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Skryim mods that add or replace various animations

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  1. Behaviours [FONV] - Idles, run, headtracking etc.

    16/07/2016 - Uploaded Beta 2.5 READ INSTRUCTIONS ON BOTTOM, PLEASE
    26/06/2016 - I manage to update a new version (2.4), this time on LL too
    This mod introduces some features for the character, all modular and singularly selectable via MCM. It started with idles, that was my main goal, then I added more features to handle better compatibility.
    The actual features as for V2 are:
    - Idles: activate and see the character animating when you're not doing anything
    - Variable speed run: allows to run faster / slower depending by the angle of your camera. At min value (looking in the direction of your feet), you will walk
    - Head-Tracking: passive behaviour of the character, sometimes it will turn the head looking at some npc - Experimental
    - Sitting: you can sit down wherever you want. Look down and hold Activate (default E)
    I'm working on this in parallel to the Staminamod, I'm focusing to make them work together and looking for some more realism and interactivity for my game. However it's important to know that I play in third person and this mod is designed with that in mind.
    There's NO GENDER RESTRICTION, because the idles are pretty much neutral, however you can untick on MCM those you don't like
    Install it, go on MCM, click Import (if you have Lutana) and load my default settings. Alternatively, activate the features that interest you and play.
    - Latest NVSE, alwaysMANDATORY in my mods
    - MCMtoo, it is MANDATORY
    - UIOis OPTIONAL: with it, you'll be able to see the widget showing the run speed
    - Lutana is OPTIONAL: with it, you'll be able to save / restore your MCM settings (since there are many) and identify your skeleton
    - A compatible skeleton, like Deedes' The Skeleton or Astymma
    - Alternatively, Bodymorph / Sexout skeleton (any versions): it's the only skeleton that allows HxT (head-tracking)
    - This skeleton, also, is specific for this mod since v2.5
    Note: even if optional, these components are strongly recommended
    Behaviours will stop working when an animation is forced via script - this is a "feature" of the game engine. Anyway you can reset them sitting down. In short, scripted animations can still be viable, it all depends by the frequency you invoke them and if you're patient to reset after
    They are what I call "passive animations"
    - General Idles
    A list of idles that can be played by the character under certain conditions. They can be singularly selected / deselected on the specific MCM sub-menu GENERAL IDLES. Actually there are 20 different idles.
    - Primary Needs
    These work only if Hardcore Mode is activated. Actually there are 2 different idles, they will play for a lack of food, lack of sleep or dehydration. They tend to block the player for a couple of seconds.
    - On Hit Idles
    They play if the player is injuried on body parts, there's one or more animations per body part. Also, the player will cry from time to time if the health is low. As for Primary Needs, these are slightly more invasive than General Idles.
    - DN (Do Nothing)
    These idles are not written inside the MCM. They will play everytime that another idle is not playing. They are subtle movements, the character will turn the head on right, or *sighs*, or look at left... etc.etc.
    Actually there are 12 DN animations. The MCM option HIGH PRIORITY will allow DN animations to have twice the chances to be played - so General Idles will play half of the times
    - HxT (Head-Tracking)
    Head Tracking is not possible in Fallout, let's deal with it
    I'm tweaking it the best I can, but it's always a workaround so it's not perfect. The range of the head is +-70 degrees. The distance necessary to acquire a possible target can be defined in MCM (HxT MAX DISTANCE on MCM). The player will "forget" about a target after a certain time (HxT REM TIME on MCM). It requires this skeleton to work.
    There will be a cyclical attempt to play every kind of animation, every (x) seconds, where x is a random number between the 2 values MIN DELAY TIME and MAX DELAY TIME defined on MCM.
    The way the character chooses animations depends by some factors and by a certain priority I gave inside the mod.


    In the current version there are only 2 actions, I count (and hope) to increase them in the future. The problem with actions is that not everything can be scripted because many things can screw the Behaviours, and I wouldn't like that.

    - Running
    You can change the speed of your run, based by the X axis of the camera. Basically, if you look your feet (MCM option MAX ANGLE) you'll go slower and if you'll look the horizon (MCM option MIN ANGLE) you'll go faster. When your speed is at minimum, you'll start walking. If you have UIO installed, you can enable a small widget to show your actual run speed.
    - Sitting down
    Look at your feet, hold Activate (default E) for a couple of seconds, a red X will appear where you're going to sit and then you'll sit down. Simple as that. How much inclination the camera must have? How much you must look at your feet? MAX ANGLE, the angle defined under Running, even if you don't use that option. How much time you must hold E? it can be defined by the MCM option HOLD TIME.
    - More animations
    - Based by how it will go the next version of NVSE, I'd love to add a custom sprint
    - Events (animations based by the surroundings)
    hlp for NVSE
    JIP for JIP NVSE and UIO
    Luthien Anarion for Lutana
    Pelinor for MCM
    Nickolos1818for testing
    Hitman for the roll animation
    Xilandro for the lean concept and parameters
    My general rule on permissions - you can do whatever you want but not for commercial use; if it's marked as Beta/WIP, then do not use it, it's better if you contact me and we cooperate; if you use something from my mods, some credit would be nice, but if you can please inherit the permissions, so that others will be able to use your mod too, mods deserve to be spreaded.
    Included assets can be used only in New Vegas
    June 2016: this mod is still updated by me

    BETA 2.5
    List of changes:
    > The speed bar widget now will fade out when not used
    > Introduced hotkey to enable / disable progressive run, as per request
    > First person Lean - you can poke your head out and shoot enemies while staying behind a wall. REQUIRES THIS SKELETON
    > Third person Roll - when standing (not walking / running), you can roll left or right to avoid bullets. On MCM you can select how much DT buff you receive from rolling
    Both these new functions are bound by default to Q and E keys, you can change them on MCM. Note that Q on vanilla is the key for autorun, so if you want to keep that key you should rebind.
    This is classified as Beta because it will be completed with the next version of NVSE and Lutana
    It changes some important scripts, so it would be better to make a clean save
    It is a replacer for some animgroups - be careful to what it overwrites, do not hesitate to ask for help if something's not clear



  2. Small Animator [Fallout New Vegas]

    25 march 2017 - Uploaded a fast change so that now it requires JIP NVSE instead than Lutana. Clean save suggested. If you have troubles, please let me know.
    This is like the... third or fourth animator I do. It's a tool I use often, and everytime I find they can be done better so I redo everything from scratch...
    However, this time I feel this is my Definitive Animator and probably the only one I'll update (especially if Lutana will have changes).
    In short, this mod gathers the animation files installed by other mods and allows to play them on the player or to some target. It is fully configurable via MCM. After being installed, it will be disabled by default, so it needs to be enabled via MCM, as the Welcome message will warn. Inside MCM, under OPTIONS, you can select I NEED HELP to gather few more infos about the mod, directly in game.
    To acquire a target, you need to point to an actor and TAP the Main Hotkey (Default I). If no actors are present, Player will be selected as target.
    HOLDING the Main Hotkey will call the Idle menu. The animations are chosen scrolling with W/S or mousewheel, then to confirm TAP Main Hotkey again or press left mouse button.
    Loop mode ON / OFF can be chosen with Grab (default Z)

    Gathering animations
    By default, the mod will load only the animation files inside its subfolder "aSA":
    I included a bunch of files in that folder, just to try the mod on the fly. They require a compatability skeleton.
    However it is possible to tell the mod to gather the other animation files on its own: on MCM, under OPTIONS, there's "Use all IdleAnims subfolders", after selecting this option it will be possible to choose which subfolders to include, choosing FOLDERS on the left menu
    NVSE 5beta2+
    JIP NVSE (old 1.3 was requiring Lutana)
    (Optional - but, in general, strongly suggested) - some compatible skeleton, like Deedes, Astymma or BodyMorph.
    Default Keys
    >>> IN GAME
    Main Hotkey (Default I) >>> TAP: acquire target; HOLD: open Idle Menu
    Reset Hotkey (Default O) >>> TAP: soft reset; HOLD: hard reset
    Trigger favorite animations: Numpad 1-9
    >>> IN IDLE MENU
    Forward / Backward or Mouse Wheel: scroll up / down (mousewheel is faster)
    Grab: Loop mode ON/OFF
    Confirm: Main Hotkey (Default I) or Left Mouse Button
    Bind favorite animations: Numpad 1-9
    Hard Reset: Reset Hotkey (O)
    Follow the infos on the screen
    Q. An example of how to use it?
    - Download an animation mod (i.e. search POSE in some mod repository and you'll find a lot of them.
    - Extract the content as you usually would do, but don't activate the ESP since you don't need it.
    - Go in game, go in Small Animator MCM.
    - In the first sub-menu OPTIONS, choose "Use all IdleAnims subfolders"
    - In the third sub-menu FOLDERS, check that the pose mod's folder is checked (every folder should be checked by default, so in case un-check those you don't want to include)
    - Go back in game, keep I pressed and choose on the menu the pose you want to trigger. Enjoy!
    - Eventually, download more poses / animations and follow the same procedure.
    Q. Can the menus be more responsive?
    - Go in MCM - OPTIONS - SMOOTHNESS - Reduce that value
    Q. My computer's old!
    - Go in MCM - OPTIONS - SMOOTHNESS - Increase that value. The mod will be less smoother but will eat less resources.
    Q. I quitted MCM, a sign appeared on the screen "LOADING ANIMATIONS", it leasted some seconds, during this time I couldn't move, everything was freezed.
    - You probably loaded 5000 animation files in 200 subfolders, like me. Reduce them in the FOLDERS menu.
    Q. Why should I hold the button for so much time?
    - Why don't you reduce that time? MCM - OPTIONS - HOLD TIME - Reduce that value for your heart content
    Q. I'm trying to trigger a first person animation, but everytime it kicks me in third person!
    Q. I don't like the position of the list / the fonts used..
    Q. I have DARNUI, I can't see the menu right!
    Q. It uses the same hotkey of <insert mod name>!
    - MCM - HOTKEYS - Configure them as you prefer
    Q. Why Enable / Disable?
    - If you don't use the mod, and you disable it, it will eat less resources
    hlp - NVSE
    Luthien Anarion - Lutana
    JazzIsParis - UIO
    Pelinor - MCM
    For modders
    A possible way to force hide the hud (but not block the mod) is BuildREF xx002D73 and Call it passing 1 as parameter. Passing 0 it will come back to normality.



  3. Lipstick [Fallout New Vegas]

    Added a patch for those experiencing black face due to ENB, courtesy of MALETIR
    Install this mod, then install his patch, overwrite the files, activate his ESP and put it lower in the load order.
    These are working Lipsticks.
    To obtain them:
    - They can be bought from Chet in Goodspring, Miguel in Westside or Cliff Briscoe in Novac
    - You can COC aLPTestCell and will find them inside a container.
    - You can enable the debug mode on the ini file and receive them at the first execution of the mod (if MCM is installed)
    - You can... uhm... add them via console
    There are 8 colors, some of them are really awful.
    They can be used 10 times, after that you can throw them in the trashcan because they are exhausted.
    In your inventory, they can be found under "Apparel", like armors. After clicking on the lipstick, you will be kicked out from the pipboy, if you had some "obstruction" in the face it should be removed (i.e. a full head helm), after 1-2 seconds if you were in first person you will be forced in third, and an animation will trigger, with the player putting the lipstick on lips.
    You can also hotkey it and put it while you are playing, like for regular weapons etc., i.e. you are walking in some casino and you feel your lips require lipstick so you just press the hotkey and the player will put the lipstick while walking etc.etc.
    If you are wondering why the lipstick shape or alignment is not very much precise, here 2 good reasons: 1) it is tweaked for the MD preset I use ; 2) in NV there are no working mirrors, I really challenge you to put the lipstick in some decent way without a mirror.
    The lipstick provides a boost of +1 Charisma to female couriers and -3 Charisma to male couriers. The "effect" leasts 5 minutes. If for some reason the game removes the lipstick from the lips when it shouldn't, there's a check every 10 seconds which will restore it.
    If you drink from most toilets / sinks / water pumps, the lipstick can go away.
    For Modders, when the player has lipstick effect, every 10 seconds it dispatches aLPPlayerHasLipstick event. When the lipstick finishes, it dispatches aLPPlayerHasNoMoreLipstick
    Unpack everything under Data, as always. If you use a mod manager, check if it does its job (well probably only for the Config subfolder, so if you don't care about it you're fine).
    - No vanilla records or cells were modified, with the exception of 1 ITM.
    - Some ENBs could have weird reactions with alpha, so the head could seem black - it was reported to me, my ENBs never had issues.
    - Due to the nature of the membrane shader, you'll have a wondrous shining coloured reflection on the back of your head, with some vanilla short hairs. Custom long hairs are strongly suggested...
    NVSE 5+
    Lutana (Optional)
    MCM (Optional) - it only requires the dll
    With Lutana installed, some NPCs will have them in their inventory. You can also find them playing the animation of the lipstick, however they won't have their lips color changed, it's just an idle.
    With MCM dll installed, a couple of parameters can be tweaked on the INI file (debug and charisma boost).
    This mod can be considered a resource, not for commercial use. Use it as you prefer, credit me if you think it's good.
    hlp and team for NVSE
    Luthien Anarion for Lutana
    Pelinor for MCM



  4. Small Animator - Fallout NV

    A smaller version of AnimTool, not much more to say. It allows to invoke on the fly 9 different animations ingame, using 9 different hotkeys. Everything's configurable via MCM.
    Actually there are included 3 unarmed combat animations (a spin kick, a kick, a punch with the palm of the hand) and six vanilla dances. To change them, just replace the files located in the path Data\Meshes\characters\_male\IdleAnims\aPA. You must use the same exact name of the existing files, so you must replace them.
    Use a mod manager or unzip everything under data, as always
    NVSE only. However the 3 unarmed combat animations are BnB, so you need a compatible skeleton
    Not much more

    This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only - please credit the deserving, when deserved - Any mod that contains any assets from this mod MUST SHARE the SAME policies. There are NO exceptions for this: if you don't like this rule, don't use this mod or any of its assets. Instead, if you can stand to my will and you understand that my main purpose is mods diffusion, feel free to do whatever you want with this mod and PM me if you need some help, I'll be glad to help you.



  5. Dance Pill - New Vegas Resource

    A small dance modder resource for whoever need it.
    I included an ESP just if you want to try it ingame.
    As you go in game, "Dance Pill" will be added in your inventory, under Aid (it's an ingestible)
    Your controls are disabled for almost a minute, don't dance when deathclaws are around
    Miss Torrini's song isn't included for obvious copyright reasons, the file included is an empty file sound, in case you can't dance without a background music you just need to overwrite it with a song file, it must be .wav and it must be called in the exact name, so the ESP can load it.
    I'm sorry, both me and my computer can't do any better, the picture should explain enough well my actual resigned feeling
    Thousand thanx to Umpa and all the help he gave me

    This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only - please credit the deserving, when deserved - Any mod that contains any assets from this mod MUST SHARE the SAME policies. There are NO exceptions for this: if you don't like this rule, don't use this mod or any of its assets. Instead, if you can stand to my will and you understand that my main purpose is mods diffusion, feel free to do whatever you want with this mod and PM me if you need some help, I'll be glad to help you.



  6. Fem Run Replacer - Fallout New Vegas

    Female run replacer "Jogging Butterfly"
    - v.20b: Same as before, but now Backward speed is the same of the Forward. There's an optional package with a different Backward animation: if you use some mod that slows down backpedalling (i.e. Project Nevada), you could try to overwrite with this file and see how it goes, it should speed up of a good 70%
    - v.20: more relaxed, less exagerated
    This changes fast forward, backward left and right, with a 360 relaxed jogging run, it means when you go backward your character won't back-pedal, but instead she will look at you.
    The BnB is made by many movements, this could lead to "weirdness" on some breast types, or even some slight clipping in some clothes, or a not nice mesh if the weight is not made at its best.
    Here's a video that shows how it appears in game.
    New v20 + Optional Sprint - 19/04/2015: deprecated by this.

    Old v 13

    Few Infos
    It REQUIRES a skeleton compatible BnB, like Deedes, Thaumx or Astymma
    To install, unpack it manually under Data or via your favourite mod manager.
    Keep in mind this is a replacer, so if you already have a run replacer you will overwrite it.
    To uninstall, remove its 4 files:
    Check also the walk here and the idles here.
    Notes on the optional sprint: it uses SHIFT to be enabled. If you press SHIFT and then a key, it won't work. You must first run forward and then press SHIFT and keep it pressed. For now it has no AP consumption because it's just for testing purpose. However you will hear female different panting/breathing sounds while sprinting. The sprint speed is about 25% faster than normal running.
    In case you have a sprint mod or Project Nevada, you will have first to unactivate them on the MCM, or map another hotkey to avoid conflict.
    This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only - please credit the deserving, when deserved - Any mod that contains any assets from this mod MUST SHARE the SAME policies. There are NO exceptions for this: if you don't like this rule, don't use this mod or any of its assets. Instead, if you can stand to my will and you understand that my main purpose is mods diffusion, feel free to do whatever you want with this mod and PM me if you need some help, I'll be glad to help you.



  7. Idles and behaviours - Fallout New Vegas

    14/06/2016 - Instead that correct the issues and make an update, I rewrote the entire plugin from scratch. So, THIS VERSION WILL BE DEPRECATED.
    The new version can be found at this link: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2973-behaviours-fonv-idles-run-headtracking-etc/
    Idles and behaviours - W.I.P.
    This is my attempt to bring some more life to my character.
    The idles trigger on their own following certain conditions.
    There's a MCM which allows to enable / disable the ones we don't like and some other categories.
    Some functions inside the MCM won't work (you click and nothing happens) because I ripped the code before the upload. This because the idles are just a small part of a bigger project, but in the meantime I wanted to see if the idles are appreciated and if they work fine with other people.
    I tweaked every file to reach my goals (idle + movement together), but I'm using this as reference. I never tested with vanilla walk, but since vanilla is less animated, it should even give less problems.
    THE IDLES ARE MADE FOR FEM CHARACTERS: however, you can play them as male character too. The mod tricks you because when you load the game as female it will automatically enable the idles, vice-versa as male it will disable them. But all you need is going on the MCM and re-enable them, if you want.
    Actions are another thing I'm trying to script. Actually they are not enabled in the ESP, the only one is "Pinching the pipboy": when you are in third person, instead of opening the pipboy you will trigger an animation, and it will open only at the end of it (see second video on bottom of the page)
    I ADMIT IT IS A PREMATURE UPLOAD, but I don't deny I would love some feedback and that's why I'm putting it online.

    - BNB compatible skeleton, i.e. Deedes, Thaunx or Astymma.
    - NVSE 4.6b1 or superior

    Unzip the content under Data and tick the ESP.

    .PSE eht kcit dna ataD rednu tnetnoc eht piznU

    Can't think to anything right now.
    Small video of few idles

    My ingame escape plan
    The idles have some main conditions. First person won't work. Sneaking won't work. So, one of these two conditions can be used as your ingame fast escape plan when you're tired of them. OR simply disable them on the MCM Also, in combat they won't work. IsRunning: only 6 of the 21 general idles will work, the ones which are less invasive, you won't have any issues with them.
    Last, equipping or unequipping a weapon should break momentary their execution.
    Few more in-depth details
    Between an idle and another, there's a certain delay before the engine will pick a new one. The time is == to the delay you set on MCM (10 seconds default) + 1-6 second/s, after that it will have a window of 3 seconds to pick an idle. If the previous animation is still running and the timer expires, it will await the next cicle.
    Every idle has a certain percentage to trigger, tweaked with my taste. This means that you could even not see a certain idle for a long time. The priority is, as always in vanilla, from top to bottom, it means the first idles will have more probability to trigger anyway.
    > Primary Needs animations
    They trigger only in Hardcore mode. Hunger triggers a stomach ache animation, sleep deprivation triggers a rubbing eyes animation. There are 4 stages of hunger and 4 of sleep deprivation, which correspond to more probability to trigger these animations.
    When triggered, these animations won't allow the player to attack and move. They least very little time, but it's good to know.
    > Hit animations
    They have their own group and it can be activated via MCM. They trigger an animation under certain conditions of the player, of her injuries. If one of the two legs is broken, they won't work anymore.
    --- Hit Head: < 60% head condition
    --- Hit Leg: <60% mobility (3 different idles, for left and right leg condition) - THEY WILL STOP YOU FROM MOVING
    --- Hit Torso: <60% torso condition
    --- Pain: two different cry animations when the health is < 25%
    > Standing Idles
    --- No walk
    No walk idles will trigger when the player is not moving. Also, they have a low priority, so if you move they will interrupt momentary, then they will continue if you stop (if they were still running, of course)
    ------ Swat
    ------ Hands on Hips
    ------ Hands Behind
    ------ Single Hand on Hip
    ------ Crossed Arms custom 01
    ------ Breathing
    --- Walk
    Walk idles will trigger if the player is moving. THEY WON'T TRIGGER IF THE PLAYER IS RUNNING. IsRunning condition doesn't mean if you are actually running... it means if you have Caps Lock inserted (so if you would move, you would run), or if you have Caps Lock not inserted but you are holding the Shift key.
    TL;DR if you are walking, you will trigger these ones. Also, due to the tweaked priority, they will continue even if you move, i.e. you can smoke a cigarette while walking etc.etc.
    ------ (16 different idles)
    ------ The only 2 ones which have different conditions are Smoking (it wants Cigarette or Packet of cigarette in inventory, it won't work with Carton of cigarette) and Scared (it can trigger in the wastes - not interiors - from 22 PM to 5 AM - idle and priority tested, not the condition itself.

    This is a W.I.P. , the idles are just a small part of what I'm trying to achieve. Here's a video that shows a couple more idles (not interesting) and introduces Actions. The "pinching the pipboy" is already active in the ESP I uploaded, you can disable it via MCM if it annoys you. The other scripts should be disabled.

    The nice part of this is it doesn't touch vanilla, so it doesn't create incompatibilities or potential conflicts with other mods.
    I don't have a long time to script and test this, and due to the original approach of the scripting I can't really foresee unexpected results, that's why I won't upload these Actions until they will be tested properly.

    This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only - please credit the deserving, when deserved - Any mod that contains any assets from this mod MUST SHARE the SAME policies. There are NO exceptions for this: if you don't like this rule, don't use this mod or any of its assets. Instead, if you can stand to my will and you understand that my main purpose is mods diffusion, feel free to do whatever you want with this mod and PM me if you need some help, I'll be glad to help you.



  8. Fem Walk Replacer - Fallout New Vegas

    Small Update
    V.2b corrected audio textdatas, she seemed crippled to me.
    V.2 removes the different animations on left and right, it simply uses the forward animation but rotated in the right direction.
    The package also includes the mtidle I use. This is a BnB breath idle which doesn't vary too much vanilla, because mtidle is shared between fem and male characters, so I can't simply put a female idle or even the most rude of the Fiends will have feminine attitudes... Anyway, the main goal of this idle is correcting the breast in the wrong position after playin a BnB locomotion animation (which I personally find very annoying)
    Here's a video of how left / right plays now

    Female walk replacer "Haughty Mare"
    My first attempt to a walk replacer. It changes forward, backward left and right, but only the walk (not the run nor the sneak, swim, etc.). It's mainly a RP thing.
    It's a 360° walk, it means when you go backward your character won't back-pedal, but instead she will look at you.
    Left and right are facing in a different direction because I would like a feedback to which direction is better to watch, if the player or not.
    The BnB is made by many movements, this could lead to "weirdness" on some breast types, or even some slight clipping in some clothes. I personally used type 3 and 6 and I didn't notice anything strange.
    Here's a video that shows how it appears in game.

    It REQUIRES a skeleton compatible BnB, like Deedes, Thaumx or Astymma
    Unpack the content inside your Data. If it asks you to overwrite something, it means you are not using vanilla animations, it means you probably are using Thaumx BnB animation, it means if you will want to uninstall this you could simply overwrite with the BnB mod files.
    To uninstall, just remove the added files:
    Check also the run here and the idles here.
    This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only - please credit the deserving, when deserved - Any mod that contains any assets from this mod MUST SHARE the SAME policies. There are NO exceptions for this: if you don't like this rule, don't use this mod or any of its assets. Instead, if you can stand to my will and you understand that my main purpose is mods diffusion, feel free to do whatever you want with this mod and PM me if you need some help, I'll be glad to help you.



  9. AnT - AnimTool (New Vegas)

    11/06: Added an alternative version (it's just an update, main package is required).
    It adds a new option in MCM that allows to bind a new hotkey (Emergency Key). When this key is pressed in game, it will remove AnT key binding on the numpad, and when pressed again it will re-enable it of course.
    This was made because a user made me notice that other mods can use the numpad (i.e. SO Positioning) and there are not so many practical keys to bind on the keyboard.
    03/01/15: Added 2 gorgeous themes for a total of 6, thank you Viktoria
    AnimTool (AnT) - Ver. 1.5 AB Re-Up
    Some days ago I started again working on animations and I did this simple tool to try them in game. Then I found that could have been a nice tool for other people too, so here it is.
    Basically, it allows you to invoke an animation after you chosed it from a menu, on you or on a target (NPC or Creature)
    Everything works in GameMode (realtime), because I can't suffer MenuModes. Actually it contains around 300 animations divided in 8 categories.
    Keys and other stuff are configurable via MCM.
    In future, I still intend to change things, like the default key, the list etc.etc. concerning the needs. Also I hope to *find* soon of some function to write and read a file, it would be pretty useful.
    Machinima, screenshots, testing animations. When I play, I use it for RP (RolePlay: it won't be a karma counter that tells me how good I am... I want to blow kisses to other NPCs. Or taunt them, in case I feel mean. Or drink from a bottle. Or eat something. Etc.etc.).
    So, the main purpose is strictly related to animations. But also I wanted to give the possibility to make custom lists of animations. Basically, if you have some animations and you would like to release them, but you miss a way to invoke them and don't like scripting, you follow a procedure I described inside a pdf and then you re-package everything and re-distribute it.
    The actual limit, in terms of numbers of animations, is 9 categories of 50 animations = 450 animations, + 1 category reserved for AO (=50 AOs)
    How to use it
    Please watch the video here, until the end:

    - Requires last NVSE
    - JIP NVSE. You can find it here
    - JIP UIO is mandatory now, it's pretty stable and works very well. You can find it here JazzIsParis' UIO
    After that, download the Main package v15 AB.zip, unpack it inside your data folder (or use FOMM), activate AnT.esp in your load order. Done.
    Inside the package there are further instructions in case you have troubles.
    - Create your own animation package (GECK is optional)
    Download the file "Optional - Custom Anims package" and follow the instructions included in the file
    NOTE ABOUT LOAD ORDER: the esp doesn't require a specific position, however it contains a dirty edit that should solve some problems with mods that prevent animations to play (i.e. some pose packs). So, if you put AnT.esp lower in your load order, it should "clean" that issue.
    Script itself shouldn't have incompatibilities, except pretty absurd cases i.e. you prolly can't open the menu while you are sprinting with some sprint mod or PN...
    But for what concerns huds, they are a delicate beast to handle, that's why I suggest UIO which should tame the beast for you.
    - Darn UI changes the fonts. So the strings won't be perfectly formatted. Still, it's perfectly usable, just a bit more ugly.
    - Due to no answer from Gopher, I can't provide explicit compatibility with uHud. However, you can still make a manual install of this after you installed uHud and it should work. Don't forget that if you re-activate uHud, it probably will revert the changes you made manually, so you'll have to re-do them
    This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only.
    However, from this free permission are EXCLUDED any asset I could list down here:
    - antCat6Anim48.kf and antCat6Anim49.kf
    Credits and love
    hlp, JazzIsParis, luthienanarion, Odessa, prideslayer, doctasax, tomm434, Umpa, Xilandro



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