this post.
    I have also taken the liberty and reduced the amount of items due to different color schemes to a minimum. Instead, wherever applicable, the ingame modding system has been put to good use. Most items that come in different colors can be painted at any Armor Workbench in the game.
    I. Requirements
    II. Content
    III. Keywords
    IV. Mods
    V. Credits
    I. Requirements & Installation
    You require a copy of Fallout 4 and all DLCs. Fallout 4 Script Extender is not required.
    Fallout 4 (Base Game) All DLCs / Season Pass

    As per usual, copy the contents of this mod to your Fallout4/Data folder.
    Load the .esm before any of the mods that utilize CRP.

    Be advised: if you have previously downloaded one of the integrated restraints stand-alone version, you will get some override prompts. I strongly recommend not to override files.
    II. Content
    All assets from this mod have been made available from the crafting system ingame at a new dedicated Restraints Workbench for you to build in your settlements. As far as possible, the ingame modification system via the Armor Workbench has been used to allow color switching. Be aware that different mods may use duplicates from this asset pack that cannot be crafted and need to be acquired through means implemented in the specific mod. Refer to the specific mod for help and questions.
    This mod does not add any functionality to the items in question. Refer to other mods for adding functionality.
    New 'Restraints Workbench' available for you to build in your settlements. Base Restraints can be crafted at the new 'Restraints Workbench'. Modifications to restraints can be applied and changed at any vanilla Armor Workbench.

    Base Restraints
    Makeshift Slave Collar (DixiePig's Slave Collar) Makeshift Handcuffs (DixiePig's Handcuffs) Makeshift Ankle Cuffs (DixiePig's Anklecuffs) Institute Slave Collar (Vioxsis; paintable at Armor Workbench) Institute Handcuffs (Vioxsis; paintable at Armor Workbench) Institute Ankle Cuffs (Vioxsis; paintable at Armor Workbench) Institute Belt (Vioxsis; paintable at Armor Workbench) Vault-Tec Collar (Vioxsis) Vault-Tec Anklecuffs (Vioxsis) Vault-Tec Handcuffs (Vioxsis)

    Explosive Charge Module Shock Module Injector Module Paint Jobs for all items that come in different colors.

    All the implemented restraints have sort-of realistic crafting requirements. No perks are needed (for now), but the components vary depending on what technology is behind the restraint in question. The caps value and weight of restraints have been adjusted towards their worth in components and how advanced they are.

    III. Keywords
    A broad range of keywords has been implemented in this pack, they are applied to the delivered gear and should make it easy for other users to utilize them. They range from simple identification ('crpKeywordGear') that tells mods that the item in question may be worth having a second look at to specific details of what the item is capable of ('crpKeywordFeatureExplosive').

    Of course these keywords also support dynamic attachment of modules, like the stated Explosive Charge for collars or, if you wanted, plugs or anything really. The system used is identical to the way vanilla Fallout 4 handles modifications.
    If you have further questions about implementation, what keywords do or how to make your own mod's restraints be craftable from the 'Restraints Workbench' ask in the thread or send me a PM. I will try to respond as soon as possible.
    IV. Mods
    F4: Slavery System
    V. Credits
    Bethesda for Fallout 4 & Creation Kit
    Any credits given on the respective credited mod authors pages also apply for this project and the people in question may consider themselves thanked for their work.

    Please enjoy, give me feedback about what keywords and stuffs you'd like to have and if you even think having a pack like this is a good idea. If you know of anything I should implement into the pack - let me know in the thread or via PM!


    Personal Note: this is the first time I work with the new modification system in Fallout 4. Things may not be perfect. Please, don't hestitate to tell me about possible improvements. Also, I hope the blue color doesn't give you eye cancer. If it does, tell me so I can reconsider my choice.



  24. Diaper Lovers' Fallout 4

    This mod is a port of my mod, Diaper Lovers' Skyrim, by request. I don't play FO4 yet, and I wasn't planning to until Beth's unparalleled mod community really got their hands on it, but from the moment I released the Skyrim version, I've gotten that request. The mod adds a LOT of diapers as well as a handful of pacifiers, all for adult men and women. If you're about to ask why, well, fetish. It's a thing, and nobody else made a serious diaper for Skyrim, and though FO4 has a small diaper mod already, nobody has added diaper loving fetish fuel like my mod! In that spirit, I try to make something for the broad spectrum of interests related to this: diaper lovers, the AB crowd, omorashi, medical folks, bondage/discipline. The skyrim version serves an even broader audience with the support mods which have cropped up. That's really my goal: whether you find it hilarious (what, you're so normal?) or sexy or both, or neither, enjoy my imperfect but earnest offering, my wasteland waddlers.
    Three different adult diaper shapes, with 9 base textures and several recolors, up to 22 total for each, ranging from a slim version for clothing compatibility to the thick "overnight" variety. I think there are 65 total. 7 pacifiers with different designs, originally by request. Crinkling sounds when you move and tape sounds when you equip a diaper. The diapers are accessories occupying the 'wedding ring' slot, so you can mix and match with clothing that doesn't use the same slot.


    How to get them:
    Go to the Kendall Hospital, and you'll find a gruesome scene with an ambulance outside. They're all in a suitcase next to the wheelchair and the "emergency" sign, by the boarded up emergency entrance. Check out the attached image for the location. You can also console "help diaper 0" or "help pacifier 0" and player.additem X 1, where X is the formID.
    Requirements: CBBE Body. You also need some kind of nude texture for men if you don't want underwear underneath, and if you use a body with a penis, it'll probably clip through unless there's a 'smooth' version.
    Known issues:
    General caveat: I'm releasing today because I'm totally swamped, such that if I don't post something, I can't for a few months. That means that really basic stuff might not work. I don't even have a good MO setup for Fallout for a playtesting regime.
    Diapers have holes in them at some body shapes and bad weighting in motion. I can't fix this so long as I'm using .obj and bodyslide tricks to transfer them from Skyrim, as I did here. I may be able to resolve some of this when Blender's niftools are updated, but know that then the issue will be that my time has run out for awhile. Just try to find a good shape for the diapers if it bothers you. Also, rest assured that these things always clipped because they're accessories which don't eliminate body parts underneath, and because I'm bad at weighting anyway Bodyslide conversions are unlikely to work. I threw them in as a start for someone who knows what they're doing. World models are not fully ported. I can't get the game to do material swaps on them for some reason. There must be some subtle difference between Skyrim and FO4, or I've made some kind of error consistently across three meshes. You can see the world model in the inventory, but not when they're in the world, usually. The blue pacifier's ring is weirdly stippled. I don't know why, beyond something with the alpha. No crafting. Reading up on FO4's crafting made me think that it was safer just to leave this out for a mod I can't really update regularly and which adds around 65 entries. I'd like to have a version of this where you add the new colors onto the base at the armor workshop. For now, find them at the Kendall Hospital exterior, in a suitcase by the emergency sign. There are probably going to be some inconsistencies or small errors in names, colors assigned, missing sound, and that kind of thing. There were a ton of edits, and in case anyone's uncertain, "porting" from Skyrim is almost like re-doing everything . Just let me know, and I'll collect the list and fix when I can.


    Will you make a version for X body?
    No. Sorry. I've done so much conversion that I actually ported to a game I don't even play. I'm kinda 'conversioned' out.
    Are you planning to add (insert completely different model)?
    Sorry, no. I don't fault you for asking, but I've done what I wanted to for this, and then some.
    They don't work with armor!
    The two must use the same 'biped object' slot. It's almost certainly as simple as that. Change one of them in the CK, though know that changing DLFallout will require about 65 edits. Pacifiers use slot 49 - mouth. Diapers use slot 51 - ring. There wasn't another obvious slot for them, at least to me.
    Can you "use" them?
    You can in nerfbrony's mod of Skyrim version, because a talented modder came along and did it. Will you be that talented modder for FO4?
    What's next?
    Nothing is planned. I'm out of time for mods for awhile. When I do, Skyrim is still my focus.
    Re-makes, touch-ups, fixes, expansions, new body mods, and the like are permitted (and encouraged) without attribution or notice so long as you aren't profiting financially from them. You can even port them to other games. This is a (particular) community service. Caveat: You may not port them for underage individuals. While these could be seen as innocuous, it's a fine line, and there are enough idiots who think that this fetish has anything to do with that.
    ABUniverse for their many great designs (This mod's fanciest prints: Lavender, Cushies, Paws can be found with a quick google)
    Rearz makes the Seduction model
    Abena makes the Abri-Form
    DC Amor makes the very elaborate prints in pink.
    Caliente for the CBBE body
    Caliente and Ousnius for making a tool that plays an ever larger role, justly, in modding.
    Exugen for working on the original FO4 port, who gives special credit to zenna11 for help.
    Hyunkel_Hirum for making full CBBE bodyslide files for Skyrim, used to help import.
    An anonymous person who gave me FO4 for this.



  25. Marvel Comics Deadpool Fallout 4 Mod

    Break the fourth wall with Deadpool!
    All of the following items will be added to your inventory upon starting the game, Deadpool Modern Armor, Deadpool Classic Armor, Deadpool X-Force Armor, Deadpool X-Force Alt Armor, Deadpool Sai, Deadpool Sledge Hammer, and Deadpool Sword along with the perk that disables falling damage and gives you Deadpools Healing Factor outside of combat. Thus, you will receive full health after intense battles or futile battles. Everyone the MOD is MEANT to REMOVE PIPBOY IN 3RD PERSON. 3rd person is when you can see your character. In 1ST PERSON the PIPBOY works. I deliberately removed the Pipboy in 3rd person. PLEASE DON'T SPAM MY PIPBOY ISN"T WORKING. THE PIPBOY WORKS IN 1ST PERSON ONLY WITH THIS MOD ENABLED. However, if you prefer to wear the Pipboy in 3rd person you can equip it from your inventory as well. The armor rating is 100.
    For all mod request please leave them on my forums.
    Mod by wapeddell
    Special Thanks to CPU for helping with the Script.
    Special Thanks to Paranoia with helping with the mod.