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Models & Textures

Adult oriented Skyrim mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

244 files

  1. The Timelost Dwemer - A Deep Elf Race SOS Plugin (Oldrim/SE)

    For SOS, SOS Light, and CBBE Futa SOS

    This is the Schlongs of Skyrim installer for The Timelost Dwemer - A Deep Elf Race, which includes plugins for SOS, SOS Light and CBBE Futa SOS. In the downloads section you will find both Oldrim and SE versions of the installer.
    Veteran Skin, Tempered Skin, and CBBE Futa SOS assets were edited and packaged for use with the Timelost Dwemer Mod with expressed permission from the mod authors.

    Schlongs of Skyrim or Schlongs of Skyrim SE
    The Timelost Dwemer - A Deep Elf Race or The Timelost Dwemer - A Deep Elf Race SSE

    If you are using the Oldrim version of The Timelost Dwemer, download and install the Oldrim version. 
    If you are using the Special Edition version of The Timelost Dwemer, download and install the Special Edition version of this SOS Plugin.
    If you want to use the CBBE Futa addon, then I recommend that you select and install the Fair Skin Complexion deep elf skin in the main mod's installer, otherwise you will have discolored genitals.
    Install with Mod Organizer or Vortex. I won't help you if you install it manually or with NMM.
    Choose the SOS Plugin if you are using SOS, or choose the SOS Light Plugin if you are using SOS Light. Select whether or not you want to use the CBBE
    Use LOOT to sort your load order.

    My male deep elves have holes in their crotches!
    If you have the Deep Elf SOS Plugin installed, and your Deep Elf males still have holes in their crotches, you may need to manually-apply their schlongs. Make sure to apply the Deep Elf schlong.
    My futa deep elf's crotch doesn't really match her body texture well.
    The CBBE futa mod was made for use with the Fair Skin texture. Please install the Fair Skin Complexion deep elf skin in the main mod's installer. 
    Does this plugin give genitals to either of the Deep Elf Followers?
    No, because they do not belong to the main mod's Deep Elf Race.
    You can still open the SOS MCM and manually apply Deep Elf SOS Genitals to them if you want. 

    VectorPlexus and Smurf for Schlongs of Skyrim, and their ‘How to make an SOS Plugin guide’
    ZwabberdieBo for the Veteran Skin male body texture, and his Veteran Skin Smurf and VectorPlexusSchlong Retextures
    traa108 for the Tempered Male Skins body texture
    EvilReFlex for Futanari CBBE SSE



  2. Demonic Creatures - Mod Version V1.7 - Patch Fix v1.74

    This is the NSFW Legendary edition of Demonic Creatures -> For the NSFW Special Edition go here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/26322-demonic-creatures-mod-version-v17-se/
    Not allowed to upload on other sites! NEVER!
    There won't be any mod support from me in the threads. I'm going to take a long break from Skyrim.
    *** Released Patch Fix v1.74 See changelog.
    Possible Quest breaking Bugs: Read first:
    Some few words:
    Thanks to everyone for reporting bugs, testings, ideas, tips or just saying thank you. There is so many involved in one way or another and I'm having troubles getting an overview. Know that all feedback is noticed and keeping me motivated to continue improving this, so Thank You!!
    This my tin box if anyone wants to support my work. For now this is all it is, a tin box. There isn't any content behind it since that would get me in all sorts of trouble.
    Many thanks to those that support me. It's motivating me to keep up 💫
    Picture Galleries:
    Undead: https://www.flickr.com/photos/198054319@N08/albums/72177720307074184 Monster: https://www.flickr.com/photos/198054319@N08/albums/72177720307075123 Goblin-Ken: https://www.flickr.com/photos/198054319@N08/albums/72177720307058262 Falmer&Dwemer: https://www.flickr.com/photos/198054319@N08/albums/72177720307073929 Daedra: https://www.flickr.com/photos/198054319@N08/albums/72177720307073749 Animals: https://www.flickr.com/photos/198054319@N08/albums/72177720307074708  
    handbook of Demonic Creatures V1.6pdf: OPTIONAL: Contains pictures from all creatures up to version v1.6.
    V1.7 OLDRIM MEDIAFIRE Demonic Creatures Download Link.txt: REQUIRED: The main mod you must download if you don't have the mod already installed and has to be downloaded from mediafire through given link.
    LEupgradetov1.7fromv1.62(only).7z: OPTIONAL: If you have Demonic Creatures v1.6 with the patch v.162 installed, just download this file instead of the whole mod.
    2K Resolution package LE.7z: OPTIONAL: Many textures are 4K default. Download this package to reduce texture files to 2K.
    V1.7 LE Patches&Documents: OPTIONAL: Here you'll find a list with all creatures in the mod. Patches to get rid of dinos, have a futa on female zombies instead of strap ons. Draugr Schlong texture that match Kajuans Draugr Retexture. Installation/Uninstallation instructions and a map with shows where you can encounter patrolling creatures.
    Patch Fix vX.XX OLDRIM: Contains important fixes of errors.
    (List of creatures is hosted inside the download "Patches, Textures & Documents V1.X")
    This is a creature mod that brings 357 new monsters, animals, ambient small ones and fish types to Skyrim&Solstheim. Inside and outside. In addition to the vanilla spawns there is also many extra spawns with patrol markers (both inside and outside). My goal is to have enemies behave more dynamically to the world. Instead of always patrolling short distances between A and B, some enemies will now patrol further.
    "See that ruin up there? Bleak Falls Barrow. When I was a boy, that place always used to give me nightmares.
    Draugr creeping down the mountain to climb through my window at night, that kind of thing. I admit, I still don't much like the look of it." Hadvar
    I also aim to get the main enemies you encounter more up to date according to the lore. Both Falmers and Draugrs are supposed to venture outside their cave systems for either gathering supplies, hunt or just spread terror to the outside world.
    "The road to Whiterun's not safe these days. Lots of travelers just... disappear, south of Dragon Bridge. Can't find a trace of them." Solitude guard
    Now these words actually holds some truth in them. Added actors from this mod, be it Draugrs or Falmers will now leave their caves and go on raids together in groups lead by leader. Usually they will go out after dusk on patrols and they will go back in again before dawn (unless they are aggroed). They won't go near settlements (not 99% certain, u know, rabbits and deers), but will in some cases attack forts, guard holds that will be an easy prey for them. Group size is everything from 2-7 actors.
    Maybe sleeping outside that nordic ruin isn't that safe anymore. Maybe you shouldn't go through the swamps of morthal as low level since you now a group of grummites protects the area aggressively from outsiders.
    Mod features:
    - 357 new creatures (including leveled variants)
    - 26 new scripted WEQuests which includes demonic creatures (similar to the quest that spawns three patrolling stormcloaks)
    - ABC and creatureframework support for most of the creatures (see v1.X creature list OPENinEXCEL for which ones has not in Patches, Textures & Documents V1.X)
    - Goblins and other Daedra may spawn in all type of caves
    - Human actors (bandits, vigilants, mages, adventurers, hunters etc) have a slight spawn chance in all type of caves. Fighting with you or against you.
    - Demi Gods that are way harder to defeat than others may spawn in all type of caves, can be hostile, (Sanguine Mistress, Female Daedroth, Silver Demon and Servant of Malacath)
    - Small swarms of skeletons and other creatures inside tombs here and there.
    - Many new patrols (mostly group patrols) with wolf packs, draugrs, falmers, grummites, ghouls, werewolves, zombie hound packs, skavens, ancient tree guardians. Some has large patrols covering many cells. Some patrol at night and some at day. None of these uses extra scripts, only AI packages.
    - Small curious "things" here and there. Be it prisoned NPCs, small letters containing clues about powerful ingredients or stories about NPCs.
    Modding philosophy:
    - BE AWARE: Some few of these creatures are godlike and will not go down easily. This includes all DemiGods - Servants of the Daedra and the Ancient Tree Guardians (protectors of the forests). They have a greater amount of health (1200 pluss) and do huge damage to you. They can also spawn from level 1 and might put an end to your cave mission. I play the game with a follower framework (EFF) which makes me able to toggle aggressivness on/off for followers so they won't get stuck in certain death situations. Sometimes it's best to just run.
    - Besides the above, most creatures are close too vanilla when it comes to health, magic and stamina, but they do slightly more damage.
    - Most creatures have same size as their vanilla counterparts (improves sexlab compabillity, but sometimes they are resized or desized to enhance immersion of their species. This means that not every creature will align 100% in every sex animation created. You can check the Creature List in the "Patches, Textures & Documents V1.X" download.

    Patrols more explained:
    DemiGods - Servants of the Daedra:
    Servants of Daedric Princes and Daedra like creatures can be encountered in nordic ruins. These are creatures or humans who made a pact, either willingly or forced, with the Daedra. Some of them are hostile and some are not. Unless provoked of course. I was tired of being the only superior being in Skyrim. The gods in Skyrim are weak. You would expect they sent something more than a lousy two handed dremora against you. I want the feeling that there is always something stronger than you.These creatures have higher health than usual and are well skilled. They are possible to beat, but best option for a low level (below 35) might be to flee or sneak through. They can spawn no matter what level you are. So expect trouble.
    Some friendly ones will pop up in your game already from level 1, but the larger part of them starts to show from level 10 and up. I might change that in future versions when there is more creatures to distribute. However, I aim to keep DC creatures at 30% of the spawns you meet (keep in mind that if you play with SIC or other large creature mods this spawnrate is heavily reduced).
    Spawning ways - Details for those who have time:
    These must be installed with all their dependencies (valid LE or SSE version depending on your Skyrim Version):
    All Skyrim DLCs (you don't need Heartfire). Due to creature races from all those DLCs.
    More Nasty Critters SLAL edition and Creatureframework with their requirements.
    Animated Beast's Cocks (ABC) For LE users (for collision and animated creature schlongs you need the HDT-PE version,
    or download HDT-SMP patch made by LoveForNothing and choose ABC HDT SMP version. If on SE, make sure you get all textures from the ABC mod installed as well.
    Soft requirement:
    Schlongs of Skyrim - Makes it possible to schlonglify Skeleton conjurer and doombringer. Don't install SOS just because of these two. It's a minor thingy.
    INSTALLATION (after Hard requirements are installed):
    Download text file in download section.
    copy link in txt file  and download from mediafire.
    extract rar file and copy paste content into your Skyrim data folder (mod managers also works).
    AFTERWARDS: Check if there is any available patches to install. They're named "Patch Fix v1.XX OLDRIM". Make sure patches overwrite main mod.

    If you have creature mods installed that modifies Skyrim vanilla LCHARs (leveled character lists) you must make a bashed patch using Wrye Bash (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/1840). If you don't do it, the creature mod ESP located lowest in your load order will overwrite the mods higher. Many mods alter these LCHARs (Skyrim Immersive Creatures, Monstermod, rogue-like encounters, and many more).
    This mod shouldn't overwrite anything cruical, to avoid even getting the question, check this out:
    - Case 1, you already have mihail mods installed. This mod includes several of mihails mods.You should at least deactivate the mihail creature ESP before you install this mod. Best is if you remove it totally in advance. If you decide to only deactivate the mihail ESPs you must let Demonic Creature overwrite everything it wants in both mihails meshes and texture folders (mihail skeletons included. This mod comes with its own dick textures and mesh modifications. Demonic Creature needs to overwrite mihail mods otherwise it won't work as intended.
    - Case 2, you already have Skaven creatures installed. Plz read and do as Case 1.
    The reason for these two cases is that I did not alter the folder locations from the original mods. Perhaps I should have.
    Either download the whole mod, or just download the upgrade option
    Copy paste new version over. Consider removing the data\meshes\newcreatures and data\textures\newcreatures.
    Remember to run "re-register creatures" in Creature Framework MCM. If some creatures still don't work, try to uninstall all skins in CF MCM, save, reload save and then "re-register creatures" again. See trouble shooting guide here if it still does not work: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4130-more-nasty-critters-slal-edition/
    Find "Uninstallation v1.X" in the Patches, Textures & Documents V1.X download.
    KNOWN BUGS v1.7
    - Confirmed: If a non draugr creature spawns in coffins or other ambush furniture the coffin might not open. Not a serious issue unless it does it in a quest critical area (read Possible Quest breaking Bugs at the top.



  3. PredatorRJ BHUNP Playboy Bunny Retexture

    This is my first mod, a simple retexture for PredatorRJ's BHUNP playboy bunny outfit on patreon to add a midriff window. I retextured every color variation, the material texture and the normal map file. The file size is ~2x the original textures when unpacked due to the transparency added/different compression used. Depending on your bodyslide setup/animations installed the texture may appear stretched in spots, I don't think you can solve that 100%
    The only requirement for this mod is to have the original BHUNP mod, from Patreon. 



  4. FairyDragon LE

    Заменяет 1 вид злокрыс на этого "Чудесного дракончика"
    Replaces 1 kind of Skeevers with this "Wonderful Dragon"



  5. CBBE Erotic Advance (CBBE EA), with Vagina and Anus, for LE , BodySlide, HDT PE.

    Well, this Mod was maded at 5 or 6 years ago (2017), it base on CBBE and DAZ3D body, after that I maded an UNPB version. It is the origin version of many female bodies  with vagina and anus, which has no meshes missing. 
    In 2017, a friend asked me to help him made a skyrim femalebody base on DAZ3D body and  make it work with HDT PE.  I was  working on similar project. I had done some work, not good, but updated it on bbc.3dmgames.com, which finally be named as "CBBE SE" by others, what ever.  When I see it I realized that was builded by my hands definitely (base on cbbe of course, I never forgot it, it is still the same thing since I saw it last time). 
    When I moved to next step, staring to build a better vagina and anus my friend finded me  and give me a 3D body ask me to help, which the 3D body he spended 150 dollors to buy from an unknow author and got the full right.  I helped him to build a new body can work with HDT PE in skyrim. But I did't update it as a mod, because I consider that its compatibility is not so well, since there was "Founder Effect". So I maded a new one combine with CBBE and updated it on bbs .3dmgames.com.
    That is how we all get that "Amazing body"  today.
    All original files still kept in my computer and  no one has it.  
    I know many dishonest authors didn't admit there is a source in their MODs, they said they are the creatiors and name it by themselves and never mention to my work, but they didn't know their version has some meshes missing. Never mind, I really care about is that they have no right to use it for profit purpose. I share it free for everybody not for your dirty purpose.
    I never did that, I could, but I didn't, otherwise there was no chance for you guys, you should not do that agian. 
    And this is my statment (I change my mind, fuck that, some people really rude):
    You have to ask my permision if you want use it for your new mod. You have no right to use it but never mention my name, and worse is that completely stolen it and claim it's your work. Even worse is take it to sell.
    There is a mod stolen from mine:
    I have full evidences to prove that.
    All original files still held on my hands. For a long time I didn't care about who has stolen it, but I am not prepare to accept that someone back to insults me and accuses me is the thief.
    I have reported it to nexusmods.com, I don't know how they will deal with. I am still waiting.
    Fuck! I am really angry with that.
     The femalebody with vagina and anus work on HDT PE. You can choose pubic hair or delete it in BodySlide.  Make sure this MOD covers all your MODs.
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25971-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended/
    HDT Physics Extensions https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
    CBBE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/198  
     How dose it work?
     Find a penis or a stick base on HDT PE, and fuck it.
      1、Will it has UNPB version here?
            ------When I got time I will rebuild an UNPB Bodyslide version and update here.
       2、Will it has HDT SMP version?
           ------No plan. But it can work well with SMP cloths, for that you had delete the sign range about CBBE body in defaultBBPs.xml file.
       3、How to change the color of  pabic hair?
          ------Modify the pubhair.dds.
       4、The vagina and anus opening both when she only got one penis, how to fix?
          ------Modify the radius of  penis' HDT Rigid Body, when it is small enough they would not opening both.
       5、Will it has Skyrim SE version?
          -------Please do it yourself, it is easy. I only play Skyrim LE, no plan at SE.



  6. SlaveTats + RaceMenu Overlays | Anuketh Themed Mini Packs - LE / SE

    I will upload here some Themed Mini Packs I've made for SlaveTats (RaceMenu Overlays already included). As always, these packs are CBBE and UNP compatible.
    Each mini pack has around 10 tattoos and not +50 like my normal packs.
    Hanfu Mini Pack includes: 10 face-only hanfu inspired tattoos. Viking Mini Pack includes: 5 back tattoos, 4 arm tattoos, 4 legs tattoos, 3 front tattoos and 2 face tattoos. Greek Mini Pack includes: 2 head tattoos, 5 back tattoos, 5 front tattoos and 1 arm tattoo. Scars Mini Pack includes: 5 face-only scars. Kushiel Mini Pack includes: 6 torso roses. Back Mini Pack includes: 20 back and spine tattoos (10 for CBBE and 10 for UNP).  
    Check out my other SlaveTats Packs:
    Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #1   |   Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #2   |   Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #3
    Social Links
    Discord | YouTube | Ko-Fi | Patreon

    This mod is NOT standalone. That means that it requires other resources in order to work.
    Legendary Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Legendary Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu (or NetImmerse Override). SlaveTats for LE.  
    Special Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Special Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu. SlaveTats for SE.  
    Installation (extracted from SlaveTats page):
    1. Make sure you have the requirements.
    2. Download SlaveTats and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Download this mod and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Start Skyrim. You'll have a SlaveTats menu under the SkyUI's MCM.
    4. On the Setup tab, select the character you want to apply a tattoo and then click Add/remove tattoos (so the mod will register my tattoo pack).
    5. On the Body/Face tabs, select a Section and then a specific Pattern of your liking.
    6. Pick color, glow and gloss if you like, or leave them with their defaults colors.
    7. Exit the MCM and your tattoos will appear in a moment.

    SlaveTats - murfk
    Scar Brushes - Brusheezy



  7. Dashing Argonian Featherstyles

    Want to support me? Get exclusive access to mods and updates.
    > PATREON <
    Delete the files from older versions and enable the ESP in the new one.
    I like the vanilla argonian featherstyles, they just weren't full enough for me though. The density of the feathers reminded me of a balding man.
    I've added new horn textures and new female hair textures for the cloth hornrings.
    Some of the female hairs that don't have horns may look weird, but only from the right angle so it shouldn't be too noticeable.
    I made the textures as high quality as I could without sacrificing vRAM. 2K seems suffiicient.
    Should be easier to manual install.
    This is compatible with anything that doesn't change the original meshes, like Hott Argonians.
    You may NOT reupload this file to other sites, link to it from other sites for your own profit, or host on private/secure servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Mega, or other file hosting websites. You may not modify and upload to another site.
    I specifically forbid tesall.ru, skyrim.2game.com, devillord.tistory.com, and NexusMods to host this file in any way. This game modification for Skyrim is protected under international copyright laws. A DMCA will be filed against any website privately or publicly hosting this file other than that which I specify are allowed.
    Currently allowed websites are:
    If someone wants to convert this to Skyrim SE, ask me first.
    I've been doing this for a long time. I know what I'm doing. Sometimes a few things slip past me, so drop me a note if you notice anything out of the ordinary.
    Copyright © 2020 RussianPrince
    如果您从任何非原创网站上阅读此文件,此文件已被盗,并且托管网站是非法托管文件。 为避免法律上的麻烦,请向当局报告国际版权欺诈。
    I will be uploading my Fallout 4 mods here within the next year.



  8. LewdMarks

    This mod adds marks/tattoos on the lower belly area with womb/heart related shapes, they can be colored in SlaveTats/RaceMenu settings.
    Textures are in two options, normal and with the effect of "glow", created for the BHUNP & CBBE SE
    Marks/tattoos are taken from various manga and from other similar mods. They were all redrawn in SVG format for quality improvement.
    SVG files are also published, you can use them for any of your own mods.
    For v2.0
    Textures are in two options, normal and "halo".
    To get a glow effect, use two corresponding textures (non-glow and glow), set two layers and adjust a desired color, transparency, glow strength, etc..
    How to add glow effect for LewdMarks v2.0 (RaceMenu):

    How to add glow effect for LewdMarks v2.01.mp4  
    Example for SlaveTats:

    SlaveTats: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/619-slavetats/
    RaceMenu (LE): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624
    RaceMenu (SE): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19080
    Quickly with ModOrganizer/Nexus Mod Manager or select and copy the content into you Skyrim\Data folder
    Glow for the SexLab Aroused:
    This mod uses scripts to actively change the colors/glow of racemenu overlays based on conditions selected in the MCM. It has integration for SL and arousal can be used.

    RaceMenu Overlays for NPC/Followers:
    Use the "EFF Cosmetic Menu":
    NPC overlays are disabled by default with a warning that you probably shouldn't change it.
    You can find it under bPlayerOnly=1 in nioverride.ini (LE) / skee64.ini (SE) in your SKSE/Plugins folder and change it to bPlayerOnly=0.
    Underwater and transparent clothing:
    Tools: Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, ImageMagick, nvcompress, XnView MP, Mudbox
    Similar mod: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3546-slavetats_womb-for-unp-variants/




  9. Maevan's Wind Skin texture 4K For Cosio

    Maevan2 Mature Skin was my favorite texture set when it first came out , but suddenly it disappeared from existence.  So with the various iteration and piece by piece of mature skin found on the lost web , I made here a custom texture for my own taste this way to fit with Cosio Body. It should technically fit with Cbbe body too. 
    note : I am still a neophyte in the realm of texture blending , editing so don't expect a miracle.  also , I might do a 2K version later 
    - I took the ancient  mature head diffuse of the earlier version , de-noise it , clean up a little. 
    -Blend it to fit with the newest body diffuse of mature skin.
    -light up the overall brigthness ( I like pale skin) and add some minor change so that the overall feel is a bit younger and cleaner.
    How to install:
    Don't forget to backup your texture first!
    put all dds files in here aproximately   \Skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character\female
    Mod used
    Mature Skin diffuse and body normals, original and newest set of Maevan2
    Bijin face normals of rxkx22
    fair skin specular of HHaley
    Cosio Innie texture of Scivirus
    Veins overlay of ZMD78
    Delicate mammary veins of Giamel



  10. SlaveTats BSA Conversions for LE

    This is a BSA conversion of various SlaveTats packs I made for LE.
    Reduced size without any loss in quality (see screenshots), which drastically reduces loading times on a heavily modded game. Works the same way the originals do (i.e. RapeTattoos and FadeTattos work like they should), because I only packed them and edited .json files.
    These packs do not contain dummy esps, because I made it for Mod Organizer, which doesn't need them, so it should be used with a mod manager which can do the same.
    Don't forget to activate BSAs in the "Archives" tab in MO.
    Packs included:
    From SlaveTats AIO (thanks to Seristic for putting together the collection) - BSA reduced from 4.5 gb to 100 mb
    From Tramp Stamps: Tramp Stamps 3.3 - BSA reduced from 8.5 gb to 24.5 mb
                                        Tramp Stamps Rough - BSA reduced from 1.4 gb to 3.56 mb
    Tools used: BSAopt



  11. SlaveTats Cum Textures/Replacer

    I thought I might just share my own collection of cum textures. This Mod contains a bunch of cum textures for use with SlaveTats and "CumSets" that can be used as replacer for standard Sexlab or in conjunction with Cum Overlays. There are quite a bunch of them and you can mix and match them however you want using the SlaveTats menu.

    The Files:
    For use with SlaveTats:
    CumMain Older stuff. I think my new textures are better but I keep it for variety sake if someone wants to use it. The cum on these textures increase gradually like standard Sexlab cum.

    CumFacial includes textures for the face.

    CumVariations includes further textures for the body but those are more "standalone" - there is no progression in those.

    In short: I recommend CumFacial and CumVariations but if you want the extra variety you can also use CumMain and mix them as you wish. The separations are kind of arbitrary.
    If you do want to use this mod I highly recommend increasing the bodypaint texture count ( See:
    For use with Cum Overlays / as replacer:
    CumSets - these are what you are looking for. If you install them as they are they will replace your standard Sexlab cum texture. If you want to use them with Cum Overlays you will have to put the textures into the respective folders under "\textures\Sexlab - Cum Overlays\Set2" etc. (Notice that you don't create a Set1. Set1 is taken from the default sexlab cum location)

    If you use these textures as replacers without Cum Overlays the textures will look different/bad because Sexlab applies them in a different way then SlaveTats and Cum Overlays.
    Also, the CumSets don't include dedicated facials. It is just not possible to have different textures on the face and the body with the way Sexlab cum works. You can however use both the CumSets and SlaveTats at the same time and add those facials manually via SlaveTats.
    In order to use more than 5 CumSets with Cum Overlays use this mod: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/20297-sexlab-cum-overlays-extra-slots/



  12. Riza Hawkeye Tattoo - UNP (Racemenu Overlays) (LE)

    This mod adds a tattoo of Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist for UNP body. I thought it would look cool on some magic or alchemist character, and couldn't find one, so I made that, and here it is. High resolution, and a few variants of distortion for a worn-out look. Can be applied through Racemenu overlays.
    Thanks to:
    Khepri-Art from devianart for creating the high res png source
    vinniewryan for his handy Race Menu Mod Maker, cause compiling sucks



  13. Bad Dog's Immersive Creatures - SIC Addon

    Bad Dog's Immersive Creature Addon
    This mod adds genitalia to all the new creatures from the Skyrim Immersive Creature Mod on Nexus.
    V3 supports More Nasty Critters SLAL version 11+.
    SSE version here
    The base mod sexes up the SIC creatures.
    There's also a SkyTEST patch to sex up the few creatures SkyTEST adds and to apply the SkyTEST behavior to the SIC animals, and to apply privy members to the SkyTEST animals. A patch exists on Nexus to make SkyTEST compatible with SIC--my patch duplicates that work so you don't need both. Note that USLEEP steps all over the SkyTEST behavior--my patch includes the USLEEP fixes and puts the SkyTEST behavior back.
    Warning: I had some trouble with the SIC rieklings. If you have trouble getting them to re-dress, let me know.
    Load, in this order
    SkyTEST (optional) Skyrim Immersive Creatures, both files. So you need Dawnguard and Dragonborn both, and no bitching about it, just pay up to Bethesda. How many hours of pleasure have they given you? SexLab latest More Nasty Critters  Creature Framework  Bad Dog's Immersive Creatures 3.0  MMC patch here. Mandatory, it keeps your canines from having blue dicks. Bad Dog's SkyTEST patch (get this from the same location)  
    Enjoy. You know you have to run FNIS and turn on Creatures in SL. Look at the SL install instructions if you don't know what that means.

    Reset your animations in SexLab to get the new creature animations. 
    Run the "Reset Mods" option in Creature Framework if the new creatures aren't being equipped with junk.
    If you're using Sexlab Werewolves, Mighty Beasts and HDT Werewolves, load them after this mod. They have their own werewolf meshes. You may also need to reinstall the XP32 skeleton after this mod--if you end up with a mesh explosion (werewolf gets smeared everywhere) that's the problem.
    You can elect either SOS werewolf schlongs or Creature Framework schlongs. Turn off the werewolf options in SOS if you're using CF, and vice versa. Note that the SOS werewolf schlongs won't match the colors of the SIC werewolf variants--nothing I can do about that because SOS doesn't know about different skins.
    Good to have with this mod
    SkyTEST SexLab Aroused Redux (or the original, but redux works fine for me) SexLab Wear and Tear (ouch! ouch!) SexLab Cumshot SexLab Matchmaker Defeat with the creature option turned on Untamed is sick fun with this mod, too.
    And of course the body replacer of your choice.

    Reporting problems:
    Reporting problems in useful way is a gift to your modder. I want this stuff to work, but if you don't provide details I'm working in the dark.
    Always give me the last screen or two of your papyrus log and any animal or sex mods in your load order (or the whole thing dumped from MO). Spoiler tags, please, if you load them here.
    CTD: There haven't been any reports of crashes, but hey. You may find CTDs that don't seem to be part of your normal Skyrim experience </snark>. One scenario that would not surprise me is that you're running across the landscape and suddenly CTD with no warning and nothing special in the log. If that happens, tell me exactly where in the Skyrim world you were and what time it was (Skyrim time) and I'll try to track it down. (Exactly as in, "The slope above the lake south of Riverwood just above where that bear is always fishing.")
    Misbehaving creatures: Tell me what it's doing and try to get me the baseID. Hit, ~ , click on the creature, read the baseID off the screen. Then hit ~ again and get the fuck out of there before he nails you. Useful also to report where you were in Skyrim. I've had a problem with draugr legs disappearing--reporting like this will help me solve it.
    This mod contains very little original work. It's all mix and match of stuff made by other people. All credit goes to them:
    lifestorock - Skyrim Immersive Creatures (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24913/)
    dentarr - More Nasty Critters http://www.loverslab.com/topic/32953-more-nasty-critters/
    lordescobar666 - SexLab Nude Creatures http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/441-sexlab-nude-creatures/
    Ep1cL3w7z - Creature Framework http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1622-creature-framework/
    Dayelyte, Gone, Panicforever, Xandero - animations
    diarawr, Gone, Leito86, Shocky, SkyMoMod - models
    Leito86 - Strapons (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19260-skyrim-strap-ons/)
    MadMansGun - Help with the patch and all the work on MNC



  14. WMAF Euroasian World Order Tattoos

    WMAF Euroasian World Order Tattoos, ite replaces Female body textures of all human and elves
    probbably IT reqires DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99



  15. Bad Dog's Hoodie Schlongs: Khajiit, Argonians, Human/Elf

    This mod provides unsheathing schlongs to the races of Skyrim. Human (anthro) schlongs are uncircumcised; khajiit get a cat sheath and argonians get internal equipment that extrudes for action.
    The schlongs are not actually animated. Instead, different meshes are enabled for different levels of arousal.
    NOTE this mod requires Sexlab right now--it's not supposed to but does because of a bug I haven't found yet. 
    Latest News
    V9.0 has a new, simpler, and I hope more robust system of managing the schlongs. It handles SOS's key up/key down mechanism of controlling schlong angle and responds to erection spells. RCAE is not needed. As always, schlongs respond to SL Aroused and scenes started by Sexlab.
    HOWEVER, the new mechanism meant turning BadDogSchlongCore from an ESM to an ESP. And that means to upgrade, you need to uninstall, do a clean save, and reinstall.
    The female addon allows for female schlongs. Females without schlongs in the active position will get SL's strapon (leave strapons enabled in Sexlab's MCM, unlike prior versions). Chicks with dicks will be treated as male by SL, which means no strapons (no double-dicks) and they'll be put in the active position by default. (I think.)
    Textures have been reworked to be as seamless as I can make them. Body textures have been included because without the right body, it's not seamless. If you have textures you prefer, load them after  this mod. 
    Dependency on RCAE has been removed.
    Detailed Description
    This mod adds unsheathing schlongs to the difference races of Skyrim.
    Humans, elves, and orcs get an uncut schlong, As it gets more erect, the foreskin pulls back. Fully erect, it is the "Smurf Average" schlong that ships with SOS. It's fully SOS-animated throughout. Khajiit have a sheathing schlong; it extends from the sheath as the character gets more aroused. The balls are fully animated throughout; the shaft is animated once it's fully extended. Argonians have a schlong that retracts completely. As the character gets more aroused the shaft extends. The argonians carry their balls inside, being cold-blooded, so their balls don't show at all. The fully extended schlong is fully animated. Werewolves get a wolf-type peen. The erect version is fully SOS-animated. Probabilities are set so that nords, bosmer, orcs, and bretons are highly likely to be uncut. Redguards, imperials, and altmer are highly likely to be cut. Everyone else is in between. Beasts get the appropriate beast schlong. Thanks to ChosenClue, all schlongs work on all races. If you want a sheath on your argonian or human peen on your khajiit, you can have it. If you want to get freaky and put a sheath or slit on your human, you can do that too. Thanks to Seahorse, there's a smooth male body patch. If you use Drachis Argonis, there's a patch for that too. (It's depreciated since DA is no longer posted.) The unsheathing is not really animated. All I do is swap meshes at strategic moments. Fully animating the transitions is Very Hard, so this gets you most of the way there with a simpler mechanism.
    Special notes for females:
    They're in the additional download Bad_Dog_Hoodie_Females_SE. Only load it if you want it. There's a Female No Schlong (None) option. This is because if there's only one female schlong it doesn't matter what the probability is, all the females will get it. So the "none" schlong lets some females have no schlong and others get freaky. By default there's a small probably that some of the more exotic girls (khajiit, orc, etc.) will show up equipped. You can change the probability in SOS. If you want to run as a chick with a dick, set your sex in Sexlab to male so that SL doesn't give you a strapon. There's a CBBE addon if you use that body and my textures.
    Special notes for werewolves:
    All schlongs support the werewolf form, as a sheathing schlong with four levels. If running with Creature Framework/More Nasty Critters: the schlongs are designed to prevent double-dick syndrome, but CF and SOS can argue over who gets to put the schlong on. To prevent that, find werewolves in CF's creature menu disable the schlong there. If running with SL Werewolves, load the WW patch after SL WW.
    Special notes for HDT 
    Schlongs are collision-enabled and have HDT physics. HDT bodies are up to you.  
    Load up Sexlab Aroused, turn on "SOS integration" in their menu, and forget about it. Schlongs will reflect arousal. A revealing armor will let you see what's going on. SOS erection spell. Powie, zam.  SOS's up/down keys. Unsheathing will follow erection level, mostly. If they're out of sync, spam up or down until they match up.   
    SOS is required. Bad_Dog_Hoodies is the base download. Download the hairless patch if you use SOS's hairless texture. Bad_Dog_Hoodie_Females is the addon for females and depends on the base mod. Bad_Dog_Hoodie_CBBE is the addon for the CBBE body  
    In-game setup:
    After installation you can load and go, but because of the way SOS picks schlongs, the beast races will sometimes get regular human schlongs. If you care about that, use the MCM menu to go through all the OTHER schlongs and set their probability to 0% for khajiit and argonians. If using werewolves, see above.  
    TO UPGRADE from 8.*, remove Hoodies, make a clean save, and re-install.
    Not compatible with Flower Girls or OSex at this time.
    IF YOU ARE USING ANOTHER ARGONIAN TEXTURE and getting the purple tail bug on the lady lizards:
    The problem with female argonians is the pussy texture lives on top of the vanilla tail texture. To get around that, this mod points the tails to a different texture file, which can mess up if you load a mod that retextures the female argonians. Copy the argonian female body texture "textures\actors\character\ArgonianFemale\argonianfemalebody.dds" in whatever mod wins over to "textures\actors\character\ArgonianFemale\argonianfemaletail.dds" the problem should fix itself.
    FOR MASCULINE KHAJIIT TEXTURES @Craziux made a patch: 
    Good with this mod
    Sexlab - it's not a hard requirement, but most people will want it. Sexlab Aroused - Optional, for the unsheathing peens. With SL only, you'll go from flaccid to fully erect for sex. Not that that's a bad thing. Revealing Armors for SoS - Optional; not much fun if you can't see the action. HDT Physics Extensions - if you want jiggles and animated pussies (LE only; look for HDT/SMP on SE) More Nasty Critters SLAL- if you want creature sex SL Werewolves - if you want it
    Makers of the SOS penises. I've included collision-enabled versions of them here. MadMansGun for the argonian peen The Bodyslide UUNP crew. Makers of the erect werewolf penis. The flaccid versions are mine, mostly. Chosen Clue for the multi-race multi-shape lulz Seahorse for the smooth texture Blaze69 for the ladies
    How to make a new hoodie schlong:



  16. Demonic Creatures and Seasonal Wildlife Distribution (and SkyTEST) Patches [LE & SE]

    (The LE patches are form 43 and look ok to visual inspection, no broken formids or anything, so I expect they'll work even though I can't actually test them.)
    This is an integration patch for Demonic Creatures and Seasonal Wildlife Distribution.  Combining these is a bit of a pain as merges of the sort that Wrye Bash or Mator Smash make won't work properly, so I figured I'd save someone else the effort.
    This does NOT add seasonality to Demonic Creatures itself, it just injects Demonic Creatures into each of the seasonal level lists in the same way it originally injected itself into vanilla level lists. (If someone wants to take a stab at that, this file would probably be a good place to start!)
    This also includes patches for SkyTEST, SkyTEST Rabbits and SkyTEST Riften Puppies Patch.  The SkyTEST patches require the SkyTEST patch from the Seasonal Wildlife Distribution page. They also require the general Demonic Creatures/Seasonal Wildlife Distribution patch.
    These patches were created against Demonic Creatures 1.61 NSFW. I do not know if this will work with the SFW distribution of Demonic Creatures, although it's likely that it does.
    Load order without SkyTEST (it's important that Seasonal Wildlife come after/override Demonic Creatures):
    DemonicCreatures.esp SeasonalWildlife.esp SeasonalWildlife and DemonicCreatures Patch.esp  
    Load order with SkyTEST:
    DemonicCreatures.esp SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators.esp SkyTEST and DemonicCreatures.esp Skytest Creature Extension.esp SkyTEST_Puppies_patch.esp SkyTEST-Rabbits.esp SkyTEST-Rabbits and DemonicCreatures Patch.esp SeasonalWildlife.esp SeasonalWildlife and DemonicCreatures Patch.esp SeasonalWildlife-SkyTEST Patch.esp SeasonalWildlife-SkyTEST and DemonicCreatures Patch.esp SeasonalWlidlife and SkyTEST_Puppies Patch.esp SeasonalWildlife and SkyTEST-Rabbits Patch.esp SeasonalWildlife and SkyTEST_Rabbits and DemonicCreatures Patch.esp  
    Perms: No restrictions, feel free to reuse this, upload it elsewhere, take credit, whatever, i don't care, it's a compatibility patch =D



  17. Alternate Cosio Patch for Fair Skin Textures 4K

    A Cosio patch for Fair Skin Texture with alternate innie texture ( different from the patch from the author of Cosio Skin)
    Shaved Version only.
    Notes: innie may look different from the way you build it in Bodyslide
    Requirement :
    The original mod ( cbbe version)  :https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51602
    Installation :
    put all dds here
    overwrite and You are good to go



  18. SlaveTats + RaceMenu Overlays | Anuketh Pack #1 - LE / SE

    I decided to try SlaveTats and design some tattoos myself. This mod works for both Legendary Edition (32 bit) and Special Edition (64 bit), but each one has sighly different requirements mentioned below.
    This pack includes the following:
    7 Slave Marks: Bondage, Perfect Slut, Suck Me, Spanked, Dragonwhore, Dragonwhore Alt and Alduin was here. 43 General Tattoos: Bralette, Bralette Alt, Chest Deco, Chest Deco Alt, Pasties 1, Pasties 2, Pubic, Star (Front), Star (Back), Wings, Dawnstar, Falkreath, Markarth, Morthal, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm, Winterhold, Legion, Under Chest Deco 1, Under Chest Deco 2, Under Chest Deco 3, Under Chest Deco 4, Dagger, Garter Belt, Garter (without stockings) and Garter + Stockings with feet option, Face Adornment 1, Face Adornment 2, Face Adornment 3, Face Adornment 4, Face Adornment 5, Ankle Flower, Feet Stars, Tribal Tattoo 1, Tribal Tattoo 2, Tribal Tattoo 3, Tribal Tattoo 4, Tribal Tattoo 5 and Tribal Tattoo 6.  

    SlaveTats is a mod that allows the player to add tattoo layers to characters through SkyUI's MCM (Mod Configuration Menu).
    You can choose between different options: select tattoos for the player character, select tattoos for NPCs, select the color of the tattoos, make the tattoos glow in the dark, choose between matte and glossy tattoos and much more.

    This mod is NOT standalone. That means that it requires other resources in order to work.
    Legendary Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Legendary Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu (or NetImmerse Override). SlaveTats for LE.
    Special Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Special Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu. SlaveTats for SE.  
    Installation (extracted from SlaveTats page):

    1. Make sure you have the requirements.
    2. Download SlaveTats and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Download this mod and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Start Skyrim. You'll have a SlaveTats menu under the SkyUI's MCM.
    4. On the Setup tab, select the character you want to apply a tattoo and then click Add/remove tattoos (so the mod will register my tattoo pack).
    5. On the Body/Face/Hands/Foot tabs, select a Section and then a specific Pattern of your liking (you'll only need the Body tab for my mod).
    6. Pick color, glow and gloss if you like, or leave them with their defaults colors.
    7. Exit the MCM and your tattoos will appear in a moment.

    SlaveTats - murfk
    Hold Capital Symbol Vectors - Polykobus and AlcoholSwabs
    Vortec and Chaimhewast for helping me with the recolor problem
    Testificateguy for converting the tattoos for RaceMenu.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope you like this first pack. Since I've added 50 tattoos, this pack is finished. That means that there won't be future updates (at least at the moment) and if they are, won't be to add new tattoos.
    Liking and giving me your feedback is a great way to show me your support and is highly appreciated!
    I've seen all your comments and I must thank you for the warm welcome this pack has received in the community. Surely I will make more packs in the near future. If you have any request, I will gladly read it.
    I recently made a Ko-Fi page for those people who asked. Again, thank you so much ?



  19. Cosio patch for Aesthetic Skin

    A Cosio patch for Aesthetic Skin of  Namida 1126
    Requirement :
    The original mod ( cbbe version) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/106086
    Installation :
    put all dds here
    overwrite and You are good to go



  20. Bijin Skin petite / flat boobs texture UNP

    This is an edit of Bijin's Skin texture mod which removes the dark shadow under the breasts, allowing for flat or small breasted characters. 
    All credit goes to Bijin / rxkx22.
    The edit was not made by me. That was done by a friend, who let me upload it here. I don't know how to make any changes you may request.  
    The files included are only the main files of Bijin's skin mod (from the link below), but with the edited femalebody_1.dds, and edited femalebody_1_msn.dds files.
    You can use the diffuse map (femalebody_1.dds) by itself, but if you want to use the normal map (femalebody_1_msn.dds)  for added flatness, you'll have to use the other msn.dds files for the head and hands as well, which were taken from another one of Bijin's mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40038
    which are also included here. 



  21. Yiffy Age of Skyrim

    This mod turns all the humans in Skyrim into furries--with beast feet and beast schlongs.
    SSE version available here
    Latest Update
    I fixed an issue with the panther mouths not fitting for all chargen morphs and that led to problem with the head and the chargen not matching. Fixing this is the most important thing in this update. On LE it probably won't cause crashes, tho.
    I'll update patches for other mods as I can. Note if there's a dark elf in the other mod, you do want an updated patch.
    Each Skyrim race is transformed into a different animal race:
    Nord - Lykaios (Wolf) by KrittaKitty Imperial - Vaalsark (Jackal-ish) originally by Wolf of the Azar, updated by Bad Dog and Valehyena Breton - Fennec Fox by Jelly, new texture and adapted to Citrus mesh by Bad Dog Redguard - Kygarra (Hyena) by Wolf of the Azar, adapted to Citrus mesh by Bad Dog High Elf - Cheetah by Bad Dog, head mesh by NightroModzz Wood Elf - Tigers by Bad Dog, head mesh by NightroModzz Dark Elf - Panther by Bad Dog, head mesh by NightroModzz Orc - Saberlion by Bad Dog, head mesh by NightroModzz Khajiit - Khajiit Snow Elf - Snow Leopard Reachmen - Striped Hyenas by Valehyena Skaal - African Wild Dogs by Valehyena and BD
    The change is appearance only. Each race still has its vanilla race-specific buffs. You can also play as a dremora (panther-style) or snow elf.
    There's a Discord Server for discussion and what-all for those who are into that.
    Character Setup
    Check the "Dirt" slider on the canine races. I had more patterns than sliders so I put some overall face patterns there. I also co-opted some of the other sliders, so check around and see what they do. (The lips slider, for example, isn't really useful on furries so it generally does something else.) Also I put some earrings on the "brows" slider so you can mix them up with hair.
    Content Warning
    The base mod contains statues which are nude but not erotic. The SOS download adds a bunch of nudie load screens. Many of the paintings in the "Paintings" addon are erotic.
    I recommend you start this on a new game. You're changing every race and every NPC mesh--Skyrim will probably freak if you try to load it over an existing game.
    The files are too big for LL (lots of race texture files). So get the file from here:
    Version 13 Version 12 Version 10 Version 9  
    Upgrading from one major version to another is likely to break saves, usually because of character facegen or script updates. If you want to try to preserve them, disable schlongs and digi, clean save, and then install the latest version.
    Load the prerequisites first:
    Skyrim Legendary Edition (all DLCs) SKSE RaceMenu RaceCompatibility PapyrusUtil (comes with Sexlab) Sexlab (optional) SOS (optional) A UNP or CBBE body (optional)  
    For YA itself, there are lots of files because lots of options. Just load up the ones you want, one after another in this order, from the mirror site. They are:
    01 Yiffy_Age - The base mod. Always. Plantigrade feet. Near-SFW--there are nude statues but that's all. Expects a UNP/vanilla body. 02 YA Digi - Digitigrade feet. Requires XPMSE and RaceMenu. Options: Skip this--platigrade feet, visible boots Install this--digitigrade feet, invisible boots but you still get the buffs Install but disable the ESP--bare feet are digitigrade, boots are planti and show normally MMG Digi Boots--add this for @MadMansGun's special digitigrade boots. If you enable the invisible boots, put this ESP after it. Boots will be invisible unless they're covered by MMG. You can play with different combinations without breaking everything, so decide what you like. 03 YA HDT Tails - Only use if you have HDT set up. The tails are awesome but they do have the usual stretching and bouncing you get with HDT and they can make your engine freak out. Limit frame rate to 60 or less if you load this. 04 YA SOS - The privy members. Requires SOS. DISABLE the SOS schlong esps to get only the furry schlongs. The sheath works on all females, the slit works on argonian females. For males, the default is a sheathing animal dingus but you can choose an anthropomorphic look if you prefer. You also get nudie load screens.  
    CBBE: No CBBE support in this version. I have stuff that seems to work but I don't have a reference body to test against and I'm not shipping crap.
    One you have YA running, there are variants and options you can load if you choose. 
    YA Paintings - Makes sundry paintings from other mods furry (Dragonfall Castle, Legacy of the DB, Interesting NPCS, etc). And yiffy. NSFW.  Valehyena has done a bunch of extensions to YA. Check it out.  Patch files for other mods. Any mod that edits vanilla races or adds NPCs needs a patch. Check the patches subfolder and see if there's one available. The mod description links to the mod they are for, as does the description in the ESP itself. All patches are generally made to work with digitigrade feet, which means any boots in the mod become invisible. If you don't like that fire up TES5Edit and remove all boot ARMO and ARMA records from the patch. More Nasty Critters - By default most humanoid monsters are made furry. If you also want them to engage in sex scenes get MNC and the YA patch from the MNC page. The YA patch is an option within the "Compatibility Kits" download Deer NPCs -- If you stack my ungulate races and want some of the vanilla NPCs in Falkreath to be deer, load that ESP after YA. XPMSE -- goes last. Don't enable the ESP if you don't want all that schmutz.  
    Current patches (check the folder for updates):
    Female schlongs are set up as separate SOS schlongs. That way you can set the probability of female schlongs as you like, separate from the males. By default all the female hyenas get schlongs, because hyenas, but you can set up the other races so they sometimes or always have schlongs. There's a "no schlong" option for females so the SOS probabilities will work. Enable strapons in Sexlab (the default). In this version, SL handles them.
    I'm using a revealing armor in the screenshots. If you don't like to look at dick, don't load revealing armor and your furries will cover themselves up decently. If you don't like online synthetic beast sex, don't load the schlong addon and your furries will strip to underwear. In that mode, SOS and SexLab are not required. Load screens will be SFW. Some statues will be nude but not erotic.
    This mod is based on the work of the people who made the race mods! At this point all the assets except the Lykaios are mine, but YA wouldn't have happened without their inspiration. Please click on the links above and vote up their mods! It's the only reward a modder gets.
    Setting up HDT is just not easy. You need the right female body and the right armor. Check out Blaze's post on how to do this--it has pointers on some other HDT bodies.
    Other Furry mods
    I have other furry mods that you can stack with YA, if 8 or 9 furry races aren't enough for you. Load any of them before YA. 
    Horse Otter Bird & Bat Cervids: Deer, Horses, Minotaurs  
    Note that Lykaios are already in YA, as are Cat Races.
    Sample Load Order
    Here's a minimal load order to get you started. Contains YA set up for sexytimes, with a few extra mods I recommend. Lower in the list loads later.
    Things to try when your installation seems borked (thanks to ASlySpyDuo): 
    Q: WTF all my characters have animal heads but body is human plz help!!
    A: Something is overwriting Yiffy Age's changes. Make sure that nothing overwrites its files and race changes. Make sure the ESP loads as late as possible, just before alternate start mods.
    Q: All NPCs look like they should but I'm a half-human hybrid, this mod is broken!!1
    A: Unique player werewolf mods are incompatible, disable those.
    Q: tails are detaching from npc during animations what do
    A: Your skeleton is either broken or incompatible. (Re)install XPMSE.
    Q: Children are bald humans with floating eyes and mouths. I'm terrified.
    A: Killable children is incompatible since it modifies child race records.
    YA is a script-heavy mod, when schlongs and digi are loaded. The following ini settings may make your installation more stable:
    Anything that makes major changes to races. So Requiem and such overhauls are not likely to work. Killable Children does not work. It also makes it possible to sex up children, so cut that shit right out. XPMSE isn't incompatible, but for the digitigrade skeleton I had to take a snapshot and they are updating all the time. It's possible you'll end up with a mod that wants a later skeleton than I provide. Any new human races. Inconsequential NPCs adds a teen race and they aren't handled properly without the patch. No Snow Under the Roof mod - messes up some statues, otherwise works. Mods that add NPCs generally do work, but the NPCs won't have any color variation or tattoos. SOS is the only male mesh supported. No Better Males or SAM or SOS Lite. Improved Open Face Helmets is redundant--the furries have open face helmets that suit their race.
    Version Numbering
    Just in case you're wondering what the version numbers mean...
    Don't, the impact is too high. Treat this mod like its own game.
    Blaze69 for major contributions: schlongs for the ladies, better texture files, kids, chasing bugs through dark corners of the Skyrim engine & more NightroModzz for great heads and feet Ranaline over at Nexus for assets from RS Children Overhaul Trado for the original Furry Age Fluffy, Jelly, KrittaKitty, Mickyan, Wolf of the Azar, ArcicCarnage for the furries Navida1 for Improved Closedfaced Helmets, which I borrowed some meshes from. Grimoas and Ratoboran for the Almighty Talos statue idea, which triggered way too much work PaulGreen and ChosenClue for scripting and nif help
    Go vote up their mods over on Nexus while you're there.



  22. Meeko's Bitch Tattoos

    This is a slavetats pack containing tattoos focused around bestiality, specifically dogs. Now also available is a small horse themed pack.
    I messed up the JSON file on the previous update that made some of the tattoos unusable. That is now fixed. All tattoos should now be working properly. Thanks for letting me know.
    Why I made this?
    Well, a while ago I started a randomized playthrough and it started my character off being Meeko's Bitch. And I thought well why not make some tattoos for it.
    This pack now contains a little over 80 tattoos including:
    Paw prints
    Scratch marks
    Tramp Stamps
    And degrading Phrases
    Now also some horse stuff in the horseslut tattoo pack.
    With more to come as long as an idea pops into my head or if someone recommends one.
    I made them based on my characters CBBE body textures. Thanks to CaerHenWen for testing them out and confirming they work with UNP as well.
    I'm open for suggestions as long as it keeps with the theme of this mod. If you want different font styles or placing the tattoos on another part of the body let me know and I'll see what I can do.



  23. Iron Bull Custom race - SOS genitalia patch

    SOS patch for my Iron Bull Custom race  - you need to download and install race mod first.
    Credits & thanks
    Groovtama and Team XPMSE for XPMSE skeleton.
    All credit for genitalia's mesh and it's textures goes to original authors - VectorPlexus and Smurf. (original mod)



  24. SlaveTats + RaceMenu Overlays | Anuketh Pack #4 - LE / SE

    Another one! Compatible for both CBBE and UNP / Skyrim Legendary Edition and Skyrim Special Edition.
    * There are 5 categories under the "Body" tab: Anuketh General, Anuketh CBBE v4 / CBBE v4.1 and Anuketh UNP v4 / UNP v4.1. This will help you find the tattoos that match your body type.
    This pack includes 93 tattoos:
    Bodice of Ice (UNP/CBBE), Bodice of Fire (UNP/CBBE), Dragon, Dragon Alt, Forbidden, Mermaid, Pistol Left, Pistol Right, Roses, Leg Roses (Left), Leg Roses (Right), UnderBoob (UNP/CBBE), Bird (UNP), Bird (CBBE), Tree (UNP), Tree (CBBE), Death (UNP), Death (CBBE), Oni (UNP), Oni (CBBE), Tribunal (UNP), Tribunal (CBBE), Wings 2, Wings 1, Runic Arms, Runic Tattoo, Runic Half Circle (UNP), Runic Half Circle (CBBE), Runes (Left), Runes (Right), Flower Left (UNP), Flower Right (UNP), Flower Left (CBBE), Flower Right (CBBE), Tribal Tights Left (UNP), Tribal Tights Right (UNP), Tribal Tights Left (CBBE), Tribal Tights Right (CBBE), Tribal Left (UNP), Tribal Right (UNP), Tribal Left (CBBE), Tribal Right (CBBE), Spider Left (UNP), Spider Right (UNP), Spider Left (CBBE), Spider Right (CBBE), Decoration (UNP), Decoration (CBBE), Tribal Set 6 Left (UNP), Tribal Set 6 Right (UNP), Tribal Set 6 Left (CBBE), Tribal Set 6 Right (CBBE), Tribal Set 5 (UNP), Tribal Set 5 (CBBE), Tribal Set 4 (UNP), Tribal Set 4 (CBBE), Tribal Set 3 (UNP), Tribal Set 3 (CBBE), Tribal Set 2 (UNP), Tribal Set 2 (CBBE), Tribal Set 1 (UNP), Tribal Set 1(CBBE), Lady Death (UNP), Lady Death (CBBE), Hidden Skull (UNP), Hidden Skull (CBBE), Oni Mask Broken Mask (UNP), Oni Mask Broken Back (CBBE), Skull of Corruption (UNP), Skull of Corruption (CBBE), Sword Front (UNP), Sword Front (CBBE), Samurai Back (UNP), Samurai Back (CBBE), Native Back (UNP), Native Back (CBBE), Howling Buttocks (UNP), Howling Buttocks (CBBE), Death Castle L (UNP), Death Castle R (UNP), Death Castle L (CBBE), Death Castle R (CBBE), Stab L (UNP), Stab R (UNP), Stab L (CBBE), Stab R (CBBE), Original Sin L (UNP), Original Sin R (UNP), Original Sin L (CBBE), Original Sin R (CBBE).
    ██ First version (v1.0) | (05.20.2021) Release
    ██ Second version (v1.1) | (08.21.2021)
    ██ Third version (v1.2) | (08.23.2021)
    ██ Fourth version (v1.3) | (08.26.2021)
    ██ Fifth version (v1.4) | (09.14.2021) Final Version
    Check out my other SlaveTats Packs:
    Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #1 | Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #2 | Anuketh SlaveTats Pack #3 | Anuketh SlaveTats Mini Packs
    Social Links
    Discord | YouTube | Instagram | Ko-Fi | Patreon

    This mod is NOT standalone. That means it requires other resources in order to work.
    Legendary Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Legendary Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu (or NetImmerse Override). SlaveTats for LE.  
    Special Edition users must install first:
    SKSE for Special Edition. SkyUI. JContainers. RaceMenu. SlaveTats for SE.  
    Installation (extracted from SlaveTats page):
    1. Make sure you have the requirements.
    2. Download SlaveTats and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Download this mod and extract it into the Skyrim Data folder.
    3. Start Skyrim. You'll have a SlaveTats menu under the SkyUI's MCM.
    4. On the Setup tab, select the character you want to apply a tattoo and then click Add/remove tattoos (so the mod will register my tattoo pack).
    5. On the Body/Face tabs, select a Section and then a specific Pattern of your liking.
    6. Pick color, glow and gloss if you like, or leave them with their defaults colors.
    7. Exit the MCM and your tattoos will appear in a moment.

    SlaveTats - murfk
    Brushes - Obsidian Dawn
    More Brushes - Brusheezy
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    If you have a specific request, send me a PM.



  25. Feederism SlaveTats Pack

    Hello! This is just a tattoo pack I whipped together after lamenting over the lack of feederism options! This pack adds a few feeding/stuffing related tattoos as well as some that relate directly to lactation, which can be found in a separate "Feederism Lactation" section in SlaveTats.
    They're kinda hit and miss, but I've included screenshots of all of them, and I think it was worth uploading!
    In order to use this pack, you will of course need:
    And this link is for LE and SE.
    Install the pack with your mod manager of choice and get it going!



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