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  1. Calcifire's Portrait Pack

    ::100% Custom Artwork for STELLARIS:: -made by me, an internet guy
    Other than that, this is yet another "portrait pack" you can just thrown into the dumpster. *ugh... We got enough of those.
    REGULAR VERSION:: stellaris v3.1.*
       x78 Species - some have more variants than others... some are half assed. (examples shown above)
       Know that the original intention of this mod was to replace all of the vanilla portraits with hot pics. And, while I've been working on this project in secret for almost 5 YEARS, I've decided to pull the trigger on it because there is no way in hell I'll ever reach that goal. If you don't want a replacer, then just download the "Regular Version". It shouldn't conflict work with your other mods. The "Directors Cut", however, adds a bunch of unnecessary fluff. The main reason I wanted to make a replacer pack was because well... How am I supposed to enjoy all the lewd mods that can be found for this game, with all those ugly ass vanilla MONSTROCITIES randomly spawning into my galaxy. Who would wanna fuck that thing?!?!? But that's it. That's the gist. No promises on any future development for this mod, other than me poppin' in to update it to the latest game version of stellaris every now and again. All in all, I'm satisfied with only having x5 of each archetype, as having the x176 total species I would need to match Paradox Interactive is WAY too much work.
    DIRECTORS CUT:: stellaris v3.1.* + lustful void v0.5.7
       x76 Species - x5-x6 for each species class, + x10 bonus species
       x24 Extra Unplayable Species - unique portraits for all x3 endgame crises, all x3 enclaves, and some of the special event species, etc.
       x61 Extra Traits - designed for fleshing out each species with even more erotic flavor. lite on mechanical depth and perfect for building a diverse list of custom empires with
    TRAIT PACK:: stellaris v3.1.* + lustful void v0.5.7
    Brought to you by viewer request. This is a visual overhaul to Lithia<3's Lustful_Void and expansion pack.
       Visual Overhaul - all Traits and Leader Traits have been redrawn
       Zero Cost Traits - at this point, game balance is not the objective anymore. Traits are free so that players can design species to be as lewd as they want
       x61 Extra Traits - a list of all the new traits can be found in the spoiler bellow
       1a. download either the "REGULAR" or "DIRECTORS CUT" versions
          1b. if you have selected the "DIRECTORS CUT" download the Lustful Void mod by Lithia<3 as well
       2. place inside "C:\Users\*User_Name*\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\" folder
       3. extract the contents of *insert_mod_name*.zip
       4. open the Stellaris Launcher and include the mods in your playset
       5.(optional) Highly recommend the UI Overhaul Dynamic mod on the steam workshop so you can actually see the portraits
       REGULAR:: this one shouldn't conflict with any mod, though it isn't designed to properly integrate with them either. Just a safe pick overall.

       DIRECTORS CUT:: this one obliterates a lot of vanilla files. Don't be surprised if shit don't work with other mods.
          REQUIREMENTS:: Lustful Void, I didn't make this version of the mod to run along side any other mod other than Lustful Void. It was primarily built for my personal use, and not exactly meant for the masses.
          Specifically this mod edits::
             1. Prescripted_Countries, files wiped clean
             2. Species_Classes files, wiped and modified
             3. Scripted_Triggers files, modified
             4. some files inside Anomolies, Decisions, Diplo_Phrases, Solar_System_Initializers, and Events folders are also modified
       WIP WARNING:: 
          Overall, I am interested in utilizing the Vanilla Framework mod by Mugginnato, once it's out of beta and is feature complete. At the moment, my Directors Cut simply does more than what is on offer, but I'm not intent on splitting community. Mugginnato, if you are reading this, you are more than welcome to reference my files to see where in a couple places you are letting vanilla portraits slip into the game. For example, if you were to pick a mechanist origin, your empires starting robot pops will be paradox models. All in good time.
    "So Calcifire?.. Were you even trying at all when you made the male portraits?"
       Lol, shit. I'm just a cis het male, I don't know what's good. I just drew the bare minimum of dicks that I had to, alright.
    Donation box ::HERE::, for anyone who liked the mod



  2. [Stellaris] Vanilla Framework

    Vanilla Framework (Beta 0.8.1)
    What is it?
    Vanilla Framework is is a small(ish) mod I made to replace all the vanilla portraits with ones that are a bit more interesting. I used a mod to remove them, and it did decent enough, but the little blighters always managed to sneak into my games through things like events or Pre-Sapients. Not the sort of thing you want after going through the trouble of installing all those other portrait mods.
    What does it do?
    At present it adds;
    3 Arthropoid sets (124 images) 3 Avian sets (126 images) 2 Fungoid sets (119 images) 5 Humanoid sets (290 images) 2 Lithoid sets (85 images) 8 Machine sets (496 images) 5 Mammalian sets (329 images) 4 Molluscoid sets (201 images) 4 Necroid set (192 images) 3 Plantoid sets (103 images) 3 Reptilian set (190 images)  
    Total Mod Images: 2,225
    This mod is designed to be fully compatible with Lustful Void's gender traits but can still be played without them.  This mod is incompatible with other mods that affect base games Species Classes.  Compatibility patches will be made as mentions of conflicts arise.  
    By default, each species will use the Male and Female image sets, but when used with Lustful Void, you can also use the Futa images. When creating a species, select their appearance, then a gender trait (All Male/Female, Futa), then change the rulers appearance.  The rulers image won't update itself in the creation menu when you choose a gender trait, so you'll need to do that yourself.  
    Compatibility Patches
    There is a folder inside VF named "PATCH FOLDER" along with a Read Me to explain installing. It also contains the More Vanilla patch.
    Mods that have a patch;
    Tons of Tits 2.6.3 Se Human + Se Humanoid (All of them) Stellaris Sexy Xenos and More (SSX)  
    30/08/2021 - VF Beta 0.8.1
    More of a hotfix than a real update but different enough to be a minor update. The comparability issue with Sins of the Prophets should now be fixed. It was an interesting little problem that made me rename all the species classes files to take advantage. Fungoids, Plantoids, and Lithoids are gender enabled like every other species. This was to fix the portrait problem they had with the new gender policy. Some big new though! I've got permission from Snowcraft to merge Xenophilia into VF! New update will be focusing on getting that all set up and hunting down any additional images needed to fill out a set. I'm also taking suggestions for what the Prethoryn Scourge and Extra-dimensional Invaders should look like. I was thinking maybe Xenomorphs and Novakids but I'm open to ideas.  
    17/08/2021 - Status Update
    Okay, so that was more difficult than expected (mostly me making bad decisions, smooth brain that I am), but the new Policy seems to be working as intended. Mostly. Vanilla Framework 0.8b.zip is the pre-patched version while VF 0.8b Optional Policy Patch.zip can be extracted into you mod folder. The new VF Gender policy lets you either; Replace male portraits with futas Replace female portraits with futas Or add futas to the default pool This can only be changed every 10 years like most policies, and can be set back to the default Male/Female pool should you want. The only problems encountered so far is that Leader portraits don't switch to the new set immediately, but can be fixed by hiring a new one. The other is that I can't seem to get the species portrait to respond to the policy flags, though they still change for mono gender species. It hasn't been tested exhaustively so other issues might crop up, also, this policy only affects VF portraits at the moment.  
    Delete any old versions you might have installed
    Download the latest Vanilla Framework.zip Vanilla Framework 08.1b.zip is pre-patched with the optional policy build VF 0.8.1b Optional Policy Patch.zip is the the policy files to patch 0.8.1 to 0.8.1b Extract its contents into Documents/ Paradox Interactive/ Stellaris/ mod Make sure there is a folder named "Vanilla Framework" and a file called "Vanilla Framework.mod" This mod should be the last active mod in your launchers mod load order To install a patch, like the More Vanilla Patch, open the Vanilla Framework mod folder Open "PATCH FOLDER" Select relevant patch .txt file, then copy and paste into Vanilla Framework/common/species_classes  
    Changelog (Old)
    07/08/2021 - VF Beta 0.8
    This took longer than expected (I guess I say that a lot?) but it's finally here, some 300 new images for Machine/Robot. Trying to come up with decent criteria to decide them up was rather difficult since most of the time the images could go either way. So, for the most part, I divided the Robots and Android into two subsets based on their squish factor. So the breakdown is 2 Robot sets, 2 Android sets, 1 Synth Female set, 1 Synth Futa set, 1 Futa-bots set, and 1 Man-bots set. The last two are more like place holders until I can get enough images for their sets (they're basically robots, androids and synths in one set) I've also added more preview images to this page so everyone can get a better idea of what's in this mod. Right now I'm going to work on the gender policy which, thanks to Banana Banana, should be should be done soon, the main issue is that it'll be tedious. As it'll just be a policy and not a major change I'll post it as a quick drag and drop folder, but I'll also be updating the main download to.  
    08/05/2021 - VF Beta 0.7
    This took a lot long  than expected because I got a lot more images than expected. This update adds a whopping 440 new images; Fungoids got 96, Lithoids got 68, Molluscoids got 172, and Plantoids got 104. Image sets are Mushrooms, Slimes, Elementals, Statues, Cephalopods, Gastropods, Inklings, Slugs, Flowers, Fruits, and Planets. I've made a few format changes to the files which will, hopefully, make things easier. For now, VF has a folder inside it called PATCH FOLDER that has all the now updated patches plus a Read Me oh which file is used with what mod and how to install or uninstall. I got this new patch system to work reliably, but if people are having problems with it then I can put up the separate patch mods again. Gonna take a bit of a break and see how stable the update is for everyone else. Next update I think will be Machines and maybe some crisis species like the Prethoryn Scourge  
    06/04/2021 - VF Beta 0.6
    This update adds 3 new sets to Necroids; Zombie, Mummy, Ghost, for 127 new images. Vampires got expanded with 45 new images. The overdue Humanoid expansion got done with Humans getting 48 and Goblins getting 42. There's now a compatibility patch for SE Human and/or SE Humanoid. There are 3 patches in the one folder for using with either or both of those mods) This update was a bit of a slog. I decided to tone down the gore factor for zombies as I figured most people (such as myself) wouldn't particularly enjoy it, so they're more like Frankenstein's monster, or modern zombies that can mix and match body parts if they have need and thread. Also, there's not a lot of mummy or ghost images, so I had to double down in some places. Werewolves would have been an obvious addition but I'm holding off on them until I get canines done for Mammalians and see if I can make them more distinct. For the next update I'll be lumping in Planoid, Fungoid, Lithoid, and Molluscoid as they seem to be the harder ones to source for.  
    06/04/2021 - VF beta 0.5
    This update replaces the old Reptilian set with 3 new ones, Draconid, Dragon, and Naga, for a total of 160 images. Some code got tidied up from earlier releases, so things should run smoother. To address some concerns over crashes that might be related to not owning DLC, this release is in two versions. The normal version, Vanilla Framework Beta 0.5, has the DLC species set to only appear if you have the specific dlc. Vanilla Framework Beta 0.5 Ex, has my portraits set to always be available. I suspect there might be an issue with not having the correct ships, greetings, etc, if so then at least there's the normal version to use. My schedule is utter chaos so I can't keep a regular release going. From now on, updates come out whenever I get them done. Necroids are next on the list, I'll be doing the humanoid expansion with them this time,( I swear).  
    09/02/2021 - VF beta 0.4
    This took a while to do because I'm short on time for the next few weeks, when I have more time things should pick up again. This update adds 3 portrait sets to Mammalians; Equine, Rabbit, and Feline The Bovine and Ratling sets also got expanded for a combined total of 259 images this update. The Humanoid expansion got pushed back because, again, I'm short on time and wanted to get something out soon. Next update will focus on Reptilians as I already have some images sourced so I should hopefully get the next update out a bit sooner than this one  
    20/01/2021 - VF beta 0.3
    This took a lot long than intended because I'm currently in a busy period.  Next update is likely to be delayed too, but I'm trying to keep a good and regular pace going. This update adds 3 (or 2, depending on how you look at it) portrait sets to Humanoids; Orcs, Elves, and Dark elves I wanted to expand the existing Human and Goblin sets, but thought it better to get something out soon. Their expansion will likely get rolled in with the next update. I was going to include a succubus/incubus set, but thought that they might be better for Necroids (who don't have a wide variety to work with)  
    07/01/2021 - VF beta 0.2
    The old Avian portraits are replaced with 3 new ones (Parrot, Owl, and Duck). I'm no ornithologist, I work with what I find, so if there's and image that doesn't strictly fit into its category then yo can put that down to people incorrectly tagging that image. There were enough images left over from the old set that they'll likely make a return as generic or generic and eagle. Due to Fungoid, Plantoid, and Lithoids being hard to source for, they'll be the last to get new images this round. Current Tons of Tits patch should still work fine, they haven't updated anything and I haven't touched the related file.  
    30/12/2020 - VF beta 0.1
    The mod seems stable, no real issues other than some missing machine portraits I forgot to include. Mod is now entering the Beta phase, which means I'll be focusing on adding more content and putting out compatibility patches. Reformatting should make the mod more friendly with others and allow for easier updates. Beta opens with 3 new Arthropoid portrait sets (Bee, Spider, and Moth), replacing the old one. Will now offer a More Vanilla patch that adds back in the vanilla portraits for those that want it.



  3. SE Human 2 LV Patch + Nudity

    This patch make the mod follow the mono gender trait in LV and included nudity but not to many~
    Must have : SE Human 2 
                       Lustful Void
    Load Order : Lustful Void
                         SE Human 2
                         *This Patch*
    If encounter a bug pls just contact me right away~
    My Other Mod :
    Steam Workshop::!X99 Trait Points Reload (steamcommunity.com)
    Steam Workshop::!X99 Trait Picks Reload (steamcommunity.com)



  4. Lustful Void Strategic Resource Unified

    This file is made for future usage of Lustful void and it will allow you to use your resources without fear of conflicts. Based on
    You can request for your own resource to be added to this list from your own mods and in fact please do it will help everyone!
    NOTE: this is intended to overwrite the linked mod this is not a mod by itself yet as we have yet to use it for anything at this time. 
    Current Resource list




    This is a test that I have made because I just start modding. 
    This mods adds two starts and some traits, and two event pop ups 
    I dont know how to do nothing in this web, but I want to say thanks to lustfull void, because I learn modding by reading they programe code and basicaly their mod structure.



  6. Mystical species

    A mod that makes most of the art by the artist mystical/mysticalpp/plantpenitrator into several species

    all credit and source of the images are to mysticalpp/plantpenitrator

    there's 6 different species

    plants: 126
    anthro: 106
    humin: 114
    gouls: 42
    guard: 50
    robot:193 (20 original images stretched with recolors)

    and one mega species that had the placeholder name "plant" and now its gone too far and would be too much work to rename

    plant: 468

    this is just the contents of a mod file that doesn't exist you will need to make a blank mod with the stellaris game launcher and put the contents into the folder it creates



  7. Seedbeds 4.0 New Seedbed Types(portrait, flag, loadscreen, rooms)

    Seedbed portraits for use in Stellaris. goes with Lustful void+lewd arachnids (Lustful void now Required as of 3.0)
    i got bored thought id fix up the lewd arachnid mod
    to be used with 2.7.1+  and while i was at it since i wanted to use a Hive minded Drider brood parasite with the Syncretic evolution from Lustful Void thought id make some fitting portraits
    Contains 155 portraits
    148 Female Seedbeds
        108 Seedbeds
         28 Tent beds
         6 Plant beds
         6 Slime beds
    5 futanari
    2 male
    Additionally adds 
    23 loading screens (slots 800-823)
    13 flags
    5 rooms.
    can be downloaded All in One, or Separately. 



  8. Mass Effect Civilizations Asari SE Nude Patch

    This is nude patch for Mass Effect Asari Species so enjoy it~
    Made by Princessity so all the asset from her while i add another 5 more nude outfit from the original Asari Species outfit~
    Mass Effect Civilizations - Asari



  9. SE Helltaker LV Patch + Nudity

    Hello guys!!~ Today i manage to make a patch for SE Helltaker compatible with Lustful Void included Nudity
    Lustful Void
    SE Helltaker
    I add a new nude portrait but my editing skill is shit so enjoy when you have it~



  10. Elves of Stellaris LV Patch + Nudity

    Hello guy, today a bring to you all a patch that make Elves of Stellaris species show a specific gender by using mono gender trait in Lustful Void. NOW WITH NUDITY~~
    Load Order: 
    Elves of Stellaris
    Lustful Void



  11. SE Humanoid Plus LV Patch + Nudity

    Hello everyone!~ Today i have a new patch to show you which is to make SE Humanoid Plus compatible with Lustful Void!! This enable all the nudity in the SE Humanoid mod~
    Lustful Void
    SE Humanoid
    SE Humanoid Plus



  12. SE Human Plus LV Patch + Nudity

    Well Hello Guy!~ Today I want to share with you guy my personal patch that can make compatible with LV mod and have nudity enable dont expect all the pop will be naked since its random.
    Lustful Void
    SE - Human - Modest
    SE - Human - Plus
    BUG :
    If you try play this species with either All Female or Futanari trait, in the the starting planet their are one pop have male portrait for some reason so i dont really know how to fix this.



  13. Stellaris - Human Femboy Portraits + expansion pack

    made this pack, a collection of 256 human femboy portraits.
    Extract the contents of the zip to "documents/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod"
    No uploads for a while.



  14. Empires for LV

    Empires for LV
    Defines a set of empires that can spawn into each game. Currently there are 10 empires defined. The first three being from SexDwarf2250's Original ![LL] Empires for LV. This is that same file, but updated to work for Stellaris 3.0.3. The empires which will spawn in every game are: Bovarian Combine, an all female race of peaceful cow-folk who are very excited to be milked. Karnalian Servitors, a pair of species, one being warlike, all-male and very dominant, and another being all-female and submissive. Mextraxian Sense-Merchants, a corporation led solely by women, and who are ready to share their wares, for the right price. Seed of Beshatrite, a race of male only insects who's hunger to find any female to lay eggs in may lead them to spread across the galaxy. Kobellian Caretakers, a race of female sex bots, who were created to pamper and attend to any organic lifeforms need. The other empires which can spawn are: Protected Poimash People, a race of soft, adorable snails who were guided by The Great Ones. They now set out their mission of searching the stars for new life, new civilizations, new friends. (They are a Scion race of a fallen empire.) Holy Riisa'qul Council, once a great empire which almost spanned the galaxy- until almost completely destroyed. They seek to restore their former glory. Harmonious Rule of Claest, where the women rule over their sex slave men, and seek only to perfect their empire, their internal affairs, without the meddling of those other xenos. Continual Order of Pesurbii, an all-male race with the unique trait which ensures their kin is Pesurbiin. With this trait they hope to spread their genetic influence across the stars. Motaza Organism, a female hive mind who have already successfully integrated the other male species on their planet. Now they wish to connect with others, and let their spores spread.  
    Although this is just a fixed modern version of an existing mod I hope to expand upon it later to make it stand out a little bit more.

    Goals for the future:
    Add more races than just the original three, specifically utilizing more things like machine, or hive mind empires. Add empires specifically for mods like Wild Lascivity, and Family Oriented.  
          Empires for LV 0.6.0:
      Unzip into your stellaris/mod/ folder   Stage so the mod loads after Lustful Void  
    Lastly, I would like to thank SexDwarf2250 for laying the groundwork, and writing the original code which I have so shamelessly taken, and tinkered with to make it work.
    Empires for LV 0.5.0.zip



  15. Stellaris Traits, a... [Modder's Graphical Resource]

    First and foremost, this modders resource requires Adobe Photoshop
    Also... All the example icons provided in the .psd's are free for everyone to use. I've pretty much released every single icon I drew when creating the traits for my Portrait Pack
    While you are free to use them however you want, the primary benefit are the methods and tools in here are for the creation of new icons that I will now go into how to utilize...
    File Formats::
    Both .dds and .tga formats will make use of the "alpha channel" embedded within. Though they may look like plain squares inside photoshop... Trust me. They will export as either their round or hexagonal shape when you export them to those image types.
       This is great, because you can essentially draw outside the margins with no consequence (just don't draw outside the canvas, remember to crop if you are seeing artifacts around the edges)
       "_trait.psd" will provide you will circular and "_civic.psd" will provide you with hexagonal icons
    If you want to export .dds files for your icons, I recommend using these settings...   ARGB   32 bpp | unsigned - 2D Texture - No MIP maps
    If you want to export .tga files for your icons, just remember that Stellaris doesn't look for those by default and you need to call for them specifically in your "_species_traits.txt" files with... icon = "gfx/interface/icons/traits/trait.tga"
    (I recommend using .tga files if you don't have any .dds plugins for photoshop. Or if you are like me, you use .tga because they are lossless with no compression)
    Image Resolutions::
    Paradox uses 29x29 pixels for it's icons (yeh, no shit, Cal)
       I recommend using "Bicubic Sharper" for your Resampling Setting when reducing the full sized images into their icon form
       Note that, the subtle glow around Paradox's icons are barely visible when you are working in the 464x464 pixel .psd files I provided... All this means is that make sure you don't merge the layers before you reduce down to 29x29. This can give you weird artifacts during the resampling, so always keep your layers loose.
    While Paradox Interactive slightly changes what colors after every update, I did my best to color match the general feel of the vanilla icons from over the years.
    You might also think the graphics themselves are just plain black drawings, Paradox actually does add a subtle color shade to them. This becomes obvious like when say, you mix the dark red icons with a green background. It's may not seem like an appreciable difference, but if you want to match the source material as much as I do, you'll make the conscious effort to meet that standard Paradox set.
    Making your own Icons::
    You may have also noticed that when viewed in their full resolution, a lot of my artwork looks pretty bad, but you can hardly notice that when they are in their tiny little 29x29 forms. In fact, some choices that look down right awful actually end up looking BETTER when you crunch it down to size. Exactly how and why this works is just something you'll have to discover through experimentation when drawing your own icons. So whether you have any skills or not, makin icons is actually very forgiving.
    Anyway, that's it. Hope this helps somebody out there!
       *wait, wtf? when I open this, photoshop had to convert it from an older version... Wait, you made these in photoshop CS3?!?!?!... WAIT, DID YOU DRAW YOUR ENTIRE PORTRAIT PACK IN CS3!!! That's from like 2007, dude, WTF!!!!*
       -Hey man, adobe is expensive.



  16. The Sexopolis Project and More [FINAL VERSION]

    After playing a couple runs with Lustful Void and Planetary Diversity on I got the idea to make a sex-themed planet with districts that'd use the jobs from lustful void. That's pretty much what this mod is, it adds a new planet class called the "Sexopolis" that features 4 unique districts:

    The "Residential District" adds extra housing as well as 3 streetwalker and 3 whore jobs

    The "Dairy District" 15 Milk cows (mimicking the dairy arcology but without the stability decrease)
    The "Sexology District" which adds 10 researchers

    And the "Red Light District" Which adds 5 Call Girls and 5 Escorts

    If you want to start on a Sexopolis, there is an Origin.

    In addition to the planet, there are also Pleasure Ringworlds and Pleasure Habitats with similar districts to the Sexopolis but scaled to their respective type (Less jobs and housing on the Habitat, more on the Ringworld). All of these can be built once you get the "Sexual Megaprojects" Ascension Perk.
    Tentacle Worlds can be created via terraforming, and their tech is earned by being friends with tentacles, or using the Tentacle World Origin
    With the Gigastructural Engineering mod, you can build an Alderson Sexopolis slice for your Alderson Discs! Possibly more gigastructure variants in the future.


    This mod requires Lustful Void which can be found here (Great mod btw!). Lustful Void goes before Sexopolis in your load order.
    If you're using Gigastructural Engineering, then you'll need to place it before Sexopolis as well

    If you're running Planetary Diversity you no longer need to download a patch, and the load order shouldn't make any issues whether it's before or after this mod.

    For example, a your load order can be: Lustful Void, Gigastructural Engineering, Sexopolis, Planetary Diversity
    But NOT: Sexopolis, Lustful Void, Gigastructural Engineering, Planetary Diversity


    To install this mod, download the zip file, extract it, and take the folder and .mod file and put them into your mod directory (C:\Users\(Your Name)\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod). Once you do that, just make sure to enable it in the launcher and you're good to go.


    - When you select the Origin you'll see that the preview of your city is in the void, this is because the background for the Sexopolis isn't meant for Tier 1 cities (it looks fine in-game)
    - Job issues with Hive mind pops on Tentacle worlds


    Thanks for the suggestions, while I can't say whether or not I'll get to them I do read and consider all of them! I don't have much experience running Hive or Machine empires with Lustful Void so some suggestions on how I can rework districts or add new planets with them in mind would be great!
    Also, I don't log on here too much so it may take me a bit to see what you've sent, but I do read everything when I do get on.
    Thank you to Vivikon for the Russian translation
    Thank you to saqqdf for creating the Chinese translation
    Thank you to Bznboy, TRsadoTR, Ben Fox, chimiz, Samury24, Sicon3 and PolySoup for fixing various bugs
    Thank you to the folks behind Lustful Void, without you this mod would never have been created.
    Thank you to the folks behind Planetary Diversity and Gigastructural Engineering, your mods were a huge inspiration and help when making this.
    Thank you to all the folks that gave me suggestions, let me know when there's a bug, and enjoyed this mod.
    And a big thank you to the folks in the Stellaris Modding Den, who helped me figure out a ton of the problems I had while making this mod.
    It's been a blast working on this, I hope you all enjoy!



  17. Space Amazone Specie + 3 optional species

    A simple specie mod, static 3d model made with Daz 3D
    40 unique models, some with psionic apparences
    This is a standalone don't replace Vanilla species.
    Optional Alien Specie Aureskan, An alien race, which mixes with humans to modify them
    Optional Slave specie for syncretic evolution gameplay
    Optional Elven Brothel recommended mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598699516&searchtext=brothel
    We have made a mod on steam for human species can be optionnal https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2543056011



  18. Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more (SSX) 1.11.8

    SSX 1.11.8 for Stellaris 3.0.3 and beyond
    Only the SSX and SSM species classes have the portraits. It's normal if the other species classes are empty, it's because it's impossible to add a new cityscape without his own species classes.
    I do not know how to write english, but i will do my best. I am a french amateur modder, i'm watching the mods in this site for stellaris for more than one year. But with the recent arrival of new modders, i am encouraged to come out of the shadows.
    In my mods you can find:
                                            .27  species traits
                                            .17 leaders traits
                                            .7 technologies
                                            .10 civics
                                            .7 cityscapes
                                            .20 species :
                                                 139 xeno furred nekos
                                                 86 nekomimis
                                                 128 xeno furries by dr.comet
                                                 91 xeno deers
                                                 154 xeno horses
                                                 97 egyptian themed humans (2 genders)
                                                 102 xeno rabbits (2 genders)
                                                 83 lewd humans
                                                 80 dreanei
                                                 104 fox furrys
                                                 86 dog furrys
                                                 219 more manga styled humanoides
                                                 126 manga elfs (gendered and more)
                                                 91 succubus
                                                 76 overcustomized dragon furry sexy horrors
                                                 85 Blue succubus
                                                 48 animes girls by Oota Yuuichi
                                                 119 sharks and orcas
                                                 56 same xeno horses but only with the arts by Twistedscarlett60
                                                 43 gardevoir inspired sexy aliens
                                            .3 machines models (experimental) (need synthetic dawn)
                                                 61 cat bots ( A.R.A. from Fluff Kevlar )
                                                 6 chromed bots
                                                 126 anime synths ( specialized )
                                            .1 prescripted countrie
                                            .3 events
                                            .And many content not listed.
                                            Localisation: english
                                                                french, german, russian (partial)
                                                                All others localisation are minimaly supported (english text, no more "trait_leader_warm_nuts" or others things like this)
                                            Installation :
                                                                        All four files are mods.
                                                                        The portraits, traits and more and cities files are standalone.
                                                                        The countries file is not really interesting I must add more stuff seriously.
                                                                                                    But SSX traits and more rewrite species_has_happiness in 00_rules and opinion_friction in 00_opinion_modifier file, it's not  critical,    the game wil not crash if it's re-rewritten by an other mod.
                                                                                                    The ui for the ruler window and the pop window in the planet view are also modded, it's incompatible with any mods
                                                                                                    changing those windows. (sometime a crash, sometime that look messy)
                                                                                                  ( requirements! ) Sexyxenos Countries = Just More Flags, Sexyxenos, Sexyxenos Traits    
    I dont mind if you take and/or change the files for your mods. Do not put the NSFW pictures on steam workshop if you don't like to live dangerously. If you really really want to do a repost, write at least a description and give the source. Check the rules of the website where the repost is done. If the loverlab is difficult to reach from your country you are more than allowed to repost it in a better place.
     Feel free to give me some feedbacks and ideas. Even if I'm rarely here.

    All graphics belong to their originals authors
    Credits :
                    Thanks to Abominus for the german localisation
                                    Akinaruto for the french localisation
                                    Lockeslylcrit and PrincessWoona for the english localisation
                                    Ailine for the russian localisation
                                    Pravus for the succubi species
                                    Powaqqatsi for many portraits
                                    Void Node for many portraits
                                    The big amount of artists i have not credited for the huge cultural heritage they create like fluff kevlar, dr comet, iskra, twistedscarlet, 
                                    waero, freedomthai, alfa995, f-r95, kanel, fensu, magnaluna, neoartcore, wisperingfornothing, tsampikos and many missing names I will add over time.



  19. Real Human Portraits

    First off: If you have a problem with breast implants, this mod probably isn't something for you.
    I made this mod for another mod I'm working on which is about traits and more. Therefore the themes of the portraits.

    There are 4 species which are added to the humanoid class:

    -[88] Women with medium implants
    -[81] Women with big implants
    -[56] Kate Lambert aka Kato (I ended up with lots of images of her so I made them into an additional species)
    -[100] Latex Catsuits (species lore from my wip mod: "This species developed latex suits very early on. Since then they adapted to them and evolved with them. Now their suits are an essential part of them.")
    -[20] Anisyia
    -[18] Candy Charms
    -[31] Jennifer Ann
    -[20] Samantha Saint



  20. Feae's Origin Image Replacer

    Mod Description:
    This mod aims to replace the vanilla origins within the game with more lewd ones. I'm a beginner modder, but I think I did pretty good. However I could not find the Prosperous Unification Origin within the game code, even with a word crawler (I did eventually, but the origin_default is not being overwritten by the mod for some reason, if any veteran modders can help it would be greatly appreciated), so it probably will not work for that single origin. That being said all the other origins have been replaced with lewd versions from various Rule 34 artists who I will credit below.
    This mod is my first mod entry, like ever, I may do multiple iterations of this mod, say for instance an all female or all male one (the latter is unlikely unless requested). All Human or all furry etc.
    This mod is compatible with almost any mod that does not alter the vanilla origins. I've only ever had one mod like that, and surprise it was for the Prosperous Unification origin which I could not find despite banging my head against my keyboard lol. I do have plans to make an event replacer mod that works with modern versions of the game and with modern events. (This mod should work fine with mods that ADD-on origins too such as Lustful Void and any other mod that does this since those mods don't alter the vanilla origin images to my knowledge.).
    Most of the lewd images contain moderate BDSM, bondage, and mostly consist of female anthros (Humanoid dragons, deer, etc.) at the moment. There are some male elements, but nothing lewd from them is visible say for one picture. If you're not interested in that I would not recommend downloading this mod.
    and lastly
    Some of my favorite artists, they're really talented go support them :D.
    Install the mod, extract the compressed file contents into your Stellaris mod folder when you're done extracting cut out the secondary descriptor named "OriginReplacer LL" and paste outside the main folder. Should fix it, I hope. Keep the main descriptor inside the folder, it is labeled by default descriptor.
    If the secondary descriptor is not there go into the paradox launcher and down to installed mods, go to create a mod and create a random mod. Copy and paste the contents of my mod into the newly created mod and that should also fix it.
    The Mod isn't Working:
    The descriptor should remain inside the mod folder labeled OriginReplacer alongside the GFX. I wouldn't recommend removing the descriptor or the GFX folder unless the mod is absolutely not working. Sometimes the mod may not show up right away in the Paradox Launcher, so you might have to relaunch the Stellaris launcher once or twice and then check your Installed mods, it may or may not be automatically inserted into your current playset, if not you will have to do that by yourself (it's simple). If after all that it still is not working, delete the folder OriginReplacer (and it's descriptor if you removed it) and extract the contents from the compressed file again and repeat the steps. If it still doesn't work delete the compressed file and re-install it. If none of these work send me a message.
    Mods I'd Recommend:
    This mod can be played in 100% vanilla without any additional mods, but I would recommend you get a UI mod if you intend to play this mod in 1080p or above, but these aren't required.
    So, UI Overhaul Dynamic is a good choice.
    If you experience any new bugs or problems with the mod aside from the one I mentioned earlier, let me know.



  21. [Stellaris] Gynoids

    Mod contains:
    - 72 portraits of female humanoid robots
    - Extract archive into /mod/ folder
    - Enable mod in launcher
    - Not working? Here is 10 step guide
    OR do it hard way by editing dlc_load.json
    - Stellaris 3.0.x
    Use "UI Overhaul Dynamic", because its awesome.
    gynoid\common\species_classes\09_gynoid_overwrite.txt replaces vanilla robot and machine, but you can remove it and add "gynoid" species in any other place/mod you want



  22. Kinky Void

    Kinky Void v1.1.2
    A Lustful Void Submod
    My first mod for any game, focusing on what I felt were gaps in LVs otherwise excellent content, pulse what ever other kinky ideas struck my fancy. Employ sexologists to lick tease and probe the mysteries of the universe, use the power of psionics or cybernetics to enhance your sex industry, train cheep and enthusiastic slut armies and send into battle,  accidently get your leaders addicted to robotic pleasure suits, or make your pops so insatiable that you actually need the stupid amount of amenities your sex industry creates. 
    Current contents:
    19 Techs
    1 Origin
    5 Civics
    3 Jobs
    3 Species Traits
    5 Leader Traits
    1 Edict
    1 Planetary Decision
    2 Army Type
    Extra Files:
    More loading screens: Love Lustful Voids loading screen options but hate how their mutually exclusive? Download the Lustful Void Loading Screens (All) pack and enjoy over 200 possible lewd loadings screens. All credits go to the original artists and to Lithia<3 for putting the packs together. All I did was change the file names to make them work as a single mod.
    KV-Sexopolis tweaks:
    Requires "The Sexopolis Project and More" by Buttson117. 
    Adds Kinky Void sexologist jobs to the sexology district found in Sexopolis mega structures and habitats. Regulars empires will now get a 50/50 split of researchers and sexologists, while those with the sexology civic will get all sexologists. The patch also removes the unnecessary housing from dairy districts as Milk Cows don't require it. Credit to Zorlond who came up with the idea and made most of the changes.
    1.1.2 Change Log:
    1.1.1 Change Log:
    1.1.0 Change Log:
    Old Change logs:
    As this is my first mod, expect some bugs and questionable balance, I'm happy for any feedback/subjections.
    Possible Future Plans:
    More sex jobs that produce things other than Trade Value and Amenities, both because its more interesting, and far easier to implement. Black market smuggling den for space stations to help reduce space piracy at the cost of planet crime. Find a way to make ship components sexy. A new submissive themed origin. More pleasure suit based content.  
    Not Happening:
    Custom Art assets more complicated then messing around in blender for 10 min. A level of maturity above the level of making slut armies take 69 days to train.  
    Credit to Lithia<3 for all the original gfx assets used in icons, I just tweaked, recolored, and repurposed them.
    Russian translation by Vivikon.



  23. Sarah's Slightly Erotic Namelists (SSEN)

    A lot of the existing NSFW namelists for Stellaris were a little bit in-your-face with the hypersexuality and/or submission and that didn't really jive with me or the empires I generally play, so I made my own! Suggestions/critique welcome.
    They're sort of intended for use with a futanari/female-only prostitute empire or a matriarchy but the lists are meant to be fairly generic enough so that you can use them as-is for most libidinous empires. In total, there's 300+ unique shipnames in all three of these lists, mostly idiosyncratic names like The Culture, but if it was at least 100x hornier. Ship names in particular have neither a submissive or dominant lean overall, but are very horny. They tend to run the gamut from subtle innuendo, to catty and playful, to downright pornographic.
    Other Features
    Default Ship Class Names, the sort of things that a society built on a proud heritage of sex work would name things Libidinous References, Inside Jokes and Easter Eggs aplenty Corvettes and Destroyers have generic letter-number designations like real-world PT boats so your corvette spam fleets won't make your larger ships have "XXXXVIII" after their names Planet names right now are a little generic, I might improve these later with other suggestions. Small Chance of a Corvette/Destroyer being named "P3N15" that you can feel free to giggle over like a schoolgirl.  
    There are three namelists in the current file: Human, Roman, and Yiff Party. The only real difference between them is in the leader names.
    Human uses the names from CANS' human list, with a lot of immersive possibilities. Roleplay out your kinky earth utopia! Roman, similarly, uses the Roman CANS names. My personal favorite, pretty versatile. Yiff Pile uses a much more in-your-face set of ... "Organ"-related names, and is sort of intended for a kemonomimi/furry empire of dickgirls. Not for the faint of heart! ... or the easily aroused.  
    DLC/Mod Support
    In addition to support for all DLCs (Up to and including Nemesis), all namelists have extensive mod support:
    Mods Supported with Fully Unique Names: New Ship Classes and More 6.0+ Zenith of the Fallen Empires Ancient Cache of Technologies Plentiful Traditions Expanded Stellaris Traditions Extended Synths More Origins Mod Upper Limits Kinky Void (LL) WIP/Generic/Bare Minimum Support: Guilli's Planet Modifiers Planetary Diversity Gigastructures and More  
    * Some mod/DLC support may be patchy or incomplete. However, barring a few edge cases everything is covered to the best of my ability and knowedge. Please let me know if you find holes, and you can feel free to suggest further mod support.
    Pairs well with Lustful Void (Here, literally just... click around?) and Courtesan's Guild! (Steam Workshop)
    To Install: Extract the contents of the attached zip file to Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/Mod. Pretty straightforward.
    Version History
    1.0: Initial Release. ~200 shipnames. 1.1: Added a whopping 100 more shipnames, and tweaked some army names. Also deleted a rogue (but disabled) localization file that shouldn't have been there. 1.1.1: Quick hotfix to patch a rogue bracket at the end of two files that were causing duplicate entries that I'd noticed but hadn't gotten around to fixing yet. Thanks to Zorlond for pointing out exactly what was causing the issue.



  24. Monster_girl Potrait mod

    this is a a mod of monster girls it work with Lustful Void
    its 19 difrent monster girls
    it 10 difrent futas monster_girls
    and its 6 monster_man
    sorry for my english
    and this is my first mod



  25. Galactic Succubi

    Galactic Succubi (Stellaris 3.0+)
    This mod simply adds a new species to Stellaris, my own version of the Succubi. All of the source art in this mod originates from a VN, Erect!: https://vndb.org/v10047. Thanks to Undead_Drake for finding the source again! Lots of image editing from the originals was required to get all the necessary pops you see in the mod.
    All of the characters included were heavily edited by me to achieve a consistent and somewhat varied species. All portraits are from the waist up, and will appear a bit bigger than normal pops to fill up the available space. There are 13 different "phenotypes" which make up 7 different characters in two different poses. All portraits include multiple facial expressions and a nude slave version. Name list included.
    Will likely be the first and last version given the source material I had to work with and the absurd amount of time it took to get the wings just right. Feel free to fork/tweak as desired, and if reuploaded, just give credit back here.
    Thanks to all the other modders on the site for their content over the years! About time I gave something, albeit small, back to the community.



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