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  2. does there exist any sos underwear/panties or armor that scales with SOS schlong sizes?
  3. okay... when you're looking at he preview of it in bodyslide and messing with the preset sliders does it change shape? I'm not sure what 3BA is. Is it for SE? This is what I've seen online. Now, this outfit is for LE anyway and it won't work unless it's ported for SE. There might be specific additional sliders for 3BA, which is why that area is having issues. I play LE with CBBE and this is what it looks like for me.
  4. Yeah, we're working on revamping the whole love/fear system. Should be ready by next update!
  5. so at this precise moment, it is designed that after a certain point, the player or NPC gives birth to an egg(or womb, Rabbits) one or two times before the final birth. so A Deathclaw pregnancy lasts for 6 months but it gives birth in month 5. (but I haven't done proper testing yet) so it is still in testing and coding
  6. ohhhhhh okay, but it's broken as of right now right? or is it worth trying.
  7. Hi, I just found this thread. I'm not sure if this was asked before. Is there any SSE Brothel mods?
  8. Is there a way to get rid of "beast bitch"? It just seems to happen at random, even when Fenris is nowhere near!
  9. I think it might work because CDPR did make a comment on their patch notes about more to come for modders. So there is a chance they may be releasing a full on modding kit tool. I hope so at least.
  10. Check your net, download is still up. Unless you are talking about Resorep? The mods downloaded for me just fine. Try resetting your net/using a different browser. If it still doesn't let you download, let me know and I'll upload them somewhere else for you. EDIT: Working link for Resorep : https://www.undertow.club/downloads/resorep.1254/
  11. it was actually multiple mods from the thread. And yeah I use CBBE, with 3BA. Using different presets didn't do anything either.
  12. Than you didnt noticed my dolphine and Kate skin pack on MG. This skins are made for the Gf3 model from Daz3d you know? 3dmanzone released a Gf3 body replacer on MG.Thats what they are made for. Probably they also fit to the amber puppet cause its also a ported Daz3d body as far as i know.
  13. Your missing HDT stuff! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30872?tab=files
  14. Love the mod, she's amazing. Haven't been able to start robotic assimilation, tho. Used help command in the the console and couldnt even find the quest. Did I screw something up or is there a way I can force start it ?
  15. sorry to bother but would have some mod that replaces the 'entoarox framework' mod? Because this mod does not support android version
  16. Oh, weird! That never happens when we test it. Thanks for letting us know!
  17. @DeepBlueFrog there is this mod called Corruption made by code serpent you might recognize them as the creator of Dragonborn in Distress anyways the reason i am bringing this up is, he has added actual body modifications for certain corruptions and one of them caused by blowjob causes your characters lips to inflate, i think that something like that would be good for the curse, using racemenu morphs to inflate the lips at a certain point of the corruption. It would certainly save having to go and change the lips myself, because what is a bimbo without some fuck me lips?
  18. Was just easier. Plus you said you hadn't tried it. So figured I might as well update you as well.
  19. what setting causes schlong to grow during bimbofication instead of shrink?
  20. Not sure but I rename the archive or package file. Cause the file name that was given doesn't seems like normal english.
  21. Update: Uninstalled and reinstalled every mod I had updated this week. No dice. Uninstalled and reinstalled the animations. No dice. Started doing the 50-50 process, disabling half my load order to narrow down the suspects. Worked on the first try, so it was something in the lower half of my load order. Went to halve those, and noticed that the WRVR Radio mod was active in my mod list. I had deactivated this mod way back in January of 2020, because it was giving me issues with Recruitable Settlers. Somehow, it was active again. Must have accidentely clicked on it while updating my mo
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