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These Skyrim mods are of an adult nature.

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  1. Bodyslide Body-Shape-Files

    this is a custom female shape trimmed up curvy.
    The common sliders work very nicely together with this shape and it may spend you very surprising results.
    All the credits belong to the authors of bodyslide and fair-skin-complexion-I only edited the body to this shape and I used some trims at the textures.
    Textures can be downloaded at my first BS-upload if wanted.
    The exactly settings can be reproduced easily by taking the last two pics as an example for your RACE-MENU.
    This body may get some FINE-TUNING later, because I think it is very much perfect suiting to the BS-sliders.



  2. Troubles of Heroine

    Warning: Disguising, sexist, humiliation and violent content!
    Firstly, sorry for my English - it's not my native language. The mod adds NPCs and events, making female PC life in Skyrim more ungrateful and humiliating, inspired by Oblivion's Lovers mods.
    Please support me on Patreon.
    If you want to remove the default bow from followers (including vanilla and from others mods), then download followerswithouthbow file.
    The approximate number of words in dialogues of the mod in the current update: 170 000.
    If you want to play female quests for male you need Troubles of Hero token from MCM or console.
    Content for heterosexual male PCs:

    Dragonborn DLC add-on:
    This add-on changes vanilla quests!
    Dawnguard DLC add-on:
    Simple list of content and its location:
    More details:
    Fallout 4 version of ToH:
    KS Hairdos for Troubles of Heroine:
    Strange mannequin's body:
    SE 2.1.3 Merged with DLCs and mannequin's body:
    MxR review:
    Possible problems:
    Future plans:
    More dialogs; More quests; More situations; More followers; More filth.  
    Do what you want with the mod.



  3. [TES5] Barefoot Mod

    Please be aware that this mod is still a WIP, I am aware that it has some issues but hopefully I can resolve them in the next update. Thanks for your understanding!
    Backport of my SSE Barefoot Mod (These screeshots are from SSE,) I did not include the afflicted race to prevent requiring dawnguard as a master, if you use dawnguard you might have to include the additional races from dawnguard for some armors into your bashed patch in xedit.

    This is my first post so I apologize if it's not that good. I made this mod just for fun after not being able to find such a mod anywhere ( wonder why o-o )
    I will try to improve on this mod in the future, but I will need feedback and helpful advice. Please let me know if you run into any issues or if you have a better solution to any of my implemented changes, it would be much appreciated , Thanks! 
    This mod changes all of the vanilla skyrim footwear meshes into the default naked bare feet mesh (via a plugin, none of your existing meshes will be overwritten), turning all footwear "invisible" when worn by both the player and NPCs/followers. The armor defense and enchantment buffs of the footwear will still be applied, and the footstep sounds will still be the same as if you were wearing them like normal, the only difference will be the appearance, and it's all done through the plugin so no extra mesh assets required or messed with. Only the vanilla skyrim footwear is changed, for custom clothing you will have to make your own patch. Yes I know the mod name isn't grammared correctly. Patch instructions below.

    Mod Info:
    Plugin Variants: Use only one plugin!
    All of the plugins are an .esp that were made in xEdit. They all contain the custom bare feet armor which can only be obtained with console commands (idk of an easy way to automatically give them to the player without scripting it.)
    BareFeet Cheat Armor.esp
    If you only want specific NPCs/Followers to be barefoot use this one.
    BareFeet Female Replacer.esp
    This plugin modifies all vanilla skyrim footwear, changing the female meshes to bare feet while leaving the male meshes normal. You can still wear the boots and shoes and they will still give armor and enchant buffs, but it will just look like you're not wearing them. Unfortunately there are some invisible leg/floating feet glitches I was unable to fix. You will need to test out different footwear and clothings in-game.
    BareFeet Male Replacer.esp
    Same as above but instead only male meshes are changed to bare feet while female meshes are left like normal.
    BareFeet All Of The Above.esp
    Both female and male footwear are modified. 

    Known Issues:



  4. Demonic Creatures - LE PATCH V1.42 - Current version V1.4 LE & SSE

    WARNING: WORK UNDER DEVELOPMENT... Read before you install!
    List of creatures is hosted inside the download "Dino free version & documents VX.X"
    Please respect that. I now special permissions for creatures given to me by trust. If this is misused we might end up removing creatures from the mod.
    *** 14.06.2021 Released v1.4 SSE
    *** 05.06.2021 Released Patch V1.42 for Version 1.4 Oldrim (missing facetint hand and tail textures for Sanguine Mistress)
    *** 05.06.2021 Fixed a wrong type of texture on Ebony (female) Zombie HARD FUTA version in "Dino free version & documents V1.4 Oldrim"

    A mod that adds over 179 types of friendly&unfriendly monsters and animals in skyrim wild lands and dungeons. Some few creatures are handplaced (more will probably come), but most of them are distributed through Skyrim leveled lists. Almost every aggressive creature has adult bits attached. Some friendly ones don't because .......meeeh........
    Creatures in Dwemer Ruins and Nordic Ruins will appear much more often than before. Also, goblins, skavens and Daedras will be wandering down there now.
    DemiGods - Servants of the Daedra:
    As of v1.4 servants of Daedric Princes can be encountered in nordic ruins. These are creatures or humans who made a pact, either willingly or forced, with the Daedra. Some of them are hostile and some are not. Unless provoked of course. They have higher health than the draugrs and are well skilled. They are possible to beat, but best option might be flee or sneak through. I was tired of being the only superior being in Skyrim. The gods in Skyrim are weak. You would expect they sent something more than a lousy two handed dremora against you. I want the feeling that there is always something stronger than you.
    Some friendly ones will pop up in your game already from level 1, but the larger part of them starts to show from level 20 and up. I might change that in future versions when there is more creatures to distribute. However, I aim  to keep custom creatures underrepresented. The creatures spawns in familiar ways. With the advantages and disadvantages that brings. Read more about them here:
    Modding philosophy:
    I try to keep all creatures as vanilla as possible when it comes to health, magic and stamina. I'd rather rank up the damage they do than give them more health or armor. I will keep the creatures original sizes as long as possible, but sometimes I have to resize them since my focus and interest in this fantasy world is sexual satisfaction (animation alignment). This however does not mean that each creature will align 100% in every sex animation created. For me this is impossible to achieve.

    These must be installed with all their dependencies (valid LE or SSE version depending on your Skyrim Version):
    All Skyrim DLCs (you don't need Heartfire). Due to creature races from all those DLCs.
    More Nasty Critters SLAL edition
    Animated Beast's Cocks (ABC) For users LE (for collision and animated creature schlongs you need the HDT-PE version)
    Soft requirement:
    Schlongs of Skyrim - Makes it possible to schlonglify Skeleton conjurer and doombringer. Don't install SOS just because of these two. It's a minor thingy.
    INSTALLATION (after Hard requirements are installed):
    Download text file in download section.
    copy link in txt file  and download from mediafire.
    extract rar file and copy paste content into your Skyrim data folder (there's no mod manager support ).

    If you have creature mods installed that modifies Skyrim vanilla LCHARs (leveled character lists) you must make a bashed patch using Wrye Bash (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/1840). If you don't do it, the creature mod ESP located lowest in your load order will overwrite the mods higher. Many mods alter these LCHARs (skyrim immersive creatures, Monstermod, rogue-like encounters, and many more).
    This mod shouldn't overwrite anything cruical, to avoid even getting the question, check this out:
    - Case 1, you already have mihail mods installed. This mod includes several of mihails mods.You should at least deactivate the mihail creature ESP before you install this mod. Best is if you remove it totally in advance. If you decide to only deactivate the mihail ESPs you must let Demonic Creature overwrite everything it wants in both mihails meshes and texture folders (mihail skeletons included. This mod comes with its own dick textures and mesh modifications. Demonic Creature needs to overwrite mihail mods otherwise it won't work as intended.
    - Case 2, you already have Skaven creatures installed. Plz read and do as Case 1.
    The reason for these two cases is that I did not alter the folder locations from the original mods. Perhaps I should have.
    Copy paste new version over. Consider removing the meshes, textures and sound folders to get rid of unused files.
    Remember to run "re-register creatures" in Creature Framework MCM. If some creatures still don't work, try to uninstall all skins in CF MCM, save, reload save and then "re-register creatures" again. See trouble shooting guide here if it still does not work: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4130-more-nasty-critters-slal-edition/
     KNOWN BUGS v1.4
    - Users who downloaded version 1.4 OLDRIM before DATE 06.06.2021 needs to download PATCH V1.42 to include Sanguine Mistress facetint texture files.
    - Sanguine Mistress has tail and hand textures that are "off". The hand texture is only on SSE. Don't have a clue whats causing it.
    - Confirmed: If a non draugr creature spawns in coffins or other ambush furniture the coffin might not open.
    - Drowner ambushes can be buggy. Sometimes they are not hiding properly in ambush state. Sometimes they do. I'm not getting wiser. Might be papyrus overload related.
    - Some creatures has bad weightpainting on penis. Started fixing
    CORRUPTION PATCH SE V1.3 made by Loki15Kun ONLY:
    HDT SMP meshes made by LoveNothing:
    All mods that edits Animal Leveled character (not a total list):
    - Skyrim Immersive Creatures
    - Monstermod
    - Beast of Tamriel
    - Skytest Animals
    - Rogue-like Encountes
    Other conflicting mods:
    - GENESIS (may lead to CTD)
    Minor mod conflicts:
    -Rieklings in Skyrim - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4485-rieklings-in-skyrim/  (places NPCs in same area as this mod. Might not be an issue)
    - a new type of creatures: Demigods, lore friendly NPCs (creature or human) that made a pact, either forced or by free will, with daedric princes. These should be considered "godlikes" and will not go down easily.
    - more encounters inside dungeons, more hordes, more humans, more battles between creatures/humans.
    - MCM with creature on/off toggle.
    - continue scripted wilderness encounters based on skyrim vanilla encounters. It's started and working.
    - enhance varity of creatures in falmer caves (feel free to come with suggestions with lore friendly creatures)
    - fix the sanguine mistress head/hair. It has no moving lips for the moment.
    - continue adjusting strengths, speeds, attacks, magic effects on creatures. Thankful for ideas here.
    - continue implement books with info about creatures.
    - custom sounds for creatures (not sexlab sounds)
    - continue place lvl NPC in tombs, ruins and caves that holds a LCHAR as template to vary spawns.
    Can you remove creature X from the pack (or change level of when creature spawns through leveled lists)?
    I want to remove a certain creature from spawning (starts at step 1)
    Change the level which a creature spawns (customatization steps start at )
    Read the spoiler for procedure in Tes5edit:
    Can you add support for Hentai Creatures?
    I don't use it myself so no. Someone needs to step in.
    Can you make a MCM with creature toggle?
    I want it, but I have not the skills to make it.
    Creatures does not animate in sex animations and I have confirmed the mod is properly installed (by spawning them forexample with console command).
    See Creature Framework troubleshooting section on this page: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4130-more-nasty-critters-slal-edition/
    Can you add HDT SMP support?
    No I can't since I don't use HDT SMP. Someone must make a patch.
    Can you replace the texture in X with X?
    You can do this either in outfitstudio (OS) or Nifscope. I'll explain outfitstudio since that is what most people have. But nifscope is much better to use.




  5. Submissive Lola: The Resubmission LE/SE

    A highly updated version of the original Submissive Lola mod by alexvkj.  The mod was rebooted as The Resubmission by MrEsturk and Hexbolt8.  When MrEsturk became unavailable, I created this page to continue updates & support.  Same mod, with a new page to conveniently get updates.
    What Does It Do?
    The mod lets you turn a follower into a dominant personality in a consensual master-slave relationship (though there are optional non-consensual features, and you can even start by being bought as a slave).  You can optionally have a contract time to fulfill.
    Any playable race follower can become your owner, male or female, though custom followers with their own specialized frameworks might not work.  Male and female player characters are supported.  Some content is exclusively for female player characters, but most is not.  Dialog will change in many instances for male player characters.  You may specify your gender preference, and play a gay or lesbian character if you wish.
    Your progress in the relationship is measured with a submission score.  Initially only basic events are available, but as the score increases more and more events open up.  At the highest score level the events can be inconvenient (if you act like a submissive doormat, you get treated like one), so you might choose to avoid reaching the max score 100.
    Your dominant follower "owner" will call you Lola, regardless of your character's gender (there's a book with lore about that).  There is an automated process (described below) to change that name if you can use TES5Edit.  You can change your owner's title in the MCM if you don't care for Master or Mistress.
    Your owner rules you with a firm hand, but is often playful and teasing.  When you're made to do humiliating things, it's said that it's to help you admit your darkest desires, or to help you learn obedience, and both are for your own good.  You're like a valued pet.  And a sex slave.  Your owner understands the value of fantasy and imagination, and will sometimes suggest things that will never actually be done to you.  Above all, your owner wants your submission and obedience, not your gold.  Gold CAN play a large role in your relationship if you enable those features, or it can have no part of it.
    - The main download SubmissiveLolaResubmission is required.  EsturkBooze is optional (details below).
    - Players should have at least one spanking animation, or the spanking scenes will be generic sex.  I recommend "Rydin Overlap Spanking".  LE version is here.  SE version is here.
    - This mod replaces any other Submissive Lola, including 1.1 on MrEsturk's old mod page.  Do not install two versions.  (Apparently Vortex thinks 1.1 and 2.x are different mods.  They are not.  This is a newer version of 1.1.)  You may update from 1.1 by following the update procedure below.  You cannot update from classic Submissive Lola or the old SE beta.
    - One installation that works with LE or SE out of the box, no conversions needed.
    - MCM with extensive customization options.
    - Compatibility with Devious Devices, though if you're wearing a ZAP device the mod will recognize it.
    - Support for custom collar and gag meshes & textures.  Or just use the collar of your choice from another mod.
    - If you have multiple followers, you can change which one is your owner at any time.
    - Prostitution events that use Radiant Prostitution if you have it (WraithSlayer and Gigolo versions both work), or a basic form is provided by the mod.
    - Although TDF Prostitution is not supported, if you've installed it (or even just installed its animations), this mod will use the TDF dances.
    - Gold sharing system.  Highly configurable.  Automatically split gold with your owner.  Pay your owner, or have your owner pay you!
    - Have your owner confiscate your keys, and some or all of your lockpicks.
    - Soft integration with Simple Slavery++.  Have a follower buy you and become your owner -- or buy you again if already your owner.
    - Mod events can cause Devious Followers Continued resistance loss (if installed).
    - Spanking and whipping as punishment, or as reward!
    - When your owner spanks you, a mod event is sent to Spank That Ass (if installed).
    - City-specific events.  Be displayed at the Riften slave market.  Have 3-way sex with a priestess in the Temple of Dibella.  Perform at the Bards College.  Naked.
    - Make embarrassing admissions (some of which might even be true) to strangers, and get punished if you don't say it right.
    - Make deliveries as a pony girl, with your choice of outfit color.
    How Do I Start?
    What is EsturkBooze?
    Updating (from 1.1)
    Changing "Lola"
    For Modders
    alexvkj:  Creator of the original Submissive Lola mod.
    MrEsturk:  Rebooted the mod as The Resubmission, adding the MCM, new events, and the brown leather texture.
    t.ara for Zaz Animation Pack, and Pfiffy for the SE conversion.
    MrEsturk:  Pony girl gear pink and blue colors from SLUTS.
    skyrimfet:  Pony girl amulet texture from Devious Training, used with permission.
    Roggvir:  EFF compatibility scripts for owner's "inventory" versus "container".



  6. Horse Play Mask (WIP) LE(SE?)

    Giddy Up, Buttercup
    This is my first Skyrim Mod a simple one but everyone started small(At least i hope this) so,   
    please dont judge me to hard and also sorry for spelling mistakes. 
    What is this Mod ?
    This Mod adds a wereable Horse/Ponymask. It can simply equiped like everyother clothpiece.(There are no scripts at the moment)
    At the moment there is only the Texture shown at the pics, there will be maybe more and better.  
    The last 2 pics are examples for how the Mask looks in combination with DD items. 
    I play the LE Edition with an UNNP Body. So it is possible that it will work with the Special Edition and CBBE but icant promiss this. 
    Maybe you need to build an Outif In Bodyslide.  I tryed to install the Mod with ModOrganizer and for me its works hopefull for you too. I not sure if i complettly able to help with Problems at the moment but i try my best. 
    Future Plans:
    I think i need to grow some Carotts🤔Just jokeing
    I need to learn how to make better textures.
    I also would like to  learn how to add scripts. 
    I would like to see the mod added to the DD Libary. 
    I thinking about a quest but thats far form happen soon. 
    My big Thanks go to @Bad Dog for let my using his Horse Race mod for this Hood.
    I have no Problems with the use of this Mod in other Mods ot with other Textures.
    BUT Keep it on Loverslab, keep it free(dont try to make Money in any form with it)
    Always Keep @Bad Dog in the Credits for the Basic Modell and me for make it useable as a Clothpiece.
    If you like to add better Textures, feel free to do it. (Would be nice if you share them with me  )
    Any helpfull Tipps and suggestions are welcomen.
    I have sadly still no idea how to get this mod DD scripted.
    If you can help me with this it would be nice if you PM me  
    This update adds nothing really new. Its puts to together the Red( Missing Nif. now added in the files) and the Pink Princess one in one File.  
    It is not necessary to keep the old files. 
    Hopefully i works for you 



  7. GSPoses & SLAL

    Hi I'm Gunslicer and created a Pose Mod that are animations. This is an ongoing mod.
    When you start the game you will have two rings in your inventory that serves to activate the poses and an additional power to use the poses in npcs.
    Extra information : I only show up at the weekend due to lack of time, so it is possible that I will not answer questions during the week.
    Current Poses : 241 - Normal
                             70 - Object Poses
                             13 - Futa (Better with UNP SOS)
                             12 - Futa Object Poses
                              I probably lost count.
    About the Khajiit in screnshoots, it is a human race (Temptress in my case) with different textures that I made by mixing two other textures from other mods. I didn’t upload the texture because the authors of the mods prefer the mods to be Nexus exclusive, if you want the textures send a message that I pass them individually. 😉
    Mods used : SG Female Textures Renewal and Feminine Khajiit Textures, credits to them.
    Idle Priview:
    Walking Priview:
    Running Priview:
    How to make the NPC stop :

    Feel free to make a request, and I will try to do the animation (post any reference along with the request).
    and if you want to give me a support.
    Credits to : pornphile for his rigs and guide.
                      SirNibbles for his guide.
                      Dwadle for introducing me to Collygon.
                      Collygon for teaching me how to create the Mod.
                      ZaZ for his meshes and permission.
    SLAL Info : 
    Why don't I do animations other than poses and SLAL (I really wanted to) :



  8. Prison Alternative - A modular Prison System - Beta

    What is this mod?
    A lightweight Prison system with special emphasis on compatibility, extendability and intuitive feel to the game.
    Its designed to be a natural extension to the vanilla Prison system. without assuming that you have the entire DD-mod family installed.
    Event based modular structure. Similar to Daymoyl or Simple Slavery
    new Events can be added without Dependency's.
    Trigger chance for specific Events can be adjusted in MCM.
    The System Has three types of Events. Daily Events, Punishing Events, Release Events.
    -Daily Events will occur on a daily basis, the heavier the crime, the more days the player will spend in prison.
    -Punishing Events will occur when the player is re-captured after an failed escape attempt, or while committing another crime while in prison.
    -Release Events will occur when the player sits out his entire Sentence. These Events can include normal Release, or something more unpleasant like a Simple Slavery outcome.
    Escape System
    The escape requirements have been changed to a somewhat more natural level.
    Which means you have to get out of the city rather than just reaching the first door.
    Which ALSO means that you can no longer just walk through the Guards barracks like you own the Place.
    when being defeated by a guard while on the run, you will be returned to your cell and punished. (This does NOT interfere with combat defeat mods)
    (Optional) - when you are imprisoned for a more serious crime or if you have already been recaptured once, you will be cuffed, which will make future escape attempts more difficult.
    Follower and NPC Support
    (optional) you follower will also be arrested and shackled in your cell.
    (optional) This mod Features a Detention and Bailout Mechanic for NPC´s (mainly followers). If you leave you follower behind during an escape, he will stay in Jail until you Bail them out.

    Requirements and installation
    Zap8  -  make sure to get the correct version for either LE/SE
    after installing Prison Alternative, run FNIS!
    Compatible Mods
    -This mod is compatible with ANY Defeat mod.
    -This mod also works with any other mod which would usually send the player to Vanilla prison (i.e. Daymoyl, Peril, Dragonborn in Distress, ...)
    -Extensible Follower Framework
    -Open Cities, Skyrim Sewers, and similar City modifying mods.
    -Sexlab Adventures
    -This mod has NO effect on Cidna mine and the Chill, so it wont cause problems with other mods which modify those.
    Partially Compatible
    -Troubles of Heroine (No Problem when used on its own, But will break stuff when used together with DCL (which you shouldn't use anyway))
    -Got to bed (should be disabled via its MCM during your stay in prison)
    -Prison Overhaul Patched (shouldn't be used together, but wont break anything if handled properly)
    -Multi Follower mods other than EFF (i.e Nether´s, Amazing follower tweaks,...) Followers handled by those mods will be detected, but it might be required to disable certain features of these mods to prevent issues while in Prison. Use them at your own risk.
    NOT Compatible (don't ask for help if you have any of these installed!)
    -Devious Devices and anything that Depends on Devious Devices (results might vary)
    -Devious Cursed Loot (can be used by experienced users, but can and WILL break your game if not handled VERY carefully)
    -Other mods which have the Player go through forced scenes while in Prison
    About Devious Devices:
    DD makes drastic changes to native game functions, which in turn cause a lot of problems for other modders.
    I strongly disagree with the Way DD handles Stuff and how its implementations disregard anything outside of its own bubble.
    I will therefore not try to make my mods DD compatible, so don't ask me about it.
    enough said,
    If you want some sway on the next extension, Want exclusive early access to new Stuff, or Just like my work, consider supporting me:



  9. OsmelMC Mod Tweaks

    My Mod Tweaks, Patch and Fixes
    This is a collection of mods that are mostly fixes to existing mods made by Other Mod Authors . I claim no credit for any of the tweaked mods. All credit goes to the original mod authors. Please note that I'm too lazy to make my ones but not too lazy to fix minor issues in mod's i like to use. If there's a problem with anything here just drop me a message and I'll take down the file in question or anything else that needs to be done. Also know that I'm not seeking to "take over" maintenance of any mod; in fact i usually send my changes to original Mod Authors with the hope they include in the next update and in that case remove from this page. Unless otherwise stated the tweaks posted here are only for the specific version of the mod it applies to and the original mod is required. I can't guarantee compatibility if a mod gets updated so pay attention to the version number usually the original mod version related to my tweak/patch is the last release before my tweak/patch easy to know because the version of my files are the date of the last change make to the files with the mask (year-month-day).

    All contained code and assets are subject to:
    Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike GPLv3  
    Please remember to endorse the original mod author for their hard work without which the content here would not been possible.
    *************** WARNING  ***************
    Some of the tweaks here like the SexLab Aroused Creatures provide conversions from SE to LE and in those cases the SE version is usually required, so paid special attention to the installation instructions of each mod on this page.
    +++++++ SexLab Utility Plus +++++++
    Mod Description:
    The main intention is Fix small issues left behind in "SexLab Framework v1.62" like the Actor Alignment, and put together other's fixes and patches make by different Authors on few Mod's already existing.
    This mod also:
    Include optionals filters to correct animations to be compatible with "ZaZAnimationPack" and "Devious Devices - Assets" devices, solving the compatibility problem between ZaZ and DDI; enteraly compatible with the ZaZ and DDI animation system and work better together improve the response time but not required.
    Include option to allow Actors to find a hidden place to have sex.
    Enhance the SortActors functions to sort the actors or creatures positions based on the current animation positions.
    Can handle Futa actors and Futa tagged animations filtering the animations and placing the futa actors on the correct actor position.
    Include optionals filters to correct animations gender positions and prevent Male x Male Vaginal.
    Include option to strip chance % for each individual items on "Strip Editor" (bigger the % value --> bigger the chance of ged striped)
    Include Animation Cache and others changes taken from the SexLab SE 1.63 Beta 8.
    Increase the max animations count for the "Extra" version to 1250. thanks to Swe-DivX (For more capacity check his mod)
    Include option to incorporate furniture detection like chair or torture devices on "Extra" version. To prevent animation out of context and actor find the close match furniture to use as reference point. to start the animation (recommended remove furniture animation objects files from animations or install animations without the Furniture objects to prevent furniture cliping)
    Skyrim LE SexLab - Sex Animation Framework v1.62
    Skyrim SE SexLab Framework v1.63 (Warning: Not the GitHub SexLab version on development)
    For teeth issues on the open mouth "Expressive Facial Animation"
    For Futa actors is recomended use Mod like "Schlongs of Skyrim - SexLab Addon" to help with the futa detection.
    SexLab Utility Plus may be incompatible with mods who change the same files on SexLabFramework. And those compatible is because are already included inside this Utility. 
    Warning: The SexLab Utility Plus is not compatible with the GitHub SexLab version on development.
    * Compatible with "SexLab Separate Orgasm" (ensure to override the SLSO files with My SexLab Utility Plus. work fine without SLSO too)
    * Compatible with "SexLab Survival Open Mouth"
    Normal version:
    Download the last "SexLab Utility Plus" install file from the downloads Install the using some Mod Manager (select any of the not "Extra and Patch" option in the install assistant) Make sure none mod override some of my files. If you are on saved game probably need to "Reset Animation Registry" on SexLab MCM to start the cache and load the filter Tags of "Toggle Animations" Extra version:
    Download the last "SexLab Utility Plus" install file from the downloads Install the using some Mod Manager (select the "Extra and Patch" option in the install assistant) Make sure none mod override some of my files. (This is the most important thing to do because the consequence if not go from CTD to Actors getting atom size) Open you save game and in the SexLab MCM last page. Export the Configuration Execute the Clean System option to update the last changes. (If not will get errors or not execute some function or animations) Wait few minutes until the Clean process get completed. Import the previously exported configuration  
    * Recommended "Disabled" the Debug option on SexLab MCM to gain CPU speed.
    Stop all the animations threads in the SexLab MCM Save and close the game Remove the "SexLab Utility Plus" files  Open the saved game Execute the "Clean System" option in the SexLab MCM. Wait few minutes until the process finish and Save the game.  
    How Work:
    In SexLab Framework MCM on "Animation Settings" page are located the new options ("Use Hidding Place", "Use Furnitures", "Filter Gender Tags Animations", "Filter Devious Devices Compatible Animations", "Filter ZaZ Devices Compatible Animations", "Filter Fetish Tags Animations", "Wait Idles", ) Use Hidden Place:  If "Enabled" sets whether you want to use a nearby "Hidden Place" whenever starting an animation. Useful when sex in public is a crime. To avoid unnecessary waiting the process will be ignored if some of the Actors is detected as nude. Use Furnitures:  If "Enabled" sets whether you want to use a nearby "Furniture" whenever starting a new animation and automatically remove furniture animations incompatible with the current furniture status. (For better results use my SLATE patch to properly assign furniture tags to animations) Example: If the first animation in list have "Chair" tag the actor will find the close furniture Chair to start the animation over the furniture. If one of the actors are using one restrictive furniture like Rack or XCross then the animation result will be one with the matched tag. The actual register tags are: Chair, Throne, Bench, BenchTable, Table, Counter, Workbench, AlchemyWorkbench, EnchantingWorkbench, Coffin, Wall, Pillory, Rack, Pole, XCross, TiltedWheel, RPost1, RPost2, RPost3, RPost4, RPost5, RPost6, WoodenHorse, ShackleWall, Stockade, HorizontalPole. Chair are all the one place chair without side arms. Throne are all the one place chair and throne with side arms. Bench are all the Benches with two places to sit and without back or side arms. BenchTable are the Tables that come with one or more benches without back or side arms usually founded on the Inn's. Table are the normal sized Round and Square Tables, some of the Dwarven Tables and the Invisible "LeanTableMarker" furniture easy to recognize because like the walls the NPC's use it to lean over the table and some surfaces. Counter are the invisible "CounterLeanMarker" furnitures and looks like the "LeanTableMarker" but are higher and usually placed on the bar counters (by the way to avoid alignment and collisions issues the visible bar counter is not detected) Workbench are more smaller surfaces like End and Night Tables or the Blacksmith Workbench that for his sice don't allow most of the Tabe animations. If the animation is tagged as "Workbench" and "Table" the filters will show those animations on tables and workbench but if only have one of the tags then will be showed just on the matching furniture. AlchemyWorkbench and EnchantingWorkbench are in fact Table animations but for now just are showed over the Alchemy or Enchanting Workbench. Wall are mostly Invisible Walls type furniture existing in the game usually over a visible wall (they usually are not playable but can be identified because the NPC used it to rest), also include restrictive walls from ZaZ and the Tanning Rack. Filter Gender Tags Animations:  If "Enabled" scenes will automatically filter and sort the actors position to fit with the current animation, unless doing so would result in the scene having no animations at all. Useful if you are using mods how start SexLab animations without proper check the genders of the actors involved. Example: If you have Male actor in first position and Female actor in second position the allowed tag will be "MF" and in case you have "Enabled" "Females Use Strap-ons" animation settings option too, the allowed tag will be "MF", "MM" because in that case Female can be treated as Male too, the rest of the animation without those tags will be removed from the current animation list. Also if you have only Male actors involved in the animation then all the animations tagged as "Vaginal" all the animation with "Vaginal" tag will be removed from the current animation list. Filter Devious Devices Compatible Animations: If "Enabled" scenes incompatible with current equipped Devious Device will be automatically remove. This option can coexist with the original Devious Devices Animation System and the "Filter ZaZ Devices Compatible Animations" option improve the response time because Devious Devices Integration check and change the animations list once the animations already started taken more that 2x the time for the animation start. This speed up the start in more of the 70% on cases on Devious Device are equipped because my way do the job before the animation start and use one internal function of SexLab already existing who remove animations from the list if tags don't match. Also if you you have installed  Devious Devices Integration and ZaZ Animation Pack you should know his Animations Systems are not compatible and if you active one then you must deactivated the other leaving you without check for the others devices; in that case you could activate my option to keep checking both types devices because my options are completely compatible with both mods. Filter ZaZ Devices Compatible Animations: If "Enabled" scenes incompatible with current equipped ZaZ Device will be automatically remove. This option can coexist with the original ZaZ Animation Pack Animation System and the "Filter Devious Devices Compatible Animations" option improve the response time because ZaZ Animation Pack check and change the animations list once the animations already started taken more that 2x the time for the animation start. This speed up the start in more of the 70% on cases on ZaZ Device are equipped because my way do the job before the animation start and use one internal function of SexLab already existing who remove animations from the list if tags don't match. Also if you you have installed  ZaZ Animation Pack and Devious Devices Integration you should know his Animations Systems are not compatible and if you active one then you must deactivated the other leaving you without check for the others devices; in that case you could activate my option to keep checking both types devices because my options are completely compatible with both mods. Filter Fetish Tags Animations: If "Enabled" scenes incompatible with current actor type or profession will be automatically remove. (For better results use my SLATE patch to properly assign fetish tags to animations) Example: Animations tagged as "Vampire" only show with Vampire actors in the active role. Animations tagged as "Mage" only show with Mage actors in the active role. (Include "Warlock, Necromancers, Ghosts, Spell Saler, College of Winterhold Faction") Animations tagged as "Alchemy" only show with Alchemy's actors in the active role. (Include "Apothecary, Alchemy Trainer") Wait Idles: If "Enabled" the actors will make few Animations Idles on the long waiting time between some functions that take to mosh (the Idles don't add extra time so are the best way to make more immersive the waiting) FadeToBlack: If "Enabled" and the Player is active actor in the SexLab Animation will apply a Fade effect on unnatural situations like the actors teleport or actors alignment.  
    Also exist three toggle option to take in count ("Match Creature Genders", "Race/Gender Specific Adjustments" and "Even Actors Height") the combination of these affect the structure of the "Animation Profile"  
    1.  SexLab Aroused Creatures SE/LE v04.05 (Tweak) include:  
    Include all the changes and fixes from the original SE v04.05. Add compatibility with Creature x Creature animations (need CC animations like Horny Creatures of Skyrim) Add compatibility with SD+ (Crawling = Invite) Add extra compatibility with SexLab Utility Plus Add Check SexLab Skill Lewd Level off the NPC Victim in consensual Sex ( greatest Lewd "Sexual Perversion" --> more engage probabilities)  Add Configuration Toggle button to control the Lewd and Stamina Check on NPC's wen are pursuit. Add "Female Horse also Refuse" option to allow disable the refusal event for female horses and that way can make the female horses easier to mount than males. (Of course if all your horses have the same gender this is useless and should be keeped Enabled to avoid issues) Detect the real actors dimensions, mass and strength allowing better Pursuit and Aggressor Rejected system. So now not longer need the Allowed Creatures options to prevent Chicken raping NPCs and the creature need to capture for real the NPC.  
    * To Install the tweak first install the original SE version even if is for LE, then patch with my this tweak and run FNIS. For LE make sure of select the LE option on the installation. If you have any issue with the configuration you can load the included "Setting Profile 05" and start from there.
    ** This is a patch, still need the original SE mod to work.
    *** Made for the SE v04.03 but I usually keep the last Tweaked version for the previous original versions on the Download. 
    **** Work over LE and SE without problem. Just follow the instructions to install it.
     1.1.  SexLab Aroused Creatures LE v04.0 Beta 10 (Tweak) include:  
    Include all the changes and fixes from the SE v04 Beta 10 (this is one LE version of the original SE) Fixed few minors issues on original mod add compatibility with Creature x Creature animations; if activate: Creatures always prefer Creatures over NPC (need CC animations like Horny Creatures of Skyrim) add a pop to resist to the aggressor Creatures (try to resist low the stamina of the victim and the aggressor in proportion) add compatibility with SD+ (Crawling = Invite) add Check SexLab Skill Lewd Level off the NPC Victim in consensual Sex ( greatest Lewd "Sexual Perversion" --> more engage probabilities)  add Configuration Toggle button to control the Lewd and Stamina Check on NPC's wen are pursuit.  
    ** This is a patch, still need the original mod to work.
    *** Compatible with the SE v04 Beta 10 original.
    2.  SexLab Aroused v28b (Tweak) include:
    adds a check for the Sexlab "Sexual Purity" for “Neutral/Virgins” on Unique Actors (Player and some NPC's). Keeping the Arousal of Neutral/Virgins Actors less that 36 before losing the said virginity. This is to prevent the Player and Unique NPC's from being the victim’s of automatic sexual interactions like dialogs or rape from other mods before the requirement is met.  
    *** Also compatible with the SE versions
    ** This is a patch, still need the original mod to work. Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version or
    3.  Private Needs Discreet v1.20(Tweak) include: 
    Fixed NPC behaviors (now do his needs on time) Fixed Undressing and Redressing (Compatible with SexLab) Added detect when others mods execute a relive animation on NPC and update de internal Needs variables Added Bathing in Skyrim Compatibility Added Dialog to persuade NPC Follower to relive his needs Added Debuff to player to compelling relive needs. Bloated Debuff wen pass %95 off PC Bowels capacity, reduce Speed Swollen Debuff wen pass %95 of PC Bladder capacity, reduce Magic and  Stamina regeneration  
    ***This is a major FIX for PND v1.9 not longer need the main file. (The NPC Effects can take some time to refresh once updated the the mod)
    ****Don't forget run FNIS once installed to register the Animations
    4.  SOS Pubic Hair for Females Addon (Mod) include:
    change the modify the meshes, textures and script to use NiOverride. Fix color script (Work on NPC's to). BodySlide to CBBE with Belly (in the next days plan to upload the CBBE with out Belly) (Need generate the meches from the include BodySlide to work) BodySlide to UUNP with Belly (in the next days plan to upload the UUNP without Belly) (Recommended)  
    *Still some bugs like the color don't load on Load Saved Game resulting in some red Glow come from the pubic (in this case change room fix the problem).
    **Not need previous versions (need a Clean Save to reload default values)
    ***Not compatible with most of the others meshes replacement because the meshes need Shade Type Property set on Default
    5.  Milk Mod Economy (Tweak) include: 
    Modify the weight of the milk to more immersion (Strong Milk is more heavy and Week Milk is less heavy). The Lactacid recover some Sleep Points in RND when you are to tired. The Succubus not longer produce cum's bottles (to prevent eat you on cum) already included on original mod. Change the HF recipes to more realistic one.  
    ** This still need the original mod to work.
    *** The version date of my tweak is related to the previous original mod release (usually only work with the last original mod release previous my tweak release)
    6.  SLATE (Patch) include: 
    Make SLATE compatible with Creatures Animations Added furnitures Tag's Added creature animation sets  and Tags Correct the standards animation sets and Tags Added Tags compatible with the latest changes on "SexLab Utility Plus" Added Cleaning functions and "Registered Animation Only" option in the ActionLog file import section.  
    * Possible conflict if Human Animation and Creature Animation share the same name (low possibility but possible)
    ** This need the original mod to work. 
    7.  SexLab Adventures (Tweak) include: 
    Added the "None" choice for the Rape "Strip Type" option to allow disable the pre strip Scene Enhanced the Proximity Rape collision system. Include Proximity Rape Struggle option with Actors Mass Straight calculation Fixed few small issues on the original Mod.  
    ** This need the original Mod to work
    8.  FNIS Sexy Move (Patch) include: 
    Include compatibility with "Devious Devices" and "ZaZ Animation Pack" to prevent conflict with the Restrained Walk Idles Fix a small issues on the original Mod.  
    ** This need the original Mod from Nexus to work



  10. Simple Slavery Plus Plus

    "The entire sold on a platform experience."
    Simple Slavery is a slave auction mod, a gateway to other player enslavement mods.  Defeat mods and other peril mods can send you here to be sold in a slave auction.  You must have at least one enslavement mod installed and selected in this mod's MCM or you'll just be released after the auction.
    This is an update to Simple Slavery Plus.  I had some fixes and enhancements, and since Lozeak has moved on, jfraser encouraged me to publish them as an official release.  This version does not use Devious Framework (not to be confused with Devious Devices).  I won't be supporting Devious Framework.
    Read about how it all began!
    How Does It Work?
    Combat defeat mods like SL Defeat or Death Alternative can send you here when you lose in battle.  Other peril or sexual assault mods might send you here as well.  You will be placed in a holding cell.  Speak to the Slavemaster in front of the cage and you will find yourself on the auction block, where people will bid on you.  You will then be sent to one of the many enslavement (or slave-like) mods provided by the talented modders of LoversLab.
    What Do I Get With Plus Plus?
    This is a replacement for the SS+ files.  The esp file has the same name.  You can update from SS+ 6.04 without a new game.  Remove SS+ and install SS++ in its place (or install over it).  You can *probably* update from any older version of SS+.
    Narrative Description
    Enslavement Mods
    Have at least one installed and enabled in this mod's MCM or you'll simply be released after the auction.
    For Modders
    Credit & Thanks



  11. Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For users LE / SE

    Animated Beast's Cocks
    ABC - For users LE / SE
    BakaFactory's ABC HDT Patch


    - Animal SOS is incompatible with this mod! Make sure you install only one between Animal SOS and ABC.
    - Werewolf SOS is incompatible with this mod! You should disable Werewolf's schlong in SOS MCM menu. Instead, go to Creature Framework and set MNC penis for Werewolf.
    The mod is fully compatible with ASOS, SOS, MNC. However it doesn't mean you could use all the variations from all these mods while using ABC. You have to choose one model from each race via CF(Creature Framework)
    Think about it. Didn't you ever be bothered when you look at those dead dicks and thought 'It would be good to see them moving though.'? Surprisingly, there haven't been any attempts to make a significant change in creatures' rigging compared to humans'. It was so dissapointing and made me so discouraged to look at those stony and plastic-like penises that I couldn't help but make them come to alive! I wanted natural, realistic but also subtle and fundamentally improved animations for a long time.  I searched up for an answer, and now... I think I find it..  I present you my moving fellas. Or should I put this term as 'Animated Beast's Cocks'?
    So What does it do? Will it make their dicks movable with this?
    That's correct but also not precisely. You cannot move their dicks only with this one. It's nothing like SOS. It's not gonna automatically move, detect and align their dicks like a highly advanced A.I. No! You should wait till the animators including me do their job, which means without editing animations, the dicks won't be moving. Don't worry. I already had them noticed. Just wait with patience.
    Important Notes for CTD
    - There will be CTD unless you disable Werewolf's SOS dick. ABC partially replaces MNC's meshes so you need to set MNC Werewolf to see his ABC.
    - Sometimes as soon as you see Lurkers, you get CTD. It's not your fault. If you bump into this matter, please leave a note here. Most likely, I accidently replaces the new one with the old le one.
    HDT-PE with Collision Settings
    Any body mesh with physics(UUNP HDT, CBBE HDT)
    MNC LE -
    SLAL Creature animations and its requirements
    Fully Compatible Mods
    UUNP TBBP Vagina Body(It is also called CUUNP)
    Any body mesh with physics
    HDT-SMP with Collision Settings
    MNC SE -
    SLAL SE Creature animations and its requirements
    You can also see my progress here on my Patreon
    If you're a modder and do know how to animate things, you should check this one out!
    My HDT xml setting is for UUNP users.
    If you are using COSIO, why don't you check it out?
    Load Order
    Do not let other mods overwrite the mod. The mod is currently being updated considering other mods. You don't have to worry about conflicts.
    Special Thanks to
    for his wonderful job on MNC and texture works
    9204 from Team TAL - https://www.patreon.com/takealook/overview
    for technical 3ds Max Rigging Support(HDT) - 제 꼬추 스승!
    Groovtama - XPMSE modder
    for technical advice
    for remodeling rieklings
    for reshaping meshes. 이하은 NambuOne!
    No more thanks to this selfish traitor.



  12. Tiefling

    The file named 74318 is the new version 2.8.0. It is a link to the Nexus download because the file is over the 250mb LL limit
    v2.8.0 Summary
    * Removed ‘Glamour Drain’ – You can now stay glamoured or morphed as long as you like because there is no drain on health or stamina. This is quite a change to gameplay as you can now hang around towns indefinitely, but remember your defensive and attacking abilities are very limited when glamoured.
    * Less Vomiting. Due to the changes mentioned above, your Tiefling will be less nauseous when applying/removing her glamour.
    * Appearance changes – 
         o In Tiefling form you’ll have a full body cover of dragon skin
         o When glamoured you’ll have a mix of human and dragon skin, and your tail will not be visible. (see ‘Tail Toggle’ below)
         o When morphed you’ll have full human skin, and your tail and horns will not be visible.
    * Two skins replaced - Ebony and Dawn. Ebony is now a very stealthy looking black skin. Dawn is white with dark spots.
    * Tail Toggle – when glamoured your tail is initially not visible, but the ‘Tail Reset’ power now allows you to toggle it on/off.
    * Quicker Transitions – the process of changing in and out of Tiefling form has been streamlined so the animation is smoother and takes less time.
    Tiefling v.2

    Tiefling will change the way you play Skyrim
    Tiefling is a game play overhaul. 
    You will have to unselect the Tiefling mod if you want to play another non-Tiefling character save game,
    or alternatively, create a separate profile in your mod manager just for your Tiefling playthrough.
    Alternate Dragonskin Styles now available as patch (see Patch in Downloads)
    The alternative skin styles leave the face, chest and abdomen as a human texture. 
    - This will allow other mods to apply overlay textures such as blood, dirt, and "adult male bodily fluids" if you so wish. - Also, the "Ebony" and "Dawn" styles that used to show body hair instead of Dragonskin now show a Dragon Tattoo when in Tiefling form. - Ebony gives the Tiefling a black tail and red dragon tattoo, while Dawn applies a fair coloured tail with a blue dragon tattoo.
    Pre-Requisites: (Yes! These files must be loaded before installing Tiefling mod)
    Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded
    HN66 Hands and Nails (choose File A2 option)
    Gatti 14 Yumiko Suits for CBBEv3 
    HDT Physics Extensions
    Lunari Race
    Slavetats version 1.3.0-beta-2
    Also requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC's (ie. Legendary edition)

    Download the main file. Download and install the pre-requisite files (see Pre-requisites heading above) Run FNIS  (see paragraph below) You must start a new game At the character creation screen you need to choose 'Tiefling' as your race The "Book of Tiefling" is the full User Manual for this mod. Before asking questions try reading it, lol. You will find a small summary user manual in Tiefling's inventory in-game for quick reference. Letters from Molag Bal and Mara which explain the storyline further can also be found in your inventory.  
    How to run FNIS
    You have to run it before starting Skyrim.
    You will find it in the \skyrim\data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users directory.
    1. - Run the program called GenerateFNISforUsers.
    2. - When you have opened FNIS make sure you tick the following options:
    Gender Specific Animations
    Skeleton Arm Fix
    3. - Then click the big yellow button that says Update FNIS Behavior. It will take a some time to run (depending on your animation mods).
    4. - and when it is finished click Exit.

    Temple of Decision
    Best to wait until you are turned into full Tiefling mode (you'll know when that happens, lol), then you can visit the Temple of Decision to change options like:
    tail colour, horns style, chain colour, SFW clothing (if full nudity offends), Saving options (various easy to hard modes) Changing Hotkeys combat bleedout options, etc. dragon skin texture colours
    Back Story
    Tiefling is the daughter of the daedric lord Molag Bal and a Lunari Elven maiden he fancied and seduced 18 years ago. Now Molag has returned and is claiming Tiefling for himself in a “not very fatherly” way. Not surprisingly, Tiefling doesn’t wish to be her father’s newest concubine and has successfully begged for the help of Mara. Due to the intricate nature of the situation Mara cannot completely gain Tiefling’s immediate release, but she has devised a plan to gain Tiefling’s freedom.
    Chests have been scattered around Skyrim containing one of Mara’s Boons. Collect at least seven and Mara will be able to set Tiefling free. Just to put temptation in your way, Tiefling's father Molag has also placed some of his own chests around Skyrim, with each one granting her greater daedric power. Are you tempted, or will you fight for freedom?
    So, how does this change the way you play Skyrim? 
    - No access to healing spells or potions
    - Health, stamina and magic do not refresh at level up
    - Tiefling starts each day with 1500 Magicka, 750 Stamina, 250 Health, but you have no automatic regeneration
    - To regenerate your health you will have to either pray to Mara or go to Oblivion & worship at Molag Bal's altar (** see alternative)
    - Wearing armor, clothing or jewellery causes stamina drain
    - Must wear Molag’s chains at all times until set free
    - Using any weapons will cause stamina drain.
    - Tiefling is "Kill on Sight" to factions like Vigilants of Stendar, Giants, Bounty Hunters and most town guards.
    - Some skill trees have been blocked from use by your father (such as Destruction and Restoration magic)
    - Traders refuse to buy stuff from Tiefling and reluctantly sell to her, but at extremely inflated prices
    - So Tiefling can only make money from quest rewards and looting dead bodies.
    - **(Alternate way to regen Health, Stamina and Magicka: Use the mod SexlabUtil1. For example set it to 'On Orgasm - Heal 100' )
    Not all bad news though. Because Tiefling's heritage is equal parts elven Lunari, daedric lord and dragonborn, she is quite a force to be reckoned with:
    - Tiefling is a natural when it comes to stealth,
    - has awesome sneak attack damage,
    - Daedraflesh boosts her skin's armor rating. Automatically activates when unsheathing Dragon Claws.
    - attacks dragons with her voice (after receiving Unrelenting Force)
    - has 2 unarmed claw attack styles (venom & dragon)
    - has 2 ranged attack options (pulses daedric corruption through her hands)
    - does extra damage against dragons with her Dragonborn claws
    - can cast a glamour over a town so that guards and vigilants won't see her as an enemy
    - can glamour herself so she appears human to avoid KOS situations, but this weakens her stamina and health. May incur vomiting.
    - visit the Temple of Decision to change her tail, horns, chain colours and several other options
    - can store black and white souls in her womb
    - can use the black soul to power a small AOE blast
    - can use the white soul to power a large AOE shock wave that damages and turns undead, vampires, daedra, draugr, etc
    - can sacrifice some of her health to create a huge AOE corruption blast as an attack of last resort.
    - her attacking ability increases dramatically as she collects Boons or Temptations.
    Just remember that her health, stamina and magicka have to last the day, you cannot supplement them in any way.
    The boons Tiefling collects from Mara (or Molag Bal, if you give in to temptation) give her enhanced abilities which include:
    - Multiple increases to unarmed damage ability
    - Invisibility
    - Massive boosts to resists such as fire, magic, disease, etc
    - Increase to unarmed damage when fighting dragons
    - Increases to attack damage multiplier with each boon
    - Eventual release from bondage (if you stay true to Mara)
    - Ability to use weapons and armor if following Mara's path and reach 7 Boons
    - Increased armor rating from Daedraflesh (higher if following Molag Bal)
    Any mod that changes perk trees, unarmed attack, or player regeneration may impact on this mod. Probably best if you place the Tiefling esp file as close to the bottom of your load order as possible. Requiem is not compatible, but YASH2 seems to be OK in my testing.
    Even though this mod uses "Dimes Quickstart", it is possible to use other Alternate start mods, but...... You need to place them below Tiefling in your load order and unselect/untick the 'Quickstart' plugin. 

    You are KOS to some factions and most guards when in Tiefling form, but you are extremely weak in human form.

    Wow, these guys listed below actually know what they're doing. I grovel at their feet.
    bhaktisean for Lunari Race
    gatti for Gatti 14 Yumiko Suits for CBBEv3
    jacques00 for HDT Dragon Tails (extreme grovelling)
    Nightshade for TDN Equipable Horns
    humannature66 for HN66s Mage nails
    Arrythmia91 and MurdermiesteR for Throwing Dart
    toaDime for Dimes Quickstart
    Taliesin Ward for Unarmed Sounds and Animations for Vampires
    HydrogensaysHDT for HDT Physics Extensions
    TMPhoenix for RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard
    Ousnius and Caliente for Caliente's Beautiful Body Edition CBBE
    Scrivener07 for level up scripting
    Eyeonus for Acquisitive Soul Gems and scripting assistance
    Bethesda for making a modifiable world and the beastly Creation Kit.
    and a host of other people who created mods that are not incorporated into this Tiefling mod, but I investigated their work and learned from their implementations and ingenuity.
    (PS: If you think I have inadvertently missed an obvious credit please advise so I can amend the list with copious apologies)
    The Journey Begins
    Find the two Power Stones that initiate Tiefling into either Mara's Path or Molag Bal's Path. Activating one of the Power Stones signals your intention to follow either Mara's path and collect her Boons, or follow Molag Bal's path and collect his Temptations. Mara's Boons give greater increases to resistances than Molag's, Molag's Temptations give greater attack damage power and increases to Tief's health. Chests containing Mara's Boons and Molag Bal's Temptations can be found throughout Skyrim (including Solstheim and the Soul Cairn).
    If you choose Mara you can use a 'Prayer' power once per day that will replenish all your health, magicka and stamina. Eventually, when you collect all seven boons Mara will be able to lift Molag Bal's curses from you and she will remove the chains and allow you to wear clothing and use weapons.
    If you decide to give in to Molag's desires and follow his path you will gain greater combat powers, but Mara's prayer for health, magicka and stamina regeneration will not work. So whenever you get low on those attributes you will have to teleport to Oblivion to replenish your life forces. Molag has created a holding cell area within Oblivion where you will find his Altar. Worship at the altar and receive his regeneration.
    If you activate Mara's Power Stone - Mara's Boons will give you upgrades as you collect them
    If you activate Molag's Power Stone- Molag's Temptations will give you upgrades as you collect them
    If you activate both Power Stones - Molag's Temptations will give you upgrades, but you can never return to Mara
    Good luck Tiefling. You'll need it.
    Then make sure that Tiefling is last in your load order and you should be sweet. Although, certain files can be put after Tiefling in your load order such as: SkyProc patches, RSPatch, Warburg Map, PCEA, Dual Sheath Redux Patch, etc.



  13. Riding Styles 2 (6-7-21)

    Version 5.0 is a major update to the mod, fixing a lot of issues and adding some new capability.
    This mod is now a framework/esm designed with two things in mind: Better stability and the ability to be used in other mods. To help facilitate this, I'm now including the source code for the mod in the downloads.
    INFO FOR V5.0 UPDATE (Read This to Understand how the mod now works! Seriously!)
    This mod now supports Four (4!) different methods for mounting up and riding.  These are described below:
    Method 1: Menu
    This is the previously available method.  Using the Menu key (assignable in the MCM), you can target creatures to convert them into mounts, assign riders, or dismount riders, including the player.  This works basically the same as the previous version, though it should be work a bit better and more consistently.
    Method 2: Summoned Creatures
    Riding Style Summon Creatures have returned!  A toggle in the MCM will dump the slew of Riding Style spells on the player, including 5 summon spells corresponding to the 5 different races that can currently be mounted using the Mod.  These are Horse, Giant, Wolf, Werewolf, and Frost Atronach.  After summoning the creature, the player can simply ride the summon like a normal mount and will be able to use the mods alternate riding animations.
    Method 3: Spells
    A set of additional spells for controlling and mounting have been added.  The spell names should be fairly straightforward, but they allow the player to choose a mount and a rider and have the rider mount the mount using the alternative animations.  IMPORTANT NOTE: CURRENTLY THE DISMOUNT SPELL DOESN'T WORK FOR THE PLAYER, SO IF YOU MOUNT THE PLAYER VIA SPELLS YOU WILL NEED TO DISMOUNT VIA THE MENU KEY.  The spells are:
    RS Choose Mount - Targets the mount you are trying to get the rider to mount
    RS Choose Rider Target - Chooses a non-player actor to be the rider
    RS Choose Rider Self - Chooses the Player to be the rider
    RS Dismount - Dismounts the target.  Can target either the rider or the mount.
    As soon as a valid mount and target are fed in, they will mount up.  There's a time out of 30 seconds if you select one but not the other, and if you target two mounts in a row or two riders in a row, the new one will replace the old one in the queue.
    Method 4: Followers Using Mounts
    Ok, this one was a bit more challenging. IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS WILL REQUIRE YOU TO HAVE A MOD THAT HAS FOLLOWERS USE HORSES SUCH AS ATF.  The actual implementation is fairly simple.  The player has a spell called RS Set Mount Ownership.  Use this spell on the rider/follower and the mount that you want for them to ride.  This can be one of the summoned mounts added from the spell, or a creature of the appropriate base type should work as well.  After casting on both of them, when the PC mounts their horse, the follower should mount the mount using an alternative riding animation if you have an appropriate mod to let them do this installed.  The player can ride either normally or use one of the RS alternative riding animations.  
    Note: There are currently 4 slots for followers in the related quest.  If you wish to either: 1) Reassign a follower a different mount, 2) Have a follower stop riding using the RS AA the mount, or 3) free up space for a different follower, speak with the NPC and choose the dialogue option to have them relinquish their slot.
    Riding Outfit
    There is now an option in the MCM to set a "riding outfit".  By pressing this option, the mod will take a capture of the players currently equipped gear.  After this, if the "Use Riding Outfit" option is selected, any time a rider (player or NPC) mounts up to a target, it will unequip all of their armor and then equip the riding outfit (it should check to see if they have a copy of any particular piece of riding equipment before adding a new one).  WARNING: FOR NPCS, IN ORDER TO NOT HAVE THEIR BASE ARMOR USED, THIS WILL REMOVE BOTH THEIR DEFAULT AND SLEEP OUTFIT.  IF THIS IS A PROBLEM FOR YOU, DO NOT USE THIS OPTION.
    There were several additional bug fixes that can be seen in the bug notes.
    End V5.0 Update

    As of Version 2.0, Creature Framework is a hard dependency of the mod. This also means that the animals will have dicks now.

    What is this mod:
    This mount adds and enables alternative riding styles to be called. More succinctly, it's a bestiality/bondage based mod revolving around riding several different types of animals found throughout Skyrim.
    Using The Mod, or How does it work:
    Currently, there is only a basic implementation in this file. Hopefully some creative modders will use this to make fun plug-in mods and creative scenarios.
    For this framework, the only way to currently get an actor riding is to target an individual and use the menu key. The menu key can be set inside of the MCM, and the default key is is the Numpad (-) key. Once you're inside the menus it should hopefully be fairly intuitive. You will not mount anything in an alternative style if you attempt to use the regular action key. Unlike previous version, you can now turn any valid race into a mount, meaning you can use your favorite pet horse and no longer have to summon them. However, currently there are only 4 slots for riders/mounts. If needed/requested I might extend this in the future, but for the time being it is good enough.
    In order to change the rider position, use the X, Y, and Z keys that can be set in the MCM. By holding the shift direction key (default bind is Left-Shift) you will change the position in the negative direction. The position will not update while riding, but should update upon remounting.
    Currently, the mount MUST be one of the following races: HorseRace, WolfRace, GiantRace, AtronachFrostRace, WerewolfRace. Custom versions of these races WILL NOT WORK. (As of the new version, additional races can be added by other mods).

    If you are having trouble getting the mod to work, before posting do the following:
    1) Re-run FNIS to make sure that the animations are loaded.
    2) In game, open the console and type "Stopquest _RS2Quest", and then "Startquest _RS2Quest". There is a space between the startquest/stopquest and the questname (_RS2Quest in this case).
    3) If BOTH of these fail to fix the problem, when you post requesting for help, take a screenshot of the target you are trying to mount, with the console window open and the target selected and post it when asking for help.
    Installation Instructions:
    If you have a previous version of this mod, nuke it from orbit and then make a clean save before installing this new version.
    1) Download the mod
    2) Install the mod (recommending use of a mod manager)
    3) Run FNIS to generate the animations
    4) Load into a clean save and try it out
    Requirements (New Requirements as of V2.0):
    For all of these, I would recommend using the latest versions of them.
    Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)
    Fore New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS)
    Mod Configuration Menu (MCM)
    Creature Framework
    How do I make a mod to plug in to this?
    Making a mod connect to this should (hopefully), be fairly simple. Load the Riding Styles mod as an ESM and connect your script to the _RS2Functions script (Property should look something like _RS2Functions Property RS2Functions Auto). Once connected there are a few functions of interest:
    1) MountActor(Actor Mount, Actor Rider, String Modname, Int Index) As you might have guessed from the name, this function attempts to mount the Rider actor on the Mount actor, and if a Modname and Index are provided, attempts to use the animation registered to the mod at the index location for the mounting.  If Modname or Index aren't provided it chooses a random available animation for that race.
    2) DismountActor(Actor Mount, Actor Rider): Like the previous, but in reverse!
    3) SetMount(Actor Mount): Sets an actor to be a riding styles mount
    Registration Functions are given in the _RS2RegisterFunctions script.  Hook into it the same way as with the other functions, and this is where you can do all the new registration things with your mod. (It might looks like _RS2RegisterFunctions Property RS2Reg Auto)
    1) RegisterNewMountAnimation(String ModName, Int Index, Race Mountrace): Registers a new set of AA animations for a Mountrace (which will propagate to all members of that "race" behaviour set, such as all types of horses, or all types of giants, that are registered).  The ModName is the ModName FNIS is using for the animation set (not the Prefix), the Index is the index location of that AA set (From 0-9).  Once this is registered, RidingStyles will attempt to use these animations as part of it's repertoire.
    2) RegisterNewMountRace(Race MountRace, Formlist MountRaceFormlist): This is relateively straight forward for registering new races to work with Riding Styles animations.  The race is the race you want to register to, and the MountRaceFormlist is one of the formlists you can find in the Riding Styles Mod.  For example, if you are trying to register a new race to the horse block, you would choose _RS2HorseRaces as the MountRaceFormlist.  If you are trying to register, say, a Spider, you want to register to the _RS2SpiderRaces.  If you are unsure where you register the race to, look to the path of the races skeleton and go there.  If a formlist for that race doesn't exist, let me know and I'll add it.
    Finally, there is one more set of function locations, which _RS2AAScript (Hooking into which may look like _RS2AAScript Property RS2AA Auto).  There is only one function of importance that you should be calling here, which is:
    1) InitAnims(String ModPrefix, String Modname): ModPrefix is the 3 letter prefix associate with FNIS and Modname is the Modname associated with FNIS.  This is what lets Riding styles find the appropriate AA animations to play from your mod.
    So, to put all of this together, you may have an initializing script that looks like:
    RS2AA.InitAnims(MyModPrefix, MyModName)
    RS2Reg.RegisterNewMountRace(MyNewMammothRace, _RS2MammothRaces)
    RS2Reg.RegisterNewMountAnimation(MyModName, 0, MyNewMammothRace)
    And a different script that looks like:
    RS2Fun.MountActor(MammothMount, Player, MyModName, 0)
    (Some other code that waits while we ride around)
    RS2Fun.DismountActor(MammothMount, Player)
    If you have any issues or want more information on how the mod works, I'm happy to try and help.

    Known Issues with current version:
    I have had a report of this causing issue with FNIS PCEA2 (Disabling the animations from the mod) and that certain other mods that add events while riding cause the character to, at least temporarily, break out of animation. There appears to be a problem (from my testing, at least) with mounting followers when using some of the follower frameworks. I'm unlikely to dig through the code there to figure out what's wrong but if anyone has any suggestions I'm listening. Animations are bad/misaligned/etc. Yes, I know. Go convince one of the excellent animators on LL to make new ones and I'll happily replace everything.  
    As always, I love to see your screenshots of using the mod!
    You are free to use this mod as a part of another mod as long as you are not redistributing it.  If you let me know where you are using it, I am happy to update the mod page and let others know where this mod is being used.
    - Having an NPC ride is working better than it was before I posted this, but it is still possible to have weird physics thing happen (I'm sorry, Lydia, for flinging you from Whiterun to Solitude) so always make sure to keep a safety save when using this mod.
    -Other things as people find them.
    -I have had a few crashes/freezes on dismounting. I have no idea what causes it other than sometimes Skyrims decides to stop doing things.
    Thanks and Credit:
    Special thanks to Haeretic who helped me out with a lot of the initial thoughts on the new framework
    EternalBlack for making the mountings for the horse/wolf harnesses
    Gone for several of the meshes/textures in this mod
    Zaz for originally giving me this idea with the Oblivion Mod
    Bethesda for Skyrim and making me waste far too much trying to make their freaking horse system work like I want
    Unnamed People - There are probably some people from whom I have used their work, either getting permission at some point and then forgetting from who or possibly not getting permission. If you recognize a nif/texture etc in the mod and you know where it comes from, and they aren't listed here, please let me know. I want the original authors to get the credit they deserve.

    As of Version 2.0, Creature Framework is a hard dependency of the mod. This also means that the animals will have dicks now.



  14. Skyrim Utility Mod

    First, this mod (SUM) is a framework for all my other mods. This is to eliminate a lot of redundancy between all my mods.
    Understandably, that makes this mod a dependency for all my mods. However, I have added a few features to this, that should justify the extra load order slot. Certain restrictions apply. Ask your doctor if SUM is right for you.
    Required Mods SexLab
    Zaz Animation Pack
    SkyUI (5.1 or later)
    Optional Mods UI Extensions (UIE) 
    Devious Devices - Equip
    Prison Overhaul Patched
    Install it using your favorite mod manager.
    Installation Steps
       1. Install ‘SUM’.
       2. Install the latest ‘SUM - UIE Patch’ available in the download section, only if you have UIE installed already.
    Uninstallation Steps
       1. Uninstall ‘SUM - UIE Patch’ if installed.
       2. Uninstall ‘SUM’.
    Updating to the Latest Version
       1. Follow ‘Uninstallation Steps’, for the existing version. 
       2. Follow ‘Installation Steps’, for the new version. 
    For example, given version No. 1.23
    A change in,
    3 -> Minor update, can be installed on the previous version (uninstall the old, then install the new version).
    2 -> Regular update, clean save is recommended. 
    1 -> Major update, clean save required, new save recommended. 
    (More details in post No. 2)
    ZAP posing system. 
    This is using the MCM and the UI Extensions (if installed) to store and use potentially all poses available in ZAP. It does this by using .json files to store all (entered) poses, then the MCM and/or UI Extensions mod to access and use the poses on the PC and NPCs.
    Faction Management
    With this feature the player can manage all PC and NPC factions. The factions will be listed in the MCM. There the player can change faction ranks and/or membership. 
    Skills Transfer 
    Have you ever though to yourself “... I sure would like to try some new mod that just came out, but then I found out that it requires a new save, and to top it off a level 66 PC?” Neither have I; nevertheless, with this feature you can transfer skills between all your PCs. Yes you’ve guess it, it is all done through the MCM. There you can save and transfer skills, spells, inventory and factions between your PCs, you can even share them with your friends. Nothing sweeter than a digital sweetroll, no? Yum... yum!  
    StorageUtil Page
    This is useful for troubleshooting mods that use the StorageUtil mod variables. 
    Game Stats Management
    With this feature each game and actor stat can be viewed and modified individually in the MCM.
    Form Lists Page
    With this feature form lists can be created by clicking/selecting objects in game. Form lists can contain locations, furniture, doors, misc objects, etc. 
    Skyrim Special Edition Conversion (SE)
    Provided by @Herowynne. Available in the download section.
    See here for release notes. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/115377-skyrim-utility-mod/?do=findComment&comment=3276353 Update Log



  15. How To Dick with NifSkope + Creature Framework Integration Guide

    a howto on my way of adding dicks (or any mesh) to nif files, only using NifSkope.
    (click by click screenshots with text)
    now with a Creature Framework Integration Guide.
    1. the receiving creature need to be using the same skeleton that the ABC/ASOS penis is made for, cross race/skeleton penis transplants are a no go without a 3d editing program.
    2. you can't adjust/move the penis with NifSkope due to the ABC/ASOS weight painting, a 3d editing program (max or blender....or maybe even outfit studio but i'm not sure about that one) will need to be used to do that.
    3. make sure any meshes in the nif are NOT sharing the same string names as the nodes, nifskope may "auto sanitize" the node's name to something else instead of the meshes to "fix" it, if this happens parts of your mesh will "T pose" (part of the mesh will be stuck in the air and wont move with the rest of the mesh)



  16. Devious Strike - beta - LE/SSE

    This is my first Mod and english is not my bla bla ... who even cares? Let's get right into it.
    Have you ever thought:
    Skyrim's combat is not exciting enough?
    There are almost no mods that handle Devious Devices mid combat? 
     < OOhhh boi do i have a solution for you >
    It adds a new enemy to the leveled lists of Skyrim, for now you can only find them amongst bandits, but i plan on expanding this. These enemies are called 'Strikers' and have certain magically enchanted weapons on them. Their sole purpose is to wrap up the dragonborn and their fellow friends in Devious Devices.
    How you ask? Well.. these weapons have the ability to transfer one or many DDs from carrier to victim. This means Striker are already covered in DDs from top to bottom and are trying to rid their devices onto you. So with every hit you take from said weapon, a single device will be transferred from attacker to target. But if they manage to get a set amount of hits on you, lets say 5 as an example, ALL their devices will be transferred at once! Don't worry, it gets worse (or better, depending on your point of view). When they deplete your health to a set percentage, you will receive an extra device as punishment. These Devices range from just an armbinder to even Straitjackets or better. 
    If you manage to kill one of those Strikers, they will always drop a single key and some other loot (mostly gold). This should give you a good motivation to fight a Striker when encountering one. You can also get very lucky, because there is a small chance for them to drop their weapon, with this you can rid your devices on other folk! Also when deciding against a fight, be aware, they run faster than any normal bandit and will probably catch up sooner than you think.
    short/updated version:
    Adds new enemy called Striker. Is already bound with DDs Striker are currently only found amongst Bandits and Forsworn Striker carry weapons that can Transfer devices from Attacker to Target Striker Classes:  Mage: quick transfer buildup through rapid attacks, but low health -> Focus: Transferall Archer: higher damage than others, but slow -> Focus: Punishment Melee: strong against ranged enemies through very fast movement speed -> Focus: normal transfers/overwhelming  once a threshold of Transfers is reached, all devices get Transferred When health is depleted via Transfer weapon, a punishing device will be added on top of Transfer-all event Much customizability via MCM settings Hardcore mode available (can unimmersively be disable in my test chamber, there is a dwemer button you can click. In console: coc deviousstrikecell) Semi-Hardcore: Lock MCM when restrained Some other stuff, just see for yourself...  
    Adding more MCM options  expanding the Debug page Nerfing stagger/ bashes against Striker Other balancing acts Multiple different Striker classes/ weapons/ types/ etc.  Special encounters (Gangfights/ Bossfights/ Special Striker) DD selection via MCM  rethinking the punishment script (how to set victims properly essential) Boundcombat for Striker if possible (Armbinder/ Straitjackets/ Petsuits/ etc.) -> see Special encounter All of your awesome suggestions.. and many more... Also having this on my mind: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/149755-wearing-multiple-devices-over-one-another/?tab=comments#comment-3083520  
    This beta version inherits only the fundamentals of what the mod will become. I plan on expanding it in future updates with more mechanics, different Striker classes, more weapon types, etc. 
    I am also always open for any kind of feedback you can provide. Stuff you like or dislike, suggestions for changes or future updates...
    Write your notions down and post them in the thread, i am happy for any response i get.
    If you are talented at making good screenshots for the mod page, go ahead and send them to me.
    There is a thread where i announced the beta. Some guys already posted their ideas for future updates, maybe take a look when you are unsure if somebody else already had the same idea as you: 
    Thank you all for the amazing feedback you gave me this far! I appreciate it very much, it's really helpful!
    Devious Devices 5.1 - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/15078-devious-devices-le-50/ SKSE 1.7.3 - http://skse.silverlock.org/ All of their requirements...  
    SkyUI 5.1 (for MCM settings) - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3863 Ultimate Combat - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36006 Disables killmoves against player and overhauls combat in general TK Dodge - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/20923  
    Maybe mods that edit Bandit/Forsworn leveled lists or defeat like mods (could conflict with punishment), besides that none for now...
    Install like any other mod via Mod Manager or munually Don't forget the requirements!  
    Punishment DOES NOT work when the target gets one-hit or Killmoved (mods like ultimate combat prevent killmoves against player) Striker will reequip their weapons mid fight after a successful transfer, don't know where this comes from (not my script) When you kill a non valid target with a transfer weapon they will be downed for max. 20 secs and die all of a sudden (haven't found a workaround yet) Gender detection is a bit wonky at the moment, sadly i cant do much about it. ONLY against NPCs though When loading a save during a Transfer-all/Punish event, you might brake the function. (The next event will indefinitely transfer non existing devices) (Not sure if this is still the case)  
    If you encounter any problems along the way besides the already mentioned ones, just tell me so i can try and fix the broken stuff. This goes for compatibility, bugs, etc.
    - enable log messages, needs to already be enabled when encountering a bug
        - in Skyrim.INI or SkyrimPrefs.INI these options need to be enabled or the log file wont be created:
            - bEnableLogging=1
            - bEnableTrace=1
    - Disabling log messages from other mods e.g. DD/Sexlab keeps the log file clean, thiis would be very helpfull
    - Log file can be found in: C:\Users\Name\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Logs\Script\Papyrus.0.log
    - send the file to me and i will take a look
    You can port this mod to SE if you want <> not needed  Don't steal any code without contacting me first As long as you mention me you should be good to go  
    All the people behind Devious Devices! thanks for such an awesome resource  Hexbolt8 -  telling me that this mod should work on SSE and their two suggestions: Key drop chance & transfer-single chance BYJE137 - reminded me of hardcore option Tron91 - suggestion: destroying device when they dont get swapped CaptainJ03 - PC as only target option MTB - his SCB script and helping me understand the function I needed
    mrdoodle - telling me about SCB and its author MTB
    averagedann - pointing out the disappearance of important keys on Striker death/vanishing 
    Lupine00 - Suggested the usage of Formlists for multiple purposes
    (only going from 0.1.3 up, i forgot to document the previous ones)



  17. UUNPHDT-Body-Shape-Files

    This is a carefully edited BODY-SHAPE with was created from different female-body-shapes, merged finally to become a very skeleton-compatible and curvy example all together in one.
    I tried to get the knees and leg bends as natural as possible without clippings, I let the wrist- and ankle- sizes of the original body untouched and I added more depth to the body to get a more realistic female body at all. Legs are looking longer and in bend-poses, they keep mostly a more realistic look, without loosing the orientation of the texture-map. I additionally worked a lot at the breast-shape to get an optimal support for the HDT-physics to work at the place where it should be working to look more natural, too. A small-breast version may follow later.
    This body can be edited and being used in BODYSLIDE as a reference-body, it can be edited and exported for new follower-creations, being added to BS as an own slider-shape and more...
    The body and it ´s textures belong to their authors as usually, I only created a different shape which should be looking nice and work ideal for the existing skeleton and weight-paints.
    P.S.:  Please install this manually and only use it if you know what you do!
    P.S.:  For the skin-textures  you can use the first upload of mine, which has the texture-files available.



  18. Billyy's SLAL Animations (2021-6-1)

    Here’s my collection of animations for Skyrim. All my files are packed into 2 fomod packages for both LE and SE. Make sure to pick the one correct for your game, and you can select which ones to install from there. Refer to the below for the specific contents of each option. If you enjoy my works please consider supporting me on Pixiv Fanbox.

    ***New in SLAL_Billyy_Animations v4.5***
    Creature Animations

    Contained animations Creature Beasts Pack:
    Bear: 3
    Boar w/Rider: 6
    Canine: 20
    Horse: 10
    Sabrecat: 2
    Skeever: 14
    Contained animations Creature Constructs Pack:
    Atronach Flame: 4
    Atronach Frost: 3
    Atronach Storm: 5
    Dwarven Ballista: 2
    Dwarven Centurion: 1
    Dwarven Sphere: 5
    Dwarven Spider: 4
    Spriggan: 4
    Contained animations Creature Humanoids Pack:
    Draugr: 14
    Dragon Priest: 3
    Falmer: 15
    Gargoyle: 6
    Giant: 3
    Lurker: 2
    Riekling: 13
    Seeker: 5
    Troll: 8
    Werewolf: 15
    Vampire Lord: 2
    Contained animations Creature Insects Pack:
    Ash Hopper: 7
    Chaurus: 10
    Chaurus Reaper: 6
    Chaurus Hunter: 9
    Spider: 6
    Spider Large: 3
    Spider Giant: 3
    Contained animations Creature Misc Pack:
    Deer: 2
    Dragon: 3
    Fox: 3
    Goat: 1
    Horker: 3
    Ice Wraith: 2
    Mammoth: 3
    Rabbit: 2
    Slaughterfish: 2
    Blog Post
    Contained animations Creature Furniture Pack:
    Chaurus: 1
    Gargoyle: 1
    Horse: 2
    Skeever: 1
    Blog Link
    Contained animations Original Creature Pack:
    Bear: 4
    Chaurus: 10
    Chaurus Reaper: 4
    Dragon Priest: 3
    Draugr: 13
    Falmer: 20
    Gargoyle: 7
    Giant: 2
    Goat: 2
    Horker: 2
    Horse: 6
    Netch: 3
    Sabrecat: 5
    Skeever: 16
    Troll: 15
    Werewolf: 14
    Chaurus: 3
    Draugr: 3
    Falmer: 7
    Sabrecat: 1
    Legacy Boars:    
    Boar w/Rider: 10
    Legacy Dwarven Centurion:
    Dwarven Centurion: 3
    Blog Link
    Human Animations
    Contained animations Human Pack:
    Solo 1p: 6
    Pair 2p: 18
    Group 3p: 12
    Group FFM: 6
    Group 4p: 7
    Group 5p: 1
    Blog post
    Contained animations Human Lesbian Pack:
    Lesbian 2p: 21
    Lesbian 3p: 2
    Blog post

    Contained animations Human Furniture Pack:
    Chair: 1
    FuroTub: 2
    GloryholeShack: 4
    Pillory: 1
    Stockade Fuck Machine: 1
    Tilted Wheel: 5
    X-Cross: 3
    Workstations: 2
    Blog post
    Contained animations Human Invisible Furniture Pack:
    Bed: 5
    Chair: 5
    Table: 5
    Wall: 5
    Blog post
    Contained animations Human Bondage Devices Pack:
    Armbinder: 6
    Cuffs: 13
    Yoke: 17
    Blog post
    Contained animations Human Futa Pack (futa on futa):
    Futa 1p: 4
    Futa 2p: 10
    Futa 3p: 1
    Sexlab Framework
    Sexlab Animation Loader
    More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition
    Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For users
    SexLab MatchMaker
    FootIK OFF Spell
    1. Download and copy files from each individual folder you want into skyrim data, or use a mod manager to tick packs you want.
    2. Run FNIS
    3. Register animations in SLALs MCM menu

    ***Note: Please don't message me directly for basic troubleshooting, I usually won't respond if it's a question that's been asked multiple times before in the thread.***
    Q: My characters breasts stretch during some animations.
    A: You'll want to make sure you're using a recent version of XP32 skeleton. Factoryclose added some bones into the new versions that in theory improve the experience and give animators more bones to utilize. Could also be caused by odd old physics setups.
    Q: I can’t start 3p+ animations with MatchMaker.
    A: You’re probably using MassMatchMaker, which doesn’t support 3p+ with most creatures. Use SexLab MatchMaker instead for on-demand sex.
    Q: Some creature’s size increases during sex causing animation to misalign (Chauruses, Frostbite Spiders, Deer, Horker, etc.).
    A: Install latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition, and also turning on scaling in sexlab mcm might help unless you aren’t using a recent version of MNCSLAL, then scaling will produce bad results.
    Q: X creature is missing dick during sex.
    A: Install latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition, and then re-register mods in creature framework mcm.
    Q: I have an animation named with an affix '2' (Draugr Kneeling Faceufuck 2 for example), but I don't have '1'?
    A: Earlier variants of those positions will be in the 'Original Creatures' packs. No relation between them aside from being a different take on same position, and better quality. I add affixes as Sexlab doesn't like it if you have animations sharing the same name.
    Q: X creature's dick isn't animating during sex.
    A: You'll need to have Factoryclose's Animated Beast Cocks (ABC) mod for it to work. Make sure to follow install instructions and have it overwrite everything.
    Q: Can’t start animation with specific creature (usually newer creatures, Canines, Dwemer bots, Dragon Priest, Chaurus Hunter, specific Spiders).
    A: Make sure you have latest More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition installed, and then in the SLAL MCM, disable all animations, then “rebuild sexlab animation registry”, and then enable all your animations again and click “register animations”.
    Q: Creatures get stuck in sex animation after it ends (Spiders, Slaughterfish, Rabbit).
    A: Some king of bug with custom behaviors perhaps. I believe Ed86 found a solution for at least the spiders, which you can find download and instructions here. For any other creatures you’ll be stuck with the tedious manual work-around: open up console with ~ > select the bugged creature > type “disable” then enter > type “enable” then enter. This more or less re-spawns the creature back in a mobile state.
    Q: I CTD on load after installing mod.
    A: Most likely case is your save is hitting the string limit. Unfortunately just because FNIS lets you install all those animations, doesn't mean your game can handle them. You can try removing animations, or try installing this mod; Animation Loading Fix.
    You can also manually edit the SLAL source files to manually remove animations you don't want.
    Sexlab Animation loader Guide
    Q: Can you make animations for Mudcrabs?
    A: To the extent of my knowledge mudcrabs will frequently break out of their sex animation to play an idle and then never return to the sexing. So mudcrabs are very impractical with all the issues they have.
    Q: Can you convert X creature animation to work with Y creature.
    A: No. Some creature skeletons may look similar, but often they are shaped differently, so it is by no means an effortless process.
    Q: What is the 'Invisible Furniture Pack'?
    A: Not to be confused with the regular 'Furniture Pack', it's a separate pack with different animations that are designed with specific objects in mind (IE a bed, or a wall), but they don't spawn an object. It's up to player to manually chose and align these animations. It's a bit more tedious, but is more flexible in fitting into your scene. Objects can have different collisions, so not all objects will give same mileage. However they're intended to work by directly facing the object and the scene should align itself more or less with the object, assuming you've chosen to use an animation that would match the object (IE a wall animation will not work with a bed).
    Q: How do I use Gloryhole animations?
    A: They start like any other animation. Fomod has 3 options to use for the gloryhole shack with different door variations. They’re just big animobjects that popup during animations, not a special object to find in sitting around in Skyrim.
    Q: What is the difference between and 'SLAL_Billyy_Animations' 'SLAL_Billyy_OriginalAnimations'. The 'OriginalAnimations' (see mod details for list) includes my older animations formerly know as 'creatures1' and also my legacy wolf pack. It was separated to save bandwidth as I never add to those packs so no reason to constantly redownload + keeps file size lower to allow for hosting on here. The standard 'Animations' pack includes all my more recent work that continues to be updated. They can be installed together if you want both sets of animations. No conflicts.
    Ashal - Sexlab Framework
    Factoryclose - Animated Beast Cocks
    Orxx - Sexlab Animation Loader
    Dentarr - More Nasty Critters
    MadMansGun - More Nasty Critters SLAL Edition and assets/animobjects + Support god and sanity saver extraordinaire
    Pornphile – Rigs
    Powerofthree – Rune Animobjects
    Leito – Rigs,Creature assets, Animobjects
    AnubiSs2167 – Rigs
    SirNibbles – 3ds Max Guide
    Kimy and Devious Device Team - Animobjects
    Shocky – Bone Table, Chaurus cage, WoodenPony, Creature Dildo Objects
    Stroti – Outhouse assets
    Xaz, Zaz – Furniture objects
    Wenderer – fomod Creation Tool
    Changelog 2021-5-1:
    SLAL_Billyy_Animations v4.5
    Creature Insects Pack
    - Chaurus Service
    Creature Humanoids Pack
    - Draugr FFC Facefuck
    - Werewolf Hanging Missionary 2
    Human Pack
    - Sitting Fingering
    - 4p Gangbang 2 REDO
    Human Invisible Furniture Pack
    - Bed Standing
    Previous Versions:



  19. Aussie Amazon Preset

    Hi guys!

    This is a UUNP HDT female body replacer I built in Bodyslide, I always fantasize about tough, battle-hardened women . Voluptuous but also athletic and deadly. Hence this mod. I was inspired by voluptuous Australian models. Using this as my base, I added in a toned-muscled layer (Pride of Valhalla Normals ). Finally I used WICO for the lore-friendly Nordic textures.
    If you guys like this bodytype, I would looove to see armour sets converted to it as i don't know  how this is done. Finally, Please post some screenshots !

    INSTALLATION Procedure:

    Step 1: Textures:  Download and install WICO .

    Step 2: Meshes:    Now install Aussie Amazon Preset. Allow it to overwrite WICO.

    Step 3: Normal Maps:   Download and install the optional files from "Pride of Valhalla" depending on your system capability.
    These are the normal maps only. Let this overwrite the other two mods. Done!

    Now you have a hot Aussie inspired Nord Viking Shieldmaiden fighting at your side!


    Caliente's Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    UUNP - JaneBod - Bodyslide by Azazellz (LoversLab)
    Pride of Valhalla



  20. Skyrim Chain Beasts

    Skyrim chain Beasts (v0.5.0)
    This mod has been around for a while now, and I would consider it beta level, however, it's my first mod, it's complicated, and inherently at least somewhat disruptive to normal game play; I would still advice to keep well away from anything important.
    May 31: Added `Adventures of Bretny - The Klymer Tales (Quest walk through as an Interactive Story)'
    Branching story showing all ways of completing the Klymer(Keeping up appearances/Destined to be a soshal-klymer) quest. (Obviously contains spoilers for that quest... To get one of the shown endings in game actually requires a fix I've not yet released ... will be in v0.5.1)
    May 26: Mytherious released updates version of the SLUTS resume patch for SCB v0.5.0:  
    May 16th: German translation for SSE version by Randamaster updated for v050: 
    May 15th:  Added V0.5.0
    New: Skyrim Chain Beasts now has synthesized voices..mp3
    Well actually it's moved beyond a demo feature, almost all lines for which voice type model are available have been voiced, resulting in almost 2500 voiced lines.  (You will encounter only a very tiny fraction of these in any play through.)
    Something I've been playing with inspired by an oblivion mod called `chainbeasts': (www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34346).
    So what does this mod do?  well "that is a little hard to explain... ok its really hard to explain." (mxr skyrim mods 254).
    This beta level mod adds Chain Beasts to Skyrim. It offers a dozen or so quests as well as some `sand-boxing' such as random encounters, traps and the option to use beasts your self.
    There is a walk through in the form of an illustrated story posted in the support thread
    There is a user guide added to the downloads.
    There is an extensive MCM menu:
    Choose who is targeted, tweak difficulty and other Gameplay aspects. Control the mod; take different Debug actions, view and update the Status. See how much of the mod content you have encountered under Achievements. Skip ahead to where you ended up last time (eg new character or after update).  
    Free roaming portion; how and where to encounter Chain Beasts:
    Main quest line (requires at least base mod + integration plugin):

    Side (mini) Quests:
    Game play; how does it work:
    Plugin structure:
    ZAZ animation pack; created with v7, v8 also works (v6.11 may also work, I'm not sure) (www.loverslab.com/topic/17062-zaz-animation-pack-v70-2017-05-16/). and its prerequisites such as sexlab. FNIS (www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811). For DB plugin only:  Dragonborn DLC For PAH plugin only: Paradise Halls Extended Recommended
    SKYUI: For the MCM menu. (Highly recommended though should not be strictly required if you do not care about the menu, but not sure - not tested without.) Fuz Ro D-oh:  To see the NPC dialog. Get up faster (www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17491)  
    How to install
    If upgrading:
    Export your settings in the MCM (optional). Shut down the mod from the MCM  (recommended; prevents losing confiscated gear). Make a clean save. (Mandatory; will have issues without it) Make a clean save ! (Yes I already said that but it is worth repeating, really it is necessary.) Continue with `Fresh install below'.  
    Fresh install (Oldrim/LE) - latest version: 0.5.0
    Download and install SkyrimChainBeasts-v0.5.0, using a mod manager is recommended.  ( Manual installation:  unzip the file and place content of `00 Base' and of any options you want in your data folder. Ensure the esm and esp-s are activated. ) Prebuilt armors are based on some UUNP preset. Use included bodyslide files to build your own preference. Run FNIS for Users (this step may not be needed if you already had a recent version of SkyrimChainbeasts installed.)  
    Fresh install (SSE) - latest version: 0.5.0
    Download and install SkyrimChainBeasts-v0.5.0SSE, using a mod manager is recommended.  ( Manual installation:  unzip the file and place content of `00 Base' and of any options you want in your data folder. Ensure the esm and esp-s are activated. ) Prebuilt armors are CBBE physics body, 7Base preset. Use included bodyslide files to build your own preference. Run FNIS for Users (this step may not be needed if you already had a recent version of SkyrimChainbeasts installed.)  
    Known Possible Issues, Conflicts and Workarounds
    Latest changes


    See ZAZ animation pack as this uses some of its resources. including Koffii yoke mesh (see ZAP for its Creative Commons Attribution license) For the crawling animations see crawl-on-all-fours by DarkAngel1265 (www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33097) The alternate riding method was figured out by Fingerscrossed;  custom riding animations support was learned from riding styles2. The chain attack of the spiders is based on `Pull mastery' by xzax; https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30351 (Stated permission: asset use allowed when crediting author but not for mods that are being sold.) Other than that feel free to use as you like.  
    Credits & Tools used (in no particular order)
     Oblivion chainbeasts mod for the basic idea  Zaz animation pack  This mod uses devices & textures from this mod and some meshes were created using ZAP meshes as a base. It also relies on ZAP furniture as a main part of its game-play mechanics. Uses animations from crawl-on-all-fours by DarkAngel1265 (www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33097) Thanks to DeepBlueFrog for pointing me to these. Pull mastery by xzax for the chain attack idea and resources (www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30351) Model creation tools: Blender,  Blender nif tools,  Anton tools, NifSkope Skyrim creation kit and game. Mod Organizer (see here on how to use it with scripts) and NMM. SKVA Synth for the synthesized voices. Forum members for useful suggestions, hints, etc. CPU for a first installer, which inspired the current one. Randamaster for German translations. Chaimhewast for SLUTS patch Mytherious for the SLUTS resume patch and many others I've forgotten to mention...  



  21. Engeljess23 Main Menu and LoadingScreen Music Replacer SLE & SSE by Engeljess23

    This IS main Menu + Music and loading screen
    in one 

    Install This manuell or with Mod manager 

    Main Menu Music: Original Music 
    Loading Screens Pack 95 Screens 

    More Screens Cooming in the Future
    Feedbacks Welcome

    Have you Problem with this file?
    Then Download this from my Patreon Site (FREE) Again and try again ;D
    Thank you and have fun with this



  22. Arsenic Conversion - Frill Pair - 7BO

    What is it?
    - A very sexy outfit I converted from Daz originally made by Matteo IO. And before you ask, the heels are not included. They are from DEM Lingerie.
    - The outfit consists of a camisole and a high-cut thong with frills for decoration. In total, I made 23 variants (Yes, you read that right, 23). Body used for the conversion was 7BO
    -  UUNP made by Gnomo available here: 
    - SE version made by EngelJess23 available here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/51897495

    How to install?
    - Extract .rar file, and copy everything into Data\
    - Or use a mod manager, much easier.
    How to uninstall?
    - Better to just delete using a mod manager.
    - Else, refer to the structure of the zip file.
    How to get?
    - AddItemMenu mod.
    - XMPSE 3.0+ Skeleton.
    remymartin88 for the original body preset.
    Nightasy for the awesome tutorials.
    Matteo IO for making the original outfit in Daz.
    YuiH, Daymarr and Shizune for testing.
    Do whatever. Just don't reupload the whole pack and call it your own.
    If you find anything wrong with the outfits, feel free to message me on here or my Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=14835768 or Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkyArsenic. Thank you!



  23. Devious Mimic Clothing LE

    There are rumors around Skyrim: the devious curse, loot was inflicted with, has altered itself. No adventurer will be safe anymore!
    The twisted new effect of this mad magic affects now every single piece of clothing. They may be devious mimics now, transforming itself into restrictive items as soon as an unwary person tries to wear them. Some say, this even may happen while trying to unequip those mimics or even randomly while being worn, giving only false safety anymore to every armored adventurer out there ...
    Mod on hiatus!
    I currently write my Bachelor thesis, so I don't have time to work on this mod for the next few months. As it seems to be quite stable ATM, which is the reason there were no updates recently, I think it's a good time for a hiatus.
    Once the thesis is finished, I plan to get back to this mod, as there are some ideas you guys had.
    Link to Special Edition
    What this mod does
    This mod is intended as an extension to the popular mod Deviously Cursed Loot by Kimy.
    It tries to randomly transform worn pieces of armor into Devious Devices, giving only safety in nudity.
    New Savegame required!
    As of v2.0 a new savegame is required! I don't know, if a clean save attempt will work, I won't support it, though
    SKSE - current classic build Skyrim LE DawnGuard HearthFires DragonBorn SexLab Framework SexLab Aroused Devious Devices - for the release version 1.0 of DMC you absolutely need DD v5, no backwards compatibility! Assets Integration Expansion  
    DD For Him - included in DD 5.0, if installed it will allow mimics for male characters AS-LAL - if installed, mimics work only after start quest is finished ZAP - checks for ZAP device keyword, should work with all versions (also 8.0/+)  
    Armor can transform into a random Devious Device on three events: when equipping, while trying to unequip or randomly for a worn item. Gold can tranform into golden items or binds your hands if you're unlucky Device choice based on body region Device filter, based on type Various chances for different trigger events If no normal trigger happened, chances are a Deviously Cursed Loot event does Arousal may impact chances Already worn or enchanted armor is recognized MCM to personalize the settings  
    How to help
    When you come across any problems (you probably will), it could help if you can attach a Papyus log to your message. To get one, search for the following lines in your Skyrim.ini
    [Papyrus] bEnableLogging = 1 bEnableTrace = 1 bLoadDebugInformation = 1 If they are set to zero, change them to one. You'll then find the logs in [User]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Logs\Script
    Attach the file Papyrus.0.log to your report, it maybe can give hints.
    What doesn't work
    Doesn't take any treatment of items (smithing) into account for chances Won't affect followers unless triggered by third party event
    Probably still has bugs I'm unaware of  
    For modders
    I've added an event hook for you to trigger mimics and do stuff based on the outcome. As it's event driven, you won't even need to add my mod as requirement!
    You can find the details in the source code file dmcTriggerEvents.psc together with an example how to set it up.
    @Kimy - for patiently answering the questions of a bloody modding noob
    @Laura 'Lokomootje' - for giving me additional tips how to dive into this rabbit hole called Creation Kit
    @JimmyJimJim - for letting me use his idea as well as the mod Devious Magic as boilerplate
    @davisev5225 - for his mod City Bondage that offered me some more code snippets
    @stas2503 - providing the Russian translations



  24. Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For modders - 3ds Max Rigs

    Animated Beast's Cocks
    ABC - For Modders
    3ds Max Controller Rigs

    I am sick and tired of watching their daed stony dicks... And I even felt sorry about them endeavoring to have sex with a girl, which would suffer a cold stony dick. You know, watching them overly shaking their pelvis to align their dicks and putting them in her pussy looks painful to me... I feel pity... I don't like it... I couldn't see the whole animations go stiff and bad only because of that ugly dick. No... Not any more...
    They deserve more 'living' dicks!!!!
    So here it is... BAD!!
    BAD... It sounds real bad, isn't it?  I changed the name for it sounded too bad! Anyway... Right Now there's no animation that is newly made for ABC. This is modder's resource for now. But I believe every animator will definetely use this. Of course, you can use this without any harm in existing giant animations. They will do fine with it. Don't worry. But this is not like SOS. If there's no keyframes on his privates, no moving Penis. I just launched it starting from Giant. Who will be next?
    For Modder's Note
    It's really easy to import his organ and implement it in game.
    Also It's really easy to import and merge the dick rig with your existing animation works.
    Just align it with pelvis bone and link to it.
    A Personal Note to Modders
    When you make SLAL motions using these rigs, let's tag 'ABC' or 'MovingDick' perhaps?
    'MovingDick' seems better. Please tag it, ok? I beg you guys... I want a common tag keyword to sort them out.
    !Warning!   [When you animate, be careful of these]
    [Collisions for Horse - Schlong]
    [Collisions for Giant - Schlong, Middle Fingers]
    [Collisions for Werewolf - Schlong, Tongue]
    [Collisions for Troll - Schlong]
    [Collisions for Falmer - Schlong, Hands, Middle Fingers]
    Chaurus / Chaurus Hunter / Chaurus Reaper: When you export Chaurus Hunter and Chaurus, you'd better set its NPC Root scale to 100. Otherwise everything will be messed up.
    [Collisions for Chaurus Species - Ovipositor, Larva, Eggs]
    Dragon Priest: Dragon Priest has its own invisible collision that can be used in so many ways. (Ctrl_DPMA01~Ctrl_DPMA06 & Ctrl_DPMB01 ~ Ctrl_DPMB07)
    [Collisions for Dragon Priest - Schlong, Invisible Collision Sticks]
    [Collisions for Gargoyle - Schlong, Hands, Middle Fingers]
    [Collisions for Lurker - Schlong, Middle Fingers]
    [Collisions for Riekling - Schlong, Tongue, Hands, Middle Fingers]
    [Collisions for Ash Hopper - Stinger, Mouth, Jaw]
    [Collisions for Netch - Two ovipositors]

    You can also see my progress here on my Patreon
    Requirement(for modders, not for users.)
    3ds max 2012 or above
    Some knowledge with animating
    BakaFactory's ABC HDT Skeleton Patch -https://www.patreon.com/posts/22802542
    Or Here
    Special Thanks to
    9204 from Team TAL - https://www.patreon.com/takealook/overview
    for technical 3ds Max Collision Support(HDT) - He surely knows what he's doing. His skill is beyond your expectation. Thank you for your time, pal.
    Groovtama - XPMSE modder
    for technical advice - You're a genius.
    Anubis - For his effort on the original horse rig
    Compare the old rig with the new one
    The old dick bone

    A new dick bone




  25. SKYGIRL BOOK: Playboy 60's, Legendary Edition

    SKYGIRL BOOK, Legendary Edition: Playboy Classic/60's
    Nude Classic Playmates 1960-1969
    LoversLab Version: only 11 Pages.
    Patreon Version: 120 Pages!! ---->>> PATREON!!!
    Bonus: +1 skill Restoration
    Location: Chillfurrow Farm
    Special Edition: Download
    More Mods? Support Me on PATREON!!



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