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Body Replacers

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Mods that replace the bodies of existing races, actors, or creatures

5 files

  1. Body Preset

    My Body preset



  2. Grumbly Cat

    Grumby Cat, the Wasteland's irascible cat.
    2.0 is here!
    3.0, and done. Can't be better than picture perfect.



  3. Valentine Cats

    Valentine Cats!
    Thanks for the memories...
    Memorializing the last year men and women may actually date.
    Why? OCULUS RIFT's killer app. What's that you ask? What was the internet's killer app? Tick tock, right swipe.



  4. FUCs Feline Urban Commandos WIP

    FUCs...Feline Urban Commandos
    WTF is that, you ask? Well, FUCs are going to be armored cat companions!
    Given the natural equip of cats,their perception would be off the charts!
    We have the first FUCs!
    Black cats in battle armor type 1
    Calico cat in battle armor type 2
    The Calicos would only join the FUCs if they could call themselves Super Duper FUCs, so their armor reflects that.
    The FUC ITs are now live and have their own page...
    FUC ITs are: Feline Urban Commandos in Training, and are not allowed to wear armor. There are the Calicos and the Red Tabbies so far that made it into the FUC ITs!
    What would you suggest FUCs wear? Can only "grey" cats be allowed into the FUCs? Add your comment.



  5. FUC ITs: Feline Urban Commandos in Training

    FUC ITs: Feline Urban Commandos in Training!
    Purpose: Add variety to cats around the wasteland.
    Cats available:
    -Red Tabby
    Other cats have been seen around the training grounds but they haven't shown enough spunk to get into the FUC ITs yet.
    Will consider other feline types if you include a reference by link so I can SEE what they look like.
    This mod does contain nudity, but feline nudity...I hope I don't get into trouble: new naked pussy cats all over the wasteland! The red tabbies didn't want their pics taken before they became true FUCs, so a pic of their role models are pictured instead. No FUC ITs are allowed to wear armor during training.
    If potential users of this mod have the intention of only replacing the vanilla felines with these aspiring FUCs, it's on you. The FUCs don't look like much now, but they may get pretty hard and in your face.



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