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SexLab Framework SE

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These Skyrim Special Edition mods are all related to the SexLab SE adult framework and thus are of an adult only nature.

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  1. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo SE

    Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo SE
    I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented -Caden-
    I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission.
    If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give -Caden- some love, and check out their other mods!
    The following copied from the original LE page:
    About This File
    !!! Due to work, It will be quite a while before I can create anymore updates, so anyone willing to continue with this mod(Like so many before me have done) or any other mods I have on Lovers Lab, they are open for anyone to continue and upload as your own updates. As others have said before, I have one condition, Please keep them on Lovers Lab and do not upload to other sites  !!!
    Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo 4.1
    (Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo 4.0 Continuing where WraithSlayer left off)

    (To report a bug with dialogue, I need the Gender/Race, Vampire yes/no, and what the dialogue that didn't match said. Due to the fact of almost 2000 lines of dialogue now with many conditions pertaining to race and gender)
      What is Ulfic doing when you are out frolicking around Whiterun, selling your ass? Do you know?....Well I do! When he is not overseeing the uprising against the Empire, he is out scouting for the next orgy so he can release some tension, maybe he will show up to and orgy you are the center of!
     What about Elisif the Fair, Rightful Queen to the throne huh, after the passing of your husband, she mourns, but that doesn't mean her hormones stop, so occasionally she well sneak out to get fucked in the privacy of someone elses home! Any many more of Skyrims nobles do the same!
     Welcome to Radiant Prostitute/Gigolo, now play as a Male of Female Character, and this will fit your playthrou, Race Aware, Gender Aware, Vampire Aware, just talk to your local innkeeper to get your life as a Prostitute/Gigolo started!

     First off, I made a lot of dialog changes, and some are vulgar, so you are offended by vulgar language...well..your lieing to yourself cause your here getting ready to download a sex mod!
    This is from the Radiant Prostitution Page and still applies:
    To begin, talk to any innkeeper and ask about jobs. Initially you'll have access to two types, (simple prostitution, or serving tables) which are covered in detail below. Note that you can only be registered to one innkeeper at a time, and if you stray too far from the general location, the innkeeper will assume you ditched the job and not be happy when you come back.
    Serving tables: Go around the inn asking patrons if they want food or drinks. Once you get an order, get the items the customer ordered from the innkeeper, then take them back to receive payment. You get to keep the customer's tip, and the innkeeper will take the rest. If you got the order wrong, the customer may refuse to pay, and the innkeeper will give you an earful. While on the job, there will always be at least one patron in the inn that wants to order food, but it may take some time to find them if there's a large amount of people. Also, some customers may not be looking for food, but for something more salacious, and if you take them up on their offer, you'll stop serving tables and switch to prostitution.
    Simple prostitution: Proposition clients in the town/city around the inn, or wait for them to come to you (configurable in MCM). Different clients will have different tastes, and payment will vary according to which act they want you to perform. You can try and convince them to do something else, but they won't always accept, and some may even rape you instead. Once you've had enough clients, meet the innkeeper back at the inn to end your session. The innkeeper will take a MCM-configurable share of the profits. If you leave the location without reporting to the innkeeper first, they'll put a bounty on you for not giving them a share of the profits.
    Home deliveries (unlocked at rank 2): Go to the client's home and satisfy their wishes. This job is only available once in a while.
    Camp job (unlocked at rank 3): Go to the military camp and boost the morale of the troops. This job pays considerably higher than simple prostitution, but has a longer cooldown period than home deliveries. Camp jobs are no longer available when you pick a side in the civil war.
    Random quest (unlocked at rank 4): A collection of more complex prostitution quests. Most of these feature bestiality in some form, so if you're not into that, you'll want to stick to the other forms of prostitution.
    SexLab Framework SE Zaz Animation Packs SE (either one) JContainers SE Fuz Ro D-oh SE  
    Install with mod manager, or unzip and drop files into your Skyrim/data folder
    To update, you can just overwrite Radiant Prostitution 3.2.2 , I left the esp and all the script files ECT.. the same name so there is no issues
    Radiant Prostitution should work nicely with pretty much anything, even other SexLab prostitution mods, but there are some things that may break it, namely mods that automatically start SexLab animations based on proximity to the player. Known incompatible mods:
    SexLab Dangerously Nude SE - Will cause simple prostitution jobs to break if walking around naked. SexLab Aroused Creatures SE - Prevents Random Job quests involving bestiality from working properly. May be temporarily disabled in its MCM settings while performing these quests. SexLab Adventures SE - Auto-starts animations so interferes with R.P. functionality.  
    Works with Sluttin' Up Bruma SE mod I uploaded earlier : Sluttin' Up Bruma SE
    These quest are just sex quest, nothing intricate, has some explanation dialog in the quest 
    Female only version - for the player who wants all female clients in home deliveries (Occasion male may show up but rare) Male only version - for the player who wants all male clients in home deliveries (Occasion female may show up but rare) To use the Optional files, first load 3.7, then overwrite it with your choice Option file you DO NOT need a Option file, the base 3.7 has a variety of Male and Female clients  
    An Explanation:
          For any quest in this mod to fire it needs to meet conditions, for example, for The Matriarch, Maven needs to be inside her home to call you there, this goes for all quest, even the ones from the original mod. If conditions are not met, you cannot force start the quest either! This is how Skyrim works. You cannot force start the main quest to go to Sovngarde right after you finish Bleak Falls Barrow, because condition's have not been met, this is all quest in and out of this mod
    Hint: Many more quest and variety become available with RPG if you hook at night, that's what prostitutes usually do anyways right?
    Ashal - Sexlab Framework
    WraithSlayer, Mainfct, Korialstraszbob - for the Amazing work on this already!
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz
    These quest are just sex quest, nothing intricate, has some explanation dialog in the quest 
    Female only version - for the player who wants all female clients in home deliveries (Occasion male may show up but rare) Male only version - for the player who wants all male clients in home deliveries (Occasion female may show up but rare) To use the Optional files, first load 3.7, then overwrite it with your choice Option file you DO NOT need a Option file, the base 3.7 has a variety of Male and Female clients  
    An Explanation:
          For any quest in this mod to fire it needs to meet conditions, for example, for The Matriarch, Maven needs to be inside her home to call you there, this goes for all quest, even the ones from the original mod. If conditions are not met, you cannot force start the quest either! This is how Skyrim works. You cannot force start the main quest to go to Sovngarde right after you finish Bleak Falls Barrow, because condition's have not been met, this is all quest in and out of this mod
    Hint: Many more quest and variety become available with RPG if you hook at night, that's what prostitutes usually do anyways right?



  2. Paradise Halls Enhanced (pahe) Special Edition with the customary addons

    this is skyrim special edition conversion for :
    Skyrim SE 1.5.39 SKSE SE v2.0.7 SkyUI SE FNIS SE SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 2 Zaz animation pack se V7 or 8 the above mod requirements and the requirements of those mods and fnis must be run after install the lakeview manor cell requires hearthfires tdf patch requires tdf prostitution mod alt start addon requires arthmoor's alt start pahe-dwarven suits patch requires  Devious Devices expansion 4.1 for sse,(newer versions now have their own patches, please be sure to use the ddx patch that matches your version) (DDX file is hidden download button at the bottom of the download list for the dd for sse download) Run FNIS SE after installation! ALL requirements for the above mods must also be installed full install requires all above requirements and the included dwarven suits patch requires Devious Devices expansion 4.1 for sse creature framework conflict appears to be removed from 7.x versions thanks to fred200 and Pfiffy for their conversion efforts
    based on this mod here:
    with additional features of this mod here:
    Mods based on Paradise Halls
    Paradise halls has been built to be a platform for other modders to build their own content for.

    Be careful : some mods developed as add-ons for previous versions of PAH won't be compatible with last version or future versions. To make them compatible ask the modder of the add-on, no answer will be done here on the subject, if a mod is based on an .esm (Skyrim, DLCs or another mod) and is not upgraded when the base .esm change, it's a dead mod.
    as this is sse, those mods are all waiting for this to be released so we won't go into that at this time....
    Currently Compatible with version7.4:
    home sweet home
    aygas(and you get a slave)
    these mods should be compatible, but don't seem to do anything paradise halls related anymore...and seem to be abandoned(so not likely to be converted anytime soon):
    Paradise Halls - Slavers Hideout Add-On by Emotika: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/33462 Paradise Halls - Family Feud by OmegaIsraelTerri: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/32865
    These mods are not yet compatible. Using them will result in extreme weirdness (not the good sort):
    Dres Trade by RET45Paradise Halls Merchant add-on by lucen15 Paradise Halls Merchant add-on by lucen15  
    These mods are obsolete, won't be updated and should not be used in current or future releases:
    Paradise Halls Extender - Slave Capture Spells and Poisons by Mutifex Immersive sex slaves - Animatied Prostitution patch for Paradise Halls by Mutifex  
    What you can do now
    * Enslave people
    * Train them as slaves
    * Train them to be respectful
    * Train them to fight for you
     fuck your slaves as punishment or for your own pleasure adequately fucked slaves can also be turned into tdf sluts - requires tdf prostitution mod sufficiently submissive slaves may also be into turned into tdf sluts - requires tdf prostitution mod * Slaves can be given equipment to wear
    * Slaves can be leashed up to stop them running off (which they'll try to)
    also advanced leash options available in mcm to allow the slave to continue following the player for training similar to the old leash, the slaves can now also be restrained ropes are not inescapable, but the iron cuffs can be made at the forge for a much sturdier restraint restrained slaves also receive pose training * Slaves have a separate backpack for carrying stuff you don't want them to wear
    * All slave dialogue re-uses existing dialogue, so no matter the voice type of the person enslaved, you will hear them talk
    many newer voice types added to the list of voices for the slave so its not always even toned * You have a whip (it even leaves whip-marks)
    * Sell slaves to Master Jerrek in the Fellglow Slave Camp
    camp not yet converted to sse alternate start is also compatible here, in fact i recommend it to allow your mods to start cleaner devious devices patch adds more collar variants as leash collars and when chosen with advanced leash collar option from mcm this mean its easier to manage multiple slaves 72+(100+ maybe) slaves instead of 15 Easier enslavement (see changelog "Initial Release") MCM Simple jail expansion for HF Falkreath enslave cancel button for canceling the enslavement process before its started(useful if dialog was attempted, especially useful for eff users) teleport debug to teleport a lost or stuck slave to the player from anywhere on the map via the mcm  
    What you can't do
    * Enslave anything which isn't a playable race
    some creature exclusions are now available and further will be added at my discretion * Enslave any 'important' npcs.
    well no, actually you can, But i wouldn't advise it if you plan to complete the quest that npc is associated with...it just might fail to complete the quest random additional note, some quest npc's tend to have disappearing acts removing them from the game at certain quest stages that may effect your slave if you choose to enslave that npc * Enslave any 'scripted' npcs.
    easiest or most common example for this is scripted follower addon mods, but sometimes even the follower framework used is enough to interfere enslaving scripted npc's often leads to breaking something and i can't guarantee what will happen afterwords  
    escape rules and prevention:
    first if they're above submission setting, wearables won't matter next if they're below the setting, but wearing a leash collar, submision won't matter devious collar will also behave as leash collars and dwarven devious suits will also act as devious collars "with benefits" and most devious devices that prevent running will also prevent a slave from running and thus also prevent them from escape if they're below the setting with a basic collar, but wearing zbf shackles, additional rules apply for escape chances based on the shackle type if it activates the tied state or if the update gametime event activates the tied state  
    using the dialog "I'm going to make sure you stay here." will use the zbf cuffs or shackles from inventory to activate the "tied state" ropes are the easiest to escape from and either color iron cuffs are the hardest with everything else in between iron cuffs are either impossible to escape from or nearly so, haven't had an escape from those since they were added to the system ropes are given freely using the dialog options, but have an escape chance high enough you can reach about 100 yards or so on average before the slave is running or standing there ready to run leather cuffs craftable at the tanning rack. iron cuffs craftable at the forge  
    Go to Whiterun, check in Farengar's study. You'll find he's taken on an 'interesting' hobby.

    To enslave someone, simply (actually it's not that easy) attack them until they're nearly dead and go down on one knee, then activate them when they're down. You don't need any specific tools, but you'll find them really hard to keep hold of without the slave collars found on Farengar's desk.

    Remember that 'important' NPC's cannot be enslaved. Important NPC's are the NPC's which can't be killed normally. When they reach 0 health they go down on one knee in a bleedout state for a while and then heal up and come back at you.
    hmm, not so sure if that's true or not
    Slave collars and whips can both be created at the forge - Collars under Jewelry and whips under Misc.
    cuffs can also be made to restrain your slaves
    To sell slaves, go to the Fellglow Slave Camp, near Fellglow Keep or use "home sweet home" mod or aygas
    * This mod requires SKSE
    * Some users have reported that some SKSE functions do not work when using skyrim 4G. Skyrim 4G isn't needed anymore anyway so might as well simply not use it.

    Use NMM or unpack into data folder.

    Your load order should be as follows:

    ... other Bethesda DLCs
    ... other stuff

    Important for U.F.O Users (thanks etaineleanor):
    >correct loadorder:

    Other stuff
    finally U.F.O.

    If you're experiencing weirdness, here are some troubleshooting tips:

    -Having them enabled will either cause a CTD or will cause extreme weirdness in-game. Do not use them.
    additionally some mods which were made for paradise halls 0.7 no longer work either...But majority of those mods are now incorporated into the framework - Having old scripts lying around from a previous version will cause problems. Try uninstalling, using the script removers (look at optional files), and then installing the latest version.

    - Although PAH won't boot up if you're using an alternative start mod, you can force it to. Console:
    >help reboot
    >player.addspell <the id of the reboot spell>
    Then cast that spell.
    that spell has been removed and replaced with an auto-start mcm option also exists, but that's due for repairs soon - Rebooting as above can solve a lot of weirdness.

    - You can't really clean an existing save in the same way you could with previous Best games. Scripts are actually saved in a save game file and so may continue running even if the script file no longer exists. SKSE has a feature to clean up dirty scripts but it needs to be enabled in an ini file. I strongly recommend editing / creating a "skyrim/data/skse/skse.ini" to include this:
    Longer lasting whip-marks
    Some people have asked to have the duration of whip-marks increased. This isn't possible with the CK, however there is am ini tweak you can do. Find and open your skyrim.ini, under [Display] add this line:


    That will increase the lifetime for ALL decals in the game which you may or may not want.
    final trouble shooting methods when all else fails:

    This doesn't really touch any existing forms, so compatibility shouldn't be a problem. I haven't done any compatability testing yet, so I can't really guarantee it's going to play nicely with everything. There's no reason I can see why it would cause problems though.

    * There is one exception to this: Mods which cause NPC's to surrender are likely to conflict with the capture mechanic here.
    * It seems that skyre and possibly other mods which increase weapon damage cause the whip to do more damage than it should, potentially killing captives before they submit.

    For SkyRe users: you should add the following line under <weapon_exclusion_strings> in ReProccer's Stats.xml


    then run the patcher. This way the whip will keep its damage as 1.

    look for sse versions of these mods, recommended but not required:
    PAH Home Sweet Home by Musje Prettier Bandits by EinarrTheRed Slave Way Manor 1.0 by drlove33 Eastern Holding Cells 1.0 by drlove33 Slave Den 1.0,1.1 by drlove33 Slave Holding Cells 1.1 by drlove33 The Bondage House 0.5 by Vykroft  

    addition thanks to:
    AxarT for the expanded lakeview dungeon addon
    AVS for the dwarven suits ground objects
    devious dwarven suits patch based on the work of MaikCG for Dwarven Devious Cuirass 1.1a
    Hambam9871 for the miaslair patch
    EinarrTheRed for the felglow slave camp updated npc's and navmeshes
    a1b2c3d4e5f6h7i8 for the female player oral animations fix
    julzor for compiling my script while i'm away from my pc
    Vykroft for fixing the lakeview manor cell addon
    Pfiffy for translation updates
    Xorgroth for more slaves patch2 allowing upto 100 slaves
    WaxenFigure for the solution to naked bandits for non - temporary actors (still issues with temporary actors)
    BlackShades for finding the faction check bugs in condescending dialogs
    ragnam for his help with the behaviors



  3. SexLab More Nasty Critters Always Erect SE

    This patch which make all male creatures in the game always show their erect schlongs, irrespective of their arousal.
    Note: This is based on (and requires) More Nasty Critters SE 12.3 - it will not affect ASOS schlongs. There are compatibility issues with More Nasty Critters 12.5, I will need to create a new version for that. Thanks to MadMansGun for pointing out how to do this and for allowing me to upload it.
    This patch does not affect the actual arousal of any creature. It simply points the non-aroused versions of all creatures to instead use the aroused meshes from More Nasty Critters.
    Using this patch you will not be able to judge the arousal based on the creatures´ schlongs anymore, they will always look horny. So yes, it really defeats the purpose of the arousal mechanics for creatures. But also you never get any dry humping if for some reason the schlong did not trigger to show.
    If you do see any more dry humping after this patch, it´s because
    they are really female and you have set Aroused Creatures to also work on female creatures or Random Sex or some other mod had an NPC select a female creature or some mod you have installed introduced its own meshes (replacer mods for dogs, horses, animal variants, etc. often carry their own meshes, not just textures) because I missed a creature - let me know  
    This patch makes the changes on all male default creatures which are in the vanilla game as well as on all creatures added by More Creatures (which btw. are all male). It will also affect the conjured Hentai Creatures. And since More Creatures does not only place the default creatures but also points one dog to use the Hentai Creatures German Shepherd mesh, I also had to include this as requirement.
    So for this patch to work you need:
    SexLab SE (obviously) More Nasty Critters SE 12.3 (oviously) Hentai Creatures SE (comes optional with the above) SexLab More Creatures SE  
    If you don´t have Hentai Creatures and More Creatures installed, and you also don´t want to: There is an "MNC-only" version available in the downloads also:
    The downloads come in various verions:
    More Nasty Critters Always Erect This is the main, original file as described above, including the dependencies to "Hentai Creatures" and "More Creatures". .  
    More Nasty Critters Always Erect - MNC only
    This is the same file but does not touch "Hentai Creatures" or "More Creatures". Therefore, these two are removed as masters and not needed for installation. This is for people who don´t want to install "Hentai Creatures" and "More Creatures".  
    More Nasty Critters Always Erect - F to M
    This is the same as the original, but has an additional feature: It will force that all the female vanilla dogs, horses, deer and elk will instead use their male (and always erect!) form. It does not make them male, but makes them look male (and erect). This is for people who like a lot of animal action but have these female creatures standing around not participating, as there are unfortunately only very very few female creature animations. If you want to see these "fake males animals" in action, you also have to a) tell Aroused Creatures to also work on female creatures and b) you have to tell SexLab to regard all creatures as male creatures c) Be aware that with these two settings the female werewolf will no longer look female and behave like a male werewolf. Trade-off. (Same goes for other female humanoids).  
    More Nasty Critters Always Erect - F to M - MNC only
    This is the same as above but again with all reference of "Hentai Creatures" and "More Creatures" removed. So you only need MNC to use this.



  4. Random Match Making

    .. Im so awful at this
    Random Match Making
    Smoll Mod that I might expand to be something more in the future, but currently, its just a small, definitely not unique mod that gets random Actors around you and puts them together in a SL Scene.
    Nevertheless, I added a bunch of small things to customize when and how those Matchings happen, so I thought its still worth uploading in case someone was looking for something like this!
    The amount of customization allows you to technically have a SL Scene starting with random actors about every 10 seconds to.. I dont know. One that happens rarely I guess. 
    - Combat Skip: Dont want to see people having a good time while there is a Dragon terrorizing the City? or maybe you find the idea of your Followers enjoying each other while youre fighting that nasty Draugr next to them arousing? Combat Skip lets you decide if the mod is supposed to collect Actors while youre in Combat or .. just not do that.
    - Locations: Choose where the mod is active! There is a total of 13 Locations that you can choose from. Wilderness, 9 Hostile and 3 Friendly locations. Maybe you think that people in Walled Cities are more civilized than Hunters in the Forest or youre really into fighting Draugr while your Followers are having fun but dont want them to also do that while Hagravens are throwing Fireballz at you? 
    - Filter: Pretty straightforward: Choose who can be engaged and who engages who! Full Support for Futa Characters and some Settings specifically for Followers & the Player.
    - Arousal: ..and thats pretty obvious. Choose if Arousal is to be used and if yes - how high Arousal needs to be. Yay.
    - Distance: Choose how far Actors can be apart from each other to start a Scene. This is to avoid Actors to meet from 2 Cells away.. or maybe you want that so that NPCs finaly stop AFKin on the same bloody spot for 12h straight! Dont confuse this with Scan Radius!
    - Line of Sight: I dont have to explain this, do I?
    - Disposition: This super clunky weird Number that describes how much people like you, remember? You can check for that too if you want. Idk why anyone would ever want that, buut you can do it!.. Just dont come running to me because no engagements are ever happenin'.
    - Supports 2~5p Animations 
    - If you want, you can get a Debug Notification every time this mod starts a Scene, telling you every Actor that is participating in this Scene
    - Did you expect more here? I told you, its plain.
    - SL Framework
    - SL Aroused



  5. Milk Mod Economy SE

    Rate Mod if you like it, you can support me on Patreon

    Full version requires:
    Skyrim Script Extender SE (SKSE)
    RaceMenu SE
    SkyUI SE
    Sexlab SE 1.63+
    Naked body and armor replacers with NPC Belly and NPC L/R Breast nodes, otherwise breast and belly sizes wont work
    Install MO or NMM, don't even think to ask for support if you install mod manually and its not working. Install all requirements and their dependencies Install latest Assets and Scripts Run FNIS. if mod doesnt work(no MCM/poll 0 error) - disable mod esp, Finish Helgen/Alternate start, enable esp, if that doesn't help try Save, Load  
    Short description: this mod is about milking titties, a lot of milking titties
    For full version description refer to Legendary Edition thread description.
    Full version shares same code as Legendary Edition so it should support all Legendary Edition mods as long as they can be run in SE



  6. SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Special Edition

    Rate Mod if you like it, you can support me on Patreon
    XPMSSE 2.0+ FNIS SE SkSe x64 SexLab Framework 1.63b2+ SkyUI Racemenu or Netimmerse Override, Or download netimmerse scaling Body/armor replacer with "NPC Belly", "NPC L Breast" and "NPC R Breast" nodes (CBBE SE, 3BBB only works with body morphs)  
    install dependencies install this mod* run FNIS SE Play *if you want to use bodymorph scaling(better pregnancy body visuals), you need to install bodyslide patch and build morphs for your armors/body
    SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Special Edition (SexLab Hentai Pregnancy Legendary Edition)
    This is continuation of SexLabHentaiPregnancy by flyingtoasters with bugfixes and new features.
    Simplified pregnancy for SexLab. Does not run simulations(yet?), the script gets attached to a NPC only for the duration that they are pregnant. Intended for PC and NPCs.
    Increases the breast and belly size of females using node scaling Body morph option also increases nipple areolas, milk increases nipple size Works for player, followers and NPCs, (creatures?) Pregnancies from creature sex Soulgem pregnancies Anal pregnancies(work for males) Mod supports up to 50 Pregnancies for NPCs at the same time. Milking (with ability to milk in jugs of milk if hearthfire dlc installed) Everything is configurable through MCM Support for old HP plugins if you want child birth options Support for SexLab Inflation Framework(SLIF) (if using node scaling, non bodyslide) Support for SexLab Separate Orgasms(SLSO)  
    Having sex can cause cum inflation, which can then cause pregnancy or deflation.
    Soulgem Pregnancy
    Characters can birth soulgems after having sex.
    Soulgem pregnancy does not produce child.
    Belly doesnt grow bigger than amount of soulgems it holds.
    Every time female is fertilized soulgem count increases (up to a maximum set in MCM) and size reduces, thus needing more time for gems to grow.
    To birth Black soulgems "father" must be human npc(non creature).
    PC can choose to birth soulgems prematurely.
    During 1/3 pregnancy time - 1/3 post pregnancy time, characters will lactate.
    PC will get spells to self milk, NPCs will milk them selves.
    If you have Hearthfire DLC, characters can lactate in Jug of Milk, which can be used later for crafting, consuming or sale.
    You can get milked by using zaz dwemer machines or MME milkpumps.
    Slavetats tattoos
    You can edit included json file to set desired tattoos for:
    -Non pregnant - post pregnancy/cuminflation
    -Normal pregnancy
    -Soulgem pregnancy
    You can check pregnancy through "HentaiPregnantFaction" its ranks are:
    1- actor is cuminflated
    2- actor is cuminflated and will be pregnant
    3- actor is pregnant
    You can check lactation through "HentaiLactatingFaction" its ranks equal to milk, not in faction = not lactating
    MCM is handled through HentaiPregnancy_ENGLISH.txt
    Script strings is handled through HentaiPregnancy_Strings
    Thanks to jbezorg for the fluids Thanks to GECK.O for leaky nips Thanks to flyingtoasters for original mod Thanks to Zaz/Zax for ZAP(milking animation)



  7. OStim - OSex overhaul & API

    OStim - OSex overhaul & API
    Sexlab animation porting guide



  8. SexLab Fuck 'Em Up SE

    SexLab Fuck 'Em Up SE
    I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented Guffel
    I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission.
    If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give Guffel some love, and check out their other mods!
    OPTIONAL v1.2 - Tweaked by Garkin  May have some bugs, not fully tested. Leave bug reports/issues comments in support thread, and tag Garkin.
    The following copied from the original LE page:
    As my Christmas gift for you all, I present you:
    SexLab Fuck 'em Up !!!
    or in short: deal damage by sex!
    This is a fun mod I made out of a whim and I have no intention to further expand it.
    The story behind this mod:
    When playing Skyrim with some SexLab mods I usually play a weak-ish female character, but not as a whore or bitch. Rather as a weak but strong willed and idealistic person who then is eventually abused or taken advantage of (Submit, SD+, Dangerously Nude, DN,... you know what I mean). But this image was always troubled by the fact, that when doing any quests, you must slay your way through bandit camps and draugr crypts, which doesn't let my char seem weak anymore.
    Then I remembered a hentai I watched once. It was a short clip and I don't know the name or the context around it. It was about a heroine who was bravely attacking some monsters. But she was completely helpless and only got disarmed and raped by everything right at the beginning. Then, everyone who cum on or in her turned to stone on broke into pieces. And the idea for this mod was born!
    After I realized how easily it could be done I just couldn't resist and sat down yesterday to make this mod 
    What this mod does:
    The player gets two spells: Perverted Infiltration and Sexual Revenge (the names don't really matter, I just didn't want to call them Spell 1 and 2  )
    Perverted Infiltration:
    This spell is basically a stronger version of the vanilla Harmony spell. It calms every enemy up to level 100 in large area for 10 minutes and give the player the Perverted Infiltration effect. For as long as this spell is active, every time the player has sex everyone involved gets a damage over time spell (the same as lingering health damage poison) at the final stage of the animation. The strength of the spell depends on the Sex Lab Proficiency of the respecting kind of the animation (Oral, Vaginal, Anal).* The Sex Lab Proficiency has 9 steps and the damage spell get stronger accordingly. So you get better in fucking everyone to death over time  .
    Additionally for the duration of the spell three dialogue options are available: Active, Passive and Submissive*. They all practically do the same and let you trigger an oral, vaginal or anal animation with every human. The Active option result in consensual and the Submissive in aggressive animations. The Passive one will choose randomly. Creatures aren't included, but it doesn't matter how the sex is triggered to deal the damage.
    You can either approach a bandit camp and offer your body and let them pay for their urge one after another or you can submit without knowing about your secret power (or just pretend to) 
    The gender doesn't matter, you can also walk around as Mr. Big Dick Dovahkiin and fuck all these bandits in the ass 
    Btw: I haven't tested Dragons, that could be interesting^^
    Sexual Revenge:
    This spell gives (and removes) the player a constant ability of the same name. It doesn't enable the dialogue. But when the player is raped with the ability active all aggressors get the damage over time spell like above, at doubled cost*.
    Sexergy: (I'm really proud of this word  )
    Every time someone gets damage it costs 10 points of Sexergy. Any Sexual Revenge cost 20*. To recover Sexergy you must have consensual sex without the Perverted Infiltration spell active. By default it give 30 points back.* The maximum Sexergy depends on the Sex Lab Proficiency of all three kinds, starting by 60 (I'll add the full table later). You can see your current Sexergy in the MCM.
    The MCM:
    * The damage Spell can be chosen freely if you want to just fuck everyone to death.
    * All three dialogue options can be toggled off, so you only see the one you like and want to use.
    * The doubled cost for the Sexual Revenge can be turned of so it costs only 10.
    * The Sexergy multiplier can be changed from 1 to 10. (Default: 3)
    * The Sexergy can be turned off completely so you can just fuck up everyone with no holding back
    SexLab Framework SE Fus-Ro-Do(h) SE  
    Use Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager
    For manual: Unpack the archive and drop it into your Skyrim/Data folder.
    Ashal for SexLab Framework
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  9. SexLab Aroused Creatures SE (2020-12-19)

    Allow ❤️friendly❤️ creatures to take advantage of your character and NPCs.
    Any nearby non-hostile creatures with a high enough arousal will pursue and force themselves on (or seduce) your character or any available NPC. There are lots of configuration options to customise your experience including dialogue and hotkey invitation.
    SexLab Aroused Creatures SE is developed from the Oldrim SexLab Aroused Creatures.
    SexLab SE and all of its requirements.
    SexLab Aroused Redux SSE and all of its requirements.
    Creature Framework SE (third-party port) Creature aroused model management.
    More Nasty Critters SE (third-party port) Creature aroused models and animations. Also adds spells to spawn female creatures.
    SexLab Defeat SE Player struggle HUD meter feedback (ESP does not need to be enabled if not wanted).
    Fuz Ro D-oh Silent Voice Silent dialogue readability.
    Fore's New Idles in Skyrim SE (FNIS SE) and FNIS Creature Pack Run Generate FNIS For Users after installing or uninstalling this mod.
    Strongly Recommended
    SexLab More Creatures SE Adds more friendly domestic creatures for Aroused Creatures to work with. There will be far fewer engagements without this.
    Recommended Mods
    Billyys Animations for SE (third-party port) Creature group animations.
    Horny Creatures of Skyrim SE (third-party port) Adds animations for male NPCs on female creatures.
    SLAL SE Animations by Sailing Rebel Adds a few more non-consensual horse animations.
    One With Nature - Dynamic Animals and Creatures SE Allows normally hostile creatures such as wolves and deer to be treated as friendly.
    Use Mod Organiser 2 (fully supported) or Vortex Mod Manager. Enable the mod and run LOOT. Run Generate FNIS For Users and deal with any warnings or errors (they are all important). NMM and manual installation are not supported!
    Skyrim must be installed outside of Program Files to avoid potential issues with Windows UAC. This is not just an Aroused Creatures issue - modded Skyrim should never be installed in protected areas of the file system. Doing so can prevent SKSE and other modding tools from functioning correctly.
    Once in-game ensure that SexLab is fully installed - this requires opening the SexLab MCM, clicking the Install option, exiting the menu then waiting for SexLab's "Ready" message. Once SL installation is complete open the SexLab MCM again, choose the Animations Settings section and uncheck the Disable Starting Teleport option, enable the Allow Creature Animations option. Close the menu and wait for the message that creature animations have been installed.

    How To Use
    The core functionality of Aroused Creatures is automatic and does not require user input. By default Aroused Creatures will be active as soon as SL is ready but the initial settings may make engagement fairly rare.
    If a creature with a suitable arousal level is within range of a female NPC or PC they will begin to pursue them. When they are close enough they will start a non-consensual SL animation (or a consensual one if there are no alternatives). Only two pursuits can be active at the same time, one NPC and one PC, but another NPC pursuit can begin as soon as a victim is engaged.
    To increase the frequency with which engagements are triggered go to the Aroused Creatures MCM, select the PC/NPC Settings and reduce the Creature Arousal Threshold for the PC and/or NPC. There is also a default 60 second global Cooldown configured under General Settings.
    To directly invite a creature to engage the PC access the Aroused Creatures MCM -> Dialogue & Interactions, find the Invite Creature Hotkey and chose an input. Adjust the Invite Arousal which will be used to test the creature's arousal when trying to invite them. Now stand close to a creature with the reticle over them and hit the invite key. A message should be displayed if the creature is not suitably aroused or cannot be animated for some reason, otherwise an SL animation should start. Settings in the Creature Framework MCM can be used to change the level at which creatures become visibly aroused to help show the player when they might be interested. Hold the key for one second to try and perform oral sex on the creature. Hold the key for two seconds to invite nearby creatures of the same species as the targeted creature to a group animation.
    Dialogue options can be enabled under Dialogue & Interactions that will allow you to direct your follower NPCs and creatures by talking to them. You may also extend this to non-followers. Some dialogue options will only be available after selecting an actor with the Target Select Key (default [N]) - for instance, select a creature then persuade your NPC follower to deal with it, or select an NPC and task your creature with chasing them down.
    There are plenty of other settings to explore and customise your experience. Hover over a setting in the MCM to view a description at the bottom of the interface
    There is now a Help MCM page which will display potential issues with the configuration of Aroused Creatures and SexLab. Hover over any warning to get a detailed description. The Help page will also list recently failed engagements and their failure codes. Hover over these codes to display a description of what they mean and any potential solutions.
    Aroused Creatures configurations can now be saved and loaded via the Profiles MCM page allowing settings to be transferred between saves. When using MO2 these saved profiles will be found in the Overwrite mod under SKSE > Plugins > ArousedCreatures and may be moved to another mod if required. If they are moved to the Aroused Creatures mod itself then please remember to back them up before updating or they will be lost for good. It may be more prudent to store them in a separate mod specifically for such SKSE data.
    Exposure to nudity and witnessing sex acts will increase creature arousal and produce more frequent engagements. This is not controlled by Aroused Creatures. For issues with arousal not properly increasing please check the SexLab Aroused Redux SSE support thread or the support thread for your version of SL Aroused. In the SexLab Aroused MCM disable the option to prevent arousal changing while dressed. You may also wish to reduce the check frequency so that arousal is updated more promptly. Hitting the Target Select Key (Default [N}) on a creature while standing close to them will updated their arousal immediately. Under the Current Armour page of the SexLab Aroused MCM you can set your current armour to be treated as nude which will then increase arousal for nearby creatures more rapidly.
    Known Issues
    Hostile creatures may try to engage the player and followers in environments such as dungeons. To reduce the chances of this keep the creature arousal threshold high (60+) and use the additional compatibility and fix options in the MCM under Other Options. This is a long-standing issue in positively determining any two actors' potential combat reaction outside of combat itself. There just isn't an available condition that works at all for creatures. This has plagued me for five years so if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them, but if you found the "solution" in the CK wiki, I can save you the effort: it doesn't work. Creatures may push the player around or simply stop moving for a long period at the end of a pursuit before the animation starts. This can be mitigated by unchecking the Disable Starting Teleport option in the SexLab MCM -> Animation settings. Male NPC support generally assumes either male aggressor or consensual sex for any NPC with male SexLab gender. This may interfere with transsexual filtering (untested). Updating may generate errors in the papyrus log during the first run due to changes in the core player script. These should be temporary and non-intrusive. Convenient Horses and Immersive Horses use their own dialogue systems for the player horse which interferes with the system used by Aroused Creatures. If CH or IH are installed AC will activate a compatibility measure to prevent game-breaking issues. This will result in the player having no AC-related dialogue options for the player's horse. The animal can still be engaged automatically, using the direct invitation hotkey or by directing an NPC to engage it. Simple Horse SE is a very lightweight alternate to CH that works with Aroused Creatures. Aroused Creatures is intended for friendly creatures. For sex during combat use SexLab Defeat. For other wild creatures use One With Nature SE. Keep in mind that OWN may not work immediately if configured mid-game. There are relatively few domestic creatures in Skyrim which may limit the opportunities for fun. The SexLab More Creatures SE mod will add hundreds more to towns, cities and places of interest in a lore-friendly manner. The primary Aggressive Animations list can be quite slow to load when there are a lot of creature animations, especially when using filters. This is a particular issue when opening the page as there is no way to indicate that the system is doing anything in such a way that it would not prevent it from continuing in the background. Starting an animation can take some time. The more SL animations you have registered the longer this will take. Horses summoned from the Hentai Creatures (one of the More Nasty Critters mods) mod can cause CTD when banishing while AC is installed.  
    Change Log
    All contained code and assets:
    Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike GPLv3 Pick one or both.



  10. Sexlab Extra voices addon Submissive Female voice v.01

    SexLab Extra Voices Addon
    Submissive Female voice

    Hey guys
    Uses Sexlab Extra voices Female voice 13 and its turned into a sex submissive female with  younger voice tone ..
    This is my first attempt , so bare with me try it out and tell me something...
    I made this kind of a Addon for  Sexlab Extra voices Mod 
    So I use one of the voice slots or files to add this addon Female voice 13...
    Download this mod first 
    And then install my mod and overwrite the female voice file 3
    Hope you like it .. 



  11. SexLab Extra Voices Addon Dominant Futanari voice v.01

    SexLab Extra Voices Addon
    Dominant Futanari voice

    Hey guys
    I play with a female Futa character and  always been kind of fighting to make my own female sexlab voices being different from all the other NPC used voices !
    With that in mind I downloaded some months ago the Mod that really gave me an idea 
    To create my own futanari character sexlab voice ...
    It was hard since I didn't wanted to use files that are either from sexlab or other mods , first cause of permissions and than cause they all lacked what I wanted ,
    So I decided to make my own Futanari voice file for sexlab .
    During its creation I inclined myself for a more Dominant Futanari style voice and character , 
    and this Mod was born...
    This is my first attempt , so bare with me try it out and tell me something...
    I made this kind of a Addon for  Sexlab Extra voices Mod 
    So I use one of the voice slots or files to add this addon Female voice 3...
    Download this mod first 
    And then install my mod and overwrite the female voice file 3
    Hope you like it .. 



  12. SexLab sslAnimationSlots 2000 SE

    Conversion from SE 1.61b sslAnimationSlots 1000 patch.
    Will add 2000 human and 2000 animal slots for SexLab Animation Loader.
    The slow start may be that some of your mod scans NPC for spells
    SLE Version https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/13195-sexlab-sslanimationslots-2000-le/
    Animation Limit Crash Fix SSE
    SexLab Animation Loader SSE
    JContainers SE
    Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS Behavior XXL
    Load order: MO2
    Recommended mods
    Defeat - To list the animations
    Install: MO2
    1. Load the mod after Sexlab Framework
    2. Load all the animation you have 😃
    3. Run LOOT
    4. Run FNIS
    5. Run game and open Mod Settings
    6. If you have Sexlab Defeat, disable it in the menu
    7. Go to SL Anim Loader
    8. General settings
    9. Click Rebuild Sexlab Animation Registry
    10. If you have ZAZAnimations installed, register animations again.
    If you have Estrus installed, register the animations again.
    11. In SL Animations Loader Enable All and unable the you don't want.
    12. Click Register Animations... now you have to wait. Open Console and watch. Dont leave the menu!
    13. Click Reload JSON Data
    14. Click Reapply JSON Data... now you have to wait. Open Console and watch. Dont leave the menu!
    15. Activate Sexlab Defeat. The mod needs some time for the keywords.
    Defeat - After activating Defeat, editing keywords will create CDT. The mod will need some time to collect the animations.
    From Ashal GitHub
    Patching you modified sexlab.esm:
    1. Load TesEdit
    2. Load sexlab.esm and Sexlab sslAnimationSlot XXXX.esp
    3. Open Sexlab sslAnimationSlot XXXX.esp
    4. Right click quest
    5. Deep copy as override (with overwriting) into...
    6. Chose sexlab.esm
    7. Yes to All ( ...Done: Copying as override)
    8. Done



  13. idle_floor

    assigns hearthfire's idle to your female homies (uses the potato face idlemarkers).
    esp_FE flagged. 
    Sorry, nothing new, tried to insert a little image, but did not succeed.
    One day I will learn it




  14. Furniture Sex Framework

    This is a framework for starting Sexlab animations that align with in-game furniture.
    This works by using invisible markers that are hand-placed in the exact spot your character needs to be standing for the sex animation to line up with the furniture.

    The supported kinds of furniture are:
    Walls Tables Beds/Double Beds Chairs, Benches and Thrones Alchemy Tables Enchanting Tables Counters  
    These are the furniture types included in Billyy's SLAL pack. If more furniture animations are made in the future, then this mod can be updated to support more furniture types.
    SexLab (1.63 for SE, 1.62 for LE)
    Supported SLAL Packs (Original pack required)
    Milky  (This is the LE pack. The SE pack is outdated so you need to convert this to SE yourself)
    How to Use
    Download and install the main mod and the SLAL patches for the SLAL packs you use. Register only the InvisFurn versions of the furniture animations, these versions of the animations are listed under "InvisFurn Billyy", "InvisFurn Leito", etc Open the Furniture Sex MCM and select "Update Furniture Types" to set up the furniture data. This needs to be redone when you update the mod or change SL animations.  
    Test Spells
    Your character will have 2 new spells, Furniture Marker Highlight and Furniture Marker Sex.
    The highlight spell will mark the 4 nearest furniture markers with quest arrows. You can only have sex at one of these markers.
    Stand next to one of these markers and cast the sex spell at an NPC and a sexlab scene will start on the nearest marker.
    The spells are made for example/testing purposes. This is intended to be a framework used by other mods, so playable features are minimal.
    SexLab Override
    In the MCM you can set the chance for normal sex scenes to be replaced with furniture scenes.
    Sex scenes will only become furniture scenes if there's furniture nearby and you have animations that fit the scene.
    Aggressive scenes won't be overridden yet because nobody has made aggressive furniture animations.
    Furniture that is added or moved in plugins can't be detected or be misaligned. You'll need to make a compatibility patch for this using the CK. The Sexlab filter/override features might conflict with other mods that also change Sexlab animations before they start (eg. devious devices)  
    Make sure you Rebuild SexLab Animation Registry and Update Furniture Types in the MCM after you update this mod!



  15. S.L.U.T.S. Redux SE

    .. Im so awful at this
    S.L.U.T.S. Redux SE
    LE Version:
    For documentation of what this mod does, refer to the LE version (Im too lazy to just copy paste everything.)
    Thanks to AnInsaneMoose for providing the converted bodyslide files & the HDT yoke!
    - SL Framework
    - Devious Devices
    - Zaz (Its not used by the mod as far as I can tell, just referenced a quadrillion times)
    - SlaveTats
    - RaceMenu
    - Extra Encounters
    - Populated Lands Roads Paths
    - Improved Roads
    or other mods that add NPCs to Skyrims paths and roads
    .. maybe something to trigger Scenes wouldnt hurt either I guess
    SL Adventures or Deviously Helpless.. theres a decent amount of those kinda mods
    - Do the obvious: Dl + Install the mainfile "SLUTS Redux SE". Use bodyslide
    - 1.18 guard dialogue fix by CliftonJD is included in the mainfile, it fixes a bug that would get you stuck if youre using this mods rehab feature
    - SLUTS Redux Cart is an alternative cart mesh, created by Rob_J and further edited by Slysaris. I didnt fully test it myself but its supposed to significantly improve the cart physics  
    - Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul. This one removes all the stock carriage drivers and replaces them with clones
    - Deviously Cursed Loot. Not incompatible per se but you wont be able to use this mods rehab feature if you have DCL installed. Either uninstall it or manually remove its Prison Dialogue Entries from its .esp.. or just dont use this mods rehab feature. I was planing on creating a patch for this myself but .. lets just say things are even more complicated than I feared



  16. Devious Devices - Beast Race Refits (+orcs) SE

    As of Devious Devices 5.0, "Beast Race Refits" as well as "For Him" have been officially included as part of Devious Devices.
    Refer to the latest version of Devious Devices for the latest version of "Beast Race Refits" as well as "For Him".
    This page will remain as-is to host 4.3a and 3.3b versions as well as patches for mods.
    If you use any patches from this page, make sure that Devious Devices overwrites any conflicting files, as they're more up to date. Alternatively only copy the .esp and .bsa of the patches you need.
    SE mirror of the main mod page. View the LE page for more information.
    Both pages contain the same download, so it doesn't matter where you download it from. The archive contains versions for both Regular and Special Edition.
    Devious Devices SE
    Bodyslide (Some collars need to be built, they will be invisible if you don't)
    And their own requirements.



  17. Devious Devices SE

    Devious Devices
    By The DD Team:
    - Kimy (Lead Maintainer)
    - Collygon
    Past Contributors: Min (Founder), Zadil (Founder), Feuertin, Princessity, Pincopallino, Heretical, El Duderino, Coopervane, Koffii, Aelie, zenetx, Srende, Lordescobar666, xaz, Cedec0, MaikCG
    Devious Devices is a collection of wearable and furniture bondage devices to restrain and torment your Dragonborn, including, but not limited to: chastity belts, collars, cuffs, vibrators, gags, armbinders, yokes, slave harnesses, straitjackets and even hobble skirts! And don't worry about wiggling out of them: All devices lock in place, and only the correct key can open the locks! And these devices don't just look restrictive, they ARE! These shackles really lock your hands on your back and make you unable to fight. Running in leg irons? No way! And yes, wearing a gag will make you speak gibberish!
    - Escape system: Nobody likes to be tied up. At least not against their will! Try to escape your bindings by attempting to struggle out from them, cut them, or pick the locks! You might succeed! Or you will just tighten your restraints, or break your lockpicks. If you are really unlucky, you will jam the lock and be unable to unlock yourself even if you have the key, unless you manage to repair the lock.
    - Framework: Want to create your own bondage mod? Kinky quests? Custom restraints? DD is providing all needed functionality for that, so you don't have to! Want to create custom bondage items? Just make your item use the DD scripts and customize dozens of properties to your taste and create your own toys without writing one line of code! Items with custom keys? No problem! Multiple locks? For sure! Timed locks? You bet! Cuttable material? Yep, got that, too! Impossible to struggle out from? Check! Items that cannot be removed as long as another is locked on? Yes, even that! And if all of that isn't enough, override the item behavior with a custom script. If you think it can't be done, think again!
    - Devious Effects: Unique and devious effects to tantalize, titillate, and torment the Dragonborn and her companions! Whether it's inflatable, vibrating, or simply impossible to remove, you'll find something different with each item! All plugs increase stimulation, and do so at different rates based on what you do; sitting down or riding a horse is much more intense than just walking around! The inflatable plugs can be squeezed manually for more stimulation, or by accident as you travel around Skyrim! Want something more intense? Try the vibrating soulgem plugs! Some are activated by magic, others will have a mind of their own and activate randomly or after building up for a good strong burst of vibrations. But watch out, there are some plugs out there that are much more devious: the victim will be driven to the edge by these relentless plugs, but never allowed sweet release...
    - Full NPC Support: All devious devices are capable of being worn by NPCs, and most devious effects will function on them as well! Show your companion who's in charge, or teach that annoying bitch in the shop a lesson!
    - Intuitive Interfaces: No need to use spells, shouts, or other quirky methods to enjoy these devices! Just click them in your inventory and choose what you want to do with them via the easy to use interaction menu!
    - Sexlab Support: While in a chastity belt, the Dragonborn's (or any NPC's) most intimate of intimates will be off limits! The actors will be unable to use any sex scenes involving the "Vaginal", "Anal", "Masturbation", or "Fisting" tags. In most cases, the scene will be replaced by a chastity-friendly scene, including Oral, Blowjobs, Handjobs, Boobjobs, and whatever else may be available. While wearing gags, the Oral animations will be off limits as well, unless it happens to be a ring gag.
    - Sexlab Aroused Support: Being locked away in cold steel may not seem so bad at first, but the longer the Dragonborn is locked away, the more she'll crave that sweet release! Animations, on-screen messages, and even sounds will change depending upon arousal level; same with NPCs!
    Bondage Furniture: DD doesn't only contain wearable restraints, but also a variety of bondage furniture for use in BDSM themed mods, and provides mechanics for using the devices in game. Device behavior can be freely configured by the modder, and without having to write code or handle complicated packages. The devices are fully compatible with DD restraints, without modders having to write complex workarounds on their end.
    Bondage Furniture Features
    - Both players and NPCs can use the furniture.
    - Actors can be placed and released from devices via script.
    - Hotkey to order arbitrary NPCs into furniture, where they can be either locked in, or held for a certain amount of time, at the player's discretion!
    - Hotkey triggered dialogue for the player to lock up herself, either to play for a certain amount of time, or with fully engaged locks for extra kink!
    - Locking system (requiring one or more keys to release the subject), including optional configurable lock shields preventing unlocking the device for a given time.
    - Escape system for both player and NPC. Devices can be struggled out from, lock-picked, or even broken. The player can help NPCs to escape with not in posession of a key, in which case the player performs the escape checks for the NPC.
    - Configurable escape difficulties and cooldowns per device.
    - Devices are fully compatible with DD restraints. No workarounds needed. Each furniture device can be set to allow any type of DD restraint to be worn while locked in it. Incompatible restraints will be hidden.
    - Alternate poses can be set to accommodate DD wrist restraints (e.g. for wearing armbinders while sitting on a wooden horse)
    - Arbitrary number of additional scripted effects the device will apply to subjects locked in it.
    - Configurable messages per device.
    - Outfit swapping for NPCs, stripping for players, plus re-equipping gear on release.
    - Arbitrary number of poses per device, one of which is randomly chosen or set by script.
    - Struggle animations played both periodically and when trying to escape.
    - NPC poses survive cell changes.
    - The player cannot wait/sleep if the device doesn't allow it.
    - Self Bondage feature, allowing the player to set a timed lock, both for herself or any NPC she locks in the device.
    - Optional minigame that rewards the player with configurable rewards if she escapes the device before the release timer sets her free.
    - Build-able devices, that can be placed in the game world by the player during a playthough.
    - Transportable devices: The player can pick up certain devices and re-build them somewhere else.
    - Sex scene support to allow playing animations with one actor locked in the device.
    General remark: The point of this mod is locking the player in restraints hard to remove. This feature might cause issues with other mods not expecting the character to wear unremovable items. Known issues will be listed in this section. Feel free to report incompatibilities in the support thread.
    - Frostfall: While wearing restraints the player might be unable to keep herself warm.  
    - Player Succubus Quest: Transformation will wipe restraints from your character, so this function is generally incompatible with DD. Disable Transformation if you want to use this mod with and DD mod.
    - Trapped in Rubber: is using custom restraints not compatible with DD in general. Solution: Make sure you're not wearing any DD items before you start the quest and suspend any mod that might equip DD items on you while playing TiR.
    - SPERG: Works fine, but set Hand to Hand combat to "Manual" in its MCM to avoid annoying clicking sounds when wearing wrist restraints.
    - Play Random Idle - can break custom idles used by our restraints.
    SexLab 1.6+ - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v159c-updated-oct-3rd/
    SexLab Aroused Redux - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1421-sexlab-aroused-redux/ 
    FNIS 7.0 - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811/? You need to run FNIS for Users after installing this mod!!!
    Racemenu: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624/? (if you really don't want it, you can also install just NiOverride, but you need one or the other)
    CBBE/UUNP Bodyslide compatible body (either CBBE or UUNP): http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25971-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended/
    1. Install ALL requirements listed above using your favorite mod manager, including THEIR respective requirements.
    2. Install DD using the mod manager of choice. Manual installation is possible but not recommended or supported.
    3. Run FNIS when done
    4. And don't forget to use Bodyslide to build the assets. Half of all user support requests are caused by them not running Bodyslide. RUN BODYSLIDE!!!!
    5. Make sure that Beast Races Refit is loaded AFTER DD For Him, if you installed both. LOOT will not recognize this and not automatically sort it!
    6. Start up Skyrim, and either create a New Game, or load your Save.
    7. Save the game, and then load the save you just created (DD will not register Animations / Events until you load a save after it has been installed).
    Wearable restraints:
    - The 'equipped' indicator may not update immediately following player interaction. This can be solved easily by closing and reopening the inventory or selecting another item (It is simply a display quirk).
    - Attempting to interact with a specific device while having multiple instances of it in your inventory is ill-advised, due to a Skyrim engine bug/limitation. Doing so will unpredictably cause Skyrim to not send the Papyrus events that the devices require to function (OnUnequipped / OnEquipped), leading to a device visually being equipped, despite being unequipped in your inventory. If you encounter this issue, remove all but one copy of the problem-device from your inventory, then re-equip said device.
    - The furniture object will display a slight flicker when transitioning back and from the struggle animation.
    - Some furniture devices will freeze the camera zoom in weird positions after locking the player in. SexLab's free camera hotkey is your friend to get a better view!
    Q: How to best report any issues with Devious Devices?
    A: Post your issue in the support thread and describe what happened, and how. In enough detail that I might have a chance to understand what went wrong there. Oh, and post a Papyrus log if you can. While I might be able to guess the cause of your problem every now and then, chances are that I will never find out what went wrong unless you provide me with the log. DO NOT PM THE DD TEAM WITH SUPPORT REQUESTS!!!
    Q: I have this and that problem with an older version of Devious Devices.
    A: Please don't ask about older versions. Ever. I release patches for a reason. Use them! Some of them even might have fixed the exact bug you're reporting to occur in your ancient version of this mod. Only the newest version is supported at any time. Don't post any questions in the support thread unless you're running the -newest- version of this mod AND all of its requirements.
    Q: I have a support question and wonder if I should PM it to you.
    A: Please, PLEASE do NOT use PMs for support issues and bug reports. I might/will ignore them and delete them without responding to them! Support requests belong in the support thread and nowhere else, so other people having the same issue can see the reply as well, or even help each other, so I don't have to answer ALL questions people might have.
    Q: Can I suggest new features?
    A: Absolutely! I have implemented a lot of user-suggested features and will continue doing so. But please understand that I cannot implement them all and that some others I really just won't like enough. As a general guideline, DD is about bondage, kink clothing, domination, submission, (light) slavery topics and sex in bondage. If your suggestion fits this general theme or compliments it and doesn't gross me out right away, chances are that I might make use of it one way or the other. What I am definitely NOT looking for is suggestions involving bestiality, watersports, scat, futa, extreme humiliation, and extreme punishment/dismememberment. Please don't be offended if that's your kind of thing, but personally I find all of that stuff repulsive and don't want to have to look at it, let alone create it.
    Q: Why are the bundled items changing my body when equipped? Why are some items invisible? Why is everything so messed up???
    A: Use Bodyslide, Luke! It's listed in the requirements for a reason. You need to actually build the assets with Bodyslide!
    Q: Is this mod compatible with <obscure mod you found in a remote corner of the internet and nobody else but you ever seems to use>?
    A: Ummm...I dunno.. You tell me! I list all known incompatibilities in this ReadMe, but there are really a lot of mods out there, and I can't possibly test them all. Generally, DD builts content against vanilla Skyrim and does not assume other community mods being installed, although the vast majority of them should work just fine with DD.
    Q: Why don't you add <items from this and that other restraint mod available on LL> to DD's item library?
    A: If the other mod has been out on LL for more than a couple months and I haven't added the items, chances are that we don't like them enough and/or their creators didn't give permission. Or there are 3rd party rights attached to the assets preventing me from using it. I cannot use assets from commercial sources even if YOU have a licence to.
    Q: Can I translate your mod?
    A: Yes. But please re-post only the files needed for the actual translation, as a patch with a link to the offical mod! Do NOT re-distribute the entire mod. If you want to post the translated files outsides of LL, please ask for permission first.
    Q: I found this awesome model that would be a perfect fit for a DD item. Will you include it?
    A: I will not put in anything in DD that doesn't support both CBBE Bodyslide and UUNP. The model AND the sliders obviously also need to come with permissions to freely include and distribute it in 3rd party mods. If it does, feel free to suggest it!
    Q: Where can I get the items in game?
    A: DD itself won't equip anything on you. It is a library of bondage items and mechanics related to them. You will need mods actually using the framework, such as Deviously Cursed Loot, Devious Followers or Shout Like a Virgin.
    Q: Will this mod ever support another body than CBBE Bodyslide or UUNP?
    A: That's very extremely unlikely. Unless another body completely takes over the market in the future, I will not even think about it. CBBE and UUNP are good enough and support pretty much any imaginable body shape through Bodyslide. There is zero reason for more body mods, really.
    Q: I unequipped an item, but it's still visually on my character!
    A: See the "Known Issues" section.
    Anyone that wishes to use this mod as a dependency for their own work is quite welcome to. Proper credit is appreciated.  
    - You can NOT bundle/re-distribute any parts of this mod with your own (e.g. include patched versions of DD's files in your mod) as future updates to DD might break your and other mods if you do.
    - You can NOT post this mod or any of its parts (including any derived works) without explicit permission.
    - You can NOT post or share any patches against this mod without my express permission, unless their sole purpose is fixing bugs.
    - You can NOT incorporate any parts of this mod in any for-profit project (Donations/Patreons are fine as long as they are strictly voluntary)
    - You can NOT incorporate any parts of this mod in a project that's going to be uploaded to Bethesda.Net and/or made available for consoles in any other way.
    - You can NOT use any code or assets from this mod in projects competing with it, without permission.
    - You can NOT use any parts of this mod in a closed source project. No exceptions, ever. No need to ask for permission either. It won't be given.
    - You can NOT publish a full or partial fork of this mod (as in using it as a base for a project offering similar functionality) without permission. That includes porting it to other platforms/games.
    - You CAN otherwise use code for your own projects as long as you include all source code with your distribution and allow others to use your own code in a similar fashion. And give proper credit where it's due. All above rules still apply! For art assets, please contact their respective creator directly.
    In plain English: Do with my code what you want, as long as you credit me, and your own project is also open source and available free of charge. But don't use my own code to make mods competing with mine, don't change my mod's behavior against my will, and don't steal my stuff by uploading it somewhere else.
    For all art assets used by this mod, all conditions set by their original creators apply instead. Please contact the respective author for further information on permissions etc.
    API Documentation can be found in zadlibs.psc for wearable devices and zadclibs.psc for furniture devices (code comments within these files). Feel free to ask team members if you need assistance creating a mod using the resources provided by this mod.
    Devices are exposed to the API via these library files as well, so they can be manipulated via script. A great many more wearable devices can be found in in zadxlibs, and zadxlibs2.
    Contributions to DD are welcome! If you are considering contributing to DD, here are our guidelines for your consideration:
    By contributing assets or code to DD, you grant the DD team represented by its lead maintainer a non-exclusive, non-revokable, and non-transferable licence to use your assets without limitation in Devious Devices or any other projects, provided that proper credits are given. You still retain full rights to your work. Everything you create is still yours. Instead of this licence, you may also opt to place your work under an alternative licence compatible with the above, such as Creative Commons or MIT (it cannot be more restrictive, though!) In the later case, we will mark your work as subject to the licence you chose. By contributing assets you also assure that the assets contributed are free from any 3rd party rights that might prevent re-distributing them.
    Kimy and Min for the code.
    Zadil, Koffii, Coopervane, Pincopallino, Feuertin, El Duderino, Heretical, and Colycon for all the awesome wearable devices.
    Feuertin, T'ara, and ZaZ Chris for the furniture devices.
    Feuertin, ZaZ Chris, Xaz, SpaceHamster and Billyy for the awesome animations.
    KestrelSky, Caden, Wasps, Rydin, Veladarius, Kendo2 and Skullered for Devious Devices for Him.
    Skullered for Beast Races Refit.
    Cedec0 for the bound combat that is now a part of this mod.
    Volfin for the gag sounds from GagSFX and the gagged voices code, which the implementation in DD is based on.
    MaikCG for the alternative bound combat animations.
    Kharos, DeWired, Lordescobar666, Aelie, Princessity and Srende for code contributions.
    Tifa Lockheart for the awesome screenshots and the conversations! ❤️
    VirginMarie, Kharos, Jbezorg, UrbanSniper, Ms Leeches, Aelie, Coopervane, Veladarius, Stobor, Pinute, Srende, KomradePavlov, Slorm, Skeuomorph, Aareyn, Zacko, KestrelSky, Naaitsab, MixedupJim, Mord Sif for beta-testing new releases.
    LoversLab Forum Members for some great suggestions and putting this mod to good use.
    If you run into issues, please read the FAQ first. If this doesn't solve your problem, use the search feature: Most questions you're going to ask have probably already been answered. If you're still unable to find the answer to your issue, please post in the support thread proving a Papyrus log and an in-depth description about your issue to allow us to figure out what went wrong there and why. Do NOT PM maintainers with bug reports. Bug reports go in the support thread and only there! Bug reports not accompanied by a log and/or sent via PM will likely be ignored.
    I want to thank both Zadil and Min for making Devious Devices possible in the first place. When I first came to LL, I had no plans to become a modder, but DD and the content mods built on it made me stay. DD is arguably the most comprehensive BDSM framework for any game out there, and it's so much fun! I am proud to have been chosen to take over DD development for you, and I hope you like the result.
    If you're looking for older support posts, here are the threads used for DD before the merger in DD5:
    Devious Devices Assets: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/269-devious-devices-assets/
    Devious Devices Integration: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/371-devious-devices-integration-12092014/
    Devious Devices Expansion: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1305-devious-devices-expansion-v116/
    Devious Devices Contraptions: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/133152-devious-devices-contraptions-11-2020-05-05/



  18. Sexlab Sex Slaves SSE

    Sexlab Sex Slaves SSE
    This is an SSE conversion of the original Sex Slaves.   You can check out the description on the linked page.
    I have removed the Beta tag.  I only had it in place because Sexlab itself was still beta, but it has been working now for a long time.
    Check out the next topic.
    New Stuff:
    See the list below.

    Requirements (You need all of these):
    SkyUi SSE
    SKSE64 2.0.6  or greater.  Be caseful here and get the one labeled " ALPHA BUILD. MODDERS ONLY. DO NOT ASK FOR SUPPORT. "
    Sexlab version 1.63 or newer
    I have a converted Zaz 6.0 and it is included.
    Also, the piercings and a custom aroused are also included.
    Install using NMM or your mod manager of choice.  Install all of the following:
    All the requirements above.
    Make sure you run FNIS after installing this and check "Gender Specific Animations".
    You are also going to need a skeleton like XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE, a nude male body mesh like Better Males, or  SOS Light and Tempered Skins part 1 and part 2.
    This SSE release has MiasLair as an esp file, not a master as before.
    If you choose the the regular piercings file like Piercings for CBBE SSE, or Piercings for UNP SSE, you can make the jewelry yourself.  If you choose any of the Labia Exciters "_NOESP", you get only the meshes and there will be no esp file.  There is also a body slide option, but I have not tested this to be sure it works.
    Make sure you read the Sexlab Animation requirements if you regularly disable Sexlab animations.
    Known Issues
    The newly added Andrew sister quest was written for female players.   This male version still have references to a female player.  I no longer have access to the voice actor, so you'll just have to roll play.
    If you check the short main quest, Vess will follow you until you get the key and release the captive (I am not changing this).  Later (sometimes much later), your Sex Slave companions may start drawing their weapons and sheathing them repeatedly.  I have never had this happen with this release, but it still might happen for some players.




  19. More Nasty Critters Special Edition

    Latest Version of MNC and Hetai Creatures for SE. Now with sorted Scrip folders and resaved ESP's
    Last Change: Upload Version 12
    See MadMansGun site for changes.
    Notes: By now I can't reproduce the crashes on the horses anymore. The Bear is fixed, As a temporary fix for the lurker, replace the Skeleton with that one of the Giant or install Animated Beast Cocks. Don't let XPMSSE overwrite the skeletons.
    To make MNC run with the OLD CF it is better to install CF without MNC present in your loadorder. You can test if it is working with Hentai Creatures: Spawn a Husky, target it and mark it with 'N' and check if it shows up in the CF MCM puppeteer. If it works, install MNC and keep it from overwriting the old CF. 



  20. SexLab Romance SE - Aroused Patch

    This is a simple patch to tie up SexLab Romance SE and SL Aroused Redux.
    Using the base random system of SLR, it will increase or decrease your seduction success chances depending of the target arousal.
    It might come handy if you are using mods that affect SexLab scenes based on arousal, like SLSO.
    I based myself on the arousal values that trigger SL Arousal spells status (Satisfied, Distracted, etc...)
    I've run it for some months now and the results are satisfiying.
    It doesn't bypass base SLR conditions, it's just another factor amongst others and doesn't change difficulty much in one way or another.
    What it does exactly
    The numbers are as following :
    Target arousal < 20 : decrease drastically success chances (-40) Target arousal between 20 and 49 : no effect Target arousal between 50 and 69 : increase chances a bit (+10) Target arousal between 70 and 89 : increase chances by a good margin (+20) Target arousal >= 90 : increase drastically success chances (+40)  
    Just overwrite SLR SE files with the content of this patch.
    Not configurable by the MCM, I just did it quickly for my own enjoyment and as i'm happy with it wanted to share it with anyone interested.
    Just reinstall SLR with overwrite to get rid of it.
    Can be installed/uninstalled mid playthrough normally.
    fishburger67 for Aroused Redux
    spaceman for SexLab Romance
    nomkaz for his amazing conversion work



  21. RIA (Random Invite Animations) Add-on for Aroused Creature

    Random Invite Animations by me , for Aroused Creature
    Add-on 3 new animations by me)

    SexLab Aroused Creature

    1. Use Mod Organiser 2 or unpack the archive into the "data" folder with replacement
    2. Run FNIS
    3. Start the game

    This add-on fully replace main Utility script with minor changes, make sure u use same version Aroused Creature or OsmelTweak
    💕 👌 If something does not work correctly, please, write in the topic or in PM 👌💕



  22. Devious Adventures SE

    This mod is collection of mod who should add more immersion to a skyrim world. I made this mod to work with DD and slaverun(optional) on mind. It started with board idea, which should be center point of starting quests. I really don't like how quest in skyrim are started. "We're meeting first time, but take this sword to my father". It's good way of some introductions to a game when you start, but after few plays it felt too much non immersive. So I got to change how quests starts. After this I added few more features, which I thought would be good to play with, with mostly immersion in mind. For Alpha version I want to change mostly all quest in skyrim to start via board, in beta I would start adding more new quests. So below are requirements to this mod.
    Hard Requirements: 
    Fuz Ro D-oh V61 SkyUI V5.1 SexLab Framework V1.62 Devious Devices SE 4.3 Zaz animation pack SE  
    Soft Requirements: 
    Slaverun Reloaded 3.0 (Interface) (SLV) SexLab Separate Orgasm SE SexLab Survival SE  
    Plans for next update(feel free to post any ideas): 
    What this mod add: 
    Boards and quests: 
    Bounty quests: New bounty quests, also disabled vanilla one. From now bounty quests are done in current hold. You have some time to complete it. And take reward, don't wait too long cuz another adventures can clear (not literally) location, Also if you clear location and you wait with taking reward, someone can claim it. Also if you travel too much to another hold you can hear rumors about finishing quest.
    Added quests:
    Material quests: New quest to sell some materials. City craftsman can put advertisment they're looking for some items to theirs work. I think they pay really high when you are starting game. Also don't wait too long with selling it. Another adventures and citizens sometimes sell this materials to craftmans, so you can end without selling any items.
    Added quests:
    Vanilla quests: Some of Vanilla quests was changed to start via board. In some hold getting thane title was changed. Also some Vanilla quests now have prequests. In Winterhold and Dawnstar you can't become thane.
    Changed quests:
    There are new jobs to be done in city for certain NPC, postmans, craftsman, sellers , etc. Some quests have certain clothes ( DD) requirements. But NPC should tell when you don't meet them when starting quests. Some jobs add possibilities to get better paid done in special suit, slaves can feel bad about it cuz for them it's obligatory suit. Also jobs have time limit, so you better don't wander too much doing it.
    List of jobs:
    Simple banking system came to skyrim. There is possibility to take loan for 3,7,14 days. with different interest rate. Pay it as fast as you can cuz interest rate is counted daily so your loan becames bigger if you don't pay it fast. 
    Also you have access to save account. You can use it to hide money in bank which is safe from robbers. But taking it back costs some septims. 
    This mod changes crafting, you need to ask for permission to craft items, also crafting would require some tools, there is possibility that tools get destroyed while crafting, higher you crafting skill less probability to tools getting destroyed. You can buy tools from crafting station owners.
    List of crafting station with tools required:
    Body Search: 
    Now npc can search you for stolen items and for illegal things. This search was inspired by Suzutsuki BodySearch mod. The search cerefullness is randomized. YOu can try and hide some illegal things in your ass or pussy. There is smaller chance the searcher would look there.
    Crimes and punishments: 
    Also this mod add new crimes with new punishments. If you get detected by doing any added crimes, you would get punished. 
    Crime list:
    Punishments list:
    This mod also add some events to a skyrim worlds. Some of them would help player and some would make your life harder. For now there is one event.
    Event list:
    Hidden pocket: You have two holes in which you can hide some small items. 
    Houses are purchasable from game beginning.  
    Thanks to the Devious Devices team for making a great framework.
    Thanks to the Kimy for possibilities to use scripts from DCL.
    Thanks to the SexLab team for making a great framework.
    Thanks to all the people that worked on the mods and software that made this possible.
    Thanks to Jappa123 for some ideas and testing new update.
    Thanks to Monoman1 for help with SLSO soft dependency and interfaces amd also for public scripts so I could look at them.
    Thanks to Oaristys for Board Textures.
    Thanks to RohZima for creating body search animation and possibility to include them in mod.
    Thanks to Suzutsuki for permission to use some of code from Body search mod, so I could spend less time creating this.
    Please post your suggestions and opinions about quest and dialogues. Also post your issues I will try to solve them but it can take time. 



  23. Insane Cum Retexture SSE + Lite Version/Painted

    What this mod currently does is just replace the Sexlab textures for cum with some insane versions of it.
    One Version:
    - SSE Version
    - Cum Lover Queen is currently not available but would be rather easy to do so if you are impatient.
    - The more insane layers that you would see in LE edition would be seen if you've installed NetImmerse's body overlays properly for SSE otherwise you will just see the 1st layer of jizz for each area.
    This file is mod manager friendly, so feel free to use NMM or whatever you desire.
    and........... also, if you want to take pictures ingame and send me them if you want. Go Ahead! leave them right down in the support forum!
    I could always use more screenshots to demonstrate to the public  (For Example: Need cum lover queen photos)
    -Plus its always fun to see all the different characters you have and seeing the fun time they had,
    (The support forum would be fun to be a little sharing place for anybody to stop by and "stick" around )
    QuiteUnfortunate : SexLab Quite the Sperm Replacer 4.20 Ridiculous Edition
    Vacaliga : SexLab Cum Textures Remake + Slavetats 1.2.5



  24. Beavers and Raccoons MNC

    Now Skyrim is populated with Beavers and Raccoons for MNC

    This mod is based on gg77's Beavers and Raccoons of Skyrim SE and is a stand-alone, the original mod is not needed.
    If you like the meshes and textures, please head over to Nexus and give the original mod a thumbs up.
    There will now be almost 40 raccoon and almost 60 beavers in Skyrim, you will find them mostly near rivers and farms. They mind their own business, they are not aggressive and will flee if you get too close but may attack if you corner them. I have removed all scripts and dialogue and quest, etc. from the original, these are simply wildlife critters. I did adjust the textures of the beaver and included aroused meshes. They will now be automatically recognized by More Nasty Critters. They use default skeever behaviour and animations.
    There are 4 versions to chose from (use only one).
    Beavers and Raccoons MNC
    Simply introduces the raccoons and beavers and makes sure they are recognized by MNC.  
    Beavers and Raccoons MNC - Always Erect
    For those of you who have problems with the erect schlongs not showing sometimes, this version will also make them always erect (irrespective of their arousal).  
    Beavers and Raccoons MNC - Tame
    This includes a change in the raccoon's and beaver's AI; in the original they are shy. This version makes them tame.  
    Beavers and Raccoons MNC - Tame - Always Erect
    Same as above but again with always erect schlongs.  
    Use your favourite mod manager. The mod is safe to install or uninstall during game play but you may want to "Re-Register All Mods" in Creature Framework in either case, to be sure CF notices.
    More Nasty Critters SE



  25. Deer Expansion - Mihail Monsters and Animals - MNC

    Expand your wildlife with more deer for More Nasty Critters

    This mod is a patch which makes Deer Expansion - Mihail Monsters and Animals  working with More Nasty Critters.
    You need the original mod installed and this patch in the load order behind it. Both are ESL flagged and will not take any space in your ESP slots.
    There are 4 versions to chose from:
    deer expansion sse MNC
    Adds schlongs to the male deer from the mod and makes sure they are recognized as regular deer, not custom races anymore.  
    deer expansion sse MNC - Always Erect
    For those of you who have problems with the erect schlongs not showing sometimes, this will make the males always erect (irrespective of their arousal).  
    deer expansion sse MNC - Tame
    This changes the deer's AI; in the original they are very shy, run away, but will get aggressive if you manage to sneak up to them. This version makes them tame.  
    deer expansion sse MNC - Tame - Always Erect
    Same as above but with always erect schlongs.  
    Use your favourite mod manager. The patch is safe to install or uninstall during game play but you may want to "Re-Register All Mods" in Creature Framework in either case, to be sure CF notices.
    More Nasty Critters SE, Deer Expansion - Mihail Monsters and Animals 



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