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Oblivion mods that add or replace various animations

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  1. WalkAnimSwitcher

    WalkAnimSwitcher v1.0


    This mod is a lightweight and optimized plugin that allows you to switch between different bundled Forward Walking Animations ingame via a hotkey. The default hotkeys are Page Up and Page Down.
    Of course all hotkeys can be changed via an ini configuration file. Additionally there is another hotkey that allows you to add more or less bounce to the BBB enabled animation.
    This mod also bundles most of the Forward Walking Animations I could find. All Female Animations are BBB enabled.
    Additionally there is a spell that allows you to modify NPC walking animations on the fly. By default only female anims are applied to female NPCs and vice versa. This can be disabled in the ini.
    When the game is loaded the last picked walking anim is applied to the player, this however does not apply to NPC anims, you will have to use the spell on them again.
    To be compatible to your existing Animations only the Forward Walking Animation is replaced. (With tbsk Improved Walk as the only exception)
    Here are all the Walking Animations:
    ; WalkAnim17 - sinkpoint Manly Stride; WalkAnim16 - tbsk Improved Walk; WalkAnim15 - Mur_Zik normal speed real walk; WalkAnim15 - Mur_Zik 25% slower real walk; WalkAnim14 - Mur_Zik 50% slower real walk; WalkAnim13 - Mur_Zik 50% faster sexy walk with facial expressions; WalkAnim12 - Mur_Zik 25% faster sexy walk with facial expressions; WalkAnim11 - Mur_Zik original slow sexy walk; WalkAnim10 - Mur_Zik slow sexy walk BBB tweaked no expression; WalkAnim9 - Umpa sexy walk with hand on hip; WalkAnim8 - Womans Move more feminine; WalkAnim7 - Womans Move more feminine slower walk; WalkAnim6 - Womans Move; WalkAnim5 - Womans Move slower walk; WalkAnim4 - Pretty Woman Walk; WalkAnim3 - Pretty Woman Slower Walk; WalkAnim2 - Pretty Woman Slowest Walk; WalkAnim1 - Default Oblivion walk with BBB; WalkAnim - No animations (Useful to return to your pre-installed anims)
    Known Issues:
    I feel obligated to tell you that this mod relies on the Update3d function used on the player, which creates a backgound thread that reloads facedata, hair, etc of the player. As Oblivion is horribly coded for multithreading this in some cases results in a game crash. There is no way around this atm. However this is usually only the case in heavily modded games, so I suggest to keep your mod count below 150.
    So in general to see if this mod works on your character you can try this:
    Load your game
    Open console and type showracemenu, press enter
    Game crash? Then this mod will crash your game with a high possibility on startup or when you switch anims.
    No game crash? Enjoy!
    OBSE v0020
    Manual: Move into your data folder and activate it in the Modmanager. No worries nothing is overwritten.
    Mod Organizer: Install and activate
    Version History:
    1.0 - Release
    Mur_Zik and Surazal for Real Walk and famous Sexy Walk
    beni and amsterdam2019 for Pretty Woman
    nao4288 for Womans Move
    Umpa for sexy walk with hand on hip
    tbsk for Improved Posture and Walk
    sinkpoint for Manly Stride
    Bethesda for making their TES games moddable and thus immortal
    You for still playing my favorite game
    You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me and all the other authors above credit if you distribute any part of this file.



  2. Combat Stance Reanimation

    Oblivion Combat Stance Reanimation v3.0

    Combat Stance Reanimation v3.0
    Tired of the bad vanilla idles? Had enough of your character looking afraid to fight when holding a weapon?
    This animation replacer might just be what you need.
    These are replacements for all the idles when in combat, it includes complementary animations
    -Standing and Turning
    -Walking and Running
    For screenshots check the Nexus page


    Core folder contains the main animation pack. Meshes folder inside it must be installed in your game Data folder
    Recomended: Delete any previous versions, and delete Specialanims.esp plugin if you have one.
    Variations folder is full of optional settings. They usually go installed in Specialanims folder under _male folder (which is where the rest of the normal animations go in the game folder tree) But I've provided an extra readme with more dateiled instructions
    Changes in v3.0:
    Tweaked everything attempting to achieve a more neutral/unisex state for all animations. "No sissy males, no female gorillas" It's difficult since we have to deal with a game which uses the same skeleton for both genders and gave us wine barrels for clothing which makes males look fat and sissy... But I tried, And I think It's down to reasonable levels now.

    Made a few optional gender based variations still just in case Lots and lots of variations, which now require Blockhead to be used among which there are from just normal variations, like how a weapon is being held to more elaborate ones to holding them in a different weapon type stance (like a combat staff, or dual blades) or even a new combat type (like floating in a lich-like way with a staff)

    Random stuff...
    You liked my work?
    Thank you very much! I really appreciate it, and it makes me happy to know you're enjoying my work! =)

    You didn't like it?
    Then shut up, don't download this and go bother someone else. Trolls will be ignored and/or reported on sight.
    You want to make your own additions, change this or upload it somewhere else?
    By all means proceed, only remember to put my name on it, as a measure of respect for other people's work
    I'm not looking for fame, but respect is important to me.
    Want more unnecessary breast bouncing?
    Not gonna happen.
    Credits and Thanks:
    Me of course.
    Coronerra and Growlf, creators of Universal Skeleton
    Creators of previous great animation mods I used as tools to understand animating and draw inspiration from.
    Amsterdam2019 (DMC Stylish, Pretty Woman)
    Ylden (Defying Gravity)
    Resona (Animation Replacer Pack)
    Shaklin (Idle Poses Replace)
    Among others...
    All the people who helped either with encouragement,links to useful stuff or teaching me a few things.
    Thanks for your good will and patience (Sorry I didnt put you on Nexus, but Im not sure its safe to mention you there..)
    -D_ManXX2 (BIG thanks for the help with the kinematics problem )
    -QuiteTheTail (Who helped my finally use Blockhead)
    Just send me a PM here or leave a comment on the thread (If you’re not in too much of a hurry)



  3. FF's Custom Animations

    So I've been tinkering with poses and converting them into animations for my videos and for others to use in theirs.
    I'm still learning a few things in blender, but this is what I have so far and thought I would share them with everyone.
    Enjoy and there's more to come!
    Sitt'n and Squish'n
    Stand'n and Squish'n
    Bring it
    bbb compatible skeleton
    bbb outfits like
    The Box by Thorazine
    Back up your onehandidle and handtohandidle
    Extract file and copy data folder into your game director and overwrite all files
    Props to
    Mailamea for the motivation when she uploaded the dmc idle. Check it out here.
    Nightwynd for the pose used in Stand'n and Squish'n.
    fore for the breathing idles and replacers as well the original dmc idle you made
    for me back in the day. I'll be making some new videos for you soon.
    Glintshadow for the seductive idle with bbb.
    Selene310187 for the pose thumbnail mod
    Gregathit for the blender tips.
    As well as all the fans of my videos and my fellow video jedi's.



  4. DMC+BBB Onehand Idle

    Featuring the almost lost forever onehandidle animation for Oblivion.
    Zeroda's DMC+BBB onehandidle

    Extract to your : characters/_male folder.
    For custom Races : characters/"RaceName"/_male(or before_male)
    Or for something better : characters/_male/specialanims (so the player character is the only one using the animation)
    Zeroda - without this guy, this wouldn't be possible.
    Mailamea - for finally getting up and uploading this.
    Loverslab People - for making a thread about this and whining so much that it needs to be put up. Just kidding guys



  5. Mur zik sexy walk +bbb

    Murzick sexy walk +bbb omod,...
    the first is an OMOD version,...
    the walks fast is the version is just nif files of 4, my favorite ones i pulled from the omod,...



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