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  1. Better Spacesuit Behavior

    Automatically hides your spacesuit while you are on your ship, and makes your companion's spacesuit behave the same as yours.
    Mod Features
    Starfield lets you control when and where your spacesuit is visible.  However, your space suit is always visible when you are on your ship; the only way to hide it is to actually unequip it.  Also, your companion's suit doesn't behave exactly like yours, which is why on some planets your suit will be visible while your companions's will not.  This mod changes those rules:
    The "Hide spacesuit in settlements" and "Hide helmet in breathable areas" options in the inventory screen now work when you are on your ship. Your companion's spacesuit and/or helmet will generally behave the same as yours, becoming visible or hidden to match yours. If you manually remove your suit and/or helmet, your companion's appearance will change to match, if environmental conditions allow it.  However, if you manually remove your suit or helmet in a hazardous environment, your companion will keep theirs on. As with the vanilla game behavior, this only affects the visibility of the suit, not whether the suit is actually equipped.  So the protection it provides is unchanged.
    Starfield Script Extender - required for Plugins.txt enabler
    Plugins.txt enabler - required to enable use of .esm files
    Baka Achievement Enabler (SFSE) - not strictly required, but without it Starfield will disable achievements if you use this mod
    Install the mod's requirements, then install this mod using your favorite mod manager or install it manually.  Instructions for installing plugins are found in Plugins.txt Enabler's Description page.
    The mod consists of a single .esm file, made with the official xEdit 4.1.4s release.  It modifies three of the Condition Forms that control spacesuit visibility.  It can be safely installed or uninstalled at any time in your game as it does not permanently modify any other forms.
    This mod wouldn't be possible without xEdit by ElminsterAU.



  2. Drab to Fab: Poster Edition by Nuverotic

    Venture into an enriched Starfield experience with a rejuvenated series of in-game posters. While Bethesda's original posters provide a foundational narrative, this mod breathes new life into them, merging allure with class, thereby enriching every player's discovery journey.
    Each poster is an intricate blend of AI technology and artistic touch. At the heart of each design lies an AI-rendered figure, meticulously blended into a reimagined backdrop. However, it doesn't stop there. With precise Photoshop adjustments and carefully curated text placements, these posters transcend mere in-game decorations, offering players an aesthetically advanced and captivating visual.
    Designed to be both captivating and respectful, all posters abide by Safe For Work (SFW) standards and are crafted with streamers in mind. They resonate with an enhanced allure, yet remain anchored in the game's immersive atmosphere.
    This is an evolving project, and as such, players can anticipate periodic updates with batches of redesigned posters. Engage with Starfield in a whole new light, and enjoy the elevated sense of wonder these revamped posters bring to the game.
    I experienced some differences with The Nexus administration due to the presence of a "Liberal Tears" coffee cup in my content, despite also featuring a "Conservative Tears" version. It's important to remember the value of balanced dialogue and understanding in today's digital age. Some modders have expressed concerns about the use of their work on The Nexus without explicit consent. I advocate for platforms that promote freedom of expression. I've found Lovers Lab to be more accommodating in this regard.




  3. BLACKED Tattoos

    Replaces the 13 base game tattoos with Blacked or QoS tattoos.
    Make sure you enable loose files to the top of your StarfieldCustom.ini



  4. Fleshlight - Flashlight Replacement

    Replaces the flashlight spotlight with that of a Flesh Light. See Readme in zip for installation.
    Just a useless novelty mod. Not intended for practical use. But guarantied to give hours of pleasure knowing that everyone you shine it on looks like a C*nt



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