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Pre-built lots or neighborhoods for you sim to visit and/or live in.

279 files

  1. Lumpy109's Haunted Manor

    Your grandpa is calling you at 2:00 AM. You groggily get out of bed, wishing that last pint would've ended your sad, pathetic life. You answer the phone with a very 'excited'
    Before you could even read who it was, your dead grandpa immediately screams into the phone:
    Now having Tinnitus, you try to listen to your dead grandpa's ramblings.
    "If you are listening to this, then I am dead.."
    Uh... Was this a late pre-recorded message? Because you definitely attended his funeral-
    Your Tinnitus is back, forcing you to ignore the fact that your pre-recorded dead grandpa heard your thoughts.
    You roll your eyes, your name wasn't even close to Ted
    (People with the name Ted: "WHO AM I?!")
    The ringing in your ear intensifies, before fading, as you got an email. What was this about? An address? Oh, right... The Tinnitus thing....
    So anyways 'lore' aside,
    Thank you Rydell_85 for making the original manor, I edited it, and added two levels underneath, and added a lot to it
    The mirror maze stole 4 hours of my life. Kill me.



  2. The Rape Hub - Sex Abuse Collection: December 2023

    The Rape Hub - Sex Abuse Collection Contains 11 Items:
    - The Rape Hub Lot 20x15
    - Sex Abuse Books of Four
    - Gay Context Rape (requires WW)
    - Lesbian Context Rape (requires WW)
    - Crime Scene Body Outline
    - 3 Types of Abuse Social Mod
    The clock is forever stranded at 12:00AM midnight on December 10, 2020.
    This abandoned hotel has turned into a rape hub for a secret sex trafficking network.
    The fire exit staircase is covered with screaming blood and handwritten riddles.
    The underground basement is a programming hub, for organized satanic ritual abuse.
    Rapists make their entry via witchcraft teleportation magic, see below why.

    Lot Required: Requires most EA packs. Download extra CC from this site:
    1) Padded ICU Walls https://polyfractalmods.wordpress.com/2023/11/14/596/
    2) Post Rape Blood Discharge https://polyfractalmods.wordpress.com/2023/11/26/help-me-series-bloody-wall-writing-blood-discharge/
    3) Bloody Handwriting Wall Deco https://polyfractalmods.wordpress.com/2023/11/26/help-me-series-bloody-wall-writing-blood-discharge/
    4) Caution Signs of the Condemned https://polyfractalmods.wordpress.com/2023/11/27/signs-of-the-condemned-6-swatches/
    5) Crime Scene Body Outline https://polyfractalmods.wordpress.com/2023/11/27/crime-scene-outline/
    6) Screaming Red v2 Blood Wall https://polyfractalmods.wordpress.com/2023/11/27/screaming-red-v2/
    ★ Please See My Friend's Creations and Support Her ★

    Exit door

    Fire exit staircase

    Abandoned hotel bedroom

    Rape room

    Rape room

    Front door

    Fire exit staircase

    Exit door

    Rape room

    Basement ritual programming victims area

    Basement entry

    Lounge room with no staff


    The dead
    Copyright Mods by EPK1-23



  3. Cox Tower

    I know I'm not the first to come up with a might phallus-shaped build for TS4, but I thought I'd offer up my rendition to all those looking for a tall residential lot for their Sims.  There are four bedrooms (though any of them could be converted to another use) and four bathrooms, and uses a fully functional spiral staircase to get between floors.
    This home is on a 30x30 lot and costs around $93k, and I limited the packs I was using to:
     - Base Game
     - Discover University
     - Dream Home Decorator
     - Eco Lifestyle
     - Seasons
    I think I've got all the CC I used in the build in the CC folder (none of it was created or owned by me, there are many more talented people you have to thank for all their amazing creations), though if something doesn't show up I'm sure you can find somethign to take it's place.
    I hope you enjoy it!



  4. Guyz Gym, Pool & Spa

    Whenever I build gyms I always like the more industrial look, as though an old factory has been converted into another purpose, this one just happens to be multifunction and a hotbed for man-on-man action.  In addition to the standard gym/pool/spa items, this venue also has a basketball court on the roof, a couple of table tennis tables on the first floor, and a cafe space as soon as you enter, so no matter what your Sims are in the mood for they'll have plenty of opportunities to find it here.
    The lot type is set as a Gym, but it meets all the requirements for a Pool and Spa as well, on a 40x20 lot and costs around $161k, with the modded traits of:
     - Gay Hot Spot
     - Hypersexual
    I think I've got all the CC I used in the build in the CC folder (none of it was created or owned by me, there are many more talented people you have to thank for all their amazing creations), though if something doesn't show up I'm sure you can find somethign to take it's place.
    I hope you enjoy it!



  5. Wellman's Sauna

    Wellman's Sauna may just look like a plain and boring brick building from the outside, but once through it's Men Only door you'll find a clean and well appointed gay sauna and spa spread across three levels. 
    The ground floor houses the sauna's office, locker rooms, toilets, yoga studio, massage rooms, and a private courtyard for those needing a breath of fresh air.  The first floor is where you can find the lounge/bar, cinema, another toilet, and the private rooms.  Whilst down in the basement is the showers, a third toilet, gym, jaccuzzi, tub room, sauna, and the dark room maze.
    This is a fully functional spa, that fits on a 20x20 lot (I have it in Magnolia Promenade, since its a world I never use I'm turning it into a full gay village) and costs around $120k, with the modded traits of:
     - Gay Hot Spot
     - Hypersexual
     - Nudist hangout
    I think I've got all the CC I used in the build in the CC folder (none of it was created or owned by me, there are many more talented people you have to thank for all their amazing creations), though if something doesn't show up I'm sure you can find somethign to take it's place.
    I hope you enjoy it!



  6. Gay Porn Studio Lot

    Up in the hills of Del Sol Valley there sits Sim Studz Studios, a pornography studio the specialises in gay films (of course, if you wanted to convert it for another orientation then that's up to you).  Spread across three storeys, this angular and unusual building has a reception atrium that goes from the first to the third floor, where a skylight ensures it feels open and airy, with management and production rooms on the top and sets on the levels below.
     - Army Barracks
     - Bar
     - Bathroom
     - Bedroom (Double)
     - Bedroom (Single)
     - Bosses Office
     - Cinema
     - Classroom
     - Doctor's Office
     - Garage
     - Gym
     - Interrogation Room
     - Jail Cell
     - Kitchen [Not in front of my salad!]
     - Locker Room
     - Lounge
     - Massage Room
     - Sauna
     - Tailor's
    I think I've got all the CC I used, there wasn't a lot of it, but did struggle to find some of the things I had listed (though I'm sure you'll be able to add your own instead).



  7. Warsaw guetto inspired (Varsovia)

    Apartment complex based on the Warsaw guetto during World War 2, its supossed to happen at the first weeks/months after jews were jailed in Guettos during this time period. It can be also used as a post war lot, becouse there's a monument dedicated to jews at the back of the building (created in my decades story after 1945). If you want to use it before that, just ignore it or delete the monument.
    It's a 50x40 lot, and the main building creator is: Wickedpixxel -> Crime zone gang HQ.
    It has some furnished apartments that were from jew people living there that now are restored to inhabit Axis officers. In the funishing i was inspired in the film "The pianist" were you can see a restaurant and suitcases everywhere, also the building where Wladyslaw Szpilman hide in the attic. It also has the place "workers" lived and a workshop for them.
    It can be used in a decades challenge/story as i did, for example. Please use it wisely and respectfully.
    Can be used whitout CC but you may lose some 40's radios, wall decor, cribs, writing machine and broken wall effect.
    CC Used for full experience:
    - [tukete]2t4remasterWallDecorConversionMERGED
    - Music_Box_HSL
    - [PB] Nursery Boho Crib mosquitonet
    - linzlu-samantha-collection-MERGED
    - SYB_Coraline_Crib
    - BrokenWall_Annett85
    - MadameRiaTypewriterOTGv3
    - Uniform used in screenshots
    I hope you like it and please if you reupload it remember to mention me, thank you!



  8. Chamberlain Hills inspired apartments

    Apartment complex based on Chamberlain Hills from GTA 5, also inspired from Baldwing Village, from Crenshaw.
    It's a 40x30 lot with a laundry shop and a small restaurant, used all the expansion pack's and content from TS4.
    Original main building is from: Florwalsims 
    Was created for some type of guetto story and it's my first uploaded lot, if it has some good reviewing i ll add some other good lots i edited/created.

    It can be used whitout CC, but it may lose some graffities and also not necessary objets.
    For the full experience you may use:
    - Basemental drugs and gangs
    - [HeylloCat] GraffitiDecals
    - [tukete]2t4remasterWallDecorConversionMERGED
    - Mc-1953 Dodge B-Series
    - Artesim Graffiti Wall Decor Pack
    - sg5150 Big Brother ATM -> downloaded from Open Arms motel it has some other stuff used. ( as i said, it can be played wthout CC, im not a CC fan at all when i build )
    - WallStickersLitttleCakes -> also downloaded from the Open Arms motel
    -  ATS4_object_vendingmachine_pizzas
    - FordF-150byLorySims
    - urban vinyl records - simciaga, recommended to download a vinyl recorder, there are a lot from TSR -> For ex. Vinyl Recorder EX
    There's some other CC i didnt add becouse they are not necessary at all, just some 60's -70's Fallout furniture used in my decade's game.
    If anyone's interested here it is:
    - Fallout Baby from SurelySims
    - Also Tattoo Rabit Hole from KawaiiStacy -> Tattoorabithole
    Tnx you a lot, i hope you like it and any suggestion may be accepted, if you reupload it edited or something, pls mention me! 



  9. You Neighbourhood Strip club - On stage club -

    Mum! Can I go there? That new building opened last week ! It looks like a funny place, should be some game center or playground! Let me go there, okay? Come on, please, I will do my homework, I promise.
    A livable strip club, can let you spend whole day to interact with you staff & customers. For
    those who's already felt boring the daily life in your own house. 
    You find some rooms hv not finish? Those are for DIY , not cut corners...(run away)
    Also you can download my model girl use on the pictures ~ 



  10. my first beach house

    hope you guys enjoy and give feed back will be releasing some sims soon 
    my First attempt to making a beach house 2 bedroom areas plus a kids room
    simoleons $64,903
    created by :breezy aka harleygeick4
    i don't own the cc used in this build



  11. Pornbob Theatre

    DISCLOSURE - This Lot a Remodel of someone else's work
    This is the home I use for AEP's Starlight Venus Awards When the AEP Career is updated, I will at least have a venue for it 
    The Backstory
    Plumbob Pictures once used this venue (Which was then named the Plumbob Theatre) for the Starlight Accolades Awards but moved the annual ceremony to the PBP Studios when they outgrew this facility
    But instead of selling it to some outsider (Where it faced almost certain demolition), Plumbob Pictures sold it to its Adult Entertainment subsidiary, Pornbob Pictures, who renovated it & uses it for AEP's Starlight Venus Awards (Among other things)
    It's equipped with streaming tools so the ceremony can be streamed on AEP.com & on the various AEP apps.  Word has it a Streaming TV deal is in the works too
    PORNSTAR SIMS - On Awards Night, they can rub elbows with each other & win the Starlight Venus Award in a variety of categories
    NON-PORNSTAR SIMS - Non-Pornstar sims can also attend, rub elbows with "The Bigz In The Biz" as it were as they rub elbows with Pornstar sims & win the Starlight Venus Award in a variety of categories specifically set aside for Amateurs (If they are popular enough, they too could Get Famous as a Pornstar who simply prefers to produce their own content) 
    PROSTITUTE SIMS -  This will be THE place you WILL want to JOIN your sim by TAKING THEM THERE on Awards Night to "Work The Strip" as it were looking for unsuspecting potential Johns who originally showed up for the actual ceremony but got lured into a "Faux De Paux" with a Prostitute somewhere outside the Theatre (Hence the Dumpsters in the back) 🤣😁 
    NOTE - It comes with optional CC which I DID NOT include in the lot itself as I got them after the lot was built). That CC is in the OPTIONAL OBJECTS folder so you can add them if you want



  12. Major Seven Levels Functional Hospital Lot

    ★ Please See My Friend's Creations and Support Her ★
    I own all Sims 4 expansion packs, game packs and stuff packs, therefore it would be best that you also have them as much as possible, to prevent missing items on the lot. After downloading the rar file, please copy and paste all files into the Sims 4 Tray folder and then visit the gallery to place the 40x30 Hospital Lot. This Hospital took me 1 month to make and I wanted to make it as comprehensive as possible. The other CC folder files are to be placed into the Mods folder.
    Required Hospital CC Folder Downloads (4 Parts)
    My entire CC folder is 19GB 4,000+ (I claim no rights to any of the items). This so that the Hospital Lot would not miss any items, as I have used a lot of CC to create this Hospital as realistic as possible. The Hospital has 5 levels above ground and 2 levels basement. Below are the 80 image previews, I cannot include all aspect of the Hospital, as it is too massive to capture everything.

    Emergency Department

    Reception Area

    Recreation Area


    Acute Psychiatric Ward

    Ward's Bathroom

    Appointment Room

    Meeting Room

    Outdoor Recreation Area

    Ward's Garden

    Large Appointment Room

    Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

    P-ICU Living Room

    Staff Meeting Room

    Staff Rest Room

    Shared Bathroom

    Psychiatric Seclusion Room

    P-ICU Garden


    Family Meeting Room


    Surgery Room

    Shared Bedrooms Garden

    Secret Laboratory

    Shared Bedrooms

    Large Surgery Room

    Body Scanning Room

    Reception Desks

    Secondary Cafeteria

    ICU Garden

    Morgue Room

    Intensive Care Area

    Examination Room

    Disabled Bathroom

    Baby Incubator Room

    Private Hospital Bedroom

    Waiting Room

    Blood Storage Room

    Pathology Room

    Appointment Room

    Private Ward Living Room

    Private Ward

    Rooftop Garden

    Asylum Hospital Section

    ECT Room

    Asylum Hospital Section

    Underground Car Park

    Rehabilitation Pool

    Basement Garden

    Surgical Training Room

    OB-GYN Room

    Women Only Safety Ward

    Women Ward Living Room

    Lockers Room

    High Tech Ward

    Security Room

    Meeting Room

    Waiting Room

    Defibrillator Ward

    Appointment Room

    MRI Scanning Room

    CT Scanning Room

    Ultrasound Room

    Radiation Therapy Room

    Heart Monitoring Room

    Gym Area

    Self-Serve Kitchen Area

    Children Ward

    Children Play Area

    Cafe Area

    Psychiatric ICU Office

    Therapy Room

    Asylum Hospital Section

    Lecture Theater

    Private Children Ward

    Laundry Room

    Waiting Room

    Set of Lifts
    I own no copyright to the CC items, except the lot I created myself.



  13. Ez Gas Station

    So I don't normally share my builds cuz they really have nothing to do with sexy sims lol. But I made this gas station that's simple and can function as a cafe so I thought I'd share. It does have vending machines from High school and snowy escape packs.



  14. Cubman - 8 Bells Shotgun Style House

    Hi guys, as I continue to rebuild each of the worlds, I'm going to pop a few builds in here for you to download, if you want.  This is 8 Bells in Strangerville, and I've created a small 2-bed, 1 -bath shotgun style starter home.  It comes in at just under 20k simoleans.  I've included a few new pieces of CC I created (these will require Dream Home Decorator).  
    As always, it's tested in game using the latest patch.  For everything to show up, you'll need the packs shown on the screenshot.  
    If you've got any comments, issues or suggestions for future builds, drop me a message.
    Take cre of yourself and others



  15. SN Dream House

    Big Family👨‍👦👩‍👧 👶Homes🏘️ for your Sims
    or whatever you want to use it for.
    LOT Location - Oasis Spring
    Value $ 417,214.00
    Size - 40x30
    5 Bedrooms/4 Bathrooms/1 Garage
    How to Install - Place Tray files in the Tray folder of your documents. Documents/ ElectronicArts/ Tray.
    Place the Mods in the mods Folder, Documents/ElectronicArts/Mods.
    Credits go to all the content creator's mods that I'm using and required for this LOT to work.




  16. Taylor Swift Nude Set 1

    Taylor Swift Nude photos to liven up your rooms, hope you enjoy.
    For more content visit, https://www.patreon.com/Chimilicious or https://fansly.com/Chimilicious/posts



  17. Cannabis Room (Fully Stocked)

    First upload I have done, and figured I would share my hard work with everyone. This is a 29 x 10 room fully stocked with ALL 11 strains of cannabis. 150 jars of each, 25 bags of each ready to be opened and 3 seeds of each to be able to grow more if your heart desires. All jars, bags, and seeds are of excellent quality (so hopefully it stays that way if/when you download this). REQUIRED MODS ARE OF COURSE #1 BASEMENTAL DRUGS AND #2 GRAND DESIGN SHELVES by CHAGGITH (neither mod i own and take no credit for. Credit goes to the modders who created those). However both of those mods are included in the zip file. ~Enjoy 



  18. Cubman - Slip42 Trailer Home

    Hi guys,
    I'm continuing World Building for my save file, and I wanted to upload a tiny home trailer that I built on Slip42 lot in Strangerville.  Minimal CC (but I have included in the download). 
    Should come in at under 17,000 Simoleons as a starter home.  But I have used a bunch of packs, sorry.  Fully play tested in game, but if you do have any issues or problems, please do let me know.
    Take care of yourselves and other 



  19. Bolt Gentlemen's Club

    This Gentlemen's club sits comfortably in the Spice Market. This lot was inspired by a real strip club, but isn't a perfect match. I did not create any CC in this file. All credit goes to the authors included in this file. 



  20. Abandonned Love Motel

    Hello Guys
    Hope you're all fine

    After many years playing sims, it is the very first time i am sharing something with the community, makes me a little bit nervous
    So this build, is a rebuilding of an existing lot from enikobalogh   ( The Sims 4 Motel and Bar Lot (customcontent.net)
    The story of a Motel that had to divers its activities to attract custumers again, First a restaurant, then a streap club, but things didn't really happend the way the tenants used to plan it, soon the motel became the place to be for hookers and drug dealers, and the explosion of the meth lab on Room 4 just ended the business, since many years, this motel is now abandonned. Some homeless friends decided to move in and started a weed business, the rest of the story is up to you guys.
    Tray file to be downloaded here
    Mods are available here:  https://www.mediafire.com/file/62t2qiqk8dzaccn/Abandonned_Love_Motel_Mods.zip/file
    Big thanks to the talented mod creators: AnYe, Cepzid creation, DoroCash, eniosta, Hel Studio, Helen, HyggeSims, kardofe, KHD, leo, Mutske, MXIMS, Ravasheen, Sanoysims, Severinka, sg5150, sims41ife, slox, Sunydays, Syboulette, Just to name a few



  21. Illusion Strip Club & Brothel [CC]

    Welcome Everyone!
    I introduce you my next project of club and brothel in one. If you like more space for Sims but don't like walk to much, this is the club for you. It`s two floors (one extra after job 😉).
    I tried to give the best detail of my idea. Tested many hours to make sure the Sims dont`t get stuck after animations. If you like it, thumbs up.
    >>> Required Mod <<<
    Want more dancers for this great job? Use Ctrl + Shift + C and write:
    ww.set_stripclub_dancers_employee_limit amount
    Maximum is 12 employees
    >>> Optional mods <<<
    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions
    Basemental Drugs
     For dancers to have sex with clients, register as Rose (Phone Menu). Unfortunately, it has to be done to employees one by one. You can also work as a dancer or a manager. Office is on the upper floor.

    >>> Building Size <<<
    40 x 30
    Any suggestions? Write to me and I will try to do something about it.

    Enjoy game!



  22. Studio 54 Club

    This time I bring you my recreation of the legendary Studio 54 in New York.
    I have enjoyed making this club, I hope you enjoy it.
    Necessary mods:
    LittleMsSam AutoEmployee
    Front Desk Staff Mod
    Basemental Drugs
    LittleMsSam Dress Code Lot Trait
    Pimp My Sims 4 LGBT
    Wicked Whims Mod



  23. Le Kitty Split Strip Club and Brothel!

    Sul Sul. Today I thought I would share my Strip Club/Brothel.
    This club is made mostly with base game and CC. I try to build as alpha as possible but there are a few pieces from packs. You will probably want to have Get Together for the DJ Booth. There are also a couple objects from Get Famous and Dining Out. There are minor pieces from a few other packs but I was unable to find them so not sure what they were. Could be meshes. If you are missing these packs, it will just either replace or remove the object... it shouldn't be much.
    Also, the only Mod you will absolutely need is Wicked Whims (free version is fine), but it is highly suggested to have the following Mods as well. I would also suggest downloading Andrew VFX Player for a few special effects included.
    Wicked Whims : Wickedwhims - https://wickedwhimsmod.com/download
    Hypersexual - Wickedwhims - https://wickedwhimsmod.com/download
    Escort Call Center - Nisa's Wicked Perversions - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5002-nisa’s-wicked-perversions/
    Bouncer - Basemental Drugs - https://basementalcc.com/adult_mods/basemental-drugs/
    Lot Challenges by LittleMsSam - https://littlemssam.tumblr.com/
    Live in Club
    More Visitors
    Auto Employees
    Andrew VFX Player - https://sims4studio.com/thread/2617/andrews-studio
    Additional Directions available at my Patreon. Link provided in the download.
    If you like my creations, feel free to support me at my Patreon and get them all:

    Also, don't forget to download the featured dancer for this club, Angel Beau available here:



  24. The Compound

    A little something that has been running through my head for a while for my Drug Dealer Sim. He's a cheapskate and grows his own stuff, so he needed a place away from the prying eyes of "The Man". 
    About this Lot:
    50x50 lot in Sulani
    3 bedrooms, 2 Bath, 2 Grow pods for whatever ails ya.
    Lots of Crafting Stations, a security room, break room / game room.
    Enjoy.. And remember to Share the love.



  25. The Koffiehuis Strip

    30 x 20 Lot Size
    [216 ITEMS / 118 MB]

    I renovated this lot by BlackHotChocol8 (EA Gallery ID) into a strip club 🌹✨💋🌹

    EP's- Snowy Escape | Get Famous | City Living | Get Together | Get to Work GP's- Dream Home Decorator | Jungle Adventure | Spa Day SP's- Fitness | Perfect Patio Wicked Whims  
    Nisa's Wicked Perversions  
    T.O.U: Don’t steal/claim this as your own, and do not put this or any of my content behind a paywall. Other than that, feel free to use this however you like! Tag me in your posts! I'd love to see them. 🥰

    MAKE SURE 'BB.MOVEOBJECTS' is ON before placing! There is 1 MERGED FILE- "[Quiet -Storm] Neon Lights Part 1 (fixed)" I couldn't get rid of. 

    Thanks to all creators who made this lot possible with their CC!

    Enjoy!! 🤍✨
    ✨PS: If something is missing, message me and let me know. I use Tray Importer to export all the custom content, and sometimes it may miss a thing. Always check for duplicates before starting your game if you have a lot of custom content! 💋 
    Simstagram | Youtube | My CC | Patreon | EA ID: purpluv



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