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Adult oriented Fallout: New Vegas mods that add or modify in game companions.

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  1. Acies Daedric Bitchs Companions

    First i do have acies blessing to use his mod to create this.
    This mod is made for tale of two wastelands update for FNV and Fo3
    This mod will not be compatible with acies origional mod because its his mod upgraded not an addon please support his awesome clothing and hair mods.
    I am trying to figure out how to script in some quests
    Due to glitchy scripting for companion mods and such for now because i really like the setup of jip companion control so the mod has no dependency on it but youll need it to run the girls.
    ones a hacker ones a lockpick ones a medic all fighters one uses energy weapons
    Put them in relax and talk to them youll get to see some sexy dancing.
    You can choose to equip them yourself or use there default armor witch does lvl up with them. They level also and increase not just choses stats but all stats.
    They grow slowly over time though ill probably speed this up.
    There will be updates.
    I really need help working on this for quest and code please follow it on github
    Check acies files also 



  2. Companion Custom Race Replacer

    Use at your own peril, there has been reports of lots of things breaking that I have absolutely no idea how, since this isn't my complete work.

    I only took Fake Plastic Trees ESP and changed the looks of ED-E everything is on the work on the original author.

    Anyways have fun if you want to try this out.

    Well I was thinking about making a replacer for ED-E for myself using the popular Daughters of Ares custom race that is absolutely gorgous.
    I simply took Fake Plastic Trees ED-E esp and change quite a bit.
    Now includes several other custom races that I think are amazing as well!
    Now also includes Veronica and Cass Replacers!


    I don't know why exactly but you'll have to fire her before you enter the Weather Monitoring Station at the Fort. I never had the problem so dunno. But some users are reporting this issue.
    Some people have been reporting firing issues, where even after she's automatically fired she'll still follow you. Please save before these points, like DLC's just to be safe.
    The companion quest-line ED-E My Love sometimes and probably will trigger extremely prematurely, but you can still do the quest just fine with no issues.

    Changes to ED-E
    Now uses (Insert Custom Race Here), so when you fix her up she's a nice and sexy android.
    Removed all the items from inventory (for all three variants of Ed-E) You gotta gear her up.
    Changed Initial class to Vault Dweller, original was prostitute....

    Changes to Cass
    Now uses (insert custom race here)
    Removed her hat since it would cause to be bald. And no one wants that.

    Changes to Veronica
    Now uses (insert custom race here)
    Removed her hood since it would cause her to be bald...

    The Custom Race Stated
    If using Daughters of Ares Replacer, lings is required as well.

    Optional Plugins:
    Daughters of Ares - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/53683 (Requires Lings)
    Lightning Race - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/27071-ed-e-custom-race-replacer/?p=709408
    Jill Valentine Race - http://lsquall.deviantart.com/art/Fallout-New-Vegas-Jill-Valentine-Mod-Release-1-3-301554921
    ME3 Miranda Lawson Race - http://lsquall.deviantart.com/art/Fallout-New-Vegas-MOD-Miranda-Release-V1-436328320
    ME3 Female Shepard Race - http://lsquall.deviantart.com/art/Fallout-New-Vegas-FemShep-Race-346468784
    ME3 Liara T'soni Race - http://lsquall.deviantart.com/#/art/Fallout-New-Vegas-MOD-Asari-Project-Liara-T-Soni-344570697?hf=1
    Willow - A Better Companion Experience - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/41779
    ED-E Replacer Sexout Options (Remove if you want) Requires Daughters of Ares.esp in your load order. See change-log for more details.

    She's in the Mojave Express Office AKA Nash Residence in Primm.
    You'll need quite a high repair/science to fix her up.
    Her appearance will vary on what type of body you have installed.
    Some of these custom race replacers WILL have a neck-gap/seam unless you have a type 6 body installed.
    Recommended Mods:
    JIP Companions Command and Controlol, Gives much more versatility and controbility to ED-E.
    Fake Plastic Trees ED-E Original Mod (Don't need but it's nice to see documentation for questions)
    AlpenGlow ENB
    NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash (need I say more?)
    T6M Equipment Replacer NV (Daughters of Ares only works with type6 armors)
    Thanks to for the creator of LIngs.
    Thanks to Singlar for his esp file which I based it off on.
    Thanks for all those amazing people to whom I merely linked my ED-E's race to!
    Mainly to you Shepard! Your custom races are absolutely gorgeous!
    By no means is my work to be replicated, reproduced, or redistrubuted to other sources without my explicit permission.
    You are free to modify my work to however you see fit for personal use.



  3. Type N - Wendy Gilbert

    Type N - Wendy Gilbert
    Converts all custom outfits for Wendy Gilbert companion to Type N.
    Wendy Gilbert
    Type N

    No esp, simple mesh replacement. Install Wendy first, then install this on top of it.



  4. L.E.A.N.E Droid Beta

    L.E.A.N.E Droid
    *Human version not included*
    Daughters of Ares
    A companion based on the Daughters of Ares mod created by lucasjose501
    The companion can be found in the Goodsprings Prospector Saloon
    Copy all the contents of the mod folder to New Vegas Data folder.
    Remove the following from the data folder:
    - Daughters of Ares.esm
    - L.E.A.N.E.esp
    - L.E.A.N.E.bsa
    Known Bugs
    - You cannot change the light color on L.E.A.N.E
    Change Log
    Version 6
    - Potential Save Game bloating fixed.
    Version 5
    - Framework for Pulse Rifle Upgrades added.
    Version 4
    - Pulse Rifle Projectile Fixed.
    Version 3
    -Companion Wheel Wait and TRADE commands fixed.
    Version 2
    -Companion Wheel Added.
    -Pulse Rifle Added.
    Version 1
    -Initial release.
    Ark of Truth: L.E.A.N.E Droid Mod Author, Coding and mod building
    Mailamea: L.E.A.N.E Droid Mod Author, FaceGen and appearance upgrades
    lucasjose501: Daughters of Ares
    DaiShiHUN: Tau Pulse Weapons



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