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Oblivion resources for other mods or modders to make use of

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  1. Dragon Wing Flight

    Dragon Wing Flight
    This will give you a lesser power called Flight Settings.
    To set your flight key
    1. Select the spell "Flight Settings"
    2. Hold down the button you wish to use for flying.
    3. While still holding your flight key, cast the spell.
    You should now see a message box telling you you know how to fly. Sweet!
    Now you have a new lesser power called "Summon Wings"
    Cast to add/remove wings.
    You cannot fly without the wings.
    If you want to rest your flight key, simply cast the settings spell again, which will remove the flying ability, then follow the steps above to set your new key.
    1. Did you set your key?
    2. Are your wings equipped?
    Good, then run DO NOT USE AUTO RUN!!!, hold down your flight key and jump.
    You should be holding 3 keys down when you jump, the jump button being a 4th.
    Press the space bar to glide (it's important, flying uses fatigue) pres again to fly again.
    You will be in sneak, I suggest not leaving sneak. Issues arise if you land/crash at anything other than the lowest speed.
    You do not need to press W A S D, while flying, you will be auto moving.
    Apparently, you can grab stuff. I have been unsuccessful, but I think it works.
    You can knock people over, fun but illegal. You will get a bounty against friendlies. Neat to knock a bandit down, run over fast enough while drawing a sword and stabbing through the bandits chest..... or whatever you might do to someone who's knocked down.
    I hope people find this fun and useful in other mods.
    Drake the Dragon - wings
    gulogulo, Saltare & qwertymaster - flight script
    everyone who I wish I knew where those textures came from..... just found them in my texture folders and played.



  2. Tears

    Who doesn't love a good cry? Now you can attach this tears mesh to slaves, rape victims and emo heroines. All to better enjo..., erm, sympathize with their plight .
    Note: This is a hackjob. It's a decal that is placed in front of the face, so it will mostly work well on characters with normal head size that are facing towards you. Ideally I would like to have a mesh that follows the individual deformations of the head mesh for different characters. If anyone has an idea of how to achieve hat I would be very grateful.
    Update: Yay! Found out how to make .egm files to follow face shapes. Still haven't figured out how to make the mesh follow facial expressions though. Worried that I will have to use this:
    Looks a bit daunting.
    The Conformulator by scanti
    Use to make meshes for non-imperial heads.



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