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These Skyrim mods are of a non-adult nature.


    1. Let's dance again

      Let's dance again is a dance mod for Skyrim.
      Useless but very fun.

      Based on the Mod Dance Toghether. Do not worry, it's not a copy, it's completely rebuilt.
      Let's dance again is standalone, means it is compatible with DanceTogether - see note.
      Both mods can therefore be used simultaneously.

      Why did I create the mod?
      Because I was tired of replacing the animations and music in Dance Together.
      RealClone is a bad boy - he has done too many dances.

      I will not make videos of the dances.
      On the YouTube channel of RealClone you can find the new dances. Almost all are included.
      If a dance is missing, I probably did not see it - or it was not good for my ears.
      I also have to test and 5.3 hours are a long time ... and my ears have to endure that.

      This "dance" is not included.

      1. Because it is not really a "dance"
      2. Because I want to use it for the tutorial. From A-Z

      Yes I write a tutorial on how to add dances etc.

      For this I take this "dance".

      Tutorial is coming soon.

      - 96 dances with 5.3 hours music are included
      - support for max. 256 animations/dances (could be increased without much effort)
      - support for max. 12 dancer inclusive the player
      - create your clone as dancer (with our outfit) - see note 2
      - 3 formation lists for customize + default formation (as backup)
      - remove weapons, arrows, shields and torches if you wish
      - define your hotkeys for volume, dance cancel or free cam (is used during the dance!)
      - compatible with Dance Together (see note)
      - support for expressions, free cam, 8 animated cameras (see note), toggle AI, Menu, Mod notifiaction and collision
      - of course Google English 🇩🇪

      Install (manual)
      Unpack the Archiv. It's a 7-zip file.

      Copy all folders and files in Data of the Mod to your Skyrim\Data directory.
      See note!

      Run FNIS for User
      Start the Skyrim launcher and open Data files.
      Scroll down and check, if the Let's dance again.esp is activated.
      Close the Data files and Skyrim Launcher and Start Skyrim with the SKSE Lauchner.
      In game (not main menu) wait for a message like " MCM registerd 1 new Mod"
      Open the MCM of Let's dance again and enable the Mod. All Spells now available.
      Have fun...

      Uninstall (manual)
      In game open the MCM of Let's dance again and disable the Mod.
      Save and close the Game.
      Deactivate the Let's dance again.esp in Data files (skyrim launcher)
      Delete all folders and files installed by the mod.
      Run FNIS for User.
      If you already use DanceTogether AND have special camera animations installed,
      then do not install the following folder and the files contained in the folder:

      Meshes\actors\character\ _1stperson
      This is unfortunately a shared resource.

      Note 2:
      If you have a HDT hairstyle, the clone will not be displayed.
      Reason - NPC's do not support HDT hairstyles!
      Wigs, clothes etc. are no problems. If so - the problem is in the HDT XML. No matter if SMP or PE
      SKSE 1.7.3 Papyrus Util FNIS (6.2 or newer) SkyUI (4.1 or newer)  
      frankc4 on 3dm for Dance Together realclone for all new dances, support and test PeterForFun for support, ideas and test Myself, for stupidity of so much work (i need only 20 dances)  
      You can NOT take money for the mod - no matter how.
      You should pay attention to the credits and not offer as your work.
      That's all.




    2. Demi Lovato RaceMenu Preset

      A result of my boredom and my love for Demi Lovato (as a fan, 'cos I sway the other way).
      I tried my best to shape her face, but y'know it's Skyrim and available resources to replicate her is limited.
      I know it's not the best, not even good, but hey, at least I tried.
      I based this failed product preset loosely on her look in in the music video of "Cool for the Summer" (my most fave song
      and music video of her of all time, nice pop rock about bicuriosity while looking like a fierce and sexy party hooker)
      I used default Nord race for building this preset. I also included .nif files for head mesh importing just in case.
      Required Mods:
      RaceMenu by expired and all of it's requirements
      Recommended Mods: (so it would look completely the same in the screenshots)
      Bijin Skin by rxkx22
      Improved Eyes by missjennabee and Nazenn
      Brows by Hvergelmir
      Yevmods Makeup Pack by yevvie (there's a link there)
      KS Hairdos by Kalilies and Stealthic
      Credits to all those people mentioned above.



    3. Run Dragonborn Run (Creature Edition)

      Creature Edition
      (Final version of RUN Dragonbron RUUUN)
      0 Scripts

       Yes this will work with the SE version or the LE version
      In a nutshell this increases the damage animals and creatures do to a more realistic amount, so now you have a chance to be defeated by all the animals and creatures in Skyrim and as the title says, you will have no choice at times buts to run and regroup 
       Even thou this mod is not an adult mod , it was created for the adult mods. The problem with Skyrim is that after you reach level 25 or so, you will not meet many challenges after that. This mod changes that, you can meet a level 200 mage at level 1. This unlevels everything in the game, no more "enemies leveling up with you". Enemies with be tough whether your level 1 or level 150, and this version is the Run Dragonborn RUUUN legendary edition with creature tweaks.
       First off, there are NO Scripts, you can put this in your load order at anytime, and remove it at anytime. This is a ESP file only that can also be bashed.
      Reasoning for this mod:
      With mods like Devious Cursed Loot, Defeat, and Submit this file seems necessary to me. These mods allow a bleed out effect instead of dying, where you can be raped, captured, or bound...But once you get to level 25 or 30 , most things in Skyrim cannot defeat you anymore unless you let them, with this mod, mods that have a bleed out effect for a different outcome then death now is useful throughout your whole playthru
       Further more, with everyone using all the amazing Animations people are making, now the creatures have a real chance of actually defeating you and raping you
       Creature tweaks:
      (All damage numbers are per hit)
      Mammoth - Vanilla Damage was 65, I increased it to 400  (come on its a 3 ton woolly mammoth ffs )
      Sabre Cat - Vanilla damage was 20, change it up to 180 depending on the way it attacks
      Bears -  was 45, changed it to range from 60 to 180 depending on the type of attack
      Werebears now do up to 200 damage to your hp
      Werewolves now do up to 200 damage to your hp
      Spiders large and small now have a effective poison attack, if hit by the spit, you can lose up to 100 health over time from the poisoning. If poisoned from a bite you can lose up to 200 hp over a short period of time
      Chaurus poison effects same at large spiders on the spit, but their poison bite can do up to 260 points of damage if cure poison potion is not taken
      Deer, change the damage from 5 to 50 ( those horns have to do some damage)
      Cow, Changed damage from 10 to 100, again its a 2000 lbs fucking cow ffs
      Mudcrabs, changed damage from 10 to 35
      Trolls can now damage you up to 300 hp points per hit
      Giants are just fucking strong, and have over 12000 hp of their own now
      Hare.... come on seriously, I did not do anything with the fucking rabbit
      and I know I missed some creature's but you get the point
      The only creatures I didn't touch were Dragons because of the mod Dangerous Dragons, and vampires because of the city attacks
       Use your mod manager of unzip and drop into data folder
      If you already use Run Dragonborn RUUN legendary version, you can just drop this file into your data folder and it will overwrite it, no need for a clean save
      This is compatible with everything, if you use any mods, like orinator, that alter perks, this should be right above that, but overall should always be low in  your load order,(perk mods are always low in the load order as well)
       Now on top of the increased damage attacks from all the creatures, this mod was built on my origin Run DB RUUN mod so all the enemies and creatures in Skyrim are also leveled up. ranging from level 20 to level 1500, so Skyrim will never be easy again, so if you come to me and say " Hey Caden, I did a one shot on a mammoth with a bow", please be ready to explain why your bow does damage of over 14,000 🤔
      Ashal for Sexlab and Lovers Lab
      All the Animators, because what kinda Skyrim would it be without sex ( Seriously)
      See animations list here 
      Fore, for FNIS which allows all of us to use the great animations made here on lovers lab
      Kimmy and the DD team because again would you still be playing Skyrim if you didn't have the chance for a inflatable buttplug? 😋
      I would love to thank Bethesda but really Bethesda should be thanking every modder out there, whether big or small for keeping their buggy game alive for the past 7 years
      And Pfiffy, just because he is good people and I love saying his name!




    4. Unarmed takedown

      Unarmed killmove replacer for Skyrim. 5 variation of paired_h2hkillmoveslama.HKX



    5. LadyHorus TERA Armor for UUNP Females and Vanilla Males (2.10 released)

      ~ Armor and Accessories from TERA for UUNP female and Vanilla Male bodies ~  

      Screenshots (also listed at the bottom of Download page)
      Tools Used
      Update Notes June 16th, 2018: For some reason there was some major clipping with the male Dreamguard armor. I have fixed it and added physics to it with this small update! Thanks.
      Update Notes June 12th, 2018: I have added three new armors (female only for now) and added cloth physics to most male armors. The only male armor still lacking is the Dreamguard armor. Please remember to rebuild your Bodyslide armors after updating, as some changes have been made to existing armors. Also, as of this update, I am no longer supporting all bodytypes in UUNP, as it was an overwhelming amount of work. The only types covered in the new armors now are 7B, UNP, UNPB, UNPBB, UNPC, Demonfet, Dreamgirl, and MCBM (their variants are included too for the most part).

      Welcome to the mod, "LadyHorus' TERA Armor for UUNP Females and Vanilla Males". Yes this is the same mod from Nexus, which I've reluctantly hidden. I'm still waiting on a reply from En Masse Entertainment, so don't expect this to resurface on there any time soon. For now, this is simply a mirror. If/when I'm able to place it back up on Nexus, this will remain here since, honestly hosting here is preferable anyway...
      This mod was originally largely inspired by Asianboy345's TERA Collection, and created to add even more conversions of the armor from TERA to Skyrim!
      With that said, though, all armors in my mod are new conversions straight from TERA, I did not use anyone elses' previous work.
      Every armor has been converted with care, especially in the case of UUNP. Most every slider setting should work without clipping, within reason. If you max out every slider available, for instance, there likely will be problems though. Every body type setting in Bodyslide was made sure to work with all the base sliders, just be aware that combining sliders for different body types together (for example, maxing UNP with 7B at the same time for the same body weight setting) may yield undesirable results.
      Female armors have body physics! Most have breast physics, and some butt physics. Belly physics were an afterthought, however. I have not tested it, and do not plan to spend any more time tweaking it. Whether something has breast or butt physics depends largely on the type of armor design. Pants or mostly covering skirts will not have butt physics for instance, as to me it does not make much sense to in these cases. Breast physics are provided on most (I tried to base this on whether it did or didn't in the original game).
      Since this keeps coming up, I'm going to reiterate that yes, this does support pregnancy. It also has belly node weighting for belly physics.
      Cloth physics are currently a work in progress! Which means that not all armors will be supported.
      High heels in this mod also will change character height thanks to NiO High Heels! Please see the requirements section for more info.
      Overall I did my best to make each armor look good with every setting and body type. Enjoy!

      Images under the spoiler. Click for larger size. Full-resolution images can be found on the Download page of LL for this mod (at the bottom of the page).
      New in v2.10:

      Left to Right: Val Tirkai, Sylward, Eternal Warden (yes I've begun using Asianboy's names, hope he doesn't mind, it's just easier this way)
      More Screenshots:

      Currently there are 22 Heavy, 8 Light, 2 Robe armors (not including some retextures and variants).
      My original plan when I first started this mod had been to convert all Heavy armor I liked, then move on to the other types. So that is why there is mostly Heavy for the time being. I'm working on adding more Light armor and Robes in future updates (and don't worry, I'm not done adding Heavy sets either ;D).
      All armor sets require their respective Blacksmithing skill to craft. Accessories do not require any crafting skill. Alternatively, you can spawn a chest ("LadyHorus' Tera Chest") which includes everything in this mod (instructions are listed under the FAQ).
      Armor Listing in the Spoiler (Newly Added Armors are marked with Orange)

      If you're using the previous version of the mod for Dream Girl, you cannot use both simultaneously as they will overwrite each other. You must uninstall the Dream Girl version entirely before installing this version.
      This mod is a completely separate mod from other authors' TERA mods! Therefore it should work alongside them and/or without them just fine.
      The Castanic Horns in this mod use slot 57, which means that any mod that has items that occupy this slot will conflict!
      Compatibility has been added for the following mods:
      Stealth Skills Rebalanced
      Any gloves that are fingerless should not hinder lockpicking or pickpocketing with this mod installed! Also, any dark outfits (like the Rogue outfit) should benefit from the dark clothing perks.

      All of these are required, and remember to also have everything these require to work as well! Check their individual pages for that info.
      • NiOverride High Heels: Every female high heels set makes use of height changes provided by the mod NiOverride High Heels. However, it is not required that you have NiOHeels installed, just understand that without it, heels will sink underground!
      • Bodyslide: UUNP makes use of Bodyslide in order to adjust female body settings. The Optional file, "Pre-Generated UUNP Female Meshes with Morph Files" is just what it says, but note that these files have no body weight changes and are simply the default UUNP shape (made for use with the UUNP sliders in RaceMenu if you have this plugin). Please use Bodyslide to make the female body you'd like to use and generate your own female armors! Additionally, if you want the body physics to show up in your game, use the physics files included in the bodyslide installation.
      • XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE by Groovtama: This skeleton is now required for this mod, NO EXCEPTIONS! This is what adds the required bones for physics to work (even if you do not use physics extensions).
      Recommended for the best look:
      • As of version 2.05, I have Included cubemap "chitin_e_ebony" by CaBaL120 from his Ebony armor retextures on Nexus. I renamed it "amidianborn_chitin_e_ebony" so that it will not overwrite your existing ebony texture. I take no credit for this texture, it is included only so that my armors have the intended look. Please go check out his retexture work!

      Main Files, Version 2.10 (current):
      LadyHorus TERA Armor for UUNP Females and Vanilla Males v2.10
      Version 2.10 Fixes:
      LadyHorus TERA - Male Dreamguard Fix (Added June 16th 2018)
      LadyHorus TERA Armor for UUNP Females and Vanilla Males v2.10 Hotfix
      Update Files for v2.05 to v2.10:
      (Use this only if updating from v2.05 to v2.10. If downloading for the first time, please use the above Main file)
      LadyHorus TERA Armor for UUNP Females and Vanilla Males v2.05 to v2.10
      Optional Files:
      LadyHorus TERA Castanic Horns Standalone v2.05
      LadyHorus TERA Castanic Horns Standalone v2.05
      Old Versions:


      • Delete all files included in this mod. This should include the following:
      Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\Bodyslide\ShapeData\Horus ...
      Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\Bodyslide\SliderGroups\LadyHorus Tera UUNP.xml
      Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\Bodyslide\SliderSets\LadyHorus TERA xxx.osp (all files that begin with "LadyHorus TERA")
      Skyrim\Data\Meshes\Horus ...
      Skyrim\Data\Textures\Horus ...
      Mod Organizer:
      • Deactivate the esp and files in your manager of choice. Delete my mod from your mod listing in your mod manager if you want it completely uninstalled and are not planning on installing again. If you aren't sure, you can always deactivate it in the left pane by unchecking it on the checklist. This will keep the files but they are not active in your virtual file system created by MO.

      • All clothing, armors and accessories are from the MMORPG TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea, property of BlueHole Studios and En Masse Entertainment. I do not claim any of it, only that I took the time and energy to extract and convert all content within this mod for use in Skyrim.
      • Bare feet mesh (for high heels) is from Charming High Heels, and is by ChronoTrigger77: Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide and TBBP HDT
      • UUNP is from Bodyslide (obviously), and all credits for it go to them!

      Please DO NOT reupload elsewhere! DO NOT upload to Nexus or Steam! If you wish to post about it on another site or blog, link to this page only. Don't reupload it! Don't claim it as your own conversion work either, please. As the original modder who took the time to extract and convert these armors, only I may potentially re-upload it.
      (For anyone who remembers this from Nexus, yes it is me, LadyHorus. Don't worry, this isn't a stolen mod! I just haven't heard from En Masse, and I wanted to host a mirror up elsewhere for anyone who might be looking for this.)
      Generally speaking, I'm okay with my mod's assets being used for Follower mods as long as credit is given to me for the armor (or accessories) conversion that you've used, and a link is provided to this page.
      If you'd like to do translations to other languages that is fine too, as long as my mod is still required to use it (ie, you only provide a translated esp).
      Generally I'm a pretty easy going person, so don't be afraid to ask if you have questions. ^-^
      Thank you for respecting my wishes.

      • 3D Studio Max 2012
      • NifSkope
      • Photoshop CS6
      • Bodyslide: Outfit Studio
      • Umodel (for extracting TERA models)
      • Creation Kit

      Many special thanks to a great inspiration and teacher, Nightasy. If not for his tutorials none of this would have been possible!
      Asianboy345 - For his encouragement and help learning the nuances of how he worked on his mod.
      Arjuna76 - For encouraging me to do UUNP conversions! I've learned a lot in the process.
      Ousnius - For help when I had questions regarding Bodyslide and NiO High Heels! Very appreciated!
      And of course, to Bethesda for creating Skyrim, and Bluehole Studios for creating Tera! Two great games that I love to play.

      Frequently Asked Questions are listed under the spoiler!
      Submitter Lady Horus Submitted 10/07/2016 Category Armor & Clothing Requires NiOverride High Heels, Bodyslide, XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE Special Edition Compatible    



    6. NiOverride High Heels - Sneaking Crawl Patch

      A simple patch for ousnius's NiOverride High Heels - NIOVHH Fixes mod that adds sneaking as one of the situations that disables the NiOverride High Heel boost effect. This patch is useful for certain custom sneaking animations, such as crawling, since the heel effect just causes the character to float off the ground when entering the crawling/on knees type animation.
      NiOverride High Heels - NIOVHH Fixes: This patch only replaces one script used by NIOVHH. You will need to download and install NIOVHH for it to work.
      ousnius: For creating NIOVHH of course
      MrEsturk: For creating this patch
      Being that this patch is a mod of another modder's work you may not host it on other sites.



    7. Cameryn -Ninghelm preset-

      This is my first time to upload a mod. If any issue occur, please send me a feedback so I can possibly fix it. 
       Feel free to add any screenshot for this mod.
      Fun Fact:
      -The name "Cameryn" is actually my first name.

      -The face was inspired by a picture I found. Here the link to that face.
      Link: http://benson710826.pixnet.net/album/photo/189705946  
      *I recommend using Ningheim race for this preset to come out well.*

      Ningheim Race - Seren4XX
      Female Facial Animation - nao4288
      Enhanced Character Edit - tktk1
      Face Light - tktk1
      ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer - kapaer
      Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition - Caliente
      XP32 Maximum Skeleton - xp32
      RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard - TMPhoenix
      SGHairMIX2 - paji295
      The Eyes Of Beauty - LogRaam
      Better Makeup for SKSE - Diethardt
      Seductive Lips HD - EcthelionOtW
      Lux Brow - StephieRawx 
      I Cant Believe Its NOT ENB 3 - ElSopa
      Imaginator - MGE
      Modern Clothes - Blaze69
      Ashara Dimonized Dress and jewelry - SydneyB
      Pretty Face - tktk1
      RaceMenu - expired6978
      01 Tintmasks - darrenstonenAether Suite - Halo
      Modern Look - Colored Nails for CBBE - N4zara
      White River Cottage - gentester
      Halo Pose - Halo
      GomaPeraland - Goma
      Fores New Idles in Skyrim FNIS - fore
      Bandolier Bags and Pouches - Dragten
      Modern Clothes - Blaze69



    8. Lady death race and follower

      if you pick the Lady Death race there are two presets 
      SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa




      The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam


      Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy


      RaceMenu by Expired


      Creation Kit
      thaere is a lady death follwer with this mod that is walking around white run look for her



    9. Lady death follower

      Lady Death is in Riften, walking about the marked
      Lady Death is a fictional goddess appearing in American comic books published by Coffin Comics. Created by Brian Pulido, Lady Death first appeared in Evil Ernie #1 in December 1991
      SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa




      The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam


      Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy


      RaceMenu by Expired


      Creation Kit



    10. Tyq'ra the Xivilai Follower

      I decided to release the open beta (and quite functional) version of Tyq’ra the Xivilai follower.
      I am still looking for a modder who can add a short quest to this mod in order to give Tyq’ra a background story (I have a scenario ready), but also to make things more interesting for the player – to give the player who meets the Xivilai a “Witcher style” choice between a lesser and a greater evil.
      If someone is interested, please, send me a message.
      Anyway I am going to continue to work on this mod in order to add more unique features. Most probably further updates will require to uninstall this version and make a clean save. So it is unrecommended to merge this beta version into any compilation of follower mods.
      For now it is a simple follower mod based on the preset of one my characters.
      She is a Xivilai warrior with custom weapon and outfit. Tyq’ra lost her usual Xivilai outfit when she was banned from her daedric realm for disobedience. So he had to find something suitable in Skyrim.
      Her combat style is that of the Xivilai warriors. She conjures a clannfear, casts destruction (fire and lightning) spells with the left hand and wields a two-handed sword in the right hand. She has the Xivilai resistances and weaknesses.
      Tyq’ra can be found west of Riverwood (not far from the settlement).
      1) Ok. First small update. Tyq’ra now is custom Xivilai race. More details in the Version history section. Hopefully the custom race feature will let me attach custom animations for Tyq’ra’s one-handed sword attacks (I would like to give Tyq’ra Witcher style combat animations).
      A clean save (without TyqraXivilaiFollower mod installed) is required for the update to work properly. 
      2) Second update. Unique combat and idle animations. More details in the Version history.
      Just install the new version manually over the old one replace all the old files with the new ones
      I want some feedback: bugs, suggestions etc. 
      Just an example of Tyq'ra's combat animations

      Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag.
      Tyq'ra's combat animations.mp4 Higher resolution here: 
      I have found the problem. I contacted GomaPudding who created AddAnimationTool. He says that to make animations work. A person who installs such a mod should intstall and execute his AddAnimationTool with my .lis file. I have not seen this condition when I decded to add custom animations. Sorry 
      However AddAnimationTool is very simple to use and very light weight. The main thing is to set your Skyrim data path in the  [Config 01] section of the Config file
      Then drop this .lis file in ANIMLIST folder.
      Close ALL other open folders and execute AddAnimData as administrator.
      If you do not want to bother with all that then just install the previous version and keep it.
      3) Third update
      Added HDT to Tyq'ra's leather skirts, and navel piercing,
      Removed the bug that caused navel piercing disappear.
      Two versions are available: with normal animations and with custom animations
      HDT Physics Extentions
      General information on the Xivilai:
      A lot of assets from other mods have been used in order to give Tyq’ra her unique look. Some assets were modified to better suite a Xivilai female warrior (mash ups and retextures). I have asked the authors of all the assets I used for their permissions. However I still have not had replies from several people. So I would like to release the mod without their permissions. If anyone of these modders does not want their assets to be used in this mod, please, let me know. I will remove them from the mod as soon as I can.
      I would like to thanks all the people who contributed directly or indirectly to the creation of this mod:
      T3alrose – for the Xivilai race mod;
      Kalilies – for the famous KS hairdos;
      Gomaperopero – for the Tsuntsun armor;
      bla08 – for the Sexy Tsuns armor mashup;
      ReflexShooter – for the UNP UNPB UNPB-BBP CBBEv3 Conversion of the Tsun Female Armor;
      Skeuomorph – for the CBBE HDT Piercing Sets (permission asked, no reply yet);
      Plooshy – for the claws (nails) that are from Neve mod;
      zemaria – for the Greaves and legwraps;
      FavoredSoul – for the Ultimate assortment;
      jrc0011 – for the JRC’s Witcher style sword pack;
      Zadil – for the Devious Devices (Assets);
      Wast1980 – for the SevenBase Bombshell body that so perfectly suits a female Xivilai, imho;
      myuhinny – for his help, inexhaustible patience and a rare ability to give thorough answers;
      realclone – for very realistic physics of Tyq’ra’s earrings;
      GomaPudding - for his fantastic Add Animation Data tool;
      cyh0405 - for the Witcher style combat animations mod
      dint999 - for very realistic physics of Tyq’ra’s leather skirts and for removing the bug that caused Tyq'ra's navel piercing disappear;
      Artsick – for support, alfa testing, help and especially for the wonderful dynamic glow that she has managed to attach to the dragon eye on Tyq’ra’s ring and to the crystals on Tyq’ra’s earrings, navel piercing and pommel of the sword;
      Ezzar – for support, alfa testing and advice.
      If I have forgotten to mention someone, please, let me know.
      Version history:
      beta 09r01 – Added HDT to Tyq'ra's leather skirts, and navel piercing,
                           Removed the bug that caused navel piercing disappear.
      beta 09p03 – Tyq’ra now has unique combat and idle animations. She has now "Witcher combat style" and uses her sword properly - as a bustard (hand-and-a-half) sword.
                            You do not need to run FNIS, just put all the files into your Data folder.
      beta 09p01 – Tyq’ra is now custom Xivilai race (non-playable); removed Resist Cold enchantment from the Plated Necklace, now it grants the wearer Immunity to Paralysis; cleaned the .esp.
                            You will need a clean save to update the mod.
      beta 09n08 – open beta initial release
      There is little in this mod that was made by me except for the head preset. The head mesh is free to use for anyone. For the rest a permission of the authors who own the assets should be asked for.



    11. RYAtats

      look the screenshots and you will know what is this



    12. Ariyan Weapon Replacer

      Skyrim Mods - Ariyan Weapon Replacer (Teaser Trailer) 2018
      I provided a link where you can download the mod plus I will upload the mod to this website and media fire first thing in the morning. Thanks for being patient.

      I never liked the vanilla iron arrows. Many of the vanilla weapons could use an upgrade. I have always wanted to make this mod a replacer for the vanilla weapons. If you are tired of looking at the same vanilla weapons, well this is the perfect mod for you, this mod replaces the following.

      Steel Sword
      Steel Greatsword
      Steel Dagger
      Steel Mace
      Iron Arrow
      Imperial Bow
      Elven Bow
      ELven Arrow
      Glass Bow
      Glass Arrow
      Ebony Bow

      Sushirant - Ariyan Weapon Pack
      DJ Red Rad - Creator, Editor, coder



    13. Sanhoshin re-creation preset

      ECE & RM preset of my re-created character from sanhoshin/shinpersona
      Compability infos:
      Race: Nord
      Weight at export in ECE: 50/100
      ECE/RM version: ECE 1.4 / RM - doesn't matter, since it is a .NIF
      - ECE (recommended) or Racemenu
      Installing Instructions:
      1. Body textures and maps go into "Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/female/"
      2. Unpack the eye texture into whatever folder your eye texture mod uses. Usually located at "Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/eyes/". Then rename it to an existing eye texture, thus replacing it.
      2.5. Skip if using ECE: The head NIFs go into "Skyrim/Data/skse/plugins/chargen/"
      3. Tintmasks go into "Skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/character assets/tintmasks/"
      4. The ECE preset (_8_commonTriRaces.slot) goes into "Documents/my games/Skyrim/cme_save/"
      5. Download "SG hair pack 268" and "Better female eyebrows"
      Tuning and Tweaking ingame:
      0. Choose the nord race and female (duh)
      1. Load the preset nr.8 in ECE. Import the head NIF in the "sculpt" tap if using racemenu.
      2. Choose the correct hairs, eyes and eyebrows
      3. Set the tints according to the "Tints" text file. Tweaking them yourself is recommended depending on your ENB and likings.
      List of character mods I used:
      Note for RM users: Add a mask to the neck to prevent a neck seam before importing the head NIF.
      Using ECE is strongly advised as RM will change the look, even if only slightly.
      Liz follower:



    14. Skin Decor - Ball-Jointed Doll

      Hello! Since learning how to properly edit Skyrim diffuse and normal maps to give my characters unique appearances I wouldn't be able to achieve otherwise, I want others to be able to make cool-looking characters as well, so I'm sharing what I've made. I would apply this to a skin buut idk how to make a skin from scratch and it sounds like something that would be a pain in the neck. Utilizing these requires a 'lil bit of photo-editing knowledge, so have either GIMP or Photoshop ready and prepped with their respective .dds plugins.

      How to Use:
        Open the .psd files along with the diffuse and normal (msn) maps of the skin you want to apply these to. Re-size my .psd files to the same size as the diffuse and normal maps respectively. They're big by default. Duplicate or copy the layers from my .psd files over the maps of the skin. These were made for a UUNP skin
      so some adjustment will be required if you want to use them for a CBBE-based skin. The details on the diffuse and the normals must align for them to work properly! For the normal map, set my layer to overlay, otherwise it will be too intense and will look weird in-game. I save the diffuse as DXT5 interpolated alpha and the normal as " ARGB 32 bpp | unsigned." Unless you want everyone in-game to use this new skin for some reason, go into the Skyrim files and replace the default skins of a mod like Body Change* or Custom Races.
      *I prefer and recommend Body Change as it allows me to name things and doesn't require customization of the races in the CK.

      And there you have it! That should be it. Future plans probably involve making a CBBE version and...a male version?

      Currently there are squiggly parts that I think are due to polys on the mesh rather than something I can easily fix myself. Sorry.

      The skin that I put this over in the screenshots is Fair Skin Complexion. Thank you for reading and I hope this is enjoyed!



    15. USLEP UnPatch

      since USLEEP is not getting updated anymore i think now would be a good time to try and undo some of it's smeg ups.
      (and i'll start off by saying that it has one "E" too many in it's abbreviation)
      only people that are actually trying to get 2 Dawnbreakers will encounter this "bug" so there was no need to fix this at all.
      i'm sure that was done on purpose to make the Ebony Blade work on them, you know THE SWORD THAT FEEDS OFF OF BETRAYAL!!!
      that just means she got a lot better at using two-handed weapons since she lost her one-handed Grimsever.
      unpatched the "LvlAnimalForestPredator" (000F826D) in the caves beneath Helgen, USLEEP removed it's enable parent and it was messing up the part where you had to sneak past the bear by adding extra creatures to the area. (problem found by EinarrTheRed)
      the Skyforge and khajiit merchant chests have been moved back to there original locations.
      because only people that are actually trying to cheat would even know where to find them anyways, so why bother?
      unpatched the "Totem of the Moon" werewolf Perk, so you can now summon multiple werewolves again.
      "Ill met by moonlight" quest exploit restored (not tested)

      patched and/or repatched:
      but it's so dull that it can't even cut a paper bag, i'm sure Mephala would let you sharpen it.
      and they made the sword slower as well which makes no sense at all because it has a thinner blade then all the other two-handed swords.
      BOOOO!!! Madesi needs the gold (but to hell with Grelka she is a bitch, and Anoriath is a dead man walking anyways so i skipped them for now)
      Madesi's Dialogue about his name:
      they still have not fixed this right, where as i have had it truly working right for years in one of my own mods.
      dresser and chest in Hjerim:
      the "Noble Chest Drawers" (00016778) that is in the bedroom was placed super badly (in front of the shelves on the right side of the room) and it needed to be moved (uslep did not move it far enough for my likeing, and it has the wrong enable parent), so i moved it to be behind the bed.
      another error that was not fixed at all is the chest (000E0E51) that was part of the Butcher quest, it gets removed from Hjerim when you "clean up the murder mess", there is no need for it to be removed at all and it leaves a empty space behind.
      unique Leveled items:
      i made it so unique Leveled items are no longer Leveled, they will always be spawned/rewarded as there most powerful variant.
      Note: does not work for unique items that you have already gotten.
      Dawnguard Rune Axe (loosely based on Trothminbonboicksenfavette's idea https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90334? )
      replaced the Axe's enchantment with a edited copy of Dawnbreaker's Enchantment to prevent the original enchantment's script from killing save files.
      EinarrTheRed's navmesh edits:
      -44,-5  Wilderness - adds missing navmesh near Dead Crone Rock.
      -44, -4 DeadCroneRockExt02 - connects new navmesh to existing navmesh island.
      -29, 28 Wilderness - adds missing navmesh on wall at back of Fort Hraggstad.
      -29, 27 FortHraggstadExterior05 - connects existing tower navmesh to new navmesh.
      -28, 28 FortHraggstadExterior04 - connects existing navmesh to new navmesh.
      Updates one NorWoodDoorLoad at Dead Crone to ensure the door link works properly.
      EinarrTheRed's "DefaultCreatureSandboxEditorLocation4000" fix:
      Animals should now have the option to run off across tundra to escape the player or NPCs rather than being determined to stay on roads.
      other fixes i throwed in, or based fixes on:
      Bigger Pelagius' Hip Bone by Gojirex https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68449?
      Argonian Sneak Tail Twist Fix by Callak https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32949?
      Argonian Decapitation Fix by Chilean Wolf  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/22624?
      Cultist Mask Decapitation Fix by pauderek https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50447?
      Esbern BUG FIX by SirGhaz https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65670?
      Werewolf Footsteps Repair by amra0 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/67564
      Shrouded Cowl Fix by Dee Twenty https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5611?
      Archmage Privacy fix by maximluppov https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57238?
      Dawnguard Summons Absorb fix by Thivus https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/22105
      dragon aspect shout frost fix by hubrismandibles https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/66100?
      Ghorza gra-Bagol Investment Fix by George1 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/9194
      Hired Thugs Fixed by RJinthematrix  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73811?
      Vampire invisible Shield Fix by johnwayne1930 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/21755?
      Necromancer Amulet Correctly Renamed by Mcchuggernaut  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57724?
      Return to Grace Amulet of Talos Fix by Ritaku https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30769
      Riften jail visual bugfix by Zaflis https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8560
      Riften jail secret escape route fix by Dxcufgb https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17282?
      Real Silent Moon Enchantment Fix by falco99  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84981
      Ulfric's Bracers Fix by FrogF https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76074
      Werewolf Bleedout Fix by ColonelCorn https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61244?
      Yngol Barrow Button Fix by OfftheRails https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12937?
      Throw Voice Dialogue FIx by oldcyder https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57093?
      useful list of mods/fixes that i don't have permission to use (at least not yet anyways), or i'm not sure about yet:
      Skyrim Supplemental Patch
      FXdustDropRandomSCRIPT by steve40
      LvlPredatorScript by steve40
      dunBluePalaceArenaSCRIPT by steve40
      Dragonborn DLC Spamming FIX for DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript by Xerperious
      Dragon Bleed Bug Fix - FXDragonBloodDamageScript by Taka2nd
      Critter - Simply script fixes by ReDragon2013
      Flora Respawn Fix by bluedanieru
      note: it edits one of the same scripts that "Critter - Simply script fixes" edits, so i don't know if that would be a problem or not.
      Unbound Dremora fixed by SourGrape
      Ash Pile Expiration by Christopher Grabowski
      The Wolf Queen Awakened and Grimsever Return FIX by Lonti84
      note: less of a problem now because the DLCs let you go past level 81.
      Bard Quest Fixes by Soltaris
      Dragonborn Dragon Soul Absorb Fix by joshuagt
      Reanimate Disintegration Fix by SSL  
      Ash Guardian Bugfix by flexcreator
      Werewolf script/Vampire Lord fix by ShooD
      Nightingale Hall Portal fix by George1
      MS11 Blood on the Ice Non-start Fixed by mrjentipede
      Skyrim Shadow Striping Fix by forum42087
      Hearthfire Plant Dawnguard's Yellow Mountain Flowers fix by someshta
      Palace of Kings Rugs Fixed by GrandBulwark
      Lip sync delay fix by TDOGH
      Miraaks Mask Fix by LoveAlice
      note: i'm not sure if this one counts as a bug or not
      Wiseman303's Critter Fixes by wiseman303