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Armor & Clothing

Fallout: New Vegas mods that replace or add new armor or clothes

17 files

  1. Acies Atomic Heart Twins

    Atomic Heart Twins ported to FNV. The mod comes with the robot full body, a wearable jacket and bodysuit that is only compatible for the robot body.
    Find a case with the outfits on Doc Mitchell porch.
    NV Compatibility Skeleton
    Maybe not needed but it's what I use and I can't do anything if it doesn't work without it.
    Known Issues:
    The weighting makes it resemble clothes more than metal but I'm not skilled enough to fix this.
    Do as you like, using common sense and as long as you don't profit off of it. If you use any asset from here you can't charge anyone for them, etc. Everything should remain free and accessible to everyone.
    Atomic Heart Twins https://twitter.com/predator14_96/status/1629257205017968640?s=20



  2. Acies Clothes Pack

    Alternate Drive Download Link
    I am releasing the clothes I have been using on my screenshot since the pack is relatively big. Well actually it went a little out of hand, so the file is large to download. I has about 15 outfits I have been picking from all kinds of sources. I'd appreciate if someone would post alternative download links that are less of a hassle.
    Any Type body. I use Type4 for seamless races.
    NV Compatibility Skeleton
    High Heels Script (not required but the heels will clip on the floor without it)
    Item Explorer to get the outfits, since they aren't added to any in-game location
    Maybe not needed but it's what I use and I can't do anything if it doesn't work without it.
    Known Issues:
    I am only releasing this because people want the outfits I ported, but these aren't perfect, have clipping, some are too high poly and will lag your game. I don't intend to fix any of that, this is more like a dump than an actual work. Some outfits might have missing meshes, I don't know. Nothing will be fixed, so the pack comes as is. Feel free to fix, release, improve it etc.
    Do as you like, using common sense and as long as you don't profit off of it. If you use any asset from here you can't charge anyone for them, etc. Everything should remain free and accessible to everyone.
    Minidresses https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/47376
    Succubus outfit https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49535
    Horns https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14221
    French Maid https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/10556
    Queen Marika https://www.patreon.com/posts/full-inu-queen-77578364
    SPB Bunny https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2174-spb-heart-girl-for-unp-jiggle/
    ED Horns https://twitter.com/Eriayai/status/1163161407954837505
    Ninin Outfits https://niniskyrim.blogspot.com/2019/11/nini-stuff-12.html
    Bazoongas After School https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-596.html
    Atronach https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/114429
    Devious Devices https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/15078-devious-devices-le-52/
    Hermit Huntress Outfit https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12852



  3. My Clothcollection 2017 Edit

    This file requires the original to work;
    You should also look for every update/conversion related to the file on LL even if you don't plan on using them. Other authors seemed to have corrected errors (specifically missing textures) as well.
    Hopefully this gets added to the original version as an update at sometime in the future.
    I started rebuilding Fallout New Vegas after years away and I wanted MyClothCollection by Alex3874 as a possible replacer for some of the in game clothes. I remember a lot of problems in the file from the original and I wrote the author at the time with a fairly detailed correction list. Some of the problems may have been corrected but I found several are still present in the latest version I could find.
    (Please note I am using the T6M conversion for the original. If you look at all the different conversion files on LL you will see different textures being added. My edit only covers what I couldn't find in the other files.)
    In the Esp I redirected the coolhair51.nif to the proper file path.
    Character- I added 2 body texture sets that where missing that the esp called for in game. This may be due to a download problem but it happened twice so I added them as a simple precaution.
    Bikini- The American flag was backwards in my game.
    Gantz- I added a left glove texture. See Mesh for reason.
    Loxis clothes- The textures in zxdong seemed to be place markers. (Solid colors that made little sense.) I found what I think are the actual dds files and placed them accordingly.
    Mantrapbear- The collar texture was pulling from a texture that was ok but miniture belt buckles and gaps were showing so I made a modified version.
    Nida Schuuetlich- Textures missing. Pulled original from Nexus Mods.
    Trooper Outfit- Boot texture missing. Copied a replacement from a exact duplicate boot texture already in the file.
    Yes Mistress- LeatherCatsuit missing. Copied a replacement from a generic leather texture already in the file.
    Characters- Coolhair51.nif was pointing at wrong texture paths.
    Trooper Outfit- In both Type3BB Clothes All and Falloutgamecloths every nif texture path points at "OUTFTI" instead of "OUTFIT". Corrected in both sets.
    Bikinni armor- Corrected texture paths for necklace.
    FO3-Oblivion- Conversions for Type3- Corrected texture path on right hip charm.
    Gantz- The nif file for the left glove seemed to be missing the object. I downloaded the original from nexus and another site. All are missing the object. (I don't know if this is on purpose.) I found a similar glove in the file and used the original texture to match the right glove. It's better than nothing but not great.
    Ladoutfit- Corrected texture path for the _n.dds path.
    Mantrapbear- This mesh now points to the collar texture I made.
    Yes Mistress Lux edition- Corrected texture paths.

    Hopefully this gets added to the original version as an update at sometime in the future.



  4. F:NV - DW7 Ma Dai Modern DLC Playermodel

    Got too excited when I saw the new koei game, looked around and found out the Warriors games are rippable


    This is a test drive, and it works perfectly for Fallout New Vegas.



    Found within the lockers of GoodSprings Schoolhouse
    Models rights go to Koei Tecmo



  5. Life is Strange Facemasks

    Facemasks from Life is Strange

    They have no facial animations and are best used with a seam concealer


    I'll continue to update this, as I extract more characters and port them :v




    Chloe & Max



    They're within Goodsprings Schoolhouse Lockers

    credits to Dontnod Entertainment for the models



  6. Playable Companion Clothes

    Looks like KDC took down his mod that set companion outfits to playable so you could dress them how you like. I remade it from scratch.
    It comes in two flavors - a regular New Vegas one and a TTW one covering the vanilla TTW companions. The TTW version is all-inclusive so there's no reason to have two ESPs clogging up your load order, and it of course requires TTW to be installed. There is no special requirement for the NV version.



  7. Redfield Biker_v1.0

    There might be some errors in this mod. This my first time n i give permission to
    everyone to use and edit this. just give me creadit too.lol
    How to get clothes: press: (`) not the brackets. then type:
    (player.additem xx000add #) not the brackets! were the (xx) is the
    load order number. (#) is how mutch u want or need.
    enjoy :-)



  8. KitsumimiProject Morrigan Suit and Wings

    This is the Morrigan Aensland BnB Costume + her wings + Bat hat
    3 colors, 2 different Body types
    The Nekomimi Project Installed first
    Then KitsumimiProject Bodies installed second
    Found in the Minikaka Playroom On top shelf
    Make sure this Esp is UNDER KitsumimiProject Bodies



  9. Maid for Hire BnB

    BnB Version Only
    Found in goodsprings Gas station has always
    I made Maaany colors in 2 editions too
    and many 4 different look
    With apron or without apron without plate or not
    You need compatability skeleton



  10. Holy Lancer

    There is no Bnb Version since it didn't show at all
    i made 4 or 5 different colors
    Use the Knuckles i included to be able to melee with the Dual Weapons i made
    There is a Glowing shield backpack +100 carry
    Or dual glowing Swords that you can hold in 2 different positions
    But you will need to equip those Knuckles with it since they are in fact Gloves



  11. Mecha Warrior BnB

    Mecha Warrior!
    Multiple Colors!
    2 version BnB or No Bounce only choose 1
    You will need compatability skeleton for BnB
    Found in Goodsprings Gas Station



  12. Mecha Fox BnB

    This is a Convertion of Oblivion Mecha Fox to Fallout New vegas =)
    There is 3 version
    1 with default grey color + BNB
    1 With my Black and pink or Pink and black Retextures + BnB
    And With No Bounce
    You will need compatability skeleton for BnB
    Found In Goodsprings Gas Station has usual =)



  13. Mad Moxxi and Fiends Cyberpunk Outfits

    Mad Moxxi and Friends Cyberpunk Outfit for Type 3
    Non-port, from scratch outfit based on characters from Gearbox’s Borderlands games.
    Compatible with Breeze and all the Dimonized variants – Type 3, Type 6, etc.
    This mod contains no assets taken from Borderlands. All meshes and textures are either personally created using Blender and GIMP, or adapted from other assets for the Fallout games. I think a simple glance at the texture files will show they are not professionally done, haha.
    This mod adds three outfits and sets of headware into the game, as well as adding three playable races. The Moxxi Race adds the preset shown in the screenshots. The Moxxi Race is specifically female, as is the outfit. The Psycho race and outfits come in male and female.
    The new version includes Tiny Tina, as a playable child race. The outfit is also equipable by adults, although not fit to the adult body. The headgear has child and adult variants, due to the different shapes of the head. (The pose in the title pic is included -- playidle jotinapose01)
    The new update also includes Tina's bunny bombs, dropable detonator bombs, with a re-textured bunny detonator. There are a few included with the outfits, and they are craftable at a work bench with a high enough explosives level.
    Outfit Location
    The outfits are located in a suitcase in the Goodsprings Gas station, on the shelf straight forward from the door upon entering.
    The primary file is marked as an esm, so the playable races do not have the bad neck seam issues. I have also uploaded a version of the file that only includes the outfits, does not add the races, and is just an esp. It is in the optional files.
    I have another file that will change Red Lucy into Moxxi. She will not match the preset, in favor of preserving her original facial familiarity.
    Topless Equality Version
    In the interest of . . . gender awareness, I have included in the files a version where the female is not wearing a top, to match the male. If you'd prefer to use this one, then you can rename the files included in the mod. Go into the following folder: data/meshes/jonasclothes/borderlands. There is a file "psychooutfitf", and a "psychooutfitf_topless". To switch versions remove the first, and then rename "psychooutfit_topless" to "psychooutfitf". Both variants are available in my compilation mod Kristinas Closet, which is currently only on the Nexus.
    I may continue to add to this file as I feel like. You're welcome to leave requests but do not expect them or demand them to be filled. I make these whenever I feel like making them. I would guess that my next will be Mordecai.
    I will not convert to Type6, Alice, BNB or whatever, but fully support somebody else doing such. Just please kindly ask me, if for no other reason than I like to know what’s going on. I’ve never turned down anybody yet, but it’s the polite thing to do. I will not allow or condone a sexy Tina variant. She is 13 years old.
    Breezes Males for NV --- http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/35451
    And Type 3 or Type 6 variant female replacer
    INSTALLATION – If FOMM or NMM causes you problems, then follow these manual install instructions.
    Download 7-zip or winrar
    Extract the files, drag and drop the Data folder in your New Vegas folder and allow for merge and overwrite as necessary. By default install, the New Vegas folder is located here:
    c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas
    Activate the “jomadmoxxi” data file in FOMM, NMM or the launch menu.
    DE-INSTALLATION -- erase the esp “jomadmoxxi”. Find in your data folder the appropriate characters/borderlands and jonasclothes/borderlands mesh and texture folders. Delete the orderlands folders. If this is your only mod of mind, you can delete the entire jonasclothes folder. Feel sad.
    Thanks and Acknowledgements
    Dimon99 for the Type 3 body, backsteppo for some modifications to that.
    R18PN (Kurese) – Who made the original meshes and textures for the stocking, and the bra.
    Backsteppo – Who made the original gunbelt used.
    GlossHouse, especially Xazomn and Kendo2, who made the Moxxi race texture and the heart pendant, respectively.
    Modder Nuska for the women of the wasteland project, where I got Tina's face texture from.
    LazMonk and rans13bg, who made the Tribal Tattoos for Type 3 and Roberts respectively, used for the psycho race.
    Lovers Lab for hosting all this stuff.



  14. Kendo 2's Sexy Leather for Type3

    THE REPLACER VERSION adds a reworked version of the vanilla female leather armor. The waist has been narrowed, more definition added to the ass, and the man-hand leather gloves replaced with my personal versions based on dimon99's smaller female hands. There is an optional file that adds sexy elevator boots too. There is NOT a male model replacer.
    THE FULL VERSION adds two new models for both Type3 (CaliBoobs) and Breeze Males (it will work with vanilla males too). Both sexes get reworked textures and normal maps. I also included a matching eye patch for both sexes.
    The armors are available from a fully-voiced vendor on the street in Freeside, close to Mick and Ralph's.
    dimon99 for Type3 and the smaller female hands meshes
    humannature66 for the manicured nails meshes
    Breeze for Breeze Males
    Kendo 2 for everything else
    None. This is not a resource.
    Effective 13 March 2016
    I will no longer be providing mod support or otherwise communicating publicly on Lover’s Lab. All support questions and other comments will be handled HERE. My absence from Lover's Lab either by accident or design is not to be interpreted as permission to use my uploaded content as resource material. This shall commence immediately, effective 13 March 2016.



  15. Sinblood Venomous Armor Type3 Cali Boobs

    This is NOT a full NV version of Sinblood's original FO3 mod. The only meshes I redid are the outfit, the gloves and a new ground mesh for the collar.
    The outfit and collar are located in the Goodsprings School House, on top of the safe.
    Credits go to dimon99 for the original Type Cali body, Luchaire for TypeV and Sinblood for original FO3 outfit.
    DO NOT upload this or any of my other work to Nexus.
    Effective 13 March 2016
    I will no longer be providing mod support or otherwise communicating publicly on Lover’s Lab. All support questions and other comments will be handled at Bad Apple Mods. My absence from Lover's Lab either by accident or design is not to be interpreted as permission to use my uploaded content as resource material. This shall commence immediately, effective 13 March 2016.



  16. Slammer64's Distributed Necklaces

    Alright, time to update this puppy, It's with great pleasure that I'm releasing beta v.03 for general testing of a mod I think almost everyone will enjoy, my distributed neck seam hider mod. It's based off the work of Exeter's Neckchain's and Drag's Neckseam Concealer's and as stated on their page's at the Nexus, they have both released their mods for use as long as they are credited and I do so. I couldn't have created the meshes or textures as I don't have an artistic bone in my body, so all due credit should go to them. As of right now there are only 7 hiders in the mod for females and 6 for the males. I'll need bug reports in case I fouled something up, so don't be afraid to tell me I fucked up. After downloading the mod, place the meshes/textures in the data folder as well as the .esp. The esp, since BOSS won't recognize it should be placed approximately in your load order around the added armors section, where neckchains.esp would go normally. If you are using Exeter's Neckchains, you should disable his mod before testing mine. This should not overwrite any other assets, but as always backup before you test. Sorry guys and gals, but if it blows up your computer, gets your cat pregnant, or any other silly stuff, it's not my fault!
    Oh, one more thing, before anyone asks, what this mod does is dynamically distributes necklaces (neck seam hiders) to all female and now male NPC's on cell load, rather like Neck Seam Concealers Expanded by Khettienna does for Oblivion. I'd like to thank Exeter and DragBody for the work on their respective mods, Minksi and AcidicMind for the help on the rescripting of the mod and in case I forget (which I did, the names anyway) I'd like to thank the modder(s) who helped with fixing my botched scripts. I'll leave .02 version up for those who want it. .v3.1 is up, fixing a scripting error pointed out by AcidicMind. Versionless fix uploaded, just drag and drop.



  17. Tactical Clothing Outfits Flags

    Fallout New Vegas with latest patch
    Tactical Clothing

    What does this mod do?
    This mod changes the flag shown on the left shoulder of the armor to the flag of your choice.
    Flag requests are currently being taken.
    Known issues:

    Can use this mod in your mod? No
    Can upload to another site without my permission? No
    Anything you want to know but not listed here? PM ME
    epockis: Tactical Clothing Mod Author



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