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Adult oriented Fallout 3 mods that add or modify existing quests

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  1. Vault 101 Collar [FO3]

    Vault 101 Collar

    - When you leave the Vault 101 usually you will do it now naked and collared.
    - If the player opens containers there is a chance that the container is trapped and a collar is equipped onto the player.
      If the player is already wearing a collar, than the state is getting worse.
    - Whenever you are defeated by enemies there is a chance that they equip a collar on you. If you are defeated you can say "bye bye" to your equipment
    - The player can create silly stuff, which can be used to undress some NPC's and get  the armor, helmet or weapon (they will redress lateron).
    - Some settings can be changed using the coffee machine in the superduper market
    The worst thing that can happen is an explosive rainbow collar or an explosive pink collar.
    The pink collar usually is equipped by "Somah the Slaver". (It only makes sense to finish this quest with at least 16 points !)
    A pink collar is also equipped from elder Lyons, to ensure the cooperation with the Brotherhood of steel. With the pink collar the player cannot go everywhere !
    A rainbow collar sometimes is equipped from Tobar the ferryman.

    I do not know how this mod will "feel" with a complete playthrough, since the mod is  only partially tested, but that already takes hours and hours.
    A new game is recommended, also you must place the mod last in your load order since lots of system scripts and system dialogues are changed or overwritten.
    I guess there are still a lot of bugs and incompatibilites included, while already a lot are removed. Consider the mod as an  playable alpha.

    I recommend not to disable the console, one of the quest in the pitt DLC hung and I need the command 'setstage' to continue.

    Sometimes mainly in doors, strange effects visual or sound appeared. Than I saved the game and reload the save to continue.
    The robot donkey can follow you into point lookout, and into the pitt but not into every place or DLC ! The robot donkey often looses the name after reloading
    (problem with the setname function - no solution). In that case command the robot to wait, than command to follow.
    Credits goes to
    ComputerDeathglare for the collar textures
    Jokerine, for some modders resource I've used



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