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New objects for Sims to use

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  1. BDSM Furniture by bobahloo

    Follow the links below to get animations for these items: (excluding current patreon only)
    bobahloo bondage animations
    BDSM Furniture:
    The Happy Fun Time Bondage Table
        Available here at LL. Keep multiple sims at bay and in easy reach. Also keeps your drink from being vertically challenged.
    The Discipline Pole 
        Available here at LL.  A  modular/rigged design allowing for several different poses. Complete with magic funnel and wizard wand attachment.
    Cage Counters
        Currently for patreons only.  Turn your kitchen into the Sex Dungeon you've always wanted it to be!
    Join my Patreon to get early access to new content and Support Future works.....
        bobahloo's PATREON



  2. Just Paintings

    Ive been making my own paintings for my game but I figured I might as well share them this time to my fellow loverlabs members.
    Its just random pictures Ive found that I like. 



  3. Boris Vallejo Fantasy Paintings **UPDATED 11/28/20**

    Boris Vallejo Paintings 
    Here's some awesome fantasy art! Some are nudes, some are just fantasy.
    There's even a Buffy painting!
    ~ Each painting has two frames - white and black
    141 paintings in total; more to come!
    Collection 1
    Collection 2
    Collection 3
    Collection 4
    Collection 5
    Collection 6
    Collection 7
    Collection 8
    Collection 9
    Collection 10



  4. Exposition Masculin Masculin du quai d'Orsay

    Quelques œuvres issues de l'exposition Masculin Masculin qui s'est tenue au quai d'Orsay à Paris de septembre 2013 à janvier 2014.
    Entre voile pudique et nudité provocatrice, le musée d’Orsay présente une exposition dédiée au corps masculin dans l’art, du XIXe siècle à nos jours. Le musée ne se contente pas de mettre en scène le nu masculin, mais cherche à éclairer les multiples facettes et les métamorphoses de la représentation de l’homme nu.
    Installer directement les fichiers dans votre dossier mods.



  5. Lexaiduer picture collection (27/11/20)

    Hey! New picture collection by Lexaiduer. He specializes in big boobs. I don't prefer it but you might like
    Collection includes:
    - 51 pictures with clothes
    - 48 pictures with nudity, sex
    My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections
    Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer
    Adult TV channels: [BigZhbr] Adult TV channels & movies
    You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) and read about future content:



  6. [ SIMS 4 ] PLAYSIM Dan's Vehicle CC

    PLAYSIM Dan's Vehicles CC
    [Recently Added v1.0]:
    1. Urban Trial Freestyle Bike (Upright)
    1.1 Urban Trial Freestyle Bike (Kickstand)
    (Note, 1 is required to be in the mods folder along with 1.1)
    Total: 2 Vehicles
    1. Urban Trial Freestyle Bike (Upright)
    1.1 Urban Trial Freestyle Bike (Kickstand)
    Animators welcome!



  7. NNISM Glory Hole Toilet Stall CC (requires Discover University pack)

    Hi guys, I'm NNISM, a cc creator + animator
    I haven't seen any actually toilet stall with glory hole cc from Discover University pack, so I decided to make one.
    I think some animator will find this interesting like I am, lol.
    This CC has 3 versions match with 3 positions of the glory holes in 1 package, 24 swatches each:
    Left (one hole on the left side)
    WWID: 2729555781

    Center (two holes on both sides)
    WWID: 1747822689

    Right (one hole on the right side)
    WWID: 3456491502

    Don't forget to check out my Tumblr for more cc : NNISM (tumblr.com)
    , my Patreon for exclusive cc and animations : NNISM (patreon.com)
    , and my Public Animations for WW : HERE
    Thanks for reading, guys.



  8. Bear Pride Stuff

    Sims 4 Bear Pride Stuff Pack
    The most comprehensive collection of Bear Pride items in The Sims 4.
    Contains NSFW content!
    Extract files and place in your "Mods" directory
    Install by DLC or merged
    "By Pack" folder has DLC content merged so be careful you don't install the content twice!
    *Be sure to enable mods in Options!
    You can fit the content by searching 'bear' or by noting which objects have a custom thumbnail
    Enable custom content in The Gallery to be able to see the shop as a placeable lot in the game
    If you run into any issues, be sure to contact me so I can resolve them.
    If you have any suggestions for content or improvement, be sure to tell me
    Images of men are taken from the Internet. I am not their owner
    P.A.Q. (Possibly Asked Questions)
    Are there any bugs?
    The counters, islands, and cabinets in Cool Kitchen are ugly and it turns out, they're like that by default Maxis sometimes places the textures in weird ways, so I've done my best to fix their UVs. No problems so far Wood floor added in City Living has a white square with a red X in the menu but otherwise has the correct texture I have X, is it compatible with this mod?
    Technically, any mod should be compatible with Bear Pride Stuff, so long as the meshes aren't changed.
    There are mods that work better with this mod to add the realism and to complete the Bear look
    I recommend using Lumia's Body Hair V5/5+ or Simdulgence's body hair, RealGens penis, and RealChests.
    How big is this mod really?
    Kinda big now at this point. The largest file is about 0.4GB and that includes all the content in the mod. Only use this if you have all the DLCs
    The packs vary in size and install only if you want a certain pack or if you don't own all the DLCs listed
    The 'Grrr! Bear Shop' uses items from the base game and Get to Work so do not install if you don't have that DLC (not updated since v1.4)
    I don't have high-end nor low-end computer and my game runs fine, so you should be fine too 🙂
    Every DLC I own will have at least 1 update. I want to add as much content as I can to the base game so that most people can enjoy Bear Pride without the DLCs.
    I would also like to add more beds and decorations
    The next update is for Get to Work, Get Together, and City Living
    What's Inside?
    How it's used in the Game
    What's up next?
    Some content requires DLCs to work, but the base game should be enough
    DLCs come in combined package files and are indicated by letter(s) below👇
    Not all DLCs are included and the list below are DLCs I own. I'll expand the list if I buy more
    OR = Outdoor Retreat
    GTT = Get to Work
    PPS = Perfect Patio Stuff
    SD = Spa Day
    CK = Cool Kitchen
    GT = Get Together
    MH = Movie Hangout
    BS = Backyard Stuff
    CL = City Living
    P = Parenthood
    JA = Jungle Adventure
    S = Seasons
    GF = Get Famous
    IL = Island Living
    DU = Discover University
    TLS = Tiny Living Stuff
    FS = Fitness Stuff
    ELS = Eco Lifestyle???
    SE = Snowy Escape???
    Do not reupload without permission.
    Feel free to edit my content for personal/private purposes
    Remember to tag me on LoversLab or other websites to redirect back to my mod
    Also feel free to post screenshots about how you're celebrating Bear Pride in The Sims 4!
    EA and Maxis for Sims 4
    Artists: DoPQ, Joji Art, D.Chooidoodles, and Charlie Hunter & Mike Wyeld
    Shops: Bobo Bear Art, QBO Bearwear
    Other creators to check out: Luumia Sims, Simdulgence, TurbojetsEngine's Bathhouse, Tenkuscho, Cubman76, Golyhawhaw



  9. LR Porn wall decor collection

    Collection of different sized/themed porn wall decoration.
    Version 1.0.0:
    LR bj photoset (8) LR bj triple painting (8) LR blackandwhite triplecanvas (6) LR horizontal paintings (5) LR Jean Val Jean photoset (10)



  10. LR Framed dick photo set

    Framed pictures of dicks in different sizes, because no household is complete without a picture of a dick.
    Version 1.0.0:
    Contains 20 different pictures of dicks
    Small wall picture Medium wall picture Standing small picture



  11. DT picture collection

    Picture sets of different themes.
    Version 1.0:
    Gloryhole set (17)
    Toy set (11)



  12. [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer (06/11/20)

    Hai simmers! This is easel painting replacer. This is not the final version. I updating this mod.
    Now it include: absract, classic and surreal easel paintings.
    Warning! It includes only large and medium paintings replace. And i don't plan create small paintings.
    Remove other easel painting replacers before installing this mod. And don't install 2 similiar package (as PaintingsClassic.package and PaintingsClassicNude.package), choose one.
    Pictures for this mod i used in pictures mods too: [BigZhbr] Picture collections
    Check my TV channels & movies replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult TV channels & movies
    You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:




  13. DrawnPr0n's paintings by Serialaries

    They're finally here!
    I've always loved DrawnPr0n's amazing artwork, so I just wanted to let every sims world to be able to enjoy a lot of his works.
    Art ranges from videogames characters to movies, and from single-person pinups to full on gangbangs!
    So if you're into MortalCumbat or Hulk smashing hopeless twinks, every single one of these paintings has a whole load of cock!
    Needless to say, this package contains a whole lot of men and gay porn.
    SAs_Base_Paintings contains 3 sets of paintings which are all BASE GAME compatible. Sas_Bowling_Premium_Paintings contains 2 sets of vertical, larger paintings which require the BOWLING EXPANSION PACK. Sas_CityLivinh_Premium_Paintings contains 1 set of horizontal, larger paintings which requires the CITY LIVING EXPANSION PACK.



  14. [GabisWolf] Wall Frame - BDSM

    I hope you like!
    Espero que gostem!



  15. Wickellia picture collection (20/11/20)

    New sfm collection of paintings. From the artist Wickellia.
    It includes:
    - 53 pictures in clothes
    - 23 pictures with nudity and sex
    Updating. You can check my other creations too.
    My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections
    Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer
    You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:



  16. Information board

    A slight modification of an information panel.
    You will find it in the decorations.



  17. Zumi picture collection (14/11/20)

    Hey! New picture collection by Zumi. One of my most favorite artist.
    It includes:
    - 54 pictures with clothes
    - 40 pictures with nudity, sex
    Have a good time!
    Updating. You can check my other creations too.
    My other picture collections: [BigZhbr] Picture collections
    Adult easel painting replacer: [BigZhbr] Adult easel painting replacer
    Adult TV channels: [BigZhbr] Adult TV channels
    You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:



  18. poster Nekane 2.package

    cartel Nekane 2.paquete Nekane es una actriz porno Española. 12 postes de Nekane.



  19. Cuadro Nekane.package

    marcos Cuadro Nekane.package Español  19 cuadros de Nekane 



  20. Alisa Lisa in Lisitsi paintings

    My first post also enjoy this 47 piece set



  21. SV Happy Hookah

    A retexture of the bubble blower in stylish 420 designs that are perfect for fans of Basemental. Link leads to my Patreon where file is public "free" to download. Enjoy!



  22. Sexy Paintings

    Yo! 🤚 😀 ✋ Hello! Ladies and gentleman, it's my pleasure to introduce to you my "Honey Girls" paintings! With little backlighting. Mesh by me. Location "Honey Girls": Decoration/Wall. Price in game: 570 similions.
    My TOU:
    -Do not do mesh edits or use the textures/parts of textures of my creations;
    -Do not re-edit my cс without my permission;
    -Do not claim my creations as your own;
    -Do not use parts of my creations for other ones;
    -Do not make money on my creations;
    -No re-uploading, modifying or anything else;
    -Don’t include my CC in bulk downloads of mods folders;
    -Do not convert my CC to other games without my permission.
    Enjoy the game! 💻
    v. 1.0.1 (08.18.20)
          -> Added Paintings "Passionate Love"
    Mesh by me. Location "Passionate Love": Decoration/Wall. Price in game: 550 similions.
    v. 2.0.0 (11.06.20)
          -> Added Paintings "Keyhole Girls"
    Mesh by me. Added Flirty +10; Happy +10. Location "Keyhole Girls": Decoration/Wall. Price in game: 835 similions.



  23. Tiffany Doll Wall Art

    3-image series of Tiffany Doll getting gangbanged, facialised and creampied.
    Made using base-game objects. Just add to your mods folder!



  24. Easel Playful Paintings

    My fourth painting override mod for the easel.
    This time it will override the playful paintings your sim can paint when feeling playful.

    Please check out my other paintings overrides:



  25. Easel Angry Paintings

    My third set of paintings override for the easel. 
    This time it will replace the angry paintings your sis cant paint when felling angry.

    Please check out my other paintings overrides:



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