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Sexout mods that primarily deal with combat related Sex

5 files

  1. Sexout Knockout Rape

    File does what is says on the tin: Plays a sexout rape scene when the player interacts with someone who has been knocked out through fatigue damage. Only tested in New Vegas, have no idea if this would work in FO3, or if there is even fatigue damage there. Requires Sexout and NVSE.



  2. UnethicalDeeds 1.0b2 BETA - GERMAN

    German Translation
    Orginal Mod:
    Weitere Übersetzungen findest du über mein Profil
    z.B. SexLab Defeat
    Link: http://www.loverslab...dd4fca2e705d25
    Weitere deutsche Übersetzungen findest du hier:
    @Schöne Grüße an Svorge



  3. Unethical Deeds EE (WIP)

    Unethical Deeds Extended Edition

    Version 1.0 beta (WIP)

    NVSE v5.0 beta 2
    The Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) v1.5
    NVSE Extender (NX) v16
    JIP NVSE Plugin v15
    SexoutNG v2.10.95 beta 4 (optional, required for sex)
    Beta 2
    Was trying to implement a new feature, but since got seriously stuck, posting whatever fixes and additions to existing stuff I have for mow. Update log:


    This mod allows you to do all kinds of nasty stuff in the game, see a detailed description afterwards. An extension to the original Unethical Deeds created by tomm434, all credit goes to him.
    Currently a work in progress, for now mostly reworked the mod internals, the functionality is pretty much the same, but some options have been extended. Also corrected stuff, so everything should work for any combination of genders, inapplicable choices (like vaginal sex dialogue lines for males) have been removed. If you notice something that shouldn’t be there or is missing — please report.
    A clean save before installing this mod is highly recommended (load a game, release all of your slaves and remove them from the hideout, save, remove the old mod, load the game and save again, then install the new mod). I’ve kept the original FormIDs for most of the forms, so it seems to work fine even without a clean save (you keep all the slaves), but I haven’t tested it much. Apart from the slave arrays, all other settings will be reset, you’ll have to reconfigure then in the MCM.
    I have a lot of ideas considering implementing various features, also wish to extend and bring more variety into dialogues, but I’m not a native English speaker and all of the lines I come up with tend to sound way beyond ridiculous even by bad porn standards, so if you wish to help out and throw in a couple of nice lines, please contact me
    Player as victim mode


    Player as aggressor mode


    Companions sex


    Forced Talk



    Modder’s API

    First of all, thanks to tomm434 for creating this mod in the first place! And here goes his credit from the original page:
    Thanks to NepoznatiNN for participating in beta testing!
    Double thanks to LouiseH for making new dialogues and participating in beta testing!
    Thanks to dkatryl and Goubo for their mods for Skyrim!
    Thanks to ChancellorKremlin for making new dialogues and text for MessageBoxes!
    Thanks to 7KeysCurtain for suggestion of Forced companion faction and for making new dialogues for slaves!
    Thanks to OneWayVector for making new dialogues for slaves!

    Okay, I personally pretty much don’t care what you do to my stuff (unless you use it to earn money, in that case you should probably give me the money, eh?). Crediting is nice, sharing a link to the modification is even better, I’m of a curious type So, you should probably take into consideration tomm434’s guidelines instead, since he’s the original author



  4. Unethical Deeds

    Read this first before asking question in the thread.
    This mod does not appeal for violence or rape. Mod author is strongly against rape and supports freedom of individual to handle his\her own body.
    If you have SexoutSubmit or SlaveCollection installed - Free all NPC and delete these mods from your load order before installing Unethical Deeds.
    NEW version of NVSE is required (Updated on 21 April 2015) http://nvse.silverlock.org/
    This mod is result of merging SexoutSubmit and Slave Collection, as well adding new features to it and fixing a couple of old bugs.
    What does it do:
    Player as victim

    Player as aggressor

    Companion sex
    Forced talk


    For modders


    Thanks NepoznatiNN for participating in betatesting!
    Double thanks to LouiseH for making new dialoges and participating in betatesting!
    Thanks dkatryl and Goubo for their mods for Skyrim!
    Thanks ChancellorKremlin for making new dialogs and text for MessageBoxes!
    Thanks 7KeysCurtain for suggestion of Forced companion faction and for making new dialogs for slaves!
    Thanks OneWayVector for making new dialogs for slaves!
    If you plan to make translation for this mod - please notify me first. 99% I'll say yes but still you need my written permission to translate this mod or host it on other sites.
    This mod or any part of this mod are not to be used in any way to earn money, even via donations, patreon and so on.



  5. Sex Assault

    I am not the creator of this mod, it was created by Jallil, who has not been seen for a long time. If he wants it back, it is his. His final version contained a lot of bugs, including a CTD issue, and I have added various fixes and some features, with one also by Prideslayer and by Sunnstor. The original page for the mod can be found here.
    This mod is up for adoption by anyone interested (until Jallil returns, if he ever does). It is not my focus.
    This mod replaces and contains all features of Sexout Brutal Rapers, with many expansions.
    All assets contained in the mod are free to reuse for whatever you want.
    Features (all can be optionally disabled via MCM)
    Combat Sex
    Enemies may attempt to have sex with you or your companions during combat, the chance an NPC is interested is dependent on MCM settings. Success is based on your Sex Assault defense.
    Actors may attempt to stalk you and your companions. Once they reach you, success is based on your Sex Assault defense and their facing angle- coming from behind gives them a bonus. You can also attempt to scare them off by either staring them down, or better, pointing a gun at them. MCM options allow variable rates by faction. Being naked, certain cum smells for some creatures, or entering concede mode increases the stalking chance. The stalk chance is 4x lower during the day time for humans and non-feral ghouls. As of August 2014, stalkers use a dynamic strategy which they are capable of refining via learning.
    Warning: Stalkers can potentially break some scripted sequences, if you find this is the case, you should disable it until it is finished.
    Modders may block stalking during sensitive sequences in various ways:

    When sleeping or waiting, local characters may decide to take advantage.
    Sex Assault Defense
    The chance of any attempt succeeding is based on your defense score. This is a variable base value, modified by your unarmed skill and equipped weapon, multiplied by your health percentage.
    Full details:

    When an attempt succeeds there is a chance some of your caps, alcohol and chems may be stolen.
    Item Damage and Drop
    Attempts may cause your equipped items to drop to the ground and be slightly damaged.
    During attempts you may be drugged.
    Sex Toys
    Attempts may involve any sex toys and BDSM gear available in sexout. Requires that all sex toy mods are installed or you will get big red boxes- see the requirements section below for links, or ritualclarity's SCR installation guide.
    To enter concede mode, press 'X' (changeable via MCM). Whilst in concede mode, the Sex Assault defense roll is skipped so that all attempts always succeed. This prevents item theft, damage and drop, and drugging. Sex toys are still available. Conceding is enabled for 30 seconds after you press 'X'.
    Via the MCM, you can disable creatures, factions, homosexuals, power armor and high karma NPCs. The rates for the different factions are adjustable.
    Sexout '95 release or later
    Sexout Common Resources (May 9 2014 or later)
    if you wish to enable Sex Toys, you also need:
    Spectrum's Toy Pack
    GSB's BDSM Items
    DO NOT USE with the old SexoutBrutalRapers. This mod contains all of its features.
    BSD / Public domain. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can even upload it to some other site and claim to be the creator, but that's bad karma, and when it comes back 'round you'll regret the decision.



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