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These Skyrim mods are of a non-adult nature.


    1. Vindictus Female Maid2 UUNP

      UUNP bodyslide convertion (need original) all credits to original author



    2. Delphin Outfits - female noble UUNP

      UUNP Bodyslide convertion of Delphin Outfits,
      (need original) all credits to original author



    3. Solitude Dolls 3.0

      Requested by PureDreamEcstasy
      Many people requested that I re upload this mod, this mod replaces all of the ladies of Solitude, it gives them high quality skin textures, custom hair and much more.
      I wanted to personally get make an overhaul for all the ladies of Solitude. I gave all the prominent ladies of Solitude area a major makeover, and also a new hairstyle, and HD skin textures.
      This mod is free from copy righted content. permission has been granted to use the custom asset's, DJ Red Rad personally spoke with the mod authors mentioned in the hall of fame, the rest are free modding resources. 
      Hall of Fame 
      DJ Red Rad
      Hello Santa
      Pure Skin Textures



    4. [Tobi] Double Dint Mod

      - Ohh so u want to know what this mod =DO=?...
      It's pretty simple, it use Facial Hair as Second Hair Slider ^_^
      So u can pick Second Hair for Your character and use them both at same Time !...
      Dint HDT Hair Mod have around 90 Hair Styles
      Double Dint hair Mod have 82 Hair Styles
       >> That gives You OVER 7380 POSSIBLE combinations
      If Dint999 Make more Hair styles it means You can make even more combinations
       + Yes, it do works with other Hair styles ( KS, HG, KI etc. )
      Discord: https://discord.gg/CDkcv22
       - Updates ( or KS / HG / KI version ) only on Discord!...
      !:: Requirements ::!
       << PLUGINS >>
       - RaceMenu
       - Dint999 Hair Textures and Meshes
      !:: Update ::!
      @Swe-DivX Reported few problems with Mod so i fix it
       - Removed unneeded items from *.esp file
      Look: ( Combination of Dint999 Hair Styles and HG ( Holliday Gift Styles )

      Thats how it Works:



    5. [Tobi] OsaPoser

      Hmm... what this "Mod" do?... Its small XML plugin file for OSA Engine!...
      With this Plugin you can play any animation You want from any Animation Pack ^_^
      Discord: https://discord.gg/CDkcv22
      If You are new or dont know those Poser Packs
      but You want to download best of best look at Score ( amount of * - stars :3 )
      :: Supported Animation Packs ::
       - GS Poser                      ( Finished: 100% ) ( Score: ***** ) - Animated Poses
       - Fuwa Poser                  ( Finished: 100% ) ( Score: **** )
       - GomaPero Poser         ( Finished: 100% ) ( Score: ***** ) * NEW - Fixed ( download V3 ) ( 2020-07-21 )
       - Halos Poser                 ( Finished: 25% ) ( Score: *** )
       - Pinup Poser                 ( Finished: 10% ) ( Score: ** )
       - Zaz Animations           ( Finished: 5% ) ( Score: *** ) * NEW
      Working on:
       - Devious Devices Animations
       - Psycho Animations * NEW
       - FactoryClose Animations * NEW
      !:: Requirements ::!
       << PLUGINS >>
       - OsaEngine
       - At least one Animation Pack
      !:: Instalation ::!
      Download all files and extract them to:
       -> ...\skyrim\Data\Meshes\0SA\_MyOSA\anim_1... <Here>

      !:: Update ::! ( 2020-07-21 )
      + GomaPero Animations finished
      + New ZaZ Animations ( very early WIP )
      + Some fixes in other Animation Packs



    6. [Tobi] Yuri Preset

       - Not much to say :o...
       Just a Face and Body preset I'm using ^_^ LeL... You can try it in Your Game :)...

       Discord: https://discord.gg/CDkcv22
       Sky-Preset: http://skypreset-warehouse.eu/Preset/ADetails/292 ( Here u can find my other ( OLD ) Presets ) ( And also Updates for Yuri )

       !:: Requirements ::!
       << EDITOR >>
       - RaceMenu
       - XP32 + BodyScales    ( Body ( Legs + Hands ) )
       - Janky Sliders+            ( Body overall )
       - BodyMorphs              ( Build with Chapi or 7BOT Sliders Preset - or use any other bud remove BodySlides settings in Game ( in RaceMenu ) )
       << BODY >>
       - UNP HDT                   ( 7BO ( or Chapi UUNP / BHUNP ) ) - Chapi is BodySlide defaulf Preset ( inside BS by Default )
       - Tobias 7BOT body     ( Textures + Normals ) - no Download -> But You can use Demoniac 8k / 4k
       << FACE >>
       - AdorableFace            ( Mod was deleted, ask me on Discord for Download ) - or Try with different Meshes
       - Yyev Makeup 4K 
       - Eyes of Aber
       - SG Eyebrows
       - Dint HDT Hair           ( May not be loaded by RaceMenu - KS Glow )
       << Colors >>
       - Custom Snapdragon
       - GrayLights               ( Custom Lights )
       - Sausan Hotel          ( ImageSpace + DirectLightning ) * Deleted around 2 weeks ago ( 2020-06-?? )

       !:: WARNING ::!
      Do =NOT= think That Yuri will look same in Your game as in mine.
       I'm using Custom Mods and some of my own Mods...
      For example i can Share AdorableFace( 61178-1-2-1 ) but I'm using custom AdorableFace
      Same with Lights and ENB ( i can upload Snapdragon ENB - but only regular version ) 
      Here You can see difference between Lights:
      Skyrim VS Sausan:
      Vanila VS GrayLights
       !:: Permissions ::!
      - You can do anything You want, she is a Slave...
       If You want to make Follower Version of her, let me know  ( i want to try Your follower Mod ^_^ )
                *I can help u if u need *
      Q:A?... Don't ask me Same questions over and over again...
       This type of Question is rly sad: 
      Q: Where do You put preset?...
      A:  ...\skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\chargen... < HERE > ( Drop all files from .Zip )
      Q: Can You upload Sausan?
      A: No, this Mod is already over 11GB ( and it still grow ) It was deleted And I don't want to spend another 10 hours reuploading it
      Q: How to make my ENB look like Your?
      A: I don't know what would You want to do this... and You can't anywaa... Its not about ENB, its about GrayLight and Sausan ImageSpace / DirectLightning
       tbh, You can use any ENB u want, I'm using Snapdragon but everything looks very similar on all ENBs ( its about IS / DL and GrayLight )
      Q: Can You upload 7BO or/and Body Textures?...
      A: Maybe i will... but no now... My textures are still WIP... well my textures are in WIP Stage for last 2 Years xDDD
       I'm trying to make as most realistic Body i can... ( I'm not Graphics Designer - I'm Programmer / LevelDesigner ) so it may take while... ( like 50 years )
      On left:     vagina based on real human body photo ( 8k ) - maybe i watch too much Porn :o...
      On Right:  regular vagina that everyone download... ( ofc. texture on left use texture on right as base xD lol )
      You think kid that You already saw Good Textures?...
       What You gonna say about this:



    7. Whiterun Dolls 3.0

      Requested by anonymous 
      Standalone high quality replacer for most of the ladies of Whiterun.
      Visual overhaul
      new hair & skin textures
      and much more
      Stay Tuned  
      DJ Red Rad
      KS Hairdos
      Hello Santa
      SG Eyebrows
      MAK - Armor resource



    8. BDO Stella

      Hi. This is the Stella outfit from Blackdesert online.
      It comes with physics and UUNP/CBBE bodyslide files.
      You need HDT-SMP, additemmenu, heelssounds for this mod to function.
      If you want to see more of my work, check out my patreon:



    9. _op Qinglang UUNP

      (need original) dont know the original author but all credits to him

      YOU CAN FIND OTHER UUNP CONVERTIONS HERE http://www.mediafire.com/folder/0iqbmg27polo1/Skyrim_mods



    10. [GarudaB] DOA5 Costume 14 Maid Marie UUNP

      (need original) from GarudaB's Twitter
      all credits to him

      YOU CAN FIND OTHER UUNP CONVERTIONS HERE http://www.mediafire.com/folder/0iqbmg27polo1/Skyrim_mods



    11. Jack of Blades Armor (HDT)

      Jack of Blades (The Hero of Heroes) has been added to Skyrim. It Is crafted under the "Daedric" smithing perk, can be crafted at any forge, and tempered at any work bench. I recommend Sword of Aeons if you wish to roleplay as Jack. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97172 
      Original contents from Fable Anniversary, by Lionhead Studios
      HDT Physics Extension: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
      DKnight13 for Testing, adding HDT to the armor and making a ground model. https://www.loverslab.com/profile/1601859-dknight13/



    12. DDWardrobe - Thalia Outfit (UNP/UUNP/CBBE)


      - Description -

      A made-from-scratch, lore-unfriendly, modular outfit designed for my character, Thalia. Comes with a top that has 4 texture variations, a skirt, underwear with 5 texture variations, leggings, and a choker. No shoes though, sorry about that, so hopefully you can find a nice pair to go with it!

      This mod uses high-poly meshes and uncompressed, 4K textures by default. 2K textures are optional.

      - Known Issues -

      - Slight clipping in some areas with more exaggerated poses.
      - Stretching of the ruffles on the underwear.
      - Poses with the arms raised and the top don't look...great.
      - Slight texture weirdness on the top in the area under the breast.
      - With the UUNP Bodyslide, prominent bust/cleavage can 'cause a "rat's nest" in the mesh which makes the shirt area in between the breasts look clipped or unrealistically suctioned to the breasts. I've tried to smooth this out in Bodyslide as best I can.

      This is my first original outfit for Skyrim, so there will likely be some other kinks. This is also my first Bodyslide conversion.

      TBQH, the basic UNP version looks the best.

      - Requirements -

      CBBE or UUNP
      Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
      XP32's XPMSE

      - How to Get -

      AddItemMenu or search "Thalia" in console for the IDs.

      - Credits -

      Aranas23, for weighting help.
      TESMistel for their OS conversion guide.

      Screenshots taken in GomaPeroPero's GomaPeroLand with Rudy 4.3 NLVA.

      All the amazing mod creators who have inspired me by making their own outfits and armors for Skyrim.

      - Tools Used -

      Marvelous Designer
      Blender 2.70
      Substance Painter
      Outfit Studio

      - Permissions -

      - Do not re-upload the meshes/textures elsewhere or use them in your own mod without my express permission.
      - Recolors and retextures are permitted provided that the meshes are not included.

      - Links -




    13. Alien Queen

      Alien Queen version
      Beta version. Replaces Werewolf.
      Adapted Werewolf skeleton for Alien Queen.
      The beta version replaces the skeletons of all Werewolf so their display is distorted.
      To work , you need:
      HDT Physics Extentions.  
      Blue version of textures:
      Feel free to use this material for your work without asking.
      SE Version Alien Queen SE
      Used free models from cadnav
      Used programs :
      Nif Plugin for 3ds Max 2015-2018
      3ds Max Nif Importer-Exporter
      3ds Max 2017



    14. [full_inu] Armors and Outfits

      This is a collection of mods that I made from December, 2018 to June, 2020.
      UNP body and textures
      Schlongs of Skyrim 

      You can get more information on corresponding mod pages, to see correct requirements, more screenshots and details:
      Geralt Hair, Yahar'gul Set, Ordained Set, Henryk's Hunter Set,
      Sebastian Castellanos Outfit, Cainhurst Knight Set, Ada Wong Coat, Annalise Dress,
      Lord Nicholas Armor, Gloom Set, Grave Warden Set, Painter Hair,
      Lothric War Banner, Antiquated Plain Set, Tower of London Guard Set, Noble Dress,
      Black Witch Set, Medieval Knight Set, Maria Outfit.
      * Original models and textures - FROM SOFTWARE, KOEI TECMO, Asobo Studio, CD Project RED, Tango Gameworks, CAPCOM, Ubisoft
      * List of games - Bloodborne, DARK SOULS III, Demon's Souls, Sekiro, A PLague Tale: Innocence, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Nioh, Resident Evil 2: Remake, The Evil Within, Assassin's Creed: Unity
      * Artwork - Betsujin, Witchy, Starkhark, CrimsonSky, Smokeybear187, Luceian



    15. Royal Hunting UUNP Full HDT - All Variants

      Mod Description (quick version):
      Extends Dint999's HDT-PE skirt to all 8 variants of the skirt/clothes in the Karter/Raven original Replaces HDT High Heels effect with NIOverride/Racemenu (HDT HighHeels is not a requirement anymore) Adds High Heels Sound to all boots (is now a requirement) What's in the download? 1 .esp and 1 set of Bodyslide files for the boots  
      Mod Description (longer version):
      How to use:
      Install requirements Install this mod, it must be below UNP Royal Hunting in Mod Organizer's left pane so that the .esp file overrides, otherwise TextureSets won't work Run Bodyslide, with "Build Morphs" checked, for all UNP Royal Hunting Bodyslide outfits Enjoy full HDT skirts and UUNP morphs in-game. Requirements (in order):
      XPMSE and its requirements (For HDT-PE)
      HighHheels Sound (all boots feature the sound)
      UNP Textures (like Fairskin, etc.)
      Bodyslide (must use to get the mod to work)
      Racemenu (for NIOH heels)
      Royal Hunting UNP (3 links) - click the "UUNP Bodyslide" AND the "HDT-Pe Version" from this page.  You must download All files, but you can disable the .esp's for each:
      From Karter's Page (original mod) - this gets you all the texture files.  Some of the files are missing Dint's package so this is necessary. From RoboLumps' post on LL - these are the bodyslide files. From Dint999's youtube video (The HDT-PE version is in the video description) - This gets you the HDT-PE meshes, .xml's etc. Troubleshooting:
      The Skirts aren't all HDT/Some of the bodies look different - You didn't build the meshes in Bodyslide The game crashes - Your probably didn't install all the requirements I found a bug/issue - post a picture and I'll see what I can do. This isn't for CBBE! - I don't have plans to do anything about it yet.  My current work is on a large replacer mod focused on UUNP.  
      I've lurked for a long time at LL, but never uploaded a mod.  If I've broken a rule by uploading this, please let me know and I'll take it down.



    16. Interesting Generic NPCs - Custom Voiced

      Please consider supporting us on Patreon!
      Add over 100 custom-voiced NPCs with randomized personality and voice to the world of Skyrim. Each of them has their own opinions about Skyrim's events and people.
      Who are these NPCs?
      Simple civilians residing in Skyrim's cities and villages
      Wander from town to town, villages to villages, as their daily routine
      Populating Skyrim greatly without severely affecting the game's performance.
      As a teaser to Death Consumes All, the upcoming DLC quest mod,
      these NPCs' dialogues will give hints to Death Consumes All's story and lore,
      particularly those related to the Empire and the Thalmor.
      They have randomized profession, personality, political views. To name a few:
      Vigilants of Stendarr
      Political views:
      Professions, personalities, political views, positioning in the world altogether may create some combo dialogues, unique to one NPC!
      A laborer in Solitude who dislikes the Empire may complain about the East Empire Company, and even reward you for killing Vittoria Vici - his greedy boss.
      A lazy traveler who likes the Thalmor may want Skyrim to install some portals to spare him all that walking.
      1. Some lines are repetitive, why?
      Those lines are available to all NPCs of all professions and personalities.
      2. Why are the Thalmor socialists who want world revolution in this mod? Weren't they supposed to be racists?
      The Thalmor's position has been altered for a better narrative, since there's no depth to the original cartoon-villain Nazi Thalmor.
      3. What do these NPCs have to do with Death Consumes All?
      They will be involved in the quests.
      4. Why do some NPCs refer to "a plague", "a riot in Dawnstar"? They didn't happen in this mod.
      They are teasers to Death Consumes All.
      5. Is this mod a reference to the recent political events and COVID-19?
      Believe it or not, this mod's story was already conceptualized back before COVID-19 became a thing. The casting call was posted in December 2019. https://www.castingcall.club/projects/skyrim-dlc-quest-mod-death-consumes-all
      This mod is a part of the Shezarrine Mod Universe, using its lore, characters, and factions.
      About Death Consumes All:
      Death Consumes All is a DLC-sized quest mod for Skyrim to be released in Summer 2020.
      Death Consumes All revolves around a mysterious plague that kills everyone in Skyrim and bring them back as undead.
      Livia Salvian, the daughter of the High Chancellor, is determined to solve this plague and bring honor to her family. Recognizing your fame, she has decided to enlist your help to stop the plague.
      This mod introduces a semi-non-linear questline, where you can decide which quests you want to do and which you don't. Different quests you complete offer you different rewards, and will directly affect the final battle. The order of which you complete the quests, the decision of whether or not you would complete a quest, might change the whole story. Every quest builds up to the final event of the story, and out of over 10 main quests, you can choose not to do a single one to begin the final quest - if you're smart enough to find out how to stop the plague already!
      The plague is bound to kill every living being of Tamriel, and if you don't stop it in time, you will be left with nothing but a world of the dead... and undead.

      Death Consumes All is developed at the same time as Shezarrine - The Fate of Tamriel. This mod is considered to be the prequel and a simpler version of the completed Shezarrine. Meanwhile, we are continuing to recruit level designers, scripters, and 3D artists for Shezarrine.
      Join our Discord for the most updated information: https://discord.gg/k9W3N3q
      Please consider supporting us on Patreon!
      Miroslav - Creation of the mod
      Capt Jojo - Voice Actor
      OldRockgod - Voice Actor
      Gian - Voice Actor
      Audiospawn's Sudzy Bubbles - Voice Actor
      JINJER - Voice Actor
      Apex - Voice Actor
      Jackson Kesecker - Voice Actor
      Beans - Voice Actor
      Ancalagon_Aidoni - Voice Actor
      aTurrabtye - Voice Actor
      calculus - Voice Actor



    17. DW UUNP Armor Matching High Heels

      20 UNP high heels, designed to match the default Skyrim armors and their various remakes and mashups.
      -craftable/temperable as in the normal game (non-craftable items can be obtained via the console)
      -gameplay balanced
      Dark Wing's Heels UUNP : Stand alone craftable 
      Dark Wing's Heels Replacer UUNP : Replaces vanilla armor boots with new models 
      TAWoBA DWHH replacer: for https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83383 users that want to replace the tawoba boots.  Requires either either the stand alone or replacer versions of DW and tawoba.  
      Sound patches: require the corresponding main file as well as https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1795-heels-sound/ be aware that the the replacer sound file is going to replace the sound for male boots as well.



    18. Mandatory Training

      This mod prevents progressing skills at certain levels unless you visit a skill trainer. It is a modified version of the Experience Multiplier mod by skepmanmods. I removed the MCM and instead added a script which automatically changes your experience gain rate to 0 at certain levels.
      I created this mod to combine it with SexLab Demanding Trainers by HexBolt8. The whole puropse is to add a reason for visiting a trainer even if you are short of money.
      Install this mod like any other by adding the files to your Skyrim data directory.
      You can check if the mod is working by using the console command "incPCS restoration". You should get a notifycation when you exit the console.
      The default version prevents your progress at levels 24, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89. I also added an alternate version with fewer levels: 24, 49, 74, 89
      You can also set your values by using Tes5Edit and changing the MaTr_PresistentScript Quest-Script properties "XpLockedLevels" and "SkillTierNames". Both properties have to contain the same number of entries.



    19. DMF- Carrot Launcher

      This mod was made for fun... it's extremely overpowered so if you don't like this sorry..
      you can craft the bow under silver smithing and the arrows under misc..
      also it fly really far and does instant damage..
      body type required. umm... any body you wanna shoot a carrot into... lol
      Please note.. the wedding dress mod is not available to download atm.. please don't ask for it. thank you.
      Legal Shit..
      This mod is exclusive to LoversLab only... please do not upload or repack to any other mod sites
      including naver cafe.. Links to this mod is ok.



    20. Restore Potions converted to crappy EXP potions

      A simple mod that replaces the all too common restore health/magicka/stamina potions found all over the game with potions that give the player a small, borderline worthless, boost in experience to a random skill.
      This was a mod I made for my personal use I decided to share for the heck of it. I felt the rather spammed occurrence of healing potions made the game a little too easy. Especially if you are like me a prefer to make the game more difficult in manners other that the default, rather lazily setup "everything kills you in two hits" vanilla higher difficulties. I wanted to replace the potions with something that wasn't particularly useful but would still be desirable enough to be something the player would want to pick up. This seemed like a good solution without playing into some other mechanic that is too easily broken already (such as turning them into money items for example: it is too easy to farm gold in Skyrim already).
      - Using one of the new potions will give a very small experience boost to a random skill of any type, regardless of the potion's color. The potions all also have a 1/18 chance to give a permanent +1 boost to your maximum health/magicka/stamina, depending on the potions color.
      - This mod does not effect fortify or recovery rate potions. They are much rarer and not quite as directly useful as the restore potions.
      - This mod does not effect restore potions crafted through alchemy. I feel like that was more of a specialized skill rather than just finding massive amounts of restore potions just lying around the game world everywhere.
      - The potions function as their vanilla restore effects when an NPC uses them, so this mod will not nerf enemy NPCs carrying restore potions.
      - The new potions are keyworded as "VendorNoSale" so alchemy/general shops will not sell them to you. No pay-to-win exp here. You can still steal any of the potions on display in towns though.
      - None🙂 Not even any of the official expansions. Just vanilla Skyrim. Well maybe SKSE but can't remember.
      That's actually The Apprentice standing stone symbol. I thought it was fitting to the concept. Plus this mod was something of a personal rush job so just call me lazy😛
      Mainly because the red (health) potions tend to be far more common than blue (magicka) or green (stamina) potions. That would heavily shift this mod in favor of warrior builds for what little it would be worth. So I decide to make the RNG completely even, with the rare +1 stat boost being the only thing unique about the colors.
      Maybe. I'm not able to test it. Can't think of any reason it wouldn't as long as you have the SE SKSE.
      - Just me this time.



    21. UNP Flip-Flops

      UNP Flip-Flops 1.0
      Took me a few hours to throw together.
      Was a huge headache trying to get it to work with Bodyslide (I never succeeded)
      However, I did accomplish getting them weighted, and using it with my custom Bodyslide preset there was no seem.
      This is an independent version/edit of another mod 'Fox045' from the Fox Collection
      As you may know this outfit was specifically a 'Dead or Alive 5' conversion.
      They were the only flip-flops I could find for UNP and they were unweighted and a very unlorefriendly color.
      So I took matters into my own hands and thought I would share.

      So enjoy.

      Item is craftable at a tanning rack for 2 leather and 2 leather strips 
      Download 1.0, the Alpha file is the unweighted version. I included it just in case something with the meshes went wrong. I'm an expert at textures but not with meshes.
      If you ever need textures provided for a mod, let me know, I'll help you for free as long as the project isn't too huge for me to handle.   



    22. Maids II: Deception

      Original | Special Edition

      Main Package Download

      Due to the size of Maids II: Deception (2GB+), it must be downloaded from one of the sites below. Packages uploaded here on LL are supplementary.

      Mod Sites

           Nexus Mods

      File Storage
      View Readme - How to combine 7z part files.txt for installation instructions.

      Available on this file's downloads. Help seed by combining all parts of the regular M2 download and renaming the single .7z archive as "Maids II - Deception"




      Maids II: Deception (M2) is a sequel to Maids I: Euphoria for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Originally intended to be a simple mod that would add a single maid to a player house for dress-up, the series has evolved to feature a questline. M2 aims to expand upon where M1 left off, this time with an emphasis on story.

      Quest Start: The quest should be added to the Miscellaneous section of the quest journal upon loading the game with SMSkyrim.esp activated. The quest will instruct you to travel to the town of Jonestead.

      The Story So Far

      During the Oblivion Crisis, an organization of mages and alchemists known as Project Purity sought to rule Tamriel by first enslaving its women through the use of a corrupted Hist tree's sap that, when ingested, provoked an insatiable frenzy that made female victims vulnerable to submission. At the request of two maids who were cursed with the sap's effects, the Champion of Cyrodiil put a stop to Purity's plans and saved the women held captive in the palace of the Argonian warlord Desann.

      The descendants of the two maids - the Pinder family - would face persecution by a resurgent Purity as retaliation for their defeat. Over time, this rivalry escalated to the point where in order to survive, the family had to form a clandestine group of mercenaries whose only purpose was to put an end to Purity once and for all.

      200 years later, only two family members remain in a small underground town in Skyrim. The reasons for how and why the rivalry started have long been forgotten by both sides of the conflict. Yet the mercenary group founded by the family remains strong and has undergone drastic transformations. Now composed entirely of female warriors and assassins that rival the Dark Brotherhood in terms of secrecy and skill, the conflict has reached a standstill with both sides waiting for the other to resurface for one last showdown. With the province under siege by dragons and the civil war, Purity is bound to use this distraction as an advantage and unleash their final plan to eradicate the Pinder family and reveal their most devastating weapon yet, all in the name of saving the world from the enigmatic woman known as Matari.


      17 main quests with several offshoot side quests
           A large underground complex with several connecting dungeons
           A new land called Sky's Divide, a tropical dwarven fortress island that becomes accessible from the final quest onwards
           A new dungeon tileset based on the Dwemer ruins of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
           114 interior cells, 16 worldspaces
           1 new home and another - a ship - that can be obtainable depending on the Dragonborn's actions
           Approximately 13,000 lines of dialogue with branching paths
           79 voice actors voicing 116 characters
           A maid management system that expands alongside the main questline and allows players to hire up to 98 maids, have them serve as followers, and depart on missions to temporarily increase player stats while in a city or retrieve a specific type of supplies
           Optional MCM menu for maid management
           A companion with an optional friendship and romance system
           An optional brothel with a dynamic economic system
           New items, including those from other TES games
           Optional enemy patrols in the Skyrim wilderness depending on the player's place in the main questline


      M2 was originally released in episodic format from 2012 - 2016. Each episode advanced the main questline while also adding some post-quest reward bonuses. Below were the release dates for each episode.




      M2 is a script-intensive mod with 2,072 scripts. It's highly recommended that M2 is started on a new, clean save (new character/game) with as few script-intensive mods activated as possible. It's suggested that this save be kept aside for M2 updates.

      If playing on an existing save, it's important to make a backup of the save prior to installing and activating M2. If M2 is ever deactivated and uninstalled, script data will be left over in the save which may affect the stability of the save and other mods that add scripts (such as quest mods). This problem is due to Skyrim's scripting and save system which causes scripts from uninstalled mods to "stick" to a save long after it has been uninstalled.

      The following issues encountered in M2 are signs that a save game may be experiencing the negative effects of this left over data:

      Quest advancement issues
           Scene/NPC-to-NPC conversation stalls (NPCs will appear with the "This person is busy." message when activated and their conversations will never progress)
           Crashes to Desktop (CTDs) or frozen loading screens

      Use a save game cleaner, such as Save Game Script Cleaner or SkyrimTools, as a measure of last resort to repair bloated saves.

      Please read the FAQs for additional suggestions on what to do when problems are encountered.


      Requirements & Recommendations



      Official DLC



      These are only required for certain installations and optional features.

      Fores New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS)
              * Installing - custom animations will be added for certain characters.
              * Not Installing - characters will stand in place when these animations are requested.
              * IMPORTANT - remember to run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe after M2 has been installed so that the new animations will function. Read the FNIS readme for detailed instructions.

           Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)
              * SKSE is a prerequisite for SkyUI.
              * NOTE - SKSE features a built-in mechanic that removes references to OnUpdate() in Papyrus logs called by scripts of uninstalled mods. This is useful in preventing certain CTDs.
              * NOTE - SKSE v1.7 improves memory handling and may prevent CTDs for certain systems.

              * Installing - SkyUI implements the MCM menu system for M2, which includes portable maid management, settings, and uninstallation.
              * Not Installing - disables the M2 MCM menu; players required to go to the Pinder House in Jonestead and use the Notepad to access the settings through in-game menus.
              * NOTE - SkyUI-Away can be installed, in addition to SkyUI, to retain the vanilla UI while still installing the MCM system.
              * NOTE - A known issue with MCM causes plug-ins placed after the 128th slot in the load order (form ID 7F) to have script issues. Place SMSkyrim.esp at a higher position.
              * NOTE - if the MCM menu for M2 is not added when loading the mod for the first time, enter the following into the console:
               SetStage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1


      These are suggested optional utilities and mods that only serve to enhance features.

      Dimonized UNP Body
              * While any body type, including vanilla, is compatible with M2, most of the added clothing and armors were only designed for UNP by their original creators. Seams may show for non-UNP body types.


      Install the latest version of Skyrim from Steam (v1.9). Older versions and unauthorized copies of Skyrim may be incompatible with M2 at a system level.

           If updating from a pre-v4.0 install of M2, complete all quests before installing the latest version to ensure a stable playthrough of the original quests.

           Make a backup save before starting the game with M2 activated. This is a precaution that should always be done before beginning any quest mod.

           Install any semi-required and recommended mods that are intended to be used before starting the game with M2 activated. If previously installed, ensure that they are fully updated.

           Uninstall all M2 packages prior to updating from a pre-v4.0 installation. The new SMSkyrim.esp plug-in is flagged as an .esm despite having the .esp extension. Treat it as a master file and keep it grouped with other .esm files.




      Compatibility Patches

      Download the "Mod Patches" package from the downloads for a collection of patches for other mods and body replacers.


      The following mods have been confirmed to be incompatible with M2.

      Any follower management mod that affects M2 NPCs may cause unexpected quest issues. Avoid using to follower management mod for maids in M2.
      YELLOW --- moderate incompatibility; usually aesthetic. New locations overlap each other, but quest progress can continue. Console commands such as ToggleCollision (tcl) may need to be used.
      RED --- major incompatibility; M2 is rendered unplayable.




      Crashes to Desktop (CTDs)



      Missing Textures




      Credits, Thanks, Disclaimers


      Credits and permissions are listed in the main package readme.



    23. Project Vindictus Vol.3

      This is the third and the final volume of Project Vindictus.
      26 armor sets are featured in this mod.
      The screenshots are some of the armors in the pack.
      Every armor has HDT-SMP physics, female armors support CBBE/UUNP, comes with bodyslide files.
      You will also need the heels sound mod and additemmenu.
      The first download link is mega, the second is a backup one for google drive.
      Check out more of my work at



    24. Pooled Shouts

      Pooled Shouts
      Shouts are pooled together. Unlike vanilla where you need to wait for the cooldown to expire and unlike individual shout cooldown mods where each shout cools down separately, with pooled shouts you can use the same shout more than once. So for eg you can do a wuld, another wuld and then do a fus ro dah in quick succession as long as you have enough 'voice pool' remaining. It's more like casting spells from a mana pool. This might allow for interesting combos. Because of the implementation of using an unused actor value as the 'shout pool' it might also allow for the creation of potions and enchantments that increase the size of the voice pool or increase the regen rate of the pool or instantly restore a portion of the pool. Or vice versa, debuffs to those aspects. You can gain shout experience by starting off with a small pool and gain pool size every time you unlock a shout. This means you can't immediately go to high gate ruin and learn storm call because you won't be able to cast it anyway. 
      You can customize the position, transparency & fill direction of the shout meter in the Mcm.
      The colors can be changed by modifying the json MeterColors.json. Use a site like: https://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.html to pick a color and convert it to decimal and change the corresponding value in the json. 
      0 = Exhausted - The shout pool is exhausted and you don't have enough pool to use any words. Default Red.
      1 = Level 1 - You have enough pool to use the first word. Default yellow.
      2 = Level 2 - You have enough pool to use the second word. Default green.
      3 = Level 3 - The meter is full.
      As you unlock more shouts you'll gain more 'voice pool' to use. This makes useless shouts just a little bit more desirable for the extra pool they provide. You can set your 'starting pool' and 'pool per word' in the Mcm. You'll need to sleep after unlocking a word to gain the extra pool. 
      Why Bother?
      For the lolz I guess. I think it might be a little more interesting this way.
      Vanilla cooldown is a bit boring. And it's got the 'elixir of life' effect. Meaning you build this mentality of only using shouts when you need them because otherwise they'll be in cooldown and you'll be fucked. And so you kind of end up never using them. 
      Individual shout cooldowns I find pretty OP. Enter combat, cast absolutely every shout you have and obliterate the enemy with a massive alpha strike. All shouts cooldown separately so you might as well. The sooner you shout the sooner you'll be able to use that shout again. 
      I think pooled shouts might strike a more balanced strategic effect where you can still be badass when you want to. 
      The mod will 'allow' you to shout up to the max word you've learned even if you don't have enough pool to cover the cost of that word but the actual spell effect fired will only be what the pool can cover. Eg: You know all 3 words of Fus Ro Dah but only have enough pool to cast Fus. You can hold down the button and she will say 'Fus Ro Dah' but only Fus effect will be fired. I can not find a way to limit the number of words your character speaks when she shouts but at least the effect fired is correct. SetNthWord does not appear to work. I'm not sure I'd use it even if it did as it'd probably change the description in the magic menu and confuse people. 
      Obviously other shout mods like individual shout cooldowns.  Mods that have broken shouts also aren't supported. Shouts must have 3 words otherwise it's sort of broken. Try to unlock a broken shout and see for yourself. Broken shouts shouldn't mess things up but they won't behave like normal pooled shouts.  Anything that modifies the unused actor variable LastFlattered. I'm currently not aware of any other mod that uses it.   



    25. Project Vindictus Vol.3

      This is the third and the final volume of Project Vindictus.
      24 armor sets are featured in this mod.
      The screenshots are some of the armors in the pack.
      Every armor has HDT-SMP physics, female armors support CBBE/UUNP, comes with bodyslide files.
      You will also need the heels sound mod and additemmenu.
      The first download link is mega, the second is a backup one for google drive.
      Check out more of my work at



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