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These Skyrim mods are of a non-adult nature.


    1. Killing Floor 2 Gear Pack 1.4.1

                                     Which outfit do you want to see next? Tell me in the support topic!  ____________________________________________________________________________________________                                                   *All Files uploaded to Google Drive, don't worry.* ____________________________________________________________________________________________ About| As a fan of Killing Floor 2, I porting some armors and gears from the game, enjoy! I also ported some weapons, but that is for personal use at this moment.   Combat Dress and Horzine Mark 7 Suit have their own BodySlide files, Male version has BodySlide file too, and also including a preset for them. Female armor is made for CBBE. However, it won't have any issue if you're using UNP. and make sure to check every "Meshes_Fix" zap slide before you build the meshes!   After updating the mod to V1.2, You can get all the outfits in Belethor's General Goods, Whiterun.   Character's eyes may disappear after equip Hazmat Suit Helmet.
      In order to deal with the issue, installing HDT Skyrim Ordering Independent Transparency is necessary.   Strasser's outfit and Rae's dress are added in game. However, I kinda need someone make a HDT skirt bodyslide file, without HDT physic, this dress won't be perfect for me. Please let me know if anyone make one. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Added Equipment| ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Credits| Tripwire Interactive - Devs of Killing Floor 2 Caliente - Author of  CBBE and BodySlide and Outfit Studio Opac21 - Male Body for BodySlide2 and Outfitstudio   Using Tools| Adobe Photoshop Autodesk Maya BodySlide and Outfit Studio Creation Kit Killing Floor 2 - SDK NifSkope TES5Edit Umodel   Change Log| |11.30.17|V1.0 - Lt. Masterson Update, add Masterson's gears and some player accessorys. |12.02.17|V1.1 - Elite Chicken Update, add Mark 7 suit and Commando Chicken outfit. ﹂ V1.1.1 - Update Pack, Fix an issue that gnd meshes may disappear when player get near to it. |12.04.17|V1.2 - Knight of the Cardboard Update, add a new outfit "Cardboard Knight". ﹂ V1.2.1 - Update Pack, Update Mark7 outfit's specular strength, added two-side render setting for some armors. |12.07.17|V1.3 - Toxicant Protection Update Pack, add a new outfit ,"Hazmat Suit". |12.12.17|V1.4 - Rcok and Steel Update, add two new outfit and some cosmetics. ﹂ V1.4.1 - Update Pack, Fix Strasser Outfit's issues. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ |Traditional Chinese Version|gamer.com.tw |Russian Version|gamer-mods.ru ____________________________________________________________________________________________ SRX Followers - All in One Edition ( Nexusmods )
      SRX Followers - Elin Race Pack ( LoversLab )
      Project SNNR - Skyrim Nobody NPC Replacer ( Nexusmods )



    2. Wintervale 1.0.0

      To see the changes that this mod does, watch the video.
      Wintervale Trailer
      My Best Friend Is In Skyrim - Episode 13 - Epic Skyrim Mods

      (Current build, BETA)
      Update coming soon will add plenty of new features

      You need all the DLC's

      How do I get to the Island?
      Go to Riverwood, near the waterfall you will find a statue, go near the statue and you will be teleported to Wintervale. (The update will contain a more immersive way to get to Wintervale.)

      Wintervale is a new Island located in the Sea of Ghosts, I plan to update this mod in the future, add new quests etc.

      Big Castle (Player Home)
      New Island (Sea of Ghosts, North of Skyrim)
      New objects
      New buildings 
      and much more

      This mod is free from copy righted content, all rights have been reserved, permission has been granted to use the resources.

      Credits/Hall of Fame
      CD Projekt & Oaristys- Modding resources
      Tamira - Modding resources, tropical plants, palm trees, flowers, etc
      Stroti - Modding resources, Aladdin's lamp etc.
      MJY - The Author of the mysterious Island, Modding resources. Thank you MJY.
      Blackflag & Hyperactivechild - Landscape Textures
      (If I missed any mod authors or artists, please let me know and I will update)



    3. NieR Automata Armor english V.1.5

      this translates the in-game items into English. each item begins with Yorha, so just search (help yorha) them in the console and then add them (player.additem xxxxxxx).
      or use the additem menu mod. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64905/?
      this mod requires you to download the original then overwrite it with this one.is
      Compatible with RegenBot retouched version simply install that one first and overwrite with this esp.
      mod page: clothes set of Nier: Automata
      download link: https://gavitex.com/share/t0q6o91j5
      I take no credit for the creation of this mod all credit goes to Dint999 for the creation of this mod please download the original, please visit his youtube page.



    4. Mara's Island 2.0 1.0.0

      Epic Skyrim Mods - Mara's Island - Episode 10 🌴
      2.0 build contains LOD!
      Start a new adventure. Head on over to the Wind helm dock area. Activate the wheel in one of the ships stationed in the docks. After weeks of sailing the open sea, the player is shipwrecked and lands on an unknown mysterious Island, your whole crew dies in the tragedy. A loving spirit by the name of Razan came to your aid, and rescued you. She kept you safe and warm in her house, and gave you love and care. She brought you back to life. The player awakes in a new exotic, tropical Island. The options are limitless. Discover a new world made from scratch. Join new factions, participate in the civil war brewing between the Restless League and the Southern Water tribe. Build new relationships, feel loved and receive new girlfriends and gifts. Participate in gangs wars, defend the land of the faction you wish to join and much more.

      Civil War
      The Restless League is a pirate band. They own the north side of the Island in Mara's Island, they are the most powerful and rich gang in Mara's Island, but the years have passed and the Southern Water Tribe has grown very powerful, the Restless League are now getting hammered in Mara's Island, this is where the player shines, Will you help the Restless League and the Northern Fire Tribe expand and take back their land, or will you join their enemy. The Southern Water Tribe and the Northern Fire Tribe don't mix and are at war with each other. The Southern Water Tribe are natives of Mara's Island, they are very poor and most of the members of the gang are hunters, drug dealers, hookers, and much more. They are ruthless but are very loyal. If you get on their good side they will be loyal, but if you get on their bad side, they will prove to be your worse nightmare.

      Start a new adventure.
      Large Tropical Island.
      Main story line to follow.
      Solve mysteries, help build Mara's Island.
      Join two new factions, The Restless League and the Southern Water Tribe.
      Drug Wars, Gangs Wars.
      A Civil War is breaking out in Mara's Island.
      New Girlfriends.
      Build relationships.
      More immersion and fun
      New books and letters.
      Unique quests.
      New Custom cave
      Wind Chimes
      New Beach areas.
      New carpets and furniture
      Exotic plants and trees.
      New exotic foods, grapes, pineapple etc.
      New version of Skooma, gives the player a visual effect.
      Mara's Island has it's own Climate Settings. The Island glistens.
      All crafting stations.
      New interiors.
      New player home
      New player boat, Boat travel within the Island.
      Much more.

      How do I join the Restless League?
      Once you arrive in the Island, the first place you will visit after you get shipwrecked is Razan's house. You must talk to her and agree to help her defeat the Southern Water Tribe, if you don't talk to her or agree to join the Restless League and the Northern Fire Tribe, the Northern Fire Tribe will automatically try to kill you, you must join the guild. To join the guild talk to her Razan and she will offer you a chance to join the guild.
      How do I join the Southern Water Tribe?
      To Join the Southern Water Tribe, when you visit Farid in his house, instead of killing him, accept his offer.
      How do I get to the Tropical Island?
      To get to the Island, go the Wind helm dock area, in the ship you will see a wheel, activate and set sail. After months of traveling the open sea you will become shipwrecked and spawn in a new location called The Castaway Peninsula, there you must survive the exotic location and find the nearest refuge.
      Main Characters
      Razan - Razan is a potential girlfriend. When the player becomes shipwrecked, Razan saves you from drowning. She is the leader of the Restless League in Mara's Island. She came from Stros Mkai in search for a better life and more coin. She brought the customs from Stros Mkai, and couldn't let go of her former association with the Restless League, and decided to start her own chapter in Mara's Island. The Restless League lost much power over the years, as the Southern Water Tribe tripled in power. Desperate for coin and resources they wage war against the most prominent gang in Mara's Island, the Restless League
      Nadia - She is Razan's sister. She came from the mainland as well in search for a better life. She is also active in the Restless League. She decides to help her sister rise to power, and take control of the city.
      Farid - Farid is the leader of the Southern Water Tribe. He is very ruthless, but also likes to solve things in a diplomatic manner when it's convenient for him. When you meet him, he will invite you to join his the Southern Water Tribe.
      Alain - Member of the Restless League, he mostly hangs out in Mara Central, making armor for the Restless League, he was also shipwrecked and lost his whole crew.
      Mara - A potential girlfriend. Mara is a Merchant that hangs out by Mara's Harbor. As time progresses she becomes more into the player, if you join the Southern Water Tribe she will hate you and most likely try to kill you.
      Sanastasia - Member of the Southern Water Tribe, she works with Jayrod another thug from the Southern Water Tribe. They keep harrasing Razan and send her death threats on occasions. She is also a potential follower if the player decides to join the Southern Water Tribe.
      Jayrod - Jayrod is a corrupted high elf. He was shipwrecked on the Island as well. Some say he hit his head, because the shipwreck he was never the same. Jayrod became addicted to Skooma and is very active in the Southern Water Tribe. He has a very strong temper and kills for mere pleasure, many believe that Jayrod lost his mind a long time ago. He has a thing for Razan, and wants Razan to resign and join the Southern Water Tribe, before he kills her. Razan totally blows him off, and denies his invitation, she also refuses to surrender. So Jayrod becomes determined to kill Razan. It's up to the player to save Razan.
      Sanushka - She owns a club in The Point. She is also a member of the Southern Water Tribe. If the player joins the Southern Water Tribe she will sell you many things. But if you side with the Restless League, they will attack you the moment you walk into the club.
      Zaki - His name means pure. Zaki is a former drug dealer who works for the Southern Water Tribe. He is under direct orders from Farid, which wants him to infiltrate and take over Mara's Key. Zaki is making deals in Mara's Key. He's keeping a very low profile, and sometimes poses as a member of the Restless League. He is destroying Razan and Nadia's drug trade in Mara's Island, he keeps stealing their customers and is distributing skooma at a very high rate. He was also foolish enough to steal from Nadia, Razan's sister. Zaki is a very troubled spirit. He spends his days selling and doing skooma. He also loves to spend his time around women, and visits the club often for a few shots.
      Alina - She is a merchant in Mara Central. She sells plenty of fruits and potions.
      Lyla - A member of the Northern Fire Tribe. Her whole family was slain by the ruthless tyrant Farid. She hates the Southern Water Tribe. She attends the players private party. She only spawns after you complete certain quests for the Restless League.
      Ramzi - Member of the Northern Fire Tribe. Attends the players private party, he is very happy that the player defeated the leader of the Southern Water Tribe.
      Nam - She arrives in Mara's Island when the player defeats Farid, the leader of the Southern Water Tribe. She has heard of much about you, and she is willing to follow you. Potential Girlfriend.
      Selma - Selma is loyal to the Northern Fire Tribe and hates the Southern Water Tribe, because they are responsible for the death of her parents. She is a hardworking merchant. After the player takes over the point and the Southern Refuge, Selma arrives in Mara's Island. She becomes the main merchant in the pearl.
      Rida - She was born in Mara's Island, she is an orphan, she looks for love and attention. She arrives in the Island after the player defeats Farid.
      Jason - A Southern Water Tribe thug, he stole a shipment from Mara. He is hiding in a cave in Mara Central. He is very powerul and controls the underground area in Mara Central. He wants to take over Mara's Key.
      Mara Central - Mara Central is the center of the Island, where everyone on the Island comes to the market, to get new supplies, others come for entertainment. Mara Central is controlled by the Restless League, the Southern Water Tribe keep assaulting Mara Central, and won't rest until they conquer the district.
      Mara's Key - Mara's Key is where many natives live. It's also the center of Mara's Island. The area belonged to the Restless League, but the Southern Water Tribe, keep trying to take control.
      Sapphire Beach - One of the most beautiful beaches in Mara's Island. It's currently controlled by the Restless League, but gang members die every week defending the beach. The Restless League needs a new hero to help control the area. 
      The Southern Refuge - This turf belongs to the Southern Water Tribe and it's where the gang originated from. Tired of looking up and depending on the Restless League and their imports from Hammer fell, they decided to rebel against the hand that fed them, to take control of the land. They got so greedy, that they declared war with them after a former thug, named Farid rose to power and raised a small army.
      South Port - The Southern Port. Where many boats and ships land.
      Bamboo Forest - Small Forest covered with bamboos.North Point - This is where many Islanders come to have a good time, go out fishing, socialize, or simply relax by the beaches that surround the point.
      The Pearl - A beautiful beach, owned by the Southern Water Tribe, The point and the Pearl onced belonged to the Restless League, but a wave of thugs from the Southern Water Tribe went to war with the Restless League, and took over the point and the pearl. located in the North side of Mara's Island.
      Red Wood Cave - A cave in Mara Central. It's a local hideout for thugs.
      The Restless League - The Restless League is a band of pirates. Razan came from Stros M'kai and started her own chapter in Mara's Island, she brought her customs and culture to the tropical Island. Razan seen that starting the Restless League in Mara's Island would be of great benefit. The Restless League once ruled Mara's Island, but they slowly grew careless, and started to party more, while their enemies lurked around in the shadows and grew stronger.
      The Southern Water Tribe - The Southern Water Tribe is the most powerful gang in Mara's Island. They are natives of the land, they are ruthless, vicious and very greedy. They we're once united with the Northern Fire Tribe and the Restless League, but they grew wicked and greedy. The gang was started by a rebel named Farid. After the Restless League helped them and fed them, the natives of the south wanted more, and got tired of receiving mere crumbs. They wanted the whole pie so they decided to go to war with the Restless League to gain it all.
      The Northern Fire Tribe - The Northern Fire Tribe has been getting hammered by the Southern Water Tribe, they decided to join the Restless League together they plan on defeating the Southern Water Tribe.
      2. Disruption
      I have been shipwrecked, I somehow survived. It appears I'm in a tropical rain forest. I was nearly lifeless but a loving spirit took me into her house and healed me. I told her if I could do anything to help her, and she said that the Southern Water Tribe took over the Point. Razan wants it back. I have decided to join the Restless League and take control of the point. To take control of the point I need to take out Jayrod, the High Elf who lead the attack.
      2. Joining The Southern Water Tribe (Optional) 
      To Join the Southern Water Tribe, you must take out Razan the leader of the Restless League. The Leader of the Southern Water Tribe is hiding in South port. Near the Southern Refuge.
      3. Nadia's Revenge
      I have met Razan's sister, Nadia. Some thugs from the Southern Water Tribe, have harassed Razan and Nadia, the thugs also stole a big drug shipment. Nadia wants me to retrieve it. The drug dealer is hiding in Mara's Key.
      4. Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You.
      Farid was once a loyal member of the Restless League. Farid grew wicked and decided to bite the hand that fed him and his entire village in the Southern part of the Island. He wanted power, and more riches. He decided to go to war with the Restless League and formed his own gang, the Southern Water Tribe. He has placed a bounty on Razan now. Things are getting hairy in Mara's Island. I have agreed to take out Farid, as he has gone too far.
      5. Private Party
      The Restless League and the Northern Fire Tribe are celebrating in the pearl. Razan told me to attend the party. The main reason they are celebrating is because I killed Farid the leader of the Southern Water Tribe. 
      6. Mara's Request
      A Southern Water Tribe drug dealer stole a shipment from Mara, she wants you to retrieve it. The Thief is hiding in Red Wood Cave.
      DJ Red Rad made a few tracks for Mara's Island, he agreed to keep making more tracks for upcoming projects, we also use music from other authors like Vinsdsvept who kindly give permission, thanks you guys.
      Mara's Island contains it's own unique climate. The sun begins to rise around 6am. In Skyrim the sun begins to set at around 4pm. That is really low for a tropical Island, so we decided to spice things up and tweak up the climate in Mara's Blessing.
      Note From CyberNetwork
      We have had fun crafting Mara's Island and hope you enjoy the mod. We are very happy to share this mod with you. Voice actors are welcomed. - CyberNetwork.
      Note me and the other mod author's of this mod have received permission to use certain asset's from other modders, via chat. I, Nina Sky have spoken directly with MannyGT. You can't use any of the asset's used in this mod. you must ask proper permission to the rightful owners. Most of the resources used in the mod are free modder's resources, and exclusive and limited permission was given
      This mod should be compatible with all mods.
      Mara's Island has it's own LOD settings.
      Mara's Island has it's own climate settings.
      This mod will not cause bugs or ruin your save games.
      No new save game is required.
      This mod is free from copy righted content, We are a modding group and all rights have been reserved, permission has been granted to use the custom asset's, we have received permission from MannyGT himself via chat. We are working together to create big projects only. We don't use any asset's in which we don't have permission or aren't free modder's resource. 

      Credits/Hall of Fame
      MannyGT - Modding resources, ruins, buildings etc. (I have spoken with MannyGT personally. Thank you MannyGT.  - CyberNetwork
      CD Projekt & Oaristys- Modding resources
      Ladyonthemoon - Level of detail expert thank you for showing us how to understand and generate LOD.
      Vindsvept - For the custom soundtrck http://vindsvept.com/
      bfadragon - For the resource extra food. Wonderful, thank you.
      CAD345 - For The Airship. Big thanks.
      MuppetPuppet - Modding resources, thank you.
      Tamira - Modding resources, tropical plants, palm trees, flowers, etc
      Stroti - Modding resources, Aladdin's lamp etc.
      MJY - The Author of the mysterious Island, Modding resources. Thank you MJY.
      Blackflag & Hyperactivechild - Landscape Textures
      Yuril - Various Barrels, modding resources
      Markus Liberty (Tellmann) - for the modelling and texturing Cyrodiil Ship and boat resource 
      1shoedpunk - for assisting in merging collisions for the rowboats
      Celtic Decor for Skyrim I by DarkRider 
      Wicker Set by Garnet 
      edhildil - For the Camel resource, thank you.
      Ghosus - For the custom axe.
      TesTiger - Royal Redguard Armor, Modding resources. Thank you.
      Antony Bellingham
      (If you think you belong in the hall of of fame, please let us know, and we will place your name in the hall of fame.)



    5. SRX Followers - Elin Race Pack 1.3.3e

      This is my first time to make a Elin race follower, but my pals already test this before, so this should work without any bugs.
      And... this is my first time to upload files on LL.
      This Elin race follower has her own body meshes and textures.
      Even so, You still need Tera Elin Race installed.
      I have add a tracking marker on this follower, you can check her location by using the quest mark.
      And last thing, her ears and tail are equipments, I'm not sure if they will be take off when you give her some hats or something else.
      Now I plan to make more Elin race follower into one mod, so I renamed this mod.
      Installation |
      Requires |
      Tera Elin Race (and everything it need.)
      HDT Physics Extensions
      HDT Maid Outfit
      Body |
      CBBE Curvy*
      UNP Curvy*
      *Note: If you wish to replace the body meshes and textures, you should know what body textures are using in this mod.
      Fair Skin Complexion - Diffuse (_d)
      The Pure - Specular (_s)
      SG Female Textures Renewal - Glow (_sk)
      Credits |
      Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
      Enhanced Character Edit
      SG Female Textures Renewal
      Fair Skin Complexion
      Tera Elin Race
      HDT Physics Extensions
      HDT Maid Outfit
      DIMONIZED UNP female body
      UNP Minidresses Collection
      Adobe Photoshop
      Creation Kit
      SRX Followers - All in One Edition ( Nexusmods )
      Project SNNR - Skyrim Nobody NPC Replacer ( Nexusmods )
      Killing Floor 2 Gear Pack ( LoversLab )



    6. Sexy Serana 1.0.0

      Addicted to Skyrim 😜 Episode 9 - Epic Skyrim Mods 💓
      Working on a new guild! Epic Upcoming Mod - The Forsworn Guild - Looking For New Voice Actors! Planning to release this mod December 2017!


      This mod is a request for a friend, who wanted me to pimp out Serana. It's a standalone replacer for Serana. It contains custom hd hair, new skin textures etc. I will keep making mods, The Forbidden Island and Mara's Cove is coming 2018. I will also make new joinable factions soon such as the Forsworn, Red Sabre Pirates, Silver hand etc. Stay tuned !

      This mod is free from copy righted content, DJ Red Rad is partnered with the Union for gamers and likes to keep a professional status. DJ would never steal someone else's work. DJ spoke personally with many talented artists and mod authors. Some of the mod authors in which DJ spoke with personally are MannyGT, Tamira, Zzjay, MJY and many more. DJ has received exclusive permission to use many assetts, the rest are free modding resources.

      SG Female Texture Renewal by Hello Santa
      CBBE - Caliente Donate
      KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic



    7. Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords II 1.0.0

      Version 2 of the World-Renowned Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords!  Now available in almost every metal in the game.  All swords are done in 2K textures with remarkable depth. See for yourself in the pictures. The ones with the gray background are from 3DS Max where they were created.  The game shots are lower screen resolution.

      As with the previous version, the blades’ design was inspired by the Cold Steel Scottish Broadsword:

      So, what is the story of these swords and their history in Tamriel you ask?

      In Tamriel, Basket Hilt Broadswords originated in the Colovian Highlands.  The Nord smiths there used their incredible skills to combine metals and techniques from other cultures with traditional Nord crafting practices to create a sword almost on par with Akavari katanas.

      While Nords typically favor heavy two-handed weapons, the steep, often rocky  terrain of the Colovian Highlands creates the need for a quality one-handed weapon.  This enables the user to better keep their footing and not have to over-commit on a swing of their weapon.  The Basket Hilt Broadsword is lighter weight and stronger than a traditional sword of the same material and is so well balanced that the wielder is faster and lighter on their feet as well.

      As word of the revolt against the Empire and the Thalmor in Skyrim spread, Nord smiths began manufacturing and selling more of the swords to their brothers in Skyrim.  Sometimes even smuggling them in with Khajitt caravans. Rumor has it they’ve even trained some of the smiths in Skyrim in the art of crafting their remarkable blades.

      My attempt at adding a bit of lore to the blades done, lets get to the details.  First, the mod was rebuilt from the ground up.  Swords include the following metals; Rusty Iron, Iron, Steel, Silver, Orcish, Dwarven, Nordic, Skyforge Steel, Glass, Stalhrim, Ebony, Daedric, and Dragon Bone.
      The Skyforge Steel sword in particular is a masterpiece.  It has a Damascus steel finish and looks like dark steel at first, but at some angles you get a sort of deep purple reflection.  The whole sword slightly changes at different angles from slight hints of color to the way the pattern looks.  The scabbard is dragon scale as well.  Vioxsis did some truly amazing work there.

      All swords are fully craftable, temperable, and enchantable.  They have also had ALL vanilla magic variants created for them (even the silent moons option for iron and steel variants) and added to leveled lists for merchants, townsfolk, encounters, and treasure chests.  Anywhere there’s a chance of a vanilla sword, there’s a chance of these swords.  They will appear a bit less often than vanilla swords however, as they’re supposed to be a little on the rare side.

      Stats-wise,the swords are typically one point lighter, and do one point more damage than their vanilla counterparts.  They also have a speed rating of 1.15, which puts them dead in the middle of swords and daggers.  Lastly they have a 5% higher chance than normal to critical hit as well. The aim here was to add weapons that were of exceptional quality to the game but still remain relatively balanced.

      Cost vs a vanilla sword is about 30% higher (give or take).  Unlike the vanilla weapons, I also adjusted the value of magical ones up a little over the mundane versions.  If it’s enchanted, it has to be worth more right?

      Lastly, as an added bonus that came about creating the Silver variant, the vanilla silver swords are now craftable and temperable. They’ll be under the Misc category at the forge.  I also tried to get them to occasionally pop in vendor and loot lists.  It always bothered me that they only showed in the hands of Werewolf hunters.

      If you have a mod that does more extensive stuff with Silver Weapons, just put it below this one in your load order and the other mod should take priority.



    8. Daedric Museum of Artifacts 1.5

      Description Adds a museum east of Falkreath near the Skyrim-Cyrodiil border gate dedicated to the Daedra. Inside, you'll find a safe place to store and display your accumulated Daedric artifacts. There are also other Daedric-related displays and Daedric items to purchase.
      NOTE - NPCs are unvoiced. All subtitles will need to be enabled.

      Museum Rooms Lobby
      Serves as a gateway to the rest of the museum Museum of Artifacts
      Display/storage area for all unique Daedric artifacts Daedric shrines that can be activated to give you unique blessings NPC that gives you hints as to where Daedric quests may be started Museum of Lords
      Mannequin displays of the live Daedric Lords featured throughout the game Museum of Daedra
      Mannequin displays of the live Daedra featured throughout the game Atronach Forge with already available Sigil Stone. NPC trainer/vendor that specializes in Conjuration and sells Daedria conjuration spell tomes, scrolls, and staves. Also sells special Atronach Forge Recipe book containing all 34 recipes in the game. Museum of Relics
      Preset displays of miscellaneous Daedric items seen and acquired throughout the game NPC vendor that sells Daedric clothing NPC smith trainer/vendor that sells Daedric weapons & armor Crafting & enchanting center Library
      Contains all of Skyrim's Daedra-related books Book shelves are safe for storage and an ideal place for players to place their own books in an organized manner  

      Mirrors AFK Mods Assimilation Lab Dark Creations Mod DB Nexus Mods Steam TES Alliance  

      Versions for Other The Elder Scrolls Games
      The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition



    9. Morrowind Dwemer Resources 1.3.1

      Original |
      Special Edition Morrowind Dwemer Resources is a conversion of David Brasher's Dwemer Ruins modders resource for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It brings The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind-style Dwemer architecture and dungeon tilesets to Skyrim.

      What has and hasn't been ported
      Almost all of the original models from the TES4 modders resource have been ported.

      Those that couldn't be converted to work properly in the TES5 engine have been excluded, including the NPC dwarven constructs.

      All but one piece of clutter has been excluded in favor of redirecting modders to download InsanitySorrow's Dwemer Clutter resource, which contains higher quality models and textures.

      Additional modders resource recommendations
      For more classic Dwemer resources, the following mods are available:
      Insanity's Dwemer Clutter Insanity's Dwemer Weapons Lore Weapon Expansion* (includes TES3 dwarven dagger) Old Dwarven Katana and Daito* * = requires author's permission to use in mods

      TES5 - Original & Special Edition Compatibility
      This resource's assets are compatible with both the original TES5 and TES5 - Special Edition. The included plug-ins intended only for reference have been saved in the original Creation Kit, but will load just fine in the SSE Creation Kit.

      Mods that use this resource pack
      If you want your mod added to this list, you may post a comment or send a PM to Enter_77.
      Maids II: Deception Credits
      AlpineYJ LOD models [*]David Brasher
      Dwemer Ruins (original model and texture source) [*]Enter_77
      Model conversion and resource compilation for TESV [*]InsanitySorrow
      Insanity's Dwemer Clutter (high resolution textures used to replace David Brasher's where applicable)  
      This mod's resources may be distributed & uploaded without explicit permission from the mod author(s) as long as the original author(s) are credited. They may not, however, be included in a mod intended to be monetized.

      AFK Mods Assimilation Lab Dark Creations Nexus Mods TES Alliance



    10. Maids II: Deception 5.1.1

      Original |
      Special Edition  
      Main Package Download
      Due to the size of Maids II: Deception (2GB+), it must be downloaded from one of the sites below. Packages uploaded here on LL are supplementary.
      Mod Sites
      ModDB Nexus Mods File Storage (split archives)
      The "Main Package" folder contains the mod split into multiple 100MB .7z part files. View the "_Readme - How to combine 7z part files" in the parent folder for instructions.
      Google (v5.1) MEGA (v5.1) Torrent
      Available on this file's downloads. Help seed by combining all parts of the regular M2 download and renaming the single .7z archive as "Maids II - Deception"

      Maids II: Deception (M2) is a sequel to Maids I: Euphoria for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Originally intended to be a simple mod that would add a single maid to a player house for dress-up, the series has evolved to feature a questline. M2 aims to expand upon where M1 left off, this time with an emphasis on story.
      Quest Start: The quest should be added to the Miscellaneous section of the quest journal upon loading the game with SMSkyrim.esp activated. The quest will instruct you to travel to the town of Jonestead.
      The Story So Far
      During the Oblivion Crisis, an organization of mages and alchemists known as Project Purity sought to rule Tamriel by first enslaving its women through the use of a corrupted Hist tree's sap that, when ingested, provoked an insatiable frenzy that made female victims vulnerable to submission. At the request of two maids who were cursed with the sap's effects, the Champion of Cyrodiil put a stop to Purity's plans and saved the women held captive in the palace of the Argonian warlord Desann.
      The descendants of the two maids - the Pinder family - would face persecution by a resurgent Purity as retaliation for their defeat. Over time, this rivalry escalated to the point where in order to survive, the family had to form a clandestine group of mercenaries whose only purpose was to put an end to Purity once and for all.
      200 years later, only two family members remain in a small underground town in Skyrim. The reasons for how and why the rivalry started have long been forgotten by both sides of the conflict. Yet the mercenary group founded by the family remains strong and has undergone drastic transformations. Now composed entirely of female warriors and assassins that rival the Dark Brotherhood in terms of secrecy and skill, the conflict has reached a standstill with both sides waiting for the other to resurface for one last showdown. With the province under siege by dragons and the civil war, Purity is bound to use this distraction as an advantage and unleash their final plan to eradicate the Pinder family and reveal their most devastating weapon yet, all in the name of saving the world from the enigmatic woman known as Matari.
      17 main quests with several offshoot side quests A large underground complex with several connecting dungeons A new land called Sky's Divide, a tropical dwarven fortress island that becomes accessible from the final quest onwards A new dungeon tileset based on the Dwemer ruins of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 114 interior cells, 16 worldspaces 1 new home and another - a ship - that can be obtainable depending on the Dragonborn's actions Approximately 13,000 lines of dialogue with branching paths 79 voice actors voicing 116 characters A maid management system that expands alongside the main questline and allows players to hire up to 98 maids, have them serve as followers, and depart on missions to temporarily increase player stats while in a city or retrieve a specific type of supplies Optional MCM menu for maid management A companion with an optional friendship and romance system An optional brothel with a dynamic economic system New items, including those from other TES games Optional enemy patrols in the Skyrim wilderness depending on the player's place in the main questline  
      M2 was originally released in episodic format from 2012 - 2016. Each episode advanced the main questline while also adding some post-quest reward bonuses. Below were the release dates for each episode.

      M2 is a script-intensive mod with 2,071 scripts. It's highly recommended that M2 is started on a new, clean save (new character/game) with as few script-intensive mods activated as possible. It's suggested that this save be kept aside for M2 updates.
      If playing on an existing save, it's important to make a backup of the save prior to installing and activating M2. If M2 is ever deactivated and uninstalled, script data will be left over in the save which may affect the stability of the save and other mods that add scripts (such as quest mods). This problem is due to Skyrim's scripting and save system which causes scripts from uninstalled mods to "stick" to a save long after it has been uninstalled.
      The following issues encountered in M2 are signs that a save game may be experiencing the negative effects of this left over data:
      Quest advancement issues Scene/NPC-to-NPC conversation stalls (NPCs will appear with the "This person is busy." message when activated and their conversations will never progress) Crashes to Desktop (CTDs) or frozen loading screens Use a save game cleaner, such as Save Game Script Cleaner or SkyrimTools, as a measure of last resort to repair bloated saves.
      Please read the FAQs for additional suggestions on what to do when problems are encountered.
      Requirements & Recommendations
      Official DLC
      Dawnguard Hearthfire Dragonborn  
      These are only required for certain installations and optional features.
      Fores New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS)
      * Installing - custom animations will be added for certain characters.
      * Not Installing - characters will stand in place when these animations are requested.
      * IMPORTANT - remember to run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe after M2 has been installed so that the new animations will function. Read the FNIS readme for detailed instructions. Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)
      * SKSE is a prerequisite for SkyUI.
      * NOTE - SKSE features a built-in mechanic that removes references to OnUpdate() in Papyrus logs called by scripts of uninstalled mods. This is useful in preventing certain CTDs.
      * NOTE - SKSE v1.7 improves memory handling and may prevent CTDs for certain systems. SkyUI
      * Installing - SkyUI implements the MCM menu system for M2, which includes portable maid management, settings, and uninstallation.
      * Not Installing - disables the M2 MCM menu; players required to go to the Pinder House in Jonestead and use the Notepad to access the settings through in-game menus.
      * NOTE - SkyUI-Away can be installed, in addition to SkyUI, to retain the vanilla UI while still installing the MCM system.
      * NOTE - A known issue with MCM causes plug-ins placed after the 128th slot in the load order (form ID 7F) to have script issues. Place SMSkyrim.esp at a higher position.
      * NOTE - if the MCM menu for M2 is not added when loading the mod for the first time, enter the following into the console:
      SetStage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1  
      These are suggested optional utilities and mods that only serve to enhance features.
      Dimonized UNP Body
      * While any body type, including vanilla, is compatible with M2, most of the added clothing and armors were only designed for UNP by their original creators. Seams may show for non-UNP body types.  
      Install the latest version of Skyrim from Steam (v1.9). Older versions and unauthorized copies of Skyrim may be incompatible with M2 at a system level. If updating from a pre-v4.0 install of M2, complete all quests before installing the latest version to ensure a stable playthrough of the original quests. Make a backup save before starting the game with M2 activated. This is a precaution that should always be done before beginning any quest mod. Install any semi-required and recommended mods that are intended to be used before starting the game with M2 activated. If previously installed, ensure that they are fully updated. Uninstall all M2 packages prior to updating from a pre-v4.0 installation. The new SMSkyrim.esp plug-in is flagged as an .esm despite having the .esp extension. Treat it as a master file and keep it grouped with other .esm files.  
      Compatibility Patches
      Various mod patches for M2 are available for download on the following sites.
      Google Nexus Mods  
      The following mods have been confirmed to be incompatible with M2.
      Any follower management mod that affects M2 NPCs may cause unexpected quest issues. Avoid using to follower management mod for maids in M2. KEY
      YELLOW --- moderate incompatibility; usually aesthetic. New locations overlap each other, but quest progress can continue. Console commands such as ToggleCollision (tcl) may need to be used.
      RED --- major incompatibility; M2 is rendered unplayable.

      Crashes to Desktop (CTDs)



      Missing Textures


      Credits, Thanks, Disclaimers
      Credits and permissions are listed in the main package readme.



    11. Replace monsters with Elin Race

      First I would like to clarify that I did not make this mod, all the credits goes to the original author Ithildin
      All i did was to translate the original Chinese mod to english
      This is a mod I found long time ago on 3dm, as the name suggests it replaces most of the monsters in Skyrim with Elins
      The list includes:
      Giants (and mammoths)
      Dwarven Robots
      Dragon Priests
      Hagravens (Glenwitch excluded)
      Werewolf (form)
      Most of the Draugrs
      Most of the Falmers
      Each one is separate, so you can choice the ones you like
      It does not include:
      other Wildlifes etc
      Please don't mind the Chinese on the Screenshot, I have fully translated the mod into English
      If you have any problem with face textures, use Creation kit and export the Facegens
      If you have CTDs when entering the Dwemer Ruins, please follow the Elin NPC n Followers Creation Fix Kit on: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20121-2017-feb-22-elin-voice-complete-fixed-tera-elin-race/
      If there are missing names for the Falmer Elins please let me know
      Tera Elin Race
      or you can simply use WB to turn the original esp to esm



    12. A simple basement resource 0.1

      This mod is going to add a bunch of basement themed rooms for your slavers needs. It's meant for those who are too lazy or just don't have the time to create entire rooms from scratch. Though at the moment it only adds one basement called "markarthbasement" that isn't linked to anything at the moment. It just consists of walls, bars and a load door. That's it. I will add lights and other basic things later on but not too much so that you guy's can do whatever you want with it.
      Added a second .esp with one dwemer basement. This one is considered experimental (see the notes for more details). If you see anything weird in the tamriel landscape around the area of the mod i mentioned in the notes then please put it in the support forum so that i can maybe fix it.
      If you would like it added onto an actual player home then check out the mod "Garash Murug - basement addon" on the nexus.
      Btw uploading mods on the nexus is a friggin NIGHTMARE! That's the last thing i will ever do that unless otherwise specified by the original author of a mod.



    13. Skyrim nif-data anim utils 1.00 beta

      First of all. Great thanks to all 2.49 NifTools creators!!! They did a GREAT job, but for too old version of Blender.
      Time to go further? I'll try.
      Blender 2.7+ (I'm using 2.78)
      Pyffi 2.2.3 and nifxml- from https://github.com/niftools
      Works ONLY with SKYRIM's nif-kf files.
      Works with humans and creatures ones (if they have 'NPC Root [Root]' NiNode as reference point - seems all they have).
      We have enough good looking armors (really?), but lack of good animations. This tool IS NOT for creating/editing armors, my goal - animations.
      Import bodies and skeletons '.nif' files. Export .kf-file for futher hkxcmd convertation to hkx. You may save skeleton's .nif file from Blender with unchecking 'create .kf', but I didn't see any reason and it will be unusable.
      Goto Blender's 'File->User Preferences->Install From File" and so on...

      Usage and Tips.
      'File->Import->Skyrim nif-format Data (.nif)'
      About importing body nothing to say, just select .nif, import.
      1.1 After import select attached to imported body Armature and delete it. A skeleton (except XPMSE) can be imported without ANY preparations, i.e. as is (only scaling female's 'NPC L Hand [LHnd]' and 'NPC R Hand [RHnd]' to 1.0 have to be done). Non-standard scaled skeletons have to be prepared to 1.0 scaling or in-game you can get twice scaling. Due to a HUGE amount of bones in XPMSE skeleton is used it causes pyffi's scripts to raise an Exception while exporting '.kf', but import OK. So you have to delete with NifScope all unused branches, like ArmLeftDismember, LowBodyEviserate,... etc, all CME NiNodes nodes too. It will not affect on animations but will help you also do not mess with huge amout of bones in Blender and speed up the convertation.
      Note: I do not plan to modify pyffi's code to eliminate crash!!! At least, you have to reduce XPMSE skeleton's nodes amount only once and re-use it. Note about attaching MESHES to skeleton.
      3.1 With body selected, go to modifiers. Add Armature deform modifier and change 'object' property to imported skeleton. And repeat for other parts: feet, ...etc.
      3.2 Any 'Vertex Groups' that exist in body but absent in skeleton may be deleted (SPB_32_BODY, SPB_33_HANDS and so on)  

      Major difference from 2.49 NifTools:
      Instead of old NifTool's logic with using F-Curves (or IPO in 2.49 terms), current scripts in 'POSE' mode moves through ALL bones and FRAMES with reading real matrixes and offsets of bone's position.
      So with creating just a pose, you don't need to insert keyframes at all.
      Why logic was changed?
      If using constraints all affected by constraint bones DON'T have F-Curves (only constraint itself has), also they pose_bone's 'matrix_base' and 'location' properties stay unaffected.
      Now you can implement ANY constraints for creating completely functional rigs, especially with implementing 'Inverse Kinematics' constraint.
      Any rotations are allowed for any bone via constraints.
      But there is a limitation in changing location:
      At first, any location change (except ROOT bones) will deform body. For example, moving 'L Thigh' left/right/up/... will make from your character a cripple. If you want to move bone anyway, move it directly, but not via constraint. Or while export dialogue add to the field 'Moved bones' ones that scripts will recognize as allowed to be moved by constraints and calculate they offsets. By default only 'NPC Root [Root]' and 'NPC COM [COM ]' are allowed. Use ',' as separator. I added this field only for creature's skeletons, because they don't have 'NPC COM [COM ]' node, but they have 'Canine_COM", for example.
      Don't care about added by you bones: Controllers, Drivers, Targets... Anyway hkxcmd will just ignore them while convertation.
      Accepted ONLY 'LocRot' keyframes and they 'Visual' variants.
      Scaling are not implemented at all. I don't see any reason to do it.
      'File->Export->Skyrim nif-format Data (.nif)'
      Armature must to be selected and active.
      Simpliest but slow export method: Frame-by-frame. This mode not require additional preparations after creating animation. All frames and all bones are scanned and resulting .kf can have a huge size. About 'Moved bones' field, see ANIMATION' section. Fast 'F-Curve' method only for those who is familiar with Blender. Only real keyframes are exported to .kf, so before export you have to create 'Visual' keyframes for bones that not rotated directly by you, but with constraints.
      Sometimes with upgrading to new version I have to change format of stored data. I'll try when able to give user an ability to update without loosing all work that have been done.
      Select armature in 'object' or 'pose' mode, in Properties Panel goto Armature (to be more precisely in ObjectData Space).
      At buttom of all panels you'll see 'io_nifdata' panel with 'update .blend file' button.
      Click on it. But anyway, before upgrading make a copy of your file. And if something with old but updated work goes wrong, rollback,
      restore file and finish your work using previous version of scripts.

      1. Nothing at current moment as I'm not playing Skyrim until....

      22 Nov 2017 v1.00 beta
      - just reuploaded as zip-archive with proper folder location for being recognized by Blender.
      - also for those who having troubles with installing Pyffi and Nifxml in description added steps for installation
      09 May 2017 v1.00 beta
      - Added patch from post
      - Added option from post
      - Added .kf animation import. see post for how-to
      08 March 2017 v0.10beta
      - Added. Import meshes
      - From archive removed examples .blend files. With importing meshes added functionality i see no reason for them.
      12 Feb 2017 v0.05beta:
      - Added. Direct reading of F-Curve data. See this post.
      11 Feb 2017 v0.04:
      - Changed. Sequence of exporting bones is going from root to children. As result it's easy to find in exported .kf desired node for check/edit...
      - Added. Bone priorities management. See EXPORT section.
      - Instead of store data in textblocks of Blender file (which can be accidentally corrupted) all internal data are stored in properties of objects.
      - Added. Update functional. Because data is moved, use UPDATE ability. See UPDATE section.
      10 Feb 2017 v0.03:
      - Fix. 'Import/Export scale correction' different from 1.0 settings don't causes error. Now editing F-Curves in 'Graph Editior' may be more comfortable.
      09 Feb 2017 v0.02:
      - Allowed to implement constraints for bones and create completely functional rigs. See ANIMATION section.
      - Changed (is it really necessary?). With extracting vanilla Skyrim .hkx-es to .kf, user_version is dispayed as 11, i.e. 11/83, not 12/83 as for .nifs, so now 11/83 is used.
      - Changed (is it really necessary?). With same tries in NiControllerSequence->Controlled Blocks->[block]->priority I always got 0, but NifTools means 26 as default. 0 now used.
      Again and again, sorry for my English.
      Kind Regards



    14. Anime Race Custom Voiced Neptunia Followers 1

      With the advent of the MMD Anime Race comes anime followers! I've converted my Neptune and Compa followers from my old Elin Race followers mod, using voice clips taken from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series of games, with added voice lines, new assets, and bug fixes! In addition, the mod is fully standalone, with its assets separate from the main MMD race. If you wish to preview their voice lines, please take a listen to the videos under their sections in the Elin Follower link above.
      HDT Physics Extension
      Both followers are located at the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. They are essential, and can be recruited together, with just a handful of voice lines that only play if the other is tagging along with you at the same time. They use a custom UUNP preset for their bodies and outfits, along with a modified XPMSE skeleton, modified Anime Race skin texture, and the normal maps for body and hands from Fair Skin Complexion. As with any mod featuring NPCs with custom voices, you must save and reload on first load in order for them to start speaking. Because of the Anime race's unique head shape, most helmets and head accessories will not fit on them out of the box, so they are best paired with invisible headgear mods, like this one! Follower overhauls such as EFF may be able to be used on them for features such as outfit changing, but with limitations. Do not attempt to force recruit them while they are already following you, and Compa will not use her healing spell as long as she is under EFF's system instead of the default recruitment, so dismiss her from EFF's system whenever you're done futzing about with whatever it is you needed to do.
      This mod is not compatible with my previous Elin Follower mod. A handful of things, such as the followers' recruitment scripts and two of the followers themselves still share IDs with the old versions, since I'm not comfortable mucking about too much with things like scripts.
      Archer Follower Neptune:
      Healer Follower Compa:
      Miscellaneous/Known Issues:
      - Certain Anime Race facial expressions look really funky if used on an NPC. I should have taken care of most of them, but if anyone finds a voice line that still tries to use an expression like Puzzled, please let me know so I can change it.
      - The other two followers in the Elin version, Lily and Vivi, are not in this one. I don't know if they'll make a return at this time, at least not before other morph options are available for the main Anime Race. Recipes for their old equipment have been dummied out as their assets are not included in this mod, but I've not tested it to see if it works so please let me know if you're seeing recipes for meshless items at the forge when carrying around pieces of light armor.
      - Dialogue that was intended to play expressing exhaustion when leaving a dungeon did not work as desired, instead causing the old followers to complain about being tired all the time when travelling around and crossing outdoor cell boundaries. This version has a new set of conditions but I have not had a chance to see if they work.
      - Vanilla world interaction dialogue appears to take precedence over Neptune and Compa's if they are recruited alongside vanilla voice type followers.
      - Shangus5759 for creating the MMD Anime Race, and Speaker60 for his contributions to the race's assets and assistance with the followers
      - Idea Factory and Compile Heart are the owners of Neptune, Compa, and all ripped game assets for the purpose of copyright
      - HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion's normal maps
      - Random Talking Bush from The Models Resource for ripping the original Neptune model
      - BadNewsGoodNewsandFauxNews from GameMaps for converting the Neptune model to Skyrim's format
      - Atreyatan from LL for assisting with mesh woes
      - The Bodyslide team for making Outfit Studio, which lets even a clueless schmoe like me make shitty conversions
      - Anano for Osare Kneesocks, Osare Panty, and Amiella Outfit used in outfits and world models
      - Fox6000 for bracers taken from two of his outfits
      - Lostdaywalker for his Winter Sweater, used in Compa's outfit
      - KURESE and Nausicaa for the stockings used in Compa's outfit
      - Hepsy for the original meshes for the Neptune's stockings and underwear, Halofarm for converting them to Skyrim in Aether Suite
      - Matthiaswagg for her guide on making followers with a custom recruitment system (http://skyrimmw.weeb...odding-tutorial)
      - Deck16 for his guide on giving NPCs custom voices (http://deck16.net/po...n-skyrim-part-1)



    15. no more females walking like "machines". "NMFWLM"

      no more females walking like "machines". "NMFWLM"
      VANILLA -> NMFWLM_vanilla.esp version: 2 (2012-12-12)
      list of edited NPCs -> vanilla

      You have to activate that mod BEFORE you've met the edited NPCs.

      HEARTHFIRE -> NMFWLM_hearthfire.esp version: 1 (2012-12-06)
      list of edited NPCs -> hearthfire

      You have to activate that mod BEFORE you've met the edited NPCs.

      DAWNGUARD -> NMFWLM_dawnguard.esp version: 1 (2012-12-06)
      list of edited NPCs -> dawnguard

      ATTENTION: You have to activate the Dawnguard version BEFORE you start the Dawnguard Questline!

      DRAGONBORN -> NMFWLM_dragonborn.esp version: 1 (2013-02-06)
      list of edited NPCs -> dragonborn

      ATTENTION: You have to activate the Dragonborn version BEFORE you start the Dragonborn Questline!

      LEGENDARY EDITION -> NMFWLM_legendary_edition.esp version: 1 (2015-01-05) (merged esp with TES5Edit)
      list of edited NPCs -> legendary edition

      You have to activate that mod BEFORE you've met the edited NPCs.
      ATTENTION: You have to activate the LEGENDARY EDITION version BEFORE you start the Dawnguard Questline!
      ATTENTION: You have to activate the LEGENDARY EDITION version BEFORE you start the Dragonborn Questline!

      FALSKAAR -> NMFWLM_falskaar.esp version: 1 (2014-04-05)
      list of edited NPCs -> falskaar v1.1.2

      ATTENTION: You have to activate the Falskaar version BEFORE you start the Falskaar Questline!

      i think it will be good to load this mod as soon as possible.
      i've disabled at the females the option "Opposite Gender Anims" from the Tab "Traits" at the actors menu from the creation kit.
      how to use: for vanilla use vanilla, for dawnguard use vanilla + dawnguard and so on.

      sample before;Jenassa -> male walking style    
      sample after;Jenassa -> FEMALE walking style    

      sample of female walking style; showcasing: Iona, Lydia (legs right; Jordis))

      sample of female walking style; showcasing: Jordis

      if you decide to use one of those .esp and you find some female, which are walking like a man, most of them are warriors like soldiers, mercs, bandits or unique npcs. please feel free and report them here at this thread.
      there's a possibility of some random generated female npc spawn, like guards or orcs, which are still walking using male animations, because they are random generated by using a male template. i think a sharp sword or using the console cmd "disable", if you prefer the "clean way", should solve that problem.


      CHANGELOG (2015-01-09)
      special service:
      NMFWLM_editedNPC.xlsx.zip version: 4 (2014-04-05)