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Skyrim oriented mods that replace or add new armor or clothes

411 files

  1. [UUNP] Addon for Grandmaster Wolven Armor 2

    My addon files for the Grandmaster Wolven Armor 2.
    Grandmaster Wolven Armor 2
    Install the original mod with your mod manager.
    Delete everything exept for the textures folder from it.
    Unpack now my files and drop them into the original mods folder.
    Build it with Bodyslide and Outfit Studio.
    Special Features
    - outfits with vagina collision
    - separate pants
    HDT High Heels Version (speeds up SL scene start) use the non HDT High Heels esp
    and overwrite the esp in Main file if you don't have HDT High Heels.



  2. [UUNP] BDOR Oblivion and Solar Knight by Team TAL

    Two UUNP conversions i made six month ago.
    BDOR Solar Knight by Team Tal
    BDOR Oblivion by Team Tal
    Install the original mod and my files after it.
    Special Features
    - outfits with vagina collision



  3. Skyrim Content Compendium Enhanced Edition

    In this compendium, there are more than 13 armor sets and about 30 weapons. This update completely re-does how the armor is integrated into the game. Standalone versions of everything in this compendium can be found in my other downloads.
    This mod edits several vanilla NPCs as such it is recommended to load this after any NPC mods for the full effect.
    I am not uploading this mod to four different places (AFK Mods, LL, Steam, and Patreon). Download it from Steam.
    Install manually or with a manager. Install the update to fix some issues.
    Special Edition
    Special Edition version is available on my Patreon.
    Black Fox Armor: Worn by TG members and the random encounter thieves
    Heavy Vampire Armor: Worn by high level vamps
    Elven Eagle Armor: Worn by high ranking High Elves and Thalmor
    Light Daedric Armor: can be found on dremora warlocks encountered throughout the game
    Light Dwarven: Found in the Hall of Rumination in Blackreach, as well as Breya during the quest Unfathomable Depths
    Light Iron Armor: Found on Arvel the Swift and can be crafted.
    Lord Tristrum's Armor: Located in White Ridge Barrow during the final encounter.
    Royal Bonemold: Found on the body of Gratian Cairellius and Captain Veleth in Raven Rock.
    Thalmor Armor: Worn by most of the named Thalmor (Ancano, Ondolemar, etc)
    Lapis Lazuli Armor: Found on Kharjo
    Fine Steel: Worn by Hired Thugs and can be crafted 
    Elite Daedric Armor: Found on high ranking Dremora throughout the game (College questline and Velehk Sain)
    Demonsbane Armor: Can be found in the Soul Cairn at the entrance to the Ideal Masters' Maze.
    Miraak Cultist Standalone: High ranking Miraak Cultists wear it
    Dragonguard Armor: Can be found in the lake near Fort Dawnguard
    Steel Soul Sword: Hall of Rumination
    Aetherium Sword: In the Aetherial Forge
    Silver Arrows: Crafted
    Dwarven Proto Saber: Hall of Rumination
    Ebony Katana: Crafted
    Dwarven and Orcish Falchions: Can be found on NPCs and crafted
    Elite Daedric: Crafted
    Demonsbane: Can be found on the same NPC that wears the armor
    Elven Eagle: Crafted
    Fine Steel: Crafted
    Tristrum's Weapons: White Ridge Barrow
    Daedric Bow Stormsong: Can be found somewhere in Sovngarde



  4. Sleaveless Schoolgirl Outfit (From Various Resource) for CBBE HDT

    See screenshot for outfit
    there is from 5 source, Fix and Modified by me ^^.
    Credit and Outfit
    Black Desert Online - Marine Romance (White and Black). Hepsy - Schoolday Outfit (4 Colour). Neon Outfit From Final Fantasy Origin by Kanbara914 (2 Colour Black and Gray). Osare Outfit - Sleaveless 7 Colour + 2 Skirt Variant (14 in Total), Into Single Body Slot. Hunter's Arena Dara. No Hot Pants for Loose Version by lezisell. Summer Festa with 2 Variant by lezisell.  
    Undies using Osare (Black and White), compact into single outfit (Body Slot)

    Loose Version is Compatible with Remodel AIO.
    Loose Version also Have Transparancy Effect for Osare and Black Desert.
    Neon Outfit is Moved Here. so the Old esp file is obsolete. Osare Panties use same texture as Original. it will be replace prompt. it's a same file actualy. Original Osare Schoolgirl is Long Sleave with Seperate Skirt Slot. in my modification it's a same body Slot with 14 Variant in total. (See Sceenshot) Original Neon Outfit like Dark but sometimes Grey. so I made 2 Option.  There is many Model from Schoolday Outfit (Original is UNP made by Hepsy). I only put Type 4 Sleaveless Version and use CBBE HDT model.  



  5. Skimpy Outfit for Beyond Reach for CBBE HDT

    Female Outfit Replacer for Beyond Reach. Loose Version for Underwear Remodel AIO Mod.
    See ScreenShot for Simple Description.
    Note: if you installed "Underwear for Female" in the middle playthrough. you should "Resetinventory" in console to female NPC.



  6. Dragon Quest and Crown Sorceress Outfit for CBBE HDT AIO

    There is All in One Outfit Including Alternate Texture (DreamBurrows and felixttf) for CBBE HDT.
    Loose Version is for Remodel AIO mod.
    Credit: DreamBurrows, Backsteppo, and felixttf.



  7. Skimpy Outfit Replacer for "Project AHO" CBBE HDT

    it's simple female outfir replacer for Project AHO mods. Loose Version is for Remodel AIO. 



  8. Judge Gabranth Armor from Final Fantasy XII

    Female use CBBE HDT. Loose Version is for Remodel AIO

    Stats Bigger than Ebony but Under Daedric. can smith with Ebony Perk Category.
    Another ESP file is Replace "Ebony Warrior" outfit and Weapon. 
    Original Model and Texture by WhiteMageSunny.



  9. z23 Dungeon Explorer Outfit BHUNP

    This is a simple armor mod I made using Bodyslide/Outfit studio and misc assets I found. The armor is modeled after a skin for Azur Lane- z23 "Upgrade Failure?!". I tried to make it as close as I could to the artwork currently made for the skin, with some slight creative liberties taken. As far as lore friendly-ness is concerned, the armor uses leather and steel for its entirety of materials, so do with that what you will.

    HOW TO OBTAIN: currently you have to use the console. Try using help "dungeon explorer" to get the Id you need
    Depending on your bodyslide preset for BHUNP, you may need to edit the mesh if there is clipping. However, for most reasonable presets there shouldn't be any issues.
    The normal maps don't work right on the steel parts. I do not know how to fix it.  If you know how please leave a comment
    Also of note is that I made this using BHUNP version 2. Your milage may vary if you are using a newer/older version. 
    I am not responsible for you manually installing everything or not making backups. This is just an armor mod, so it shouldn't break your game even if you decide to uninstall it later.



  10. Detroit: Become Human outfit for CBBE HDT

    Chloe and Kara outfit. Including Her Variant. Loose Version for Remodel AIO. see screenshot.
    Credit: by DaxProduction and Quantic Dream.



  11. DS Gwyndolin Moonlight Set HDT by DKnight13

    DS Gwyndolin Moonlight Set is added to Skyrim. The Moonlight Set comes with the Moonlight Robe, Waistcloth, Gloves, and the Crown of the Dark Sun. The set can be crafted and tempered under the Daedric Smithing Perk. The set comes with full HDT-PE to the Crown, Robe, and Waistcloth. No weapons. 
    NO LONGER BEING UPDATED!!! Please see All-in-on pack: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dark-souls-pack-28440619
    Original contents from the Souls series' Dark Souls, by From Software
    Mesh Rigger by KGTools: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87672
    Bodyslide and Outfitstudio by Ousnius and Caliente: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015
    HDT Physics Extension by HydrogensaysHDT: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000
    HDT Skirt Bones and xml file by @Graviczapa Dark Souls armor sets and Witch Set: https://graviczapa.blogspot.com/2018/07/dark-souls-graviczapa-dark-souls.html 
    HDT bones and xml file by @Team TAL's Dark Souls/Blood Borne assets: https://www.patreon.com/takealook   
    Pictures taken by @smokeybear187



  12. Yuna Outfit AIO From Final Fantasy X and X-2 for CBBE HDT

    There is 3 Outfit into single ESP File.
    Summoner, Gunner, and SongStress (3 Colour). Including All Variant.

    You can Replace  the ESP file if use 3 of them. Loose Verison for Remodel AIO.
    Credit by yunaffxqq25 as Original Creator.



  13. Yuna Gunner Outfit From Final Fantasy X-2 for CBBE HDT

    Buy from Winterhold Collage Merchant. Loose Version For Remodel AIO Mod.
    Has 2 Variant: Short and Skirt. See Screenshot

    Original Model and Credit By yunaffxqq25



  14. Skimpy Armor and Clothing for Here There Be Monster - Loose Version CBBE HDT For Remodel Armor AIO

    Simple Despription: See Screenshot.

    There is Include all 4 "Here There Be Monster" Mod by Araanim. Original Mod Needed and Replace "Female Outfit" from here.

    Fit for Underwear from my outfit modification "Remodel AIO"
    Several Texture and Model Modification to make better Skimpy looks.

    Just let me know if encounter with issues. sicnce I'm not test the mod well.
    Original Mod Link:
    Here There Be Monsters
    Here There Be Monsters - The Call Of Cthulhu
    Here There Be Monsters - Sign of Cipactli
    Here There Be Monsters - Trollhunter



  15. Final Fantasy XIII Outfit for CBBE HDT AIO

    This is Merge File from 8 Outfit into 1 Single File ESP file.
    The Alternate, Variant, and Loose Version Incude.
    Copy Base File Including ESP file Choose Alternate Variant Model Inside Named Folder
    Credit Belong to 3D Artist in Deviant Art, Cadnav, Free3DModel and Square Enix as original developer.



  16. Project Zero Fatal Frame Outfit for CBBE HDT

    9 Outfit with Loose and Miku Alternate Version:
    Miku Hinasaki From Fatal Frame 5 (Outfit and Boots) Miu Hinasaki From Fatal Frame 5 (Outfit and Boots High Heels HDT) Misaki Aso From Fatal Frame 4 Remaster (Outfit and Boots High Heels HDT) Misaki Aso Old Model From Fatal Frame 4 (Outfit and Boots High Heels HDT) Yuri Kozukata Schoolgirl From Fatal Frame 5 (Outfit and Boots) Yuri Kozukata Default From Fatal Frame 5 (Outfit and Boots) Ruka Minazuki From Fatal Frame 4 (Nacklace, Outfit and Boots High Heels HDT) Ruka Minasuki Tube Top From Fatal Frame 4 (Outfit and Boots High Heels HDT) Fuyuhi Himino From Fatal Frame 5 (outfit and Boots High Heels HDT)  
    Buy From Collage of Winterhold Merchant.
    There is Alternate Version. Loose Version is for Remodel AIO Mods.
    Default Fit Sleaveless Version for Miu, Miku, Fuyuhi and Yuri Schoolgirl Skirt Version for Yuri Kozukata Default Loose Version with Sleveaveless Wider Arm.  
    Credit by: U653748 for FF5, and oOLeonValentineOo for FF4.



  17. Aera Mirus Fleuret, Stella, and Lunafreya Nox Fleuret Collection Outfit From Final Fantasy XV

    for CBBE HDT. Simple Description see Screenshot. (including Alternate Model).
    Loose version is works for Remodel AIO
    Can Buy from Collage of Winterhold.
    Credit and Creator Model from:
    yunaffxqq25 for Luna Ingame FFXV Outfit Including Luna Young and Wedding.
    Snacks for Luna's Casual Kingsglaive Outfit and Stella Nox.
    KarlamArt3D for Luna Invetetion Outfit from King's Glaive.
    Wilaw and XiNafay for Stella Nox Corset Model.



  18. Goblin's Crown - Goblin Slayer Outfit

    RZ workshop Anime & Manga series mod
    This is an armor outfit mod from a popular franchise [started as online textboard game] " Goblin Slayer "
    I started it creating in spring 2019 and the same idea started bombarding game mod communities quicker than I had to finish it. So I reworked some ideas to match the later OVA. Model inspired by original and cosplay design.
    This is an outfit armor mod with optional RM face preset to create a follower or MC. I recommend TKTK face texture.
    unzip - drop files from archive to your Skyrim data folder
    Use ItemMenu if  you don't want to find and craft armor. It requires "Steel perk".
    Delete files from meshes\textures folders (romeozero\Goblin Slayer) and delete esp
    "NOTE -----------------------------------------------------
    Choose "RM archive preset" file - for creating a Racemenu character or a companion or similar ideas. . 
     - any adventure mods like Campfire and others for realistic travels 
    Bad-ass armor outfits Signature short sword Signature shield   Journey tools and Backpack for adventures.  Animated RageFx  for Riekling lairs or slaying Riekling Crown or badass screens  Can be equipped both by male and female human character  bodyslide support and SAM  version for Special Edition  Frostfall outfit system support PERMISSIONS 
    This mod is for Loverslab community and Pixiv community.No distribution to other sites, share links to original upload sites only.
    No modification of this mod can be made for online sharing without author approval. Do it strictly for your PC & your game.
    Care to support
    Toss a coin to your modder for inspiration & commissions (Paypal Rubles) 
    Kumo Kagyu (蜗牛くも)
    Noboru Kannatuki (神奈月昇)
    bad-ass Cosplayers for inspiration
    ZeroFrost (bag asset), HIDETO84
    Tools Used:
    3Dmax, Substance Painter, BS OutfitStudio



  19. Heavy Vampire Armor

    Bodyslide files are available on my Patreon. 

    A small mod that adds heavy vampire armor based off of a mix of normal vampire armor and ebony armor.
    Male and female compatible. Male model is slightly different from female model.
    This will (eventually) be integrated into my Content Compendium.
    You cannot craft it (like regular vampire armor) but you can find it on high level vampire bosses. It is not enchanted and does not contain a head piece. It's counted as Ebony armor by the game.
    I will eventually add an Ebony Circlet so you can get the Matching Set bonus with headgear.
    Suggestions are welcome as long as they aren't stupid.

    Feel free to port this to Special Edition on the condition that A) it's not posted to the Nexus and B) it's not Discord-exclusive, C) you give me all credit and D) you notify me.

    I specifically forbid tesall.ru, skyrim.2game.com, devillord.tistory.com, and NexusMods to host this file in any way. This game modification for Skyrim is protected under international copyright laws. A DMCA will be filed against any website privately or publicly hosting this file and its media, including screenshots, other than that which I specify.



  20. BDO Atanis Female Armor Expanded

    Makes the previously male only top and pants available for female characters. Also adds a version of the belt and pauldrons without physics. After installing you need to build the meshes with bodyslide first. Requires BDO Atanis Female Armor UUNP.
    Optionally you can get AI upscaled textures here BDO Atanis Remastered SSE by SavrenX.
    Known Issues: 
    There is some clipping as the original armor is fit to the body rather loosely and I had to choose between clipping or invisible body parts. Not sure yet if I'm going to refit the armor and fix these issues.
    Siegmeyer - BDO Atanis Female Armor UUNP
    Kasprutz - BDO Atanis Male Armor



  21. Yuna Summoner Outfit From Final Fantasy X CBBE HDT

    Yuna Outfit From CBBE HDT. it have 7 Version
    Full Default (simmilar like Final Fantasy X in game) Full Default Low Cut more Lowcut but still Default Full Loose (simillar like Default but no Underwear and Loose). Full Loose Low Cut (Similar like Loose but with Lowcut top). Skimpy Loose (She Wearing a Short Skirt, No Back and No Hand Attachment). Skimpy with Obi Loose (No Hand Attachment but with Back) Skimpy with Bbi and Hand Attach Loose (Full Loose but with Short Skirt)  
    Her Arm Attachment Using Default Expert/Master Mage Model from Skyrim since Yuna Hand Attachment is so long, and make it weird sometimes. but I use the same texture as Yuna Have. All Loose Version is used for Remodel AIO Mods. that support modular underwear.  Support for Unofficial Skyrim Patch Her Outfit can buy from Mage Count in Collage of Winterhold  

    Credit Model and Texture Made By Onion365 Thanks to Him/Her for Great Mod.



  22. Thalmor Armor Sets

    Notice, an improved version of this is available on Steam.
    Loved the thalmor robes + elven gauntlets, but it sucked that the robes weren't armored.

    Also like the thalmor faction, but they only have robes and no armor sets.
    The existing mods for the robes either are just ESP edits, or are too excessive or ugly.
    For those who don't like mine:
    Manual, please. Stop using NMM/Vortex, they both suck donkey ass. You can use Mod Organizer/MO2, but I can't promise this will work if you do.
    You can craft it out of an Elven Armor and a Hooded Thalmor Robes.
    Textures & Compatibility
    This will use any textures you have installed. I recommend aMidianBorn Book Of Silence.
    This adds two torso armors
    - Light
    - Heavy

    This also adds a unique hooded version to that thalmor asshole Ancano at the college of winterhold.

    If you would like it added to any other notable or random NPCs I will add a plugin.
    Please ask before porting this to SSE. Do not upload to Beth.Net or any other website. I am giving a good friend of mine permission to upload this to the Nexus at his discretion.
    If this is put on any other website I will file a DMCA against the host.
    Unless otherwise specified, this mod is (CC BY-NC-ND).



  23. Yuna SongStres From Final Fantasy X-2

    It's for CBBE HDT. Loose File is for Remodel AIO Mods.
    Avaliable with 3 Colour. Buy From Fetcler in Solitude. it's  Clothing Type Outfit. (Boots and Outfit) 6 in total.
    Credit and Original Creator by yunaffxqq25



  24. Julia Chang Outfit From Tekken

    For CBBE HDT. has 2 Version Fit and Loose. Loose is for Remodel AIO
    Has Amulet, Earing, Armor, Gloves, and Boots.
    Get From Drunken Hustman Whiterun or Fetcler in Solitude. level 7 with Leather Stats.
    Credit by Pedro-Croft



  25. Tifa Lockhart Cowgirl Outfit from Final Fantasy VII

    for CBBE HDT. with 2 Version Fit Default and Loose Version for Remodel AIO
    Sold by Drunken Hustman and Fetcler. have Leather stats but better.
    Including Head, Curiass, Boots and Arm.
    Credit by Oo-FiL-oO



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