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  1. I’m planning on it, but I have a lot of other stuff going on IRL and just work on this in bursts every so often. It’s slow going.
  2. Sure, as long as you’re linking back here and requiring it as a master. The one thing to be aware of is that the next version of the mod (once I finally get it done) will include a quest involving Keeper Carcette. You kidnap her and burn down the Hall of the Vigilants (which the Dawnguard blames on the vampires). That quest is almost working, so it will be in the next version for sure. So you may want to include a different one for Stendarr. Otherwise, looking forward to trying out your add-on!
  3. No idea. I’ve never encountered any conflicts. The house should be south of the entrance to Sunderstone Gorge. I’d run a conflict check in xEdit.
  4. I have a very specific HDT setup in mind, but I haven’t used HDT in years (since LE) and don’t really know what I’m doing anymore. I play a male character with SOS Full. The females in my world use BHUNP base with my own slider preset. I’m going for realism in my proportions, but with a lot of variety: 0 weight is a slender A cup, 100 is a Playboy centerfold DD. I’ve been using CBPC collisions with Sinful CBP for a long time. Jiggle settings are mostly realistic, just a little extra bounce. What I want to do is to either apply HDT only to vagina collisions or—i
  5. Could someone please point me to the following BHUNP slider conversions (if they exist)? - Vanilla clothes and armor. Not the minidress version. Just plain old, non-sluttified vanilla, but with BHUNP sliders. - zz’s Huntress outfit - Northgirl - Apachii Divine Elegance - Misfit Mage - Petrovich Lingerie - Fancy Slave Dress - Immersive Armors I’m also looking for recommendations (preferably BHUNP compatible) on good sexy, but not skimpy clothing and armor. A little revealing is ok, but I
  6. The dialogue to make someone a bride starts tracking them for any sex or death event until the ritual is over. In theory, there should be no limit to the number that you can track this way. There are currently only 5 levels of the Blessing of Molag Bal spell, however, so you can’t get anything additional for breaking more than 5 in a single ritual session. You should still get all the points added to your score for breaking/sacrificing any brides beyond that. So that will go towards your perk points and permanent H/S/M upgrades from sacrifices.
  7. You could try editing the esp in xEdit. I think I used GetIsSex == Female conditions for the dialogue topics. I don’t think that there’s anything hardcoded in the ritual script itself. The next version will give people an option to do this.
  8. You could also use Immersive Daedra Worship to sacrifice your surplus slaves to Molag Bal for power.
  9. Does anyone know where I can find bodyslide files for M’rissi, preferably UNP compatible? I want to replace her torso with something that has a working vagina (like BHUNP), but I can’t find any files to build her hands and feet to match so that I don’t have seams.
  10. I *think* that the current version might actually work out of the box with the latest update to PAHE. I’ll need to check if it has the correct faction assigned to the trigger around the prison wing.
  11. I play as a noble who is secretly the leader of a cult of Molag Bal. I don’t even know where to begin with the horrible things I’ve done in Skyrim. I have all the material wealth that I need, so most loot bores me. The real loot is the female bandits that I capture. Right now, I have at least 40 former enemies sitting in the prison wing of my temple, waiting to be raped, tortured, and sacrificed to Molag Bal. I’ve probably raped and sacrificed another 60 of them at least. But bandits and other enemies aren’t enough to satisfy Molag Bal. Innocent women all over Skyrim ha
  12. Very nice. I am also playing a member of the Dark Brotherhood. For an extra enjoyable experience, I used Defeat to capture my DB targets and brought the back to the temple. You can use any means at your disposal to kill them, so I raped and sacrificed them as part of a ritual. Nilsene’s ritual was particularly fun.
  13. Does anyone know how to get collision with AnimObjects (soulgems and potions as dildos, Estrus, and so on)?
  14. SexLab without Skyrim would just be porn. I like the sex mods because the sex has context. I’m not just fucking some random hentai chick. I’m fucking Lydia, who I’ve gone on countless adventures with. It’s Mjoll blowing me back at camp because my healing spell saved her from dying during a rough dragon priest battle. Or, on the darker side, it’s raping that bandit who just tried to kill me and taking her as a slave. Sure, there are plenty of Skyrim sessions where I’m just fapping without really playing it as a game. But all of my best erotic Skyrim memories are where the
  15. I was thinking: I know Fellglow Keep is a thing for PAHE, but it’s surprising that there isn’t any PAHE add-on content about Mistwatch, which is supposed to be a full human trafficking operation, capturing women and presumably selling them into sexual slavery. This seems like something worth exploring further. Some ideas: 1. Something similar to Fellglow Keep. Fjola buys your slaves. Maybe she also has slaves for sale or that you can rent for sex. 2. Fjola as a radiant quest giver. She could ask you to hunt down escaped slaves, capture new ones, smuggle sold ones into t
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