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  2. The_Elder_Scrolls_V__Skyrim_Special_Edition_2020_02.24_-_20_55_45_06.mp4
  3. Some of the stuff I found after a strenuous amount of google-fu https://www.3dmgame.com/games/musouorochi3/resource_27_1/ (these are a bunch of mods including nudes here and there. Just hit the translate button in chrome so you get a general idea what the topics say) to download the files click on the yellow highlighted button. a few of the mods I found: https://dl.3dmgame.com/patch/131258.html https://dl.3dmgame.com/patch/131367.html https://patch.ali213.net/showpatch/105027.html I havent tested any of this so maybe is all terrible but beggars can't be choosers. Good luck!
  4. Huh, seems I was mistaken about MC Dresser - can't find anything as well, probably mixed it up with the situational outfits. Sorry about that. Google on the other hand can be your friend sometimes (unlike my unreliable memory): I knew there was a mod and of course it's one by LittleMsSam! It allows you to set a dress code for any lot (as a trait) so you can force any Sim on that lot to wear everyday, formal or whatever. And thanks to Nisa's LTE you can just add it to any existing lot. Here's the link: https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/post/175405300963/dress-code-custom-lot-traits-this-mod-adds-six Happy simming!
  5. Final version of Legendary Edition released. This version will no longer receive updates, but it should work with all mods. The Special Edition version will still be updated when necessary.
  6. If it helps, here's a couple of versions of the script you could try. One should give double the original rewards (20-50g) and the other should give 10 times the original rewards (100-250g). The 10x one is almost certainly too high for a balanced playthough but it might be useful for a quick test to make sure that script is actually doing what I think it's doing. Bard reward script 2x.7z Bard reward script 10x.7z
  7. hi, whenever i try to play the game i get a notification to close the game and report to you




  8. It,s actually tap A or D repeatedly to advance the bleed out bar.
  9. Wow good job! My barbarian cheeks says thank you
  10. Hard crash or sometimes a result of a missing requirerment , check that all required mods are up to date and in correct load order so they are not conflicting with other mods use loot to help with mod placement. Also use TESV EDIT to help fine conflicting or bad (outofdate) mods. NOTE: posting a load order and mod list make it easier to help with problems being that everyone,s modded game is different.
  11. You can check all of those cc items using Sims 4 Studio(S4S). Every file selected will show what it looks like on a blank sim dummy. Not perfectly but maybe enough to find it.
  12. Yes, this has been already documented in the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages. See the page for console commands. So using showracemenu and switcing gender without changing race should be safe. Re-equipping any enchanted gear and re-loading the save after finishing the process would be enough. I tend to use showracemenu to add minor changes to my character (changing hairstyle, adding scars, weight, etc.) and I've never experienced any skill, perk or attribute lost. I've read that using setrace before showracemenu is a safe way to change race without losing skills, showracemenu is used later just to adjust character appearance. But I can't confirm this personally, as changing races is something I've never done on a savefile I care about.
  13. you can find newest version in mods unders sexlab le version skyrim mods (2020 version).... i am now doing patch that will also add new features to 2020 version))) mod is not dead)) its living zombie)) evolving))
  14. Why should I pay any money for a thing I can do myself? I backported https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12371 , https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12029 and https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23007 during the last weeks and I can't understand why nobody did it before. It's such a visual improvement of my game without FPS-loss. Simply great.
  15. So like any npc might start doing those animation and then stop, and then another npc would take her place?
  16. can you do a screenshot? Go to bodyslide open the DW vampire heels do preview and prt screen. Paste in a post for us to see? For it to appear as default in bodyslide would be really weird!
  17. After reading the description the first thing I want to do is installing this mod and use the taunt on Nazeem instead of surrender myself to Balgruuf for money. Plz tell me I'm not the only crazy one here.
  18. I am going to divide this paragraph a bit (I think) 1. already done, it is selectable in armor workbench, (to prevent NPC carrying babies dying) that has a baby feeding every 5-10 min(real time) and if they miss three feeding then they turn into a dying baby (and reset its timer) 2. I don't really know how to do this without making a mess of NPC systems 3. well I could setup a milk feeding system(anti-antidepressants) so Jet infused milk could make an raider baby. (but I don't believe a crib would work)
  19. You can always PM me as well.
  20. Just convert to .wmv file and rename.
  21. I got ya fam! 😊 Try this patch it patched DW heels and Heel Sounds originally made for myself, and just updated today. (cuz vampires? Am I right?) 😁 DW Heel Replacer High Heel Sound Patch.7z
  22. Whew, a bit more up the learning curve but I figured it was script related. Awesome thanks for the info, i will have to tinker with the ol CK again. Cheers
  23. Can anyone tell me how to place a texture I have on another outfit for the same character?
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