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Oblivion mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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    Now available, an incredibly impossible-to-find mod!
    This package by Elgado2K (this forum's Lovers Mayu's Animation Overhaul mod) adds completely custom children to Tamriel, using his own Child Races Revamped mod. This mod uses CutthroatMod Companions (CM Companions) that is included with this package.  And likewise this mod requires the use of Moonshadow Elves, a usable mod for this race  likewise included. This mod does not put the player through an epic quest or grants any special skills.  It is merely meant to give an extra bit of flavor to your game for those that wondered why the world is populated solely by full grown adults.
    Very likely, the basis for this mod was the Improved Child NPC mod found at Nexus Mods found (>HERE<) by DaMuncha (both of them now banned at Nexus). That, because the posts within circa 2011 included Elgado2K's statement "already resolve the problem with the child races for player female and male and also NPC with real body...  where may I share It mod this is now finished and working perfectly sorry I was banned by tesnexus give me a safe link for share u "
    As a mod that uses CM Partners, there are characters you can try to convince to become part of an adventuring party, both adult and young. And some few are even traders of goods... some goods of questionable taste.  Elgado2K supplied Marlboro cigarettes to kids and pregnant women?
    There is plenty of gear within the mod that you can wear, though based on the TeamFF Fantasy Figure bodies that suggest a more youthful figure. And there are plenty of new weapons and decorative shields for use.
    There is new dialog, including actual audio which appears to be remixed and altered from the original vanilla content.
    This mod is not to be confused with Children of Cyrodil by Emma (creator of Children of Morrowind and Witchgirl).
    Emma's Mods available at Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45948

    Now while the mod itself states within its readme file that it indeed does not contain adult content with the children (which would obviously be forbidden), it does have some outfits one would consider inappropriate.  And there are three books of pornographic nature within.  Still, while some adult content is within, the author did state that no adult content is present among the child characters.  That would clearly be undesirable.
    Download all of the zip files.  Then from the BSA zip files, remove the numeric prefixes attached (example: 932520679_ChildrensofCyrodiilBSAs.zip.001... remove the red content so the filenames all begin with "Childrens...").
    Then, to extract the .bsa files containing all graphics and audio, begin extraction of the 'Childrens of Cyrodiil BSAs.zip.001' file. A file-spanning zip file, it will access the contents of the following 002, 003 and 004 files to recover the Meshes, Textures, and DS BSAs. Then extract the required esp and esm files from the 'Childrens of Cyrodiil ESPs.zip' file
    Easy.  ERASE THE Childrens of Cyrodiil bsa and esp files and related Child Race Revamped and CM Mod files as desired.  In this format, you don't have to go any farther than the data folder.
    This is as complete a version of Childrens of Cyrodiil version 4.1 as possible, though some content had vanished.  Through searches for the mod, version 3.5 had some content, version 4.1 had other content and version 4.0 had the most. But not one version was complete.  This is a merger of all of the discovered mods with the newest esp and esp files available.  Yet, some things were never found and some updates/edits were required.
    There were missing meshes and textures throughout.  The child uniform that was missing actual textures were the same as that used by Emma's Children of Cyrodiil, so that was easy to re-acquire. And the Teddy Bears used within were the 'dhkbears' teddybears also used by Emma. However, Emma had no Pink, Blue or Purple ones... so I did some recoloring work to act as a replacement.  This set didn't have the Final Fantasy Tifa chest mesh that the mod required, so a substitute Final Fatasy chest mesh was used in place.  And two equippable items were missing meshes altogether, that of the Light Upper Protector (clothing) and for the Light Escutcheon (armor/shield).  Both of which were from an artist named Koutetsu, and I used a Chain-Harness and the Chorrol Escutcheon as replacements.
    An adventure-breaking bug was fixed.  The mod's Arcane Academy had a few issues with it; the inability to actually exit the university and the inclusion of Blind Moth Priests. One would force a reset unless you had a suitable teleport spell, and the other actively breaking the Thieves' Guild quest.  This was likely overlooked as the interior was a blanket copy/paste from the Imperial Palace itself.  However, both issues have been resolved by fixing door teleports and the removal of the Blind Moth Priests.

    To the best of my recollection, no other content had been changed.



  2. An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire Music

    In Battlespire (named so after the training facility for battlemages), the player takes the role of an apprentice who, on the day of his final test, discovers that an army of Daedra led by Mehrunes Dagon has invaded and killed nearly everyone. On top of that, his partner is being held captive by Mehrunes Dagon himself. Over the course of seven levels, the player must travel through various realms of Oblivion to reach Mehrunes Dagon, defeat him and escape back to Tamriel 
    Just drop the music folder throw it into your data folder....



  3. Grimnir's Crystall Ball Scrying

    Grimnir's Crystall Ball Scrying
    Version 1.0 02/22/08
    Extract this mod somewhere, then move CBScryingv1.esp to your Oblivion data folder (usually C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data).
    This mod aims to improve Crystal Balls, they're all over the place in game, but they're completely useless. Now, if your Mysticism skill is high enough (25+)
    you can use any Crystal Ball. Using a Crystal Ball will give you a prediction, serious prediction, give you some hints about where to find a treasure
    teach you a spell, give you a minor permanent buff, or reveal a location on your map. There is also a chance for you to gain a skill point in Mysticism after
    a session with the Crystal Ball, the higher your Mysticism is the less chance you have to gain a skill point. If you gain a skill point you can no longer use
    Crystal Balls for the rest of the day. Additonally, Scrying is not without its negatives, after each session with the ball, your magicka will stop 
    regenerating for a period of time.
    02/22/08 - Version 1.0 released
    Thanks to:
    princess_stomper - for the "less serious" predictions
    Everyone on the TES Oblivon Mod forums for their ideas and comments.

    In future releases I plan on adding more predictions, treasures, spells, etc. (probably like 10 for each level of Mysticism, per release)
    Additionally, once I'm better at scripting I'd like to actually have the player move to the locations (with chameleon 100%, of course), and learn about them 
    that way, then move back to their original position. I'm also planning on giving the ball a chance to break with each use (with the chance going up with every
    use). I'll also try to add some visual effects and such.



  4. Snu's Dungeons (Altered Dungeons)

    Snu's Dungeons is a dungeon overhaul mod. It completely remakes most* of the caves and mines in Cyrodiil (not Shivering Isles). The dungeons are now "themed" according to their location - dungeons up north are icy; the ones out west are drylands; Blackwood caves are overrun with vegetation; etc. Many caves also have new areas, new monsters, and new treasures.
    * Due to issues with using resources from Skyrim and Fallout, as well as conflicts with other mods, some dungeons had to be removed.
    Warning: If you're using a low-end computer, you WILL have issues. We (Kobal and I) have done our best to make it more FPS-friendly, but there's only so much we can do without making major alterations. 
    This mod is compatible with:
    * Better Dungeons (via patch)
    * Hidden Treasure Chests (no patch necessary)
    * OOO/FCOM (via patch)
    * Most quest mods (The Ayleid Steps has a patch)
    * Cava Obscura and similar mods (though, since they load later, they will override alterations that Snu's makes to some dungeons).
    If you find any other conflicts, bugs, or things that need to be fixed, report them here and I'll see what I can do.
    There are two archives: One contains the esps, along with patches. SnusDungeons_EnglishCellNames.esp is the original (unaltered) esp: only use this one if you don't have a lot of other mods - it was designed for a largely vanilla game. SnusDungeons.esp is for use with other mods, or if you want a more optimized version - this removes a lot of things to make it more FPS-friendly.



  5. Books of Morrowind

    by LongDukDong
    and Bethesda Softworks
    Herein, you can increase the number of books available to the bookstores in Tamriel. Books, both epic and mudane, that were printed within the more recent past in Tamriel's history, are now available.  You can now find in various bookstores the tomes that were available within  the epic second part  of the Elder Scrolls series, Morrowind.  This includes the epic Bloodmoon addition.

    Not every book that was in Morrowind  was purchased by Elsweyr Publishing, these not having changed since their first printing.  Some books may have already been in one form or another  due to our wish to chronicle  and preserve all available written history and lore, and some content may overlap.
    Thankfully, Gadran Woodsley, the owner of Elsweyr Books,  comes from a long line of Bibliophiles  and librarians, his grandfather  being the one and only Dunyval Woodsley whose charge  was the Renown Daggerfall Lyceum  during the time  of the Dragon Break.
    This package requires a mere two files:     Books of Morrowind.esp
                                                                                Books of Morrowind.bsa
    Both of these go within your Data Folder.  Activate and it will run no problem.



  6. Classic Quest Books

    Herein, you will now find available books and tomes that can and will assist you in finishing the multitude of tasks that appear within Tamriel.
    Not every book may be as complete as others.  Not every book is listed in an entertaining prose style.   But every book should give you  a heads-up on what to expect in both Nirn and beyond.
    Most books have anywhere between 40 to 100 pages, only a couple with page count less than 10. And one book has a massive 150 page first-person perspective. Roughly have include extra graphics, though the content of the Daedra book includes required location graphics.

    This package requires a mere two files:
    Both of these go within your Data Folder.  Activate and it will run no problem.




  7. Books of Daggerfall

    Herein, you can increase the number of books available to the bookstores in Tamriel.  Librams,  both epic and mundane,  that were printed over thirty years prior in Tamriel's history, are now available.  You can now find in various bookstores the tomes that were available within  the epic second part  of the Elder Scrolls series, Daggerfall.

    Not every book that was in Daggerfall was purchased by Elsweyr Publishing, these not having changed since their first printing. However, there are a few familiar titles that were re-release in their original form and format. The prices  of these are certainly cheaper  than they were  in the Third Era,  a mere five to 30 septims  instead of a staggering prince of seven-hundred pieces.
    Thankfully, Gadran Woodsley, the owner of Elsweyr Books,  comes from a long line of Bibliophiles  and librarians, his grandfather  being the one and only Dunyval Woodsley whose charge  was the Renown Daggerfall Lyceum  during the time  of the Dragon Break.
    Not including the read-me (matching the above text), this download package includes just two mere files: 
        Books of Daggerfall.esp
        Books of Daggerfall.bsa
    Both of these go within your Data Folder.  Activate and it will run no problem.



  8. Tales From Elsweyr Anequina, Rev's Redo

    For the love of cats! 
    I really wanted to use this awesome addon for "Elsweyr Deserts of Anequina". Unfortunately it was broken due to having it's editor id's begin with numbers. Never never ever ever NEVER, do that. What I did was change all instances of the edid's that began with 001 to rev. I also took the time to attempt to repair three scripts that weren't compiled. As it stands, with the brilliant help of Oblivionaddicted on Nexus forums, two of them work. The third isn't firing but, won't break your game save though. Also, I included the "Sound" folder even though those files are irrelevant. They are nothing but silent voice files and lip files to match. However that works... Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I will not be changing the instances of 001 regarding these files. There are 3,088 of them that would have to be changed manually! I suggest not installing them and instead install OBSE if you somehow managed to not by now, along with the well known Elys silent voice mod. Enabling dialogue subtitles can help too.

    Edited June 30 2019;

    Testing is done, and only the one previously mentioned script is not functional. It is not critical though, so don't worry. Just know the spot with the ogres in it is quite a fight.  I have had no error feedback regarding anything I have done here, so I declare the mod Alpha state.  Any serious bugs found are probably not because of this redo. All in all, it is safe to use at this point. If you choose to use it, report anything you think relevant to the posts section of this page. I will continue to fix anything I can within reason if problems arise. I also included the requisite "Unique Landscapes" patch for people that use UL, with corresponding record changes.

    Elsweyr Deserts of Anequina (preferably '14 re-release) and all it requires.

    Get it here; 


    Permissions and Credits;
    The original Readme files included in this mod show full permissions to modify, repair, or include if credit is given. All of this mods content is credited to the original authors, save for my repair to it.

    Special credits;
    Obilivionaddicted... Without whom I was stuck. Thanx!

    My amazing wife for her patience with me and modding. Love you



  9. Sigil Stone Equalizer

    I was unsatisfied with the selection of mods that so called "unleveled" sigil stones. So, I made my own. Designed for a heavily modded game. When your difficulty out weights your ability. This a true and complete de-leveling of the records. ALL sigil stones are equal in effect and name, no matter what! No tricks, no bs. I took the liberty to make adjustments to stones that I thought were a bit weak. None have been weakened though. I usually mod for repairing or adjusting mods for my own purposes. This is my first publicly released mod.
    Consider this a free resource. So long as I am credited as the original author, and it is given freely. 



  10. Rev's Tiny Chest

    This mod represents my first understanding of oblivion scripting. Simple as it may be, even Einstein was new to math once upon a time. There are other similar items from other mods, but this one is mine. It is actually a small piece of a larger mod I am working on. Details of which can be found here;
    It can be bought from Calindil at the Mystic Emporium, and has a base value of 5,000 septims.
    It acts like any other item in the world unless you are sneaking. In which case you will open it for storage use. So, that is... Buy it, drop it, sneak, open it, use it, close it, un-sneak, pick it up (Technologic... ? )
    Just drop the contents of the Data folder into your Data folder. Check the esp with your favorite mod manager. It should be Bash Tagged for Invent and Scripts already, if not check those. Load order shouldn't matter, and it was cleaned with tes4edit. (Didn't even need it, go me!)
    If updating to 1.1;
    I haven't found any issues with replacing the old esp with the new one.The only thing is that an additional Tiny Chest will be available for sale. However I believe they won't work independently, because they are literally the same activator item. It could be convenient if you lose it though... 
    You may do whatever you want with this provided it is given freely, and I am given credit. 
    It shouldn't conflict with any other mods. No bugs, but it is rather small so be careful where you drop it.
    Shout Out;
    Special thanks to Fejeena for making this possible and so much more to come.
    And to my lovely wife for her infinite patience with me. I love you babydoll;)




    Now available, an extremely hard-to-find mod!
    This mod that adds x117 NPC Children to Tamriel (much like the Tamago/Hiyoko Children Mod for Lovers with PK).  This is not a companion mod, nor a mod that puts the player through an epic quest or grants any special skills.  It is merely meant to give an extra bit of flavor to your game for those that wondered why the world is populated solely by full grown adults.
    Some teens may be trainees for the Imperial Guard or working as guards for their related towns.  Some kids may have set up small vending areas to sell trinkets or goods.  And after the Siege at Kvatch, some children have been orphaned and may be found here and there.
    Some of the gear may be wearable with new meshes provided, and some new weapons (including an actual firearm called a blunderbuss) have been added.  Okay, who gives a shotgun to a kid???
    And new dialog, actual vocal content with matching (and actually synced) lip sync files, have been created for the children.  But as stated, this mod requires the MBP (Modular Beautiful People) and the x117 Race as the base races for the new NPCs.
    This mod is not to be confused with Children of Cyrodil by Emma (creator of Children of Morrowind and Witchgirl).
    Emma's Mods available at Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45948
    Download all zip files containing the four (4) .bsa files as well as the .esp file and copy them into Oblivion's 'Data' folder.  Activate in your manager as expected.
    Initially uploaded by LongDukDong in the four (4) bsa format in May.   The latest version has replaced all the .bsa and .esp files... so replace all of the old ones with the new ones.
    Easy.  ERASE THE CHILDREN ANNUAD bsa and esp files!   In this format, you don't have to go any farther than the data folder.
    ♦       ♦       ♦
    CHILDREN'S ANNUAD replaces and alters certain features that are standard to Oblivion such as creatures and summoning spells. With this and other changed content, it could be considered an overhaul.  For those who wish to have the classic, vanilla style of Oblivion restored, @fejeena provided three different .esp files, each with a different level of restoration.  These can be found in the "Altered Esp files (Choose only one)" zip file now supplied.  If you wish to play CHILDREN'S ANNUAD as it was intended, do not use any of these.  But if you decide to have some content from Oblivion returned, choose only one of the three altered .ESPs provided in its stead.



  12. Blackmarsh Wilderness

    Black Marsh Wilderness (Nov 28th, 2018) 
    For Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
    By DogOnPorch (Rolf K)
    Includes work/items by:
    Betty (Elbethien)
    + any I missed!
    (much thanks!)
    This is a major overhaul of the Leyawiin area from the Elswyer border to the far East map edge (Cell Line +69). It goes north to about the -29 Cell Line. That's around Fort Blueblood, latitude-wise. To the South...this mod goes all the way to the southern edge (-69 Cell Line).
    As far as what this mod does...
    1. Add greatly to the Leyawiin region: more trees/shrubs/flora/rocks/NPCs/monsters/player homes/etc. Named NPCs have full AI and daily routines. Thy will respawn if they get bumped-off. 
    2. Fixes the too numerous to count sharp terrain conflict lines present in this area.
    3. Adds a massive swampy moor beyond the eastern border regions (Black Marsh). It's HUGE. The terrain had to be mostly painted from scratch as literally nothing existed out there save the odd tree. This area is fully pathed for AI and populated with monsters, etc. Almost all monster spawns are by percentage and many are unleveled...so beware. I'll let you figure-out the rest...
    4. There are no quests...just adventure/treasure. Interiors are copies of stock interiors with some changes here and there. 
    5. This is NOT lore friendly. But it is fair and balanced and ideal for companions like Vilja, etc.
    6. This mod includes Muggrug's Sub-Tropical South as well as a fix for the Niben River/Topal Bay connection based on sny420's mod. So not big enough for ships...by any means. But they do join! Feel free to swap-out Muggrug's trees for others if you so desire. I know some folks prefer other tree types.
    7. It doesn't pay a lot of attention to Argonians, oddly enough. But other familiar themes will soon become apparent while exploring...
    8. Some attention was paid to the Leyawiin/Elswyer border region...mainly sinking annoying floating trees. I think I got them all. This area has long been a bit of a dead zone in most folk's Oblivion.
    9. A permanent guard outside the one gate in Leyawiin near the stable. He just stands there. Poor guy is probably tired so bring him a beer.
    Pretty much anything that affects the Leyawiin region. Black Marsh Wilderness is, however, designed to work with Elsweyr and DLC Vile Lair...hopefully as seamlessly on your rig as it is on mine. I was a big fan of 'Tales From Elsweyr Anequina' until I started building this mod and got a good look at the BIG issues that 'Tales From Elsweyr Anequina' has in terrain painting and how it affects the original Elswyer mod. I don't recommend it in use with this particular set-up. But...experiment if you must.  
    Load Order: Black Marsh should sit *above* Elsweyr and Vile Lair in your load order (using Oblivion Mod Manager available @ Nexus). If you're missing lots of cattails surrounding Leyawiin, some other mod needs to be loaded above Black Marsh. If you have Knights of the Nine active, load it after Black Marsh, as well.
    I made no elevation changes, so smaller mods are likely to still work with only minor conflicts...a bush or rock in the way...etc. Easily fixed in the Construction Set if you're familiar with this program...or let me know and I'll see what I can do.
    Install & Requirements 
    -Empty the Black Marsh Wilderness folder into your Oblivion data folder (meshes/textures/water statics/esp)
    -Border Regions must be disabled (see below for how-to).
    -Oblivion should be patched. Shivering Isles might be required though I don't recall using any of SI's resources. 
    -There might be a landscape tear near Alabaster that has no patch as of yet. However, if you use Land Magic, it will patch it and any other landscape issues you're having.
    I tried to set all trees a bit deeper than usual for those that use mods like 'Natural Environments' by Max Tael which scales-up tree sizes. This should prevent most trees from 'floating' or showing their bases....annoying.
    Cleaning, etc
    -This esp has NOT been cleaned and care should be taken when cleaning if you feel you have to. It's been running for months here in playtesting without trouble. There have been many base terrain textures & grass fixes done and I'm not sure if they'd revert back to the original if the esp cleaned...experiment. Muggrug's Sub Tropical South made some changes to the Leyawiin City World which I'd have prefered he not have...but there are not too many. Leyawiin is a bit of a trainwreck, anyways, in terms of gaps in the walls...sunken walls...and missing fence posts. So if you have a mod that overhauls Leyawiin, itself, run it below Black Marsh in your load order to trump this esp in priority. I made a fix to the Leyawinn Castle that covers the see-through bits along the walls. I think this mesh error was present in both the stock castle and the Imperial Empire-Unique Castles version (which I'm using).

    Just deactivate the esp and delete it. Leaving the few resources behind is not a problem and best left alone if your Oblivion is heavily modded. You never know what other mods use the same resources. Various utilities can be used to handle your mods which many old salts (the majority of Oblivion players, I assume) are already well aware of. If you toggle mods on and off as some do, this can be done safely as far as I can tell...no trouble here.  
    -Imperial Empire-Unique Castles: This is the Leyawiin castle I used while building Black Marsh Wilderness. 
    -A mod that makes Lilly of the Valley give ingredients (missing in Oblivion) is a good idea. I use this one by EggDropSoap: 
    -A mod to add new distant LOD is suggested. I use this one. Run it as instructed to get the new features at a distance.
    -A mod that allows more actors/creatures in a complex scene or fight. Many mods do this, but this one is stand alone. Mass-AI
    -Natural Environments which will make the Black Marsh even more wilderness-y. The weather part has been upgraded by newer mods. But it's still beautiful if a tad buggy. 
    -If frame rates are an issue for you...when aren't they?...I highly recommend using Low Poly Grass so you can enjoy Black Marsh in 'full cattail'...so to speak.
    -Experiencing tears and gaps in your landscape from too many mods playing with the terrain? Try this little marvel out by DarklyDreaming. Land Magic... Dog swears by it.

    Common Complaints:
    Hey...none of my NPCs/critters are moving! 
    This is common in many modded Oblivions where some script is getting in the way *or* some large number of spawn is going over the limit set in Oblivion. In Black Marsh's case, it's the latter. The Oblivion game engine will ~eventually~ get around to issuing them orders. See: Mass-AI in the suggested section if you run into issues.
    I can't see some map markers! 
    I know...Black Marsh extends beyond the map edges (F4) for many cells. I figured this out at some point and stopped marking them...lol. You won't be able to travel to a few locations that are marked unless you have a modded map that allows you to see them.
    This is the first version for public release. It existed as a personal mod for my wife for about a year already.

    In order to reach Black Marsh, you need to disable "Border Regions". 
    Head to your Documents / My Games / Oblivion Folder.
    Look for the "Oblivion.ini" File. Double Click it, and it will open in Notepad.
    Press Ctrl+F to open the "Find Dialogue".
    Type bBorderRegionsEnabled and press "Find".
    Once it's found the line, head to the end of "bBorderRegionsEnabled=1" and change it to: bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 
    Legal Mumbo-jumbo
    Anybody wishing to use this mod in their own project is free to as long as proper credit is given to all the involved parties. Commercial use is forbidden. If for any reason there are objections to Black Marsh Wilderness, please contact me and I'll see what I can do to rectify things. I aim to please. 
    Cheers and Enjoy!
    Rolf (DogOnPorch)
    This MOD is "as-is" and limited release.



  13. Alternative injector for Darigaz' DMZ armors

    Quick-made mod for better demonstration of DMZ Armors
    0) armors are added to merchant (Morwain, Anvil; repeatedly, if already bought) chest via script, not by direct edit (less conflict chance);
    1) placeholder male vanila models added:
    a) DarkBrotherhood Male armor for Shrouded;
    b order armor for Brusef Amelion, Mithril, Iron, and Ebony;
    c) arena light blue male armor for Glass and Chainmail;
    2) some armorsuit weights are edited to my preferences: for example, 160 seems too much even for Ebony set;
    3) six(iirc) girls (some vanila races i like), who could wear some variants of DMZ armor are added by script to vanila "Orc Adventurer" actor list; so they can arrive instead of vanila orc at corresponding locations;
    all gals have additional ai-packs for sleep, and search for weapons when disarmed (for any weapon when in combat, or their specific - if not);
    their armor "preferences" are also groupped by their classes: DMZ-heavy, DMZ-light and "lightest"(thief-style);
    JFYI: vanila Orc-adventurer random-chance locations are: Dzonot cave, Talwinque, HrotandaVale, FortNomore, Niryastare02, ArrowshaftCavern03, GrayrockCave02, KingscrestCavern03, KindredCavern02, FortUrasek02, Rielle, DoomedMine, FortBlackBoot, FortDoubleCross, Nornal03, FortChalman.
    This mod should be used instead of original Darigaz's .esp, all other resources from original mod are neccessary.
    All questions about this mod [mal]function should be addressed to me, emo877 (please do not bother the author of original mod).
    Big thanks to Darigaz17 for beautiful armors.
    UPD: look into "support thread", there could be (+1 now) newer versions.



  14. Expanded Greetings

    This mod will allow NPCs to recognize all of the player character's talents and make the skill-based dialogue greetings (such as "you're a sneaky looking sort" and "look at the muscles on you!") less redundant once the player has reached high levels.
    The reason these dialogue lines may have never been spoken depends on what order the playable character's skills increased throughout the game. Eventually, once most/all skills have been maxed, the dialogue gets "stuck" at the top of the dialogue tree.
    The only modifications are the conditions that regulate how an NPC greets the playable character. Not only does this expand talent-based greetings, but also recover the generic "hello" greetings that are lost as the character becomes more powerful and famous/infamous.

    Testing the Mod

    Make sure the playable character has at least two attributes that are 70+ or two skills that are 70+. Otherwise, effects will not be experienced until later. Go up to NPCs (Imperial City Market will have the most during the day). They will usually greet the player with a generic "hello" dialogue line but other times they will comment on the player's skills.


    AFK Mods Assimilation Lab Dark Creations Mod DB Nexus Mods TES Alliance



  15. Daedric Museum of Artifacts

    These mods are required to play Daedric Museum of Artifacts.

    Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice

    Some content is only accessible when the following DLC expansions have been installed.

    Knights of the Nine Mehrunes' Razor Shivering Isles

    This adds a museum to safely store & display all of the Daedric artifacts you've acquired throughout the game. The museum is south of Bruma along the Orange Road.
    Additionally, each Daedric Lord's statue doubles as a teleporter to that Lord's shrine in Cyrodiil. Some of the statues have additional locations. Sheogorath's statue, for example, acts as an alternative gateway to the Shivering Isles after you complete the Shivering Isles main quest.
    The museum also contains other Daedra related exhibits for the player to view.

    Museum Rooms
    Serves as a gateway to the rest of the museum
    Museum of Artifacts
    Display/storage area for all unique Daedric artifacts Daedric shrines that can be activated to teleport the player to the Daedric shrine or related location Shivering Isles: Pedestals for Sheogorath artifacts from the Shivering Isles Mehrunes' Razor: Pedestal for Mehrunes' Razor
    Museum of Lords
    Mannequin displays of the live Daedric Lords featured throughout the game Shivering Isles: Sheogroath & Jyggalag displays
    Museum of Daedra
    Mannequin displays of the live Daedra featured throughout the game Shivering Isles: Displays of Daedra from the Shivering Isles Knights of the Nine: Auroran display
    Museum of Relics
    Preset displays of miscellaneous Daedric items seen and acquired throughout the game Shivering Isles: Displays of Golden Saint, Dark Seducer, and Order equipment


    AFK Mods Assimilation Lab Dark Creations Mod DB Nexus Mods TES Alliance

    Versions for Other The Elder Scrolls Games
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition



  16. Mod Organizer Profiles Manager

    Download from here to maintain only one copy.



    An application that synchronizes mod order between profiles for Mod Organizer. So for example if you makes changes in one profile, the order is copied to other profiles within the same profile group.


    Right click to get context menu.
    [1] Contains path for all Mod Organizer installations whose profile you wish to monitor. You add a new path using the textbox below it and pressing [Add] button.
    [2] List of profile for selected Mod Organizer from pane [1]. Profiles are grouped so if you make changes to profile "Alpha 1" the order will only be copied to "Alpha 2" which belongs to the same profile group (Cyan - hotkey 2). You change the group profile by selecting it and just pressing the hokey using the legend for reference. Grayed out profiles are not monitored. The copy button below is for manual copy of selected profile in listbox to the one in the combobox. All function can be accessed through the context menu shown in the image. Right click to access it.
    [3] Output log, listing all copies being made.
    [4] The rest of the buttons are pretty obvious: Clear log, Toggle MOPM Monitoring...



  17. House of the Redguard OB - by DavideMitra

    House of the Redguard OB

    - by DavideMitra -





    "A beautiful, completely custom, Redguard Estate located inside of Anvil walls.

    A lovely piece of Hammerfell inspired by Alik'r Desert design and architecture."

    Despite the mod name, the building isn't strictly Redguard-themed: it can also be adapted to a Khajiit bornt in the Anequina Desert.

    No DLCs required :-)



    The building and a lot of related objects are hand-made: I only used vanilla assets and, as always, I refused to use modder's resources! Of course, I also had to use Nifskope to do some retextures and to create a static copy of some items.

    No annoying loading screens: the house is completely exterior!

    Don't worry, it will never rain through the roof! Inside of Anvil Worldspace I created a new sub-region that will force the weather to be only sunny/cloudy/foggy but not rainy!

    Immersive containers! No more boring containers like sacks and barrels: now groups of my objects act like a single container.

    Special furniture available: for instance, sit down on the carpet and "smoke" the Hookah!

    Lore-linked (but not lore-related) very powerful multi-enchanted cutlass that will bring you a more balanced combat experience: for instance, force spellcasters to a pure melee-fight!

    Other lore-linked (but not lore-related) artifacts: the Aegis of Sentinel and the Amulet of Satakal - the Redguard snake God of Everything.

    A lamp will automatically lit during nightime and eventually unlit during daytime: inside of the building it will never be dark!

    .esp file already cleaned with TES4Edit. Ready to use and safe to use!


    !!! HAVE FUN !!!



  18. House in Combo

    This is a compilation and touch-up of zeo's House in Box/Land/Riverside/Kitchen mod series, combining it from 1 esm and 4 esps into a single one. It includes all their neat armor, clothing and weapons. Best I can tell, it's references to...Sol Badbuy from Guilty Gear, Lilia from the Ys series, Ymir from Queen's Blade, and...I think Nagi no Asukara, but I'm not sure about that last one or any of the other sets included. I've done my best to name/differentiate the different pieces from each other, put bust sizes for chest pieces in parenthesis, and made sure everything's available. Removed any engrish/corrupt characters, properly linked all the cells so nothing weird happens, added a few NPCs for ambiance. Nothing in this mod is my original work! Unless someone points out something that should be added or that I overlooked, I'm probably not going to be updating this anymore. If someone has any idea what the other armor/clothing sets are in reference to, I'd like to know to include here.



  19. Ranger Life

    Much on the lines of My Outlaw Life, this is a tweak for the Ranger start in Arthmoors Alternative Beginnings, which it requires.
    You will start at stonehenge, southeast of the Imperial City, where the Red Ring Road meets the Yellow Road.
    You will be given a quest, receive ranger related powers, and search for bows of great power.
    ====== Thanks to =======
    StoneFly for Akaviri Elements Bow
    Canderous for BowofShadow (this readme mentions a #2 option, that is not available with my mod)
    ElderScrollsFan001_Aetric for Real Black Bow Bandits Revised
    Tooplex for Shadow Ranger Redux
    CELTICDOG for Stonehenge



  20. Outlaw Life

    Outlaw Life
    Requires Alternative Beginnings by Arthmoor and choosing the Outlaw start
    Choosing Outlaw in the wilds option in Arthmoors Alternative Beginnings will now start you in the Highwayman Hideaway cave instead of
    outside Fort Ash. It will start the Highwayman Rob Anybody quest that adds the dialogue allowing you to be a highwayman
    If you want to know how a particular piece of this works or what it does, all original readmes are included.
    ======= Thanks to =======
    David Brasher for Highwayman - Rob Anybody
    Kimosabe04 for Highwayman Hideaway
    DuggeDank & Haldar1248 & pkkjp for all the work on Jail Shackles
    directorrick7 for Jail Break Escape Routes
    Syclonix for Hear No Evil
    kuertee & Povuholo for Crime Has Witnesses with Responsibility Tweak
    Seldalore for Stolen Item Ownership
    Removed the menu option, I couldn't get the shackle adding to fire properly. So, if you want the shackles, get arrested.
    You start in your very own little cave with a bounty of 500 and 5 infamy ( from Alt Begin) nice place
    Pics from original hideaway mod. This one is a bit darker (it is a cave) but my version is player owned
    Edit: 2-11-17
    Added a new esp that doesn't require Alternative Beginnings to have compatibility with other alt start mods. It still requires the resources from the original version.



  21. My Beggar Blessings Mod

    Was always miffed that donating to a beggar didn't give me some benefit like in Fallout 3.
    Now, when they "bless" you, AFTER you actually donated, you will get a real blessing.
    There are "SEVEN" possible blessings.
    Five are basically the shrine blessings lasting double the time.
    Three are new with one lasting three times as long, one affecting "sneak" and one is ALL the normal shrine blessings put together but also lasting double the time.
    Now you can enjoy your charity!



  22. Utility Keys

    Merge of Rodrigo Mad's Potion and poison hotkeys, Menu and Camera Toggler and Keychain version 2.1 by mmmpld + VampireValik + Crypton.
    Just another merge to save esp slots.



  23. Ultimate Tool Box

    To save myself some esp slots, I merged these mods. All tested out and working.
    Create Npc Duplicate
    Spell / Item Delete
    Claim that Interior
    Decorators Assist / Unlock OBSE
    added Set Essential Actors Plus - Fejeena's edition
    You can check and change NPC settings: Essential, NoRumors, QuestItem(Persistent reference), Respawns, NoPersuasion.
    fejeena adds NoLowLevelProcessing.
    - "NoLowLevelProcessing I add because of spawning NPC ( Level list ) and also some NPC who never leave
    their cell are set to NoLowLevelProcessing. With Lovers the Respawn flag is removed if you enslave such
    a NPC ( LoversSlaveTrader) or make the NPC your companion with MCS, but not the NoLowLevelProcessing
    flag ( no AI if player is not in the same cell )" - fejeena
    EDIT: set setactoress spell to ability 8:51 pm CST 6-25



  24. Reneer's container mod

    Not mine, just putting this up here. If you use the mod Redecorate, you have undoubtedly tried to use a dresser or drawers or something else that you copied and has storage int it. This mod will stop those from respawning, as long as you have removed at least 1 original object from the container, and put something else in it.
    Can't make any guarantees as I had nothing to do with the making. I searched for an hr to find a mod that would let me use the dresser I copied with redecorate, and this is the closest I found, on some obscure site called lonebullet.com.



  25. CombatOmega

    Combat Omega
    A combat mod that alters/merges Deadly Reflexes 5, Denock Arrow, Finite Ammo, Eagle Eye Realistic Archery, Duke Patricks Actors Can Miss, Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Alert Npcs, Duke Patricks Near Miss Magic and Arrows Alert, SM EncAndFatigue, Sm Combat Hide, Ragna Parry, Unequip Broken Armor, Average Run Speed, Throw Any Weapon, Stealth Redone, Stealth Overhaul Redux, Double Tap Dodge
    I removed the enemy explode spell completly, all horse related stuff since it wasn't in use in this version, stopped the npcanger spell from being added to the player, removed the dodge/flip system in favor of another and various other script changes.
    Stealth Overhaul Redux
    Removed assassination spells, set to use CombatOmega.ini
    SM mods and UBA
    Altered scripts and quest names to make all 3 use CombatOmega.ini
    The rest are just merged in.
    === Thanks and credits to ===
    -Skycaptain for DR5 and everyone in his readme == included == Both for instruction and credits
    -HeX for Throw Any Weapon and everyone in his readme == included == Both for instruction and credits
    -Maskar for Uneqip Broken Armor
    -Strategy Master for Combat hide and EncAndFatigue
    -Ragna for Ragna Parry
    -Pashok for "Eagle Eye" Realistic Archery Mod
    -Sca for the Duke Patricks mods
    -Scruggs for Denock Arrow
    -Ocfordite for Finite Ammo
    -Seldalore for Average Run speed
    -Samuro_ for Stealth Redone
    -JOG for Stealth Overhaul
    -Sandman53 for Stealth Overhaul Redux
    -Documn for Double Tap Dodge
    If you are receiving an error about SM Bounty, I had accidentally uploaded a mistake. Bounty was meant to be removed, to make for better compatibility with other mods that would alter such.
    If you want to use SM Regional Bounty, it is compatible.
    11-5-17 UPDATE!!
    The new esp fixes that green expanding magic effect. As in, it's gone. This make throwing more stable and much less like to crash the game.



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