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Skyrim: Special Edition

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    1. Ironstride Sisters - CotR Futa follower

      Meet Danika and Monika Ironstride, daughters of Noora
      Danika is a very well-equipped 19-year old Nord, skilled in 1-handed combat, who comes with her own customised steel armor and some spare underwear in her inventory (based on Osare Panty).
      Monika, a year younger than her sister, is much stronger than she looks - a sassy two-handed warrior who also has her own custom set of steel armor.
      Where to find them:
      This is NOT a standalone follower mod (sorry I'm too lazy). You will need:
      Charmers of the Reach
      CVR follower voices
      Racemenu (otherwise they will have the default CBBE shape)
      HDT-SMP / CBPC plus some form of "3BBB" physics, e.g. CBBE SMP or CBBE 3BBB
      And obviously some sort of multi-follower mod if you want to recruit both of them.
      Danika and Monika both have bodygen settings which means their body shape is set by Racemenu. Their body shape might not appear in-game until you save and reload after you meet them. If you have Standalone EFF Cosmetic Menu and the CBBE Racemenu plugin (just need the esp, nothing else) you can adjust their body shapes to your liking (they were designed with my All Shapes physics settings in mind).
      I'm still a bit foggy on how bodygen works, but I've tested and confirmed that CBBE and SAM Light are not required even though they use morphs from those mods. Danika's schlong does all the things schlongs are supposed to do and will respond to Sexlab, Aroused SOS etc. Their nekkid bodies are CBBE 3BBB (with the 3 breast bones) and if you have CBBE SMP they will have upper-body collisions.
      SOS or SAM Light is needed for schlong bending and animation otherwise it will stick out like a tree branch.  With SOS or SL you can also adjust the schlong scaling.
      Credit to EvilReFlex for the CBBE Futanari SOS add-on - it's not required for this mod but I used the mesh and textures.
      If anything doesn't work properly, please let me know. This was a bit of an experiment. I can't guarantee everything will work 100% as intended with your mod setup.



    2. Dynamic Sweep Attack

      Allow Sweep Attack with binding custom key
      [Custom Key] + attack key = Sweep Attack MCM support  



    3. OStim - OSex overhaul & API

      OStim - OSex overhaul & API
      OSex is an amazing mod, but let's face it: it has some shortcomings from the gameplay side of things.
      OStim does three things. Firstly it hooks into OSex and patches in the bread and butter of this mod: the Stimulation System. Secondly it brings about numerous quality of life fixes such as automatic undressing, automatic light control, and more. Lastly it simplifies OSex's rather obscure API so that modders can control OSex easily through OStim
      The Stimulation System
      Have you used OSex and felt like it was meant to be more of a screenshot tool rather than something integrated into gameplay?
      The Stimulation System is a new take on sex scenes in Skyrim built right on top of OSex, and never seen before until now. Characters in a OSex scene now have a new stat: "Excitement". This is essentially a measure of how close a character is to orgasm. This stat rises and falls over the course of a scene depending on what you are doing in it, in a natural feeling way. For example, blowjobs will generally increase male excitement while females giving the blowjob will get less of an excitement boost, intercourse will generally increase the excitement of both characters involved, and so on. This system covers the entire library of OSex animations with each animation being fine tuned to give proper pleasure values based on science; and other OSex features such as spanking have been integrated into the system in a sensible way as well. Once a character's excitement reaches max, they will orgasm. Once the lead character in an animation orgasms (usually the male), the animation will end and return to gameplay on it's own, similar to the other sex animation framework.
      The actual formula that controls how much Excitement a character gets is fairly complex and simulates a number of body parts and systems. Each "sex act" has it's own base Excitement values, so some acts bring certain characters more pleasure than others. Systems such as natural vaginal lubrication which increases as arousal rises, are also simulated. This means that females may enjoy intercourse more after they've been "loosened up" with female-centric sex acts. With all of these systems interacting, you'll sometimes find that foreplay is necessary if you want your partner to orgasm before you do. Making an NPC orgasm during sex will increase their relationship rank with you, which has a several effects in the base game, and more with other mods(this feature can be adjusted in the MCM). Of course the speed of the animation in OSex also plays a large role, and now actors will automatically speed up the animation on their own once their excitement passes a certain threshold (this feature can also be adjusted from the MCM). You can track characters' excitement values with the onscreen bars.
      This system makes OSex feel like an actual sexual interaction between you and an NPC, instead of like playing with a pair of dolls.

      QOL Changes
      Clunkiness be gone!
      Within the OStim MCM you can now choose to force all actors to undress when an animation starts, choosing between having the clothes simply unequipped, or to have OSex play it's special undressing animations at the beginning automatically. Optionally instead you can also set OStim to simply unequip clothes when needed, leaving them on until something like intercourse starts. Additionally you can set up OSex's face and ass lights to turn themselves on at the start of every scene, or if you want, only in dark areas. And of course as detailed above, characters can automatically control a scene's speed themselves and end the scene at an appropriate time on their own, meaning you can spend less time micromanaging scenes.
      OStim API
      OSex's API isn't often used, because it's not well documented, fairly limited, and several features of it are broken. The OStim api sits on top of OSex's, and expands it significantly. Additionally I've replaced OSex's starter script with my own, so that mods that already exist that start OSex scenes will be rerouted through OStim instead!
      You can find all of the functions of the OStim API within the main script
      Mods that enhance OStim
      Sexlab - if installed, cum effects and sounds from sexlab will be triggered on Ostim orgasms, and sexlab gender settings will be used.
      SL Aroused - actor arousal will factor in to how quickly an actor reaches orgasm
      REQUIRES: OSex. This mod does not include any files from OSex, and runs on top of it.
      Install this mod after OSex. If using a mod manager, make sure this mod's files overwrite OSex's, since it has a custom starter script
      Afterwards, you can map the sex starter key in the MCM. Note that if you instead start OSex through OSA, OStim will not load on top of it.
      Run these in console:
      stopquest OsexIntegrationMainQuest
      stopquest OsexIntegrationSecondBarQuest
      save, afterwards remove the mod. then reload the save and save
      Uninstall the mod completely before upgrading versions. You may have to restart the mod's quests with startquest
      OSex animations are setup in a very inconsistent way, and have several bugs in them. I have to patch these animations on a case-by-case basis. If you see some of the behavior below, please open console and copy the current animation ID and send it to me so I can get all of the animations patched for a 1.1 release!
      Some buggy behavior you may see in this initial release
          - animation suddenly switches to doggystyle | some osex animations let you turn up their speed higher than they have animations for. This breaks the internal state of the mod and I default to returning to a doggystyle animation. You may see this if you mash the speed+ button or if the actors turn the speed too high, so please send me the animation ID so I can fix it
          - animation slows down on highest speed | some animations highest speed setting is just the slowest animation for some reason. This is a problem with base OSex, and I will patch these
          - OSex's hud is spazzing out | This is a rare temporary side effect of the actor speed control system, if it happens to you a lot and it annoys you turn off speed control until I patch it
          - Osex's menu vanishes and won't come back | This mean's Osex's internal state is completely broken. This is rare but if you can reproduce it please show me how. I believe this may be a vanilla OSex issue
          - Characters excitement is going up when it doesn't make sense to, or excitement is not going up when it looks like it should | some Osex animations are tagged wrong, please give me the animation ID
      1.4 | 9/24/2020
      - added clipping-less first person option to MCM. This requires Improved Camera as well as my custom ini down below
      1.3 | 9/23/2020
      - fixed incorrect orgasm behavior if playing as female 
      - males will now get an extra excitement boost if a female orgasms during intercourse
      - improved excitement bar animations
      - added events to API
      1.2 | 9/22/2020
      Hotfix for bug in 1.1 where actors could have their clothes mixed up by the redress system
      1.1 | 9/22/2020
      - The mod should now be compatible with all mods that use OSex like Flower Girls, let me know if you find incompatible mods
      - All clothes are now removed properly if using undress animation mode
      - Fixed a rare bug where the MCM is broken on certain setups
      - Added redressing after animation ends
      - Fixed a bug where animationless undress at the start of an animation triggered an animation instead
      1.0 | 9/22/2020
       - initial release



    4. illidari ressource blender 2.83

      Ce n'est pas un mod, c'est juste le fichier blender
      Corps de base CBBE
      Peut-être que je ferai le mod un jour. Pour le moment, je ne comprends pas les tutoriels sur la création de mod. 
      Si quelqu'un veut créer le mod, pas de problème pour moi. 



    5. Streams of Magic

      WHAT IT IS
      Master-level concentration spells intended to be used in late game instead of Novice-level ones.
      Stream of Flames - stronger version of Flames
      Stream of Sparks - stronger version of Sparks
      Stream of Frostbite - stronger version of Frostbite
      Stream of Self-Healing - stronger version of Healing (changed the name to more strongly imply clear who gets healed)
      Stream of Treatment - stronger version of Healing Hands (changed the name to more strongly imply clear who gets healed)
      HOW TO GET
      The spell tomes are buyable from vendors who normally sell other Expert level spells.
      In vanilla Skyrim this means Restoration spells from Colette and Destruction spells from Faralda (maybe Enthir too).
      Slight chance to get them from a different vendor or as a random reward.
      Vendors from other mods also might have them in stock, depending on which leveled lists they use.
      Spell tomes have a base cost of 1000 each (the final price depends on other things too and will be higher, but this is the base in ESP file, in case you want to compare with other spells).
      Alternatively you can use the console commands. First type:
      help "stream of"
      This way you'll learn the IDs of the spell tomes. Then you can obtain them with:
      player.additem [insert ID here] 1
      Spell magnitude and magicka cost set in line with other Expert level spells.
      I'm not setting them in line with Master spells, because of balance issues and difficulties to even compare.
      (Long 3 sec pre-cast, area of effect only, meant for 1-shotting enemies, unobtainable before special quests).
      All perk interactions are preserved:
      - fear from flames
      - slow from ice
      - disintegration from electricity
      - stamina restore from heals
      - and so on
      The only exception: half-cost perk set to Expert level instead of Novice or whatever.
      Spell ranges, visuals, calculation methods and other things remain unchanged.
      This mod will conflict with any other that edits these these 4 leveled lists:
      However, any conflict should be easy to solve with a merge patch.



    6. Giants Eat Humans

      Here's an updated version of the giant skeever replacer. It's a mix of the first version and the one from residents of skyrim.

      Tefnacht CharredSkeeverReplacer (legacy) is the version that was initially posted here (female in ropes) and campsite skeever replacer. Posted it for legacy sake, but I updated it to use the charred female skin. Don't use this, just for modding purposes. Use Remodel Deadanimal 2020-09-26 as it's the updated version I made which combines the REsidentsOfSKyrim version and Tefnacht's with some improvements.

      Made it for myself since I wanted a bit more immersive giants "eating" humans. Gives me more reason to kill them all.

      These all work with Special Edition SE as well.

      I hope with these we can get some more gruesome replacers to make the world a bit more grim.



    7. SexLab Extra Voices + Nusbie's Voices

      Ported SSE version of the mod SexLab Extra Voices (Nymra edition), but with sound files Nusbie's Voices (MeMe edition).  This revised version adds 25 new female voice audio slots. Male voices are absent and may be added in future versions.
      Original mods LE:
      SexLab Extra Voices Expanded
      Nusbie's Voices for SexLab
      To activate the new voices in SexLab Framework on a running game:
      in Sexlab Framework MCM > Rebuild & Clean tab > Reset Voice Registry > Done
      You can now toggle the Voices you want in "Voices & SFX"
      I do not know English well, so I cannot answer questions, if any. The mod is uploaded with the permission of the authors and all the developments belong to them.



    8. New Body for Aela

      It's here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1723-new-body-for-aela/
      Successor of "New Face for Aela" which I cannot update ever since my ban from the Nexus (for mentioning LoversLab).
      I decided to not only recreate it from scratch, but expand on it as well. There are tons of facelift mods for Aela around. What makes this one different is that it doesn't stop at her face. And still it's no less compatible with things than "just-face" Aela mods.
      Most of all, changes Aela's appearance. This means new skin tone, hair/eyes color, different makeup and new warpaint (it's not all that new, male Imperials use it in vanilla, but I adapted it to female face). Also Aela recieved 2 body tattoos (as I love to roleplay my Skyrim sessions there is a story behind them, but reading it is completely optional). In addition to that mod introduces a new warpaint for Nord females (same as Aela is using) and 4 presets (also for female Nords) which show different stages of my work on Aela's face (this means you can look like her twin if you want).
      Also, since Aela is specced for light armors, she was given a light armor version of her default outfit (cuirass, boots, gloves). It's called Light Ancient Armor, it's temperable, wearable by both genders and by player. Craftable (unlike heavy Ancient Armor) - but only in Skyforge.
      Let me explain what texture names mean first:
      diffuse map - the most visible of all textures, where color and details of the object is painted
      normal map - texture which holds information on surface irregularities (too small to be covered by 3d model)
      specular map - gloss of the object, how much of the light is reflected
      So - Aela uses custom set of diffuse textures for both body and face based on UNP version of Mature Skin Texture.
      This means you'll need a body replacer from UNP family (7B is also from UNP family) or at least vanilla (which looks ok with UNP textures).
      CBBE will look stupid, I checked that out requires a texture patch, I had maxmcarnage test it and... it's not perfect, there is visible discoloration on the neck.
      But the tattoos look ok - paw is perfect, lower back tattoo is only slightly stretched.

      As Aela is using a full set of diffuse textures they won't cause any neck gap, no matter what textures you use (assuming you had no gap before installing this mod, ofc).
      Still, Aela is using default normal/specular maps, so it would be best to have regular ones, not some crazy variants.
      By crazy variants I mean textures that add - say - bruises or deep scars. Aela's diffuse textures have no scars, but gloss from your specular/normal maps can poke through and look stupid. If you really want those bruises, use Modder's Resources and put tattoos on diffuse maps you are using.
      Aela's vanilla warpaint doesn't suit her. It's not permanent. It would have to be repainted every day, and I can't see the practical Aela doing her makeup every morning. Instead of warpaint she should have a tattoo. Or tattoos. Tattoos that would fit her. After reshaping her face a bit (she's not that pretty when those 3 stripes no longer cover her face) I came up with a backstory for tattoos, as there usually is a story behind those. Here goes.
      That little paw below her belly has been there ever since Aela was a little girl and is related to the blessing (or curse) that has been passed on in her family for at least 3 generations. It's always been a secret and so the tattoo is placed where no one can see it - unless you get her to undress in your presence, but Aela won't undress just for anyone. If she's naked in front of you, then you probably already know her hidden nature.
      When Aela grew up and started hunting on a daily basis, she discovered a world of rituals and habits of other hunters. Trophies, warpaints, sharing stories... While trophies had little appeal to her and she couldn't exactly speak about all her hunts openly, she could have a warpaint. After a few weeks of applying paint to her face every day, she had enough. If you have one tattoo, you're much more likely to get another, than if you had none to begin with. That's how Aela got the tattoo on her face. By then she didn't expect that some day she will meet and befriend an Imperial with very similar tattoo. Imperial who would kill dragons and absorb their very essence... But that's another story.
      Years passed and Aela grew older. Her habits changed. A few years back hunting was everything for her, but it's no longer the case. She's developed a part of her personally that actually wants to look good. Don't believe me? Try to watch, how she spends her days - she's mostly slacking off around Jorvaskrr. Not fighting, or hunting, not even training. She just walks around, showing off her skimpy armor, keeping her hair loose... You may not know it, but as a guy who actually has long hair AND trains martial arts I can tell you from experience - unless you tie your hair, you're more likely to hurt yourself than your enemy. Not to mention that loose hair is something your opponent can easily grab. Aela could braid her hair, or at least make a ponytail, but no. She prefers good looks over her own safety and convenience. Also from all the female Companions it's her armor that shows the most skin. There is no mistaking it - she wants to look as sexy, as a hardened warrior possibly can. And as tattoos are her thing, she decided to pronounce her womanly perks by getting a more sensual one this time. That's the story of her third and newest tattoo. The one on her lower back.
      When you see a tattoo you can usually tell how long ago it was made, as tattoos decay over time. If you look closely at the textures, I did my best to reflect the story - Aela's newest tattoo looks like it has only a few years, while paw looks very old (I also tried to account for the lack of precise tools to make a perfect tattoo in Aela's environment). That's why the one on her lower back has much sharper edges and less grain than the paw. Said rule doesn't apply to her face texture, but there was nothing I could do - game engine forces warpaints to be in 256x256 resolution, at which any detail is lost.



    9. Mortal Weapons and Armor SE

      I did not make this mod, I simply converted the mod and cleaned it with TESSedit Cleaner 4.0.x 
      Thanks to the Generous permission of Monoman1 I am able to present to you a fully compatible version of this mod for Skyrim SE.
      Thanks to the devoted fan of the original and the effort of saltshade  for testing this mod during several days, I can say that besides the bugs and Issues that already existed in the LE version, no NEW bugs have been found.
      Look on his original Page for details: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7083-mortal-weapons-armors/
      I got Errors when I tried to copy his description and images to this page, so Im sorry that I cannot provide you with more info on this page. Probably because his description is very very long and detailed.
      PapyrusUtil - Make sure you have the latest version and that it's not overwritten by another mod that includes an out-of-date version.
      Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Not a hard requirement but without it when NPCs die their weapon/shield become detached from the body and will cause them not to get initialized with a low durability.  
      Instal with Mod Manager 2 (highly recommended)
      Manual installation: you should know where it belongs, Although I do not recommend it, and you should not expect any assistance from me, if you installed the mod this way.



    10. Submitted

    11. Submitted

    12. More Nasty Critters Special Edition

      Latest Version of MNC and Hetai Creatures for SE. Now with sorted Scrip folders and resaved ESP's
      Last Change: Upload Version 12
      See MadMansGun site for changes.
      Notes: By now I can't reproduce the crashes on the horses anymore. The Bear is fixed, As a temporary fix for the lurker, replace the Skeleton with that one of the Giant or install Animated Beast Cocks. Don't let XPMSSE overwrite the skeletons.
      To make MNC run with the OLD CF it is better to install CF without MNC present in your loadorder. You can test if it is working with Hentai Creatures: Spawn a Husky, target it and mark it with 'N' and check if it shows up in the CF MCM puppeteer. If it works, install MNC and keep it from overwriting the old CF. 



    13. Horny creatures of Skyrim Special Edition

      MadMansGun allowed me to upload my conversion HCOS.
      For installing and upgrading see the guide of MadMansGun origial mod. For aroused meshes you need SL Aroused (redux) installed and working:
      MadMansGun said:
      Aroused mesh not getting applied during animations:
      go to the Creature Framework MCM and click on "Re-register all mods", then unpause the game and Wait a Minute.
      note: if you have SexLab Aroused fully installed you may need to lower the "Arousal threshold" setting in the Creature Framework MCM.
      Note: It might take much longer depending on your mod list and the starting proceedures od the other mods you have installed.
      There is a problem if you have any Mod from Creation Club installed. You have to remove them before you register mods to CF and reinstall them after the registration. This is solved with JContainers 4.1.0
      His link:
      Again with the good old 43 Header to keep this 'inofficial', Hope you like it!



    14. Auto Unequip Ammo



      WHAT IT IS
      It's an SE port of Auto Unequip Ammo by mitchalek.
      I ported it for personal use based on info from user comments, tested it thoroughly and got permission from mitchalek to share it (see screenshot).
      I'm not going to develop this or make any changes, it's just a port of an already perfectly functional mod.
      Analogous to LE version of the mod. It basically works out of the box with no requirements.
      To access the settings however, you need MCM - it's bulked with SkyUI.with.



    15. Drop Hearts and Flesh!

      But you can use this, it's similar. Has much higher chances to drop hearts/flesh though.
      And doesn't stop Briarhearts from dropping human hearts on top of briar hearts.
      I actually made my mod, because I was looking for an SE version of that one, so gotta respect the classic.
      This mod edits ItemLists of what enemies can drop, so they drop some Human Flesh and Hearts sometimes.
      The thing is, harvesting people for organs is not ok, when it's not a transplant. We're talking alchemy ingredients here. Gross.
      As such, you will find harvestable hearts and flesh only in generic bad guys nobody is emotionally attached to.
      (So, unnamed enemies mostly, but exceptions apply, because it's Bethesda who decides who's generic and who's not).
      Chances a generic bad guy will drop a heart are 50%.
      There are 2 pieces of flesh that can drop, each has a 50% chance of dropping.
      So for flesh, you have a 25% chance of getting 2 pieces, 50% chance of getting just 1, and 25% of getting no flesh at all.
      Generic bad guys (and girls) are: bandits, bandit mages, warlocks, Thalmor grunts and Forsworn (incl. Briarhearts, but they drop Briar Heart instead of Human Heart).
      Fun fact: Briarhearts are half-alive, half-undead. They get detected by Detect Life, but are vulnerable to magic against undead.
      There were also others I considered, but ultimately decided against.
      Those are: Ebony Warrior, generic vampires, werewolves in beast form, all forms of undead and semi-undead (other than Briarhearts), incl. draugr, Dragon Priests, Miraak.
      Because hearts and flesh are added to LeveledLists, there may be rare occasions where you recieve them as quest rewards as well. It may be a bit creepy story-wise!
      The only way to solve it would be to give up on LeveledLists and edit every NPC by hand. That would create tons of conflicts with other mods, so I decided not to do it.



    16. DRX 3BA Inverted Nipples Bodyslide Preset, body+morphs+3BBBCollisionOutfitMorphs - - ABBA Compatible

      Wont even try to make this post fancy . . . too damn old for that.   Veteran Modder and indie game dev but first time LL posting (i haunted Nexus back long ago before my health took an complicated turn). 

      UPDATE: Added bodyslide preview images to post and will point out that higher breast weights (full of milk etc) will make nipples protrude more and earlier without arousal.  SLIF can be used to even things out (i tend to use the average calculation method). 

      UPDATE: V1-5
      preset now functions in concert with a racemenu preset (this ensures full function of the "flowering" of the nipples during SLA/ABBA morphs)
      outfits will now have to be built separate to the inverted nipple body otherwise outfits will pinch in and invert as well

      load my mod (whichever version you want)
      build my V1-5 preset FOR YOUR BODY AND ANY PIERCINGS FROM DCL/CD/ETC ONLY in body slide 
      Build your outfit list with my v1-5 Clothing preset
      enter the game and open racemenu
      load my racemenu preset (InvertedV1-5) in racemenu

      ABBA may still need some tweaking
      Nipplesize              = -1.60
      NippleLength         = .30
      AreolaSize              = .80
      NipplePerkManga  = 0.00
      NipplePerkiness     = 1.50
      NippleManga         = .50
      Use SLIF incremental for smooth transitions NOT ABBA INCREMENTAL (i do not use abba incremental and therefor will not provide support in that case)

      Decided on a whim to pop out of retirement from modding to whip up something i noticed the community hasn't made yet.   Inverted nipples bodyslide preset for 3BBB/3BA bodies.
      Inverted nipples are absolutely gorgeous and stunning in almost every way and I have wanted to put them into skyrim for quite some time.   thanks to the latest CBBE, CBBE SMP, CBBE 3BBB/3BA, and ABBA it is now 100% possible to include these wonderful nipples along with some spicy "flowering" of them when aroused!  (the next to the last image show (via noclip) that the nipples are indeed inverted and it is not a trick of the texture)

      Enjoy and remember that just because you are a bit atypical doesn't mean there are not those out there that appreciate your natural and unique beauty.

      The nipples are pretty close to natural (Racemenu CBBE morph tweaks might be needed per individual taste) when not aroused which means they are sunken in, twisted upward (downward makes for weird transitions during active morphs) and towards the back, and the surrounding tissue is compressed inward like an aperture.
      As arousal increases the nipples (if set to similar or same ABBA settings as mine or to suit your own inverted settings) will twist outward and down some, the nipple will swell, the nipple perkiness will increase, which will finally result in a *mostly* revealed nipple protruding a bit with a nod towards the sky and thanks to NippleManga in ABBA the nipple will retain an atypical and beautiful contour common to *some* inverted nipple owners. 

      CBBE SMP
      CBBE 3BBB/3BA
      3BA compatible skin (i use The Pure)
      Sexlab+Sexlab Aroused/Redux
      and all of the above's requirements obviously

      make sure my mod overwrites any body mods.  as is it will replace all (or most) vanilla NPCs bodies, if you want player only you will need to use exclusive mod or (as i do) a custom race mod (i use succubus mod myself, if anyone wants my racemenu preset i will happily post it as well you just need to request it) and replace the custom race body with mine (or repack my mod to overwrite your custom race body folders using MO2's virtual folder system).   should work with any physics settings so long as its 3ba/3bbb.

      Install with MO2 or i suppose Vortex would work.

      The AIO includes:
      bodyslide preset
      prebuilt body with tri morph file (overwrite folder structure)
      prebuilt 3BBB outfit Collision morph files (overwrite folder structure)
      (with overwrite folder structure you may need to move them to replace your own body files)

      i included a *ALL NPC* replacer setup as well which should add the preset file for bodyslide and convert all NPCs and Player to my body 
      DRX Inverted Nipples V1 Body-morphs-3BBBCollisionOutfitMorphs Preset included

      Last is just the preset alone.

      yes i know the internal folder is oddly named (collision files are called SMP because i havent slept for freaking forever, same for the other mismatch names between archive and internal root folder).

      HIGHLY recommend using with a milk production mod (milk maid, hentai pregnancy, egg factory, etc).
      works amazing with Wet Effects and decent with *some* Devious piercings, YPS seems to work great though slavetat/racemenu piercing might be a bit warped depending on settings.

      This is Version 1 of this and provided that we get more excellent updates on the required mods i will do my best to update this with the next version.



    17. Fill Her Up SE

      This mod was not made by me. I didn't even used it. I'm just the caretaker.
      I didn't ask Yinkle why he leaves. I just asked him to leave his mods for the community, because a lot of ppl like what he has done and he said it is ok if I take care of them.
      I will do this with respect for him and with respect of his work. 
      This is a port of Fill Her Up - NetImmerse Override Compatibility Patch 1.12 which is an upgrade of Fill Her Up - Cum Inflation.
      The original port was by Zebruh but he has passed on the rights to me so I can maintain the mod and provide support.
      Progressive cum inflation  Affects only belly node Per-race cum amounts  NPC & creature support Separate tracking for anal and vaginal sex  Automatic deflation with random-ish intervals with a configurable minimum time before deflation  Hotkey for manual deflation  Zaz animations for deflation  Female on female inflation when female/female cum is in use in sexlab NPC comments and status messages related to inflation   
      Be sure to check each mod here for their own requirements.
      SKY UI
      FNIS (If you have never used FNIS before, please use this tutorial for Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex)
      Sexlab Framework SE 1.63 NOT SexLab Light SE
      The Download files ~ use one or the other not both!
      UUNP version requirements:
      The bodyslide download from oldrim with the UUNP option
      ZAZ animation pack SE
      Note: I've left this here as Zebrah's legacy conversion from the oldrim mod. The SE version does what this does and more, see the changelog for 2.1+ for details.
      SE version requirements:
      Highly Recommended for both:
      SSE Engine Fixes
      Installation Instructions
      If you are new to Skyrim modding you might not understand some of this and may have to look up a guide, I recommend this one, not the necessarily modlist itself (even though it is the one I use when modding my game) but the info near the top is very useful. Please do not attempt modding your game without a mod manager otherwise nobody can help you with issues.
      1. Install all of the requirements for the version you are using
      2. Run Fnis. For NMM/Vortex watch this and for Mod organizer 2 users go to the data tab and find the same file path shown in the gif.
      3. Run bodyslide and check the box at the bottom as shown here
      Update Instructions
      Reset inflation in-game, delete the old mod, drop in the new one, run FNIS.
      If you have too much stress on papyrus is could cause issues
      Srende - For making this awesome mod
      4onen - For improving the mod and giving me permission to port and post it
      ZAZ Team - For giving Yinkle and I permission to upload with some ZAZ files included
      You - For reading this and downloading it (I hope)



    18. WIP - Fertility Adventures (ALPHA)

      This mod is an addon to Fertility Mode that aims to make NPCs aware of player related pregnancies through dialogue. Did it ever feel weird to you that the various women you impregnate never seem to notice or mention the little one you've put in them, or that your husband never brings up the fact that your belly is getting larger every time you come home? If you answered yes, than this mod is for you.
      Please keep in mind that this is very early access. I probably wouldn't have released it this early but I've had a few people express a desire to play it early. Most of the content is voiced and should work on NPCs using the generic voice types, though I would recommend using Fuz Roh D'oh for what is currently unvoiced. Also keep in mind that NPCs with unique voices might not work yet (they will soon, I promise). The current content seems to work fine but I can't yet recommend this for a serious playthrough because there are many upcoming features and quests that will probably require a new game. You have been warned.
      Immersive Pregnancy Announcements
      Nothing takes you out of the game like going into the MCM to see if someone is pregnant. Now they're going to tell it to your face. When a woman becomes pregnant and you are the father, she will let you know the next time you talk to her. If you're playing as a female and fall pregnant you will have a dream the next time you sleep in the form of a message box. You'll have two options to pick, one of which is to go and tell the father. From here you'll be able to go find who you think the father is and let them know. Keep in mind that you'll be able to tell any male that they're the father and they will believe you, even if you've never interacted with them before, so your immersion is in your own hands on this one. The second option after the dream is to not tell the father and keep the pregnancy to yourself, but keep in mind that you can't hide that belly from your husband forever...
      NPCs will also comment on giving birth although this feature only exists for certain unique NPCs right now. 
      Ambient Dialogue and NPC Comments
      NPCs will now comment on the players pregnant belly in the third trimester (and sometimes the second). Not everyone is going to comment on it (that could get old really fast) but some people defiantly have something to say about your growing belly. If you want an example I would recommend hanging around some of the children in town, or perhaps Nazeem, while in your third trimester. The pool of comments is rather small in this early-access release but I plan to add more as time goes on.
      My future plans for this include having companions express concerns over a heavily pregnant player adventuring, asking women you've impregnated how their baby is doing, comments from the female player's baby fathers, and more.
      Baby Requests From Your Spouse
      You can now have a discussion about having kids with your spouse. Some characters will ask you about it right away while others will wait for you to make the first move, depending on their personality. Read the "Unique dialogue" section below to see if your favorite spouse is covered. Characters from mods will have a generic version of this dialogue as long as they use one of the generic voice types from them game.
      Unique dialogue
      To keep things interesting, unique NPCs will have their own unique dialogue that's better suited to their character. After all, people in real life have different reactions to pregnancy so why not the people of Skyrim? All unique NPCs covered by the mod are listed below. If someone is not on the list than they will be using generic lines for now as long as they have a generic voice type. If you want to see someone covered feel free to mention it in the posts section.
      Supported Characters: Aela The Huntress, Lydia, Serana, Sylgja
      (Coming Soon) Quests!
      In the long run I would love to have quests for the mothers and fathers of the Dragonborn's children. Think of it as an unofficial sequel to Amorous Adventures where the Dragonborn must face the consequences of having unprotected relations with the various citizens of Skyrim. As of right now only Sylgja has a quest. It's very short and I plan to add more where it leaves off so think of it as a sneak peak into what I would like to do in the future. You can start it by getting Sylgja pregnant as a male player. Please leave feedback in the posts section!
      Feedback Wanted!
      This is my very first mod so I would love to hear feedback. Report any bugs you encounter in the posts section. If you want to see a particular character given unique dialogue let me know, as long as they are vanilla. Support for mod added characters isn't out of the question but they are a very low priority right now. Also, please note that I don't intend to integrate the mod with any Sexlab mods. All interactions in the mod assume that conception occurred during consensual male to female intercourse.
      Installation and Recommended Settings
      This will install into the data folder like any other mod however please read the following to make sure everything works!
      1. Read the description for Fertility Mode and make sure it works.
      2. Do not use the debug "impregnate" and "give birth" buttons in Fertility Mode's MCM or the equivalent spells. This mod doesn't seem to recognize pregnancies and births caused by these functions. The "add sperm" buttons and spells are fine and don't cause issues. This means that you'll have to inseminate or be inseminated through sex, sleep, random insemination, or the debug "add sperm" function and simply wait for it to happen. If you're really keen on getting pregnant than set the fertility cycle to 7 days and the max conception chance to 100%.
      3. Turn off random insemination in Fertility Mode's MCM or at least keep the player out of it. This is more of a recommendation than a requirement. NPCs won't say anything about pregnancies not related to the player so you probably want this off.
      4. Don't use a super short pregnancy duration. While it technically works fine with a short duration, you or your lover might give birth before you get to experience any of the content. I would recommend 20 days at the very least but it's up to you. Think about how often you visit different characters and set the duration accordingly. I personally use a realistic setting of 280 days along with mods like "Time Flies" and "Super Fast Input Wait Menu." It's up to you.
      5. Go endorse Fertility Mode on Nexus. Also, please don't post anything about bugs from this mod on Fertility Mode's page.
      Thanks to Narue for making Fertility Mode and for helping me with my very limited knowledge of Papyrus.



    19. Devious Adventures SE

      This mod is collection of mod who should add more immersion to a skyrim world. I made this mod to work with DD and slaverun(optional) on mind. It started with board idea, which should be center point of starting quests. I really don't like how quest in skyrim are started. "We're meeting first time, but take this sword to my father". It's good way of some introductions to a game when you start, but after few plays it felt too much non immersive. So I got to change how quests starts. After this I added few more features, which I thought would be good to play with, with mostly immersion in mind. For Alpha version I want to change mostly all quest in skyrim to start via board, in beta I would start adding more new quests. So below are requirements to this mod.
      Hard Requirements: 
      Fuz Ro D-oh V61 SkyUI V5.1 SexLab Framework V1.62 Devious Devices SE 4.3 Zaz animation pack  
      Soft Requirements: 
      Slaverun Reloaded 3.0 (Interface) (SLV) SexLab Separate Orgasm LE  
      Plans for next update(feel free to post any ideas): 
      What this mod add: 
      Boards and quests: 
      Bounty quests: New bounty quests, also disabled vanilla one. From now bounty quests are done in current hold. You have some time to complete it. And take reward, don't wait too long cuz another adventures can clear (not literally) location, Also if you clear location and you wait with taking reward, someone can claim it. Also if you travel too much to another hold you can hear rumors about finishing quest.
      Added quests:
      Material quests: New quest to sell some materials. City craftsman can put advertisment they're looking for some items to theirs work. I think they pay really high when you are starting game. Also don't wait too long with selling it. Another adventures and citizens sometimes sell this materials to craftmans, so you can end without selling any items.
      Added quests:
      Vanilla quests: Some of Vanilla quests was changed to start via board. In some hold getting thane title was changed. Also some Vanilla quests now have prequests. In Winterhold and Dawnstar you can't become thane.
      Changed quests:
      There are new jobs to be done in city for certain NPC, postmans, craftsman, sellers , etc. Some quests have certain clothes ( DD) requirements. But NPC should tell when you don't meet them when starting quests. Some jobs add possibilities to get better paid done in special suit, slaves can feel bad about it cuz for them it's obligatory suit. Also jobs have time limit, so you better don't wander too much doing it.
      List of jobs:
      Simple banking system came to skyrim. There is possibility to take loan for 3,7,14 days. with different interest rate. Pay it as fast as you can cuz interest rate is counted daily so your loan becames bigger if you don't pay it fast. 
      Also you have access to save account. You can use it to hide money in bank which is safe from robbers. But taking it back costs some septims. 
      This mod changes crafting, you need to ask for permission to craft items, also crafting would require some tools, there is possibility that tools get destroyed while crafting, higher you crafting skill less probability to tools getting destroyed. You can buy tools from crafting station owners.
      List of crafting station with tools required:
      Body Search: 
      Now npc can search you for stolen items and for illegal things. This search was inspired by Suzutsuki BodySearch mod. The search cerefullness is randomized. YOu can try and hide some illegal things in your ass or pussy. There is smaller chance the searcher would look there.
      Crimes and punishments: 
      Also this mod add new crimes with new punishments. If you get detected by doing any added crimes, you would get punished. 
      Crime list:
      Punishments list:
      This mod also add some events to a skyrim worlds. Some of them would help player and some would make your life harder. For now there is one event.
      Event list:
      Hidden pocket: You have two holes in which you can hide some small items. 
      Houses are purchasable from game beginning.  
      Thanks to the Devious Devices team for making a great framework.
      Thanks to the Kimy for possibilities to use scripts from DCL.
      Thanks to the SexLab team for making a great framework.
      Thanks to all the people that worked on the mods and software that made this possible.
      Thanks to Jappa123 for some ideas and testing new update.
      Thanks to Monoman1 for help with SLSO soft dependency and interfaces amd also for public scripts so I could look at them.
      Thanks to Oaristys for Board Textures.
      Thanks to RohZima for creating body search animation and possibility to include them in mod.
      Thanks to Suzutsuki for permission to use some of code from Body search mod, so I could spend less time creating this.
      Please post your suggestions and opinions about quest and dialogues. Also post your issues I will try to solve them but it can take time. 



    20. [SunJeong] Ninirim Collection HH sound esp fix

      a small esp fix for the -SunJeong Ninirim Collection pack 6.0- (high heel sound esp had no HH edits)
      a quick xedit fix.
      and fixed two boots which had leg hiding..... (shown with transparent leg parts).
      Requires- https://sunkeumjeong.wixsite.com/mysite/post/sunjeong-ninirim-collection-6-0
      and Heels sound SE



    21. SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping (the former "Aggressive Prostitution") v2.2.5.5 SE

      My Port Of TDF Prostitution and Pimping to Skyrim SE with permission ot the author, for those who are not able to do it themselves, who are too scared or too lazy. 
      Thanks and flowers go to TheDriedFinger:
      Read the page for requirements.
      Nyctophilia's add on for 15 more independent prostitudes.
      TDF Aggressive Prostitution - v2_2_5_5  And  TDF Adds 15 Independent prostitute quests to TDF Prostitution and Pimping:
      The opriginal files without changes.
      TDF Aggressive Prostitution - v2_2_5_5SE:
      A bit of polishing and an attempt to fix some smaller bugs in the original files.
      TDF Independent Prostitutes Legendary SE:
      TheDriedFinger and nyctophilia said, that we are free modify and upload our modifications. So here we go:  
      I picked up the independent plug-in and made it 'legendary' Wich means I added Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal, Winterhold and Raven Rock as possible working places for your prostitudes after you become thane of these holds or become the owner of Severin Manor. So can have another 15 prostitudes working for you. And I also added 5 more independent prostitudes
      This completly replaces the independent prostitudes plug-in and overwrites a lot of stuff from TDF. So if you are prompted to overwrite something during the instlllation, say 'YES'
      I installed it during my actual playthrou and it didn't make any problems, but results may vary.
      This should also work in Skyrim LE. In fact I did the edits in the old CK and tested it in the Special Edition. Error reports are welcome.
      TDF music just some classical tracks to fill the emptyness...



    22. Prettier Bandits v0.9.2 SSE

      I did not make this mod. I have ported the mod to Skyrim Special Edition with the permission from the author, EinarrTheRed. For full description, please see the original mod: Prettier Bandits
      In case you are wondering: yes, you can have both KS Hairdos and ApachiiSkyHair.



    23. SLSF Fame Comments SE

      NEW: Version 1.1 - Adds 285 new comments, including SLSF Submissive fame, Orc fame, Argonian fame and Khajiit fame comments.
      Introduction:  Does it seem a little immersion-breaking that no one in Skyrim seems to notice your sexual (mis)adventures? That you could have sex in the town square every day, whether with men, women or beasts, without anyone thinking you a whore, or worse? That you could parade stark naked through town, even covered with bodily fluids, or bound, with hardly a comment? Well, no more. With this mod and SexLab Sexual Fame your sexual fame can spread through a town and even throughout Skyrim, and your nakedness, your SexLab activity, and the visible effects of your sexual adventures will rarely go without comment.
      With this mod, your female PC can become Skyrim’s biggest slut, or perhaps the real “Throat of the World”. Your taste for other women will set tongues wagging. Your anal adventures will become infamous, your desires to be submissive, naked and exposed well known, and your perverted cravings for beasts to be (almost) universally condemned.
      Description:  This mod is a comment plug in for Versh’s SexLab Sexual Fame (SLSF) mod. It provides almost 800 NPC comments based on female PC public nakedness and/or accumulated sexual fame in each of 24 Skyrim towns and other settled areas. Visible cum and visible devious devices may also trigger relevant comments, as may SexLab activity.  
      Fame comments are based on your local sexual fame, which is tracked by the SLSF mod in each of 24 settled areas in Skyrim, and in ten different fame categories: lesbian, exhibitionist, oral, anal, slut, submissive, Orc, Argonian, Khajiit and beastiality. Sexual fame accrues based on the performing the following acts near NPCs in one of Skyrim’s settled areas:
      Lesbian fame – from SexLab activity with women Exhibitionist fame – from being naked, and visible cum, tats or devices Oral fame – from SexLab oral activity, and visible oral cum Anal fame – from SexLab anal activity, and visible anal cum Slut fame – from SexLab sex acts, and visible cum Submissive fame – from SexLab aggressive activity as victim Orc fame – from SexLab activity with Orcs Argonian fame – from SexLab activity with Argonians Khajiit fame – from SexLab activity with Khajiit Bestiality fame – from SexLab activity with creatures  
      Most mod comments are based on SLSF fame, which means they will only trigger in one of the 24 locations (towns and other settled areas) where fame is tracked by the SLSF mod. However, there are also many non-fame-based comments, e.g., triggered by being naked or bound, or by having sex. These could trigger anywhere. 
      Some comments are friendly, though many are harsh. NPCs who are friends, confidants, allies and lovers will make comments, but will not deliver especially harsh comments. Comments in general can become more aggressive as the relevant fame increases. Comments by Khajiit are lore friendly in dialogue style. Followers do not make comments under this mod. All comments are non-voiced subtitles.
      Locations Where Sexual Fame is Independently Tracked by SLSF:
      Cities, Towns and Villages: Dawnstar, Falkreath, Markarth, Morthal, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm, Winterhold, Dragon Bridge, Ivarstead, Karthwasten, Riverwood, Rorikstead, Shors Stone, Raven Rock, and Skaal Village Orc Strongholds: Dushnikh Yal, Largashbur, Mor Khazgur, and Narzulbur Other: Winterhold College, Castle Volkihar, and Fort Dawnguard  
      Versh's SexLab Sexual Fame Framework SE v0.99
      and its dependencies, which are:
      SkyUI UIExtensions Fuz Ro D-oh SexLab Framework Zaz Animation Packs SexLab Aroused Redux  
      Notes on SLSF:  Under the SLSF fame system, it is possible for your sexual fame in one location to spread to other locations. Your sexual fame in a location will also fade after time away from the area.  Your fame in each category is tracked by a counter that ranges from 0 to 100, where 0 is no fame and 100 is very famous.
      This mod does not have an MCM, but you can use the SLSF MCM to adjust fame accumulation and loss intervals and amounts, and chance of fame spread to other areas, and you can use the SLSF MCM to view (and reset) your fame stats in each of the 24 areas tracked. You can also use the SLSF MCM to toggle off children if you do not wish to interact with them. (Children do not make SLSF-fame-based or SexLab-triggered comments in any case.) You can also use the SLSF MCM to adjust this mod’s comment frequency.
      Note that this mod only implements a subset of SLSF’s features: In particular, it does not use all SLSF fame types, and it does not use the SLSF NPC reaction system.
      Suggested SLSF MCM Settings:
      Disable “Allow Re-Equip” – Otherwise, SLSF will equip devious devices on NPCs that it deems submissive. Disable “Remove Child NPC” – Otherwise, SLSF will remove all children from the game. Enable “Cum Always Hiddable” [sic] – Otherwise, heavy cum textures will cause an increase in exhibitionist fame, even when fully clothed, which will throw off some of the comments in this mod, as it generally assumes exhibitionist fame comes from being naked. Set “Comment Probability” – Default is 70%. This default setting is fairly comment heavy at times. Adjust as desired.  
      Also, when reading the SLSF MCM, read “Contage” as fame contagion, i.e., spread of fame to other areas.
      Suggested Other Mod Settings:
      SLSF’s exhibitionist fame can arise from being naked in settled areas, or from visible cum, tats or devices.  This SLSF fame combination category is unfortunate as there is no way to distinguish between these causes.  However, this mod’s comments generally assume exhibitionist fame comes from being naked.  Accordingly, in order for all of this mod’s exhibitionist comments to make sense, you’ll want to eliminate or minimize exhibitionist fame increases from visible cum, tats or devices.  This can be done as follows:
      As mentioned above, enable SLSF’s “Cum Always Hiddable” To minimize exhibitionist fame from facial cum, in SexLab, keep Cum Effect Timer short, like the default of 120 seconds, or less. If you have the Spank that Ass mod, set the Tears Cooldown and Drool Cooldown to a few seconds in the Spank That Ass MCM. Otherwise, SLSF will read this as visible tats, and increase exhibitionist fame. If you have the Dripping When Aroused mod, disable Gag Drooling in the Dripping When Aroused MCM. Otherwise, SLSF will read this as visible tats, and increase exhibitionist fame. Don’t wear visible tats, or better yet, wear them while naked. Don’t wear visible devices, or better yet, wear them while otherwise naked.  
      It’s not a big deal if you don’t do these things, but if you don’t you might get a comment occasionally that is based on being previously naked in an area even though you were not. Your current state of (un)dress will always be read correctly, in any case.
      Mod Update: Just delete the prior version, and then install the new version.
      Mod Removal:  Just disable or enable this mod whenever you want. Mid-playthrough seems to be fine. No scripts. Just a bunch of “Misc” dialogue with conditions.
      * Versh – for the SLSF mod and for his tutorial on how to create a comments plug in for it (very helpful, as this is my first mod)
      * nomkaz – for the conversion of the SLSF mod to SE
      * JimmyJimJim – creator of Sexist Guards, for providing great examples of dialogue conditions
      Revision History
      Version 1.1
      Added: SLSF Submissive fame comments (60) Added: SLSF Orc fame comments (59) Added: SLSF Argonian fame comments (45) Added: SLSF Khajiit fame comments (46) Added: Lore-friendly comments for Khajiit speakers (85) Revised: Removed all standard comments from Khajiits  Revised: Removed certain aggressive comments from priests Revised: Removed certain friendly comments from Orcs Revised: Removed certain guard-related comments from guards Revised: Reorganized to optimize condition checks Fixed: Added a couple of missing comment frequency controls Total Comments: 787  
      Version 1.0
      SLSF Lesbian, Exhibitionist, Oral, Anal, Slut and Bestiality fame comments Naked comments Visible device and cum comments SexLab activity comments Dibellan priestesses do not comment ~500 comments



    24. Goblin's Crown - Goblin Slayer Outfit

      RZ workshop Anime & Manga series mod
      This is an armor outfit mod from a popular franchise [started as online textboard game] " Goblin Slayer "
      I started it creating in spring 2019 and the same idea started bombarding game mod communities quicker than I had to finish it. So I reworked some ideas to match the later OVA. Model inspired by original and cosplay design.
      This is an outfit armor mod ( with optional RM face preset (in LE edition) to create a follower or MC I recommend TKTK face texture)
      unzip - drop files from archive to your Skyrim data folder
      Delete files from meshes\textures folders (romeozero\Goblin Slayer) and delete esp
      Use ItemMenu if  you don't want to craft the armor.
       - any adventure mods like Campfire and others for realistic travels 
      Bad-ass armor outfits Signature short sword Signature shield   Journey tools and Backpack for adventures that will boost your weight carry.  Animated RageFx  for Riekling lairs or slaying Riekling Crown  Can be equipped both by male and female human character  bodyslide support and SAM  LE support Frostfall outfit system support --NOTE-----------------------------
      Full armors and helmet is made for male 60 weight to match the char manga design
      Made item creation easy for lazy players 
      This mod is for Loverslab community and Pixiv community.No distribution to other sites, share links to original upload sites only.
      No modification of this mod can be made for online sharing. Do it strictly for your PC & your game.
      Want to support ?
      Toss a coin to your modder for inspirations 😉
      Kumo Kagyu (蜗牛くも)
      Noboru Kannatuki (神奈月昇)
      bad-ass Cosplayers for inspiration
      ZeroFrost, HIDETO84
      Cadnav 3d site
      Tools Used:
      3Dmax and Substance



    25. Invite Animation Replacer for Aroused Creature

      More agressive invite animation by me 
      SexLab Aroused Creature
      Use Mod Organiser 2 or unpack the archive into the "data" folder with replacement



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