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  1. Bodyslide Shape Files UUNPHDT

    Hello, this is my "Mary D." !
    It´s my creation of a female body-shape for Bodyslide. It is made by using different tests with the skeleton to bring the optimal results for the knee-stretch, the overall legs-shape and a very lovely upper body with surprisingly well working breast and body-slider-morphing-support, based on existing sliders. Specially the bresat-sliders work far more better together with this creation, compared with the original UUNP-body. Hios and breasts are by default more smaller, compared with my pictures.
    I add my settings for you inside of the thread for this mod-shape.
    Ideal for being used as alternative UUNPHDT-reference-body, for followers or for slider-creations as well.
    This shape is being created to work with bodyslide.
    Enjoy the sexy curves:-)
    (the long leather-whips and the high-heels are part of the new ZAP 9 - pack, which is in preparation)



  2. The hot Seeker

    It's a summon Seeker spell.
    ....Wait, I got one already...
    Not this one.
    This Seeker has been traveling Tamriel for years...in a group of 4 women.
    He lost his aggressiveness and uses his powers in a different way, learned during his travel in the group.
    He needs to return in his realm after 5 minutes.
    His attractiveness turns everybody near to him into sexmad.
    Beware, all LL mods will fire.
    Needs all DLC, SL, SLA(x), CF, SLEN and another mod I made, god of love. (hope I got all)
    Lots of depencies, but for me the only way to have him registered in CF.
    Reach 120, can be used to place him into a bandit camp. They will loose the aggression and start other things.
    AS GoL and this mod are esp-fe flagged, it doesn't really matter.
    Spell book craftable, spell under conjuration, near the Hentai spell, but extension GoL.



  3. SKYFURRY: Overhauls / Expansions / New Races /

    a new and friendly skyrim only discord server (click the icon)
    Share screen shots
    Get early looks at new mods
    Gain access to community releases 
    Early access to new patches
    First looks at NSFW trailers. 
    A collection of furry related patches, mods, and overhauls by the SKY-F Dev team: The Shiba Prurient and SesamePaste Frosferes June and our testers, also  myself, and many others! come say hi if you would like, or if you need help.
    Basics to this page: This page will Host 
    multiple mods of various kinds be sure
    to look for the correct file name to each
    mod you'd like to use.

    A collection furry related patches, mods, and overhauls by the SKY-F Dev team: The Shiba Prurient and SesamePaste Frosferes June and our testers, also  myself.
    HDT Bulge Furry Undies

    Available for SAM
    By Myself & SesamePaste
    Helgen Reborn
    Pit Fighter
    Legacy Of the Dragon Born
    Interesting NPCs
    Citizens of Tameriel 
    Inconsequential NPCs
    HOURS OF NEW GAME PLAY (if you haven't tried them, I recommend you do!!)

    ~About the Mod~
    This mod Adds a new race, The Forebears, Brown hyenas from hammerfell. It Overhauls the Redguards (spotted hyenas.  It overhauls the Reachmen (Striped hyenas) It even Overhauls the Skaal (black dire wolves). 
    N E W   F E A T U R E S
    - Reshaped Heads
    added body collisions to the tails for better sex scenes
    -New Tris to the newly fitted heads
    - Seamless body textures
    - Schlong patches
    Future plans: Merge HyenaOverhaul and Better Bretons, add brand new sculpted heads that are unique and new. Add in more furry races, and overhaul the felines. We will be adding new tigers to the game very soon. Tuning out the tails a bit more. Adding werewolf skins to work along HDT werewolves and Moonlight tales. New Followers and eventual quests. Stay tuned! 
    Low performing computers may struggle with the new tails! 
    Keep and Eye out I'll be uploading updated ***patches ***and a more low performance tail soon.


    How to Install
    You will need the requirements.
    0: FOUNDATION - SKSE64: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKmSSpod69w -
    Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/266/ -
    SkyUI: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12604 -
    RaceCompatibility: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2853 -
    Racemenu: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19080 -
    CBPC: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21224 -
    HDT-SMP: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30872 -
    Papyrus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13048
    1: SAM High Poly:  https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/70-sam-high-poly-conversion/  (Mostly for the high-poly clothing refits)
    2: SAM Racemenu Morphs:  https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/106-sam-morphs-for-racemenu/
    3: Schlong of SAM:  https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/267-savrenx-schlong-of-sam-light-hdt-patch/
    4: YiffyAgeConsolidated:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10725-yiffy-age-of-skyrim-se/
    5: 04 YA SOS SE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/149PrbQBnI1e3ETdOhXrOnxApQLThSJPH
    6: YA SAM Patch 2.1: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RENw-Ig2AkdOC51F55QSpq70fT3fll_-
    7: YA SAM Digi/HDT Tails (Optional)
    8: Mods like Flawn's Argonians or
    My "Masculine" textures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/189RJdcdJHUxudO5hxukyiutKWzvhYFWS (if it's your thing)
    9: YA Patches that are not specifically for Better Bretons
    10: Better Bretons & BB SAM Textures;
    11: Hyena Overhaul https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xVIRKeh9I7EmXLHoO3qQTc5iFAq1X2Du
    12: Patches for Better Bretons & Hyena Overhaul
    13: XP32 Skeleton: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1988?tab=files
    (RUN FNIS) 



    Credits : ffabris and his testers. Original Mod: SexTalk
    Requirements: Sexlab , fuz do-roh, Sexlab Aroused Redux, M2M Animations, SexLab Tools SE, Other animation Packs for variety. 
    Whats new? Hopefully lots of bug fixes, but also the dialogue has been re-written and proof read by @theshiba who helped me get through it. 
    Wanna be someone's puppy bitch? Well now you can!
    Want a puppy bitch for your own? Well now you can! 
    Want just casual sex? You can do that too. 
    You gotta talk to dudes, and not every dude will be interested, you'll have a higher chance the higher their opinion is of you.
     F U L L Y  V O I C E D  F O L L O W E R  P A T C H E S

    H Y E N A  O V E R H A U L
    Follower Patches
    Find the patches in the Patch section in the google drive.

    Make sure you download all its requirements
    then find the patch in the patches section on the google drive.
    All patches are made for Hyena Overhaul and Better Bretons.
    ~ H y e n a - z e n s ~
    A Citizens of Tamriel SE Patch
    On the HyenaOverhaul Google drive.

    Seven hours of fully-voiced, professional-grade dialogue

    4,300+ lines across 43 NPCs (HYENAS), including 3+ unique followers

    Checks for quests, factions, traits, inventory items and more for replay value across playthroughs

    Believable characters that add depth to the world of TESV

    Meaningful, branching conversations
    (from the original mod page, minus the hyena part)
    I wanted there to be more dynamic hyenas in the game then there was, and took me a while to find a mod that I thought would fit for both those things, instead of adding dry NPCs I patched a mod that brings new life to your game, I hope you guys enjoy, follow requirements and install order just like my other mods. YOU CAN FIND THIS IN PATCH ON THE HYENA OVERHAUL GOOGLE DRIVE.

    use the second hyper link -the same as the redguards redone google drive-
    file name: MoreFurryWeaponsV1 on google drive
    This mod adds over 30 weapons to the world and level lists.
    I have edited some textures and meshes to be more "furry" in the world to help give, Furry Skyrim, a more immersive feel 
    0 Requirements legit just plug and play mod! each weapon should have its own crafting availability 
    And show up throughout the world as you level up.
    simply use Add-item-Menu (found on nexus) 
    made with full permission from the authors
    Please dont re-upload, edit, alter, without contacting them first or reading their pages. 
    credits: Billyro and hellfog

    File name IFC V1
    About the mod
    Mod aims to make certain things in Skyrim "furry", I have hand painted and crafted a lot of different signs and clutter, NOT ALL THINGS INCLUDED IN THIS PACK ARE SEXUAL despite the screen shots, really only the tavern signs sometimes aim more adult, some more blatant, others more subtle depending what city or part of the world you are in. 
    Pretty easy, no real requirements, just plug and load over any other texture pack.
    Incompatibilities: Things that change the Signs or clutter meshes completely like 3D signs

    File Name SFEMALES V1
    Skyrim UNP YiffAge and its requirements Sam Patch (found on here or VP) Better Bretons (link found on this page) Better Bretons Sam Patch (found on the BB page) My Masculine Sam textures   
     About this mod
    I like a more smooth look to the gals this mod aims to give their bellies, groins, and breasts a more smooth less fuzzy look. Future updates will happen on this mod. 
    Incompatibilities: CBBE
    Bad Dog - For his awesome mod, and advice, and frankly wouldn't be having fun doing this without him.
    Blaze For his awesome attention to detail, and vast amount of questions answered, not to mentioned helped with many many things.
    MadmansGun for his advice, inspiration and overall fun spirit of doing things, has given me resources to work with and knowledge to use.
    ASlySpyDuo For being supportive, and helping fix stuff and mentor me on other stuff.
    fadingsignal for being so forthcoming and teaching so much about texture work through his work.
    All the makers of SOS without them this would be possible for me to do either.
    Vector site and Don and Kouleifoh (for many things used)
    Permissions: All the things we use we have been granted permission from the other
    authors to mod. that said we have also done some things on our own
    now, and anything that is ours, you
    may use freely as you see fit,
    regardless of credit given.
    Though it would be pretty
    cool to be credited. 




  4. Nightcrawler - Battle Fuck! Add-on

    This is an add-on mod for Battle Fuck!, where NPCs will assault you while you are sleeping and start Battle Fuck after you notice the assault.
    Trigger Settings
    Forget Lock Chance
    Player's home is basically a safe place, but sometimes you may forget to lock the door. In that case, an assault may occur.
    Assault Chance
    While you are sleeping, the decision on whether or not to be assaulted is made every hour.
    The number of decisions is the number of sleeping hours - 1.
    Therefore, if you set the Assault Chance to 5% and sleep for 10 hours, you have a 37% chance of being assaulted (1.0 - (1-0.05)^9 = 0.37).
    Night Time Boost
    Between 8pm and 4am, the Assault Chance is multiplied by the Night Time Boost.
    Notice Trespass Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when the aggressor breaks into your room.
    Notice Strip Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault before you are stripped of all your armor.
    Notice Grope Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when the aggressor gropes your body.
    The aggressor will continue groping you until your SE value reaches 20.
    Notice Insert Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when you are inserted.
    Notice Thrust Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when you feel sexual stimulation in your vagina.
    Notice Orgasm Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when you are forced to climax.
    Notice Creampie Chance
    This is the chance that you will notice the assault when you get cummed inside the vagina.
    Safe Places
    You can register a safe place where NPCs will not assault you.
    Recommended Mods
    Mods that add NPCs, such as the following
    Trailblazers (More Immersive NPCs) Populated Skyrim Reborn SSE Enemy Plus  



  5. Battle Fuck!

    A combat rape/dialogue rape mod for female player character.
    Trigger Conditions
    During combat, human enemies will take on a pink aura. If you are hit by a melee attack from an enemy clad in pink aura (even if you successfully block it), the enemy will try to restrain you and a QTE will occur.
    In QTE, if you can input the commands consisting of four buttons within the time limit, you can escape from the enemy's restraint.
    If you fail to input a command, you will be restrained and the battle fuck will begin.
    The four buttons on the right side of the game controller, the Dpad on the game controller, the arrow keys on the keyboard, and the configurable keys on the keyboard can be used as QTE inputs.
    You can also configure so that when your health reaches zero, you do not die, but instead start a battle fuck.
    NPCs that meet the requirements of RelationshipRank and Morality will forcegreet you and start a QTE; if the QTE fails, Battle Fuck will begin.
    RelationshipRank, Morality threshold and Forcegreet occurrence chance can be changed in MCM.
    Battle Fuck
    BP and SE
    In Battle Fuck, you and your enemy have parameters called BP and SE, respectively.
    BP is a parameter that affects how likely your actions are to succeed. The higher the BP, the more successful the action will be.
    SE is a value that indicates how close you are to sexual climax; when it reaches 100, you will climax and be unable to act for several turns.
    If the player climaxes or is penetrated, the maximum BP will be reduced. When the maximum BP reaches 0, the player is defeated and the rape scene begins. Try to escape from the enemy's restraints before that happens.
    Barrier Items
    Barrier Items protect you from insertion. Enemies must remove Barrier Items before inserting you. By default, Barrier Items are armor that has the ArmorCuirass or ClothingBody keyword set.
    If you have other armor that you want to use as Barrier Items, you can add them from the MCM.
    In Battle Fuck, you can take 9 actions.
    1. Look for a chance: You can charge BP. If you do not input anything during the command input time, this action will be taken.
    2. Try to Escape: Consume all BP and try to escape. The escape chances are affected by how high your BP is.
    All you need to know are the two commands described above. You can do without the remaining seven commands. These are for atmospheric purposes.
    3. Suppress Sexual Stimulation: Consume a little BP to lower the SE value.
    4. Call for Help: Consume all BP and call for help from the people around you.
    5. Accept Fate: Give up resisting. If it is in an inserted state, it will be defeated instantly.
    6. Prevent Insertion: Consume a little BP and prevents insertion. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    7. Prevent Groping: Consume a little BP and prevent your body from being groped. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    8. Prevent Armor Break: Consume a little BP and prevent your armor from being destroyed and stripped off. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    9. Prevent Pushing Down: Consume a little BP and prevents you from being pushed down. The more BP you have, the more likely you are to prevent it.
    You can set the buttons corresponding to commands 2 through 5 in MCM. You can also set a guard button. If you hold down the guard button while pressing the other button, you can enter commands 6 through 9. If nothing is entered, the command will be 1.
    If you input the same command twice in a row, the input acceptance time will end immediately. Inputting only the Guard key twice in a row will charge your BP.
    When an enemy has cum, the next enemy is selected from the Onlookers and begins to Battle Fuck with you. When all the onlookers have cum in you, you will be released. If Battle Fuck was started in combat, the combat will be restarted.
    If your maximum BP reaches zero before all the onlookers climax, you are defeated.
    After Defeated
    After defeated, if there are still unsatisfied onlookers left, you will be raped by them.
    Before the SexLab animation of the rape starts, a QTE will begin that will determine whether or not you will lose consciousness. If you lose consciousness, you will be able to skip the rape scene.
    After the rape of the onlookers is over, one of them will take your belongings, regardless of whether you are still conscious or not.
    If you can beat the robber within the time limit, you can get your belongings back.
    If you fail to do so, the robber will sell your possessions to a general store. You can buy back your belongings from the general store. Therefore, no items other than money will be lost.
    If you lose consciousness, it will randomly determine where you will wake up.
    Left Alone: You will wake up on the spot. Recovered in the Jail: If you have a bounty on your head, you may wake up in a prison cell. Recovered in the Inn: Someone rescued you. You will wake up in an inn. Simple Slavery: How unhappy you are. You've been sold into the slave market! (Required Simple Slavery Plus Plus)  
    If you keep conscious, you are basically left alone in the field. However, if the enemy did not make much money from the robbery, they may try to sell you to the slave market. Even in that case, rescue may come before you are sent to the slave market, and you will wake up in either the prison, inn, or slave market.

    Creatures Compatibility
    If your health reaches zero in a battle with Creatures, Battle Fuck will not occur and you will be taken directly to the rape scene.

    HUD Strings
    I'm not a native English user, so my English may be strange. the text displayed in the HUD is read from a .json file located in data/skse/plugins/BattleFuck/HUDStrings/, so feel free to modify it.

    For Modders
    You can trigger Battle Fuck from your mod by writing the following code in the papyrus fragment of the topic info in CK.
    bool isInCombat = false int handle = ModEvent.Create("_BF_API_StartBattleFuck") if handle ModEvent.PushForm(handle, akSpeaker) ModEvent.PushBool(handle, isInCombat) ModEvent.Send(handle) else
    Hard Requirements
    SKSE 2.0.19 SkyUI 5.2SE PapyrusUtil 3.9 powerofthree's Papyrus Extender 4.4.1 ConsoleUtilSSE 1.2.0 Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE 7.6 SexLab Framework SE 1.63 BETA8 SexLab Animation Loader SSE 1.0.0 SLAL Animation Pack by Leito SE 1.6 BakaFactory SLAL Animation 4.60V SE    
    Soft Requirements
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus It is necessary for you to be sent to the slave market. Breakable Equipment System When armor is destroyed, it turns into a Broken Item, which can be repaired to restore it.  
    Recommended Mods
    Super Fast Get Up Animation Replaces vanilla's fucking slow get up animation with a faster one. Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI Make the MCM screen wider so you can read the text.  
    Compatible Mods with Patch
    SexLab Separate Orgasm SE  
    Incompatible Mods
    A mod that starts SexLab animations when you are attacked by an enemy. A mod that starts the SexLab animation when your health reaches 0.  
    Add-on Mods
    Iron Chain Council: Battle Fuck is inspired by Fallen Empire. Leito, BakaFactory: Thanks to their animation, I can make this mod. Cotyounoyume: gave me permission to use the Exhausted Animation included in EstrusForSkyrim.  



  6. Paradise Halls - Diary Of Mine [WIP]

    Introduction: This mod is an extension to PAHE 7.5.7+ for Skyrim LE (use 1.5.0) and SE (all versions).  Compatible with HSH and AYGAS.
    Diary of Mine adds personality traits to all unique NPC and PAH faction actors. A non-voiced dialogue line "Let's have a serious talk" is added to the actors where the player can ask them about their personality and their feelings. Traits are based on the HEXACO personality model used in various psychological studies. There are 6 personality traits linked to 6 feelings. For PAH slaves, feelings will change depending on emotions and training. Traits can also change but at a much slower pace. For other NPC, traits and feelings are constant. In this case feelings correspond to their general feelings in life.  I also added 6 physical and psychical facets acting as emotion filters, so an actor can be calm but physically extremely sensitive. See the personality system section below for more details.
    The mod will add one new topic to all unique NPC "Let's have a serious chat" where you can ask them about their personality and their feelings. For PAHE slaves this same topic will give you more information. When asking a slave trait, the slave resistance and sensitivity to emotions and punishments will be quoted. As for the feelings they will be expressed in a very strong way and will vary depending on the slave training level.
    A second topic, only available for PAHE slave, "Come here slave" is available with different options. Those options are for roleplaying purpose. They often make use of animations and offers new way to train the slave or boost the training process. See below for a complete description.
    DoM also adds potions and spells to help the process of training slaves. There are four bewitching potions and they are all craftable from the bewitching alchemy bench found in Drela's cottage : Love potion, mind breaking potion, lust potion and lash potion. Drela's has been doign business with the bandits in Fort Greymoor, with the bandits providing the base ingredients of the potions. Unfortunately the last shipment of cabbage (one of the needed ingredient) never arrived and Drela feels the bandits might have betrayed him. He is very nervous and might attack on sight any unexpected visitor.
     New dialogues for NPC:
    Dialogue branch "Let's have a serious chat":
    "What kind of person are you?": Will give you information on the NPC traits. If the NPC has highest relationship rank with player, they will also disclose more personal traits (similar to a slave, see next section). "How are you feeling?": Will give you information on the NPC feelings. Their feelings will most often be in the average and they will simply reply "I am ok. I am a free person". Any other answer reflects a sensitivity or resistance to basic emotions, a useful information if you plan to enslave this character. Their feelings towards the player will also be displayed according to their relationship rank. "What kind of person are you, exactly?": NPC traits with numbers. "How are you feeling exactly?": NPC feelings with numbers.  
    New dialogues for PAH slaves:
    Dialogue branch "Let's have a serious chat":
    "What kind of slave are you?": Will give you information on slaves traits and sensitivity/resistance to different emotions, including sexual sensitivity and trainer abilities. "How are you feeling, slave?": Will give you information on the slaves training level and list their friends. "Enjoying your slave life?": Will give you the slaves status, with their number of punishments and available punishment reasons. "What kind of slave are you, exactly?": Slave traits with numbers. "How are you feeling exactly, slave?": Slave training stats with numbers.  
    Dialogue branch "Come here slave!":
    "You're a slave now, listen to me!": Threaten slave against running away, crying, not posing, ... One dialogue option for each reason. See "training tips" below for more reasons. "You have been a good slave": Praise slave for last action: pose, sex, being in bondage without struggling, using slave idle, being a broken/loyal/inlove slave and not running away with friends. Try not to use it on fresh slaves or they will just think you are making fun of them.  For "shocked" slaves this dialogue will try to comfort them and make them recover to normal state. The number of praises will be increased by 1 unless there was "no reason" for praising. Counts as 2 number of praise if "no reason" and slave is shocked, for comfort. "You have been a bad slave": Try to scold slave for current reason with a small bonus in respect training as slave is grateful for not using pain punishment. This can be more efficient than physical punishments, depending on slave's personality, but also for well trained slaves. The number of scolds is increased by 1 unless there was "no reason" for scolding. "From now on you will only open your mouth when I tell you. Understood?": Tell slaves to stop expressing their feelings randomly when you are around. They might not be able to refrain though and you can punish them for that. "Let's rip your clothes off!": Plays animation to rip clothes off from slave. Slave might get shamed and will receive humiliation training. "Let's check how much you're worth!": Force slave into sexy pose and gives an estimation of the slave value in gold. Played animation depends on the slave resignation and humiliation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive resignation training. "Time for a body inspection": Plays body check animation. Played animation depends on the slave submission and resignation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive submission training. "Touch yourself!": Forces slave to masturbate. Played animation depends on the slave submission and humiliation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive vaginal training. After sometime masturbating, slaves might get aroused and receive a boost in sex training. Aroused state will cause the slave to blush. "Drink the potion I gave you": Orders the slave to drink a bewitching potion from their inventory.  The first potion found will be used. To avoid any mistake give only one potion type at a time to your slaves. "Stop whatever you're doing!": Intended for debugging purpose, this option is intended to reset the slave or the player in case the animation went wrong.  
    Personality system:
    This mod adds to the slave training stats from PAHE, 2 new stats: humiliation and resignation: (notice the color code expressing links between stats, traits, emotions, ...)
    Main training stats: Submission, Fear training, Humiliation, Anger training, Broken (Resignation), Respect Extra stats: Pose training, oral, vaginal and anal training, combat training.  
    For free NPC those stats are expressed as feelings:
    Feelings: Docile/Defiant, Nervous/Relaxed, Humble/Proud, Hate/Love, Sad/Happy, Victim/Free  
    These six training stats are then linked to the HEXACO personality traits as follow:
    Personality traits: Unlawful/Honest, Anxious/Calm, Shy/Lively, Mean/Kind, Lazy/Thorough, Shallow/Open  
    There are also 6 facet traits, linked to the training stats in the same way:
    Facet traits: Weak/Wilful, Delicate/Tough, Frigid/Sensual, Sadistic/Masochistic, Needy/Bold, Stupid/Smart  
    Training stats will progress according to the personality traits response to the corresponding emotions:
    E:motions: Pain, Fear, Shame, Stress, Sorrow, Discipline  
    Moods are also linked to personality traits in a similar way:
    Moods: Neutral, Afraid, Ashamed, Angry/Shocked/In love, Sad/Broken, Loyal (loyal and in love moods are signs of a perfectly trained slave)  
    For example honesty and wilfulness influence how fast docile feeling also called submission stat will be affected by the pain emotion. Or if you want to train your slave anger management, submerge her/him with stress. This is for direct connections only as more complex relations exist. Facets traits help define the corresponding personality trait further. A shallow and smart person will be a conventional and calculating, while a kind and sadistic person might reveal a very different personality when taken to the bedroom. Facets also act as emotion filters, hence a tough person will be less sensitive to physical punishment and a sensual person will be more sensitive to foreplay.
    When asked about their personality, slaves will show their weaknesses and resistant to various emotions. On top of the 6 basic emotions above, there is:
    Anger: Used to determine when slaves get angry at you.
    Pressure: Used when slaves try to escape and trip while running away.
    Distress: used when slaves are shocked to decide if a trauma should be registered.
    Trauma: Used to determine the intensity of the trauma and the effect on personality traits.
    Unfairness: Used to determine the intensity of the loss in anger training, when punishing for no reason.
    Injustice: Used to determine how much anger is built up when friends are punished.
    Authority: Used to determine how slaves respond to orders and show respect.
    Pleasure: Gives a bonus to submission after sex training.
    Bondage: Used to determine the efficiency of training while in bondage.
    Confusion: Used when slaves body gets pleasure while their mind is trying to fight it.
    Manipulation: Used to determine bonus for scold and praise dialogues.
    Race bonus, those are chosen according to the Elder Scrolls race descriptions, feel free to suggest changes.
        Argonian = Gentle+10, Smart+10, Lively-20
        Breton = Lively+10, Wilful+10, Smart+10, Calm-10, Open-10, Tough-10
        Dark Elf = Calm+20, Smart+10, Lively-10, Sensual-20
        High Elf = Smart+20, Honest+10, Gentle-10, Open-20
        Imperial = Thorough+10, Open+10, Tough-10, Calm-10
        Khajitt = Lively+20, Wilful-20
        Nord = Tough+10, Honest+10, Bold+10, Lively-10, Thorough-10, Open-10
        Orc = Tough+20, Wilful+10, Lively-10, Gentle-20
        Redguard = Tough+10, Bold+10, Thorough-10, Open-10
        Wood Elf = Lively+20, Sensual+10, Smart+10, Tough-10, Bold-10, Open-20
        Vampire = Tough+20, Wil+15, Bold+10, Thorough+5, Honest-5, Smart-5, Gentle-10, Lively-15, Open-20
    Vampire bonuses are applied on top of race bonus. No traits can be below 0 or above 100.
    Additional bonuses apply for some recognized lifestyles: Noble, Counselor, Fighter, Artist, Merchant, Artisan, Tavern/Inn, Farmer, Miner, Woodsman, Criminal, Outlaw and Beggar.
    If you find a NPC with unfit traits, send me a message so I can arrange special bonuses.
    Training tips:
    If you use HSH to train your slave, choose your task master and trainers wisely as they might have a big effect on the amount of training you will get. Make sure to use honest slaves for task masters and sadistic trainers. Secondary requirements for task masters are willpower, smart and bold. Secondary traits for trainers are calm, not open-minded and dishonest. You can ask slaves "What kind of slave are you?", if they are good trainers or good taskmistress/master they will tell you. Trainers and taskmistress/master learn from their job and will have their traits altered for every fully trained slave. Training increases every 24h in a well run house, or every 2 days if there is no taskmistress/master.
    Sex training can be very slow if not done right. There is a bonus for the slave's mood, highest bonus is for in love, then ashamed, then shocked. otherwise, the type of training should be adapted to the slave mood, there is a bonus for doing anal on angry slaves, oral on sad slaves and vaginal on scared slaves. Use the dialogue "Touch yourself" to prepare a slave for sex training, it might shame them plus you will get a bonus for arousal. Naked slaves or wearing degrading clothes will be more prone to being ashamed. A good practice is: strip, force to masturbate, wait for arousal and sex.
    For other training stats, to help you get started you can focus on small punishment reasons like,
    - Reasons for punishment: "cowering", "begging to stop", "covering self", "being angry", "crying" (same color code as above)
    Respect can also be raised using the "tell slave" option rather than punishment or through the "Come here slave" dialogue. While "no reason" can make the slave angry.
    More important reasons will have a bigger effect on training.
    - More reasons for punishment: "no_sex", "didnt_fight", "refusing to strip", "running_away", "didnt_pose", "struggling", "not_respectful", "talking".
    Look for the corresponding notifications or the idles the slave uses to get a hint on what next punishment reason could be.
    Punishing tied, in bondage or posing slaves is more efficient.
    Punishing for "no reason" can make the slave angry and lower their anger training. Punishing a shocked or broken slave for no reason has no bad effects. Loyal and in-love slaves will also react less to punishment with no reason. If when starting  a punishment "no reason" is reported you can keep hitting the slave until they cry, cower, beg to stop or become angry, the new reason for punishment will be updated at the end.
    Slaves get training bonuses when reaching broken, loyal and in-love moods.
    Punishing a shocked slave is always more efficient. Telling them they have been bad will have close to no effect, but praising them for no reason will try to comfort them with a hug and make them recover from shock.
    - 1.0.0 initial release. Traits and feelings for all unique NPC and for slaves. NPC can be asked about their traits and feelings under the "Let's have a serious talk" dialogue.
    - 1.0.x More punishment reason. Equipment change awareness: naked, allowed to wear an armor or a weapon, forced to wear degrading clothes (for the moment only poor clothes) or Zaz devices. Personality trait bonuses according to race, previous job and employer. Non unique NPC are now randomized to avoid capturing the same bandit over and over.
    - 1.1.x Friendship between slaves. Spawned NPC now save their random seed in a faction so they should be identical when leaving PAHE and then reentering.
    - 1.2.x Praise/scold dialogue "Come here slave". Praising applies to good fighting, had sex (being a good girl/boy), was or is posing/bondage (being a good pet) and did not run away with friends. Check slave dialogue under "Come here slave" topic. Punishing for the same reason twice in a row has more effect.
    - 1.3.x Slaves have facial expressions according to their mood. More moods for slaves: sad, shocked, broken and In-love (see it as Stockholm syndrome). In addition to the usual ones neutral, angry and afraid. A slave in shock will be more receptive to punishment and less to scolding. You can comfort a slave in shock with praising. A broken or in-love slave will always follow your orders. Friendships are updated when player changes cell and only for the slaves in the same cell. New variations of text for slaves to express their feelings (thanks to AngelofMischief for suggestions)
    - 1.4.x AYGAS and HSH integration. HSH trainer and task master traits are taken into account, a mean and tough trainer should be better at this job. AYGAS slaves value depends on all training stats, it should be roughly half of the value you get through the "Check slave value" dialogue. Tears on sad and shock slaves. Two new moods: loyal (instead of inlove for slaves you don't have sex with) and ashamed. Shame your slaves by stripping them or punishing them while in bondage and have sex with them for a boost in sex training. New dialogue options under "Come here slave" for different poses and new ways to shame your slaves. New love, mind breaking, lust and lash potions, all can be crafted at the Bewitching Alchemy Bench. Normal alchemy bench won't work as you really need triskele carvings and the pink fumes for it to work. New persona alteration spells. Slave info spells works on non PAHE slaves and released slaves. MCM menu to turn on/off tears and training speeds. The more whipping the stronger the punishment. Explore Drelas' Cottage to discover his new hobby.
    - 1.4.9 LE plugin updated to 1.4.x courtesy of CliftonJD and LE behavior file courtesy of Stas2503
    - 1.5.x Slaves now share their feelings with random comments depending on their mood. Frequency depends on their personality; A shy and calm slave will share less. Not implemented for the LE version. Clarification of facet traits with the addition of the missing 6th facet : perversion direction between sadistic/dominant and masochistic/submissive. Added two options for disabling friendship and comments. Slaves masturbating have a chance of getting aroused for some time. They will blush if they are aroused and if you fuck them meanwhile you will get a training bonus. Tried to remove the most ugly tears. Friends of dead slaves will get very angry at master/mistress (even if it was an accident) and friends of freed slaves will have their trust boosted. A shocked/broken/loyal/inlove slave will react less. HSH training working. New dialogue under "Let's have a serious chat", you can be sarcastic and ask your slaves "Enjoying your slave life? They will answer with how close they are to be shocked/broken/loyal and inlove. They will also give you some stats about training and tell you if they have been bad or good. (see the 3 new screenshots)
    - 1.6.0 New threat system, used to warn slaves of not doing certain actions: running away, crying, stop posing and struggling for the moment.
    - 1.6.1 More threats on respect, anger, ...
    - 1.6.2 Running away slaves now have a chance to trip depending on their response to stress.
    - 1.6.3 Praise/scold now can be more efficient than physical punishment if slave is sensitive to manipulation.
    I condemn physical and psychological violence of any form. This mod is intended as entertainment only. Any under-aged actor is forbidden from the PAH side of this mod.
    Status: yellow = started, red = planned
     - Deceive: promise to free slave in exchange of favor, then later don't,
     - Add vanilla voice lines to dialogues (yes, no, thank you). Any good tutorial around?
     - Looking into adding more expressive idles New idle suggestions welcome (look down, cries softly, beg for mercy, ...)
     - Followers can guard slaves. There is something a bit similar in HSH.
     - Slave to slave interactions: Planning against master, comforting each others, witnessing punishment, reporting bad behavior of other slaves, ...
     - Quest idea1: "You have recently become aware some slaves might be planning to escape"
     - Quest idea2: "You have recently become aware a few slaves might be planning something against you"
    Known bugs: suggestions welcome
    - You can ask unique animals like dogs about their personality.
    - Some slaves get out of their ZAZ shackles when moving. I am not sure I understand what's happening.
    - If you have a lot of slaves you might get a lot of notifications. Remember this is WIP and notifications are needed for debugging purpose.
    - If the player gets stuck  after an animation, try to equip a different weapon or use the "Stop whatever you are doing" dialogue option for a reset.
    Recommended installation order is:
    - My Home is Your Home
    - HSH
    - AYGAS
    - PAHE 7.5.7+
    - DoM
    Load order should be something like :
     - My Home is Your Home stuff
     - PAHE stuff
     - AYGAS esp
     - HSH esp 
      - DiaryOfMine.esp
    I tried to ensure compatibility with AYGAS, HSH and Slaver Spellbook, any bug report is welcome. 
    Remember to run FNIS after installing the mod or no animation will be played.
    If you are using Skyrim LE, the installer includes a LE version from 1.5.0. Thank to CliftonJD. for providing the patch. Patch is provided as is, we do not have LE installed and can not test it further. If someone wish to update it to a more recent version, I will include it in the installer.
    Start from a clean save, wait 5 minutes, save, reload, wait 5 minutes, config your MCM mods, you should be good to go. I included a clean save at Fort Greymoor with Uthgerd as follower, you can start chasing bandits right away.
    If you prefer to use an old save, before installing: get back all your slaves, restrain them, save. Install DoM, reload, wait 5 minutes, reboot PAHE from MCM, wait 15 minutes in the same cell (this is important, if you start changing cells you might trigger friendship update and mess up the reboot), save, reload, wait 5 minutes, you should be good to go.
    I would suggest not to use magical slave collars for a better immersion. If your just captured slaves drive you crazy by constantly running away, it's a feature, use ropes and start training! Or just enslave actors sensitive to sorrow and with low willpower, those will have smaller chance to plan an escape.
    PAHE obviously and its requirements, Sexlab and Zaz.
    SlaveTats if you want tears on sad and shocked slaves. Don't forget to reset Slavetats with MCM or it won't work.
    Thanks to all the teams who made this mod possible. Thanks to CliftonJD for all the help with coding, debugging and for allowing me to repack pieces of PAHE code. Thanks to DocClox for help with Slaver Spellbook patch. Thanks to Musje for allowing me to patch HSH and AYGAS code. Tears textures courtesy of Gooser from Apropos2 mod.
    Animations courtesy of Leito, BaboInteractive dialogue, MiasLair/SexSlaves and ZaZAnimationPack.
    Alluring Potion Bottles v3 by jbvw http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33531/?
    Celtick Alchemy lab from Autan Waspeez https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54109
    Fomod installer version provided by Tiress.
    Thanks to the BDO and TAL teams for their armor sets used in a few screenshots. The harness is Venus Cage by Ninirim. NPCs by Botox for Skyrim.



  7. SexLab Deadly Drain SE Enhanced - BETA

    This mod is an enhancement to the original by Etheri. Page found here: https://www.loverslab.com/profile/676057-etheri/
    Original found here (LE) . You can find a detailed explanation of SLDD mod here. Including how to use the body drain function. I have not touched the body drain function. Refer to original mod for support on that. I have not updated that as of yet.
    It appears Etheri is no longer modding or updating SL Deadly drain. If the author wishes for me to take this down I will, but will try to see if the new PEX files can remain as they are where the changes I have made are at. 
    Sexlab Framework SE, latest version to date. Sexlab Separate Orgasms SE (Soft requirement). Mandatory for actual orgasms and multi-orgasm climax stages. Otherwise its just cosmetic. You will likely want this for mods such as fill her up , hentai pregnancy, or Soul gem oven (not tested). Using this, make sure SLSO's  "Always orgasm" options are disabled for PC and NPCs. If you dont, multiple orgasm climax stage may not occur because the climax scene is treated as the end of sex instead of the climax of sex. You may want to have the SLSO game turned off because it can undo the gains Energy drain/LifeDrain gives you, but it is not required.  Sexlab Aroused Vampiric thirst - (Required if intending to use Vampiric thirst patch) Patch made with assumption of Parity between SE/LE Better Vampires - (Required if intending to use Better Vampires patch) Patch made with assumption of Parity between SE/LE All dependencies The above mods must also be satisfied. Miyu is eager, isnt she?
    What this mod to that mod does:
    In short, this version is more or less made for players who primarily play as Male PCs but want more "consideration" from succubi created from Deadly Drain. In the original, the drain levels pretty much defined everything without an allowance for variation. So if you were to mingle with a deadly succubus, you'd be killed no matter what regardless if that succubus was a close friend. Only way to survive for the most part was to have the succubus have drainer level 0, or take your chances with drain level 1. Not much variation available. Should note that enhancements assume player/victim is male, so things wont work on female NPCs or female PCs. but....
    As of 0.7, female PCs have also been enhanced. See change log. Added an experimental patch for LE.  Download the original mod and apply the patch here to it. Support is limited without testers.
    My modifications expand this so that the relationship between the male PC/NPC and the succubus is taken into account while still maintaining the lethality even when other NPCs are involved. So NPC to NPC sex will have this conditionality checked too. As of 0.7, female player characters can participate as well is these changes.
    So lets go over changes I have made thus far:
    Lethality of the succubi remains, but you can survive based on whether or not you are favored. This is done by using the relationship rank. The higher the drainer level, the higher your relationship status must be for you to survive. Relationship Rubric further down If the succubus is drain level 0 she will never kill, but may drain you to the brink of death if she doesn't like you enough. If she does, you may find yourself not drained that much. Upon multi orgasm, she will drain you to a point. If she likes you enough she will not even use energy drain, otherwise you will have your stamina and magicka drained as applicable. If you are below the threshold or at it, she may simply be fine with good old fashioned sex and wont drain anything. If she is drain level 1, she may drain most of your HP and on a whim may decide to kill you or the NPC she is mating with. But if she likes you enough she will never kill you and just drain you to a certain point. She may or may not use life drain at first and only use energy drain. But once she gets a taste she will keep going. If she is drain level 2 (always lethal), she will ALWAYS drain you to the brink of death. This can occur during normal mod operation or during forced climaxes at the end. Naturally she is always lethal if you dont have enough health, and even if you do you will only survive she is your lover. In which case you will still be drained to the brink, but she wont kill you. She will continue to use energy drain Small change to MCM where the health drain rate range is increased. I strongly recommend to keep it below 34 for scenes with more than one stage if you wish to have the enhancements active. By default the enhancements wont be active, I'll explain below [1]. More changes may come soon depending on what I do or add. As of 0.6 you can now choose to drain stamina, magicka, or both in addition to health. Go to mod utility page. Orgasms during scenes - If the animation is Oral, Anal, or Vaginal, the male victim will be forced to orgasm and be drained. If you have mods like Fill Her up and Hentai pregancy, this will surely fill her up with SLSO enabled -  Important notes: Without SLSO - Effect is purely cosmetic. Orgasm event is triggered but nothing really happens. With SLSO - NPC is subjected to extreme pleasure and is forced to orgasm. Effect is both visual and functional. Succubus will be inflated via fill her up and will be impregnated (depending on likelyhood configured in hentai preganancy and soulgem oven). Be sure to have SLSOs game off if you want the gains from Energy drain! Multiple orgasms during climax stage - IF SLSO is active  and the victim is in climax stage, the succubi will force the victim to climax repeatedly. For every climax the the victim(s) will be drained. If the drain level is 1 or higher and the succubus decides to the kill the victim this stage would be the end for the victim if he got to this point. If the victim is the lover the of the always deadly succubi, the victim will simply be repeatedly drained until reaching the brink of death. Don't think she wont drain you back down because you consumed a health potion. Energy Drain - as of SLDDSEE 0.6, Energy drain has been added. Succubi added by deadly drain can use either lifedrain or energy drain. Lifedrain does both but energy drain does not affect the life of their victims. This is impacted by the selections in mod utility: "Drain Stamina" and "Drain Magicka". If neither are enabled energy drain wont take anything. Female PC integration - See change logs for details. Basically similar to NPC behaviors defined above, but you have more control with hotkeys and settings. Vampiric Thirst Patch  - Can now use vampiric thirst and drain blood calls should work. In Mod Utility you can modify the rate of blood gained from draining victims. How much you get depends on the individual victims strength (HP). The more HP they have, the more you can get. Happens once per victim at climax or multi-climax state. Can also kiss and feed, but they wont do much other than stop you from starving, mainly since you can spam them. VT used: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17610   Download the required patch based on your version of skyrim. Better Vampires is now supported. Had to nerf a few things for DD though since DD on its own doesnt restrict how often you can feed. Patch required for respective versions Biting an actors neck will stave off your hunger and contribute to necks bitten. But the amount of blood is low since you could spam it over and over. This ensures practicality of Better vampires feeding mechanics viable, but allows the player to have an easy way to get some blood. Thought about restricting this to lovers. Let me know what you think of it. Vampiric kissing in DD is also supported, but pretty much functions the same as DD neck feeding. Sex remains the best way to feed. Coupled with the vampiric drain multi the player could drain up to 50 (2 stage satiation/hunger) or 150(dynamic satiation/hunger) blood points per victim during the orgasm stages while SLSO and PC enhanced drain is active. If neither are active the player can still gain 50 or 150 per completed sex events. Note: Currently feeding this way will not count towards necks bitten  
    Important notes:
    You must enable either PC drain enhancements and/or NPC drain enhancements depending on what you want. Succubi relationship rubric.  If Drainer power level is 0, to not be drained to brink the victim must be at least an confidant. This is done in case the victim is an enemy. If she doesn't like you enough she will also continuously use energy drain even during climax stage. If Drainer power level is 1, to not be at risk of death the victim must be at least an ally, otherwise she may decide on a whim kill the victim. still survivable if she chooses not to kill If Drainer power level is 2, to not be ruthlessly drained to death, the victim must be a Lover. Otherwise survival is not possible. Strongly recommend SLSO. If SLSO is not activated in Sexlab Framework, SOME enhanced functions will not take place. Specifically the repeated orgasms. The relationship checks and conditions will still occur. So SLSLO is a soft requirement as a result. Repeated Climaxes are dependent on the amount of time the climax scenes lasts, so now if you increase the extended drain timer, more climaxes will occur. I took into account script lag and orgasm timers. But I am on a strong system so results may vary on yours. SLSO is kind of script heavy Enhancements tested in SE, not in LE. Cannot guarantee results for LE. Tried testing combinations of scenarios I can think of, but I cant do them all. If you find any issues please let me know and detail how repeat it.  
    Upcoming plans and modifications:
    Possible integration with MME? Perhaps a milk maid succubus can gain lactacid every time she drains. Also thinking about making it more appealing to a male PC to have a deadly drainer as a lover. Possible integration with iNeed, succubi feeding could satiate hunger and thirst Drain to skeleton instead of Draugr, another user suggested a great idea where instead of changing the victim(s) into draugr, they would drained to a literal skeleton husk. That husk would also have the equipment and items of the victim to more realism. Drain to draugr disabled as of 0.6 pending upgrade. Possibly adding a unique scenario that only applies to the player and whomever they marry. This can apply to multiple spouses I think.  
    Other than that I hope you enjoy! Might want to be quick about it though. If Miyu is hungry she just takes what she wants! Your permission is not required.
    Version 0.8b
    Version 0.8
    Version 0.7
    Version 0.6 :
    Version 0.5 :



  8. New HALOS Tongue for OAhegao

    HALOS Human Tongues works with OAhegao, but some tongues are positioned too high, causing clipping. I also didn't really like most of the tongues available, so I edited one of the meshes in Outfit Studio to fit my personal tastes. This mod replaces every tongue with one that does not clip with most of the OAhegao expressions at all. There's minor clipping with lower lip with one expression, but it's on the sides and very hard to notice. This mod requires previously mentioned mods to function correctly. It only contains meshes, nothing else.

    As for permissions, you can do whatever you want with this.



  9. Naked Dungeons Voice Files

    A step by step guide located here:
    2 file multi-part archive
    Voice pack for Naked Dungeons located:
    NOTE: Screenshot below shows files as created by me.
    LoversLab forum software may rename by adding a long number plus the underscore character "_" to the front.
    If that happens you will be required to change the filenames back!
    1. Download all files to a working folder
    2. Rename the files if required {see NOTE: above}
    3. Right-click .001 file and select "Extract Files" from 7Zip menu
    4. Right-click folder that is created and select "Add to Archive" from 7Zip menu
    5. Install resulting folder as you would any mod



  10. OBooty - OStim booty calls for everyone


    Do you travel a lot? Do you feel lonely in the huge world of Tamriel? Do you miss your favourite follower when you went on an adventure? Do you get to the Cloud District very often? If you answered yes, then this spell is for you. The College of Winterhold offers 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    Lightweight OStim addon Can be safely installed mid-playthrough Works with all vanilla, DLC and modded NPCs Create a list of your favourite NPCs and summon them anytime to have some fun
    Skyrim: Special Edition (1.5.39+) UIExtensions OStim and all its requirements
    Recommended mods
    Better Dialogue Controls OCum and all its requirements ORomance and all its requirements
    Place the mod after (below) OStim and its other addons (OCum, ORomance etc.) in the file order and plugin order.


    The mod adds two spells - Booty Call and Booty Call Setup. You get them after the mod is loaded for the first time. Use Booty Call Setup to add any NPC in the game to your list. Booty Call spell allows you to select an NPC from your list and summon him/her. The NPC will follow you, so you can choose suitable place for an OStim scene. When you're ready, talk to him/her and select This place is perfect, let's have some fun.


    As always, the source is available on Github. Feel free to create a PR if you want to improve the mod.



  11. Executaball's xVASynth-based Mod Voice Packs [SE & LE]

    New - Thief v1.0.0.8-BME
    Generation 2 is live(*´▽`*)
    Improvements and updates:
     > Pronunciation changes:
    > Improved Creation Kit .lip generation method so hopefully will need less generic .lip files for most mods.
    > Many quest-based mods with defined NPCs will have much lower file sizes from a new method of retrieving voice lines to reduce redundant voice lines.
    > (Think 7GB to 1GB)
    > Miscellaneous changes to audio sampling workflow from raw to .wav to .xwm to .fuz
    > Doesn't really affect the voice pack itself but much faster model voice generation on my end (~30%)
    TLDR, these are the voice packs currently completed and on this page:
    Submissive Lola - an Extension Submissive Lola: The Resubmission Public Whore SexLab Body Search  Meat Farm Simple Slavery Plus Plus Slaves of Tamriel Plus Plus Milk Mod Economy Fill Her Up Baka Edition Troubles of Heroine Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition Wartimes - a daughter's tale (Tweak) The Ancient Profession Thief (BME Translation/Patch)  
    xVASynth is an AI based tool for creating new voice lines using machine learning neural speech synthesis. The voices were trained on vanilla Skyrim voice lines, and have varying degrees of success and quality. Quality of original voices, training method, iterations, and compatibility of the underlying technology model all influence how the voices come out to be. Some are nearly perfect while others are of lower quality.
    You can find demo .wav voice files under the download button. Download links for voice packs are below in the post.
    Due to the automated process and scale used to process the hundreds of thousands of voice lines, I am unable to give individual attention to make sure each voice line is perfect. I can however make corrections to word pronunciations for each iteration / update. Please use the link below to report pronunciation errors to help perfect future and updated voice packs:
    Unified xVASynth Voice Pronunciation Error Reporting

    > xVASynth is created by DanRuta and is the tool used to generate the voices:
    > @DoubleCheeseburger created the script and instructions for which I use to export voice lines from mods. I would like to thank him for his work and assistance because none of this would be possible without his help. You can find his thread here with more voice packs for various other mods. He also made instructions here for which you can follow to create your own voices for mods using xVASynth. 
    I've listed the mod voice packs that @DoubleCheeseburger created and manages on his thread, I won't be making voice packs of these mods so you can find them on his thread:
    Users of my LE Voice Packs using MO1:
    The file only comes with the BSAs and they won't be loaded automatically by vanilla Skyrim. If you are using MO1, have MO1 manage your archives and make sure the BSAs are ticked after installing (they should automatically be anyways). This does not apply to SE users:


    Users of my LE Voice Packs using MO2 or other mod managers without a managed archive function:
    You need to create empty .esp's to load my BSA files. Please download the Empty ESP.zip file under the Download button of this mod. Unpack, duplicate, and change the .esp's to exactly match the names of all the BSA files in your download.
    Note on omitted voices
    At the moment, I will only be using voices that are available with the Tacotron2 pre-processing & HiFi-GAN vocoder. This is due to the order of magnitude higher time required with work with these voices (around 50-100 times more time than other voices). Given the older architecture they don't sound as good as other voices anyways. At the moment this excludes the following voices (until DanRuta re-releases the voices with the new vocoder):
    You can follow the xVASynth mod page here for any updates to voice models and vocoders.
    For more information on the underlying technology used:
    Tacotron 2: Natural TTS Synthesis by Conditioning WaveNet on Mel Spectrogram Predictions
    HiFi-GAN: Generative Adversarial Networks for Efficient and High Fidelity Speech Synthesis
    xVaSynth voice pack downloads:
    All downloads are hosted on Mega.nz
    Let me know on the support thread if this does not work for you and I can try to provide an alternate download. Free user accounts on Mega get 5GB transfer per day.
    1. Submissive Lola - an Extension BSA Voice Pack V111
    [Updated 06/28/2021] Generation 1.1
    Based on Submissive Lola - an Extension V111
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.0
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 10,868
    Voice lines per voice type - 209
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (278 MB), Archived (253 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (278 MB), Archived (253 MB), Loaded by - Original mod ESP
    Voices included:
    2. Submissive Lola: The Resubmission BSA Voice Pack V2.0.38
    [Updated 06/27/2021] Generation 1.1
    Based on Submissive Lola: The Resubmission v2.0.38
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.0
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 103,729
    Voice lines per voice type - 2,207
    Notes: Around 200 voice files in total were unable to have CK successfully generate .lip files for. These have been coupled with a 10s generic .lip file. The rest of the 103,000+ voice files do have successful .lip files generated by Creation Kit. 
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    2x BSAs (3.5 GB), Archived (3.2 GB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    2x BSAs (3.5 GB), Archived (3.2 GB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSAs are ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESPs to load them.
    Voices included:
    3. Public Whore BSA Voice Pack V1.0.3
    [Released 06/28/2021] Generation 1.1
    Based on Public Whore v1.0.3
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.0
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 34,362
    Voice lines per voice type - 747
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (1.06 GB), Archived (991 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (1.06 GB), Archived (991 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included:
    4. SexLab Body Search BSA Voice Pack V20190814
    [Released 07/01/2021] Generation 1.1
    Based on SexLab Body Search v20190814
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.0
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 2,112
    Voice lines per voice type - 66
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (70.7 MB), Archived (64.4 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (70.7 MB), Archived (64.4 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included (Reduced, no DLC or unique):
    5. Meat Farm BSA Voice Pack (Patched) V1.2.2
    [Updated 07/02/2021] Generation 1.2
    > Hotfix: fixed voice genders for 2 female guards. If you downloaded the previous version 1.1 and had female guards with male voices download the update!
    Based on Meat Farm v1.2.2
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 2,169
    Voice lines per voice type - 154
    Note: This voice pack comes with an .esp patch which modifies the original mod's voice type records since the original NPCs had no voice type included. This .esp must be loaded for the voice pack to function. You still need the original mod .esp as mine uses it as a master.
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (49.6 MB), Archived (44.8 MB), Loaded by - MeatFarm_VoicePatch.esp (ESL Flagged)
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (49.6 MB), Archived (44.8 MB), Loaded by - MeatFarm_VoicePatch.esp
    Voices Included (Reduced, no DLC or unique):
    6. Simple Slavery Plus Plus BSA Voice Pack V6.3.12
    [Updated 07/14/2021] Generation 1.2
    > v3 voice patch should cover all NPC voices now
    Based on Simple Slavery Plus Plus v6.3.12
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 7,360
    Voice lines per voice type - 230
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (217 MB), Archived (197 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Required voice patch v3 (SE) (ESL flagged ESP), seperate .esp that modifies SS+ NPC records.
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (217 MB), Archived (197 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Required voice patch v3 (LE), seperate .esp that modifies SS+ NPC records.
     Voices Included (Reduced, no DLC or unique):
    7. Slaves of Tamriel Plus Plus BSA Voice Pack (Patched) V2.1.1
    [Released 07/03/2021] Generation 1.1
    Based on Slaves of Tamriel Plus Plus v2.1.1
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 6,597
    Voice lines per voice type - 209
    Note: This voice pack comes with an .esp patch which modifies the original mod's voice type records. This .esp must be loaded for the voice pack to function. You still need the original mod .esp as mine uses it as a master.
    Additional Instructions: You must delete the ./sound/Voice folder included in the original mod for the voice pack to function.
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (108 MB), Archived (92.3 MB), Loaded by - Slaves of Tamriel_VoicePatch.esp (ESL Flagged)
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (108 MB), Archived (92.3 MB), Loaded by - Slaves of Tamriel_VoicePatch.esp
     Voices Included (Reduced, no DLC or unique):
    8. Milk Mod Economy SE BSA Voice Pack V20210209
    [Released 07/09/2021] Generation 1.3
    Based on Milk Mod Economy SE v09-02-2021
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 1,857
    Voice lines per voice type - 40
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (37.3 MB), Archived (32.9 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (37.3 MB), Archived (32.9 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included:
    9. Fill Her Up Baka Edition BSA Voice Pack V1.552
    [Released 07/09/2021] Generation 1.3
    Based on Fill Her Up Baka Edition v1.552
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 9,450
    Voice lines per voice type - 208
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (431 MB), Archived (394 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (431 MB), Archived (394 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included:
    10. Troubles of Heroine BSA Voice Pack V2.2.0
    [Released 07/21/2021] Generation 2.0, Version 1
    > Note that voice patches are no longer required as the author of ToH has merged my NPC changes into the release file for V2.2.0. If you are using the Gen 1.3 voice patch, please remove it.
    Based on Troubles of Heroine 2.2.0
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.3-Custom
    Lip - 100% Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 62,690
    Gen 2.0 size reduction - 7.08GB → 1.94GB (72% Smaller)
    New Sample .wav's for ToH v2.2.0 are also available under the Download button. I've included an example to see the difference of the Gen 2 pronunciation and quality improvements.
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (1.94 GB), Archived (1.63 GB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (1.94 GB), Archived (1.63 GB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it. (Read page intro for more instructions)
    Voices Included:
    11. Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition BSA Voice Pack V0.99 alpha 4
    [Released 07/16/2021] Generation 1.3
    Based on Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition v0.99 alpha 4
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.1
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit
    Total voice lines - 16,094
    Voice lines per voice type - 358
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (454 MB), Archived (391 MB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (454 MB), Archived (391 MB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included:
    12. Wartimes - a daughter's tale Tweak BSA Voice Pack V5.6
    [Released 07/19/2021] Generation 2.0, Version 1
    Based on (LE) Wartimes Tweak v5.6 (21-July-2021) LE tweak by @Monoman1
    Based on (SE) Wartimes Tweak v5.6 (21-July-2021) SE conversion by @Silvain
    > Please note that this is specifically for the tweak version and not the original version.
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.3-Custom
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit (100%)
    Total voice lines - 4,499
    Patch (Included) - 5 NPC VoiceType records were changed for optimal performance
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (128 MB), Archived (112 MB), Loaded by - Included Voice Patch esp-esl
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (128 MB), Archived (112 MB), Loaded by - Included Voice Patch esp
    Voices Included:
    13. The Ancient Profession BSA Voice Pack V0.7
    [Released 07/24/2021] Generation 2.1, Version 1
    Based on The Ancient Profession 20Jul2021 0.7
    Voice - xVASynth v1.4.3-Custom
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit (100%)
    Total voice lines - 40,027
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    BSA (1.3 GB), Archived (1.17 GB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESP
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    BSA (1.3 GB), Archived (1.17 GB), Loaded by - MO's managed archive function. Make sure the BSA is ticked under the 'Archive' tab, and MO is managing your archives. Alternatively create your own empty ESP to load it.
    Voices Included:
    14. Thief BSA Voice Pack V1.0.0.8-BME
    [Released 07/29/2021] Generation 2.1, Version 1
    Requires base Thief v1.0.0.8 by @DogmaMods
    Based on Thief v1.0.0.8 Release - BMEv1 translation by @brewmasterhal
    Voice - xVASynth v2.0.0-Preview
    Lip - Creation Kit 64bit (100%)
    Total voice lines - 370,746
    Player Voice Type (DogmaEngine) - FemaleEvenToned
    You only need to download either the normal or split version, not both.
    Skyrim SE download, BSA
    (5x BSA) (8.52 GB), Archived (7.59 GB), Loaded by - Included ESL flagged ESPs
    SE Split Version (2 zip parts each under 5GB):
    Skyrim LE download, BSA
    (5x BSA) (8.52 GB), Archived (7.59 GB), Loaded by - Included ESPs. You can untick these from loading if using MO1's managed archive function.
    LE Split Version (2 zip parts each under 5GB):
    Voices Included:
    1. Rubber Facility v0.74 - On hold for update
    2. Dovahkiin's Infamy v2.0.0 - Reviewing
    3. Bestial Essence v0.3
    4. Relationship Dialogue System 2.3b
    Global Changes:



  12. Cortana Tattoo - SlaveTats

    First and foremost, a HUGE thank you to Rektas both for creating the amazing looking Cortana Outfit and giving me permission for this conversion!
    This is the first mod I've ever posted to Lover's Lab, and it's one I'm extremely proud of for two reasons:
    1) I have never done any Texturing or 3D Modelling before. EVER. I spent over 24 hours of effort between attempting a rudimentary Photoshop conversion, then searching the internet for methods of converting textures from one UV Map to another, finding a 3D modeling program that was both affordable and would successfully import the mesh, and then getting the right settings to render a new texture into the proper layout.
    2) The final result looks AMAZING considering I went into this knowing NOTHING. There are some minor flaws, but I believe many people will hardly notice, if at all. You'd only notice if you looked for them (so unless you want to touch up the textures to a degree that I couldn't, please don't look for them) [Fixed in v2 with Schnoz's help]
    This is designed for SlaveTats (hence the json file) on the CBBE 3BA Body, but the texture could be easily used by other Tattoo Mods or as a body paint if you know how to set that up.
    This Tattoo is only an overlay! If you want the rest of the body and/or hair to be blue, set your skin and/or hair color to blue in racemenu!
    As for why I made this mod, I wanted to be able to re-create Cortana as accurately as possible while still being able to wear armor and clothes without losing her body details. As awesome as Rektas's outfit is, for me that was the only thing I didn't like.
    But now, thankfully, I can have my cake and eat it too! If you like what you see, so can you!
    I use SG Hair Pack 350 Angelic Hair and used the preset from "Accurate RaceMenu Series - Cortana" on the SSE Nexus
    With the help of Schnoz (the author of "Accurate RaceMenu Series - Cortana"), we have been able to create a "perfect" conversion of the textures. Thank you very much Schnoz!
    Links to his mods:
    RaceMenu: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/51623
    Bodyslide: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/51618
    Follower: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/52399
    v1 - Original Version of the mod, no hands or feet details available
    v2 - Updated Conversion. Hands and Feet details available. (Feet are a secondary option in the "body" section of SlaveTats, Hands are under "Hands")
    v2.1 - Fixed Hands and Feet textures. Feet texture is now separate from body texture.
    Screenshots (to give you an idea of what this will look like):



  13. Sanguine's Books of Lust

    As a person who loves a good treasure hunt and looking all over Skyrim for even the smallest loot in a room, I present to you all my first release on this site. As an added bonus these books have been placed in spots that are compatible with almost any mod (I'd like to think so, considering I'm up-to-date with Lexy's LOTD) you can probably think of.

    I do plan on adding more to this project such as a bookshelf for the museum to sort the vol.'s and maybe perhaps add some paintings of my own choice, hell probably loading screens while I'm at it.

    Each Volume so far as of initial release contains 47 pages and there is a total of 3 I have hand placed in the world so far for you to uncover however, some methods of obtaining these valuable books may require some thinking. If this is too much for you and you like to just skip the fun part use additemwhateverbeboring. As an added bonus they are also skill books for the players like me looking for the extra buffs (legendary difficulty torture) to improve your overall stats.

    As far as Lore goes... Sanguine, the Daedric prince of debauchery is rumored to be in Skyrim amongst the citizens of whatever hold he sees fit to taint with his aura of lust. The Vigilant don't seem to know much and are tight lipped as usual but you hear that Sanguine has left a bread trail to him in the form of literature, will you uncover the mystery or perhaps fall to the prince's lust. 
    Requests or Ideas welcomed but won't always be accepted (I'll be reasonable, if you are)
    I will continue and add more to each book as I go along to the next addition
    DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE without permissions please. 
    Fix certain pages brightness Fix spines on books Sanguine's Books of Lust Vol.4 - Conjuring Holes Vol.5  
    Feel Free to PM me for any questions and please report any pages brightness. Certain paper mods and ENB's can affect the pages, currently working on making pages that I like to have each book to use. To inquire about brightness and etc. issues send me a screenshot (or post it below idc) with details such as enb and paper mod in use so I can work around and make a universal compatible update here. 
    More Content for each book or maybe a sneak peak at new features!?
    Join me at Patreon for more details and exclusive updates. Also taking requests there as well for those looking for personally made adventures.



  14. NG's German translations

    Ich plane hier eine kleine Sammlung an Mod Übersetzungen zur Verfügung zu stellen, die ich in meiner Zeit, in der ich mich mit Skyrim SE beschäftige für mich selbst erstellt habe und noch erstellen werde.
    Es gibt eine Menge guter Mods für erwachsene hier auf Loverslab die einer Übersetzung würdig wären, aber leider kann ich sie nicht alle übersetzen. Daher bitte ich um Verständnis, dass es sich bei der Mod Auswahl um von mir favorisierte Mods handelt.
    Mit der Zeit könnte/wird diese Liste natürlich wachsen.
    Übersetzte Mods:
    Spank That Ass SE v4.5
    SexLab Approach Redux 1.802 English SE
    Naked Defeat 3.01
    adcSexlife Plus 6.52 beötigt SexLab SexLife SE 1.4.2 als Voraussetzung
    Books of Dibella SE- Alternate Start Plugin 1.2
    Fill Her Up Baka Edition English SE 1.552V
    SLHH Expansion English SE 3.44V
    Fertility Adventures SE 0.21
    Prison Alternative - A modular Prison System 1.0
    1. Installiert die Original Mod und alle die Mods die der Modersteller als Voraussetzung angibt.
    2. Überschreibt alle Dateien der Original Mod mit meinen übersetzten Dateien.
    (Das Archiv (.rar oder.zip) ist so gepackt, dass man es auch z.B. mit dem Nexus Modmanager installieren kann.)



  15. PamaPrisonAlternative_V0.9SE_Voice.7z

    NOTE: Prison Alternative mod updated and includes this voice pack!
    Voice pack to give voice to NPCs
    Mod located:
    For Skyrim SE install voice pack as is
    For Skyrim LE extract "sound" folder to mod folder



  16. dw's Smooth Vaginaless CBBE 3BAv2 v3

    Are periods just too much of a hassle? Are tampons and sanitary pads hard to come by in Whiterun? I've got just the solution for you!
    Completely rebuilt from the ground up from previous versions, this CBBE 3BAv2 edit once again comes in two forms- one intended for use with custom textures (I've supplied my own shoddy edits, hopefully more talented people make and share their own), and one compatible with any SE CBBE texture.
    Now available as proper download, no more hunting for random attachments in the futanari megathread!
    Acknowledgements: Acro for CBBE 3BA, Thanosfarmer for the textures I transplanted the crotch from
    Note to LE users: You can use SSE NIF Optimizer and paint.net to backport the mesh and textures



  17. Uncut CBBE Futanari Schlong

    Full credit to the author of this mod for the mesh, as well as to EvilReflex for the original CBBE Futanari Schlong. I simply made it Bodyslideable.
    27/07/2021: zenonthez07 has created an UNP/BHUNP conversion



  18. S.L.U.T.S. Resume

    S.L.U.T.S. Resume
    Skyrims Licensed Universal Transport Service is looking for willing Sl- erhem.. Staff! to transport various goods through the cold and fierce Regions of Skyrim! 
    Are you looking to make some Coins? Do you think you have it in you? Then sign right up!
    Local Innkeepers and Stewards are just waiting for you! Or perhaps you prefer to talk to our qualified Oversees directly? No problem! Theyre always happy to to explain potential new recruits this one-in-a-lifetime chance, to become a real S.L.- I mean, a qualified worker! 
    When you install this mod, you first want to talk to an Innkeeper, Stewards or Carriage Driver. They will hand you over a Flyer and everything from there should be self-explanatory!
    When you accept a job, you will be locked up in a bunch of Restraints and forced to run a possessed Cart through Skyrim to deliver some very precious goods! - Which of course aren't for you.
    Depending on how well you kept your legs together and how long your Travel was, you then will be rewarded with some shiny Coins! 
    Filly Coins
    Completing runs rewards you with Filly Coins! A special Coin that is paid out to the hard-working ponies of S.L.U.T.S.! 
    You can use this Coin and exchange them against various rewards when talking to a Carriage Driver! 
    Current Rewards:
    Gold DD/SLUTS Keys Upgrade your Filly Uniform Unlockables  
    Rehabilitation, Cargo Loss & Arrears
    Messed up and broke the Law? S.L.U.T.S. got you covered! When a Guard attempts an Arrest, you can ask them to instead work off your Bounty by working for S.L.U.T.S.! Of course, its up to you if you think thats the less punishing alternative...
    Your Bounty will then be transferred into Arrears that you then have to work off! Depending on how high your Arrears are, you may have to do multiple runs in a row 😧
    Better to just not break the law, wouldnt you agree? 
    Though beware, a Bounty isnt the only way to stack up Debt! Ponies that do poorly on their runs may be punished just as harshly! .. or maybe harsher? We have to make sure our Ponies are of best quality, you may excuse our rudness!
    SL Framework Devious Devices SlaveTats RaceMenu XPMSSE Recommended
    Extra Encounters Populated Lands Roads Paths Improved Roads
    (or other mods that add NPCs to Skyrims paths and roads) Radiant Rape SL Mods (E.g. SL Adventures, Deviously Helpless) Visual Overhaul of Bandit NPC for the Guards in S.L.U.T.S. HQ  
    Make sure to run Bodyslide before playing The Sluts Redux Cart is an Optional Asset which can be used in place of the mods original cart. May improve cart performance If you are using a BHUNP or UUNP Body: Download SLUTS Tats Package, the Fomod Contains both Bodies for both Versions LE & SE, for both Bodies They replace the CBBE Tats, so make sure you dont tick  to use UNP Tats in SLUTS' MCM Patches available for: Deviously Cursed Loot Prison Overhaul Patched Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul For LE Users:
    Grab the LE Ressource Package & override Resume SE with it and you should be good to go
    If the Form44 bugs you too much, throw it into your LE CK and save
    Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul: This one removes all the stock carriage drivers and replaces them with clones (Patch provided) Deviously Cursed Loot: Not incompatible per se but you wont be able to use this mods rehab feature if you have DCL installed (Patch provided by Searinoxii) Prison Overhaul Patches: Both Mods edit the same Crime Dialogue, negating the crime specific content for however loads higher (Patch provided by Neydzz)  
    Previous Changelogs
    DocClox: Creating the original mod MrEsturk: Updating this mod to 1.18 -> Click AnInsaneMoose: HDT Chain Yoke 4nk8rb: BodySlide Files slvsaris: Alternate Cart Mesh Searinoxii: Creating a DCL Patch El Duderino: For creating the ponygirl mittens used in this mod. Rob J: For the custom S.L.U.T.S. Cart audhol: For the Filly Coin texture LinaHirata: UUNP & BHUNP SlaveTats Textures Neydzz: POP Patch Additional ponygirl screenshots provided by: MrEsturk, LatexLuger, max99max, valcon767, random11714



  19. CumShotBrothelSEv0.7.11_Voice.7z

    Testing multipart archives. Do not download unless:
    1. You have Skyrim SE
    2. You have Cum Shot Brothel mod
    3. Have 7Zip archiver program installed  https://www.7-zip.org/
    4. Have the patience & experience to deal with files manually
    5. Are willing to provide feed-back
    A step by step guide located here:
    Voice pack for Cum Shot Brothel mod https://www.loverslab.com/topic/160062-cum-shot-brothel-se
    Download all parts, right-click .001 file and "Extract files"
    When finished, right-click folder produced and create a new archive.
    Install THAT archive as per normal mod installation.



  20. S.L.U.T.S.Resume V2.6_Voice.7z

    A step by step guide located here:
    Voice pack for 
    4 part 7Zip archive
    Download all 4 parts
    Right-click .001 file and select "Extract Files"
    Folder that is created:
              Right-click folder and Select "Create Archive"
    Archive that is created:
              Install as a normal mod
    Please provide feed-back



  21. Deviously Cursed Loot 9.0SE_Voice.7z

    A step by step guide located here:
    This a 14 file multipart download
    Voice pack to give voice to NPCs
    Mod Required:
     & it's requirements
    7Zip https://www.7-zip.org/
    These instructions are for 7Zip only
    Download all 14 files & have them all in the same working folder
    Right-click .001 file & select "Extract Files"
    A Folder will be made
    Right-Click THAT folder and select "Add to archive"
    the .7z file produced will ready to install as you would any other mod
    If the filenames are not as in the following screenshot, 
    then change them



  22. SexLab Sanguines Debauchery Enhanced 20120630SE_Voice.7z

    This is a 4 file multi-part archive
    A step by step guide located here:
    Voice pack to give voice to NPCs
    Mod Requirements:
    & all it's requirements
    7Zip https://www.7-zip.org/
    Installation: {instructions are for 7Zip only}
    Download all 4 files to the same location
    Right-click .001 file and select "Extract Files"
    Right-click Folder that is created & select "Add to Archive"
    Archive that is produced can be installed as you would any other mod
    If the filenames are not as in the following screenshot, 
    then change them



  23. SOS Revealing Armors for SE Merged w. 4K textures

    A step by step guide located here:
    This is an 8 file multi-part archive.
    This is how the files were named as created by me. {screenshot}
    If they are named differently please change to match the screenshot
    This is a merge of the following mods:
    SOS Revealing Armors by Aoki 
    SOS Revealing Male Vanilla 
    SOS Revealing DLC1 
    SOS Revealing DLC2 
    BDSkimpyClothes USSEP patch
    It is converted to SE format and contains all relevant Bash-tags in the header
    The textures were upgraded to 4K
    The new textures were edited with an alpha-mask to match the textures of the original mods
    To install:
    1. Download all files to the same location {a working directory}
    2. If necessary, rename files to match the original uploads, {see attached screenshot]
    3. Right-click first file {ends with .001}, and select "Extract Files" from 7Zip options
    4. The resulting folder should be named SOSnBD_RevealingArmors
    5. Right-click the resulting folder and select "Add to Archive"
    6. The resulting 7Zip archive can be installed as any other mod
    Schlongs of Skyrim SE, full or lite
    Skyrim SE
    7Zip https://www.7-zip.org/



  24. Content Consumers Alternate Starts Voice Pack for SE

    A step by step guide located here:
    Voice pack for Content Comsumer's Alternate Start mod
    Mod Located here:
    Mod converted to SE listed below.
    Read the following, it's important
    There are three files in this multi-part archive to download
    They should be named as shown in the following screen-shot,
    if not you will have to name them as per the screen-shot.
    Requires Skyrim SE, 7zip https://www.7-zip.org/
    and requirements of CCAS
    1. Download all three files to a working folder.
    2. Make sure the files are named as in the screen-shot
    3. Right-click .001 file and select "Extract files" from 7Zip menu
    4. Right-click folder that is created, and select "Add to Archive" from 7Zip menu
    5. New archive can be installed as per any mod.

    CCAS v14dSE.7z



  25. PetProject 1.52 SE Voice Files

    A step by step guide located here:
    Voice Pack for Pet Project 1.5.2
    Mod Located:
    This is a two file multi-part Archive.
    See the attached screenshot for the correct filenames
    If the filenames are different from the screenshot, change them to match the screenshot.
    Requires 7Zip https://www.7-zip.org/
    1. Download both files to a working folder
    2. Rename files to match screen-shot
    3. Right-click .001 file and select "Extract Files" from 7Zip menu
    4. Right-click resulting folder and select "Add to Archive" from 7Zip menu
    5. Resulting archive can be install as you would any other mod



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