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  2. @Lupine00 Any progress in the development of the mod?🤔
  3. Additem menu works fine, cursed loot vendors work fine, its just adding _inventory items to a vendor through leveled lists, causes them to work like some kind of loot box, spawning a ton of other items.
  4. This may be a stupid question but was it this mod that added "rest anywhere" spell to the player or was it something else? I have recently totally redid my load order, getting rid of several winter survival mods (got tired of cold and am now running Project Rainforest so my new character does not look stupid prancing around in bikini) but I did not get the spell on a new game. Was wondering if I got a bug or just messed up my setup.
  5. nope checked the races as well nothing was changed but then i started a new game with the exact same mod list installed no load order change or anything and then it worked for some weird reason
  6. That is, I can just run the CK LE and Compile the scripts of the mod? I have solved this problem. It turns out Diary of Mine was overwriting SlaveTats.pex.
  7. Hi, I looked at your logs and really found a bug in my animation. The "Ass flogging / hand" animation is missing the preferred gender attribute in the code. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I fixed everything. But, unfortunately, the animation update system is such that the fixes will only take effect in the most recent version of the animations. Therefore, I will post the revised version here. And with the next updates, everything will already work. I have not found any other errors. WW_YrSa_FetishMoves_08_Sept_2021_NEW.zip
  8. Afaik the creator had pulled their mod from the site like 2 years ago, due to it being incompatible with the latest DD versions, and not having the opportunity to properly update it. I'm not sure it ever even have had an "official" SE version. Whatever you found, there is fair chance it's stolen and re-hosted without permission.
  9. Looks like your Nisa's Wicked Perversions is acting up. Is your WickedWhims up to date? Maybe consider posting in her thread.
  10. We're gonna need more information then that. What's not working? Do you have any Exception files? Etc.
  11. So .... Believe it or not, I'm still on LE and, mainly, on an old and cheap 32 bit computer. But I unpacked the BSA and this very good mod works fine for me. Finally a Brothel mod that "respects" some realism, for now bugfree, smoothly running and interesting. So ... THANK YOU! I have only a complain to do: 1. Probably due to my LE or maybe to the skin textures I installed (Fair Skin for females and another one I don't remember for male) but ALL characters have mismatched skins between head and body. Normally their head is brighter and whiter than the body. How can I try to solve this issue? 2. Related to #1, maybe. I know that in real life the brothel's clients are normally ugly, idiots and often elders (or, from the other side very young but still stupid) but I hope you can do something in the next versions to have males (and also females, why not?) clients more "awesome". I suggest that you can, instead of make them from scratch, "clone" some pretty characters from the game so they could maintain the modifications made by some overhauls mod. Could it be possible? 3. For my personal tastes, I really hate have sex with Argonians (and Khajjts) because I consider them as "creatures" and not humans and I am surely against whatever sex with creatures and animals (not installed in my system). An option to be able to choose the race of clients should be awesome. IDEA: When the Player reach a high "rank", it would be nice to have a call from the Jarls. Maybe a guard that deliver a letter and then some scenes at Jarl's place. Elisif included, why not? After all she is a widow and still has "needs", even if with another female. And she could have sensed about the Ambassords' "relax". Once again, anyhow, THANK YOU.
  12. What is it that your PC is doing automatically? Unpacking the files?
  13. Well, it ended up taking a reinstall of the game here, but it works now! No idea what was wrong either, but I'm glad to have it fixed, thank you! And no worries on the english, it was plenty clear enough to follow and prove the mod still works, and the problem was something on my end.
  14. No, but it has a rebuilt alternator (14789):
  15. Я тоже видел такую инфу, но чет пока не хочется туда лезть (бубны уже все порвал🤣). А лично я использую МО2.
  16. Error in static constructor of RimNudeWorldHARAddon.RimNudeWorldHARAddonMain: System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'RimNudeWorldHARAddon.RimNudeWorldHARAddonMain' threw an exception. ---> HarmonyLib.HarmonyException: Patching exception in method null ---> System.ArgumentException: Undefined target method for patch method static System.Void RimNudeWorldHARAddon.BellyHeddiffAddPatch::Postfix(Verse.Pawn pawn, Verse.Pawn partner) at HarmonyLib.PatchClassProcessor.PatchWithAttributes (System.Reflection.MethodBase& lastOriginal) [0x00047] in <c38a8c3281a047488dac8c9d063b7abb>:0 at HarmonyLib.PatchClassProcessor.Patch () [0x00057] in <c38a8c3281a047488dac8c9d063b7abb>:0 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at HarmonyLib.PatchClassProcessor.ReportException (System.Exception exception, System.Reflection.MethodBase original) [0x00127] in <c38a8c3281a047488dac8c9d063b7abb>:0 at HarmonyLib.PatchClassProcessor.Patch () [0x00082] in <c38a8c3281a047488dac8c9d063b7abb>:0 at HarmonyLib.Harmony.<PatchAll>b__10_0 (System.Type type) [0x00007] in <c38a8c3281a047488dac8c9d063b7abb>:0 at HarmonyLib.CollectionExtensions.Do[T] (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] sequence, System.Action`1[T] action) [0x00014] in <c38a8c3281a047488dac8c9d063b7abb>:0 at HarmonyLib.Harmony.PatchAll (System.Reflection.Assembly assembly) [0x00006] in <c38a8c3281a047488dac8c9d063b7abb>:0 at HarmonyLib.Harmony.PatchAll () [0x0001b] in <c38a8c3281a047488dac8c9d063b7abb>:0 at RimNudeWorldHARAddon.RimNudeWorldHARAddonMain..cctor () [0x0006f] in <65d066657ca443919c0dbc03025af533>:0 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers.RunClassConstructor(intptr) at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers.RunClassConstructor (System.RuntimeTypeHandle type) [0x0002a] in <eae584ce26bc40229c1b1aa476bfa589>:0 at Verse.StaticConstructorOnStartupUtility.CallAll () [0x0001a] in <b64badbf3c3d41018b3ca5d3e8c77771>:0 UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStackTrace () Verse.Log:Error (string) Verse.StaticConstructorOnStartupUtility:CallAll () Verse.PlayDataLoader/<>c:<DoPlayLoad>b__4_3 () Verse.LongEventHandler:ExecuteToExecuteWhenFinished () Verse.LongEventHandler:UpdateCurrentAsynchronousEvent () Verse.LongEventHandler:LongEventsUpdate (bool&) (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Root:Verse.Root.Update_Patch1 (Verse.Root) Verse.Root_Entry:Update () i have ver 2.2.10 of rimnude and ver. of harmony i am not sure what to do i am kinda new to rimworld in general
  17. I've had some trouble moving the files into my mod folder. It says it can't create some of the files for the clothes because it can't find the path
  18. Over the last decade or so ,I stopped buying games with the intention that Im going to beat them. I have dropped games for many reasons ,such as not liking a MC, crappy story lines, and Bad pacing (grinding as filler to pad game length), and a plethora of others. Now I only buy games that seem interesting or are from developers I want to support financially.
  19. Thanks!! Sorry I forgot to mention which animation is recently released in the description, "Standing Doggy 01" (for Floor setting) is the newest animation!..
  20. Check out 'Greek Goddess' the OA got something in his mod. Maybe you can adapt it.
  21. This looks like it has potential, and I've been looking for something that offers an alternative to LAL, so I'll be keeping an eye on it.
  22. That's a vanilla/USLEP bug that happens on both sides of the civil war quest. The workaround is to fast travel to a nearby location, then run back to the camp and talk to Rikke/Galmar depending on what side you picked. It sucks, but it's the only way to actually complete the civil war without installing a mod that completely overhauls how the civil war works, and most of them are even more broken.
  23. Do the furnitures spawn next to you and you just not stay inside of them? make sure you have zap 8+ installed in any case. needs to be the exact version (link on the front page) Yes, conditional idles/animations CAN break stuff because they do not respect other mods at all and not listen to "DHLP suspend" events (or stuff as simple as "is player in furniture" (is sitting). I stopped using conditional animation mods because they also tended to break Sexlab Scenes. I am going to release some patches for mods that add the required checks. But I can only do this for mods that are easily patched (FillHerUp Baka edition for example).
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