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Body Replacers

Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that replace the bodies of existing characters or creatures

53 files

  1. Fallout 4 "Suki body" CBBE bodyslide preset!

    Update 1/29/2021: I fixed the problem with the "Suki Body". Please uninstall the: "Suki Body CBBE Bodyslide Preset" mod and install the "Suki Body 2 -CBBE- Bodyslide Preset". The "Suki Body 2" is identical with the "Suki Body" and it must work without any problems! Mod discription: Hi everybody, this is my new bodyslide preset, after five hours of experiment on bodyslide:)   You can use the Suki Body preset as is, or use it as a base to create your own preset and save it with a new name, using the "Save As" button in Bodyslide. Requierments: You must have these mods and their requierments installed:  Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15 BodySlide and Outfit Studio: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25 For the "vanilla" armor and clothing I use the: CBBE curvy (outfit) preset because they don't look good with my preset and because I don't want all the female characters of the game to look the same.   If you want to see more of my mods look for my other files in LoversLab, or you can visit my PATREON page: https://www.patreon.com/FalloutFanatic. I make outfits, armors and more, Fallout 4 only!
     My Twitter
     My Instagram
     My YouTube channel
     Have fun and stay safe



  2. Nanakochan Melanin + CBBE and TWB

    Animerace Darker skin + CBBE and TWB

    This mod adds CBBE and TWB compatible Animerace bodies, it also replaces all of the Animerace textures with a darker shade, so you may get more range w/ skintones. 
    Though, in my case, I just simply wanted an anime girl of colour. 
    Not enough of them, know?

    Make sure you have Animerace Nanakochan installed.
    Drop the files in your directory.
    Replace anything it asks you to.
    Build in Bodyslide.

    Questions, Comments, Concerns, Support.

    Discord Server.

    Patreon is pretty empty as of now, but we'll get there.



  3. JaneBod - Preset - Muscular/Fit

    I have included more presets into this new compressed file. Nothing has been removed; The file contains everything thus far (as noted earlier, I did remove a preset that had a horrible neck seam due to the use of some sliders from Jane Bod Fixed but I'm not sure if anyone would have wanted that one to begin with). Any comments or critiques concerning these presets, please feel free to express them. Thank you.
    END OF 2020-12-25 NEW SECTION
    Once again, I have uploaded new presets. The file contains both the new presets and a majority of the old presets as well. I took the liberty, this time, to go through all of the presets that were previously included and to find the few where the neck seam was significantly incompatible with the Jane Bod Rev head. To my surprise, I think that I only eliminated one preset; Therefore, all of the presets in the compressed file should all be good at this point (at least, in terms of the neck seam).
    Also, I figured that I would carefully examine all of the Jane Bod Fixed sliders and to see which ones were, indeed, causing the neck seam changes. So here is a list of all of them, should you care to avoid them for the reason of those sliders changing the neck seam on your preset:
    JBF Bod Fitform A
    JBF Bod Fitform B
    JBF Bod muscle details
    JBF body Weigdt (their misspelling, not mine)
    JBF Body hips curve
    JBF Body hips fix
    JB Belly muscles
    JBF Leg Morph 1
    If I remember correctly, I've switched from using the Jane Bod Rev body to the Jane Bod Rev 2 body. I don't think that it makes a bit of difference one way or the other (I haven't noticed a difference) but I thought that I would mention that in the rare instance that someone does care about that detail. I think that these presets will work just fine with either.
    As always, these presets are packed using 7-zip so you will need to unzip them but it's an extremely common program and, if you are here, you likely have the technical know-how to find, download & use the program with no trouble at all. However, I mention that fact in the extreme off-chance that someone new to body replacer modding might be reading this description.
    All of these presets are variations on a theme. The original screenshots are fairly representative of the variants although the additional presets included tends to skew towards having larger and/or differently shaped breasts along with a larger and/or differently shaped butt. Since presets are so small and can be compressed to an even smaller size, there was no point not to include them for purposes of comparison.
    And, just as in the original section below, any comments or critiques are welcome. Thank you.
    Bodyslide Preset for use with JaneBod Rev body (with some additional JaneBod Fixed sliders)
    I always take and rarely give (partially because I feel as though what I have to offer is not much) but I feel as though I should always be offering more. Therefore, here is a bodyslide preset that I have been using in Fallout 4 as of late.
    It is a female bodyslide preset using the JaneBod body (technically, the JaneBod Fixed body) & using the Jane Bod Rev sliders with a few sliders from the JaneBod Fixed body.
    I have included four screenshots: Three from Bodyslide that are fairly self-explanatory (front view, back view, angle) & one from inside of the game.
    For those who have not integrated regular JaneBod with JaneBod Fixed sliders, the only Fixed sliders used are for feet size & so, hopefully, you can use this with regular JaneBod just fine.
    If need be, I will refine this description should there be any glaring omissions with the present description.
    Any comments or critiques are welcome. Thank you.



  4. V.beta 2.0 compatibility body Preset (L-A-Z)

    Bodyslide preset for Vmod beta 2.0 (https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=49800)
    Allows extensions of the body to be flush with the character's mesh
    Based off of (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38816) Xl version (2nd screenshot) and converted to LAZ (3rd screenshot)
    Allow me to be absolutely clear, this is not Vmod beta 2.0, this is a bodyslide preset for CBBE body that is flush to the the static extensions to the player's body. Vmod beta 2.0 is linked here, as well as the preset it was based from. please view both before downloading this preset. Vmod beta 2.0 requires F4SE, Bodyslide, and CBBE- as stated from the download link.  
    I have placed this file here merely for myself, as this preset keeps getting lost in my Fallout 4 directory, the ability for my fellow degenerates to view and download it as well is simply a side effect.
    wether that be a negative or positive one, I'll leave to you, and besides, i'm sure you'll tell me anyway.
    Have a good day. 



  5. "Grenade Girl" CBBE Bodyslide Preset

    This is my "Grenade Girl" Bodyslide Preset for the CBBE body, if you like the outfits in the photos you can download them and many more from my PATREON page: https://www.patreon.com/FalloutFanatic All of my outfits-armors are compatible with CBP Physics for Fallout 4 and MTM CBP Physics Preset - CBBE.
      Requierments: You must have these mods and their requierments installed:
     Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-:
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio:
     Install with your favorite mod manager or manually.



  6. Sexy and Fitness Body

    Manual Install, is simple



  7. Droids of the Commonwealth Companion Replacer

    This is a work in progress to change your companions to be DroidRace.
    Companions completed so far:
    There is a oack that includes Cait, Curie, Piper, and MacCready replacers.
    These are individuals so far:
    Ivy (Mod Required)
    Coming Soon:
    Individual files for each companion for thos who do not want all companions changed.
    If anyone has any request for NPC/Companion they would like changed let me know.
    Known issues:
    From what I have seen the only issue so far that I am trying to find a work around for if the companion is already accompanying you then the mod wont change them. Unless this is just an issue I am having on my end.
    Please advise me of any issues as this is my first mod I have actually released to others.
    Thanks, H.S.



  8. -CBBE- Realistic Bodyslide Presets (WIP)

    This is my Collection of Body Presets for CBBE and Bodyslide. You are free to use them at your likeing. For more and up to date Bodyslide Preset from me go to https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39809.
    Credits: Caliente, ousnius
    Please Note that the Outcome shown in the Pictures will may differ by your own F4 Body Setup (Body Meshes, Tatts, asf.).



  9. 3D Vaginas CBBE - True Wasteland Body

    3D Vaginas for CBBE and / or True Wasteland body

    Has this already been done? Well, if it has, I haven't seen it.
    This mod is pretty simple and forward. It uses the Animated fannies model, and allows you to give either CBBE or TWB a 3d vagina.
    Inside are 4 versions of the body Two standard for CBBE, and two spread for TWB.
    There is also an "Overlays" folder w/ 3 png files.
    Installation is pretty simple.
    1. Drop the "Tools" folder into your data folder, just like you would do for any outfit mod.
    2. Once that is done, build the body in Bodyslide (CbbeDetailedVagSpread).
    And that's it. 

    If you want a pink pussy, locate your body texture, open it, then drop an applicably sized png from the overlays folder onto it. 
    There you go.
    addonvagtextures.zip is simply a drag and drop archive for those who don't manually edit textures. 
    This mod does not have vaginal sliders, thus why it has the closed and spread presets.


    If you're not sure what to do with this mod, here's some inspiration:


    Feel free to use this as a base for any of your outfits, etc, whatever Just be sure to leave a credit, or just drop a link back here. 
    Go wild.



  10. Atomic Muscle - A Male Body For Big Guys

    Leito86 for the base body (EVB - Enhanced Vanilla Bodies)
    ARYAYADA, Grayshepherd, smorris2012 (SHB) & Coldsteelj (SSBBW) for the slider references
    ZAZ for the Zaz Extended Skeleton and genitals weights
    Ousinus & Caliente for some other slider references + Bodyslide & Outfit Studio tools
    NaiRae for the SexSwap Outfit Conversion Templates
    EVERYONE IN BEARHOOD OF STEEL DISCORD SERVER who encouraged me to make this project
    @good0593 for the wonderful male texture resource
    asdasfa for the Bodygen tool
    Wanderer for the FOMOD Creation Tool
    @Napodan for the FO4edit script to apply random skin for male npcs.
    @FadeToBlack for the Immersive CBP Preset


    Atomic Muscle is a body replacer based on EVB and with the same idea as SAM ( 2 Major body sliders + Genital sliders).
    2 body sliders only because its easier to refit, with the downside of simple customization but can still be combined with vanilla sliders to accomplish various body shapes.


    🌑 Animated Penis, so its compatible with AAF Animations such as Atomic Lust, BP70's and Savage Cabbage Animation Pack
    🌑 Full compatible with AAF - Penis morphs are included for the compatibility as well as Anus Spread slider for anal penetration anims.
    🌑 Cut & Uncut Penis Variants
    🌑 Unique sculpted Anus
    🌑 2 Major Body Sliders
    - Nuclear Bodybuilder: focused on bodybuilder body type
    - Nuka Bull: focused on powerlifter body type (chonky but stronk)
     🌑 Optional Jiggly CBP Preset (requires CBP) or Immersive CBP Preset (by @FadeToBlack)
    🌑 Optional ZeX Skeleton Edits or ZeX Skeleton Edit Wider Shoulders
    🌑 Compatible with any EVB Based Body texture
    🌑 Looksmenu Integration for full customization experience ingame
    🌑 Support for all the Vanilla outfits including DLCs Nuka World, Far Harbour & Automatron (Refits)

    🌑 Optional Skin Randomization (I gonna call it Skingen). This will make all vanilla and dlcs npcs have different body skins. Recommend to be used with Bodygen

    🌑 Optional Bodygen. This will make all vanilla and dlcs npcs have different body morphs. Recomended to be used with Skingen



    🌑 Any EVB Based Texture of your choice, i highly recommend the Victoriam Line textures: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42913

    🌑 ZaZ Extended Skeleton, the skeleton this body was rigged to: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/36702

    🌑 Looksmenu, for the ingame customization: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12631
    🌑 Nude Skin for Human Male Ghoul not really a requirement but if you dont have something like this, human male ghouls will get a underwear texture when undressed and unmatched penis skin (Yeah, AM does work on human ghouls as well) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7432

    🌑 Main texture database for the Skin Randomization that comes in Skingen (you need to install the v1.6a the v1.6b is just some additional textures but they are not used in Skingen)  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38676

    🌑 Ulfberth's SKin Overlay + Its requirements If you want to have the Skin Randomization that comes in Skingen (Option available in the FOMOD) enabled.


    🌑 If you want the Nuka Bull Model's preset (Ulfberth) or the Nuclear Bodybuilder Model's preset (Danse): https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/295-ulfberths-looksmenu-presets-tattoos-for-atomic-muscle/
    🌑 Player Voice Frequency Slider. No point having a big body with a high voice. With this, you can have your character's voice really deep and make you wet as he talks: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/30953?tab=files
    🌑 Idle Animation for Muscular Male for a tougher look: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39256/
    🌑 for who wants to wide the shoulders a bit more, you can download the BT Skeleton in optional section of this mod page (yeah, it'll work with AM just fine): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40037?tab=files

    If you are going to do that, make sure load it after all the other conflicts!
    🌑 CBP Physics for Fallout 4; Atomic Muscle is compatible with CBP... and you'd need it if you pick the CBP Jiggly Preset during the FOMOD installation anyway: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39088?tab=description
    🌑 UAP (Ulfberth's AAF Patch). For AAF gay support + it has a lot of extras like male moaning during anims:
    🌑 Pip Boy 2000; because we cant refit the pip boy, it will clip a lot with the body, specially for atomic muscle where the bodies can look real big, so this mod will install a pipboy that is not shown in your forearm and you wont see the clipping bug while in the first person / while you have the pipboy menu on: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32025/
    🌑 Tactical Flashlight; in case you gonna use Pip Boy 2000 you'll lose the regular pipboy flashlight. So to keep it a bit more immersive, you can equip tactical flashlights to go through dark places:
    🌑 Pip-Boy Flashlight; to customize your  Tactical Flashlight lighting: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10840/?


    Just install with your mod manager like any other regular mod. If you have any other male body installed for any reason, you may want to load this after it.
    Since it comes with prebuilt meshes for vanilla outfits, you may want to load this before outfit replacers.
    The load order for other mods, in your assets order (left panel if you are mo2 user) should be something like:

    For the plugins order (right panel for mo2 users) You just want to load all the AM Bodygen plugins after MaleBodies.esm and UlfSkinOverlay.esp:


    Once you have installed your body, you may want customize it right away. Open looksmenu by bringing the console up then use SLM 14 to open the looksmenu for the player character or while the console is up, left click on the npcs you want to open the looksmenu for (an id will show up on the center) and enter SLM SHOWED_UP_NPC_ID_HERE > Like SLM 24cdb3.
    With the looksmenu interface up, select the Body option, then go to Advanced. There you may find some sliders you can make use of to customize your body.



    During FOMOD installation you'll notice some options that will give you bodyslide files. Those are meant for modders only to be used on any projects they may have as i believe users shouldnt have to go through bodyslide, just to have a body functioning.
    🌑 The regular naked projects can be used for skimpy outfits.
    🌑 The Nevernude for non skimpy outfits (NOTE that you are free to customize the bulge slider on your outfit the way you want).
    🌑 The Hands projects have the Nuka Bull and Nuclear Bodybuilder sliders on it to make the wrist more thicker and to match the body proportions more.
    🌑 The NeverNude/Cut/Uncut + Hands projects are just meant to be used to make it easier to conform from outfits that cover both the wrist/hands and the forearms. You dont want to keep it on the end of your project depending on how the outfit looks like (because the hand textures are messed up in this one)
    All the bodyslide projects, including the vanilla outfits, were added to a slider group, its called Atomic Muscle in bodyslide. You can directly DOWNLOAD HERE:

    If you want to add your outfits to the sliderGroup yourself, you can create a pull request here: https://github.com/ulfbearth/Atomic-Muscle-Slider-Group/tree/dev/Tools/BodySlide/SliderGroups Or, if you dont know how to use Github, just send the XML to me and i'll upload it with the changes.

    You are free to use these assets in your projects as long you credit me. You dont really need to ask for permission then, but at least let me know so i can know the cool things you are working on for it


    Follow me in the | Twitter | if you want to get notified in real time when i publish new refits for Fallout 4
    Join us in the Bearhood of Steel | Discord |  NSFW Gay oriented server. Get in to be update with my stuff and to share yours too. A place for men who enjoy men.
    Follow this | File | if you want to be aware of new updates!

    If you feel like supporting what i do and just want to buy me a coffee, you can donate to my paypal account! 



  11. Debby Evolent

    This is an updated/elven preset of my favorite personal character for anyone who likes Her..........Debby.
    Debby's a cute smart resourceful young ex-Brotherhood scientist who was born in vault 101,  She used to be one of Brotherhood's highest regarded techies,
    But when Arthur Maxson took control of the east coast chapter Debby was upset with His methods & defected from the Brotherhood shortly after,
    She had decided She would rather die then march across the land killing anything remotely mutated & stripping people of technology in the name of they're protection.......
    Ever since Debby had abandoned the Brotherhood of Steel She spent Her time following & watching elder Maxson's movements hoping He'll never go full genocide.
    Debby is a 22 year old women with an I.Q. of 142.
    She was born with a medical condition that makes Her a urinary incontinent women which means She has no control over Her bladder & She wears diapers because of this,
    Debby's worn diapers Her whole life & always been embarrassed about it, But She's always feared not having diapers at all because then She'd eventually pee puddles in public.
    In the Brotherhood of Steel She was even made fun of by all the knights & paladins who would call Debby "Baby Girl" & tap Her butt whenever She walked by.
    But She never let anyone truly get to Her because of Her problem or let it hold Her back from being a confident person who eventually became a smart scientist,
    In fact She actually invented Her own small line of pacifiers & diapers just to spite everyone & for some of the mothers with infants while She was still in the Brotherhood,
    Debby even made one pacifier just for Herself because She would always suck Her thumb anyway when She would go to sleep at night,
    & now Debby has a guilty pleasure of sucking on Her binkie whenever She feels stressed out or takes a nap.
    These files require CBBE BodySlide OutfitStudio by Ousnius & Caliente
    along with these other files below.
    (Ponytail Hairstyles) by Azar (Required)https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/8126/?
    Debby's hairstyle will replace the short5 hairstyle.
    F4SE as well as LooksMenu
    looks menu customization compendium-https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24830?tab=images
    Extended Facial Sculpting by Septfox - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25087
      Recommended mods - for character lore   Diaper lovers Fallout 4 by my friend Lucia-https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3177-diaper-lovers-fallout-4/   If you want Diapers..... + Debby's Good Girl adult diapers & pull-ups by me-https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5432-debbys-good-girl-adult-diapers-pull-ups/  
        Debby's Binkies by me  
        & for those of you who like Debby's ABDL cuteness, There's also Debby's adult cribs by me-https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5713-debbys-good-girl-adult-cribs/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Credit goes to ousnius & Caliente for the original body textures   Credit goes to Team Zex for Debby's body.   Credit goes to Vioxsis for Debby's pubic hair.   Everyone enjoy   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Here is how to install Debby's skin texture(s)   Step.1   (Optional)Backup your normal skin.WARNING-if you do not follow Step.1   your original skin texture will be overwritten.   Open the (basehumanfemale) folder in your (Fallout 4) folder.   most likely located in here (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\Textures\actors\Character)   Now move the following dds files from the (basehumanfemale) folder   to the folder labled (z.Folder to backup your skin.z)   in the (Debby) folder.   1.basefemalehands_d.dds   2.basefemalehands_s.dds   3.BaseFemaleHead_d.dds   4.femalebody_d.dds   5.femalebody_s.dds   this will keep your original skin texture safe.   When installing this skin u need to do step 1   for the (CharacterAssets) folders NOT the (character assets) I know confusing.   So you preserv those original textures as well...Assumeing u have this mod.   Zella's Hair Dye Collection by ANiceOakTree (V.2.1 not V.2.2)   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Step.2   Installing Debby &/or Her Skin texture.   Copy the (Debby) folder to your desktop...   Now open the (Debby) folder & grab all the folder(s) in the (Data) folder and drop them in the (Data) folder thats in your (Fallout 4) folder   most likely located in here (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4)   If you followed these steps correctly your Player will now have Debby's Skin. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Step.3   Play the game and enjoy.;P



  12. Wasteland Kitty

    This is an updated version of preset for Miss.Kitty..............I just wanted to share Her with anyone who like Her.
    Miss.Kitty is a 19 year old bob tailed felyne lady who was made as part of an experiment by scientists in a hidden bunker,
    One day that bunker got raided by a squad of brotherhood & during the battle Kitty & Her little sister Kimmy were saved by a women named Debby who took care of them from then on.
    Kitty is actually male & not female but she's very feminine & prefers it when people refer to her as a woman.
    Miss.Kitty likes to suck on a binkie & wear adult pull-ups because Her idol (Debby) does.
    This version of Miss.Kitty's penis will replace the plugin from "Miss.Kitty's secret" as well as the meshes & textures.

    Required mods.
    Unique Player by d_rail - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3718/?
    / or Unique Player and Followers REDUX by FGmodule (Highly Recommended)https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26108/?
    (To make your character stand apart from other female actors)
    (Ponytail Hairstyles) by Azar (Required)https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/8126/?
    (Looks Menu Customization Compendium) Made by AGodComplexPikachu / CurioNC / EmissaryOFWind / JTesmer / ANiceOakTree /
    Kirse10 / imAarwyn / Robberfox / RoboAsimov / TrophiHunter / & Wendera.(Required)https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24830/?
    Extended Facial Sculpting by Septfox - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25087
    And lastly (F4SE.script extender & Looksmenu)...Which are both (Required).
    These mods are required for Kitty's preset to work, Without them changes will not apply correctly & the game may crash.
    Credit goes to ousnius & Caliente for the original body textures
    used in the creation of this furry one.
    Credit goes to Team Zex for Kitty's body mesh.
    Credit goes to Vioxsis for Kitty's pubic hair.
    Credit goes to Darklynxxx for the meshes used as Kitty's cat legs.
    Credit goes to Schrodinger's Trap for original mesh & textures of Kitty's penis.
    Credit goes to Hidemaro for the original mesh used for Kitty's tail.
    & credit to The Matrix Prime for the meshes used as Kitty's paws/hands.

    Everyone enjoy 
    Here is how to install Kitty's Fur, Tail, & Ears.
    (Optional)Backup your normal skin.
    WARNING-if you do not follow Step.1
    your original skin texture will be overwritten.
    Open the (basehumanfemale) folder in your (Fallout 4) folder.
    most likely located in here (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\Textures\actors\Character)
    Now move the following dds files from the (basehumanfemale) folder
    to the folder labled (z.Folder to backup your skin.z)
    in the (Miss.Kitty) folder.
    this will keep your original skin texture safe.
    When installing this skin u need to do step 1
    for the (CharacterAssets) folder NOT the (character assets) I know confusing.
    So you preserv those original textures as well...Assumeing u have this mod.
    Zella's Hair Dye Collection by ANiceOakTree (V.2.1 not V.2.2)
    Installing Kitty &/or Her Fur.
    Copy the (Miss.Kitty) folder to your desktop...
    Now open the (Miss.Kitty) folder, grab the folder labeled (Data) & drop it in your (Fallout 4) folder
    most likely located in here (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4)
    If you followed these steps correctly your Player will now have Kitty's Fur, tail, & ears.
    Play the game and enjoy.;P



  13. La Buge Hoobies (LBH) CBBE BodySlide Preset

    A CBBE Bodyslide preset to equip player or NPC females with a slim, curvy figure and huge boobies... uh"Buge Hoobies".
    There are two variants in this BodySlide Preset:
    La Buge Hoobies v1 (Natural): Adds a gravitational effect to the "major assets" of the body.  This is best used for nude or loose fitting clothing, such as swimsuit, lingerie, etc. La Buge Hoobies v1 (Boosted): Lifts and squeezes the Hoobies together for that "OMG! IT'S THE FRIGGIN' PRYDWEN!" cleavage effect.  This is better used for tight-fitting or binding outfits.
    In the Screenshots section, Piper is modeling different outfits for your viewing pleasure and for a visual comparison between the two variants.

    To manually install the preset:
    1. Extract the file from the compressed package and copy/move it to ..\Fallout 4\Data\Tools\BodySlide\SliderPresets
    2. You'll need to locate your Fallout 4 installation directory/folder that precedes the above path.
    You may, alternatively, use your preferred Mod Manager client to install it directly from a file.

    In order to use this BodySlide Preset, you will need to install the following mod and design tool:
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio  Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancere  
    New Screenshots

    Q:  What mods were used in the posted screenshots?
    A:  Links to the mods used in the production of these screenshots may be found in the support thread for this preset.  (Link below)



  14. CBBE Body with 3D Pussy Sliders

    For whatever reason, theres actually a ton of polys in the CBBE body's crotch, but the pussy on the CBBE body has never been anything more than a tiny slit with textured-on details. So I took advantage of those sweet, sweet vertices and added a couple sliders to the CBBE Nude Body that make 3-dimensional, real changes to the pussy. Several sliders for ultimate control and personalization of the pussy!!! Based off default CBBE body and textures, might not look great with whatever textures you're using. Does not animate/have HDT physics, but if you know how to do that stuff and want to with this, go right ahead. Only modifies the nude body. Does include in-game morphs for Looksmenu, so that means you can give all your big tiddy anime companions their own unique vaginas. No prebuilt body mesh included , you'll have to run bodyslide and generate your own, everyone's got their own preferred presets anyways.
    The Sliders
    Pussy Lips - Modifies the inner lips into a 3D shape and extends them past the outer lips
    Pussy Mount -  Protrudes the "mound" of the pussy
    Pussy Size - Makes the pussy larger and wider overall
    Pussy Height - Modifies the vertical orientation of the pussy
    Pussy OuterLips - Modifies the size of the outer lips and extends them past the inner lips
    Pussy Innie - Modifies the "width" of the pussy, effectively tucks everything in.
    Fallout 4, CBBE, Bodyslide.



  15. CrazyRug CBBE Slider Sets

    These slider sets build bodies for male and female crazy animations.  You need Body Talk v2, CBBE, Bodyslide.  For ghouls see my other mods.
    Probably only works with CBBE and BT2. Also Zex skeleton is advised for AAF..



  16. Bimbette.

    This is a bodyslide preset I made, one of several but the first to receive screenshots.
    It's meant for breast and butt lovers.
    Give it a try, And maybe share some pics. ^^



  17. Amputee Body for Unique Player

    If you want this on XBOX gimme a hundred bucks. Until then it stays on PC. Oh wait console players can't afford a PC so they can't afford a simple donation to get my mod on XBOX...
    This is a body mod that changes the female Unique Player body to an amputee with robot arms.

    You need CBBE for Fallout 4. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15
    You need Unique Player Redux for Fallout 4 unless you are playing with the Vulpine Mod. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26108
    If you use Vulpine Race by BeardOfSocrates, a unique body patch is included with the main download. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34387
    If asked to overwrite, click Yes to All.
    I've also included a BodySlide file. Please don't make me regret this.
    Quality and Performance
    The arm meshes are exceptionally high poly (90,000 vertices in total) and is made up of 10 separate meshes. Each mesh has a three 4K textures of about 16MB each. If you mod this onto multiple NPCs with UPR's unique companion system you will experience performance problems. My test rig is in my signature, but I also have a laptop with a 1050 Ti and i5 and haven't really noticed too bad of a drop.
    Right now none of the armors except for Road Leathers and Monno's Bikini have been converted. YOU MUST PM ME IF YOU WANT A SPECIFIC ARMOR TO BE COMPATIBLE.
    You may NOT reupload this file to other sites, link to it from other sites for your own profit, or host on private/secure servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Mega, or other file hosting websites. You may not modify and upload to another site.

    I specifically forbid tesall.ru, skyrim.2game.com, devillord.tistory.com, and NexusMods to host this file in any way. This game modification for Skyrim is protected under international copyright laws. A DMCA will be filed against any website privately or publicly hosting this file other than that which I specify are allowed.
    Currently allowed websites are:
    If someone wants to convert this to Skyrim SE, ask me first.
    I've been doing this for a long time. I know what I'm doing. Don't tell me "shouldn't X be like Y?"
    Copyright © 2020 RussianPrince
    如果您从任何非原创网站上阅读此文件,此文件已被盗,并且托管网站是非法托管文件。 为避免法律上的麻烦,请向当局报告国际版权欺诈。



  18. Dicky's Fusion Girl Preset

    Just my body preset for Fusion Girl, seen in most of my screenshots. Enjoy!



  19. Fusion Girl Body Beta [ZeX Compatible]

    Since Vioxsis is Busy , I will be Uploading this Temporarily
    @Vioxsis will be In-charge of this body and will take over eventually !
    Fusion Girl - Foreword
    Fusion Girl Body was home grown right here at LoversLab. It was originally The Citrus Body for Skyrim which @Vioxsis Hand Crafted.
    @Leito86 worked on the Genitals  and combined the two to make a fully working body with rigged Genitals.
    Full Credit Goes to Vioxsis and Leito for this Body
    @TheBottomhoodofSteel played a large role for this to happen. And Big Kudos to him for all his hard work. 
     @ZaZ helped where he could 
    ZeX Skeleton Compatible
    Custom Hand Meshes
    Rigged Genitals
    Rigged Belly
    Rigged Breasts And Butt
    Knee Fixes
    Arm/Shoulder Fixes
    CBBE UV Compatible Textures
    BodySlide/OutfitStudio Compatible
    1.ZaZ-Extended-Skeleton (ZeX)
    2.BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    3.Any CBBE Compatible UV Textures
    Install The mod Via a Mod Manager or Drag the files into the Your FO4 Data Folder.
    Run BodySlide to Customize and Generate the Body of your Choice.
    Note - You don't need to disable any Mods that use CBBE Compatible textures.
    Vioxsis - Rigging, Female Body (Citrus Body/Fuson Girl)
    Leito86 - Animation Rigs / Female Anatomy 
    TheBottomHoodOfSteel - BodyTalk / BodySlide Assistance
    ZAZ - Extended Skeleton / Testing 
    Ousnius and Caliente  - BodySlide / CBBE
    Known Bugs and Features that are being worked on
    1. Blood Spatter Effects are blocky, this is because this is a Full Precision Mesh. We will work on an option to include a standard Half Precision Mesh.
    2. Some UV Errors around the Lower Butt Area and Hand Meshes
    3. Looks Menu Compatibility 
    4. Dismemberment - Will work on a version in the future
    5. Custom Genital Textures 



  20. BodyTalk V2: The Extended Skeleton Edition


    This is a effort to improve and expand on SHB's slider base. Many of the original sliders were redone to look a little more realistic as well as some new additions to the sliders to give a bit more customization. This is a special update for The New Extended Skeleton project I've been glad to be a part of.
    Brand New Sliders and Redone Sliders from SHB along with integrations of Greyshepherd's Aryayda Base Sliders. Brand New Male Body with Skinned Penis/Testicles, Anus, Butt and Belly for New animations using the New Skeleton Brand new Male Hands (Thank you Leito86)  Craftable Nudesuits, and a Craftable Boxer NeverNude / Alternative NeverNude based on the Cut Vanilla undies Works with AAF's Morphs system for Legacy animations.  Comes with Base Nude Textures (Leito's Nude Defaults) and Hand Textures (That I borrowed from F76)  
    In order to get the Penis to work with AAF's Animations, You will need to do the following:
    Build your Bodies of choice in Bodyslide. Make sure the Erection slider stays at it's default Values Tick the box titled "Build Morphs" Build your Bodies You'll need to get the character nude either using your default nude or the nudesuits.  Run it through AAF.  Notes: you require animations that make use of the morphs system.   
    There's issues with the new Penis Sliders and the Erection Slider I can't fix. Until we can get replaced vanilla anims for Men (That put the penis in a flaccid state) I am using AAF's Morphs system to control the Erection to prevent a perma-erection situation with Nude males in game. It will work otherwise when not flaccid though. 
    Currently Right now, Dismemberment is not supported, This is coming soon, so expect an update. 
    Also The New body Base has a new UV map for the skinned Anus, No skin Texture mod currently out will work with it for now, I know some people working on male skins, but No date on release.
    Need Help? Want Support? Want to Discuss Male Modding? Want to See WIPS? My Discord (The Male Modder's Coven) is open for Support Questions Related to BT2 as well as a hangout for those who love to make hot men. 
    Need Extended Skeleton Help? Want to keep an eye on Releases and Testing for it? Join The Extended Skeleton Discord
    Leito86 - Base Male Body/Hands Meshes
    Vinfamy - Edits and basis from DoF 
    smorris2012 - SHB Sliders
    Greyshepherd - Muscle Sliders
    Aryayda - Muscle Base 
    Zaz & Vioxsis - Help with skinning 
    Hair: Cazy's Harper (Personal Conversion)
    Skin: Victoriam Line (Edited)
    Face Skin: Personal

    Hair: Nightcrawler's Nala (Personal conversion)
    Skin: Wasteland Lumberjack
    Face Skin: The Wandering Scavver



  21. Newpath

    This is a wip and should not be used  it is only being uploaded so someone with more skill can fix my errors



  22. KWs JB Preset SiliconFitness

    A Jane Bod (JB) Preset I made.
    After some time looking around I figured that JaneBod is what i want to try out, since it reminds me most of what we got in Skyrim.
    -This is the first one I made, hastily done, so I didn't use hours of tweaking it.
    JaneBod is NOT compatible with CBBE, but conversions can be made.
    (I doubt anything will explode if mixing in CBBE outfits, but NPCs may look weird when wearing non-JB outfits)
    There are two versions, one for Building the body and one (clothes) for building armors and clothes.
    -This is optional, the difference is that the (clothes) version have the breast pressed closer together (it can be used for body also).
    BodySlide and Outfitstudio
    Jane Bod JB - Rev
    I also used: (but probably not required)
    Jane Bod Extended Physics Body   (Zeroed as reference when starting building body in Outfitstudio, just in case I want to use the addons in this later)
    Better Body Physics                        (I built the body in BS using JanBodBodyPhysics)
    Oni face and Body Textures for JB
    High Res DLC Black Face Fix           (Used this for obvious reasons when using textures above.)
    How to use this preset:

    As long as it does not violate what ousnius and Nightasy say.
    Do what ever you want as long as it is shared on Loverslab or Nexus and nowhere else. 
    No need to credit me, but Credit Ousnius and Nightasy, if it was not for them this preset would not exist.
    ousnius for BodySlide and Outfitstudio
    Nightasy for Jane Bod JB - Rev
    dup3w4sh1ngt0n for Jane Bod Extended Physics Body   
    kellogsfrostedflakes for Better Body Physics                        
    OniNigma for Oni face and Body Textures for JB
    HizFather for High Res DLC Black Face Fix



  23. MiGurl 7

    This is my personal preset I use and has taken some time to get it to something I am really pleased with. Just download the file and unzip it. Drop it in your Bodyslide preset folder which should look something like this:
    After this you will need to select the body from your list in Bodyslide and build it before it will show in game. I know most of you are old hands at this, but with new users it can be puzzling so I am trying to be accommodating. Enjoy!



  24. BvBBustyExpansion.esp

    I have always preferred EVB and BustyGrrll. Only bad thing with the busty mod is that you have to take the slider whole the way to the thin side in order to get the boobs. I made simple esp where I cut down the numbers on the "Fat" side and increased it on the "muscular side. This way the butt and boobs show up even in the middle. Requires either BustyGrrll or EVB bodyreplacer meshes



  25. Diverse Bodies: ABE (Atomic Beauty Edition)

    This file is a conversion of Vinfamy's Diverse Bodies (Visit that page for full mod info) for use with the Atomic Beauty body. It is based off of Diverse Bodies 1.1. This version does support Dongs of Fallout. You do not need to download the Vinfamy's original CBBE version, this file contains all you need, just unzip it into your fallout 4 game directory. It will load up when you start the game.
           There aren't that many mods that support Atomic Beauty since the mesh is entirely different, however you can use CBBE skins.
    What to expect from Diverse Bodies Atomic Beauty Edition:
           Fallout 4 randomly generates SPECIAL stats for mundane NPC's, this mod uses those stats to randomize each NPC body.
    High Strength NPC's will have a "V" shaped body. Bodybuilder Body
    High Endurance NPC's will have a "/\" shaped body. Pear-like Body
    High Charisma NPC's will have a "8" shaped body. Hourglass Body
    High Agility NPC's will have a "||" shaped body. Fitness Body
    High Luck NPC's will have a "b" shaped body. Fat Body
    - Vinfamy originally had High Luck NPC's with "just bigger boobs". I thought that a survivor in the wasteland who was lucky was likely well fed, so well fed they could stand to lose a couple pounds.
    NPC's sometimes don't have a High enough stat that causes a significant morph, and some have multiple stats over the threshold (5), this allows for some interesting body combinations. Bodymorph's were checked against the default AB mesh in Bodyslide with all faders at 0.
    Wha Hoppen, Boss?!?:
           If you are updating the file, I recommend you load a save without the mod loaded, save, then reload a save to clean the morphs.
    Also, check back for updates of slider values.
    0.6 Slider Values have been revised.
    0.7 Slider Values completely reworked new stat scheme
    Required Files:
    Atomic Beauty Mod - Ya Think? and it's BodySlide requirement.
    Looksmenu - Which needs F4SE
    Recommended Files: (not required)
    NPC Stats (For Diverse Bodies) by trippleT - He assigned stats to EVERY named NPC in the game.
    Thanks to:
    VINFAMY - For the original DB Mod. Without his mod and permission this could not been made, by me.
    TheMilkDrinker - Atomic Body is the Best Body (imho) for Fallout 4.
    Expired for F4SE, LooksMenu and F4EE morphing system.
    Caliente and Ousnius  - For making games look good and tools that work.
    Also, I'm enjoying your screen shots. I got a good chuckle.
    "It ain't hittin', till it's clippin'."
    Bear in Mind, I'm using a little more THICC build in bodyslide ABE than you may. -GM 9/18



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