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  2. Tried to use SLIF with Fertility Mode, was that ever a mess, never got anything to work. Wasn't even sure if it was doing it right, couldn't tell. I'll play with it whenever I get time (probably never, put Fertility Mode to Bodymorph and it's working). GuruSR.
  3. I set the hotkey and nothing happens but I didn't get the seu message
  4. So I found the screenshots I was talking about. It seems like it's the same mod...
  5. Did you set the hotkeys in the SEU MCM? Did you get the SEU initialization message the first time you loaded a save after installing the mod? Does anything at all happen when you hit the hotkeys? You should at least get a "You find nothing interesting" message if you hit the active or passive hotkeys with no NPCs nearby.
  6. The stuff that's available is nice and all, though I do kinda wish there were at least a few G-cup torso parts. D-cup is big, but G-cups would be hot.
  7. Does anybody know of any HDT jiggle mods that have pretty good jiggle physics as well as physics for stomach inflation? The only one I know of is Bazingas Naturalistic HDT but it doesn't have enough jiggle on the breasts. All Help is appreciated :3
  8. OK, so pls help me to understand how the game engine figures out which of the 3 *_preload.txt files to obey first? Is it alphabetical? So EngineFixes_preload.txt is processed before hdtSSEFramework_preload.txt, which in turn is processed before hdtSSEPhysics_preload.txt? How about the next 17 mods that want me to preload their dlls? Will they start naming their dll's "AAAAAAA-00000000.dll" to make sure it loads before "BBBBBBBBB-1111111.dll?" I foresee a nightmare scenario developing here....
  9. If you'd be willing to try and uunp either of these i'd def appreciate it :3 http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-2865.html https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/92991
  10. Another good news is, in one case I've not experienced the issue with the trust faction. Means, I could instantly talk to an already freed captive without setting her trust faction via console command. It happened only once though, but you seem to have touched something in your last patch that was affecting this. I'm looking for more such encounters.
  11. I the skse tutorial for MO2 said to put some things into the skyrim folder then use MO2 for the rest
  12. It's been a while, here is a screen dump for y'all.
  13. Yeah, It's not something I would ever recommend doing while alone. It's a lot better to have people around or at the very least you can talk to. Never had a bad trip with others around. Had one once when I was left alone half way through and then it kinda spiralled out a bit. Wasn't fun, but it didn't really have much of an effect on me after I sobered up. You really have to be in the right frame of mind before you take anything, otherwise you're just kinda setting yourself up for a bad trip.
  14. AFF Violate works fine but nothing for sex em up works home hotkey does work any help?
  15. the mod Sexlab Leveling has a spell that adds SL Cum layers, and an armor+resist bonus. It might need a patch if anyone still uses that mod although I don't know if they would scale too high... they do have a limited duration.
  16. hello, Nanashi-San, i couldn't really say. i've been away from LL for a couple years; even though i developed mods and CC (mostly the latter) for TS2, i never truly got into modding for TS3. some developers such as Twaillan (NRaas) or J.M.Pescado and his team (from MATY — More Awesome Than You) did a significant job at that; i decided to lay back and be a player. i do feel like getting into creating some TS3 animations, though. MrGrey's post inferred some elements a developer would be aware of, such as in his sentences; "Sims 4 was targeted for online play, but failed" and "there is no collision or mesh physics." even if it's not his field of work, he knows what he is writing about: is well-informed about the differences between TS3 and 4 as well the latter flaws. i read in Shiori栞-San's profile she has done some modding; she's probably more capable of answering your question than I. i wish you the very best, Nanashi-San; cheers,
  17. ...OH No poor Elf Sausage. Well.... at least the Hag nurse healed him.
  18. No more jitters? Lower fps penalties? More shapely breasts and butts? No more flyaway wigs?
  19. 1. Install the UUNP files from OLDRIM Bodyslide into your SSE Bodyslide folders, then run Nif Optimizer on the ShapeData folder to update the meshes to SSE. 2a. For Body Physics and collisions AND cloth physics such as wigs, capes, skirts, etc., install the SMP Physics System files- hdtSSEFramework and hdtSSEPhysics and related body physics ("BBP") xmls. @Gromilla has a ready-to-go package linked (Mediafire) in his sig. ==OR== 2.b. For body physics and collisions only, install @Shizof's CBPC from Lovers Lab or the Nexus. This does not currently support cloth physics, but Shizof is working on it. 3. Optionally, only if you use HDT High Heels offsets in your game, install hdtHighHeels, also in Gromilla's Mediafire links. You can avoid this by using NiOverride high heels offsets, which is included in Racemenu64. 4. Build your UUNP Body, Hands and Feet into the game using BodySlide. If you use sex mods, select "Unified UNP Special" for the body type (any shape preset you like.) 5. Either install UUNP-HDT outfit mods or use Outfit Studio to add the physics bones to your outfit mods, then batch-build the outfits into your game. Note that most Oldrim "BBP" and "HDT" body-physics outfits will work fine in SSE after conversion- some will work fine without any conversion, but that is just asking for trouble so take the 3 minutes and convert them properly. On the other hand, most Oldrim cloth-physics mods use the old HDT-PE Havok system and WILL NOT WORK IN SSE without new xml's and NiStringExtraData mesh edits in NifSkope. Writing new SMP xml's for Oldrim HDT-PE outfits is a tremendous challenge- there are tutorials here and there, but most of them are technobabble gibberish and mostly unfollowable by us mere mortals. Thankfully, there are a few cloth physics mods that have been converted to SSE- wigs, capes, cloaks and skirts.
  20. how to remove reward straight trait and in a reward traits this straight trait not found how to get this trait hmm ? Thanks
  21. Damn, I was just about to ask this >_<
  22. AKM


    An Englishmen, a Frenchman, a Spaniard, and a German are standing watching a street proformer do some rather excellent juggling. The juggler notices that the four gentlemen have a rather poor view, so he stands on a large wooden box and calls out: "Can you see me now?" "Yes" "Oui" "Si" "Ja"
  23. It sounds like you're kind of new at this. If not, I apologize for the 101-level stuff. Modding Skyrim for Sexlab...is hard. It's something you shouldn't really contemplate until you've got a handle on the basics of managing your own mod setup instead of letting Steam do all the work for you. In that vein, I'm going to suggest going through the STEP project. I don't use it myself anymore for a variety of reasons, but their setup covers just about everything you need to learn about, and all the tools that will make your life easier. You'll find the tutorial and all the links here: https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.10.0 If you prefer video guides, there's Gopher's vids. They also helped me out a ton when starting out. The relevant playlists are: Beginner's Guide to Modding Skyrim: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE7DlYarj-DdhDG41roBVJfNCqvO5MmKP (Caveat - this one's old, and Nexus Mod Manager is, as far as I know, not easy to track down. Still some good info, just not so much for the specific mod suggestions.) Skyrim ENB Mods: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE7DlYarj-De1YrWupbcesibJIRZkMVB8 (Don't skip ENB, even if you just use ENBoost for the fixes.) Mod Organizer: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE7DlYarj-DcLS9LyjEqOJwFUQIIQewcK (This one's a little out of date, but you can use it with Mod Organizer 2 with little trouble.) Also, feel free to check out Vortex. I like MO/MO2 because it's easier to see exactly what's going on once you learn the interface, but the VFS method these programs employ make some people feel a little uncomfortable and don't work so well for everyone.
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