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  2. guys I need some help with this mod, does anybody now how to disable this dick? its showing up in all my male and trans sims, its prety unconf to look at it.
  3. Thanks! He turned out really well. I used Urielbeaupre's Hermes skin (overlay version) for this one combined with Simdulgence's SimpleChests overlay and LUUMIA's BODEII
  4. Ohhhhhhhh...... well that's good. NO, honestly I'm a little embarrassed to say, (I've been programming since ~1981) but reading the file, I couldn't figure out how to translate the damned character code values...I always sucked at that...ascii's one thing but MS character codes...arggh. thank you for identifying them. Muchos gracias!!!!!
  5. I have no idea on the compatibility issue there, but that is indeed in my load order. Next time I'm at my computer I'll test with TFC moved above it and O{Stim,Sex,SA} disabled and see if it works.
  6. What does sony really have left as a business anyway? Didn't they sell their music business back in the early 2000's? tv business sold off a long time ago, now their tv sets are made in mexico not japan or china. The playstation is the only thing they have left right? Maybe they spend money on do nothing robots in japan or something. Maybe they are like toshiba and still own a nuclear power plant business I don't know.
  7. I need help with this mod I downloaded and installed the latest update and when I talk to the auctioneer and choose the dialogue option to have the fantasy it goes through but doesn't do anything is there a mod or something that is missing for me?
  8. Well, I can't say with any certainty, but from your list of mods, ERF Succubus PSQ Transform Addon sounds like a good first check. (transform being the operative flag to me) your succubus stuff is the only part I'm unfamiliar with. All the foundational mods in your list are afaik ok. good luck! Oh...PS> why are you using the UUNP version of FIllherup? if you're on the CBBE side of things, I'd recommend fill her up Baka edition (see the SE Compatibility Tracking thread from the main Skyrim SE page)
  9. The good news is that SL Trigger's Time Control.json still works. I literally just tried it before posting this lol. 🙂 If it's not working for you, then I can only assume that: you have a conflict with hotkeys somehow you were not pressing the + or - buttons on the Numpad you may have forgotten to increase the Chance percentage to 100 in the MCM you do not have SL Trigger's OPTIONAL requirements installed I wish I could be of more help, but I can guarantee you it works and it's a much better alternative for SE players.
  10. Yeah it's during the sex scene. This is the first for me so I'm trying to figure out what sort of mod could affect it because I went through around 40 mods in my load order and I couldn't fix it so far. So it's just during the sex scene I see an actor is slightly out of place so I used to just press N (default key for sexlab to select actor) to select the actor I want to move while the animation is playing but so far I can only move the Player while the notification in the top left says I selected the NPC. Do you know any mods off the top of your head that can cause this to happen?
  11. not sure, creation kit stopped working properly and reinstalling it won't help
  12. Another thing that can happen is basically a "battle of the mods" where one mod that periodically changes overlays ends up conflicting with another mod that periodically changes overlays.
  13. Since updating from 2.0 w/ hotfix to 2.1the carriage drivers do not seem to want to start any quests for my character, leaving her locked in place. I've downloaded the the updated CFTO patch and tried a few things even reinitializing the mod but no luck. I just thought I'd ask anyone if anyone has encountered this problem.
  14. Availability of animations. Or creatures (3p/4p) I don't know why it'd be different for different horses unless they use different voices for some reason.
  15. FWIW.... Presuming you use one of the 3BBB body foundations, if the NPCs are female, make sure each is operating in CBPC mode. I've found that if too many are running as SMP, things can really slow down.
  16. No i thinks its a bug. It was working but someone wanted to be able to disable it. Think I disabled it permanently in the process. Progress....
  17. if you found a save and are getting as far as the abandon prison you 'should' be able to start a game (50/50). if still crashing, disable the live another live mods and install mariaquickstart (it's in the 2.1.7 package) and you should start in an alternative start cell and allow you to load game.
  18. Nice. How nude ayane/towel ayane works in Sigma 2? A lot bugs?
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