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Lovers with PK mods that primarily deal with combat related Sex

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  1. LoversRaperS - Dukky Edition

    This is an updated combat rape mod that grants actors (NPCs and Creatures) the ability to perform sexual assault on others. Such assaults include gang rapes, stealing of equipment, items or gold, cause physical harm during rape,  and so much more.

    Rapes are started by combat hits from NPCs against either the player or other NPCs, or the player using the granted 'Rape' Lesser Ability or custom Hotkey (defined in the ini files). Calculations determining the success of each attempt are defined within the .ini files and can be adjusted by the player using the Rape Settings Menu spell.
    Default animation strings assume you are using the LAPF pack. If you are using the v3 Resource pack with the 11-200 BBB Revised or v2 Resource pack edit LoversRaperS_Motion.ini and un-comment the appropriate section.
    As before, LoversRaperS should be placed after LoversVoiceSSPplus in the load order, or directly above/before the Lovers with PK.esp file.
    * ==== * ==== * ==== *
    Creates a feature allowing the player to rape targets, or optionally have the chosen target rape the player.  This by way of spells or a custom hotkey. Four actual spells within the system: Rape:                         Touch Spell: Cast on a target to rape Rape Me:                   Touch Spell: Cast on a target to let it rape you Rape Orientation:      Touch Spell: Cast on a target to set its preferences Rape Settings Menu:  Self Spell:  Allows the player to set in-game settings Takes advantage of the Oblivion Magic Extender for custom icons (.dlls included). Sets up a gang-rape system which can be triggered by certain witnesses seeing an already existing rape and wishing to join in. Player may join in if asked. Reverse-Rape is possible.  Female rapists may be set to force their victim to act the masculine against his will. This now possible with Female creatures.  Lovers Creatures 2.5+ required for creature reverse rape. Creature submissive pose fix. If attempting to rape a creature that has no submissive pose, three settings to deal with this now exists:  forfeit rape, NPC becomes the submissive, use wonky animations as normal. Available only when LoversCreatures 2.5+ is installed. Equipment, items and gold may be stolen  from the victim after enacting rape. Rape may end in death if damage is incurred. Or other bad-end conditions such as perpeturape may occur. Requires other mods for additional bad-endings. Includes an expansive settings menu which defines the conditions that permit rape to occur; victim fatigue,  gender differences or subject's orientations, whether rape is a hostile act, item theft and more. Cross-Mod support exists for  LoversCreatures up to version 2.5+, TamagoClub, Player Slave Encounters, Lovers Slave Trader, FuroTrap Improved, LoversBitch, Lovers CrowningIsles and LoversGGBlackmail. System disabled when dealing with Hiyoko under the notion of said character age. Also prevented if hiyoko is said player's offspring.  
    While the RaperS system has many features, these features are not triggered by other outside rape mods. Equipment theft, victim health damage, and reverse rape will not function. Creature submissive pose fix will not be detected. May interfere with, or trigger excessive rape events, if LoversImmoralGuards is installed. Said mod includes its own gangrape system. The Oblivion Magi Extender .dlls which allows the use of custom icons may interfere with some of the older OBSE commands. The .dlls rewrite some of the older OBSE v 18 commands and other older commands won't work. Of the OBSE v 18 commands, many were handled better and substituted by OBSE v 19 while others were depreciated. If issues still arise, the OBME .dll files can be removed without harming this mod. Only the loss of the custom spell icons will result,  the default Script Effect icons taking their place.  
    * ==== * ==== * ==== *
    Copy the LoversRaperS.esp and LoversRaperS.bsa files into the Data folder. Then copy the four LoversRaperS_xxx.Ini files into the Data\Ini folder. Then after that, copy the two OBME .dll files into the OBSE\Plugins folder. The LoversRaperS.esp should be placed  right above (before) Lovers with PK.esp, and below (after) LoversVoiceSSPplus.esp if it is present in the load order. If you are using the v2 or v3+ Revised BBB Lovers Resource pack, you'll need to edit LoversRaperS_Motion.ini and uncomment the appropriate sections.
    Simply disable LoversRaperS.esp from your load order.  After that,  then remove LoversRaperS.esp and bsa files from the Data folder  and the LoversRapers_*.ini files from the from the Data\Ini folder.  Follow this by removing the two OBME .dll files from the OBSE\Plugins folder.  
    * ==== * ==== * ==== *
    Oblivion latest patch
    OBSE v19 or higher
    Lovers v91 or higher

    Lovers Creature                          - Needed for creature rape
    Lovers Creature v 2.5+               - Needed for creature rape and with submissive animations
    Pluggy v125 or higher                - Needed to export settings to .ini
    Furo Trap Improved: Tentacles!   - Needed to furo trap victims by daedric rape
    Lovers Slave Trade                      - Needed to enslave rape victims near death
    Player Slave Encounters              - Needed for enslavement Bad End
    Break Armor                              - Needed for clothing bonuses by condition
    LoversBitch                                - Needed for adaptive RaperS messages
    TamagoClub                              - Needed for adaptive RaperS messages
    * ==== * ==== * ==== *
    The Dukky Edition of this mod is a continuation of WappyOne's work which can be  found at: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15117-lovers-rapers-wappyones-edition/
    Likewise,  the WappyOne edition was a continuation of ShadowRunner's work found  at:  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4597-xloversrapers-shadowrunner-132b/
    Stories included (if you can find them?
    "A Walk on the Moors" by by Shady Lady Julie (2018) "Morning Rape" (2016) "Dar-Ma and her Mom" (was Megan and her Mom) by by Mario Caliente (2014)



  2. Oblivion Combat Extender (OBCE) Beta

    Oblivion Combat Extender (OBCE) Beta v1.0

    aka LoversDeathDenied


    This mod is a optimized plugin that aims to provide additional gameplay elements in Oblivion combat situation. But first of all let me tell you that the Oblivion Combat Engine does not want to be messed around with, like with this mod. This is why it is a Beta for now. Though this mod is stable and will rarely or ever crash your game certain randomness might happen, so preferable don't use it on your main characters. I however managed multiple character play-throughs with rarely any weird situations.
    - Death Replacer
    - Defeat Scenarios
    - Guard Scenario
    - Duels and Brawl
    - Future Quest Extensions
    - Hit NPCs unconscious instead of killing (Sorry not working)
    - Settings Spell (Sorry not working)
    Death Replacer:
    Whenever the player health hits zero (or a value defined in the ini), the player gets unconscious and hits the ground and stays there for a time defined in the ini. Theoretically multiple scenarios could then happen. If the so called easyMode is active nothing much will happen and when the player gets up combat continues.
    However if that is not the case then after the player is able to get up a villain from all surrounding hostile NPCs is chosen. Usually that is the last attacking NPC (can be defined in the ini). This NPC can then choose to ignore the player and go about his day, but if the NPC is evil then he might want to use the now weakened player. He might ask for money or decide to rape the player.
    For creatures there is no dialogue and immediate rape.
    After any scene there is a peace time where the NPCs surrounding the player stay peaceful for some time (see the ini), before giving off a warning and then attacking again (Theoretically for as long as you want, enables more roleplay).
    Followers depending on the settings in the ini will continue to fight or fall with the player.
    The rape part can be disabled in the ini.
    All in all this creates interesting scenarios and a narrative for role-playing in combat.
    I however suggest you to lower your LoversRapers rape chances otherwise there is way too much rape going on but yeah.
    The player can still drown in water/lava or fall to his death, also creatures or NPC that will always want to kill the player can be defined in the ini with their names.
    Compatible with Unnecessary Violence III (afaik, please give feedback), Deadly Reflex 5+6 (DR6 confirmed by me), Duke Patricks Melee Combat (via a patch, confirmed by me).
    Guard Scenario:
    When resisting an arrest guards will not kill you anymore instead they will beat you into submission and then decide whether your crimes have been punished enough or not and send you to jail. Either way this provides more room for roleplay. Rape content can be found here as well.
    Duels and Brawls:
    Any NPC can now be approached via Dialog and challenged to a duel or a brawl.
    A duel is a fight with weapons whereas a Brawl is without weapons. The duration can be defined in the ini. When the player looses or wins the NPC can loose or win disposition towards the player. So it is possible to make NPCs hate you by winning or love you by loosing against them. H2H damage can be increased in the ini.
    Future Quest Extensions:
    Other modders (not me though, I'm burned out ) can now develop quests, where f.ex. the player has to be defeated for certain things to happen or something like that.
    Settings Spell:
    The spell is not fully working but as far as I remember you should be able to turn off the mod via the spell ingame, should you encounter any situations (aka quests) where the mod makes no sense.
    Hit NPCs unconscious instead of killing:
    Not fully working. Off by default. Turn on if you want some variety but it makes the game glitchy as NPCs won't die on a percentage chance.
    Other Death Replacers, you can run them with this but which Replacer gets executed can then be random.
    Known Issues:
    -The ini file contains some settings that are still in development, if there is no coherent commentary on a setting, expect it to not be functional and don't change it
    -Magic Effects or Spells on the player that modify the player health can result in the actual player death
    -Quest scripted deaths or quests where the player should be killed by NPCs might be broken (you will have to add the NPCs name into the ini)
    -Do not initiate Duels or Brawls when Guards are around! They will attack you and/or the duelist and perform good old fashioned Oblivion massacre on citizens.
    -Dialog and the whole mod in general has been written with a female player in mind
    OBSE v0021
    Lovers with PK if you want rape etc to happen
    Manual: Move into your data folder and activate it in the Modmanager. No worries nothing is overwritten.
    Mod Organizer: Install and activate
    Load order does not matter, but being latter is preferred
    Modify the ini to your preferences
    Version History:
    1.0 - Beta Release
    Sleepypanda for the initial idea of a combat defeat mod
    Myst42 for the alpha testing and valuable input
    Bethesda for making their TES games moddable and thus immortal
    You for still playing my favorite game
    You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me and all the other authors above credit if you distribute any part of this file.



  3. LoversRapeSGalgatVersion

    Many have asked about My version of loversRapes, I tweaked much, and added a lot text wise mostly to it.. anyway here it is if you wish to try it, be sure to uncheck your other RapeS lovers mod..Uncheck this one latter and recheck yours again if is not to your liking.
    Loverpk Plugin: Redone by Galgat.This version done 12-18-2010
    Many people including myself have worked on the translation of the mods for LoversPK. at http://wolflore.enmesharra.com/.
    I have done some re translating on this, and utilized some translations that others at wolflore have done.
    Main thing different in my translation is that the animals, and males, and females now have there own conversation area.
    These are rapist, not nice people, they do not talk nicely, and they are evil..They do mean, and unruly things. Talk to any Girl who was ever Raped, and ask how nice the Rapist were..
    the normal Rapes mod starts and ends sex like this
    starts:The witch doctor caught you off guard, and begins to rape your arse.
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    *****************Blank area
    End: you pull away and orgasm
    I have tried to give a lot of randomization to this version. By adding 10 conversation area' that can happen during the actual sex act. So you end up maybe with something like this.
    This No Longer functions quite right with Creatures, One of the
    Lovers Updates Messed it up
    The Text, and dialog works fine with Playable races
    starts:The Orge has placed you in nasty position, and begins to Rape you.
    Off.Orge like fuk Purdy Girls in Butt hole...Poop, Poop, Poo..Little Girl...Har, Har...!
    Def.No, No, No..! Don't put that big thing in my Butt, Stop..Aaargh !
    Off.Dose Purty Girl like Big Orge cock in Butt...Har, de, Har...!
    Def. Oh God ! so Big, stop your ripping me apart....!
    Off. I like you Butt...it so tight...Umm..is getting looser now..Hee, Hee !
    Def. God stop it !...Please, your tearing me apart...Uggh ! Ommph !
    Off. Awe ! Purty Girl not want me should have her Butt...Tisk, Tisk !
    Def. Ouch ! ow, ow, ow...Yes..Please stop..its toO big...Ulp...!
    Off. Okay Orge stop when Orge get through..Must get funny feeling first..Har, Har !
    Def. Oh My god, its Flooding My gut with it's Cum...I may explode..UgggH !
    End: You fall to the ground, cum pouring from you over streached Booty..
    I have added some other randomization,and extra variables to the Quest script, that can be used to identify Male, female, creature, vaginal Rape, or Butt rape, another variable I added to stop the latent text messages after the sex event was over. and may add more in time..
    would like to know if it is still worth continuing or not.
    I have done it in other mods, I like having more diverse context in the dialog.
    1.OBSE 19b,
    2.LoversPK version 1.4 rev 77 or better. full with all the data folders
    3.Universal Silent voice by Elys (http://tesnexus.com/...le.php?id=16622)
    4.PLACE LoversrapeSGalgat data folder in your Oblivion folder.
    LoversPK is tough for some people to get installed right..if you have never done it then expect lots of trial and error getting it up and running.
    However if you manage to get it working. It is very Erotic, and way over the top in many areas. And can be a lot of fun for ADULT's.



  4. Lovers RaperS - WappyOne's Edition 1.80

    Lovers RaperS - WappyOne's edition
    An updated combat rape mod with highly configurable settings, gangrapes, stealing of equipment/items, and more.
    Continuation of ShadowRunner's work, original thread: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=6258
    Current support / discussion thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15117-lovers-rapers-wappyones-edition/
    Oblivion latest patch
    OBSE v19 or higher
    Lovers v91 or higher
    (Optional) Lovers Creature - Required for creature rape
    (Optional) Pluggy v125 or higher - Required to export settings to .ini
    (Optional) Player Slave Encounters - Required for Enslavement Bad End
    (Optional) Furo Trap Improved: Tentacles! - Required for Daedra rape to potentially Furo Trap victims
    (Optional) Lovers Slave Trade - Required to automatically enslave player rape victims instead of killing them.
    Rapes are started by combat hits from NPCs against either the player or other NPCs, or the player using the granted 'Rape (Contact)' Lesser Ability. Calculations determining the success of each attempt are explained in spoiler below.
    Mod settings are configured by using the 'Rape Settings - Master' Lesser Ability.
    Settings Guide:
    Rape Calculation Explained:
    Important Notes:
    Default animation strings assume you are using the LAPF pack. If you are using the v3 Resource pack with the 11-200 BBB Revised or v2 Resource pack edit LoversRaperS_Motion.ini and un-comment the appropriate section.
    LoversRaperS should be placed after LoversVoiceSSPplus in the load order.



  5. Lovers Club Cats

    This plugin adds Fight Clubs in both Skingrad and Cheydinhal. Only the Skingrad location has a simple quest line (which is still very much a WIP). In either location you an bet on fights or participate yourself. The clubs are accessible through trap doors in inns (Skingrad - Two Sisters Lodge).
    In order to see the combatants fight AND fuck (yes occasionally they will "get it on during the battles") - you have to have RaperS.esp enabled. RaperS will also allow you to rape your opponent during the match and you can were anything you like. You can even customize what the opponents will wear by putting different armors\clothes in the chests.
    V1.02a adds more support for combatants equipment with template support going from 5 to 12 chests.
    V1.02a also adds support for a new plugin by this same author called Lively Cities by spawning more of an audience. Lively Cities is much like Crowded Cities (do not use both together). One major difference is that Lively Cities is configurable via an ini file. Lively Cites can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2218-livelycities-v100/
    Made by: KZS
    Original Japanese Untranslated version available here: http://www.4shared.com/dir/NaHTfIRF/Mod_for_Oblivion.html



  6. LoversRaperS

    Allows NPCs to rape others during combat, also gives player a Rape spell.
    Translated by: Ashal
    This version includes dropping armor armor.
    If you prefer not to have armor dropped then use this version.
    Download This Version



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