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  2. Hahaha but I tried that and it never works for any other sim. Infact i used that same sim and put the slider up and I still get it when he is naked. I actually wanna know what triggers that be a trait or celeb reputation or something 😆
  3. EA mini patches can be shut off. Go to Game Options and go to Sim Delivery Express and uncheck "Automatic Download", you can also select when to check for downloads.
  4. Is there a version with just the vanilla races and not the beautiful people? I only ask because I am using the vanilla option in Tamago / Hiyoko Master Set.
  5. Perfect. Also looks like I need to use the name of the hair that RaceMenu gives me instead of the one that shows up in the MCM. Once that was sorted it worked perfectly. Now I just need more hairstyles. Thanks, I really like your mod!
  6. crash-2021-12-07-00-57-30-AUTOSCAN.log Lul, NVidia. Disable Weapon Debris in the game launcher options.
  7. I just installed and tested CBBE 3BA 2-14 version. Unlike version 2.06, this new one causes lot of headache. Vagina looks way prettier than before. But.... Main problem is that Vagina open very small. Tried everything I could, but, failed to do. Can you give any hint to fix this? Such as CBPC update to 1.46 version issue?
  8. Hello everyone. I'm nearly done with all the new dialogue needed for the trainings for all of the lore-mongers. Once they're written up, I'll probably be able to whip up a substantial update in a few days. I'm also planning on re-building the devious ally system, and adjusting the struggle mini-game. So, if anyone has ideas on what to implement or change with those systems, feel free to leave your suggestions, and I'll go through this thread when I start working on it.
  9. In the autolink files there's a d3d9_ui_mod.txt file in chinese, says something to rename one of the d3d9.dll to d3d9ex.dll but I don't remember which one to rename, the reshade one or the autolink one, but try some test to see wihch one do the trick.
  10. Ya see!!! The one I have is from LL. I have no idea which version it is, I can't tell. It has a date of 3-13-2021, but that is when I downloaded it not when it was uploaded to whatever site I found it on. So I have to totally update my CBBE 3BA, CBPC, Faster HDT and probably my XMPSE too. That means going ALL the way back to body stuff, grrrrrrrrr.
  11. If it is related to Blaze, then just double check your HDT-SMP settings. make sure nothing is overwriting them except your Bodyslide Output. HDT-SMP when it has problems can lead to the stretch-to-infinity meshes. But it's not a complex problem to solve because nearly always it's an accidentally overwritten XML or some old DLL left lying around that should not be there. Also make sure the armour is being built to Blaze's body; that there is not another body got stuck in the system.
  12. Thank you very much for your help! And, yes I have previous save, I also tried to go through the process again, but the same error occurred in that part. In the quest I never tried to use command.
  13. Or you could instead help me understand what I'm doing wrong and actually help me out here. I'll admit I may have put the cart in front of the horse here, but just going off and acting like I didn't do my part to try and understand what I'm doing is kind of unfair.
  14. Thank you for your mature and considered response.
  15. Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 2021.12.06 -
  16. サイト右上からアカウント登録、サインインした後にダウンロードできるようになります。
  17. Maybe it's the way I'm setting up Bodyslide, I don't know!!! I could take BD's armor off to show you, but that would mean having to set Bodyslide all up again. The shadow goes away when my PC doesn't wear armor. Very persistent problem. BD's is on Nexus, I thought it was LL. Thnx. Damn, more updating, jeeeez!
  18. You were looking for BD's? It's here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32518
  19. How do I do? {mod}? I want unlock [Plain Clothes] PLZ HELP
  20. So none of it worked and i reverted my save,but now i'm just stuck in this chasity... Is there a way to just disable the sex? Cause it's always the sex animations that end up causing skyrim to bug
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