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  1. Yamete!

    => LE Version (V3.1)
    !V3.2 is a Patch and requires V3.1 to be installed first!
    Yamete! (Lets not talk about the Name)
    Yamete is a general purpose combat defeat mod, introducing new alternatives to Death for Player, Follower & NPC in any and every combination
    Knockdown Condition
    For an Actor to be considered "defeated" they need to fulfill one of the below Conditions. Each of them can be customized to design the Game in multiple different Directions 
    You will be knocked down when your Health falls below a threshold Unblocked only: Only unblocked hits can knock you down Melee only: ..but only if the attack you got hit by wasn't ranged Stripped
    You will be knocked down when you're wearing less than this many Armor pieces
    *Supports all Slots  
    Knockdown Mechanics
    Knockdown Mechanics are additional effects that can affect an Actor in multiple ways. They're mainly intended to be in a supportive Position, synergizing with a Condition
    Upon getting hit, you may lose one of your currently worn Items
    *Supports all Slots Drop or Unequip: If the item you lose should be dropped or unequipped Destruction Chance: Chance for an Item to be destroyed upon being stripped instead of unequipped/stripped
    *Items can be protected from this Option  
    Scenarios are used to properly define what exactly happens when you are defeated. Every Actortype can use their own Scenario
    Basic Available for: Everyone Details: The Basic Scenario forces the Victim in a SL Scene with their last Aggressor, after this Scene, the Scenario ends and fighting continues! Yay. Basic, isnt it? FleeInstant Available for: Follower, NPCs/Creatures Details: Upon Knockdown, a SL Scene starts with the Victim & the last valid Aggressor, after this Scene: The Victim will flee from Combat for a in the MCM Set Duration  BleedoutInstant Available for: Everyone Details: Upon Knockdown, a SL Scene starts with the Victim & the last valid Aggressor, after this Scene: The Victim will be forced into Bleedout until either the Timer runs out or Combat ends (depending on your MCM Settings)  
    Reapers Mercy
    Reapers Mercy is a Player Ability that allows you to assault any for you valid Target. It uses an individual Set of Knockdown Conditions and will override any other Settings in this Mod
    Actors that you attack while using Reapers Mercy will be essential for 3 seconds and upon Knockdown, will be thrown into Bleedout until you either free them or knockdown too many Actors (Currently, Reapers Mercy can hold 2 Actors at once)
    Victims knocked down by Reapers Mercy cant attack, are protected & shouldnt be attacked by anyone else. When the Player tries to interact with their Victim, they can...
    Assault: Rape the Victim Kill: Kill the Victim Free: Set the Victim Free  
    Known Issues
    Leaving Cells while an Actor is in Bleedout may glitch that Actor out, causing them to be stuck in Bleedout until forced to play a different Animation (e.g. Stagger). This Bug is caused by Havok being unable to reset an Actors Animations  while their 3D isn't properly loaded in. I consider this Bug to be impossible to fix in any reasonable fashion
    If you happen to know a simple & reliable Solution to this, feel free to contact me Requirements
    PapyrusUtil (included in SLF) Optional
    SL Framework  
    Billyy: For custom Bleedout Animations Previous Changelogs


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  2. Damsels SE - Followers alpha 0.1

    This should be a working prototype for my up and coming sexy follower mod.
    The plan is to add a handful of sexy followers that you as the player will need to rescue first before you can recruit them. They will be found all over skyrim captured by many different types of enemies, but-
    As of so far, again, this is just a prototype and I'm just trying to learn CK so I need help with testing just to make sure that the girls come out alright for everyone. There are only 2 girls in this version, Amber and Luna, and they can both be found inside breezehome. I can only advise testing this mod and using Alternate Start to just start out in breezehome, but if you want these two followers for your own then by all means.
    What I need tested;
    1. Make sure that they come out looking alright. No blackface. No missing hair.  etc.
    2. Take them out for a walk. They're already loaded with skills and spells. Just check if they play alright.
    Please and thank you. I'll be adding more girls and the actual rescue feature in the future.
    About Them
    Luna prefers greatswords and heavy armor, but should be able to heal herself and use oakflesh. If she has no weapons then it would be ideal for her to use bound battleaxe but I've seen her use frostbite instead.
    Amber is a mage with impact and the magearmor perks so expect stonefleshes and firebolts. Don't give her armor, use robes instead please. Also self healing.
    They SHOULDN'T hard require any mods, but obviously if you want them to be naked then you'll need a naked body replacer. The hair that they use is from KS Hairdos but you don't need it installed as the girls' hairs are packaged with them. 
    Edit 1
    Something happened. Their hair colors aren't right. Amber's eyes seem too high. I'll work on this.


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  3. Futa SlaveTats pack(WIP)

    A collection of Futa slavetats that I made! What's new below is highlighted in Yellow. New images has also been added I I used a cbbe body to make the tats so I'm not sure how the tats will look like on unp. This pack is mainly for people who is playing as a Futa or if the NPC are Futas as well
    In this pack there are two categories. One will say "Futa Dominant" and the other will say "Futa Submissive"
    In the Futa Dominant category the slavetats are:
    "My cock is bigger than yours"
    "Suck my Dick you bitch"
    "I'm going to fuck the cum out of you"( although this is a little small I may make the font a bit bigger)
    "I only Fuck Submissive girls who has a cock between their legs"
    "It ain't gonna suck itself"
    " The Bigger cock gets to top"
    In the Futa Submissive category the slave tats are:
    "My cock is useless"
    "Can you suck my cock"
    "Please Fuck the Cum out of me"
    "Good girls like me cum handsfree"
    "I may be a bitch with a big dick but I prefer to get fucked like a slut"
    "Touch my G spot with your Cock"
    " I suck girl cock only"
    " Enforce the rules on this bitch" (1-10 rules on her back that she must follow)
    "Make me choke on your cock While I stroke mine"
    "Cum on my useless cock"
    When updating from the old version. If your on vortex just update all profiles and this file will automatically overwrite the old one. I'm not sure how mod manager works so just disable or delete the old file to upgrade to the newer one
    There are currently 16 tats so far and I do plan to make more, plz leave me a suggestion in the comments/get support section if you have any ideas you will like to share and tell me which part of the body you want it as well
    When you install this be sure to click on the add/remove option of the slavetats mcm menu so that the pack can show up. This is my first mod that I've posted so I hope everything works. This works on Special Edition but I haven't tested it on Legendary Edition
    I Hope you enjoy!
    ps: I already fixed the d that was in "good" in the vid below

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.10.18 -


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  4. Zombie Waifu - playable race, follower, and summon spell

    What is this?
    This is Zombie Waifu.  This gives you Zombie Waifu playable race, a Zombie Waifu follower, and a Summon Zombie Waifu spell.

    Racial abilities:
    Frost Resist 50% Poison Resist 50% Disease Resist 50% Undead Curse: Raise a corpse of up to level 1000 for 1 hour. Hunger of the Undead: Eat corpses for health and regeneration bonuses (Namira's Ring effect)

    The follower and the spell tome can be found in Whiterun's Hall of the Dead.

    It comes with Bodyslide files, allowing you to modify your undead waifu to your liking.  It will affect the race, follower, and the summon.  The bodyslide is 3BA type.

    Textures are all 4k.  I will upload a 2k version if people ask for it.


    All records are new and nothing is being replaced, so it should be compatible with anything.  Follower is a standard follower, and so should work well with all follower system mods.

    3BA body and all of its requirements

    - As zombie race if you equip armor that uses the Body slot, you will revert to a normal human body but with the zombie texture.

    Thank You To:
    Caliente for CBBE and Bodyslide
    Ousnius for their SSE versions of CBBE and Bodyslide
    Acro748 for 3BA
    mrx16 for their skeleton body from Playable Skeleton Races
    HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion
    Bethesda for allowing me to live out my dream of a waifu with exposed hip bones
    Return of the Living Dead 3 for getting me into zombie girls
    Dumb people on the nexus who get offended and got themselves banned lul


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  5. Succubus Waifu - playable race, follower, and summon spell (with 3BA bodyslide)

    What is this?

    This is Succubus Waifu.  This gives you Succubus playable race, a Succubus follower, and a Summon Succubus spell.

    Racial Abilities:
    Succubus Claws: Unarmed attacks do higher damage. Succubus Scales: Scaley body gives 50% fire resist. Soul Suck: A life drain spell that also applies soul trap. Power, Seductive Whisper: Calm all people and creatures around you for a minute. Lesser Power, Fade Into Oblivion: Become Ethereal for 3 seconds.
    The follower, Delphi, can be found in Jorrvaskr partying with the Companions.  The spell tome can be found under Farengar's bed in Dragonsreach.

    It comes with Bodyslide files, allowing you to modify your succubus waifu to your liking.  It will affect the race, follower, and the summon.  The bodyslide is 3BA type.  Includes a bodyslide preset if you want to make her body like it is in the screenshots.

    All records are new and nothing is being replaced, so it should be compatible with anything.  Follower is a standard follower, and so should work well with all follower system mods.

    It probably requries everything that the 3BA body requires.  HDT-SMP and all those things.

    - As Succubus race if you equip armor that loses the Body slot you will lose some of the details of the body, primarily the various bone bits, piercings, and chest gem.  The texture will stay however, so in many cases it will be good enough.
    - The fangs are part of the same armature as the horns, and so they will not follow the mouth/lips.  This means you have to: A) adjust the mouth to be where the fangs are during racemenu, or B) use Outfitstudio to move the fangs to where your mouth is.

    Thank You To:
    Caliente for CBBE and Bodyslide
    Ousnius for their SSE versions of CBBE and Bodyslide
    Acro748 for 3BA
    mrx16 for their skeleton body from Playable Skeleton Races
    HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion
    MONSTERaider  for Feminine Argonian Textures
    Kalilies for KS HAIRDOS
    dint999 for New HDT Physics for KS-SG-HG Hairs
    artifex0 for Argonian Raptor Feet
    Sheite for Digitigrade Boots Set -Special Edition-
    PraedythXVI for Wearable Horns -SE-
    DeserterX for DX Succubus (Mazken) Armor
    DeserterX for DX Daedric Reaper Armor
    madutka for The Draenei Race
    DomainWolf for Community Overlays


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  6. Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition (for Skyrim LE, SE, and VR)

    Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition for Skyrim LE, SE, and VR (with Morality Guards)
    by mainfct and wpg97541
    Spectator Crowds
    This is a mod that make nearby NPCs notice sex scenes. The NPCs will gather around, cheer and speak some simple lines depending on the situation. They recognize the type of sex (blowjob, anal, etc.) as well as the sexual orientation displayed in the sex act (gay, straight, lesbian, bi) and have interjections for these types. Alternatively, NPC may frown on sex act in some public places. NPC will receive a fair bump in their Arousal when they are spectators.
    Both sex scenes involving the player and those involving NPCs will bring spectators. Spectators are progressively added as the scene goes on. The rate and the maximum number are configurable.
    Both Spectator Crowds and Guards classic and ultra (beta) are available for download.


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  7. Paradise Halls - Diary Of Mine [WIP]

    Introduction: This mod is an extension to PAHE for Skyrim. With SE use version 2.x with PAHE 8.x and version 1.9.3 with PAHE 7.5.9.  For Skyrim LE users altest version is 1.7.2 (download latest version, but SE plugin is 1.7.2).
    Here is a short list of what this mod adds to Pahe:
    - Personality traits to all unique NPCs and slaves. Personality traits make some slaves more receptive or resistant to training. As a consequence, training can be much slower than Pahe (but this can be adjusted in the DoM MCM menu)
    - More slaves mood: sad, ashamed, shocked,  broken, loyal, inlove
    - New means to train slaves: force strip, force to masturbate, praise, threaten, drink potion, drink alcohol, spells, ...
    - Make your own gang of thugs to whip your slaves or escort your slaves to your slaver den.
    Diary of Mine adds personality traits to all unique NPC and PAH faction actors. A non-voiced dialogue line "Let's have a serious talk" is added to the actors where the player can ask them about their personality and their feelings. Traits are based on the HEXACO personality model used in various psychological studies. There are 6 personality traits linked to 6 feelings. For PAH slaves, feelings will change depending on emotions and training. Traits can also change but at a much slower pace. For other NPC, traits and feelings are constant. In this case feelings correspond to their general feelings in life.  I also added 6 physical and psychical facets acting as emotion filters, so an actor can be calm but physically extremely sensitive. See the personality system section below for more details.
    The mod will add one new topic to all unique NPC "Let's have a serious chat" where you can ask them about their personality and their feelings. For PAHE slaves this same topic will give you more information. When asking a slave trait, the slave resistance and sensitivity to emotions and punishments will be quoted. As for the feelings they will be expressed in a very strong way and will vary depending on the slave training level.
    Two other topics, only for PAHE slave, "Listen to me, slave." and "Come here, slave" are available with different options. Those options are for roleplaying purpose. They often make use of animations and offers new way to train the slave or boost the training process. See below for a complete description.
    DoM also adds potions and spells to help the process of training slaves. There are four bewitching potions and they are all craftable from the bewitching alchemy bench found in Drela's cottage : Love potion, mind breaking potion, lust potion and lash potion. Drela's has been doign business with the bandits in Fort Greymoor, with the bandits providing the base ingredients of the potions. Unfortunately the last shipment of cabbage (one of the needed ingredient) never arrived and Drela feels the bandits might have betrayed him. He is very nervous and might attack on sight any unexpected visitor.
     New dialogues for NPC:
    Dialogue branch "Let's have a serious chat":
    "What kind of person are you?": Will give you information on the NPC traits. If the NPC has highest relationship rank with player, they will also disclose more personal traits (similar to a slave, see next section). "How are you feeling?": Will give you information on the NPC feelings. Their feelings will most often be in the average and they will simply reply "I am ok. I am a free person". Any other answer reflects a sensitivity or resistance to basic emotions, a useful information if you plan to enslave this character. Their feelings towards the player will also be displayed according to their relationship rank. "What kind of person are you, exactly?": NPC traits with numbers. "How are you feeling exactly?": NPC feelings with numbers. "I could use someone like you.": Recruit this NPC in your band of thugs. This option appears once you have asked the NPC "What kind of person are you?" and only his/her honesty and open mindness are sufficiently low. NPCs in love with you can also be recruited with this dialogue option.  
    New dialogues for PAH slaves:
    Dialogue branch "Let's have a serious chat":
    "What kind of slave are you?": Will give you information on slaves traits and sensitivity/resistance to different emotions, including sexual sensitivity and trainer abilities. "How are you feeling, slave?": Will give you information on the slaves training level and list their friends. "Enjoying your slave life?": Will give you the slaves status, with their number of punishments and available punishment reasons. "What kind of slave are you, exactly?": Slave traits with numbers. "How are you feeling exactly, slave?": Slave training stats with numbers. "I might have a better job for you.": Promote slave to thug. This option will appear once a slave is "loyal" or "inlove". Slave must be well trained for this to succeed, others might just take the opportunity to run away.  
    Dialogue branch "Listen to me, slave.":
    "You're a slave now, listen to me!": Threaten slave against running away, crying, not posing, ... One dialogue option for each reason. See "training tips" below for more reasons. The 12 options for threats are split in 3 dialogue lines all starting with "You're a slave now". "You'd better do what I say...":  Promise freedom, money or pain to your slaves in exchange of their cooperation. Not used yet. "You have been a good slave": Praise slave for last action: pose, sex, being in bondage without struggling, using slave idle, being a broken/loyal/inlove slave and not running away with friends. Try not to use it on fresh slaves or they will just think you are making fun of them.  For "shocked" slaves this dialogue will try to comfort them and make them recover to normal state. The number of praises will be increased by 1 unless there was "no reason" for praising. Counts as 2 number of praise if "no reason" and slave is shocked, for comfort. "You have been a bad slave": Try to scold slave for current reason with a small bonus in respect training as slave is grateful for not using pain punishment. This can be more efficient than physical punishments, depending on slave's personality, but also for well trained slaves. The number of scolds is increased by 1 unless there was "no reason" for scolding. "From now on you will only open your mouth when I tell you. Understood?": Tell slaves to stop expressing their feelings randomly when you are around. They might not be able to refrain though and you can punish them for that.  
    Dialogue branch "Come here slave!":
    "Let's rip your clothes off!": Plays animation to rip clothes off from slave. Slave might get shamed and will receive humiliation training. "Let's check how much you're worth!": Force slave into sexy pose and gives an estimation of the slave value in gold. Played animation depends on the slave resignation and humiliation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive resignation training. "Time for a body inspection": Plays body check animation. Played animation depends on the slave submission and resignation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive submission training. "Touch yourself!": Forces slave to masturbate. Played animation depends on the slave submission and humiliation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive vaginal training. After sometime masturbating, slaves might get aroused and receive a boost in sex training. Aroused state will cause the slave to blush. "You need to loosen up, have a drink": Order slaves to drink the first bottle of alcoholic beverage they found in their inventory. "Drink the potion I gave you": Orders the slave to drink a bewitching ppotion(love, lust, mind break or pain potion) from their inventory.  The first potion found will be used. To avoid any mistake give only one potion type at a time to your slaves. It takes roughly 1 hour game time to reach the maximum blood alcohol level, and it lasts a total of 4 hours. "Stop whatever you're doing!": Intended for debugging purpose, this option is intended to reset the slave or the player in case the animation went wrong.  
    Dialogue branch "Come follow your master": Take a slave assigned to a thug back at your service.
    Dialogue branch "Go with your trainer now!": Force slave to run to his/her master.
    Dialogues for your thugs:
    Dialogue branch "Let's talk about the slaves.":
    "Teach your slaves to fear the whip!": Thug will start punishing his/her slaves starting with the ones with lowest training stats. "This place is your base camp.": Set the thug base camp. "Got to your camp and wait for more orders": Thug will travel to his camp with his slaves and wait there. "I want you to take care of a few slaves": After choosing this option, go and see the slaves you want to assign to this thug and choose the dialogue option "Report to your new trainer". "Your merchandise is ready. You are all set": Thug will stop taking in new slaves. "I want you to hand over all your slaves": All thug slaves will come back at your service. "Which slaves are you taking care of": Thug will list his/her slaves. "Gather all your slaves": Force all thug's slaves to follow him/her.  
    Dialogue branch "I need you to do something for me.":
    "Follow me.": The thug will follow you. Thug's slaves will also follow you if you ask him to gather them. "Wait here:": Thug will wait here. and eventually sandbox. "Guard this area": Thug will wait here, walking around the area. "Fight for me and protect the merchandise": Thug will join player in a fight "Don't fight, focus on your task": Thug will not assist player in combat. Thug can still be attacked by hostile creatures and might join the combat in this case.  
    Dialogue branch "I need you to carry a few things.": Access the thug inventory.
    Dialogue branch "I don't need your services anymore.": Thug will be dismissed. Previous slaves will hang around the place, while others will go back to their normal life.
    Personality system:
    This mod adds to the slave training stats from PAHE, 2 new stats: humiliation and resignation: (notice the color code expressing links between stats, traits, emotions, ...)
    Main training stats: Submission, Fear training, Humiliation, Anger training, Broken (Resignation), Respect Extra stats: Vaginal, Combat, Oral, Pose, House, and Anal training  
    These six training stats are affected by personality traits as follow:
    Personality traits: Unlawful/Honest, Anxious/Calm, Shy/Lively, Mean/Kind, Lazy/Thorough, Shallow/Open  
    There are also 6 facet traits, linked to training stats in the same way:
    Facet traits: Weak/Wilful, Delicate/Tough, Frigid/Sensual, Dominant/Submissive, Needy/Bold, Stupid/Smart  
    Training stats will progress according to the personality traits sensitivity to the corresponding emotions:
    E:motions: Pain, Fear, Shame, Stress, Sorrow, Discipline  
    For free NPC, sensitivity to emotions/training stats are expressed as feelings:
    Feelings: Docile/Defiant, Nervous/Relaxed, Humble/Proud, Hate/Love, Sad/Happy, Victim/Free  
    Moods are also linked to personality traits in a similar way:
    Moods: Neutral, Afraid, Ashamed, Angry/Shocked/In love, Sad/Broken, Loyal (loyal and in love moods are signs of a perfectly trained slave)  
    For example honesty and wilfulness influence how fast docile feeling also called submission stat will be affected by the pain emotion. Or if you want to train your slave anger management, submerge her/him with stress. This is for direct connections only as more complex relations exist. Facets traits help define the corresponding personality trait further. A shallow and smart person will be conventional and calculating. While a kind and sadistic person might be a good listener when the evening starts, he/she might reveal a very different personality when taken to the bedroom. Facets also act as emotion filters, hence a tough person will be less sensitive to physical punishment and a sensual person will be more sensitive to foreplay.
    When asked about their personality, slaves will show their weaknesses and resistant to various emotions. On top of the 6 basic emotions above, there is:
    Anger: Used to determine when slaves get angry at you.
    Pressure: Used when slaves try to escape and trip while running away.
    Distress: used when slaves are shocked to decide if a trauma should be registered.
    Trauma: Used to determine the intensity of the trauma and the effect on personality traits.
    Unfairness: Used to determine the intensity of the loss in anger training, when punishing for no reason.
    Injustice: Used to determine how much anger is built up when friends are punished.
    Authority: Used to determine how slaves respond to orders and show respect.
    Pleasure: Gives a bonus to submission after sex training.
    Bondage: Used to determine the efficiency of training while in bondage.
    Confusion: Used when slaves body gets pleasure while their mind is trying to fight it.
    Manipulation: Used to determine bonus for scold and praise dialogues.
    Race bonus, those are chosen according to the Elder Scrolls race descriptions, feel free to suggest changes.
        Argonian = Gentle+10, Smart+10, Lively-20
        Breton = Lively+10, Wilful+10, Smart+10, Calm-10, Open-10, Tough-10
        Dark Elf = Calm+20, Smart+10, Lively-10, Sensual-20
        High Elf = Smart+20, Honest+10, Gentle-10, Open-20
        Imperial = Thorough+10, Open+10, Tough-10, Calm-10
        Khajitt = Lively+20, Wilful-20
        Nord = Tough+10, Honest+10, Bold+10, Lively-10, Thorough-10, Open-10
        Orc = Tough+20, Wilful+10, Lively-10, Gentle-20
        Redguard = Tough+10, Bold+10, Thorough-10, Open-10
        Wood Elf = Lively+20, Sensual+10, Smart+10, Tough-10, Bold-10, Open-20
        Vampire = Tough+20, Wil+15, Bold+10, Thorough+5, Honest-5, Smart-5, Gentle-10, Lively-15, Open-20
    Vampire bonuses are applied on top of race bonus. No traits can be below 0 or above 100.
    Additional bonuses apply for some recognized lifestyles: Noble, Counselor, Fighter, Artist, Merchant, Artisan, Tavern/Inn, Farmer, Miner, Woodsman, Criminal, Outlaw and Beggar.
    If you find a NPC with unfit traits, send me a message so I can arrange special bonuses.
    Training tips:
    If you use Thugs or HSH to train your slave, choose your task master and trainers wisely as they might have a big effect on the amount of training you will get. Make sure to use dishonest and smart slaves for task masters and dishonest and dominant trainers. Secondary requirements for task masters are low openness and low kindness. Secondary traits for trainers are not open-minded and bold. You can ask slaves "What kind of slave are you?", if they are good trainers or good taskmistress/master they will tell you. Trainers and taskmistress/master (from HSH or if they are one of your thugs) learn from their job and will have their traits altered for every time they train a slave. HSH training increases every 24h in a well run house, or every 2 days if there is no taskmistress/master.
    Sex training can be very slow if not done right. There is a bonus for the slave's mood, highest bonus is for in love, then ashamed, then shocked. otherwise, the type of training should be adapted to the slave mood, there is a bonus for doing anal on angry slaves, oral on sad slaves and vaginal on scared slaves. Use the dialogue "Touch yourself" to prepare a slave for sex training, it might shame them plus you will get a bonus for arousal. Naked slaves or wearing degrading clothes will be more prone to being ashamed. A good practice is: strip, force to masturbate, wait for arousal and sex.
    For other training stats, to help you get started you can focus on small punishment reasons like,
    - Reasons for punishment: "cowering", "begging to stop", "covering self", "being angry", "crying" (same color code as above)
    Respect can also be raised using the "tell slave" option rather than punishment or through the "Come here slave" dialogue. While "no reason" can make the slave angry.
    More important reasons will have a bigger effect on training.
    - More reasons for punishment: "no_sex", "didnt_fight", "refusing to strip", "running_away", "didnt_pose", "struggling", "not_respectful", "talking".
    Look for the corresponding notifications or the idles the slave uses to get a hint on what next punishment reason could be.
    Punishing tied, in bondage or posing slaves is more efficient.
    Punishing for "no reason" can make the slave angry and lower their anger training. Punishing a shocked or broken slave for no reason has no bad effects. Loyal and in-love slaves will also react less to punishment with no reason. If when starting  a punishment "no reason" is reported you can keep hitting the slave until they cry, cower, beg to stop or become angry, the new reason for punishment will be updated at the end.
    Slaves get training bonuses when reaching broken, loyal and in-love moods.
    Punishing a shocked slave is always more efficient. Telling them they have been bad will have close to no effect, but praising them for no reason will try to comfort them with a hug and make them recover from shock.
    - 1.0.0 initial release. Traits and feelings for all unique NPC and for slaves. NPC can be asked about their traits and feelings under the "Let's have a serious talk" dialogue.
    - 1.0.x More punishment reason. Equipment change awareness: naked, allowed to wear an armor or a weapon, forced to wear degrading clothes (for the moment only poor clothes) or Zaz devices. Personality trait bonuses according to race, previous job and employer. Non unique NPC are now randomized to avoid capturing the same bandit over and over.
    - 1.1.x Friendship between slaves. Spawned NPC now save their random seed in a faction so they should be identical when leaving PAHE and then reentering.
    - 1.2.x Praise/scold dialogue "Come here slave". Praising applies to good fighting, had sex (being a good girl/boy), was or is posing/bondage (being a good pet) and did not run away with friends. Check slave dialogue under "Come here slave" topic. Punishing for the same reason twice in a row has more effect.
    - 1.3.x Slaves have facial expressions according to their mood. More moods for slaves: sad, shocked, broken and In-love (see it as Stockholm syndrome). In addition to the usual ones neutral, angry and afraid. A slave in shock will be more receptive to punishment and less to scolding. You can comfort a slave in shock with praising. A broken or in-love slave will always follow your orders. Friendships are updated when player changes cell and only for the slaves in the same cell. New variations of text for slaves to express their feelings (thanks to AngelofMischief for suggestions)
    - 1.4.x AYGAS and HSH integration. HSH trainer and task master traits are taken into account, a mean and tough trainer should be better at this job. AYGAS slaves value depends on all training stats, it should be roughly half of the value you get through the "Check slave value" dialogue. Tears on sad and shock slaves. Two new moods: loyal (instead of inlove for slaves you don't have sex with) and ashamed. Shame your slaves by stripping them or punishing them while in bondage and have sex with them for a boost in sex training. New dialogue options under "Come here slave" for different poses and new ways to shame your slaves. New love, mind breaking, lust and lash potions, all can be crafted at the Bewitching Alchemy Bench. Normal alchemy bench won't work as you really need triskele carvings and the pink fumes for it to work. New persona alteration spells. Slave info spells works on non PAHE slaves and released slaves. MCM menu to turn on/off tears and training speeds. The more whipping the stronger the punishment. Explore Drelas' Cottage to discover his new hobby.
    - 1.4.9 LE plugin updated to 1.4.x courtesy of CliftonJD and LE behavior file courtesy of Stas2503
    - 1.5.x Slaves now share their feelings with random comments depending on their mood. Frequency depends on their personality; A shy and calm slave will share less. Not implemented for the LE version. Clarification of facet traits with the addition of the missing 6th facet : perversion direction between sadistic/dominant and masochistic/submissive. Added two options for disabling friendship and comments. Slaves masturbating have a chance of getting aroused for some time. They will blush if they are aroused and if you fuck them meanwhile you will get a training bonus. Tried to remove the most ugly tears. Friends of dead slaves will get very angry at master/mistress (even if it was an accident) and friends of freed slaves will have their trust boosted. A shocked/broken/loyal/inlove slave will react less. HSH training working. New dialogue under "Let's have a serious chat", you can be sarcastic and ask your slaves "Enjoying your slave life? They will answer with how close they are to be shocked/broken/loyal and inlove. They will also give you some stats about training and tell you if they have been bad or good. (see the 3 new screenshots)
    - 1.6.x Threat system, used to warn slaves of not doing certain actions: running away, crying, stop posing, struggling... Running away slaves now have a chance to trip depending on their response to stress. Praise/scold now can be more efficient than physical punishment if slave is sensitive to manipulation. You can now get your slaves drunk. Mead and ale are easier to swallow but less effective than wine, brandy or rum. Specials are the most efficient drinks if your goal is to get drunk. Drunk slaves are easier to subjugate and less prone to escape alone. On the other hand drunk slaves might be a bit too enthusiastic when seeing a friend trying to run away, and join them. In this case expect a lot of tripping. Split dialogue option "Come here, slave!" with new  option "Listen to me, slave.". Dialogue for deceive/promise is there but not functional. Slaves should not try to run away during sex. Non-combat slaves should now avoid combat.
    - 1.7.x Plugin adapted to LE, thanks to Nalios. Slaves can now have orgasm when masturbating or after sex. Their brain will melt and their personality will change every time it happens. To maximize the chance for an orgasm, order to masturbate, wait for arousal (blushes), and then sex your slave, preferably in ashamed or inlove mood. Except slaves to become more sensual, submissive and open after that.
    - 1.8.x Text widgets for slave notifications. Turned off by default, to use the text widgets instead of default Skyrim notification check the box in the MCM menu. Thanks to Gooser for letting us use his text widgets from Apropos2. LE version scripts are updated to 1.8.0 but the plugin file is 1.7.2. So LE users can not switch to the apropos widget notifications.
    - 1.9.x Thugs can join your gang and help you manage your slaves.
    I condemn physical and psychological violence of any form. This mod is intended as entertainment only. Any under-aged actor is forbidden from the PAH side of this mod.
    Status: yellow = started, red = planned
     - Deceive: promise to free slave in exchange of favor, then later don't,
     - Add vanilla voice lines to dialogues (yes, no, thank you). Any good tutorial around?
     - Looking into adding more expressive idles New idle suggestions welcome (look down, cries softly, beg for mercy, ...)
     - Followers can guard slaves. There is something a bit similar in HSH.
     - Slave to slave interactions: Planning against master, comforting each others, witnessing punishment, reporting bad behavior of other slaves, ...
     - Quest idea1: "You have recently become aware some slaves might be planning to escape"
     - Quest idea2: "You have recently become aware a few slaves might be planning something against you"
    Known bugs: suggestions welcome
    - You can ask unique animals like dogs about their personality.
    - Some slaves get out of their ZAZ shackles when moving. I am not sure I understand what's happening.
    - If you have a lot of slaves you might get a lot of notifications. Remember this is WIP and notifications are needed for debugging purpose.
    - If the player gets stuck  after an animation, try to equip a different weapon or use the "Stop whatever you are doing" dialogue option for a reset.
    Recommended installation order is:
    - My Home is Your Home
    - HSH
    - AYGAS
    - PAHE 7.5.9 (recommended) or 7.5.8
    - DoM
    Load order should be something like :
     - My Home is Your Home stuff
     - PAHE stuff
     - AYGAS esp
     - HSH esp 
      - DiaryOfMine.esp
    I tried to ensure compatibility with AYGAS, HSH and Slaver Spellbook, any bug report is welcome. 
    Remember to run FNIS after installing the mod or no animation will be played.
    If you are using Skyrim LE, the installer includes a LE version from 1.5.0. Thank to CliftonJD. for providing the patch. Patch is provided as is, we do not have LE installed and can not test it further. If someone wish to update it to a more recent version, I will include it in the installer.
    Start from a clean save, wait 5 minutes, save, reload, wait 5 minutes, config your MCM mods, you should be good to go. I included a clean save at Fort Greymoor with Uthgerd as follower, you can start chasing bandits right away.
    If you prefer to use an old save, before installing: get back all your slaves, restrain them, save. Install DoM, reload, wait 5 minutes, reboot PAHE from MCM, wait 15 minutes in the same cell (this is important, if you start changing cells you might trigger friendship update and mess up the reboot), save, reload, wait 5 minutes, you should be good to go.
    I would suggest not to use magical slave collars for a better immersion. If your just captured slaves drive you crazy by constantly running away, it's a feature, use ropes and start training! Or just enslave actors sensitive to sorrow and with low willpower, those will have smaller chance to plan an escape.
    PAHE obviously and its requirements, Sexlab, sexlab aroused and Zaz.
    SlaveTats if you want tears on sad and shocked slaves. Don't forget to reset Slavetats with MCM or it won't work.
    Thanks to all the teams who made this mod possible. Thanks to CliftonJD for all the help with coding, debugging and for allowing me to repack pieces of PAHE code. Thanks to DocClox for help with Slaver Spellbook patch. Thanks to Musje for allowing me to patch HSH and AYGAS code. Tears textures courtesy of Gooser from Apropos2 mod.
    Animations courtesy of Leito, BaboInteractive dialogue, MiasLair/SexSlaves and ZaZAnimationPack.
    Alluring Potion Bottles v3 by jbvw http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33531/?
    Celtick Alchemy lab from Autan Waspeez https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54109
    Fomod installer version provided by Tiress.
    Thanks to the BDO and TAL teams for their armor sets used in a few screenshots. The harness is Venus Cage by Ninirim. NPCs by Botox for Skyrim.


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  8. Skill Based Muscle

    What this mod does
    Adds Muscle stat derived from skill levels. Changes normal maps of female body depending on Muscle for all vanilla races except Khajiit and Argonians. Changes body morphs depending on Muscle. Has modifiers to apply at a higher rates for higher player weight. Adds option to have player weight dependent on player level. Adds MCM to configure nearly every option.  
    SKSE SkyUI, for the MCM RaceMenu, for NetImmerse Override (script functions that change body morphs) Schlongs of Skyrim SE, because I didn't want to override the changes it made I had to make it a master. CBBE 3BA, it may work for CBBE, but idk if the missing body morphs will cause problems. Same for UNP/BHUNP, but you will need to change normal maps as well.  
    Has 10 levels of muscular normal maps, my custom textures made from Vera Skin -CBBE 8K- (previously The Pure) and Fitness Body. If you use different textures you may need to modify the normal maps in this mod. My photoshop file is in the downloads to help with this. You can add or remove body morphs by editing _SBM_TrackingQuest in the esp. Up to 63 body morphs can exist. Same for the weight modifiers. The script should only run on game load, level up, and when you close the MCM. If you're curious how exactly the muscle stat is calculated I recommend looking at the _SBM_Tracking.psc file. Only works for player. I would like to figure out how to apply this to NPCs. My best guess would be make a cloak spell, use SPID, or manually edit each NPC. SPID seems like the best bet, but idk if I can swap out armors with it (skin is considered an armor).  
    Suzutsuki3 for Skill Based Status, wouldn't be able to make this without referencing that. ousnius for WeightMorphs SE, again, good reference Lunyra for Fitness Body, normal map muscle overlays Shiva182 for The Pure, normal map base oh and this fucking guy for being the only person to ever document NiOverride and for this post


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  9. Vera Skin -CBBE 8K- Darker

    Slight edit of Vera Skin -CBBE 8K-
    Made the skin textures a bit darker so women don't look like they're going supernova in sunlight. (I don't use ENB)


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  10. WIP - Fertility Adventures SE

    Have you ever wanted to immersively start a family of your own in Skyrim? Well now you can! When Hearthfire released back in 2012, I was disappointed that you could only adopt children and couldn't have you own. Fertility Mode by Narue fixed that problem, but it lacked the dialogue necessary to make pregnancy feel like a natural part of the game world. Fertility Adventures is an add-on for Fertility Mode that aims to solve that problem by adding relevant dialogue to NPCs, allowing them to be fully aware of their own (and the player's) pregnancies.
    A Unique Experience for Unique NPCs
    Having a baby is a big deal, and having a few generic lines that everyone shares isn't good enough for a topic that's so important. If you decide to have a kid with an NPC who's on the list below, they'll have completely unique dialogue that's separate from everyone else. Just because Aela the Huntress shares a voice actor with Uthgerd the Unbroken doesn't mean she should have the same reaction to discovering she's got a kid on the way. Unique NPCs also have their pregnancy progress tracked by the mod, which allows them to have dialogue for specific stages of pregnancy. If your spouse/lover of choice is not on the supported list than they won't be able to use all of these features. Read the "Generic NPCs" section below to learn more.
    Supported Females: Aela, Lydia, Mjoll, Jenassa, Serana, Ysolda, Rikke
    Supported Males: Vilkas, Farkas, Erik the Slayer, Onmund
    For Male Players
    There is no longer any need to open up the MCM to see if your lover is pregnant; she will tell you. Keep in mind she won't tell you right away, she'll have to figure it out. Most women of Skyrim will manage to discover their new passenger in about two weeks (this time is dependant on your pregnancy duration setting), after which she'll give you the good news. The next step is to wait. This mod will track her progress behind the scenes, according to your pregnancy duration setting in Fertility Mode, and will determine what kind of dialogue should be said. In the early stages she may exclaim that her belly is starting to show while in the later months she'll probably say something about how large she feels. During the last two weeks she'll be feeling strong signs of labor, and will warn the player that their little one could come any day now. Once the baby is born you can do it all over again. Should you decide to have another kid with the same NPC they may have different lines from the first time.
    For Female Players
    Much like the NPC tracking described above, female players have their own dedicated tracking and no longer need to look in the MCM. If you suspect you've got a new passenger on board you'll need to confirm it by seeking an priest/healer or by crafting a pregnancy test solution at a cooking pot. In the event that you don't seek confirmation, time will do the work for you. Once you pass "2 months" the awkwardness of your slightly bloated belly will be made apparent the next time you sleep, forcing any Dragonborn in denial to realize the truth. Once you've "discovered" your pregnancy you'll be able to tell the father. Just like the mothers described above, fathers will have unique lines appropriate for the current stage of the player's pregnancy. You can also expect the citizens of Skyrim to occasionally comment on your pregnancy, depending on how big you are (currently only people in Whiterun will comment on your belly, more to come soon).
    Family Planning with Spouses
    After getting married you can have a chat with your spouse about potentially having children. Some spouses will bring it up to you while others will wait for you to make the first move. This dialogue doesn't do anything mechanically speaking, it's just there for some immersion. Triggering this dialogue will require marriage for vanillas NPCs but patches and future add-ons can trigger it through other means if necessary.
    *Supported characters only
    Supported NPCs will be getting quests similar to how Amorous Adventures worked (but in a non-sexual way). Right now Farkas, Vilkas, Mjoll and Ysolda have quests that will start immediately after pregnancy announcement.
    Generic NPC Support
    In the event that you're lover is not on the supported list they will still have limited support. They will have generic dialogue to announce their pregnancy to you (and vice-versa) but not too much beyond that. It's not possible to track NPC pregnancies without me setting it up manually which is why I'll try to cover as many NPCs as possible; because of this, generic females will not be able to make comments specific to their current size. For female players, if your baby daddy is not on the supported list you will have the (optional) opportunity to find him manually. If you opt in, you will be able to select any male in the game as the father through the dialogue topic "I have something important to tell you." This will work with unsupported vanilla characters and mod added characters.
    Voice Acting
    I will be making an effort have have as much of this voiced as possible. The generic lines will have voices provided for NPCs using commonly used voice types. The voice lines will be made by splicing vanilla lines or generating them with XVA Synth.
    Fertility Mode (Optional) Fertiltiy Mode Fixes and Tweaks for improved scripting  
    This will install into the data folder like any other mod. Remember to install Fertility Mode and ensure that it's working for you!
    Recommended Settings
    Have pregnancy duration in the MCM set to at least 10 days. Going below this will result in less accurate timing for dialogue. A longer time period is recommended. I persoanlly play with a realistic setting of 280 days. For best results, avoid using the MCM debug options "impregnate" and "give birth," and let these events happen naturally. The impregnate option is okay to use if impregnating someone on the supported list or on a female player. Turn off the widget from Fertility Mode for more immersion. Turn off random insemination unless you're cool with your lover being impregnated by a beggar or something because they were in the same area as them.  
    Should be highly compatible because nothing vanilla has been changed.
    Fertility Mode Fixes and Tweaks by SubHuman is fully compatible and supported. Fertility Adventures will detect whether or not you've installed it. Will not work for other pregnancy mods.  
    Like my mod? Join my Patreon!
    If you want to support me by tossing a coin my way I would appreciate it. If not, don't worry, nothing will be exclusive to Patreon and my mod will remain free.
    Check it out: patreon.com/CHIMinyCricket
    Q: It says I'm missing the Fertility Mode ESM file while Fertility Mode is using an ESP!
    A: You're using an older version of Fertility Mode. The new versions switched to an ESM format. Note that saves using the older ESP version will not work when updating to the ESM version.
    Q: Can you make it compatible with other pregnancy mods?
    A: No. I've said maybe in the past, but that was wishful thinking on my part. I've rewritten the mod since then and it will now be even harder to convert to other pregnancy mods, and with all of the content I'll be developing I will not have any time to even think about doing that. Please don't ask.
    Q: Can you add "adult" features and/or fetish content?
    A: No. This mod is about enhancing immersion and role playing in the game, not adult stuff. I understand that some of you will be using it for adult stuff but it's not my focus. This mod will always make the assumption that conception occurred during consensual heterosexual sex. Do not ask me to make content involving bestiality, tentacles, rape, BDSM, futa, cuckoldry or other specific fetish content. 
    Q: Will this work with same sex or male pregnancies?
    A: No idea. I don't play this way and have no idea what will happen.
    Q: Will you create unique dialogue for X?
    A: Possibly. Leave your suggestions in the posts section. Here's some things that I consider before deciding on giving them unique dialogue...
    Are they a reasonably popular character? Do they have enough personality to actually base dialogue on?  
    Q: Can you make an add-on for X mod character?
    A: That's complicated. For now I'm focusing on the core experience of the mod, which means vanilla and dlc content only.  If you want specific dialogue written for generic waifu followers, the answer is no. As for larger follower mods it would all depend on the wishes of the mod authors.
    Thanks to Narue for making Fertility Mode
    Thanks to Subhuman for upgrading my scripts
    Thanks to the developers of XVA Synth for making voicing this mod possible


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  11. Soul Pets

    What is this mod?
    This mod allows you to enter within soul gems and visit the souls you've captured via Soul Trap.
    Longer description
    This mod adds a spell called Enhanced Soul Trap which is the upgraded version of the original. It does everything the original does plus it can also fill special gems.
    The process is like this: Have a special gem in your inventory. Cast Enhanced Soul Trap on a target (mudcrabs, wolves, NPCs or anything really). Kill the target within 60 seconds to fill the soul gem (special gems will get filling priority over normal gems). You should now see that the special gem has been renamed to include the victim's name (ex: see the last picture).
    Next, you'll need to cast another spell called Enter Soul Gem. This will transport you inside a special gem you are carrying. Transportation is a bit like in the Azura's Star questline. Inside each of the gem is a house for the captured soul to live in. You can enter the house and meet your captured "Soul Pet". In order to converse with spirits properly,  you need to put on the Ring of Soul Speaking. This will let you talk to souls and will also immediately calm them if they are hostile.
    Lastly, in order to better manage your soul gem collection, the mod also adds the "Soul Gem Bag". A special bag that can hold soul gems and that you can carry in your inventory. To open the bag, you need to equip it. Then you can add or remove items from it just like any other container (except that it's limited to only soul gems). This bag is also useful for managing the order in which you fill your soul gems. For example, if you have a Silver tier gem and a Gold tier gem, but you want to fill your Silver first. You can put the Gold tier gem in the bag and it will be ignored by the Enhanced Soul Trap spell.
    Recommended: Fuz Ro Doh for better dialogue.
    How do I start the mod?
    Open up the MCM, and press "Give All Mod Item". You'll receive spell tomes for the two spells, a soul gem bag (with all 5 soul gems already inside), and the Ring of soul speaking. That's the full kit to begin your soul collecting career. Have fun.
    Mini Wiki
    Mod Integration (For Mod Makers)
    Brainstorm & Future Stuff
    Support me on Patreon


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  12. Wet Function Redux SE

    Wet Function Redux SE 💦

    PapyrusUtil SE 3.7 SKSE64 1.5.80 or older SkyUI SE 5.0+ RaceMenu SE or download Racemenu SE and extract the RM bsa file and install only the nioverride.pex and the skee-dll/ini from it (ECE users)  

    not required, but strongly recommended
    CBBE: Sweaty Wet Skin Auto Adjustment (textures only) UNP: Textures by bola08 Male: Wet function redux - male textures  

    Optional mods (with integration)
    SexLab SE SexLab Aroused Redux SE Devious Devices SE BETA ZaZ Animation Pack SE Frostfall SE 3.4+  

    Install everything Start game and go into MCM menu of Wet Function Redux Open Targets Select Player Click Start effect Go back into the game (close all menus)
    Experiment a bit by:
    Go back into the Targets menu Select the player as target (if not already) Screw around with the values Go back into the game and wait for them to update (2 seconds by default)  

    Additional Features
    Support for texture swapping on male targets: own set of textures - does not interfere with female textures SOS SE support diffuse texture swapping - for different details while wet (body hair) [*]A lot of sources for wetness, each with its own rate of wetness generation
    stamina & magica usage (as before but with separate rates) sprinting running sneaking galloping working (mining, chopping wood, any blacksmith work) weather influence pleasant cloudy rainy snow interiors/other [*]SexLab SE (if installed)
    base rate during scenes increasing rate with each stage orgasm modifiers victim modifiers [*]SexLab Aroused Redux SE (if installed)
    increasing rate with arousal threshold above which the textures with wet pussy effect may be used [*]ZaZ/Devious Devices SE (if installed)
    rate from vibration, increasing with strength orgasm caused by device edged by device [*]Frostfall SE (if installed)
    drying when near fire (scales with fire size) separate weather influence for rainy and snow when in shelter  
    [*]Effect can be applied to any number of NPCs
    view current values and modify wetness can force a constant wetness and specular-/glossiness-strength [*]Auto-apply the effect:
    to (options): every NPC followers Participants in a SexLab scene (with option for the player scene only) NPC wearing something that is flagged by: ZaZ: Ankles, Belt, Blindfold, Bra, Collar, Device, Gag, Hood, Wrist, Yoke Devous Devices: Lockable, Armbinder, ArmCuffs, Belt, Blindfold, Boots, Bra, Clamps, Collar, Corset, Gag, Gloves, Harness, Hood, LegCuffs, PiercingsNipple, PiercingsVaginal, Plug, PlugAnal, PlugVaginal, Suit, Yoke [*]naked NPCs
    [*]auto-removes itself if:
    not refreshed (no save-game bloat) the player is not nearby the model is/was unloaded [*]can auto-fix broken effects (does not need other features to be enabled) [*]can be controlled as any normal effect [*]uses PapyrusUtil instead of cloak spells/quests: efficient and can't cause the brawl bug
    [*]Global wetness rate multiplier [*]NPC-only global wetness rate multiplier and bonus (for AI lethargy compensation) [*]Support for head texture swapping (textures are not included in the linked texture sources) [*]Export/Import all settings
    Using custom textures
    When dry, the default textures of the body are used (you may want to use non-sweaty/glossy variants). To use custom sweaty textures just replace the following files with your according textures.
    Folder: Textures\Actors\Character\WetFunction
    wethead_s.dds: not included in original texture pack wethand_s.dds wet_DSP_s.dds male_wethead_s.dds male_wethand_s.dds male_wet_DS_s.dds male_wet_d.dds: the diffuse texture male_wetschlong_s.dds
    Body textures are present with different detail effects, where each D, S, P is 1 if the corresponding effect is active in this variant else 0
    D: droplet effect S: sweat effect P: pussy effect (wet crotch)
    Tip: For faster replacing of the body texture, just replace the wet_010_s.dds variant and disable the droplet and pussy effect in the MCM menu (visuals).
    Known Issues
    On affected NPCs the game may just remove the effect partially on cell change (this is a known Skyrim bug). nop0x90 implemented a workaround that fixed this problem in his test cases. The bug can still be provoked. Using head texture swapping will cause brief visual glitches when swapping the texture. In some cases (certain presets/followers) the effect won't show up despite them being correctly applied by the mod. Changes of a NPCs sex will only be detected after stopping and restarting the effect on the target.  
    nop0x90 for the original Skyrim implementation and the permission to port it to SSE
    Please don't bother Nop0x90 via his own page about this SSE port!


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  13. TAWOBAE - TAWOBA Extended

    Main content
    TAWOBA and Bikini Ascended merged in this mod
    Female bikinis (CBBE SE and 3BA): optimized for no(less) clipping, added environment maps, when missing
    Male bikinnis (SOS): all new male bikinis
    Distribution in Skyrim: edited leveled lists and outfits in Creation kit for distributing Bikini outfits in skyrim
    As of 1.30 the Nordic Carved outfit for males and females is addedand distributed, you will find the book at the smith of Windhelm (at the table). The meshes were optimized for aMidianborn NordicCarved textureset (probably needs to be converted to SE). If you use a different texture set, the results may vary.
    Redid most Items of type Breastplate
    Additional content
    Some female thongs have ABBA funktionality. They will change the form according to your arousal. In order to work, you will need the latest mod version of ABBA. If you do not have ABBA, you will have the maximum Aroused form displayed ingame. There are non ABBA variants available. Build the Non ABBA vaiant via slider toggle in Bodyslide.
    All Skyrim DLCs
    SOS – Schlongs of skyrim
    Download the file Use your favored Mod tool for installation. Build the meshes in Bodyslide with your favored Body shape. Sofar available CBBE for Females and SOS for Males. SOS bodyslides added with this mod.  
    Build instructions:
    Installation on a new game works best. Installaton mid game works too, but only new spawned NPCs will have the new outfits. With console you can update the outfit for a NPC with " resetinventory" command. Creating a clean save should resett all NPCs in skyrim. There are lots of "Howto make a clean save" out there.
    This mod is made with using Cathedral armory and aMidionborn Armor textures. Install Cathedral armory first, overwrite with aMidianborn. If you do not use those mods, some your outfits ingame wont use environment maps (will look dark/dull)
    Restructured bodyslide files  (Done)
    Female 3BA Bodyslides   (Done)
    Nordic Armor  (Done)
    tbd soon
    Additional Files and Patches included in the Main download:
    SL Survival .json file for keywords
    TAWOBAE patch for immersive Wenches, it distributes TAWOBAE oufists to the wenches
    TAWOBAE patch for SL Aroused modified by Kaky, it distributes keywords among the TAWOBAE items. Those are needed in several mods made/modified by BakaFactory
    Nisetanaka for original TAWOBA and Bikini Ascend
    Kofman77 for his TAWOBA (used as starting point with his pemission)
    Johnnywang13 for Cathedral armory
    kryptopyr for aMidianborn Book of Silence
    kartoffels for Quality cubemaps and permission to use assets
    Changelog archive


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  14. All Shapes BodyGen V2 - 3BA and HIMBO Edition

    A successor to my original All Shapes mod, this bodygen setup uses sliders from CBBE 3BA and HIMBO to create a variety of possible body shapes for all NPCs in the game.
    Is it better? Is it worse? I'm not sure. It's different.
    There are two versions here - one with HIMBO sliders and one with the old SAM Light sliders for those who prefer that.
    This is a much lighter version than my previous mod. My goal here was to create something more realistic and easier to modify if you want to adapt it to your liking.
    To get this working, you will need:
    CBBE and CBBE 3BA - to get it working on my setup I installed regular CBBE first and then overwrote it with 3BA with all the default options, though I'm sure any of the 3BA physics options would work fine, just make sure you have "Replace CBBE v1.6x Morph Sliders" enabled in the installation.
    A 3BA clothing replacer if you want to see all the 3BA sliders working on NPCs. I used the BD's armor replacer which is good. There's another more "vanilla" style one which isn't so good, has lots of clipping.
    HIMBO or SAM Light, plus a clothing replacer - SAM Light has more options in that arena, one of the reasons I still prefer it, also it just looks better
    You will need to batch build your bodies and all your clothing replacers in Bodyslide using Zeroed Sliders and Build morphs checked, including HIMBO if using that version. I've included a zeroed slider preset for HIMBO for your convenience - don't use the default HIMBO presets or you will get weird results. For CBBE 3BA just use the zeroed sliders preset that comes with CBBE/Bodyslide.
    As with all bodygen setups this is best experienced on a new game otherwise NPCs you've already encountered won't be affected, and the bodygen morphs get baked into the save game so it will persist even if you uninstall it.
    I'll probably take some requests for this one so if you have a favourite 3BA or HIMBO bodyslide preset you'd like included, let me know and I might add it into the mix, if I like it
    Version 2:
    New and updated presets - some inspired by suggestions from demicabestan - thanks! - though not quite as extreme  and some from my own followers and characters from my story blog. Also combined the breast and body presets together, the mix-and-match wasn't working for the plus sizes. Still a lot of variety though.


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  15. SexLab Madness

    Another NotSoRandomSex SexLab simple call mod. It works in two different modes (automaric and manual).
    Automatic mode - short press plugin toggle key.
    Starts random sex, beging with female NPC into slected scan radius.
    In auto mode aggressors for now are only humanoud males.
    After every sex scene end it will try to add more agressors.
    Manual mode - long-press plugin toggle key ( >1 sec)
    You can add/remove actors by the alter lists hotkeys
    Sex scenes will start only after adding at least one actor to ActorPassiveList [PAL].


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  16. Cum Shot Brothel SE

    Nomkaz presents.... CPU's CUM SHOT BROTHEL 
    I did NOT create this mod, I merely converted CPU's mod for Skyrim Special Edition, and shared it according to the permission they gave me.
    I CANNOT give any perms not specified on the original upload page for this mod. If you wish to alter, edit, or otherwise make changes and upload them anywhere, please refer to the permissions by the Original Author or contact them directly. This mod should be considered a placeholder for when/if the original author decides to take control of it.

    If you enjoy this mod, go to the Author’s page and give CPU some love!
    The following is copied and edited for SE links from the Original Download Page:
    NEEDED!!!!  Since there's no actual HDT H.H. for SE, you can use what I use: HDT High Heels Fix by 4nik8tor on Nexus
    About This File
    Cum Shot Brothel - Version 0.7.1 beta
    You run across the whole Skyrim, and probably the shore of Morrowind, you looted all the caves and strongholds, you leveled up beyond human limits. And you have a huge amount of gold and you don't know where to spend it.
    The answer is: go to the Cum Shot Brothel, where you can have a very good time and your gold will be transformed in an extreme satisfying experience.
    Go south of Riften, exit from the south gate, and follow the path, when you will see the Cum Shot Brothel sign just follow it.
    A card is required to participate. Ask Eugene to buy one.
    Warning: this mod contains nudity, sex, sex with creatures, huge amount of sperm, voyeurism, rapes, prostitution, devious devices, parties with drinking, pissing, inappropriate paintings, squirting, and many other things that will make you blind. Use with cautions.
    Warning: All sex here is consensual. Can be rude, nasty, bad, whatever. But it is consensual. It is a brothel though..
    Long Description
      Hide contents  
    This mod adds a brothel in the South of Riften.
    The brothel is fully managed and has a dozen new NPCs and many creatures inside. It has a room with some devious items (form Zaz) that can be used. It is NOT a slavery mod. The player can gain some different levels of membership that will permit different actions. Player and followers can have sex with the prostitutes inside the brothel, sex can be done in different locations, in different ways, by type of intercourse, etc. Player and followers can do some devious interactions (pissing, whipping, spanking) Player and followers can have fun with the creatures NPCs will do normal work during the day, will have night sex, the take showers, baths in the morning There is a fully functional bar in the entrance NPCs can be asked to play music (15 musics are provided and they can be updated by you if you need.) NPCs can dance in three different ways (normal dancing, serious dancing, pole dancing) Creatures can escape their cages during the night and do sex to the NPCs that are sleeping A set of potions to: resize the breasts in different ways, attract dogs and wolves, get a futa Clients can come to the brothel and start some sex scenes (7 clients are available now for a total of 89 scenes, many of them with random variations) The workers of the brothel can be disabled individually if you don't like them The type of activities can be turned on and off (type of sex, homosexual intercourse, devious scenes, creatures, etc.) A couple of creature related quests are available The player can start can work as Public Relations and get all NPC outside the brothel to be client The player can start the "old profession" (both male and female) and there are actually three full quests for the "Work as Whore" series.  
    WaW1 - Beginner --> Start the quest by demanding to the manager or by hitting any NPC in the brothel; the player is forced to work with ugly clients WaW2 - Apprentice --> Start the quest by demanding to the manager; the player has to recover a few items (using sex) and has to increase the Oral, Vaginal, and Anal skills WaW3 - Junior --> Start with dialogue with the manager; the player is sent to Solitude to get instructed by a professional; the player can learn a new way to do sex action (that does not use SexLab animations) WaW4 - Senior (TODO) WaW5 - master (TODO)  
    One NPC is transgender. The mod can be used by both male and female characters
    For who has problems finding it:
      Hide contents  
    Install / Uninstall
    Note: This version of the mod is dedicated to a friend of mine that is passed away. See you in Sovengarde, germanicus.
      Hide contents  
    Just download the mod and install it using a mod manger. You can install by hand, but then the uninstalling will be quite complex.
    Important: after installing the mod you have to run GenerateFNISForUser.
    If you have no MCM menu after an upgrade and you are using ModOrganizer, just load the game the first time, and then exit and load the game again.
    What version do I have to download????
    Just download the mod from LoversLab.
    To uninstall it you have to remove a bunch of files, just use a mod manager.
    To uninstall or upgrade this version please be sure you go in the MCM menu and click on the "Stop the Mod", when the "Done" message appears save and then uninstall.
    How to add my favorite music?
      Hide contents  
    Get the music you want, save it somewhere. Download MultiXwm (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3159/?) and convert your music in the Skyrim format. Save the files in the Skyrim folder Data\Music\Cum Shot Brothel\
    The files have to be named from csbMusicTrack01.xwm to csbMusicTrack14.xwm Then files with these names have to be there or the game will crash. The format HAS TO BE xwm, if you just rename a mp3 the game will crash. Better if the songs have a length of about 3 minutes.
    SexLab Framework 1.59c (also the 1.60 beta is good) and its requirements (like FNIS) REQUIRED ZaZ Animation Pack (and its textures) REQUIRED NetImmerse Override or another SKSE NiNode plugin (REQUIRED) (NetImmerse Override is included in RaceMnu 3.0) Fuz Ro D-oh because many dialogues (and there are many) have no actual sound. (REQUIRED) SkyUI for MCM. (REQUIRED) SKSE 1.7.3 by Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel and Paul Connelly (ianpatt, behippo and scruggsywuggsy the ferret) (REQUIRED version 1.7.3) A good skeleton (like XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by @Groovtama). (REQUIRED) Non-SexLab Animation Pack at least version 2.5 (REQUIRED) HDT HighHeels System (REQUIRED) HDT highly recommended but not mandatory (e.g. HDT Physics Extensions-53996-14-28)
    Please note that this version will NOT work with a vanilla skeleton.

    Thanks, Credits, and Acknowledgements
      Hide contents  
    SexLabFramework - @Ashal @germanicus for the support and the ideas @hashigicc9 for providing the voice of Eugene Dwiss for the glasses The Penis for Girls is copied from Futa Equippable (slightly modified, thanks to @mayatola) The new dresses for Shana and Sandra are based on a nif created by Neovinci aka Meister The HighHeels for Shana are made by @xXDeliteXx The cumshot original mesh is from SexLab Cumshot The new stripping animations are from SerialStrip by The animations are got from many different places SexLab, Zaz, Kamo1, umpa, and mainly NekoMods (www.nekomods.com) for the wonderful dance scenes, plus some other HKXs found here and there (not a single animation is made by me) Skyrim Configuration Menu and its Wiki - Schlangster RaceMenu - Expired @Lux77 and KS Hairdos for the better hair included in the mod NekoMods for the wonderful animations (http://www.nekomods.com/modslist/skyrim-mods/animations), thanks to @Minoumimi to let me discover it. @WaxenFigure for giving me support in reducing the size of the textures, and the size of the animations. @Mord Sif that wrote a post in the Zaz forum that let me understand why the piss & pee were not working (they were invisible) @ZaZ and @xaz for the Zaz Animations. @Booceefus for the meshes of the Adiposian race that is used. Bethesda for releasing the Creation Kit All the members that provide comments, feedback, suggestions, new ideas, etc. All the Skyrim mod community for the help and the examples  

    What's new
      Hide contents  
    Note: Added a memorial to germanicus in the top room. Enhancement: Greatly improved the way to understand if the player enters in the brothel. Quite more reliable and lightweight now Enhancement: Added a dialogue to ask Shana to change her dress to a shorter/longer one Fix: Removed the "test" dialogue for Ultimate Pleasure for WaW3 quest Enhancement: Added a dialogue to Hjaalmarch guards, that says "I am not a Solitude Guard". This should make the finding of correct guards for WaW2 more easy Fix: Fixed the fight scenes for Saerlund, Briehl, and Drifa Fix: Fixed the quest marker for Claire when completed the stage 20 of the WaW2 quest Change: The type of sex for the WaW3 quest with Javeleen, is now more distributed, facilitating to do all types of sex. Fix: Removed the utilization of a deprecated function from SexLab Fix: The quest marker for Javaleen is no more removed when completing some of the objectives of the sub-quest Enhancement: Simplified all the NIFs for the statics of the brothel. Each wall NIF went from 42 triangles to only 2 triangles. Enhancement: Increased the pool and made possible for NPCs to sit all around. Enhancement: Now also the gloves are removed when a NPC goes to the pool. Fix: Fixed the hair texture for Sandra hair. (But if it does not work get the extra NIF from the download and replace it.) Enhancement: Balimund is now a client with 2 scenes (one at the pool and one in the devious room) Change: HDT High Heels System is now a mandatory dependency (and this fixes the shows of Shana.) Change: The textures are now only high-res (the high res were just 1024X1024, and reducing them to 512X512 was not really beneficial.)
    If you are interested in the full list of changes from the first version, open the file Cum Shot Brothel README.txt that is inside the zip of the mod.

    Known bugs
      Hide contents  
    The player involved in Private Sex actions jumps the stairs (It seems to be an unavoidable bug) The head of one fatty NPC has a neck problem Many times, when you start to be a prostitute the clients will just ignore you  

    Future plans
    Re-write the mod from scratch. But not soon.
    Just a small reminder: I do this for fun in my free time. And my free time is limited. This mod consumed more than 500 hours (spent during holidays and week-ends), just be patient.
    Comments and Feedback are welcome!
    Just post your ideas, problems, envisioned enhancements.

    .gif provided by: @Incubusbul


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  17. Fertility Mode+ - Immersive Effects

    I've decided that instead of coming up with new dialogue lines on my own, I'd let everyone contribute lines!
    I'll be checking them for grammar and filtering them (I want FME to be slightly more SFW than BFAP) before adding to the master list, but feel free to add lines you think would fit.
    Here's the Google sheets link for suggestions, with submission guidelines at the top:
    Fertility Mode is great, but it hasn't really had an equivalent for the BeeingFemale Animation addon in LE, to add more comprehensive effects of pregnancy in Skyrim Special Edition.
    Well, this mod fills that gap! What started as a simple port of BFAP to Fertility Mode+ has added a couple of new effects, with more on the way!
    This is VERY EARLY WIP Still. There will be bugs, there will be problems, mod incompatibilities I haven't encountered. Due to other commitments, I can't promise any "bugfix timelines", but I will add problems to my list of "things to look into".
    Hard Requirements
    Fertility Mode
    Fertility Mode Tweaks (only v2.24 will apply all effects, although random effects only should work back to v2.16)
    SFO - Skin Feature Overlays (for Stretchmarks) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20183?tab=files 
    Lactis Addon* (OStim/OSex aren't needed, but this is) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/54017
    CBBE 3BBB Amazing (Due to Lactis being a hard reqirement ATM, this is the only option until that mod gets more body compatibility. Sorry BHUNP Users.)
    *See FAQ for questions regarding this and MME.
    Soft Requirements:
    Sexlab (I use Beta 8, haven't tested with Beta 9 yet) with facial expressions and Necessary fixes (ex. Lipsync, MFGFix)
    This allows some of the events to have sound effects (player) and facial expressions. The mod will auto-detect if these are present and use them accordingly.
    Implemented Random Events

        1st Trimester
        Morning Sickness - ISM, Damage Stamina and Magicka, Sound and Facial Expressions (w/SSL installed)     2nd Trimester
        Fetal Flutter - ISM, Damage Stamina and Magicka, Sound and Facial Expressions (w/SSL installed)     3rd Trimester
        3T Fetal Flutter - ISM, Damage Stamina and Magicka, Sound and Facial Expressions (w/SSL installed)     B-H Contraction - ISM, Stagger, Damage Stamina and Magicka, Sound and Facial Expressions (w/SSL installed)     Colostrum - Overlay, Sound and Facial Expressions (w/SSL installed)     Recovery
        Lactation - Gives milk at end, corresponding to event level (levels 0-2 in Lactis), Sound and Facial Expressions (w/SSL installed)  
    These Events will be updated with new/different effects as the mod evolves.
    Dynamic Visual Effects
    Stretchmarks - via RM overlay, SFO SFO Stretchmarks are applied when scaling starts, and slowly become more and more visible as the pregnancy progresses, and fade away during recovery. Consider this the most "work in progress" feature at this moment. how "immersive" these look largely depends on the PC/NPC's starting skin color (I tuned it pretty conservatively, but future plans will open it up)  
    Planned Improvements
    Dialogue I haven't implemented any yet. I'll be going mostly off of BFAP, but I'm open to suggestions for new lines! New Events Motion Pain Cravings Effect improvements Generally, mild bodymorph effects are a possibility (baby kicking, etc.) Conditional Dialogue - Tie appropriate dialogue lines to events! MCM This is probably the thing that will keep this mod in "WIP" for the longest. It should (in the end) allow for about the same "tunability" as BFAP's MCM, along with tuning the "color endpoints" for the current and future dynamic effects  
    Q: Does it work in LE?
    A: I don't think so. There are a LOT of SE-Only mods (Lactis is SE only and body/SMP/CBPC dependent, FM+ - Fixes and Tweaks is SE only) that would need to work just right in LE before FM+ - Immersive Effects would be functional.
    Q: Has everything from BFAP been converted over?
    A: Not everything. The major, working events from BFAP 1.4 have been converted over, but there's no dialogue, nor is there an MCM to tune mod settings. BFAP-like dialogue and an MCM will come with time, and there are several events in the BFAP source that I'd like to complete!
    Q: Are there any other changes that have been made?
    A: The way random events are handled has changed as well, it's no longer a "counter" but a genuine probability calculation thanks to some of the functions built into FM+ - Fixes and Tweaks. The debug message is still present in both the "random event choosing" spell and the "overlay updater" spell, but these will be removed when they've proved to be reliable on a large scale.
    Q: Do I really need FM+ - Fixes and Tweaks?
    A: Yes! There's a faction that has been added to track pregnancy progression (ex. FactionRank 54 implies pregnancy is ~54% complete), and the functions that update pregnancy have unique FM+ - Immersive Effects paths thanks to integration into FM+ - Fixes and Tweaks.
    Q: Why No MME compatibility/Why Lactis and not MME?
    I chose Lactis specifically because the lactation event in this mod is meant to be a "Light-weight" implementation, just to replace the "Add milk jug during recovery" already in Fertility Mode for those who don't use MME. It's more akin to Hentai Pregnancy's built-in milk system. 
    Lactis is listed as a "hard requirement" because the mod is WIP, and to be honest due to using it in development I haven't tested the new event without it.
    Technically, there is a separate path that should allow the event to work without Lactis (just sexlab for the facial expressions and an "overlay"), but I haven't tested it.
    I don't know if there's any incompatibility between this and MME (I don't have it installed right now), but if anyone's willing to test that would be a big help!
    Q: Why is it missing ((Feature from BFAP))?
    A: Other than "It's a work in progress", there are some BFAP features that are made redundant by being based on Fertility Mode (ex. the Debug functions for 3rd trimester are no longer needed). Additionally, due to the fact that I've decided to implement an MCM after I've created all of the planned effects, some of the features that require the MCM will be added last (ex. Armor Stripping, dialogue probability, offensive dialogue, etc.). That doesn't mean these features won't be added, they're just lower on the priorities list for now.
    sub-human - For help with scripting and making this mod a reality!
    Sleepy_Soul - For allowing me to use BFAP and its source!
    orbusNinus - For allowing me to use Lactis's APIs for the events!
    DomainWolf - For allowing me permission to use SFO as a requirement for its great textures!
    SkyrimFet - For a bit of code modified from BAC's Github to do direct Racemenu Overlays!
    Any code/API usage that I have made has either been with the mod author's permission (ex. the Private API in Lactis for the Colostrum Effect), or from a publicly available source with credit to the original author (ex. public BAC Github).
    I expect myself and others to do the same for future changes to this mod, or mods that use any or all of its code.

    You cannot incorporate any of the code in any for-profit project (ex. CC).

    You can use the code for your own projects as long as you include all source code with your distribution and allow others to use your own code in a similar fashion and give credit with a link.
    For use of the requirements assets, you must follow the original author's permission guidelines and reach out to the original mod authors.
    For now my development GH is private, but once I complete most of the "Planned Improvements", it should go public (will likely call that release 1.0).


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  18. Random Sex Mod for SexLab SE

    Now available for Skyrim SE with the following improvements!
    SKSE64 plugin cross-checks available NPCs against available animations and configuration settings during the evaluation. It is noticeably more effective at figuring out available sex act combinations from the available NPC pool. SKSE64 plugin patches into the translations to allow the sex act notifications "x, y and z are having sex" to be translatable entities in the language translation files. Proper use of faction assignments in ReferenceAlias entries removes the need for the cleanup script. Better use of Papyrus states in the scripts to improve code layout and efficiency. Quest based multithreading with up to 8 threads working to set up sex acts and masturbating onlookers. Splash screen lets the player know when SexLab has not been installed. Creature options are grayed out when SexLab allow creatures flag is not set. SexLab Aroused option is grayed out if SexLab Aroused is not installed.  
    A spell has fallen over the denizens of Skyrim. From the priestess in the temple to the blacksmith at his forge. From the ice wolf in the frozen tundra to the draugr in the tombs. None are able to resist their carnal urges, now plunged into an orgy of sexual depravity that threatens to destroy the world as we know it. Some try to resist, but cannot. Heimskr, desperately preaching his sermons to Talos while being subdued by Ysolda. Lydia loving every second of it. Only the children appear to be immune to the effects.
    This mod pairs random NPCs and Creatures together for sex using the SexLab framework.
    Full credit goes to WaxenFigure for the concept and his original implementation as part of the Sex Addicts mod.
    DDL source code can be viewed here.
    Requirements for version 20191121
    Skyrim SE 1.5.97
    SKSE 2.0.17
    SexLab 1.63 Patch #8
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.5
    Requirements for version 20190622
    Skyrim SE 1.5.80
    SKSE 2.0.16
    SexLab 1.63 Patch #7
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.4.5
    Requirements for version 20190319
    Skyrim SE 1.5.73
    SKSE 2.0.15
    SexLab 1.63 Patch #6
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.2
    Requirements for version 20181208
    Skyrim SE 1.5.62
    SKSE 2.0.11
    SexLab 1.63 Patch #5
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.2
    Requirements for version 20181003
    Skyrim SE 1.5.53
    SKSE 2.0.9/2.0.10
    SexLab 1.63 Patch #4
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.2
    Requirements for version 20180914
    Skyrim SE 1.5.50
    SKSE 2.0.8
    SexLab 1.63 Patch #3
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.2
    Requirements for version 20180711
    Skyrim SE 1.5.39
    SKSE 2.0.7
    SexLab 1.63 Patch #2
    SkyUI MCM
    FNIS 7.2
    I set up an MCM screen for my options as, quite honestly, it's a little hard to cast a configuration menu spell when Lydia is grinding one out on the player's face. When my mod is first loaded, it is switched off. You will need to go into the MCM menu and switch the mod on before you will see any action.
    Each time the code loops, a victim is selected along with one or more attackers and zero to four masturbating onlookers.
    Creature percentage is evaluated before threesome percentage. If the creature percentage check is passed and no creatures are available, processing continues with the threesome check. If the threesome percentage check is passed and no threesomes are available, twosomes are evaluated. Checks can fail because of a lack of animation selections in either the SexLab or the Random Sex menus (or simply because there are not enough available participants), so check settings in both menus if expected participant combinations are not showing up.
    Upon selecting participants, the sequence of events is this:
    (1) Each attacker runs towards the victim.
    (2) If this is a group sex act, attackers reaching the victim will follow the victim until all attackers have reached the victim.
    (3) The sex act is started.
    (4) Any assigned masturbators now make their way to the sex act in progress.
    (5) Upon reaching the sex act, masturbators start masturbating.
    The time between each loop is fully adjustable by specifying minimum and maximum intervals between iterations. Up to 90 minutes can be set up between iterations of the loop, so you can happily explore Skyrim with only the occasional surprise, or you can set up a 10 second loop and get a major orgy going in Whiterun or Solitude!
    Random Sex now comes with a distance slider that can be used to determine the radius around the player from which NPCs and creatures can be selected for sex acts. Minimum is 10 meters, maximum is 120 meters or a radius of approximately 2 in-game cells. At the minimum it is possible to stand between the gate guard and Adrianne at the Whiterun blacksmith and get those two to go at it. At the maximum setting, the whole of Whiterun is at the mercy of this mod.
    Fixed minor issue with menus, updated for Skyrim SE 1.5.39 and SKSE 2.0.7.
    Several fixes to prevent quests from being broken:
    Player is no longer targeted when in conversation with another NPC.
    Player is no longer targeted while using crafting stations.
    NPCs are no longer targeted if they are in conversation with the player.
    Many bug fixes, these are the ones I can remember.
    Player will not end up masturbating if other participants are killed/unloaded while en route to a sex act involving the player.
    Mounted attackers will dismount before running to the victim. Mounted NPCs cannot be victims.
    Added toggle to allow/disallow beast race (Khajiit/Argonians) selection for sex acts.
    Added faction cleaning functionality, although I have never actually seen it clean an NPC during my testing. May be superfluous but is there nonetheless.
    Only potential attackers (aroused/not in scene) will be selected for solo masturbation. Mounted NPCs will dismount before going at it.
    Recompiled SKSE plugin for SKSE 2.0.8, no other changes.
    Recompiled SKSE plugin for SKSE 2.0.9, no other changes.
    Recompiled SKSE plugin for SKSE 2.0.11, no other changes.
    Recompiled SKSE plugin for SKSE 2.0.15, no other changes.
    Recompiled SKSE plugin for SKSE 2.0.16, no other changes.
    Recompiled SKSE plugin for SKSE 2.0.17, no other changes.
    Load Order
    Use LOOT - Not sure how the SKSE64 evaluator affects this, but following reports from several people it is highly recommended that Random Sex is placed above all other SexLab mods in the load order.


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  19. Alluring Throw Voice Replacer

    Replaces the Throw Voice taunts with moans from SexLab. So far it only works for females. The ESP is optional as it only removes the throw voice subtitles.


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  20. Realistic Water Two and Realistic Needs and Diseases 2.0 compatibility patch

    Compatibility patch for Realistic Water Two SE and Realistic Needs and Diseases 2.0. Enables water collection and drinking with RWT ver 4.0.1 for all bodies of water. Fixes water seams. ESL flagged.

    Place after both RND and RWT.

    If you used old RNAD_RWT_Patch.esp from RND 2.0 optional downloads on Nexus, replace it with this one.
    Compatible with RWT SE 4.0.1
    Comments? Go to Nexus.


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  21. NG's German translations

    Ich plane hier eine kleine Sammlung an Mod Übersetzungen zur Verfügung zu stellen, die ich in meiner Zeit, in der ich mich mit Skyrim SE beschäftige für mich selbst erstellt habe und noch erstellen werde.
    Es gibt eine Menge guter Mods für erwachsene hier auf Loverslab die einer Übersetzung würdig wären, aber leider kann ich sie nicht alle übersetzen. Daher bitte ich um Verständnis, dass es sich bei der Mod Auswahl um von mir favorisierte Mods handelt.
    Mit der Zeit könnte/wird diese Liste natürlich wachsen.
    Übersetzte Mods:
    Spank That Ass SE v4.5
    SexLab Approach Redux 2.02 English SE
    Naked Defeat SE 4.00
    adcSexlife Plus 6.52 beötigt SexLab SexLife SE 1.4.2 als Voraussetzung
    Books of Dibella SE- Alternate Start Plugin 1.2
    Fill Her Up Baka Edition English SE 1.60V
    SLHH Expansion English SE 3.65V
    Prison Alternative - A modular Prison System 1.2
    Sexlab Defeat Baka Edition SE 1.11
    Toys Framework SE V1.4
    Classic ToyBox SE V1.3
    HoT&WeT SE V1.2
    Fertility Adventures SE 0.24
    1. Installiert die Original Mod und alle die Mods die der Modersteller als Voraussetzung angibt.
    2. Überschreibt alle Dateien der Original Mod mit meinen übersetzten Dateien.
    (Das Archiv (.rar oder.zip) ist so gepackt, dass man es auch z.B. mit dem Nexus Modmanager installieren kann.)


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  22. Serana Sneak Bug Fix

    fix the Serana sneak bug.
    Needs to disable enable Serana to activate the fixed style.


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  23. Transformative Elixirs

    Transformative Elixirs
    Inspired by games like Corruption of Champions, where you can imbibe in certain items and have your body transformed in a wide variety of ways, Transformative Elixirs adds potions to Skyrim that will modify your body when consumed.
    Transformative Elixirs requires the following mods:
    RaceMenu CBBE and RaceMenuMorphsCBBE  PapyrusUtil SE  
    When building bodyslides, you should make sure you are also building morphs for your chosen preset/outfit/body. This mod will not function unless you do.
    Transformative Elixirs should work if you have CBBE 3BBB or 3BA installed as well, though results may vary. 3BBB/3BA is not required to use this mod.
    I have also included an ESL-flagged patch for CACO if you are using that. It should be loaded after both CACO and Transformative Elixirs.
    The Elixirs
    There are currently sixteen different elixirs you can make or find.
    Curves/Flattening: Increases or decreases feminine characteristics; boobs, butt, hips, and thighs. Expansion/Compacting: Increases or decreases thiccness; arms, waist, belly, and thighs Teat Enhancement/Reduction: Increases or decreases areola, nipple tip, length, and size. Magnification/Diminishing: Increases or decreases abs, arms, butt, or legs muscles. Elixirs of Curves and Expansion can be refined at a cookpot to affect the specific body characteristic you'd like.  
    Alchemists will occasionally have unrefined elixirs and very rarely carry refined elixirs. Elixirs can also be looted from chests.
    How Does It Work?
    Drink an elixir, get a body part modified. Simple as that.
    On a more technical level, each of the unrefined elixirs can affect four different RaceMenu sliders, chosen at random when you drink an elixir. Rarely it will affect two sliders, and very rarely it will affect three. An unrefined potion will never affect all four categories. If you modify your CBBE Morphs in RaceMenu, the mod will take those changes to account. By default changes are hard capped at a slider value of 2.0 for body parts and 1.3 for nipples to avoid things getting too out of hand.
    Depending on your chosen Bodyslide preset and other mods you have installed, this may or may not result in some slight ridiculousness. A somewhat "average" bodyslide preset is recommended as a starting point, such as the Dark Preset. Also note that if you change a CBBE Morph slider in RaceMenu after consuming an elixir, any changes made by the elixir will not be preserved.
    The mod is lightweight in that a single script is run upon consuming the elixir and then terminated. It does not have anything running in the background and should not increase script load during gameplay.
    This mod cannot be re-uploaded anywhere except LoversLab. Anyone is free to make expansions or extensions of this mod, provided they credit me as the original author of Transformative Elixirs. Anyone is free to make patches for or conversions of this mod, however this is the only version of the mod that I will provide support for. This mod cannot be sold or otherwise released for monetary gain.


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  24. Naked Defeat SE

    A fast and immersive Defeat alternative. With bondage, whipping and expressions. And alot of moaning.
    Huge Update on 4.0 - added public rape & special scenarios - lots of improvements
    Important Note
    - this port ONLY changed all the meshes and animations via Cathedral. 
    - the ESP is form 43 not 44. 
    - the mod is reported to work on SE without any known issues to this point
    - Install as any other mod.
    - Let it overwrite Zap Animation Pack (it comes with some Animation Replacements for the hogtie places)
    - Activate Mod in MCM (System)
    - Install EXTRA downloads as you please 
    --> 2k or 4k versions of textures (1k versions included)
    --> Bodyslide files for FuckingBelts (UNP standard included) only required if you do NOT have "The Amazing World of Bikini Armor" installed
    --> DDe Outfits if you want DD support via DDequip mod
    --> Golden Showers Mini SLAL if you like ... golden showers ^^
    Hard Requirements
    Zaz Animation Pack 8+ (older versions will not show some of the furnitures. I cannot advise to use ANY old version of ZAP with this mod at the moment)
    Sexlab Aroused (any version will do, including SLAX)
    Dragonborn DLC
    Dawnguard DLC
    Soft Requirements
    Simple Slavery (SE version in downloads) --------- for Simple Slavery outcome of Defeat obviously
    Devious Devices Equip (SE version in downloads) --------- required for "Captivity DDe Chance" to equip Devious Devices
    My DDe Custom Outfits from the Download Section
    The Amazing World of Bikini Armor (must overwrite Naked Defeat) -> for Fuckbelts) -> if you dont want this mod you can use Naked Defeats internal version, bodyslide for UUNP is in downloads)
    For whip marks and slow fading out of the same:
    Slave Tattoos (SE version in downloads)
    Rape Tattoos (should work on SE as it is)
    Fade Tattoos (should work on SE as it is)
    Rape Tattoos Tweak by Monoman (not necessary but nice to have. should work on SE as it is)
    My Rape Hands from the Download Section
    My Whipmarks from the Download Section
    Important note for Rapehands (and possibly also WhipMarks?
    to make them work you need to go into RapeTats MCM, search RapeHands and WhipMarks entries and check if they are (Excluded)
    If they are excluded (and only then), change it to (Unassigned) instead.
    Highly recommended Mods for more naked fun!
    Spank that Ass (SE port) --------- by the inglorious monoman1 perfect for getting slapped while in the furniture (you can set the "furniture spank chance" in the MCM) -> small problem with followers tho
    ZAP - No Collision Furnitures (SE version in downloads) --------- really improves the furniture experience by alot, can't recommend it enough
    ZAP - Faster in and out of furnitures (SE version in downloads)--------- really improves the furniture experience by alot, can't recommend it enough
    Incompatible mods
    Sexlab Defeat - does the same thing (I m working on a compatibility bridge mod tho)
    Sexlab Submit - does the same thing
    Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life - does the same thing -> might work if you play around with the settings - will add a guide later (a user had some ideas!)
    Peril -  does the same thing
    Dragonborn in Distress - does the same thing
    Problematic mods
    Sexlab Survival -> only problem is with Naked Defeats Guard Punishment (deactivate Guard Punishment in Naked Defeat MCM -> problem solved- working on compatibility)
    Public Whore -> same thing as above
    Cursed Loot -> probably same thing as above
    Cursed Loot -> disable combat defeat feature - most likely it is not compatible with mine. 
    Ultimate Combat -> breaks Whipping for all mods. I suggest using Active Combat or other mods instead - no workaround or solution possible 
    Interactive BDSM -> locks the PC in furniture on its own way. I did not test it but it seems to lead to some... problems. I can only advise for now not to use the mod alongside Naked Defeat. 
    Problematic MCM Settings (should be no more issue in NADE 3.2 and later)
    Zap Animation Pack (any version) -> disable "Overwrite Bound Animations" in its MCM (Sexlab or PlayerControl Center) -> might lead to problems with Shout like a Virgin
    Sexlab with Sexlab Utility Plus -> disable Zaz Animation filter 
    Sexlab with Sexlab Utility Plus-> if you have strange trouble with furnitures, look here and in doubt tweak or disable SLU+ furniture options (might be 100% compatible tho, please share your experiences)
    Guides worth looking at (LE guides, sorry. but might be useful for SE to some extent)
    Conglomerate 01 - by donttouchmethere -> how to install your stuff
    Conglomerate 02 - by donttouchmethere -> how to install your kinky stuff
    Conglomerate 03 - by donttouchmethere -> how to merge your stuff
    Overview of Mod Content
    - if you reach 0 HP you enter bleedout
    - you will have some seconds (5-7) to move to a flat spot (this is service for you so you have better sex animation experience and do not have to move the scene later via SexLab Hotkeys)
    - 1-3 rape scenes will start
    - after that you are bound to a ZAP furniture, robbed or sold to Simple Slavery
    - if bound to Zap furniture you will be whipped hard
    - then you can press "wiggle" hotkey to try to escape. dont spam it, it is locked for 10+ seconds while your character tries to break free (or be punished for trying). Mod will tell you when you can press again.
    - when you loosen the binds, stay in the furniture until no enemy is close. then press wiggle again to immediatly break free and flee.
    - enemies will attack you again (you can configure an escape alarm timer in the MCM to make escape easier).
    For debugging:
    Special Feature: Funny Rape Party Event
    If you enter bleedout (0 hp) or press surrender key you will attract ALL eligible NPC in the loaded Area (up to 15 are checked)
    In Exterior Cells this can lead to "Funny Rape Party Event (TM)" -> "FRAPE" since soldies will join bandits in the fun and even wolves will get their share of pussy.
    I added checks to prevent combat between them. If it still happens, please report.
    They should behave until you are free again.  
    I m working on a toggle to prevent this, tho. 
    How to use this alongside Sexlab Defeat (currently untested with the latest Naked Defeat version)
    - make creature 3P, 4P and 5P work -DONE-
    - Devious Devices Outcome (instead of furniture you can get a yoke and run :D) - will require Devious Devices Equip  -DONE-
    - debug hotkeys - DONE -
    - Ragdoll effect - DONE -
    - Toggle female aggressors - DONE -
    - sex tag selection in MCM - DONE -
    - integration of Corsecs awesome fixes (for improved harmless function) - NO LONGER REQUIRED
    - different punishment spells (fire/ice etc. instead of just shock) - partially done
    - more little details (orgasm on whipping, more punishments, pee and squirt) -partially done
    - add well placed devices all over skyrim (towns, hideouts, etc.) to get more interesting "bondage" locations
    - follower support
    - general improvement of scene and actor selection
    - Toggle Creatures
    Guard Punishment:
    - remove dialog start for guard punishment
    - add forced bathing events
    - add "Running" and "Dirty" as punishment reasons
    Furniture Game (Captivity Furniture):
    - explore possibility to add my own furnitures
    - add equip event (gag, fucking belt, gag)
    - add supershock event (50% pee chance) - DONE -
    - add pee event - DONE -
    - add whip again event - DONE -
    - add rape again event - DONE -
    Defeat & Surrender:
    - add option to not be defeated on first bleedout (1-3 "chances" before you are defeated 100%).
    - add moneyloss/wounds or something similar as punishment for beeing defeated but not raped
    - change debug key to modify the "chances left" 
    - improve timing on Surrender hotkey
    - make Surrender and Debug Key the same (2 keys not needed)
    Special Thanks to
    - galahad_69 for making Naked Dungeons (without this mod I would ve quit Skyrim by now I think) on which this mod is based on
    - donttouchmethere for naked testing and feedback 
    - orgs1n for helping out with scripting and basically kickstarting all this by making me look into the scripts for the first time
    - Hawk for refining and improving my code (sad to see you go) 
    - tenri for helping with my annoying coding questions
    - Nazzzgul666 for testing and feedback
    Changelog History
    Naked Defeat - 2.6 (critical update for non-DD users)
    Naked Defeat - 2.5
    Naked Defeat - 2.4 
    Naked Defeat - 2.3
    Naked Defeat - 2.2
    Naked Defeat - 2.1
    Naked Defeat - 2.0


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  25. M'Ress

    Char preset!
    M'Ress was made by request from Robert McClelland by from Kitsune of Inari
    You'll need Cat race and Yiff age to make this work by Bad Dog.
    Load the Char by using the preset settings. Put this into your data folder.
    Please used Orc race for her!
    Please enjoy her!


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