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Dialog Sex

Lovers with PK mods that primarily deal with sex started through dialog

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  1. Lovers Situations Voiced

    A voiced version of Lovers Situations by Isskini. The quests had to change considerably in some cases to make sense with voiced dialogue and not all NPCs are voiced yet, so this is a beta version. Putting this here for feedback purposes.  Based on v1.15
    Link to the original mod 



  2. Lovers Working Girl

    This is just a merge of Gaebrials LoversHooker and ghostmist17s Lovers Stripper
    Stripper is the moderate jiggle version, and hooker is the version that requires LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp
    Uploaded with permissions, done to free up esp slots.



  3. LoversHooker

    This is an update to/rewrite of Callipygic's LoversHooker mod (original thread here: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=3462). This version makes several changes - hopefully improvements - to Callipygic's original version, incorporating the modifications made by Manzor. The main change is that an ini file has been added, which allows you to control nearly all aspects of LoversHookers V2.0. In addition, the scripts and dialogue options have all been completely overhauled for robustness, spelling and grammar mistakes have been corrected, and the options have been expanded to allow male players to be prostitutes.
    RECOMMENDED MOD: The mod Daily Income Revised (http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=2205) is highly recommended in combination with LoversHooker. This mod gives NPCs an income depending on their faction, rank, social class and city of residence. Without this mod, most NPCs, including supposedly wealthy ones, will only have a small amount of gold with which to purchase your services.
    Other highlights:

    Further details are in the readme and the ini file, but if anything is unclear, let me know.
    UPDATE: Version 2.0a:

    UPDATE: Version 2.1:

    Minor Update: Version 2.1a:

    UPDATE: Version 2.2:

    UPDATE/FINAL: Version 2.5:


    Barring any bugs, this is the final version of this iteration of LoversHooker. However, I've got several ideas for brothels, quests, and other such things to massively expand the scope of the mod. But that will be version 3.0, and these things take time.
    Any problems, questions or constructive suggestions, post them here.
    Update 8-29-15: Gregathit has modified the called animations so that they are aligned with the LAPF and mem4ob4 fixed a bad call in one of the scripts.
    Please pick only one version of Lovers Hooker.



  4. Lovers Pay Bandit - LAPF version

    About Plugin.
    LoversPayBandit allows you to pay bandits with your body instead of gold. If you don't have gold you can always use your companions (They won't like it )! Same thing goes for Inn Keepers (Sexual favors for bed ).
    You can pay off Guards with your body (Don't have to pay fine or go to jail ) or use slaves\companions to do it for you.
    However if your bounty is too high (1k or more) then you have to face the music yourself.
    OBSE 20+
    Preview/Screenshots (Click to open full size ).

    Original Translation by Ashal and update by HanPL. Gregathit minor tweaks in dialogue.
    Change Log:
    1.4 Final - original release
    1.4a Final - fixed guards to accept companions\slaves
    1.4b Final - fixed 3 missed guard conversations (thanks to Fejeena pointing it out).



  5. Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP

    Allows for prostitution (female only), consensual sex through dialog, public sex, and romance/affairs with various female NPCs in the game.
    This mod is an expanded version of the non SSP version included in Minor Mod Pack, they should not be used together.
    Translated by: Ashal
    Requires: OBSE v0019+, Lovers Base System