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  1. [UUNP] Addon for Grandmaster Wolven Armor 2

    My addon files for the Grandmaster Wolven Armor 2.
    Grandmaster Wolven Armor 2
    Install the original mod with your mod manager.
    Delete everything exept for the textures folder from it.
    Unpack now my files and drop them into the original mods folder.
    Build it with Bodyslide and Outfit Studio.
    Special Features
    - outfits with vagina collision
    - separate pants
    HDT High Heels Version (speeds up SL scene start) use the non HDT High Heels esp
    and overwrite the esp in Main file if you don't have HDT High Heels.



  2. [UUNP] BDOR Oblivion and Solar Knight by Team TAL

    Two UUNP conversions i made six month ago.
    BDOR Solar Knight by Team Tal
    BDOR Oblivion by Team Tal
    Install the original mod and my files after it.
    Special Features
    - outfits with vagina collision



  3. Aki Collection

    Introducing "Aki Clothes." These are tattoos that look like clothes. The set comes with: Jeans, a White T shirt, White Panties, Black Lace Panties, a Black Lace Bra, an attempt at Yoga pants, and a wet version of both the T shirt and white panties. There are 2 versions with only minor differences. Version 2 uses a lighter color for the jeans and attempts a slight cleanup of the white panties and wet white panties. You should only install one version. Each version has all the pieces, just a matter of the minor edits I made.
    You guys have no idea how long and how frustrating the bra was to make. I was going to include a white bra but couldn't find a good sample image to use as model, and the difficulties of the black bra made me not even want to try doing another lol. The Yoga pants, IMO, are a bit too dark. I might try to adjust them in the future.
    I am hoping this will inspire other tat makers to create clothes tattoos. Part of my reason was that I was sick of not every pair of clothing fitting my characters or skirts that occupied the same slot as panties forcing my character to either have a skirt or panties but not both. These tats allow a pair of clothes with no clipping because it is their skin, and it takes up no armor slots.  I might make more in the future.
    LL being very slow today and I think only one image uploaded. I will try to upload the others.
    5/28/2023: I have once again gained access to Mudbox. I tried other programs and found they were too confusing, less efficient, or some other issue. In the end I decided to shell out and pay for the subscription. Now I still won't be around often, but I am going to start making some new tats here and there. At this time the only requests I will consider are text based tats, rather than more detailed images. Text based ones require a lot less time, and my time is super limited for the time being. But I will consider suggestions. Once I have time, and remember how to do this, my next planned set of non-text tats will be the markings on Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen.
    9/11/2022: For those coming here from the link to Melodic's Raven outfit who are looking for Raven's forehead gem tattoo, you should be able to find it in the "Aki Fandom Set." And for those who are reading this and going "Someone made a Raven outfit from Teen Titans Holy Shit!" here is a link to Melodic's Patreon, although there are other options to obtain it. I'm not going to do every link melodic has, just the patreon one. (https://www.patreon.com/posts/melodic-raven-71823452). Check Melodic's discord if you want to find the other sources.
    As of 3/12/2021 my Mudbox free trial expired early (it was supposed to last 3 years, it did not). Student free trials require verification now and since I was already "verified" in the past I can't redo it. I tried to learn how to do this in Blender but it is so much more confusing and no matter what I try, nothing works. Until I find a user friendly 3d modeling program, I am unable to make new slavetats. This also means my instruction set on how to make your own slavetats is a bit broken since it requires mudbox and that's no longer availible without buying a subscription more or less. As much as I would like to, I cannot afford a subscription and it was a little too glitchy for me to justify spending money on anyway. (If Aki-chan spends money, the product better be close to flawless).
           Not that I condone it, but as far as I can tell piracy and cracking of mudbox isn't an option. For one, my tech skills are so low I don't know how to pirate. I certainty don't know how to do it without risk of infecting my computer. And my random googling suggests it is just generally unavailable anyway. So my Hiatus is now permanent until further notice and I have no say in the matter.
    As of 8/15/2020 I am on full hiatus in tat making and requests until further notice.  I am back to school and with rare exception, I usually try to give my tats the best quality I am capable of.  With someone lacking a steady hand or artistic talent, that takes much more time than I will have.
    A collection of Slavetats created by me (Aki).  There are multiple packs.  Details for each pack will be in the update section at the bottom, sorted by date.
    SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE!  If you have installed any of my tats prior to 3/2/2020 please read the update with the same date!  It is related to game stability!

    Slavetats is required of course (Put link in spoiler tag to be less intrusive.  It didn't want to just stay as a text link.)
    If I knew how to make them for Racemenu as regular warpaints and tats, I would.  But I don't understand the end part of the process for that.
    As long as I am credited people may turn my tats into racemenu mods, adapt them for another bodytype better, etc.
    You may not charge money for my tats, and ideally do not ask for donations in regards to my tat mods (you can do so for your own mods, just not mine.  it just seems inappropriate since I am not charging for my own tats.)
    If you want to use any of my tats as a part of your mod, please ask first.  I'll probably say yes, I just prefer prior knowledge.
    I do take requests, and the chief determinator of whether or not I take requests is if I have the skill to do it or not.  However the following tat categories are things I will not take requests for, nor do on my own:
    1. I don't do modern politics from any country. (Obvious reasons).
    2. I don't do Christmas stuff, or anything from the season. (Plenty of other people have done it.  I don't need to do it too)
    3. Nothing that can get me banned (of course).
    4. And nothing illegal (not sure how that could come up, but if it does I don't want people saying it wasn't in the list), specifically nothing illegal in my home country.
    For the most part I'm happy to do anything else by request.  I don't mind certain political symbols as long as they don't relate to current political issues.  If you ask nicely for a party symbol, sure.  But no political figures from the past 20 years.  I also won't do symbols for obviously negative things.
    In general though, you can ask me for anything if you can make a good case for it.  The above list is just a heads up that these specific ones will most likely be turned down unless you do a really good job arguing your point.
    (Put original pics into a spoiler tag to be less intrusive.)
    I recently discovered SlaveTats Magic Manager/STMM.  Though it had a bit of a learning curve for me, this tool as since become a favorite of mine and I highly recommend it.  It isn't a requirement, just very useful and allows for greater customization of Slavetats.  It also allows you to save configurations of tats to quick load later onto your character, or rapidly look through tats before applying them via a spell using hotkeys.  It can even copy and paste specific color/glow choices from one tat to another.  Definitely check it out.



  4. Creature Overhaul

    Skyrim Creature Overhaul
    USLEEP changes have been forwarded (LE)
    For USSEP changes scroll down to the support page section at the bottom (SE/AE)
    .ESL conversions can be found in the support page section at the bottom as well (SE/AE)
    CO More Creatures:
    - Description -
    - Alternate Versions / Expansions -
    - Compatibility / Precautions -
    CO Creature Edit:
    - Description -
    - Compatibility -
    Recommended Mods:
    Q and A section:
    Credits to Sailing Rebel for the original mod!
    Special thanks to MadMansGun and Corsec for helping me out and contributing to this mod!
    I know my screenshots show obvious Beastiality but please keep in mind that this is all fictional and nonsensical stuff. I do not and never will support anything concerning this act in real life.
    I don't care what people do and especially think about as long as it doesn't hurt any other individual or themselves so let people have their weird fun.
    Keep it civil
    A list of all placed creatures and where you can find them:
    A list of all hostile creatures and where you can find them:
    Important support page links:



  5. Skyrim Content Compendium Enhanced Edition

    In this compendium, there are more than 13 armor sets and about 30 weapons. This update completely re-does how the armor is integrated into the game. Standalone versions of everything in this compendium can be found in my other downloads.
    This mod edits several vanilla NPCs as such it is recommended to load this after any NPC mods for the full effect.
    I am not uploading this mod to four different places (AFK Mods, LL, Steam, and Patreon). Download it from Steam.
    Install manually or with a manager. Install the update to fix some issues.
    Special Edition
    Special Edition version is available on my Patreon.
    Black Fox Armor: Worn by TG members and the random encounter thieves
    Heavy Vampire Armor: Worn by high level vamps
    Elven Eagle Armor: Worn by high ranking High Elves and Thalmor
    Light Daedric Armor: can be found on dremora warlocks encountered throughout the game
    Light Dwarven: Found in the Hall of Rumination in Blackreach, as well as Breya during the quest Unfathomable Depths
    Light Iron Armor: Found on Arvel the Swift and can be crafted.
    Lord Tristrum's Armor: Located in White Ridge Barrow during the final encounter.
    Royal Bonemold: Found on the body of Gratian Cairellius and Captain Veleth in Raven Rock.
    Thalmor Armor: Worn by most of the named Thalmor (Ancano, Ondolemar, etc)
    Lapis Lazuli Armor: Found on Kharjo
    Fine Steel: Worn by Hired Thugs and can be crafted 
    Elite Daedric Armor: Found on high ranking Dremora throughout the game (College questline and Velehk Sain)
    Demonsbane Armor: Can be found in the Soul Cairn at the entrance to the Ideal Masters' Maze.
    Miraak Cultist Standalone: High ranking Miraak Cultists wear it
    Dragonguard Armor: Can be found in the lake near Fort Dawnguard
    Steel Soul Sword: Hall of Rumination
    Aetherium Sword: In the Aetherial Forge
    Silver Arrows: Crafted
    Dwarven Proto Saber: Hall of Rumination
    Ebony Katana: Crafted
    Dwarven and Orcish Falchions: Can be found on NPCs and crafted
    Elite Daedric: Crafted
    Demonsbane: Can be found on the same NPC that wears the armor
    Elven Eagle: Crafted
    Fine Steel: Crafted
    Tristrum's Weapons: White Ridge Barrow
    Daedric Bow Stormsong: Can be found somewhere in Sovngarde



  6. Sleaveless Schoolgirl Outfit (From Various Resource) for CBBE HDT

    See screenshot for outfit
    there is from 5 source, Fix and Modified by me ^^.
    Credit and Outfit
    Black Desert Online - Marine Romance (White and Black). Hepsy - Schoolday Outfit (4 Colour). Neon Outfit From Final Fantasy Origin by Kanbara914 (2 Colour Black and Gray). Osare Outfit - Sleaveless 7 Colour + 2 Skirt Variant (14 in Total), Into Single Body Slot. Hunter's Arena Dara. No Hot Pants for Loose Version by lezisell. Summer Festa with 2 Variant by lezisell.  
    Undies using Osare (Black and White), compact into single outfit (Body Slot)

    Loose Version is Compatible with Remodel AIO.
    Loose Version also Have Transparancy Effect for Osare and Black Desert.
    Neon Outfit is Moved Here. so the Old esp file is obsolete. Osare Panties use same texture as Original. it will be replace prompt. it's a same file actualy. Original Osare Schoolgirl is Long Sleave with Seperate Skirt Slot. in my modification it's a same body Slot with 14 Variant in total. (See Sceenshot) Original Neon Outfit like Dark but sometimes Grey. so I made 2 Option.  There is many Model from Schoolday Outfit (Original is UNP made by Hepsy). I only put Type 4 Sleaveless Version and use CBBE HDT model.  



  7. Lykaios Overlays

    A simple mod that adds Lykaios based overlays.
    I am by no means experienced with the creation of textures but I find these overlays decent enough to share with others who also want their Lykaios to have more markings. These overlays include more dog-like body markings to match the dog-like face markings in the race mod. Along with overlays for the pawpads and the fingers and toes. 
    One thing to keep in mind is with the belly overlays for males. The schlong will not match the color of the belly. This is a limitation with overlays.
    What's Inside
    Lykaios Overlays 2.0: The latest version. There are UNP and CBBE variants. Choose whichever one you prefer.
    Lykaios Overlays - UNP and CBBE:  These are the old versions of the mod.  If you prefer the original overlays choose this.
    Recommended Mods
    Lykaios Custom RaceMenu Morphs - These only work on females. Adds new morphs to change ear shapes. Scroll down the thread and you should find the download.
    Do whatever you want with it. Just give credit.
    Special thanks to KrittaKitty for the original creation of the Lykaios and Bad Dog for updating and completing the race. This mod wouldn't exist without their work.



  8. Shadow Preset

    This is my gothic character Shadow. You can now look like her!



  9. Skimpy Outfit for Beyond Reach for CBBE HDT

    Female Outfit Replacer for Beyond Reach. Loose Version for Underwear Remodel AIO Mod.
    See ScreenShot for Simple Description.
    Note: if you installed "Underwear for Female" in the middle playthrough. you should "Resetinventory" in console to female NPC.



  10. Horse Charge

    gives horses there own version of the shield change perk ( people get knocked over if horses run into them )
    the "joke" version was my first try at it, the results were....entertaining but not helpful (more so if you increase the spell effect's script property value)



  11. Dragon Quest and Crown Sorceress Outfit for CBBE HDT AIO

    There is All in One Outfit Including Alternate Texture (DreamBurrows and felixttf) for CBBE HDT.
    Loose Version is for Remodel AIO mod.
    Credit: DreamBurrows, Backsteppo, and felixttf.



  12. Skimpy Outfit Replacer for "Project AHO" CBBE HDT

    it's simple female outfir replacer for Project AHO mods. Loose Version is for Remodel AIO. 



  13. ThemisUtil

    Description for gamers
    This is not what you need. This is a part of mod. It does nothing until modders integrate it into their code.
    Description for modmakers
    This is SKSE plugin
    This library meant for speeding-up the mods scanning near NPCs (SLA SLAC SLApproach). It is not good when NPC starts to assault PC 20 seconds later after PC left for another town. On each calling native function the Papyrus switches threads, executes internal tasks or just wait. If you reduce the number of calls native functions you spead-up your mod.
    The function "FindActors" allow to search all NPC in area and filter off by dozen characteristics.
    It can to obtain lots of information about NPC as bits of an integer value and to validate all obtained data by one call Math.LogicalAnd().
    MakeAnimation() gets an array of SL animations allowed for provided actors subject to plugged holes. One function for humans and creature animations. The function sorts the array of actors and returns only animations that match the sorted array.
    The list of functions
    RemoveTags, AddTags, IsTagsConform, HexToId,
    GetActorName, TestActor, IsDead, CanPlayAnimation, IsFollower,
    ActiveMod, GetWornKeywords, GetWornItems, Chance,
    FindActors, FindCorpses, Rob,
    GetGenderType, MakeAnimation, HasAnimations.
    detailed https://www.loverslab.com/topic/201646-themisutil/?do=findComment&comment=3966395
    Skyrim LE
    Skyrim SE 1.5.97
    Without restrictions. With source code.
    I don't have AE so don't plan to make AE version.
    1.0.1 FindActors - improved. Chance - new.
    1.0.2 RandomInt - new
    1.0.3 GetWornItems - fix
    1.0.4 ActiveMod - new
    1.0.5 _MakeAnimation, HasAnimations2, FindAdditionalActors - fix



  14. Judge Gabranth Armor from Final Fantasy XII

    Female use CBBE HDT. Loose Version is for Remodel AIO

    Stats Bigger than Ebony but Under Daedric. can smith with Ebony Perk Category.
    Another ESP file is Replace "Ebony Warrior" outfit and Weapon. 
    Original Model and Texture by WhiteMageSunny.



  15. Customized Whiterun Houses And Parts - A Resources For Mods Based By Using Custom Building(s)

    this is for modders/creators, which look for a custom house and which want to bring a more complexer interieur into their mod. Can be used for player´s homes and all other ideas like shops etc.
    PLEASE do no use those houses inside of WHITEUN as a replacement! I am preparing a WHITERUN mod by using this resouce, so that we please do not get any sort of similar content or a mod-collision!
    The stuff can easily become converted as well to work inside of SSE.
    I also added a "ladder-pack", which allows to replace or use a more wider LADDER inside of those buildings for a better navmesh-performance!!!
    Creations with the spindle-stair have carefully to become tested so to make sure that NPCs and followers will USE those by a carefully created navmesh.
    Hint 2:
    The texture for the spindle-stair has to be added into your mod as well, please link the gamebryo-file´s texture-path to the suitng folder, then.



  16. [Blender addon] SMPRigidBodies create, test and export SMP .xml:s from blender

    Blender addon to export physics setups from Rigid Body Bones by Pauan which can be used to create and test physics setups in blender.
    Build and test your SMP physics setup in blender using that addon.
    When you are done and satisfied export it all to SMP .xmls through file->export->Skinned Mesh Physics (SMP) .xml
    Collision meshes (per-vertex-shape and per-triangle-shape) meshes can be defined by making those meshes rigid bodies set to "passive" and options can be set in the rigid body physics side panel under "SMPRigidBodies"
    The latest version will be on github, posting here for visibility.
    Basic functionality is there but some things likely need to be improved.
    physics test.webm



  17. The Forgotten Island

    Travel to the Sea of Dreams. an Island in the middle of Morrowind & Akavir. Live in a new cozy tree house, take out the necromancer that caused the zombie outbreak in the Island.

    3 New Quests
    New tropical Island
    Zombie outbreak
    Pineapple & other exotic fruits
    New enemies Demons of Kamal
    Future Updates
    It might be possible, more zombies, etc.
    unique locations
    new plants
    more quests 
    new house
    Tamira - Modding resources, tropical plants, palm trees, flowers, etc
    Blackflag & Hyperactivechild
    Markus Liberty (Tellmann) 
    edhildil -
    Antony Bellingham
    All right reserved
    (If you think you belong in the hall of fame let me know and I will update the list)



  18. (the old non-CBG) Dragon Vore KillMove Replacer

    this mod replaces the Dragon's bite&throw animation (and sound effects) with a swallowing animation:
    there are no mod requirements for this animation mod (not even FNIS)
    Warning: conflicts with the CBG version, don't use both.



  19. z23 Dungeon Explorer Outfit BHUNP

    This is a simple armor mod I made using Bodyslide/Outfit studio and misc assets I found. The armor is modeled after a skin for Azur Lane- z23 "Upgrade Failure?!". I tried to make it as close as I could to the artwork currently made for the skin, with some slight creative liberties taken. As far as lore friendly-ness is concerned, the armor uses leather and steel for its entirety of materials, so do with that what you will.

    HOW TO OBTAIN: currently you have to use the console. Try using help "dungeon explorer" to get the Id you need
    Depending on your bodyslide preset for BHUNP, you may need to edit the mesh if there is clipping. However, for most reasonable presets there shouldn't be any issues.
    The normal maps don't work right on the steel parts. I do not know how to fix it.  If you know how please leave a comment
    Also of note is that I made this using BHUNP version 2. Your milage may vary if you are using a newer/older version. 
    I am not responsible for you manually installing everything or not making backups. This is just an armor mod, so it shouldn't break your game even if you decide to uninstall it later.



  20. CBG Example Animations

    CBG example animations
    (dog petting and sabercat killmove)
    i may as well just upload this here
    theses are my working example animations for Creature Behavior Generator:
    talk to a dog and you should be able to pet it (but it's a bit buggy and you need to be standing in the right spot for it to start correctly....also some people on nexus have reported that they get decapitated when they try to pet the dog, so i don't know whats going on there but i assume they did not run things in the right order and got bugged behavior files)
    how to install animations:
    1. (if you have fnis) click on "De-Install Creatures" in FNIS, after it's done running click on "Update FNIS Behavior".
    note: doing this does NOT "uninstall creatures", it deletes the behavior files so they can be cleanly regenerated instead of "updated"
    2. start Creature Behavior Generator (don't ask me how to use this CBG thing with mod managers because i have no clue).
    if you are using the LE version you will need to type "l" (lowercase L) into the first prompt and then hit enter twice.
    (or "l" enter, and then "N" enter, but it should be doing "N" by default if left blank)
    if it's the SE/AE version then just hit enter twice.
    3. let run then close.
    note: fnis does not see CBG files, you will need to/should repeat theses steps whenever you install/edit/remove any animation mods to insure good behavior files are being generated.
    to any animators out there, if you want to make your own pared animations like theses then this tool here will help:



  21. Flufy Fox Poser Update 17/06

                                                                                                                                  FlufyFox Poser LE SE
    Poses are back nwo too 😛 theres lots of new ones you guys can check it out.

    Dont forget to check out my Discord and patreon, Thank You 

    You can support me on my new page  https://subscribestar.adult/flufyfox  this will help me keep going and improve even more.

    The Sad Cat Dance meme


    2022-06-29 03-17-26.mp4  
    Idle Replacer
    I made it pretty simple with 32 sec duration and not too much running out of the vanilla one,i was wanting something that the character look more cool but at same time looking similar to the normal one will let the preview here

    2021-10-15 20-54-27.mp4  
    Please do not reupload my mod i will let all updates here on LL for you guys too ^^

    Hello its Flufy now i going to share my posees and animations with you guys, i still a begginer so they are pretty simple :3 i will keep doing my best to improve.
    You will need PoserHotkeys Plus, the data gen for it i already made it, but if you want to use again to make sure its fine, dont forget to enable
    FootIK off on poserhotkeys plus MCM menu, otherwise some poses will not look right.

    Thats it is pretty simple theres no secret on make them work, will let some links here now and a short vid showing some of them ^^ Thanks hope you enjoy

    I have improved some old idles Motions too ^^
    -NEW- 1.3 Alright guys i made some Male poses too now theres not some stuff for Male chars so i made those hope you guys enjoy
    I want to thank Goma PeroPero taht give me permission to use his obj assets and Daymar for helping me to talk with Goma :3

    68 Normal - including my Specials of 300 followers celebration and my 6 girls thogeter, i changed for the value of the solo poses statics, is 77 couting the group ones if used in each one
    2 pair - with the throne - the pair will be in sequence, the first with second, 3-4, 5-6 etc
    43 Animations - you can see on my discord with the previews and anims names ^^
    11 Male poses and more 6 with objs verion
    2 Futa added
    38 with Objects all animated idles  freaturing Ahri's Throne from More song clip i made S2
    6 obj static
    Poser Hotkeys Plus, Poser Hotkeys DataGen, FNIS - Fore New Idles for Skyrim for users

    Support me here so you can get more stuff and follow works on my discord :3
    VIdeo Showing some of them:
    ON Youtube:
    PS: Sorry guys i trolled the first post have to remade..
    PS: Please guys dont use the obj i made in others mods or stuff without my permission, thanks s2

    millepon for poserhotkeys plus - which make posing really easy
    Poser Hotkeys by Mz1n
    Anubis for helping me when i was doing the set up to animate
    Goma PeroPero
    And everything that make this possible



  22. [WIP] More Women LE/SE

    This mod greatly increases the spawn of non-unique female NPCs by removing or replacing male NPCs in the levelled lists. Wherever possible this includes enemy factions, guards and neutrals such as hunters and adventurers.
    This does not touch named NPCs at all so townsfolk and quest characters will not become female.
    This very early version requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs.
    If this turns out to be something people are interested in then non-DLC versions may be on the to-do list.
    SE v0.3 - A simple conversion of the LE mod to SE using Cathedral Assets Optimizer. v0.3 - adds female guards and soldiers to the Imperial factions including Whiterun and Solitude guards. These areas related quests will still spawn male soldiers and guards that are specified by voice type. The CW storyline missions will still spawn male ally soldiers. v0.2 - adds female orcs, khajiits and argonians to the bandit ranks. There might be slightly more of these races appearing than normal because of the shorter lists but I've tried to moderate somewhat. I'll leave previous versions up in case you have problems with the latest.
    Some spawns bypass the levelled lists in order to place specific unnamed NPCs, most likely to ensure particular voice types for scripted conversations. Other spawns may simply want very specific demographics such as all orc males or male Forsworn which you'll come across from time to time. Misc quests to eliminate bandits will likely spawn an NPC boss of either sex regardless of this mod.
    At the moment all this does is change the lists. One problem with such an approach is that there are lists which only contain male NPCs with no female alternatives. In some cases it's possible to just select some other female character from the same faction (male Forsworn berserkers will become female Forsworn mages), in others, such as many mini-bosses, there simply is no alternative so those males will still spawn.
    Known Issues:
    Duplicates: There are far fewer female templates than male so this radically reduces the variation in NPCs. In some cases the available female templates are outnumbered 4:1. As a result you're more likely to see twins. Certain small bandit spawns such as the Whitewatch Tower attack seem to favour a single sub-list which contains only four or five units pretty much guaranteeing that there will be duplicates.
    This mod may affect game balance.
    For the current version both Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC are required
    Drop the esp and bsa files into your Data folder or use a mod manager and make sure the esp is activated in your load order. Typically you'll want this as high in the order as it will go below your DLC to let it be overridden by other mods.
    Note that this only affects new spawns, so male NPCs that spawned in an existing game before installation will still be there until they are killed or despawn. If you install this to an existing game expect the bandits, guards, etc. to still be male for the next thirty days. Even after that, as discussed above, the occasional male will still show up in specific locations (i.e. quest spawned NPCs, Imperial soldiers, White River Watch bandits, etc).
    Overwrite the existing MoreWomenDGDB.esp and MoreWomenDGDB.bsa files with the new versions. It will take up to thirty days for the changes to start taking effect.
    In general, do not uninstall mods mid-game as this can lead to unpredictable results and contribute to save file corruption. Otherwise, just remove the MoreWomenDGDB.esp and MoreWomenDGDB.bsa files It will take at least an in-game month for the spawns to return to normal. You can speed things up for specific areas by clearing bandit camps and interior cells (cleared areas reset after ten days). For versions using the bsa file you may find that straggling female units added by this mod may have the grey-face bug until they despawn.
    Compatibility / Conflicts:
    This mod replaces a lot of modified NPC levelled lists. If you have other mods that alter these lists you should probably place this one above it in the load order to allow it to be overridden. This does not alter item levelled lists so randomly spawning custom items like Deviant Devices For the Masses should still appear.
    This mod has been cleaned in TES5edit. There is a conflict with Dawnguard since DG adds male units to the vampire lists which this mod then removes - this is intentional.
    This mod is released under GPLv3
    Open Source means more and better mods for everyone.
    Please consider releasing your own mods under recognized open source licences
    such as GPL or MIT and help build a foundation for future mod developers.
    Feminised Leveled Lists
    Masculinized Level Lists
    Skyrim Scaling Stopper with the Men Not Usually Warlike patch which requires Skyrim Monster Mod as a master.



  23. Deadpool

    Watch the video to find out where you can find deadpool

    A new follower with custom lines

    Shadows Fate - Voice Actor
    Dj Red Rayne - Coder 
    (If I forgot to give anyone credit send me a pm and I will add you to the list)



  24. Redrock

    Take a vacation into the Abecean Sea to Redrock!

    Looking for a new adventure?

    After heading to the Windhelm docks you can travel to the new land of Redrock. This location features a quite traversable island with monsters, towns, and bandits.
    The location is fully navmeshed!

    Meaning you are able to freely take your followers to the island as well.

    Video Showcase

    Support sa5 on Steam for creating this mod.
    All support for this mod including bug fixes reports and feedback is handled in our Discord Server in the Bug fixing channel for Skyrim community.




  25. Detroit: Become Human outfit for CBBE HDT

    Chloe and Kara outfit. Including Her Variant. Loose Version for Remodel AIO. see screenshot.
    Credit: by DaxProduction and Quantic Dream.



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