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These Oblivion mods are of a non-adult nature.


    1. Western Saddles for Horses

      This is a file I uploaded to the Nexus. Since it was a ported model from the first Red Dead Redemption that I found on another site, I had to be clever in order to make sure no one reported it. So I created what is known as a Cornelia Style Archive which is one of the methods people use to post files on 4chan. You see that random mess of pixels at the bottom of the image? That is the files embedded in the image itself.
      To get the files:
      1. Download this image using the download button or save it from the screenshot.
      2. Open it in MS Paint, Photoshop, or GIMP.
      3. Convert/Save it as a 24-bit bitmap image.
      4. Open the image in 7zip. If that does not work then change the file extension to ".zip" and then open it.



    2. Blackmarsh Wilderness

      Black Marsh Wilderness (Nov 28th, 2018) 
      For Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
      By DogOnPorch (Rolf K)
      Includes work/items by:
      Betty (Elbethien)
      + any I missed!
      (much thanks!)
      This is a major overhaul of the Leyawiin area from the Elswyer border to the far East map edge (Cell Line +69). It goes north to about the -29 Cell Line. That's around Fort Blueblood, latitude-wise. To the South...this mod goes all the way to the southern edge (-69 Cell Line).
      As far as what this mod does...
      1. Add greatly to the Leyawiin region: more trees/shrubs/flora/rocks/NPCs/monsters/player homes/etc. Named NPCs have full AI and daily routines. Thy will respawn if they get bumped-off. 
      2. Fixes the too numerous to count sharp terrain conflict lines present in this area.
      3. Adds a massive swampy moor beyond the eastern border regions (Black Marsh). It's HUGE. The terrain had to be mostly painted from scratch as literally nothing existed out there save the odd tree. This area is fully pathed for AI and populated with monsters, etc. Almost all monster spawns are by percentage and many are unleveled...so beware. I'll let you figure-out the rest...
      4. There are no quests...just adventure/treasure. Interiors are copies of stock interiors with some changes here and there. 
      5. This is NOT lore friendly. But it is fair and balanced and ideal for companions like Vilja, etc.
      6. This mod includes Muggrug's Sub-Tropical South as well as a fix for the Niben River/Topal Bay connection based on sny420's mod. So not big enough for ships...by any means. But they do join! Feel free to swap-out Muggrug's trees for others if you so desire. I know some folks prefer other tree types.
      7. It doesn't pay a lot of attention to Argonians, oddly enough. But other familiar themes will soon become apparent while exploring...
      8. Some attention was paid to the Leyawiin/Elswyer border region...mainly sinking annoying floating trees. I think I got them all. This area has long been a bit of a dead zone in most folk's Oblivion.
      9. A permanent guard outside the one gate in Leyawiin near the stable. He just stands there. Poor guy is probably tired so bring him a beer.
      Pretty much anything that affects the Leyawiin region. Black Marsh Wilderness is, however, designed to work with Elsweyr and DLC Vile Lair...hopefully as seamlessly on your rig as it is on mine. I was a big fan of 'Tales From Elsweyr Anequina' until I started building this mod and got a good look at the BIG issues that 'Tales From Elsweyr Anequina' has in terrain painting and how it affects the original Elswyer mod. I don't recommend it in use with this particular set-up. But...experiment if you must.  
      Load Order: Black Marsh should sit *above* Elsweyr and Vile Lair in your load order (using Oblivion Mod Manager available @ Nexus). If you're missing lots of cattails surrounding Leyawiin, some other mod needs to be loaded above Black Marsh. If you have Knights of the Nine active, load it after Black Marsh, as well.
      I made no elevation changes, so smaller mods are likely to still work with only minor conflicts...a bush or rock in the way...etc. Easily fixed in the Construction Set if you're familiar with this program...or let me know and I'll see what I can do.
      Install & Requirements 
      -Empty the Black Marsh Wilderness folder into your Oblivion data folder (meshes/textures/water statics/esp)
      -Border Regions must be disabled (see below for how-to).
      -Oblivion should be patched. Shivering Isles might be required though I don't recall using any of SI's resources. 
      -There might be a landscape tear near Alabaster that has no patch as of yet. However, if you use Land Magic, it will patch it and any other landscape issues you're having.
      I tried to set all trees a bit deeper than usual for those that use mods like 'Natural Environments' by Max Tael which scales-up tree sizes. This should prevent most trees from 'floating' or showing their bases....annoying.
      Cleaning, etc
      -This esp has NOT been cleaned and care should be taken when cleaning if you feel you have to. It's been running for months here in playtesting without trouble. There have been many base terrain textures & grass fixes done and I'm not sure if they'd revert back to the original if the esp cleaned...experiment. Muggrug's Sub Tropical South made some changes to the Leyawiin City World which I'd have prefered he not have...but there are not too many. Leyawiin is a bit of a trainwreck, anyways, in terms of gaps in the walls...sunken walls...and missing fence posts. So if you have a mod that overhauls Leyawiin, itself, run it below Black Marsh in your load order to trump this esp in priority. I made a fix to the Leyawinn Castle that covers the see-through bits along the walls. I think this mesh error was present in both the stock castle and the Imperial Empire-Unique Castles version (which I'm using).

      Just deactivate the esp and delete it. Leaving the few resources behind is not a problem and best left alone if your Oblivion is heavily modded. You never know what other mods use the same resources. Various utilities can be used to handle your mods which many old salts (the majority of Oblivion players, I assume) are already well aware of. If you toggle mods on and off as some do, this can be done safely as far as I can tell...no trouble here.  
      -Imperial Empire-Unique Castles: This is the Leyawiin castle I used while building Black Marsh Wilderness. 
      -A mod that makes Lilly of the Valley give ingredients (missing in Oblivion) is a good idea. I use this one by EggDropSoap: 
      -A mod to add new distant LOD is suggested. I use this one. Run it as instructed to get the new features at a distance.
      -A mod that allows more actors/creatures in a complex scene or fight. Many mods do this, but this one is stand alone. Mass-AI
      -Natural Environments which will make the Black Marsh even more wilderness-y. The weather part has been upgraded by newer mods. But it's still beautiful if a tad buggy. 
      -If frame rates are an issue for you...when aren't they?...I highly recommend using Low Poly Grass so you can enjoy Black Marsh in 'full cattail'...so to speak.
      -Experiencing tears and gaps in your landscape from too many mods playing with the terrain? Try this little marvel out by DarklyDreaming. Land Magic... Dog swears by it.

      Common Complaints:
      Hey...none of my NPCs/critters are moving! 
      This is common in many modded Oblivions where some script is getting in the way *or* some large number of spawn is going over the limit set in Oblivion. In Black Marsh's case, it's the latter. The Oblivion game engine will ~eventually~ get around to issuing them orders. See: Mass-AI in the suggested section if you run into issues.
      I can't see some map markers! 
      I know...Black Marsh extends beyond the map edges (F4) for many cells. I figured this out at some point and stopped marking them...lol. You won't be able to travel to a few locations that are marked unless you have a modded map that allows you to see them.
      This is the first version for public release. It existed as a personal mod for my wife for about a year already.

      In order to reach Black Marsh, you need to disable "Border Regions". 
      Head to your Documents / My Games / Oblivion Folder.
      Look for the "Oblivion.ini" File. Double Click it, and it will open in Notepad.
      Press Ctrl+F to open the "Find Dialogue".
      Type bBorderRegionsEnabled and press "Find".
      Once it's found the line, head to the end of "bBorderRegionsEnabled=1" and change it to: bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 
      Legal Mumbo-jumbo
      Anybody wishing to use this mod in their own project is free to as long as proper credit is given to all the involved parties. Commercial use is forbidden. If for any reason there are objections to Black Marsh Wilderness, please contact me and I'll see what I can do to rectify things. I aim to please. 
      Cheers and Enjoy!
      Rolf (DogOnPorch)
      This MOD is "as-is" and limited release.



    3. DMZ Vortex armor replacer in peaces

      Expect incompatibility and mesh clipping with some armour wore. In future some fixes will be made.
      I am not the creator of original armours! All endorsements go to original creators VortexZz and Darigaz17.
      Edited armours:
      Blades Light & Heavy
      Dark Seducer
      Golden Saint
      Iron (bbb added)
      Light Arena Raiment
      Heavy Arena Raiment (identical to light arena raiment)
      Mythic Dawn Armor
           - Imperial Dragon (Heavy / Light)
           - Imperial Watch (unplayable in vanilla Oblivion)
           - Imperial Palace (unplayable in vanilla Oblivion) 



    4. Celestial

      Have you ever noticed that there are dozens of race mods that add playable devils, demons, and other fiendish races but only a very small selection when it comes to celestial races. Personally I've only seen two and one of them also came with yet another devil race. Don't get me wrong I like a good devil as much as the next guy but I like to see a little more balance when it comes to the battle of good & evil. So I tried my hand at making a new celestial race.
      This one is simply called the Celestial. It is based on the Radiant Glory from Heroes of might and Magic 6 as shown in my source picture. I just didn't want to call them that because I don't like the name, at least not for a race. I did name one of its powers that though. That said its powers are as follows: The ability to cast Light, Heal others on touch, & The ability to walk on water. Fairly simple powers but I thought very flavorful.
      This mod has two esp files so read this carefully. Step one, extract the files into a separate folder. Step two, copy/move the data folder to your Oblivion folder. This will give you the playable race as well as two NPC trainers. Step three is optional and requires the CMpartners found here https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/7819/?tab=1&navtag=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Foblivion%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D7819%26preview%3D&pUp=1 . If you have CMpartners open the folder labeled "CMpartners ESP" and copy/move the ESP file into your Oblivion/Data folder. If you already have the base ESP installed this will over wright it. Once done this will give you all the same features as the base but also add two joinable NPCs.
      All NPCs are located in a chapel except one. The one exception is staying at an inn in the Imperial City's Temple district. Warning, None of the NPCs are essential.
      This mod uses Coolsims hair pack by Lucha & Anto found here https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40172 & I thank them very much not only for a great mod but also for putting an open use notice on it. I love when people do that.
      As will always be, anything I make may be used freely all I ask is that anything you make with it also be freely use able.



    5. Enhanced Daedric Invasion - Revived

      Enhanced Daedric Invasion - Revived
      Release 1
      I merged the esp to the esm, converted the new esm to esp, fixed a bunch of errors in AI packs and some scripting errors.
      ==== ORIGINAL ===
      - quest change:  Now Karina Wolfspeed will accept a combination of 10 Signet Rings and/or Dremora Longswords
      To enhance the action involving the Daedric Invasion of Tamriel
      It would seem that an invasion of the Empire by the forces of Oblivion should be a big deal. Oblivion the game does address the effect of the invasion on the people of Cyrodiil, but not enough. I want to make the invasion come alive, where even if the player doesn't decide to do the main quest exclusively they will still have to deal with it. Wouldnt the Daedra be attacking the cities? Wouldn't other heroes from the Empire be heading out to tackle the bad guys? This is what this mod addresses. It adds more Daedra vs Empire interaction by creating new spawns that force some conflict between the two sides.
      (If you are currently using Beta v7 you SHOULDNT have to do anything like restart a character or uninstall or anything.)
      The EDI questline has this structure:
      Phase 1:  The Captains
      Each city captain has his own quest that you can take on.  Some of these quests are very high in difficulty and I wouldnt recommend for low-level characters.  I wont give away too much of what these quests involve but go talk to each of the EDI Captains at each city.
      Difficulty of quests is in this general order (from low to high):
      (big jump in difficulty from here on)
      Some of the quests can bleed over into the others but they are all pretty straightforward.
      Phase 2:  The Defenders
      After you complete all city quests and the Oblivion invasion has begun (post Kvatch) a new phase will begin.  Just talk to the EDI city captains and they will tell you what you need to do next.  I dont want to give away too much of what you have to do, so I'll let you figure it out.
      - I. Adds new NPC that will go out and search for Daedra at Oblivion Gates. You can find them at all cities except for IC. Each city will have a group of soldiers tasked with attacking open Oblivion Gates in the area. Do you dare head out with them and get a piece of the action?
      - II. Adds new spawnable Imperial Legion/allies at Oblivion Gates. Have you ever stumbled on a random Oblivion Gate and wondered to yourself "why am I the only guy who knows about this? where is the Legion when you need it?" Well know you will have a chance of some help at the gate. After all, this is an invasion of the Empire. you will be able to command these also.
      - Fighters Guild. Many Fighters Guild members have volunteered to go to the Gates to protect the Empire and maybe gain a little glory. In addition to the Volunteers, you may find some more seasoned Fighters Guild Champions out there fighting the good fight.
      - Mages Guild. What better way to fight the invaders than with some good old fashioned magic. Volunteers from the Mages Guild have flocked to the countryside to battle the demonic hordes from Oblivion. Several high-ranking Master-Wizards are rumored to be getting their hands dirty as well.
      - Partisans. These are just normal citizens who have dusted off their weapons and gear from their attics, and headed out to do their part. You will find normal melee, archer, and magic trained commoners out there.
      - Partisan Marauders/Bandits. I guess sometimes war makes some strange bedfellows, and a interplanar invasion makes them even stranger, as groups of Marauders and Bandits have decided to temporarily put their grievances aside with eachother and, well with EVERYONE, and get their thirst for blood quenched by taking on some tourists from Oblivion. Although these tourists arent bringing cameras...
      - Imperial Legion.  The legion is doing all it can to combat the enemy, with soldiers, archers, battlemages, and officers heading out to the battlefield.  Will this be the Legion's finest hour?
      a total of about 50-60 new NPCs make up these groups so there is a good variety of folks showing up now. By and large the Legion has taken up most of the fight, so the other groups will not be as present as them, but they will be there.
      - III. spawnable Imperial Legion/allies INSIDE Oblivion Gates. When you arrive, there could be friendly forces already there. They have the same features as feature 'II' above with the same restrictions.
      NOTE: all appearances by friendlies in II and III above are configurable (see below)
      - IV. Adds additional Daedra spawns to the Oblvion Gate areas. For all of the Oblivion Gates except Kvatch, as the player gets close to them, Daedra will randomly spawn at the gate. The longer you wait, the more Daedra will spawn. The chance of spawning is configurable (see below). After the gate has been destroyed, the spawns will cease. NOTE: these are IN ADDITION to the vanilla spawns that already might show up, 1 to 4 daedra (I dont touch these). Unlike the vanilla spawn lists, however, you could get some Dremora/NPC type daedra, since I have included them in my custom levelled lists. Beta v4 update: Any EDI-spawned Daedra that are created at these gates will be immediately be given an AI package to attack the nearest town OUTER gate.
      NOTE: because these Daedra are 'no low level processing' creatures, the effect of giving them AI packages to attack the cities might be minimal. If there are no good guys around that attack these guys and distract them, and you don't attack them, they should proceed towards the town. In order for them to get there, you will have to follow them so the game-engine keep processing them. I only added this feature because people kept asking for it.
      - V. Adds Daedra spawns in two other locations. A) just outside of cities and B.) within the walls of the cities. Whenever the player is near the outskirts of a city or within its walls (but not indoors), Daedra have random chances of showing up at the city gates. The base chance is configurable (see below). In addition, the base chance is also dependent on how many open gates are in the vicinity of the city, so its very dynamic.
      - VI. Adds in random Dremora War Parties. Their likelihood of spawning and the size of the party is configurable (see below). These guys have been set to allow low-level processing so they will move to the city no matter what you are doing, and you dont have to be near them to make them move. So you may run into them in the wilderness on the way or after they have already got to their target city. Each war party will be commanded by a Chieftain a pretty beefed up Dremora, and the party will be then made up of Dremora Soldiers, Archers, and Mages. They are not to be taken lightly. They will travel to the targeted city, either to just outside the city or inside the city, its configurable (see below).
      - VII. Generic Battle Control. Area of effect spells are used to keep the civilians and guards from killing eachother from friendly fire when the daedra attack. Its not perfect but its as good as I can get it. If you really are scared of daedra attacking into the city, just use the config (see below) to set the "inside cities" to 0. That will prevent daedra from spawning right inside the gate, but daedra CAN still follow fleeing people into the city.
      - VIII.  Getting the good guys to join up with you.  All allies added by EDI (and ones already in your game) will be commandable by the player when certain criteria is met.  Summarized below...
      Partisan Civilians
      - must have closed 5 gates OR
      - fame of 60+ OR
      - Grand Champion of Arena
      Partisan Bandit/Marauder Grunts
      - must have closed 5 gates OR
      - infamy of 30+
      - Grand Champion of Arena
      Mages Guild Grunts
      - must have closed 5 gates OR
      - rank of 4 in Mages Guild (Conjurer)
      Fighters Guild Grunts
      - must have closed 5 gates OR
      - rank of 4 in Fighters Guild (Protector)
      Imperial Legion Grunts
      - must have closed 10 gates
      ANY Partisan/Bandit incl. Bosses
      - must have killed 1000 NPCs OR
      - must have murdered 50 NPCs
      ANY Fighters Guild incl. Champions
      - must be Master of Fighters Guild
      ANY Mages Guild incl. Master Wizards
      - must be Arch-Mage
      ANY spawnable EDI NPC (all of the above AND spawnable Imperial Legion Officers) PLUS
      ANY Normal non-EDI NPC in the game that has 50+ Responsibility, 70+ Confidence, and 80+ Disposition to Player
      - must have closed 20 gates OR
      - must have 110+ Fame
      Finally, the hardest group, ANY of the EDI non-spawning City Soldier groups
      - must have completed all of the EDI City Soldier quests (will be about 10-15 quests)

      EDI will now come in a ESM/ESP combo. the ESM will contain all the new content (NPCs, quests, scripts, objects), and the ESP will contain any vanilla objects EDI overwrites. I removed the compatability PATCHES.  If you run EDI with FCOM just use the nice FCOM_EnhancedDaedricInvasion plugin that comes with FCOM.  For any other mods, the compatability issues are very minor and shouldnt effect gameplay, since they are just some minor faction relationship tweaks.  You will be able to play the whole EDI questline with no problems.  
      To install, just put the ESM and ESP into your /Data directory. Activate the plugins and You are done!!
      It doesnt matter what order you put the ESM or ESP in, but if you are running FCOM, just put the "FCOM_EnhancedDaedricInvasion.esp" after the FCOM_Convergence.esp AND the EDI.esp.
      A configuration menu with all configuration options is now provided with EDI. You bring up the menu by going to the console (hitting the tilde ` key) type the following:
      startQuest EDIConfig
      a large menu will popup and will give you many options:
      - set percentage chance of Daedra being formed just outside the cities. For example, setting it to '1' means there is a 1% chance every 5 seconds of producing a levelled list creature in the secret rally area just around the city. The levelled list it produces is a 25% list, meaning that in effect you will be running a one-quarter of one-percent chance (0.25%), so on average, 1 group created every 2000 seconds. REMEMBER: this is only running when you are NEAR the particular city. Also remember that the base percentage is also affected by how many oblivion gates are actually open around the city. Most cities have around 15-20 possible gates around them, and for each 5 that are open, the base percentage is risen by 1. So if 15 gates are open near the city (unlikely), the effective percentage is 3% * 25%, which ends up as 0.75% chance, or one group every 625 seconds or so.
      - set percentage chance of Daedra being spawned right into the cities. Every 5 seconds that you are in the confines of a city (not indoors) there is a chance of daedra being formed just inside the city gate. All of the same rules of the 'outside' daedra (above) are in play here, so I wont explain it in detail again.
      - set percentage chance of Daedra being spawned AT oblivion gates. Every 5 seconds that you are near an OPEN oblivion gate, daedra could be spawned coming out of the Oblivion Gate. This is NOT the same kind of levelled list as the ones above, and has a 100% chance of spawning if the random number check passes. It also isnt affected by the number of gates open in the area, so whatever you select in this menu, thats it, straight up.
      - War Party has its own SUBMENU. War Parties are generated every 20 seconds at ONE random open gate, depending on the percent chance. When the party is generated, it will be comprised of some number between the MIN and MAX you set. Every war party will have as a default one Chieftain, and then the rest will be assorted Soldiers, Archers, and Mages. You cannot set the MIN to 0, instead if you want none, just set the percentage to 0 and no war parties will form. You can also set the max number of Dremora this process will have active in the game at one time, by configuring the "Max Dremora Anywhere" option on the menu.  Remember this number is the max number of INDIVIDUAL Dremora, not number of war parties.
      There are two SUBMENUS for friendly config...
      - As you arrive at the area around an Oblivion Gate, a group of Friendly forces can be spawned, depending on the percent chance. When the group is generated, it will be comprised of some number between the MIN and MAX you set. You cannot set the MIN to 0, instead if you want none, just set the percentage to 0 and no allies will form.
      - As you arrive INSIDE an Oblivion Gate, a group of Friendly forces can be spawned, depending on the percent chance. When the group is generated, it will be comprised of some number between the MIN and MAX you set. You cannot set the MIN to 0, instead if you want none, just set the percentage to 0 and no allies will form.
      I provide a EASY-MEDIUM-HARD choice for oveall difficulty settings.  If you dont want to think too hard on configuration just choose one of these.  You can then go to any of the specific settings and see what is currently selected.
      There are two settings you can toggle in the menu to make EDI more challenging
      - a variable EDI.warPartyAttackIntoCities can be set to 1, if you choose. If it is set to 1, any generated Dremora War Parties (see above) will travel INSIDE the target city instead of just outside the gate. This can be set back and forth from 0 to 1 at your choice. However, any war parties still alive prior to you setting this will be under the previous setting's orders.
      - a variable EDI.startInvation can be set to 1. If it is set to 1, in effect, the Daedric Invasion that normally starts after the "Finding the Heir" quest is completed will now be moved up to start immediately. This will not setStage on any quest, and it will NOT break the main quest in any way, it will simply allow gates to start opening randomly around Tamriel. It will also allow any features in EDI that require the invasion to be underway, like commanding EDI friendly troops. Once it is set to 1, you cannot set it back, so think long and hard about it before setting it to 1. If you try to be cute and set it back to 0 using the console, It will probably break alot of scripts and quests, so do it at your own risk. I warned you. Just load a saved game prior to setting it to 1 and you will be fine. Once you pass the Kvatch quest, the vanilla Main Quest will take over the opening and closing of the gates.
      there is only one compatibility setting...
      So far I have only ran into one mod that I can make EDI compatible with without using compatibility patches, and that is QUARN'S OBLIVION GATE MAP MARKER REMOVER v1.1. His mod basicall makes the Map Markers go away when the gate is closed, and possibly reappear if you have set the gates to reopen. To make EDI compatible with this mod, simply toggle the setting on this page to 1. WARNING: The default value of this variable is 0, meaning it is assuming you dont have Quarn's mod. If you dont use that mod, then you dont have to do anything. So only do this if you use that mod!! If you set that variable to 1 and you DONT use that mod, or if you leave it at 0 but DO use the mod, it may totally screwup the Daedra spawns at the Oblivion Gates. its a simple 2 second job to set it correctly, so just do it, will ya (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif)

      Example Load Order (for FCOM)
      Enhanced Daedric Invasion.esm
      FCOM_Convergence.esm (the order of the ESMs doesnt matter)
      Enhanced Daedric Invasion.esp
      simple isnt it?

      Upcoming Features
      - I dont know really.  Maybe Blades or Mythic Dawn



    6. CM moonelves REPACKAGED

      Hey guys,
      This mod is by no means my content. It is something that abriael made a long time ago but that is now incompatible with Xenius' races. What is different in this mod. I just changed the dependancies since the mod author has abandoned the mod for a long time now as it seems so i took it on myself to do it in his place. If for some reason he comes back and does it himself, this will probably be deleted. But that is highly unlikely since he hasn't been active fore a couple of years now.
      The mod should already be structured accordingly, so just unpack and past it in the NORMAL oblivion folder (again NOT data folder but the one before it, if i see someone claiming that they can't find it in their load order THAT is probably the reason why). Also you still need the Original mod for this to work since this is only a .esp file so overwrite it when it asks to.
      Anyway have fun with this little bundle of joy.



    7. CombatOmega

      Combat Omega
      A combat mod that alters/merges Deadly Reflexes 5, Denock Arrow, Finite Ammo, Eagle Eye Realistic Archery, Duke Patricks Actors Can Miss, Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Alert Npcs, Duke Patricks Near Miss Magic and Arrows Alert, SM EncAndFatigue, Sm Combat Hide, Ragna Parry, Unequip Broken Armor, Average Run Speed, Throw Any Weapon, Stealth Redone, Stealth Overhaul Redux, Double Tap Dodge
      I removed the enemy explode spell completly, all horse related stuff since it wasn't in use in this version, stopped the npcanger spell from being added to the player, removed the dodge/flip system in favor of another and various other script changes.
      Stealth Overhaul Redux
      Removed assassination spells, set to use CombatOmega.ini
      SM mods and UBA
      Altered scripts and quest names to make all 3 use CombatOmega.ini
      The rest are just merged in.
      === Thanks and credits to ===
      -Skycaptain for DR5 and everyone in his readme == included == Both for instruction and credits
      -HeX for Throw Any Weapon and everyone in his readme == included == Both for instruction and credits
      -Maskar for Uneqip Broken Armor
      -Strategy Master for Combat hide and EncAndFatigue
      -Ragna for Ragna Parry
      -Pashok for "Eagle Eye" Realistic Archery Mod
      -Sca for the Duke Patricks mods
      -Scruggs for Denock Arrow
      -Ocfordite for Finite Ammo
      -Seldalore for Average Run speed
      -Samuro_ for Stealth Redone
      -JOG for Stealth Overhaul
      -Sandman53 for Stealth Overhaul Redux
      -Documn for Double Tap Dodge
      If you are receiving an error about SM Bounty, I had accidentally uploaded a mistake. Bounty was meant to be removed, to make for better compatibility with other mods that would alter such.
      If you want to use SM Regional Bounty, it is compatible.
      11-5-17 UPDATE!!
      The new esp fixes that green expanding magic effect. As in, it's gone. This make throwing more stable and much less like to crash the game.



    8. ITS ALIVE!!

      Happy Halloween everyone. In the name of the holiday I present a classic monster with an Elder scrolls twist. Frankenstein's monster or the Frankensteinian as I have called it is a tough race built to take a hit really well. Unfortunately just about everyone hates it. This race suffers reaction penalties from all but one of the races. The only ones that give a positive reaction are the orcs who relate to the monsters brutish nature and lack of social grace.
      I have included the psd files in the extras folder for easy editing if you wanted to customize your own monster. Personally I use a few components from IAJOT race replacer https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40284/? Since I have a few of its components installed. I wanted to include these as alternate textures but I had to get multiple permissions from different people and I was running out of time to get this out for October.
      Anyway this is my first real mod so I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think. Anything I make is open use. Feel free to use any of it, no asking necessary.



    9. Dragon Wing Flight

      Dragon Wing Flight
      This will give you a lesser power called Flight Settings.
      To set your flight key
      1. Select the spell "Flight Settings"
      2. Hold down the button you wish to use for flying.
      3. While still holding your flight key, cast the spell.
      You should now see a message box telling you you know how to fly. Sweet!
      Now you have a new lesser power called "Summon Wings"
      Cast to add/remove wings.
      You cannot fly without the wings.
      If you want to rest your flight key, simply cast the settings spell again, which will remove the flying ability, then follow the steps above to set your new key.
      HOW TO FLY
      1. Did you set your key?
      2. Are your wings equipped?
      Good, then run DO NOT USE AUTO RUN!!!, hold down your flight key and jump.
      You should be holding 3 keys down when you jump, the jump button being a 4th.
      Press the space bar to glide (it's important, flying uses fatigue) pres again to fly again.
      You will be in sneak, I suggest not leaving sneak. Issues arise if you land/crash at anything other than the lowest speed.
      You do not need to press W A S D, while flying, you will be auto moving.
      Apparently, you can grab stuff. I have been unsuccessful, but I think it works.
      You can knock people over, fun but illegal. You will get a bounty against friendlies. Neat to knock a bandit down, run over fast enough while drawing a sword and stabbing through the bandits chest..... or whatever you might do to someone who's knocked down.
      I hope people find this fun and useful in other mods.
      Drake the Dragon - wings
      gulogulo, Saltare & qwertymaster - flight script
      everyone who I wish I knew where those textures came from..... just found them in my texture folders and played.



    10. linen tunic break armor meshes


      This archive contains break meshes of linen tunic (lower class clothes, there is a shirt only).
      Female clothes match B-cup upperbody
      Male version was made by me from Roberts Muscularupperbody
      All female meshes have got better bouncing boobs and butts animations support.
      To install the mod you should simply unpack the archive in temporary location and move it to Oblivion/Data folder or use wryeBash/ObMM.
      I use different from vanilla meshes, make backup of meshes/clothes/lowerclass/05 folder if needed.
      You need to use break armor framework to get the mesh swap at last (Use the latest one).
      It is desireble to use bbb animations also. You may use Mesh Extended Swap mod for better expirience and fun.
      1.I expect some framerate drop in cities, no clipping.
      2. Male bodies look more bright in comparison to body colour somehow.
      If you are a happy user of Oblivion Reloaded mod - disable skin shader in olivionreloaded.ini in Obse/plugins folder. It helped me a bit.
      Also, Oblivion character overhaul mod may change texture overriding - you may get darker/lighter bare hands/feet
      3. Get wet mod may make your body transparent when you are in the rain or water.
      Terms of use
      You can free to do anithing with it, edit and distribute. Have fun and inform me about glitches you'll find.
      Coronerra for skeleton
      Bethesda for original game
      Senchan for male mesh from Robert Male Muscular Stock Clothing and Armor
      Oblivion modding community for break armor framework
      Shademe for Blockhead mod
      amnoone for Mesh Extended Swap mod
      niftools.sourceforge team for Nifskope
      Blender Foundation team for Blender



    11. dark green vest and leather pants break armor meshes

      Description in short:
      This archive contains break meshes of dark green vest and leather pants (lower class clothes).
      Female clothes match LL HGEC lowerbody and B-cup upperbody
      Male version was made by me from Roberts Muscular lower/upperbodies
      All female meshes have got better bouncing boobs and butts animations support.
      To install the mod you should simply unpack the archive in temporary location and move it to Oblivion/Data folder or use wryeBash/ObMM.
      I use different from vanilla meshes, make backup of meshes/clothes/lowerclass/05 folder if needed.
      You need to use break armor framework to get the mesh swap at last (Use the latest one).
      It is desireble to use bbb animations also. You may use Mesh Extended Swap mod for better expirience and fun.
      1.I expect some minor mesh clipping (Female skin flickers on butt, males - on shoulders) and framerate drop in cities.
      2. Male bodies look more bright in comparison to body colour somehow.
      If you are a happy user of Oblivion Reloaded mod - disable skin shader in olivionreloaded.ini in Obse/plugins folder. It helped me a bit.
      Also, Oblivion character overhaul mod may change texture overriding - you may get darker/lighter bare hands/feet
      3. Get wet mod may make your body transparent when you are in the rain or water.
      Terms of use
      You can free to do anithing with it, edit and distribute. Have fun and inform me about glitches you'll find.
      Coronerra for skeleton
      Bethesda for original game
      Grhys for female mesh
      Senchan for male mesh from Robert Male Muscular Stock Clothing and Armor
      Oblivion modding community for break armor framework
      Shademe for Blockhead mod
      amnoone for Mesh Extended Swap mod
      niftools.sourceforge team for Nifskope
      Blender Foundation team for Blender



    12. vanilla loincloth break meshes

      This archive contains break meshes of loincloth clothes. You need to use break armor framework to get the mesh swap.
      It is desireble to use bbb animations also.
      I expect some minor mesh clipping and framework drop in cities.
      To install the mod you should simply unpack the archive in temporary location and move it to Oblivion/Data folder or use wryeBash/ObMM.
      I use different from vanilla meshes, make backup of meshes/clothes/lowerclass/05 folder if needed.
      Terms of use
      You can free to do anithing with it, edit and distribute.
      Coronerra for skeleton
      Bethesda for original and buggy game
      Grhys for female mesh
      Senchan for male mesh from Robert Male Muscular Stock Clothing and Armor
      micalov for used mesh
      Oblivion modding community for break armor framework



    13. BBB-DR6-UVII-Skeleton-Patch 0_9_3

      For those lost seven souls xD of you who follow the file as of March 16 2017; this is just the additional information concerning the file - no file update being made here.
      Please use Supierce's LAPF Enhanced 1st Person Skeleton 1.3 instead. This skeleton is obsolete if you want use LAPF.
      Anyone who knows the author of this skeleton patch please let me know his/her nickname. I dunno who to credit.
      Is this person called BEskind?

      You can't use this skeleton with Unnecessary Violence iii - Critical Mess. It won't work.
      Unnecessary Violence iii - Critical Mess has been deemed non-functional with Deadly Reflex 6. You can run both mods without CTDs & crashes but you won't be able to experience neither mod to the fullest experience.
      patchr: BEskind
      UPDATE: this patch also makes BBB work with Unnecessary Violence II !
      All respect goes to the authors of these great mods. This is my personal patch to combine them.
      *** PLEASE ENDORSE when it works for you. ***
      ## ABOUT THIS PATCH ##
      This patch allows you to use BBB with Deadly Reflex 6b1 and/or Unnecessary Violence II !
      This patch fixes 3 issues when using BBB with DR6/UVII
      It fixes the camera being too tall
      It fixes the 1st person view being rotated
      It fixes the graphical glitches (infinity meshes)
      ## REQUIRED FILES ##
      ---Unnecessary Violence II - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=40310
      ---Deadly Reflex v6b1 - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8273
      ---Universal Skeleton Nif - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37596
      Or you can use:
      ---Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeleton - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=27945
      ---(any BBB skeleton just about)
      USE THIS PATCH TO FIX 1st Person
      ---BBB-DR6-UVII-Skeleton-Patch - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=40482
      ## INSTALLATION ##
      SUGGESTED: BACKUP your skeleton.nif file in \Data\Meshes\Characters\_1stperson\
      For OMOD:
      1. Simply activate this patch after all your other related mods - CLICK REPLACE!*
      *must overwrite skeleton.nif in \Data\Meshes\Characters\_1stperson
      For ZIP:
      1. Unzip this into Oblivion Folder - CLICK REPLACE!*
      Should look like this:
      < Unnecessary Violence II >
      < Deadly Reflex 6b1 >
      < Any BBB packs (armor, skins, animations) >
      < Universal Skeleton Nif (sometimes included in BBB packs) >
      1. Delete skeleton.nif file in \Data\Meshes\Characters\_1stperson\
      2. Use the BACKUP to revert to your old skeleton.
      ## GUARANTEE ##
      This patch will make Universal Skeleton Nif work with UVII / DR6b1 (and in turn make BBB work with them).
      ## NOTES ##
      ON UNNECESSARY VIOLENCE: A relevant portion of Hex's readme is reproduced here:
      If you want to use BBB bodies then you will need the DR6-BBB compatibility fix on the nexus. YOU WILL ALSO HAVE TO DISABLE SKELETON SWITCHING IN THE UVII INI, WHICH MEANS NO AMPUTATIONS. *but you still get to impale, throw, and decapitate...
      If you want to use it with Deadly Reflex you will have to install the resources of deadly reflex AFTER those of UVII or some DR animations may end up returning to their vanilla versions.
      Similarly, if you wish to use Deadly Reflex you will need to download [Hex's] compatibility fix which lets DR make use of the latest versions of NifSE (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=40336)
      ON PERMISSION to use Growlf's Universal skeleton, in his readme it says: "Permission is generally granted for further development." I consider this a further development as a patch to make it work better with two other mods!
      After some testing I have found that this patch works perfectly with:
      Set Body Spell http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=27724
      Growlfs Body Resizing Mod http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=31955)
      ## TOOLS ##
      ## CREDITS ##
      HeX_0ff - for the amazing Unnecessary Violence II - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=40310
      Skycaptain - for his mod Deadly Reflex - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8273
      Growlf - for making Universal Skeleton Nif - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37596
      Yarharhar - who Skycaptain credits for the skeleton he's using.
      Coronerra for his Maximum Compatibility Skeleton and contributions to BBB
      As far as I can tell, I am freely able to use the two skeletons that I modified to make this patch!



    14. Outlaw Life

      Outlaw Life
      Requires Alternative Beginnings by Arthmoor and choosing the Outlaw start
      Choosing Outlaw in the wilds option in Arthmoors Alternative Beginnings will now start you in the Highwayman Hideaway cave instead of
      outside Fort Ash. It will start the Highwayman Rob Anybody quest that adds the dialogue allowing you to be a highwayman
      If you want to know how a particular piece of this works or what it does, all original readmes are included.
      ======= Thanks to =======
      David Brasher for Highwayman - Rob Anybody
      Kimosabe04 for Highwayman Hideaway
      DuggeDank & Haldar1248 & pkkjp for all the work on Jail Shackles
      directorrick7 for Jail Break Escape Routes
      Syclonix for Hear No Evil
      kuertee & Povuholo for Crime Has Witnesses with Responsibility Tweak
      Seldalore for Stolen Item Ownership
      Removed the menu option, I couldn't get the shackle adding to fire properly. So, if you want the shackles, get arrested.
      You start in your very own little cave with a bounty of 500 and 5 infamy ( from Alt Begin) nice place
      Pics from original hideaway mod. This one is a bit darker (it is a cave) but my version is player owned
      Edit: 2-11-17
      Added a new esp that doesn't require Alternative Beginnings to have compatibility with other alt start mods. It still requires the resources from the original version.



    15. Alternative injector for Darigaz' DMZ armors

      Quick-made mod for better demonstration of DMZ Armors
      0) armors are added to merchant (Morwain, Anvil; repeatedly, if already bought) chest via script, not by direct edit (less conflict chance);
      1) placeholder male vanila models added:
      a) DarkBrotherhood Male armor for Shrouded;
      b order armor for Brusef Amelion, Mithril, Iron, and Ebony;
      c) arena light blue male armor for Glass and Chainmail;
      2) some armorsuit weights are edited to my preferences: for example, 160 seems too much even for Ebony set;
      3) six(iirc) girls (some vanila races i like), who could wear some variants of DMZ armor are added by script to vanila "Orc Adventurer" actor list; so they can arrive instead of vanila orc at corresponding locations;
      all gals have additional ai-packs for sleep, and search for weapons when disarmed (for any weapon when in combat, or their specific - if not);
      their armor "preferences" are also groupped by their classes: DMZ-heavy, DMZ-light and "lightest"(thief-style);
      JFYI: vanila Orc-adventurer random-chance locations are: Dzonot cave, Talwinque, HrotandaVale, FortNomore, Niryastare02, ArrowshaftCavern03, GrayrockCave02, KingscrestCavern03, KindredCavern02, FortUrasek02, Rielle, DoomedMine, FortBlackBoot, FortDoubleCross, Nornal03, FortChalman.
      This mod should be used instead of original Darigaz's .esp, all other resources from original mod are neccessary.
      All questions about this mod [mal]function should be addressed to me, emo877 (please do not bother the author of original mod).
      Big thanks to Darigaz17 for beautiful armors.
      UPD: look into "support thread", there could be (+1 now) newer versions.



    16. A CM female daedra based on Divine Avengers mod and Nuska's OCO dremora

      As the title suggests this mod provides a .esp that only changes the face of the Original mod Divine Avenger made. I own nothing of this content but the changes i made. As such all credits go to Divine Avengers mod on the nexus called "A CM partner companion female dremora Aanila" and nuska from OCO2 for making the textures.
      Note: Both of these mods are NOT included in this download. Therefore you have to download BOTH these mods first before you download my changes. I am aware that the perms on the nexus state that i can't make changes to Divine Avengers mod without his permission but since he hasn't responded to that page for two years i hope the coast is clear. If the administrators of this site feel the need to remove this upload so be it.
      Install instructions:
      Just download the two before mentioned files and then let my .esp overwrite DA's.
      Note2: the reason why i didn't put any links is because for some reason the links don't seem to work very well when they are aimed straight at oblivion Nexus fr some reason. You are better off using google to find the required mods. (hence why DA's mod is rephrased word by word to make it easier to find)



    17. Expanded Greetings

      This mod will allow NPCs to recognize all of the player character's talents and make the skill-based dialogue greetings (such as "you're a sneaky looking sort" and "look at the muscles on you!") less redundant once the player has reached high levels.
      The reason these dialogue lines may have never been spoken depends on what order the playable character's skills increased throughout the game. Eventually, once most/all skills have been maxed, the dialogue gets "stuck" at the top of the dialogue tree.
      The only modifications are the conditions that regulate how an NPC greets the playable character. Not only does this expand talent-based greetings, but also recover the generic "hello" greetings that are lost as the character becomes more powerful and famous/infamous.

      Testing the Mod

      Make sure the playable character has at least two attributes that are 70+ or two skills that are 70+. Otherwise, effects will not be experienced until later. Go up to NPCs (Imperial City Market will have the most during the day). They will usually greet the player with a generic "hello" dialogue line but other times they will comment on the player's skills.


      AFK Mods Assimilation Lab Dark Creations Mod DB Nexus Mods TES Alliance



    18. Daedric Museum of Artifacts

      These mods are required to play Daedric Museum of Artifacts.

      Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice

      Some content is only accessible when the following DLC expansions have been installed.

      Knights of the Nine Mehrunes' Razor Shivering Isles

      This adds a museum to safely store & display all of the Daedric artifacts you've acquired throughout the game. The museum is south of Bruma along the Orange Road.
      Additionally, each Daedric Lord's statue doubles as a teleporter to that Lord's shrine in Cyrodiil. Some of the statues have additional locations. Sheogorath's statue, for example, acts as an alternative gateway to the Shivering Isles after you complete the Shivering Isles main quest.
      The museum also contains other Daedra related exhibits for the player to view.

      Museum Rooms
      Serves as a gateway to the rest of the museum
      Museum of Artifacts
      Display/storage area for all unique Daedric artifacts Daedric shrines that can be activated to teleport the player to the Daedric shrine or related location Shivering Isles: Pedestals for Sheogorath artifacts from the Shivering Isles Mehrunes' Razor: Pedestal for Mehrunes' Razor
      Museum of Lords
      Mannequin displays of the live Daedric Lords featured throughout the game Shivering Isles: Sheogroath & Jyggalag displays
      Museum of Daedra
      Mannequin displays of the live Daedra featured throughout the game Shivering Isles: Displays of Daedra from the Shivering Isles Knights of the Nine: Auroran display
      Museum of Relics
      Preset displays of miscellaneous Daedric items seen and acquired throughout the game Shivering Isles: Displays of Golden Saint, Dark Seducer, and Order equipment


      AFK Mods Assimilation Lab Dark Creations Mod DB Nexus Mods TES Alliance

      Versions for Other The Elder Scrolls Games
      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition



    19. Mod Organizer Profiles Manager

      Download from here to maintain only one copy.



      An application that synchronizes mod order between profiles for Mod Organizer. So for example if you makes changes in one profile, the order is copied to other profiles within the same profile group.


      Right click to get context menu.
      [1] Contains path for all Mod Organizer installations whose profile you wish to monitor. You add a new path using the textbox below it and pressing [Add] button.
      [2] List of profile for selected Mod Organizer from pane [1]. Profiles are grouped so if you make changes to profile "Alpha 1" the order will only be copied to "Alpha 2" which belongs to the same profile group (Cyan - hotkey 2). You change the group profile by selecting it and just pressing the hokey using the legend for reference. Grayed out profiles are not monitored. The copy button below is for manual copy of selected profile in listbox to the one in the combobox. All function can be accessed through the context menu shown in the image. Right click to access it.
      [3] Output log, listing all copies being made.
      [4] The rest of the buttons are pretty obvious: Clear log, Toggle MOPM Monitoring...



    20. WalkAnimSwitcher

      WalkAnimSwitcher v1.0


      This mod is a lightweight and optimized plugin that allows you to switch between different bundled Forward Walking Animations ingame via a hotkey. The default hotkeys are Page Up and Page Down.
      Of course all hotkeys can be changed via an ini configuration file. Additionally there is another hotkey that allows you to add more or less bounce to the BBB enabled animation.
      This mod also bundles most of the Forward Walking Animations I could find. All Female Animations are BBB enabled.
      Additionally there is a spell that allows you to modify NPC walking animations on the fly. By default only female anims are applied to female NPCs and vice versa. This can be disabled in the ini.
      When the game is loaded the last picked walking anim is applied to the player, this however does not apply to NPC anims, you will have to use the spell on them again.
      To be compatible to your existing Animations only the Forward Walking Animation is replaced. (With tbsk Improved Walk as the only exception)
      Here are all the Walking Animations:
      ; WalkAnim17 - sinkpoint Manly Stride; WalkAnim16 - tbsk Improved Walk; WalkAnim15 - Mur_Zik normal speed real walk; WalkAnim15 - Mur_Zik 25% slower real walk; WalkAnim14 - Mur_Zik 50% slower real walk; WalkAnim13 - Mur_Zik 50% faster sexy walk with facial expressions; WalkAnim12 - Mur_Zik 25% faster sexy walk with facial expressions; WalkAnim11 - Mur_Zik original slow sexy walk; WalkAnim10 - Mur_Zik slow sexy walk BBB tweaked no expression; WalkAnim9 - Umpa sexy walk with hand on hip; WalkAnim8 - Womans Move more feminine; WalkAnim7 - Womans Move more feminine slower walk; WalkAnim6 - Womans Move; WalkAnim5 - Womans Move slower walk; WalkAnim4 - Pretty Woman Walk; WalkAnim3 - Pretty Woman Slower Walk; WalkAnim2 - Pretty Woman Slowest Walk; WalkAnim1 - Default Oblivion walk with BBB; WalkAnim - No animations (Useful to return to your pre-installed anims)
      Known Issues:
      I feel obligated to tell you that this mod relies on the Update3d function used on the player, which creates a backgound thread that reloads facedata, hair, etc of the player. As Oblivion is horribly coded for multithreading this in some cases results in a game crash. There is no way around this atm. However this is usually only the case in heavily modded games, so I suggest to keep your mod count below 150.
      So in general to see if this mod works on your character you can try this:
      Load your game
      Open console and type showracemenu, press enter
      Game crash? Then this mod will crash your game with a high possibility on startup or when you switch anims.
      No game crash? Enjoy!
      OBSE v0020
      Manual: Move into your data folder and activate it in the Modmanager. No worries nothing is overwritten.
      Mod Organizer: Install and activate
      Version History:
      1.0 - Release
      Mur_Zik and Surazal for Real Walk and famous Sexy Walk
      beni and amsterdam2019 for Pretty Woman
      nao4288 for Womans Move
      Umpa for sexy walk with hand on hip
      tbsk for Improved Posture and Walk
      sinkpoint for Manly Stride
      Bethesda for making their TES games moddable and thus immortal
      You for still playing my favorite game
      You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me and all the other authors above credit if you distribute any part of this file.



    21. My Save the Babes Mod WIP

      Here is another "console time" saver for those who take the time to "bring" back numerious in-game hotties from the dead.
      IN-game you are often unable to consummate any type of relationship with these NPC's and it's a shame because I and many other modder's spend a lot of time making them worth looking at in the first place.
      To be able to "save" any of the babes I've done so far you will need to find a priest who is NOT a follower. Or at least not currently following you or someone else.
      Everything is dialogue driven and if you want to change what factions they get when they come back or what factions I take away, you're gonna have to crack open the CS and change 'em.
      Most of the evil ones get the HORSEPC faction, because your horse LOVES you.
      IF it was an evil necro, I'll put them in the mages guild with the idea that your actions "REFORMED" them.
      I think the boat bandits get put into the Thieves Guild. Something that makes sense based upon their actions BEFORE you KILLED them. (or had them sent to jail, i.e., Myryna Arano, or is it spelled the other way? <shrugs>)
      Haven't gotten very far because usually I just console all this, but for those who LOATHE doing that, here's a more immersive way to "Save a Babe."
      IF you have a favorite, please let me know and I'll include them in the next update.
      Done so far:
      Capt Renault
      Yellow Team Arena Champion
      Chanel (Depends upon if you ratted her out of course. I always do, because the countess has a better greeting that way.)
      Arielle Jurard
      Signy Homewrecker
      Faustina Carta
      MaelonaGuard - YES, you will have TWO Maelona's to play with. (I always edit her GREETINGS to "say once" all that quest related guard crap.)
      Saveri Faram
      Biene Amelion
      Jolie Retiene
      Marie Alouette
      Camilla Lollia
      Jeanne Frasoric
      Selena Orania
      Hrota Cave Hotties - Thiirchel, Idrolian, Denilwen, & Githriian.
      Noveni Othram
      Three Fighter's guild hotties from Forsaken Mine.
      Rayelynn the Gravefinder.
      Mariette Rielle
      Margarette Diel
      Planned but not implemented:
      2. Roxy Aeric (spelling)
      3. Gogan's Cronnies
      4. Darma IF she's dead.
      5. Any female that gets DISABLED during a quest for no good reason.
      Special thanks to Gaebriel for his input.
      BUGS - Eletta won't enter into dialogue. Her script should allow it, because it only checks to see if her REF is dead, then sets the quest stage. Don't want to mess with her script so, she's mostly just eye-candy.
      IF you don't see the NPC suddenly appear when you ask the priest to resurrect them but you DO get a set stage notification that it was done, then SAVE your game right there and reload it. The NPC should suddenly show up then. Not sure why that happens but it does.
      My Save the Babes Mod UOP PATCH:
      USE ONLY AFTER SANGUINE QUEST IS COMPLETED. MAY BE MERGED IN TO BASHED PATCH. Changes script to allow the enabling of a Enable Parent Ref. UOP edits this same script which is only necessary during the quest and is irrelevant after quest completion.



    22. House of the Redguard OB - by DavideMitra

      House of the Redguard OB

      - by DavideMitra -





      "A beautiful, completely custom, Redguard Estate located inside of Anvil walls.

      A lovely piece of Hammerfell inspired by Alik'r Desert design and architecture."

      Despite the mod name, the building isn't strictly Redguard-themed: it can also be adapted to a Khajiit bornt in the Anequina Desert.

      No DLCs required :-)


      - MOD FEATURES -

      The building and a lot of related objects are hand-made: I only used vanilla assets and, as always, I refused to use modder's resources! Of course, I also had to use Nifskope to do some retextures and to create a static copy of some items.

      No annoying loading screens: the house is completely exterior!

      Don't worry, it will never rain through the roof! Inside of Anvil Worldspace I created a new sub-region that will force the weather to be only sunny/cloudy/foggy but not rainy!

      Immersive containers! No more boring containers like sacks and barrels: now groups of my objects act like a single container.

      Special furniture available: for instance, sit down on the carpet and "smoke" the Hookah!

      Lore-linked (but not lore-related) very powerful multi-enchanted cutlass that will bring you a more balanced combat experience: for instance, force spellcasters to a pure melee-fight!

      Other lore-linked (but not lore-related) artifacts: the Aegis of Sentinel and the Amulet of Satakal - the Redguard snake God of Everything.

      A lamp will automatically lit during nightime and eventually unlit during daytime: inside of the building it will never be dark!

      .esp file already cleaned with TES4Edit. Ready to use and safe to use!


      !!! HAVE FUN !!!



    23. House in Combo

      This is a compilation and touch-up of zeo's House in Box/Land/Riverside/Kitchen mod series, combining it from 1 esm and 4 esps into a single one. It includes all their neat armor, clothing and weapons. Best I can tell, it's references to...Sol Badbuy from Guilty Gear, Lilia from the Ys series, Ymir from Queen's Blade, and...I think Nagi no Asukara, but I'm not sure about that last one or any of the other sets included. I've done my best to name/differentiate the different pieces from each other, put bust sizes for chest pieces in parenthesis, and made sure everything's available. Removed any engrish/corrupt characters, properly linked all the cells so nothing weird happens, added a few NPCs for ambiance. Nothing in this mod is my original work! Unless someone points out something that should be added or that I overlooked, I'm probably not going to be updating this anymore. If someone has any idea what the other armor/clothing sets are in reference to, I'd like to know to include here.



    24. Ranger Life

      Much on the lines of My Outlaw Life, this is a tweak for the Ranger start in Arthmoors Alternative Beginnings, which it requires.
      You will start at stonehenge, southeast of the Imperial City, where the Red Ring Road meets the Yellow Road.
      You will be given a quest, receive ranger related powers, and search for bows of great power.
      ====== Thanks to =======
      StoneFly for Akaviri Elements Bow
      Canderous for BowofShadow (this readme mentions a #2 option, that is not available with my mod)
      ElderScrollsFan001_Aetric for Real Black Bow Bandits Revised
      Tooplex for Shadow Ranger Redux
      CELTICDOG for Stonehenge



    25. My Beggar Blessings Mod

      Was always miffed that donating to a beggar didn't give me some benefit like in Fallout 3.
      Now, when they "bless" you, AFTER you actually donated, you will get a real blessing.
      There are "SEVEN" possible blessings.
      Five are basically the shrine blessings lasting double the time.
      Three are new with one lasting three times as long, one affecting "sneak" and one is ALL the normal shrine blessings put together but also lasting double the time.
      Now you can enjoy your charity!



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