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  1. [Stellaris] Lustful Void

    Lustful Void Download Page
    A Stellaris lewd mod! I plan on fully updating and integrating old mods (with permission from the authors), with ideas and mechanics from other mods such as SG (Sexual Gameplay) and SSX (Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more) as well as completely new ideas. A lot of progress has been made so far, and LV has grown to a point where it has many of its own unique things made by me and others that contributed to it so far.
    Although a little less so these days, this is still very much a WIP. However, I'm trying to get it done as fast as possible while still maintaining quality. This mod is made with ALL dlc's in mind, but should still work just fine if you don't have a specific one or any. Also unless stated otherwise, it should work with the latest Stellaris version (look at the upload date and any paradox major update release dates!).
    Current Features:
           Many lewd leader/species traits, such as Huge Breasts, Dominant/Submissive, Natural Anal Lube!        Some traits have synergy bonuses with each other and more will be added with time.        Origins, Civics and Sexual Technologies., which have various special mechanics, policies and decisions.        Lots of anomalies and events, many of which have been updated and integrated from MASSA, but also new ones unique to LV.        Hybrids system with inspiration from other mods like Sexual Gameplay and MASSA.        Mono-gender and Futanari mechanics with the ability to convert entire planets to one or the other with the right tech.        Lots of sexual jobs from Milk Cows and Whores to Gem Incubators and Sexologists. All which are affected by LV traits in some way!        Lewd Megacorp branch office buildings and civics which can change by combining them with certain base game civics.        All non-leader traits affect LV jobs, usually in the form of a bonus or negative to production (bigger breasts give more milk ofc).        Breeding tradition (first of many!)        Lewd (and optional) rooms.        Lots of optional loading screens as a way to say sorry for taking so long (all credit goes to the actual artists!)        Many things I can't remember! lol  
           Lewd Advisor (voiced by LalaLexxi).        Dominant Advisor (voiced by PhoenixTuft).  
           MASSA is now for the most part integrated. (Thanks Darkspleen!)        Sexual Gameplay integrated for the most part.        Sexopolis fully integrated. (Thanks Buttson117!)        Kinky Void fully integrated. (Thanks Beelzibob!)        LVEx integration in progress!  
          (if something hasn't been added from a mod listed as integrated, I probably decided not to add it for some reason)
          (need to make a proper wiki, if you want to help let me know!)
    You can also find an options menu in the edicts tab where you can turn off any event pop-ups if they start to get annoying. Also please report any bugs you might find! (preferably on the discord server)
    Loading screens have been moved to their own download page to unclutter the main mod a bit. You can find them here!
    Important: Extract all contents to (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod), if you don't have a "mod" folder create one there.
    File List:
     Lustful Void 0.7.5 (3.10+)   -   REQUIRED!
     LV Base Game Overwrites 0.7.5 (3.10+)   -   Optional
     LV Balance Patch 0.7.5 (3.10+)   -   Optional
     LV Gender Patch   -   Optional
     LV Lewd Rooms   -   Optional
    Any loading screens   -   Optional
    Any advisors   -   Optional
    Use irony versions if you use Irony Mod Manager. All they do is have a descriptor.mod to play nice with irony.
    Most zip archives have readme files in them which explain what they do!
    Load order:
    Mods you want LV to overwrite
    Lustful Void (main mod)
    LV Base Game Overwrites (if you use it)
    LV Balance Patch (if you use it)
    Mods you want to overwrite LV
    UI mods
    Another note...delete all the old mod folders and .mod files! then extract the new .zip file's contents to the mod folder. You will have duplicate and broken mods if you don't do this!
    If you experience any weird problems, I've heard it helps some people to extract the .zip file's contents to a separate folder first, then move them to the mod folder after.

    Any portrait mods that change base game files or have separate sets of portraits for genders will need a patch. Basically, pops won't change gender without it, only leaders will. Here's a quick way to know if you need Portrait Patches.
    You use the mod it patches. (Note you actually need the original mod!) Do you need all of them? No, look at the first step. Do you need them at all? No, they are optional. LV works just fine without them. How do you install them? Just like any other non-steam mod, extract in (...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod).  
    I recommend using this UI mod - UI Overhaul Dynamic...or gene modding will be a nightmare. Seriously though get a UI mod!
    Q: Why does x feel empty or unfinished?
    A: Sometimes it's just a placeholder and sometimes my time is taken up by something else. But just because I'm not working on it at the time doesn't mean I won't move back to it in the future, so just be patient.
    Q: Is "Lustful Void" a community project with a team of people working on it?
    A: Nope, it's mostly just me (Lithia). People do provide ideas and contributions now and then though, and many parts of LV are from old mods I updated and maintain. The credits section can tell you who contributed what.
    Q: Are there any translations for this mod?
    A: Yes! But new ones have to be made with every update and relies on people here on Lovers Lab or Discord to share their hard work.
    Q: Where can I share any translations?
    A: Here!
     New Changelog:
    Old Changelog:

    You can join the discord server here (clicky the icon). If you want help, you're more likely to get it there.
    Tip Jars!

    Any support helps keep me motivated! ❤️
    Please ask me before using anything within this mod. This does not include artwork from the listed artists and any directly copied ideas from other mods. Also don't upload this anywhere else please!  

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.



  2. Calcifire's Portrait Pack

    ::100% Custom Artwork for STELLARIS:: -made by me, an internet guy
    ::if you like my artwork, you can find me over on Newgrounds
    Other than that, this is yet another "portrait pack" you can just thrown into the dumpster. *ugh... We got enough of those.
    REGULAR VERSION:: stellaris v3.10.*
       x98 Species - some have more variants than others... some are half assed. (examples shown above)
       Know that the original intention of this mod was to replace all of the vanilla portraits with hot pics. And, while I've been working on this project in secret for almost 5 YEARS, I've decided to pull the trigger on it because there is no way in hell I'll ever reach that goal. If you don't want a replacer, then just download the "Regular Version". It shouldn't conflict with your other mods. The "Directors Cut", however, adds a bunch of unnecessary fluff. The main reason I wanted to make a replacer pack was because well... How am I supposed to enjoy all the lewd mods that can be found for this game, with all those ugly ass vanilla MONSTROCITIES randomly spawning into my galaxy. Who would wanna fuck that thing?!?!? But that's it. That's the gist. No promises on any future development for this mod, other than me poppin' in to update it to the latest game version of stellaris every now and again. All in all, I'm satisfied with only having x5 of each archetype, as having the x176 total species I would need to match Paradox Interactive is WAY too much work.

    DIRECTORS CUT:: stellaris v3.10.* + lustful void v0.7.5
       x89 Species - x3-x6 for each species class, + x13 bonus species
       x36 Extra Unplayable Species - unique portraits for all x3 endgame crises, all x5 enclaves, and some of the special event species, etc.
       x71 Extra Traits - designed for fleshing out each species with even more erotic flavor. lite on mechanical depth and perfect for building a diverse list of custom empires with
       x2 Civics - Patriarchy and Matriarchy. ensures you Rulers will either be male or female, regular leaders will continue to be random.
       x2 Origins - Mutagenic Invaders and Reverse Domestication. They are storied and not focused on mechanics.
       x6 Prescripted Empires - some are WiP but each one comes with a collection of small bonus features such as....
    TRAIT PACK:: stellaris v3.10.* + lustful void v0.7.5
    Brought to you by viewer request. This is a visual overhaul to Lithia<3's Lustful_Void and expansion pack.
       Visual Overhaul - all Traits and Leader Traits have been redrawn
       Increased Trait Limitss - at this point, game balance is not the objective anymore. Species can now have up to 15 traits so that players can design species to be as lewd as they want
       x71 Extra Traits - a list of all the new traits can be found in the spoiler bellow
       1a. download either the "REGULAR" or "DIRECTORS CUT" versions
          1b. if you have selected the "DIRECTORS CUT" download the Lustful Void mod by Lithia<3 as well
       2. place inside "C:\Users\*User_Name*\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\" folder
       3. extract the contents of *insert_mod_name*.zip
       4. open the Stellaris Launcher and include the mods in your playset
       5.(optional) Highly recommend the UI Overhaul Dynamic mod on the steam workshop so you can actually see the portraits
       REGULAR:: this one shouldn't conflict with any mod, though it isn't designed to properly integrate with them either. Just a safe pick overall.

       DIRECTORS CUT:: this one obliterates a lot of vanilla files. Don't be surprised if shit don't work with other mods.
          REQUIREMENTS:: Lustful Void, I didn't make this version of the mod to run along side any other mod other than Lustful Void. It was primarily built for my personal use, and not exactly meant for the masses.
          Specifically this mod edits::
             1. Prescripted_Countries, files wiped clean
             2. Species_Classes files, wiped and modified
             3. Scripted_Triggers files, modified
             4. some files inside Anomolies, Decisions, Diplo_Phrases, Solar_System_Initializers, and Events folders are also modified
       TRAIT PACK:: lite, but does make one edit to vanilla.
             1. Species_Archetypes, increases trait limit to 15 for biological and 10 for machine species
       Vasaya_135 - for requesting "inexpressible tentacled horror" gf
       Predeiter and unwashed biomass - for requesting(inadvertently) futa-mecha-robo deathclaws
       Wobobo123 - for suggesting and producing cybernetic giantess assets
    "So Calcifire?.. Were you even trying at all when you made the male portraits?"
       Lol, shit. I'm just a cis het male, I don't know what's good. I just drew the bare minimum of dicks that I had to, alright.
    Donation box ::HERE::, for anyone who liked the mod
    I've also made a Visual Novel based on the mod found ::HERE::



  3. Assorted LV Patches

    An assortment of minor LV patches. Only English localisation included by default (until someone sends me translations).
    A patch for LV trait detection for vanilla portraits, updated to 3.10.
    This will be removed once properly absorbed into LV proper.
    Modifies Agricultural Districts:
    Milking tradition replaces a Farmer/Agri-Drone with a Milk Cow/Milk Drone (2 for hives on Dairy Worlds for a total of 3) Dairy World replaces a Farmer/Agri-Drone with a Milk Cow/Milk Drone Milk Ranchers civic replaces a Farmer with a Milk Cow  
    Yes, it stacks.
    Includes fancy new localisation and tooltips.
    Add to playset after Lustful Void.
    Additions and Fixes to Lustful Void.
    Current features:
    Megabrothel government type - This government is a commercial enterprise that sells everything from sex to... sex. And sometimes other things.  Requires Franchised Prostitution civic (Sex Contractors civic also counts, but is outweighed by Criminal Heritage) Includes empire name generation  
    Small patch that modifies the version of the Agricultural Districts from Planetary Bugversity (PD + BB Patch).
    Distributism civic gives Milk Cows instead of Farmers with Milk Ranchers.
    Add to playset below the above Dairy Patch (and Planetary Bugversity).
    Modifies civics and opinion modifiers to take the additional megacorp authorities etc. from Ethics & Civics: Bug Branch into account.
    Add to playset after Lustful Void and Bug Branch.



  4. Citizen's Sex Rights

    ::I didn't include this with my portrait pack, because I know there are plenty of people who don't use it, but still might enjoy having this
       I often find myself defaulting into authoritarian empires during my Stellaris playthroughs, but what if a multispecies democracy could be just as kinky as despotic despoilers? I have the power, so why shouldn't I?... Well, I thought I did, it turns out that you can't add new "species rights" categories to Stellaris, and can only expand on the currently existing ones. I had this whole plan to do new category based on the boundaries between interspecies relationships, but sadly the game won't let me. Damn. Well, kk, so it'll have to be another replacer mod. Luckily for me, not a lot of mods on the workshop even do this, so I don't think I'm stepping on too many toes.
       Mechanically speaking, all these different rights essentially make citizen species happy and resident species unhappy. By spreading misery "the love" across your Empire you can stack all those little citizenship happiness bonus's onto just a few of them. That way, your desert habitability overlords might be willing to tolerate living on a frozen death planet if there are enough xenos to bang.
    CITZEN's SEX RIGHTS:: stellaris v3.9.*
       x9 citizenship rights(examples in the screenshots above)
       x3 living standards
       x2 military service types
       x5 slavery types
       x3 livestock types + x1 hivemind livestock type
       x2 purge types
       x3 job types - sex addicts(unemployment type), den mothers and brood mares(unemployment types for creature breeders)
       1a. download the mod
          1b. the mod plays nice with the Lustful Void mod by Lithia<3, I don't know why you'd download this mod and NOT LV
          1c. the mod also plays nice with the Trait Pack I have also made available in the mod's download section
       2. place inside "C:\Users\*User_Name*\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\" folder
       3. extract the contents of *insert_mod_name*.zip
       4. open the Stellaris Launcher and include the mods in your playset
       any mod that modifies the game's "species_rights" folder is gonna blow up. So you'll have to choose between the two. Other than that, it should play well with Lustful Void.
    Donation box ::HERE::, for anyone who liked the mod
    I've also made a Visual Novel based on the mod found ::HERE::



  5. Family Oriented [Astral Rifts & Pregnancy Overhaul]

    Currently what this mod aims to do is add incest content to the game because I wasn't getting enough crusader kings incest from Stellaris.
    This mod has full support for Lustful Void but does NOT require it anymore.

    Heir Pregnancy (WIP) - Chance to fire about every 6 months where you can choose your offspring's gender and their future role. (Truly one step closer to space crusader kings) Details on the current Pregnancy system and how it works below: Currently I've set a hard limit of 10 living family members but I'll likely increase it in the future based on tradition, technology, and/or civics. You can see the chance of the event firing by speaking to your heir and hovering over pregnancy chance, the chance is based on your ruler/heir traits and whether you have the Oedipus Complex tradition effect and have the holy family or pureblood dynasty civics. Chance modifiers listed below, I plan to add more so feel free to suggest what should affect pregnancy chance. Predetermined Heirs (broken atm) - Added an event for one of your offspring sired from your heir to take the heir position if your rules dies. Current event window is a WIP. Currently if you have multiple offspring, one will randomly take the throne but eventually I'll have it where you can choose between your sired offspring. 1 Origin (Needs rework) - Family Bound, starts with advanced incest tech and main species starts with Incestuous Emergence. (More to be added to the origin in next update) 1 Policy - Inbreeding policy for deciding whether you want to spread the love outwards or keep it within the family. Prohibited > Not default (Will stop spread and strongly removes it over time from incestuous pops) Discouraged > Default for other empires (Will stop conversion and removes it over time from incestuous pops) Indifferent > Default for imperial empires (Will stop conversion but does not remove it from incestuous pops) Accepted > Default for any empires that take any of the civic traits (Will slowly convert non incestuous pops) Embraced > Default for the incest origin (Need to rework) (Will strongly convert non incestuous pops) 3 traits - Incest related trait and an advanced version of it. One locked to the origin. They cannot be gene modded in except at the start of the game but in the future can spawn with events, incestuous pops can convert non-incestuous pops depending with the above policies. 3 civics - 2 for imperial empires and 1 for regular empires. 1 Tradition Tree - Consanguinity, recently revamped by Vaalesha. 2 Council Agendas - Familial Destiny, accessed after adopting the inbreeding tradition and Holy Family Ascension from the Holy Family Civic. 2 Council Positions - Royal Family Representative position for the Pureblood Dynasty Civic and Divine Vessel position for the Holy Family Civic. Heir Choice - Imperial empires are able to choose heir genders and leader class whenever they first spawn. Heirs are now able to change their job role with a 5 year cooldown that replaced the old agenda system for heirs. Might look into making the heir reroll traits to better fit their new role or to level up in their new role with an experience boost, suggestions welcome. ( Note: If you change your heir's gender, you might not see the portrait change until you reload your save. ) Heir Interactions (Speak to your heir through the edicts menu) Ruler/Heir genders can be changed for scenes via preferences menu. This will not physically change their genders nor will the game reflect the change (I might make it an option in the future), this is mainly if you wanted to see other scenes/variations without changing your rulers/heirs out or starting a new playthrough. It's also if you wanted to override traits like the Futanari trait to only apply to your ruler or heir instead of both if they both species with the Futanari trait. Ruler titles (both formal and casual) and heir relations can now be changed, you can change these in edicts. No in-game mechanical benefit as of yet but heir hangouts/lewds will now have a more personal touch based on your preferences. (Might add more titles/relations in the future. Feel free to suggest.) Female ruler titles include - Mother, Mommy, Sister, Onee-chan, Cousin, Aunt. Male ruler titles include - Father, Daddy, Brother, Onii-chan, Cousin, Uncle. Male heir relation include - son, cousin, brother, nephew. Female heir relation include - daughter, cousin, sister, niece. Future scenes will have asset descriptors based on species traits (huge breasts/small breasts/large penis/etc) (Currently 1 scene has this) 1 WIP Hangout scene, no variations. (More to come) 2 Lewd scenes written by BestyTheHucow (FxF) One is triggered as a random event and has variations written by me for non FxF. I plan to do the same with their previous written event. 1 Lewd scene intro complete, 4 variations depending on ruler gender/title and heir gender/relation. Will lead to different planned scenes below depending on gender combinations. Planned Lewd scene options include: *Any crossed out scenes now exist in the mod* FxF = Tribadism, Recieve Cunnilingus (Written by Nemo Of Utopia), Give Cunnilingus. FxFuta = WIP, Give Fellatio. FxM = Cowgirl, Recieve Cunnilingus, Give Fellatio, Ride Cowgirl. FutaxFuta = Give Fellatio MxF = Missionary, Recieve Fellatio, Give Cunnilingus. MxFuta = WIP. MxM = Missionary, Receieve Fellatio, Give Fellatio. Possibly will make a headpat system? 1 job - Family Planners, recently revamped by Vaalesha. 2 Edicts - Holy Family Ascension Edict and Heir Interaction Edict. 1 Tech - Gives modification points and access to the advanced incest trait. 1 Colony Event with two options - Needs incest haven civic or Family Bound origin and a pop with an incest trait or to adopt the Consanguinity tradition tree. Gives a planet modifier that has an advanced version when starting with the family bound origin or completing the Consanguinity tradition tree. 1 Country Event triggered in incestuous imperial empires (either through the origin or having any of the civics). Will be able to have a chance to fire after your empire gains factions (after 10 years from game start in vanilla).  
    General Note: All values within this mod are subject to change at any point so feel free to make balance suggestions if you feel something is too weak or too strong.
    Balance isn't the focus of this mod but I like to make sure that I don't shoot myself in the foot just because I want to screw my alien space sister. I try to compare values to vanilla as well as lustful void's own and find a nice middle ground somewhere between the two.
    Note on Heir Interactions:
    So every scene written will have at minimum 4 9 variations, I primarily write FxF first and then adjust the scene until it fits all variations. I'm not the best writer but we've all seen really badly acted porn right? Things I'd like to do include figuring out how to include different familial roles such as brother and sister or different dominant role positions, if you're into being dominated by your heir since most of my writing will primarily be written with the ruler being dominant. In any case, I have so many ideas of where this system can go but I'm only one person- But that's where you can come in! Either feedback or submitting your own scenes, If you're even a little bit confident in your ability to write smut (or non-smut for hangouts) then feel free to post a scene written in second person in this forum and I'll make it into an event with variations in the mod with credit to you. Make sure it's original and that you're not copying someone else's work from online and ideally please make sure your English writing is decent since I don't want to spend too much time rewriting/correcting mistakes and won't bother if it looks like it's too much trouble. Other things to note if you do write scenes, try to keep any one continuous panel under 3000 characters since anything more won't show in game. You can split scenes longer than 3000 characters into multiple panels.
    Make sure to report bugs otherwise I won't know to fix them until I encounter them myself~

    Load Order:
    Lustful Void
    Family Oriented

    Plans for the future: (Suggestions are always welcome)

    Lithia for making Lustful Void which inspired this mod's creation.
    Huge revamp and additions to the mod by Vaalesha.
    2 FxF scene from BestyTheHucow.
    1 FxF scene from Nemo Of Utopia.
    Russian localization by Apocfel.
    Simple Chinese localization by Klkadf.

    Artists: (I do own SOME of the art in this mod, but many of the art are by others with edits by me.)



  6. [Stellaris] VanillaFrameworkPortraits+

    [Stellaris] VanillaFrameworkPortraits+ Submod
    Current Version 1.0.2
    [Stellaris] Vanilla Framework is REQUIRED for this mod to work.
    Adds a total of 38 new portraits to Vanilla Framework
         -6 Demon Female portraits
         -23 Demon Futanari portraits
         -7 Viking Female portraits
         -2 Viking Futanari portrait

    All images and art belong to their respective artists. I claim no ownership over any of these pieces of art.

    I hope that I can expand upon this in the future, possibly with other less thorough species in the original mod.

    Huge credits to Mugginnato and his coding that I worked off of for this mod. Their Vanilla Framework mod is amazing.



  7. Lum's Extra Traditions (Beta)

    Author's Note:
    I felt there wasn't enough stuff geared towards gay men in the Stellaris LoversLab mods so I decided to create something of my own. Enjoy!
    Feedback 100% welcome! I'm looking for some good ideas to make these traditions more interesting.
    Patriarchy Tradition - Geared towards empowering pops and Ruler stratum pops specifically. Works well with civics that create Ruler stratum jobs. Soggy Biscuit Philosophy - Diplomatic Weight from Pops: +25%, Diplomatic Weight: +5% Rule of Cool - Each pop working as a slave or better produces 0.1 Alloys per month Alpha Male Cultivation - Ruler Pop Resource Output: +20% Boys and Their Toys - Pop Amenities Usage: -10% Fraternal Entourage - +1 Escort Job per 20 Pops Finisher Effects - All leaders will gain the Patriarchy Leader Traits. Fragmentation Tradition - For Gestalts (Hive Mind and Machine) only, geared towards mitigating empire sprawl and manipulating unity generation  Parallel Thoughts - Brain/Experimenter Drone Output: +20%, Brain/Experimenter Drone Upkeep: +2 Unity The Doppelganger Question - Leader Experience Gain: +25% Recursive Libido Reinforcement - Empire Size: -50 Cerebral Gangbang - Sex Jobs Output: +30%, Resources from Jobs: -10% Sexual Personality Composite - Habitat Max Districts: +5 Finisher Effects - Unlocks the Fragmentation Expression Policies. Nymphomania Tradition - Geared towards interacting with foreign empires, focused on fleet and diplomacy bonuses. Cruising Grounds - Ship Hyperlane Detection/Sensor Range: +2, Claim Influence Cost: -10% Looking For The Next Load - Ship Sublight Speed: +10%, Ship Hyper Jump Charge Time: -10% Don't Waste A Single Shot - Ship Weapons Accuracy: +10%, Ship Weapons Tracking: +20%  Planetary Orgy - Immigration Pull: +25%, Pop Growth From Immigration: +5% Diplomatic Edge - Trust Growth: +100%, Trust Cap: +25 Finisher Effects - Naval Capacity: +5% (placeholder)  
    All components require Lustful Void by Lithia Patriarchy Tradition Stellaris Federations DLC Fragmentation Tradition Stellaris Utopia DLC Nymphomania Tradition NO DLC REQUIREMENTS  
    Planned Features:
    IMPLEMENTING Nymphomania Finisher rework DESIGNING Diabolism Tradition Tree  
    Known Issues:
    Fragmentation Fragmentation Policy tooltips (the policies are working as intended but the tooltip text needs some cleaning up)  
    Update Log:



  8. Deep Deep Space Lustful Void Patch

    Welcome one and all! This is my first published mod so go easy one me!! What this mod does is add the All-Male/All-Female/Futanari trait functionality from Lustful Void to TPEHEP's/joker231's excellent Deep Deep Space mod. Now I've dabbled a little with portraits and some minor Stellaris modding in general but this is my first time doing something like this and publishing it, so please bear with me if their are bugs but some minor testing showed no issues so far but please report and I'll attempt to fix the bugs when I can. I'll try to keep up with updates to the primary mod and add any new portrait sets as I can.
    Edit: For now due to a lack of assets the Futanari trait defaults to the Female Portraits.
    For a non-steam link to the mod I recently was informed by schroecat that a Nexus Mods link is available: https://www.nexusmods.com/stellaris/mods/120



  9. Vanilla Framework Events Updated 1.0

    With all the changes recently around Leaders and Paragons there were some small bugs when using Vanilla Framework so I took the liberty of updating the events files to bring them up to patch 3.10.2 standards. Place this mod below Vanilla Framework in your playsets. Enjoy!!!!



  10. Pornhub Race

    Real girl in Pornhub. Cum edition



  11. Portrait Trigger Pack - Lustful Void

    Compatibility patch between Portrait Trigger Pack - Core and Lustful Void



  12. Portrait Mod Builder

    Portrait Mod Builder
    Requires ability to run shell scripts
    Windows 10:
    Linux or Mac:
    You may need to make the scripts executable with chmod +x
    Create new mod with PDX launcher. Run run.sh with the location of the mod as an argument. e.g.  ./run.sh  /mnt/c/Users/<USER NAME>/Documents/Paradox\ Interactive/Stellaris/mod/my_new_portrait_mod  
    Select option 1 to create the basic directory structure. Select option 2 and set the name and species class for each portrait you intend to create. Directory structures will be created for each portrait. Portrait names ending with "_anim" will generate animated portrait phenotypes that require further editing. Fill the directories below with portrait textures (dxt5, no mipmaps, 420x320 for static portraits). Tier 1 - always appears: /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME> - Non-gendered or no dimorphism, will always appear e.g. Robots Tier 2 - gendered: /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/masc - Masculine body /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/fem - Feminine body /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/andro - Androgynous body Tier 3 - sexed: /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/masc/male - Masculine male /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/masc/female - Masculine female /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/masc/herm - Masculine hermaphrodite /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/fem/male - Feminine male /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/fem/female - Feminine female /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/fem/herm - Feminine hermaphrodite /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/andro/male - Androgynous male /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/andro/female - Androgynous female /gfx/models/portraits/<PORTRAIT NAME>/andro/herm - Androgynous hermaphrodite Name is not important. Having textures present in all directories of an entire tier is recommended. Select option 3 to generate portrait code based on detected textures. Generated code: Scripted triggers Species classes ("Other" setting will need manual renaming) Phenotypes (animated portraits will need manual editing) Portrait groups Scripted triggers behave differently depending on whether tier 3 is filled: If tier 3 is not filled, special triggers overwritten by other mods will affect tier 2 If tier 3 is filled, special triggers overwritten by other mods will not affect tier 2 behaviour but instead affect tier 3     



  13. Lustful Gigastructures - Lustful Void Addon

    Add districts on Frameworld from Gigastructures
    Official translations: Russian(General) and English, other - copies English
    You can disable Lustful Frameworld Districts - Edict "Lustful Void Addons Options"
    Lustful_Gigastructures_Overwrites.zip - You can upload files over the existing LVG, so as not to create entities (not updated)
    Conversion if disabling:
    Road(to born my pc)map:
    Version 0.2.0 - Tentacles Integration in Frameworld Version 0.3.0 - Birch World Agapi Districts Version 0.4.0 - ??? Version 0.5.0 - ???



  14. Latex Species (The Latexans)

    This is a portrait set for the Latexan species.
    The Latexans had early discovered rubber and latex clothing. Throughout time they have evolved alongside the latex catsuits until they started permanently wearing them which eventually led to them being dependent on them.
    Consists of two portrait sets:
    - an ai generated set
    - a set of edited and cropped real photos I had previously used in my "real human portraits" mod
    What about the males?
    The photo set doesn't have them and there are no triggers for gender.
    But in the AI set the males are the ones without hair and the portraits are triggered by vanilla gender and the Lustful Void sex traits.
    They don't look male to me. Isn't that lazy?
    They are not humans, they are latexans aka aliens. They look the way they have evolved. And I do have a lore explanation for that:
    Future of the mod:
    - This is actually a lite version with the latex trait and other additional mechanics removed. I still have to test and balance that part.
    - perhaps a bigger variety of the ai portraits with long dress like suits or different breast sizes



  15. More Futas - WIP

    Did you ever browse through the Stellaris mod section here and found the lack of futas disturbing? I mean Lustful Void has a futanari trait but mods with futanari portraits are mostly missing. So I thought "Fine, I'll do it myself" and so I made this mod.
    Most of the species consist of only one artist but some more specific themes will probably be mixed.
    As of now there are these species and classes:
    - More Human Futas (the current class with humanoid futas)
              -[105] Dmitrys normal (mostly standing characters)
              -[53] Dmitrys slaves (characters that are sitting, laying, fucking, getting milked...)
              -[33] Boobgames (that's the name of the artist)
              -[27] Authoritarian Dmitrys (a mix of Dmitrys with futas that look very dominant)
              -[43] Aroma Sensei
              -[50] Bimbo Futa
    -More Anthro Futa
              -[24] Centaur Futa
              -[26] Bovine Futa
    - Robot Futa (This one was difficult because fitting content is rare. I decided to use one picture and edit the colors to create variety.)
              -[9] RobotFuta
              -[5] RobotFuta2
              -[8] Robotfuta3
              -[6] Robotfuta4
              -[8] Synthetic furry
    Optional content:
              -file which replaces a bunch of vanilla event pictures with futas
              -19 loading screens (put it in the "gfx" folder of any mod)
              -image to replace the background image from the launcher (put it in "Steam\steamapps\common\Stellaris\launcher-assets")
    Planned content:
    -more species
    -maybe some traps/femboys



  16. LV + Technology Ascendant Compatibility Patch

    This is a small patch for Technology Ascendant which allows Lustful Void scientist traits, traditions and ascension perks give bonuses to breakthroughs.

    What exactly is used:
    Every LV scientists trait which add research bonuses Sadistic 1/2 Tentacle Symbiote Synth Sexbot Assistant Sexologist 1/2/3 Every LV traditions Breeding Nurturing Every LV ascension perks Sexual Mega-projects Breeding Superiority  
    Should work with Lustful Void 0.7.4 and Technology Ascendant 2.5.* on Stellaris 3.9.*



  17. LV Fixes

    This is my personal "fixes" and actual fixes for Lustful Void mod.
    Some things are might be broken in actual mod and I fixed them in quick patch, because Lustful Void is slow at developing process and idk when new update will be released. So I decided to make some things for that mod here - in my LV Fixes.
    Some things I decided to change because I find it strange to begin with.

    What is changed:
    Pops with Aggressively Adaptive Reproduction trait can't convert robot pops anymore  
    Pops with Intercompatible Sperm/Womb now can convert pops with opposite trait to mono gender  
    Pops with Intercompatible traits now can't create pops with multiple mono gender traits  
    Works with Lustful Void v0.7.4.
    Load after Lustful Void ofc.



  18. Lustful Void Building Limits 16-108

    This is my second mod publishing effort, and it's rather simple. I've created a series of building limit mods that affect the Sex World and the Sex Ring. I've matched these to the building limit mods released by the same folks behind UI Overhaul Dynamic so they come in 16, 20, 24, 36, 60, 66, 84, 108 building limits to match the ones they've released. Just thought I'd release these as a premade option to save people going in and having to edit the file themselves.
    Use the one that matches the one with the same number limits as you are using.



  19. Lite LV

    This is a very niche mod that completely redoes LV so it doesn't greatly impact the stellaris paradox mess of a 'balance'. This takes the ideas around LV and reduces them to a similar but more integrated version. 
    What it does:
    If the species has the civil of sexual industries, they get some job replacements:
    Clerks are relabeled as  Prostitutes. Entertainers are relabeled as Porn stars.  
    With the civil you can build milk factories which milk cows produce primarily milk (a new resource). Milk is used for a ship aux called a milk booster. It is probably the best aux but nothing that should break the game balance.
    Adds some new sexual traits but attempts to keep inline with paradox's lame traits.
    This mod is primarily for odd folks like me that want a little LV but attempt to keep stellaris's terrible game balance.
    Race mod
    I included my animated race mod the drixian. (see pic)
    I didn't do any events yet but if I do they'll be non balance breaking events.



  20. Species_Classes and Portraits text file generator

    What does it do:

    I made this file so I could add species to Vanilla Framework and have them 'just work'.
    After looking at the policies and species_classes files, I was deterred.
    So this program was made to look at a series of images, organized by file structure, and then create the required species_classes and portraits files automatically.
    It is also written in python (with comments) and should be adjustable to anyone's file structure.
    Thus, you can collect the images you like and have them show up in game without making/changing the species_classes and portraits files.
    So this script was made for the naming convention in Vanilla Framework, but can work with others.
    The code takes a target path to a mod folder (YourModName for example) and then assumes that you have the path:
    and is this path is a series of folders that correspond to the playable races:

    The code will auto ignore any folders it doens't recognise the name of.
    It then checks for sub-folders to make species from:

    The code will check inside in the Species Type (e.g. Aquatics) folder and ignore anything that isn't also a folder.
    In this case it assumes that Aqua01, Aqua02, ... Aqua06 are all separate species. There is no naming convention requirement here, the species can be called anything!
    Assuming the folder looks like this:

    A list of .dds files are generated such that:
    '01AquaF1.dds', '01AquaF10.dds', '01AquaF11.dds', '01AquaF12.dds', '01AquaF13.dds', '01AquaF14.dds', '01AquaF15.dds', '01AquaF2.dds',
    '01AquaF3.dds', '01AquaF4.dds', '01AquaF5.dds', '01AquaF6.dds', '01AquaF7.dds', '01AquaF8.dds', '01AquaF9.dds' are all female.
    '01AquaH1.dds','01AquaH2.dds', '01AquaH3.dds' are all futa.
    '01AquaM1.dds', '01AquaM2.dds' are all male.

    The code then iterates through all the folders it recognises and using the sub-folders a sspecies it generates ALL of the portraits text files for playable races (and pre-sapients), and all the species classes for playable races (not pre-sapients).
    It will go back to the folder YourModName and look for the two paths:
    If it doesn't find them, it will create them.

    I've removed the _test in the picture, so it will now overwrite the Vanilla Framework (or others) if it has the same name.
    File Names:

    How to use:
    Firstly you'll need python installed.
    Later if I get to it I'll see if I can make it an executable or something.
    But in this form it is safer as people can read it to see what it's doing.
    Taken straight from the python file:
    --- HOW TO RUN THE CODE ----
    Assuming something like Linux, run in terminal:
    python3 Stell_VanF.py --folderpath 'Some/Path/To/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod/YourModName' --run_all True
    Or Windows:
    python3 Stell_VanF` 1_0_5.py --folderpath 'C:\Users\CHANGEYOURNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\YourModName' --run_all True
    There is a verbose flag that can be used.
    i.e. python3 Stell_VanF.py --folderpath 'C:\Users\CHANGEYOURNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\YourModName' --run_all True --verbose True
    Just be prepared to have your screen flooded if you have many portrait files.
    Or just run it in idle like I do 😛
    I should have explained more, my bad:
    Here is what you need to to in IDLE:

    I'll continue to post updates as I improve the script.
    Feel free to use/modify this script, and to suggest changes if you like.
    Putt all your species pictues (any name as .dds files) into sub-folders (any name) of the Species Type folders shown in the first figure by the red dashes.
    Species Type folders need to be here:
    run the code pointing to:
    C:\Users\CHANGEYOURNAME\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\YourModName
    Done! your species will show up in the game when you load YourModName!

    I also generally recommend anyone to read a script before they use it.
    Example 1: Making A Race From An Old Mod
    Add non_VF mode, and possibly make that the default (currently has no actual effect to the end user, other than clutter in the files) Not so hard... maybe Tackle events Probably very painful Read current entries for species lists and portrait lists time consuming and difficult to decide what to do in edge cases GUI? Would cost lots of time and only add a little functionality at the moment, but would make it more accessible to others. Executable No idea how hard, but guessing hard. Would make it accessible to non-python users  
    What's New in Version 1.0.5
    Fixed two bugs:
    The code would actually pickup non image files and add them if they were in the folder The default image in portraits is now checked only once and not every gender, this prevents a bug when one gender had no leaders, but the others did  
    The names variable is now a list of lists (like the leaders) and will check against each.
    Default behavior is now to check file names as it would for like Vanilla Framework, then look for 'Female','Male' ect. in the file path.

    What's New in Version 1.0.6
    Minor updates:
    Will now name species classes as VF did (with the _classes) Changed the logic it uses to determine gender. Has no effect on the end user, but the profile files (and the python file itself) are much smaller now.  
    What's New in Version 1.0.7
    Minor update:
    run_the_lot will now check the inputs it has received and tell you if it's going to fail, rather than the code failing somewhere random down the line. Hopefully making it easier to pick up typos and missing definitions,



  21. StellarDiffusion [AI generated female-only species for Stellaris]

    AI generated portraits for several species:
    - Humans
    - Light Elves
    - Dark Elves
    - Valkyrie
    - Fairies
    - Tentacle Humans
    - Tentacle Elves
    - Cyborg
    Each species has a distinct portrait set for each job:
    - admiral
    - envoy
    - general
    - governor
    - pop
    - ruler
    - scientiest
    About 4700 portraits in total, for a total size of 600MB.
    roughly evenly distributed, so that is about 600 portraits per species, and around 85 portraits per species and job.
    I batch generated 200 portraits per species and job and then deleted the ugly ones by hand and stopped once I reached 50+. Post a comment if you find  any portraits that are still off, and take a screenshot.

    Thanks to:
    @Armchair for their Stable Elves mod and sharing the prompts they used, which I heavily copied from.
    @XavierMace for their Stable Lewds mod and sharing their workflow and automation (in the end I was able to do the whole thing running off of one python script)
    and finally @Goregath for their text file generator at 



  22. Titillating Text Updated

    It has only been updated to work on 3.8+ no changes to dialogue other than the ones made from the original mod, which you can find here: 



  23. Very makeshift cows mod

    This is a mod I slapped together in about an hour or so based on some things in the LV discord. Mostly to see if I could. I'm probably not going to do anymore with this, as I really should work on that other mod I kinda abandoned. But hey, someone else may enjoy this mess.
    It will remove one farmer job from the agriculture districts and add one cow job.
    It will also remove one farmer job from the agriculture districts and add one cow job.
    It will remove two farmer jobs from the agriculture districts and add two cow jobs, probably meaning you will have no farmers.
    Work at all with hive minds or angler empires. I didn't feel like doing all the work needed to remove the fisher jobs or do something with drones. I don't play hive minds much anyways. Make any attempt at balance. I don't know or care what being able to completely replace farmers with cows will do to balance. Probably weird things. Work without LV. It needs it. Without it, it probably won't do anything, besides maybe crashing your game. Work with a mod that adjusts basic districts. If you got a mod that messes with 02_rural_districts.txt, then it's probably not going to work. I dunno how to make something that adds to the text file, rather than replace it completely.   
    For those interested in the details
    Note I've only done limited testing while only having a slightly outdated LV (didn't activate the newest update), the LV overwrites patch, Vanilla Framework, and UI overhaul dynamic installed.
    Have fun(?)!
    Oh, and feel free to steal/improve this as much as you want.



  24. Stable Elves

    A few months ago I started playing around with that fancy new image generator "AI" called Stable Diffusion.  At some point I decided that creating a portrait mod for Stellaris would be a fun project that would help give me practice with writing prompts and touching up output images.  As a bonus, a lot of the horrible flaws of "AI" generated images like their atrocious hands are hard to notice when they're shrunk down to the thumbnail sized images like the ones used in a Stellaris portrait mod.
    The goal of this mod was to create a portrait mod with a variety of different outfits where each pop type would have its own theme, but I wanted all of the pops to have the same style and look like they belonged together as part of a larger set.  I also wanted to generate a large pool of portraits to hopefully mitigate the "Birthday Paradox" problem and improve the odds that my important leaders will have unique portraits for easier identification during a game.  Originally I was just planning to use the mod for myself, but I decided to release the mod after some people expressed interest in it while I was asking for advice on how to use Stable Diffusion.  As of the version 1.0 release, there are 151 portraits split into the following categories.
    21 Rulers:  They have elaborate and ornate clothing, but the outfits are completely shameless in their use of silky sheer material.  Kind of a harem girl look. 20 Governors:  I gave them more of a evening gown look.  Sheer fabric is still in use but as a whole they're more modest than most other pops.  I wanted the women to look a bit more mature than most of the other pops. 27 Military:  Admirals and Generals share this set for the 1.0 release.  The common theme when I made theme is that I quite liked the high collared dress jackets seen on the Principality of Zeon officers from the Gundam franchise.  Especially in the striking red color worn by Char.  So I tried to keep that dress jacket and experimented from there.   I eventually want to give Generals a separate theme, but I haven't decided on what yet. 13: Envoys:  Extremely lewd cocktail dress was the theme.  I wanted to try to evoke a feeling like the envoys are actively trying to seduce whereas the lewd outfits of the other pops were just a product of their culture. 51 Scientists:  The common theme is lab coats, glasses, and turtleneck sweaters.  From there there is a mix of leotards/bottomless/underboob/boob windows to try to create some variety. 19 generic pops:  The basic pops have a "uniform" of favoring detached sleeves and thigh highs.  
    These portraits are defined as part of a new "Stable Elf" species, so they shouldn't conflict with any other portrait mods.
    A disclaimer on content depicted in my preview screenshots.  This mod ONLY contains the elf portraits.  The rest of the content depicted within the screenshots include:
    UI changes are part of "UI Overhaul Dynamic" from the steam workshop.  Steam workshop credits Orrie as the author. Namelist used in the screenshot is from "Elves of Stellaris" from the steam workshop.  Steam workshop credits Princess Stabbity, Teneb Kei, and TheGrandN as authors. The enslaved prepatent species is one of the species from Mugginnato's "Stellaris Vanilla Framework" mod from loverslab. The flag is from TheRegalSeagull's "Womb Tattoo Flags" mod from loverslab.  
    I know that there has been some drama regarding "AI" generated drawings in the past few months.  I don't want to discuss that topic here.  We're all here to have fun.



  25. [Stellaris] Vanilla Framework

    Vanilla Framework 2.0.5d
    Important Notice 07/07/2023
    Due to changes in my personal life, I will no longer have time to work on VF for the foreseeable future. These changes are part of why the next machine update was taking so long and will no longer be finished. People are free to take VF and use it as the groundwork for their own projects if they want, and to this end I have also uploaded the now unused assets for the machine update. A huge thank you to everyone who downloaded and helped build VF to what it is now, it's been a fun two and a half years.
    What is it?
    Vanilla Framework is a small(ish) mod I made to replace all the vanilla portraits with ones that are a bit more interesting. I used a mod to remove them, and it did decent enough, but the little blighters always managed to sneak into my games through things like events or Pre-Sapients. Not the sort of thing you want after going through the trouble of installing all those other portrait mods.
    What does it do?
    At present it adds;
    6 Aquatics sets (222 images) 7 Arthropoid sets (236 images) 7 Avian sets (227 images) 3 Fungoid sets (158 images) 24 Humanoid sets (1,081 images) 3 Lithoid sets (114 images) 8 Machine sets (496 images) 14 Mammalian sets (1,079 images) 5 Molluscoid sets (240 images) 7 Necroid set (362 images) 5 Plantoid sets (178 images) 12 Reptilian set (607 images) 7 Toxoid sets (276) 9 Kemonomimi sets (502) Crisis sets (49 images) Pre-Sapient (20) Enclaves (21 images) Event Races (249 images) Unique character/race instances (40 images)  
    Total Mod Images: 6,200
    All species DLC
    There have been reports of the game crashing during empire creation and its related to not having 1 or more of the species dlc. If you are experiencing these issues then drop the relevant files (which can be found in"Patch Folder/I Don't Have X DLC" ) into the "common/species_classes" folder. This just switches their graphical culture to humanoid instead of one the game can't find. When/if you do get the dlc, you can just delete the file(s). If the game still crashes, them please let me know, as well as which of the species you don't have, so I can come up with another solution.
    This mod is designed to be fully compatible with Lustful Void's gender traits but can still be played without them.  This mod is incompatible with other mods that affect base games Species Classes.  Compatibility patches will be made as mentions of conflicts arise.  
    By default, each species will use the Male and Female image sets, but when used with Lustful Void, you can also use the Futa images. When creating a species, select their appearance, then a gender trait (All Male/Female, Futa), then change the rulers appearance.  The rulers image won't update itself in the creation menu when you choose a gender trait, so you'll need to do that yourself.  
    Compatibility Patches
    There is a folder inside VF named "PATCH FOLDER" along with a Read Me to explain installing. It also contains the More Vanilla patch.
    Mods that have a patch;
    Tons of Tits 2.6.3 Se Human + Se Humanoid (All of them) Stellaris Sexy Xenos and More (SSX) Lewd Galaxy  
    17/06/2023 - Hotfix 2 (VF2.0.5d)
    So it's only just been pointed out that futa portraits have been generated where they shouldn't. This would have happened with the 2.0.5b fix when I incorporated base gender selection, I used the wrong condition for VF's gender policy related sets. If you are using VF 2.0.5c, Just download this zip, extract into VF and replace. VF 2.0.5 Hotfix.zip EDIT: I forgot to revert some changes with Hum01 as I was testing, it's broken the ruler appearance options for them. This is the fixed file, just drop it into gfx/portraits/portraits 100_VF_Humanoid.txt EDIT 2: I've also just uploaded VF 2.0.5d that has all the hotfixes applied.  
    13/06/2023 - Hotfix
    It's just been pointed out that one of the paragon portraits is the wrong gender, so here's the correct version. Just download and drop it into gfx/models/Paragons and confirm replace. VF_paragon_renown_2.dds  
    12/06/2023 - V2.0.5c
    This is more of a hotfix than an update. Updated the portrait files to fix a bug with LV's gender traits. Updated the Paragon event files. I did a big stupid here and forgot to rename two files, so renowned paragons just weren't appearing. I even did a 6 hour play test to make sure everything was working and just thought it a little odd that I hadn't seen any, like I didn't meet requirements.  While also fixing that screw up, I also found out that the engine wasn't using the portraits with the vanilla names, so there was some adjustment there too. I've got about 400 new robot/machine images that I've just started work on, once that's finished I'll be sorting the old and new stuff into sets. Suggestions welcome.  
    16/05/2023 - V2.0.5b
    This isn't really an update so much as an extended patch. A few files were update, mainly  all the portrait ones. This should fix a few issues like crashing at leader creation and species not showing up in the galaxy species tab. I also incorporated the vanilla gender settings with Indeterminable being Futa for now. Not sure how nicely this will play with LV's gender traits though.
    13/05/2023 - V2.0.5
    This update doesn't have all that much, it was mostly fixings things the Paragon update broke and replacing the new art. This update covers the 16 paragons and 3 of the 4 legendary paragons. I couldn't really touch one of the legendary because, well, you'll figure out why if you find them. 2 of the legendary have changing portrait, but I could only do this for 1 because this was kinda rushed and the second legendary was kind hard to figure out in the respect. There is also a very small (7 images) set for Falcons who can only be found via events. Didn't want to spend too much time hunting images for this because shit needed fixing. Total new images: 26  
    Delete any old versions you might have installed
    Download the latest Vanilla Framework.zip Extract its contents into Documents/ Paradox Interactive/ Stellaris/ mod Make sure there is a folder named "Vanilla Framework" and a file called "Vanilla Framework.mod" This mod should be the last active mod in your launchers mod load order To install a patch, like the More Vanilla Patch, open the Vanilla Framework mod folder Open "PATCH FOLDER" Select relevant patch .txt file, then copy and paste into Vanilla Framework/common/species_classes  
    Todo List
    Drider (proper) Beetles Aqua
    Seal Turtles? Otters? Hum
    Tau Dwarf Protos Lith
    Giants? (may end up in Hum) Re-do Elementals Mam
    Gnoll Sheep Pig/Boar Racoon/Tanuki Cats (domestic) Bastet? Bears Lopunny Renamon Badger? Ferrets and similar? Moll
    Crustaceans Nec
    Shys (mario) Witch/Wizard/Necromancer? Werewolf? Pla
    Vines Alraune Rep
    Gecko Guilmon Tox
    Plague Doc Skunk? Undecided
    Viera Miqo'te Aura Djinn/Genies (possibly Lith as elemental or Nec as supernatural) Nuns (depends on what direction the art goes) Possibly create a new Kemonomimi (animal people) species class ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Changelog (Old)
    16/04/2023 - V2.0 Experimental
    This update was a pain to do, a lot of hunting down and scanning files and cross referencing. About 95~99% of events should now spawn using VF images Not to spoil any story/event stuff, but I've added 242 for the unique races. There are also 11 other unique races that can appear, but they only have 1 image each as I think they can't be abducted acquired in game most of the time. There are also about 10 unique character/leaders that have images now. I made a slight change to the Quarian set so that they are used for a nomad event and aren't randomly generated. So you can still use them for your custom empires on gene mod into them, they just don't pop in the wild. 4thesecret very generously donated two sets: Centaurs (118), and Dwarfs (47). What I added for the primitive type sets were: Na'vi (16), Gnoll (58), Warhammer Lizardmen (26), Indian/Incan/Aztec (39), Vikings (17), and Egyptian [human] (32). Total Images: 616 For now I'm gonna sit and wait for the bug reports to roll in. This update adds a lot more files so I'm expecting crashes and conflicts. After all that gets sorted, the next update will focus on robots/machines. They've needed a dedicated update for quite a while now. Poll Results: Most people like or don't mind monogender sets. There's also a fair amount who think it goes against the point of VF. So I think going forward there will be a few sets like that (logically there might be a few anyway, like the Asari), but the majority of sets would still be all genders if possible (I think).   
    22/03/2023 - V1.9.5
    The long overdue update What it adds; Hylotl(20), WoW Blood Elves(58), WoW High Elves(22), Mario Shys(44), Aura(62), Miqote(44), Viera(62), Kitsune(52), and Fairy/Pixie(40) There's also a boost to Draenei(15), Floran(4), and Harpy(6). Total Images: 429 VF now has a custom race, Kemonomimi which means 'animal ears' for the basically human sets like Aura, Harpy, and so on. Lamia, Harpy, and Merfolk where moved to this new species. I'm still working on building back up my stock of images, but the next update is gonna focus on the new DLC, so suggestions for some primitive sets and the MSI Slavers are welcome. I'll also be looking into unique portraits for special characters if people have ideas for that as well. I've also set up a poll on the VF discussion page about mono-gender sets. There were more than a few sets left over from Lewd Xenos that I couldn't really ad as full sets, so I want to know how people would feel about VF having mono-gender (typically all female) sets like other portrait mods.  
    23/12/2022 - V1.9
    New update (finally) What it adds; Ange(wo)mon(42), Martians(44), Tau(38), Togruta(46), Gardevoir(75). There's also a boost to Twi'leks(25), Goblins(19), and Quarians(15). Total Images: 304 Its all Humanoids, though Gardevoir might change (not sure to where), and Quarians will likely get moved to Toxoids. I still have a good portion of Lewd Xenos to incorperate. Not all of it will get added to VF mainly because it's LX is an all female mod that has about 100 images per set on average. Anything that doesn't get added to VF proper will get added in what I'll call a legacy patch. Next update will take a bit longer ass I work in the rest of LX as well as the fan version of Xenophilia. Happy Holidays everyone!  
    20/09/2022 - V1.7.5
    This is the update for the just now release Toxoid DLC. It adds Soft/Face Masks(42), Hard/Full Masks(47), Modseven art as Mutants(18), Muk(15), and Goodra(51) Also adds 1 pre_sap image for toxoids, Vault Girl, which may get changed. Total images: 174 This was a rather odd one to source for, and also unexpected. Plague doctor stuff not as prevalent as I'd thought it'd be for one. There was a few dev notes about place holders, so this could break with a patch, but I'll be keeping an eye out for that. Things are ramping up again, so these updates will be slower.  
    19/08/2022 - V1.7
    This updates adds 2 new Aquatic sets, 2 Arthropods, and 3 Avian. Aquatics get Penguins(18) and Vaporeon(45), Arthropods get Eliksni(14) and Hollow Knight(35), Avians get Corvids(31), Harpies(40), and Toucans(13). Also happy to add 4 new donated images to Lithoids (latex). Total new images: 200 Really feeling the lack of content with some of these. Going forward, if I can't find enough images for new sets for a species, I'll try bulking up the existing ones instead. Huge thank you to Armchair who really helped test and bughunt a new unexpected issue. Seems Stellaris will consistently crash right before loading the main menu if there is no prescripted empires (or possibly pre-made custom empires), and that broken custom empires (missing mods, dlc, etc) can spawn into games as fallen empires. To fix this, VF now has a custom prescripted empire courtesy of Armchair. Next update will focus on Fungoids, Molluscoids, and Reptilians. I don't hold much hope of finding a new set for Fungoids, so I might revert them back to non-gendered and have each gender as a separate set. Maybe for Lithoids too. Please let me know what you think about this.  
    01/08/2022 - V1.6
    This updates adds 5 new Mammalian sets (honestly, they are by far the easiest species to source for); Giraffes(64), Wolves(72), Goats(56), Tigers(84), and Pandas(67). Total new images: 343 Next up is Avians, Aquatics, and Arthopods. Content is running a bit dry now, so maybe expect 1~3 per species. I'm openly taking suggestions for sets people would like to see included.   
    15/07/2022 - V1.5
    This updates adds 5 new Humanoid sets; Angels(45), Cyclops(32), Ogres/Oni(29), Twi'lek(28), and Warcraft Trolls(26). Total new images: 160 Not as much as I'd like, but I'm running out of ideas of what to add. While making this update I had to drop about 5 races because I just couldn't source enough images.  I'm openly taking suggestions for sets people would like to see included.   
    18/06/2022 - V1.4
    Finally had time to get some work on the mod, but at this point I think I'm hitting a content wall in certain areas. I can't find one fecking thing extra to add to the Fungoids sets for example. Another is the Molluscoids, it would start out fine then it turned into an utter drought of content. So assume that if there isn't 5 sets to a species, it's because I just can't find anything, or enough of something to work.  Anyways, what's been added is Cactus (25) and Florans (20) to Plantoids, Ants (25) and a mix (38) of stuff that almost worked on their own for Arthropoids, Chickens (31) and Eagles (26) for Avians, Latex (25) for Lithoids, 8 new for Pre-Sapient, 9 for the Salvagers, and 12 for the Shroudwalkers. A total of 219 new images. I'm not 100% sure the Salvagers are a good fit, something like dwarves would have been more accurate but they'd be better as a playable race. The mixed set was supposed to be either mantis or beetles, but there wasn't enough so I just mashed them together with other failed ideas. I might replace it in future, but it'll most likely stick around, the only other feasible set would be hollow knight.  
    01/03/2022 - V1.3
    The last of the donated images. Well, there is some more but they'll get added piecemeal. Not a whole lot (again), but this update adds two new Reptilian sets; Crocs/gators(42) and Dinosaurs(44). I'll be trying to get all species up to 5 sets now, when I have time. I've noticed that people have downloaded the experimental dlc patch, but haven't said if it works or not. I kinda need the feedback.  
    06/02/2022 - V1.2
    Things have been rather hectic lately, and scedual changes means I haven't had that much time to work on VF. This update isn't as substantial as I was hoping for but it's something at least. What it adds is 3 new Mammalian and 2 new Necroid sets; Deer (60), Dog (58), Foxes(48), Succubi (45), and Demon (53) for a total of 264 new images. The next update will include the last of the donated images, but I'll also be working on an experimental build for people who are missing some or all of the species dlc since that seems to be the cause of crashing during empire creation.  
    04/12/2021 - V1.15
    I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year? I know I said the next update would be a Mod It Yourself guide, but that's turning out to be harder than I expected (I tend to ramble and rewrite a lot). In the meantime, this update is thanks to a very helpful Anon who donated all the work they never published! Honestly, it took like three days to put this update together, it was so nice not to have to mask art for a change. This update is an expansion; 8 Slimes, 9 Dark Elf, 22 Elf, 5 Draenei, 16 Bovine, 19 Equine, 40 Feline, 22 Rabbit, 9 Shark, 3 Dragon, and 7 Draconid. This is only a part 1 of 2 as there's still more artwork left over, but it'll need a bit more work as they'll be new sets. I'm still working on the guide but I just wanted to put something out for Xmas/New Year (even if it is a bit late)  
    04/12/2021 - V1.10
    This update is for the new Aquatics DLC. It adds 4 sets; Merfolk (think mermaids), Orca, Shark, and Zora for a total of 172 new images. Took a bit longer then expected, even though I was kinda rushing it, mainly because there was an unexpected lack of images for certain sections. Zora and Merfolk were really lacking in Futa content so to make up for that I added the Orca set. I'll be keeping an eye out for them as I'm doing other updates. Gonna take a week off, I'm under the weather and finding it hard to concentrate. I spent a half hour trying to get the update to work before I figured out I messed up the image paths. Next update is going to be a 'Mod It Yourself' guide so people can make there own portrait sets/mods and comparability patches. After that, well it's going to be a new round of expansions with a pleasant surprise (for me at least).  
    17/11/2021 - V1.0
    Fixed the Fungoid Mushroom set, (mixed up the number of images for Futa and Males) Added 12 images for the Extra-dimension species (Novakids), added 32 images for the Swarm (Xenomorphs), and 5 images for the AI. Novakid images were largely carried over from Xenophilia but I tried to source some more for variety, of which there is surprisingly little. While Xenomorphs were my first thought for the Swarm, I did look into using either Zerg or Tyranids but also found those surprisingly lacking or unusable. Might offer Xenomorphs as its own species as there's plenty of images to work with, but I think there's already a mod that has them, so we'll see. And with this, I'm moving VF out of Beta. ? I'm going to prepare some sets for the upcoming Aquatic species pack, after that I'll be looking at making a pdf guide so people can tinker with VF and add to VF themselves. This isn't to say I won't work on it anymore though, I'll still be doing a second run through to up the number of sets. Might even start doing event modding.  
    26/10/2021 - VF Beta 0.9
    My god, I've been busy, but the new update is finally here. Vanilla Framework has now incorporated Xenophilia. Mostly. What was added, plus the images I sourced to make make up for any missing aspects, nets 387 new images. The Bovine and Equine sets got a big boost, but VF now includes Draenei and Quarian for Humanoids, with Death Claws, Kobolds, and Sangheili for Reptilian.  Protoss should also have been added but they are very troublesome to source for. Next update will be on the Crisis portraits, plus I might start from the top of the list again if the new DLC doesn't mess with anything  
    30/08/2021 - VF Beta 0.8.1
    More of a hotfix than a real update but different enough to be a minor update. The comparability issue with Sins of the Prophets should now be fixed. It was an interesting little problem that made me rename all the species classes files to take advantage. Fungoids, Plantoids, and Lithoids are gender enabled like every other species. This was to fix the portrait problem they had with the new gender policy. Some big new though! I've got permission from Snowcraft to merge Xenophilia into VF! New update will be focusing on getting that all set up and hunting down any additional images needed to fill out a set. I'm also taking suggestions for what the Prethoryn Scourge and Extra-dimensional Invaders should look like. I was thinking maybe Xenomorphs and Novakids but I'm open to ideas.  
    07/08/2021 - VF Beta 0.8
    This took longer than expected (I guess I say that a lot?) but it's finally here, some 300 new images for Machine/Robot. Trying to come up with decent criteria to decide them up was rather difficult since most of the time the images could go either way. So, for the most part, I divided the Robots and Android into two subsets based on their squish factor. So the breakdown is 2 Robot sets, 2 Android sets, 1 Synth Female set, 1 Synth Futa set, 1 Futa-bots set, and 1 Man-bots set. The last two are more like place holders until I can get enough images for their sets (they're basically robots, androids and synths in one set) I've also added more preview images to this page so everyone can get a better idea of what's in this mod. Right now I'm going to work on the gender policy which, thanks to Banana Banana, should be should be done soon, the main issue is that it'll be tedious. As it'll just be a policy and not a major change I'll post it as a quick drag and drop folder, but I'll also be updating the main download to.  
    08/05/2021 - VF Beta 0.7
    This took a lot long  than expected because I got a lot more images than expected. This update adds a whopping 440 new images; Fungoids got 96, Lithoids got 68, Molluscoids got 172, and Plantoids got 104. Image sets are Mushrooms, Slimes, Elementals, Statues, Cephalopods, Gastropods, Inklings, Slugs, Flowers, Fruits, and Planets. I've made a few format changes to the files which will, hopefully, make things easier. For now, VF has a folder inside it called PATCH FOLDER that has all the now updated patches plus a Read Me oh which file is used with what mod and how to install or uninstall. I got this new patch system to work reliably, but if people are having problems with it then I can put up the separate patch mods again. Gonna take a bit of a break and see how stable the update is for everyone else. Next update I think will be Machines and maybe some crisis species like the Prethoryn Scourge  
    06/04/2021 - VF Beta 0.6
    This update adds 3 new sets to Necroids; Zombie, Mummy, Ghost, for 127 new images. Vampires got expanded with 45 new images. The overdue Humanoid expansion got done with Humans getting 48 and Goblins getting 42. There's now a compatibility patch for SE Human and/or SE Humanoid. There are 3 patches in the one folder for using with either or both of those mods) This update was a bit of a slog. I decided to tone down the gore factor for zombies as I figured most people (such as myself) wouldn't particularly enjoy it, so they're more like Frankenstein's monster, or modern zombies that can mix and match body parts if they have need and thread. Also, there's not a lot of mummy or ghost images, so I had to double down in some places. Werewolves would have been an obvious addition but I'm holding off on them until I get canines done for Mammalians and see if I can make them more distinct. For the next update I'll be lumping in Planoid, Fungoid, Lithoid, and Molluscoid as they seem to be the harder ones to source for.  
    06/04/2021 - VF beta 0.5
    This update replaces the old Reptilian set with 3 new ones, Draconid, Dragon, and Naga, for a total of 160 images. Some code got tidied up from earlier releases, so things should run smoother. To address some concerns over crashes that might be related to not owning DLC, this release is in two versions. The normal version, Vanilla Framework Beta 0.5, has the DLC species set to only appear if you have the specific dlc. Vanilla Framework Beta 0.5 Ex, has my portraits set to always be available. I suspect there might be an issue with not having the correct ships, greetings, etc, if so then at least there's the normal version to use. My schedule is utter chaos so I can't keep a regular release going. From now on, updates come out whenever I get them done. Necroids are next on the list, I'll be doing the humanoid expansion with them this time,( I swear).  
    09/02/2021 - VF beta 0.4
    This took a while to do because I'm short on time for the next few weeks, when I have more time things should pick up again. This update adds 3 portrait sets to Mammalians; Equine, Rabbit, and Feline The Bovine and Ratling sets also got expanded for a combined total of 259 images this update. The Humanoid expansion got pushed back because, again, I'm short on time and wanted to get something out soon. Next update will focus on Reptilians as I already have some images sourced so I should hopefully get the next update out a bit sooner than this one  
    20/01/2021 - VF beta 0.3
    This took a lot long than intended because I'm currently in a busy period.  Next update is likely to be delayed too, but I'm trying to keep a good and regular pace going. This update adds 3 (or 2, depending on how you look at it) portrait sets to Humanoids; Orcs, Elves, and Dark elves I wanted to expand the existing Human and Goblin sets, but thought it better to get something out soon. Their expansion will likely get rolled in with the next update. I was going to include a succubus/incubus set, but thought that they might be better for Necroids (who don't have a wide variety to work with)  
    07/01/2021 - VF beta 0.2
    The old Avian portraits are replaced with 3 new ones (Parrot, Owl, and Duck). I'm no ornithologist, I work with what I find, so if there's and image that doesn't strictly fit into its category then yo can put that down to people incorrectly tagging that image. There were enough images left over from the old set that they'll likely make a return as generic or generic and eagle. Due to Fungoid, Plantoid, and Lithoids being hard to source for, they'll be the last to get new images this round. Current Tons of Tits patch should still work fine, they haven't updated anything and I haven't touched the related file.  
    30/12/2020 - VF beta 0.1
    The mod seems stable, no real issues other than some missing machine portraits I forgot to include. Mod is now entering the Beta phase, which means I'll be focusing on adding more content and putting out compatibility patches. Reformatting should make the mod more friendly with others and allow for easier updates. Beta opens with 3 new Arthropoid portrait sets (Bee, Spider, and Moth), replacing the old one. Will now offer a More Vanilla patch that adds back in the vanilla portraits for those that want it.  
    _101_VF_I_Dont_Have_Plantoid_DLC_classes_Patch.txt _101_VF_I_Dont_Have_Lithoid_DLC_classes_Patch.txt _101_VF_I_Dont_Have_Aquatic_DLC_classes_Patch.txt _101_VF_I_Dont_Have_Necroid_DLC_classes_Patch.txt _101_VF_I_Dont_Have_Toxoid_DLC_classes_Patch.txt



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