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  2. thanks dude, solved my problem. Thanks to komotor too for the ever AWESOME animations xD
  3. Are you sure that's updated for Holy Fury? It really, doesn't work at all. I go to start a new game, and three counties of Switzerland are just nonexistant, and austrian culture is just kind of scattered around not actually covering even half of Austria. Also wasn't there supposed to be a swiss culture? That doesn't exist either.
  4. something like this maybe? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=21723
  5. Z0mBieP00Nani

    Animated Beast Cock(ABC 0.1V)

    I like the growing bit. Any chance you will do that for SOS or Lieto's schlongs? Not everybody is a "shower", and even for the "showers" there is still a bit of "growing".
  6. Geostorm69

    Kinky Prison [WIP]

    it right as soon as you walk in the gate b4 you go into the ratway
  7. Ziehn

    RimJobWorld [1.0]

    Fixed with the latest update, load order should not matter now. As for mod options/in-game updates, that's beyond my capabilities atm but i'll look into it some more. (My head explodes when trying to figure out the Harmony library haha)
  8. What you have is about four years out of date. HDT-current like Bazinga and HDT compatible meshes with current Nistrings also like Bazinga the latest XPMSE skeleton, not bbp, not xp32, not anything else hdt mempatch ang crashfix hdt compatible enb that's it, that's all.
  9. Shep67

    Devious Lore 1.02

    Hi there, I tried to play skyrim with this mod ( 1.02 ) and prison overhauled patched 3.59 Unfortunately i could not talk to the whiterun guerds. I had a bounty about 300 septims. When i tryed to talk to a guard he/she said: Wait i know you but the dielog option dit not opened ! Shutting down the mod dit not helped. After deinstalling this mod and i could talk to the guards.. I would realy try this mod but i like prison overhaul patched. By the way : The "darepack's" came from cursed loot 7+ . Thank you
  10. I'm not much good with meshes but I expect the usual people will be by shortly. However, they will pay much more attention to you if you get your screenshots onto the site. I see what you have tried. What has always worked for me is taking the .bmp file from the screenshot and opening it in Paint. I save it as a .jpg file (I usually append a j onto the previous name of the screenshot so I can tell the difference). LL has no problems with .jpg and I have not lost any resolution. Most of the pictures on LL were loaded in this manner and many of them are practically works of art (not any of mine though). Since you have more than one shot please load any (after the first) in spoilers in order to keep from hurting the system's performance. And, good luck.
  11. beastbybay

    WickedWhims - 15 November 2018

    If you're talking about EA patches, they release about 3 script changing patches a year. One in the Spring, Summer & Fall but it's usually based around Expansion Pack releases. We shouldn't see another big patch until next year around Feb or March. I do know that they're going to release a new patch to fix problems with this recent one so I would wait at least another week.
  12. Thanks, but it is more a hood than a helmet. I need a full closed helmet
  13. google drive not letting me download the file
  14. OceanGoddess2018

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    I can't find a way to register my sim as an escort. The option on the computer isn't even on there at all. (The tam explorer i think?) Anyone else having an issue with that??
  15. Yes, the DR file achieves just that. With the DR file installed, just select Native through the Body Selector > Female Body Top. It'll work as a default that way, and will show up in CAS as well. Shouldn't have deleted it. Thank you too! I've always wanted them too, so I spent quite a bit referencing to try to get the colours right. I may add more blushes in the future even, but I think they're pretty good for now. Yes, the Acc file achieves just that. The Acc and DR files are standalone, meaning you only need to have one installed. With the Acc file installed, just select Sopor's Allure through the Body Selector > Female Body Top. Do note though, without the DR file it won't show up in CAS. Of course! Please work with these files: allure_meshes.blend It includes a smooth version, in case you want to make bras and pasties and all that and don't want pokey nips. Feel free to make whatever with Allure to your heart's content. Fair warning: I do recommend that you have some experience using Blender beforehand for the best results. If you're planning to make things like clothing with the smooth mesh, please look into Data Transferring, especially with UV maps, to fix any funny issues with how I have Allure currently set up. As always, usual terms of service stuff: Feel free to redistribute granted you've modified it (for clothing, by adding textures, etc.), please don't claim it as your own. Thank you, have fun!
  16. Thalmor Cat Armor https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91087?tab=description
  17. ZMD78

    [WIP] Sassy Teen Girls Individual Bodies.

    yes your right it is , for some reason its been removed on nexus by auuthor for se..lucky got it while i could then;) Ive also been trying to convert the sassy files for se....still trying too.
  18. Nevermind, figured it out when I read more of the FAQs...several mods were conflicting, and in the wrong order. I'm all set now!
  19. donttouchmethere

    Entrails: xxx - my LL mods

    you know those kind of friends REALY well and you found perfectly fitting words to describe them they just cant be disciplined enough to do a single task! I should keep those keys a little longer, just to make a point
  20. Do you have AddItemMenu installed (see description page)? Most do these days. You can obtain it using that.
  21. SpyVsPie

    Adrea & the Cursed Oktoberfest: Part 3: Amongst the Dead

    Cassidey has always had an excellent vocabulary, sir .
  22. Насколько я понимаю, они в плане перевода одинаковые, только legacy работает со старой версией игры. По крайней мере предоставленный шаблон для перевода только один и обозван как, то есть и туда и туда должен подходить
  23. Hey WG. Just noticed your description say's "Unstallation" You been smoking the shit again, haven't you!!!
  24. ggg-....I´ll think about it...let me take some time... sweet new "standard"-furniture, here are the bamboo-chair and a "supercool" new bamboo-bed...I think I´ll redo the curtains to suite with different stuff(some finetuning is necessary).....some new plants and the small swing as movie (which is my absolutly beloved furniture so far!)...a big swing will come (depending on my animation export-possibilities!!) -that´s enough new stuff for tonight:-)) TheSmall ZAP-Swing.mp4
  25. WombatCombat

    WickedWhims - 15 November 2018

    I highly suggest not updating to any of these mods until they work out the kinks. only reason i downloaded the new patch was because origin wouldnt let me start sims 4 til i did it. so essentially wait like 1-2 weeks
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