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Lovers with PK mods that primarily deal with sex started through various other means

40 files

  1. The curse of the unexpected

    This is an old mod from me. If someone wants to adopt this mod, feel free to do so, at least as long as it is not for
    commercial purposes and maybe I am mentioned.
    The person who wants to adopt this mod should be a good scripter, otherwise it makes less sense.
    The script part of this mod is bigger than that from Joburg or Loverslapers, although it makes heavy use of the function calls in OBSE as well as OBSE itself.
    The download contains my last version  and some accompanying mods, some are necessary Joburg while others not.
    I never thought the mod is finished. At some point I stopped working on it and do something different.
    There are still bugs at least with the thief who steels your stuff. Do not go to shivering islands if the thief has your stuff - you will never get it back.
    The mod has a lot of possibilities to trigger sex scenes or a real orgy and also had possibilities to keep the player nude.
    It makes a lot of fun.
    Use at own risk.  
    At the moment I do not intend to make support and I do not make further developement. - I feel already old and want to spent my time with things making fun  .
    There is no description, since the mod was only available in a closed club.
    Anyway Oblivion player normally can read the Ini file, so here it is
    ; This is the INI File to change the default Settings                               
    ; Minimum and Maximum Naked Time, When player is considered naked the
    ; cursed player must wait some time before redessing is possible                              
    ; Under certain conditions the timer does not count down
    ; All times in real seconds
    ; Do not Set Minimum below 30 and do not set Minimum > Maximum    
    ; Slothandling:
    ; 0 = Upper and lower armor treated individual as far as possible
    ; 1 = always unequip upper and lower at the same time
    ; 2 = treat only upper armor or clothing                          
    Set Bi55.cini_Naked_slothandling            to 0
    set Bi55.cIni_Minimum_Nakedtime             to 150
    set Bi55.cIni_Maximum_Nakedtime               to 271
    ; Chance that worn clothing can break, while the player is incombat                                  
    ; (Armor has the degradation feature)
    ; 0 = disabled, 1 - 99 chance clothes will break on hit (no magic effects)                              
    Set Bi55.cIni_Clothes_breakchance            to 15
    ; Change dresses while in Combat    : 0 = enabled, 1 = Disabled/Not allowed                                  
    ; Change dresses while riding horse    : 0 = Enabled, 1 = Disabled/Not allowed                                  
    set Bi55.cIni_ChangeDress_inCombat             to 1
    set Bi55.cIni_ChangeDress_riding               to 1
    ; The clothes you wear has influence for the bartering prices                          
    ; 0 = No influence, 1 = has influence
    ; Trading possible when player is nude
    ; 0 = trading possible, 1 = not possible                                  
    set Bi55.cIni_Dressinfluence_barterPrices    to 1
    set Bi55.cIni_NoNude_Trading                to 1

    ; Sleeping waiting                          
    ; Intermission between Sleeping or Waiting:
    ; 0 = disabled, 1 - 4 necessary intermission in game hours    
    ; Maximum Sleeping or Waiting time per day:
    ; 0 = disabled, 1 - 12 maximum time in game hours    
    ; Must undress for Sleeping or Waiting, Exception made when player is sitting
    ; 0 = disabled, 1 = Enabled    
    ; Your horse dos not like it when you want to wait on horseback
    ; 0 = disabled, 1 = Enabled    
    set Bi55.cIni_SleepWait_Intermission        to 1
    set Bi55.cIni_SleepWait_MaxperDay            to 0;    8
    set Bi55.cIni_Sleep_OnlyNude                to 1
    set Bi55.cIni_SleepWait_NotonHorse            to 1
    ; Conditions for fast travelling                          
    ; 0 = No horse required, 1 = horse required    
    ; when a horse is required, the riding dress can be restricted
    ; upperbody
    ; 0 = No restrictions, 1 = upper naked, 2 = upper covered
    ; lowerbody
    ; 0 = No restrictions, 1 = lower naked, 2 = lower covered, 3 = special pants
    set Bi55.cIni_FT_requireshorse                to 0
    Set Bi55.cIni_FT_upperrule                    to 1
    Set Bi55.cIni_FT_lowerrule                    to 2
    ; Special Crime Handling
    ; 0 = disabled, 1 = Enabled
    ; when enabled wristcuffs, legcuffs and collar can stay equipped during
    ; rehabilitation time and of coarse player must payback the full bounty
    ; even when going to prison
    ; Time in prison in full seconds. Set to 0 if nothing can happen in prison
    Set Bi55.cIni_CrimeHandling                    to 1            ; not yet used
    Set Bi55.cIni_PrisonTime                    to 90

    ; Traps are enable individually
    ; 0 = disable, 1 - 30    probability the trap will trigger
    Set Bi55.cIni_Trap_Container                to 3
    Set    Bi55.cini_Trapchance_door                to 2;
    Set Bi55.cini_Trapchance_flower                to 2; Set 0 to switch off
    Set Bi55.cini_Trapchance_harvestrape        to 0.02    ;    Chance cumulates with each succesfully harvested flower, reset after rape
    Set Bi55.cini_Trapchance_summon                to 3
    Set Bi55.cini_Trapsummon_difficulty            to 1
    Set    Bi55.cini_Trapchance_dungeon            to 5;
    ; Random collars requires Traps to be enabled
    ; 0 = disable, 1 = enabled. does not fire when player is dressed up
    Set Bi55.cIni_RNC_enabled                    to 1
    Set    Bi55.cIni_RNC_maxdays                    to 10    ; >= 3, <= 20
    Set    Bi55.cIni_RNCOL_maxsexperday            to 0    ; not more than 1 allowed -  no sex
    Set Bi55.cIni_RNCW_minsexperday                to 8    ; >= 8, <= 20
    Set    Bi55.cIni_RNCWS_minsexperday            to 6    ; >= 4, <= 10
    Set    Bi55.cIni_RNCWS_maxsexperday            to 16    ; >= 10, <= 30
    Set Bi55.cini_RNCWS_goldforsex                to 20    ; >= 5, <= 40
    ; Rape Events and traps
    ; Basechance for (owned) horse, stolen horse + 25%
    ; 0 = disable, 1 - 10    probability the horse need something
    ; Basechance for (corpses
    ; 0 = disable, 1 - 10    base probability,
    ; chance increases with skimpy attire range 0 - 7

    Set Bi55.cIni_RapeChance_Horse                to 4
    Set Bi55.cIni_Corpse_RapeChance                to 2
    Set Bi55.cIni_Corpse_Rapeattinf                to 3            ; influence of skimpiness worn attire
    Set Bi55.cini_femaletrophies                to 1            ; take clothing as souvenier after sex
    Set    Bi55.cini_chance_dropweapon            to 14            ; chance to drop the equipped weapon in combat, 0 = off
    Set    Bi55.cini_chance_breakweapon            to 2            ; chance a weapon breaks because of poisened
    Set    Bi55.cini_chance_tastepotion            to 2            ; chance to taste a created potion, 0 = off
    Set Bi55.cIni_Mimikry_attire                to 99            ; chance that equipped attire is something different and bad, 0 = off
    Set Bi55.cIni_att_MidasCurse                to 85            ; chance that armor and clothing trasfers to gold when picking up
    Set Bi55.cIni_StartDialogRape                to 1            ; Enables or disables raping when a dialogue should start
    Set Bi55.cIni_Temple_NotNude                to 1            ; Entering temple nude or partially nude is a crime
    Set Bi55.cIni_Altar_NotNude                to 1            ; blessings are granted only on sundays and if the player is not nude

    ; Do not change the following Line
    set Bi55.bLoadErr to 0
    ; Message "Nude Basic configurationfile loaded"
    Here is a screenshot what is in my load order:



  2. LoversSlaveTrader 11ai Voice

    This is currently WIP project of voice pack for LoversSlaveTrader generated using ElevenLabs Voice Synthesis.
    Voice responses are being picked to fit intonation and use only Oblivion curses (for example word "hell" is replaced with "oblivion")
    Currently there is only Imperial female voice generated, but I'm working on adding all female voices and maybe male voices even.
    Installation: just extract archive into your oblivion game folder.
    Voices tested working with LST Dukky edition (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/17898-lovers-slave-trader-dukky-edition/), but would probably work with any
    other version of LST.



  3. Lovers Creatures 2.5+

    Nothing is ever constant, and things must evolve.  And so, the classic Lovers Creatures has now evolved.  No longer are creatures forced to be solely male and dominant.  Now the world of Nirn and the realms beyond have finally been balanced with gender, and animals and entities may be found both male and female! 

    Finally, the thread by @movomo now has its own download page to keep his work found  (>here<)  alive.  And yes, this package is an extension and evolution of both Lovers Creatures 2.0 and the Female Creature Workshop.
    So what is this mod and what does it do?
    This mod makes it possible to have sex with creatures throughout Tamriel and beyond. It also expands the fauna of the realms by supporting the differences in gender. By installing this package, you install custom animations for sex between actors and creatures, and various graphic models to enhance certain creatures insofar as their prospective sex,
    How to install?

    Download the following files:
    LC25 Main                     - Contains all esps, esms and INI files required, and two replacement LAPF files LC25 Meshes                 - Contains a .bsa with nearly all required meshes LC25 Textures              - Contains a .bsa with all required textures  
    Install the contents of all three zip files into your Oblivion\Data folder. When it asks, permit the LoversIdleAnimsPriority and LoversAnimObjectsPriority files to be overwritten by the ones from this package as they contain additional content for creature sex.
    The LoversIdleAnimsPriority_MOO.esp is for use with Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul (not verified or updated for 2.5.13).
    The xLCR.esp adds beta-testing spells to determine if a creature is male or female, hopefully obvious in some cases.
    What patches are there for Lovers Creatures 2.5?
    LoversCreature - Patch - LC20Armor.bsa
    Lovers Creatures 2.0 replaced certain creature meshes with so-called pieces referred to as armor. Normal horse.nif meshes were replaced with horsearmor.nif files, and minotaur.nif files likewise replaced.  Mods that used Lovers Creatures 2.0 as a basis for their bestiary will rely upon these meshes not initially supplied with this package.
    LoversCreature - Patch - LoversBitch.bsa
    LoversBitch creates various new canines which you may... befriend.  However, they rely upon Lovers Creatures 'armor' bodies (see above). This package compensates for that and supplies proper canine bodies and knots proper for the various breeds.  This patch is also recommended for use with LST BravilUnderground as canine resources are used within the underground training areas.

    LoversCreature - Patch - LSTBRAddon.bsa
    A fine work by @fejeena, his add-on adds various visual enhancements throughout the cavernous underground city beneath Bravil. Of note, there are custom creatures that may be found, these too also relying upon Lovers Creatures 'armor' bodies (see above). This package again compensates and updates the meshes for the creatures, including some quite new and vibrant in appearance. 
    LoversCreature - Patch - My Horse.bsa
    Also recommended to use with the wonderful LSTBravilUnderground add-on by @fejeena, this supplement works with the enhancements he applied to the stallions he provided in the Underground.
    Is Lovers Creatures 2.0 needed for this mod?

    No.  When initially designed, the system relied upon the installation of Lovers Creatures 2.0 before the remaining files were added.  But now this package is fully integrated. If you have version 2.0 installed, you need only install this package atop.  And if you don't have version 2.0 installed, just install this version anyway.
    Is Creature Replacer with Dicks needed?

    Not at all.  As this creates gender differences between creatures, it supplies different meshes for both male and females. Dogs will be carrying a hell of a package between their legs while bitches will not. Female minotaurs will appear with a J-Cup bust while their males keep a thick package beneath their legs.
    How compatible is LoversCreatures 2.5?

    This mod functions quite well with all other mods, whether it be games like DarkBloodlines, LoversGGBlackmail, and beyond. Certain mods created their own creatures based on LoversCreatures 2.0, so some graphic appelations (mainly custom male genetalia) would be missing, but some patches have been made to take care of this issue.
    Can creatures be raped?
    Being able to have a creature be 'submissive' or receptive has always been possible, though quite limited as no actual animations were previously made.  Using the old LoversTachicat mod, you could be the aggressive during sex with a creature, but it would appear as if you and the creature were standing in the same place, fixed and still until the audible sex had played out.  However, a certain number of creatures now have submissive poses and may now actually appear receptive during sex.
    Currently, the DUKKY version of LoversRaperS supports the actual rape of creatures, whether male or female, even performing tests to ensure a creature has submissive sex animations or not.   And the DUKKY version of LoversSlaveTrader does the same, allowing the training of creatures with aggressive or submissive sex.
    Do all current creatures have female (or male) counterparts?

    No.  Not every creature has its opposite.  Obviously, Mehrunes Dagon and Jyllylag have no feminine side (though my suggestions got some *GASP* reactions).  Spriggans definitely deliver a feminine persona.  And there isn't much distinction with various animals such as rats, mudcrabs or Land Dreugh. However, it is not out of the question if anyone wished to supply some alteration.
    Oh, and good luck trying to find any distinction between will-o-the-wisps.
    Do all current creatures have submissive poses?

    Unfortunately not.  However, roughly 75% of the creatures now have submissive poses.  As of now, the mountain lion, mudcrab, shambles, Mehrunes Dagon and Scalon have none.  None were defined for the Daedroth or Hunger given their odd aggressive poses. and the Elytra, Gnarls, Land Dreugh and Spider Daedra are so unusual in design that custom animations are certainly required.
    Alas, I am not skilled in any way in the crafting of animations, let alone submissive poses.
    Is sex with custom creatures allowed?
    This mod, just as Lovers Creatures 2.0, bases the animation mechanics on the default (or vanilla) skeletons that the creatures use. As long as a custom creature uses such a skeleton, it will be fine. But one that comes with its own unique skeleton will not work and the animations will either temporarily freeze for the duration or appear very disjointed.  So a creature like Zenman's Water Nymph based on the Spriggan design will work fine. But the use of A Female Xivilai model by  Oldwolf58 will deliver disappointing results.

    Can I knock up a creature?

    Excuse me?  Well, actually yes.  You could with Lovers Creatures 2.0, that being if you used Tachicat as I mentioned before and installed the TamagoClub/HiyokoClub package.  But with LoversCreatures 2.5+, this can be more visually represented.  @movomo  began work on making creatures switch between meshes for different pregnancy stages. This I tested a while ago and was able to see distinctions with certain creatures. But I myself had not gotten any further.  Custom meshes for each stage of pregnancy is required per creatures, and I am not one fluent in altering said meshes.




    Here, you shall find a supplemental .bsa files that gives your actors actual vocal responses for various mods, such mods that did not include audible dialog such as 'Lovers Slave Trader'.  Additionally, .lip files have been created and included within the .bsa files.
    A number of these BSAs grants roughly all vanilla citizens of Tamriel with vocal responses,  but the assembly of voices is not complete.   No vanilla daedra responses, and much of the Shivering isle races have any voice.  And only recently were male Imperial vocals simulations made available, so a number of packs still use Breton vocals for Imperials.
    As to specific individuals such as Emperor Tiber Septim, Martin Septim, Haskill or others, LoversSlaveTrader works on a generic basis and offers no support for individual in-game characters with only one exception.  And of that, the use of generic vocals are still used.   No custom individual voice is possible  unless that voice is tied to its own race (ie Sheogorath).
    The current list of available BSA downloads are as follows:
    LoversSlaveTrader Vocals 1 - EN        -  Contains English vocals for all LST general topics for vanilla races - English Folder Layout LoversSlaveTrader Vocals 1 - DV        -  Contains English vocals for all LST general topics for vanilla races - German Folder Layout LoversSlaveTrader Vocals 1 - SP         -  Contains English vocals for all LST general topics for vanilla races - Spanish Folder Layout LoversSlaveTrader Vocals 1 - IT          -  Contains English vocals for all LST general topics for vanilla races - Italian Folder Layout LoversSlaveTrader Vocals 2.zip           -  Contains English vocals for flowergirl conversational dialog using vanilla-styled vocals LoversSlaveTrader Vocals 3-MBP.zip  -  Contains English vocals for all general topics for MBP (Modular Beautiful People) races GenderBender Vocals 1.zip                -  Contains English vocals for NPC reactions for most vanilla races GenderBender Vocals 1.zip                -  Contains English vocals for NPC reactions for MBP (Modular Beautiful People) races LSTBravilUnderground - EN              -  Contains English vocals for Bravil Underground dialog w/ vanilla races - English Folder Layout LSTBravilUnderground - DV              -  Contains English vocals for Bravil Underground dialog w/ vanilla races - German Folder Layout LSTBravilUnderground - SP               -  Contains English vocals for Bravil Underground dialog w/ vanilla races - Spanish Folder Layout LSTBravilUnderground - IT                -  Contains English vocals for Bravil Underground dialog w/ vanilla races - Italian Folder Layout  
    (Unique) Sheogorath vocals not available (Racial) Dremora vocals not available (Racial) Male Imperial vocals not added in most packs (Racial) Female Golden Saint vocals not available (Racial) Female Dark Seducer vocals not available (Racial) Male Dark Seducer vocals not available (Racial) Ainmhi voices being substituted with Overwatch and Mass Effect vocals (Racial) Chocolate Elves being substituted with Cyberpunk 2077 and Skyrim vocals (Languages) Only LoversSlaveTrader V1 & LSTBravilUnderground comes in four languages.  All others English only for now  
    For all intents, these BSAs should work with earlier versions, only newer vocals within the packs will not play.
    Currently, only LoversSlaveTrader and LSTBravilUnderground has vocal packs compatible with non-English counterparts.
    No support given to languages other than English, Spanish, Italian and German as Racial folder names now known.
    All other packs are currently English language only, this for the file structure to the dialog within the BSAs.
    No actual actors were involved in the making of this mod,  nor were samples extracted and recombined. All voices were computer generated using xVASynth.
    Authors of the Lovers with PK system
    Successor authors of Lovers with PK
    Vicn and HanPL for the original and translated dialog for LoversSlaveTrader.
    Dan Ruta for the xVASynth - AI Voice Acting Synthesize Tool
    aragonit for the  xVASynth - AI Voice Imperial



  5. Oblivion Working Girls

    This mod adds fully voiced, lore friendly working girls to inns across Cyrodiil.

    I've noticed a lack of strictly 'vanilla' (eg. boring) lore-friendly content for LAPF. The intention of this mod is to add prostitutes to the inns in Cyrodill (akin to the girls found at inns in TES Daggerfall) in a way that blends organically into the game.
    All NPCs are fully voiced. Several small alterations have been made to some of the inns that the working girls occupy, mostly adding beds and such when needed.
    This mod is currently only intended for male PCs and has not been tested using a female PC.
    The plan is to eventually support any gender, but that may not happen for a while given my time constraints for modding.
        47 Working Girl NPCs found at inns with full AI schedules     Fully voiced NPCs using vanilla voices for (occasionally funny) dialogue     One modified lore-relevant NPC (Mirabelle Monet)     Minor edits to inn interiors to accommodate the new NPCs  
    The girls can be found in the following inns:
    Bravil Skooma Den
    Faregyl Inn
    Five Claws Lodge
    Gottshaw Inn
    Imperial Bridge Inn
    Newlands Lodge
    Olav's Tap and Tack
    Roxey Inn
    The Bloated Float
    The Count's Arms
    The Drunken Dragon Inn
    The Fo'c's'le
    The Grey Mare
    The Lonely Suitor Lodge
    Tiber Septim Hotel
    Two Sisters Lodge
    Wawnet Inn
    West Weald Inn
    Included is a patch for Dynamic Underwear System (Continued) 3.2
    Additionally, an OPTIONAL animation position patch is provided in order to use the intended animations. If the animation patch is not present, the default LAPF animations will play. Included animations are from The Daedra Sutra animations collection.
        Oblivion     Lovers with PK v1.6a1 or later     OBSE v0019 or later  



  6. Lovers Slave Trader - Dukky Edition

    This mod allows you to deal with or become a slave merchant.  You will have the ability to capture, train and sell viable NPCs and creatures as sex slaves.
    It does so by inserting an AI management system to keep track of the slaves and their owners, creating enslavement items and spells, and adds dialog topics.
    Based upon the previously released LoversSlaveTrader mod posted by GregaHit and extensively translated and worked upon by HanPL, this new edition actually recalls a touch more content by Vicn when he originally designed it in conjunction with BravilUnderground. It was entertaining to find out that the two were originally one epic system in its genesis.  Hence why the previous incarnation of 'Trader' stated it was stripped of many features now found only within Bravil.
    Oblivion Shivering Isles OBSE 20 or better Lovers with PK v1.6 or newer  
    Recommended Mods (Not Required):
    LoversRaperS LoversPayBandit LSTBravilUnderground LoversRapeSlave LST  
    Supported Mods (Not Required):
    OBME                                 Permits the use of custom spell icons LoversCreatures 2.0/2.5+   Permits creature enslavement, training and trades TamagoClub v1.15 r4.32     For Slave-Owner sex preference options Genderbender                    For Slave-Owner sex preference options HiyokoClub v1.10 rev 5.1   Allows slave children to be borne from enslaved mothers                                            Or prevents slave-based options until reaches adulthood  
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    To install, copy the contents (.esp, .bsa, OBSE/Plugin folder and ini folder) into your game's data folder.  The system now uses custom spell icons which it can display with the accompanying .obme.dlls in the OBSE folder.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    This mod should be placed after Lovers with PK.esp.  If the following are present, it should also be placed after LoversCreatures, Lovers with PK Extender, Lovers Horse Rider,  Lovers Rape Slave and even Lovers Unicorn among others.
    However, it must be placed before LST BravilUnderground as it is the master/parent file for the Bravil mod to work. And it needs to be placed before any of the LoversImmoral mods, PlayerSlaveEncounters or DarkBloodline.  Consult with the recommended mod order list in the topic directed to by either my or fejeena's signature.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Like many mods, LoversSlaveTrader was designed to be reliant upon written text. It never had character vocals. However, vocal packs for this mod and others are now available within Dukky's Vocal Packs.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    OBME (Oblivion Magic Extender) is used to permit the use and visibility of custom icons. However it may interfere with older OBSE commands. The accompanying OBME.dll included rewrites some of the older OBME v18 commands, and some just won't work. Of these v18 commands, they are handled better by OBSE v19 while others were depreciated.  If Issues still arise, the OBME dll files can be removed, losing only the custom spell icons which will return to the default 'Script Effect' icons. Reapplying the OBME dlls will restore the icons afterwards if desired.
    Gregathit's little tip:
    I use a mod called Budongs Narcolepsy Spell to "knock down and out" any NPC I wish to enslave. Once they are down you can cast the enslave spell on them for a 100% success rate. Yes it is lazy but what can I say... Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/9983
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    And obviously, much more was performed.  The package also includes both a ReadMe.txt  and UpdateHistory.txt for those interested. And the .Ini files have plenty of lengthy instructions to read and absorb.



  7. Lovers Immoral Guards - DukkyFeej Edition

    Lovers Immoral Guards
    DukkyFeej Edition

    This is an enhanced version  of the original mod by Japanese Modder kzs, By that, it includes various tests and optional mod-blocking systems so it does not hamper gameplay with additional mods that the end user (you) may list.
    The purpose of Lovers Immoral Guards is to add a bit more risk for the player if he or she is having sex in public area.   It adds eighteen (18) new female guards to patrol the empire, and alters the behavior of male guards,  so they won't just stand idly by  while you're engaged in sexual behavior.  On top of that, various other NPCs might take notice of you and give you some grief.
    Bribery, intimidation, rape... they all may come into play.
    However, this new incarnation now includes features that may prevent unwanted harassment by guards or NPCs under certain circumstances.   Should the player be penalized for having sex in his own home, or while within a room he rented at the local tavern?  What if he or she was raped?  New preventative features have been added.
    * == * == *
    This is another variation of the LoversImmoralGuards which can be found here: 
    This being version 1.02, it was initially translated by HanPL, with continued work by Slammer64, updated scripts by JSmith20142 and even further translation work by Fejeena.
    This version examined the original scripts for more apt translations from the original author, but also recognizes the fore-mentioned work.
    * == * == *
     Eighteen new female guards wandering Tamriel to keep a watchful eye  A periodical from the 'Black Horse Courier' with the girls  All the guards of Tamriel may now harass you if given the chance  Bribe a guard.  Bribe an NPC.  They'll stop noticing little things  An extensive INI file that lets you configure how the system behaves  Includes a custom flag specific for dialog blocking if LST is in use. The package includes two versions, the MBP (Modular Beautiful People) cast of female guards, and a No-MBP version. Now Expandable.  Inclusions added for additional guards, including  within the Shivering Isles  
    Remember.... this package has TWO versions, two different .esp files. One esp is meant for those using the MBP (Modular Beautiful People) mod, and one for those without. It is called the DukkyFeej version as there was suggestions and advice communicated during its 2018 design (yeah, now I'm posting it.... got a problem with that?).
    * == * == *
    If you have been caught by a guard, you may find that you're given a new set of options.  These may include:
          [Pay bounty with sex ]
          [Pay bounty with gold ]
          [Pay bounty]
          [Change location]
          [I'm not afraid of threats!]
    But be warned that not everyone is interested in money, and telling a guard off might have dire consequences.  Meanwhile, you can 'change location' which tells the guard that you want to go somewhere discreet and away from prying eyes.
    And guards aren't the only ones who may pressure you.   Beggars may threaten to run off and find a guard if he or she doesn't get their way.
    There are other forms of dialog that you may run across.
    Rather than having  someone catch you  in the act,  you can take  a pre-emptive measure by bribing an NPC.  The bribe can be paid off by either sex or by gold, and with dialog options not all that different than above.
    You may also act the good samaritan by taking on the bounty of another NPC if that NPC is in trouble with the law. The basic dialog of [Pay off your bounty] is modeled after the Thieves Guild line:  Pay off my fines and bounty.  But in this instance, you're assuming the fines of another and have to pay them off.
    * == * == *
    To kzs for the initial mod
    To HanPL for the initial translation
    To Slammer64 for further translation
    to JSmith20142 for further work, the initial INI file and options
    To Fejeena for further translations
    to Fejeena and gregathit for later work on No-MBP options
    * == * == *
    Oblivion.esm OBSE 20 better Shivering Isles.esp Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better  
    MBP (Modular Beautiful People) if the default .esp is in use.



  8. Tags Yinyang

    ADULT MOD***********************************ADULT MOD
    Author; Galgat
     OK, This was my test area, for trying new Idea's
       I have not modded or released a mod some time. I had this
    laying around, and though maybe some of you might get a kick
    out of it.( My testing area mostly, and a place to relax and
    dance )

      There is a spell that lets you do some various sex act's, but
    it is far from finished. right now it has a long range, that
    will change latter, also be careful with it, if the NPC is
    talking it will act funny ( i know how to fix this, but for
    testing reasons, it is not fixed yet). it does not position the
    Player in the right place, you have to spin around and move
    your player into position, it was a crazy Idea I had, and never
       but it does work sort of.
    You will receive a One time teleport item ( Ring I think ) in
    your inventory, use it, and you will be teleported to Tags Yin
    Yang the first time Only.
     It is as of this version a one time use only item.
    from there just explore, see what you think.
    I think I posted it once on old wolflore sight, but back then
    the size was a problem, and I used some sort of temp upload are
    only allowed like 10 down loads, and then dropped the file.
    RECOMMENDED:77_Umpa_Animation.... for dancing in the club
    INSTALLATION : just drop the data folder into your Oblivion
    folder, and let it copy it's self into place. Or create and
    Put a check in tagsyinyang.esp and fire up the game.
    MUST HAVE:BE sure you have these Mods installed.
    1. OBSE 16 or higher, but I have been using 17. anyway must
    have this installed.
    2. Female Eye Candy - Body Re-placer 1.0,
     and Full_Omod_Fixed-15802
    3.Shivering isles, knights of the nine expansions ( afraid I
    let a few items from them slip into my mod)
    4. LoverPK

    Problems: it would not be Beta if it were perfect, but I have
    tried to optimize all the nif files, and spent much time
    testing, other than the sex spell not being totally finished, I
    think it is all okay.
    Mainly I was always testing things I could do with .nif files
    here, everything from re texturing wall, sand floors to making
    video's play on picture frames, and a flashing dance floor, and
    animated Speakers. Just stupid stuff.
    But you all might find something of use in there. Maybe some
    credit if you use any of it.

        Colourwheel Gifted me with 3 nif files which I modified
    extensively with My own textures.and moved, copied, and deleted
    Branches from till they may not look it, but are quite
    different now.She does a really great job, and I was very proud
    to get to use some of her nif files, it saved me a lot of time.
    a couple of her panties have managed to sneak into my mod, they
    are not worn or sold anywhere, but one of her mods seems to
    replace something in my textures, and they have managed to get
    into this version. I will try to weed them out in latter
        Much, Much credit to all those wonderful animators, that
    have contributed to the Oblivion community, with out those I
    would have never tried to mod in OB again.
    NIFSKOPE....Nothing better, such a wonderfully amazing Program.
    OBLIVION MOD Manager: super, super helpful tool, I know now
    there are better, but I still find it handy.
    OBSE: making Oblivion almost easy to Mod.
    and as much as I hate it, I have to give Credit to the Oblivion
    Wiki..it is helpful, though rather confusing as well.
    Slof: makes all this worth it, her wonderful mods Fill a nitch
    that no one else can, or I think could do as well. I just love
    her stuff.
    Thanks to whom ever Strap-on I have used, downloaded so many from
    so many mods, I'm not exactly sure which one this on came
    from, I have re-textured it, and Nifskoped it a little, but I
    did not make it.
    I do not want Those that are under age to have this. I made it
    for myself, and for learning reasons.
    :::ANOTHER WARNING:::   if sexually explicit digital
    characters, nude-ness, or having them copulate in front of you
    is troubling, get rid of this mod...delete it, and forget that
    it exists. :::warning:::

       I left the tesfile packer log in here for any that want to
    know what went where. Another wonderful tool made By mental
    elf...much credit to Him and others that make the unsung hero
    Mods, like OBMM, Tes File Packer, OBSM, NifSkope. they are what
    make the mods possible.
        I( have done a lot of texturing, and some of the clothing I
    am sort of proud of, But some...well they filled the gap's.
    Please if you use any of this stuff, give a little credit, and
    always remember the others that made stuff like this Possible.
       Remember all the mods you Download, many have slaved over
    some part of for untold hours.
      I just hope it is all there. I know is all there in my game
    as I keep it in there all the time. For me it is rather
    unobtrusive, and I find some times fun to go there and dance.
    Not planing on adding to or supporting much
    was just something I had laying around, and thought some of you
    might have a use for it or get ideas from.
    May not even be worth your time to look at



  9. Lovers Rape Slave LST

    Lovers Rape Slave LST
    v 1.2       and      v 1.3 with setting spell (enslave on/off )                                                                    
    !!!  Anyone who downloaded this mod before Dec 22 2019 please download the new version  !!!
    Description: v1.2 and 1.3
    Like the other Rape Slave version you enslave a NPC by rape. But this version use the LoversSlaveTrade script.
    So first the slave obeys you reluctantly until you break the salve.
    You have all the LST dialogs for training, inventory, wait, follow,...
    So after you rape-ensalved a NPC it is a LST slave, and LoversRapeSlave is not used anymore. ( there are not dialogs or spell in the Mod that you can use
    New in version 1.3 :
    New spell: "Rape Slave Settings" .  You can enable and disable enslave by rape.
    Maybe your chance of "Enslave by rape" is very high, and you already have 37 slaves following you, and you know "The next NPC I rape will also become a slave, but I just want to rape but no more slaves... " Then you can turn off the "Ensalve" with the spell.
    And the enslavement calculation is a little different.
    ini settings:
    set xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.SlaveAverageCount to 10
    higher number = you need more rapes to enslave a NPC
    set xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.AftermathEnabled to 0
    set to 1 to enable a temporary attribute malus the NPC have after enslavement.
    set xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.InfamyDisabled to 0
    set to I if the player should not get +1 infamy after a enslavement.
    How the rape ensalve works.
    There is no fixed number of rapes, the enslave chance is a bit flexible and variable.
    A brave NPC is harder to enslave. ( the NPC Confidence, which determines when he/she flees )
    And if you have a bad guy player ( hight infamy ) a NPC is afraid and surrender earlier.
    The calculation in v1.2 ( if you want to know it )
    The calculation in v 1.3 read the readme  
    Required Mods:
    Lovers with PK.esm   (LAPF)
    LoversSlaveTrader.esp    https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/24-lovers-slave-trade-10-english-final/
    And a Mod to rape a NPC: LoversRapers  e.g. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/101-lovers-rapers-wappyones-edition-180/
    Copy the LoversRapeSlave.esp and the ini folder in your game data folder.
    After LoversSlaveTrader.esp
    can be
    I have stolen the Confidence idea from Satyrist's version. My computer, thanks that you still work.



  10. Lovers Plunder

    Plunder is an adult mod mixing sexual life and followers.
    It is also called "Blunder", alias Plunder for Oblivion.
    It's a kind of complete mod for gamers wanting a sexual canvas behind the game world.
    If you were looking for mere sex opportunities for your character, you may have found what you seek.
    If you want an Oblivion game with full adult content support, then you have it.
    Blunder must be downloaded from loverslab.com and from nowhere else, because:
      > it contains dirty small talks
      > some dialogues (Pirvov's, Mysti's) contains racism, cruelty and perversion
      > many situations involve violent sex
      > it is dependent of Lovers With PK: Blunder's a Lovers mod
    Uninstalling Plunder will not undo things made with it.
      > actors can be heavily altered, even killed outside your decision
      > to uninstall, just track down anything named "plunder" in your data dir and delete it
    Plunder 0.6 is not Work-in-progress, neither Alpha, but Beta (until version 1.0):
      > Plunder's fully playable and robust
      > your suggestions are welcome, especially when you detect a "lost case" or a bug or a compatibility problem
         > my english is horrid, but I promise to make efforts

    General Direction
    Plunder gives to your game world sexual activites between NPCs.
    It also manages the resulting sexual acts and all the moves prior to sex.
    Therefore, you'll hear a woman rejecting the advance of a courtisan, or welcoming him.
    You'll see people returning to home to have sex.
    You'll see a shamelessly masturbator fapping before a couple making love (with good chances to interrupt them).
    You'll see a bandit forcing one of his female mate to sex.
    The sex life brought by Plunder is thick, with quantity of data: privacy, decency, responsibility, shyness.
    And logically, this is what you want when you download Plunder.
    But a gamer will want an interface to this sexual life, usable by followers, with all constraints (and there are many).
    Therefore, Plunder brings you a followers system and a faction firmly tied to this sexual life.
    You can ignore some parts in Plunder, it's fine and the mod will adapt.
    Mainly, you can only use the sex life, but not the faction, neither the follower system.
    I'd be a good idea to check the ini file of Plunder, located at Data/Ini/, to start adjusting things as you want them.
    Some options are accessible by the lever beside the "Plunder Chest" at Sinkhole (see below).
    What requires Plunder?
    OBSE 2.1 is required first.
    If you use Blockhead, Plunder will be able to identify children and elders against their Age Face Gen, beyond its normal scrutinity.
    If you want to review your travel log after game, showing everything happening around you, install ConScribe, which is also a plugin for OBSE.
    Plunder requires then Lovers w/ PK 1.41.
    You'd better download LAPF 1.62, which contains everything you want.
      > You should add Lovers Creatures
      > You need MB2 animation files if you want to see masturbation. MB2's esp is not required
        > stage times for masturbation are the ones you set in Lovers for normal sex progression
        > without MB2 esp, Plunder gives you no way to masturbate
    For load order, place Plunder.esp among the Lovers family, not before Lovers with PK.esp.
      > do not include Plunder.esp in Wrye's bashed patch if you use the tweak: all armors/clothing playable
    Better Cities - Imperial City Island is incompatible because it modifies Sinkhole Cave.
      > same for mods moving the location of Sinkhole Cave (or editing the terrain around), like Unique Landscapes - Imperial Isle.
    You need Lovers Slave Trader, if you want to use LST slaves along Plunder's. Otherwise, it's optional.
      > I recommend installing the complete Bravil Underground
    About conflicts, use your brain: if you install mods doing the same things, you're on your own.
    From the moment sex starts, Plunder excludes from Sex AI people doing sex.
      > this guarantees a certain compatibility with many Lovers mods
      > Plunder is forbidden to interfere in sexual acts it has not started itself
      > however, Plunder will (by default) use these sexual acts to update: love/rape story, fatigue after sex
    A following system mod (allowing you to hire people) is compatible, if really you want to keep it. You should try Plunder's first.
      > if you keep your follower system, then never use Plunder's
      > anyone following you is recognized by Plunder in any case (your followers won't go courting, for example)
    For a companion mod (NPCs designed to follow you):
      > do not hire these companions, do not convert them, never
      > use their own system to command them, Plunder will recognize them as mere follower
    Plunder manages after-sex fatigue, depending of the sexual act performed, Glow should be in conflict.
    Any affective system making people moving around is completely incompatible.
    When you don't know: test.

    Plunder has low compatibility on these levels:
    - any neutralized NPC by Plunder can be enslaved by the LST Enslave spell (and non-persistent actors are okay, see below)
    - any duplicated NPC by Plunder registers as destructible on death, entirely managed by Plunder
    - any duplicated NPC by Plunder receives their former body from SetBody (SetBody Reloaded Blockhead Edition 1.46a)
    - if you use Tamago Club, then Plunder will ask to it the fertility status of a woman and her ovulation peak
    - if you use Hiyoko Club, then Plunder should recognize one of your children (this depends, however, of their Age Face Gen)
      > if you need a mod to use kids with Plunder: see this post
    Features: on the player's side
    The Dispose Spell:
    - you choose to have a lesser power or a spell at start
    - this spell works on NPCs, mainly, and on nothing at all (empty space)
    - the first case gives you the Dispose Menu, to hire someone for example
    - the second case gives you the Order Menu, to command your team or call people
    - you can hire nearly anybody against gold
      > essential NPCs are special, Plunder tries to protect vanilla's until their quests are over
    - once hired, a NPC can receive orders, becoming a member of the Plunder Faction
    Small Talks:
    - apart a few exceptions, we don't talk in Plunder, instead we use message boxes and buttons to answer
    - it gives a Morrowind touch to Oblivion
    - you can try to neutralize any NPC with your fists
    - do not think the neutralization in combat is quick-and-go
      > pieces of equipment must be pulled out, it's violent
      > sometimes, you cannot hope to neutralize your opponent, who's too strong
      > you need a good score in Hand to Hand and in Strength, against the same skill/attribute of your opponent
    - you can be neutralized by someone using fists against you and wanting to rape you
    - if you play a woman, creatures will also try to neutralize you if they have the "bad idea"
      > you need Lovers Creatures, otherwise they won't attempt anything beside normal attacks
    - playing a woman pushes you to be cunning and alert on potential threats, giving a new touch to the game style
    - you can also attempt another style of neutralization against a non hostile NPC:
      > you must no be in combat and the target must not be hostile toward you
      > sneak, being detected has no importance, and strike with your fist
      > follow the instructions on the screen and don't let your target escape
      > you need a good Agility and a good Strength against the same attributes of your victim
    - before a neutralized target (by you or anyone else), get close to know what to do
      > you can convert (as Plunderers) or enslave (as slaves) neutralized enemies
      > if you convert quest characters (especially vanilla's) you may have to kill them after to advance the quest
    Sexual Life:
    - like anyone else in the game world, you have two indices: Excitment (which is social) and Sex Need
    - to obtain excitation: kill things, neutralize people, complete quests, discover a new location, hear an orgasm...
    - once obtained, a part of your excitation can transform itself into sex need
    - with a high excitation and a high sex need, you are a good lover at bed (ie: producing "good love" in your relation)
    - each day, your excitment cools off or restores itself a bit, your remaining sex need (depending whether you had sex) too
    - you can try to seduce someone with the Dispose spell
      > the resulting small talk is driven by the decency of your speaker, and you adapt to this decency in your answers
      > excepted the last one, marked [quit], which will certainly destroy your relation (you may have reasons to do that)
    - in high privacy area (like in town in daylight), your partner will lead you to "a quieter place", ie: their private bed
      > and sometimes, it's locked
      > your partner will try to give you the key, if one is available (you may have to do a break-in for complex situations)
      > or you can ask your lover to accompany you, looking for a quieter place when there's none
    - you can have as many partners you want, but, when you give pleasure, your other lovers deteriorate a bit their love to you
    - don't be surprised the first time you have sex with your partner, your armor is removed
      > you will reequip automatically by leaving the area or by being attacked, until then you remain as you are
      > your clothes are not concerned
    - with your Dispose spell, you can set the sexual orientation of anybody, including Essential characters
    Your Team:
    - you can order your team to assault the area with up to three assault groups
      > the attack is looking professional, but beware of traps
      > you are not supposed to assault towns with your team... be careful, especially with Plunderers
    - you can order up to 9 followers to plunder the area
      > do not worry about encumberance, surplus go to the Plunder Chest (see below)
    - you have other orders to follow, hold the position, etc.
      > "follow, engage" means: engage at will => attack on sight (dangerous in civilian areas)
      > just say "follow regroup" to keep things as normal
    - you can call for reinforcements or order the retreat
      > reinforcements appear at the entry you took if you are deep in a dungeon
    - these orders can be immediate or delayed, globally Plunder's followers aren't robots reacting at the same time
    - I advise you to practice your leaderhip around Sinkhole before going into real situations
    - any team mate doing a kill will progress by gaining health abilities and, if they are capable, a heal spell
      > Plunderers have the best progression, their second kill bring them a bonus in hand to hand
      > Companions are good, too, just remember people have to be in your team to progress
      > you surely will organize hunts (mudcrabs, deers... just say Assault!) to prepare your new recruits for real action
    Your Faction:
    - you cannot access the inventory of the Levy, you must upgrade/promote/demote your follower to another rank
      > and sometimes, you cannot: try to rise the disposition of your follower above 70 (by default) to promote them Companion
    - your members can live at Sinkhole (slaves cannot live elsewhere)
      > Sinkhole is north of the Imperial City, on the city island, the sole cave in this part
      > you can deactivate the respawning bandits at Sinkhole by using the lever beside the Plunder Chest
    - each member has a day life and, when you return there, people are busy
      > this life at Sinkhole was designed accordingly to the mod's name, it's a harsh/uncivilized life
      > mostly, your faction may look like a ring of bandits or a camp of shamelessly folks
    - you'll find a large stone chest there, it's the "Plunder Chest"
      > fill it with usable loot and cast Dispose on it: your team will reequip with the content
      > you can leave food inside, books, potions, tools, bows and weapon, anything usefull for your members in their day life
      > this is indeed where they search things
    - on the right side of the Plunder Chest, you have a lever
      > activate it to change your sexual preferences, some settings or reset certain data in Plunder
    - other things at Sinkhole date from the previous versions of Plunder:
      > some traders
      > a quest "Sinkhole Installation", which terminates once you negotiate slaves prices with Mysti
        > if you want to play "real" (with the original quest), say you want to "go to Sinkhole later" at start, then go to it
      > all these old things are discontinued but fully usable; you might find a use of these traders anyway
    - by searching the place a bit, you'll meet "Mysti", who can sell you furniture and infrastructure
      > you have to reach "mercantile trust" as she says, ie: grow the barter gold of each trader to 3000
      > she will agree to remove the annoying trap in the cave, if you have gold
    Features: NPCs' side
    - with default settings, women have not the reflex to have the "bad idea" to willing to rape an opponent in combat
      > unless they feel simultaneously Hate and Like to the targeted sex, like any NPC having "amazon" in their name
      > in intense combat, a woman can override this limitation and rape a man being just neutralized
      > any woman is perfectly able to rape a neutralized man, if she thinks the idea interesting
    - when a combattant has the "bad idea", they remove their weapon and attempt a neutralization, exactly as you do it yourself
    - the more a combattant has sex need, the more they will think about the "bad idea" (which can be a bad idea, indeed, against powerful opponents)
    - any NPC seeing, with their eyes, a neutralized target on the ground will go to them
      > their reaction depends, sometimes they walk away
      > your faction members always go, even without seeing them
    - on some occasion, you'll witness a crazed creature (even deers!) attacking people (or you)
      > they received Excitation and transformed it successfully in sex need, turning them crazy
      > only creatures natively hostile to you are concerned, not your horse
    Sexual Life:
    - I think I told you nearly everything in the General Direction section: people are moving to have sex
    - Essential NPCs from Oblivion and Knights of the Nine are restricted in their Sex AI (you can add more mods if you want)
      > they cannot decide sex, so they cannot go away for this reason
      > you always can stop someone (essential or not) on the move by chosing "Hey, come back!" with the Dispose spell
    - Plunder randomizes the Lovers' voice of women
    - Plunder also randomizes (a bit) the Personality attribute to avoid seeing the same numbers for everyone
    - when you complete a quest or discover a location, the gain of excitation propagates to nearby NPCs (and creatures)
    - children are ignored, either for deciding sex or to be a target for sex
    - any actor sneaking (you included) avoids deciding sex or be a target for sex
    - NPCs try to "marry" when you meet them, Plunder searches where they sleep and with who, mainly
      > and for those who have no love story at all, they try, each day, to find a bit of happyness with someone
    - nobility folks (counts and countesses) are married when Plunder initializes
      > you can add other couples in the file Data/Ini/PlunderMarry.ini (use the lever beside the Plunder Chest to apply)
    - Plunder keeps tracks of any love story between two people, even between bandits
      > to not pollute your cosave, obsolete stories are destroyed when you reload your game
    - NPCs are happy with a single lover normally, it depends on their Responsibility
      > the more you play, the more people "taste" others and build their lover preference
    - any guard is an ambulant love-killer and people try to remain correct when they see one (and sometimes, they don't see them)
    - rapists exist in the world and can perform sexual aggression against weak victims
    - you may see people naked, because of any reason related their sexual life, and normally:
      > they will find clothes automatically (they always prefer clothes to armor)
      > if you want to help them, drop shoes, pants, shirt (what they lack) around you
      > if they don't want what you drop, that certainly means they are "unarmored", like you are before loving sex
    - a NPC feeling desire for you (and searching for love) will certainly approach you to tell you sweet words
      > accordingly to their decency, the "sweet words" will be more or less rude or precious
      > you can shorten this approach while in the real dialogue, it damages disposition, without any other consequence
        > the real dialogue is there to allow you to see the face of your courtisan, since the small talk will be displayed after
      > beware if you choose the rude answer in the small talk and if your speaker is feeling love-at-first-sight it may happen that:
        > prude ones can become erotomanic stalker, constructing a real love story - you'd better ignore them for a long while
        > social ones are the worst, spreading gossips on your back, inflicting faction damage
        > lusty ones usually turn mad
        > you have no way to detect a love-at-first sight, so be careful
    - a partner may request more sex after sex, that means they felt at the same time the pleasure of sex and the pleasure of love
      > this is also true for your partners
    - on the contrary, a NPC may refuse sex to another (you included)
      > for you, there's two types of refusal: normal and critical
      > normal refusal is soft (you read no hostility): you can ask again with no risk
      > critical refusal sounds like your relation is over, I wouldn't set your hopes up
    - since there's no porn in Oblivion, masturbators bother couples by fapping before them
    - any victim of a rape will trigger a reaction to it once they recover their mind
      > this reaction depends, you may see anything
    Emergency Kit:
    Either click on the target or type "player." before the command (for example: player.additem xx725D1 50).
    "xx" refers to the load order number of Plunder.esp in hexadecimal.
    1. You want to remove a neutralization with the console:
    removeitem xx065203 1
    setunconscious 0
    2. You want to add 20 Excitment or Sex Need:
    additem xx725D1 20
    additem xx725D2 20
    3. You want to break/fix a masturbation:
    removeitem xx0658F3 100
    and if doesn't work:
    setunconscious 0
    4. You want to alter the decency of someone by 20:
    additem xx08E88B 20
    removeitem xx08E88B 20
    Last words:
    On a general advice, do not hire your lovers. Subordination kills desire.
    Plunder does not allow essential members/followers.
    You can bypass it with the console:
      > open the console and click on the companion
      > type: SetRefEssential 1
    If they are from Oblivion or Knights of the Nine, they'll gain the Sex AI restriction, as explained above.
    If you have Bravil Undergound, it would be a good idea to leave some slaves (LST or not) in town to avoid bad surprises.
    You can enslave a neutralized target with the LST spell, if you want. If applicable, the NPC will be duplicated.
    Or, you can "export" a Plunder slave to LST. See page 2 of the Dispose Menu, the option "I'll find you an owner".
      > the export is direct, and the slave is ready to train
    If your character bears the Lovers' flag slave, you may receive message from Plunder warning you someone wants to "use" you.
    Because Plunder recognized your character as sex slave.
    When seducing someone, open the console: you have the details of the desire of your character, it may help you.
    When trying to neutralize an opponent, open the console: your hits are displayed with their efficiency, if this efficiency is above 0%.
    To have a Favorite, you must have a relation with love above their Personality / 2.
    If this is the case, you have the option in the Dispose Menu, page 2. It results in a free new member: your favorite.
    Favorites can live at Sinkhole, with a special day life. They are also immune to jealousy.
    If you encounter CTD while converting a neutralized target:
      > it would be a good idea to quicksave before a conversion
      > in the current state of Plunder, this CTD is not frequent and it is advised to kill the target causing the CTD
      > sometimes, raping the target before converting them resolve the situation
    If you encounter CTD while sex is starting/running/ending:
      > give it another try, if it persists, warn me on the forum
    If you encounter CTD in another situation...
      > first, be sure to have the last version of Plunder
      > next, like above, try again, if it persists warn me on the forum
    Thank you and enjoy the day with Plunder.



  11. Lovers Hooker - Dukky Version

    Lovers Hooker V 4.8
    Dukky Version
    Original version by Callipygic
    Initial Edit by Gaebrial with aid by Manzor
    Edited version by LongDukDong
    Custom Wardrobe by
    Now you can make a little extra cash, just by lying on your back performing the oldest profession.
    This is a new update to the mod created by Callipygic, later updated and improved by Gaebrial. Links to both of their mods listed further below in this file.
    Gaebrial offered a number of improvements to the original,  with some modifications made by Manzor.   The primary change was the addition of an INI file that lets you control nearly all mechanical aspects of the system.  Along with that, Gaebrial also performed  a thorough job of cleaning the scripts  and overhauled all of the dialog while expanding the system to include male prostitution.
    This new version of Lover Hooker  is very much different from the original,  in that all of the sex poses that were hardwired within the mod are now set within a brand new INI file.  This new LoversHookerPoses.Ini file is smaller by comparison, but much desired if those that update the Lovers Package alter the poses used.
    ** If the LoversHookerPoses.Ini is not found,  it will generate random poses in   place of the missing ones.
    This is an error prevention feature. This version also includes a special hidden flag  that is applied to the player during sex, this flag used only when engaged in prostitution and a flag that is detected by an upcoming LAPF Extended Patch mod. Meanwhile,  this version also includes a means  to detect other known mods that have prostitutes.  Thanks to this detection system, the NPC hookers and gigolos from the other mods will now turn down the player's services.
    However,  other-mod prostitutes are not the only NPCs turned down.  Slaves that are generated from LoversSlaveTrader will no longer attempt to make an approach and cannot be solicited.  Likewise, the system detects and uses the latest version of HiyokoClub  and may prevent Hiyoko from engaging with the player.  This new feature is able to be configures within the latest .ini file.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    To install, copy the contents (.esp, .bsa, OBSE/Plugin folder and ini folder) into your game's data folder.  The system now uses custom spell icons which it can display with the accompanying .obme.dlls in the OBSE folder.
    It comes with the same LoversHooker patch  for LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP as does Gaebriel's.  Include it too.    Just make sure the SSP patch loads after Lovers Hooker.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    If having issues with other mods using the OBSE,  the removal of the OBME Dlls within the OBSE/Plugins folder should correct this. The OBME dlls may not work well with OBSE 1.8 or older.  However, removal will eliminate the custom spell icon.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Contains adult interactions, suggestive and pornographic dialog and prostitution.
    May result in non-consensual sex based upon player interactions.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

    From Gaebrial:
    The mod "Daily Income Revised"is highly recommended for use with LoversHookers. ( https://www.loverslab.com/topic/953-daily-income-for-loversadultplayplusplusforssp-10/ or https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40484/ ).   This mod gives NPCs a income depending upon their faction, rank, social class and city of residence.  Without this mod,  most NPCs,  including those supposedly wealthy ones,  will only have a small amount of gold with which to purchase your services.

    From Callipygic:
    The usual beautification mods.   A sexy walks mod  (Mur-zik is my favourite so far). And a slutty clothes mod (I really like Colourwheels stuff).
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Older Versions:
    The link to the original version by Callipygic:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/2290-outdated-lovershooker-11
    The link to the edited version by Gaebrial:  https://www.loverslab.com/topic/6053-lovershooker
    If you're missing the LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP patch, the LAPF version of Gaebrial's mod holds a copy.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    The player may have issues when using the system with Lovers with PK Extender due to its built-in lovers embrace feature.  The player may also find him/herself in trouble with nearby citizens or guards if the 'Immoral Guards' mod is in use.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    OBSE 20 better Oblivion.esm Shivering Isles.esp Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better LoversHooker Patch for LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP (Updated version for version 4.5+ now included)  



  12. Lovers Prostitute V 2.4 - DukkyFeej Version

    Lovers Prostitute V 2.4
    DukkyFeej Version
    Original version by A Mage in His 30s
    Initial Translation by HanPL
    Edited version by LongDukDong
    Additional work by Fejeena
    Assistance by Sladen2019  for Better Cities compatability
    Like title says this mod adds Prostitutes and Brothel to Oblivion Universe.
    By HanPL:
    When you get bored of killing mobs or have to much gold in your pocket you can go visit one of the girls spreaded around Tamriel and have some fun. Girls take Male and Female customers.
    Just as before, there are new girls roaming the streets of Tamriel,  taking up residence in a few cities.  Along with them, a wandering gigolo travels across the lands selling his wares.   While the girls have found a home of sorts, the guy doesn't keep in one place for too long.
    Fortunately, you will be given a handbook to know where to find them all.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    To install, copy the BSA,  the INI folder  and one of the .esp files into your game's data folder.  Rename your chosen ESP file to 'LoversProstitute.esp' and you are done.
    If you're not satisfied with the 'Gold Route Bar' sign in Anvil,  the download file has a folder named 'Other Textures' with optional signs. If you prefer to use one of these instead,  copy the chosen .BSA file  into the data folder and rename it to 'LoversProstitute.bsa'.   Examples of each  different texture  is visible in the BSA Examples.jpg file.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    There are three .esp version of this mod, one that uses the "Modular Beautiful People" mod, and two the do not.  Use only one.  And whichever one you use, have its filename set to 'LoversProstitute.esp'.
    Again, ensure the NAME or both the .esp and BSA files are LoversProstitute and nothing else..
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    This version of Lovers Prostitute  is very much different from the original, in that a number of features that were hardwired are now setup within an INI file. Compared to some, the new LoversProstitute.Ini file might be a bit cleaner than most others. And for your convenience, the file is divided into three sections.  These sections covers costs for services rendered, NPC gender preferences and the sex acts/animations available. 
    There have been many changes to the dialog, with an effort to keep the original spirit of the game while continuing to replace the machine-translated texts.   As far as the quests, they are fully functional, though a good portion of the dialog and quest messages had to be rewritten.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    The player may have issues when using the system with Lovers with PK Extender due to its built-in lovers embrace feature.  The player may also find him/herself in trouble with nearby citizens or guards if the 'Immoral Guards' mod is in use.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    There are three .esp version of this mod, two that use the "Modular Beautiful People" mod, and one the does not.  Use only one.  And whichever one you use, have its filename set to 'LoversProstitute.esp'.  And if you choose not to use the default .bsa but one within the Other Textures folder in the download, have its fulename set to 'LoversProstitute.bsa'.
    Again, the NAME of both the .esp and .bsa must be LoversProstitute.
    Included within the download is a copy of the original LoversProstitute.zip translated by HanPL.  Also included is a new Modder's Document, "How to make a Prostitute" which discusses the several points needed to create a prostitute.    So anyone wanting to make a hooker or gigolo add-on... GO FOR IT!
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Version 0.25  - Original Version by A Mage in his 30s
    Version 0.25a - Translated Version by HanPL
    Machine Translated Additional dialog and quests converted into English  
    Version 2.0   - Edits by LongDukDong
    Reworked all known dialog Repaired/Cleaned the two quests Cleaned the scripts of Machine Code garbage (NEW) Added an INI system to handle sex positions and more (NEW) Introduced the first 'male' prostitute in the mod  
    Version 2.1   - Additional Edits by Fejeena with advise & testing by Sladen2019
    Eliminated unneeded rent scripts conflicting with other mods Relocated two structures for Better Cities compatbility Removed MBP dependency for No-MBP version Fejeena Custom No-MBP version with Anvil Bar still in Anvil Harbor (NEW) Graphic content for Anvil Bar  
    Version 2.2   - MBP and NoMBP versions.
    Rewrote dialog and QUest for No-MBP and Fejeena versions Rewrote handbook for structure's new locations Fixed dialog for prostitutes denying client on gender Added more factions, now existing in every major city (NEW) BSA file now included (based on Fejeena's work) (NEW) A 'How To' document for making a prostitute added (INCLUDED) A copy of the original LoversProstitute mod.  
    Version 2.3   - Faction Fix
    Corrected factions applied to two NPCs appearing in Bruma Corrected readme on which esps are and are not MBP using  
    Version 2.4   - Current Versions:  Book Fix
    Corrected name of Church in Leyawiin  
    OBSE 20 better Oblivion.esm Shivering Isles.esp Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better MBP 1.4a and MBP++ .098a    (Unless No-MBP versions)  



  13. Lovers Bed Player

    This is just a quick and dirty alteration of lovers bed I made to allow the player to have sex with an NPC when they get into bed with them.
    You still need the .ini file from the original mod here http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15113-lovers-bed/
    Due to the way I've gotten this to work, you will also need to install see you sleep http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42649/?
    Have fun



  14. Nusbie Sound Pack

    Not mine, but I already uploaded this to Mega and post a link a while ago. This is the best loverspk voice sound pack out there for Oblivion, so I thought it should be available for people to access.
    Since the file is larger than 100MB, it had to be split into several parts in order to upload to loverslab.
    To Re-Join the files, use this http://www.hjsplit.org/windows/



  15. More Realistic Rape Sounds

    More Realistic Rape Sounds by Tirem12 v0.66
    This is a set of replacement rape sounds for the Lovers framework that makes rape victims sound as if they are in actual distress/trauma. I was dissatisfied with the default rape sound sets included, as they sound mostly like normal sex, so I used some free voice samples to create replacements.
    As of v0.66, this pack contains replacements for voicesets ns1-ns4. ns5 and ns6 are not currently supported, but the other sets may easily be copied over. Each set included has sounds for all 5 stages, so allocating some time to the second and third stages is recommended to appreciate the progression.
    ns1 is the highly afraid and submissive voice set- she knows that she can't stop it and is just trying to endure it, knowing a scream would result in her being harmed.
    ns2 is the standard voice set- she makes multiple pain noises and the occasional despairing cry for help.
    ns3 is the chatty voice set- she is constantly saying no, pleading, screaming for help, etc. All in vain, of course.
    ns4 is the low/throaty voice set- she starts out in distress, but as the stages progress, her evocations change from despairing to erotic as her body betrays her.
    Permission is given to use these sets in whole or in part anywhere else, with or without credit.
    Just extract to the Oblivion folder and allow it to overwrite the existing sound files, or convert to an omod and use a mod manager.



  16. CrimeModsPatch

    Lovers with PK.esm
    M.O.E. - Realistic Law Enforcement - Part Two.esp

    I made this patch for LoversPayBandit, Player Slave Encounters, Dialog Tweaks and M.O.E. Realistic Law Enforcement Part II.
    It enables all dialogue options available that would get overriden by any other following required mods. I tweaked PSE dialogue so it
    refelcts back on mechanics of the mods combined.

    Just put it below the listed required plugins. This esp can be merged into Bashed Patch but I highly advise against it.
    Having Lovers plugins imported by Bashed Patch was bad thing to do and PSE relies on LAPF.
    Also you don't need PSE-LoversPayBandit patch. It is already included in this mod.

    LoversPayBandit and Lovers with PK creator(s) and developers



  17. Prowler (Lovers Biko tweak)

    Warning: this file is provided "as-is", with no guarantee of support or update. I don't know enough about Oblivion modding to really help with any issues, and I only made this alteration for my own personal use in a current Oblivion playthrough (for role-playing).
    Version 1.1, the most recent file, hasn't been thoroughly tested and should be considered "alpha" at best :-)
    A simple modified version of Lovers Biko 1.0 (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/96-lovers-biko/). Expands the script to choose one of ten random animations, instead of using the same animation each time. Also adds a check to see if the character is paralysed or knocked down, and if so uses two alternate animations that reflect that altered state better.
    V1.1 also includes a very basic detection check (read "Known Bugs" below, this feature may cause issues), meaning you can be caught attacking your victim and reported to the guards. Previously, as long as you weren't detected making the attack, people and guards would just walk by you in the middle of the street and not bat an eye. Make sure you follow them somewhere you won't be disturbed! May not always work 100% of the time, due to the way Lovers sometimes brings voyeur NPC's in.
    Additionally, victims will 'flee' once you have had your way with them, although this isn't currently working as intended and characters don't currently run away :/
    There are two versions of the V1.0 plugin, "Essential" and "Full". "Essential" uses only the five animations I felt best fit. "Full" uses all ten, including five that fit but weren't as rough/forceful as the others.
    There is only one version of V1.1 currently, "Full". Until it is air-tight and working properly, it'll just be "Full" for now (although Creation Kit savvy folk can simply tweak the scripts to only use the "Essential" animation list)
    I made this alteration for my own personal use whilst replaying Oblivion, but I figured why not share it!
    Known Bugs
    - Any companion/followers that can "detect" the player will most likely be picked up by the detection script and will most likely report the crime. Trying to find a more elegant way of doing this, but my knowledge is very basic. For now, if you plan to go around stalking women at night, leave your pal at home
    - Once or twice during testing a voyeuristic guard came to spy, but didn't report/acknowledge a crime happening. Might be due to how Lovers does this, not something I want to mess around with as it'll affect other plug-ins.
    LAPF version 1.6a1 is essential.
    OBSE v20 or higher needed for LAPF (http://obse.silverlock.org/)
    No DLC required.
    How to Install
    Place EITHER "Lovers_Prowler_Full" OR "Lovers_Prowler_Essential" in your Oblivion\Data folder, then enable the plugin using either the Oblivion launcher or your mod manager of choice.
    Functionally identical to "Lovers Biko" -- so only works against a female NPC (I may try to remove this check in future versions). Approach an NPC and press "L" -- you should get a message informing you that the character is your mark. Follow your mark until they're somewhere out of sight and press "L" again to strike, but be warned if you are spotted you will face a hefty fine and even time in jail. You must be undetected to initiate this; and you can be caught mid-act!
    All credit goes to the original 2ch author (unknown?), the Lovers Lab community, and gregathit for the original upload.



  18. Lovers Primal Urge

    This is a mix of Lovers Calm and Galgat Beast Rape.
    The difference, all sex is consensual, and instead of a cream you need to wash off, you use a spell.
    The spell will force you to all fours and invite nearby animals the use you. Cast again to end the effect.
    Calming hostile animals works the same, block and activate.
    No gender checks.
    NEW VERSION 3-23-16
    Sort of
    Realized there was an issue with SetBody bodies where it wouldn't start. The new version works with SB
    Update 5-18-16
    Version ending in sb2, I noticed some sex was still rape, oops. It is now all consensual. If you are in 1st person, it will now put you in 3rd like in LBGW, and it now unequips pants (lowerbody) and shoes (foot)
    Update 5-31-16
    The SB2TT has a timer adjustment. I noticed the animals usually just jumped right back on. If you feel there's too fast of action happening (animals chain raping) this will give time between



  19. Lovers Jealousy v01.04f

    Lovers Jealousy v01.04f


    == Description ===========================================
    It is an add-on to make jealous NPC.
    You can buy jealousy Rings from all merchant which have 1000+ gold. ( also bartenders, Guild merchants,...)
    Seems there is no spell or dialog option to give the ring to an NPC, so use MCS spell "MCS Order" and choose "trade" http://www.loverslab.com/topic/1569-mad-companionship-spells-mcs-extension-humantouchnpc/
    NPCs with a jealousy Ring become jealous when you have sex with other NPCs.
    Read and see pictures here ( old version 01.02g) http://www.loverslab.com/topic/1647-outdated-lovers-jealousy-0102g-english/
    Original japanese Readme and Goggle translated Readme in the download file.
    == Requirements============================================
    OBSE v20
    == Credits =====================================================
    HanPL for most translation work ( v01.02g ) I translated only the new dialogs in v01.04f
    Original japanese author: Baked rice cake



  20. No MBP LoversMagic 0.66e and 0.67 versions

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Requirement for all version: "Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP", or the succubus/ incubus will have "I have no Greetings" after you talked to her/him the first time.
    ( there is only one succubus/ incubus Greeting to add topics. It set to "say once". You can remove the "say once" flag with CS or TES4Edit.
    Or you add a new Greeting.
    Or you use "Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP" and the succubus/ incubus use many different "Adult Play Plus" greetings.
    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Mod discription , all Versions.
    How to start:
    Find NPC "Elemena Hurler" in ICArcane University ArchMages Tower Lobby.
    You buy the book "Grimoire of Lover's Magic" and read it.
    Now you have some spells.
    With the "LM: Essence Drain" you can drain Sex-Essence during sex. ( The spell toggles the drain effect on or off )
    And with the "LM: Summon Succubus" you summon a Succubus/Incubus who can teach you more spells if you have enough Sex Essence.
    Other NPCs:
    "Festivia Cato" can be found in the Arena District, she sells Lockpicks, teaches Mercantile to 100 and buys nearly everything.
    The Count of Skingrad son "Mesudoras Hassildor" with his 2 Succubi ( Celia and Lady). He has a interesting sword "Masamune" 1hand blade, damage 30.
    New in versio 0.67
    Some script fixes/improvements
    6 new dialog lines
    The two girls in the Skingrad County Hall have clothes. ( no BBB. Replace them if you don't like the clothes)
    No MBP version LoversMagic 67 Succubus ( female )
    Dialogs: Succubus and slaves/sex dolls calls you Master or Lord.
    A german version and a english version.
    german version: nur original Oblivion Namen in Deutsch, z.B. Imperial City, Arena District = Kaiserstadt - Arenaviertel
    Nicht die neuen Bücher und Dialoge.
    File: LoversMagic67 No MBP Succubus.7z
    No MBP version LoversMagic 67 Incubus ( male )
    Dialogs: Incubus and slaves/sex dolls calls you Mistress or Lady.
    A german version and a english version with human Incubus ( human legs)
    Incubus use Imperial textures / imperial race
    And a german version and a english version with Incubus with hooves
    Incubus use a new race with own textures
    -Lowerbody hooves "clothes" with LAPF animatable erect penis (I wanted a always horny Incubus)
    To make the clothes unstrippable during sex use the Lovers spell "Sence Sexual Exploits(Contact)" and click "Set Their Equipment Unstrippable"
    (If you don't like permanent erect penis you must change it yourself: Delete the Lowerbody clothes, use SetBody target spell or Blockhead to give him a flaccid penis hooves body,
    add a LAPF hooves body, use spell "Sence Sexual Exploits(Contact)" and set choose the LAPF hooves body for the Incubus)
    -New mesh for the IdolSkull longsword.
    ! In the folder"Incubus with horns" is a mesh replacer if you want a Incubus with horns (Satyr)
    german version: nur original Oblivion Namen in Deutsch, z.B. Imperial City, Arena District = Kaiserstadt - Arenaviertel
    Nicht die neuen Bücher und Dialoge.
    File: LoversMagic67 No MBP Incubus.7z
    Old 0.66 versions
    No MBP version LoversMagic 66e
    A german version and a english version.
    german version: nur original Oblivion Namen in Deutsch, z.B. Imperial City, Arena District = Kaiserstadt - Arenaviertel
    Nicht die neuen Bücher und Dialoge.
    Fix 12.Sep 2015 : fixed about 10 untranslated dialog lines.
    File: LMagic66e No MBP and fixed Script D.7z
    No MBP version LoversMagic66e Incubus Version
    My version, if you don't like it don't use it.
    I play female characters so I wanted a male Succubus.
    Description: LoversMagic Incubus Human version (english and german version)
    Male succubus- Incubus
    Used Imperial textures
    Dialogs changed: Master to Mistress
    Installation: ONE esp in your data folder.
    Description: LoversMagic Incubus with hooves version (english and german version)
    -Male succubus- Incubus race with own textures (body, head, ears)
    -Lowerbody hooves "clothes" with LAPF animatable erect penis (I wanted a always horny Incubus)
    To make the clothes unstrippable during sex use the Lovers spell "Sence Sexual Exploits(Contact)" and click "Set Their Equipment Unstrippable"
    (If you don't like permanent erect penis you must change it yourself: Delete the Lowerbody clothes, use SetBody target spell or Blockhead to give him a flaccid penis hooves body,
    add a LAPF hooves body, use spell "Sence Sexual Exploits(Contact)" and set choose the LAPF hooves body for the Incubus)
    -New mesh for the IdolSkull longsword.
    -Dialogs changed: Master to Mistress.
    ! In the folder"Incubus with horns" is a mesh replacer if you want a Incubus with horns (Satyr)
    Installation: One esp and the meshes and textures folder in your data folder
    (and if you want the Incubus with horns copy the the meshes and textures folders from the "Incubus with horns" folder in your data folder)
    File: LoversMagic no MBP Incubus.7z
    german versions: nur original Oblivion Namen in Deutsch, z.B. Imperial City, Arena District = Kaiserstadt - Arenaviertel
    Nicht die neuen Bücher und Dialoge.
    Slammer64; Thanks for the translation of almost 1000 dialogue lines.
    His MBP version: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/1580-loversmagic-066e/
    Pictures: Incubus body-clothes, sex with Incubus, Incubus with horns, new longsword mesh



  21. LoverFolllowersMJDJJ

    Requires: Lovers with Pk.esm
    Simple Breton Sex compatible follower.
    I got real motivated and worked on this hard a few days, and then I realized I could run New Vegas on this computer so... Use at your own risk.
    What does this do? Well, it should add a follower in Bruma that a quest will guide you to.
    There is a simple item you need to acquire for her to follow you. Figure it out; come on it ain't that hard
    (This item will be deplenished somewhat each night at midnight.) If she runs out of it, she leaves.
    You need Lovers with Pk to use this. Her sex topics are somewhat (very) undeveloped. You can, however, select the show other topics dialogue ( if she's following you) and use sex topics from other mods.
    Normally I'd give as many non-spoiler hints as possible, but there is a quest that starts up and shows you right where to go. If you are lost or pissed feel free to post, but (keep in mind Im not actively developing this at the moment); and if you call me obscene names I'll probably not answer
    That being said, this sucker seems to work fine for me, but the mod specific sex has not yet been randomised. I was starting to set up mod specific anim groups and then got bored and installed New Vegas.
    This is a resource like just about anything I make.
    If you do post or remake or whatever parts or components of this mod, I only ask one thing.
    If you use the same id's or whatnot and there will be conflicts just let the end user know so that we both have less headaches. Good luck with this pile of mess.
    I am not sober at the time of writing this readme, but I was sober when I created and used this mod for several days. If it totally fails to work, it's be cause I'm failing to list a requirement or I'm a retard, or you are. Feel free to publicly shame me and/or insult my mother.
    (Actually I wouldn't insult my mother, she's scary mean.)
    (Currently only one follower, and don't hold your breath about me getting back into working on this or finishing it up.)



  22. LoversRapeSlave Satyrist version

    [Mod Name]
    LoversRapeSlave Satyrist update
    [Date Released]
    [Download Site]
    Removed error-checking script, will see if that causes any problems.
    Added more varied enslavement dialogues - with variations for some races.
    An update to the version of LoversRapeSlave included in the LAPF Supplimentals pack, the included ini file is now loaded, the chance of enslavement can now be modified by various factors. The
    enslavement responses have expanded (and are now in english).
    There is an optional visual effect that plays on a successful enslavement.
    Hopefully, the script load has been reduced.
    [Details on mod]
    The ini file now includes a number of options:
    xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.SlaveAverageCount = how many times the victim must be raped to enslave them (but see below)
    xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.ConfidenceMult = how much the victim's confidence reduces their chance of being enslaved
    xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.PersonalityMult = how much the attacker's personality increases the chance of enslavement
    xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.VampireMult = how much the attacker's vampirism level increases the chance of enslavement
    xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.MaceMod = how much the attacker owning the Mace of Molag Bal increases the chance of enslavement
    xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.AftermathEnabled = are there after effects to being raped (counts for any rape inflicted by the player)
    xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.SlaveInfamy = amount of Infamy gained from enslaving someone
    xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.SlaveVisual = set to 1 to turn on visual effect
    xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.debug = turns on debugging message (only shows enslavement chance in console ATM)
    The chance of enslavement occurring is:
    #times victim has been raped x d% >= SlaveAverageCount x 50 +victim Confidence x Confidence multipler - attackers Personality x Personality multiplier - attackers Vampirism x Vampirism multiplier -
    Mace of Molag Bal modifier
    Finally, the original mod had a script that checked all actors in the same cell as the Player, if they had a slave token but were not in the player Slave faction they were added to the faction, if they were in
    the faction, but did not have a slave token, they were removed from the faction and their disposition towards the player adjusted.
    This script was running every frame, it should now run every 15 seconds.
    [Change Log]
    Initial update
    [Known issues and bugs]
    Not sure what it will do with other enslavement mods.
    [Tools Used]
    Construction Set
    Use as you will
    [Manual Installation]
    Decompress into Oblivion\Data
    [Manuall Uninstallation]
    Remove the files from Oblivion\Data and Oblivion\Data\Ini
    [Future Updates]
    [Mods Required]
    Lovers with PK
    [Recomended Mods]
    Lovers RaperS
    [Frequently asked Questions]
    Thank you to whoever originally wrote LoversRapeSlave
    Readme Generated with DarkSaber2328's Readme Generator



  23. LSMN

    LoversStalkerMN v1.5
    (aka. LSMN)
    The Short description:
    Allows npc or creature to rape other npcs. (the N=Npc)
    The basics:
    An occasional scan of surounding actors is made and the median responsibility
    determines if a rape is possible. So in an imperial barracks, not much
    action, but on the waterfront, anything is possible. Every effort has been made
    to NOT trigger a rape during a combat situation.
    LoverswPK! (and all that goes with the basic install of it.)
    Optional: If using WappyOnes RaperS- Version 1.71 or later is required.
    Load order: Tested just above LoversWpk.esp
    LSMN Long description:
    This can be run alone or with LSM. It can redirect an LSM stalker away from player.
    Uses similair scanning methods but excludes the Player. No actual 'stalking'.
    Warning: High settings in low responsibility areas can lead to orgy-like mayhem.
    This plugin was made with LAPF. It may work with earlier versions, but not sure.
    Note: This is a final version (1.5). I will fix bugs if needed, but further development will be on the combined LSM/LSMN plugin.
    WappyOne, Ichabod, Gaebrial, Galgat, for helping me learn more about OblivionScript
    and the elusive LwPK API.
    The original creators of LwPK and Joburg.
    The LL family.
    A special thanks to Ashel and Mr. Patience (gregathit)



  24. Lovers Immoral Sisters Special

    Lovers Immoral Sisters Special (no MBP)


    Now original 1.04g is also NO MBP
    original 1.04gVersion http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/213-lovers-immoral-sisters/ YOU DO NOT NEED IT !
    Lovers Immoral Sisters Special Version 1.04g ( No MBP )
    Scripts and messages fixes
    everyone who downloaded before 2 Oct 2015, please download the corrected esp here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19847-lovers-immoral-sisters-special/page-3?do=findComment&comment=1337518
    In the Special Version:
    added clothes, statues, doors ( see Pictures )
    Installation / you need:
    LoversImmoralSisters v1.04g special.7z
    install LoversImmoralSisters.esp and meshes,textures folders
    Lovers Creatures 2.0 (it is not a master file but you need it for creature sex !)
    Load order:
    Lovers with PK.esm
    Lovers with PK.esp
    old Version 1.03
    LoversImmoralSisters Special ( no MBP)
    file: LoversImmoralSisters no MBP special v2.7z

    Immoral Sisters is incompatible with - The Gold Crest - A Major Pirate Quest and Unique Landscapes - Bravil Barrowfields.
    Pictures: see Support Topic post 2
    Rebel O'Conner - Porno Replacer for Tamriel Statues
    Edhildil - Dibella and femalewarrior(Altar to the Nine) statues
    kingkong for the mesh fix
    Translation by Slammer64,Gregathit and me



  25. No MBP Lovers Immoral Guards 1.01G-1

    No MBP Lovers Immoral Guards 1.01G-1
    original MBP Version http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/202-lovers-immoral-guards/ YOU DO NOT NEED IT !
    Changed the races to Vanilla race copies.
    Changed NPCs hair and eyes (and some faces)
    NOT changed the Master-file entry (Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm)
    you need:
    Lovers with PK - LAPF
    The loversimmoralguards.ini in the data\ini folder
    The LoversImmoralGuards.esp and the included empty"Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm" in the data Folder
    (if you have a "Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm", perhaps you use 1-2 MBP races or a hair/eye mod, do not override your "Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm" )
    Load order: here in the spoiler: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/?do=findComment&comment=100862
    !!! NOTE: Any Lovers with PK plugin not on the above list should be safe to install just above Setbody.esp - unless the mod author has a specific load order mentioned in the OP or readme.txt of their plugin.
    So right after or above "LoversImmoralSisters.esp" should be fine.
    English Version: LoversImmoralGuards101G-1 no MBP EV.7z
    German Version: LoversImmoralGuards101G-1 no MBP DV.7z
    Nur Vanilla Namen sind übersetzt (z.B.Schenke zum Schlechten Omen oder Schloss Choroll, Kaserne) , Dialoge sind englisch.
    LoversImmoralGuards101G-1 no MBP male Version
    I made this Version because I play females and wanted male immoral guards.
    Changed the NPC races to Vanilla human race.( Imperial, Redguard, Breton and Nord. Yes racist, no Mer and Animal races in the Cyrodiil army )
    Changed all NPCs to male.
    Installation: read the "no MBP male version readme.txt"
    in the LoversImmoralGuards101G-1 no MBP male.7z is a english and a german esp.
    Stupid Author
    Original Translation by HanPL
    Version 1.01G translation by Slammer64
    Version 1.01G-1 updated scripts by JSmith20142



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