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Fallout 3 mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

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  1. Breezes Clean Raiders 2020

    I modified a texture to remove the tattoos from the Raiders and Wasters in Breeze's excellent male body replacer mod.  Can't have errybody running around with matching tattoos.



  2. Kicken Kitten DEMI and Her DC Apartment - by Rez

    Kitchen Kitten DEMI and Her DC Apartment
    Kicken Kitten DEMI and her DC Apartment
    This is TWO seperate files .. so Read below for options..
    Required Files..
    Demi's Apartment Required Files.. ..
    NO Required Files needed..
    You also do not need to use KK Demi to use the apartment.. its it's own file..
    Kicken Kitten Demi's REQUIRED FILES and Load Order..
    She only needs.
    RR Companions Vault by NosRhyfelwr
    Demi's Apartment is a File requirement... Its where you find her..
    so Load Order would be
    RRCompanionVault.esm (will also work with the version for MUW)
    (Any Other Kicken Kittens you have Installed..) if any
    Thats it..
    This is Kicken Kitten Demi and Her Kendo 2 Outfit.. She also comes with her DC Apartment (located just south of Arlington Library) has map marker. She is One BAD Chic.. with great hand to hand skills and a set of Demi's Spiked Knuckles on each hand..(like how she gets em on the ground and beats the crap out of em) You want her on your side in any close combat .. or just a good old bar fight..
    The apartment is a stand alone file with no other required files.. You can use without KK Demi if you don't use Kicken Kittens..
    I wasn't going to release any of my DC apartments.. but this one just fit her so here ya go..
    Add your own music files to Data\Music\DemiApartment and they will play inside the apartment ..
    Kicken Kitten Demi's Credits.
    "No Assets included in the Kicken Kitten Demi's files can be used as resources or redistributed in any way..They are Assets Owned by the Authors listed below.. "
    so please don't ask.. I'm running out of creative ways to say no..
    Special Thanks to Kendo 2 For Demi's GREAT Outfit Design and its Complete creation also for the straps, shirt, and belt meshes and all of the textures. Coolest outfit I've Seen Yet..
    GlossHouse for the DC Delight eye's "Please Do NOT use this texture for anything else.. It is not a resource in any way..
    " I HIGHLY RECOMMEND" The Bombshell body LOOKS GREAT on Demi.. All sorts of Nail Textures .. Face .. Hair.. If you don't have it.. Shame on you for making your girls run around Ugly..
    Also a Great thanks to Xazomn for Demi's Face Texture.. "Also one of my Fav mods" give her a shout out..
    Eronel55 for the button mesh and skirt rigging.
    Dimon99 for Type3 BERRY HD.
    NPR for the Amy Boots mesh and Bronson for the conversion to Type3 FO3.
    Bronson for the stockings, arm bands and sleeve meshes.
    Eyelashes Fallout 3 by throttlekitty
    Also would like to thank the unknown modder who created the orginal 2chNozomi Hair
    And of coarse .. everyone that had a hand in creating RR Companions Vault by NosRhyfelwr
    and its companion script.. "Required File" also the lings file is back up on Nexus for its requirement..
    Demi's Apartment Credits..
    Whitefang Grand Piano model resource by David Whitefang and HugePinball
    Thanks to pinioncorp for the candles.
    Animated Aquarium by Malo " Used some resources"
    Umpa Animation by Umpa
    Resource Pack - cire992
    Bone Furniture Modders Resource V1_1 by Lord Inquisitor for the mesh I used for a candle holder..
    Light Switches - odin_ml



  3. D.C Subway - by Rez

    D.C Subway by RezRayV12


    1) Copy Data folder to your Fallout Data folder "if prompted to overwrite say yes to all"
    2) Load the RezDCSubway.esm at the end of your ESM files in load order
    3) Load the RezDCSubwayLoadLast.esp at the very end of your load order
    * This Mod has not been tested with any major Fallout 3 overhaul mods... except Fellout for lighting which I highly recommend..
    Required Files
    None.. just the ones included in this file
    Game play
    Subway entrances are near orig ones.. or right inside Old station. You will see them. Metro Central is prob the easiest to start with.
    The subway cars act pretty much like a normal subway. you enter the subway train and it will start automatically to its schedule. When arriving at the next stop, you can ether get off the subway train or stay on and ride thru to the next stop.. again will restart automatically..
    The subway cars you can walk around on while moving and also is completely follower friendly.. you can even sandbox them on a subway train and pick them up later at a different station..
    New Stations and Subway lines that are repaired and running. (These are all new.. do not effect Vanilla game or old subway stations)
    RedLine North and South
    Friendship station
    Tenleytown station
    Dupont station
    Metro Central Station
    Museum station
    Anacostia Crossing station
    White Line East and West
    Fairfax station
    Arlington station
    Metro Central Station
    Takoma station
    Story Line
    In 1950 D.C. Started building its first Subway System.. After several years and almost at its completion it was shut down and sealed never have been being used by the public.. Official word was it flooded..
    Later the Subway system we know and use today was built and opened to the public, The one destroyed in Fallout 3 due to the war..
    Over the years after the war the Old Orig Subway system that had been sealed in time was discovered and secretly unsealed. After years of partially repairing the Old Subway systems and getting some of them working, they have now been opened for safer travel in the D.C. area due to the harsh environment above ground.
    About the Mod
    At this time all the subway stations look sealed in time as they did over 200 years ago.. I was going to add vendors, stores, stands and a kinda transit authority. But figure releasing this way first would be better. Everyone kinda does and has their own theme for Fallout 3 and anything I added would prob not fit into everyones storyline... This way it is kinda an open canvas for those who want to add their own NPCs and such.. I would love to see people release some mods editing these stations with more activity... Thinking in real life if you had this whole underground world that was safe from the harsh environment, that there would prob be all sorts of shops and people in these stations.. along with some kind of security..
    I have built this as an ESM so it will be easy to call as a master for other people who want to mod new stuff to it.. I have also included an esp file that is needed to unblock any entrances to the subways overwritten by other mods...
    The subway system is all new... so does not effect the Vanilla game or the Old stations in anyway besides an old unsealed door in some.... nothing orig is removed and all quests work just as they did..
    FAQ and Troubleshooting
    If you get red diamonds then you did not install the mod correctly.. ( sorry we all seem to get one of those comments on our files from new people)
    Subway car stops or slowes when combat starts... This is meant to happen in some cases... It will restart again automatically..
    When you save your game while riding the subway.. When you restart your game the subway car will be stopped.. But will restart again automatically
    Entrances to the stations are blocked or cannot enter... This is caused by another mod you have overwriting the world space... Should not happen if you have the esp included in this file loaded last in your load order...
    Sometimes my Followers get stuck in the floor for a moment outside the Orig Anacosta Subway station entrance... This is a bug in Fallout 3 itself.. My mod does not effect that area in any way..
    I would like to leave a comment about how I would change everything in this mod.. or its great but you should of added ........... You can go to www.BuildYourOwnModAndDontDownloadMine.com
    Thanks to bunsaki for some of the great animations and models I edited to make this mod possible.



  4. Neko Pink Pipboy Retexture

    File Name: Neko Pink Pipboy Retexture
    File Submitter: Minoumimi
    File Submitted: 26 Mar 2014
    File Category: Models & Textures
    Requires: Official pipboy Readius
    This is a simple retexture of the official pipboy readius ~
    so the mod is required before ours !!
    Get it here
    This will retexture some of your ui and mostly your pipboy3000
    Install Official pipboy Readius First !!
    Use FoMM or extract to data
    Uninstall the same way
    if you want a all pink UI!!! Get our pipboy Only Version
    AND Download THIS follow the instructions
    Put colors to R255 G0 B255
    Make sure your Ini is NOT on read only
    If you do not want your entire UI pink
    Get Our HUD version, will give you pink pipboy Menu Glow and HP bars but not the whole thing
    Has always we take any requests!
    We are more focused on the Project for now
    But we felt that this would be better if we let people decide if they want it or not
    Has Always here is my bf spotlight to explain why there is 2 versions =)
    credits to
    Brianide for official pipboy readius mod
    Enjoy more pinkyness!
    Minoumimi & Kojakos86



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