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  1. SexLab SE - Sex Animation Framework v1.65 - 11/08/22

    Skyrim SexLab SE/AE (SSL) v1.65
    An adult animation framework  
    This version of SexLab is for Skyrim Special Edition / Anniversary Edition
    For the old LE version, click here
    IMPORTANT Note on downloads:
    For Skyrim Special Edition (1.5.97, aka SE) use SexLabFrameworkSE_v163.7z
    For Skyrim Special Edition (1.6.640, aka AE) use SexLabFrameworkAE_v165.7z
    For the GOG version of Skyrim (1.6.659) use SexLabFrameworkGOG_v165.7z 
    AE and GOG versions also require latest version of Address Library (available here)
    Only the latest version is supported. 1.5.97 version will not be updated.

    ----- Description --------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyrim SexLab, is intended to serve as a unifying resource for modders to pull animations from to aid them in development of adult themed mods, without having to going through the complex scripting work it takes by themselves. A modder is provided with a wealth of tools and functions they can call that will aid them in creating their own mod.
    As it is intended as a resource mod that other mods can pull from to use for adult animations. This mod does NOTHING by itself, and requires a separate mod to make use of the resources provided.
    ----- Frequently Asked Questions -------------------------------------------
    ----- Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------
    Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) REQUIRES SKSE 2.2.2 OR NEWER
    Address Library for SKSE Plugins
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE (FNIS) REQUIRES FNIS 7.0.0 OR NEWER
    FNIS Creature Pack version 5.2 or newer is required only if you want creature animation support in SexLab, otherwise it is not required. If you get a warning in game about not having 5.2 installed despite having installed it. You have without exception, installed it incorrectly. You can either ignore the warning and keep using SexLab like normal if everything working anyway, or do the smart thing and figure out what's wrong with your FNIS install so the warning will leave you alone.

    An actor skeleton mod such as XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended (XPMSSE)

    ----- Basic Installation Procedure ------------------------------------------

    After properly installing SKSE, SkyUI, and FNIS as listed above, follow these steps.
    Download the latest full framework pack & install it using your mod manager of choice (Mod Organizer highly preferred.) Run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe tool. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (very likely, if you don't you should. See: XPMSSE ) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab..." if not you've done something wrong. DO NOT ignore any warnings or errors you see in the FNIS window. Activate the SexLab.esm file in your list of active mods. Load or start a new save game in Skyrim and navigate to the Mod Configuration menu titled "SexLab" Check that you meet the requirements on the left pane and then click the Install option in the top right. NOTE: Some of the checks you'll see there are only soft dependencies, or can be a false-negative. If the Install button is clickable for you, just go ahead and continue. [*]Close all menus and stand still until the install finishes, it can take a few minutes.

    ----- Basic Update Procedure -------------------------------------------------
    Download the latest full framework archive, if you are using a version older than 1.60, you will need the full archive, otherwise you will only need the update patch. Extract the updated framework/patch into your Skyrim's data folder, or if using Mod Organizer (like you should be) then merge the files ontop of an existing MO mod install for SexLab Framework. (optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) Disable ALL SexLab related mods except for SexLab.esm and any that are absolutely required or disabling will mean losing progress on in some way. Navigate to your Skyrim's data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users folder and run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe utility. If you have a custom animation skeleton installed (if you dont, you should) make sure you check the "Skeleton arm fix" patch. Click the big button that reads "Update FNIS Behavior" You should see a line that says "Reading SexLab ..." if not you've done something wrong. Load your save game and you should see a notification that SexLab is updating and/or installing, it will then go through the update process. [*]Wait 1-2 minutes, until you see a notification that says SexLab has finished updating and/or installing [*]Wait another 30 seconds or so and then perform a quick test animation either via the SexLab MatchMaker mod or by starting one via the animation editor. [*]Assuming the test animation was successful, save your game with the update now fully applied, you should see the appropriate version number listed on the last page of the SexLab MCM. [*](optional, but recommended for safest upgrade) if you followed step 3, you should now reinstall all the SexLab mods you disabled, ensuring you are using the latest version of each. For best results reinstall them one at a time and make sure they are functional with the new version of SexLab before reinstalling the next one.

    ----- Creature Use Instructions -----------------------------------------

    If you want to use creature animations, you will need to follow some extra installation instructions.
    Install the latest FNIS and the latest FNIS Creature Pack if you have not yet, both of which are available on the FNIS Download page Run GenerateFNISforUsers and click the big "Update FNIS Behavior" button. After it finishes patching, you should see 2 lines, "Create Creature Behaviors ..." and BELOW that "Reading SexLabCreature ..." Load your Skyrim save Navigate to the SexLab Mod Configuration menu and go to the first available settings page, "Animation Settings" Check the box for "Allow Creature Animation" so that it is in a toggled on state (the box is filled instead of empty) You will need to install mod that lets you start animations with creatures, as SexLab Framework does not start any animations by itself. SexLab MatchMaker works with creatures, and is the more straight forward of means to start creature animations. For others, look through the download page for SexLab mods with creature support  
    ----- Uninstalling ----------------------------------------------------------------
    To cleanly uninstall the mod, perform the following steps.
    With your current installation, go into MCM and select the "Rebuild & Clean" page. Click on the row that says "Clean System" You will be prompted to close all your current menus, do so. After closing your menus and being told the system clean is complete, save your game. Perform the uninstall procedure for any 3rd party SexLab mods you have installed. Quit the game. Disable SexLab.esm and any SexLab mods you have enabled in your load order
    ----- Changelog ----------------------------------------------------------------
    See: https://github.com/eeveelo/SexLab

    ----- Modder's Guide -------------------------------------------------------------
    A modders guide to using the API can be partially found in scripts/sources/SexLabFramework.psc
    WARNING: The API docs are currently fairly outdated in some spots for v1.60. It should be fine in most spots, but if you have any questions feel free to private message me or ask somewhere else and I'll answer soon as I'm able. Updating them is my top priority right now.
    If you are a mod developer looking to develop a mod using SexLab, feel free to contact me via private message and I will do everything I can to help you along and if possible upgrade the framework to fit your needs.
    ----- Future Plans ----------------------------------------------------------------
    See dedicated development thread
    ----- Credits -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Scripting & Project Owner:
    Additional Scripting:
    SKSE Plugin:
    Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp
    Arrok - BBP Animations
    JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution
    Athstai - Dark Investigations
    3jiou - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38317-3js-animations/
    Mitos - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/42217-mitos-animation-shop/
    Leito86 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39465-animations-by-leito-12915-new-animations/
    4uDIK - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/38934-аnimations-for-sexlab/
    FalloutBoy2 - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/39160-animation-complete/
    Lovers with PK
    Calyp - Strapon
    oli3d - Bukkake Shaders
    4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit
    Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit
    Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures
    aravis7 - French
    CGi - German
    mswind - Chinese
    anonymous - Japanese
    fedim - Russian
    sh1ny - Russian
    holtof55 - Russian
    Huili - Russian
    RockMic - Italian
    NOTE: If you have an updated translation file or would like to translate or update one of the existing translations; send it to me or let me know if you have any questions about how.
    ----- Permissions -----------------------------------------------------------------
    You must ask my permission before distributing this base framework on any site other than LoversLab.com
    The animations themselves belong to the individual modders who made them, I am using them solely by their permission and/or stated open use policy. If you wish to repurpose them else where it is there permission you need and not mine.
    Unless you are contributing to the Git repository development branch, you are not allowed to edit any of the included scripts and resources except to translate the mod into another language.
    If you wish to translate the framework into another language, go right ahead, no need to ask. If you need it, I will provide you with as much support as I can to assist you with the translation process. Afterwards if you want to send me the translated file and I will package it with the releases, or you are free to release the translation file, and the translation file alone, however you wish.
    ----- Contacting Me --------------------------------------------------------------
    I will provide direct support to people via email and private message ONLY if you are a modder using the framework in your mod. People seeking support for using the mod contacting me this way will be, without hesitation, completely ignored. If you need support for the framework, use the thread or support section, I will answer such questions there and only there.



  2. Diary Of Mine for Paradise Halls [WIP]

    This mod is an extension to and heavily inspired from PAHE for Skyrim. It functions lihe its sister mod HSH by adding a new set of slaves with extra functionalities.
    If you enjoy DoM and use it regularly, remember to fill in the poll on my patreon and post any suggestion you might have there or in the support thread.
    Here is a short list of what this mod adds to Pahe:
    Diary of Mine adds personality traits for all unique NPCs and PAH faction actors. A non-voiced dialogue line "Let's have a serious talk" is added to actors where the player can ask them about their personality and their feelings. Traits are based on the HEXACO personality model used in sevetal psychological studies. There are 6 personality traits linked to 6 feelings. For PAH slaves, feelings will change depending on emotions and training. Traits can also change but at a much slower pace. For other NPCs, traits and feelings are constant. In this case feelings correspond to their general feelings in life.  I also added 6 physical and psychological facets acting as emotion filters, so an actor can be calm but physically extremely sensitive. See the personality system section below for more details.
    What to download?  
    Version 4.9.1 is the recommended version. It is available for Skyrim SE (including AE & VR) and LE. It is intended to avoid any mix-up between PAHE and DoM scripts! It is compatible with all recent PAHE versions (8+).
    If upgrading from DoM 3 or lower, you will need to move your slaves away from PAHE and transfer them to HSH or tie them and free them to enslave them again later.
    If upgrading from DoM 4 or first install:
    Further notes about installation :
    The mod will add one new topic for all unique NPCs "Let's have a serious chat" where you can ask them about their personality and their feelings. For PAHE slaves this same topic will give you more information. When asking a slave traits, the slave resistance and sensitivity to emotions and punishments will be quoted. As for the feelings they will be expressed in a very strong way and will vary depending on the slave training level.
    Other topics, only for DoM slaves, such as "Listen to me, slave." and "Come here, slave" are available with different options. Those options are for roleplaying purpose. They often make use of animations and offers new way to train the slave or boost the training process. See below for a complete description.
    DoM also adds potions and spells to help the process of training slaves. There are four bewitching potions and they are all craftable from the bewitching alchemy bench found in Drelas' cottage : Love potion, mind breaking potion, lust potion and lash potion. Drelas has been doing business with the occupants in Fort Greymoor. Someone from the fort is providing him with the base ingredients for the potions. Unfortunately the last shipment never arrived, and Drelas feels he might have been betrayed. He is very anxious and might attack on sight any unexpected visitor.
    See Installation below for a list of recommended mods.
    To discover the mod's use of potions, spells and family relationships, you can try the small quest to retrieve Olava's niece. Meet Olava in Whiterun and ask her about what troubles her, she should be on her bench around 10am.
    Hotkeys and wheel menus:
    NPC personality and configuration files:
    DoM has 3 types of json files located in "SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Diary Of Mine",
    NPCs personalities: Available traits to define in a json file are: personality, virginity and kinks. See Lydia's personality file for an example in: SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\Diary Of Mine\000A2C8E.json you can edit your favorite NPCs and set their traits following the same naming <BASEID>.xml and model. If there is no file for an NPC, the traits will be generated randomly. Clones get the same personality from the json file, or get a different generated personality if no file is found. Use the "restore persona" spell to force DoM to read the json file for an actor. The file SaveFactions.json list all the factions to be ignored when cleaning and cloning captives. Add your favorite mod factions to the list to make sure they are not lost when capturing new slaves. Removing the file will force DoM to reprocess a new one with the default PAH and DoM factions.  DoM also saves the MCM settings in Settings.json you might edit this file by hand or just create it with the export settings widget in the MCM main tab (see next section).  
    Options and MCM menu:
    The DoM MCM menu has 10 tabs
    Main tab is:
    Pressing "ESC" for a hotkey will clear the value.
    Wheel menu tab: (Also see the "Hotkeys and wheel menus" section above)
    Hotkeys tab: See the "Hotkeys and wheel menus" section above
    Animations tab:
    Sex and gender tab:
    Cloning and cleaning tab:
    Notifications tab: Various toggles to turn on or off specific notifications.
    Debug tab: For experts only.
    Slaver roster tab: Lists all slavers on the left panel. Right panel shows actor status, training stats and allows to summon actor to player, reset actor, redisplay SlaveTats or delete actor.
    Slaves 1-43: Lists first 43 slaves on the left panel. Right panel shows actor status, training stats and allows to set actor name, title, gender (DoM and Sexlab gender) or summon actor to player, reset actor, redisplay SlaveTats or delete actor.
    Slaves 44-86: Same as above for slaves 44 to 86.
    Slaves 87-128: Same as above for slaves 87 to 128.
    Note for developers (keywords):
    Dialogues for NPC:
    Dialogue branch "Let's have a serious chat":
    Dialogues for DoM slaves:
    Dialogue branch "Let's have a serious chat": Information. To get slave status and personality.

    Dialogue branch "Listen to me, slave": Psychological abuse. For giving orders to slave as well as praise, scold, promise, threaten, insults, flatter, ...
      Sub-dialogue branch "About your duties as a slave":
    Dialogue branch "Come here slave!": Physical abuse. To force a slave into an action: punishment, body inspection, masturbate, slave display, bow and pay attention.
      Dialogue branch "Honour your mistress/master, slave": Sexual abuse. To have sexual intercourse with slave.

     Dialogue branch "I get to decide what you wear and carry": Opens slave's inventory. Slave will wear new equipment once inventory is closed.
    Dialogue branch "Undress now!": Sexual + Psychological abuse. To manage slave equipment type.
    Dialogue branch "I am going to make sure you stay here": Sexual + Physical abuse. To make slave pose in bondage.
    Dialogue branch "Entertain me slave": Physical + Psychological abuse. To make slave pose. Most poses are choosen depending on personality and training.

    Conditional dialogues for DoM slaves:
    Those dialogues only appear if the slave fulfill certain requirements:
    Dialogues for DoM slavers:
    Dialogue branch "Let's talk about the slaves.":
    Dialogue branch "I need you to do something for me.":
    Dialogue branch "I need you to carry a few things.": Access the slaver inventory.
    Dialogue branch "I don't need your services anymore.": Slaver will be dismissed. Some will hang around the place, while others will go back to their normal life.
    Potions, spells and weapons for the apprentice slave master:
    Feelings and training:


    Personality traits:
    Personality traits evolution:

    Race and class bonus to personality traits and number of kinks:

    Training tips:
    Stripping and equipment policy:
    AYGAS and HSH integration:
    I condemn physical and psychological violence of any form. Any under-aged actor is strictly forbidden from this mod. This mod is intended as entertainment only, remember this is only fantasy and have fun in Skyrim!
    Status: yellow = started, red = planned
    Known bugs: suggestions welcome
    Thanks to all the teams who made this mod possible, with a special thanks to the authors of SKSE, UIExtensions, JContainers, PO3 Papyrus Extender, SkyUI, FNIS, Zaz and Sexlab! Thanks to @CliftonJD for all the help with coding, debugging and for allowing me to repack pieces of PAHE code. Thanks to @DocClox for help with Slaver Spellbook and debugging. Thanks to @Musje for the immensely valuable help with patching HSH and AYGAS code. Tears textures and the essential message widgets are courtesy of @gooser from Apropos2 mod. @tznvlw took care of the translation of the MCM menu. @FriedTmprovided the code snippets for cbbe/3ba/himbo cloning. Fomod installer version provided by @Tiress. Finally thanks to all the playtesters from LL for their support, reporting bugs and for their never ending suggestions.
    Animations, meshes, textures, voices courtesy of Leito, BaboInteractive dialogue, MiasLair/SexSlaves, xVAsynth, Sexlab and ZaZAnimationPack.
    Alluring Potion Bottles v3 by jbvw http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33531/?
    Celtick Alchemy lab from Autan Waspeez https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54109
    Thanks to Team TAL for their BDO & Overhit armor sets used in a few screenshots. Other armors by COCO and Ninirim. The maid outfit is Backsteppo French Maid outfit. The harness is Venus Cage by Ninirim. Characters in screenshots are from Botox for Skyrim and personal work.
    For material included in this mod, please refer to the creators pages for license or CC BY-NC-ND otherwise.



  3. TBD SE - Futanari Horse Cock

    Another big horse cock, pretend to be surprised, fitted to Touched By Dibella. Has many sliders.  A lot of balls sliders (including some that simulate cumming and post-cumming), flare shapes, the usual length and girth, and a slider to retract the dick into the sheath.  The retract slider does not play well with the other dick sliders, and will have clipping if SMP is enabled on the dick.
    The textures are a separate download because including them in every folder would balloon the download size to over 300mb.  Just extract the textures to the race folders, renaming the base dick texture (Dick_1/2/3/4/5) that you want each race to use.
    An Elin-compatible version is included as a separate download.
    This is setup to use the same physics files as my other recent uploads.  This is set as a separate xml to avoid conflicts with existing setups. SMP can be disabled by turning on the "SMP Collision Objects Removal" zap slider in BodySlide.  These xml files are compatible with other dicks, provided they don't have weird unique bones. Just rename the files to MaleGenitals and replace your existing file (after backing it up, of course).
    Activate in mod manager of choice or manually extract to Data folder.
    Extract texture files into the races' texture folders.
    Build meshes in BodySlide, "outfit" named the with same scheme as this file. Filter the Bodyslide list with "horse" or "cock".
    Extract choice of physics file into 'SKSE\Plugins\hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs'
    Touched by Dibella: Themilkdrinker
    Schlongs of Skyrim: VectorPlexus, Smurf, b3lisario
    Original penis mesh and textures: JawSFM
    Information on fixing the white seam: Impish_



  4. Mod Tweaks

    A compilation of various edits for various mods.
    Some edits are applied to script files. These patches should not be installed while the relevant script is running. If in doubt, stop the event and save in a quiet interior cell.
    Other attached plugins are edits with an emphasis on making up for mod deficiencies in vocabulary and grammar. Most edits were done to the plugin itself, rather than applied as a patch, to simplify editing and installation process. However, future updates (if any) will likely come as patches. Plugin replacers are preferred if the mod 1) isn't broken; 2) has very few dialogue lines; and/or 3) will not undergo any more updates.
    All plugin replacers and patches here require the original mod.
    Expand a spoiler to see justification, credits, and other details.
    Plugins and patches will be removed if the relevant changes are applied to the mod or a continuation of that mod, or if they are re-hosted on your listing. I don't care much for credit here tbh. If you're a mod author and are adamant that parts of your mod should not be re-hosted, even if altered, simply request its removal from this listing. 
    SexLab Approach 2.90 by factoryclose - Status: Mod Version Superseded by 3.00
    SexLab Solutions Revisited 1.1.5 by janbui, conversion by nomkaz - Status: Ok
    Body Search 20190814 by Suzutsuki - Status: Ok
    BM Licenses 1.1.0 by BananasManiac - Status: Ok
    Sexist Guards 2.91 by JimmyJimJim, conversion by Sarevok - Status: Partial
    Slap da Butt SE 2.0.0 beta 1 by ballsy and Suzutsuki, conversion by MajorArc - Status: Ok
    Other modifications
    Gunslicer Animation Replacer OAR version
    Download in thread comment
    Gunslicer Human + Creature SLAL behavior.hkx patch
    Download in thread comment
    HDT Ahegao Tongues benign script spam fix
    Download in thread comment
    Please avoid verbatim re-uploads in consideration of any possible confusion by your fellow site users. In particular for plugins: If you've altered or improved a plugin, or otherwise done so in such a way that renders my plugin unnecessary, please let me know so I can either upload it here or take my version down. No credits necessary should you upload your plugin changes, so don't bother me about this topic.
    Update History



  5. Sexy Loading Screen

    Can be used as standalone or as replacer.
    1) Anal contains 18 loadingscreens
    1) Blowjob contains 40 loadingscreens.
    1) CloseUp contains 49 loadingscreens.
    1) Couple contains 30 loadingscreens.
    1) Cumshot contains 32 loadingscreens.
    2) Finger contains 20 loadingscreens.
    2) Lesbian contains 66 loadingscreens.
    2)  Penetration contains 17 loadingscreens.
    Full (1) contains 169 loadingscreens.
    Full (2) contains 103 loadingscreens.
    You can just let them all overwrite each other. Priority doesn't matter.
    Files are esp but can be marked as esl with vortex (I can't do it myself, the generator doesn't allow me to pack it like that)
    Special thanks to
    Ashal for the website
    Jampion for the loadingscreen generator
    Noggog for the framework
    Old version
    My other mods
    SE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/26210-old-hroldan-farm-nsfw/
    LE https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/27919-old-hroldan-farm-nsfw/



  6. Misc BnP 2.0 Futa Texture Blends

    A couple of Futa texture blends I made for my own use that I figured others might want.

    Currently, I'm using the Frostnip diffuse option with blush, so the blends are for that diffuse only at the moment. I may blend other options if I feel like experimenting some more.
    Obviously you'll need the corresponding SOS Addons to use with these:
    Futanari CBBE TRX Futanari Addon TRX Futanari Horse Addon  
    I recommend installing using a mod manager - ensure these textures overwrite the existing textures from the respective mods.

    I've not tested these with varying skin colours and ENB setups so there might be some slight seams with specific setups but I've been using Silent Horizons 2 with a pale character recently and there aren't visible seams as far as I could tell.

    If you're wondering how I made these, I used the Blender projects for the respective addons here and here. For the Horse Addon, I used the Paint.NET template from here.



  7. Sexy Adventures

    Adds a variety of features intended for female adventurers. Highly customizable.   This is a continuation of Sexlab Adventures.   Crime Laws (turned off by default) Includes multiple additional crimes, such as public nudity, casting magic or wearing armor. If caught, you will receive a bounty. MCM options include: Which offenses are considered crimes, how high the bounty is and other parameters on a per-hold basis Who can report you and how often on a global basis Crimes can be set freely, randomized within customizable parameters at will or in semi-regular intervals or be kept at their default values.   Gang Rape (turned off by default) Whenever certain requirements are fulfilled, you can be gangraped on the spot by NPCs in the vicinity. Nearby NPCs can also join an ongoing gangrape, even if they were not part of it initially. If enabled, assailants will pursue you before initiating the gangrape, allowing you to escape. MCM options include: The exact requirements (e.g. nudity, arousal, being unarmed, being restrained and many more) Who can assault you (males, females and/or creatures with valid SexLab animations) Whether to allow threesomes and which animations to use How many assailants may participate and how many times a particular assailant may rape you Follower support: They may assault you as well, protect you or be assaulted alongside you   Sleep Creep (turned on by default) Sleeping in a city can result in men taking advantage of you, leaving their cum on your body or stealing from you. MCM options include: The chance for abuse or theft, including modifiers for being naked, aroused or drunk How often abuse may occur during a single event, the value of items stolen and which items may be stolen If Love Sickness is installed, Love Sickness may result from Sleep Creep. If Fertility Mode is installed, a pregnancy may result from sleep creep.   Supported Mods that unlock more features Devious Devices Follower mods (Detect followers from these mods) Amazing Follower Tweaks or AFT Extensible Follower Framework or EFF UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul Fertility Mode Love Sickness Sexlab Skooma Whore (Detect being drugged) Survival mods (Detect being drunk) Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul iNeeds - Food Water and Sleep Realistic Needs and Diseases (or variants, such as this one)   Troubleshooting Feel free to post any issues you experience in the support thread. Enabling debug messages (which are printed to the console) in the MCM might help diagnose the cause of problems.   Please do not reupload this mod anywhere.



  8. SLSO Hakkey's Tweaks (for Sexlab Separate Orgasms SE)

    These are some tweaks and additions i did on Ed86's wonderful and indispensable mod: Sexlab Separate Orgasms
    I don't simply post it wildly into original thread so no one suffer bug report about this or things alike there.
    Sexlab Separate Orgasms SE
    Schlongs of Skyrim SE
    Probably SL Aroused
    Patch Available for:
    Sexlab Utility Plus
    The base goal of these additions is to make NPCs feel more proactive and some other things along the way, that I'll list right there:
    - Tweaked Automatic animation advance:
    Both automatics animations advances have been changed to feel more organic;
    Advance scene when no stamina: When Actor in penetration position run out of stamina,
    the stage will advance and give him back some stamina, ensuring they can keep the animation going without just skipping stage after stage.
    Advance scene when Male orgasm: will skip to last stage of current animation, and resume to normal progression if actor require more orgasms.
    I personally use both at the same time.
    - Tweaked Consensual Orgasms Conditions:
    If "Require consensual orgasm" is checked, animation will change instead of ending until the conditions are satisfied.
    Also added a separate percent chance that consensual act will require more than one orgasm.
    - Multiples orgasms and requirement:
    Males can now experience "multiples orgasms" like females could , you can edit chances of that happening in the MCM.
    The way orgasms requirement work has changed a bit and will be calculated at the start of animation for each potential orgasms instead of every time actor orgasm,
    which mean you may want "%chance to want more orgasm" lower than before.
    Another option added is to set orgasm requirement based on arousal divided by arousal loss per orgasm.
    Note: this wont go above "Max required orgasms"
    - Mind Breaking, condition victim orgasm:
    Aggressor will now try to mind break victim (lowering magicka bar) no matter what.
    "If Mind Broken" & "If Mind Broken Or Lewd" have been added to victim orgasm/arousal condition.
    Another option added to allow victim orgasm if aggressor is mind broken
    Added two sliders to set efficiency of mind break on PC/NPC
    at 0% they disable any damage so you probably don't want them that low. 100% is normal damage.
    - Temper, aggressive mind break:
    Aggressor will now have "temper" a value that will augment or decrease Mindbreak power, aggressor increase their damage over time and when being edged by victim
    and decrease their damage if victim pleasure them or is already mind broken.
    If aggressor is mind broken their temper will be set frozen at default.
    When temper is above base value and victim is not mind broken the aggressor will trigger an aggressive mind break upon advancing via "Automatic animation advance"
    with a chance of damaging victim health (should never kill tho) and damaging victim magicka (mind) based on victim missing health.
    Maximum temper and minimum temper can be set in the MCM (temper progress at the same speed no matter the value)
    - Edge stack:
    Edging an NPC when close to orgasm will accumulate "edge stack" increasing the effect of bonus enjoyment and dealing them magicka damage upon orgasm.
    edge stack passively goes away and are consumed on orgasm.
    - Schlongs of Skyrim:
    Configurable Pleasure/Mindbreak based on schlong size
    Set in MCM what schlong size is "base size",  schlong above will increase pleasure ( and mindbreak if option enabled )
    Set the base pleasure value for biggest schlong and the curve increase (pow() curve)
    - New Input: Resist/Embrace:
    This new input has for primary effect Resist, it will refund a part of last mindbreak magicka loss and reduce the damage of the next, costing stamina.
    With utility hotkey pressed it become Embrace: giving up a lot of magicka to recover full stamina.
    these value are affected by purity/lewdness, a pure non lewd character will recover more magicka and give up less.
    Resisting also raise temper damage, so don't forget to pleasure aggressor too!
    And that's it, i don't think i forgot anything but i edited scripts as i felt it without a real plan so maybe some minor things have changed without me remembering about it, as you may guess from what i just wrote, my code is not really the most well organized, so if you think something is not working or not like it should,
    you can let me know, and maybe I'll say "that's no longer a bug its a feature" or maybe I'll fix it.
    These edit may have slowed down the scripts but i would not know because i use the Papyrus Tweak NG main thread scripts thing, and you should too!
    You may use the code i integrated however you please, just follow Ed86 original mod post "Permissions"
    For Sexlab Utility Plus patch: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike, GPLv3 As stated on original modpage by OsmelMC
    This is not made to work with SL P+ and i wont bother making it so. :I (i tried)
    idk if this can work with LE edition I'm not going to test it. but its just script and MCM edit.



  9. Aiko's nsfw Kitchen

    Something to spice up skyrims kitchens a bit.
    includes replacers for 5 of the cooking station/firespit variants.
    There are a few more variants that probably will be added sometime in the future (depending on time avaliable)
    It's a simple nif replacer and can just be installed/removed at will at any time.
    Performance impact
    Should be pretty much negligible.
    The textures are in 2k and even the most intensive addons still have less than 7k vertices (compared to about 35k from a single cbbe/3ba body)



  10. Collectible Waifu Cards

    --- About ---
    This mod adds 150 unique waifu cards to Skyrim for you to collect! There are holographic variants for each common card, as well as a few special rarities - SR (rare), SSR (very rare), and H (hentai), which have their own unique holo patterns. The card art primarily features cute/lewd characters, with a small set of H-rares that feature hentai and fetish-y content.
    Here's the main ways for you to get them:
    - As rare drops from most generic enemies, chests and urns
    - Buying gacha cubes from the noble trader at the Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead. (they're basically instant card packs that give 3 random cards when bought or looted)
    - Misc merchants will rarely stock cards and gacha cubes as well
    - And finally, a small number of cards have been handplaced in the world, primarily in dungeons.
    Overall they're designed to show up pretty infrequently, but also often enough to where you have a good chance of getting a full collection. The noble trader is the best way to get cards quickly, if you have plenty of gold to waste (and let's be honest, it's Skyrim so of course you have gold to waste).
    There are also some small buffs you can earn by reaching certain milestones with your collection:
    30 unique cards found: +20 carry weight
    75 unique cards found: +25% magicka regen
    150 unique cards found: +20 health
    Holo variants are counted towards this total as well, and you can sell/drop your cards without it being affected. You'll also get to a see a little counter that pops up whenever you find a new card. No fancy MCM checklist or anything though.
    --- Install/Compatibility ---
    Only requires the base game + DLCs.
    This mod adds the cards to the game without making any direct edits, so it should be compatible with nearly anything. It was also well playtested in a long load order, if that helps assure you.
    --- Credits ---
    The base card template and mesh are based on InsanitySorrow's modder's resource.
    The card artworks were all generated via stable diffusion (AI).



  11. COtR Robert Pattinson for fun

    COtR  Robert Pattinson for FUN
    This is my first male preset and I hope not the last 😛
    Any critisism is welcome!

    Last update of Skyrim special edition (1.5.97) not AE edition
    Latest SKSE64 for Skyrim SE (version 2.0.20) higher than this version is for skyrim AE
    RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition
    COtR - HQ Characters creation addon
    Eye Normal Map Fix SSE
    The Eyes Of Beauty SSE
    COtR x The Eyes of Beauty - Updated Patch
    Charmers of the Reach SV Beards SE for COtR
    COtR x Hvergelmir's Brows
    KS Hairdos
    All my celebrities presets here



  12. Porny AlduinsWall

    Buon giorno comrads 
    Here is a little Alduins Wall replacer to pornify the Sky Haven Temple
    Now Esbern will be more than eager to investigate on Alduins (kinky) secrets 😜
    Texture are 8100x2100 something
    Compressed preview in the screenshots section
    I might end up cleaning it in the future, and prob update the file here



  13. Porny Dragon Alphabet

    Well met Stranger
    I bet you didn't see this one coming, did you ? 😄
    Yet I did it nontheless, for no valid reason at all : here is a replacer of the dragon alphabet, or glyphs, you find on Dragon Walls when learning a shout - or from the greybeards and such
    Texture is 2K
    Added a quick preview to give an idea( I will add a screenshot with the characters glowing to prove to myself i didn't completely messed that up eventually )



  14. Porny WallofKings

    Here is a porny retexture of the Wall of Kings stones, found in Windhelm 
    Texture is 2K, preview in the screenshots ( my snow shader is kinda weird in game though)
    I chose to crave the deeds of one of my character from a previous playthrough into stone - the archmage 😄
    Rest is pure imagination - nothing serious, nothing perfect
    (also, i'm aware i already used one pic on the porny nordic ruin replacer, but i intend to ultimately redo this last )
    Credits to both Rally for the base texture I kinda used as a base, and to Vempire for the art used in 2 pics



  15. Fill Her Up - Alternative Oral Sounds

    This is my first mod 😄
    A super simple edit to @NismoMan's sound replacer for @factoryclose's Fill Her Up - Baka Edition 
    Reason Behind the Mod: 
    I really enjoyed the sound edits that Nismoman created for Fill Her Up and both mods have lived in my load order as a permanent entry. 
    However, there are sadly no new oral sounds since Baka's update.
    I was holding onto the earlier version of Baka's fill her up, but since someone added the Sexlab survival patch for SLSO to add 'stuff' towards the stomach, I have upgraded. 
    So I pulled the same great files from Nismoman's mod and simply spliced together other 'Nasty' sounds in order to create the effect of regurgitating 'stuff'.
    Prepare to Vomit!
    Files include:
    The sounds are from his Nasty version which include 
    Nasty: "The complete version, has Moaning, wet / slimey and bowels ( farts, etc...) sounds. Not for the faint of heart!"  
    Fill Her Up - Baka Edition version 1.96V+ 
    Overwrite sound files from Fill Her Up 1.96V+ 
    Several assets/sounds used in the mixes from all over the web, all rights belong to their original authors.
    @NismoMan for Fill Her Up - Baka Edition Alternate Sound Files 1.0.0
    @factoryclose for Fill Her Up - Baka Edition
    @Srende for Fill Her Up - Cum Inflation
    Same ones as Nismoman 😋
    "The Mod is not to be redistributed outside of LovesLab.
    However, feel free to use and/or re-purpose the files in it as you please.
    A courtesy PM would be appreciated but not necessary."



  16. K.A.R.T.S.

    Addon for S.L.U.T.S. that provides a simple handcart (found outside Riverwood) that can pulled around to transport your stuff. 

    It includes a spell to summon the cart. Physics-enabled activators sometimes fall through the ground, or fly away for no apparent reason -- so the spell is good to have. The spell can be accessed from Easywheel if you want (soft dependency).

    It links to the mesh and textures from SLUTS so it still has the advertising on the back...
    The parts of the scripts that are actually important, they come from SLUTS too.

    Dynamic Activation Key - www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/96273 (by legend JaySerpa) S.L.U.T.S. Resume - www.loverslab.com/files/file/13199-sluts-resume/ (by the Scrab the Consistently Superb)
    I haven't tested it with Legendary Edition because Dynamic Activation Key isn't available for LE yet as far as I know.

    Find the cart outside of Riverwood. Access the inventory by activating the cart. Hold the DAK key (left-shift by default) and activate the cart to tether yourself to it. Press the activate key to untether yourself from the cart. Or sit down Or go inside a house or cave Or start a sexlab scene Or go to sleep Or just die.  
    Still very alpha and untested.



  17. KSHair for The Ancient Profession

    This mod provides KS Hairdos for NPCs added by The Ancient Profession.
    This mod also applies several other fixes to NPC head meshes - a similar set of fixes as Vanilla NPCs SSE Ruhmastered by Ruhadre.

    This mod has only one requirement, The Ancient Profession.
    This mod does not require KS Hairdos. This mod includes copies of all the textures from KS Hairdos that it uses.

    Load Order Placement

    This mod includes one ESL-flagged ESP file KSHairForAncientProf.esp, which should be listed in your load order immediately after The Ancient Profession.esp.

    This mod is designed for maximum compatibility with your load order and with other mods.
    This mod includes an ESL-flagged ESP file, for minimal impact on your load order slots.
    The ESP file is empty, meaning it contains zero records. The ESP file only serves to load the corresponding BSA file, and to indicate that this mod depends on The Ancient Profession.
    This mod is compatible with KS Hairdos, but does not require KS Hairdos. This mod includes copies of all the textures from KS Hairdos that it uses, packaged into a BSA file.
    This mod is compatible with any texture replacers for KS Hairdos, such as Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for KS Hairdos SE. This mod uses the same texture file paths as KS Hairdos, so any mod that replaces textures for KS Hairdos will also affect this mod.

    All credit for The Ancient Profession belongs to its author ruddycray.
    This mod would not be possible without the amazing contributions of other mod authors to the community.
    The following mods and tools were used in the construction of this mod, but are not required to use this mod. If you like this mod, please download these other mods and endorse them also, to let their authors know their work is appreciated.
    Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
    SUEMR SSE with Bijin AIO 2019 Support
    Eyes AO Clipping Fix
    ENB Brow Fix
    Just Fangs From BVFE - Modder's Resource
    Better Vampire Fangs and Eyes
    Double Sided Vertex Human Mouth Fix SSE
    KS Hairdos SSE
    KS Hairdos Maine Normal Map Fix
    KSHair FaceGen Export Rig - Modder's Resource
    BSArch to create BSA files



  18. Telekinesis (Bluetooth Toy Integration for Skyrim)

    Telekinesis (Bluetooth Toy Integration for Skyrim)
    Telekinesis is a mod that brings native support for naughty devices (bluetooth or others) to Skyrim SE, AE.
    Sync real toys with in-game toy events from `Devious Devices`, `Toys & Love` and more Control toys during `Sexlab` or `Toys & Love` animations Associate toys with certain body parts for a more immersive experience Written as a native SKSE plugin for minimal latency and low setup effort (works natively, no background processes required) Re-usable API for mod author  
    Find Quickstart & Manual here: GitHub - garryrot/telekinesis
    Watch the video
    Submitter gerroth Submitted 12/30/2022 Category Adult Mods Requires SKSE64, Address Library Regular Edition Compatible No  



  19. Wolfen's Tattoos for Slavetats 09/20/2023

    This is my first "mod" here, so bear with me trying to figure out this layout.
    I will be adding a few different tattoo packs as we go along.  all were made for cbbe bodies in mind
    Current Tattoo packs:
    City/Town Property (asses): a collection of 40 tattoos for 20 different locations (each has a left and right ass tattoo).  Those included are the 9 holds (windhelm is WHM, winterhold is WIN), the college of winterhold, riverwood, ivarstead, rorikstead, dragonbridge, shors stone, kynesgrove, karthwasten, raven rock, helgen, and bruma (this was made with PAH addon AYGAS in mind which has helgen and bruma listed on their mod, so i added em).
    City/Town Property (asses) 1/3rd:  same as city/town property (asses) but 1/3rd the size.  file in download section is Cities33 (wont allow 1/3 or .33 in file name so 33 it is)
    Buxom Wench Set 1:  made to go along with the buxom wench yuriana mod by lordkoz on nexus.  5 gals included in this set, Yuriana, Arabella, Sanbri, Tigra, and Supay (supay's set does not work on her as slavetats considers her a summon and isnt recognized by it, only found that out after i finished her set so i included it anyway).  There's a full set for each gal that has all the tats for them, but only takes 1 slot, as well as the tattoos individually.
    Buxom Wench Set 2:  made to go along with the buxom wench yuriana mod by lordkoz on nexus (updated beta on discord).  5 gals included in this set, Cathryne, Hazel, Delilah, Celia, and Jeanne.  There's a full set for each gal that has all the tats for them, but only takes 1 slot, as well as the tattoos individually.
    Buxom Wench Set 3:  made to go along with the buxom wench yuriana mod by lordkoz on nexus (updated beta on discord).  5 gals included in this set, Elora, Khythaela, Raca, Rika Wolf-Blood, and Shavanne.  There's a full set for each gal that has all the tats for them, but only takes 1 slot, as well as the tattoos individually.  Rika's character comes with tattoos on the model already (somebody else's work) so those are not included just the new ones.
    Buxom Wench Set 4:  Themed tats to go along with the Buxom Wench Yuriana mod by lordkoz on the nexus (newer beta on the discord).  This set contains the 5 Hateful Wenches Ashra, Edilda, Evelly, Kathary, and Maisie.  If you cant find Kathary in game, dont feel bad i had to use a guide for her.  There's a guide with wench locations on the discord for both the beta and nexus versions under tutorials and guides.
    requires: slavetats and a body like cbbe
    compatibility for LE/SE/AE:  should work as long as you have the correct corresponding slavetats framework as these are just image files and corresponding .json



  20. Triss Merigold recolor

    New name for this mod 
    Because I asked  Zzjay for permission to post on nexus I change the mod requirements please read it. The file size of this mod is reduced but Triss Merigold - Playable Race by zzjay  is added as a main mod. 
    Pick the one you like the option 
    this is main requirement the main mod Triss Merigold custom follower mod link  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/54724 and for the other textures Triss Merigold - Playable Race by zzjay but Triss Merigold - Playable Race by zzjay esp is not needed  for Skyrim Special Edition it is not needed but you can used this texture for  Triss Merigold - Playable Race by zzjay just put this texture below  if you want to be Triss
    This is a retexture of Triss Merigold - Custom Voiced Follower by Zzjay in special edition 
    just download .
    Triss Merigold - Custom Voiced Follower for the meshes and download this mod for the textures.
    This mod must be loaded below Triss Merigold - Custom Voiced Follower and Triss Merigold - Playable Race by zzjay  
    place this mod below the requirements to work properly.
    ENB used cabbage ENB



  21. [Jmel']SN_parfume

    🌷3ba 🌷2 colors  🌷Dress , shoes, neck, gloves I really love outfits from that games and planning to make more of them in future. 🥰
    If u are interesting on my works - i have twi 💗
    Pls enjoy and have good screens! 
    The outfit  gotten via additemmenu or QUI
    Screens by

    -Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 
    -CBBE 3BA 
    -Use a Mod Manager like MO2.
    -Use Bodyslide and make sure to build



  22. Penisbikini - Armor edits

    Requires the original : https://www.patreon.com/posts/w-i-p-penis-cbbe-65521124
    Adds unique ground meshes and changes it from light armor to clothes.
    Also changes the slot of earrings to 43 - Ears and the Bracelets to 34 - Forearms
    Theres a KID ini file to distribute SOS_Revealing keyword to the body armor too



  23. Deadly Pleasure SE

    DEADLY PLEASURES : a Komotor and Delzaron joint project.
    Co Authors : Komotor (animations, synopsis)
    Dependencies :
    Skyrim Sexlab FNIS Komotor animations of course !  
    What do you need to know :
    This mod is for females characters. This mod origin is a project between Komotor and me, to promote his animations packs. So, you need at least the T2 animation pack from Komotor animations. You'll find a link to KomAnim pack on this page : How to start the mod : talk to an Innkeeper, and follow the story.  
    Authorship and portage :
    - TheDarkMaster and The Venus Noire team, developers of Seeds of chaos (a renpy game I strongly recommand! It combine very good draw art, castle management, exploration, and war management) for Jezera portage (I simply love that character design and personnality). Please find here his Patreon and Itch.io links :
    TheDarkMaster Team Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/LordArioch TheDarkMaster Team itch.io page: https://venusnoiregames.itch.io/seeds-of-chaos  
    The Mod content :
    Follow the track, and meet Jezera, a dark seducer, and her pets.... don't worry, you'll be one of them. You'll done exhibitions and missions for her... voluntary or not.
    This mod is designed to use the excellent Komotor's animations... so expect things you'll never saw (it's include bestiality, futa, very hard bdsm... you're warmed !)
    Some of the mod's NPCs : Jezera : the Mistress. A young, beautiful and dominative Dark seducer. Lamiae : a falmer girl from Ibn. Miquote : a forsworn girl. Quai : Jezera's slave. Seems depressed. Chuul : Jezera's older sister. She totally submissive. Anna Venicci : Jezera's business partner, and sinfull noble. Molag Bal : I really need to present him ?  
    Musics and other ressources :
    Medieval from Aticca Blue. Masked Bal form Eyes wide Shut (Jocelyn Pook) Venitian Masks from CPU Molag Bal outfit (unknow)  
    Sources of inspiration :
    Miquote is a Sicambre forsworn from AFS, she's related to Ethrane, it's also the name of an elf girl in Bravil Underworld mod. Quai is also from here, and she's the copy of a bandit girl I played in D&D 3.5. Chuul was the Mazken created by my brother for his Oblivion playtrough. Lamiae is a ceyemer from Things in the dark, like her uncle, Volukar (which is also inspired from Gromph, from the chronicles of Drizzt). Jezera is a portage from Seed of chaos. I simply love the character, I get lot of difficulties to find a way to make some nice horns, and a nice red dress ! Please find at the top of this page some links to TheDarkMaster and The Venus Noire team work (Seeds of chaos in simply an excellent game, with very good quality art). In term of lore, Jez and her sister Chuul are Mazken (or Vile Seductress if you prefer, the opposite of Aureals). They were former mistresses of Molag Bal.
    Permissions :
    You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. Animations and AnimObjects are from Komotor.



  24. Corsec's Lewd Patches Clusterfuck Madness

    TL:DR; These are patches to make NPCs from vanilla and LL mods wear outfits from Devious Devices, Luxury Lingerie Collection and Bikini Armors. Many modded female NPCs such as the ones in Hydra Slavegirls will also use heads and hairs from the Immersive Wenches mod to make them look prettier.
    All obsolete content is still available in the download list as "Backups of All Older Versions From Before 22_11_2022". Use these if you want to access the older versions.
    The bikini armor content has been moved onto a seperate modpage and now requires the Spell Perk Item Distributor mod. You can find the bikini patches here-
    This is a collection of patches to add Devious Devices, Luxury Lingerie or Bikini Armors to the outfits of female NPCs from both vanilla and mods. I have used the plugin from 'Deviously Patched Hydra Slave Girls' by Gameplayer as a base, so original credit goes to him. Since Captured Dreams is no longer available Gameplayer's mod is obsolete now and I have made many extra patches, so I'm putting this on it's own page rather than posting in his thread.
    These patches are appropriate for using alongside other mods involving misogyny and slavery such as Sexlab Survival, Hydra Slavegirls and Slaverun Reloaded. It will make the world much more immersive by making NPCs look and behave as if they are having similar experiences as your Devious main character.
    I have also edited modded NPCs so that they will use the heads and hairs from the mod Immersive Wenches to make them look more beautiful. This is to fix the problem that a lot of the female NPCs in LL mods just aren't visually appealing. In particular, Hydra Slavegirls has some notoriously ugly and badly-designed NPCs and now you will never need to see them again.
    Some of these patches now use Spell Perk Item Distributor for maximum compatibility.
    There are patches available for vanilla and the following mods-
    The Amazing World of Bikini Armors
    Luxury Lingerie Collection CBBE
    Immersive Wenches
    Slaverun Reloaded
    Troubles of Heroine
    Hydra Slavegirls
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus
    Devious Bandit Captives
    Laura's Bondage Shop
    Radiant Prostitution
    Sexlab Dialogues
    Deviously Enslaved Continued
    SD Cages
    Wet and Cold - Gear
    Animal Mansion Plus
    Buxom Wench Yuriana
    You will require Devious Devices SE and Immersive Wenches as a foundation for these patches, available here-
    Optionally you may also use Luxury Collection, available here-

    The bikini content has been moved onto it's own seperate modpage as it is no longer dependent on the content here. You can find the bikini patches in the link below.
    You will require Non-Devious Devices.esp and Non Devious Devices - Masterlist.esp a base for all my other patches. It contains the unscripted versions of Devious Devices (called Non-Devious Devices, or non-DDs). Non-DDs allow NPCs to wear the models of Devious Devices without adding scripted events to your game and clogging up your Papyrus. There are still some scripts running because Zaz Animation Pack needs them to make NPCs use animations for gags and armbinders, but there is much less scripts running than when using regular devious devices.
    To install it you must download the latest version of "Non Devious Devices - Masterlist" available in the download section. This is required by most of the other patches.
    I recommend that you use the Nexus patches for Immersive Wenches to make them use hairstyles from either Apachii Hairs or KS Hairdos. If you use High Poly Heads then I recommend you install the patch for Immersive Wenches to further enhance their beauty.
    The main install is these followng files.
    Non-Devious Devices.esp
    Non Devious Devices - Masterlist.esp
    Mandatory, these are required by almost all other patches.
    The Non-Devious Devices Masterlist has the following patches in the "Optional" folder with the download. You should use these if you have the prerequisite mods.
    Non-Devious Devices Masterlist - Immersive Wenches.esp
    This will change the tavern clothes outfit to use Non-Devious Devices rather than the vanilla wench dress. Immersive wenches will use this as their default clothing. This edits Mogrul in Raven Rock to change him to use a different outfit. Requires Immersive Wenches.
    Non-Devious Devices Masterlist - Radiant Prostitution Patch.esp
    This will add the JobWhore keyword to non-DD collars This enables any NPCs wearing non-DDs to use the NPC vs NPC whoring feature that is introduced by the mod Radiant Prostitution. Use if you have installed Radiant Prostitution available here-
    Non-Devious Devices - Luxury Collection Expansion.esp
    This will add items from Luxury Colleciton to the outfits for Non Devious Devices. This will make your slaves look much better and is the much recommended. This requires "Luxury Collection - Masterlist.esp" and I recommend you install the 3BA (not the CBBE) version for best results.
    Non-Devious Devices - Luxury Collection - You Need This Patch If Using CBBE Not 3BA.esp
    You need this if using the CBBE version of "Non-Devious Devices - Luxury Collection Expansion.esp" and not the 3BA version.
    The 3BA and CBBE versions of Luxury Collection on SSE have significant differences. The patches were made for 3BA, so this plugin will remove the outfits that are broken in the CBBE version. You need this as well as the other one in the Luxury Collections ection ("Luxury Collection - You Need This Patch If Using CBBE Not 3BA.esp").
    Non-Devious Devices - No Gags.esp
    Non-Devious Devices - No Piercings.esp
    Non-Devious Devices - No Belts.esp
    Non-Devious Devices - No Blindfolds.esp
    These patches will selectively remove some items from the outfits.
    Immersive Wenches - Rescuable Wenches Are Essential.esp
    This is to make the rescuable wenches Essential, so that they can't die during a botched rescue.
    Non_Devious_Devices_For_Vanilla_NPCs - SPID_DISTRI.ini
    This is a SPID patch available for Non-Devious Devices. It requires "Non-Devious Devices - Masterlist.esp" and won't work without it. This will use SKSE to change the outfits of vanilla NPCs to wear Non Devious Devices. I have excluded females wearing armor, noble or fine clothes since they are rich and/or powerful enough to afford the licences for clothes. This is intended to be used with Sexlab Survival and/or Slaverun Reloaded to make the gameworld more consistent with the player experience. Now NPCs have to pay for clothing licences, and few can afford it.
    It is fully compatible with everything except other SPID mods that modify the outfits of the same NPCs. WACCF ACE might conflict on a few NPCs.
    However, this SPID patch won't remove female weapons, you need the below patch to do that.
    This conflicts with "Luxury_Collection_For_Vanilla_NPCs - SPID_DISTRI.ini" and should not be used with it. They both assign different outfits to the same NPCs. Use only one, depending on whether you prefer to dress vanilla female civilian NPCs in Luxury Collection or Non Devious Devices.
    Remove Weapons From Weak Female NPC.esp
    For consistency with Sexlab Survival and Slaverun Reloaded this will remove weapons (mostly daggers) from weak female civilian noncombatant NPCs. It affects most of the same NPCs as the above SPID patch does. I have excluded miners, Skaal, orc tribeswomen and a few selected others.
    It is in the optional folder with the download for the file above (Non_Devious_Devices_For_Vanilla_NPCs - SPID_DISTRI.ini) since they are designed to work together. It is a plugin and may conflict with all the mods that change NPC appearances so load it early in your load order and use a conflict resolution method. It has little gameplay effect so it's not very important, but it does provide immersion.
    Luxury_Collection_For_Vanilla_NPCs - SPID_DISTRI.ini
    This is a SPID patch available for Luxury Collection. It requires "Luxury Collection - Masterlist.esp" and won't work without it. This will use SKSE to change the outfits of vanilla NPCs to wear Non Devious Devices.
    It is fully compatible with everything except other SPID mods that modify the outfits of the same NPCs. WACCF ACE might conflict on a few NPCs.
    This conflicts with "Non_Devious_Devices_For_Vanilla_NPCs - SPID_DISTRI.ini" and should not be used with it. They both assign different outfits to the same NPCs. Use only one, depending on whether you prefer to dress vanilla female civilian NPCs in Luxury Collection or Non Devious Devices.
    This is a collection of patches that are for the mod available here-
    Luxury Collection - Masterlist.esp
    This is the file that is needed by all the other content listed below in this section. It is also needed by other patches in both the SPID and Non-Devious Devices section.
    Luxury Collection - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make Immersive Wenches wear Luxury Collection items as their default outfits.
    Luxury Collection - You Need This Patch If Using CBBE Not 3BA.esp
    The 3BA and CBBE versions of Luxury Collection on SSE have significant differences. The patches were made for 3BA, so this plugin will remove the outfits that are broken in the CBBE version.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Slaverun Reloaded - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make the female NPCs wear Non-DD outfits and also to use the heads/hairs from Immersive Wenches.
    I also have edited quest NPCs to make them followers. This is because Slaverun in SSE has the bug that quest NPCs will wander away from quest scenes and return to their default assigned positions. If you recruit them as followers they will no longer do this, so this patch will fix that bug. Note that followers seem compatible with Submissive Lola, but they are *NOT* compatible with Devious Followers Continued. Before you recruit them you should place your mouse over them, go to the Devious Followers MCM and click the option to de-register them as devious followers. This will prevent Devious Followers from running on them and potentially causing bugs. I don't know why Devious Followers doesn't work with Slaverun NPCs. Nether's Follower Framework seems to run normally on them.
    I have also made some edits to make them level with the player, and other things.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Troubles of Heroine - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make the female NPCs wear Non-DD outfits and also to use the heads/hairs from Immersive Wenches.
    It's not safe to use ToH patches with mismatched versions. This is for the following versions of Troubles of Heroine and requires them all-
    Troubles of Heroine SE 2.7.0
    Troubles of Heroine Dawnguard Addon SE 1.1.1
    Troubles of Heroine Dragonborn Addon SE 1.2
    Troubles of Heroine Hearthfire Addon SE 1.0.1
    These are for the mod available here-
    Hydra Slavegirls - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make the NPCs wear Non-DD outfits and also to use the heads/hairs from Immersive Wenches. I have also edited all inventory items to reduce the excessive amount of loot you could collect from hydra followers and dead NPCs. I have made many of the named characters into balanced followers. I have also included a fix for the original mods problem of causing the subtitles dialogue to override other subtitles and to be shown even when the conversation is far away.
    Hydra Slavegirls - Furniture Patch.esp
    If you use "Hydragorgon Furniture Patch.esp" from the main mod then you will need this patch to integrate it's edits with my own. Use this together with the above patches.  This is for the version released on 15_03_2022.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make the female NPCs wear Non-DD outfits and also to use the heads/hairs from Immersive Wenches.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Devious Bandit Captives - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    Makes the rescuable slave/whore NPCs use Non-Devious Devices outfits and also use the heads/hairs from the mod Immersive Wenches. I also edited their stats to make them slightly better as followers. If you want them as adventuring followers then I recommend that you install a follower mod like Nether's Follower Framework to be able to manually edit their class/stats/spells/combat style ingame.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Lauras Bondage Shop - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    This will make the female NPCs use the heads/hairs from Immersive Wenches and optionally to wear Bikini Armors.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Radiant Prostitution - Customers Can Never Refuse You Patch.esp
    When you choose to approach an NPC to offer yourself they will never be able to refuse you. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.
    Radiant Prostitution - Followers Can Be Your Pimp Patch.esp
    This allows your followers to become your pimp and issue you jobs instead of a tavern keeper. To begin, talk to a tavern keeper and ask the question "What if I wanted to find someone else to take prostitution jobs from?". They will give you a pimp ring which you should then place on your follower. I strongly recommend that you disable the RP MCM option to restrict jobs to current inkeeper's town otherwise you might be punished for leaving town without paying the innkeeper. Note that some types of jobs might bug out if you attempt to start them outside of a town, some job quests assume you are inside a town when you start them because they need to select town-based NPCs.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Sexlab Dialogues - No Bloody Rags Patch.esp
    Removes the rag items from the levelled lists. If you never use the SL Dialogue quests then you won't need them and they will just annoy you.
    These are for the mod available here-
    Deviously Enslaved - Forced Approaches at Running Speed Patch.esp
    Now when you get a forced approach by an NPC who wants to rape/enslave you they will actually run at you which will make it harder to escape from them (if you see them coming).
    Deviously Enslaved - SSE Vanilla NPCs Are Slavers
    This will add the Zaz slaver faction to selected vanilla NPCs to make them be more likely to rape/enslave you. This is a modular install with multiple options, choose the ones that you want your PC to be at increased risk of being raped/enslaved by. Load these patches as early in your load order as possible, before any other mods that modify NPCs. Use a conflict resolution method like Wrye Bash or make a handmade patch.
    The types of NPCs that the patches apply the Zaz slaver faction to are as follows-
    Creepy Male Sex Pests
    Guild Members
    Male Tribal Orcs
    Non-Guild Mage
    Traders and Innkeepers (taverns and shops will NOT be a safe place)
    These are for the mod available here, the LE version is compatible for SSE-
    SD Cages - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    Makes the rescuable slaves NPCs use Non-Devious Devices outfits and also use the heads/hairs from the mod Immersive Wenches. I also edited their stats to make them slightly better as followers. If you want them as adventuring followers then I recommend that you install a follower mod like Nether's Follower Framework to be able to manually edit their class/stats/spells/combat style ingame.
    This is for the mod available here-
    Animal Mansion Plus - Non-DD and Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
    Makes the unique female NPCs use Non-Devious Devices outfits and also use the heads/hairs from the mod Immersive Wenches. Jala and Thaena can now be followers and are marriageable.
    This is for the mod available here-
    Buxom Wench Yuriana - Capturable Wenches Are Protected Patch.esp
    The capturable wenches will have the Protected flag and can only be killed by the player. This is to prevent followers from killing them accidentally.
    Buxom Wench Yuriana - Captured Immersive Wenches Will Use Yurianas Bondage Gear Patch.esp
    This edits the outfits of the rescuable enslaved Immersive Wenches so that they use the prettier bondage gear from the Yuriana mod, rather than the vanilla hoods and Zaz handcuffs.
    Buxom Wench Yuriana - Radiant Prostitution Patch.esp
    This makes manywenches use the NPC vs NPC whoring feature from Radiant Prostitution.
    Buxom Wench Yuriana - Yuriana Uses Your Installed CBBE Body Mesh Patch.esp
    When Yuriana is naked she won't use her custom body but will instead use your default CBBE body mesh and textures. This will not affect her worn items because there isn't a bodyslide available for them, they cannot be modified.
    Buxom Wench Yuriana - Non-Devious Devices Patch.esp
    Swaps the jewellery-based outfits with Non-Devious Devices. Doesn't change armor or clothing.
    This is for the mod available here-
    The mod "Wet and Cold - Gear" assigns protective clothing items to NPCs based on the weather conditions. This doesn't combine well with the patches from this mod because the cloaks, backpacks, hoods, gloves etc all clip with the bondage items on slaves. This SPID patch will prevent females from receiving any clothing items from "Wet and Cold - Gear". Only males will receive items now.
    I don't have a patch for the original "Wet and Cold" mod because it doesn't have any way to patch it with SPID. I don't recommend using that mod unless you overwrite it with "Wet and Cold - Gear".
    Make Elder Females Look Young Again.esp
    Make Elder Females Sound Young Again.esp
    This has 2 plugins, one will handle the texture redirection to make females use the young person textures but take care that it doesn't conflict with something. The other plugin will edit the voicetypes to make elders use young person voices. However some of their unique quest dialogue will be silent because there isn't a young person's line to replace the old people's lines. For example, the Grey Mane woman in Whiterun who sells jewellery has unique dialogue for selling her wares and that will be silent. It's a tradeoff, she will sound young for some dialogue but won't be fully voiced. It's your decision whether the tradeoff is worth it.
    More Food at Inns.esp
    This copies and modifies the edits to tavern inventories from this mod - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98313
    It will give a much larger selection of food items at inns. This is a very useful patch to have if you are using Submissive Lola, which often requires you to acquire meals for your Owner. With this patch you will usually be able satisfy your Owners' food and drink demands at the nearest tavern.
    Credit to Dreamweaver for Non-Devious Devices 1.1 which I converted into the Non-Devious Devices Masterlist.
    Credit to hydragorgon for the original slavegirls mod.
    Credit to Gameplay for the original Devious Devices Hydra Slavegirls patch.
    Credit to Cleave, Grey Cloud and donttouchmethere for the screenshots.
    Credit to SkyLover37 for the Devious Toys Generator which I used to remake the non-devious devices patches.



  25. Sexlab Anim Stage Labels

    Tired of oral voices playing even when scene only features vaginal dicking? Sick of using your imagination to replace the scenes with voice appropriate anims? Sad that you dont have enough immersions in your sexlab animations?
    well you are now in luck! SL Anim Stage labels (ASL) is now here to deal with all your sexlab woes!
    its fairly common for animation creators to have stages of varying positions or intensity in the same animation. like blowjob or DP in the same animation. this mod aims to improve the immersion by giving options for mods to react in stage change by reading ASL.
    its a pretty simple but extensive mod that adds tags to specifically identify the action in the animation stage.
    its a modders resource that doesnt do anything on its own, and requires mods to create patches to read from ASL's function to identify the stage's actions.
    List of labels :
    Li (Lead In) : non penetrative stages
    SV (Slow Vaginal) : Vaginal penetration in relatively slow or non aggressive stage. or female is in control such as cowgirl or femdom
    SA (Slow Anal) : Anal penetration in relatively slow or non aggressive stages or female is in control such as cowgirl or femdom
    FV (Fast/IntenseVaginal) : Vaginal penetration in relatively fast or aggressive stage. usually female is not in control
    FA (Fast/intense Anal) : Anal penetration in relatively fast or aggressive stage. usually female is not in control
    DP ( Double penetration) : vaginal and anal penetration at the same stage
    TP ( Triple penetration) : Oral, vaginal and anal penetration at the same stage
    SB ( Slow blowjob) Oral in Slow or non aggressive stages
    FB ( Fast blowjob) Oral in fast or aggressive stages
    SR (Spitroast) : Oral and vaginal or anal at the same stage
    EN (End) : Stage that signals the end of the penetration. usually at the last stage of an animation
    SL Tags for ASL has been setup for the human and creatures animations from these animators 
    How to use? :
    first of all you need SLATE installed. (also get the SLATE patch from https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10316-osmelmc-mod-tweaks/)
    1) open Slate in MCM and import SLATE_ActionLog - ASL Human.json
    2) save the game and reload the game. you should see about 4k+ actions after reloading
    3) click on "Reapply actions"
    4) wait
    5) Save your game
    every time you reregister your animations you need to reapply the SLATE Actions.

    Available Patches :
    ASL Hentai Edition for IVDT 1.3.0
    a spinoff patch for IVDT 1.3.0 that voices different animation stages by reading from ASL. intended to work with the voice packs that i setup. same experience from other modder's voice packs not guaranteed
    Available at
    ASL Patch with SLGP - SexLab Grass Patch SLSO 1.0.0
    - same functions with SLGP which greatly speeds up starting sexlab animations
    - Prevent Orgasm for female during the first ASL L! stage
    - Prevent Orgasm if its ASL SB / FB Stages for female
    - Doesnt prevent orgasm if no ASL for the animation is available
    - prevents SLSO from refreshing expression if SL Survival triggered ahegao or open mouth , and keeps the ahegao going until the end
    - in ASL LI Stages, only allow orgasm after 1st stage for
         > Handjob, blowjob - Male 
         > Cunnilingus, Fingering, Fisting- Female
    -a bit more enjoyment increase during intense ASL stages like FA, FV, SR ,. double the bonus enjoyment for female if its TP , DP stages. more enjoyment if its a huge PP race like giant, chaurus or horny race like Orc , for male and female.. 
    2.5 times more bonus enjoyment specially for troll race because troll. no bonus enjoyment for female for fast blowjob stages
    configurable json file available in the folder. edit with text file. read the help file in the same folder to understand the options,.
    based on 
    ASL Patch for Hentai Pregnancy 2022-09-06 with Titty Squirt
    replaced the existing squirt emitters with modified assets (milk squirting start from the nipple of D-E Cup breasts)  from osim lactis https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/54017 (original mod not needed. see mod screenshots above) . 
    can only lactate if either estrus or hentai pregnancy conditions are fulfilled
    a chance  (configurable ) to titty squirt during SLSO orgasm if :
    > Estrus chaurus / dwemer / spider
    > Hentai pregnancy lactating (enable PC milking) 
    > no squirting if its ASL LI , SB , FB stage
    > if its huge PP race, like troll, giant, chaurus etc,
    > if its an ASL FA, FV , SR , TP, DP stage 
    Notes : Nipple Squirting is done with an armor , hence the it wont be displayed/ wont go away while on sexlab free camera. recommend to use Smooth Camera from Nexus, disable free camera
    and offset the camera Z axis with a hotkey
    configurable json file available in the folder. edit with text file. read the help file in the same folder to understand the options,.
    ASL SLSO Sound Effects
    Play the right sound effects in your Sexlab Stages with the right immersion! 
    this is a complete repurpose of the default SLSO voice module, it was intended to complement my IVDT hentai so its not compatible if you are using SLSO voice for anything else
    Requirements :
    >SLSO 2023-01-16., 
    >Disable Sexlab Sound SFX (to avoid SFX overlap) , no other SLSO voice packs installed
    >If you are using IVDT or IVDT hentai edition, keep "mute sexlab voices" unchecked as some reports it mutes the ASL SFX as well
    i) Install the mod like you will any other mod and overwrite SLSO
    2) make sure "ASL Sound Effects: Show up on the right panel,
    3) if 0 is selected for player, sexlab voice will play per normal. if 1 is selected for player, sexlab voice will not play for player (you might want to select 1 to avoid overlapping voices with other alternate voice mods like IVDT)
    3) turn off Default Sexlab SFX which otherwise will play alongside with it.

    4) This mod contains optional ASL SFX SLATE File that fine tunes the stage sound effects. install it the same way like you would ASL 
    this plays specific SFX on specific stages such as :
    slow tagged doggystyle/missionary : slow ass clapping with light slushing sound
    intense tagged doggystyle/missionary : semi fast ass clapping with medium slushing sound
    tagged doggystyle/missionary double penetration : Fast ass clapping sound in later stages ( earlier stages are assumed to have slower clapping)
    Lead in / Blowjob: light slushing
    other soft penetration : medium slushing
    other intense penetration : heavy slushing
    in the mod folder structure you will find these used folders. you can replace the sound files in this folder if you want.
    other folder are unused yet and is reserved for future additions if any
    Normal\1 = slow meat clapping ( 1 clap every 0.6 sec) TAG = "SS"
    Normal\2 = heavy slushing TAG = "FS"
    Normal\3 = light slushing  TAG = "SS"
    Normal\4 = medium slushing TAG = "MS"
    Normal\5 = Fast Meat Clapping  ( 1 clap every 0.3 sec) TAG = "FC"
    Normal\6 = semi Fast Meat Clapping ( 1 clap every 0.45 sec) TAG = "MC"
    Normal\7 = Rapid slushing TAG = "RS"
    Ass clapping sound will be skipped for creature races that cannot realistically clap PC's ass like insect races that has no meaty hind legs , giants or lurkers that are too big in size, small animals like rabbit and foxes. or penis being too long like horses that cannot ass clap because their hind legs cannot reach PC's ass
    the mod will attempt to find the best sound effects with assumptions based on animation tags and ASL. Optional Fine tuning ASL SFX Tags files available
    Future enhancements
    i) Possibly more sound effects (based on different scenarios or creatures?) , if you have ideas or reference please do share.
    ii) continuous improvements to fine tune sound effects through ASL SFX tags
    ASL Patch for Cumshot 2.3
    A simple patch for the Cumshot mod that uses ASL instead of the MCM animation config to decide if Penis in PC or not. if Penis is Penetrating PC, ejaculation effects will not show. Penis will only show ejaculate ourside penetration
    Requirements :
    And its Patch from https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10316-osmelmc-mod-tweaks/ otherwise you cannot load ASL for creatures and it takes hours to load everything
    For Modders:
    for Modders:
    Call Global Function  animstagelabels.GetLabel(sslBaseAnimation anim , int stage) 
    calling the function  animstagelabels.GetLabel by passing in the parameters will simply tell you the Stage Label  
    its a good idea to have fall back logic in place in case some animations do not have ASL applied, such as creatures or solo.
    For SL Animation Creators,
    ASL labels in SL Animation tags are structured with only 3 characters : 
    Stage Number + Stage Label  
    example :
    3FV  (Stage 3 , Fast Vaginal)
    5SB   (Stage 5 , Slow blowjob)
    simply add these SL animation tags to your animations to identify its actions

    Apart from ASL Tags the mod will contain additional sexlab tags to identify the animation type like cowgirl doggystyle etc that was not added by original animator
    Future Plans:
    - some patches for some other mods
    If you like what im doing, feel free to buy me a coffee ! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/shimizumodding



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