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Mods that replace the bodies of existing races, actors, or creatures

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  1. Aylis Character Pack for FG (Face/Body/Armor)

    This is a character set that is primarily intended for my guide. But parts of it will hopefully be useful for others too. I hope you'll like what you find here.
    The files were meant to be used with the following mods:
    Aylis Face Preset
    This preset for my char has changed quite a bit over time. This here is my final version. Pretty, but not overly perfect.
    Aylis Body Preset
    This is the conversion of my previously used CBBE preset. To make sure it works as it should i rebuilt it from scratch. And again i tried to create a more natural body.
    Modifying the preset
    Armor and Clothing 
    Here i'll give you all armors that are currently used in my guide. They are obviously using my preset and only have to be downloaded and activated. The optional files should be merged with 'AFG - Armor'.
    Basic files
    FO4 and all DLC                                                   AFG - Armor
    Body and Vioxsis Strap-ons                                 AFG - Nude
    Optional files
    All available FG presets for the CC                      AFG - Creation Club
    Atom Girl Outfit                                                  AFG - Atom Girl
    Children of Atom - Fanatics Outfits                    AFG - CoA Fanatics
    Commonwealth Mini Dresses                             AFG - Mini
    Commonwealth Shorts                                       AFG - Shorts
    Converse Shoes and High Sneakers                   AFG - Converse
    All used armors from CROSS                              AFG - Cross
    Eli's Armour Compendium                                 AFG - Elianora
    Girls Workshop                                                   AFG - Girl Workshop
    Just another Piper Outfit                                    AFG - Piper
    NanoSuit                                                            AFG - Nanosuit
    Piercing collection                                              AFG - Piercing
    Precursor Suit                                                     AFG - Precursor
    Private Military Company                                   AFG - PMC
    Technical Competition Sportswear (TCS)            AFG - TCS
    Toxic Raider Armour                                           AFG - Toxic
    Vtaw Wardrobe 1 AND Wardrobe 4                   AFG - VTAW Wardrobe



  2. Thick IBTC Body Preset - Fusion Girl

    Like most straight guys, and some ladies, I love the boobies. But sometimes I like the small boobies. Most body mods have huge tits, and a tiny little waif body or a mildly thick one. This one goes a whole different way. My current tastes are a nice sturdy body with a pair of little knockers. So I made this preset, and I'm sharing it for anyone else who might want the same.
    Hard Requirement:  Fusion Girl Body
    Soft Requirements:  
    BodySlide (if you want to make any adjustments, and make outfits fit the body.)
    Any Fusion Girl converted outfit sets. (Lazman's and Ghaan's sets are recommended)



  3. Astins Skin Override For Looks Menu

    With all the presets all over nexus mods makes it easy to change your looks on the fly. well what about all the different body options? well well?  Ya have to log out and run body slide set up sliders check in game log out adjust log in yea pfft. 

    If you like the mod Smash that Endorse Tab for future content.....
    There are no Textures or meshes Included with this Mod
    The Mod: Out of the box (There Are no assets Included in base file)

    What this Mod Does?
    Astin's Skin override Allows you to choose from Multiple skins and bodies In Game All followers male and female Player male and female using Looks menu. (Note: can use the skins on anybody Caits skin doesn't have to be used on Cait, Player doesn't have to be used on player. This was the simplest way to create folder structures)

    use your favorite mod manager.

    Set up?
    To use there is some set up. Load your favorite textures and meshes to the appropriate folders.
    (Example: Data\textures\actors\character\CaitBodyCustom_00), Hands, Body and Head
    (Example: Data\textures\actors\character\PlayerHumanFemaleCustom_00), Hands, Body and Head
    (Example: Data\textures\actors\character\PlayerHumanMaleCustom_00) Hands, Body and Head

    (Example: Data\meshes\actors\character\CaitBodyCustom_00) ,
    (Example: Data\meshes\actors\character\PlayerCharacterAssetsCustom_00) Folder is Male and female.

    Important: (Copy hand/hand 1st person meshes, Body 1st person meshe from Cbbe or your favorite body mod). Run body slide Use one of the body slide file that's provided in Down Loads options there are several Body slide Files from various Authors. Check Morphs if you use in game sliders, Or use preset or create your own if it suits your purpose...

    How do I use this mess?
    Simple open looks menu choose In body options load skins its that easy...

    Requires: Looks Menu F4SE

    Note: Assuming anybody who downloads this mod has prior knowledge of looks menu

    Anybody with Scripting Knowledge with free time on there hands please Inbox me...

    Special thanks to as follows:


    LooksMenu Skin Override Tutorial


    Cherry Hotalings CBBE Physics CHCBBEP





    Super Hero Bodies (Enhanced Vanilla Bodies Conversion)
    ( Requires Super Hero Body LooksMenu BodyMorph)



  4. Body Preset

    My Body preset



  5. Grumbly Cat

    Grumby Cat, the Wasteland's irascible cat.
    2.0 is here!
    3.0, and done. Can't be better than picture perfect.



  6. Valentine Cats

    Valentine Cats!
    Thanks for the memories...
    Memorializing the last year men and women may actually date.
    Why? OCULUS RIFT's killer app. What's that you ask? What was the internet's killer app? Tick tock, right swipe.



  7. FUCs Feline Urban Commandos WIP

    FUCs...Feline Urban Commandos
    WTF is that, you ask? Well, FUCs are going to be armored cat companions!
    Given the natural equip of cats,their perception would be off the charts!
    We have the first FUCs!
    Black cats in battle armor type 1
    Calico cat in battle armor type 2
    The Calicos would only join the FUCs if they could call themselves Super Duper FUCs, so their armor reflects that.
    The FUC ITs are now live and have their own page...
    FUC ITs are: Feline Urban Commandos in Training, and are not allowed to wear armor. There are the Calicos and the Red Tabbies so far that made it into the FUC ITs!
    What would you suggest FUCs wear? Can only "grey" cats be allowed into the FUCs? Add your comment.



  8. FUC ITs: Feline Urban Commandos in Training

    FUC ITs: Feline Urban Commandos in Training!
    Purpose: Add variety to cats around the wasteland.
    Cats available:
    -Red Tabby
    Other cats have been seen around the training grounds but they haven't shown enough spunk to get into the FUC ITs yet.
    Will consider other feline types if you include a reference by link so I can SEE what they look like.
    This mod does contain nudity, but feline nudity...I hope I don't get into trouble: new naked pussy cats all over the wasteland! The red tabbies didn't want their pics taken before they became true FUCs, so a pic of their role models are pictured instead. No FUC ITs are allowed to wear armor during training.
    If potential users of this mod have the intention of only replacing the vanilla felines with these aspiring FUCs, it's on you. The FUCs don't look like much now, but they may get pretty hard and in your face.



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