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Pre-built lots or neighborhoods for you sim to visit and/or live in.

128 files

  1. Well Prepared with New Goods

    I have upgraded this home with a Gentleman's club in the small building in the backyard, plenty of areas of naughty fun or just viewing the dancing delights.



  2. Cubman's Sex Bomb Photo Studio LOT

    Hi guys
    Following a good few requests, I present the Sex Bomb Photo Studio.  It's a community lot featuring 4 different photo areas (2 outside), a changing/make-up room, a locker room with showers and an office.
    The office leads to a small apartment in the basement with a private bathroom, single bunk bed (with desk and computer), a small workout area, kitchen and living area.  Sims can't "move in" as it isn't a residential lot, but I had my Sim travel there, lock the door to the office so only he can go in, and is technically living there.
    I created this originally for my Sims, so it is play tested in game - and will require pretty much all Game, Stuff and Expansion packs.
    It's a pretty large file, and there is a serious amount of CC in here (see the attached CC1 - CC4 screenshots).  Rather than pick out and chose what is or isn't still available from the hundreds of sites I use, it's presented here in all it's glory (otherwise it would pretty much just be an empty shell full of Cubman CC lol).  If anyone has issues with the included CC, please let me know and I shall remove the items and reupload the lot.
    In the Zip file, there's a folder for Mods - they go in your Mods folder.  All Blueprint, BPI and Tray files go in your Tray folder.  The Lot should appear in your gallery - remember to select the contains CC checkbox or it won't show up.  But if you have any problems, just drop me a message - happy to help 
    Thanks to everyone who took time to DM me, it's great to hear from you!  I'd love to see some of the shots your photographer Sims have taken!
    Take care 




    CC Credits all
    LOT Generic.

      Disclaimer / TOU:  I only ask that you do not claim my work as your own or host them on pay sites/patreon.  
    Meet some babes waiting for this gift and of course a daddy.
      Sims Sugar baby download  
      Other CC download 
        Other models    and WEBSITE 
    Buy me a coffee

    Thank you for valuing my time and dedication creating content for you.



  4. House Files 2021

    2021/04/05- New house upload
    Its april new month same year going to be uploding some
    more of my crapy houses !!!




  5. Sims Rebuilding Revolution

    In this MEGA POST you will find everything I've built and released. Releases will always be first on PATREON for supporters and a few days later for the public. If you want to check more photos/screenshots or get individual lot files for full neighborhood releases follow the link on each title. 
    Recommended Mods for all builds: 
    WickedWhims  Nisa’s Wicked Perversions Basemental Adult Mods AutoEmployees  More Visitors  Live in Business  
    Download Instructions for all builds

    Liberty Avenue - Complete Neighborhood
    Parkview High School
    The Slums
    The Night District 
    The Old Train Station 
    The Old Penelope Motel 
    The Brownstones  The Court 
    Rock & Steel Gym 
    The Clock Mall
    Reclaimed Factory 1 - The Industrial Bar 
    Reclaimed Factory 2 - TheClub 
    Muttsworth Orphanage 
    Reclaimed Factory 3 - Community Space 

    Abandoned Bedrock - Complete Neighborhood
    Acquisition Butte - Complete Neighborhood 

    Pastel Lane 

    Food Truck Park 
    Military Outpost 

    Starlight Boulevard part 1 
    Starlight Boulevard part 2  
    Starlet Duplex Complex 

    Realm of Magic: Light vs Dark  

    Von Straud Mausoleum  

    The Kuln - Prison for Humans
    Human Storage 2A and 2B 
    Big Al's Hidden Bar NEW RELEASE!




  6. Temptation Island

    So after getting the GTW pack I finally could buy/build a strip club.
    First of all, I have no clue how these would look like, I just went with the idea of having a dance room to check out the dancers and a small bar and of course bathrooms.
    However the real fun is in the basement, where you will find several rooms for vanilla loving, while there 3 rooms for more spicy play.
    I made the dancers diverse, so everyone in the LGBTQ+ can have fun in there~
    You can download this lil baby from my gallery.
    Just look up Kihiju_Shinobi27 
    dont forget to look under lots and include CC in your search results (meanwhile I try to hunt down all the  CC so i can link them all in this post since they are all found on this forum ouob)




    Hola, los invito a descargar solares para sus partidas aunque sean medios básicos para que tengan cambio de rutina jaja, para tenerlos en su sims 4  pasos:
    1. Descargar y descomprimir
    2. El contenido descomprimido se pega o se coloca en la carpeta Documents\Electronic Arts\Los Sims 4\Tray en tray se coloca todo el contenido
    3. listo para usarlo dentro del juego.
    saludos desde Chile
    Hello, I invite you to download lots for your games even if they are basic means to have change of routine haha, to have them in your sims 4 steps:
    1. Download and unzip
    2. The unzipped content is pasted or placed in the folder Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray in tray all content is placed
    3. ready to use within the game.
    greetings from Chile



  8. Granma Mary Juanna's House

    G'ma Marys house, for all your hipster gardener grannies needs. Includes seeds upgraded to perfect for all plants and trees ready to be planted. 6 fruit trees, 5 flower types, and 8 pot strains.  :::::Requires Basemental Drugs Feb 2021 update for the pot plants:::::  House is Basegame pack, No other CC required.



  9. ::UPDATED:: Perfect 420 seeds

    420 seeds, 8 varieties, upgraded to Perfect Quality. **Requires Basemental Drugs Feb. 2021 update**



  10. Sapphire shores

    Come relax in this picturesque lounge made for you and your sim-nificant other, need someplace to go with your latest wicked interest?, maybe you just want to take a vacation down to bone town , this is the villa for you! .... I promise there wont be anything more relaxing then taking a fun dip in the warm tropical waters of sapphire shores.   Here anyone is welcome , even your secret lover:  you Casanova. 

    The lot pictures were taken with https://reshade.me/  (the re-shade mod)
    re-shade preset used was https://simdle.tumblr.com/post/189122310246/citrus-drops-a-reshade-preset-ive-always-wanted
    to have the lot look exactly like in the pictures you will need this re-shade : Please look up tutorial on youtube
     on how to install or if you have issues with the re-shade I will not be able to help sorry ❤️
                                (do not forget to filter your mods)
    everything you need should be included. (make sure you have bb.moveobjects cheat On when you place on a 40X40 lot)
    Enjoy the build have fun simming<3  



  11. Neon Lights (WIP)

    I made this for more story scenes I want to create. Mostly I want to add some gun action scenes, but feel free to download
    at your discretion.
    The Lot is also used for WW, Prostitution, Basemental Drugs, and Sacrificial mods to test out.
    Type in "bb.moveobjects" in the cheat command so everything stays in place.
    The Lot is placed in "Del Sol Valley" over "Plumbob Picture Museum".
    I will update in the future, but as always, I hope you like. your Feedback is welcome.



  12. GAMERS PARADISE - Whicked Youtuber/Streamer HQ

    (all rights to the creators)
    Gamers Paradise
    A marvelous place where your Gamer/Streamer Sim can play video games, stream contents on the web and eventually become famous!

    This lot has been converted to meet every creator's needs and dreams.
    Beware: becoming famous, nowadays, is no easy task.
    You gotta put everything you've got on stake in order to succeed.
    And when I say "everything" I mean EVERYTHING! 😈
    Upon the entrance, you'll find the lounge area, fully equipped with every gaming console on the market and.. A giant smart TV!
    This place is perfect to chill after a long streming session and is a perfect VLOG location, too.
    Every corner of this room is Insta-worthy!
    A photographic studio!
    Equipped with white/green screen (you can change it in Build mode: search for "KEWAI DOU" items) and pro lighting, your sim can pose and get that perfect shot (s)he was trying to achieve!
    You'll be on magazines in no time!
    The main area of this lot is the CREATOR ROOM.

    The main desk is fully equipped with the best gaming PC in the world, ready to stream every second of your sessions thanks to the 4K cameras, microphones & miscellaneous gears.
    Wait, did I say CAMERAS?
    Well, in fact there's one webcam in front and one.. Underneath the desk.
    Sometimes it takes a special camera angle to get more followers!
    Useless to say, every session escalates very quickly and the atmosphere become so hot in no time..
    There's also an editing area, where your sim can easily edit every video in no time;

    Is podcasting a new trend nowadays?
    The CREATOR ROOM has a dedicated  podcast corner, where your Sim can comfortably record a podcast and post it on major streaming platforms!

    NOTE: some of the CCs used in this lot have multiple files (e.g.: the Nintendo Switch consolle: there's the docked one, the one without Joy-cons, with different colors etc.). I included all the variants of every CC so that you can change it according to your own taste!
    LOT SIZE: 20X15
    LOT TYPE: Generic
    - Get to Work!
    - Get Together
    - Dine Out
    - Spa Day
    - Get Famous
    - Island Living
    - StrangerVille
    - Download the File and unzip it if zipped (I don't even remember myself);
    - Put the Tray files inside the Tray Folder located into The Sims 4 game folder (Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Tray);
    - Start the game.
    - That's pretty much it. You can do it! I believe in you!!
    Using Wicked Whims it's highly recommended, although not necessary at all.
    Using also Little MsSam's Venues Mod it's recommended.
    Don't forget to use bb.moveobjects when placing the lot.
    - If you find any "DS_store" file among the downloaded files, DO NOT INSTALL THEM.
    Those are NOT harmful for your computer, but they won't let you install the lot. 
    The only files you should paste into the game are: 
    1) The tray files located in the "Tray" folder (which are the files ending in ".blueprint", ".bpi" and ".trayitem");
    2) The CC files located in the "CC" folder (which are the files ending in ".package".
    This Lot works best when placed at the marked location below (although NOT COMPULSORY😞

    Don't forget to check out my other lots:



  13. L'usine (the factory)

    Strip Dance and brothel 20X30.
    designed for 12 lapdancer. cost : near 400000.
    build on sims4  french  ,  with all addons/extentions. (all my  game is in french   (game +a lot of  mod) .  some  of my own  translate can be not exactly  the same of mine , in english's  game  )
    for have a fonctional player  effect  use the lastest   l'usine_other_stuff.zip more information about the player   here :
    if  someone   know a better vfx player with "autostart" and  "mute sound"  fonction i'm really interested . 
    totally free  (no pateon version)
    if  something    not working  >> use the "get support" button  or  send me a  private  message .....
    requirement :
    -wickedwims (lastest)
    -NisasWickedPerversions (lastest)
    -Basemental-Drugs (lastest)
    recommended :
    -mccc (lastest)
    -some music to put in \Custom Music\Electronica , listen the  10 same music will be quicky  boring 😉
    if you want use a different music directory ,  you need to change all  music emitter.
    if  you put some music  like  for sample, latina music,  in the  \Custom Music\Electronica  directory ; when  you listen electronica in  your sims's home , you will listen your latina music too.
    not recommended :
    the "missme"  anim mod allow to have sex on location "door" ,  but  on the  wrong  face of  the  door locked for  escort only ;
      and   finally   sex location are located  in the door of the room but  in the corridor. (do not turn the door ,  the nisa  lock option no more work in room) 
    installation :

    - copy  the tray archive files in your tray folder (without any folder)
    - copy  the tsr archive  files in your mod folder
        (stuff  from thesimsressourse ,  wall , door , bed etc..)
    - copy  the loverslab archive files in your mod folder
        (stuff  from loverslab , Noir and Dark Sims  neon , porn picture ,etc..)
    - copy  the other archive files in your mod folder
        ( 4 files , the game effect player(mod+script) , and 2 mod for make the night more darker)
    codes before  place the building:
    - testingcheats true
    - bb.moveobjects on
    not sure  that code are  required  , but i  used them for  build the lot :
    - bb.showhiddenobjects 
    - bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement
    - bb.showliveeditobjects
    configure in game:
    ( remember that ,  the lock command  in  game define always for who the door are looked :   
    if   you choose the "everyone  but employee" ;
    read : "the door are locked for every sims exept employee" ;
    not : "the door are open for every sims exept employee";
    and    the nisa door look option are directional 
    read :"only escort  (+ client) can enter in the room , but  everyone can leave the room"  )
    - configure the entrance  door
    - configure the 4 lapdance room for lapdance (click on the sofa).
    - configure all doors used by  employee (see picture  for identify the  door) , for employee only.
    - configure all doors used by  prostitute (see picture for  identify the  door) , for escort only.
    - configure the 2 doors in boss room , for boss only.

    - all dancers    need to be converted  to escort with the  nisa.slutify +full name of the sim  command (sample : "nisa.slutify donald trump")
    or  play the dancers directly and use the nisa  phone  for  register   in  adultworld.com 
    - for each dancer set  NisasWickedPerversions parameter  to "AUTOMATIC" and replace "BY STYLE"  to  "BY ROOM" >> "BEDROOM"
    (the nisa parameter appear when  clicking on sims;  only on sims who converted succesfully with  slutify)
    visual effect:
    For have visual effect ; fog , laser ,  fire , etc..
    you need  each time you  come in the lots  click on the player in the boss room an select "REPLAY ALL".

    optional  : 
    for  better experience  i recommend :
    - to past the dancer   to  12 :
    ww.set_stripclub_dancers_employee_limit 12
    -to change the  default time on the game with MCCC  from 25, to 50 or 75
    (carefull this option change the current hour/day  time , and the  birthday  date , need adjust  interval for birthday in MCCC too)
    -   depend of ww and  nisa config ,  but   in some   case all dancers who see  your  club  manager,  ask him for have prostitute sex a lot of time.   a option like "blacklist for prostitute  proposal"   exist  somewhere in nisa parameter. (use phone and  nisa option ) 
    - add additional  dancer of  your   choice  with cc  ,found  on 
    - increase a lot  the  number of  sims/family  for have more clients  :

    - populate   your world  with  the downloaded sims or some sims , with no CC , issued from the galery.
    (add the custom sims on  some lots with or without sims)
    - in some  case   , it should  be  interresting  to  increase with mccc the  limit of   sims/familly too.  (default value  8 sims / family)
    support :
    if  you  have a message  "item  removed"   during the lot creation   i put a screenshot  for help to  diagnose where is the problem :




  14. la chatte joyeuse (residential + night club + brothel)

    residential ,nightclub , and brothel 50X40. (not strip club)
    designed for 12 escort and a main familly . cost : near 670000§.
    build on sims4  french  ,  with all addons/extentions.
    (all my  game is in french   (game +a lot of  mod) .  some  of my own  translate can be not exactly  the same of mine , in english's  game.
    if someone with a better english like me ,see some  translate  error  ,  pm  are welcome )
    Tray archive updated to 1.0.2
    (ready for
    if  something    not working  >> use the "get support" button  or  send me a  private  message .....
    totally free  (no pateon version)
    if you  looking for a  stripclub    you can  use my other creation :
    (show link at the end  of  this web page in "Other Files from saveus"  section.
    1.0 About  the lot :
    I created this lot , because I was a little frustrated with the lack of interaction with the NPCs of a Stripclub and brothel like "l'usine".
    Specially  about , escort never take a bath  when they  go to home , or when  they work  in the club . after some time , all are  covered of  sperm.
    The constraint, of having a family member to open the club,and except  have  sex relation , are  idle ; and during this time the rest of the family was not playable. was also a problem for me.
    With  this problem , i  had  tested some  things , and  finally,  i  choose to  extend household parameter's , and  add all  escort to my household.
    2.0  Requirement :
    I  created the lot   with only  main extention on the game and 3 additional  stuff only . 
    that why the archive  is so big  , i past  a verrrrrry long time  to browse all cc stuff websites .... 

    2.1 wickedwims (lastest)
    2.2 NisasWickedPerversions (lastest)
    2.3 Basemental-Drugs (lastest)
    2.4 mccc (lastest)
    2.5  a computer  with a lot of  memory ;  8GB  minumum.
    3 Recommended :
    a permanent  cleaner+repair  at home.
    you  can  use : 
    3.1  "vintage  glamour" extention ,  for take a butler
    3.2  use some littlemssam stuff
    like  "Live In Services",  "Maid & Gardener Service" ,"Autonomous Gardening",  "Autonomous Repairs"  etc...
    4 Not recommended :
    all animations who  locate sex  "on door" "on window" .
    see 7.2.3 section for more details
     5 File description :
    you  have only  3 file to download.
    5.1 the  package (7z or zip),  contain all  build item  ;  floor ,   bed  , deco , windows etc..
    Because the list of the mod  used are very big,
    i had made 2 archives version of the  same directory  choose only one.
    for reduce bandwidth  used , please choose  .7z  version   if  you have a software to extract. 
    5.2 the tray archive,  contain  the file to  put in your tray mod.
    5.3 the script  archive  contains  the .package  file  who  need a  script  to  work ;   and   who  have chance ,  to need to be  updated   with new version of the game.
    contain :
    this archive will  not be  updated   , check  before  if they  have new version ... 
     6 Install :
    6.1 copy files 
    6.1.1  copy  the tray archive files in your tray folder (without any folder)
    6.1.2  extract the package  archive , rename the folder created  , and move to  your mods directory.  
    6.1.3  copy  the  script  archive files in your mod folder
        ( 4 files , the game effect player(mod+script) , and 2 mod for make the night more darker)
    6.2  before moving your family :
     i  put a loan  mod  , for  more  gameplay.
    ingame click on a computer , and make  a 500000§  loan ,
    if you sell  your  house  , you should  have the rest of the §  needed for  buy the lot (170000§)
    6.3 codes before  place the building:
    - testingcheats true
    - bb.moveobjects on
    6.4 Configure ingame  parameter  for the lot/world.
    6.4.1  add some trait  to  your  lot  using NISA'S LTE
    (SHIFT + LEFT CLIC  somewhere on the  lot  for make appear the  LTE menu)
    and  choose for  your  lot :
    - hyper sexual
    - romantic aura
    - more  visitor
    - live in a  nightclub
    - escort call center (optional)
    (not sure of  the LTE  trait  exact  title  in a  english version. remember... my  game are in   french...)

    6.4.2  change some game parmeter ,with  MCCC (menu only available  when clicking in game , on  a computer)
    the  "maximum  household size"  .  by defaut 8  to XX. i'm using 20
    in "MCCC setting..." >> "gameplay settings.." >> "maximum  household size"
    tutorial  here  :
  the "maximum  sims in zone" .   by defaut 20  to XX. i'm using 200. 
    "MC population" >> "other settings..." >> "maximum  sims in zone"
  (optional) the  "game  time  speed" by default 25 to   a multiple  of   25....  25,50,75,100   , i'm using 75.
    carefull this option change the current hour/day  time , and the  birthday  date FOR ALL YOUR SAVEGAME will be  modified.
    need adjust  interval for birthday in MCCC too by  the same  multiple  you use
    but  really more  powerfull  for manage 16 or more sims.
    sample :
    if  you pass the   value  to  75 (25*3)
    >> real time   for  a day  *3 
    (  by default  1second in the game  past in  25 real  miliseconds   1day past in  25 miliseconds*60 seconds*60 minutes*24 heures= 36 real minuts 
    if  you past at 75ms   ; one day  past in 36*3=108mn= near 2  real hours)
    >> each action *3  too 
    (for sample  if "take a shower" take  20 real seconds ;  with 75ms  parameter   , "take a shower" past to  20*3=60 seconds
    >>each "age span duration" *3 too
    (if in MCCC  age span duration  for baby  set to  2 days   ,  that past the age span duration to 6 days in game.
    if you  want keep all  birthday date ingame  you  must DIVIDE all   MCCC " age span duration "  values by 3.
    >>date/hour  ingame are based  with this value too ,  changing  this value  change  the current day/hour/min but 
    not change the seasons. 
    6.4.3  configure  wickedwhims
    you must  disable   "respect children's eyes" , else  each time  chidren are present  sex action will be stopped.
    if you want preserve your  children  , look some  door for children and  use the  "Nudity Autonomy Signs" for  lock some room  instead.
    6.4.4  configure the entrance  door
    6.4.5 restrict  some doors ;  i  put some carpet under the door,   for   found the  door's  you need restrict  (you  can remove after  configure ).

    -  family  + prostitute  : choose   restrict acces for "everyone exept   household members"  and  after allow acces for  butler 
    -  family                      : choose   restrict acces for "all"    and  after allow access for  butler  and  allow acces  sims by sims  to all member of  your main family.
    -  escort                     :  use the special   nisa's  door  look  named "everything but escort busyness (directional)"  
    -  butler                     : restrict access  for  butler only ( and set the  bed for butler  in this  room)  
    7 Manage  your escorts  
    7.1 add escort
     you  have  2 differents way for adding  escort  in  your   household.
    7.1.1 using   the " dool  shop" on a game computer.
    - for have  your  sims  with CC.  you  need   place all  your sims  on a  household in a house/lot . 
    - evict  the household who contains  sims's escort from the house. in the world editor.  
    - verify that the  household  are tagged "NOT IN THE WORLD"  in household's manager.
    (only  sims  who are  in a household  NOT IN THE WORLD appear in the list of doll available.)
    -click on computer >> tam explorer >> doll shop  ,  and  buy  your doll.
     7.1.2 add  sims in your household.
    - use  : testingcheats true 
    - for have  your  sims  with CC.  you  need   place all  your sims  on a  household in a house/lot .
    - go  with one of  your sims on the  lot.
    - shift + click on a Sims  you want to add ,  and  choose to “Add to Family”.
    7.1.3  which one to use?
    depend of your gameplay.
    the  big  diffence is that  you need have sex,  one or more  by day  with each your's  doll   for make him/her  happy.
    when you have 12 escort , should  be some time not easy 😉
    the second difference  is that buy a doll are very expensive (near 50000§)
    7.2 Setting  your escort.
    when your escort arrive  on the  house for the first time , you  have some thing to set.
    7.2.1slutify your escort 
  if you use doll select the sims who had by the doll and click on the doll  (do not click directly on  the doll) and adjust the sex 
    (perversions...>> slave control..>>clarify sex rules >> and set to Prostitute
  else use the phone  for register  the  new sims on lost eden.
    7.2.2 assign a bed  to  your escort. choose one room not  used on the basement  floor.

    7.2.3 set the  bed for  prostitute
    - click on the bed and select "sex control..."
    - choose  "mark as slutting anchor"  or  "mark for slutting"
    (first option restrict  sex to the  room ,  second option restrict sex to the  current object (the bed)
    use the second option  if you  have  problem with some animations , like sex on door  or sex on window...
    who move sex location on the wrong face of  the  window; on this lot directly in the street... you can too  note  the current animation name who are playing and specificly disable it in wickedwhims.  for the moment i  have found  near  15 animations located on door/windows in all animations files).
    7.2.4 define the horing  uniform.
    - click on the sims >> "perversion..."  >>"ho control..." >> "set hoeing uniform"
    ( you can  use the  MCCC  copy/paste in  MC Dresser .  carefull  when  you paste that erase the current outfit.
    i you never used  that , test on a fresh samegame  should be a  good idea  )
    7.2.5 get the work stuff...
    condom, pill, etc...

    8  working...
    8.1 call center.
    If the call  center trait  are set on  your  lot  ,  you  will have soon some  call for  sex .  you  just  need  to accect.
    8.2 search  client  in  the  night club.
    8.2.1 open the  club.
    click on any door and  choose open the  nightclub.
    8.2.2 assign a  DJ.
    assign  someone for make DJ.
     ( a played sim , an  NPC , or  use the littlemssam auto employee mod )
    8.2.3  dress up slutty.
    - click on the sims >> "perversion..."  >>"ho control..." >> "dress up  slutty"
    8.2.4 send  your sims to  speak  to an NPC on the crowd.
    (find  the bunny sample )  😉😉 

    9  Troubleshooting  
    9.1 on lot creation
    9.1.1 the lot  not appear in library
     >>verify  that "include custom content" checked  in the  library.
    >>verify that  , the tray content are in the good location(tray folder with no subfolder)
    >>scrool down  in the library...  (creation's are  listed by  date of creation....)
    9.1.2 some stuff missing...
     if a lot of stuff  missing  , like door , window  ,  wall texture 
    >>check the "big archive" (.7z or zip)  installation 
     if elevetor   missing  ,   
    >>check the "script.zip"  installation 
    if all too archive are  mods  directory  but ,  mods not  loaded  .
    >> check the  " Resource.cfg  " file (in  mod folder)
    Priority 500 PackedFile *.package PackedFile */*.package PackedFile */*/*.package PackedFile */*/*/*.package PackedFile */*/*/*/*.package PackedFile */*/*/*/*/*.package most  you  have "*/*/*"...   line  more  deeper the game   search in sub-folder.
    with this exemple  the game   can  find mods from root mods folder   to N+5 sub-directory  ( like   :  ../mods/a_folder/b_folder/c_folder/d_folder/e_folder/  )
    9.2 ingame error
    9.2.1  nisa's client message error

    >> this error  due to that your current zone  is already "full" of "played  + not played" sims  (see )
    if  the number  back to "20"... have some chance that ,  the "mc_settings.cfg"  file in MCCC  directory , had be deleted  ,  during an  manual update...  😉 
    9.2.2 last Exceptions errors.
    when  the lot was created  ,  i had verify that no CC create  "Exceptions  error".
    but  the game , wickedwhims , nisa's , mccc , etc... are frequently modified..   i can not certify all CC are ready for all game...
    IF Mccc  report a last Exceptions  error ,   should be  interesting to  install the "Better Exceptions" mods for see where is the problem .
    10  Credits
    For if  you want  more  information about  the  build mod used , ses description on the mods (in build mode).
    Specials thanks  to syboulette  (https://s4cc.syboulette.fr/)  who create  build items  like  window , stair , door , etc...  who are sooo forgoten  by modders.. 



  15. Cyber Street

    This was made mostly for adding Business Funds for my sims, I dont know why EA swapped out regular Funds for Business Funds to build, smh.
    Anyway this Lot is Particularly made for the night, it looks like shit in the day time lol 😄.
    Use this as a Hotel or Retail or Rentable Business, whatever you want. Its also just decoration and new environment for Wicked Whims, but you can do alot of things on the LOT.
    Ill update this in the future, just continuing to put my skills to use. 
    No CC is Required, Everything is in the donwload. Just unzip, select, drag and drop tray files in the tray folder. Example, Documents/ Electronic Arts/ Tray. Drop the mods in Sims 4 Mods folder. Example,  Documents/ Electronic Arts/ Mods. Done! Enjoy 👍
    Place in "Del Sol Valley"
    Type " bb.moveobjects" in the cheat Command before you place the Lot 
    Please look at the Required DLC that you will need >>>
    otherwise if you download without the DLC needed, things will show up missing because you do not have the required game packs and Expansions, so please look over to your right and see if you have or need those DLCs>>
    Your feedback is welcome to help me help you by making this a better Lot.



  16. Nomad's Sex Arcade

    Another LOT created by me that i been working on. Personally made for the use of WW's and animators. Nomads Sex Arcade is officially open for business.for the sims 4. I hope you like. my fellow simmers.
    Please give feedback on what you like and what you don't like. 
    All is welcome.
    I was inspired when I made this LOT. I thought it be interesting to build.
    Just place the tray files in your sims 4 tray folder. Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray
    Place this LOT over Planet Honey Pop in San Myshuno.

    REQUIRED Before you install
    bb.moveobjects before you enter the LOT
    Base game up to University EP
    Outdoor Retreat Game Pack Jan 13, 2015 Get to Work Expansion Mar 31, 2015 Luxury Party Stuff Pack May 19, 2015 Perfect Patio Stuff Pack Jun 16, 2015 Spa Day Game Pack Jul 6, 2015 Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack Aug 11, 2015 Spooky Stuff Pack Sep 29, 2015 Get Together Expansion Dec 8, 2015 Movie Hangout Stuff Pack Jan 12, 2016 Romantic Garden Stuff Pack Feb 9, 2016 Dine Out Game Pack Jun 7, 2016 Kids Room Stuff Pack Jun 28, 2016 Backyard Stuff Stuff Pack Jul 19, 2016 City Living Expansion Nov 1, 2016 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack Dec 6, 2016 Vampires Game Pack Jan 24, 2017 Bowling Night Stuff Pack Mar 29, 2017 Parenthood Game Pack May 30, 2017 Fitness Stuff Stuff Pack Jun 20, 2017 Toddler Stuff Stuff Pack Aug 24, 2017 Cats and Dogs Expansion Nov 10, 2017 Jungle Adventure Game Pack Feb 27, 2018 Laundry Day Stuff Pack Jan 16, 2018 My first Pet Stuff Pack Mar 13, 2018 Seasons Expansion Jun 22, 2018 Get Famous Expansion Nov 16, 2018 Strangerville Game Pack Feb 26, 2019 Island Living Expansion Pack Jun 21, 2019 Moschino Stuff Stuff Pack Aug 13, 2019 Realm of Magic Game Pack Sep 10, 2019 Discover University Expansion Nov 15, 2019  

    SA Round 1_Slomo_Slomo.mp4  

    SA Round 2_Slomo.mp4



  17. The Crazy Horse Club

    This is a strip club/brothel that I created for a tutorial video on YouTube on how to turn your strip club into a brothel that uses the rooms properly.  Just move the Tray contents to your  Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray 
    You should turn on bb.moveobjects before placing, just to be safe.
    Lot size:  30x30
    Here's the tutorial video if you'd like to follow along:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbMkpLy17Fw
    The build is primarily non-CC with a couple of exceptions.  If you have Wicked Whims you already the stripper poles and the table dancing spot.  The bondage furniture is not included but if you are into that sort of thing you mostly likely have it already, and if not you'll want to reconfigure that room anyway.
    You'll want to lock the office door to allow just your club owner access to keep customers off the computer.  You'll also want to lock the dressing room door for employees only.



  18. RAVER's NEST WINDENBURG - A Basemental Nightclub -

    The old Fishfabric of Windenburg became a Nightclub for hot nights of dancing & drugs. Lot made by catabuca, modified by me.
    The Lot goes on the old Pool Lot 40 x 30 in Windenburg close to the Ocean
    Included in the download file are the tray files (put them into your Tray folder).  Please put the CC into your Mods folder.
    You will need to download some CC from other creators to get everything to show up exactly as it is here.
    Lofte Living by peacemaker (used: tall arches) Better Debug Clutter: Kitchen Stuff by madhox (used: empty glasses and cups) Wall and Floor Crack Addons by brazenlotus (used: all of them) Eco Lifestyle Plus by Illogical Sims (used: mesh for the loveseat) Preferences Custom Lot Trait by littlemssam (used: Partying - this really isn’t needed, you can miss it out and choose your own lot traits instead)  
    Remember to check the ‘Include Custom Content’ box in your Gallery sidebar for this lot



  19. The Gentleman's Club strip club and brothel

    "It used a be a mission building, then this whore, and let's be clear, she was a whore through and through, bought it and turned it into a goddamned gentleman's club."
    What?  No stripper poles?  What?  Luxurious?  Yes, both of those things.  A high class strip club/brothel with minimal CC.  If you are installing this then you have the CC you need already.
    5 dance spots: Piano, Coffee Table, Coat Check Booth, two tables.
    Peekaboo shower (Put the walls up and you'll see what I mean.)
    Employee break room  (Be sure door is set to employees only)
    Coat Check Booth (Again set door to employees only)
    Needs a 40x30 lot  set your lot traits as you desire, they arrive empty.
    Copy the zipped files to your Tray folder.  I recommend bb.moveobjects before placing.
    1.0.1 Update: 
    Flipped 4 windows that were causing sex to sometimes occur outside the brothel rooms.
    New version wasn't owned when saved, hopefully preventing extraneous data from coming along.
    If you like, I'd appreciate a follow in the gallery (OriginID:  Isolis)
    or where I'm making perverse YouTube content at Isolis - YouTube



  20. XxX shop

    I made a little sexshop using many cc and animations included in the files.
    You must have the following mods : 



  21. Sex Club "Neon Hight" (no cc)

    Night club made as sex club, no cc. 



  22. Tendo Dojo

    Today I give to you the Tendo Dojo! I have been working on this lot for a couple weeks (when not at work that is). It is mostly accurate to the show in layout, however there are some liberties taken with decoration.
    Lot has 6 bedrooms, multiple bath facilities, and even has a shed for you to use for your own purposes. The shed was shown on the show, but I never could figure out what it’s purpose was.
    The download file contains all the tray files, a screen grab of the lot (shown above), a text file listing all CC used in the build and where to download it, a second text file listing all packs needed for the build, and all the CC I did that this build uses.
    Be sure you use bb.moveobjects BEFORE placing lot.
    See more of my stuff at https://bloodyriz.tumblr.com/



  23. „Dance with me“ - Gay Nightclub

    Go out, meet new People, dance, drink and enjoy some Shows.
    If you want, you can go in the back part and enjoy the hot sauna !
    This Nightclub is for everyone, not only for men!

    How to place lots :
    Unzip the downloaded lot and place all included files in this place:
    Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray

    Lot Info :
    Type: Nightclub
    Size: 30x20
    Value: 74‘833 S
    EP/SP/GP Needed:
    Snowy Escapes EP10
    Eco Lifestyle EP09
    Get Famous EP06
    City Living EP03
    Get Togehter EP02
    Dine Out GP03
    Spa Day GP02
    Moshino Stuff SP15

    CC needed:
    Whicked Whims MOD by Turbodriver
    NynaeveDesign - Lyne Path Light
    Simstaboy – Gay Vintage Posters
    Noir and Dark Sims – Neon Signs for a Stipper Club
    CoatiSims – Sani Center Vending Machine (Decor)



  24. VIP Gentlemen's Club

    Here is a little something I put together over the weekend. This is a simple, functioning Strip club. I did use the cheat codes ( ww.set_stripclub_employee_pool_size ) and ( ww.set_stripclub_dancers_employee_limit 12 ) so fill this place up. This is mainly a template for you all to have fun with. I encourage you all to expand on this one and I would love to see what you all did with it. As you all can see, I like to keep my clubs to one level because who the hell wants to bounce up and down all the time. Also, keep an eye on your janitors because I find mine are very f@cking lazy...I also included the mods I used and as usual, I take no credit for the creation of them and I appreciate all that I use so if you created any of them included let me say thank you and also the very big thank you to Turbo and another big thank you to NisaK... Enjoy P.S. I used Revy alt speakers, so don't forget to drop your custom tunes in that folder before launching the game.



  25. DBS_GOLDEN_BANANA_40x30.7z

    Here is a more realistic strip club blueprint for the Golden Banana. I got as close as the game would allow me and I hope you all enjoy. I did make a typo in the first one where as I said i was located in Middleton, I was wrong it is actually located in Peabody, Ma on Rte.1... My dad took me here when I came of age and I always thought is was wicked awesome. Again, I added all the mods I used and there is to many to name. I take no credit for these individual creations and a big thank you goes out to the creators. And a big thank you to Turbo for making the strip option in WW...



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