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Adult Mods

Sub Category  

These Skyrim mods are of an adult nature.


    1. Skyrim Picture Gallery v1.0.

      Skyrim Picture Gallery v1.0
      Idea: LittleBaron
      Version: 1.0
      Russian language
      DESCRIPTION: Adds to the game 1 gallery of 28 paintings, Cups - 6 options, Figurines - 9 pieces
       (Malakat, Meridia, Nocturnal, Talos, Magus, Mara, Elf, Ismagor, Nordic Guard), Bonsai, Dwemer lamp,
       Censer, Crystal Ball, Garden of Stones.
      Where to get:
      Merchants who can buy all this:
      - Beletor in the "Beerator's Products" (Viteran);
      - The Saeima in "Everywhere All" (Solitude);
      - Lisbeth in Arnleif and Sons (Markarth);
      - Byrne in "Birna's Products" (Winterhold);
      - Revin Sadri in the "Used goods of Sadri" (Windhelm);
      - Bercy in the "Stuffed Shrimp" (Riften);
      - Tonilla in the "Wild Canteen" (Riften).
      The assortment of goods from sellers is constantly updated (you can not buy all the items at once).
       This mod every 2 days randomly gives some merchants a picture of 2 copies,
       for 6 copies of cups of different colors and for 1 copy of the figurines
       (instead of figurines can be "Bonsai", "Garden of stones", "Crystal ball", "Dwemer lamp" or "Censer").
       If the player did not buy the goods of this fashion from the traders, then they are replaced by other days after 2 days.
       Pictures are repeated, i.е. it is possible to find the same pattern in the traders that the player has already purchased before.
      Pictures can be hung on the wall using the menu.
      This is done like this:
      - we face to the wall, where we need to hang a picture;
      - We throw the picture out of inventory, wait a couple of seconds;
      - the menu appears, with its help we move the picture so that it is placed on the wall.
      - in the menu the picture can be increased or decreased.
      All items including pictures are perfectly arranged and scaled with the help of Positioner-Jaxonz Positioner v2.92
      What's in the archive:
      If you hang a picture, push it a little into the wall, then it will lose the opportunity to interact with it.
       The marker (activator) will be behind the picture, i.e. behind the wall. Exit: enter the console TCL, go through the wall and take the picture.
       With the Positioner-Jaxonz Positioner v2.92 everything is much simpler.
      Conflicts: Little Barons Interior Decorating aka LB-ID v1.2b This mod is a prototype of this mod.
      Requirements: Skyrim
      Place the Data folder from the archive in the folder with the game (Data is not inside the Data, but on top), confirm the merge of folders and files and activate in the launcher.



    2. sorceress99 CBBE HDT conversions Part 2

      sorceress99 CBBE HDT conversions Part 1 the reference https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4678-sorceress99-cbbe-hdt-conversions-part-1/
       All screenshots are signed by their mod names, that are located in 'download'  section.
      With the permission from Sorceress99  I created CBBE HDT conversion for his armors and clothes. All of these armors/clothes were tested with heavy weighted(100) bodies is
      Bodyslide. Every armor has screenshot, I’ll describe their numbers from left to right. Also some of screens contain parts from the other mods. They all will be linked below, if I didn’t link some  parts it means they are included in mod. ATTENTION: In order to see all screenshots, click on latest visible screenshot.







      "so cool, innovative, friendly, amazing, truly shows mastery of bodyslide."

      "I'm still trying to figure out whos mans this is?"

      "i've never seen a man put so much effort into making over 20 different presets"


      so i thought, im more active on loverslab than on the nexus (making presets and whatnot)

      so why not upload a file for once?



      Lean Lady Legendary

      The Super Booty Body

      Perky Curvy Petite for Bodyslide 2

      The Blank Slate

      AND all of the variation presets



      general just supa thicc

      ass has more mass than a black hole

      sculpted booty



      0 weight: lean

      50 weight: lady

      100 weight: legendary

      curves of doom

      super nipples

      a little gravity



      all sliders set to 0, made the other bodies and request with this so i gave it some spotlight



      originally made by some guy on the nexus a few years back, people wanted a conversion for bodyslide 2 and i did it

      (and made it better)





      essentially a smaller ass, hips and all that but keeps the boobs, if you only liked the boobs use this.



      removes the boobs for a flat chest but keeps the ass.



      base body with smaller assets if the normal ones too big for your taste



      base body with up to 20% bigger assets, if you think bigger is better use this



      the extra booty body but even bigger, i dont know why you would want this but here you go



      the flat chested body with a bigger ass n hips and smaller waist.



      base body but with somewhat smaller boobs, more gravity on boobs, smaller ass on 0 weight and slightly smaller ass on max weight, less anorexic looking stomach, smaller thighs.



      by request there is now a preset which gives you some kind of godlike cake, for fans of the super booty body.



      bigger ass since i said it was ultimate cake and it really wasnt



      custom version but smaller



      since i made the small version might aswell, not super big though to stay true to the custom part.









      the least important one here, the super booby body extra, once again no ass just boobs and the boobs are bigger now



      even more irrelevant, the super booby body but 2x the extra.
      (NOTE: super booby body extra variants only make the boobs bigger, ass is still untouched cause otherwise it would just be a normal extra)



      UUNP only, built like it has muscle lol u need your own textures tho



      super nipples, slightly bigger ass and boobs than the first one.





      LLL but with smaller assets


      LLL with bigger assets


      LLL with the TSBB lower body


      LLL but 100 weight is now 50 weight


      now featuring:

      "a bunch of request 1-22"

      22 request i did for people at this thread

      so why not share them with the world?

      always accepting more too <3

      (and i dont want to lose them and fuck up the numbers and order)


      I can be found here:

      making presets for other people and filling requests

      feel free to shoot me a message or sum screenshots, i like talking

      and seeing people use my presets <3

      love ya (but still read the rest of this post)


      ORIGINALS ON THE NEXUS (more screenshots on those pages):























      The Super Jiggle HDT-set:
      a custom hdt config with the most gravity defying, bouncy, jello, boobs and butt.
      very high possibility your boobs will never stop moving
      but thats just my taste and i dont wanna lose the settings so have fun with it



      Q AND A:



      A: sucks to suck


      Q: "What if i don't LIKE butts or boobs dad?"

      A: theres a dick mod somewhere


      Q: "what if i don't LIKE big butts or boobs dad?

      A: thats what the variations are for


      Q: "why did you do this to yourself?"

      A: it had to be done.


      Q: "Do you even use these presets"

      A: at the time of writing this i use the super booty body thicc edition


      Q: "Can i take screenshots"

      A: yes of course i love seeing other people use my presets


      Q: "Who the fuck even are you?"

      A: your father luke, master of the bodyslide force.


      Q: "Why are you in my house?"

      A: you forgot to pay our child support and i am here to collect


      Q: "How long did it take for you to make these jaw dropping presets?"

      A: It took me years of training with master roshi, so atleast 4 episodes.


      Q: "but HOOOOW do i install it?"

      A: if your familiar with bodyslide you already know
      but if your not, heres the directory you put it in to use it with bodyslide:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderPresets\


      A2: OR you could just extract this file or install with a manager


      Q: "can you make me a preset?"

      A: yup just hmu on the forums or via message


      Q: "can i judge this preset and or criticize"

      A: dont be a dick if you do


      Q: "can i review and or send screenshots?"

      A: hell yeah i love feedback


      Q: "should i post on the forums?"

      A: yes just do it im lonely


      Q: "are you sonic on nexus?"

      A: yes but dont tell anyone


      Q: "has anyone reviewed this?"

      A: if they did i dont know about it


      Q: "are you gonna make any more presets?"

      A: probably, if you wana help me like i said earlier hit me up


      Q: why are the boobles clipping?

      A: personally i don't experience any clipping, but if necessary just smallenize your boobs.


      Q: what the fuck does smallenize mean?

      A: it clearly means make smaller you CHUMP



      yes i do like seeing screenshots

      yes i would like to know if you post screenshots or videos

      none of the above things are a requirement

      BUT dont upload these anywhere else without my permission por favor


      SINCERE thanks to
      Miyu MIyu and Boocefus for taking screenshots and being there on my bodyslide themed adventures <3

      they're pretty cool





    4. SkyFem - All NPCs Now Female Or Futanari

      TL;DR: Turns all male NPCs into females. Can be used with Schlongs of Skyrim to turn all NPCs into futanari.
      Comment Thread here- http://www.loverslab.com/topic/70384-skyfem-skyrim-feminized/
      Nexus page for the mod is here- SkyFem - All NPCs Now Female
      Fallout 4 version of the mod is here- Femout4 - All NPCs Now Female
      Loverslab page for the futanari patch for the Fallout 4 version is here- Femout4 - All NPCs Now Futanari
      I wanted to play a Skyrim populated exclusively by futanari and was disappointed with the absence of any mods that could achieve this, so I set about making it happen.
      The mod works mostly with a single ESP file that edits armor addons, armor, headparts, races, voices and texture sets. No scripts. Wherever the game uses a male asset, a female asset will be used instead. New facegendata is also needed, and is available for download with the main file.
      Male NPCs remain flagged by the game as male (which is better for futanari gameplay). However, males will now use female animations, skeletons, bodies, heads, clothes, armor, meshes and textures. With this mod, males will be visually feminized in every possible way. If you also use Schlongs of Skyrim and it's SkyFem patch then all males will be converted into futanari.
      The mod works for all player races, elders, vampires, mannequins, afflicted, snow elves, draugr and dremora.
      The mod will also feminize the voices of male NPCs who are able to speak any dialogue that can be feminized. Male NPCs without any dialogue that can be feminized have been left untouched.
      On the issue of compatibility, any other mod may be incompatible if it has an ESP that adds or alters male NPCs, armor addons, armor, headparts, races and texture sets. However it's simple (but tedious) to modify a mod's esp file to make it compatible. You will be able to see what changes are necessary for compatibility by looking at conflicts with this mod in TES5Edit. I may provide new patches upon request.
      Other mods try to feminize Skyrim but have a number of issues; this mod should improve on them and resolve all their issues.This mod has been designed in such a way as to make patching it as easy as possible. Most other mods can be made compatible just with edits to armor/races and by generating new facegendata.
      Installation Instructions-
      1). You need to download and install the following for for the base mod. These are mandatory for the mod to work correctly-
      SkyFem V1.0
      Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice 6.0
      Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch 3.0.10
      2). (Recommended) Many of the NPCs aren't very pretty when gender-switched unless you improve the vanilla NPCs with 'SkyFem NPC Beauty Addon'. Make sure to check the Readme before using, you will have to create your own merged patch to fit your personal load order.
      3). To make all feminized males into futanari you will need to check the loverslab page for this mod.
      4). If you want to restore male voices to unique NPCs, then install either 'MaleUnique Voices Restored' or 'All Male Voices Restored'. Otherwise a lot of plot-related dialogue will be completely silent.
      5). Remember to enable all subtitles in game settings, because there will be a lot of silent dialogue unless you use 'All Male Voices Restored'.
      Load Order-
      Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp
      SkyFem Patch WAFR.esp
      SkyFem Patch CCF.esp
      SkyFem Patch CCOR.esp
      SkyFem Patch Remodelled Armor.esp
      'SkyFem NPC Beauty.esp' must be loaded after any other mods that edit NPCs. Keep it near the end of your load order.
      LOOT should sort the rest of the files correctly.
      For ease of identification, patches for Nexus mods are presented in the format of "SkyFem Patch V1 MODNAME VERSION", while patches for loverslab mods are presented in the format "SkyFem Patch V1 MODNAME VERSION" (Actually I just made a mistake when naming them all, but now I'll just keep doing it that way).
      Further Custom Patches for SkyFem-
      SkyFem NPC Beauty Addon V1 (Improves appearance of most vanilla NPCs)
      SkyFem Patch V1 All Male Voices Restored (Restores male voices to all male NPCs)
      SkyFem Patch V1 MaleUnique Voices Restored (Restores male voices to unique male NPCs)
      Available patches for Nexus mods-
      Alternate Start 3.1.7
      Apocalypse 9.40
      Breezehome FullyUpgradable 1.7.6
      Campfire 1.11
      Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul 2.0
      Clothing and Clutter Fixes 1.7
      Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul 1.2
      Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade 1.7
      Cutting Room Floor 2.0.6
      Death Alternative 7.0.1
      Hearthfire Extended 1.0.3
      Helgen Reborn 1.053
      Honed Metal 1.091
      Hunterborn 1.5
      Immersive College of Winterhold 4.1
      Immersive Patrols II 2.0.3
      Immersive Wenches 1.5.4
      Imperious 7.24
      Improved Closefaced Helmets 1.57
      Inconsequential NPCs 1.9e
      Interesting NPCs 3.2
      LC_Immersive Looting 1.1
      Ordinator 9.26
      Populated Forts Towers Places
      Populated Lands Roads Paths
      Relationship Dialogue Overhaul 2.0
      Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT 5.1
      Remodeled Armor for UUNP BodySlide HDT 1.184
      Skyrim Immersive Creatures 6.5.2b
      Sneak Tools 1.00
      Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade 5.2
      Available patches for Loverslab mods-
      Amorous Adventures 3.2.1
      BadDog Immersive Creatures 2.01
      Being Female 2.8 Fix 1
      Devious Devices (Assets) 3.0e
      Devious Devices - Captured Dreams Shop v4.15 (Updated 6-11-2017) v 4.15
      Devious Devices - Expansion V2.0c (2016-11-19)
      Devious Devices - Integration V3.3b (11/18/2016) v3.3b
      Deviously Cursed Loot 6.1
      Horny Werewolves of Skyrim 2.2
      Sanguines Debauchery 3.5.9
      Schlongs Of Skyrim 3.00.004
      SexLab Beastess 8.02
      Sexlab Defeat 5.3.5
      Sexlab Eager NPCs 20161127
      Simple Slavery 5.21
      Slave Girls by hydragorgon 827Slaverun Reloaded (19-August-2017) 2.1.1Zaz Animation Pack 7.0
      Recommended Mods-
      Sexlab Eager NPCs (This mod comes with an option that enables sexlab to treat futanari as males, which will ensure they will use their schlong durings sex scenes.)
      SOS Schlong For Females v0.9 (Using this along with the downloadable SkyFem patch will ensure Schlongs of Skyrim is compatible with SkyFem. This will turn all males into futanari. Which is exactly what I designed this mod for.)
      Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice (This is mandatory for the mod to work correctly.)
      Horny Werewolves of Skyrim v1.6 (To provide futanari versions of werewolves)
      Sexlab Sounds Unleashed 1.39 (During sexlab animations this will swap male sex noises with wet sounds so you won't hear male voices during sex. I consider this an essential mod to use alongside SkyFem.)
      Female Briarhearts 2.0 Girls Girls Girls Edition (So briarhearts will have visible briars in their chests again)
      Edhildils Sexy Talos Statue (Use this and the same author's other mods to feminize all of Skyrim's statues)
      Requiem - Sexlab & Devious Patches (You will probably need these if you use SkyFem with the Requiem patch)
      Current Bugs-
      None currently that I know of.
      The Addon 'SkyFem NPC Beauty' was created using the work of two other mod authors.
      gooboo, author of 'Skyrim - A Woman's World' which was used to provide facial sliders and headparts in 'SkyFem NPC Beauty'.
      Nojanath, author of "All Female NPCS under dev" which was used to provide facial sliders and headparts in 'SkyFem NPC Beauty'.
      Comments, bugreports and feedback are welcome!



    5. Sexist/Derogatory Guards, NPCs and Player Comments

      Sexist/Derogatory Guards & NPCs
      Which Version Do I Need?
      There are 2 files available. You only need to install 1 of them.
      The best one to install is SexistGuards v2.63 or higher as this one now has a soft dependency for Devious Devices
      SexistGuards vX.X.zip - This is the new version with the soft dependency for Devious Devices. Use this one!
      SexistGuardsDD vX.X.zip - legacy version. Do not use. It will not be updated. 
      Mod Overview
      Skyrim is no place for a female adventurer....women should be at home or servicing men at the local inn; so if you fancy making life a bit more humiliating for your female character then this mod might just be for you!
      Whenever you encounter an NPC guard they may make some kind of sexist or derogatory remark to you..
      Knock an object over and any nearby NPCs will tell you exactly what they think of you!
      When fighting bandits, they'll make sure you know exactly what they're going to do with you if you lose!
      Ideas for comments etc always welcome 
      I will be trying to keep the comments as realistic/lore friendly as possible (there won't be anything like I'd Bash Her Back Door In Oooosh!). If you think a comment does not fit in with Skyrim then do let me know.
      Going forward I shall be trying to stick with the following rules of how aggressive people will be (and I must stop putting whore, slut or bitch at the end of every comment  )...
      Player/NPC Traits

      In an effort to try and make this mod a little bit more immersive I have now started work on adding selectable traits. Initially these will only effect your characters personality, but eventually NPCs will also get personalities.
      Currently you can select the following traits (more to follow)...
      Orgasmic - They will see the sexy side of almost any situation and will enjoy sex no matter what!
      Defiant - How likely your character is to put up a fight or answer back, maybe even to you!
      Submissive - How likely your character will submit to someone else. If you have 4th wall breaking player comments active then they will be submissive to you and may refer to you as mistress/master.
      Dominant - How likely your character is to be dominant. Becareful! If you have 4th wall breaking player comments active then they may be dominant to you too!
      Timid - How timid or cautious your character is. They will often complain about being made to put their life in danger.
      Story - Let your character's mind wander...
      Each trait can be set to a strength of 0% - 100% which should allow you to "build" you own personality. They way it works is every line of dialogue has a trait assigned to it that must pass a random check. If you choose 100% then it will always pass the check, 0% will always fail the check. Some lines of dialogue need to pass more than one trait check, other might only need you to pass one type of trait check. There are also general dialogue to fill in any gaps.
      If you pass the required trait check then your character will speak the line, if not then another line will be chosen.
      This should allow complex personalities so even if your character is a rock hard warrior you could still add a chance that they might, just might, let slip that they are actually enjoying the Draugr pounding away at them! 
      The other thing is that these new comments will work for both Female AND Male characters...eventually. At the moment I am concentrating on the female side but I have already setup the system to handle male characters as well.
      Comment Categories
      Male NPCs
      Will make derogatory remarks putting a woman firmly in her place. Will usually refrain from using swear or crude words, but they will still get their point across that women are 2nd class in Skyrim and simply objects of desire.
      Female NPCs
      They know their place and will give "helpful" comments to the female characters on how to be a good lady and avoid trouble.
      Not much better than a bandit. They'll make just as rude or crude comment, just with a slight slur or burp.
      Male Guards
      The epitome of the sexist male. Will often use suggestive comments as well as speak their mind at will. They will show some restraint though and will never be as crude as bandits, after all they are the face of civilised law and order (whilst believing they are above it).
      Female Guards
      No where near as bad as the men, although they still look down on other women. Will give warnings and steer female characters in the right direction.
      The gutter of society with a mouth to match. They'll let rip with whatever they want to say, and it won't be nice...ever!
      Places: Inns
      Not a place for a woman, unless she is a whore looking for work.
      Places: Blacksmith
      Women should be at home cooking, not trying to work out which end of the sword is the pointy bit!
      Women should be careful who they choose to go adventuring with! Your followers will make comments depending on the environment and what you are wearing (or lack of) etc.
      Devious Devices
      If you have devious devices - integration installed then this mod will automatically pick up if you are wearing any items and give suitable dialogue!
      Player Comments
      The comments come in two different flavours - 4th Wall Breaking or Standard.
      The 4th Wall, for those who might never have heard of it, is where an actor is aware of the audience. This often takes the form of the actor talking to the audience (See DeadPool movie  ).
      In this particular case the 4th Wall comments allow your character to know that you are controlling them and they will talk directly to you. Here's an example of the difference between to two comment types...
      Standard Comment
      "I'm freezing, I'd better find some clothes to put on"
      4th Wall Breaking
      "You do realise that I'm freezing here? Please let me put some clothes on."
      Which one you want to use is up to you, or use both! 

      SexistGuards zip file - This contains all the basic comments that can be made by NPCs. It has no dependencies apart from Fuz  & SexLab (see below). There is an MCM menu that allows you to configure which dialogue sets are used.
      Turning Dialogue On & Off
      All dialogue sections can be individually switched on or off in the MCM.

      SexLab and dependencies
      Fuz Ro D'oh or you won't see the comments 
      Soft dependency support for Devious Devices and Zaz Animation Pack
      Known Issues
      If you have subtitles switched on then this could cause issues with comments getting stuck on the screen. They do clear eventually, often by another dialogue being displayed or a change of location/cell.
      Using a free cam (e.g. during sex scenes) will stop dialogue from appearing. There is no fix for this.
      Moving quickly may cause comments to disappear quickly. There is no fix for this at the moment. Slow down! 
      This mod shouldn't conflict with much else. It simply adds more dialogue to the available comment pool.
      If you don't get any comments then just be patient. they will come round eventually but they are competing with all the other things NPCs can say.
      Example Guard Phrases
      "I wouldn't mind dragging you off to the dungeons for a bit..."
      "Break the law and your body is mine..."
      "Move along, woman..."
      "Cause any problems and I'll deal with you...personally!"
      "I'd feel a lot warmer if I was between those legs of yours..."
      Example Bandit Phrases
      "I'm gonna teach you a lesson, whore..."
      "Do you really think a whore like you could defeat me?"
      "You're going to be my little play thing once this is over..."
      "Watcha gonna do, whore?"



    6. Snow Elf Race - The Ancient Falmer SOS Plugin

      This is the Schlongs of Skyrim plugin for the Snow Elf Race - The Ancient Falmer mod.
      This plugin will not function without the main Schlongs of Skyrim mod.
      Schlong texture (and the body texture it is meant to be attached to) was created by ZwabberdieBo, and edited for use with the Ancient Falmer Mod with the original author's permission.
      I simply recolored ZwabberdieBo's Veteran Skin schlong texture so that it'd match the recolored Veteran Skin body textures that are being used by the Ancient Falmer Mod.
      Schlongs of Skyrim
      Snow Elf Race - The Ancient Falmer
      Install with Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager. Use LOOT to sort your load order.
      VectorPlexus and Smurf for Schlongs of Skyrim, and their ‘How to make an SOS Plugin guide’
      ZwabberdieBo for the Veteran Skin male body texture, and his Veteran Skin Smurf and VectorPlexusSchlong Retextures



    7. sorceress99 CBBE HDT conversions Part 1

       All screenshots are signed by their mod names, that are located in 'download'  section.
      With the permission from Sorceress99  I created CBBE HDT conversion for his armors and clothes. All of these armors/clothes were tested with heavy weighted(100) bodies is
      Bodyslide. Every armor has screenshot, I’ll describe their numbers from left to right. Also some of screens contain parts from the other mods. They all will be linked below, if I didn’t link some  parts it means they are included in mod. ATTENTION: In order to see all screenshots, click on latest visible screenshot.
      Numbers of screens and armor description:
      Gatti 14 Yumiko (red color).  Bracers from Daz Bikini Collection, earrings from Honshu Outfit, nails from HN66 NAILS4 ALL.
      Gatti 14 Yumiko (black). Heels and stocking from CBBE DAZ3D Pumps, bracers from Daz Bikini Collection.
      Osare HotPants. Boots [Dint] DBO Valkyrie.
      Osare HotPants. Heels from CBBE Heels Collection, bracers with nails from Momiji Overalls.
      Helena Succubus.
      6-Oin bikini. It has 4 variations ( black, transparent/not transparent white). (Stocking, Heels, bracers, necklace)- all from Lady Jasmine.
      7, 8,9 – Sexy Bunny. On 9th screen Corset from the following mod.
      10- Tumblr gifts. Heels and stocking from CBBE DAZ3D Pumps, bracers from Daz Bikini Collention.
      11,12 – mod DG Leather Clothes. Black shorts and boots from Luxury Collection 1.7.7, second boots from CBBE DAZ3D Pumps.
      13- mod DG Leather Clothes. Bracers from Vindictus MiniDress, footwear from CBBE Heels Collection
      14,15,16,17- Zenna Armor CBBE. Footwear from  Luxury Collention 1.7.7, boots from [Dint] DBO Valkyrie. 
      Thank to Pastreloks for helping with translation and editing.



    8. SeXtreme Loading Screens

      SeXtreme Loading Screens v2.65
      This is a mod with loading screens I started making for me and some friends, but I think more people might like to have it.
      It adds new and improved loading screens, since I am sick and tired of the vanila ones.
      What is important to know about this mod however, is that it is substuntialy bigger than the mods you are used to. Unzipped it is a bit more than 2.5Gigs.
      Currently it has 88 100 150 167 (F*** it.. a lot) new, higly detailed loading screens.
      The aim of these loading screens is to above all prevent all of the vanilla loading screens from appearing. Ever!. For this (since I did not plan to edit all the vanila ones one by one) their percentage of appearence is set to 100%.
      This however will also prevent any other loading screens from other mods that you may have.
      This mod is seperated in different "Series".
      The series are distinguissed by the main figure in them.
      Please note that the percentage of appearence for the series option is decreased to 30% instead of 100% that is the All-in package.
      This is done so that if you have other loading screen mods they will have more chances of appearing. So will vanilla ones though. (I think)
      The options are:
      *Note: The screens do not show the text that they have ingame.
      AO Series -- 11 Screens (126 Mb)

      BEG Series -- 13 Screens (152 Mb)

      BND Series -- 17 Screens (222 Mb) V2.40 (Standalone - NOT included in the All-In Package)

      BST Series -- 33 Screens (258 Mb)

      DEV Series -- 12 Screens (147 Mb)

      FF Series -- 10 Screens (113 Mb)

      FR Series -- 10 Screens (118Mb)

      FT Series -- 30 Screens (299Mb) V2.65 (Standalone - NOT included in the All-In Package)* Latest

      G Series -- 13 Screens (181Mb) V2.60 (Standalone - NOT included in the All-In Package)

      HCR Series -- 14 Screens (194Mb) V2.50 (Standalone - NOT included in the All-In Package)

      K Series -- 11 Screens (113 Mb)

      Lycan Series -- 10 Screens (136 Mb)

      PinUps -- 17 Screens (110 Mb) V2.30 (Standalone - NOT included in the All-In Package)

      SB Series -- 11 Screens (120 Mb)

      T Series -- 12 Screens (174 Mb)

      All-FFv2.10 -- 28 Screens (contains only F/F and solo F screens)(208 Mb)
      Translations Available:
      German: (Sextreme-All_FF_German) Thanks to CGi
      ALLv2.20 -- 133 Screens.(All the screens.) (853 Mb)
      Translations Available:
      German: (Sextreme-All_German) Thanks to Kwenkwang
      German: (Sextreme-All_German) Thanks to Zt11rauss (Nexus: Verodor)
      Russian: (Sextreme-All_RU) Thanks to vjnmrf
      There are now German Translations for ALL the seperate files thanks to CGi


      If the links do not work or ask you for a key, just delete the "---name" from the address.

      The percentage of appearence in the All-in Package is set to 100%. Other loading screen mods will have a serious problem appearing if their percentage is very low. Unfortunately from now on there will NOT be an optional patch as the screens are getting to many to edit 3 times!If you want them to have a lower percentage, use the seperated series options.


      Use the Mod manager of your choise to install the mod or manually extract everything in your data folder.
      You can combine any of the options you want. If you install more than one option, the NMM (or explorer) will ask you to overight some files. Click "YES".
      You can also combine the main package with any optional ones, and this way decrease the appearence frequency of a certain series.
      Thanks to:
      - The FF series started a series that will only contain FF screens. However, other series also contain FF screens that are not present in the FF series. If you want All the female on female, and Female solo screens you need to install the ALL_FF-Series.
      - The Pinup Addon is NOT included in the All-In package



    9. LabiaVariants [CBBE & UUNP BodySlide]

      A labia addon or pussy for CBBE and UUNP body meshes through BodySlide, with HDT physics capability. BodySlide is required to generate the meshes and offers some customization through labia sliders. The labia have two variants: one that is closed, which doesn't need the plugin, and another variant that is open (spread open). The open mesh requires the plugin to be added alongside the closed mesh separately and equipped. Installing only one variant will work properly as long as its done as described below.
      The open mesh needs to be added through the console or AddItemMenu to NPCs and added to the player and equipped.  Be sure to check the BodySlide preview before building.
      Labia can be used without the plugin by installing into \character assets\ as femalebody_0 & femalebody_1.
      Install BodySlide files into your BodySlide folder. Use the included preset or your own CBBE preset to build the body. Place the .esp with the meshes and textures into your Data folder. Use texture files in "Labia Texture" folder with TexBlend or GIMP/Photoshop to add the labia texture to your CBBE textures (Color, Normal, Specular).   
      Place the output from "LabiaCBBEOpen" into \meshes\actors\character\Labia\ and the one from "LabiaCBBEClosed" into \meshes\actors\character\characters assets\

      Install BodySlide files into your BodySlide folder. Use the included preset or your own UUNP preset to build the body. Place the .esp with the meshes and textures into your Data folder. Use the UUNP textures included with BodySlide in "TexBlend UUNP" to add the vagina textures to your UNP texture or use the files in "UnpVagina" to do the same in GIMP/Photoshop.
      Place the output from "LabiaOpenVariant or LabiaOpenHDT" into \meshes\actors\character\Labia\ and the one from "LabiaClosedHDT" into \meshes\actors\character\characters assets\
      If you intend to use the RaceMenu morphs provided by BodySlide, place the femalebody.tri that is generated in both the "characters assets" and "Labia" folders. These should be in the correct folder already when the body is generated.
      Optional files from "LeitoLabia (Z0mBieP00Nani)" ovewrite "LabiaClosedHDT".
      -BodySlide and Outfit Studio along with UNP textures and "UnpVagina"
      -CBBE version needs CBBE textures and the custom labia texture in "Labia Texture" folder
      -UUNP version needs UNP textures and "UnpVagina" labia textures
      -CLAMS OF SKYRIM version requirements here
      -Needs HDT Physics Extensions to function properly (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/?), but I recommend using scivirus' CLAMS OF SKYRIM HDT files because of their realistic behaviour.
      Thanks to:
      Leito for his body replacer's labia mesh
      scivirus for CLAMS OF SKYRIM
      Caliente, ousnius & team for BodySlide, Texture Blender
      BringtheNoise for Unified UNP



    10. [CBBE TBBP&BS] Nurse Is Here.

      CBBE Convert
      Nurse Is Here. contain 3 pack outfit on CBBE TBBP Body & BS Files.
      GangMen Nurse Partizan Nurse Rachel Nurse How to get it. >> AddItemMenu
      How to use AddItemMenu. >> Video

      HDT HighHeels System BodySlide and Outfit Studio

      Thank for
      GangMen Nurse Partizan Nurse Rachel Nurse BodySlide and Outfit Studio



    11. Dragon Quest Warrior Armor Rextex

      Hey Folks!  An exciting LL exclusive!   OK, anyway...  :)  I really like this armor ( Dragon Quest Warrior Armor by Azazellz ), but wanted some different colors to choose from, so I made these. I hope you like them.
      Please have the Dragon Quest Warrior Armor mod and UUNP BodySlide files (by kamo?) already installed prior to installing my mod.
      This mod features new color options for the Dragon Quest Warrior Armor as well as a modified version of Azazellz's .esp that includes matching sexy HDT earrings. If asked to overwrite the .esp, say "YES!". So in addition to the color changes, I've redone the boot and glove lacing, knocked down the overall glossiness, changed the boot heels / soles to brown leather, changed the leg bands to brown leather and some other odds-n-ends. Are these colors lore-friendly? No, probably not, but dude (and dudesses), look at the armor! The sexy new earrings can be constructed at a forge for one (1) steel ingot or use the "AddItemMenu" mod.
      Any problems, let me know. Hope you likey...
      Thank You To:
      Azazellz for a great armor!
      Gutris1 for allowing me to use his earrings!



    12. Immersive Plugs

      Immersive Plugs
      Now with sounds and facial expressions.
      In the harsh world of Tamriel, most people don't have time to build a complex plugs to satisfy themselves (or their slaves..). They use what they find around!
      What does this do?
      This mod finally brings the anal plugs we all want (heh):
      carrot horker tusk (2 variants - both sides in) ladle (2 variants - normal and deep) [aka lets cook something up] mead bottle (2 variants - both sides in) [aka drink to the bottom] spigot [aka pour a beer..] nord horn [aka fart shout] flute (2 variants - normal and deep) [aka american pie style] hook (3 variants - different angle/twist) skooma (2 variants - both sides in) [aka cos I got high] broom torch (lightsource) fork golden claw bloody bone (2 variants - normal and deep) lantern (lightsource) soulgems (petty, lesser, common) Scripted transformation from vanilla items to plugs
      Best shown on example: If you find a carrot lying on a ground, you'll get a prompt to pick it up, or use it as a plug. If you pick up the carrot from container (box, barrel, etc..), you'll get no prompt. Instead, you can drop the carrot on ground from your inventory and pick it up again, you'll get the prompt then.
      For now, this works for:
      carrot horker tusk ladle mead bottle flute skooma torch bucket soulgems (petty, lesser, common) Consumption of liquids
      If you plug in a bottle of some liquid (skooma, mead..) by the open end in (aka 'top-in'), the content is 'sucked in' by your ass! (LOL)
      That means, it's the same as if you drink the bottle the normal way.
      PS: Behaviour may depend on 'need mods' (eg. RND) you are using.
      Filling soulgems
      When picking up an empty soulgem (petty, lesser or common) from ground, you get a standard IP dialogue. Now you can choose to fill the gem up!
      "Cause Dragonborn's arse and poopoo are so powerful they can fill a soulgem!" So go and use the force Luke!
      Plugs use slot 48. I've done this by tying the existing vanilla meshes by NiStringExtraData "Prn" to bone NPC Pelvis [Pelv]. I don't know if this is a correct way or not, but it works for me. I use XPMS skeleton, so I suppose that is a requirement. I use customized UNP body, so I am unsure how well will these plugs be aligned with other bodies.. the method used for vanilla-item-to-plug transformation is a compromise; originally I wanted simply to activate the item and get the prompt, but for the food mainly, I'm unable to prevent it's consumption and other problems with duplication and so on.. so the drop and pick-or-plug prompt instead.. Changelog



    13. COC MOD

      A MOD Based on Corruption of Champions
      Corruption of Champions is a text-Based game that i really love so why not make it 3D.
      I plan on making all characters, enemy with Bad ends
      and much more....
      keep in mind im not a 3d modeler
      so if anyone can make the meshes/textures would be greatly appreciated
      you can find test meshes outside the drunkenHuntsman in whiterun
      credit to the person who created katia



    14. Paradise Halls - Home Sweet Home

      Current version: 1.12
      This mod works with Paradise Halls (PAH), and lets you keep your slaves in camps or houses, freeing up a PAH slave slot as well as your time: in most cases a slave kept at home will not require your attention. You can have some fun with your slaves and order them around and have them clean house, dance for you, tie them up or have sex with you. You can have more experienced house slaves train less experienced ones, and apply discipline by whip, bondage or sex.
      Upgrading from v0.95 and up
      Install using your Mod manager, overwrite everything, and start your game. Be sure to go to the MCM menu, open the HSH Info page. This completes the upgrade.
      When upgrading to 1.04 or higher from a previous version in a game in progress, you may notice some stuttering or script lag during play as the internal data structures are rebuilt. To force a complete data rebuild and get it over with: open the MCM menu and view the list of house and camp slaves.
      Always run FNIS after installing a new version!
      How to play with Home Sweet Home

      Setting up a house or camp to keep slaves in:
      You can designate any indoor location or outdoor place as a slave camp. You do this by using a House Cell or Camp token; purchase these from Pardo, the bartender at the Restless Hunter or the prison guards (after doing the quests, or setting the quests as optional). With these tokens you can turn any building, cavern, camp, dungeon or even outdoor location into an area to hold slaves.
      The different kinds of tokens are for:
      A temporary slave camp, holding 3 slaves. You can have 1 of these. When you break camp, the Camp Token is refunded. Permanent Outdoor Camps. These can be removed but the token will not be refunded House Cells, for indoor use. These let you keep slaves in an interior location. If your house consists of multiple "cells" (i.e. it's not a single continuous space) you need to use a token in every space you intend to keep slaves
      You can have up to 10 permanent slave camps / house cells total.

      To use a token (make sure you have only one, for some reason they do not work when in a stack):
      Click the token in your inventory when you are in the location you want to keep the slaves in. Depending on the type of token, the outline of a cell or a small chest will appear, and move/rotate with your character. Move it to the desired location Press Enter to place the cell / box. You will be told to confirm placement by clicking the chest (cells will have a chest next to the door). This is just in case the chest ends up in an unreachable place where you can't click it anymore. If you wait 15 seconds or so, the cell will disappear and you can try again. After confirming, click the chest again to bring up the menu. Using this menu you can remove the cell or camp (no refund!), or place Bedroom, Cell and Wall markers
      House, Cell, Wall, and Bedroom markers are used by the slaves when training or being punished. A House and Cell marker are automatically placed inside the cage when you use the token; you will want to place at least on of each marker in your house or camp.
      To place markers, select the desired marker type from the chest, walk over to the right spot, and press Enter to place the marker; it will appear as a neon colored torture device. You can place multiple markers if you want, press Esc when you are done. The neon markers will disappear (you can unhide them using the cell menu)
      - Regular sandboxing takes place around the House marker
      - Slaves will stay at a Cell marker when told to stay in their cell. They are also used when performing bondage on the slave.
      - Wall and Bedroom markers are used for bondage, and Wall markers are also used in slave training. (A Wall marker is best placed by hitting Enter when standing with your back to a wall or flat space)

      House Slaves:
      Once you've set up your home or slave camp, you can order a slave to stay there and look after it. Keeping a slave at home or in a camp releases the PAH slot it occupied, allowing you to capture an additional slave. If you want to take your slave with you on the road at a later time, you can order them to come with you (provided you have a spare PAH slot). House slaves will look after your home, train other slaves, cleaning up or keeping you company while you're around. Currently you can order them to:
      Clean up around the house or stay in place Wait in the cell or your bedroom Dress, undress or access their inventory Keep you company. They will follow you around the house, and dance for you if you sit and take a load off Train another slave who is not yet submissive enough. (not available in temporary slave camps) Bring a slave in training to the cell or fetch them from it Order them to do stuff or have sex with you Strike a pretty pose Train sex with each other. You can order them to when they have sufficient Obedience and Sex training. The slaves do not need to be trainer or trainee for this: they will just select random partners from other slaves who have been ordered to train their sex skills. Every so often 2 or more slaves will engage in sex when so ordered, and when you are home.
      You can also tie up your slaves, showing your skill at rope, chain or device bondage. The bondage dialogue uses the house markers as described previously; the option "let's get you onto one of these toys" will get the slave on the nearest ZaZ or Display Model device, provided that there is one.

      Adding furniture to your house
      When you install your first permanent camp or house cell, you will be given spells to place and remove torture equipment. To use, stand where you want the furniture to be placed and cast the spell. You can add wheels, racks, crosses and pillories to your home.
      If you have Heretical Resources installed, you will also have a separate spell to place chains. See below for info on how to use them.
      Slaves will also make use of the torture devices and statues from I'll Take The Display Model
      Managing large amounts of slaves: the taskmaster
      If you have a large number of slaves in your home, you may want to appoint one of the slaves as Taskmaster (using the dialogue). The slave needs to have over 80 submission for this. A Taskmaster can:
      Summon a single slave of a particular type (untrained, trained, trained in sex) Order a group of slaves into a lineup (all untrained slaves, trained, all trainers, all males or all females, etc) Order the slaves in the lineup to wait, follow the tasmaster, exit the house (become PAHE slaves again), entertain guests (see below), get into bondage equipment around the house, sandbox, go to the cell, etc. Set up a training roster and pair trainers with trainees so that all slaves get trained to maximum potential.
      Individual slaves can be dismissed from the lineup, and will then no longer follow group commands given through the taskmaster

      Slaves need to have sufficient submission and sex training to be ordered to entertain guests. When so ordered, they will seek out your followers and house thanes, and dance for them or have sex (limited functiuonality for now). You can tell individual slaves to stop entertaining guests.
      Keep in mind that the taskmaster will only summon slaves into a lineup if they are not busy. Trainees are never summoned (they follow their trainers). Trainers are only summoned if you specifically ask for them. Tied up slaves will not come either. The exception is when you ask the taskmaster to summon everyone.
      This feature is still new and there are some issues to keep in mind:
      Ordering many slaves into a lineup works best in uncluttered homes with plenty of room to walk. If the slaves are blocking each other they will teleport to you eventually, be patient. When you initiate the "Taskmaster..." dialogue, a bunch of stuff happens in the background. If you click through this dialogue too quickly, the processing doesn't get a chance to complete, which may affect the subsequent dialogue. If this happens you will see a message in the top left corner. In most cases this is not a problem, symptoms of this are: not getting the lineup dialogue while havign slaves in a lineup, or the taskmaster telling you a certain kind of slave is not present even if they actually are. Ordering to "prepare the slaves for travel" takes a bit of time to get all slaves back into PAHE. Wait! Each slave will be yoked after being handed over to PAHE, and when the entire process is complete, the taskmaster will inform you. When asking the taskmaster to manage training, it will take some time for the complete training roster to be set up.  

      Placing and Using HDT Chains
      When you have Heretical Resources installed, you can place HDT (physics enabled) chains to your home, using the special spell you get for this.
      To place; use the spell. It shoots a small fireball and will install a chain where the fireball hits. You can remove chains using the Remove Torture Device spell
      To use: tell the slave "I'm going to tie you up", then "this chain will look good on you" (the option appears if there is a chain nearby). After a second or so the slave will fall limp to the floor. Talking to them will open a menu, choose "attach", select a wrist or ankle or neck, then aim at a chain and hit Enter, the slave will be attached to the chain. Repeat to attach multiple chains.
      Please note: the physics engine of Skyrim is a fickle and sometimes harsh mistress. Keep in mind the following:
      When putting a slave in chains kneeling or standing, they may assume a strange pose in a weird location (floating) if the chain is far off the ground (or at random occasions). When re-entering a cell, slaves in chains may need to be reattached to it. This happens automatically but takes a couple of seconds. Taking a slave out of chains or putting them in them takes 10 seconds. Wait until you get the normal dialogue instead of the chain menu when talking to them. Very frail slaves may die when the Havok attachment process slams them into a wall. If you remove a slave from the chains and they bug out (become unesponsive), exit and re-enter the cell, this will fix them.  

      Holding Cells for Town Houses:
      You can purchase an upgrade for each of the 5 standard player homes in Skyrim. Talk to the bartender in the Restless Hunter (see below), or the prison guards at one of the mines after completing the quest "Dispensing Justice". These upgrades replace an existing room like alchemy / enchanting labs or child / guest bedrooms with a cell to hold slaves in. Each comes with the following;
      A cell Some ZaZ furniture to get comfortable in A chest with a few ZaZ items for your amusement
      These cells are purely cosmetic; to actually keep slaves in your town houses, you still need to buy and use a House Cell Token.

      Using Markers:
      You can place various markers around the house. Starting with version 1.0, you can use these in large homes to manage your slaves better and make them stay in certain parts of the house. For instance, if you have multiple bedrooms, place a Bedroom marker in each using the house menu (click the little box next to the cage). Then take your slave into one bedroom and tell her that's her bedroom from now (you need to be fairly close to the Bedroom marker or the dialogue will not appear). After that, you can order her to stay in that particular bedroom. Same for Cell and House markers (which are used for sandboxing).
      To tell a slave which room(s) to stay near to, use the "Attend me, slave" dialogue
      To tell her where to go, use "Go where I tell you".
      House Cell markers can only be used indoors. Camp markers can be used outdoors. Cells and permanent camps are meant to be permanent. You can remove them but you will not get a refund. In contrast, if you remove a temporary slave camp, the token will be refunded and you can use it again. For full sandbox and sex experience, choose a location where the beds aren't owned If you enslave someone and imprison them in their own home, they may become unresponsive (tell you to leave). If that happens, wait until day and try again. If it still doesn't work: open the console, select the slave, go outside and type "moveto player", then try talking to them again. When you use your first cell token, you will be given 2 spells you can use to place Zaz furniture around the house. These are used for training and bondage
      Securing your camps:
      Be aware that outdoor camps must be guarded, or your slaves will try and escape! Camps can be guarded by the player (in a 200m radius), by an experienced slave in your camp (must have submission over 70 and combat training of over 50), or by a follower (tell the follower to guard the camp after setting it up). Keep in mind that followers may get bored and leave if you leave them alone for too long. You will receive a warning if this happens.

      There are 4 quests to introduce you to the slave trade. To begin the questline, talk to the jarl of one of the crappier holds (Morthal, Dawnstar or Falkreath) after becoming a thane of that hold. Alternatively you can go to the Restless Hunter (a ways west of Riften) and talk to Pardo.
      The second quest ("Dispensing justice") can be ended with the slave trade continuing or being terminated. If you choose to terminate the slave trade, the quest line ends and you won't gain access to the Restless Hunter basement, but you can still enslave people and keep them in your homes or camps.
      If you do not want to do the quests, open the MCM menu and enable the option to skip the quest, then ask Pardo at the Restless Hunter if you can keep your slaves there. He will give you the keys to the inn, and thereafter you can use all functions of this mod.
      There's a new inn called the Restless Hunter south of Ivarstead. Note that you can park your slaves there like in your own homes, but you will not be able to retrieve them without the key to the basement. You receive this key in the course of completing the questline.
      Completing the quests will add slaver guards to three mines. Slave buying functionality is limited, and the guards will only buy 2 slaves every 2 days.
      After completing the questline (or skipping it), you can auction off your slaves at the RestLess Hunter. Put the slaves you want to sell in a cell, and give them a Slave Auction Medaillion to wear (available from Pardo). There must be 3 slaves for sale before you can organize an auction. When doing the quest auction you have to bring all 3, but after that some random slaves for sale will appear in the inn (provided there is room in the cells); these aren't yours to command, but you can buy them at the auction.
      Slaves being trained will gain various skills, depending on the slave training them. If one slave is training another, they will play at BDSM as well, if the slave in training is accompanying the trainer, and if the trainer is left to their own devices ("Make yourself useful" command).
      A slave must have at least 70 Submission to train other slaves. Those slaves will slowly be trained in Submission, Respect, Pose, and Sex up to the level of the trainer. Through dialogue you can order the trainer to focus the training exclusively on Sex, Submission or Combat, in which case the slave will be trained faster though only in the selected skill.
      Slaves with less than 70 Submission can only be left in the cell or ordered to dress / undress.
      MCM Options:
      An MCM menu lets you see what slaves occupy each house and camp, how far along they are in training, and lets you disable the BDSM-related content if you prefer to go without.
      Disable BDSM content: Stops the slaves from engaging in BDSM during training Submissive Greeting: When disabled, slaves will no longer greet you or their trainer in kneeling when you come near. Use designated locations for BDSM equipment: When enabled, slaves will go to the appropriate markers when being tied up. When disabled, they will be tied up where they happen to be standing, which can look weird in some cases Spawn BDSM equipment during training: When enabled, the trainer will make use of BDSM equipment like pillories that appear out of thin air. If you don't want that, disable this option. Questline is optional: Enable this to skip the quests. Go talk to Pardo at the Restless Hunter after setting this option. You can also choose how your slaves should greet you.
      ZaZ Animation and asset packs up to version 7.0 OR Zaz Animation Pack 8.0 Hearthfires (I don't have the wherewithall to make this a soft requirement) Paradise Halls Extended Currently there are no silent sound files to pace the subtitles, so Fuz Ro D-oh is highly recommended
      Optional / recommended:
      FNIS Spells (see the files section) - without this, slaves won't dance or pose SerialStrip - undress your slaves one garment at a time, animated TDF Prostitution - pimp out your house slaves to visitors And You Get a Slave! - sell your surplus slaves to townsfolk for fun and profit Heretical Resources - Add HDT-enabled chains to the game, usable by HSH slaves Flimsy Ragdolls - Improves the way slaves hang in their HDT chains. Recommended if you use Heretical Resources I'll take the Display Model - Adds awesome new bondage equipment that can and will be used by HSH slaves ZaZ Extension Pack - Additional nice torture equipment that you can place and your slave can use Tara's Ultimate Furniture Pack - More excellent torture equipment for you to use. SlaveLight - Have your slaves carry a (working) light for you.
      If you install any of the recommended mods after starting a game with HSH, then open the HSH Menu for HSH and go to the Info page. This will register the optional mods with HSH.
      Always run FNIS after installing a new version!
      New Installations:
      Use you favorite mod manager, or unzip the files into your Skyrim data folder and add the .esp file to your loadout manually. Run LOOT or ensure that pah_homesweethome.esp is loaded after the prerequisite plugins.
      If you own one or more of the 5 town homes and you have the cash (500-3000), Pardo at the Restless Hunter should offer you the upgrade(s) when you talk to him, after completing the quests or setting quests as optional. If he doesn't, try saving your game, then load that save and try again. This often fixes stuck dialogues on newly installed mods.
      Upgrading from previous versions:
      Let your mod manager handle this (choose to overwrite any existing files), or manually unzip the files to your Skyrim data folder and overwrite existing files.
      Install the Alternate Faces file for nicer looking NPCs created by ata00 (see the image at the top). Simply install using your mod manager or by unzipping into your data folder, overwriting everything when prompted. You can roll back if needed by reinstalling HSH and overwriting all.
      Known issues:
      During the slave auction (Noble Desires quest), slaves can get stuck in their cells and/or on the auction block. To fix: try waiting an hour, bump the slave a little. If everything fails, go to Pardo and tell him "you need to leave", then exit the inn. The quest stage will complete and you'll be able to see Pardo and collect your earnings. When waiting for Melina to visit the Winking Skeever (Mail Order Bride quest), keep in mind that she needs to be at the Skeever at noon so she will leave the palace a bit before that. Also, the quest stage will fail if you Wait (T key) in the palace for Melina to leave, past her departure time (you can repeat the stage though). Wait outside the palace for her to leave instead. During the quest Dispensing Justice, Merian will attack you somewhere. If she doesn't find you, wait for a day or so outside the major towns (not indoors), and she will find you. She needs to be out of combat after the attack in order to talk to her and advance the quest; hitting her should get her to give up and stop fighting. If other NPCs attack her, this may require a few tries. If you have completed Noble Desires or skipped the quests, and no slaves for auction are appearing in the Restless Hunter (or if they stop appearing at some point), then turn on debug logging in the MCM menu, then ask the guard in the basement of the Hunter to spawn a slave. This will restart the spawning process.
      CC-BY-SA: You may redistribute, add to, or alter this mod (source is included), provided that you do so under the same terms, and provide appropriate credits.



    15. Structures to fashion Buyable Paintings and Pictures

      Structures to fashion Buyable Paintings and Pictures https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24439/?
       Over 100 purchasable, custom paintings, each with custom textures (paintings and frames created by Artisanix in his )
      A painter who lives outside Solitude – her house is an art gallery
      Craftable frames for the paintings – you can hang them literally ANYWHERE
      The frames are craftable at a new workbench: Carpentry Bench (Found in the art gallery)
      Literature around Da Gee's house tells her story.