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  2. RSE (Reproductive System Effects)

    Jest a suggestion but is their any way to make it so that when ever Nora is fertile it automatically triggers untamed Ardo kinda like her being in heat, and can you make it so that in can be toggled on or off in the MCM in case some people don't want to use such a feature.
  3. They might be on the gunnetwork site but you'll have to be a member for awhile and get to a certain rank before you'll be able to download the good stuff and then once you get to that level you must stay active and what not or they'll knock you back down. http://www.gunetwork.org
  4. I just recently downloaded this and I even used the Sims 4 tray importer and the aspiration still isn't showing up. I even removed all the mods and cc I have except it and the other mods recommended for it,but it still wont work. I only have sims 4 and vampires right now could that be the issue?? HELP?! this would be great for the sims 4 story I'm trying to do also for my friends simself she is wanting me to make lol.
  5. WickedWhims - 10 November 2017

    Your animations do not work for me :(
  6. I reinstalled everything and it is still working like this, I really don't know what is wrong.
  7. where falling over a small error in the schlongs of skyrim addon for skyfem: it doesnt cover the schlongs of skyrim shop. the owner of the "morning wood" in riverwood, namely called "bjorn longsword" has still his male head and even got fully castrated
  8. what happened to all the updated traits on page 1?
  9. A lot of the conversions for the TERA armors mod are missing. Have they just not been made/updated?
  10. what would you do...if

    One week is probably too little to experience the life of the opposite sex. Because I imagine it would take a week (or more) just to get used to it. But in general, at first I would explore the body top to toe. I don't know how I would solve having sex with it, because I'm straight and having sex with guys is not appealing due to I would still mentally be a man in a female body. So firstly I would go for having sex with a girl. But it would also be kinda stupid not to explore the full spectrum so for science, I would likely have sex with a man as well. Just to experience the orgasm from a female body point of view. When the physical aspects has been explored, left is the psychical. I would like to know how easy/hard females has it in their daily life. Just as men has their struggles, so does women. The difference is men often is looked down upon when showing feelings and any kind of suffering. While for women, it's the completely opposite. It's encouraged. So that is something I wanna explore. And I also wanna experience how much shit I can get away with as well.
  11. Looking for name, location, or link of the body armor mod in these 2 pics. the one on the far right with the ghost mask. They said it couldnt be linked on the nexus and the site cant be talked about on it. mods dont like it. please help.
  12. sup, LL i got frustrated that 2pac outfits don't have 7B and muscle sliders, present in all other CBBE outfits, which really messes the usage of bodygen. so i converted them to normal cbbe. did for myself, so had no need to convert armor pieces, since there are better replacers, and did not convert added outfits, i.e. wolf and underwear. Cherry physics required. original 2pacSkimpy required(textures and materials atleast.) maybe you will find this useful. DONLOAD LINKY: https://yadi.sk/d/Mj0jp0b23Pyjtm
  13. wrong game
  14. Jens85_WickedJobs

    I have trouble starting the career, I can"t get my sim to go to "work" I click on the job button to send them on their way, but there is no response. please help.
  15. it WAS there he has removed them all and now only has Drew Shivers Traits i don't know why he did that?
  16. R-lo's Photography Corner

    New top <3
  17. Senran Kagura Estival Versus PC Uncensored Mod

    I seem to have run into problems.. if I replace the files in the "Senran Kagura Estival Versus\GameData\effect" Folder nothing changes, and the normal censor is still in place .. i am using v. 1.6 is this allright ?
  18. Usually how many times do you masturbate?

    I put 1 but it really depends on how my medications are affecting me at the time and my mood. I have one medication that tends to increase sex drive and others that decrease it, on top of that I am bi-polar which is currently uncontrolled as the only medication I found that worked was damaging my liver so I had to stop taking it. There are some days it is multiple times and other times I go a few weeks without doing it at all.
  19. Dovahkiin's Infamy

    if i remember hadvar wasnt there also cause i pick the "i was a soldier in the army option (imperial) il try the vanilla starting next also about the DI dream, wet dreams,nightmare etc how to trigger it i never thought theres a certain mods to trigger it please put in a spoiler thanks
  20. Best penis mod?

    The Best one in my opinion would be either Lunar Eclipses (be sure to grab this so you can have it rigged) or Hirokis, both are very good!
  21. [Sims 4]AOS Animation - forced sex animation

    Suggestion: Continuous loop for Knockout Sex. I often find myself wanting my sim to continue a specific sex act without having to disable continuation altogether. A Knockout anal animation. Sleeping forced/rough. Starts off with sim sleeping and waking up and being forced. Simply more forced locations. Examples: Against a window, counter, table, etc. Thanks AOS, your animations are awesome and frankly unique amongst average animations that literally everyone does (like a billion missionaries). Good work!
  22. [SKEV] Senran Kagura - Estival Versus - MOD's Summary

    hey there .. i am a bit desperate .. i would like to have the 4k private sector textures and the removed light bars and fog and stuff .. so if a girl is naked it should show the way .. i figured i use the uncensor patch and then the subtle nude patch .. but the bars are still showing .. Heeeeelp please
  23. SexLab Separate Orgasm

    Data\Scripts\Source is where the source files should be.
  24. Today
  25. Just found god tactic for installing mods...

    NNM should already have a folder where it stores it's mods that you have downloaded and installed. If you open NMM one of the tabs at the top should show a tab for where NMM stores it mods if you click open the folder then you can open it and drop all of your manually downloaded mods directly into the folder. Refresh NMM so that it reads the new mods and shows them and then start installing.
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