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Adult oriented Skyrim mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!

    Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!
    A redone version of Devious Rubber Masks created for the new DD framework, with extra masks/suits that weren't in the original mod!
    It was created because Nothing Doing had sorta abandoned the original Devious Rubber Masks mod, and because of this, I had taken over the project, with his blessing.
    The other reason was due to his custom scripts being incompatible with the new DD framework.
    Devious Rubber Masks comes from my realization that a playermodel is basically a rubber costume that your character puts on and then runs around pretending to be someone else. If we can have costumes, why not just a mask? If we can have masks, why not bondagey masks? So I grabbed a few playermodels uploaded by lovely people here (see Credits), trimmed them down to the head pieces, and integrated them into the Devious Devices framework.
    [ WHAT YOU GET ]
    - Rubber masks for Disney princesses, characters from from Mass Effect, and several others.
    - Lockable items removable with standard Devious Devices keys.
    - Rubber bodysuits to match the masks, vaginal/anal plugs and devious corsets
    - When worn together, the bodysuits prevent the masks from being removed with either keys or lockpicks until the bodysuit is removed.
    - Masks cannot be removed when wearing a collar. Remove the collar first to remove the mask.
    - Special powers granted by the Disney items - Will be implemented on a later date.
    [ HOW TO GET ]
    Use Additemmenu to obtain the masks or by using the console search "rubber mask", then you can "player.additem" them directly into your inventory.
    After downloading, open the .7z file with the FOMOD-supporting mod organizer of your choice.
    The latest versions of
    - Devious Devices Assets
    - Devious Devices Integration
    - Devious Devices Expansion
    - SexLab Framework
    - SexLab Aroused Redux
    I tested these with the UNPB body and with the UUNP-UNPB body, and some of the mask necks can't quite be made to line up with the body's chest, leaving some empty space. I'm not a modeller, so I cannot fix this.
    Custom scripts have been abandoned, because I do not know how to create and/or modify them. Any help on this would be appreciated!
    [TO DO LIST]
    - Add more masks + suits when I can.
    - Add screenshots to this page.
    - Fix any bugs that may occur.
    [ CREDITS ]
    - User619 for a vast majority of the masks, and some full suits. (
    - diegoforfun for some player models EXCEPT Diana Allers (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15232-wipreldiegoforfun-modsplayermodelsweaponsarmors-v2)
    - LordVandheer for the Diana Allers player model -(http://www.loverslab.com/topic/17012-rel-lordvandheers-mods-armors-playermodels/)
    - LT@3DM for the Hatsune Miku mask.
    - Shadowtroop for the Tali armor.
    - Nothing Doing for his original mod!



  2. Kona Kai Island by DJ Red Rad

    TES V Mod - Kona Kai Island (Teaser Trailer) Ultra HD 4K 2018 ❤️
    Travel to a new exotic location
    How do I get to the Island? 
    Go to the Dawn star Area there you will find a new boat.
    Kona Kai is a tropical Island for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. The Island is located in the Sea of Pearls.

    Tropical Island (With LOD) 
    New Ladies (With CBBE Body)
    Tropical plants etc 
    and much more. 
    This mod is free from copy righted content. Permission has been granted to use the custom asset's, DJ Red Rad personally spoke with 
    the talented mod authors mentioned in the hall of fame. 
    The rest are free modding resources. 
    Caliente - CBBE Body
    R18Pn 08 - Lingerie Set for CBBE or 7BSeveNBase UNP by NPR
    FoxCafe Resources by fox
    Garnet - Shabby Furniture
    Melt in the Mouth - Sweets Resources by Elza
    Arab art resource by Leodoidao
    StudioCD Projekt RED - creator of armors/textures 
    Witcher 2 Models: TH3WICK3D1, lord0fwar - conversion 
    Oaristys- (Modding resources) 
    Tamira and mr_siika - Modding resources, 
    Ga-Knomboe Boy - GKB Green Trees (Modding resources) 
    Resources for modders by Runspect 
    Hyperactivechild, Blakflag - Landscape Textures 
    MarkusLiberty (Markus Janson Tellmann) 



  3. Frost Manor by DJ Red Rad

    Teaser Trailer! New YouTube channel! ❤️
    Skyrim Mods - Frost Manor by DJ Red Rad (Epic Teaser Trailer) 2018 ✔️
    Christmas came early ladies & gentlemen a new cozy home for your gaming pleasure! Frost Manor is a special home for players. It was created in the spirit of the Season. Not only does this mod add a unique home for players to enjoy, it also adds the special gifts and sweets to some of the merchants in Skyrim. 
    Authors Note
    I want to donate to this site soon & I'm still getting donations, that is so kind but guys & girls don't have too with just a subscription to my YouTube channel it's enough. Love the fans! Thanks for the support, cheers to a bright future together. I plan to give back to the community in a major way. 
    Where can I find the house?
    North East of Loreius farm, check the photo in the slideshow.
    Beautiful home
    All crafting stations 
    Candy cane sword 
    Candy cane bow 
    Stable & horse called Frost
    Custom Soundtrack
    Chocolate Cake
    Fruit Cake
    Large variety of sweets
    Beautiful custom rugs
    Special lights and lanterns
    Beautiful statues 
    and much more
    Where can I buy the special gifts and sweets
    Solitude Radiant Raiment
    Solitude Winking Skeever
    Lore Story
    Once upon a time, a happy family lived in Frost Manor. The parents spoiled their kids with many gifts and sweets. The father was a hard working blacksmith and the mother worked as a bartender in the Winking Skeever in Solitude. They would often leave the kids alone. The parents became too trusting. The father Jim made many enemies as he became a very prominent figure in the land of Skyrim. He became rich when the civil war exploded he reaped so many profits and highly benefited from the civil war. Many witches and warlocks that lived in caves like skeevers cursed Jim's family. Jim's step sister, Jezabel which was the black sheep of the family always envied Jim and his success. Jezabel lost it all due to her addiction to skooma and her love for necromancy drove the family away. One day she confronted Jim and begged him to let her live in Frost Manor. Jim refused and said the house was full. Jezabel then slept in the stable with the horse and would often stalk Jim's family, one day she had enough and burned with rage, she decided to kill Jim and take the house for herself. She went inside ready to kill Jim only to find the kids at home sleeping. She then tied the kids up and they woke up near the fireplace, she told them to tell her where Jim was or she would kill them and steal the house. The kids refused to cooperate so she burned them all. She then waited for Jim and Diana inside the house and when they arrived she surprised them and burned them too. Her rage and madness drove her to insanity she is now the owner of Frost Manor, unless a brave soul defeats Jezabel and brings true justice to Jim's family.
    This mod is free from copy righted content. Permission has been granted to use the custom asset's, DJ Red Rad personally spoke with 
    the talented mod authors mentioned in the hall of fame. 
    The rest are free modding resources. 
    Gymnopedie No. 1 Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 License
    StudioCD Projekt RED 
    Oaristys (Modding resources) 
    Insanity Sorrow - Modding resources
    Melt in the Mouth - Sweets Resources by Elza
    Lolicept Resources by LOLICEPT
    Garnet - Shabby Furniture 
    Melt in the Mouth - Sweets Resources by Elza 
    Tamira and Stroti - Modding resources
    Paintings and Frames by Artisanix
    Resources for modders by Runspect 
    Rug Resource by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere
    A Festive Christmas by Absinthe
    Blary modding resources
    Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67
    Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension by Oaristys
    FPI Experiment Pack 1 by The Fuzzy Physics Institute



  4. No More Kids.

    No more kids.
    Basically, it adds a script to child actor to disable while the player is in the same cell as them.
    It has a MCM to disable this for 100 seconds so you can do quests as needed.
    It has an issue on load game when you change cell fast where it'll crash game (rare).
    I made this as a part of Devious followers for clear reasons, so decided to make it, it's own mod cause of it's potential bug/mod incompatibilities.
    Any problems let me know, I may continue work on this to make skyrim as kid free place as possible while making sure the main quests aren't lost.



  5. The Whiterun Gate House

    Whiterun Gate House
    Dear Community:-)
    This mod had a long story, as it has been VERY, VERY HARD to realize it.
    Yesterday I finally restarted this project and I could suddenly handle it,
    and in between, it´s ready to be played:-)
    You can use this mod as a player´s home or as  another  location for some BD/SM.
    The second floor is nearly free and the mod is very "fresh" with lot of place.
    IDEAL FOR POSITIONERS and CK enthusiasts as well:-)
    Or you play it how it is for now. Updates will of course follow.
    I please you to let this custom work  on LoversLab ONLY - thank you!
    You need skyrim and ZAP 8.0/-plus. 
    ZAP 7 works too !!! , but some (furniture-) items will not be accessible in that case.
    This mod takes a customized-house-mesh of skyrim, that got it´s huge changes. And then it has been put to the top of the whiterun entrance-gate in that way,
    so that you have a load-free, new place by using some few "stairs up" inside your city-gameplay.  It´s a very decorative mod and it creates a perfect expansion
    for the existing whiterun-world.
    Enjoy and have FUN!



  6. Immersive Plugs Sound Mod

    I've made a little moddification to the sounds of Immersive Plugs by pchs.
    There are two file. SoundMod.zip, will not overwrite anything from th original mod. Immersive Plug.zip should be used to overwrite the main mod.
    (Don't use both it's pointless)
    You need the original mod for both!
    video of it 



  7. Bannered Mare Immersive Sexual Playground V. 8.0

    Bannered Mare Immersive Sexual Playground
    Dear Community!
    Because this mod was quite beloved in the past, I also made this version for Zap 8.0 and higher.
    You have to play with ZAP 8 or higher because lot of the meshes are taken from the ZAP resource.
    If not, you will have holes in the ground and holes in the walls.
    3 new characters with their unique hair, one internal jail faction, a special trap with release, depending on NPC movement and a bunch of free usable ZAP furnitures and smart furnitures are waiting for you. You also will have a more nice decoration of the whole inn, water bondage area, 2 very cute pools  and a lot of different cages and furnitures. If you steal things downstairs, you may be get in arrest. You can´t "sleep" your time in jail "away", pay attention!
    You can play this mod with quest-mods of your choice that take advance of zap-furnitures.
    Whiterun city-area got also some furniture that can be used as well.
    Because of a total crash in some month ago, this mod got completly renewed.
    The green water-fog effects and  falling glitter-effects I´ll add later again.
    I´ll also add some zap 9 furnitures in future.
    There are not the same furnitures like in the past but some more will come with updates.
    skyrim/update/dragonborn/dawnguard/ZaZ Animation Pack 8.0 / 8.0 plus
    IF you play with "ModWhiterun" , you can exchange that mod ´s esp with my edited one (download), because I changed some tree´s positions and it´s much more better suiting. Also the flowers around the market-place had to leave because there is a complete new market place with a different well and custom pillories now. 



  8. Sexlab Amorous Adventures 3.2.1 Aggressive Animation Fix

    After spending a whole day investigating why Sexlab Amorous Adventures is playing aggressive animation even with restrict aggressive animation on. I finally found the fix! Turns out AA use its own tagging system and it doesn't discriminate consensual animations and aggressive animations. This simple patch took me about 3 hours to make if you count all the hassle to make compile work without all the weird errors. 
    Enjoy and cheers!
    Requires Amorous Adventures 3.2.1 and Sexlab 1.62.



  9. Creature Framework en Castellano

    Traducción de MOD Creaure Framework al Español con el MCM pero sin scripts
    Se actualizarán los scripts después
    Explicación de Autor:
    Este es un framework que permite a otros modders proporcionar fácilmente reemplazos corporales e integración con SexLab y SexLab Aroused. Este mod no hace nada por sí mismo, pero otros mods pueden engancharse a él.
    El framework se encargará de los cambios de cuerpo para las escenas de sexo de SexLab, y la excitación de SexLab Aroused, pero ninguno de los dos son necesarios.
    SKSE (1.7.3 o más nuevo) JContainers (3.2.0 o más nuevo) PapyrusUtil (incluído en SexLab Framework) SkyUI  
    Modos que utilizan Creature Framework:
    Bad Dog's Bruma Creatures Bad Dog's Immersive Creatures Bad Dog's Vanilla Critters Big Sexy Cats Faallokaar V2 Horny Creatures of Skyrim Horny Werewolves of Skyrim Mihail Undead Werewolves More Nasty Critters (SLNC es ahora un componente de este) More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition SexLab Werewolves Sexualized Blaze Sexualized Vampire Lord  



  10. Sexy Standing Stones

    This mod changes up the Standing Stones to be a bit more... sexy. A long and detailed description below:
    Why would you even do this?

    How do I activate the Standing Stones?

    What are the exact benifits?

    How to install:

    Questions you might have:




  11. Sexist Guards Español

    Traduccion para el mod Sexist Guards
    Primero necesitas instalar el mod original y después reescribir el .esp
    Si hay algun error por favor avisenme.



  12. Dibella's Blessings - Naked Gameplay

    Version 1.0
    What are you, some kind of barbarian? Don't care for armor?
    -- Quintilius Sextus, Imperial Legion
    You must be crazy or supremely confident to go walking around with no clothes on...
    -- Haelga, Riften
    This one wonders - do you have no clothes, or just like the feel of the wind?
    -- Zaynabi, Caravaner
    Be a Dibellan zealot! Fight and survive without the need for armor!
    It is indeed, another naked gameplay mod.
    Turn the effect on in the mod config menu and:
    * You will have a constant armor bonus effect to protect you. Its power depends on your Speech skill.
    * Level up the speech skill as you take hits, as well as its usual increases.
    * You may wear whatever armor or clothing you like as decoration, they will provide no protection.
    * Light and heavy armor skills will not increase.
    * You may select additional blessings from the mod config menu to replace the enchanted gear you're not wearing.
    * The power of these blessing also depends on your Speech skill.
    * Each rank in the Haggling perk you take will increase the armor bonus and unlock another blessing slot.



  13. Secret Ships

    Secret Ships
    The Emma May And The Bloated Float
    Lot of time ago, I saw the zap-pack on nexus.
    It has been exposed with that nice area on the
    ships and I wanted to play with that existing mod.
    But inside the pack I have never seen such a location
    and so I decided to integrate the beautiful ships of Oblivion
    into skyrim. The Oblivion ships are so much cute, that I went on
    to convert the existing meshes and I created doors and load-doors
    for this mod to become true inside of skyrim. So this mod is indeed a
    resource for ship-modding.
    The mod contains two ships for now:
    You can visit the "Emma-May", that name I grabbed from the "famous" "Emma-May Activator" of Oblivion,
    that at the same time got to be a new resource for handcuffs and restraint-poles inside of ZAP. The original pole is also
    overtaken, but I let the file static, as it has a very complicated animation, that I could not realize inside of skyrim.
    But on the other hand, this resource spent some new stuff and it gave me the power to create this mod.
    "Emma May"  is now a fine zaz-furniture extension for skyirm !
    The second ship got it´s name from the sign, that I found inside the Olivion-folders, so called "Bloated Float".
    I had in mind that this has to be a taverne and I found all suiting interieur inside of Oblivion. Beside, I found the 
    ceiling- candeliers and I added another complicated candle-holder to get more Oblivion-feeling. All stuff, that is used
    to implement such ship-mods, is inside of this pack and you are welcomed, to change or start with  an own mod with this stuff.
    Inside of the taverne, you will meet 4 new npcs that are innkeeper, barde and two guards, as they can lock you away if you attack them.
    The way out of the prison or gibbet is more hard than in normal prisons. You can not "sleep" the prison-time away, as the bed is not supporting that function!
    The locked doors have their keys....
    This mod is an eyecandy and brings back little atmo of the times of Oblivion.
    You can "quick-travel" to that place or simply strole along the sea, and suddenly you will see the silouhette of the ships.
    The "bloated-fload" has also a coc-marker for "hard-travel".
    Future plan is, to make the girls "horny" (sexLab-dialogue-quest (next update)) and I want to check out my first quests for furniture-experiments with this mod.
    Another idea is the addition of a ship as a player´s home. My question is where to put it??? As I prefer "whterun-city" as beloved area, I may be willing to put one of that boats
    under the cliffs of the dragonsreach, into the water-pools...ggg (I´ll visually check that out, soon).
    The download is existing of two files: The Secret Ships  and an override-mod against grey-faces for a CBBE-installation. If you have unp-body-models, you stay with only the main pack. Install it and everything should be fine. But if you play with CBBE-Version, you can go ingame and look, if the faces are okay, if not, you can try the override pack then. If this won´t succeed, you only can clean out the mod-loading order or reinstall skin-textures...the best choice is, to delete the facegeomdata inside of the texture- and mesh - folder and create new face-data by the creation-kit. For normal, the mod should show up correct face-tints.
    New npcs:
    Blue May (Innkeeper)/BOSS
    Jo May (Barde)/BOSS
    Sue May (Guard)
    Zoe May (Guard)
    This characters are unique and can´t be killed. Don´t steal things, buy stuff if you want. Rent a room/bed. They have night resting time and they are using the furnitures...
    The mod is not ready but I decided to upload it because you may not like to wait any longer.
    The nif-files are not all checked up, for now (this will be solved with a next update)...and that can cause CTD´s for now.
    It is possible, that the mod causes 1 or 2 times behind each other a CTD while playing inside the cell-area !!!
    This mod is created by using ZAP 8.0 plus.
    A rich series of pictures can be watched here, but some furnitures and cages bave been changed:



  14. Village Stocks

    This is a small addition/alteration to ZaZ Animation Pack. I took the stocks from the excellent ZaZAP and altered the furniture and the animation a bit so that the victim would be sitting straight, sort of like here.
    I also placed the stocks across some of Skyrim's villages: Dragon's Bridge, Rorikstead, Karthwasten, Riverwood, Ivarstead and Shor's Stone. I run Expanded Towns And Cities and tested that the placement makes sense both with and without the mod.
    This is a new bit of furniture and the mod doesn't change any original ZaZ stuff.
    You'll need the original ZaZ Animation Pack. Use Mod Organizer or copy the mod files into your Skyrim/Data directory. Don't forget to run FNIS after installing/uninstalling the mod!
    Future Plans
    This is part of my quest to make Skyrim feel more like a tough medieval life simulator  I might expand this into some sort of an alternative punishment system for petty crimes that don't warrant the player being dragged off to the hold capital dungeons. Stole a sweetroll? A couple of hours in the stocks, perhaps with some tickling or bastinado. And so on.



  15. Aroused Vampirism

    This is a leightweight vampirism mod which is based on arousal instead of game time. Your powers grow weaker or more powerful depending on how aroused you are.
    Low arousal means stonger powers; when highly aroused, your powers are useless. As an additional weakness, standard healing magic and potions will not work on you, you will have to use your Vampiric Drain power or feed on someone to heal up. The catch is that this will increase your arousal. Health regeneration is also disabled. Besides this, the mod remains relatively simple and only makes a few changes to the vanilla powers. It features an MCM that provides a few options, including one that makes you a vampire.
    Vampiric Drain
    Moved to Restoration school Skill experience when using it Ineffective on undead Base damage/healing 10, increased by 5 by the Apprentice, Adept, Expert and Master perks of the Restoration tree Novice perk will reduce casting cost  
    Vampire’s Servant
    Changed to a Conjuration spell with a magicka cost and casting time Duration 120 seconds Base maximum Level of 10, increased by 10 by the Apprentice, Adept, Expert and Master perks of the Conjuration tree Novice perk will reduce casting cost  
    Other powers were left untouched.
    Effects of Arousal:
    0 to 19 = no effects, Embrace of Shadows and Vampire’s Seduction available
    20 to 49 = powers are 20% weaker, Vampire’s Seduction available
    50 to 69 = powers are 50% weaker, spell cost +25%;
    70 to 89 = powers are 80% weaker
    90+ = powers are 100% weaker, incoming damage +20%
    These debuffs can be turned off in the MCM (Requires 1.1)
    Custom Races:
    Any custom race based on Race Compatibility should be compatible. Custom races not based on Race Compatibility are only compatible if Cosmetic Mode is on. (Requires 1.1)



  16. Start video replacement

    Just a replace for the starting video (gay content).
    I think there is no harm to the game. It's just loading at the start of the game before loading.
    It's having 14s duration. Preview is here:
    V1 :
    Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ts8jl0m9t0n15xq/BGS_Logo.mp4?dl=0 V2 :
    Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/fis7fmehhate4ea/BGS_Logo V2.mp4?dl=0 V3 :
    Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0mzvdzd4nek873w/Start video replacement 3.0.0.mp4?dl=0  
    Backup  your original "BGS_Logo.bik"!
    The different versions aren't updates, just another version. 
    Put the "BGS_Logo.bik" of the zip-file into your  Skyrim\Data\Video folder.
    Install with MO just normal
    Install with NMM just normal. I do not use NMM. I guess you should replace. Think! it will REPLACE your original BGS_Logo.bik!
    Replace my BGS_Logo.bik with your stored BGS_Logo.bik in ..\Skyrim\Data\Video folder
    Uninstall the mod with MO
    Uninstall the mod with NMM. I don't know, if NMM will restore the original BGS_Logo.bik. If not save your stored BGS_Logo.bik in ..\Skyrim\Data\Video folder.
    Upgrade/Downgrade/Change the versions:
    Make an Uninstall of the version you don't want to have anymore like described above, than install the other version you would like to have as described above or restore your original BGS_Logo.bik.



  17. Barefoot Realism

    Prisoners and slaves are usually forced to go barefoot and this is true in the Elder Scrolls universe as well. Remember slaves in Morrowind or those prisoners dragged through Skyrim by the Thalmor?
    I often start my roleplaying runs on the bottom of society, as a runaway slave/prisoner or a poor peasant and have always been upset at how it was way too unrealistic. Dressed in rags, barefoot and penniless, my character can run across Skyrim as fast as a shod one without any consequences and buy/sell items at normal prices without the merchants batting an eyelash. Whatever happened to no shoes, no service?
    This mod tries to add a touch of realism to this experience. Feet now get dirtier (using SlaveTats) depending which surfaces the player has been walking on and can be washed by wading in a stream or using a spell. This isn't a cosmetic change, either: the player's speechcraft skill is affected by the dirtiness of their feet. There's also an option for merchants to refuse service to barefoot characters in cheap clothing or all barefoot characters. Innkeepers will also refuse to rent rooms to people with dirty feet.
    A kidnapped noble girl with pampered feet now won't be able to run away from those bandits easily. Every surface has a different roughness level which influences the chances to step on something nasty and stagger, stopping the character for a bit and alerting everyone to their presence. Worse even, just walking barefoot slowly accumulates feet pain, slowing the player down. The pain heals slowly over time, but don't expect to be able to walk even from Riverwood to Whiterun without moderate pain by the end of the trip.
    Luckily, the character's feet will get tougher over time and at higher levels the player will be able to even sprint across gravel without letting out so much as a whimper. Feet toughness decays over time, though, so it may well be back to square one after a year of shod life.
    The only good side to this mod for now is that being barefoot adds 10 to the character's sneak skill.
    Finally, ever wondered how those ZaZ/DD ankle irons managed to fit over your character's massive boots? There's also an option to unequip boots or shoes when the character's ankles are shackled. That barefoot fettered girl won't be able to just loot some boots off of a dead soldier to ease her ordeal.
    All of this is powered by a highly customizable (via MCM) and slightly overengineered mess of exponential decay functions and thresholds.
    This is a rather early version, so don't use it on saves that you value. I've been using it for a couple of years and decided to release it to the world since it mostly seems to work, but I've only added MCM customization recently, so it could be broken.
    This mod isn't really gender-specific, but I've only tested the dirty feet SlaveTats textures on female feet.
    Installation and requirements
    SKSE SkyUI SlaveTats  
    ZaZ Animation Pack / Devious Devices are not a hard requirement: if either are installed, the mod detects their leg irons (keywords zbfWornAnkles/zad_DeviousAnkleShackles) as having an option to block footwear.
    Bathing In Skyrim is also a soft dependency: when the player washes, their feet become clean too. I couldn't find a good way to hook into the BIS washing process, so currently the mod resets feet dirtiness to 0 whenever the BIS dirtiness global decreases (which only happens when the player washes). So if the player is clean and washes again, this won't reset the feet dirtiness -- but if the BIS dirtiness is >20% and the player washes, then it will.
    The dirt textures work with female CBBE (by default) and UNP (download the file BarefootRealism_UNP_(merge only!).zip and overwrite the base mod's files with it).
    Copy the files to your Skyrim/Data directory or use Mod Organizer. There's nothing really specific about the installation and there's no FNIS required for now.
    Roadmap / future work
    Stuff I am currently working on/planning to work on for the mod. Priority is mostly based on how much people want it and whether it's a severe gameplay-impacting bug, as well as how much fun I'd have working on it.
    Textures for other foot types (SoS/UNP Special (?))
    Cleaning/water detection inconsistent with some areas not being detected as water.
    Some sort of a cloak spell to add dirt tattoos to NPCs around?
    Tear out SlaveTats hard dependency and switch to NiOverride instead.
    Refactor the scripts and move stuff out from OnUpdate and into OnEquip/Unequip
    Advanced Details
    This is the maths that powers the mod. I'll also describe the effect of the default settings. You don't really need to read this, unless you want to customize your experience.
    Barefoot Realism adds 3 parameters/skills to the player, all ranging from 0 to 1: feet dirtiness, roughness and pain. They're stored in 3 globals: PlayerFeetDirtiness, PlayerFeetRoughness and PlayerFeetPain and are the only bits of player state. You can modify them with console commands to back them up if you are going to delete the mod, for example.
    Barefoot Realism can detect the surface the player is walking/running on, which lets different surfaces have different dirtiness levels. In addition, BR also detects the location type the player's in. The reasoning behind this is that a stone floor in someone's house will be much cleaner than the stone floor in a random dungeon.
    Here are the default surface dirtiness levels:
    Stone: 0.2 Dirt: 0.4 Mud: 1.0 Wood: 0.2 Grass: 0.3 Snow: 0.1 Carpet: 0.05 Gravel: 0.2 Water: -5.0 The default location dirtiness multipliers are:
    Home (any owned interior): 1.0 Mines/prisons (dungeons with "Mine"/"Prison" in the name): 1.5 City (exterior): 2.0 Other dungeons: 2.0 Wilderness: 2.5   
    The total surface dirtiness is
    surface dirtiness * location dirtiness multiplier
    In addition, if it's raining, the dirtiness is multiplied by 2.
    The feet dirtiness tends to the total surface dirtiness: it's logical that the player's feet won't get dirtier than the actual surface the character's walking on.
    Dirtiness per step = (total surface dirtiness - feet dirtiness) * multiplier If the feet are dirtier than the ground, the multiplier is 0.0005 and if they're cleaner, the multiplier is 0.001 (so accumulating dirt is faster than cleaning it off by walking on a clean surface).
    The water dirtiness level is negative: the player can run around in some water sources (like the streams in Whiterun's Cloud District that they can still get to very often) to decrease feet dirtiness or use the Wash Feet spell near/in a body of water (waterfalls etc, the bodies are the same as defined in iNeed) to clear the dirtiness completely.
    There are 5 spells draining Speechcraft and SlaveTats tattoos applied to the player's feet at different dirtiness levels: 0.0 (Speechcraft -10), 0.03 (-20), 0.1 (-30), 0.3 (-40), and 0.9 (-50).
    At feet dirtiness > 0.25, innkeepers will refuse to rent rooms to the player.
    Roughness and Pain
    Different surfaces and location also have different roughness levels and again, to get the total roughness level, both are multiplied:
    Stone: 0.4 Dirt: 0.2 Mud: 0.1 Wood: 0.2 Grass: 0.1 Snow: 0.7 Carpet: 0.05 Gravel: 1.0 Water: 0.05 Home: 0.1 Mines/prisons: 1.2 City: 1.0 Other dungeons: 1.5 Wilderness: 1.5  
    Feet pain accumulates per step as well. The formula is:
    pain multiplier * (total surface roughness / (feet roughness + 1)) ^ pain exponent The default pain multiplier is 0.01 and the exponent is 4.
    This might be a bit overengineered, but the idea is that the pain increase dramatically decreases when feet roughness is greater than the total surface roughness. Let's say the feet roughness is 0 and the player is walking around Whiterun (location roughness 1.0, surface roughness 0.4 for a total of 0.4). Then, with the default settings, the pain increase is 0.01 * (0.4 / (0 + 1)) ^ 4 = 0.000256 per step or 0.256 per thousand steps. If the roughness is 0.4, we get 0.01 * (0.4 / 1.4)^4; 0.067 per thousand steps. If the roughness is 1, we get 0.016.
    Feet pain decays constantly at a default rate of 0.25 per game day. So at a roughness level of 0, a thousand steps around Whiterun will take a whole game day to clear and at a roughness level of 1, it will take about 1.5 hours to clear, presumably faster than accumulating them.
    The feet roughness increases every step by a roughness multiplier (default 0.1) * the pain increase incurred. So by default, it accumulates 10 times slower than the pain. The roughness also decays at a default rate of 0.005 per game day (50 times faster the pain), so it will take 200 game days for fully trained feet to return to the 0 level.
    Stagger Chance
    Staggering by stepping on a pebble or a twig is a way to immediately slow down the player. It also emits a detection event, alerting enemies to the player's location. The stagger chance per every step is:
    0.1 * e ^ (stagger exponent * feet roughness) * movement modifier * total surface roughness The default stagger exponent, -4.6052, has been calibrated so that at feet roughness of 0 the stagger chance (before applying movement/surface modifiers) is 10% and at the roughness of 1 the stagger chance is 0.1%.
    The movement modifier depends on whether the player is running (1.0), walking (default 0.25), sneaking (default 0.1) or sprinting (default 2.0).
    With these defaults, a player running on a stone road (roughness 0.4) in the wilderness (roughness 1.5) will have a 6% chance of staggering every step (about every 15 steps). If she's sprinting, the chance becomes 12% (about every 8 steps). If she decides to save her feet and step off from the road into the dirt instead (roughness 0.2), she has a 3% chance of staggering (about every 33 steps) if running and 6% if walking.



  18. Bikini Tan Lines (UNP) for Slavetats

    Since the hateful summer is comming to the South, I was looking for a bikini tan line, but those available for UNP are kinda weird, so I decided to create a new one based on Sunburn for CBBE that is more like the brazilian bikinis.
    It may look weird on oversized bodies. Made using UNPC/7B as base.
    You can edit the opacity using Racemenu.
    The character from screenshots: Nexus gallery / Flickr / Tumblr



  19. Private Needs Redone

    Private Needs
    This is basically a cleaned version of Schroedinger's Trap mod. I publish this with her allowence, so all credits go to her.
    What is changed against the original:
    - cleaned with Tes5edit and renamed all forms
    - remove everything what is unnecessary and/or not working
    - reworked all scripts, to have less papyrus impact (polling is only done as long as bladder or bowels are filled and stop afterwards)
    - simplified the MCM (No more closing necessary when settings are changed)
    - added random function for peeing, pooping and the sounds
    - poops are deleted automatically, when player leaves the cell
    - separate the wetself function from the bladder system.
    Wetself is only event driven (no constant papyrus stress) That means also if the bladder/bowel is deactivated, the mod could run together with pee and fart.
    - all animations should be the same as before
    ZAZ Animation Pack
    A mod manager is recommended
    If the original mod is used, than this must be deinstalled first and a clean safe is necessary.
    After installation FNis for users must be executed
    The vanilla Addon is not necessary if you have sexlab and Zaz-Animation pack installed !
    It is only necessary if you intend to play a more vanilla game. In that case the Zaz-animation pack nevertheless must be installed,
    but the esm doesn't need to be activated. Install and activate the Addon instead.
    I think of adding new features to this mod only if I find them interesting enough for my own game.
    The same applies to bugs. Only in case they interfere with my own game I will try to eliminate them.
    My regular job is programming control systems for the industry, that's why I only program in my free time when I am really interested in the result.



  20. No naked comments from NPCs

    This mod simply removes the random comments NPCs make about the player if he/she is naked.
    As someone currently doing a Devious Devices/Devious Cursed Loot playthrough it seemed a bit odd that the NPCs were constantly acting shocked at my player being naked. As if the sight of a nude slave girl would be all that unusual in the twisted version of Skyrim those fetish mods create (especially being so many of those same NPCs will happily encourage the situation a moment later when spoken to...). So I made this quick mod to shut them up.
    Just install which ever version of the ESP file you prefer in Skyrim's /Data folder. You only need one. The versions are:
    - All: The NPCs will not make vanilla comments about either gender player being naked.
    - Female: The NPCs will not make vanilla comments about a female player being naked.
    - Male: The NPCs will not make vanilla comments about a male player being naked.
    I haven't tested that, but unless they replaced the original dialog quest object for naked comments I can't see why it wouldn't.
    Just me. This is a very simple mod that only took about 5 minutes to create



  21. Whiterun Wind House

    Dear Skyrim-Community,
    This is a small but fine house in whiterun where you can stay with your follower and have some fun:-)
    Some BD-SM furniture and a very small dungeon / run is inside. I made exactly "minimalistic-style":
    the house is cute and should not disturb any other mod.
    If you play also "A new Whiterun" - mod, you can download a suiting version, which I have put into the download as well.
    In future I will change the colours of the walls and maybe we will have somebody living here inside....
    Some (common-) -chairs and -tables and -shelves got the custom-created "SMIMM" textures, that I use also on my furnitures...
    That changes worked like a charme!!
    -custom door colors
    -custom wall colors
    -more furniture (+zap7)
    -custom coloured weapon
    -Sexana, a new NPC, living inside that home , but is not too much there...(sometimes, she stroles along the city)...BODY IS UUNP..if you play CBBE, then you will have artefacts on the body...but the most LL-gamers use the UUNP, as far I got that.
    If you want to have the exactly same face as shown in the pictures, you please use the "NPC overhaul" -mod, from nexus, it is a "mild" mod, that changes only slightly the faces of the characters.
    And IF you want the exactly same clothing, you will take the "TIWA44 minidress-collection" and then after the UNP mindress-collection for-bodyslide-extension for the minidresses. If you use at the same time a different pack, you can choose for every dress that is twice , which one you like to have ingame (this function appears automatically before renderng the clothes, if a vanilla dress - change is offered from two (or more) mods).
    Please use the following mods:
    -Zap 7.0
    p.s. a modded version of "a new whiterun" is also added in the download area, (suits to this home and to any of my house-mods, for example, "BanneredMareImmersiveSexualPlayground")



  22. Deadly Traps and curses

    A little mod about amputations...
    Thanks to : Hæretic (Amputator Framework), CPU (MCM script), and asdasd123123 (Patch author)
    Needed :
    - ZAZ
    - Amputator framework (of course !)
    How the mod works :
    - Traps can ampute you or your follower.
    - Rune Traps can cast Curses on you or everybody who will declench them.
    - some ennemies (randomly chosen) can cast on you a curse when they die.
    - Project : the Hound's curse : the deadly beast will track you everywhere, and turn your life into a living hell.
    How to get rid of that :
    - Curses strongly incapacitate the player, and can be removed only by amputation. Danica Pure Spring can do that for a small fee.
    - The Brood Cave Shrine contains a furotub : the only way to heal amputations and curses whitout damages.... and not whithout risks (project : link to Kyn's blessing mod)
    - an MCM menu allow you to modify the chances to be curses/amputated, and to head amputations and curses.
    - project : sacrifice something to convince the Hound to stop tracking you.
    - AmputatorFrameworkRecipe is a patch for Amputator framework : it allow you to craft the prosthetics devices (I plan to merge the two esp in the future, and to remove the useless sexlab dependency).
    Want to support me? Visit my Patreon ! https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron
    Permissions :
    You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. You're not allowed to upload this mod on another platform. Assets belongs to their original authors.



  23. C5Kev's PSQ Daedric Armor UUNP V2

    Hello Folks.   I've been meaning to update this mod for a while now and here we are. This is Version 2 that features new armor for a better, more complete look. This "Player Succubus Quest" (PSQ) mod is for UUNP users and consists of armor meshes & textures, body meshes & textures, eye texture choices, horn mesh choices and BodySlide armor files. So, without further adieu, let's make a bloody succubus!

    * * *  VERSION 2.1  * * *
    This mod requires the installation of Player Succubus Quest by ojanen and the PSQ Transform Package by Rezy FIRST. If one doesn't have those mods installed already, one can still download and install this mod. I would then, however, recommend you seek professional help.
    1 - INSTALL MY MOD: Overwrite any files or say "Yes To Mod" in NMM.
    2 - BUILD NEW ARMOR in BODYSLIDE:  Look for "C5Kev's PSQ Daedric Armor UUNP" under the "Group Filter". Select your body preset and batch-build the cuirass, boots and gloves. Don't forget to check the "Build Morphs" box in order to have in-game RaceMenu morphs.
    If you don't see you're preset, under the Group "C5Kev's PSQ Daedric Armor UUNP", then select "Unified UNP HDT" instead. Under "Outfit/Body", select "Unified UNP HDT". Now select your preset. Click "Save As" and re-type your preset name, but now check the "C5Kev's PSQ Daedric Armor UUNP" group to assign your preset to that group. Now you'll be able to build new armor parts.
    3 - You're done.
    I also recommend trying Real Flying mod by Anton. For those that have olive or purple-colored succubi, I have created matched wings to be used with Anton's mod. Check 'em out!
    EYES:  My mod uses eye textures that features a black and red sclera (the white part of the eye) with white pupils. I just thought they were a bit creepier. But these can be changed using any one of 14 different textures I've included - and are located in "Data\textures\psq\Extra Stuff\Eyes". Copy one of those textures into "Data\textures\psq\succubusbody\female" and rename the file "PSQSuccubusEye.dds".
    Eyes look weird after doing the above: In MCM, uncheck "Transform Eyes" (whatever). Transform back to human. Go back into MCM and check "Transform Eyes". Transform back to Succubus...you should be OK now.
    HORNS: There are optional horns that are part of Rezy's XForm package, but they didn't seem to install via the FOMOD (which has been updated though BTW). Anyway, I liked them and included them, however, the mod installs "Alduin" horns as default.  To change horns, navigate to "Data\meshes\psq\Extra Horns". There you'll find folders for Alduin, Clavicus, Daedric, Dragonbone, Dragonscale, Draugr, Frost Giant and Rezy. Copy the horn meshes of your choice and paste them into "Data\meshes\psq\succubusarmor\female".  Done!
    Thank you to ojenan for the PSQ mod, Rezy (and EvilReFlex) for the PSQ Transform mod and assets used created by ChronoTrigger77 (the pauldrons) and Remodeled Daedric Armor by trumpdog.  Horn meshes are part of TDN Equipable Horns, provided by Nightshade.  Skin used is the Leyenda 4.0 skin by Heroede Leyenda.  Original BodySlide files by Skyrim Shitty, modified by me. It's fantastic mods and modders like these that really make Skyrim the great game that it has become. Please provide "kudos", send money or buy them a new car for their contribution(s).



  24. RevealingChoices-1.0 UPDATE 17/7-2017

    Hello there, I'm a novice modder who's been lurking for ages.
    Some of you may have seen me around, answered a question of mine in the Tech-support forum or thrown a glance at my other (completely unfinished, is on hiatus in favor of this one) mod Fupperks: http://www.loverslab...t-update-87-16/

    ...Probably not tho. (I just changed my user name too)
    Anyhow, that's it for introductions I guess?

    What is this mod?
    This is a framework!

    A framework that aims to do 2 things.
    1: Provide tagging and checking of armor skimpiness so that such information can be used by other mods.
    Currently such functionality exists in some mods, but they're localized for their particular mod and doesn't provide any help for others and may even clash with other modders' attempts at similar functionality.
    The aim here is to provide a framework that all mods can use for their checks.
    This would provide plenty of benefits, but the main ones are that everyone would be using the same checks instead of potentially having multiple systems doing the same thing, and the fact that modders would no longer have to bother with building their own system. Just hook into mine!

    2: The ability to equip variants of armors.(Not yet developed and it's way down the pipeline. Probably don't except this half soon.)
    Ideally the framework will offer the ability to equip more or less skimpy variants of armors, if such are available.
    This is still an intended functionality, but it's currently far off from being achieved and I'm focusing development on Functionality 1 first and foremost so that modders will get something to use.

    A tagging system which allows the user to dynamically set custom(not CK) tags for armors.
    The 4 available tags are: Topless, Bottomless, Top Skimpy, Bottom Skimpy.

    More information about the tags:

    In the future:
    The ability to equip variants of armors either through Papyrus or dialogue boxes. (NOT YET DEVELOPED.)

    Current Release State:
    The tagging system is almost done and will be added in the next update, but the current download does nothing! Do not download it!


    Final Words:
    A full release is obviously being worked on, but I hope this preview release will pique some interests for now.

    And finally, INFINITE thanks to fellow Loverslab user Versh, without whom this project would have died tragically as just a glimpse in my eye.
    I'm something of an idiot, so his patient feedback to even the dumbest of novice questions is what has allowed me to not chuck my computer out the window ages ago.

    Also thanks to CPU for answering some of my questions in the Technical Support area. Lessons have been learned.



  25. Sybille Stentor Awakened

    "I've seen Jarls come and go."
    "I have so very many ways to deal with people, very few of them pleasant."
    "Filthy creatures, aren't they? Living in the darkness, like they do. So uncivilized. I prefer finery."
    Most of the Jarls of Solitude had become High Kings of Skyrim ruling its lands each with his own ways....But what if someone was pulling the strings of those HIgh Kings from the shadows...
    This is a replacer for Sybille Stentor the court wizard of Solitude. When i met her i thought that her character fitted the image of a Noble Vampire but her appearance didn't.
    Changed her race from bretonracevampire to bretonrace to get rid of the ugly vampire face and eyes
    Changed her weight from 20 to zero, this might cause a seam on the hands, in order to fix it press the button to enter the console command menu, click sybille and type setnpcweight 0, then type disable and then enable.
    Since she was flagged as vampire before she is bound to conflict with any mods that alter the appearance of vampires(e.g. Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes) if you want to keep her as the mod intended install her after any mod that alters the appearance of vampires.
    She uses Unp Body.
    Latest Version of Skyrim
    DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99 : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6709/?
    KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68311/?
    Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51602/?
    Lind's Human Eyes by Lind001 - LindsWorkshop : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75674/?
    RaceMenu by Expired : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624/?
    Vampire Fangs for non vampire race : http://www.loverslab.com/topic/64423-vampire-fangs-for-non-vampire-race/
    *if i forgot anyone i am sorry, send me a message to credit you respectively
    Special Thanks to the authors who permitted me to use assets from their mods for Sybille's outfit
    TM BallGown conversion by zzjay for UNP by zzjay : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25873/?
    Ave's Radiant Jewelry alpha 0.3 : http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3764-aves-radiant-jewelry/
    UNP Boots 02 by Petrovich : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/22732/?
    You Can NOT use assets from this mod to make your own since they include assets from other authors's mods
    You Can NOT upload this mod to other sites or use it to gain profit.