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Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that replace or add new armor or clothes

130 files

  1. Kinky Kustom Kollars


    Kinky Custom Kollars
    Kustom would've made a troublesome acronym

    Adds +20 collars w/ lots of customisation ranging from English, Russian and Japanese.
    Kollars can be crafted at any chemistry station and modified at any armour workbench.





  2. Good Vibrations


    Good Vibrations
    (It's what the advert on the bus from Speed says)


    Adds several 3 styles of vibrators
    (Nipples, Vaginal and both.)

    Vibrators must be built via bodyslide
    Vibrators can be crafted at any chemistry station >Utility
    Patch if it doesn't automatically work with bodyslide
    GV-Bodyslide Patch.rar



  3. Eorzean Imports

    compilation of nsfw/sfw clothes i imported from ffxiv mostly for use with AAF sex anims, might be a bit glitchy for normal gameplay but some of them actually look pretty good imo so up to you
    just the fem miqo racial starting gear, bunny chief top, and the bozjan coat of healing which i did cuz i think it looks cool



  4. [FO4] Akali Cosplay

    adds spawnable via-console nsfw Akali clothing for use with AAF and other sex mods
    do "help akali 4" and you'll find it, theres a few variations. not meant for normal gameplay, just meant for sex anims, will probably be weird cuz i dont think i set up fpp meshes properly for it
    i found the model on that nsfw sfm model resource website i think but i cant remember cuz its been a while
    found ithttps://sfmlab.com/project/29859/
    pretty sure it was this one anyway



  5. RZ Boudoir Collection (CBBE)

    Large underwear pack with 30 items and 100 colors.
    You can get them via chemlab/utility, or by using ESP Explorer mod (easier and better).
    The textures are 2k to keep the size down. The archive is 180MB.
    I think this mod is complete, but I could always add more to it later.
    If you feel like supporting me it will certainly help me to keep making mods like this and my animations.
    Hope you enjoy the mod. You can feel free to comment requests (with reference pics) and I'll see...



  6. Steel Devices (Standalone) [03/15/24]

    Implemented assets from Paperebbe's topic. Textures are tweaked for greater results. F4 shaders look slightly different with skyrim.

    Requires: ECF (2.0 +) [ LINK ]

    This mod adds 2 different collars
    > Steel Collar (1) (No matswap)
          Thick collar with small handles on both sides

    > Collar 2 (With matswaps: Bare, dark, red [raider] )
          Slim, many handles that are separate 'armor' entries. Animates the glowing dots (intermittent)

    Craftable under STEEL DEVICES with chemlab

    > Steel Devices (2.0) [ Textures are tweaked by me ]
    > Textures Default [ Exported from original author ] (ba2 Replacer)

    Collars are worn as cosmetics. No any effects applied. Only done by EgoBallistic's framework as a patch with this.
    Handcuffs are not added, yet. Requires restrained animations...

    *Files end up as final updates unless there's more fixes and material swaps for both collars. From either individual's requests or my ideas in the future.

    Want to see wips and mods? Feel free to join my discord server!
    Story Action Compendium



  7. TCN's Sneakers

    Canvas style sneakers for your Fusion Girl characters, to that help add to the sporty or beach look.
    Shoes available in 3 textures. Free scrunchie included in a variety of textures.  
    Installation instructions are inside zip file.



  8. TCN's More Panties

    Monkey strangling panties for your Fusiongirl body.
    Installation instructions for the panties are in the zip. (Optional) If you use @tzenrick 's  Outfit Shuffler Mod, I've uploaded optional zip that includes an INI for these panties.
    You can manually install the zip contents  or use your mod installer, but afterward you have to manually open "Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\OutfitShuffler.ini" file and add an entry
    under the InputFiles section tag with "TCNMorePanties.esp.ini=1"  [InputFiles] TCNMorePanties.esp.ini=1  



  9. Rubber Duck's SAKR Repo

    Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource (SAKR) is absolutely amazing. However, not everyone has the time to manually add keywords to a bunch of different clothing items. This 'Repository' has been made with that in mind.
    What is this?
    A (master) download page for various SAKR patches. I will be patching certain clothing mods the way I see fit. From 09/04/23, every patch (INI) is created with my Rubber Duck's SAKR/RCP Gen tool. INIs created with ESLified masters probably won't work on your end and you will have to either change the FormIDs manually or (recommended) create your own INI with my tool.
    Skimpy Armor Keyword Resource
    RobCo Patcher
    some clothing mods
    How to install/use?
    About ESL-flagged masters...
    Fallout 4 has, unfortunately, a plugin limit. To bypass this, I'm applying ESL-flag to certain plugins; primarily clothing mods.
    What does this mean, exactly?
    To put it simply - it won't work as expected. To successfully apply ESL-flag to ESP plugin, one has to compact FormIDs for ESL. In a nutshell, this process changes values in the plugin. This becomes a serious problem when compacting FormIDs from a mod that's used by the other mod. It will most likely - break.
    My patches that have been made with ESLified masters won't work properly with RobCo Patcher (a new hard requirement for all the patches here) as it (RobCo Patcher) is looking for FormIDs that don't exist in your game.
    To fix this, you will (unfortunately) have to change the FormIDs yourself.
    Rubber Duck's SAKR/RCP Gen (link)
    I highly, highly recommend you to give it a shot! Not because it's mine, but because it allows you to create the perfect SAKR patch.
    Apart from the obvious issue (ESL-flagged masters), there's something else. See, the problem with using my patches from this repository is that they are made by me - for me. I'm applying SAKR keywords to items the way I see fit, and that might not be the most realistic case for certain items. If, for example, one outfit contains a short pants, most of the people would apply SAKR's Pants-Shorts keyword. I would, on the other hand, apply Pants-HotPants keyword. That's unfortunate and you'll have to deal with it if you use my INIs.
    Rubber Duck's SAKR/RCP Gen tool, will do all the work for you - you just export YOUR FormIDs from xEdit, load the exported file to SAKR/RCP Gen, select an item and all the keywords you want, and hit a button. That's it! There's a lot more information (as well as proper documentation) available on its page, so go check it out!
    Current progress so far:
    Note #1: '[ ]' indicates whether the patch has been made with ESL-flagged master plugin. If it has, it will read [ESL], else it'll read [Default].
    Note #2: CTRL + F is your best friend here as this list is somewhat long...
    Useful links:
    Rubber Duck's SAKR/RCP Gen
    Krazyones SAKR Addons
    Special thanks to twistedtrebla for SAKR (and other mods!)
    Ultra-mega-giga thanks to Zzyxzz for RobCo Patcher (and other mods!)
    All the users who provided their own patches!
    All the mod authors for creating nice clothes!



  10. Plugs of the Commonwealth - german translation

    Deutsche Übersetzung von Plugs of the Commonwealth 112
    Plugs of the Commonwealth 112
    Installiere zuerst die Original Mod und deren Voraussetzungen, überschreibe anschließend die Dateien der Original Mod mit der Übersetzung.



  11. TCN's Panties

    A panties-only set in various colors and styles.



  12. TCN's Shirts

    Nothing spectacular, I just needed to created a generic set of shirts that would fit along with my other clothing and could expand on in the future.



  13. TCN's Body Art

    Skin tunnels and plugs for ears in various colors.  
    (Bugs: Earlobe flesh my not match your character's whole ear color, even though materials is set for the basehumanfemaleskinhead.bgsm)



  14. TCN's Thick High Heel Sandals

    These heels are released in 6 colors. Designed to let dirty minds see dirty soles.  
    (Note: I like for my characters's heels to stay on during all AAF scenes so I use Rog's No-Strip Item Manager to keep some shoes on.)



  15. TCN's Office Skirts

    A set of tight office skirts. Includes a small set of earrings.   
    Installation information in zip



  16. TCN's Panties Down

    A set of panties for the fusion girl character. Some clean, dirty and disgusting. Makes your character look great!



  17. TCN's Kinky Wear

    A set of tops and pleated miniskirts in variety of colors.
    Includes a shirt raised over breasts and damaged clothing.



  18. TCN's Ero Tech

    A set of shiny translucent latex crop tops and leggings in various colors for the Fusion Girl body. Mix and match  
    (Heels come separately)... 



  19. TCN's Sleeveless Dresses

    Another dress for Fusion Girl were I try to make the dress long and tight.
    I think this is the best i can do for painting animation weights smooth between the thighs.
    If you see clipping issues in your player you can use BodySlide to expand the mesh some.
    (I've made similar fixes for smoothing an clipping to the mod "TCNDresses_v1.4.zip" as well.
    Installation details in the zip.



  20. TCN's Bikinis

    A string bikini available in the following colors for Fusion Girl:
    Gold Sequin
    Listed in the Chemlabs and Pipboy as TCN String Bikini



  21. TCN's Lingerie

    Bra and panties in various colors. (Not all matching pairs)



  22. TCN's Dresses

    Dresses for parties.
    Includes panties, pasties shrug tops and a necklace, some in variety of colors. Installation information is in the zip.  



  23. TCN's Platform Boots

    This pair of platform high heel boots for Fusion Girl comes with a few accessories that might match with existing clothing mods you have.
    The platform high heels boots come in latex and pvc colors.
    Only included a right side eye patch in this version.
    Installation info is included in the readme file in Zip.
    (In screenshots the stripper pole and poses are are in the from AlexW95 and Leito)



  24. TCN's Jeans

    Super high-waist suffocating tight mom jeans for your female player and npcs.
    Includes some accessories like earrings, eyeglasses and shower caps. Body preset included.  



  25. TCN's Flip Flops

    An outfit of a pair of flipflops and arched barefeet with toes spread.
    FlipFlop Colors:
    Black-Red-White Yellow-Black-White Pink-Purple  
    Barefeet Toenail Colors:
    French FrenchWhite Coco Pink Black Red Blue White  
    Thanks to all the animators...
    Screenshots are using animations sets Kziitd 31, realAnimatedPoses013, BP70 Bed Romantic Missionary, Gray Spanking 01



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