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These Oblivion mods are of an adult nature.


    1. Monster Girl Blockhead Edition 2.00

      Some people might ask 'Why did you want to fix Emily's mess?!', and the answer is...I don't know. I might be suicidal! I'm also a total lore nut and spent countless hours trying to make everything mesh as neatly with TES's canon as possible. As such, I took a number of liberties renaming items, races, and...other stuff, to comply within the bounds. The Amazonians warriors are now the Sovngarden Eidolon, spirits from Shor's Sovngarde, the Nordic warrior paradise, come to challenge mortals to glorious battle. The Ageha are fiendish Daedra aligned with Molag Bal. The bee monsters are Daedra that heed the whims of Meridia and loath undead. The ghouls are now Kothringi, an ancient tribe who was turned into immortal undead through an ill-fated deal with Clavicus Vile. If you aren't a fan of me taking liberties, well...the old one is still somewhere in that other thread and I'll be happy to help troubleshoot CTDs with it.
      This is still a total WIP that I intend to continue working on, but I want to have what's done so far online for posterity in case I suddenly croak or lose interest, or something.
      Download the four zips: Meshes, Textures, Sound, and Core links lead to MEGA to install v1.75. Download the subsequent additional versions in order and install over it. f you use Wrye Bash, you -must- tag the .esp as a relvl so it's added into the patch's compiled Leveled List, otherwise very few of the monsters will ever show in-game!
      Please post any and all bugs, no matter how minor they might seem!



    2. Dynamic Underwear System 3.0

      Dynamic Underwear System (also referred as DUS) changes the way that underwear items work in Oblivion. When a shirt or trousers are taken off, your character or any other NPC will have their underwear equipped instead of going commando.
      Screenshots in download page - NSFW!
      DUS keeps track on the player and surrounding NPCs for any changes in their appearance. If a shirt was removed, an underwear item will take it's place if found from the inventory. A dynamic distribution system is also included that will aim to give everyone around you at least something to wear the very first time they are detected.
      An "underwear item" is defined by a simple "(underwear)"-tag in its name. This means that DUS can easily handle basically any clothing item as underwear while that item doesn't need to be dependent of this mod at all. This makes it very compatible with any clothing or armor mod out there and maybe can even used to give some "extra functionality". However, if those items are wanted to automatically appear on NPCs, they must be set up appropriately.
      Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) - http://obse.silverlock.org/
      For underwear models
      Universal Skeleton - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37596/? (for some underwear models)
      Roberts Male Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40532/?
      One of these:
      HGEC Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/24078/? Roberts Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/15624/? TGND2 Female Body - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/30914/?

      ...nude versions obviously.

      Seamless Equipment - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45855/?
      See below.
      Wrye Bash
      The archive is BAIN-formated. Numbers represent categories, SE means seamless equipment version.
      Create mod and add archive. Load omod convertion data and activate.
      Please use your mod organizer if you used one when installing. To uninstall this mod manually, remove the following files or folders:
      Data\Dynamic Underwear System.esm
      Data\Mod Settings\Dynamic Underwear System\
      Functionality with other mods
      DUS includes an expandable exception system to prevent any underwear from popping when you don't want it. First of all, there is an exception token that will prevent any actions being made to a given person if found from the inventory. Secondly, a token of some sort from any other mod can be used for the same effect.
      Some mods are even natively supported (outdated):
      - Lovers with PK
      - Lovers MB2
      - Player Slave Encountes (not tested)
      Known issues or bugs
      None at the moment
      Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
      Thanks to the authors of Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) and their contributors
      Thanks to shadeMe for the Construction Set Extender
      Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
      Thanks to Comrade Fienyx for tweaks and ideas
      HGEC underwear items are work of Exnem, RAIAR, MadCat221, coronerra, Saaya, Dryad & stricken618.
      Robert's underwear items are work of Robert himself.
      TGND underwear items are work of Luchaire, Kalia, Sickleyield, Kristoffer & alt3rn1ty.
      All seammended versions of equipment are work of junkacc.
      Generic ground model used by this mod is made by Nessa.
      I don't care what you do with the main mod. However, most of the assets included here are work of others, for which you must follow their own licenses.
      I tried to make sure that I'm allowed to upload all content here but in the case that I messed up, please inform me so that I can remove violating content.
      Female Underwear Pack




    3. DMRA Wardrobe for DMRA-GUTS 1.3

      DMRA Wardrobe collection for DMRA-GUTS
      A conversion of 2pac4eva7's DMRA Wardrobe for DMRA-GUTS

      Diano shows up twice, but only the full set is converted (the one with the sukato, ultra light, and mizugi swimsuit options). The extra set remains regular DMRA.
      Sorry for the lack of pictures as it is a number of outfits (partial list):
      Exnem's Amazon, Rogue, Warrior Bikini
      Growlf's Chain, Cut Leather, Sharp, String Tanga, and Fishnet
      Tiff's Sexy Kunoichi
      Shadow Watcher

      Recommended skeleton:
      BBB Ragdoll Breast Physics - Growlfs Skeleton by killermonkey99
      Recommended animations:
      NoMaaM BBB Animation Replacer by fore
      the original outfit creators
      Mktsang, Alexscorpion, Hellknight, Coronerra
      and anyone else involved in the HGEC / GUTS / DMRA / Manga bodies and BBB / BB systems.
      Gerra6 for the great blender scripts.
      Feel free to re-use in a non commercial fashion within the wishes of the original mod authors and with credits given.



    4. Basic Instinct v2 2.0

      NOTE: I am not the author/creator of Basic Instinct, I simply made some slight modifications to accommodate clothing options for certain companion mods.
      Basic Instinct is well known at this point and is included/integrated in some other mods and pose packs (i.e. sexlivion, etc). No one seems to really know who the original author was but the work is generally regarded well. However I kind of found it personally disturbing that none of the female NPC actors had any facial expressions during the 'exercise'. So I began some modification to add facial expressions to the NPC's animation files. Then it got to the point where I also made changes to the script and spell. So finally here is a list of changes made before I called it a rest.
      - Spell class is now fully in the restoration school and the duration extended to a full 2 minutes.
      - The beginning quest message box is also the completed stage.
      - The spell script now correctly checks for alternative NPC inventory containers when in sleep (i.e. Vilja's pajama bag).
      - The "going basic" token is also scanned for and removed if left in the NPC inventory after a forced dispell and/or script termination. Just cast the spell on the NPC a second time.
      - A "keep cloths on ring" item is now included. Place the ring in a female NPC inventory if you what her to still were some cloths (Vipcxj's real high heels is a good add).
      - Corner messages added.
      - NPC no longer removes cloths until they reach the bed(roll). Clothing packages are re-evaluated after the spell terminates.
      - Female vocalizations are now moved to the animation files and synced to facial expressions.
      - Facial expressions are random and include mouth, cheek, eye, and eyebrow movements. She now blinks every now and then, like she's suppose to. Distinctive plateau vocalizations.
      - Breast animations are still exclusive to Eshme's bodies.
      Future To do:
      - Random leg movements.
      - Breast movement for HCEG/Exnem bodies.
      - and attempt to try whatever anyone else thinks is a good idea.
      Use it freely, enjoy!
      They belong to everybody else, no need to even mention me.
      Who am I:
      Noble N'wah
      WARNING: adult content. Do not install if you are under the legal age for it or consider adult content to be offensive.

      After mod activation you should see a welcome message. A new spell will be added to your spellbook.
      It is a nastier version of the stark reality spell. Make sure there is a bed or a bedroll available
      nearby for your spell target. Animations work properly only on female NPCs.
      I do not recommend using this spell on the quest NPCs as it forcefully resets the AI package on the target
      (i.e. it probably would be a bad idea to cast it on Martin when he follows you, LOL ).

      I do not expect many conflicts with other mods. This mod adds a new folder into the sleep idle animations
      that is more or less self-contained. Still, I did not test it with lots of other mods and cannot promise it
      will work in all situations. Please consider it an early betta and back up your savegames.
      Animations are a bit choppy sometimes - right now I am more interested in a two-actor version than in fixing them.
      The new spell can make game rather unbalanced in some situations as it removes all armor/rings/amulets from the target.
      I tried to balance it out by adding a restore health effect for the duration of the spell.
      1) Oblivion
      2) Eshme's better bodies highly recommended. I fully expect some ugly results without it. I have not tried it with any
      other female body replacement mods.
      1) Copy the contents of the Data folder into the oblivion folder. The mod does not replace any oblivion files.
      Below is the file list:
      2) Activate mod in the "Data Files" section of the oblivion launcher.
      Mr.Cellophane - for the awesome animation tutorial and examples
      Psychos - for the good script to get actors undressed
      Authors of Eshme's better bodies mod for the inspiration
      People who created all the tools/tutorials to make the animation export/import possible.



    5. Seamless OCO Body Textures

      A range of seamless body textures for OCO V2. Requires this http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45859/? as well as OCO V2. Altough these textures are seamless around the neck, they still have hand/foot seams in some cases, alough hopeful these shouldn't be very noticible.
      They are all for the imperial race (given that many races you the imperial textures for their body), although I may do others in the future.
      I'll update this from time to time.
      1 - Krista HGEC Oblvion body texture.
      2 - Ziher Highres Textures For Exnems Body (HGEC Version): http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/14780
      3 - Nec High-Res Textures HGEC: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/21531/?
      4 - Shockwolfs Real Skin - For HGEC: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42414/?
      5 - High-res High Elf/Golden Saint HGEC Texture based on NEC.
      6 - High-res Dark Elf HGEC texture (based on Ziher Highres Textures For Exnems Body).
      I've also made seamless textures from these, but the authors don't give permission for redistribution. I can't use the nexus messaging service for some reason, so I can't ask.
      Ok, the messaging is fixed. I'll try asking.
      Additional seamless textures can also be found here, although they do not include normal maps. You will need to get those from here or elsewhere http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46937
      UPDATE - I've uploaded the other two textures. I got permission for one and the author of the other has not been online since 2013. I will, of course, take that one (NEC textures) down if they ask.
      Credits -



    6. Wearable Tattoos and Body-Writings

      Bitch Tattoo
      Version4 and Version5
      A chest with Bitch tattoos, collars, tail-plugs (tail-slot, amulet-slot)
      You need LoversBitch meshes and textures.
      The esp don't have LoversBitch as master file, but use textures and a ground mesh from LoversBitch. So you can place it above the Lovers mods in your load order (normally clothing mods are very high up in the load order).
      There are 2 of each variety in the chest (if you need a tattoo for a companion). The chest is not respawning.
      Location-picture with LoversBitch is in the download
      Location without LoversBitch
      some examples

      Back tattoos works with HGEC bodies , Manga and DM/DMRA
      !!! the new back tattoos in version 5 didn't work with HGEC A to E cup! Works with HGEC H cup, Manga, DM, DMRA.
      Ass tattoos works with HGEC L lowerbody
      If you download Version5 you do not need Version4.
      A DMRA tattoo mesh replacer can be found here (the ass tattoo). Thanks mem4ob4. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14435-lbitchdmratats/?do=findComment&comment=318222
      Credits: all meshes are not my stuff, I combined only meshes and changed some textures.
      Chase Roxand, GSBmodders(for GSB kennel irons / the tattoos)
      version4:SnakeBondageJewelry mod by FHebinisiki, Demonika armor by ? GSBModders?
      Wearable Body Writing v4
      Idea and Body Writing.esp: Wanzer
      NormalMap: Poontank
      DMRA ass nif: mem4ob4
      Texture work: fejeena
      Location: A bag with the 6 Tattoos is placed in IC-Market-district next to "Divine Elegance"door.
      All Back Tattoos should work with HGEC A to K Cup, DM, DMRA and Manga. 2 versions with ass Tattoo, one works with Lowerbody HGEC LL and the other with DMRA.
      more Pictures in this thread http://www.loverslab.com/topic/18375-fake-tattoos-on-specific-body-parts/page-2?do=findComment&comment=425657



    7. fejeena's different resources and replacers

      MolagBal Statue
      2 Versions
      (The big one have no collision and your FPS will go down. The simple one (without the little statues around MolagBal) is in my BravilUndergroud addon)
      The big statue
      Credits:Rebel o Conner and gregathit
      4 Vanilla Statues replacer
      Anvil statue, Dibella, Kynareth and Mara.
      This is not my work.
      You can use the statues with vanilla Textures. Install only the meshes folder.
      If you want to have nipple-textures,like in the picture, install meshes and textures folder.
      Statues with the included textures.
      Edhildil for the meshes("The Temple of Medusa" Mod)
      Bethesda for the textures
      me for the small spots on the textures (nipple) and for change the textures path in the NIFs. ( What a hard work! )
      Tattoo/Body writing DDS files
      dds files with no Background/Body texture.
      You can copy/paste it too any Body texture(footfemale.dds) with PhotoShop, Gimp or Paint.net. Change the size if necessary.
      Whore Tattoo
      (size 2048x2048)

      SM Tattoo
      (size 2048x2048)

      SM hematoma
      (size 2048x2048) ! not good with dark Skin textures !

      Ren head Tattoo
      (size 2048x2048)

      Head06 Tattoo
      (size 2048x2048)

      Penis and Anal plug Candles

      3 movable meshes and one static candle.
      camera eyes

      3 static Meshes with animated "eyes". 90,180 and 360 degree Rotation.

      static object with "moving" eye
      Spider eye

      Mesh is set as Misc.Item: movable ( nearly half Player size/height). With rotating eye (about 180 degrees)

      Dildo stool (with animated dildo) furniture mesh
      Christmas Ball

      mesh is set as Misc.Item: movable, grab-able. The rotation looks wrong in NifSKope but is correct in game.
      credits: all Oblivion modders



    8. Mesh Extended Swap System 2.2

      Dynamically switches armor/clothing replacers (meshes) based on races, bodytypes, and player.
      Break Armor and TamagoSetBody conversions included.
      What does this do?
      - NPCs with different bodytypes can have separate equipment replacement meshes. No longer a "one size fits all."
      - The player-character (PC) can have an entire replacer set just for him/her.
      - Each race can also have their own replacer sets to better reflect their unique traits.
      - TamagoSetBody conversion to be compatible with the other MESS mods.
      - Break Armor conversion will detect other MESS mods and search for BA meshes in MESS replacement paths.
      How does this work?
      MESS uses Blockhead to handle mesh swapping.
      When MESS mods have an overriding replacer available they will submit it to blockhead with a priority value.
      When multiple mods compete for a particular item swap Blockhead picks the highest priority.
      What does it have?
      * SetBodyMess.esp - Swap clothing/armor meshes according to SetBody bodytypes
      * RaceMess.esp - Swap clothing/armor meshes according to race
      * PlayerClothingReplacer.esp - Swap clothing/armor meshes for player character
      * BreakArmor.esp - Armor will visually go through stages of degradation (breaking) as its health decreases. (converted and enhanced for MESS)
      * TamagoSetBody.esp - Switches clothing/armor/bodytypes for pregnant actors using TamagoClub (converted for MESS)
      * Blockhead.dll - Features equipment mesh swapping
      - Included file is current beta available at time of this release (version
      - Big THANKS to shadeMe for distribution permission
      How many do I need?
      - Blockhead is needed to use any of the esp files in MESS.
      - SetBodyMess, RaceMess, PlayerClothingReplacer are all optional, and you can install whichever one(s) you want.
      - Break Armor (MESS conversion) is recommended if using BreakArmor and any MESS mods.
      - TamagoSetBody (MESS conversion) is recommended if using TamagoSetBody and any MESS mods.
      * Blockhead (ver 11.0.10 or later) (Included)
      * PlayerClothingReplacer.esp - [meshes]
      * SetBodyMess.esp - SetBody.esp
      * RaceMess.esp - [meshes]
      * TamagoSetBody.esp - TamagoClub, SetBody, [Pregnant meshes](Tamago Outlet)
      * BreakArmor.esp - [break armor meshes] (BreakArmor for Vanilla Armors, BU Armors Compilation)
      0. Install requirements
      Wrye Bash
      1. Tick boxes of desired mods
      2. install
      1. Put esp files in data
      2. Put ini files in data\ini
      3. Configure ini files (see documentation)
      Issues and Stuff
      Issue: Included Blockhead.dll does not automatically unequip (player's) item when switching to new one.
      Solution: manually unequip the unwanted items
      [everyone involved in the original mods]
      Version History
      * SetBodyMess.esp
      - Added Unlimited pathsets for a bodytype combination and ranking
      - Added Scanning for all possible pathsets for a bodytype and return highest ranking one

      * RaceMess.esp
      - Fixed: Multiple entries not registered
      * BreakArmor.esp
      - Added partial support for bound items
      - Removed legacy bloat purging
      - Minor bug fixes
      * RaceMess.esp
      - Fixed Initialization
      * SetBodyMess.esp
      - Fixed Initialization
      * PlayerClothingReplacer.esp
      - Fixed Initialization
      * TamagoSetBody.esp
      - [no changes]




    9. Loading Screens (hardcore sex) aspect 1.6

      Loading Screens replacer, most of frames are harcore sex fantasy pictures.
      Some of them are photoshopped (cropped or panned to achieve optimal aspect** and resolution), some are "shadered" with color\atmosphere effects.
      **optimal for me is 1.6, i'm playing with resolution 1440x900.
      I use them with tweaked version (included) of LoadingScreensNoText.esp (nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/5663), in which i expanded loading screens number and re-arranged them to get more variants for some conditions - for example, now it's three variants of Arena theme.
      Credits for pictures are (or should be) with their original authors - alas, not all names of them i know:
      Plaatsen (i'm not sure it's person, not just compilation title)



    10. CM partner nightelves (updated for Xenius' compilation pack)

      Hey guys. I found some mods made by Abriael that haven't been updated in a while. At the moment if you try to use it in your current Oblivion installation, it will simply crash because it still works with the old nightelves mod made by Xenius. I thought this was a shame and since Abriael didn't seem to plan on updating any time soon, i took it on myself to update it to the current version (aka compilation pack).
      Since i could not find the Original hairs that came with the Original mod. I had to assign them myself from the compilation pack. So they might look a little bit different from what they used to look like. (you can change this yourself if you really don't like it with the construction kit). Faces and other stuff should still be the same as the Original. The only things i updated was the race usage and the hairstyle.
      Therefore i give all credits to Abriael since i simply fixed what could be fixed. So feel free to go to the Original file and give credit to him/her. (but don't download the mod unless you still have the old version, but then this mod shouldn't be of any use to you anyway).
      Note: there is still the strange "fake smile" bug where the npc's show their teeth. This bug was also apparent in the Original mod so it will still be here to. This is simply something i can't do anything about.
      If Abriael ever plans on updating the mod by him/herself, i would gladly remove this mod.
      Also i'm planning on doing the moonelves too so look forward to the release of the moonelves too.
      Anyway have fun!



    11. SI noble clothes for DMRA GUTS 1.2

      Here is a DMRA GUTS conversion of some Shivering Isles noble clothes:
      - Sheogorath's Regalia
      - Syl's Dress
      - Thadon's Robe (for female)
      I only provide the meshes, how do you actually get these to show up in game is your business
      This petty work of mine is entirely based on Nephenee13's DMRA conversion, I only adjusted the UV a bit in Nifskope. This is the result, good or bad, I leave it to your judgment.
      The clothes all share the same model, originally used only by Syl's dress.
      Optionally, inside the SEDuchess folder there is an additional dress2.nif which I usually link to the Rainment of Arden-Sul. To get it working some TES4 editing is required (being a leveled item, you can edit all the versions, or just the version of the item you currently use, your choice).
      Special thanks to samhain6 for providing me a sample Archmage robe, which I used as template in Mesh Rigger to effectively eliminate the clipping I had while sneaking (and for the DMRA GUTS body, of corse).
      Message to long-time-no-see Annafly:
      if you happen to find a better replacement for boots (you said these were ugly, I remember) send them my way, I'll be glad to include them.
      Free to use, mod and share, as long as you credit the original authors like I did.



    12. Alternative Pregnant Clothes and Armor (expanded) 08.

      File Name: Alternative Pregnant Clothes and Armor (non-EVE, skimpy)
      File Submitter: minaemm
      File Submitted: 22 Jul 2016 (update 10 Oct 2016)
      File Category: Armor & Clothing

      This whole project resulted out of a discussion with movomo, i have been working on this for the past few weeks, and most i inspected looked good in NifSkope. Some have some minor tearing, which i just think happens because the fabrics can't take the bigger bellies
      I recently installed a new game and decided to use the HFBE body as a base, so i converted all HGEC mods to that version, and then did the pregnancy conversions. I feel this may be more in line aesthetically.
      I will still do standard HGEC to HFBP conversions if demands are made All uploads not marked HFB are still based on the "normal" HGEC body.
      I will upload my conversions here so people can TEST! it. Still very much BETA, so be forewarned. Sadly i could get no answer from Yuravica, so i am just going to go ahead and post it. If anybody has objections, please tell me, i will immediately pull it down then.
      So i restructured the uploads, made available conversions of the bases to the HFB body, and changed all to the HFBPregnant stages. All are converted to E-Cup HFB (but you can still use the HGEC base, so no need for these conversions), then BBB'd if needed, then HFB preg1-3. Those may be a bit small for some of you, but all others seemed excessive to my eyes. I may do other conversions if demanded.
      This should be much more intuitive now. If you have installed any of the basics, just overwrite the meshes with mine (the Pregnant ones don't need to overwrite, unless you have others installed beforehand). I suggest Wrye Bash to check any conflicts and overwrite as needed/wanted.
      I recently installed a new game and decided to use the HFBE body as a base, so i converted all HGEC mods to that version, and then did the pregnancy conversions. I feel this may be more in line aesthetically.
      I will still do standard HGEC to HFBP conversions if demands are made All uploads not marked HFB are still based on the "normal" HGEC body. And of course you need the base mod, before the pregnant version makes sense.
      BAIN ready. Use WryeBash, or unzip the meshes folder manually. It will only add or overwrite files that are named "_prg#", so do not worry about screwing anything up. If you want to use the HFB basic conversions, then just let it overwrite. You still need all the originals first though.
      Note on the Mass Outfit Redesign alternate (unreasonable) versions. I kept the original file paths, as they came from Myst42's version, so you will need to still rename/overwrite them as you please yourself. Please follow Myst42's instructions in their readme on how to do that. (I suggest extraction of Myst's files someplace safe, then just extract mine over that, then rename and install into Oblvion.)
      7zip archive. Should open with pretty much any modern unrar/unzip program though.

      UPDATE log:
      Update 06-08:
      -Added conversions for MassOutfitRedesign by Myst42 to HFBE (original available here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/download/1147-mass-outfit-redesign/ or here), as well as kingkongs overhaul from here http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1738-replaceroverhaul-clothesarmor-hgec-e-ll/
      -In addition to that, pregnant variants of the above, as well as AveBrave's collection, originals here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/212-aves-mod-selection/
      You WILL need the originals, for the textures at least (and replacer .esp's). Give them credit, i just converted as i could.
      Update 05:
      -Added Derida collection (which includes Sword Dancer, Gloria & Trish, and Kirin)
      -Added R18PN collection (which includes Complete Lingerie collection, Iruma, Mina, and Romaje)
      Update 04b.: Seperated into individual mods. If i missed anything, please just PM me, and i will make the changes. More armors/clorthes to come soon. I also take requests. You do NOT need to download the files called "MyPreg".
      TamagoSetBody (to actually see the pregnant bodies automatically)
      *SetBody Blockhead edition (recommended, not strictly needed)
      *HFB Replacers for the textures and esp, if you use the pregnant versions of it (see download link above)
      *Mass Outfit Redesign for the textures and esp, if you use the HFB replacer and/or pregnant versions of it (see download link above)
      *LoversLabHGECLL for the textures and esp, if you use the HFB replacer and/or pregnant versions of it (see download link above)
      (won't make sense without the above four, even though strictly they are not needed.)
      Any maximum compatibility skeleton, like the one from LAPF, or Growlf's Universal Skeleton. (the only one you really need, so you won't get tearing and stretching)
      (personal note)
      This is my first ever upload, so bear with me. Constructive criticism welcome Also, if anybody can do in-game screen-shots of the various armors, i would be thankful. I barely change mine and collecting them all seems insane for just a photo op So please share!
      (plans going forward)
      I am looking into making seamless versions of it all. After i convert all of the mods i have/want, i will update everything to seamless versions, fitting the heads from here http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44360/?. I realise that will take some texture modifications too, but i am reading up on that, so bear with me And no, it will NOT need OCO v2 or anything, it will be standalone.
      Description Update:
      So included in this pack is already, apart from the replacer variants:
      Ozmo's Ivy armor.
      Black Legion's Dark Illusion
      Cenobite's Full Metal Bikini II or III
      Growlf's Chainspike
      Hiromacu's Taki armor
      Jimsonzugl's Moon Love
      Tona's Airy Lily
      Wulf's Glass Armor (non-replacer)
      Fallen20's Lingerie set (converted to E-cup, LL-bottom and BBB)
      ANB's Drape Top
      Zotman12's Armor of Para
      Hentai's Collection
      Kogane's Mage Leather
      Sinblood's Lethal Majesty, Ravenous Elegance, and VelvetRose
      ... and probably some others i can't remember right now. In the future i will seperate these mods into their own branches, so you only have to install what you actually want.
      also an unknown armor by "mengmo?"
      Many Thanks to the mesh/texture creators: Avebrave, KingKong, Zotman12/Hentai, R18PN, ANB, Kogane, Sinblood, Wulf, Tona, Ozmo, Cenobite, Hiromacu, Jimsonzugl, Growlf, Black Legion, Myst42, Yuravica, and everybody i forgot right now.
      Thanks to Bethesda for the great game, the modding community, and most important of all the great folks at LoversLabs.
      Special thanks to Movomo who inspired me take on this little project, as well as Iamnoone.

      Click here to download this file



    13. ASX - Repository 0.9

      A collection of resources for use with several ASX mods.
      Major Highlights
      Clean Ayleid Tileset - For those non-ruined Ayleids hiding somewhere... (Nessa) Obsidian Ayleid Tileset - A nice burned look for Ayleid ruins. (Nessa) Furniture of all kinds - (Various authors) Rugs of all kinds - (Various authors) Ayleid themed weapons, rings, and other trinkets - (Various authors) General flavor resources - (Various authors but mostly Strotis often retextured by.... yep... Nessa ) Optional RAEVWD meshes - Only needed if you use RAEVWD!


      To Download:
      Two options, pick one or the other:
      Mega Mirror - The entire file is hosted at Mega for one simple download. Parts 1 & 2 - Same thing, just split into 2 downloads. (I have to split the archive to host it at LL.)


      Player FAQ
      We needed a central repository for various resources that were being used in multiple mods. Rather than have everybody download the same thing 20 times, one main download was preferred. What's ASX?
      Something that hasn't been released yet. But you can read about some of it here. What mods use this?
      Several... that haven't been released as of yet.

      Modder FAQ

      Can I use this for my (ASX or non-ASX) mods?
      Absolutely! The resources are chiefly designed for quest mods so feel free if you like some of the additions. The resources are.. pretty well organized. (As good as I can get them anyway! ) Just type in ASX to the filter to see what's added to whatever section. Great, so I'm supposed to just hunt around in the already terribly organized Oblivion vanilla resources just to find ASX stuff!?
      OK, OK. The following categories have ASX additions:
      Activators - Lots of switches and more.
      Books - All kinds of new covers.
      Clothing - Rings and amulets only. No other types of clothes!!
      Containers - Tons of these. Also some non-traditional sort of containers.
      Doors - Some things here aren't "doors" but contain a door you can open. Dressers, cabinets, etc.
      Furniture - Also includes baths with sitting anims.
      Keys - A series of Ayleid type keys.
      Lights - With meshes! Some unique lighting options found here.
      Miscellaneous Items - 3 million items here. Lot of clutter items using various welkynd colors also.
      Static - Where the tilesets and everything else live.
      Weapons - Weapons with welkynd stone highlights. And yes, they glow. Why all these Welkynd stone colors?
      Got the idea from Ayleid Steps. In terms of value (or power if you like) they are organized as follows from least to greatest: Blue --> Green --> Yellow --> Pink --> White --> Red --> Purple. Purples are supposed to be super rare. So anything made out of purple is supposed to be extra powerful.
      Now of course you don't have to follow that if you don't like it, but any ASX mods by myself, as well as ASXRepo use that hierarchy. Hey, the new colored Varla/Welkynd stones don't do anything!
      Right, that's going to depend on your mod. Blue varlas work like we all expect. The other colors are supposed to power -other- things. What those things are depends on your mod. Hey, the jewelry and weapons don't have any effects and are named stupid!
      Yeah, you'll want to make copies of these (with new different ID's!!!) so you can rename them and add whatever effects you want. Certainly a sword using red welkynd stone shouldn't have a stupid name like "Red Welkynd Sword". BLECH! There's already a clean Ayleid tileset! Why make a new one!?
      I wanted a tileset that was a little fancier and using higher resolution textures. My clean Ayleid set isn't technically only a retexture. I've altered the meshes and most of the texture mapping for just about every tile. I put more emphasis on the cute carvings and such to make the tiles match the one example of un-ruined Ayleid interiors we got in vanilla Oblivion






    14. Move-In on Her or Him Mod - Berry Flavored Beta .034

      NEVER use a beta mod with an existing or current save game that you cherish. PLEASE use an old save to test this mod until it is OUT of beta. I've already realized that even using a CLEAN save will NOT remove ALL the faction and ownership changes that the dialogue and setstage scripts make which would make FULL uninstall impossible without an uninstall script to remove ALL the changes. Working on that now while I change the mod to minimize the need for it. See the Imperial City Office of Commerce to test that script for me soon. The dialogue should be there now but it doesn't do anything special just yet.
      (This MOD WILL let you own ALL vanilla houses - eventually. Nuff said?)
      "Move-in On Her or Him Mod" - With Optional Lovers AdultPlayForSSP Plus Dialogue Patch - To remove "married" tags when a husband dies, was dead already, or is KILLED by the player.
      Have you ever slept in Romana Faleria & Tertius Favonius' bed? I do.
      Would you like to have an occassional threesome with them IN their Imperial City love nest OR maybe kill HER and take HIM for yourself, OR plot to kill HIM to have HER all to yourself instead?
      Have you been around to kick any one of Praxedes Afranius's brother's out of her bed yet?
      Or even decided to join in?
      Ever thought of getting gang-banged by the Sintav Brothers in their living room without having to kill them all or get arrested afterward?
      Ever wanted to avoid sneaking while watching what Rohssan and her dog get up to late, late at night?
      Would you like to be able to come and go to Rohssan's or Jensine's or Maro Rufus's bed anytime day or night without having to pick the lock OR use the immersion breaking console?
      Tired of constantly getting hassled for trespassing at your favorite vanilla Hotties' or Hunks' hovel?
      What if you just happen to get Irene Metrick pregnant?
      You won't be able to witness the birth without getting arrested for trespassing!
      Visitation of your progeny is a biatch if you don't own the home they are born in.
      (Have I made my ponderous point yet?)
      Oh, and finally, WHY add a myriad number of player-house mods when you can actually OWN all the apartments in the Imperial City?
      This mod is just the very tiny TIP of an imposing iceburg lettus Get head which may end up having myriad layers added with the help of Lover's PK mods. (Crosses fingers.)
      Eventually, this emerging endeavor may allow the player to "aquire" the right titles (read FACTIONS & KEYS) to LIVE in every "ownable" cell in Tamriel.
      (YES, you COULD just use the console to give yourself every faction and key in the game, but where is the furry FUN in that?
      OH, btw, if someone has already done this or there's a simple spell that does it please just keep it to yourself.
      I really don't want to know how much time I've wasted on this already.
      Mod Progress & Distribution
      I'll keep track of things by updating this progress chart:
      Aleswell - 100% (Sakeepa & the orc.)
      Anvil - 31% Hasathil/Heinrich partner choice. Someone must die or already be dead. Arvena Thelas done. Astia Inventius done. Horse Whisperer Stables.
      Bleakers Way - 0% (Sounds uninspired don't it?)
      Borderwatch - .05% (IF anyone thinks of how to make owning this town more fun and wants to do it, I'll gladly bow out.)
      Bravil - 20% (Blood & Mud patch? Bravil Underground compatibility issues? Galena is done and it's pleasure, not business with her in her home.) Mrs Aleron Loche (Ursanne) added. Trying a "GameDaysPassed" script here so that "grieving" can happen. Regulus Terentius added.
      Bruma - 50% (Countess is available for her comeuppance now. I always resurrect Arnora, own her home and return to humorously humiliate her often.) Lyra Rosentia, Erline Lirrian (this is a GETGAMEDAYSPASSED timed response that needs verified.) Olfhand/Skjorta added, Suurootan/Karinnarre added. Created a COBL patch to ensure those items are still available should Suurootan get killed. Karinnarre does not normally have a working services pkg so I created dialogue that will allow you to give her a services pkg. It is a travel pkg and she will stay put for 24 hours at least. Helvius Cecia done, Istirus/Jantus Brolus done, Jearls House done, Brotch Calus done, Honmund/Alga done.
      Cheydinhall - 50% (Dark deeds and portrait pains.) Rythe/Tivela done, The March Rider/Tertia Viducia done, Aldos Othran's house can be bought from the steward, Llervana done, Riverview can be bought if Voranil meets with an accident.
      Chorral - 50% (Countess is waiting for a consort. Saw an intensely artistic canine lover's mod on LL for download that may need looked at to ensure crafty compatibility. Seed-Neeus done, Estelle Renoit done, Castia Scribonia done, Ariela Doran done, Carmen Litte done, Honditar, Eugal Belette, Rasheeda, Vilena Donton, Rimalus/Rena Bruiant)
      Cropsford - 100% - Bincal & Callia's father's homes done.
      Hackdirt - 50% - Marlena and Elisa are done. (Consistently LOVE to pwn this village.)
      Imperial City - 66% - (Each district has 20 livable houses and there are 4 livable districts (Elven Gardens -Competed 05062016, Talos Plaza - 45% - Thamriel done and tested, Temple District - 40%, Market District - 99.9% Completed. Left out the warehouse for now. IC Green Emperor Way - Imperial Palace done.).
      So that's at least 80 linking small quests possible, to acquire an additional ITEM or even complete other required vanilla quests. (Jensine's quest just came to mind. Did I already add that as a condition? Checking and adding. Play-testers needed!)
      Harlun's Watch - 100%. (Might decide to decorate the DE ladies house. Not sure why it is basically empty.)
      Kvatch Rebuilt - 0% (Muy Patches. Mi Pat Chest. My Precious.)
      Leyawiin - 25% (Countess Caro & her Husband like noble company. Angst driven Argonian Agonies? A bevy of Blackwood babes give better blow-jobs? Resurrection is the key.) Eitar &/or Margarte, Betto &/or Julitta Plotius, Rosentia Gallenus, and Cingor (Buy his house after he's dead.)
      Lord Drad's Estate Farm - 100% (Damn, my Ogre sense just kicked in and it might be best to combine all "Tamriel" exposed "ownable" inhabited residences into a Tamriel Exterior quantum thicket trick.)
      Shivering Islez - 0% (Even thinking about all this is just crazy. Or is it? There WILL be cheese! And pie.) (Sub-categories might need some silly scattergoring. Or not.)
      Skingrad - 25% (Counting crows? What's a murder or two or three? IF Lazare Milvan happens to die, his back taxes might be paid. Agnete The Pickled done, Bernadette Penelles done, Falanu Hlaalu, Reman Broder, added a Nesteral's House quest)
      Others I forgot - 0% (Please throw a rock at me with a reply if there's a fav VANILLA home you desperately want to own. Castles are of course included. I always assassinate Count Umbranox after the Thieves Guild quest-line as part of a very PERSONAL Dark Brotherhood ritual which I perform myself. Me and the Night Mother are tight like that. She's pretty tight also, and deadly dry, but that's what Skooma is for, right?)
      Future plans
      BORDERWATCH & the Imperial City have been started already with VERY generic dialogue (Male oriented initially of course) but just the very thought of this wide width & breadth of lonely, lovely, and livin-able LOVERS across the land gives me shivers.
      I've been away from Oblivion modding for some time now thanks to Skyrim and personally shied away from the non-RPG FPShitter elements of Fallout 4.
      So, while I wait for a new gaming PC to arrive I started playing my old favs and dropped into Loverslab to see what was new in the adult arena.
      Fajeena has been SEXTREMELY helpful in keeping me on track with Lovers and the birthing "club" mods.
      Before the "club" came along I'd used mods that populated cities with kids that could be "adopted" in one fashion or another, but NOW, with this mod, IF you really don't want to get involved in PROCREATION, an NPC who is housing kids could just as efectually be "married" by you this way to be able to live with the little crumb snatchers. (Snap! I just realized I could hook the "Lovers" tag to a dialogue condition. But to be honest, without voice/lip sinc files, those well thought out MANDATORY greetings leave me a bit limp. Just saying.)
      As I've been testing my mod, I'm also finding that some places are NOT couple or family compatible at all and IF I find it necessary, I'll sparingly add the proper furniture and dialogue to ENABLE/DISABLE whatever may be desirable.
      Since I play with the aforementioned Kids are everywhere mods I'll be sure not to break what they have added if I can help it. (ie. beds for the kids)
      Navmesh is the main issue of course but even that can be delt with......carefully. ;-P
      Oh, and to try and understand my manic mindset and why I'm owning homes even with "Old" people in them. Take a deep breath and please try to realize that there is NO spoon. (i.e., there ARE no ugly old women in my game. Even the "Harrier" gets a tiny face lift, but BEAUTY is always in the eyes of the BEHOLDER anyway. Don't much pay attention to the male NPC's and mostly I just kill 'em all and let the God's sort 'em out.)
      In Skyrim I merrily married EVERY SINGLE and many recently WIDOWED female NPC's at least once or twice or thrice. Would love to port those loving voices which greeted me often after a hard day of dragon slaying. <Sigh>
      Oh, btw, My FNV also had NO male prostitutes. But I actually modded things to make getting familiar with female NPC's other than prostitutes an immersive, fun, seductive dance of conditional dialogue which took percieved sexual orientation into account before any adult animations were ever available.
      One of my thoughts on the "lovers" dialogue right now is that certain "conditions" besides DISPOSITION be included for particular NPC's the player chats up to add MORE fling worthy flavor and anti-chauvinistic cunning-lingual courtship challenge.
      You see, Ida Vlinorman SHOULD require you to have at least the same acrobatics skill as she does, for instance. Think about it for a minute and you will kNOW that I'm right and that is an idea worth pursuing.
      I'm pretty sure that Kenny Rogers, of all people, said it best: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AULOC--qUOI"
      Nuff said?
      How Simple the mod works - Gameplay options
      The dialogue topic which will allow you to ask an NPC who OWNS a home or who is related to one who does; who might be DEAD or otherwise unable to agree to any change in living arrangements; IF you can move-in with them is primarily conditioned by MAX disposition.
      Queasily obtained using my favorite speech Mini-Game to begin with, then maybe a small quest possibly OR cheating quickly with the console to max it OR using my favorite; because you actually have to DO something IN game; like cast the Mad Companionship Spell! WOOT! Total immersion achieved! (Can you rape to max disposition yet? If so, that is just a very evil spoon or fork.)
      Now, IF the person who actually owns the home is spoken to, (OR their widow or Next of Kin) the topic shows up and ONLY IF the information isn't still privileged because of other DEVIOUS conditions I set, you will be welcomed to their HEARTH and get the proper faction (they do also in fact, because often the cells aren't owned by a faction per se.) AND the KEYS to the Kingdom! What more could you ask for? Please don't.
      Now, here is where the possibilities open up for very interesting twists and turns of gameplay because actual "ownership" is something that not everyone is immediately privy to in every case. (Romana Faleria might just NOT be in the will, ya know? Right now she is....or was....till I just had that thought.)
      Trying to use the actual NPC dialogue when you speak to them to condition the winning combination that gets you what you want. There will be NO quest targets like the Blood & Mud quests. You are gonna have to read the text and get to know what the NPC's are INTERESTED in to determine their achilles heel.
      Viewing an NPC's inventory when the dialogue shows up but they refuse to talk about it may be helpfull. (HINT, HINT)
      Thief player characters are going to lament the loss of "theftable" property to achieve Thieves guild objectives, but hey, HUMP Hungry Hoe's & Horse Hung Hunks before a cross-eyed, nasty tempered, demanding Guild Leader suffering from a Daedric curse he went out and got for himself because his sneak skill was low.
      Feel me yet?
      Cleaned with TES4Edit often.
      Any mod that changes the key an NPC uses to enter their home.
      Any mod that changes ONE bed in the Market Sewers to a persistent ref.
      Current Patched Oblivion Game
      OBSE - For Elys Universal Silent Voice
      Elys Universal Silent Voice - So dialogue doesn't fly by too quickly to read.
      LoversPK of course.
      Patch UPDATES LIST:
      .008 - Changed some dialogue conditions and quest stage scripting for Countess Carvain. She should get "unmarried" now quite nicely.
      .009 - Rearranged Dialgoue to wives can stimulate PC actions. Added Ariela Doran to Widow quest.
      .010 - Reworked some dialogue. Tested all of the wives at least once.
      .011 - Reworked more dialogue. Added a 50% chance of the "eyes" variable not having any effect on a married woman. Prolly should have been 25% but I get tired of trying to get that variable to reset. I've spent more coin than I can count on SECLUDED and unoccupied Inn rooms and the married lady will still say there are people watching her.
      .012 - Added Skjorta dialogue to rid her of being "married" if Olfand is DEAD, based upon user input.
      .013 - Fixed some incorrect StageDone dialogue conditions for Skjorta.
      .014 - Reworked Token Script Conditions to check for quest Variable set during dialogue FIRST, before checking player inventory for Generic Book (Last Will And Testament).
      .015 - Added Carmen Litte to "Death Us Do Part" quest. Fixed many more dialogue topics to not be hard coded but to look for the married faction. Made some of the "generic" ones apply to any female instead of just married women.
      .016 - Fixed some "generic" ones to not show up on "virgins." Prolly still need to fix more. Added some more race oriented dialogue before, forgot to mention it.
      .017 - Fixed Countess Carvain's dialogue conditions. Hopefully.
      .018 - Fixed the "Will you be my lover" dialogue to look for Married faction instead of being hard coded.
      .019 - Added Alessia Ottus & Rochelle Bantien.
      .020 - Fixed turn-in token script to also check for quest stage done instead of just a variable which also gets set upon killing a husband.
      .021 - Getstagedone didn't work so I'm reverting back to the variable that will get set in the quest stage. Using a generic scripted misc item to advance the stages and have to ensure the right stage gets advanced.
      .022 - Added some conditions to remove unrelated edited dialogue that was showing up on virgins.
      .023 - Added Karinnarre.
      .024 - Added Renee Geonette and fixed several dialogue result scripts so they will actually do what they are supposed to.
      .025 - Fixed Renee Geonette's Quest Stage Script.
      .026 - Added Margarte, Julitta Plotius, Janonia Aurunciea and fixed a bunch of dialogue conditions.
      .027 - Added Callia Bincal. Fixed Alessia Caro's dialogue script so that she gives the correct item to player.
      .028 - Added Caula Allectus and hopefully fixed a virgin topic that kept popping up out of sync.
      .029 - Added Erissare Arenim and Ralsa Norvalo.
      .030 - Added Tivela Lythandas & Rogmesh gra-Coblug.
      .031 - Added Eilonwy.
      .032 - Added Alga and fixed missing script for dueling Honmund.
      .033 - Fixed missing quest stage scripting for Alga.
      .034 - Added Clesa and Rena Bruiant.
      Installation: Recommend Wrye Bash Installer or Manual Install. It's just one ESP for now. May toy around with sound files later but for now, the nuts and bolts are in play.
      credits: Ashal who translated the Japanese LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP and LoversVoiceSSPplus, Bethesda, Creator of Mad Companionship Spells & MCS Extension which gave me the idea to base dialogue upon MAX disposiiton, Fajeena for inspiring me with an unselfish, uncompromising, understanding attitude. (Yes, that's just a little shamooze, shamozzle, how 'bout now we gets intimately incorporated?)
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Q: What is "Adult" about this mod?
      A: The modder - In theory.



    15. Ivy Soul Calibur IV armor for DMRA-GUTS and Oblivion Muscle Girl 2.0

      Ivy Valentine Soul Calibur IV Armor for DMRA-GUTS and Oblivion Muscle Girl
      Location: Testing hall wilderness in Hawkhaven near the opposite shoreline of the lake with the statue.
      Vipcxj's Real High Heels System:
      (optional Lover's compatible version)
      Extract / examine folder structure and merge with your Oblivion Data directory.
      Enable the included ESP.
      Recommended skeleton (if not using the Lover's skeleton):
      BBB Ragdoll Breast Physics - Growlfs Skeleton by killermonkey99
      Recommended animations:
      NoMaaM BBB Animation Replacer by fore
      XiNavro for the Skyrim conversion
      Mktsang, Alexscorpion, Hellknight, Coronerra
      and anyone else involved in the HGEC / GUTS / DMRA / Manga bodies and BBB / BB systems.
      Gerra6 for the great blender scripts.
      Feel free to re-use in a non commercial fashion within the wishes of the original mod authors and with credits given.
      SHA-256: 91d2fb913d42ce6e66974fa9d2a037b4f932b2c8a2e69f10065e1f9c62b871b2