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    1. Arousal Based Match Maker [ABMM]

      A simple sex mod based on Ashal's matchmaker, I decided to share it in case anyone likes the idea. There are a lot of other mods that initiate sex but none that do it in as simple a way as Ashal's matchmaker. This mod expands on it a bit but keeps it as simple as possible.
      What this mod does:
      Runs a polling script on the player which evaluates the nearby npcs (and player) for arousal level and if conditions are met initiates sex between viable characters.
      If the player is already involved in a sex scene there is a chance that nearby npcs will be driven crazy and start masturbating.
      Key condition settings can be set in the MCM (polling rate, minimum arousal for participants, chance that a character will want sex)
      Credits: Ashal for SexLab Framework and MatchMaker
      NB I made this for myself as I couldn't find a mod that did what I wanted without adding a myriad of other stuff.  I decided to share it in case it appealed to other folks. There are loads of mods out there that probably do a better job.
      If you have Random Sex mod installed I'd advise against using this at the same time, there may well be other mods that it could conflict with.



    2. Fort Knox V 0.3

      Fort Knox V 0.3
      1. Description : Fort Knox

      This mod is based on the Aether Suite mod by Halofarm and Modern resources by Sinius, the idea was to populate it with NPC, reconnect all areas, expand it and carefully handcraft all locations
      2. V 0.3 Content:
      Main Area: Fort Knox Downtown  
      with Blue Butterfly Hotel, The White Room (bar),  Finnegan (bar), The Undergrind (club), Red Robin (Club), 420 Café, Boxing Club, Dibella store (clothes), Hardware Store, City Office, Gorvernor's Office, City Council, Private Detective, Broadcasting Room, Water Canal, VR Rooms, Mademoiselle Agency, Luminatrix Gardens (rooftop), Public Toilets.
      Main Area: Fort Knox Park  
      with Mini Market, Ramen Restaurant, Arclite Hospital, Public Pool, Library, Eve Café, 4 Apartments Blocks, Lavomatic, Public Baths.
      Main Area: Fort Knox Industrial Zone  
      with May queen café, adult cinema, IN-V Farm, Psiijic Factory, Edit Bot repair, The 4th rule bar, sewers area (middle sized area)
      These 3 main areas are connected
      NPC: Around 70 NPC for now (haven't spend a lot of time on NPC yet) All navmeshed Shops: not implemented (futur update) SFX ambiance  
        3. Requirements :
      SkyrimSE (+dragonborn/heartfire/dawnguard)  
      Aether suite SE (only for datas):  
      FNIS For Cannabis Animations  
      1.Install the latest version of Aether Suite SE (only datas are needed for Fort Knox) =>
      1.DL Fort Knox SE  from Loverslab
      2.Extract the folder and OPEN: 1.DATAS  Download link - Fort Knox SE.txt, follow the link to download datas (around 3G) WITTHOUT DATAS THE MOD DOESN'T WORK
      4.Install Datas
      5.Install Fortknox.esp
      (Mod Organiser is recommended)
      5. How to acces Fort Knox:

      If you create a new character you will have a spell by default « Fort Knox teleport » (for an existing character the spell should be added automatically, otherwise type in console: coc 00_FortKnoxDowntown)
      6. About the modder :

      Hi, I’m into modding since Morrowind, have mostly made mods for myself and it has lead me to work in the video game industry since 12 years from now.

      Few years ago I stumbled on the aether Suite and I’ve felt in love with this mod and always wanted to make something with it.

      I’ve started to just add few NPC to test, things went out of control, and I ended up with this Aether Suite – Redux build

      I’ve made it for fun with a lot of passion (it is nice for me to work outside of the video game industry boundaries) and I’m very happy to have something to give back to this community  (for free of course)

      + special Thanks to BlueStar who helped me to test and gave me nice ideas
      7. Credits :

      Aether suite by Halo / http://mod.dysintropi.me/ converted to skyrim SE by : Andreis
      Cannabis Skyrim: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8732/? Converted to Skyrim SE by fattyzhouse ALL credits go to MadNuttah and Virakotxa for creating the original Cannabis Skyrim
      Android Armor : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=706093155
      Sin’s modern ressources
      few meshes from Skyrim Seaworld (http://crential.blog.jp/archives/69192937.html)
      Musical Maayhem : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40905
      Osare Food : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24759
      Balkan MiniBike https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81666
      Modern Firearms Mod
      Witcher ressource pack : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68755
      Hallgarth’s additional vanilla hairs : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78669
      Few (Beautiful) meshes from http://blog.livedoor.jp/kaiouseinohito
      Dwarven Motorcycle and other VehiclesSE by gg77
      (TheAandO and DB9s for the Dwarven Motorcycle and the Dwarven Mistress (ripper) in TANO and DB9s Resources and Vicn for the ripper in his mod Vicn Creature Pack ("You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me")
      M150 for the meshes of the 3 Dwarven Vehicles in DwarvenAutomobile (« All modder can use my Mod's mesh and texture and script. »)
      8. Updates log :
      ----------    V 0.1
      Initial Release
      ----------    V 0.2
      Lighthing: changed lighting in downtown and park areas (to allow skylight to illuminate the scene => result more consistant lighting but less dark, it is a trade of ^^)
      Added few more NPC in 0.1 Areas
      Fixed minor issues 0.1 Areas
      Industial zone added: (accesible from Downtown area, big door near the crossing of butterfly hotel and town hall area)
      few NPC addded
      Soot creatures added, friendly but hidden in the zone
      May Queen (snack, where you'll find yummy hamburgers)
      IN-V Farm (where the yummy hamburgers comes from ^^)
      XXX Cinema
      Psiijic Factory (WIP)
      Edi-Bot repair 24/24
      The 4th Rule Bar (robots friendly bar)
      Sewers area (middle sized area, WIP) with the chuch of the golden Era, exclusion zone, a squat, a strange wharehouse
      ----------    V 0.3
      Fixed a floating cup of coffee in Eve coffee bar
      Fixed exit door from Public tolets to Downtown
      Fixed Exclusion zone's Door in Serwers area (so this small zone is open)
      Add few new props in the city (generators, ventilations, videophone)
      Add few more NPC in the city
      Added a new wall layer in cities area
      [Industrial Zone]
      Removed the Arche and added more holo trees in the entrance to clear the view
      Added a skyline with buildings with fog (long time I wanted to do that ^^)
      fixed few clipping issues
      fixed a lot of doors when you can see outmap after opening it (think I missed some)
      Fixed lighting in Luminatrix Garden
      Fixed a missing mesh in datas ( stairs in Industrial zone)
      Cleaned landing pads collisions in Industrial Zone
      Removed curtains in 420Café



    3. God of wars 4 Kratos Armor SSE

      Kratos Armor from God of wars 4
      Support 1st model and Weight morph
      female and male both
      Support Bodyslide 
      Female only
      Male support SOS
      Part of 3 armor
      1 body
      2 arm(bandage, forearm guard)
      1 legs
      Base config from hide armor you can easily change with SSEdit or Cktool
      any feeback or bug report
      always welcome
      You can only got a item with console 
      highly recommend AdditemMenu Aka AIM



    4. VampireLord ReVamped

      Just when you thought you've seen it all... you have not...
      I bring you the Vampire Lords Revamped, completely redone the armors in 3DS Max and Outfit Studio, created a bra that so skin tight well its made from the female body mesh

      This mod allows the Vampire Lord Race to use the male and female body of the player aswell as the face of whoever turns into one. More exotic armor created by tweaking and twisting the original armor pulled straight from Bethesdas ass... ...i mean bsa file.
      Retextured the wings with some added blood... ...aint you ever wondered where all that blood went when they transformed???
      Added some witchy nails to both male and female, these came from HN66's Hands and Nails created by HumanNature66 and converted by PoptartJuniper(io121) with permission from both.
      i have male bodys from Tempered Skins for Males made by traa108, as my base shape (but none files are included) so if you dont have that then it might not look right with the vanilla slobbish males.

      Sorry bout the screenshots, i have yet to find a way to move the camera about while in vamp form, so if anyone knows a way then please let me know and if its something that can be changed in CK then i would gladly edit that.
      that being said if anyone that knows 3ds Max would like to redo the straps for me thatd be awesome cuz i really buggered them up
      If one would like to convert this to UNP or whatever then feel free to message me.

      XPMSSE, i mean really... duh!
      CBBE and BodySlide which the mesh files are included so if you like semi big bobbers then no need to create in BS cept for the "zap" options.

      my mod No Same Race because the player and the other races have separate body folders, working on a fix.
      any mod that changes the players body folder, well, assuming sense it dont like mine.
      Might have a bit of an impact on those mods from over the hill in LoversLab like MNC...
      I made a patch for Vampire Lord Serana made by Borgut1337, but need permission before i include it.

      Working on:
      Working on creating fnis files to allow the player to turn 360.
      Working on figuring out the free roam camera instead of a 3 second move and back to the character.
      Compatability with other mods.
      Fix what the people find wrong.

      If youre tempted to open up in Outfit Studio then just remember i use one nif file and share it between 2 armor types meaning that if one changes something in OS then pay attention to the osp file for that is where the shareness is at.

      you will find the female BodySlide files under "unassigned" cuz im too lazy to create a group for this plus i been working on this for a long time only to find out that it was not compatible with my race mod.
      Thank yous:

      Groovtama: for Skeletons..

      Caliente & Ousnius: CBBE and BodySlide...
      Layfey for the testings. Check out his Follower mods, pretty nice Illiria Mystic Defender

      JZBai for trying to be my second eyes on this when it was a conflict with MY other mod LOL



    5. Hagraven Ritual SE

      Nomkaz Presents:  Delzaron's Hagraven Ritual
      I did NOT create this mod. @Delzaron is owed that honor.
      They left pretty much open permissions on the original mod page so I am sharing my Skyrim Special Edition conversion with you all.
      *All photos from Delzaron's upload page.
      The following is copied from Delzaron's "Hagraven Ritual for LE" Page
      About This File
      HAGRAVEN RITUAL (ex Delta Moire commission mod)
      Did you remember the shamanic ceremony, in AFS ?
      Find a circle of shamans and hagravens in the Reach, and convince help to grant you the blssing of the Old Gods.
      Fully repeatible.
      How the mod works :
      - talk to an innkeeper to start it
      - Talk to the olest MaidenRaven.
      - follow the instructions.
      The Blessing will cose you 1000 golds, or a sacrifice... one sacrifice is provided for free in the mod (a former test NPC), you'll need to provie more if you wish further blessings.
      You can be spectator, participant... your follower can also participate, or being sacrificed.
      This mod is presented "as it". I don't plan to update it, I have so much to do...
      Want to support me? Visit my Patreon ! https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron
      Permissions :
      You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. You're not allowed to upload this mod on another platform. Assets belongs to their original authors.



    6. The Bondage House SE

      The Bondage House SE
      Converted by request. I did NOT create this mod. I only converted Vycroft's original mod for SE,
      and uploaded according to the somewhat open perms they gave on the page.
      As Vycroft stated, they are working an an upgraded SE version of this mod,
      so this is only a placeholder until the new official version goes up for SE.
      The following Description is copied from the original page.
      About This File
      Sorry for the little update, this time I just cleaned the navmesh and move a bit everything, some furnitures weren't correctly positioned, like the jail doors.
      Now I'm working on something big, well actually a few big projects and this mod was put aside a bit. I will try to finish this soon.
      What does this mod actually do?
      To put it simple, it will spawn a special ring into your inventory, and everytime you equip it, you will be teleported into the "portable prison". If you unequip the ring, you will be teleported back to the exact location you were before, the teleportation script is a variant of the one in Haven's Bag's. (I already received permission from the original author, just in case.) Also - inside the portable interior you will find a key and a book. The key unlocks the prison doors and the book gives you the new "Teleport NPC" spell, which will allow you to teleport any NPC to directly to the prison (the spell is targeted, just aim and shoot). If you want to teleport the slave NPC back, you just need to cast the spell on him/her again, and he/she will be teleported back to your original location.
      To do:
      Ambient Music (Done) ---> The main file now contain only one track, you can download the rest with the link provided in the .txt
      Furniture for the prison (Done) --> Yes I know pretty useless for a version change
      Complete revamp and relocation of everything (Done)
      Vendor (Done) --> Enjoy it
      I'm back to modding, and I will move my workflow to SE. So, I will leave this mod as it is, for oldrim, and continue with Bondage House in SEE. If anyone want to use this mod feel free to do it, I give full use/edit/redistribution permission.
      Thanks to:
      CPU (for the scripting help)
      WraithSlayer (for the scripting help)
      Erundil (for the speeling correction)
      Ladgerda Resources:
      Body Texture: SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa
      Specular: Dry Skin by Svarog
      Hair: SGHair by Hello Santa (couldn't contact the author for permission, if there is any problem I will change the hair immediately, will take me no more than 2 min)
      Eyes: The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
      The ambient music belongs to Vindsvept (wind'swept'), he is an amazing compositor and interpreter, please don't forget to visit his youtube channel.[/font]
      All of his music is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ and his songs are available to download at Vindsvept.com. More information about the author such as contact details and can also be found on the website. [/font]
      01 - Heart of Ice
      02 - Sleeper
      03 - Wanderer
      04 - Sanctuary
      05 - Wanderer, part two
      What's New in Version 0.5
      Released May 2, 2018
      0.5 Fixed Lagerda AI behaviour, she will not leave the cell, also she will carry only 100 septim this time, to avoid the 25k bug. The door closing time was changed to 4 sec. 0.4 Added Vendor Ladgerda and fix the light a bit. 0.3 Minor changes. Fix light and clean the navmesh, also the position of some furnitures have been fixed (the doors weren't not correctly positioned) 0.2 Added Furniture, fix the navmesh and clean a bit with TESEditV. 0.15 Add Ambient music 0.1 Initial Release



    7. Amorous Adventures Extended SSE

      Amorous Adventures Extended SSE
      I did not create this mod.
      I merely made a straight conversion of jackp's mod: Amorous Adventures Extended 
      to Skyrim Special Edition with his permission. (proof attached below)
      Mod Description by JackP
      "I am preparing to continue the work of FoxFingers, and I have made the first version of Amorous Adventures Extend.
      This mod is going to make up more stories about Dragonborn's remance adventure, just like Amorous Adventures did.
      I still use the framework of FoxFingers, so you will feel familar with the lover system. Be involved with the girls, help them and then make them be dragonborn's lovers.
      You can post the bugs, as if I have time to make up them I will do."
      I converted the ESP to Form 44, optimized the meshes and nif files,
      and converted the Animations for SSE.
      I've tested it on SSE v 1.5.73 (The latest current version),
      all the updated SSE Perquisites, and it seems to be working as it should.
      I also included Jackp's walk-through text files inside the mod .zip
      for your convenience.
      This mod conversion is provided As-Is, as I did not create it and don't know how it was built 😜
      Please check the original mod page for fixes and known issues if you have problems.
      HOWEVER,if you find Mesh or other conversion issues that I missed, for sure let me know
      and I'll do my best to fix them.
      In the future, I plan on making the English dialogue more conversational once I learn how,
      and forwarding any updates that JackP makes to the original mod.
      This mod REQUIRES the following mods to function:
      Amorous Adventures 3.4 SSE for lovers lab
      SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 6 - March 19th, 2019
      Optional, but highly recommended mods:
      ZAZ Animation Packs for SE
      SexLab Tools SE
      Using Sexlab Tools, you can change the animations so you can find one more appropriate for the situation
      AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer SE
      To Add the cheat spell "Be My Lover Now".  Using it, you can make a unique actor be your lover. 
      JackP recommends  SexLab Privacy Immersive , but it no longer works with SexLab Framework at all, so DO NOT USE IT.
      For more Skyrim Special Edition SexLab mods check here: SSE Conversion Tracking 
      Special Thanks to:
      jackp for creating Amorous Adventures Extended, and his permission to convert it to Special Edition.
      FoxFingers for creating Amorous Adventures 
      Ash2Asherz for his support and advice
      And most of all, Ashal for LoversLab and SexLab Framework, without which none of this is possible.



    8. TBD Conversions of [SunJeong] Ninirim Ports

      Hello, here I will be posting my conversions of SunJeong's Ninrim ports.
      These are only the body-slide files! you need to download SunJeongs Ports and override with my TBD files.
      >>>SunJeongs Ninrim Ports<<<
      - My conversions all have "realistic" physics applied to them, as I try to avoid having metal parts jingle.
      - There might be some clipping on some sets of armor or clothing, but I am trying to keep it to an absolute minimum. 

      EDIT: If you have invisible armor parts, then download my "Modified ESP's" or try the fix below.
      It's an easy fix if you know how to use SSEEdit. First, open the armor in outfit studio, then look in partitions to see what slot the item has. Now start SSEdit and look under "armor addon" and "armor" and change the item slots so they match the one in outfit studio.
      Fx: outfit studio shows that the item has the "52 SBP" slot in the partitions tab, then you look in SSEdit and make sure it also has the 52 slot there under "armor addon" and "armor".
      Note: These conversions might not be the best! As they are my first try on making conversions.



    9. Slave Girls by hydragorgon SE

      Slave Girls by hydragorgon SE
      I DID NOT create this mod. It was created by the indomitable @hydragorgon, and all rights and privileges belong to them. 
      I messaged Hydragorgon a while back asking for perms to upload this but they have been M.I.A. since last December, 
      so I took a gamble and decided to go ahead and share.
      If Hydragorgon comes back and doesn't want this conversion to be posted they have the right to...
      All I did was Combine the Main Files and Texture Files,
      Optimize the textures and meshes for Skyrim Special Edition,
      and convert the ESPs to Form 44.
      The following copied from the original LE upload page by hydragorgon: 
      About This File
      This mod adds about 200 npcs in various states of distress all throughout
      Skyrim. There are slave caravans, house slaves, hostages, and bandits in bondage.
      Many of the NPCs have dialogue, and some are merchants. At the moment this mod
      is mostly for visual appeal, but I have plans to add scripts and quests as
      soon as I can get online more regularly. I use alot of extra NPC mods because I think
      they add alot to the random element of the game. That's what Slavegirls does. This
      mod DOES NOT simulate an actual slave trading economy; it's just flavor so far.
      Thanks alot to all the Lover's Lab community for helping me make this mod decent.
      There are only two requirements, but they both require FNIS SE and SKSE64 at least. 
      Check the pages carefully, please.
      Sexlab Framework SE
      Zaz Animations SE
      Copy over the main esp
      No-Nude Males
      _More Info_
      There are quite a few different types of slavegirl in the mod, and even a few
      slaveguys too. I use many different AI packages to tune the mod, but there
      are still bugs. If you see a slave standing around doing nothing, just wait
      an hour. She'll usually end up getting herself into trouble somehow. Some NPCs
      are Sexlab Forbidden to preserve their bondage, but there's a patch to change that
      included. Here's a brief explanation of most of the types of slavegirls out there.
      Slavegirls- These are house slaves serving the more wealthy denizens of
      Skyrim. They have been trained throughly, and so have a certain amount
      of freedom. Many slavegirls have dialogue.
      Townies- Most of the settlements have a townie or two with personal slaves to
      serve them. Some are paid champions protecting a given territory. Many of these
      lucky folk are merchants including a..
      Rare gem dealer in Solitude
      Rare book dealer in Dawnstar
      Dealer in soul gems and enchanted objects in Whiterun
      Scroll dealer in Windhelm
      Skooma dealer in Riften
      And hopefully more soon...
      Adventurers- Small groups of adventurers travel the wilds of Skyrim, slave
      girls rushing behind them to catch up. You can often find them in taverns
      and inns, or discussing important business with their ragtag associates. Be
      careful because some of these adventurers are quite powerful! Some of them
      are merchants too, including..
      Travelling alchemists selling potions and other apothecary needs
      Orc wanderers selling their ethnic weaponry
      A Dungeoneer selling Dwemer artifacts and metals
      And also more soon..
      Slave Caravans- Various slave traders and their drooling cronies drive
      helpless slavegirls all along the roads of Skyrim. They are quite tough,
      and will defend their merchandise with their lives.
      Hostages- In some cities the guards keep groups of hostages in case their
      families are willing to pay ransom for their safe return. Many of these
      poor girls are prisoners of war.
      Vignettes- These poor ladies are stuck in states of almost total bondage,
      depending of course on buggy AI packages. If you see one standing around,
      just wait for an hour.
      thanks for downloading
      What's New in Version SE 827
      Released 6-15-2019
              * Merged 827 Main Files and 827 Texture files
              * Optimized Textures and Meshes with Cathedral Assets Optimizer
              * Converted the main ESP and no-nude-males patch ESP to Form 44
      Released December 29, 2015
      804 - First testing relase 805 - Repack with moreinformation Uploaded to LL Bug Fixes 810 - Major AI fixes New Content 811 - new content 812 - big content update 813 - bugfixes and 2.5 cells 821 - I'm back! random slaves and fps fixes 822 - Edited with TES5 better 3 Cells FPS hopefully 823 - 2 more cells updated to sexlab 1.59c and zaz v06+ 824 - Major reworking of NPC ai 825 - Two news dungeons 826 - New Dungeons, haircuts, and textures! Download is now in two parts! 827 - Bugfixes and npc conversations



    10. SE Kardia of Rhodes Armor

      Hi guys 
      I'm a huge fan of Nisetaka's art especially Kardia of Rhodes
      Already made LE version preety long ago 
      I was not satisfied so i Started rework of SE version
      Some of old part will replace and enhanced
      trying to make more similar Original artwork
      and i mashup with maid clothes
      called maid armor 
      and i trying make them to Semicustomize
      not a full of suit
      cos i love customize 
      Include Bodyslide data
      without armet model
      Base body is CBBE Special
      that mean support HDT vargina 
      You can only got a item with console 
      highly recommend AdditemMenu Aka AIM
      this time slavetat will work 
      /Team TAL
      some of asset, and cubemap
      Original artwork and Bikini guard asset
      French maid asset author
      osare Maid Clothes asset auhor



    11. Sexlab LightMeUp

      A very simple mod for sexlab SE that uses the ESL flag so it won't add to your load order. It simply hooks into the animation start event from sexlab and if the lighting level is below a certain threshold, drops some lights on participants, then removes them at the end. The light meshes are just stripped down versions of the vanilla torch.
      NB: As of Version 2.7 Lightmeup stores lighting profiles in an external file: "SKSE/Plugins./SLLMU/profile.json".
      The mod doesn't come with the file, it is generated the 1st time you save your game with the mod enabled.
      If you are using mod organiser it will appear in your overwrite folder, copy it somewhere safe (preferably not in the mod folder or it could be deleted if you update the mod in future).
      NB as of version 2.4: Lightmeup now requires powerofthree's Papyrus Extender
      Version 2.3.2 is still available in the downloads for folk not wanting to use po3 papyrus extender. I'd strongly advise using the newer version though as it makes the mod much better!
      Have fun!
      Ashal for Sexlab Framework
      Powerofthree for PO3 papyrus extender
      user_no_3453 for scripting contributions
      everyone who has made useful suggestions/comments
      Skyrim LE Version here
      All LE development has stopped for now.



    12. SexLab Enchantress SE

      SexLab Enchantress SE
      What does this mod do?
      SexLab Enchantress modifies the Vanilla Skyrim spells from the Illusion magic school so they would trigger sex scenes. This mod's aim is to do this without breaking Role Playing Immersion and maintaining Vanilla's Game Balance. The spells will still only affect creatures of limited levels (Calm affects up to level 9 for example), and with the illusion tree perks you can increase the levels your spells will affect (Dual-cast Calm with all Illusion perks taken will affect creatures up to level 59, just like in normal Skyrim). The spells will affect all beasts and creatures supported by SexLab, though you need to take the Master of the Mind perk to affect Draugr.
      What are the new spell effects?
      Calm - Your calmed target will have sex with you if no other targets are attacking you. Other calmed targets will patiently wait for the sex to end, with the durations of their calm effects refreshed on climax. If the sex lasted at least 30 seconds the Calm's effect duration will double. If it lasted for 60 or more seconds the duration will double again, to 120 seconds. Sex will only start with beasts and low intelligence creatures by default (can be toggled in the MCM. It's creatures only by default because there's enough good mods out there to provide sex with playable races like SexLab Romance and Radiant prostitution. Also the spells affecting playable races being AoE only gives the mod a more "chaotic magic" feel). Pacify - Same as Calm, except it affects playable races as well, and might get your character into a threesome or gangbang scene with the targets caught in it's area of effect. Harmony - Same as Pacify, except it could trigger a full orgy with up to nine characters involved. Call to Arms - If used on a target you've had enchanted sex with, that target will become your temporary enchanted follower for 10 minutes. Only happens if you don't have a follower with you already. Frenzy - If you travel with a follower, the targets of this spell will attempt to ravage them, perhaps dragging them into a gangbang. Fear - Dismisses enchanted followers. They will make their way back home, unhostile for 30~60 seconds. Animal Allegiance Shout - If you shout all three words of Animal Allegiance, one of the animals hit by the shout will have sex with you, and become your temporary animal follower afterwords. Duration depends on how long the sex lasted, with a maximum of 4 minutes for 60 seconds of sex. Only grants you the animal as a temporary follower if no other animals follow you at the time. Command Animal Racial Ability - Wood Elves using their Command Animal racial ability could enchant an animal follower in the same way Animal Allegiance works. Only available once per day just like in Vanilla Skyrim, of course. Also only grants you the animal as a temporary follower if no other animals follow you at the time.  
      Did I just get a rested buff after sex?
      Having enchanted sex with certain creatures for more than 30 seconds will give you a special rested buff. None of the +% Skill experience parts of the buffs stack with one another, or with the normal Rested buff from vanilla. The possible rested buffs are:
      Beast Lover's Comfort - Your skills advance +5% more quickly and you receive +10% disease resistance for 8 hours. Insect Lover's Comfort - Your skills advance +5% more quickly and you receive +10% poison resistance for 8 hours. Monster Lover's Comfort - Your skills advance +5% more quickly and you receive +10 Stamina for 8 hours. Necrophile's Comfort - Your skills advance +5% more quickly and you receive +5% frost resistance. Sanguine's Favor - Your skills advance +15% more quickly. Triggered by taking part in a 9 people orgy with the Harmony spell.  
      Why do the spells have target level limits?
      My aim with the mod is to spice up the vanilla Illusion tree, but keeping Skyrim still playable as a game. This means more challenge in lower levels, more powerful abilities later on. I've been very careful to avoid giving spells more power than they have in Vanilla Skyrim. Call to Arms and Harmony are very costly mana sinks which require unlocking illusion tree perks so their effects are much stronger. By the time a player can use Call to Arms or gets the third word of the Animal Allegiance shout, getting the target as a follower will not be any more powerful than travelling with a follower of your choosing. The one ability that gets much more powerful is Wood Elf's Command Animal racial ability, but it's only useable once per day and isn't as powerful as Orc's and Argonian's racial abilities anyway.
      How do I install this Mod?
      You can use a mod organizer or alternatively unpack the 7z file and drag the contents of either the '01 English' or the '01 German' folder into your ...\Skyrim\Data\ folder.
      How do I uninstall this Mod or upgrade from an older version?
      Make sure you don't have any of the mod's rested buffs active in magic effects (Beast Lover's Comfort, etc) and that there aren't any NPCs under your Enchantress spell effects. If in doubt wait 8 in-game hours. Save your game. If you wish to uninstall the mod open the MCM afterwords, check Uninstall SexLab Enchantress, close the MCM, save, quit the game, and delete SexLab Enchantress.esp from your data folder.
      Known Issues:
      The threesome animation 'Arrok Devil's Threeway' is bugged in SexLab Framework - it will act oddly but only for the first time it plays. For some mods this means on the first time this animation is played your character will be thrown to the sky, then teleported back to the sex scene. For Enchantress it means the NPCs will be thrown to the sky.
      There's two ways to deal with this: The first is to disable Arrok Devil's Threeway animation. The second is to activate Arrok Devil's Threeway with a different SexLab mod like Matchmaker... After the first time the animation plays, it will work fine with Enchantress as well. The issue seems to be caused by this specific animation's first time positions setup being screwed up.
      Possible Conflicting Mods:
      The 'SexLab Stop Combat' mod seems to break most of Enchantress' spells.
      The 'Automatic Variants' line of mods might cause Enchantress' spells not to work on some of the creatures it replaces.
      Version 2.4 is compatible with most other spell mods. It might or might not be compatible with SkyRe (Skyrim Redone), I'm getting conflicting reports about this, use Enchantress with SkyRe at your own risk.
      It also might conflict with Dragon Shout mods that modify the Animal Allegiance shout. If you are using one and know the third word of Animal Allegiance, open the MCM and choose the Disable Animal Allegiance Shout option to avoid any issues.
      Big thanks to:
      CGi for creating an NMM/MO installer and for the german translation.
      Ashal for creating the SexLab Framework and SexLab MatchMaker.
      Someone92 for creating SexLab Zzz, a great tool for learning how to create SexLab mods.
      jbezorg and h38fh2mf for script advice.
      sillybear for reminding me to repackage Enchantress as an SE port.



    13. Horny creatures of Skyrim Special Edition

      MadMansGun allowed me to upload my conversion HCOS.
      For installing and upgrading see the guide of MadMansGun origial mod. For aroused meshes you need SL Aroused (redux) installed and working:
      MadMansGun said:
      Aroused mesh not getting applied during animations:
      go to the Creature Framework MCM and click on "Re-register all mods", then unpause the game and Wait a Minute.
      note: if you have SexLab Aroused fully installed you may need to lower the "Arousal threshold" setting in the Creature Framework MCM.
      Note: It might take much longer depending on your mod list and the starting proceedures od the other mods you have installed.
      There is a problem if you have any Mod from Creation Club installed. You have to remove them before you register mods to CF and reinstall them after the registration. This is solved with JContainers 4.1.0
      His link:
      Again with the good old 43 Header to keep this 'inofficial', Hope you like it!



    14. Tranquil Main Menu Replacer Lewd

      Replaces the main menu with one of my own personal screenshots and an edited version of Malukah's Dragoborn Comes that I mixed with added ambience effects. 

      Audio can be heard here in a sfw menu replacer:



    15. Esara Racemenu Preset by Masterzero67

      Esara Racemenu Preset by Masterzero67
      I did NOT create this mod. I am just uploading it at the request of Masterzero67
      Base mods required to make Esara preset look like she does in the photo:
      XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE
      Racemenu SE
      CBBE SE
      Laffy - a CBBE semi realistic bodyslide preset
      Mikan Eyes SE
      KS Hairdos SE
      Rutah Tattoo Pack for RaceMenu - SE
      Download the 3rd file down named; &nbsp;"Better Vampire Fangs Only"
      Also included in this preset are the settings for  swords on back and daggers. If you want them eslewhere, you can change the settings in the XPMSE MCM Menu. 



    16. GomaPero Poses SE

      GomaPero Poses SE
      A pose mod featuring 1134 (29 animated) unique poses for many type of screenarchery scenarios .

      - Credits -
      GomaPeroPero for the screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys!
      Please don't bother GomaPeroPero via his own page about this SSE port!



    17. SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Special Edition

      Rate Mod if you like it, you can support me on Patreon
      XPMSSE 2.0+ FNIS SE SkSe x64 SexLab Framework 1.63b2+ SkyUI Racemenu or Netimmerse Override, Or download netimmerse scaling Body/armor replacer with "NPC Belly", "NPC L Breast" and "NPC R Breast" nodes (CBBE SE only works with body morphs)  
      install dependencies install this mod* run FNIS SE Play *if you want to use bodymorph scaling(better pregnancy body visuals), you need to install bodyslide patch and build morphs for your armors/body
      SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Special Edition (SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Legendary Edition)
      This is continuation of SexLabHentaiPregnancy by flyingtoasters with bugfixes and new features:
      Simplified pregnancy for SexLab. Does not run simulations(yet?), the script gets attached to a NPC only for the duration that they are pregnant. Intended for PC and NPCs.
      Increases the breast and belly size of females using node scaling Body morph option also increases  nipple areolas, milk increases nipple size Works for player, followers and NPCs, (creatures?) Pregnancies from creature sex Soulgem Pregnancies Mod supports up to 50 Pregnancies for NPCs at the same time. Milking (with ability to milk in jugs of milk if hearthfire dlc installed) Everything is configurable through MCM Support for old HP plugins if you want child birth options Native support for SexLab Inflation Framework(if using node scaling) Native support for SL Separate Orgasms  
      Having sex can cause cum inflation, which can then cause pregnancy or deflation.
      Soulgem Pregnancy
      Characters can birth soulgems after having sex.
      Soulgem pregnancy does not produce child.
      Belly doesnt grow bigger than amount of soulgems it holds.
      Every time female is fertilized soulgem count increases (up to a maximum set in MCM) and size reduces, thus needing more time for gems to grow.
      To birth Black soulgems "father" must be human npc(non creature).
      PC can choose to birth soulgems prematurely.
      During 1/3 pregnancy time - 1/3 post pregnancy time, characters will lactate.
      PC will get spells to self milk, NPCs will milk them selves.
      If you have Hearthfire DLC, characters can lactate in Jug of Milk, which can be used later for crafting, consuming or sale.
      You can get milked by using zaz dwemer machines or MME milkpumps.
      You can check pregnancy through "HentaiPregnantFaction" its ranks are:
      1- actor is cuminflated
      2- actor is cuminflated and will be pregnant
      3- actor is pregnant
      You can check lactation through "HentaiLactatingFaction" its ranks equal to milk, not in faction = not lactating
      MCM is handled through HentaiPregnancy_ENGLISH.txt
      Script strings is handled through HentaiPregnancy_Strings
      Thanks to jbezorg for the fluids Thanks to GECK.O for leaky nips Thanks to flyingtoasters for original mod Thanks to Zaz/Zax for ZAP(milking animation)



    18. Dripping when aroused SE

      -SexLab Framework 1.63b1+
      -(Optional)SexLab Aroused (Redux), required for dripping based on arousal
      -(Optional)Schlongs of Skyrim(full), required for futa support
      -(Optional)DDi/Zap, required for gag drooling support
      Requires(Flower Girls):
      -Flower Girls SE/VR
      -(Optional)Aroused (Redux), required for dripping based on arousal
      -(Optional)Schlongs of Skyrim(full), required for futa support + PapyrusUtil
      Rate Mod if you like it, oh and of course you can support me/futher mods developement/ on My Patreon page
      Mod GitHub: Dripping when aroused
      1)install MO or NMM
      2)finish helgen/ alternate start
      3)install mod with correct plugins
      *if you get errors, 99% your skyrim is broken or you didn't install dependecies/plugins, but if want to ignore them, use dummy status script to disable mod checks
      When female becomes sufficiently aroused, her pussy will start leaking juices.(effect duration 60s)
      After having anal or vaginal intercourse, character will leak cum.(effect duration 60s)
      Wearing Gag will cause drooling effect.(effect duration 10s)
      After having orgasm females will squirt.(adjustable chance)(effect duration 10s)
      Having vaginal intercourse will cause character to loose virginity and bleed.(effect duration 60s)
      Mod have virginityGO function, how many virginities can you collect in skyrim? Let whole Skyrim know who's Alpha in Skyrim.
      When player(character) is aroused enough(arousal light:33 / heavy:66), you will hear heartbeat, breathing and have a blurred vision.
      All effects can be had at same time, effects work through clothes, floors (¯\_(ツ)_/¯), affected characters shown in mcm.
      Your graphic settings, enb, etc can affect visibility of effects.
      Mod runs checks on player character and actors within range every X seconds, If character aroused enough Mod applies hidden spell with 60 seconds duration.
      Cheat?: you can set Arousal_threshold to 0 and all females will be dripping(even if you have no SLA)
      Modders stuff:
      SOS support(hairs etc):
      if you have sos hair addon that is not supported you can add it manually to
      name of addon can be found with tes5edit - faction - FULL Name
      Meshes and textures taken from ZaZ Animation Pack/skyrim, meshes modified to work w/o equipping inventory item
      There seems to be 1-2sec warping(visual dissapearence) of charactes in Blue Palace, problem seems to be in zaz fluidity effects, no idea what is the cause or how to fix it.
      If you repost/share this mod to other sites, you must add link to mods thread and provide descent translation of everything written on this page.
      You are not allowed to post/host/share this mod on cloud storage, torrent sites and file hosting services that:
      -force you to wait 15+ seconds and watch advertisements while "your file being prepared" or buy premium to get file instantly crap.
      -force to buy premium and sms crap.
      -give you money for file downloads/uploads/views/clicks.
      -install adware, crapware, trojans, viruses, miners, etc



    19. Paradise Halls Enhanced (pahe) Special Edition with the customary addons

      this is skyrim special edition conversion for :
      Skyrim SE 1.5.39 SKSE SE v2.0.7 SkyUI SE FNIS SE SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 2 Zaz animation pack se V7 the above mod requirements and the requirements of those mods and fnis must be run after install the lakeview manor cell requires hearthfires tdf patch requires tdf prostitution mod pahe-DeviousDevices-addon-DDx-patch requires Devious Devices expansion 4.1 for sse,(newer versions now have their own patches, please be sure to use the ddx patch that matches your version) (DDX file is hidden download button at the bottom of the download list for the dd for sse download) Run FNIS SE after installation! ALL requirements for the above mods must also be installed full install requires all above requirements and the included ddx patch requires Devious Devices expansion 4.1 for sse creature framework conflict appears to be removed from 7.x versions thanks to Vykroft and Pfiffy for their conversion efforts
      based on this mod here:
      with additional features of this mod here:
      Mods based on Paradise Halls
      Paradise halls has been built to be a platform for other modders to build their own content for.

      Be careful : some mods developed as add-ons for previous versions of PAH won't be compatible with last version or future versions. To make them compatible ask the modder of the add-on, no answer will be done here on the subject, if a mod is based on an .esm (Skyrim, DLCs or another mod) and is not upgraded when the base .esm change, it's a dead mod.
      as this is sse, those mods are all waiting for this to be released so we won't go into that at this time....
      Currently Compatible with version7.2.4 of oldrim(waiting to be converted to sse):
      home sweet home
      aygas(and you get a slave)
      these mods should be compatible, but don't seem to do anything paradise halls related anymore...and seem to be abandoned(so not likely to be converted anytime soon):
      Paradise Halls - Slavers Hideout Add-On by Emotika: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/33462 Paradise Halls - Family Feud by OmegaIsraelTerri: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/32865
      These mods are not yet compatible. Using them will result in extreme weirdness (not the good sort):
      Dres Trade by RET45Paradise Halls Merchant add-on by lucen15 Paradise Halls Merchant add-on by lucen15  
      These mods are obsolete, won't be updated and should not be used in current or future releases:
      Paradise Halls Extender - Slave Capture Spells and Poisons by Mutifex Immersive sex slaves - Animatied Prostitution patch for Paradise Halls by Mutifex  
      What you can do now
      * Enslave people
      * Train them as slaves
      * Train them to be respectful
      * Train them to fight for you
       fuck your slaves as punishment or for your own pleasure adequately fucked slaves can also be turned into tdf sluts - requires tdf prostitution mod sufficiently submissive slaves may also be into turned into tdf sluts - requires tdf prostitution mod * Slaves can be given equipment to wear
      * Slaves can be leashed up to stop them running off (which they'll try to)
      also advanced leash options available in mcm to allow the slave to continue following the player for training similar to the old leash, the slaves can now also be restrained ropes are not inescapable, but the iron cuffs can be made at the forge for a much sturdier restraint restrained slaves also receive pose training * Slaves have a separate backpack for carrying stuff you don't want them to wear
      * All slave dialogue re-uses existing dialogue, so no matter the voice type of the person enslaved, you will hear them talk
      many newer voice types added to the list of voices for the slave so its not always even toned * You have a whip (it even leaves whip-marks)
      * Sell slaves to Master Jerrek in the Fellglow Slave Camp
      camp not yet converted to sse alternate start is also compatible here, in fact i recommend it to allow your mods to start cleaner devious devices patch adds more collar variants as leash collars and when chosen with advanced leash collar option from mcm this mean its easier to manage multiple slaves 72+(100+ maybe) slaves instead of 15 Easier enslavement (see changelog "Initial Release") MCM Simple jail expansion for HF Falkreath enslave cancel button for canceling the enslavement process before its started(useful if dialog was attempted, especially useful for eff users) teleport debug to teleport a lost or stuck slave to the player from anywhere on the map via the mcm  
      What you can't do
      * Enslave anything which isn't a playable race
      some creature exclusions are now available and further will be added at my discretion * Enslave any 'important' npcs.
      well no, actually you can, But i wouldn't advise it if you plan to complete the quest that npc is associated with...it just might fail to complete the quest random additional note, some quest npc's tend to have disappearing acts removing them from the game at certain quest stages that may effect your slave if you choose to enslave that npc  
      Go to Whiterun, check in Farengar's study. You'll find he's taken on an 'interesting' hobby.

      To enslave someone, simply (actually it's not that easy) attack them until they're nearly dead and go down on one knee, then activate them when they're down. You don't need any specific tools, but you'll find them really hard to keep hold of without the slave collars found on Farengar's desk.

      Remember that 'important' NPC's cannot be enslaved. Important NPC's are the NPC's which can't be killed normally. When they reach 0 health they go down on one knee in a bleedout state for a while and then heal up and come back at you.
      hmm, not so sure if that's true or not
      Slave collars and whips can both be created at the forge - Collars under Jewelry and whips under Misc.
      cuffs can also be made to restrain your slaves
      To sell slaves, go to the Fellglow Slave Camp, near Fellglow Keep.
      slaves are now precious collectors items to be mounted in every room
      * This mod requires SKSE
      * Some users have reported that some SKSE functions do not work when using skyrim 4G. Skyrim 4G isn't needed anymore anyway so might as well simply not use it.

      Use NMM or unpack into data folder.

      Your load order should be as follows:

      ... other Bethesda DLCs
      ... other stuff

      Important for U.F.O Users (thanks etaineleanor):
      >correct loadorder:

      Other stuff
      finally U.F.O.

      If you're experiencing weirdness, here are some troubleshooting tips:

      -Having them enabled will either cause a CTD or will cause extreme weirdness in-game. Do not use them.
      additionally some mods which were made for paradise halls 0.7 no longer work either...But majority of those mods are now incorporated into the framework - Having old scripts lying around from a previous version will cause problems. Try uninstalling, using the script removers (look at optional files), and then installing the latest version.

      - Although PAH won't boot up if you're using an alternative start mod, you can force it to. Console:
      >help reboot
      >player.addspell <the id of the reboot spell>
      Then cast that spell.
      that spell has been removed and replaced with an auto-start mcm option also exists, but that's due for repairs soon - Rebooting as above can solve a lot of weirdness.

      - You can't really clean an existing save in the same way you could with previous Best games. Scripts are actually saved in a save game file and so may continue running even if the script file no longer exists. SKSE has a feature to clean up dirty scripts but it needs to be enabled in an ini file. I strongly recommend editing / creating a "skyrim/data/skse/skse.ini" to include this:
      Longer lasting whip-marks
      Some people have asked to have the duration of whip-marks increased. This isn't possible with the CK, however there is am ini tweak you can do. Find and open your skyrim.ini, under [Display] add this line:


      That will increase the lifetime for ALL decals in the game which you may or may not want.
      final trouble shooting methods when all else fails:

      This doesn't really touch any existing forms, so compatibility shouldn't be a problem. I haven't done any compatability testing yet, so I can't really guarantee it's going to play nicely with everything. There's no reason I can see why it would cause problems though.

      * There is one exception to this: Mods which cause NPC's to surrender are likely to conflict with the capture mechanic here.
      * It seems that skyre and possibly other mods which increase weapon damage cause the whip to do more damage than it should, potentially killing captives before they submit.

      For SkyRe users: you should add the following line under <weapon_exclusion_strings> in ReProccer's Stats.xml


      then run the patcher. This way the whip will keep its damage as 1.

      look for sse versions of these mods, recommended but not required:
      PAH Home Sweet Home by Musje Prettier Bandits by EinarrTheRed Slave Way Manor 1.0 by drlove33 Eastern Holding Cells 1.0 by drlove33 Slave Den 1.0,1.1 by drlove33 Slave Holding Cells 1.1 by drlove33 The Bondage House 0.5 by Vykroft  

      addition thanks to:
      EinarrTheRed for the felglow slave camp updated npc's and navmeshes
      a1b2c3d4e5f6h7i8 for the female player oral animations fix
      julzor for compiling my script while i'm away from my pc
      Vykroft for fixing the lakeview manor cell addon
      Pfiffy for translation updates
      Xorgroth for more slaves patch2 allowing upto 100 slaves
      WaxenFigure for the solution to naked bandits for non - temporary actors (still issues with temporary actors)
      BlackShades for finding the faction check bugs in condescending dialogs
      ragnam for his help with the behaviors



    20. SexLab Body Search

      SexLab Body Search
      Body Search
      Guards stop you and require a body search.
      If you accept, they take you to hidden place and do a humiliating body search.
      Some guards just want to enjoy with you, but others will do a real body search.
      If you have stolen goods or skooma or lockpick, bounty is added to you.
      Stolen goods are moved to evidence chest.
      Hidden Pocket
      Lesser power is added to access your hidden pocket.
      You can put some tiny items(ring, necklace, gem, key, lockpick) in it.
      Hard Requirements
      SKSE Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice  
      Soft Requirements
      SexLab Framework SexLab Animation Loader RohZima Animation's SLAL  
      If you don't install them, body search animation will be skipped.
      For Legendary Edition Users
      The mod contains animation files for Special Edition.
      You need to overwrite them.
      Download "SexLab Body Search Animation LE.7z" and install it.
      Sexist/Derogatory Guards, NPCs and Player Comments SexLab Jail Rape  
      How to upgrade
      Go to cell where guards don't exist. Open MCM and uncheck "Mod Enabled" Save game and quit Skyrim Overwrite files Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe if needed.  
      factoryclose made animations that will be played when accessing Hidden Pocket.  



    21. More Nasty Critters Special Edition

      Latest Version of MNC and Hetai Creatures for SE. Now with sorted Scrip folders and resaved ESP's
      Last Change: Upload Version 12
      See MadMansGun site for changes.
      Notes: By now I can't reproduce the crashes on the horses anymore. The Bear is fixed, As a temporary fix for the lurker, replace the Skeleton with that one of the Giant or install Animated Beast Cocks. Don't let XPMSSE overwrite the skeletons.



    22. Arousal Based Breast Adjuster for SE (ABBA)

      A Mod for SSE that changes your character's (and NPC's) Breast size based on their arousal level.
      NB: you will need recent updates for BodySlide and RaceMenu that add support for body morphs. In addition to this you need to tick "build tri morphs" when building outfits/bodys
      I wanted to make this mod as I couldn't find one that did this in a simple way without lots of other stuff going on.
      Added a voice pack which works like any other sexlab voice pack and should work in Oldrim too
      NB: Needless to say if you have any other mod running that changes your body shape then you might need to use an inflation framework mod like SLIF or CANS. I should also say that if you have overlays enabled in racemenu then you might see graphical oddities on outfits with alpha blend meshes.
      Thanks to Kimy for the help getting this off the ground and the folks who made the sexlab/aroused/bodyslide/racemenu mods.

      As of 1.5.5 the mod requires running FNIS for users after installing or updating
      CBBE  (be sure and install the racemenu morphs plugin too)
      Racemenu SE
      Sexlab SE
      Sexlab Aroused Redux SE
      For CBBE ABBA Body:
      CBP/C or HDT SMP physics
      For CBBE abba outfit:
      Heels Sound (or not if you download the no heels sound version)
      HDT SMP or CBP physics
      Fuz Ro D-oh as of version 1.6+
      All of the above
      The ZAZ guys for some mod assets
      Srende (FHU) - For code ideas
      Ousnius for looking at my code
      Bazinga for 2.1.5 body mesh
      All the folks that use my mod and have contributed ideas or spotted bugs, thanks!
      The Godess Dibella!
      Suggestions (My other mods that work with nice synergy):
      Known Issues:
      There is an issue with "Rigmor of Cyrodil" (ABBA shout sounds & the Rigmor shout voice firing at the same time). I found the cause and the author of ROC will be fixing it in the next update.
      PM me if you want details on how to fix it yourself.
      One thing I should add about this mod. It checks for a few things before applying any changes: changes to arousal level/whether the character has an armour item removed (if that is enabled) etc. So if you load it up and nothing happened for a while it could be that nothing has changed that deems a morph on your character or npcs. You can test it by setting the increase arousal keybind and spamming it for a while. Enjoy!



    23. Op Qinglang - CBBE SE - Bodyslide - Physics

      An outfit fit for assassins. Providing tactical skin tight protection for quick and silent movement! Except maybe the super tall heels.....light armor outfit with an armor rating that's worth wearing for game play without being too broken! 
      Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer - CBBE SE -
      XP32 Maximum Skeleton
      BodySlide and Outfit Studio
      Any body physics mod

      Download the 7zip file from the download that will redirect you to mediafire. Then install it with any mod manager.
      All outfits start with "Op Qinglang".
      How to Obtain
      The outfits can be crafted in the smithing station. Or use AddItemMenu2.
      The mod was found in 9damao. All credits goes to 9damao user "Op". 



    24. Better Claws and Gauntlets CBBE base hand Conversion

      A quick and dirty bodyslide of the base hand mesh used in Better Claws and Gauntlets SSE to make it compatible (no wrist seams or floating claws) with CBBE.
      Please note that this ONLY contains Bodyslide data for the base hand mesh! I don't have time to convert any of the gauntlets right now but may do so in the future.
      I have also pack a slider group named Better Claws and Gauntlets CBBE Base for easy batch building.
      For the time being, this serves as mirror for the same file I have on the Nexus.



    25. Tail Armors Argonian tail UV fix

      A simple mesh edit for Tail Armors to slightly improve UV mapping and reduce texture stretching on Argonian tail armors. This texture stretching is unfortunately an issue that was carried over from Female Argonian Tail Anus Fix when LordiAnders created Tail Armors.

      This fix will work for both the Replacer and Stand Alone versions of Tail Armors. Only needed if you use the Female Argonian Tail Anus Fix compatible tail armor meshes. If you are using Tail Armors BAT - Bigger Argonian Tails compatibility file, then DO NOT INSTALL THIS FIX!!!

      Install Tail Armors first and then install my fix over top. Also use a mod manager if you aren't sure of what your doing.
      For the time being, this serves as mirror for the same file I have on the Nexus.



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