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These Oblivion mods are of an adult nature.

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  1. Tera heavy armors for DMRA-GUTS and Oblivion Muscle Girl

    Conversions of Tera heavy armors 1-4 for DMRA-GUTS and Oblivion Muscle Girl.
    Located in a chest in the testing hall.

    Vipcxj's Real High Heels System:
    (optional if using the Muscle Girl versions)
    Oblivion Muscle Girl Body / Race and pre-requisites

    Recommended skeleton:
    BBB Ragdoll Breast Physics - Growlfs Skeleton by killermonkey99
    Recommended animations:
    NoMaaM BBB Animation Replacer by fore

    Zomb_killer & Tigersan
    and anyone else involved in the HGEC / GUTS / DMRA / Manga bodies.
    Feel free to re-use in a non commercial fashion within the wishes of the original mod authors and with credits given.
    SHA-256:  09c848258cbe91b5f90018f76bc9e6b26568753b679ce0e6ffa053681ce53534



  2. Maeva Scribonia's Bookshop

    Maeva's Bookshop.  (Updated to Version 2.60)
    Cyrodiil's favourite adult bookshop.  Contents under pressure.  Open carefully and keep cool.  Now with more delicious quest content.
    To instal this mod, simply unpack all the contents into your Oblivion\Data\ folder.  Say 'yes' to overwrite, it won't overwrite anything in your vanilla game or other mods.  Or use OBMM, or Wrye Bash.  (But, if you are using Wrye Bash, you don't need my instructions.)  When the files are extracted, use OBMM, or Wrye Bash, or the game menu to activate the ESP.  The Textures folder is necessary to get illustrations in books that have them, including the disgustingly trashy, undocumented, picture books in the secret areas of the Hidden Library.
    In order to get the quests to run, and to enjoy LunaSprite's amazing furniture, you will need to ensure the Meshes and Textures folders are extracted to your Data folder.  This will also provide Strotis' extraordinary printing press model to Maeva's bindery, and the fantastic flaming sword model for the latest quest: The Necromancer's Ring.
    You will also need to disable borders in your Oblivion.ini file.  There are plenty of guides, on the Nexus and elsewhere, to tell you how to do this.  I won't confuse the issue further, but you have to do this in order to access the Wreck Of The Dawnstar.
    This mod adds a lot of books, all lore-friendly, to the land of Cyrodiil.  There are now 223 of Maeva's compositions in the mod, 123 contributed by Amalric Widmark, and a whack-load of guides (for finding the books 'in the wild'.)  I have weeded out the files to only retain the most up to date version, with all the books, all the quests, all the other small extras.  This solitary remaining version does not use nor require BookPlacing.
    Also, for any sensitive types who have gotten this far despite the "adult" tag on the mod, many of the works in this mod contain: sexual innuendo; mild sexual themes; graphic sexual depictions; and 'spit your coffee all over your keyboard and grab your crotch' level sexual content.  Be warned!
    In response to several suggestions, this mod takes all of 'Maeva's' so-far released books, including any new updates she graciously provided, and puts them into several places in the world of Cyrodiil.
    First off, all the books that were in the hands of individuals or bookstores in the original releases are still there.  If it gives you an added thrill to sneak into Casta Scribonia's bedroom to snaffle the only copy in the wild of "In The Lair Of The Orc Bandits", you can still do so.  The only books that are missing in this version of the mod are the "easy" options provided in The Maeva Scribonia Collections, 4 and 5.  These are replaced by the other three features, below.
    Additionally there is a whole library of works by Amalric Widmark, another author whose books are now included in this mod.  Many are attributed to Casta Scribonia, and available only through Renoit's Books in Chorrol, after completing the quest "Casta's Books".  Others are various works and subjects, some scattered around Cyrodiil, but also mostly available through one of the locales below.
    The mod also collects all the books into several other locations.
    One is Maeva's bookshop.  Yes, sick and tired of the small circulation her works have garnered in the Imperial Province, and the feeble efforts of her sister to help distribute the books, Maeva has set up shop within walking distance of where-ever you happen to be.  Where is the shop?  It is just north of Chorrol, south and west of the extremely scenic Black Rock Caverns.  Don't know where that is?  Take the track north towards Cloud Top.   Before too long, a track seems to open off the main path to the west.  If you follow this, you'll come to a pretty, rock-bound pool with waterfalls gushing into it.  Under one of these falls is the door to Black Rock Caverns.  Cross the pool to the west, and you can see Maeva's establishment.
    The bookshop is a convivial, friendly place, that is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.  For those of you handy with a lockpick, as always, it's open round the clock, but don't get too brazen when Maeva is around.  She's tougher than she looks. (But she sleeps soundly.)
    The bookshop sells books, of course; many of Maeva's released set, and some others.  Maeva's books are expensive.  Worth it, but not cheap.  She also sells "Guide Books", one for each prior release of her works, whether singles, sets or collections.  These "guides" are the readme's for the original mods.   They're cheap, cheap, cheap.  And they contain all the original book reviews that provide clues to where a book, in the hot, sweaty hands of its present owner, is.  Note that those in the chests of merchants who will sell them to you, are priced the same as in the bookshop.
    So, to recap before the exam, the bookshop sells guides, which are just the reprinted readme files, and most of the original books.
    So far, so good.  There is another place which also has a lot of books, and all the guides, and a few of the little extras that are tucked away in the private quarters of Maeva's bookshop.  And they're all free!  Well, sort of.
    There is a price to be paid, but it doesn't involve giving away your hard earned, ill-gotten, or found-by-chance Septims.  All the information you need to seek this out, and be forewarned of the circumstances, is contained in another book.  This one is not for sale at Maeva's bookshop.  The only copy in Tamriel was last seen in the for-sale stock at Southern Books.  You'll know it when you see it, the title is pretty self-evident.
    There is a set of "Welcome" books in the Bookshop and in the Hidden Library, which provides some information on the sequence of events for all the books, and the temporal order of the plotlines.  (This is my work, don't blame Maeva for the pedestrian prose in here.)  Also, in the Bookshop, there are several handbills lying around which are safe for you to read and which cover much the same territory as this readme.  (It always annoyed me that establishments in Cyrodil had handbills lying around, ostensibly for their clientele to read, but which led to immediate arrest if you took a peek.)
    The third locale is the wreck of the Dawnstar.  You'll find this as you complete the "Amalric's Book Cubby" quest included in the mod.  The miscellaneous works by Amalric are all here, as are some of Maeva's and Casta's later books.
    This mod is not Maeva's own mod.  That is a very impressive sorceress' tower in Colovia, with many more books and some other nifty features.  This mod is my own work, apart from 'Maeva's' and Amalric's books, of course, and any errors or problems are mine.  Please point them out, and I'll correct them.  Maeva's comment, on reviewing it:  "Pretty naff."  But she was touched enough by my effort to donate some new books, and write the clue book for the Hidden Library.
    One or two minor things I have noticed:  If you arrive at the bookshop the same in-game day that you activate the mod, sometimes Maeva has not unlocked the store. You can pick the lock without penalty (it's supposed to be open!), or you can come back the next or any other day and she will have unlocked at 8:00 am.  If you have companions with you, and you decide to dodge the 'gate keeper' at the Hidden Library, and go up the trap door ladder while your companions are fighting, there is a chance the 'gate keeper' will follow you into the library.  I didn't think this was possible, and don't know how to stop it.  These are the only things that showed up in testing.  Let me know if you find anything 'interesting' in your play.
    Lots of new books in the Bookshop that weren't released in any previous standalone mod.  As always, excercise judgement and good sense in downloading these books.  They were written by 'Maeva' for her own collection, and were never intended for release.  If you download the mod, and open it in game knowing this premise, anything you cannot deal with in the books is your problem.
    As mentioned above, a talented contributor has provided the curiously missing works of Casta Scribonia to the game.  The first parcel, contained in a quest you can pick up from Casta Scribonia (if she likes you enough) provides access to a library of Casta's books.  Including 'Woman Gone Wild'!  Amalric's style is quite distinct from Maeva's, and his worldview of Cyrodiil is slightly different, but if you enjoyed Maeva's books, you will like these.  Amalric cheerfully characterises his books as 'smut', but they are much more than that.  Estelle Renoit also sells a catalogue of Casta's works for next to nothing, but only for select customers, of course (i.e. those who've finished the quest).
    The quest to get access involves doing an errand for Estelle Renoit, but the mod does not otherwise affect the landscape.   The second parcel of books, unlocked through a quest obtained from a high-disposition Quill Weave, does change the landscape.  This has now been modified to avoid any conflict with other known mods, such as 'Reclaiming Sancre Couer'. It involves obtaining some feminine companionship for a not-very-sympathetic character in Anvil, involving blackmailing one of the town's female characters.  He'll then steer you to the book cache, and a snug, if quirky, player residence.  Don't expect any thanks from the female NPC after finishing the quest, however.
    There are also three quests to perform for Maeva Scribonia, one of which involves recovering a missing proof (which is a climactic book in the Nimbea Indaryl story arc, or at least the arc released so far).  This quest will lead you to the hidden library, if you've been unable to locate it.  The next, an errand more than a quest, will have you help her 'acquire' a particularly juicy diary.  Ahem, for 'research', of course.  And the third deals with the fallout from the second quest, which involves hurriedly returning the diary to its owner before the full weight of Imperial law falls on your hapless head.
    And now there is another quest which starts when you have completed the Mages Guild arc 'Confront The King' and have access to the Dawnstar.  A new book, the culmination of the 'Bhargaz' Adventures' series has a note inside the cover which starts you on a mission to find one of Mannimarco's rings, then trade it for either gold, or the location of a legendary, undead-trashing, sword.
    All of these quests are covered in more detail in the article in the mod package.



  3. FuroTrap Improved

    By feanor69
    (Reposted as original appears lost)

    FuroTrap gives the standard Oblivion Mine Traps a special effect.  When triggered, the mines trap the victim in a Daedric tentacle pit (a bath or "furo" as they say in Japan).  Once trapped, the victim is forced to give birth (or orgasm), which summons Daedric Scamps.  These Scamps then run wild, attacking and imprisoning any other victims they can find. Mayhem ensues.
    See screenshots included within this download manager.
    -= How do I use this mod? =-
    In addition to changing how Oblivion Mine Traps work, this mod also adds 3 new spells to the player's inventory:
    FuroTrap Summon (cast trap on a target) FuroTrap Summon Self (cast trap on player) FuroTrap Settings (adjust trap settings)  
    -= Who is to blame? =-
    Credit goes to unknown author for the trap, 921? from BBSPINK for the original files ( https://www.loverslab.com/topic/6935-furogeneratortrap-eng-and-more/ ) Credit goes to saddad for the initial English translation ( https://www.loverslab.com/topic/6935-furogeneratortrap-eng-and-more/ ) Credit goes to tsanm011 (aka larrytmc) for the pregnant body models ( https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/39759 ) Credit goes to Uriel for helpful bug fixes ( http://www.loverslab...82736#pid282736 ) (Link indecipherable)  
    -= What does the Settings Spell do? =-
    -= Installation Instructions =-
    #1. Requires: OBSE v0020:  http://obse.silverlock.org/
    #2. Requires: Universal Skeleton Nif v1.81: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37596
          Requires:  Also the LAPF skeleton if using with the LAPF/Lovers with PK system.
    #3. Requires: Improved version of the FuroGeneratorTrap v6.91:  (Alternate Links dead)
          Extract the contents of the .rar file's "Data" directory into your Oblivion\Data folder.
          Note that load order should be irrelevant since this mod doesn't rely on anything other than vanilla Oblivion.
    #4. Recommended: If you want sexy moaning sounds, install both of these mods:
          a. Estrus v1.9r5: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/28979
          Note that you don't actually need to activate the Estrus mod, you just need
          the contents in the Data\Sound\FX\Estrus folder.
          b. Lovers Resource Pack v2 or resources from LAPF itself : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/354-lapf/     
          For the contents in the Data\Sound\FX\Lovers folder.
    #5. If you are having an issue with the Message text disappearing too quickly, check out this fix:
          http://www.loverslab...feb-9/?p=322189 (Link indecipherable)




    A comprehensive mod that displays graphic icons representing the target NPC's gender, sexual encounters (options for LAPF built-in), status of being essential or respawning, enslaved status (options for LAPF or LST built-in), pregnancy status (options for  TamagoClub built-in), and more.


    None of the mods for the special features are required, and it isn't even dependencies for Oblivion's own .esp for use... granted, who'd play this without Oblivion.
    It does require OBSE 20+
    As this system relies upon tokens carried by the actors encountered, the use of LoversNpcStsSync is highly recommended. Actors that have been defined with the respawn flag will refresh themselves after a time and lose all flags it may have gained. The LoversNpcStsSync mod tracks these actors  and restores these flags.
    You have the option to use the MenuQue version (2.0) or the older Pluggy Version (1.5)
    For the Pluggy version you would want Pluggy 125 at the very least.
    * From Haama (Co-Creator of Pluggy): Use the lowest version required for your Pluggy mod(s).
    The previous Pluggy rendition is still available, but no longer being updated.
    (Any Systems)  Know the gender of your NPCs if masked or unmasked (Any Systems)  Know the actual Race of your NPCs if cannot determine (LC 2.5+ Req)  Know the gender of a creature if gender is defined (Oblivion Req) Identify NPCs that are Essential, Respawning, and more (Oblivion Req) Know which of the four main guilds the NPC belongs (LAPF Req)     Discover the NPC's sexual history (LAPF/LST Req) Identify enslaved NPCs in various states (Tamago Req)   Identify menstrual states of NPCs (Tamago Req)   Know the NPC's gender drives All options can be enabled or disabled in the INI file All options can be placed where you want based on the INI settings  
    All the features can be enabled/disabled within the INI file supplied.  The position of all the features are based on a modest 1024x768 monitor, so definitely feel free to edit the .ini file to suit your tastes.
    For those wishing to use the Pluggy edition, Pluggy can be found here .  Afterwhich, rename the OBSE_Elys_Pluggy.dll to OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_Hud.dll. The other OBSE_Elys_Pluggy files within do not need renaming. Only the .dll itself to activate Pluggy's graphic capabilities.  
    For those wishing to user the newer MenuQue edition, MenuQue can be found here.  
    NOTICE FOR PLUGGY EDITION USERS:  While Pluggy is used in various mods, some players have encountered crashes caused when entering load doors when the .dll has been thus renamed.  This cannot be helped. Still, there are other mods that do use Pluggy's graphic capabilities even with this issue known.
    This will not be the last update.  I do intend to add additional content some time.



  5. Chain Beasts Tweaked

    This is a slightly tweaked version of Chain Beasts mod which I've made for myself, cause I love to spawn them in IC or Anvil and watch xd

    What's changed:
    *Now beasts drain fatigue on attack instead of only casting spells, so this makes battles more interesting and guards won't kill beasts so easily
    *Splatter is disabled by default, but you can enable it by typing "set uchainbeastquest.splatter to 1" into console
    Requires original mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34346
    To install just replace original plugin with version from this mod

    Future plans: (probably)
    *Add config menu
    *Fix LoverRapeS interaction
    *Add moans to BDSM-content



  6. Genderbender

    v 4.3

    Dear friends, I hope you find this an entertaining mod. It allows you to change the gender of any NPC-based character in the game.
    Yes! This is a Sex Changing Spell Mod!!!
    You can find a very special book for sale, though it is not available in any book stores.  And be forewarned, the book's price is costly.  It allows you to change the gender of anyone or anything.  You're only limited by the mystical forces governing it (the configuration) and how much power you can control.
    You can throw targeted spells at an individual, or throw out an area-of-effect spell.  Are you immune to the effect?  Are you casting it upon yourself?  Will your targets be shocked by the change?  And how will they react?  Will they accept the change?  Will they love their new form?  Loathe it and want to be changed back?  All that and more is up to you.
    Please note that this system has some limitations.  Under normal circumstances, it will not change creature gender. However this can be performed on a rudimentary basis with the LAPF TamagoClub mod in use and can perform actual model-based changes if the LAPF LoversCretures version 2.5+ or greater is used.
    And while it can change the physical body of NPCs, it will not affect the faces of those changed. While face data is subject to the character's gender when being developed, I have yet to discern the command which updates the character's face as I had the character's body.
    While the OSBE plugin for Oblivion contains a command which lets you change the gender of an NPC, the command itself was buggy. Because of that, you will also need the EngineBugFixes package by Tiawar, also included in this set. Please, install it lest you find yourself 'CRASHING' each time you try to cast a spell.
    And if you wish to know the url for the EngineBugFixes package (v 1.9 being included in the download), it is http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47085/?
    The original version of Genderbender was developed mainly for the Lovers with PK system in mind,  And because of that, three distinct .esps were initially packaged for you to choose.  But no more.  The current version of Genderbender comes with only one .esp within the package.
    And while Elys Universal Silent Voice is usually a must so shocked reactions play through for a bit, you may wish to upgrade the package with Dukky's Vocal Packs.
    Compatible with the following:
    Oblivion Shivering Isles Knights of the Nine Setbody Lovers with PK              (to take advantage of certain flags) LoversChorus               (changing voices used during LAPF Sex) TamagoClub                 (actual inclusion/removal of gender content - LAPF required) LoversCreatures 2.5+   (allows changing of creature model - LAPF required) LoversCrowningIsles LoversSlaveTrader LSTBravilUnderground  
    Special Note:
    For anyone using Setbody, the body is physically reset to its default form when the spell effect strikes.
    * * *



  7. My Dmra Manga convesions BBB/Butt Active Complete

    I've decided to slowly but surely convert armors from DMRA BBB Complete Clothing and armor Replacer to DMRA Manga Body since I've never found a version that's been done before (and I sure as hell have looked lol) with added Butt bounce with as little clipping as possible!
    lmk if you encounter problems; expect a wee bit of clipping on the ass, but I've tried my best.
    I was unable to add Butt Bounce to Arena armors because their whole set nif is comprised of the cuirass, But I was able to make it fit the body. Additionally, for arena armor I only worked on Blue Team and Champion Raiment's seeing as you don't use yellow team, but I can add it in if it's asked of me. Ignored Fishing Waders, SI Dementia Finery, Monk, and upper-class finery because it either looked ugly or broken clipping I did Sheo's Regalia but it looks a little whacky   just a minor clip now  
    NoxiousFox for teaching me how to convert
    LL user @mma75online for showing me the power of mesh rigging
    Used Tools: The converter by Gerra6 on LL
    INSTALL: Mod manager, I had no problem installing with MO2, but cant say the same with vortex and anything else 
    THIS WILL REQUIRE https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42033  No longer required 
    Mktsang, Alexscorpion, HellKnight, Speedbuster - DMRA Body
    Coronerra - DMRA Body Attempt 2
    nabernas - DMRA Fine Tuned Body
    Exnem - Original Eye Candy body
    Robert - Foot mesh
    Growlf - Universal Skeleton
    colourwheel - Boots and Gauntlets, High Heels, Original versions of the Alternate Armors, General inspiration
    PAF - Additional Boots
    Edhildil - Original DMRA Replacer
    Yuravica - Alternate Mithril Armor original meshes
    Desuchan, NPR, Hentai, RGM, Raiar, A-Type2, Gizmodian, Blackheart - Various Meshes and Textures throughout the mod
    weaver, Messenger of Sorrow, Grimdeath9740, ViLance, spazizoner - Glass Armor Textures
    Nailfan - Like a Flower outfit
    Arthmoor, DraketheDragon, Surazel - Advice and Inspiration
    Wrye, Lojack, Wrinklyninja and everyone else on the Wrye Bash and BOSS teams
    Bethesda Gameworks
    Dark0ne and the staff of TESNexus
    Uploaded by



  8. Corinthian Pitfighter armor converted to MANGA DMRA with bouncing breast/butt

    Exploring the nexus to find an armor mod for a Nord tank I found this bad boi armor and just converted it from hgec to my preffered body and decided to share here.
    tools used:
    the ez converter for oblivion here in LL
    Credits from original authors and hgec converter:
    This mod uses components from the following other mods:

    - ANB Warrior Skin for HGEC (by Petrovich/Aridale)

    - HGEC-D alllll61s Saint Silver armor (by alllll61)

    - Ring Robe (by NPR)

    - Dancers Clothes (by NPR)

    - YAARM Iron Armor (by Mshadowy)

    - Growlfs Hot Clothes And Armor 41 Full (by Growlf)

    - The Exnem/HGEC team, with Exnem for the original body replacer, RAIAR for HGEC, MadCat for EBE, and unagi1312 for lightGUTS variations;
    -Trawlol, hgec version author
    MO2 master race lol
    as always, don't know how it works for other mod managers



  9. Claudia's Little Secret: The Complete Story - Original and Gold Editions

    Claudia Calidia has something to hide. Will you uncover her secret?  Enter the hidden, sensual world that hides her secret.  Venture into the myth and mystery behind the ancient Daedric cult of the Goddess, her cult now forlorn and forgotten.  Perhaps you can help Claudia's struggle with her past and uncover ancient magic.
    An engaging, multi-chapter quest, will you restore the Goddess' shrine?  Venture into a completely new and hidden world...
    Choose between the original and GOLD EDITION BETA!
    CLS is a game in itself using Bethesda's Oblivion and Shivering Isles as a decor, rather than the usual extension of the normal content. This is a complete (adult) story during which the player will become the champion of a forgotten Goddess and her Cult.
    This is a very adult-oriented mod and may not be to everyone's taste. Not recommended if you are uncomfortable with (female) homosexuality and a wide range of sexual practices. Though at the same time this is mostly a story mod with sexual content, not sexual content with a poor excuse of a story.
    It will start with some not-so-innocent little secrets and helping Augusta & Claudia run their hotel. Slowly but surely you will finish with your army crushing your enemies.
    Discover the ancient cult of the Goddess. Help Augusta with the hotel. Recruit staff, help the clients with a lot of side quests. Explore the new extensions (your quarters, "the pool", the Priestesses quarters, the new aisle of the hotel with the new clients...). Go hunt and find the legendary Megaloceros with the crazy twins in a special valley. Can you figure out what to do in the Wench and Pussy lodge? What's the story behind Han & Lisbeth? Find maids, free them from their other obligations and hire them for the hotel. Is Lidya the best maid ever? What happened to Sarah so she became a skooma addict? Why can't Michelle follow a simple path? Help reconstruct the new tool for your cult. Explore the strange nightmare realm of the Archspider. Become very small and learn to communicate with the Pixie's hive. And even smaller... Recruit Priestesses for the Goddess' Cult: the unjustly imprisoned dream master, the damned-by-the-gods Eileen and the lost-in-her-own-mind Kristina. Before you leave Tamriel for the mysterious and wild Sumuru island, will you have time to help all the new clients of the IC Hotel? Can you convert them all and gain them for your cause? Embark on your boat and discover what secrets lie hidden in Sumuru island. Are those women the original members of the Cult? What really happened to them? Get lost out of time and exorcise the poor corrupted herd in Moonshadow. Hurry, as you have all the time in the world and that's precisely the problem... Confront the impersonation on your enemy in a final battle where you will discover the truth. But it's up to you to decide the end of it... As there is an end.  
    CLS is a game in itself. It works best if you start a new character, a female humanoid works best and ideally size 1.0 like an Imperial. A male character or other races will work but the story may occasionally not fit or the animations may not fit perfectly to one another, if you can live with this.
    Choose if you are playing the Normal or Gold Edition.
    For the esp file, download either the Claudia - Normal or Claudia - Gold file.  ONLY choose one. For the meshes, download 'ALL' of the Vtoy - Meshes files. For the Textures, download 'ALL' of the Vtoy - Textures files, For the Music and Sounds, grab 'ALL' of the Vtoy - MS files. For the Videos and Required OBSE runtime, grab both the VToy - Video and VToy - Runtime files. And if you are playing the Gold edition, grab the Vtoy - Gold Patch1 file.  
    You will need to decide if you are playing either the Normal or Gold Edition.
    Gold edition is Beta. We have debugged a maximum of things but you may encounter more. Please report them to the team. The Gold edition is NOT compatible with the normal edition. You CAN'T use save games from one to play the other.
    You are strongly encouraged to disable CLS when you are done playing its quests. We will not provide support if you do not do so.
    All files are stored in .7z format, so a .7z extractor is needed.
        IMPORTANT (and overlooked quite often):
        For files that have .001, 002, etc after them, these are "FILE SPANNING" compression files.
        As an example, you would run the extraction of "Vtoy - Textures.7z.001" alone,
        and the file would acquire the contents of  "Vtoy - Textures.7z.002" and "Vtoy - Textures.7z.003" automatically
        to produce/reveal the 'Vtoy - Textures.bsa' file itself (the file being larger than LoversLab 250mb size limit).
    Copy the Vtoy.esp and all the extracted/required VToy  .bsa files into your Oblivion\Data folder.
    Copy the OBSE* folder (containing OBSE 2.0 and related files) into your Oblivion\Data folder, creating an Oblivion\Data\OBSE folder.
    The VToy.esp is recommended to be among (if not) the last mod in your mod order.
    * You may decide to pick and choose files within the OBSE folder if you already have OBSE installed.  Said files are OBSE 2.0, Elys Silent Voice, SoundCommands and a weOCPS.dll file. 
    Claudia's Little Secret includes quite a bit of custom music. If the custom music within the 'Vtoy - Music.bsa' file does not play, download the 'Optional Music.7z' file and install it into your Oblivion/Data folder.  The entire content is in its own Music\VToy directory, easy to uninstall if necessary.
    Due to permissions, this cannot be redistributed. However, it may be linked.  For those who wish to play Claudia's Little Secret, a German language patch can be found at Nexus Mods.
    Many mods are known, most are inevitable given how CLS is built. Use a minimum of mods with CLS for best results. A few, however, are necessary/highly recommended, such as nude body mods, better skins and some texture replacers. But of incompatible mods, do not use or even attempt to use these:
    All companion mods (e.g. CM Partners, Companion Vilja, etc.) Pose/Idle replacers (e.g Personality Idles) Real Sleep (all versions) Lovers with PK and its derivatives Sexvilion  
    RECOMMENDATIONS (or lack thereof):
    You don't need armor or clothes mods or replacers and in some cases they may interfere with immersion. Hunger/fatigue/thirst mods complicate some of the quests and some of the new areas are not prepared to supply the basic requirements, so these are not recommended, but can be used if you are willing to put up with the difficulties. Mods which change weather may have undesirable side effects on CLS but usually nothing really serious. Other mods...  You don't need them, they may interfere, but most other mods are tolerated by CLS. Mods like those which change the UI are compatible, those which modify game play without changing places are usually okay. The official DLCs and Cobl are fine, OOO creates a few minor conflicts or unplanned challenges but works well enough, economic mods may influence the challenge of a quest or two, but are generally compatible.  
    Again: CLS is a game by itself you don't need other mods with it for the time you play it. Keep in mind that you will need to start a new character, so you can get back to your mods and old character afterwards.
    Visit the forum board for Claudia's Little Secret: https://www.loverslab.com/forum/30-claudias-little-secret/



  10. DMRA Manga body with bbb/butt bounce

    These nif files were given to me by a good friend on Discord, since it's never really been seen before expect on certain armors; This here will give you a new nude body with "ASS PHYSICS"
    PS: 1st time doin an upload here so sorry if it doesn't work out
    requirements: Skeletor for bb obviously 
    some animation mods to make visible I recommend good 'ol nomaam's BBB animation replacement and also sexy umpa walk on nexus
    works with hgec for textures
    Install: Steam\steamapps\common\Oblivion\Data\meshes\characters_male OR if you have a preferred body installed already just back up the female lower and upper nif and replace with the new 



  11. Rev's Creature Compendium Addon

    I didn't do a very good job on this one. It may cause save game issues. Use at your own risk.
    Some new friends for you to play with...
    Game getting stale? Need a change to challenge and intrigue you? Maybe it's time for something new... Well check this out. How about 20 new creatures and 4 new NPC's. All worked into leveled lists where I thought appropriate. Not to mention... a new race! Caution this pack has some mean stuff. Designed for a heavily modded game, vanilla warriors beware! All of this is pulled from resources provided by Puddles I found on "The Assimilation Labs" website.
    Found here;

    If you have seen this resource before, expect that many things have changed. There are 2 versions of this mod. One with a CM Partner added for those who use CM Partners, and one without it added. I took heavy creative license, and a lot of time, to get everything as perfect and pretty as I could. I made 2 new ingredients and a customized vanilla mace. I also re-did the testing version for everything. If you want a peak, type coc testinghall in the console and find the door "TestRevComp" to see everything added by this mod. All of the inhabitants through the door are passive, unless attacked. Also, a table with the new items is in there too. A lot of other adjustment blah blah. I have done extensive testing and everything checks out. This mod isn't exactly lore friendly...

    Let us run down the list;
    Axolotl; Passive. 3 different colors. There are just cute. They are in the water.

    Nixad; Aggressive. 2 colors. Nice To look at. Find them amongst imps.

    Narwhal; Passive. Find this cool guy in the water.Aetheric Kite; Aggressive. Found in the water.

    Orca; Aggressive. Sorry about the texturing, couldn't solve it. Still is a good addition. "Whale Meat" ingredient added be me. Found in the water.

    Corrupted Shade; Very aggressive. Defender style fighter plus cold spells. "Defiled Bonemeal" ingredient added by me. Found with Skeleton Guardians.

    Mistman; Very aggressive. Archer style fighter plus cold spells. "Defiled Bonemeal" ingredient added by me. Found with Skeleton Guardians.

    Wrathman; Very aggressive. Defender style fighter plus cold spells. "Defiled Bonemeal" ingredient added by me. Found with Skeleton Guardians.

    Death Hound; Deadly. Servants of Sheogorath sent out to hunt and kill unwary adventurers. Primarily found with Skinned Hounds in Dementia. Every pack needs an alpha...

    Burnt Spriggan; Aggressive. Think of it as a sub-daedra, or a "turned" spriggan, that now fights for oblivion. Found amongst Flame Atronachs.

    Burnt Spriggan Matron; Very Aggressive. A much stronger version of Burnt Spriggans. Found amongst Flame Atronachs.

    Abyssal Fish; Deadly. A beautiful killer. Found amongst Slaughter Fish.

    Daedric Leviathan; Deadly. Sleek and furious. Found amongst Slaughter Fish.

    Sandrose Mauler; Deadly. If you fear anything, fear this. Massive, fast, and mean as oblivion. They have been known to be seen levitating, and are mostly passive in this state. Beware the water...

    Gremlin; Aggressive. Small, green, and quick. Kinda like a treasure goblin... that attacks you. Found amongst Goblins.

    Hammerfell Gremlin; Passive. Just for show, unless using the CM Partner version. In that case, "Pinky" is present as well. Found in the Harborside Warehouse, Anvil Bay.

    The new race has not been set up for player use, though it is playable. The following are new NPC's and they require body mods to work properly (included nude versions). The females use HGEC M lower and D Cup Upper, very nice. The males use Robert's male v5.2 muscular athletic upper and lower, also very nice. A one piece male mesh is provided in case of that need. If you already use body replacers or don't want all of your npc bodies changed to nude, don't install these meshes. But I highly recommend it, and again they require HGEC female and Robert's male bodies to look proper. Otherwise the skin textures will be all wonky. Be aware, the head and upper body neck seams are not seamless, so that is normal.

    Fire Daedra;Male; Aggressive. Strong combat and fire magic users. Special faction, weapon, and looks. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.
    Female; Passive. Strong Combat and fire magic users. They are a special NPC that has betrayed the will of Mehrunes Dagon. Be warned, these are allies. To attack and kill one constitutes an assalt and murder on your record! Special faction, weapon, and looks. They will re-cast after 5 minutes. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.

    Frost Daedra;Male; Aggressive. Strong combat and frost magic users. Special faction, weapon, and looks. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.
    Female; Passive. Strong Combat and frost magic users. They are a special NPC that has betrayed the will of Mehrunes Dagon. Be warned, these are allies. To attack and kill one constitutes an assalt and murder on your record! Special faction, weapon, and looks. They will re-cast after 5 minutes. Found with Dremora Kynreeve.

    Cleaned with Tes4edit

    All needed resources included, except a bbb skeleton. 

    HGEC female body (any or included) and Roberts male (any or included) and a compatible skeleton (not included) 
    CM Partners mod and anything it requires if you want to use "Pinky".
    Shivering Isles for Death Hounds to spawn only. Not an absolute requirement.

    The original mod Read Me (included) states the resources are free to use.
    Raiar's HGEC female body and Robert's male V5.2 are well known free resources.

    Credits;Puddles, Nuska, and others mentioned in the original Read Me's (included available Read Me's).
    Raiar for HGEC female body and Robert for male V5.2.
    DrakeTheDragon for making the script for the female daedra dancers. Thanks a bunch!

    If I missed anyone for anything(hopefully not), let me know and you will be gladly added.

    Your gonna love this!



  12. Cursed Armour EV 0.85 (All Merge, .83-87) English Version

    These file merge all the available resources and also updated guides,I could find so you do not have to go running around.  I also added screen shots these mod seems to have VERY few.



  13. Main Menu video Replacer - Beast Sex

    Main menu background video replacer - Beast Sex
    Replaces the main menu background video with hot chicks taking horse cocks and huge knots.
    There are 2 versions:
    "Main Menu Replacer Beast Sex - Mute" - This version works. There is no black screen glitch. USE THIS one. "Main Menu Replacer Beast Sex - Audio" - This version is broken. There WILL BE black screen glitch for 10-20 seconds. But it has the audio included from the clips.  
    Besides that, to avoid redundant file uploads, here is the guide to install it for both Oblivion with the Oblivion Reloaded mod and without it:
    If you HAVE Oblivion Reloaded mod, rename the video file in the video folder to "ORMainMenu.bik" If you DON'T HAVE Oblivion Reloaded mod, rename the video file in the video folder to "Map loop.bik" (The default name)  
    Optionally, you can download the alternative audio file, which includes additional songs of different styles, in case the one I included is not to your liking. Rename the music file of your choice to "tes4title.mp3" and overwrite the one found in \music\special folder.
    Install using a mod manager of your choice or manually in the Oblivion\Data folder.
    My notes on making these kinds of video replacers in case someone else wants to do it (since it was near impossible for me to find this info on the internet myself)
    THE AUDIO IN THE FILE CREATES THE BLACK SCREEN GLITCH - Unfortunately. I converted the same video file in two versions. One included audio, the other didn't. Audio version has the glitch, muted version has no glitch, simple as that. File size doesn't seem to affect the playability in-game. I had issues with large video files that ALSO had audio, but from what I've seen, as long as the video has no audio in it, it can be pretty large (300MB?) and should run fine. That means you can create a smooth HD video instead of the choppy blocky vanilla ones. In case you use RADTools, this is what I found out messing with the settings. If using constant bitrate option, setting the number to 800 000 - 1 000 000 is optimal, as anything below or above will increase the output file size. If using %of original file, 40% - 50% is optimal between quality and file size, though the output file size will be larger than original. As base file I used a 60 FPS .mp4 file. RADTools seemed to have no issue with that, so that is nice.  
    I thank Noname55, who granted me permission to use their amazing animations into making this mod. You are not allowed to use the clips from this mod in your own works. If you wish to use Noname55's animations, contact them.



  14. Claudia's Little Diary

    For adventurers that are tired, stuck, and generally having a bad time because they cannot figure out how to finish the quest given to them.  Look no further.  The good folks at Condom House Publishing have released seven tomes about a mystery girl named Claudia, these seven which can aid those heroes and heroines in distress.  
    ( ie Guidebooks for 'Claudia's Little Secret'. )
    These fine books have wonderful illustrations from the talented artists at Hentai Foundry, and are available at the following book stores:  The First Edition and Southern Books.
    Be ready though.  These books are spoilers, and have plenty of information about the adventures they follow.
    Not required to have any of the adventures they describe.  They do not require any mod except for Oblivion itself.



  15. [Book] Prequel Books edit by Sunhawken

    Adds some colorful books for sell in the IC Arboretum. Based on the Elder Scrolls Prequel Series. Yes, the books contain pictures. Credits deleted95198443



  16. Player Slaver Additions (Fixed)

    Fixes these mod so the spells and gag actually work...
    REQ : 



  17. Chain Beasts Male to Female Patch.

    These file patch makes Chain Beasts allow you to capture female as a male *. Whatever reason I have no idea why the Author did not add these.
    REQ: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34346 
    According to what I understand, the time captives are held is in real time or 'play time' not game time. Saving would be wise before constructing any CB items. Ya can't get rid of them after if you make a mistake.

    The minimum amount of time you can set the chairs for is 1 hour. The calipers set the # of hours in the chair before being released. ( I'm assuming it's a 1-1 ratio) so 1 caliper is 1 hour of play time.

    The # of tongs sets the random hours. (assuming the 1-1 ratio again) if you put 5 tongs in the marker, then random captives will spend 5 hrs in the chairs.

    Quills set the levers activation per hour when they aren't set to manual.

    The eyes set the number of total CB allowed to spawn for that chair stations control area. (each egg only spawns 2 CB at a time. You need to set the total CB allowed per hour via the egg creation spell BEFORE creating the egg.)
    Additionally if you set up chair stations to close to each other, they compete for 'crawlers'. The losing station receives a scythe in it's marker, making that station inactive.

    As for the codes,"set uchainbeastquest.maleok to 1" allows male PCs to activate the eggs. This state should be remembered in save games.
    If the PC is male then only male characters are captured. By default only non-tailed female player characters can activate the eggs (set uchainbeastquest.maleok to 0). The CBs only capture female NPCs/PCs by default as well. Males and tailed females can be knocked down by Chain Beasts, but they are not stripped or chained, and will revive after a while. Odd as one would assume if your PC is male the code allows the CB's to capture both sexes, not just females.

    keep in mind that if your pc is male and you use 'set chainbeastquest.maleok to 1' and the code for kaijits and/or arigonians it will still only go after males. If your PC is female and you use the codes as above, the CBs target everyone.
    semi quick work around for the docking (Continuous circling)
    go into TES with UChainBeast.esp as the active file in the object window
    aylied ruins
    look for the id UchainbeastDoor01
    right click it and select edit
    second item is script click on ... next to the text
    then replace it with
    Scriptname UChainbeastDoorScript

    ref actor

    Begin OnActivate

    set actor to getactionref

    if actor.getequipped uchainbeastgag03
    actor.removeitem uchainbeastgagkey 100
    message "Only captives may enter !"

    and that lets you in without having to go through the capture then compile and save and everything should work however i have only tested this on mine but it works  



  18. Companion Margarete Lena V5 plus English Patch

    Adds companion Margaret to Lena, who has lost her memory. You must help your inseparable companion find it. This plot includes 58 quests (with a good scenario), and a couple of surprises. Margaret Lena can change specializations, has an extensive wardrobe and is just a funny companion. The girlfriend management system is quite friendly, in general, I recommend it to everyone, despite all the shortcomings of the mod. The adventure begins with the Archmage's Quarters at the University.
    Requirements: Oblivion v. 1.2.0416; OBSE; HGEC
    Thanks: Takirell for corrections, Sipmpy Red for support. peterkris



  19. A gentleman's ship by Ima

    A gentleman's ship by Ima
    ■ Overview
    Add one ship.
    BBB compatible equipment is included here.
    ■ Features
    ・ All types such as painful and non-painful are included.
    "Do not use if you don't like painful equipment"
     I can't get any other equipment for that (well, if you do
    Please get it from the console)
    -The box has a respawn attribute, so you can get as many as you want.
    ・ Compared to the gentleman's house, we are dieting a few polygons and sharpening the angle.
    ・ The milking machine has been changed slightly, so I wondered if it became even more erotic ...
    ■ Installation
    Keep the unzipped file in the data folder with the folder structure
    please put it in.
    Well, I may add items, so I have not made it in OBM format.
    Also, as for icons and texts, it is used together with a certain gentleman's house, so
    It overlaps with a certain gentleman's house, but even if you do not overwrite it
    It's OK.
    However, it is required if you want to include only this mod.
    ■ Location
    It's floating near Anvil.
    Well, there is a map marker so you can see it right away.
    I haven't set any keys, so I'll just put them in.
    ■ Latest update contents
    2010/09/14 Added work clothes for a cheerful daughter
    Added an icon to the Human Bone system
    ■ Restrictions
    I haven't made a color change this time, but I'm in a gentleman's house.
    I think that it can be changed by text (just replace the file), so that
    Please use Nifskope etc. by yourself.
    Also, the items that are not on the ship this time are not included because they are not swaying equipment.
    When I tried to import it into Blender to shake it again, it gave me an error.
    Equipment is also omitted.
    Later, in the original HGEC Manga for BBB, the gloss is set to 40, which is quite shiny.
    I felt it was too much, so I set the gloss to 10.
    Therefore, if you use the original HGEC Manga for BBB, you may feel a sense of discomfort in the gloss.
    In this case, please correct it by yourself with Nifskope etc.
    (It's a good idea to attach something that has just been changed in gloss to the author without notice.
    I think)
    ■ About SS
    I just changed it so that it shakes, so I have not added it.
    Please feel free to post the SS.
    ■ Why are you in such a place?
    No, after all it is on the sea that it shakes w
    ■ Other
    I am not responsible for any misfortune to the public that occurs with this mod.
    Redistribution is basically prohibited.
    Please refrain from reprinting on template wikis, gentlemen's rest areas, etc.
    This is maintenance and support up to the point where it was distributed without permission other than I distributed
    Because I can't finish it.
    I can't figure out that much.
    This time, we will maintain and support only the amount raised to this roda.
    "I don't bother with that. I'll do the maintenance and support here.
    It ’s up and it ’s not going to come out as it is.
    I will follow you responsibly here. "
    If there is a person who says, you can reprint only that person.
    You are free to modify it or incorporate it into other mods, but this is also out of maintenance.
    If you have any request, please write it in the thread so I can see it
    We will fix the KITZ bug.
    Also, if there is something that I think "Oh? That's good", as much as I can
    I would like to respond.
    You are free to incorporate meshes and tex into your mod,
    It is not possible to follow up to the incorporated MOD.
    If you have a mesh or tex built in, follow it yourself
    [About the translation]
    This ESP might be translated and there be hardly recycled what.
    Because it is an item name and place name title.
    However, please do maintenance and the support of MOD for the translation in the translation when it is translated even so.
    If the condition can be defended, you may freely distribute the translation thing again.
    (However, Japanese translates into words other than Japanese, and translates and doesn't admit the distribution quibble
     such as freedom again because the translation thing.) Moreover, only the thing written in Japanese corresponds in that
     case though it corresponds if the support is necessary by all means.
    It is assumed that other languages were not seen at all and doesn
    ■ I don't care
    It's a secret that LoversBorn is tired of adding and developing NPCs and running away to the side streets.
    Because ... I don't know which race and Yar, so NPCs for children of all races
    I have to add ... ^^;
    Besides, if you don't add some kinds, you can only get pregnant once (same face)
    Thing ...
    ■ Credit
    Female EyeCandy --Body Replacer v1.0 by Exnem
    HGEC manga Body



  20. Pubic Hair Growth

    Pubic Hair Growth
    This mod simulates pubic hair for female characters. The hair updates over time, and can be trimmed or shaved.
    In-game configuration
    A mirror item is given to the player after the tutorial is completed. Dropping the mirror into the game world and activating it will allow the player to choose pubic hair color.
    If the player places a Knife, Pewter Knife or Silver Knife onto the mirror first, activating the mirror allows the player to trim or shave their pubic hair instead.
    Ini file configuration
    Growing intervals can be adjusted by changing the "hours" variables in the ini file.
    The mod can announce when the hair has changed, by setting announce to 1. The announcement messages are also configurable, by adding and editing the following lines to the ini file:
    set PHGMain.stageBaldMsg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for fully shaved" set PHGMain.stageStripMsg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for shaved into a strip" set PHGMain.stage20Msg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for 20 percent hair" set PHGMain.stage40Msg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for 40 percent hair" set PHGMain.stage60Msg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for 60 percent hair" set PHGMain.stage80Msg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for 80 percent hair" set PHGMain.stage100Msg to sv_Construct "Your custom message for fully-grown hair" Compatibility
    This mod is implemented as hidden clothing which uses the tail slot. Males, Argonians and Khajiit characters are not supported. It requires the latest version of OBSE.
    Meshes are based on nude lower M option from HGEC Body with BBB v1dot12 (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34442/). Other body types might work, but clipping or other visual issues could occur.
    As of version 1.1.0, this mod will not equip the hair mesh if another equipped item is already using the tail slot. This is to prevent a race condition with other mods that auto-equip items. The hair state will continue to update, and will be visible once the blocking item is removed.
    Version 1.0.1 uses a .bsa file instead of loose assets - make sure to remove the previous version's files before upgrading.
    Version 1.1.0: some variables have changed, and a clean save is recommended. However, this update can be installed for saves using older versions; hair growth level will be reset. Note that the ini file has changed; intervals are now in hours instead of days.
    Known issues or bugs
    When a knife is dropped from the inventory directly onto the mirror, sometimes it will fall through the collision mesh - tipping the mirror over will fix the problem.
    There are no other known issues at the moment. If you have a problem with the mod, please let me know.
    Licensing and legal notes
    The body meshes are based on work by Exnem, RAIAR & MadCat221, coronerra, Saaya, Dryad, stricken618 and Rivelle. If you wish to modify or reuse that content, you will need to follow the licenses related to that content.
    Everything else is my own work, and you are free to use as you want.



  21. Main Menu for NSFW playthrough

    Main Menu for NSFW Playthrough
    By: Azuka's Veil
    "Monsters, futa, big tits and demons..."
    Tried to make oblivion the ultimate hentai game, but couldn't find the right main menu mod? Well friend, look no further. Welcome to MMNP, the main menu for nsfw playthrough!
    After a long search on the nexus and loverslab, i was suprised that i couldn't find any nsfw main menu, cuz you know, oblivion is a great game and it has been around for... what?15 years? 
    So after a long night, i finally made a main menu mod that will give the "Damn, this is a hentai game" feeling next time you open your modded oblivion. This is my first mod so if you find any bugs, please let me know. Enjoy!
    Mittsies: For the "Mittsies - Lustrum" music!
    Animationbewyx: For the "Daemon_Girl_Doggystyle_Animation_NSFW" video!
    SimsEro3D: For the "Комната для Призыва Демона (3D Хентай) video" video!
    SimsEro3d: For the "Sexy Succubus and her Horse Racing. (3D Hentai)" video!
    Voidmond: For the "Dois Lobisomens e um elfo" video!
    VLDstudio: For the "Shadow Monster Part 3 [3D][Honey Select 2]" video!
    szyca: For the "甜心选择2 堕落的女武士" video!
    Paranoid sheep: For the "DANGEROUS BITCH, Kasumi the Slave off HELL." video!
    JCMNVA: For the "Tale of High Elf and Futa Oni" video!
    Auxtasy: For the "Succubus Fuck POV" video!
    !!!This mod wasn't made with the intention of offending anyone, but if any of those mentioned in the credits doesn't want their work in my mod, please let me know so i can take it down and make the proper ajustments!!!



  22. SPD Curvaceous Clothes Collection

    Speedbuster's Curvaceous Chubby (Modified) Clothes Collection
    compiled/modified by: dogonporch
    May 22, 2020
    "What is love handles? Do I have love handles??"
    This is my old chum Ave Brave's stock clothes conversions plus updated meshes for Trashdog's Chubby Loincloth and numerous other fun extras. You'll still need Trashdog's SPD Clothes Store for the rest of the Loincloth outfit. Also a few extra Trashdog bikini colours were added as there was only black in the original mod. Some of Andro21's gorgeous robe textures are included as well. 
    The creation of this was mainly inspired by my  wife's use of Emma's strawberry & sweetroll loving Vilja whom she always makes a Speedbuster Curvaceous...and demanded clothes for...lol. It was always odd for us in the early days of playing Oblivion to see Vilja crammed into stock clothes or some tiny HGEC outfit when her dialogue clearly pointed to being a much bigger lass. That's where Ave stepped in with this awesome unfinished collection...
    I tried to make this 100% stand alone...thus all the added textures rather than a massive list of mods to download. Plus...I've had this install so long that I've forgotten where half of the stuff comes from.
    Not ALL the clothes were converted...but there's still quite a bit of swag. Includes many extra re-colourings of original textures for more variety.  
    Needed either way. Such a great body detail-wise and everything bounces/jiggles...of course. So the limited amount of clothes available was always a real shame. 
    This fixes that.
    All clothes come with a built-in Apachii seam-hider to free-up that amulet slot for something other than hiding texture anomalies.
    Issues...at times things clip. Just part of the fun. Due to the way the body was initially built, the feet are off the centerline by just enough to make the body incompatible with most other clothes. So generally you can't mix n' match well between body types like you can with some other bodies. 
    Put the meshes textures folders & esp in your Oblivion Data folder...esp load order shouldn't matter as location changes were minor. So near the top should be fine.
    I built none of these resources...I merely brought them together.
    Emma...just cuz'. Without Vilja there'd be none of this effort.
    Plus any I might have missed. 
    Much thanks.

    Most of these folks have long since moved-on from Oblivion, I'd imagine...but if not and they'd like anything changed/mentioned/credited/etc...by all means drop me a PM at LoversLab, Emma's site or Nexus...or leave a post on the mods support thread.
    I aim to please. 
    All clothes can be bought at the Divine Elegance store in the IC...but other minor vendors are scattered about...one is in the Drunken Dragon...and another is in Sickly Bernice's in the Shivering Isles...to give away two. They sell random BBW clothes. The vendors can train and such and have their own AI outside of selling clothes. Generally store hours are 8AM to 8PM. You'll need to use Set Body to change them to SPD Curvaceous for the hands to meet properly in most games. A dummy BBW upperbody that can be worn as clothing is included in the mix for various mods that have lactation involved like Lovers Juice and others. The Body mod file itself has the leaking boobies mesh included as an option. It's as good as it gets without someone with Blender knowledge adding a third node to the mesh. 
    The majority of these clothes are quite sensible but there are some sexy ones that show a lot of girl, as well.
    Some barrels exist (owned by the Player) scattered about in various locations...they contain the entire collection & respawn. But you gotta find them...no peeking.
    Armor can be bought at the Missing Pauldron, Lelle's, Slash n' Smash or the Archer's Paradox. The Wisteria clips somewhat but is not too bad...comes in both naughty and naughtier versions. The chainmail...lol...armor...lol...is merely retextured BBW Jail Pants & Shirt. But it'll have to do.
    This now includes SPD Curvaceous Extras...no need for a separate download.

    The new Body itself is available here at LoversLab.
    You'll need a modern BBB main skeleton which most have by now. The latest Lovers skeleton, for example. Plus the appropriate BBB & breathing animations availiable from various sources...Nexus and such.
    Trashdog's store: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/36546 
    Andr21's robes: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/10568
    N8K's Wisteria: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22232
    Happysparkles: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/users/4887424
    Akito Kuno's No Muddy Dresses: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/50124
    The older body will work with this mod if installed correctly...but it lacks the realistic girl bits. So you should probably update.
    This mod assumes you've already installed a version of Set Body and have updated the SPD Curveceous body to the new one.



  23. Speedbuster's Curvaceous Body Modified

    Speedbuster's Curvaceous body with vagina and anus added. Optional 'squirting milk' upper body included.
    Amber's chipped red fingernails are also included.
    Install as with any Oblivion body mesh...
    Ideal for replacing the old Speedbuster Curvaceous in your install of Set Body. 
    You can also put them in the meshes->character->_male folder, but EVERY female with be a BBW...so...beware.
    Back-up your files before overwriting...blah, blah, blah.
    Credit: None of these resources are mine...all credit to the original designers. I just brought them together.
    Issues...the anus and vagina are not always visible when the body is in some positions...otherwise...pretty good results for a hack.
    The model itself uses a different foot & hands than HGEC (etc)...so they are incompatible clothing-wise and such.
    But the girl could probably use some clothes...right?
    Here's a collection....
    Here's another...




  24. SPD Curvaceous Bikinis For Vilja

    Trashdog's Curvaceous Chubby Bikinis For Vilja
    compiled by DogOnPorch
    May 23, 2020
    "Oh, you want to go swimming! Awwww. Sometimes you're a real sweetheart. Let's go."
    So you've got all the mods to make Vilja a BBW and are ready for a relaxing afternoon of swimming with your favorite companion...and horrors! Vilja is a skinny chick all of a sudden. Bummer....
    This fixes that with a wide selection of various Trashdog Curvaceous bikinis for Vilja to choose from.
    BABS_Black is for skinny dipping with Vilja...no suit with that one. The rest are a variety of colours that have no relationship to the colour listed. Take a pick...see what you get.

    Install...no esp needed...just put it all in your Oblivion data folder. 
    Emma's Vilja is avaiable at...
    Clothes for the SPD Cuvaceous Chubby body... 
    The updated SPD body itself. 
    To make Vilja a bigger girl in the first place, you'll need to install Set Body that comes in several versions. Available at Nexus & LoversLab. You'd then relace the old SPD Curvaceous body with the new one in the folders...or if no folder exists for the body in that version, find the Speedbuster MukiMuki folder with all four meshes in it and use that. (Hands, Feet, Femaleupperbody, Femalelowerbody)
    meshes--->characters--->bombshell--->one of these folders
    Then you can fire-up Oblivion and check it out. If you'd like Vilja to be truly a bigger lass, hit the ~ key to open the console...click on Vilja and then type...
    setscale 1.1 then hit Enter...close the console. Vilja starts as a Scale 1.0 Imperial rather than Nord size...now she's about 6 foot or a little taller. Lots to love. If that's too tall for you...smaller number...1.05. Lore does says those Nord chicks are BIG...

    BTW, see the support thread for various extra Vilja mods that might or might not be to your liking. 



  25. Fem Boy Race

    Fem Boy Race

    FemBoy Body 3.3   https://www.loverslab.com/topic/43748-gigabite-femboy-body/
    FluffSkelly's Femboy Body Clothing Vol.1 https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7730-fluffskellys-gigabite-femboy-body-armor-and-clothing-vol1/
    You need for the custom body
    -the ability to read. -SetBody
    -Blockhead(OBSE Plugin) https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/43752
    -All other files are in the download file, you do not need any original files.
    Custom Fem Boy race
    GIGABITE's FemBoy Body resources with his FemBoy Armor and FluffSkelly's Femboy Clothing , all in one esp. 
    With Blockhead BodyAssetOverrides folder and Setbody override folder for the Fem body.
    With Lovers lowerbody during sex.
    11 custom eye colors
    27 custom hairs + the vanilla hairs
    39 armor and 31 clothes pieces ( some are only different colors or shoes )
    Race pictures see GIGABITE's FemBoy Body.
    The race use own eyes meshes and textures , head and ear mesh.
    So there should be no conflicts with other Mods.
    Only if you use a vanilla hair replacer for a special head the vanilla hair may not match the head I use in the FemBoy Mod, but you have the 27 custom hairs.
    Installation :
    Unpack the file.
    Read the readme. Yes read it, the whole readme.
    Then copy what you like in your game or in a folder to create a OMod.
    Fem Boy voice addon.
    Male and female Fem boy will use female voice.  Player only has Hit/injury and Power-Attack voice.
    Of course you need the main Mod.
    Like the main Mod you have two esp.
    One with human ears and one with Woodelf ears.  Copy one in your data folder.
    You have 6 voice file folders with vanilla  voices:
    Imperial, Highelf and Redguard voice from the german bsa file. All 3  voices seems to be the same voice actor only with a little bit of variable pitch.
    Imperial, Nord and Redguard voice from the english bsa file.
    Open the folder you want and copy the  folder "sound" in you game data folder.
    I only made the esp, all credits to GIGABITE
    Ren for Ren_BeautyPack



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