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  1. View File Voice Actors/Actresses wanted. Details in this thread. Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions. ******************************************************************************************************** For this mod to work smoothly, I highly recommend installing the BLANK AUDIO FILES, this allows you to skip through dialogue and keeps the camera focused on the NPC talking. ******************************************************************************************************** A sequel to Fertile Breeder. The cherry on top: this time I've taken male characters in account and male characters have some unique dialogue options where appropriate. NOTICE: Currently, I have put out a contest for prospective writers. For more details, see this message. Story: Quests: Companions Install instructions: -Add the Boston Breeder .rar file to your mod manager, install. -Install the Voice pack as well (Blank audio files. Optional, but not having them WILL be a pain in the ass until something like Fuz Ro D'Oh comes along.) >To install the Voice Pack, you will first have to unpack the archives into a seperate folder and then repackage them. Sadly, LL doesn't allow for files larger than 100MB to be posted, so for now this is the only option. Required files: Bugs: DISCLAIMER/"LEGAL" INFO!!! -This mod is about bestiality, but I'm guessing that much was obvious already. Still, don't be nitpicky. -If you want to use this mod for your own mods, please PM me. I usually give permission, but I like to know where this mod is being used (support wise/helping out making it and all that useful stuff.) -If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them over here and I might implement them. (Seriously, I take feedback seriously) Credits: Plans for future: (Items stricken through are already in or are being worked on.) -Quests focusing on being captured and forced to breed. (Still trying to find a way to make it work properly for male characters ) -Settlement implementation. -Turning other characters into companions, including personal quests. Submitter pepertje Submitted 02/12/2017 Category Quest Requires View File
  2. Hey there everyone, I'm RageBunny of CodeBunnyStudio (CBS for short) I wanted to let you know about the game we're currently working on called (you guessed it) Ashes of Bavan. To give you a brief overview of what the game is about, what we're planning to add and links if you want to check it out! The Game: Ashes of Bavan is a monster breeding game as well as a strategy combat game, allowing you to breed your monsters to make stronger ones to use in the many different missions and quests we have planned out. There is story, combat, sex, animations, monsters, non-monsters, rape, big bewbs, small bewbs, big cock, small cock, whatever floats your boat. I don't want to say too much on the story right now as it's still very much a WIP due to how much we want to have in the final product and I don't want to spoil anything here that others can spoil later! Aren't I nice? Now, a quick run down so I don't make this post too huge. > Lesbian, Gay, Herm, hetero - will we have pairings for all of these. Fully animated. > The Breeding will happen at your HUB, the farm! Every monster type will be compatible with every other and they will all eventually be animated. > Combat will have a variety of ways of win; either through war or love. Using Charm and 'rape' attacks to seduce and defeat your enemies. (enemies will range between humans, monster, demon and even undead! We're not leaving out anything... apparently) > The story of the game will not be forced down your throat, most of the time it will be optional when you proceed allowing you to level up, breed, and work on your farm (with we do plan to have upgrade). > Yes Combat and Breeding animations will be different, we're not simply going to re-use the same animations. [Just FYI; I'm not our usual PR guy so I'm sorry if this post is extremely unprofessional] Firstly I'd also like to say that we are currently looking for an animator to join our team as we're currently lacking a proper animator, our team currently consists of 2 artists, 2 coders, 1 writer, so we're further behind than we'd like right now. Please do PM me if you're interested Our Blog is HERE Our Patreon is HERE (Current Game Version: 0.3.0 - Pre-Alpha) Thank you for taking the time to read about our project I'll update this post with more information, updates and other relevant stuffs in the near future.
  3. This thread is for your Sims 4 sexual screenshots, stories, and videos. Please remember Loverslab rules when posting! Here are my stories -Chess Challenge With A Vampire (Cheating, Rape, Interracial, Vampire, Public Sex) -Fiance's Secret (Cheating, Gangbang, Interracial) READ BEFORE POSTING! -You may post stories -You may post screenshots -You may post videos -If the work you post is not yours give proper credit -Remember LL Rules -Use Spoiler when posting large images or a lot of them
  4. Mizuno, Destruction Mage - North of Sky Temple Ruins A member of the College of Winterhold, who sought education in magic at a time when there were few places in Tamriel to go. Told the College of Winterhold was the only option, he traveled to Skyrim in order to join. Once there, he becomes a fairly proficient mage, but also finds himself going through various events which sees him broken emotionally, eventually leaving him a single friend to comfort him, which helps, but soon he leaves the College, preferring the solace of the Ice Fields north of Winterhold. Though he still visits the College occasionally, if only due to that friend, having become something more. Current Content Mizuno's Journal - Link - Can be partially viewed in game(not finished yet) at Mizuno's camp! QUEST- "To Remember Me..." - An avid swimmer like most of his race, Mizuno spends a lot of time swimming in the freezing Sea of Ghosts. When recently exploring near the sunken ships in Pligrim's Trench, it seems Mizuno lost something very important to him. Dialog - OVERHAULED: Link Planned Content - Finishing his journal - Working on a scene between Mizuno and Loki... Related Characters Ko'Maru, Alteration/Illusion Mage, Khajiit, College Of Winterhold Joining the College the same time as Mizuno, Ko'Maru is a rather unusual Khajiit, for a few reasons. It seems he has adapted better to Skyrim's cold climate, and his appearance has a feminine edge to it. In contrast to most Khajiit, his fur has a pattern similar to that of a snow leopard, that cause of this being known to all but a few. Planned Content Ko'Maru/Mirabelle Letter - Link Lana, Planned Character, Restoration Mage, Nord, Palace Of the Kings[ToBeDecided] - One of the first in Winterhold to take an interest in Mizuno, she became intimate with him over the few years they both attended the College. However, events in Skyrim soon took her attention - the growing strains of the Stormcloak Rebellion - and sometime before the beginning of the Civil War, she left the College for Windhelm. However, she is does not subscribe to the same ideal that most Stormcloaks do. She believes that Uflric is a highly flawed individual, and has perhaps lead those who follow him, down a path that will be difficult to turn from. Since while perhaps her own lineage means that she faces no problems in Windhelm, she looks at the city's Dunmer and Argonian residents, and considers what perhaps Skyrim as a whole would become, if a man like Ulfric would become High King. Her idea has always been that, Skyrim belongs to it's people, not just to the Nords. Planned Content Loki, Mage, Nord, College Of Winterhold He grew up in Windhelm, his parents being prideful Nords, and they fully support the Stormcloak rebellion. Having an interest in magic from a young age, he learned it from various places, from Windhelm's Court Mage, traveling mages visiting the city, and even alchemy from the owner of the White Vial. Over a year ago, his brother was stabbed in a bar fight, and Loki was quite to use magic to heal the wound. His parents were furious, giving no praise for his actions. Instead, they had nothing but shame to give him, since they believed that true strength was not in magic, but something you had to earn over the course of years, not study from books. It was a downpour of rain in which he left Windhelm, heading into the even colder Winterhold. On the verge of collapse as he entered the hold capital, he was helped by Mizuno - who took him to see Colette, in the College. Even with only a year at the College, he has become a well-studied mage, though not all his time has been focused on academics. Due to his connection with Mizuno, he has certainly taken an interest, and seems to have the same in Ko'Maru as well. Notes -This character currently will only appear in the Yiffy Age version of the Follower plugin. This means that in the vanilla version, all of the content referencing him will not appear - this includes Mizuno's journal entries being different in that version(this has not been changed yet). In the future, this may change. Planned Content Dialog - Link Rasha, Shock Mage, Argonian, Purewater Run(possible) - Planned - (W.I.P) Planned Content Dialog - (W.I.P) In-Game Details Fume(Yumika), Selachii Mercenary - Reachwind Eyrie Born to a pair of well known sailors, she dreamed of becoming one herself. However, a year before she was to join and begin training, she received news that her parents had been lost on a mission whose details she felt were not important. She then spent that year doing odd jobs to support herself, before she begun her training. Quickly taking to the use of a single blade, a slightly curved long sword known as a Katana, she was assigned to a ship after only five years had passed. Spending the next ten years on and off ships, she eventually made a fairly high rank, and it was during a month long shore leave that she met Reiko, who had only recently became a sailor. On that particular night, Reiko was being punished for something she had done earlier that day - the punishment being going without dinner for the evening. Fume knew who had given the punishment to her - a rather strict instructor who was known for doling out punishments for even minor mistakes, where other instructors would merely request be corrected, and only give out some kind of punishment if the mistake was repeated at least more than three times. It was during this time the two got to know each other very well, and it was their assignment to different ships that separated them, a month before the Great War. Planned Content QUEST Backstory Dialog Related Characters Khad, Khajiit, Follower - Planned - A Khajiit who grew up in Skyrim, and has a few friends in the Caravans, but does not work directly for them. In-Game Information Renee, Imperial, Mage - Planned - Plucked from the slums of the Imperial city by a kind mage, she invested herself in learning magic. Soran, Necromancer, Imperial, [LocationToBeDecided] - Planned - The origins of this man are a mystery. Moku, 1H Warrior, Riverwood Her family lived in a small, but prosperous village in Cyrodiil, south of the Imperial City, very close to the bridge that spanned the entrance to Lake Rumare. By choice, many in her family had joined the Imperial Legion, and she was the only one in her family to see a conflict unlike any other - the event in recent memory known as the "Great War". Like other Selachii who served in the Legion, she was noted to be a savage among the Legion, her rage being something that the Thalmor are cautious to admit, is a danger to them, as it was for the Elven soldiers sent against her. For this rage, her eyes eventually echoed it, bleeding from their original soft blue, into a bright, vivid red, which became a piercing stare the day she had to watch the Empire sign away the last of it's soul to an enemy that, seemed never truly satisfied. Planned Content - Introduction Dialog, which opens her up to be a follower. Heavy Spoilers below. Related Characters Kori, (NPC Only) - Lovers Tent in the Pale/Works the Docks or Quicksilver Mines in Dawnstar Growing up in Skyrim, she faced the usual treatment that most non-Nords would, however, due to the skill she was able to gain, she was able to work various jobs, from mining, to Blacksmithing, and working for Dock managers. Three years ago, she traveled to Dawnstar, where she gained work as one of the Miners, and also helps with docking ships. She has some lofty goals, some of them seemingly out of reach, due to the Jarl's stance on the conflict in Skyrim. Some time ago, she was swimming around one of the old Nordic ruins, where she surfaced, and witnessed what seemed to be two mages practicing fire magic on a nearby shoreline. She watched them for some time, before seeing one of them leave, waving to the other. Following this red-eyed mage, she watched as the woman ran into a frost troll, and was forced onto a nearby ice flow. Just as the woman fell backwards into the water, it was not a difficult choice for her to dive to save the fallen mage. Planned Content - N/A at this time? Related Characters Vaynelle, Destruction Mage, Master Destruction Trainer, Dunmer, Lovers Tent in the Pale/Outside Dawnstar's Inn - A former member Morrowind's Great House Telvanni, she was fortunate to leave Morrowind before the eruption of Red Mountain. Her destination unclear, she is asked about heading to Skyrim. Perhaps left with little choice, she agreed. Arriving in Windhelm within the weeks following, she started to see more and more of her race take refuge in Skyrim, only to be met with some degree of hostility by the local Nords, especially in Windhelm. Traveling north to Winterhold, she joins the College there, quickly becoming a much more knowledgeable mage, and eventually considered the best Destruction mage, eventually being asked to begin teaching students. But she would face first hand both the sight of the event known as the "Great Collapse", where the Sea of Ghosts swallowed half of Winterhold's capital, and the blame levied at mages, and the College, afterward. The sight of such a thing was nearly unimaginable, but this was not the first cataclysm she was privy to. Facing what followed, seemed an even greater feat. Of those that survived, few stayed, many believing that Winterhold had lost all of it's worth, not even considering the fact that the College survived. Winterhold's Glory Days, to them, was long past, and it dwindled into a small village. But the College itself lingered on, seemingly unchanging. But her resolve to learn and teach would not change. Within the past years, she welcomed new students to the College, one of them being a species which she had never encountered before - a Selachii, a Shark race hailing from the south of Black Marsh. This one, Mizuno, took quite the interest in her teaching, becoming a fine example of a mage. But his presence lead her to research more of the race, though the College's material on the Selachii was not entirely as informative as she would have expected. Regardless of what she knew, it would not exactly prepare her for an encounter with one after visiting one of the College's students, Yisra, who was practicing her fire magic on the shores of Winterhold. In an encounter with a particularly nasty Frost troll, she was forced out into a nearby ice flow, and into the water. Her next sight was two-fold - a face that looked like Mizuno's, but was more feminine, and the hair she could see was blonde, not Mizuno's unusual shade of blue. The other thing she caught later than she should, but perhaps it was more out of shyness, would be a pair of breasts on the person holding her, and they were just as wet as she likely was, perhaps even in more ways than one. Current Content - Vaynelle's Journal - Link - Can be viewed in game at the Lover's Tent! Haru & Izumi, (NPC Only) - Eastmarch Hot Springs Camp(Unmarked Location) - A pair of Selachii from Cryodiil, both of them growing up in the heart of the Empire. Current Content - Izumi's Journal - Link Planned Content - Journal for Haru[InProgress] - Link Related Characters The three NPCs at the Hot Springs have been edited, giving specific names and such, and they also are a part of the recent history of the two aforementioned Selachii characters. All three are only NPCs as in the vanilla game, but Kanet can is available as a follower, and Fenran can be...em, persuaded with a strong drink. Jena is rather stubborn about it, and may require other means if one desires(i.e other mods or console commands to increase her relationship with the player). Kanet, Alik'r Warrior, Redguard, Hot Springs Camp - A member of the Alik'r, who was dissatisfied with the constant conflict with the Thalmor. A fairly promiscuous woman, she is known to be quite friendly around most. Iszara, Alik'r Warrior, Redguard, ???? - (W.I.P) NOTE: The exact portrayal of this character in-game, depends on the version of the follower plugin used. For the Yiffy Age version, she will be a Female Redguard/Tiger(or Redguard/Hyena with Yiffy Age's upcoming version 3.0), and will use that mod's Bad Dog Female Schlong SOS addon. For the Vanilla version, she is female only at this point - however, a version may be made that would require the SOS UNP addon. In all cases, she will be refereed to correctly by Izumi and Haru's journals. Jena, Ranger, Imperial, Hot Springs Camp - A prideful and idealistic woman, who was traveling to Solitude to join the Imperial Legion, being urged by her brother to join. However, when she arrived, things took a turn for the worse. Two days before, her brother had been wounded in the escape of a man guilty of murdering the High King of Skyrim - UIfric Stormcloak. Only lasting a day more before succumbing to his injuries, she found herself with no want to involve herself with the oncoming conflict, so instead she ran as far as possible, somewhere that she hopes, she can forget it all. Fenran, Barbarian, Nord, Hot Springs Camp - A former Guard in Winterhold, he left due to his commitment issues, and his obsession with mead, and other such spirits. Reesa, Warrior(CombatWarrior2H), Argonian, Hot Springs Camp, F - (possible W.I.P) Hiyasu, Frost Mage, The Chill(Winterhold Prison), M His mother was a Healer in the Iyashino-ka, which served as an inspiration for him to learn magic. While little of his focus was on healing arts, he still learned them, as he respected the sentiment of his mother - her telling him that they were important for any mage, and those around them. When he left Same-Shuto years later, it was in the effort to learn more of magic, and the Synod provided little, though still significant information. Like so many others, however, it was soon related that the only magical institution of learning in Tamriel that was worthwhile, was the College of Winterhold, in Skyrim. So he traveled there, joined, and learned much of magic, as was his want. Planned Content Related Characters Khrista, 1H Warrior, Nord, Winterhold Guard Captain, Jarl's Longhouse(Winterhold) (NPC Only) - Ten years ago, she left Skyrim, joining the Imperial Legion. Dar'Zen, Khajiit Merchant, Small Camp outside Winterhold's Capital), (NPC Only) - Planned -A part of the Khajiit Caravan in Skyrim, he has deviated from the main routes that the Caravan usually takes, a fact which made some call him a fool. However, it is true that his presence is certainly another source of income for Winterhold, as he seems to have entered into an agreement with Birna, where she gets about 30 percent of his profits. Some have noted that he has some relationship with Winterhold's Guard Captain, but no one knows what that is, or why. Planned Content Dialog - Link - Other than some voice-set based dialog for buying/selling, he will have a few questions that he can be asked. Akairo, 1H Warrior , Solitude (NPC Only), M - Implemented - A Selachii diplomat sent to Skyrim. The Selachii have almost always had ties with the Septim Empire(even with the current shell that exists), one of their diplomats being present among the Argonian leadership that accepted Black Marsh's entry into the Empire at the close of the Second Era. Although, the Selachii are somewhat loathe to throw themselves in with either the Empire or the Stormcloaks in Skyrim's conflict, as their own ideas on Religion make them something of a rouge state, as far as the Thalmor are concerned - with the Empire itself aware of how much support that has been offered by the Selachii, they are turning a bit of a blind eye to the situation. With the past few years, the Thalmor sent a ship with one of their own diplomats, in an effort to make peace between the two factions - which was not achieved, as the Selachii had seen past the deception that was the White Gold Concordat, a document that bore close resemblance to the originally proposed treaty. In that instance, the Thalmor had won, but the Selachii were not going to let such a victory pass so easily. The Selachii Council in Same-Shuto rejected the terms, and when the Thalmor Justicar threatened violence against the Selachii people, he was summarily executed by this very esteemed Selachii. One of the two Thalmor ships was confiscated by the Selachii, while the other was forced to take the Justiciar's body back to Alinor at sword-point - a message to the Thalmor, which was not the first time this race had denied the Dominion - the Selachii sent a similar message to the Dominion during the Interregnum between Tamriel's Empires, during the latter part of the Second Era. In-Game Information Seika, Blacksmith(VendorBlacksmith), Dragon Bridge, (NPC Only), F - Implemented - She grew up in a prosperous family in Same-Shuto, her father, grandfather and so on, being not only famous Swordsmiths, but known for the best crafts of swords, armor etc, among the Selachii. Her family is known to stretch as far back as the late Second Era of Tamriel, and it seems to have some ties to the Kai family. Like others in her family, she learned the same craft as her father, becoming an impressive blacksmith, only when her father passed, she had no wish to take over the family business, which her one-year older brother did instead. She chose to travel Tamriel, learning more of the Blacksmithing craft, and when she came to Skyrim, her visit to Haafingar's small village of Dragon Bridge lead her to learn of the Nordic craft, becoming an apprentice of sorts to a man who was impressed with her skills. After ten years, the man took ill, and in one of the final conversations her had with her, he made the choice to leave her his shop, and within the next year, she took over as the owner of the business. Planned Content Dialog - Link(W.I.P) In-Game Details Related Characters Kiraya, Khajiit (NPC Only) - Planned - Once an orphan growing up in Honorhall, she left when she became of age, traveling the province in search of work. Once she saved up enough, she traveled to Solitude, where she wanted to find some more long term employment. In-Game Details Eris, Four Shields Tavern(Dragon Bridge), Nord (NPC Only), M - Planned - Due to his lineage, this man is a noble. However, there are many reasons why they are not well liked among Solitude's upper class, for his family are the kind of proud Nords that are obsessive with their beliefs, which includes supporting the recent Stormcloak rebellion, even if nearly all the rest of Solitude is opposed to it. This fact has led them to be all but chased out of the hold, and few have any care for where they may have gone. However, this youngest son has remained, if only for the fact that he seems to not have caught on so strongly to the beliefs of his family, but those who have met him, may consider things otherwise. He fancies himself a Solider of sorts, in spite of the fact that he has had no training, never joined the Legion, or even trained to be a Guard in Solitude. Location In-Game Details Nicholas, Blue Palace(Solitude), Breton(NPC Only), M - Planned - (W.I.P) NOTES -Images of characters that are vanilla races, other than Khajiit and Argonians, may show their appearance in the Yiffy Age version of the Follower plugin. Images of Selachii will be the same no matter the version, and for Khajiit's and Argonians, the only difference between versions will be their skin textures, and using a digitigrade/plantigrade stance. However, for Ko'Maru, his skin textures should remain the same between versions. Characters in this mod may have their images updated due to changes in the Shark Race, and/or in the Yiffy Age of Skyrim mods. -Some characters may be listed as Planned, and thus are not in-game just yet, but are listed here due to being related to another character who is. If a character is listed as Implemented, this means they have an in-game NPC, but have not yet been added to the game world(i.e no cell or world edits referencing them, and they would require console commands to spawn the NPC - though they may be unlikely to have their dialog, schedules, etc, if this is the case). -Some descriptions of characters may or may not be final, and as such, may end up being different in-game - but likely at that point, the description of a character should match, or be close to how they are described in-game.
  5. Julie is ready to be released as a standalone follower. You'll be able to download her when we reach 20 blog followers (only 5 more) as I promised! You can see the screenshots below to see how she looks ingame (I'm using Old World ENB preset from Snapdragon Prime). Basics: She uses UUNP body (if you want your custom body, I'll upload a guide showing you how to do it). Her voice is the "young female eager" one. The clothes she wears by default is the wedding outfit. I personally think the outfit is beautiful and matches the fairy-tale style from her story. For the screenshots clothes, please refer to the credits. She uses some destruction spells, can conjure fire atronachs and has a paralysis staff in her inventory. A compatible skeleton is required for the HDT physics (for example XP32 Maximum Skeleton). Her hair has changed sightly because the one she was using in the main story was from Yundao HDT Hair mod. ENB - Old World (Snapdragon Prime) Skin - Leyenda Skin Body - UUNP from BodySlide Hair - KS Hairdo's Land - GomaPero World Poses - GomaPero Poser Clothes - Royal Hunting 2.0 Hair Ribbon - Wa Ribbon Glasses - ImoMegane Glasses
  6. pepertje

    Fertile Breeder

    Fertile Breeder View File Voice Actors/Actresses wanted. Details in this thread. Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions. DONATIONS If you like this, please support me on either Patreon or PayPal, any donations are completely voluntarily and will, in no way, be forced on any member of the community. Further details in the spoiler section. The sequel for Fallout 4 is up: Boston Breeder Please carefully read the final spoilers describing the path to the Primary Beacon and especially the credits! If you don't read this, it will be a long sit without any music. DISCLAIMER/"LEGAL" INFO!!! -This mod is about bestiality, but I'm guessing that much was obvious already. Still, don't be nitpicky. -If you want to use this mod for your own mods, please PM me. I usually give permission, but I like to know where this mod is being used (support wise/helping out making it and all that useful stuff.) -If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them over here and I might implement them. (Seriously, I take feedback seriously) On a quick sidenote: the main module is now complete. If anyone feels like contributing to one of the other modules, feel free to PM me and we could definitely work something out. --Requirements-- Fertibe Breeder is built with the most recent beta versions of most LL mods. When experiencing issues, such as being stuck on main menu, upgrade these first. Also (this should go without saying) make sure you get all the required files for these requirements. -Fallout New Vegas -SexoutNG -Sexout Common Recources -Sexout Pregnancy V3 -Sexout OffSpring -Maternity clothes (likely included in Sexout Pregnancy V3) -Maternity Pack Overkill --Recommended-- New Vegas Anti-Crash (NVAC) - Research Vessel Rho is prone to crash, this solves the issue. --INCOMPATIBILITIES-- -Using Alternate Start and beginning in a Breeder area causes the animals to disappear. Use console commands to summon them. -The CAM mod (Chems Alcohol and Meds) messes up dialogue, specifically the GREETING topic, version 6.4 seems to give no trouble, though. --Bugs-- No known bugs within this mod at the moment. How to report a bug: 1. Discover bug 2. Describe bug 3. Wait until either I or someone else helps you --Background-- Other modules Voice Files CREDITS --Freeform/moneymaking-- These are consensual encounters in which the Courier is offered caps in exchange for breeding services. There isn't much of a story leading up to this and these episodes are come-and-go. Bighorner Deathclaw Legionnaires Gecko Dogs Cazadors Bloatfly Check-ups Dataslates Credits How to start and complete the final episode --Story/Captured-- These are non-consensual encointers in which the courier is held captive and forced to breed for her captors. These episodes are started by completing the associated consensual episode (this not only makes sense but also makes it more reasonable that the player would know a couple things about breeding already.) --NOTE-- Aside from the bighorner scenario, the non-consensual episodes will be moved into a seperate module. For any suggestions on this module or others, resort to this thread. Bighorner Load Screens As of April 16th, 2016, the Load Screens are included on this page. Simply download them and install it manually or with a mod manager. What it does: Ref ID's (in case actors suddenly go missing) Plans yet to be planned (maybe I will/maybe I won't) (Something which is stricken through means I'm already working on it or have already done it.) -Setting up a similar but simpler version for the Capital Wasteland for TTW players -Rigging Mothership Zeta to be more in line with this story (also for TTW players) -Learning how to do scripting/asking someone with experience for help to make the NPC's act more NPC-like -Creating a "sequel" focusing more on running your own farm/expanding your own pack. -Giving you the option to let a female companion (Cass or Veronica) join in with the breeding fun. -Creating a follower who ties in to the events of all the Fertile Breeder events. For other modders: The code added below contains a script I'm currently using to allow progressive pregnancies on NPC's without requiring them to be impregnated through Sexout Pregnancy, for aestetics. Feel free to use it. EDITED: 09-09-'15 15:16 My load order (may be of some help to anyone running into any issues.) Submitter pepertje Submitted 02/12/2015 Category Quests Requires
  7. Anuketh

    Chapter Seven - Samurai

    NAME: Samurai. STATUS: Not finished. RATING: NSFW. PLOT: An abandoned mute girl is adopted by Temple monks and trained to be a warrior, but her fate is different as she imagined. A young and mute girl was abandoned near a Temple where a cult of monks were living. One of them found her and decided to adopt her as his child. She was named Kamako. When she was 16 years old, the monks let her train with them and when she reached 17 she had almost mastered the trainings. She was happy. She had a family who cared for her and everybody from the near village were also kind to her. She finished her training at the age of 18. From that day she could wear the official uniform, although it was designed for men instead of women, so some parts of her torso were exposed. There were no problems inside the Temple, because the monks didn't pay attention to her, but some villagers began to have dirty thoughts about her now that she was a full grown woman. The first day of the new season a group of villagers went to the Temple to offer their crops and show respect to the gods in exchange for a new and healthy harvest. When the men were leaving, one of them noticed Kamako going to the hotsprings up the mountain. He followed Kamako and sneaked through the bushes to spy her while she was bathing. When she finished bathing, she picked up her clothes and dressed up. The man, who became obsessed with her beauty, followed her again, but this time to her bedroom. He had planned to ambush her in the middle of the night. When the midnight came, the villager found her sleeping in the bedroom. Kamako didn't notice him until it was late. The man grabbed her and she fell into the ground. She was frightened and helpless. The man had a strong desire and lust for Kamako, so he couldn't resist his dirty thoughts and ripped off her clothes. She struggled and tried to escape, but the villager was strong. She didn't want to harm that man because he was part of the village, so eventually she submitted to him. After two long hours of raping her, the man ran away. Kamako was in shock and tried to go on like nothing had happened. Nobody saw her in the next months. Almost 9 months after the incident, Kamako looked totally different. She let her hair grow and now she was wearing a long red kimono. Her breasts were a lot bigger than before and seemed full. The courier who connected the Temple with the village saw her and spread the word of her huge change. The villager who raped her heard the notice and that night went to visit her at the hotsprings to see it with his own eyes. When Kamako began to unwrap her kimono, the villager understood everything: that night, 9 months ago, he left Kamako pregnant. The man got scared and started to think in a plan to get rid of that child. If people knew the existence of that child, or worse, if people discovered that he was the father and he forced Kamako, the villagers would surely chop his head off. While he was thinking what to do, Kamako began to make strange sounds. She crawled out the water and reached a rock. She was giving birth to her child. Just before Kamako could see her newborn baby, she fainted. When she woke up, the baby wasn't there. She tried to scream, but it was useless. She dragged through the ground, looking for her baby, but all she found was a piece of scroll and a message written by a "mysterious monk". The text said that it was forbidden for monks to have children, so the child should be left in an orphanage. The note was originally written by the villager, but Kamako didn't know that and accepted her fate. A week after, the monks summoned Kamako in the Temple. They had noticed her pregnacy from some months ago but didn't say anything until now. Having children was indeed forbidden for monks, so now she had to be punished for her acts. They gave Kamako a vaginal plug and a chastity belt locked with an unique key keeped by the Master. She should wear it for the next week and it would be unlocked in the 8th day. The first day wearing the chastity belt wasn't too bad. She got used to wear that plug, but everytime she sat, the plug pressed up more inside her and made her wet. The second day an abrupt vibration from the plug woke her up and she had an orgasm. The rest of the day was like the day before. The third day she woke up again with the plug's vibrations. This time they were faster and harder and also the plug was further inside her. She tried to release the pressure from the plug, but there was no use. She came almost instantly. That day the plug vibrated 7 times more. She was exhausted. The fourth day, as usual but stronger, the plug vibrated to wake her up. She was almost all the time wet, even when she was bathing. That night she couldn't resist the urge and as silent as possible, she went to the Master's chambers to recover the key that unlocked the belt. Kamako was already inside the bedroom when the plug began to vibrate again. Her legs were trembling and she was dripping wet, but there was nothing to do about it. She fell over her knees onto the ground and the iron belt hit the floor. The Master suddenly woke up and the first thing he saw was Kamako flooding the floor with her horny fluids. She approached him crawling as she was able to and begged him for the key, but the old man didn't understand what she was trying to say. Instead of helping her, he began to undress his robes and quickly thrusted his hard dick inside Kamako's mouth. The plug made her so horny that she accepted his Master's dick and began to blowjob him. Finally after exploding inside her mouth, the Master pulled out his member between her lips. Kamako smiled and swallowed all the cum she was able to. That night they didn't sleep. The next day she asked the Master for new devices to wear. She felt kinky and sexy at the same time. The Master gave her a few new devices and Kamako couldn't wait to attach them to her body. Suddenly, the Master had an idea. If he blinded her eyes, Kamako could never see who was the person who was fucking her. He could let the villagers pay for fucking Kamako, at least until the temple had earned some money. . . . Will Kamako notice that she's being used like a cheap whore? Will she care? Will she enjoy it? ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
  8. The Runaways Later that afternoon, it felt like things had returned to some normality as Trish and Shaun sat chatting on the settee. “You know mum”, said Shaun, “You are pretty cool for a mum”. “Oh baby, I couldn’t ask for a better boy”, said Trisha standing up, I’m off for a long soak to help me relax. “Do you want me to massage you first?” asked Shaun. “Sure honey,” replied Trish, “That would be lovely”. She could hardly admit it to herself, but the thought of Shaun’s hands on her thrilled her. Trish and Shaun went upstairs to Trish’s bedroom and Trish slipped out of her dress, and with a coquettish smile lay face down on the bed. Shaun started to knead her back. “Oh honey, that feels so good”, murmured Trisha, “Keep doing that… a bit lower..” “Mum, can I unfasten your bra, it’s getting in the way”, asked Shaun. “Sure honey”, murmured Trish, lost in the pleasure of the massage. Shaun had never unhooked a bra before and it amused Trish the way he fumbled over it. Eventually Shaun figured out the technique and Trish slipped the straps off over her shoulders. Shaun took off his sweater and continued massaging his mum. Shaun was acutely aware of his mum’s firm bum underneath her skimpy knickers and the faint musky smell that emanated from his mum. Shaun slowly moved his hands lower down his mother’s back until he was massaging his mother’s buttocks. Trish, lost in the feeling of the massage moaned and subconsciously opened her legs a little. Chris slowly moved his hand between his mum’s legs. The fabric of the panties was damp and Chris could feel the heat coming from his mum’s pussy as he gently ran his fingers over the silky fabric. Trish suddenly became aware that her son’s fingers were gently stroking her pussy. She rolled onto her side. “Baby, no it’s not right honey…”, murmured Trisha. Instead of stopping, Chris started to massage her now exposed breasts. “I just want to give you pleasure mum”, said Shaun.
  9. Greetings, dear traveler Time to continue the story of Rosa and her long-suffering company, I am extremely pleased with the pictures and dialogues of this part, and I am interested to hear your opinion on this matter ^_^ Initially, this chapter should have been shorter. Way shorter. On something like 20p shorter. I dunno how thats happend. Have a wonderful week
  10. rilaxx

    Arty Summer Pt 1 & 2

    Hello everyone! I use to make a lot of comics back when garry's mod was popular. So i thought I could give it try with the sims! I'm very new to the all posing and modding with the sims thing. I'm very open to critics if they allow me to improve. Forgive my english ! French guy here ^^ PART 2
  11. Kuroyami

    Helheim (W.I.P)

    Story Once the home of an offshoot sect of the Dragon Cult, this ruin was built originally for the same purpose as the rest, in honor of those who wished to serve and worship the Dragons. However, over time this sect wished to look for methods of obtaining Immortality beyond being tied to the Dragon's power. While never removing the iconography of the Dragon Cult, this sect began using this place as a base in their search for this seemingly elusive goal. They would never succeed, and with the fall of the Dragon Cult, this ruin was eventually cleared by the Ancient Nords, who were almost successful in wiping out the members of this sect, and finding the location of their sanctuary. When they arrived in this place, they found nothing but death inside, and a foreboding message for the ages, that they did not completely understand. They found a spring of red water in the first room, which smelled and tasted of mortal blood. Disgusted at this sight, they continued, only to find an even more puzzling sight - bloodied bodies, some having died to swords or knives, while others seemed to have bloody teeth marks. The room was awash in blood, with some of the blood being sprawled in messages such as "In death we shall understand that blood is life". Before the throne, the three leaders of this cult had slain themselves, pouring their life's blood into a basin before their thrones. This ritual did not grant them power, but was in effort for others who would take up this cause. While the Ancient Nords tried to make sure that whatever profane magic was at work, could not be used, they were unable. The basins could not be tipped, and their contents could not be removed. These Nords sealed this ruin, in hopes that it's magic would remain there, unable to cause harm to the lands of Tamriel. They themselves would not be successful, as it is only by the actions of the one who would rediscover the location some years later, who would grasp the dormant power. Hela, the daughter of an Ancient Nordic Warlord, who was slain during a battle to take power in the Pale. She managed to escape the fighting, seeking out a nearby ruin that was said to hold some dark power - as she would go to such lengths to avenge those who fell in the conflict. Characters - Vampires All of these characters will be Vampires, some of them followers. There may be some named Thralls as well, possibly with some dialog(they will not be wearing rags or prisoner clothes). Hela, Nord Vampire, TSF - An ancient Vampire, whose namesake created the Coven of Vampires in the ruin known as Helheim. In-Game Details Alis, Nord Vampire, M - One of the soldiers loyal to Hela, he faithfully accepted her gift of power - promising to serve her loyally in death, as he had in life. Skorm, Nord Vampire, M - One of the soldiers loyal to Hela, who accepted her offer of power. However, sometime later, this Coven of Vampires came into conflict with the Volkihar clan, and it is believed that he orchestrated this conflict. Once found out, he was killed by Hela herself - he was fed upon by her until the point of dying, and it is believed that she took far more than just his blood, but she also took back the power he was given. No other instance of such a power was ever displayed by members of this clan. The Volkihar, even some years later, have completely forgotten the event. By even the 3rd Era of Tamriel, his sarcophagus within Helheim has remained empty. In-Game Details Kora, Nord Vampire, F - Once of a group that bore similar beliefs as those known later as the Skaal, she saw the faltering of her people, to the point where she was left a scavenger in the southern half of the land that had been recently labeled as the Pale. It is known that her eventual fate began with her committing a crime in the name of survival, and those who were her captors, decided this grievous offense was worth sending her south to work in the silver mines of the Reach. But the men who captured her were not guards of the Pale - no, they were slavers. As their caravan headed south, they were spotted in the night by a figure in the darkness that looked upon their actions with glowing blue eyes - a man in leather armor who jumped from his perch atop a ruin, his blade severing the head of the driver. The guards around it tried to either run, or try to fight, only to die for their efforts. When he freed these prisoners, only one remained behind - one with red hair, and freckles upon her face. Planned Content In-Game Details Runa, Nord Vampire, F - Once part of a noble family in Solitude, the political upheaval in Skyrim during the later part of the Second Era saw her family fleeing Solitude after a conflict that gained Haafingar new leadership. Several nights later, her family was attacked on the road, near the city of Snowhawk by bandits, who were after much more than gold or riches. She was forced to watch as her family was killed, and worse, while she was attacked herself. On the verge of death, she heard a screeching sound, which soon became more akin to the skittering sounds made by bats, as what must have been a flurry of them, swept through the bandits, leaving only a few unscathed. Within moments, the bats disappeared into the darkness, and what stepped out of that inky black void, was a woman wearing a leather dress, with fur around the collar, and blood stained her lips. A pair of glowing, bright blue eyes stared at the men, who in spite of their fear, readied themselves to attack her. They failed to so much as touch her, as they were either killed outright, or played with by this woman. Approaching the dying girl, she gave her a choice. "The strength you possess, should be preserved. I can give you reason to keep that strength. But it is yours to choose - do you wish for your death to be in honor, or do you wish for salvation by blood?" Since then, she has acted as leader of the Coven, when Hela slumbers. Planned Content Dialog - Link - W.I.P In-Game Details Mimia, Nord Vampire, F - Once a child born with a talent for knowledge, she became known for the possession of such damning knowledge that made her a target for those who believed, she would use what she knew against them. Even if they were wrong, they believed the possibility too great to consider her existence anything less than a threat to them, even if perhaps she knew nothing about these men. Various Jarls and their like sent mercenaries, and assassins after her, and when most of the attempts failed, this brought more slander to her name, than to the ones hired to find and kill her. It was then believed that she was even more dangerous, possessing the knowledge of magical arts as well. Yet, this did not stop these rulers from seeking her death, at least not until she seemed to vanish from history, some years after she became well known. Planned Content - (W.I.P) In-Game Details Ulrik, Nord Vampire, M - (W.I.P) Sina, Bosmer Vampire, F - Due to her race, she has a history with the consumption of flesh, and thus, drinking blood was not that much of a stretch for her. While originally born in Valenwood, she lived for some time in Cyrodiil. Planned Content Dialog - Link(W.I.P) Rami, Dunmer Vampire, F - Once a member of Morrowind's Great Houses, she was taken as a slave by the Argonians sometime during the late Second Era. Passed around by a few "Masters", she eventually came into the possession of an Argonian Pirate, who ran afoul of a naval ship belonging to a race new to Tamriel - the Selachii. With the Argonian killed during the fighting, she was taken from his ship, boarding the Selachii vessel, and while she may have been expecting to continue her enslavement, she was quickly told by the ship's Captain, that she was to be considered a free woman, as she stood on board a ship bound for Same-Shuto, the Capital city of the Selachii in southern Black Marsh, a "Free" city, where it's leaders and populace did not tolerate slavery. Treated fairly by the crew, she was taken in by a wealthy member of the Kai family. Planned Content Dialog - Link(W.I.P) Sindri, Vampire, F - (W.I.P) Characters - Creatures (Names are, or may be W.I.P) Fenrir, Death Hound/Black Wolf - Once a very much normal looking hound, this canine was the loyal companion of Hela's father, and a friend that she had known since birth. Assumed lost in the fighting, he was found by Hela some years later, surviving in the wilderness, but he had not forgotten the girl he had known for some time. But he was old, and not long from death. Wishing to retain her bond with her companion, but respectful of his wishes, she placed a hand on his head, asking, "Do you wish to rest in Sovngarde, my loyal friend, or will you stay...my friend?" The hound barked and nodded, and to her surprise, it spoke. "With you." After this, he is seen as a larger than average wolf, seemingly possessing some level of Immortality, along with other abilities. Unlike other Vampiric Hounds, he did not succumb to the monstrous appearance as is usual. Instead, he merely took upon himself black fur, and the glowing blue eyes of his master. Note - He will not be available to the player as a companion. The player will also not be able to damage him at all. Skoll, Death Hound* - A black Death Hound with Purple eyes, she is known to be more powerful during the night. Her bites inflict a drain health effect. Hati, Death Hound* - A white Death Hound with Red eyes, he is known to be more powerful during the day. His bites inflict fire damage. Dulaasmaar(Devour-Life-Terror), Dragon - A Dragon that seems to have been the reason for the construction of the ruin later known as a Helheim, and it seems to have supported the cult that later rose from this location, and after this, it was not seen again for some time. Devon, Gargoyle** - Of an unknown creation, this Gargoyle serves the Vampires of Helheim. He is known to be friendly to all those who ally themselves with the Coven, and will defend the Coven to his death, though he is known to be stronger than most Gargoyles. * - Will function just like the two Death Hounds in Volkihar Keep, though they will explicitly require that the player is a vampire, and is part of the Helhiem Vampire faction, to get them as followers. They will be essential. ** - Not meant to be a follower, but will defend the player - if a Vampire and a member of the faction - from threats near the entrance. Design Outline This section will contain images and notes, which will give an idea how this location is meant to appear in-game. Note that these are only possible ideas, and may not reflect the in-game layout/design. Entrance - World-space Location The Pale - West of Dawnstar, and east of High Gate Ruins. Notes -High Gate Ruins is indeed close by, but perhaps this place also functioned as a port as well, being so close to the Sea of Ghosts. -A bit of story may involve the nearby Dragon mound. Entrance - Exterior Entrance - Interior Main Hall - Throne/Dining Notes -A single basin full of blood in place of the trap activator. -Two other basins replacing the braziers at the sides. -Two additional thrones, placed slightly behind the middle one, angled towards the center basin. -Player should not be able to use any of the three thrones. Crypt(W.I.P) Scene Outlines (W.I.P) Runa's Welcome Hela's Awakening Quests World Events (W.I.P) "Death Lives!" Snooping Vigilant "Faithless" Vigilant
  12. Chapter I. Alex moved into a new aparment. He's been single for a while since he caught his ex girlfriend having sex with a dude on their own house. Alex was just picking up the mail when he saw a gorgeous blonde standing in front of him. -Hello! You must be the new neighbour. I'm Patricia, you can call me Patty or Pat. +Hi! nice to meet you. I'm Alexander, you can call me Alex. -Nice to meet you too! Anyway, Alex, I live next door if you ever need anything. +I appreciate it a lot, Patty, and same goes for you.
  13. pepertje

    Boston Breeder

    Version 1.6.1


    Voice Actors/Actresses wanted. Details in this thread. Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions. ******************************************************************************************************** For this mod to work smoothly, I highly recommend installing the BLANK AUDIO FILES, this allows you to skip through dialogue and keeps the camera focused on the NPC talking. ******************************************************************************************************** A sequel to Fertile Breeder. The cherry on top: this time I've taken male characters in account and male characters have some unique dialogue options where appropriate. NOTICE: Currently, I have put out a contest for prospective writers. For more details, see this message. Story: Quests: Companions Install instructions: -Add the Boston Breeder .rar file to your mod manager, install. -Install the Voice pack as well (Blank audio files. Optional, but not having them WILL be a pain in the ass until something like Fuz Ro D'Oh comes along.) >To install the Voice Pack, you will first have to unpack the archives into a seperate folder and then repackage them. Sadly, LL doesn't allow for files larger than 100MB to be posted, so for now this is the only option. Required files: Bugs: DISCLAIMER/"LEGAL" INFO!!! -This mod is about bestiality, but I'm guessing that much was obvious already. Still, don't be nitpicky. -If you want to use this mod for your own mods, please PM me. I usually give permission, but I like to know where this mod is being used (support wise/helping out making it and all that useful stuff.) -If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them over here and I might implement them. (Seriously, I take feedback seriously) Credits: Plans for future: (Items stricken through are already in or are being worked on.) -Quests focusing on being captured and forced to breed. (Still trying to find a way to make it work properly for male characters ) -Settlement implementation. -Turning other characters into companions, including personal quests.
  14. Greetings, dear traveler Long time nothing happened here, but again, another story of the crossover with @Resdayn performed by Ifan, the father of your favorite (in what Resdayn and I are extremely confident) Gwynolda (I hope I did not mess up with this .) Enjoy your reading and please, have wonderful week ^_^ Epilogue
  15. The Runaways The next morning breakfast was rather subdued, Shaun was unsure what he had he had heard the night before. He didn’t know that him mum had seen him standing in the doorway and that had given her the most amazing orgasm. “Mum”, asked Shaun, “Did you shout something last night. “I was probably just dreaming honey”, replied his mum. He was sure though that she had a twinkle in her eyes! “You know, if you weren’t my mum, I would really fancy you!”, said Shaun, hugging his mum. “Oh honey, you say the sweetest things”, replied Trish. After breakfast, Trish and Shaun went for a walk, to enjoy the last of the summer weather. “Mum”, said Shaun shyly, “I’ve got something to tell you”. “Sure honey, what is it?”, asked Trish. “It’s kind of embarrassing mum”, continued Shaun, “I sort of accidentally saw you when you were having a bath. Sorry mum… I… well I just kept watching…” “Oh honey”, said Trish smiling, “It’s perfectly natural to be curious. I’m not angry darling, in fact I feel flattered that you would want to look at my body. Come on honey, let’s sit down over there and have a chat.” Trish and Shaun sat down in the wood comfortable with the silence for a couple of minutes. It was Trish who broke the silence. “Baby, I know that you’ve been watching me at night times.” “How do…”, stammered Shaun feeling very embarrassed. “Honey, I saw you last night”, said Trish, “Just before I shouted your name”. Shaun was very quiet; he wished the ground would swallow him up. “Baby, it’s perfectly natural to have these feelings and it is okay to touch yourself”, continued Trish, “One day you will have a girlfriend of your own..” “I don’t want a silly girl”, said Shaun petulantly, “I want to stay with you mum… I love you and I don’t want anyone else”. “Oh honey, you know we can’t be like that. We have something more darling, the love between a mother and son. That is so special”, said Trish. Shaun noticed that his mother would not make eye contact when she said this.
  16. Anuketh

    Chapter Three - Disobedient Luna

    Everybody knows Riften is home of beggars, sinners and the great Thieves Guild of all Skyrim. There, the citizens are familiar with thievery and all kind of crimes, but this poor woman didn't expect to be caught. She was a beautiful redguard woman called Luna. She wandered all across Skyrim searching for gold and treasures, but despite all her efforts, Luna didn't find anything. She received a tip about a chest full of gems and gold inside The Bee and Barb Inn on the second floor, a gift from Maven Black-Briar. So she went, rented a room and waited until everyone were asleep. Then Luna entered the room where the chest was and opened it. There was nothing in that room... Nothing except an angry argonian and a surprised redguard. She tried to apologize, but the argonian was very angry and he wanted to punish Luna. . . . She was a bad girl... And now she will get a really bad punishment. ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
  17. The next morning Trish got up early and showered. She felt so much less stressed after the release of tension the night before. Funny, that was the first time she had been sexual since leaving Mike. “Morning Mum”, chirped Shaun, “You have got a real glow this morning”. Trish smiled at Shaun, “Yes, I think I am starting to feel a lot better”, she replied, “I think I will be doing quite a bit more reading from now”. Shaun certainly hoped so… “I’ll go and start breakfast”, said Shaun. Instead of going straight down, Shaun hid on the stairs and peeped into his mum’s room, hoping to see his mum naked again. He was rewarded when his mum dropped her towel and started to put on her make up topless. Shaun wished that he could touch those beautiful breasts. After breakfast Trish and Shaun set off for the village. McKaffrey’s was the only shop on the island and sold everything from clothes to surf boards. Mum and son bought their weekly provisions from Mr McKaffrey who packed them into bags. “Hey mum”, said Shaun, “How about we buy a bottle of wine for tonight?” Trish smiled. Her son was so thoughtful and yes a bottle of wine would be lovely. “Okay honey, you choose”, smiled Trish. After dropping the groceries home, Trish and Shaun spent the afternoon chatting on the hill. In the evening Trish and Shaun had tea. “Hey mum”, said Shaun, “How about we open that bottle of wine?” “Okay honey, you go and turn the tv on and I will bring it through. Trish opened the wine and poured 2 glasses.
  18. View File The pitch Those gentle hands, that husky voice, those penetrating eyes, that bushy ‘tache… how could you possibly resist? Doc Mitchell – Mitch to his friends – may be getting on in years a little, but he’s still got his mojo working. And other bits. From the minute you wake up to him watching over your helpless naked body, you feel a connection, no matter how hard you may try to deny that to yourself.* How will you worm your way into his life? Heal his wounds as he did yours? Create a small oasis of domestic bliss amid a vast desert of death and perversity? (Or will you do none of that and be a total bitch who doesn’t deserve him? Don't!) *(“Wait a minute,” you say, “Doc M. is like really, really old – ewww!”? Dude, that’s ageist!) There's a little trailer right here: http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/7119/FleshedOut-trailer So, seriously, what’s it all about? And why does it exist in the first place? SexoutFleshedOut (SOFO) is a multi-path story mod for a female PC, centered on Doc Mitchell. It could be a romance story, albeit in a fallout kinda way, but there are funny bits, sad bits, you name it. Don’t worry – there will actually be sex, but it might take a while. It’s a slow mod, with the primary focus on atmosphere. Think of it as an old movie instead of a quest. SOFO is the result of trying to implement a bunch of different things I wanted to see in the Fallout universe, like more developed characters and relationships with them, and people who don’t always speak in well-rounded sentences. An old-world sense of eroticism too, maybe. I also wanted some answers: from the very beginning, you know the Doc’s got a chip on his shoulder and in vanilla it’s only by chance you hear he’s actually a widower. What happened? What’s the big secret? How many more secrets and oddities are bubbling beneath the surface in the sleepy town of Goodsprings? I also wanted to have a little fun. Some of it’s pretty silly. And then there’s some technical stuff I wanted to try my hand at too, stuff I felt was underused for the purpose of telling stories. It’s all a bit of a mad scientist experiment. Features 6 different main story paths, some detours and smaller choices (see the support thread for a mini-walkthrough) quite a bit of freeform content (there’s room for more, see the support thread) trivial stuff, chatter, little things to make everything feel more alive a soundtrack system that adapts itself to your story automatic bed sex positioning fun with anims, and the occasional special effect Alright, I’ll give it a go. Better be worth it! What do I need? SexoutNG 2.6.85 or higher <--changed A recent SCR Beta or the current stable version <-- changed SexoutSpunk 0.71 or higher for its lust tracking functionality <-- changed Sexout Clothing Eval The data files (NOT the esp!) from the Groovatron The armor damage pack from SCS The New Vegas Radio Extender does not need to be installed in your game, but you're gonna need it to help you set up your soundtrack (see below). If you're upgrading from an older version of SOFO, it's best to make sure that you're not in Doc's house when you do. A good grasp of English will be necessary to get the most out of it. This isn’t a “go there, kill everybody you see” kind of mission you’re setting out on – there’s a lot of dialog and stupid wordplay. Also, even if your reading skills in English are pretty darn good, you may still have problems understanding one particular individual – this is intentional. Don't use the NVEC patch if you don't have NVEC complete. How to set up your soundtrack As said above, SOFO has a soundtrack system in the form of a radio station that changes its playlist according to where you are in the story, and some other conditions. In an ideal world, it would’ve come equipped with its own tunes. But because the music industry is bat-shit crazy about copyright and has made it so that sound recordings are hardly ever automatically added to public domain, you’re gonna have to add tunes of your own. Except for maybe thinking of what songs to pick, this doesn’t take much effort, and it really makes all the difference! Just click on this little spoiler thingie here - c'mon...: How do I play it? FleshedOut becomes available the moment Doc Mitchell’s walked you to the door & given you all the indispensable stuff you’re going to need out there in the big wide world. (See? That’s just the kinda guy he is!) Talk to him, take it from there. You don’t need to make a new character, but SOFO won’t work if you’ve killed off the main Goodsprings residents. Remember that it’s all about atmos and creating a somewhat believable narrative. Don’t rush through it; take your time. Go out and wander the wastes occasionally. I intentionally use a lot of delaying tactics. Also, quite some dialog is unavailable if the NPC is sitting down (or standing up) because most of it uses handpicked idle animations. SOFO occasionally plays an animation on the player; it is recommended to play in 3rd person mode. Some parts are determined by lust, both yours and his. Doc is automatically added to Spunk's lust tracking system when you move in; you don't need to switch that on for him. If you do, you're switching it off, and you shouldn't. Some functionality may not work if you have your sexout duration set to a low value; 60 secs is recommended as a safe minimum. Compatibility SOFO’s not likely to play nice with SexoutDocMitchell or any other mod that adds *GREETING* topics for Doc Mitchell. There are a few changes to Doc Mitchell’s house: ownership of stuff, a handful of items were disabled, a few things added, some items made persistent references so that I could refer to them in scripts. So conflicts can be expected from other mods that change that cell (there’s a patch for NVEC Complete 3.3c). Mods that just drop an item in it for you to pick up on your way out will likely be fine, but if you can’t find it, it’s likely under something else so use console commands like tcl or twf maybe. Them’s the breaks. These changes are needed for the story I built around this character, while mods adding gear could place that anywhere else. There are also a few minor changes to the house Easy Pete sleeps in, and I increased the range of Doc M’s sandbox package. That’s about it. Underground Hideout NV may have some problem with SOFO. Reasons unsure, see support topic. Known Bugs I place most of the sex in this mod on beds because they’re right there. The positioning is tweaked as best I can, but various factors may sometimes cause that to fuck up. Aside from the usual factors (bodies, not enough space around the actors, the camera getting stuck), bed sex seems a little finnicky when it comes to the combination of NG's knockdown effect and its callback features. This has already been reported. Save every once in a while. 2 scenes involve the Doc sitting down on specific furniture (a chair and a couch respectively). Due to some bug in the game engine, he will sometimes pick something else to sit on first, but then moves to where he's actually supposed to go. Let's just say your presence is a distraction to him. Credits, a mini-walkthrough, a to-do list, faq, how to get support, etc etc will go in the second post of the Support thread. Submitter DoctaSax Submitted 03/20/2013 Category Quests Requires NG 2.6.85, latest NVSE, NX15, spunk 0.72+, SCR 'stable' or more recent beta, clothing eval
  19. The Melody of Frozen Trees

    Chapter 1. Purity is never relative

    The cold wind blew the leaves along the empty street, and only the distant horns of the steamship did not allow the silence to close its fingers over the falling asleep city. No, don’t just think it’s a shot from a new Lady Gaga’s clip. My wife Rosalie doesn’t usually dress like that, but pregnant ones can be forgiven for their little whims. Here she is, my baby, when she forgets about her epatage alter ego: The noble woman behind her in the first picture is none other than Samantha Leslie. The first lady of this city. Or rather the lady “one step away from it”. Not everyone is pleased with the prospect of being under the heel of this woman. What can I say about her, loving son-in-law, in addition to endless words of my admiration? The boy, who as usual went for a walk without an umbrella and now runs from bad weather to hide under the roof, is my son, Renly. He is not catching stars from the sky YET, but they say Einstein also was not straight a's at school. Father's heart feels he will become someone. With such genes, there is no other way. Well, the time has come for me to show up. My name is Zachary Nuai. I'm just a technician with a paycheck in $34 per hour. But by fate, my family and I happened to be in the middle of a storm that has turned our town. And this storm had begun to emerge long before I was born. Make yourself comfortable, we're gonna need a lot of cocoa cups and marshmallow. To be honest, I would advise you to take something stronger, but I'm afraid that then you will quickly get horribly drunk. My story can undermine the spiritual ties or abuse your high feelings. But it would be dishonest to tell only the pure half, since the truth is never half-hearted. And without shadows we do not see the true outlines of the things. With the first snow all the dirt in the hearts of our citizens became visible at a glance. *** - Hello? Detective? - Miss. I got the pictures. I'm afraid you were right. Heavy sigh on the other end of the wire. - Well, detective. Since my family is beyond saving, maybe I should pursue a career. And I feel, in the area of my interest, very soon there will be a vacant place… 18+ content:
  20. Disclaimer: While some of the content posted or described here(mostly W.I.P material), may be assured to be added into the mod, some things may end up being listed as CUT, meaning it may make it into the mod with some severe edits, or will not be added at all, and reasons for that will be listed. Selachii Related Selachii Legacy (Same no Isan) - A comprehensive work that intends to explain many details about the Selachii race. Selachii Stories (Same no Monogatari) - An offshoot of Marin's main work, these are going to be stories which were more focused than the material meant for the Legacy book. Rather than pure information, these go much more for story, and smaller details. Some could include specific people, where her interaction with them is the focus of the work, while others may rely on myth and legend - though never lying about that fact. Racial Phylogeny - Link - Edits the vanila book to include mention of the Selachii, and may include other changes. Loading Screen Tips - Link - Similar to the vanilla texts about races, history, etc, the Selachii will have similar ones as well - perhaps even with related art for them. References Notes from the Iyashino-ka - A series of books or notes that deal with various anatomical and other issues, such as healing methods, information on practices related to heath, etc. Circumcision - Text detailing the Selachii's view on this practice. - Link Gift of the Gods - Written before her disappearance, this story was penned by one of the warrior-handmaidens of Queen Himiko, who ruled the Selachii before their departure from Akavir. -Note: Will likely appear among Gaku's collection. Helheim The Night Lords - A series of books that detail some of the more hidden history of Vampires in Skyrim - those of the bloodline spawned by the daughter of an Ancient Nordic Warlord, Hela. Vol I - Rite of Blood - Hela's intimidation of a priest who once knew her in life, and a former slave girl becomes one of the first to walk in Hela's shadow. Vol I-I - Enemy of the World - Staring to the night sky above the Sea of Ghosts, Hela encounters one whose legacy was begotten, in favor of another. Vol II - Return of the Hound - Lost to the battle, the canine companion she had known from a pup, returns to her. (Note: This one may or may not contain bestiality) Vol III - Snowhawk - Hela finds another to walk in her shadow, but this one has to make a choice between Sovngarde, or eventually, Coldharbour. Vol IV - Hel's Revenge - Hela learns that one of those she trusted the most, has betrayed her. In rage, she seeks bloody revenge. Vol V - The Frozen Throne - Hela's power is challenged by another Vampire clan, who highly doubt her claim to being a Daughter of Coldharbour. Vol VI - ???? Note: Some titles may not be final. Other Books Powerless - (W.I.P) Darkness - (W.I.P) Nature's Gift - Many of Tamriel's creatures may remain mysterious, even if much can be known about them. Of these, Spriggans may seem like nothing more than guardians of forests, of nature itself, but unseen to the races of Nirn, they may indeed be much more. No matter if they have societies of their own, culture that is foreign to the minds of men and elves, the goals of some may not be as malicious as some believe their actions to be. To those who are perhaps spurned by the societies of men, one in the right place, and perhaps mind, may understand the truth about these creatures. NOTE: Character journals and other related content like notes and such, are(or will be) mentioned in other entries.
  21. View File Description In a kingdom where dragons arise and bloody civil war burns, a slaver faction steps in. Seeing the opportunity to make a fortune, they setup camp and begin to enslave unfortunate (wo)men and mer. The Dragonborn will find themselves drawn in sooner or later and discover his/her true nature. Features A questing mod which is meant to be played at any time; be it a completed main story, or a fresh, new character It observes and reacts to your progression through the main quest and some important side quests Your decisions will have an impact throughout the mod's main, and side-stories Forge the personality of your Dragonborn And some more things Installation and requirements Sexlab 1.24+ FNIS 4.0.2+ ZaZ Animation Pack 00054+ SexLab Aroused 20131001+ Devious Devices: Assets 2.5.0+ Fuz'Roh'Da 6.0+ After unpacking into your Skyrim Data folder, run FNIS. The MCM menu will initiate after you've entered 'The Bannered Mare'. It can not be seen before. If you don't see an entry called 'Apps' in the MCM configuration tab or if it seems to be buggy, open the console and type 'setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstace 1' This should fix the issue. Hints and Tips (Spoilers) Hints and Tips (Spoilers) Bugs #0007 Saadia doesn't like to be referenced. Even if she is next to the Innkeeper, the Innkeeper refuses to address her status properly #0008 Hulda doesn't recognize if the PC is wearing a chastity belt when stripping for her. Fixed in release 0.10.3 #0009 The food orders for the current shift are incorrectly listed in the statistics page #0010 When you've successfully persuaded or intimidated a guest to order food, you could end up with an 'unfulfilled order'. Fixed in release 1.10.3 Known Incompatibilities and Issues Mods which allows you to have more than one follower in your party Those issues are not game-breaking, there is just one situation where this mod tries to dismiss your party and can't dismiss any follower which are from other sources than Skyrim.esm. Only the main followers and hirelings are currently working smoothly. Mods which alter the Global Timescale This is also not game-breaking, but the mod is balanced around the vanilla timescale. (3 mins real time = 1 hour in-game) Vigilants of Stendarr It is reported that there is probably a problem which causes the mod to stop working entirely. MF Radiant Prostitution This mod should not interfere with RP. You just should not start both quests at the same time. Even though it worked in my tests, it will lead to issues with the NPC's when you progress through RP. In the future there will be a solution that will allow them to work smoothly side-by-side. Spectator Crowd and Guards 'Spectator crowd and guards' seems to cause problems by messing with the AI packages. At the current stage disabling 'Spectator Crowd and Guards' is highly recommended. And finally as a general note: This mod will be developed with support for both genders in mind. Currently though all dialogue is directed towards the female persuasion. This can lead to some awkward situations when you play a male character as you will be addressed as a female. I will write dialogue for male characters in the future as well, but this will not happen any time soon. So please forgive me if the mod currently treats your male character as a sissy. Warnings! This mod is currently in a very early state. Bugs are to be expected. DON'T, I repeat, DO NOT use it in your normal game-play. Version Notes The current state of the mod contains one side-quest which can be started when you talk to Hulda in 'The Bannered Mare' in Whiterun. You can complete or fail this quest. There are, mathematically speaking, hundreds of different methods to complete this quest. So be aware that not all ways could be tested to check if they work. If you found an issue, please post your issues in the support topic. I am German, that means updates will be in German first. I want to credit CGi, who is helping me to translate this mod into proper English. Please understand that translation takes time and, especially with this mod, it can take a lot of time since it is heavily dialogue driven. I will upload an english version ASAP. I do let Google translate the mod and upload it as the newest version. It will be far from perfect and so they will be marked with a G letter. Enjoy and please post any issues you've encountered so far in the support topic. Thank you! Credits Ashal for the Sexlab Framework Zaz Chris for xaz and ZaZ Animation Pack xaz for patiently answering my questions. Zadil for Devious Devices: Assets redneck2x for Sexlab Aroused. Special Credits go to hmgirlpopuri and jazz_man007 for alpha testing and helping me with the cleaning of a lot of bugs and issues CGi for translating this mod into English. Submitter Heromaster Submitted 11/22/2013 Category Quests Requires SexLab Framework, FNIS, Fuz'Roh'Do, ZaZ Animation Pack, SexLab Aroused, Devious devices: Assets Special Edition Compatible
  22. Crw

    Chapter 17

    Greetings, dear traveler I am glad to present you the next part ^_^ It fit a lot of things: fights, sex, blackmail and all that And also, this is the last part with Aria Bal =( I already feel that I have abused the permission. ^_^ Special thanks to @Agent Tex ^_^ I wish you a pleasant reading. Have a nice day and wonderful week ? Aria's epilogue
  23. Kuroyami

    Alternate Starts - Selachii

    Note: While there is interest in this set of ideas, it is not a sure thing just yet. Arrive By Ship(Selachii Variant) - "One of many chosen to sail the seas of Nirn to a province of Tamriel's Empire facing a Civil War, I gladly agreed to the journey. If only to sail under the command of Akario, a legend among my people. Like others, he has given me leave to explore Skyrim as I see fit." Location: Solitude Docks(possibly a newly added dock on the other side of the EEC Warehouse). Equipment: Blades Armor(Inc. Shield), Blades Katana, 1000 Gold Details: May tie into the content surrounding Akario - choosing this start would mean that you came to Solitude with him. This would of course, change how he reacts to you, since ideally he has known you for quite some time. This would even change some of Mizuno's content – I.e you would be able to tell him not just that you met Akario in Solitude, but you sailed from Same-Shuto to Skyrim on the same ship. Quest Details: W.I.P Pirate - "I can count myself, lucky. If only because I have a history that is, varied. From a Sailor among my race, to one of them who lost faith in the profession, and took to the opposite - a pirate. Serving on several ships under several captains, the most recent one considered the worst. For the most treasures we plunder, are from merchant ships, like those of the East Empire Trading Company. They can call me a deserter, but I have been thinking about leaving for a while. Maybe it is time to do so." Location: Dainty Sload Equipment: Ragged Trousers, Scimitar, 200 Gold Details: Similar to some other LAL starts, the player would be in a faction that means the Corsairs aboard the ship won't outright attack them. Bandit(Selachii Variant) - "Sure, taking this wreck seemed like a good idea. Only there was little to take, and what little there was, is being hoarded in the cabin. I do not know why I choose to join this group. They have no ambition - though I am perfectly aware that fixing the wreck is next to impossible. Perhaps it is time that I make my own way." Locations: Wreck of the Winter War, Orphan's Tear, Wreck of the Pride of Tel Vos Equipment: Same as LAL Bandit start. Details: Similar to the Bandit LAL start, only this one focuses on the few wrecked ships, whose occupants are mostly bandits. Necromancer(Coastal) - "Always the same. Capture some unwitting person, put them in a cell while they decide what they want to do, and then do it. Nothing more than that. Usually the only thing they do differently is the order of things, or add one, perhaps two small things that make the situation different. Such as that orgy after the recent Shade of the Revenant, though it was something of a stiff celebration. It may be time I move on." Location: Just outside, or just inside of Hob's Fall Cave. Equipment: Necromancer Robes, Necromancer Boots, Novice level Conjuration and Destruction spell books Details: Not meant to replace the LAL Necromancer start, but rather to have a similar one that is not nearly as difficult. Also, this one may be available for all races.
  24. The Runaways After dinner, Trish washed up then went upstairs. Shaun was playing on his computer. “Honey, I’m going to go to bed to read for a while, don’t stay up all night playing games”. “No mum, I’m going to bed now”. Trisha hugged her son, “Night night honey, I love you”. “Love you too mum”, replied Shaun. Shaun went into his room turned off the light and lay on his bed in the dark and thought about his mum. He could see the glow in the passage from his mother’s room. After half an hour Shaun got up and tip-toed down the passage. His mum’s door was open and he could see her laid on the bed reading. Trish found it hard to concentrate on the book. She was really only waiting for Shaun to go to sleep, so she could give herself some relief. Still the picture of her son staring at her naked body would not leave her head. Did he really lust after his mum? Trish put the book down and lay back on the bed. She allowed her hands to caress her body, slowly working her way down her belly to the hot moistness between her legs. She imagined what it would be like to be touched by Shaun. Shaun nearly choked when he saw what his mum was doing. His heartbeat was so heavy that he felt certain that his mum would hear. But she didn’t, she instead started to rub between her legs through her pajama bottoms. Shaun nearly made a dash for his room when his mum sat up. Maybe she had heard him, maybe she was going to close the door or go to the toiled….but no she instead turned off the light, took off her pajama bottoms off, lay back and started masturbating! Shaun pulled down his own pajamas and started stroking his hard cock. He covered his mouth with his other hand in an effort to stifle his breathing. The only sound that came from his mum was her ragged breathing. Shaun watched as his mum’s hand worked faster and faster and her breathing got harder. His mum pushed three fingers into her wet pussy and started to frig herself frantically. Shaun could hear the squelching noises, wow she must be wet! Trish reached her climax, making as little sound as she could. Shaun crept back to his bedroom and wanked himself to sleep.
  25. Crw

    Side story. Isabel.

    Greetings, dear traveler I lost some of my Sis-comic's progress in my own unseasonedness. Well, it's not critical, but it makes me sad a bit. Soooo, I decided to tell you about this strange girl that you already saw. This is by the way many times faster than doing comics. But I do not really like it. Have a good mood and a wonderful week. ^_^