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Fallout: New Vegas mods that replace the bodies of existing races, actors, or creatures

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  1. Babe Nude Body Replacer

    This is the Babe Mk3 body, originally on the Nexus. I wanted to try uploading it here in hopes it would get some renewed attention. Since it hasn't had any support for a while now and the Type 3 has been dominating the Fallout world. It's available in both a C-Cup and D version, in two files that contain all the needed meshes and textures. It was made for Fallout 3 but as you can see by the screenshots, it works perfectly with NV as well. Just follow the same installation procedure. There are a few clothing and armor options available at the moment over on the Nexus. Such as the Gantz armor and the Gypsy clothing mods. Both shown in the pictures. Also there is a complete conversion of all the vanilla Fo3 armors and clothing available. Unfortunately thats about all that available at the moment until someone decides to make more. Finally, i'd like to thank the talented authors of this mod, Brurpo and Luchaire. All credit goes to them for making this mod. You can find a link here to the original body as well as it's author. If i made any mistakes or anything here, just let me know and i'll try to correct them. This is my first time uploading a mod anywhere.
    I also suggest taking a look at this. It's a texture enhancement for fallout bodies called XCE. I used it to get the effect in the pics and it does help pretty up the body and give it a bit more realism.
    Here are a few links to some of the clothing and what not that goes with this for anyone interested in checking them out.
    And here is to the original mod.



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