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  2. sprry, i had nop idea for a while there. i disabled skse somehow from vortex and now if i save at all in skyrim, it crashes and all mods that use skse are broke
  3. It seems Black Pace Bug and Argonian CTD are standard issue and not yet fixed.
  4. This mod is pretty tight, least I've yet to see it fail. I was going to change a bit of it though, as a female PC is set default to Dom in every case. Typically, I use a female PC, who for the most part end's up lesbian (or may as well have), would rather her be the submissive though. So, I was going to modify this but do not know the CK well, or papyrus really - I code in pl/sql, java, assembler ... mosty - So it looks simple enough but when I went to compile dxFlowerGirlsBase which dxFlowerGirlsNCScript inherits does not seem to be around. so cannot be resolved. (can't compile).. I looked for it in the source but nowhere to be found... looked around the loose files. I'll have to play around with it some more after work... dxFlowerGirlsNCScript.psc
  5. When you install the game you can choose the install path. Or do you have a steam version ? Then move steam out of the C program files folder ! Futa penis : only works when you enable the Lovers setting "Attacking women grow pensi" And the woman must be the offender . The woman fucks a other woman or a man. When she gets fucked she will not use/have the futa lowerbody. Maybe useful https://www.loverslab.com/topic/36443-oblivion-install-gametoolsbodiesbbb-load-order-sorting-espesm-cleaning-cs-cse-body-stretching/
  6. He's been stripped, now he's decided to do a little more.
  7. My suggestion if you are going to do something like that is create several cells with different layouts that the player would get teleported to when captured. We would roleplay that these cells are near where the player was captured. Upon escape the player could be returned to their last location.
  8. @KharosI like this mod and it is working correctly. That being said, I have a problem that I can't seem to solve.. How do you remove the shock collar? I'm using AAF: Violate mod and after a few scenes my PC got collared. It says I have to connect to Pip-Boy and then enter 4-digit code in order to unlock it. Any help? Also, sorry for dumb question lol
  9. I dont understand how your 2.3 version worked fine with AAF 1.33 but 2.4 locks it up? and you say it has to do with older xml's. So your saying 2.4 uses xml that is older than what was used in 2.3? i'm confused by your statement, sorry to be a pain but i am truly not understanding.
  10. ty lads i was being stupid and trying to load a cbbe bodyslide it works now
  11. Is there a plan to have the chance of interrupt an assault in order to save a sim from the attack and gain sympathy from a saved sim? like the dialogue that pop up on whicked whims to stop an ongoin sexual interaction between sims when you want to make them stop, thnx for ur mod, with the mod of control sim this and sims snatcher is useful to roleplay
  12. Ah, I wasn't clear: I don't mean even trying to fake a cutting using duplicate bodies or other kluges. But leaving the body completely intact, putting a dark red decal (or something) along the cut, and then making use of a magical technology called "suspension of disbelief" 😁. Distinctly less than what one might hope for. But then a lot of things have been Good Enough faked that people are willing to accept the flaws in the simulation.
  13. Mysterious! try this patch: here is the "facial expression while gagged" fix made by various autors posted on the DDi topic: DD 4.3a gag fix.zip
  14. I still have no idea why yours doesn't work, but the MCM menu is not accurate as I don't know how to edit the MCM files. What the MCM says has no bearing on the actual mod.
  15. Yeah I had the same issue, I've killed it like 6 times before he decided to die for real. I guess that it must be the other guy (I don't remember the name) to give him the final hits.
  16. BTW, do you think it is possible to create a mod where drugs satisfy hunger? I am tempting to try it on CK. Because my girl, despite everything, is still very decent and has not touched drugs because she had no reason to. The only way would be for a raider to force her. But she is usually quite hungry and thirsty because I have a scarcity mod (loot, food, money, etc). So I'm interested in the idea of quenching hunger with certain drugs to create addiction.
  17. They won't work since they have their own special AI system. Any follower with it's own AI package will be problematic without a patch.
  18. It appears you have also modified the file dxSubdueVictim.psc but have not included the modified source file. In order for others to continue the work after you, can you provide the missing source file dxSubdueVictim.psc? The original version of the file is not compatible with your modified files: " Compiling "dxSubdueScript"... E:\Vortex Mods\skyrimse\FlowerGirls SE - Subdue 1.1.0\Source\Scripts\dxSubdueScript.psc(194,17): too many arguments passed to function E:\Vortex Mods\skyrimse\FlowerGirls SE - Subdue 1.1.0\Source\Scripts\dxSubdueScript.psc(306,19): TraumaEffects is not a function or does not exist No output generated for E:\Vortex Mods\skyrimse\FlowerGirls SE - Subdue 1.1.0\Source\Scripts\dxSubdueScript.psc, compilation failed. Batch compile of 1 files finished. 0 succeeded, 1 failed. "
  19. thanx alot i just did and it looks nice in the game ill make a video later after finising the walking animation
  20. The SKSE .dll for MNC might be doing it. Delete it, it does nothing in SE anyway. That might be why NMM is rejecting it. Go into the MNC folder, and just delete the skse folder in there. MO2 tells you that the .dll is not for the current version of SKSE64. It never occurred to me that this could be an issue since I never used NMM at all.
  21. The stool/barrel approach is actually what i had in mind for this. i was also thinking about using an marker, instead of an visible Gallow, so it looks like the rope is fixed to a tree /beam.
  22. How/when do you get money from prostitutes who are in your debt?
  23. The kneeling/crawling animations and controls come with SD+ Usually you combine SLdialogues with SD+ After the first SD enslavement kneeling and crawling is always available via keys configured in SD MCM
  24. The briarhearts are bugged checking out a fix now. (Because, FYI, they're bugged in vanilla and then USLEEP came along and fixed them by completely changing how the hearts work. Probably what they did makes more sense but I got in a snarl trying to support both without a special USLEEP patch.) Going from 7 to 9 means you've got different scripts driving the schlongs, I'm sorry to say. Your best bet is a clean install of the schlongs--go to a small place, save, remove SOS and everything that depends on it (ouch), load, save, clean, load, save, reinstall all the SOS mods, load, should be good. You might be able to get away with just uninstalling any hoodie schlongs, maybe try that first.
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