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  2. @MadMansGun Yeah Riding Style looks like a very fun mod, but it's supposedly a bit broken
  3. Hello, if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated! I've been trying to get my XML to work for the past several hours, I dont know what im doing wrong I've tried running it through the XML validator and it says theres no errors but for some reason it wont show up in the game What im trying to do in my XML is add a custom animation location, im trying to use the object called "Orderly Fashion" from the Snowy Escape [ i linked a screenshot so you understand what im talking about because im not good at explaining]. S4_7DF2169C_00000000_B1CCD0F67CA143EE.xml WW_Euphorias_Animations.package
  4. anyone know how to get this to work? every time I try to use it it becomes completely white
  5. I will update the mod, i think its to much to handle for tesedit
  6. Thanks, but I don't see any translated texts in the script sources there?
  7. pretty sure i followed the installation steps correctly. (bit new to modding) i keep getting an error upon trying to launch the game. keeps saying that 2044 SIMS taxi.package appears to be corrupted. made sure none of the DS files were moved over and made sure the CC and Tray files were moved into their respective places.
  8. Salut, J'ai adoré cette expo, merci à toi de nous permettre de la revoir chez nos sims. 😍
  9. I think SL has a setting to force participants to match heights? EDIT: The Setting is under Animation Settings and is Even Actors Height and it creates and average rather than setting them all to 1.00. I don't believe that Skyrim NPC's are different heights/scale, at least not the Vanilla ones, they all look to be set to 1.00 to me. Skyrim Races are different heights, not all of them making much sense. You could change those if you want them all to be 1.00. There's a lot less races than there are NPC's so it wouldn't take that long. Custom Followers are a different matter. Also, SL profiles store the adjustments you make for positions and will remember the next time it plays that animation with that sex/race combination. Of course it's likely to take a while before your profile contains all the correct settings.
  10. edit: Oops, wrong thread. 😅 My FG1.75 conversions of lazman's outfits work fine for FG 1.8, nothing major changed between these versions. Also they promised that 1.8 is close to the final version, so no game changers like 3 bone bouncing that need to be added to this.
  11. Well, I suppose statistically speaking there ain't that many of them, but I sure got lucky with two characters like that in the immediate vicinity.
  12. Dunno, I never noticed something like that. Maybe give an example for an outfit with deformed boots.
  13. Hi, I also have a bug after the snowy escape patch. I have followed the instructions with Nisa's new update, but it still bugs out with the sim profile. The sim profile works again perfectly when I remove Wicked perversions, so it's not one of my other mods. Any suggestions on what to do?
  14. Thx for help. And to confirm. Is it normal for the moment to have that this with HDT installed? If anyone knows how to fix this chain problem I will be happy to know it.
  15. Obsolete is all a matter of perspective, is it not? After all, a genre of game could be defined by a mechanic which is considered obsolete to some as 2-D fighting game makers learned much to their consternation back in the 1990s from harsh professional reviews denouncing them for not making the move to polygonal graphics and movement in a 3-D plane. After a brief period of attempting behind-the-back/over-the-shoulder third person perspective fighting games such as Ehrgeiz- God Bless the Ring, fighting games developers settled on a compromise of movement along a 2-D plane for general maneuvering with an option for dodging along the Z-Axis or a full return to 2-D movement regardless of whether they use sprites or polygonal character models. In my case, I will say, 6-player co-op, something used only in a small smattering of old arcade games and a few indie games here and there.
  16. Uhm I understand people love to hate VR, but it is actually priced quite adequately. The problem is that FO4VR has lots of problems with performance so it didn't get the attention SkyrimVR (closest to the Holodeck 🙂 ) got. From what I see only recompiling the dlls of AAF and MCM are needed and some small patching here and there for the post-apocaliptic holodeck program.
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