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  2. Not a PC "geek"🤯 but was there something wrong with the original? I have no idea what ESM not being treated like an ESM, means. Thanks
  3. Changing the weight changes the face textures too for some reason and makes NPCs uglier. How can I prevent this? The creation Kit gives me tons of errors when I try to load Skyrim. For example doors in Helgen cause errors. And some NPCs like Lydia are missing in the list.
  4. I entirely understand, though I feel perhaps you could twist it for story elements of development. Let's say for instance that the chaurus queen figure is aware or becomes aware of the actions of Alduin or other evils (Miraak, Lord Harkon, Thalmor etc) above ground... were they to succeed, the world above might fall, but there's always the critical risk that they may just come down to the hive and kill or enslave them all. Then the hive manages to get someone who could prove useful, a drone amongst the many who could do what the others could not... you. Suddenly they have a tool, a thing that could potentially ensure their survival and potentially even lead to them thriving. To rob away your mind entirely could potentially mean that they lose their potential tool... so they do only enough to ensure you grow and retain a loyalty to the hive, to believe yourself one of their own and 'want' to do what is best for them and thus to her, letting you act upon the things that would harm the hive as a whole... and if possible, help it grow and thrive, occasionally getting quests related to the progression of the hive as a whole... and the potential dangers that can come from without... or within. This kind of style of story telling would allow a similarity to what you called 'life as a bug' while also allowing the player continued freedom, only their priorities would change to reflect their new faction over others... twisting the experience to be more like a distorted faction group like Skyrim's other groups.
  5. Setting the AAF "reequip_delay" below 10 seconds fixes this. Keep in mind, the more actors involved in the scene, the location, number of items each actor has and the load on your system, will effect the actual time to "complete" the reequip function. Meaning that even if set to 5, it may take 8 seconds or so to complete. I've noticed that "for me" the reequip has to complete at least 2 seconds before the next fade to black.
  6. There is an update of .NET Framework in the posts section: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21294?tab=posts. Haven't tested it it though. The author states that plugins are not working, however crash logging seems so work to some degree. About 1.5.73 and 1.5.80 plugins: About 1.5.73 and 1.5.80 crash logging:
  7. This is my first screenshot i share with you all i hope you like it. Have a nice day!.
  8. Full installer to keep things streamlined. Just install over the existing version. P.s.: Hotfix Release not Patch.
  9. By "Turn off some animations" you mean deleting them completely from the files or is there a way to turn them off ingame? Also if option 1 is there an option to pick and choose which ones i want deleted or do i have to delete the whole pack?
  10. Dang, so this is the issue I've been having for the last few months? I've been trying to find a solution for this for quite a while now. Now I know what's the problem, that will help me adjust my modlist accordingly.
  11. It's during sex though. It would be strange if DD disabled the UI during sex differently for blindfolds, if SexLab already disables UI during sex (unless SLSO). I should re-test it to confirm the exact behaviour. Is there a way to find SLSO action count externally? I want to hook into them in SLD and SLAX. So if I want to find (based on click count): Times tried to please partner Times tried to please self Times tried to edge partner Times tried to edge self Without having to hook the raw click events, which might not even be bound to the actions in SLSO anyway if the player rebinds. These could increase forever (don't reset), like SexLab stats - or not - as long as I can read the values at the end of the scene to find out what changed. Do you track these in StorageUtil? Or plan to track them?
  12. Cool! I wanted something cute and clever and apropos but I could only find this:
  13. Great. Now OBSE thinks I am using "an unknown version of Oblivion" This just keeps getting worse. Fixed that issue, Still getting the OblivionLauncher in place of the normal .exe when I run the game
  14. This may have been answered before but will the diapers work with something like RSE elements?
  15. Playing a Male PC right now so I haven't been using solicitation... but I understand most of the code is recycled and this ALWAYS happened to me with RSEE Vol 4. I eventually gave up on three ways and turned it off as a lost cause. Great description of what happens, I recognized it immediately. FYI, Three ways did work for me in other mods , SEU (Sex 'em Up) for example.
  16. Hello, I was wondering if making a mod like this would be possible. When Greybeards learn you the "ro" and the wind shout, that they would teach you it by fucking you. If somebody could do a little (or maybe its big) mod like this, it would be great! I could help regarding dialogues, but I know nothing about scripts etc etc etc. Thanks in advance
  17. she should know, Dr. Psalam; we might just ask her:
  18. I enable toggling all the tags and keywords independently. Will also be adding FemaleOnly next time I switch the esm back to an esp. This means I can decide for myself whether the Aradia Rogue set is a bikini or not. It sure looks like one, but it's more than just panties. I prefer my own choice to something that's decided for me.
  19. A modest bug: After refusing a misogyny attack, was locked in Belt of Shame ... but then a dizzy spell followed ... PC was also locked in ball-gag, arm-cuffs, and attempted to fit full Aradia Rogue set, plus another chastity bra. Rogue set raised a message about not being able to wear two belts - as I was already wearing Belt of Shame. No message for the second chastity bra, but it was not fitted. As DCL was in control from start to finish, it could have avoided this attempt to fit multiple incompatible items.
  20. Check your load order. The digi addon def fixes those. Unless you have some armor mod? Merging races isn't hard, fwiw. Keep all appearance changes from YA (including the skeleton), the rest from the other mod. I think there's a patch for Imperious.
  21. You mean like this? Lydia and Jenassa are not happy about my tendency to friendly fire them. (pst, actual effort screenshots here) Welcome to the world of EnaiRim, all the author's mods are high quality held in very high regard in general. If you still want racial changes, Imperious from the same author has a patch in the GDrive.
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