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Fallout 4 mods that add or modify in game companions.

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  1. Liara T'soni Follower

    Liara T'soni Phd of mass effect. 
    Fusion Girl, CBBE.
    (Build CBBE Version in bodyslide)
    Follows you, finish her mini-quest. Find Her In a Trap door Floor Door in the alien cave.
    Talk to her. 
    Functioning follower to trade with. Has Facial animations. Blue body, Biotics.
    Do not equip grenades on her. although she has Biotic powers that trigger in combat her "Greater Biotics" that affect a radius use the grenade slot.
    She has "lesser" Biotic powers of (Throw, Singularity, Warp and Stasis)
    Greater Powers of (Singularity, Warp and Stasis)
    Singularity - ton of damage.
    Warp - lesser radius but chance to instant kill.
    Stasis - Freezes enemies for ten seconds but also adds damage protection to them. The CAN be hurt but its reduced damage.
    Throw. Low damage mostly defensively used.
    Barrier. on entering combat Liara will erect Biotic Barrier Armor. This is an effect and doesn't interfere with any armor or clothing slots.
    She has two outfits, if you want to clear them tell her to get naked and equip her with something else manually.
    Credit to Shiala 92 for the following meshes (and inspiration to make this)
    Liara head mask (basis for her head mesh)
    Liara Coat outfit
    Liara Alliance Battle Armor.
    These are found on Deviant Art (Links soon)
    Liara has an in-game base weapon but I suggest you use Shiala 92's "Mass Effect Weapons" Mod to give her a weapon more fitting her base game.
    Any bugs questions or comments let me know. 

    uploads useage perms etc etc etc.
    this file has assets from Shiala 92. So under no circumstances can you do anything with it except use it or modify it for your own personal use. Don’t upload it anywhere. Don’t make a Saturday night live skit out of it. Don’t post it on nexus and please do not use it as a front to launder crypto currency. Aka bottlecaps.
    well you can but get shiala 92s permission first. Then ask me I’m usually pretty reasonable w reasonable conditions like donating to your local charity that feeds kids or something. 
    (I have no way of knowing if you actually do that but you are an asshole if you say you will and dont)



  2. Momiji And Hayabusa Followers. Add on and standalone.

    Adds Momiji and Ryu Hayabusa of DOA fame and something about Ninja Gaiden.
    Fusion Girl and CBBE
    Two versions for Each.
    The mod is intended to be an add on to the Kasumi Follower mod. The mod is designed for them to interact with each other.
    The main version REQUIRES KASUMI FOLLOWER (found here).
    Standalone version is meant to be if you don't use Kasumi.
    They are found at Abernathy farms, on the opposite side of the barn as Kasumi. (Yes there is dialogue to address this).
    Momiji and Hayabusa have multiple outfits and you can change their default weapons through dialogue once you talk to them.
    Momiji's default weapon is her sniper rifle, Ryu's is the Dragon Sword.
    Both have randomized outfit versions and you can craft a reminder note and place it in their inventory for them to change their outfits on their own.
    They have no unique quest but can assist with kasumi's quest if you haven't finished it yet.
    I'm probably missing some info so i'll just add it later. It's Friday time to chill.
    Oh- Momiji has her own custom body as does Ryu. The outfits were built around Fusion Girl. in the main files there is a pre-set of her body if you want to use it to make more outfits for her.  The bodyslide files are only if you want to change her body shape to something you prefer. If you don't want to change her body you won't need them.
    Yes, I will eventually release these and the previous outfits from Kasumi (some most are in the pub) and Tina as a "player use" standalone. 
    Kasumi follower mod:



  3. Double trouble 2 for the price of 1 Sexy skye and her sister.

    Just outside vault 111 are the only pair of identical twins of the wasteland ,both equiped with the super modified Deliverer and the player are stacked with a nice surprice in the inventory.
    (The player can't die) but don't get another companion or you will die,they can't be seperated at all,transfer asex mod settings from your inventory to your companion and sex mod ring,you can get shot down like a companion do,but cant die,after 10 seconds your power are restored.
    Sorry if my english are poor my home language is Afrikaans



  4. Red Rocket Luxurious Underground Living Estate

    The Luxurious Red Rocket Underground Living estate is a mod that features:
    - Fully decorated and optimized living space.
    - Complete follower (that works outside the follower system so you can recruit anyone else you want in your party)
    - 2 'Hyper Combat' / 'Laser Eye' cats called Milo and Lucy.
    - WORKSHOP DLC (!)
    The mod and accompanying video should speak for itself.
    (Please allow youtube some time to render the 1080p/60fps version)



  5. FO4 - Tina Armstrong Follower

    Adds Tina Armstrong From DOA series as a follower.  

    YOU MUST TURN ON SUBTITLES. She is not voiced. (She does have combat yelps and such).
    She can be Found at "Tina's Gym" near Diamond City. Find one of her flyers around the Commonwealth to get the map location.  If you are having problems finding them just look up to see one of the many Billboards she had put up to advertise her Gym.
    As you unlock her simple quest more outfit options become available. Unlike Kasumi Follower, Tina is not shy about Nudity.
    I have also added "extra" costume outfits, right now they are just a mash up of outfits I already included in the mod, if you want to change these to a set of custom clothing you like then go into the folder with the extras and Label the body "BootsBody" "Pants" and "Top". (described in the "Read Me" note.)
    There is a great deal of hidden content in the mod. Have fun with it.
    Tina uses vanilla assets for her face and textures. I added a custom shaped body for her and her preset so you can use your own outfits for her extra costume slots.
    Do not upload this anywhere without my permission (I don't want any issues with what is going on with Nexus right now.) This cannot be put behind a paywall or any site where mods are sold. This is intended to be free content.
    Let me know if there are any issues.
    FYI- She doe not interact with Kasumi, At some point when I have made enough of these I will add a patch that will add idle banter between DOA chars.
    When Tina takes enough damage Her Clothing will be knocked off of her. This is intentional and a tip of the hat to the Existing crop of DOA6 mods and modders who have made mods for DOA6 that Break your opponent's clothing to nude.
    RECCOMENDED- I have tested this mod Extensively with aaf violate active and it does work without issues. There is also a safeguard. But you should suspend any mod that might alter combat or you or an npc entering a bleedout state. Do not stimpack Tina until after she joins you. 



  6. FO4 - Kasumi DOA Companion

    Adds Kasumi as a companion with a short simple questline to make sense for her to be around you.
    Chat with her to change her outfit, as you progress in the quest more "naked" options appear for her outfit.
    The base mod is set up for and made around Fusion Girl but CBBE bodyslide files are included. Build "Kasumi body CBBE" if you want to use her as CBBE. Fusion girl bodyslide files Included based on FG 1.75+.
    Kasumi's default weapon is a customized deliverer.
    She can be found at Abernathy farms loitering outside the family's house.
    once the quest progresses access to a default melee weapon is enabled as well. 
    the "default" uses assets created by Ghosu (credit to him) which I've also used in the Nightclub mod.
    This mod also uses assets from the DOA race mod which the creator is listed as "Unknown" if there is an issue please contact me. I have Changed the Textures from that mod. If you want the Old textures from the DOA Races mod, Download the "Old Textures" file. 
    Many of the outfits I used jackga's assets (same as the nightclub), for which I was given permissions. Eventually I might update these from DOA5 To DOA6 Versions.
    Quest Locations Spoilers:
    Let me know if there are any issues. 
    This mod is not to be uploaded anywhere without my permission (I don't want any issues with the current state of Nexus). This mod is meant to be free content. Under no circumstances is this to be uploaded to a pay site or paywall site.
    FYI- She doe not interact with Tina, At some point when I have made enough of these I will add a patch that will add idle banter between DOA chars.
    When Kasumi takes enough damage Her Clothing will be knocked off of her. This is intentional and a tip of the hat to the Existing crop of DOA6 mods and modders who have made mods for DOA6 that Break your opponent's clothing to nude.



  7. Curie - ESP Replacers and LooksMenu Presets

    Installing : 
    Manual installation - Extract archive to your Fallout 4 Data folder Install using the mod manager of your choice
    Getting the preset in game :
    During Character Creation at the beginning and upon leaving Vault 111 Type slm 14 in the console in the game Looksmenu while in surgery



    Her appearance is basically set in stone, the only way to change her hair or other facial features that I'm aware of is to go into looksmenu for your character (If you're playing female and if not, you will need to go to the character creation at the beginning of the game and select Nora and use her instead) and load one of the presets, make your changes, save the preset, then use face ripper to transfer the changed face of the new preset to a premade esp file that has Vanilla Curie in it only.

    Make Sure that any hairstyle mod or other appearance mod requirement is in the master files list of the esp file header beforehand by going into FO4Edit and copying that hairstyle's head part (Or whatever head part from the mod you're using) as an override into the esp with Curie on it.

    This will automatically add that hairstyle/other appearance mod's esp file as a master file to the Curie esp file.

    There's another method involving cloning Curie via the console, but I'm not familiar with it so I've never bothered, I know my method works, so that's what I use.

    Required Mods
    Looksmenu Looks Menu Customization Compendium - For the eyebrows MiscHairstyle - For both the Flying Dance and Rosa hairstyle esp replacers.  The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Kaleidoscope Edition - For her eye textures, main file in the downloads section. Oni cute asian face parts - For her eye shape, main file in the downloads section.  The K Makeup - For the eyeliner, otherwise it will look much different than in the screenshots. Extended Facial Sculpting - now with 90 percent less beta - This face was created using the extended facegen controls from this mod and will NOT render correctly without it. My advice is to Install for FEMALE FACES ONLY, NOT BOTH. I installed for female faces only with the optional singe side sculpt controls and have never had any issues.  Having both male AND female installed can and will lead to certain issues as detailed here :

    TL;DR adds new facial sculpts, as well as extended versions of the existing sculpts, to the LooksMenu/Plastic Surgery menu. Customize your face shape beyond the tiny amount allowed normally, and in ways simply not possible before. Existing characters/NPCs aren't touched unless you want them to be. This is entirely an addition, not a replacement. Males and females both benefit, since Bethesda made the both good and bad decision to use similar skeletons for everything. However, due to a bug in the looks menu, having Male installed will cause the Female list to revert to vanilla. This is purely cosmetic - changes to female faces will persist as long as the female sculpt file is present, and extended female presets will load fine - but it does mean you have to remove the Male file to further customize female faces.
    I advise you read the mod's description page if you've never used this mod before. I also encourage you to read the mod page's articles as well as they have some helpful info. 
    Suggested Mods - Required If you want the preset/replacer to look like the screenshots :
    Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures - specifically version 1.1 in the old files section. I don't like the normal map under the eyes in the current 2.0 version.  Natasha Face Texture - Main file v1.1 at the top of the download section. This works with Valkyr Female Face textures as it affects the type 1 face parts while Valkyr affects type 2 face parts onward. These replacers/presets use a combination of type 1-3 face parts so you will need to use both texture mods. *Note* - If you absolutely do not wish to use these textures and use your own, I recommend you go into the presets and change the type 1 face parts to type 2 and adjust the % to match the type 1 face parts.  If you use CBBE instead of the vanilla female body, you will need to use CBBE Ida Body Texture - Use the vanilla-like version. Eye Normal Map Fix Fallout 4 Edition Nuanced Eye Reflection
    Recommended mods : HN66s and XAZOMNs Distinctive Teeth for FO4
    ENB used in the screenshots is Ghost ENB for NAC - Vivid Weathers - True Storms -

    Last two pictures are with ENB turned off.



  8. The Extended Lore Project (Beta)


    After 2.5 years of development I am finally at the point where I feel comfortable in releasing a public BETA version of this mod.

    Adds a unique Eyebot companion (D.A.R.R.Y.L) with thousands of lines of dialogue about the locations you visit in the Commonwealth.
    DARRYL has unique features such as an area scan, automatic alerting when enemies are nearby, all fully configurable!

    Adds over 100 'lore items' in the world, notes, holotapes, etc.. that you can find and collect in the world, further deepening the history of locations with both small and personal histories as well as major historical events.

    Why BETA you ask?
    The only real reason is that I still have to add over 300 more locations to him, but with each location needing research and writing, this is a slow process. It is my hope that I can do semi-regular updates providing Darryl with new locations in the future.

    As part of a secret organization called The Think Tank, Darryl has been tasked to accompany you--if you choose it--and to provide you with detailed information about the history and tactical status of many locations you visit in the Commonwealth. With an ever growing number of locations being added, eventually all locations in all DLC and some of the bigger mods (e.g. The Thuggy Universe) will be added to the mod.

    Darryl does not fill a regular follower spot and can be used with any other followers you are traveling with. Darryl uses his own follower system, completely outside of other systems. Darryl is fully configurable using an ingame holotape. Darryl does not engage in any form of combat. When combat starts he will cloak and leave the area for a short while so as to not get in the way. Darryl currently has historical information on 220 locations in the Commonwealth. Darryl can not be customized through a Robot Workbench. Extreme care has been taken as to NOT break any precombines in locations where lore was added.
    JoerQC for continued tech support Thuggysmurf for continued tech support The Valkyrie community The Ivy League KChurch for being my wingman The IVY Test Team for their continued support and endless patience while helping me test my mods.



  9. Catra - Companion NPC

    Catra In all her glory can be found in the wasteland and will allow you to join her on her adventures.
    FUSION Girl Based NPC follower with custom body and Custom clothing. 
    Includes a "tactical outfit" that I cobbled together as a combination of something a bit more realistic but is loosely inspired by her general S5 Outfit look.
    I have also included a converted "Retro" outfit by PJ Thornton (perms available upon request) which is a very good creation of her original outfit worn early in the show. This can be found in her duffel bag.
    Catra's demeanor can improve as you find certain dead drops and explore her dialogue a bit more. The dead drops can be looked for or ignored. This is not an expansive quest mod, the mini-quest is simply included to add a motivation for her to travel with you.
    For now she is Not voiced. 
    In the future I would like to add some combat sound clips from the cartoon.
    Where the fuck is she?
    Shes in a bunker in the sewers in Concord.
    - if the dialogue scene doest trigger properly reload, save before you enter her bunker, It is extremely rare (only happened once) that it doesn't work properly. It is located near a dirty mattress for those who are on survival and don't want to use a cheat save.
    CBBE Patch:
    This mod relies on the fusion girl body being your default body. If you Use CBBE or any mod that doesn't rely on Zex Skeleton use this patch to overwrite the fusion girl meshes.
    Catra Bodyslide Body preset. 
    So you can convert your own outfits to her bodyshape. this WILL NOT give you heterochromia, nails and a tail. It will only let you shape Other mod clothing to fit her shape for her to wear.
    Equipping her with any clothing that replaces her body will remove her nails and sometimes her tail.
    To do:
    expand dialogue. 
    Add more stuff.
    Add a variant of her Formal outfit.
    Add combat voice sound clips.
    Let me know if there are any issues.



  10. Meet Companion Ivy 5.3/Russian translation

    Meet Companion Ivy/Компаньон Айви v 5.3
    Russian translation of the latest version of the mod (Only file ESM/ESP)
    Перевод на русский язык последней версии мода Companion Ivy 5.3  от известного автора Reginald_001 
    Содержит только файлы ESM и ESP.
    Айви обладает многими талантами и способностями: в определённых условиях может взламывать терминалы,обнаруживает врагов и новые территории.Обладает телепортацией и новым боевым стилем-Гипер-Боем.Он позволяет ей телепортироваться к противнику,убивая на месте или подкладывая гранату.Также,она может телепортировать части тела врага к себе).У неё есть личное оружие - ручная пушка Ручница (модернизированный пистолет 44 калибра).Это оружие Келлога,в своё время доставшееся её брату.
    У Айви своя радиостанция W.I.V.S.,где она ведёт передачи в прямом эфире,отвечает на вопросы слушателей,сообщает новости и погоду и крутит свою любимую музыку.От радио она получает доход и делится им с вами.Радиостанции можно строить в поселениях.В меню мастерской также можно найти и скрафтить радио Айви.
    Если,вдруг,вы заметили,что Айви пропала,не спешите паниковать-в свободное время она занимается проституцией и зарабатывает для вас деньги).Отключить эту функцию можно в Сервисном Меню.
    Помимо голодиска управления,вам в инвентарь помещается локатор(меню Помощь),которым вы можете призвать Айви немедленно,если она где-то застряла.
    Этот мод полностью вписан в канву игры,с самой первой минуты после выхода ГГ на поверхность.Поэтому,очень желательно,начать новую игру,чтобы не пропустить квестовую составляющую мода. Автор создал этого компаньона,как основного в игре.Поэтому,чтобы не было проблем с диалогами и продвижением,настоятельно НЕ РЕКОМЕНДУЕТСЯ использовать мод AFT и подобные ему моды.Не вызывает проблем мод на собачку-с Псиной Айви может бегать спокойно.Не замечено пока и проблем с модом на Безлимитных команьонов.Мод на диалоговый интерфейс FDI тоже не вызывает ошибок в диалогах.
    Изменения в версии 5.3:
    Это самая большая и лучшая сборка Айви! Более стабильная, более содержательная, гораздо более изысканный Гипер-Бой, больше квестов.. больше пользовательских моделей..
    Ниже только небольшое описание того, что было добавлено:
    - Гипер-Бой Айви более стабилен и имеет больше анимаций.
    - Подвал Айви был значительно расширен с гораздо большим содержанием.
    - Диалоговые фильтры Айви теперь можно регулировать и через её "Стиль поведения", который вы можете изменить в любое время. 
    - Новые квесты и контент были добавлены для вас, чтобы открыть для себя. В Дополнении журналов теперь есть пользовательские журнальные стойки, которые Айви попросит вас разблокировать и построить для неё в какой-то момент во время путешествия с ней.
    - Многие мелкие ошибки были исправлены.
    - У Айви теперь есть своя музыка в ключевые моменты.
    - И много чего ещё!
    - Да, вы можете просто перезаписать текущие файлы, когда получите предупреждение.
    - Да, вы можете просто бросить это в свою текущую игру и "это должно просто работать"
    - Да, настоятельно рекомендуется начать новую игру с Айви 5.3, но не по техническим причинам, а из-за её нового контента и слегка измененных систем аффинити.
    - Да, больше ошибок может и всегда будет происходить из-за того, как моды взаимодействуют друг с другом. И гарантированная "чистая" стабильная свежая игра работает на 100%. Когда задействованы другие моды.. всякое может случиться. Здесь есть много документации по LL, и все это по-прежнему считается 5.3.
    Порядок установки :
    1.Скачать и установить оригинальный мод со страницы автора Meet Companion Ivy .
    2.Скачать и установить перевод с заменой файлов.
    Примечание :
    Мод очень объёмный и специфичный по тексту,поэтому наверняка присутствуют ошибки и опечатки,за что прошу прощения(потихоньку исправляю).



  11. Asian Girl Preston

    Changes Preston into an Asian girl.



  12. Model 2 Type B or Attacker Number 2 Follower/Replacer

    Model 2 Type B or Attacker Number 2 Follower/Replacer
    This mod replaces Curie/Cait/Piper or adds a basic follower that looks like one of two androids featured in the smash hit Nier: Automata.
    They are Model 2 Type B, also known as 2B, or Attacker No. 2, known as A2. 2B comes with her iconic maid-like outfit, while A2 comes with both short and long hair versions, as well her original outfit and DLC one.
    The replacers are updated to the UFO4 Patch.
    This mod requires CBBE if you want to use different clothes on her, otherwise, it's standalone.
    Pick your favorite version and CBBE Bodyslide via FOMOD.
    How to use
    Activate via your favorite mod manager.
    Pick your options.
    Play the game normally. Note: if you selected any of the replacers for Curie/Cait/Piper, they will be 2B or A2, depending on your selection.
    Known Issues
    Her clothes has parts that clip with each other. Her skirt have physics but it's quite broken, but you won't notice much. The basic follower version means you can't talk to her or change her outfit. The A2 non-DLC outfit is kinda bad, but you can't really notice much, unless you really look for it.  
    Square-Enix and Platinum Games: Awesome game and the resources that were ported in the first place.
    Bethesda Game Studios for Fallout 4 and the Creation Kit, obviously.
    saltmaxwell for porting her head mesh to Fallout 4 with face anims and making the light skin textures. Link: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7772-2b-race-hair-skincbbe/
    Xavier19870828 for porting her body to Fallout 4, I also used the feathers from it. Link: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6141-niers-cosplay-outfit/
    TeamTAL's Nier Automata 2B for SSE: Armor I converted to Fallout 4.
    immyneedscake: For the A2 DLC outfit and long hair port to SSE, which I converted to Fallout 4.
    Dint's Nier Automata: for making the A2 port for LE.
    Reyxco for making a clean version of A2's outfit. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1197445174/
    TheRottonCore: Fixing the 2B and A2 short hairs
    Outfit Studio; Material Editor; xEdit: Good shit ?
    Me (guicool): Make the follower replacers, port the 2B outfit from SSE, the A2 DLC outfit from SLE, making it all work together.  
    All bugs from the vanilla followers still exist, I can't fix those. I did however fixed their Actor entry in the CK with Unofficial Fallout 4 patch values.
    I don't own any of these things, I just put it all together, which was a massive headache.
    Please don't ask for a non-CBBE version, I have no time to make something I don't use.
    If you want a player version, use saltmaxwell's mod.



  13. Gangster Chicks

    I needed some company in game, and some help defeating Malone so i added 3 new gangster chicks they contain scripts and will follow you for life.
    This mod adds 3 new gangster chicks to vault 114
    Nina Bloods Gangster Level 100
    Mimi Level 75
    Skittles 69
    CBBBE (Optional)
    Fine Clothing replacer (optional)
    Bloods Vs Crips III is coming tomorrow thanks for being patient. Much more epic content coming soon.



  14. Zhanna Unique companion follower

    Simple basic companion
    She's located near Sanctuary Bridge
    Wear vault 111 suit Pistol 10mm + 499 10mm ammo
    Template synth Courser
    This is my first mod, created with the CK



  15. CVRIE

    Renames her robot form to CVRIE because that is her actual name and I think that that is cute and I like CHVRCHES and I think that she is cute too the end.



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