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Skyrim: Special Edition

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    1. Sassy Teen Dolls!

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      ==============The main file will download from mega===================
      Finally, Sassy Teen Dolls!

      Have you ever felt that Skyrim lacks age variations? Well i have found a way to solve this. Every city, town, village will now have teenage boys and girls, mostly custom armors, custom body's, custom textures, Custom voices, Custom outfits to fit the new body's. While traveling you will fine a total of 228 teens, a few will love to accompany you on quests, some are Friendly and (yes, you guessed it) Sassy! Obviously, my initial intention was to expand "Sassy Teen Girls" as we all watched that mod disappear. but after messing with everything, I had realized, nothing of the original mod was left, so this was greatly inspired by the long gone mod. 
         - Followers all have Full immersive AI.
         - Many variations of sizes and looks, even has 3 new races seen in previous Elder Scrolls!
         - Designed to be compatible with as many other mods as possible.
      - German Translation by Rore ( https://mega.nz/#F!PH4kla6S!B3jxi-EMMxu7aqS9DrvuAQ)
      Installation Requirements


      After installing the mod, the following general load order needs to be followed:

      Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
      (All your other crazy mods)
      Sassy Teen Dolls.esp
      (Any other mods that alter the Follower Interface, Like AFT for example)

      For getting load order set with other mods loaded, please use LOOT. It will provide you a solid starting point for everything that you can then tweak as needed.
      Sassy Teen Dolls
      This mod will ADD over 250 Teen NPC's to your game. Be WARNED! THIS WILL STEAL YOUR TIME!
      Sassy Teen Dolls - Lite
      This is the lite version. Its about 150 instead of the 280ish
      TeenDoll Ysolda
      Replaces Ysolds, found in the Whiterun market. She is young acting, so inspired, all the talk about getting married, the dang Khajiit Caravan.. It only makes Sense!
      TeenDoll Shizuka
      - Now this is an Orc Teen that is super powerful! she is found near the Eldergleem tree in the cave. Caution, her armor makes her nearly unstopable!
      TeenDoll - Kitsune
      This Was done by request from a friend that was with us from the beginning
      Helens Cottage
      This was created for a place to get the Sassy Teen Outfits. Located just outside Whiterun.
      TeenDoll - Dark Brotherhood Patch
      This replaces Gabrielle, and the two initiates in the dark brotherhood.
      TeenDoll - Serana
      This changes the appearance of Serana. you can have any other Serana mod with it, if you want her looks, install this after the other, and make sure this is after the other Serana mod
      TeenDolls - Replacements
      Julienne lylvieve, fastrid, brelyna, Illdi, and Sylgja, all are teens here! if you pay attention, they are daughters or act young. i believe they were meant to be teenage!
      Sassy Teen Dolls - Default outfits
      Sassy Teen Dolls - Females only
      TeenDolls - UseAllHairsAndEyes
      Triptherift - For the wonderful inspiration to create this mod. Based directly off her mod Sassy Teen Girls. 
      Ezra1975 - Customizing and doing SOLID DAYS of slider-fu.
      Solus304 - Assisting with a few hairs, hours and hours of making the male presets.
      HeroedeLeyenda - For the wonderful skin textures.
      Kalilies - For KS Hairs.
      RavenDier - For an armor used.
      Yurica - All her wonderful armor mods.
      Etayorius - One variation of the teens voice.
      Jmenaru - for Twilight armor I used.
      Mekasaa - For Multi-Colored KS-Hairdos
      Special Thanks

           I wanted to make sure I gave credit where its due, i feel that without the help of Ezra1975, none of my mods would be possible. Even though I made, sculpted and put everything together, he went through every single NPC and made sure every one of them were unique in every way. he picked out which one wore what armor, what they had in their inventory. Again Ezra, this mod feels like its just as much you as me.
      These mods were created by Schaken and Ezra
      First of all, we do not give permission to post this on any other sites what so ever. We do not allow this game to be ported to any other games. I already have the LE version and it is linked at the top. If your wanting your player Turned into a Follower, please contact either Schaken, or Ezra. All the sources in these mods i do not give permission to use, share, or upload to another site. Feel free to contact us for special permissions, questions, or suggestions. Also for those that panic and sweat at the thought that something might upset them, This holds the name "Dolls" Simply because my first mod is "Dolls SE" and i wanted it to blend with what i already have. 
      As wonderful as Nexus can be, i got shot down because simply the viewers panties were in a bunch. it was top hotmod and was on its way to be hotmod of the month. over 10k downloads and i guess that wasnt ok. so here we are.



    2. TeenDolls - Replacements

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      Julienne lylvieve, fastrid, brelyna, Illdi, and Sylgja, all are teens here! if you pay attention, they are daughters or act young. i believe they were meant to be teenage!
      This was created by Ezra1975



    3. TeenDolls - UseAllHairsAndEyes

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      TeenDolls - UseAllHairsAndEyes.
      This makes a patch so you can use Hair mods like KS and add eye mods to your Teen Actor.



    4. Sassy Teen Dolls - Default Outfits

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      This puts normal outfits on the Sassy Teen Dolls.



    5. Sassy Teen Dolls (Females ONLY).7z

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      Sassy Teen Dolls Except no males. plain and simple. your welcome



    6. TeenDolls - Shizuka

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      TeenDolls - Shizuka. This puts an Orc Teen named Shizuka by the Eldelgleem.
      She was designed by "CaramelFrappe" and made to life by Schaken and Ezra.

      When the orcs have been forced out of their homeland, Orsinium, they were now a divided people, as they began to split across Tamriel as clans. One of them, the Morkul clan, were well known for being extraordinary blacksmiths whom can use their own blood to enhance their weapons and armors at the forge. They settled in Skyrim, and while they were well equipped for the cold ... their orc chief became terribly ill. No one within the tribe knew how to cure him, even the wise woman and her apprentices in alchemy knew of a solution. All hope seemed lost when he was lying in his death bed. However, as all was lost ... a woman on her travels was seen near the stronghold. The orcs watched her, as she gracefully walking along. Accusing her as being a spy, the orcs took her hostage and brought her in for questioning. Never did the woman show fear, anger, or even showed any emotion towards the orcs. She wore clothing that was never seen by the locals in Skyrim, and she spoke in a language not heard by the orcs in all their lifetime. As the orcs brought her to the sickened chief to have him decide her fate, she began slowly walking up to the fallen warrior. The orcs immediately reacted by drawing their weapons, but the women didn't even bother stopping to give them any notice.

      She went onto her knees, looking over the dying orc chief, before pulling out her dagger. The orcs this time threatened her, demanding that she would cease at once or they will take her life. But rather than obeying, the woman did something unexpected ... she slit her own hand. The orcs were dismayed by this, and to make it even more shocking- she hovered her bleeding hand over the orc's mouth. Blood fell down, the man unconsciously gulping it. One of the orcs got hold of his senses and pulled the woman away, cursing at her. Before they could strike her down, the orc chief opened his eyes with gasping breaths. Everyone froze, seeing their orc chief rise up with such energy before clenching his chest. He told them to halt, that the woman had somehow cleansed him of his terrible fate. Feeling like he was 'reborn' again, the orc chief declared that this woman was more than welcome to the stronghold, and that she was a hero among his people. Rejoiced, the orcs began celebrating and spoiled the woman with their finest foods, mead, and everything. Eventually, the woman became a close friend to the orc chief, and though he did not understand her, body language could be adapted to. Eventually, they slowly fell in love, and in a strange twist- she bore his child. This child, would be a half orc ... named Shizuka, a name meaning gentle, quiet, and silent for the baby did not cry on it's birth.

      Little did everyone know, this woman trained the child herself ... in the ways of a samurai. Even the father, the orc chief, did not know just how skilled in combat this woman was, nor her origins ... but nether the less, it was her mother that helped Shizuka become such a skillful warrior, and at the age of 18, gave her the sword she kept hidden from everyone all these years. This blade was passed down from generation to generation, Shizuka getting the sword ... Shimmering Soul.

      Entering the age of 20, Shizuka left the stronghold in search of adventure, wanting to help the people of Skyrim against the overgrowing population of bandits and scum that threaten the innocent. She stopped at Eldergleam Sanctuary, to gather her thoughts ... and it is here, you meet her.



    7. Sassy Teens

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      Sassy Teen Dolls adds 250 ish Teenage crazy teens to skyrim!




    8. TeenDolls - Serana

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      TeenDolls - Serana. This replaces Serana with a Teen, Finally she looks like she Should!



    9. TeenDolls - Ysolda

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      This replaces Ysolda. I always thought she should be younger, take a good look at her personality.. tell me she wasn't meant to be a teen!



    10. TeenDolls - Kitsune

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      TeenDolls - Kitsune. She was created by the request of a good Freind. Can be found in Whiterun!



    11. TeenDolls - Dark Brotherhood Patch

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      TeenDolls - Dark Brotherhood Patch. This makes Gabrielle and the two initiates as teens. very nice touch i must add!



    12. Sassy Teen Dolls - (Lite).7z

      Moderator note
      The NPCs added by the mod use the NeverNude body mesh (modified but still 100% nevernude.) And all races are marked as Child.
      So they cannot and NEVER will be included in SexLab animations.
      This is a lite version of the full version. contains around 150 rather than the full 250ish please report any errors




    13. Aether Suite SE

      Aether Suite SE
      A modern/futuristic location that hold many secrets for you to discover!

      - Where to Enter -
      Method #1
      Obtain the book near a bed on the second floor of the Hall of Attainment in the College of Winterhold.

      Method #2
      Download Additemmenu SE or type help "Aether Suite" in the console for the book/spell ID

      - Credits -
      Halofarm for the permission to share this with you guys!
      Please don't bother Halofarm via his own page about this SSE port!



    14. SexLab Separate Orgasm SE

      Make SexLab Separate Orgasms Great Again!
      Issue: SexLab animation always end with orgasms
      Fix: make separate orgasms for actors
      -But.... isn't that option already there?
      -Well yes and no, sexlab always ends animations with orgasm, this was probably left due to compatibility reasons with earlier SexLab versions, and i don't think there any mods that use separate orgasms functionality, therefore that SL separate orgasms option is totally useless as a feature.
      -So what does this mod do?
      -This mod tries to fix above problem by modifying sslThreadController script to only play "OrgasmStart" and "OrgasmEnd" events when player has "Separate Orgasms" option disabled.
      -But doesn't that break many mods that use those events?
      -Yes, authors will have to update their mods, this would take around 5 min to add 1 new event.

      exactly Sex Animation Framework v1.63Beta3-4, not less, not more
      *animation speed control doesnt work as SexLab Animation Speed Control dll isnt ported to SE, so its probably better if you disable it in mcm
      Recommended mods:
      Dripping When Aroused SE (fancy sex effects)
      SLSO Player Succubus Addon (drain your sex partners)
      Sexlab Shrines (immersive way to raise purity and reduce lewdness turning your nympho characters into something humanlike)
      Rate Mod if you like it, that might keep me motivated, oh and of course support me on Patreon
      2)install with your mod manager
      3)goto sexlab mcm enable separate orgasms
      4)goto sexlab mcm enable ending orgasm effects, if you want camera shake and stuff
      5)probably goto sexlab mcm and disable auto stage advance, or your poor key-bashing performance might be not enough to orgasm
      *use hotkey to enable widgets during sex if for some reason they dont show up
      *widgets will not work if you have mod that disables hud (during SL animations)
      *mod will not work if you overwrite its script, duh!
      Sound packs Installation:
      (not sure how many sound packs game supports but probably from 128 to 65 thousands? if your pc can handle that xD)
      1)download (sound pack you want)
      2)install with your mod manager
      3)wait 10 seconds, see notification in top left corner
      4)goto SLSO mcm and setup/select voice pack
      *seems i've forgotten to tell you to launch game after step 2), yes you need to do that too
      -interactive sex
      -yours/partners actions actually matter
      -yours/partners Sexlab skills and relations actually matter
      -each actor orgasms individually instead of everyone orgasm at Sexlab AnimationEnd event
      -multi orgasms
      -multiple impregnations/inflation by male/futa/beast ejaculation(if your impregnation/inflation mod supports SLSO)
      -lots of logical conditions for orgasms
      -aggressor controls, so animation wont end until aggressor is done with you and you can go... i mean crawl away and carry your burden
      -victim controls, ability to set if victim of rape can orgasm
      -possibility for orgasm denial and punishment(if your slavery mod supports SLSO)
      -depending on relations, npc's may try to pleasure player, i don't know why but mighty dragonborn can return them favour
      -ability to break npc's mentally, or be broken by Sex Grandmaster Lydia and be turned into orgasming mess
      -sex enjoyment widget
      -SLA patch: reduced arousal reduction based on character lewdness, arousal gain for lewd characters from being raped
      -animation speed control based on actor enjoyment/stamina
      useful Sexlab hot-keys:
      SPACE!!! - advance animation stage (+10 base excitement per stage(up to 60 at the end, i think?))
      shift+SPACE!!! - go back 1 animation stage(-10 base excitement)
      O - switch animation
      End - End animation
      PC/NPC interactions:
      Modders stuff:
      SexLab Separate Orgasm GitHub
      Q: No MCM
      A: fix your game, not this mod problem
      Q: Orgasm doesn't happen
      A: make sure your character meet orgasm conditions
      A: disable orgasm conditions
      A: enable orgasms/effects in sexlab
      Q: Orgasm doesn't reduce arousal
      A: use included SLA patch
      A: congrats, you've reached hidden nympho achievement
      Q: Enjoyment doesn't rise
      A: improve your skills/change or train your waifu
      Q: Animation is broken, character frozen
      A: Disable animation speed control or set minimum speed value above 100
      Supported mods:
      Native support:
      Hentai Pregnancy LE/SE
      Estrus Spider
      Estrus Dwemer
      Dripping when aroused
      Milk Mod Economy
      Devious Training
      Sexlab Aroused(Redux) V29(patch included)
      Fill Her Up 2 Beta NIO 1.12
      Sexlab Wear and Tear 2.08
      Estrus Chaurus+
      Community patches(oldrim):
      SoulgemOven 3
      Player Succubus Quest
      SexLab Cumshot
      Sexlab Squirt Reborn
      SexLab Hormones
      report supported mods that are not in list
      i might make patches for mods that are no longer updated/maintained and use sexlab default events
      don't even ask(me) for patches for mods that are still actively maintained/updated by someone,... unless you support me on Patreon (LOL)
      Ashal @ Skyrim SexLab - Sex Animation Framework
      h38fh2mf @ SexLab Animation Speed Control
      fishburger67 @ Sexlab Aroused Redux
      tanookitamatachi @ Animation-Appropriate Arousal Adjustments
      SKSE team
      SKYUI team
      If you repost/share this mod to other sites, you must add link to mods thread, my patreon, and provide descent translation of everything written on this page.
      You are not allowed to post/host/share this mod on cloud storage, torrent sites and file hosting services that:
      -force to buy premium and sms crap/ have terrible slow speeds.
      -give you money for file downloads/uploads/views/clicks.
      -install adware, crapware, trojans, viruses, miners, etc



    15. Helens Outfitters

      Helens Outfitters is outside of whiterun.  its a beautiful shop designed to sell outfits for the Sassy Teen Dolls. please report anything wrong!




    16. Sassy Teen Dolls - SOS

      Sassy Teen Dolls, now compatible with SOS. goes great with the Lewd version.



    17. Sassy Teen Dolls - Hostiles.7z

      Dont Delete



    18. Aether Suite – REDUX v 1.0.3

      1. Description : Aether Suite – REDUX

      This mod is based on the Aether Suite mod by Halofarm and Modern resources by Sinius, the idea was to populate it with NPC, reconnect all areas, expand it and carefully handcraft all locations
      it is fully functional but it is still WIP, download link for datas is in the .rar (about 3gigas), I will be a little busy at work these days, hope it will be ok, I'll try to support as quickly as possible
      Exteriors, 5 Main areas all connected together:
      Fort Knox - downtown : The heart of the city  
      Fort Knox - Black streets : living quarters area
      Fort Knox - main Gate : City entrance
      Fort Knox – Landing pad : located over an extinct volcano lake  
      OCTO-8 Island : A fisherman island accessible from the landing pad area (with a console located on the bridge)

      + middle sized Sub areas : Police Station, Sewers, Psijic Factory, Accord Tower
      Interiors (connected with exteriors):
      All Aether suite interiors are integrated and enhanced (Red robin lounge, The Undergrind, Basketball stadium, Finnegan’s board, Public swimming pool, Butterfly Hotel, etc)
      In addition, I’ve created new locations such Police station, town office, supermarket, school of art, factory and much much more
      NPC : in order to make it more lively there is about 400 NPC dressed in a modern way  
      Vendors :
      Restaurants/coffe shops : you can buy food in various location : restaurants / cafés / supermarket / street vendors (should be needs mods ready)

      Fireworks : a firework merchant in OCTO-8 Island

      Weapons/misc in the hardware shop (Fort Knox - Downtown)

      Cannabis : joints/blunts/pipes in the 420 Café (Fort Knox - downtown)

      Street vendors in Downtown

      Drug dealers in dark corners
      Vehicles : Minibikes and mini motos are also available (you can use them as a mount, pretty buggy but fun)  
      Changed days/months names to modern like 07 April, etc  
      Room rental in the butterfly Hotel and Finnegans (strict minimum implementation at this point)  
      Fully navmeshed  
      Weather : Fort Knox is in perpetual night, more or less shiny depending of the time of the day / OCTO-8 Island have a normal night and day cycle
      2. About the modder :

      Hi, I’m into modding since Morrowind, have mostly made mods for myself and it has lead me to work in the video game industry since 12 years from now.

      Few years ago I stumbled on the aether Suite and I’ve felt in love with this mod and always wanted to make something with it.

      I’ve started to just add few NPC to test, things went out of control, and I ended up with this Aether Suite – Redux build

      I’ve made it for fun with a lot of passion (it is nice for me to work outside of the video game industry boundaries) and I’m very happy to have something to give back to this community  (for free of course)

      + special Thanks to BlueStar who helped me to test and gave me nice ideas

      3. Requirements :
      SkyrimSE (+dragonborn/heartfire/dawnguard)  
      Aether suite SE:  
      ZAZ Animation Pack 8+:
      direct link:

      CBBE: ZAZ 8.0+ CBBE HDT Rev2 : https://mega.nz/#!nZQAyQTJ!5Bk5XOS8B60JAkud0EvK3pa2AlvryANI7ihkyswmfoU
      UNP:    ZAZ 8.0+ UUNP HDT Rev2 : https://mega.nz/#!bEgChJII!kMEg6xU8ERY2F94gn_CEqVfz5ARpCTuiGbe-kp5tD3Y

      (from this page: on this page:
      Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice to display subtitles (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15109)  
      FNIS For Cannabis Animations
      4. Load order :

      Aether suite_redux.esp must be at the bottom of your load order and obviously placed after Aethersuite.esp
      Aether suite_redux Datas should be placed last too

      5. TO DO (depending of people interest ^^)
      Add a new location: space station relay,add a last part to the town (with a bank)  
      NPC scheduling (to make it lively, for now I’ve just tested few patrols / few specific behaviors but most of NPC are just sandboxing)  
      Set property/owners for locations/ objects, etc  
      Questing : got a lot of ideas, have factions in mind, a storyline, events, etc, sexlab implementation  
      Renting appartment system with weekly fees  
      Bug Fixes  
      Trying to add a realshelter system for rain  
      Add a proper way to acces Fort Knox  
      6. How to acces Fort Know :

      If you create a new character you will have a spell by default « Fort Knox teleport » (for an existing character the spell should be added automatically)

      7. Know issues :
      Weather : while testing the weather can be resetted by default, added fix for that but let me know if it happens (most of the time it happens when you leave Fort knox to exterior world of skyrim // fort knox is only built in interiors cells even if it looks like an exterior)  
      [CRASH] when using additemmenu, the game will crash if you try to browse the part 1 of th emod, part 2 is OK)  
      Playing « normal » skyrim or original Aether Suite with this mod enable is not recommended as I changed a lot of things (do not COC to old Aether Suite Cells, use the spell to teleport to the Redux part)  
      [Textures]Few people can have a texture issue with Aether Suite SE mod, if it happens use textures from the original mod  
      Distant objects fade : if you go back to skyrim world in an exterior cell when you come back the distant fade object could be broken and while in Knox downtown you’ll see half of the scene  
      PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO REPORT ANY ISSUES if you’re brave enough to test (performances issues / meshs placement issues / navmesh issues / naming issues)
      8. Credits :

      Aether suite by Halo / http://mod.dysintropi.me/ converted to skyrim SE by : Andreis
      Cannabis Skyrim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8732/? Converted to Skyrim SE by fattyzhouse ALL credits go to MadNuttah and Virakotxa for creating the original Cannabis Skyrim
      Android Armor : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=706093155
      Sin’s modern ressources
      few meshes from Skyrim Seaworld (http://crential.blog.jp/archives/69192937.html)
      Musical Maayhem : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40905
      Osare Food : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24759
      Balkan MiniBike https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81666
      Modern Firearms Mod
      Witcher ressource pack : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68755
      Hallgarth’s additional vanilla hairs : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78669
      Few (Beautiful) meshes from http://blog.livedoor.jp/kaiouseinohito
      9. Updates log :
      ----------    V 1.0
      Initial Release
      ----------    V 1.0.1 - Patch Note
      Fixed duplicate NPC in downtown(in front of Red robin) and corrected his factions
      Fixed a light clipping in front of Butterfly Hotel
      Moved a bag of trash to clear npc path in downtown
      Minor mesh fix on the bridge in downtown
      Cleaned some unused objects from Esp (haven't found the additemmenu crash yet T_T)
      Fix fog in The Undergrind
      Cleaned police Weaponery and Ammos
      water canal: fix light clipping and added a little bit more fog
      water canal: fix missing collisions for few walls
      water canal: make easier to use stairs to get out of the water
      Revert back to original mudcrabs in skyrim // special mudcrabs in Red robin are cleaned
      fix a duplicate dog in riverwood (stump)
      fixed a duplicate actor in Octo-8 Island
      cleaned cannabis system // no more cannabis init message // no more cannabis options item auto give // cannabis items are no more automatically added with additem menu // joint/blunts/pipes are still available to buy in 420 caffé (downtown) or any drug dealers
      revamped lighting in 420 Café
      Fix a crash in 420 café (Downtown)
      Fixed LOD in front of police station (for 2 posters and 2 lights)
      Add steam + sewer drains in fort Knox Downtown / Main Gate / Black Streets
      Add 4 new kind of robots: Dogbot / ProtectBot / BrainBot / R-Type Bot
      Added 3 robots followers: rocky/dogbot in Main gate Area, The Bain/Brainbot in Downtown, Bender/Protector in Landing pad area
      upgraded sewers decoration a little bit
      Changed music in Red Robin Main Lounge to a more club like music
      [Hardware Store] [DOWNTOWN] Mask of terror is now for sell and more boxe items to buy
      [Edi-Bot repair 24/24] [Sewers] Now Ed sells all police armors, all android armors + R-type Bot Armor
      added a dog (a "real" one, not a robot : p) in sewers
      Apparence revamp for 420 Café NPC seller
      [Landing Pad] added a ladder to help get out of water
      Added Skull ashtray in various locations
      few more npc in Octo-8 Island
      ----------    V 1.0.2 - Patch Note
      Removed uneccessary dependency to Sexlab
      cleaned mod archives and saved 3.5 gigas of unused datas (.rar is now 2.75G from 3.3G)
      cleaned all mod's textures with Nifscan ad fixed all errors encountered
      cleaned some meshes with Nifscan
      Used NIF Healer and no issues found with that tool
      [Crash]Fixed a random crash in Red Robin foyer caused by an corrupted texture
      [Crash]Fixed a random crash in 420 Café caused by an incorrect mesh
      [NPC] Red Robin Manager now sits on her chair like a boss : )
      [NPC] Prevented a R-type bot to sit on a bench (looked weird)
      [Camera] Moved teleports markers when you travel to Octo-8 island and come back to fort knox to avoid a 3rd person camera collision issue
      Redecorate 420 café
      Redo Lights in 420 café
      renavmeshed 420 café
      redecorate Red Robin foyer (entrance)
      Redo Lights foyer (entrance)
      renavmeshed Red Robin foyer (entrance)
      Redo Lights in Red Robin Main lounge
      ----------    V 1.0.3 - Patch Note
      Fixed a teleport in sewers entrance
      Fixed a teleport in Thermal Baths for men section
      Fixed a teleport in Octo_8 Island (from left balcony to enter back in sea front residence)
      Fixed a faction's NPC in Downtown
      Added drunkfaction to some npc in streets and bars

      New Area:     "Fort Knox Industrial Zone", linked to Fort Knox Downtown Area (NPC, fully navmeshed)
               Interiors linked:
              Psijic Factory have been moved in this area from downtown
              Police Station have been moved in this area from downtown
              New Interior: Fort Knox - Federal Bank (NPC, fully navmeshed, Entrance +  safety vault + Director's Office + Meeting Room + Account managment room on 2 floors
      [NEW ARMOR] A VR Helmet has been added and is for sale in VR Rooms (Downtown)
      [Revamp] Spaceship system to travel to Octo-8 Island have been redone (new shuttle with a pilot / functioning sits / easier acces and visibility to the exit door)
      [Revamp] Redone exit corridor in Apartment block 75B in Fort Knox Blackstreets (more logical and realistic somehow)
      [NPC] 420 Café vendor now dress more like a cannabis vendor



    19. 4nk8r's Patches

      I've been making overrides/patches for various mods and decided to share some of them.  These are overrides for compatibility between Schlongs of Skyrim and The Amazing World of Bikini armors, as well as Bikini Ascend.  I've added the SOS_Revealing keyword to all slot 32 items that only covered the chest (slot 32 usually graphically covers slot 52 as well in vanilla Skyrim).  Slot 52-only items were given the SOS_Underwear keyword.  There are ESL/ESP versions as well as regular ESP versions.  BASHable.
      If your female PC (or other female NPC) are not using a futa/pube SOS addon for non-binary gender fun, BA and TAWOB work just fine without this.
      This makes chest pieces (slot 32) in TAWOB and BA "SOS revealing", so schlongs/pubes are visible when the bottom pieces (slot 52) are removed.
      Bottom pieces were marked as "SOS underwear" in the hope they would be removed correctly during scenes that are SOS-aware without additional settings, but I haven't found this to be the case.  I left the keyword there for now, unti it becomes an issue.  I'll remove it should that be the case.
      The most reliable way I've found to have the bottoms removed/re-equipped correctly during scenes is to go into the SexLab Stripping and Animations tab and activating Slot 52 stripping there.  This doesn't seem to strip the schlong when you are nude, so it seems to work well.
      I don't know how well this method works if you're using an equippable or slot-alternative version of SOS.
      EroticArmor keyword version added to ESP-only versions.  Not making updates to ESL's at this time.  You can add the ESL flag using xEdit/SSEEdit.  I recommend simply using WryeBash to make a bashed/merged patch instead.
      Should be compatible with Regular Edition.



    20. Arousal Based Breast Adjuster for SE (ABBA)

      A Mod for SSE using the CBBE body that changes your character's Breast size based on their arousal level.
      NB: you will need recent updates for BodySlide and RaceMenu that add support for body morphs. In addition to this you need to tick "build tri morphs" when building outfits/bodys
      I wanted to make this mod as I couldn't find one that did this in a simple way without lots of other stuff going on.
      Added a voice pack which works like any other sexlab voice pack and should work in Oldrim too
      NB: Needless to say if you have any other mod running that changes your body shape then you might need to use an inflation framework mod like SLIF or CANS. I should also say that if you have overlays enabled in racemenu then you might see graphical oddities on outfits with alpha blend meshes.
      Thanks to Kimy for the help getting this off the ground and the folks who made the sexlab/aroused/bodyslide/racemenu mods.

      As of 1.5.5 the mod requires running FNIS for users after installing or updating
      CBBE  (be sure and install the racemenu morphs plugin too)
      Racemenu SE
      Sexlab SE
      Sexlab Aroused Redux SE
      For CBBE abba outfit:
      Heels Sound (or not if you download the no heels sound version)
      HDT SMP or CBP physics
      Fuz Ro D-oh as of version 1.6+
      All of the above
      The ZAZ guys for some mod assets
      Srende (FHU) - For code ideas
      Ousnius for looking at my code
      All the folks that use my mod and have contributed ideas or spotted bugs, thanks!
      The Godess Dibella!
      One thing I should add about this mod. It checks for a few things before applying any changes: changes to arousal level/whether the character has an armour item removed (if that is enabled) etc. So if you load it up and nothing happened for a while it could be that nothing has changed that deems a morph on your character or npcs. You can test it by setting the increase arousal keybind and spamming it for a while. Enjoy!



    21. HDT Werewolves SE

      Permission to port officially was granted 
      Credit to the original creator jacques00 [original mod]  and Allegretto for the porting
      [HDT Werewolves SE]
      What does it do ? 
      this will convert the werewolves to have more sexual diversity as it provides a more sexual visual appearance 
      -males genitalia will move and function currently with SOS and SOS light from testing , males are slightly bigger
      -female breast(s) and Butt will move and function 
      -female multiple breasts mesh are included in the file , default must be changed to them
      SKSE [current] XP32 [select HDT] FNIS HDT framework and physics   
      Loverslab -requirments
      Sex lab [current]-in sexlab MCM select creature gender to be detected SLA -sex lab animation loader Creature framework more nasty critters HDT setup
      Version 1 &2 
      -requires CBBE SMP file
      Version 2.5 
      -native hdt smp functionality 
      Note-anything that will touch or alter werewolf or female werewolf can conflict
      this will also alter spawned werewolves, and if combined with diverse they will get a SOS appendage but retain texture depending on load order
      Some recommended mods
      faster werewolf transformation
      Heart of the Beast [body conflicts but eye and voice changes works fine]
      -schlongs of skyrim se full[CTD issue still occurring] 
      -sos light works fine 
      Moonlight tales
      -have not yet found an issue with separate saves over a length of time 
      compatibility patch now available thanks to kacperes1122
      -if any issues are noted please contact or post and I'll check them on my system and see what I can do
      the V2 utilizes Mikoyorks werewolf reskin as an alternative skin texture predone example of how to do it 
      and the resulting appearance is a  timberwolf like form 



    22. Schlongs of Skyrim SE

      Schlongs of Skyrim SE is a SSE port of Schlongs of Skyrim by VectorPlexus, Smurf and b3lisario. All credit goes to the original mod authors.
      Skyrim SE v1.5.62 SKSE64 v2.0.12 SkyUI v5.2SE + XPMSSE v4.51 + (optional but highly recommended)  
      Installation/updating/uninstalling is identical with the original mod. If you encounter problems, the Oldrim SoS thread has tonnes of useful info on its front page and almost all of it still applies to SoS SE. The use of Mod Organizer SE is strongly suggested, NMM (other than being superseded by Vortex and no longer supported) seems to cause more trouble than it's worth.
      Common issues:
      missing textures/missing schlong: wrong load order and/or something overwrote something it shouldn't have DLL is missing or reported to be the wrong version: mismatch between SKSE64 and SoS SE; see the requirements at the top of the page CTDs, freezes or infinite loading screens: post the Papyrus and SoS SE logs in this thread; instructions on how to get to those are on the old SoS page



    23. SkyFem - All NPCs Now Female (Special Edition)

      What this mod does:
      To quote Corsec:
      THE easiest method to make an all lesbian/futanari world with a heavily modded Skyrim. Supports all major extensions to Skyrim, like Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, Bruma, etc. Also supports all major Sexlab mods, like SOS, More Nasty Critters, etc. Also works with unlevellers like Requiem, OMEGA, etc. Also supports for custom races of NPCs. Super fast and lightweight.
      Please read:
      Install xEdit: https://github.com/TES5Edit/TES5Edit/releases  
      Install SkyFem - All NPCs Now Female v4.0.0.zip as a regular mod in Mod Organizer 2 (MO2). The SkyFem NPC.esp plugin should go to the END of the mod list. Yes, it should be after the Bashed Patch, Smash Patch, zPatch, DynDOLOD, etc, any other patch that do anything. The idea is that if you have a stable mod list, then this will just change the visuals of the NPC's to female. Download the file SkyFem - Scripts v4.0.4.zip and extract the scripts to the xEdit Edit Scripts folder. Run SSEEdit and right click on SkyFem NPC.esp and select "Add Masters...". Select all plugins and click OK. Right click on SkyFem NPC.esp and select "Apply Script...". In the drop down menu, select SkyFem - Patcher and let the script run.... This will take a small amount of time ~10 mins. If SkyFem NPC.esp is not in the last position, this script will abort. There will now be a folder called DummyOutput in the overwrite directory of MO2. Move the contents of the DummyFolder to the SkyFem NPC SE mod folder.  
      (Exact same instructions work for the legendary edition of Skyrim, but use the legendary edition file in the first step)
      Updating your modlist and regenerating the patch:
      The patcher is incremental and supports mod updates.
      Anytime you update/add a mod in your load order. You can just re-run the patcher and it will automatically add new NPCs that were not there previously, while keeping the others with the same look.
      If one of your mods is updating an NPC, say by giving them better AI/changing their combat tactics, giving them new items, SkyFem patcher takes care of that as well and keeps their feminized appearance while updating everything else.
      Uninstalling a mod and regenerating the patch (Advanced):
      [TODO: better uninstalling, maybe write a script?]
      Before uninstalling/deleting, manually find conflicts with SkyFem NPC.esp and remove them. Then re-run the patcher.
      Custom NPC Editor (WITHOUT CK):
        If the NPC's assigned randomly are not upto your liking, now you can edit them manually using the SECOND script provided.
      To edit the NPCs manually just run the second script on SkyFem NPC.esp BUT you need to change the names of the NPCs in the script to your liking...
      It is super easy as you only need to change the editor IDs of npc1 and npc2.
      Discussion and help:
      This is an automated version of SkyFem by Corsec and will automatically feminize your Skyrim world and patch your mod list for you. Should be compatible with most mod guides, I have verified compatibility with Lexy's LOTD SE guide (which is one of the largest and most complicated guides that exist right now) and have not experienced any crashes. It is super compatible with all mods and very very easy to install. Most of my support is going to be for the Skyrim Special Edition as a lot of the mods have already been ported and the mod list that I am following (Lexy's LOTD) hasn't crashed in over 100 hours. BUT almost all the instructions also work for the Skyrim Legendary Edition. Expected patching time ~10-15 mins, if you are new to xEdit. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to start a new game for full immersion and proper NPC facegen support. This mod has 0 footprint and 0 scripts so it is SUPER lightweight.
      There is a small neck gap on some feminized NPCs.... Start this mod on a new game. This is the best way to fix this problem. More info: This is a known bug related to modifying NPC's mid game - Fixing it if you are irritated (warning, it is not easily possible). Please report more bugs and I'll try to get rid of them as fast and easily as possible.  
      Corsec, for SkyFem his mod, which I took inspiration from. xEdit team, which made this mod possible. Bethesda, for being a constant fuck up and mess of bugs and also for this game.



    24. Branding Device Of Doom SE

      you need SE versions of the requirements except deadly mutilation, for which you only need the sounds
      Zaz Animation Pack SE ,
      Sexlab Framework SE,
      Deadly Mutilation by Lamer1000 and others http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34917 <<<< you don't need to enable deadlymutilation.esp, just copy the mod (sounds) into \data
      SlaveTats SE
      to go to the branding dungeon type in the console
      coc xxbrandingdungeon
      aaaaand this is where you become a lab rat since i only tested this 0.53 SE version in the branding dungeon.
      to teleport the device to you type
      set xxBDODTeleportToPC to 1
      You need to be standing on even terrain
      Example of how to use it in a mod: read their code related to bdod lol. http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2338-slaverun-reloaded-10sep-2016/ http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2928-shout-like-a-virgin/
      only use the teleportable device in a mod



    25. Mike24 Skyrim SE Sexlab animations unofficial conversion

      I ported Mike24's Sexlab animations for original skyrim to skyrim SE.  I got permission from Mike24 to post this.  All Credit goes to Mike24 for the animations.  All I did was convert them to Skyrim SE.    The Original Mod For Oldrim: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3771-slal-mike24-animations-classics/