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  2. Tried that. I just don't see why it shouldn't work, and specifically why custom slal packs on stage switch...
  3. Thanks to both of you for some answers. I don't have any PC voice alterning mods, but will make a point not to accidently hit the E key. Not sure that I was, but might have been? The voice loss doesn't appear to happen every time, and I don't see any specific animation that it is occuring with, but yep might be hitting the E key, or maybe some AAF glitchy thing. Thanks again
  4. So there is nothing about creating a website, that actually sounds pretty interesting. However I don't think that you as author are big enough for even getting a response from Bethesda. If this was a super big community maybe, but Bethesda is not even communicating with the modding community which way way bigger then the storyteller community. In the end this is all fan fiction and all of that is in a legal grey area. Technically every cosplay is a copyright violation (that is not persecuted of course, but technically it is) same goes for fan fiction. You are reusing, characters locations etc. that are not your own creation. Maybe have a look at similar cases in other communities with a larger fan fic community. Harry Potter, Twilight comes to mind with plenty of fan fiction. Maybe you can get some legal clarity there.
  5. Great mod. I love big breasts so I tweaked it a bit to my liking.
  6. https://smapi.io/log/95e577a1c5d242a2aca32a37be0d0746
  7. Thanks for the tips, I've been trying to read through all the files but some of it I still don't understand. The mage trait adds 15 rationality, which if they also happen to be Quick, Genius, Shrewd, Erudite, etc... stuff useful to a mage pretty soon gets Rationality up to 50-60... pretty rational which you'd want is someone who can raise undead armies and call down bolts of lighting... very very frighting... me... πŸ˜‰ (Lil Bohemian interlude there) But I still can't find where it set the limitation and that has me really puzzled. There's some other stuff that has me puzzled that I can't find, not anything broken just... stuff I want to understand better. Example, you recruit Hermione, it creates her as a NPC and gives her stats and adds some character flags. But I can't figure out where the scripted instructions are that add those unique flags to her? Its gotta be somewhere, so I'm trying to figure that out just to understand how that stuff works better. I'd like to iron out some of these bugs cause my next game I think I'd like to try playing an elf in Ireland who wants to take over and rebuild the Seelie Court. Seems like a fun idea. Beware lowly humans... the elves shall rule again! As for mods, I'm mostly just using DLC content, the only player made mods I have are DWR and Ancient Religions, that's it. I was trying LF but it seems like some of its stuff conflicts with DWR so I disabled that mod and started a new game, current game has only had DWR and AR enabled. I did just get M&M and Holy Fury (got HF literally like 30 min ago LOL Steam Sale!) So potential conflict should be minimal. I have found a few more bugs that I did figure out how to correct, mostly really minor stuff but... here's what I found... In /Events/dw_wizardtower.txt Futa potions should not appear if you don't have that content enabled, but they do, this is because the wrong condition is set. Under Futa Form replace has_dw_bodytrait_content = yes With has_dw_yes_bonus_futa = yes Mana potions if bought have the option to save for later, however if you save it for later you can't use it and you just lose the potion, I'm not sure how to fix this yet. In /Localization/dw_on_action_random.csv For dw_randomevent7260_mm There is an extra semi-col0n right after the event ID which prevents the text from displaying, remove the extra semi-colon and the text displays correctly. There's something bugged about Bloodrayne but I'm not sure what it is. If you make her a commander and assign her to an army she won't stay there, you'll sometimes go to move your army to attack and if you check, she's not commanding in the army. Not sure why she keeps removing herself. To be honest, most of the "special" characters I just banish, they kinda get really out of place after awhile. Randomly generated NPCs would work better for me in most cases but I'm still figuring out how to do that (thus my interest in how NPCs get created). I don't know if @dewguru is still interested in working on the mod, I've been getting quite a few ideas for additions, but I'll wait to see if he's interested. Oh and I've also been looking at how the portrait packs work, I think it might be possible for me to make a functional elf portrait pack. Quick Question: Is there anyway to make your mage character immortal other than becoming a Lich? I thought I saw something about ascending and becoming an Ancient One or something, but I can't tell if that was ever implemented. And the mod needs chastity belts... I swear some of these women are baby factories. πŸ˜‚
  8. So, there is now a Model and texture editing tools for Rise of Tomb Raider avaible on Nexus, thanks to alphaZomega ! Can't wait to see what will come with this now and i hope for SOTR soon πŸ˜€
  9. plz help anything not work and i got this massage in my documents Devious_Desires_Messages.txt
  10. The problem seems to be only for some races. Maybe it causes by some other MOD that is in conflict. On my end is a problem with the texture of the legs of the Dark Elf race and Dremora. High Elf has invisible paws. The other races seem to be fine.
  11. Great mod I I like the idea. But I experience a weird thing (bug?) when dating an NPC with dibella personality: I picked up olfina (with dibellan personality). we danced in the bannering mare, impressed her, and ended the date. Thinking I was going to get some points here. I got zero and the pop up told me it was due to undead killed during the date. The date started and ended in bannered mare so no undead encounters or killings there. And this happens every time now when I date someone with the trait "dont like undead". Anyone else encountered this? Allright... I`m probably stupid... I figured it out. We should be killing those undead instead of avoiding them πŸ˜€
  12. you would need to download and install the mod. uploading it somewhere would be pointless
  13. Isle of Pleasure 18+ RP/PvE/PvP A off-spring of the Oasis of Pleasure Server with the new DLC has come, the Server launched on Siptah Release with Mods to enhance your RP and overall PvE Experience. The Isle of Pleasure Server is an 18+ Roleplaying Server that gives everyone the chance to Roleplay or PvE as they wish, with little restriction to Character Creation to give you a chance to play out your Fantasies as you like, to make Storys, Characters as you please. The Project has been alive for 2 Years including the Oasis of Pleasure Server that has been one of the very few allowing Roleplayers to live out nearly all of their Fantasies, be it Character-wise or Story, Lore-wise, both Servers have no set Lore and is following the standart Conan Lore for an extent, but, you are also able to inegrate any fitting Lore you might now that suits the Conan Exiles Aera. The Server welcomes any Gender as we are very easy going, you will find tons of Shemales, Futas, Femboys, Females and even Males on our Servers to play with! We allow for nearly any kind of RP, besides the obvious Illegal ones, anything is welcome! We welcome anyone that wants to Roleplay and wants to show their Creativity, with little restrictions to most things we are very laid back and allow much that others might completely have forbidden or used a system to make you "Apply" before creating a Character as a Demon etc. The Project Oasis and Isle of Pleasure have been known for its humble Community and place to allow for most Creativity with little restriction and a capable Staff Team that has only Neutral views on things and tries to make sure that everyone enjoys their time, as long as the Rules are followed. Are you looking for a place to show Creativity, to find very friendly and humble Players to Roleplay with ? A Community that welcomes you and helps newcomers and a great Staff Team ? Join us now on the Isle of Pleasure Server with the new Siptah DLC. https://discord.gg/FTVwnJM Server Rates: Gathering: 3x XP: 3x Crafting: 0.1x ( Fastest ) Feautres: - multiple Mods and Kits to enhance Character Creation - Admin built mini Hub to not ruin the Atmosphere of the new DLC - changes to Surges and Sigils, both improved to make it easier. - Daily Quests to obtain Coin and additional Attribute Points - RP as any kind of Character! ( besides (Demi)-Gods ) Our Mods
  14. woops sorry about that. and I no longer need the help, I ended up figuring out my problem myself after more trial and error.
  15. Add all cc for this because I can't find this little thing for effects(fog,laser,fire,etc.). Also I have a problem with "for each dancer set NisasWickedPerversions parameter to "AUTOMATIC" and replace "BY STYLE" to "BY ROOM" >> "BEDROOM"", I don't know how to do it.
  16. if you try a new character, it still crushing ?
  17. I install a mod which can change the player to Synth, but I hope to uninstall the mod. Does someone know what is this mod? Thanks.
  18. That only happens in my game when the animation is interrupted (actors enter combat/die while the animation is happening) or because I skipped stages too quickly (spamming space). There might be other reasons, but it shouldn't happen that often. And the fact you mention animations not starting in a clean way tells me there is something else going on in your game. How is your overall performance? do you know your script latency? have you tried to start a new game with fewer mods to see if the animations trigger properly in there?
  19. Why not looking at Tesnexus? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/74077
  20. One file, for sure, is the mage trait in common/traits/dw_lifestyle_traits.txt check this just in case! But just a question, are you using any other mods, like HIP or an other overhaul mod? You should check the traits folder just in case... Unless you want to wait until @dewguru shows up and enlighten the situation! And please, inform us if you find anything. πŸ™‚ Thanks!
  21. Warum hast du den Mod gelΓΆscht ? Ich habe einiges probiert und komm mit dem damage dort nicht klar. Habe den mod auch nicht mehr installiert, er engt das spiel zu sehr ein und die dauernden wiederholungen nerven mich.
  22. BANNED! for underestimating the power of the magic Google machine
  23. Ghastly political (announcement, who's running?)
  24. on 6.10 (was on 6.09 due to missing the 6.10 update somehow) retested with same follower (and 3 more at the same time) and gave 1 regular armor (the one who had armor eaten before), 1 Bikini armor, 1 no change, and 1 that does not come with any items at all (gave her Tera Armor with Bikini Keywords added) results were pretty good 3 of the 4 kept their armor, the one that disappeared was one i did not change any armor on. so retested with just that one and gave her regular armor and it did not get eaten this time, gave a second follower Tera Armor without Bikini Keywords and that did get eaten. so at least i know the issue now (keywords) and will just have to check the Tera Armor mod i have installed to verify it has the right keywords (don't want them eaten). thanks for all the help.
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