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  1. Provocative Perks v1.07.1 TRADUCCION AL ESPAÑOL

    Despues de un rato en pensar si subirlo o no aqui les dejo esta traduccion, con la ayuda de mi nuevo personaje Panam, estuve probando un buen rato este increible mod, basicamente consiste en un mod que te permite tener perks pervertidas para tu aventura, estas van desde una perk que te permite conseguir mejores precios acostandote con los vendedores, hacer mas daño entre mas exitado este el personaje, al beber alcohol o alguna droga tener un chance de caer noqueado a la merced de los distintos NPCs que te quieran hacer el sin respeto, entre muchos otros mas. 
    Es un mod entretenido y que dara mas placer a la hora de rolear algun personaje en un mundo post apocaliptico lleno de pervertidos (o incluso TU ser el personaje pervertido que ira haciendo perversidades ahi donde vayas), a mi punto de vista esta entre los mejores, entretenido, divertido y placentero, que mas puedes pedir?
    Para que el mod funcione correctamente se necesita intalar primero el mod original el cual es: 
    Evidentemente con todos los requisitos que este pida, esos requisitos los puedes ver en el mod original, sin mas espero volver a verlos luego con mas mods traducidos para la comunidad y cualquier duda que pueda surgir con mucho gusto puedo ayudar a solucionarla, que tengan un exelente dia 



  2. Provocative Perks

    A collection of standalone perks designed to reward, punish, encourage, coerce, and otherwise facilitate your lascivious exploits.
    Provocative Perks
    Safe to say most folks here want to get laid in this game (or why else would you be on LL?). Sometimes you trigger the fun with sandboxy gameplay mods, turning your combat defeats or NPC rescues into a roll in the hay. Other times you might hike up your heels at the urging of quest mods, placating harassers or transforming into the Commonwealth's newest porn star. Provocative Perks is none of these things. It's a gap filler. An added spice. A collection of useful utilities to improve your digital sex life in minor ways. A bard (OG/2nd edition) to stand in the back and sing stat buffs at your adult modding setup. 
    As the name implies, this mod contains a selection of adult oriented perks. There are no restrictions on when, which, or how many of the perks you may choose. They are all designed to stand alone. While a couple of them may synergize together or work at a crosswinds, the aim of the mod is for you to choose the exact perks that fit your playstyle. One thing to keep in mind, though: they are designed to be permanent. You may add perks at any time, but there is no method of removing individual perks.
    Hopefully the perks, as detailed below, include a little something for a wide array of interests. Certain perks are clearly targeted towards "player as victim", several are designed to drive consensual interactions, and at least one is almost exclusively useful to aggressive players. Others are style-neutral, or promote nudity, or are just plain fun. Even if you decide you only like one or two perks, not to worry! This mod's plugin is an ESL-flagged ESP, and will not occupy one of your valuable ESP slots.
    Lastly, acquiring the perks is very simple. Open the mod's MCM, find the “Perk Selection” option, and click the button. That will fire up the selection menu any time, anywhere. Even if you've already taken a perk, you can still view its description in the selection menu to remind yourself how it works.
    Perk Descriptions
    Additional Features
    Long time AAF users may have noticed that certain creatures get “stuck” doing sex idles after a scene. The usual suspects include feral ghouls, insects, and sometimes FEV hounds. Provocative Perks will bump these creatures out of stuck sex idles after a scene ends. This feature does not require any specific perks to be taken.
    A Brief Note on Balance
    The careful reader will note that these perks generally have pros as well as cons. Nobody who thinks about it for more than a few minutes will accuse them all of being “well balanced” by the typical gaming definition. The perks are designed to grease the skids towards your character having sex, whether by carrot or stick. In this context, any apparent boons ought to be treated as a mere smoke screen, distracting you from the long-term detriments of spreading your legs way too often. Consider yourself warned.
    Known Issues and Conflicts
    Hard Requirements
    -Far Harbor
    -Nuka World
    -Sex Attributes, v2.6.5 or higher
    -Working AAF installation, including animations and tags/Themes
    Soft Requirements
    Provocative Perks can optionally integrate features from the following mods. Some perks may work differently (or not at all) without the following mods, but PVPK will still install and run without them.
    -Animated Tentacles v0.9 (LL thread here, MEGA link here) (required for Tentacle Bait)
    -Bound in Public (optional outcome after Easy Prey and Homewrecker)
    -Daily Life of Hookers (custom idles will play before AAF scenes initiated by Provocative Perks)
    -Devious Devices (useful for Latex Fetish)
    -NSFW Soundpack (optional moans for Psychosexual and USB Type-V)
    -Plugs of the Commonwealth (useful for Latex Fetish)
    -Real Handcuffs (required for Abandoned Property, useful for Latex Fetish)
    -Sexual Harassment, v1.16.8 or higher (slightly changes functionality of Homewrecker)
    -Skimpy Armor Keywords Resource (alternative clothing check option for Delicate Skin, Exhibitionist Streak, and USB Type-V)
    -AAF Spectators (for synergy with Life of the Party)
    -AAF Violate (for synergy with Acquisition Specialist)
    Thanks and Credits
    -twistedtrebla for Sex Attributes' wonderful API, and for a short sequence of clothing strip code that I lifted almost wholesale from Combat Strip Lite.
    -kziitd for the criminally underutilized idles in Daily Life of Hookers, and for the squish sound file used in the USB Type-V perk.
    -EgoBallistic for being a constant pillar of modding support and answering a couple specific questions.
    -lee3310 for a general interest that kept my procrastination at bay.
    -Special thanks to the AAF Help Discord for their assistance past, present, and future.
    -Honorable mention to Saya_Scarlett for the often thankless work of maintaining the AAF Fucking Manual.
    -Credit to kinggath for the controller quest template that I'm still using from his Mod School Resources pack.
    Feel free to re-post, re-host, patch, translate, and/or incorporate into your own mods as long as the result is freely available and not paywalled. Just give credit back to me and the original LL post. No support offered for sites outside of LL.



  3. Wasteland Dairy Framework

    Requires The Latest version of Family Planning Enhanced v3.80
    please click "Clear and Register Baby Addons" in Page 2 of Debugs in MCM in FPE to reset Impregnation Addons
    Advanced Pregnancy Options requires Family Planning Enhanced MCM option "Allow Creatures" to be turned on!
    Lore background
    There is a few more features in v2.80 and I will adding to this list over the next week or so
    Brief history of the (new) social experiment of Vault 81.
    After the First Overseer sabotaged the secret Vault so they won't do the experiments on the Vault Dwellers as intended.
    She decided to develop technologies on her own.
    Advanced Fertility technology to help humanity.
    She help developed advanced Milk donation system to lessen damage to the willing subjects.

    Consumables(Blood, Milk and Semen)
    Milkers(Blood, Milk and Semen)
    Unique Milkers
    Mad Cow Virus
    Milk Crates & IV Storage
    Powdered Milk
    Radioactive Milk
    Recipe Magazines
    Blood Type Technology
    After the creation of Semen donation system. Her dream was finally realized.
    Abandoned & Bloody Babies
    Birth Control
    Companion Clones
    FEV Growth Chemical
    Injectable Semen
    Freeze Pregnancy (Consumable & Syringe)
    Instant Birth(Consumable & Syringe)
    Low Powered Syringer
    Quietus Milk(& Syringe)
    Loyalty Switch
    But her dream became perverted with the introduction of Creature Semen Injectors and Breeding.
    Life Cycles of Creatures
    Egg's or Wombs
    Evolution (From Family Planning Enhance Redux)
    Children & Adults
    FEV Growth Chemical (now works on Creatures)
    The Following Creatures are in the mod (With Father Perks)
    Tamed & Wild Creature Capture System
    Injectable DNA
    Milkers(Egg, Living Egg, Milk and DNA)
    Then Her Dream started a New Wave of slavery
    However it is laughable to Assume that the rest of the Commonwealth uses the Technology developed by Vault 81
    MCM Commands and Hotkeys
    Additional Information
    Turn off Auto looting mods when using FEV Growth Milk because the auto looter can get the baby before the script works
    Oppai Milk Pasties(Meshes Only, No need for ESP) - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40562
    Special Thanks
    Very Special Thanks to EgoBallistic, hey, you are back (I don't really update this often)
    Very Special Thanks to Chosen Clue and vinfamy for the original mods
    Very Special Thanks to both Polistiro & Nebuchadnezzer2 (I am using some of the Cum Overlay files in my BA2 because it was starting to annoy me)
    and Thanks to all of the Artist's that I took the pictures from for the numerous Magazines Covers in this mod
    I completely forgotten to credit the mod author who made the Baby Backpack
    by LadySpades https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/7913065
    AAF Family Planning Enhanced and additional help by EgoBallistic



  4. Patch for animations (Squirt/Cum Effects, cum overlays, stages, fixes)

    What this mod changes:
    Other options:
    What next:
    Thanks to, original authors and ideas:
    Old changes:
    Contact me if you can create x-ray arts or vault style arts



  5. [AAF] Voicepacks and SFX

    Because sound matters. Features 2 Voicepacks.


    The goal of this mod is to make a seamingless "One Voice" experience throughout some of the outstanding mods done by community, as well as introduce clean and updated sounds that will play during animations of the supported mods. Mod was developed with Ultimate AAF Patch (UAP) in mind, although some users mentioned that no UAP works as well... So keep in mind that without UAP, you may experience some bad sounds... 

    Non-Voice Specific Previews

    Vault-Girl Voicetype
    Vanilla, Mature

    Consists of Nora (Fo4), Jack (Mass Effect 2) and Ada Wong (Resident Evil 6)
    Will suit perfectly for vanilla characters.
    Features a bit of dirty talk here and there (requires Leito animations)
    You may also consider downloading, Cough and Jump Grunt along side this for more Nora noises


    Supported Mods and Compatibility

    Athletic Voicetype
    Young, Sporty and High Pitched

    Consists of voicelines of Tracer (Overwatch), Ciri (Witcher 3) and Ellie (The Last Of Us 2).
    Voicelines and sounds of all girls were sped up/changed/pitched so it is unlikely that you will recognise some of them.
    Will suit perfectly for slim/athletic bodytypes and character aged around 19-26
    Sometimes in consensual animations your character may chuckle or dirty talk (but very rarely).
    Lot's of screaming and abusive language during non-consentual animations.
    Already comes with Clean Sound Effect files, download either regular version or optional version.
    Requires UAP to work properly, otherwise some of animations won't be as exciting.
    You may also consider downloading Silent Protagonist, Cough and Jump Grunt along side this, as having Nora speaking and making noises may break immersion.


    Supported Mods and Compatibility

    And that's all for now folks, if you want to support the mod, I would appreciate a review or an endorsment (or both if you feel charitable)
    Always remember that my files should always overwrite any of the listed mods or you may encounter some weird shit
    If any of the preview links will become dead, please message me I will try to fix the issue
    If you want to help the project you can always share some good resources to use in direct

    See ya space cowboy

    Resources used:
    Adobe Premiere
    Tracer FX - Link
    Ciri FX - Link
    Ellie FX - Link
    Other FX - Link
    Preview Artwork: Ashe And Tracer in Pool, Tracer Showing Off Abs.



  6. AAF Animated Fannies - Ref Templates for Outfit Studio

    Requires AAF Animated Fannies. This just contains the XML file that allows you to load AF body references from a template.
    CBBE Vagina Morphs CBBE Vagina Morphs Physics CBBE Vagina Morphs Standard Physics



  7. 3BBB (CBBE) Conversion - AAF Animated Fannies

    AAF Animated Fannies - 3BBB (CBBE) Conversion by Alcater

    Ah, I See You're a Man of Culture As Well

    We now have a brand new 3BBB Discord Server

    More 3BBB (CBBE) Conversions here

    The Bodyslide Preset i used here

    Conversion of CBBEVaginaMorphs to 3BBB for CBBE. Only replaces CBBEVaginaMorphs with the 3BBB conversion of that body.

    AAF Animated Fannies AAF 3BBB Physics (CBBE) BodySlide

    Download and install AAF, AAF Animated Fannies and 3BBB for (CBBE) and their requirements Download and install this mod and overwrite if necessary (load after AAF Animated Fannies) Open BodySlide and Check Build Morphs then Batch Build everthing and select "CBBEVaginaMorphs" as the Nude Body Enjoy Support the original AAF Animated Fannies mod by Jahem_kinkaid and vinfamy  

    If you have trouble getting 3BBB to work have a look into the Guide to 3BBB

    You can NOT post this mod or any of its parts (including any derived works) outsides of LL without my explicit permission. You can NOT incorporate any of my code in any for-profit project (Donations/Patreons are fine as long as they are strictly voluntary and don't offer the donor any tangible advantage over non-donors) You can NOT incorporate any of my code in mod that's going to be uploaded to Bethesda.Net and/or made available for consoles in any other way. You can NOT use any of my code in a closed source project. No exceptions, ever. No need to ask for permission either. I won't give it. Even in my wildest dreams I can't think of a good reason not to publish a mod's source code. You can NOT publish a fork of this mod (as in using it as a base for a project offering similar functionality) without my permission. That includes porting it to other platforms/games. You CAN otherwise use my code for your own projects as long as you include all source code with your distribution and allow others to use your own code in a similar fashion. And give proper credit where it's due. All above rules still apply!

    AAF Animated Fannies by Jahem_kinkaid and vinfamy
    BodySlide by ousnius and Caliente
    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer by ousnius and Caliente
    OCBP for Fallout 4 by takosako
    3BBB (CBBE - TWB) by SQr17
    CBBE Outfit Helper Reference Suite by SQr17



  8. Commonwealth Moisturizer

    A brand new collection of body and facial cum applied automatically after AAF scenes.
    Commonwealth Moisturizer
    Two centuries after the bombs fell, it's clear what happened: humans (and other creatures) who produced larger volumes of semen were able to procreate in spite of the high background radiation. They were therefore more likely to pass along this unique, genetically adaptive trait. These days it's hardly unusual for the average human to deliver a quantity of seed that would make even a 21st century porn studio executive say “Nah, scale it back, nobody will ever believe the cumshot otherwise”.
    Features and Startup Instructions
    Commonwealth Moisturizer will add increasing amounts of 3-dimensional cum to characters after AAF scenes. Cum appears at three locational groups depending on the type of sex: belly/vaginal, rear/anal, and chest/face. Yes, that's right! Facials are included, and automatically applied after oral scenes.
    Right up front, please understand that there are two types of facials. The first, meant for the player, has far more variations. All variants can overlap, and all will conform and even move with the face as you talk, change expressions, and so forth. The second, meant for NPCs, has fewer variations. These too can overlap, but cannot move in real time. They are therefore limited to the area above the mouth. If you want to understand why, please check out the Technical Facial Discussions section down below.
    Body cum is the same for the player and NPCs. Each location (belly/vag and rear/anal) has several variants, one of which will be chosen at random based on animation tags. Each round of sex will show additional cum. Chest cum is part of the body suit, but is grouped with the facials in a combined oral pool.
    Body cum must be built in Bodyslide to fit your preferred preset (search for “semen” in Bodyslide). You do not need to build the facials at all. There are different body cum versions for male and female, of course, so be sure to build both bodies separately. The FOMOD installer includes pre-built body cum files for Atomic Muscle, as per Ulfberto's general preferences.
    Beyond the initial building and choosing your settings, there really isn't much you need to do! This mod is designed to operate in the background, and does not need routine input.
    Last, but not least, the plugin is an ESL-flagged ESP.
    MCM Options
    Some of the relevant MCM options are detailed below.
    Washing Off Cum
    Megururu left open permissions on Wash Out That Cum. Two patches for WotC are included in the Commonwealth Moisturizer FOMOD: one for the BYOP version and another for the CWSS version. This will allow you to wash away the body and face cum using the same methods that wash away cum overlays.
    Anyone is free to write and/or post a cleaning patch for any other mod they deem appropriate. The API for cleaning off cum is very simple. An example is included in the “Info For Modders” section down below.
    FAQ and Troubleshooting
    Technical Facial Discussions
    Info For Modders
    Known Issues
    Hard Requirements
    -Far Harbor
    -Nuka World
    -Working AAF installation, including animations and tags/Themes
    -Replacement male/female bodies of your choice (Fusion Girl, CBBE, Bodytalk 3, and/or Atomic Muscle)
    Thanks and Credits
    -kziitd, who gets full co-credit as the developer of all the body and facial cum included in this mod. I'm eternally grateful that he trusted me to bring his work to life.
    -Ulfberto, who suggested material swaps for displaying individual cum options, and who also provided a working example.
    -Nebuchadnezzer2, who worked closely with me when I was trying to piggyback on Cum Overlays' scripts instead of reinventing the wheel (spoiler alert: I subsequently reinvented the wheel).
    -Indarello, for developing the original headparts technique based on kziitd's demo facials, for answering technical questions about the method, and for permission to build on his work.
    -lee3310 for early feedback and technical discussions.
    -CRWREX for correctly diagnosing a bug that was driving me up the wall.
    -Special thanks to the AAF Help Discord for their assistance past, present, and future.
    -Honorable mention to Saya_Scarlett for the often thankless work of maintaining the AAF Fucking Manual.
    -Credit to kinggath for the controller quest template that I'm still using from his Mod School Resources pack.
    -Waity6taity, for the glowing green cum assets.
    Cum assets may not be reproduced, re-used, or altered without kziitd's permission. Scripts and other written assets may be re-used with credit, as long as the result is freely available and not paywalled. Patches, translations, and bodyslide conversions for this mod may be developed and posted without further permission. 



  9. Lewd Talks

    Unleash the lewdness..
    This small mod adds dialogue lines to PC in the form of "thoughts" as well as it adds commentary to the PC's "lewd" activities. It currently consists of two parts:
    These are the real dialogue lines said by PC in the world. Unlike some other mods though, these are scripted and do not put PC "in scene" hence chances of breaking something is minimal.  PC can comment on a limited number of things currently and there are not so many lines yet present. Another thing that PC does is - posing during the scenes, provided that you've installed the necessary poses mods and not using the No-poses patch. If you know what Sexist Guards for Skyrim is - this one is pretty much the same with only PC's dialogue lines.
    The common theme for these lines is lewdness, sexual desire and alike. These are PC's thoughts said from 1st person towards the void "you" - so one way to treat this is like playing eroge where a heroine addresses the player himself (as in - the real person). Basically, PC tries her utmost to seduce the player. Another way to look at that is if PC travels alongside a companion and then it's possible to interpret her lines as directed towards that companion.
    The lines are unvoiced for the reason they are PC's thoughts. However, almost all lines will be followed up by her lewd moans. You get the idea - the goal is to maker her lewd.
    These are the commentaries which describe the "action" during the AAF scenes. If you know what Apropos is for the Skyrim - you can undesrtand this easily. It's very much the same. Here's what's currently in:
    Support for 4 modes of the messages (0th/1st/2nd/3rd person modes) Support for different sex type, including the "main three" and kissing/solo scenes Support for two types of sex: aggressive and consensual Support for three stages of sex: start, main action, finish Support for wear (A/O/V) if Sex Attributes is installed (or if it isn't then you can still use the MCM to manually set the desired wear)  
    Now, there are some certain limitations on these messages as well as major issues. However, for the proof of concept it works fairly well. Just as Apropos, the phrases aren't static, there are replacement for synonyms which allow for quite a lot of diversity. For the "big three" there are the most amount of lines - at least 32 per type, position and time. For some there are 64, so it's unlikely you'll see the repetitions too soon.
    If you want PC to pose, you obviously need the poses mods from the list here. Do note that I have no control over the availability of these mods. If some of them become unavailable - you can try installing the No-poses patch (the main file is still required)
    Working AAF installation. AAF History v2.1+ (version is critically important); without this the scene messages will not work SUP_F4SE TH Poses Redux (if unavailable, check TH Mods Page) Alternatively, install the No-poses patch to eliminate any poses mods dependencies. LL Fourplay community plugin (if not installed together with AAF)  
    When you have those, you'll need to install the mod and that's basically it.
    Partial Requirements / Recommended mods
    These mods are optional but they greatly enhance your experience with Lewd Talks
    Sex Attributes: this will allow for some dialogue options if PC is extremely submissive + the wear from that mod will be recognized and replaced during the scenes Fallout Fantasy: this will allow for some race-related dialogue options HUD Framework: this is required if you want to use HUD widget that @R3z Shark provided for this mod. FallUI: STRONGLY recommended! It will allow you to configure the duration of the notifications. Without you will struggle to read text messages that are long as the default timer is 3 seconds. Applies for "Notification" output method only and does not change anything for the "Widget". A must have for those who struggle with making the widget work.  
    Here are the limitations which I am unlikely to change - or something that you can adjust to your liking:
    No "strong" language. PC is envisioned as generally innocent girl. (Rewrite the lines to your liking in the config) Only works for scenes involving PC. Unlikely to change so far (but if I develop AAF History a bit more then - maybe NPC-NPC will be a thing) Only works for solo or "normal" activities. No group sex support. Unlikely to change No bestiality. I'm not making patches for that, but I can support those who want Strong orientation on "straight hetero" scenes. Others will have glitches of using mismatching pronouns. (Rewrite the lines to your liking in the config) Female PC is assumed to be submissive and her partner is assumed to be dominant. Sometimes to the extreme levels. (Rewrite the lines to your liking in the config) Male PC is assumed to be dominant and his partner is assumed to be submissive. Sometimes to the extreme levels. (Rewrite the lines to your liking in the config) Female PC is generally lewd. Very lewd. She even may sometimes enjoy non-consensual scenes after resisting in the beginning. (Rewrite the lines to your liking in the config) Male PC is generally an alpha. He's mostly uncompromising and plays by his own rules. (Rewrite the lines to your liking in the config)  
    You can go to Data/F4SE/Plugins and edit LewdTalks.ini to change any of the lines to your liking. You can also find helping comments in the beginning of the file.
    Known Issues
    As said above, this is a proof of concept mod. Some of the problems I will try to address but some will likely stay for a long time if not forever. Here's what I'm aware of:
    Long init time. And I mean - really long. It gets to around 300 seconds. On slower PC can be even worse. I can't do too much about that - because the mod is written in Papyrus, not in those wonderful SKSE tools available for Skyrim. The config file currently contains north of 3.000 lines that the mod needs to load, index and store. This is done to accelerate the string replacement during the scenes Messages "not working" during aggressive scenes. Some mods disable UI and then it hides notifications too (not only from this mod). Not something I can fix Not "beautiful" synonyms definitions and templates in the config file: well, that is all about performance. To not calculate string length every time, I forced every used template to be of the length 12. It cuts down on replacement a lot and it all that matters. Inconsistencies in the config file. This is mainly related to the fact that the phrases across 0th/1st/2nd/3rd person mode are generated from the same texts. Although I did an extensive proof-reading, there are 3.000 lines so something definitely slipped through the cracks. You are welcome to report these here and I will fix the config.  
    Credits & Permissions
    Authors of the pose mods: I'm relying on those. For this reason it's a hard dependency (even though I could've just extract the hkx-es)
    Authors of the Apropos: I did not reuse their DB for synonyms and/or commentary lines, but I took inspiration from those.
    Author of the Lewd Talks widget: @R3z Shark
    You can use the assets from the mod, but please "be nice" - ask me for why you need those and credit me. If you want to use the widget then you will need the permission of @R3z Shark for that as well as mine.



  10. Sex Education

    Earn configurable experience points for having sex (through AAF).
    Why would I want this?
    Because your character has a lot of sex and you want to level up faster? At the very least, you want a little compensation for time spent on your knees.
    Personally I think this mod is best for play styles that are lighter on combat and heavier on sex. At the extreme end, that style might even stem from a prostitution scenario mod like Hardship, where XP is otherwise pretty hard to come by. Furthermore, not only is the bonus XP useful as an indirect source of self esteem for Sex Attributes, but SexEd also now includes the option to directly grant self esteem from consensual sex!
    Isn't there another mod with a similar effect?
    Lucrative Augments includes one augment that grants experience points for sex. Sex Education simply provides a more configurable version of this effect in a stand-alone package.
    Features and Other Gritty Details
    This mod works for any player gender and AAF animation, except for animations tagged hugging, dancing, or pose (kissing tags may be excluded in the MCM). Player can be pitching, catching, licking, spanking, or anything in between; XP will be granted as long as you are an actor in the animation. However, masturbation gives no XP. You only learn with at least one partner!
    Sex Education includes the following MCM settings:
    -Vanilla Fallout 4 (no DLCs needed)
    -AAF with working animations. Sex Education contains no animations of its own.
    -MCM, for mod settings and overall function.
    -Tags for your animations (soft requirement). The main effect of missing tags will be a non-working Aggressive Sex XP% setting. I recommend installing AAF Themes. Alternatively, you can use animations that are tagged by the author, like those made by SavageCabbage (1.2.4+) and BP70 (2.7+). Certain patches add, revise, or substitute their own tags as well.
    -Optional Requirement: AAF Spectators. If installed, integration settings can be used to earn XP when NPCs watch you have sex.
    -Optional Requirement: Sex Attributes. If installed, integration settings can be used to earn self esteem after consensual sex.
    Known Issues
    -Gen 3 synths all use human race, so they'll be tracked as one race type instead of separately. Arguably, that's how they should be treated anyway...
    -If a player animation starts while a separate NPC animation is in progress, player may receive XP credit for the NPC's spectators (when using AAF Spectators integration).
    My Thanks To
    -kinggath, who I cannot praise enough for his incredibly detailed and informative “Bethesda Mod School” series on YouTube. Don't stab around in the dark, go learn from his hundreds (thousands?) of hours of modding experience.
    -EgoBallistic, twistedtrebla, and Nebuchadnezzer2, all of whose excellent scripting I studied, scoured, pondered, and otherwise picked apart to figure out how to make my mods hum.
    -Double secret bonus thanks to Nebuchadnezzer2, whose top notch Cum Overlays mod had such a good AAF listening structure that I tried my best not to just plagiarize it directly (and partially succeeded) ?.
    -Special thanks to the AAF Help discord for sorting me out back when I was a wide-eyed newbie, to whom the secrets of mod-making were akin to sorcery.
    -Honorable mention to Saya_Scarlett for the often thankless work of maintaining the definitive AAF Fucking Manual.
    Feel free to re-post, re-host, patch, translate, and/or incorporate into your own mods as long as the result is freely available and not paywalled. Just give credit back to me and the original LL post. No support offered for sites outside of LL.



  11. Better Living Through Cumistry

    Experience a Commonwealth in which cum can provide sustenance, healing, and even narcotic effects.  A mod for those with addictive tastes.
    Denizens of the greater Boston area noticed a strange new effect over the post-war decades: certain people could get as high from cum as from any other drug. Not everyone, certainly, and not to the same degree, but more than enough cases to become common knowledge. The cause? Who knows? Some heady mix of mutations induced by lingering radiation, forced evolutionary virus, and good old fashioned genetic adaptation.
    Always on the lookout for eager talent, brothels snap up many such cases. Others so afflicted choose forms of celibacy and isolation to control their urges. The rest of these unfortunate (fortunate?) souls might end up anywhere from the barroom floor to the upper stands, from the gutters to the penthouse, or from total irrelevance to the heights of leadership. No matter their station, such folk tend to find each other, exchanging favors and information. A few particularly far-gone cases whisper that there are even better highs to be had from... inhuman creatures.

    Main Features
    -Configurable addiction options! Any or all of the creatures of the wasteland can get you flying high.
    -Configurable sustenance values by creature type! Motivated go-getters can satisfy hunger and thirst during captivity (or anywhere else!) by spending enough time on their knees.
    -Configurable healing amount! Cum can replenish your hit points like any normal food.
    -Unique, independent narcotic buffs for each relevant race. Twenty-seven in all!
    -Seven separate categories of addiction by race group, each with unique withdrawal debuffs!
    -Withdrawal effects that become more potent as your addiction level increases!
    -Uncommon Cravings, unhelpful doctors, and a minor repeatable quest to earn the cure!
    -More exclamation points!!
    Gritty Details
    This mod works for any player gender as long as you're on the receiving end of sex. Needless to say (I would hope), BLTC is meant to work in concert with a functioning installation of AAF, including tagged animations and so forth as detailed in the “Requirements” section down below.
    For those interested, here's how the various systems work.
    Most of the MCM settings are self explanatory. However, a handful of them warrant further comment.
    -Vanilla Fallout 4, Far Harbor DLC, and Nuka World DLC
    -MCM, for mod settings and overall function.
    -Working AAF installation, including animations and tags/Themes
    Known Issues
    -Smokeable Cigarettes compatibility patch
    -Cum addiction unaffected by Chem Resistance perk
    My Thanks To
    -kinggath once again, for the wonderful and incomparable Bethesda Mod School series on YouTube. Credit to him as well for the controller quest template that I'm still using from his Mod School Resources pack.
    -Seddon4494, for his succinct but still immensely useful Fallout 4 Creation Kit Tutorial series on YouTube.
    -Enter_77 for Silent Voice Generator, one of the easiest and most straightforward modding tools I have used thus far. It's so user friendly and quick that I will henceforth consider any unskippable, unvoiced quest dialogue tantamount to a war crime.
    -Joint thanks to Nebuchadnezzer2 and EgoBallistic for the AAF event listening structure that I've now used on three different mods. I originally lifted it from the former, who originally lifted it from the latter apparently (“From God, to Kane, to Seth; I am his right hand.”). All part of the great circle of plagiarism 'community knowledge'. ?
    -Special thanks to the AAF Help Discord for their assistance past, present, and future.
    -Honorable mention to Saya_Scarlett for the often thankless work of maintaining the AAF Fucking Manual.
    -Second honorable mention to Vaultbait for a one-line suggestion that utterly took over this mod's raison d'être. Actually I'm not sure if I should offer thanks or not, considering the order of magnitude increase in work required...
    -Third honorable mention to kziitd for the baseline face preset (slightly modified for this mod), cum mesh, and character idle used in the title image.
    Feel free to re-post, re-host, patch, translate, and/or incorporate into your own mods as long as the result is freely available and not paywalled. Just give credit back to me and the original LL post. No support offered for sites outside of LL.



  12. AAF Family Planning Enhanced for CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod

    This is a conversion of Chosen Clue's great mod Family Planning Enhanced to the Advanced Animation Framework,  now supporting CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod bodies.
    This mod is based on Chosen Clue's Four-Play Family Planning Enhanced version 2.102, with all the added features from the following:
    @fedim's AAF 79 FPE @Chosen Clue's FPE 2.102 "Cold Fix" @TheBottomhoodofSteel's Fusion Girl morphs Tag Filtering to prevent non-sex animations from causing pregnancies, based on @Flashy (JoeR)'s version of FPE Integration, optimizations, and bug fixes by @EgoBallistic  
    Note: I do not plan to add new features to this version of FPE, although I will fix bugs if necessary.  Invictus_blade has a new version of this mod that includes a lot more features: AAF Family Planning Enhanced Redux.  You probably should use that version.
    Mod Features
    Family Planning Enhanced, or FPE, is a pregnancy mod with a host of options to customize its behavior. Straight from installation, it works like this:
    If you are male
    You have intercourse with a female until she becomes pregnant. That's really all there is to it. There are options that help you determine if you succeeded in impregnating your partner, such as notifications about your virility, the chances your partner was pregnant, and when she becomes pregnant.
    If you are female
    Have intercourse until you become pregnant. As with males, you can enable notifications about your fertility, post-intercourse notifications about the chances of pregnancy, and notifications about conception and the stages of pregnancy.
    What about NPCs?
    They can get pregnant too, either through intercourse with the player, or with each other.
    What happens next?
    Pregnancy, of course! Women will have their bodies grow accordingly, if you have the right mods. Then, after 9 FPE months*, she will give birth, and after a certain amount of FPE months, the baby will grow into a child. Then after some more time, they will grow into an adult.
    *Note, that FPE months are different from actual months, and can be customized to last however long the user wishes.
    This is pretty vague, I thought you said that FPE had a host of options?
    Hell yes it does. 4 pages, 30 settings, all available via the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM). Every option affects things differently, so be sure to hover over them while in the MCM menu to learn about each, or find out something you didn't know FPE had!
    Full list of features:
    Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.  Please make sure this is installed correctly.
    CBBE by Caliente, Fusion Girl by Vioxsis, Leito86, TheBottomhoodOfSteel, and ZaZ, or Jane Bod by Nightasy
    Mod Configuration Menu by Registrator2000
    LooksMenu by Expired6978
    Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) by Dagobaking
    AAF Themes by Halstrom And of course you need to install animation packs.   Note: The latest version of FPE requires Fallout 4 runtime 1.10.162 or newer.  If you are running an older version of Fallout 4 you can use Fallout 4 Plugin Version Check Patcher to enable it to load AAF FPE.   Optional Mods FPE Male Mesh Override mod by AppleWaterSugar.  This provides a male pregnancy morph slider for Atomic Muscle and BodyTalk3, allowing pregnant males to have proper pregnancy bellies.  This is totally optional, but recommended if you play with male pregnancies enabled.   Installation
    Install the prerequisite mods, listed above. 
    Pay special attention to the F4SE installation -- you must install the Data folder from the F4SE archive into your Fallout 4 folder. If using CBBE, be sure to install the F4EE morphs when installing. If using Fusion Girl or Jane Bod, build your body in Bodyslide with the "Build Morphs" option enabled after installing. For all body types, always use the "Build Morphs" option whenever you build a body or outfit in BodySlide.  
    Once you have installed the prerequisites, make sure they work:
    Use the [Home] key to play some AAF animations.  Open the MCM and view some mod settings. Make sure your body and outfits show up in game  
    Then, install AAF Family Planning Enhanced (this mod!)
    AAF_FamilyPlanningEnhanced_2.710.7z is the main mod file.  You need this. AAF_FPE_2.710_DLC_Doctors_Addon.7z adds support for the doctors in Far Harbor and Nuka World.  You need the main mod and the DLC to use this. FPESuperMutantAddon.7z allows humans impregnated by Super Mutants to have babies who grow into Super Mutants FPEDogAddon.7z allows humans impregnated by dogs to have puppies who grow into real dogs FPEMakeYourOwnBabyAddon.pdf is instructions for mod authors wishing to make their own baby add-ons FPE_Interface_Script_2.610.7z is an example script for mod authors - you do not need this if you are only playing the game  
    Once you've installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the AAF FPE MCM and choose your settings.  Then go forth and procreate!
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Do I need Four-Play to use this?
    A: No, this mod does not use or require Four-Play at all
    Q: Do I need Vinfamy's Control Panel for this?
    A: No, this uses MCM and does not communicate with Vinfamy's CP in any way
    Q: Do I need the original Four-Play Family Planning Enhanced to use this?
    A: No, this is a self-contained port of the mod, not a patch.  You only need this mod.
    Q: I am using the "AAF 79 FPE" version, or Flashy's version.  Can I upgrade to this version?
    A: Yes.  Make a backup save, then uninstall the existing version and install this version.  FPE will detect the old version and update itself.
    Q: Do third party add-ons work with this version?
    A: Yes.  The add-on interface is unchanged from previous versions.  AAF FPE Addon Pack or FPE More Creatures work with this mod, as do the add-ons in the Download section.
    Q: Is there an option to create random NPC pregnancies?
    A: The only way FPE can create pregnancies is when an animation occurs.  Any mod that allows NPCs to have sex with other NPCs will work.  Shenanigans, Autonomy, prostitution mods, companions in an AAF Violate event, or simply using the AAF wizard can make NPCs get pregnant. 
    Q: How does the position filtering work?
    A: FPE looks for certain tags on animations, and will prevent pregnancy if any of those tags are found.  The list of excluded tags is: Kissing, Hugging, Cuddling, Blowjob, 69, Cunnilingus, Scissor, Handjob, Footjob, Jackoff, Masturbation, Spanking, Dancing, Pose.  This is in addition to the other requirements, i.e. there must be at least one actor capable of becoming pregnant, one actor capable of fathering a child, etc.
    Q: Does this work with Unique Player?
    A: Yes, but you must copy the morph files for your chosen body. When you build the female body in BodySlide, you must copy the .tri file (the morphs file) from the Characterassets folder into the PlayerCharacterAssets folder under Data\Meshes\Actor\Character
    Q: Can I prevent certain actor types or individual actors from becoming pregnant?
    A: Yes.  Version 2.201 and up have a formlist, FPFP_ProhibitedKeywords (XX017743) for this purpose.  Actors with any keyword in this list cannot get pregnant.  So you can add keywords like ActorTypeGhoul or AnimArchetypeElderly to this formlist to prevent those actor types from becoming pregnant.  The formlist includes the new keyword FPFP_NoPregKW (XX017742), so it can be added to an individual actor to prevent them from becoming pregnant.
    Q: Can I prevent certain pregnancies from starting up the Find the Father quest?
    A: Yes.  Version 2.610 and up include a new keyword FPFP_NoDaddy (XX01E1A6).  If this keyword is on the actor who impregnates the player, the Find the Father quest will not start for that pregnancy.
    Q: Is there an API I can use to make my mod cause or end pregnancies or find out when an actor gave birth?
    A: Yes.  The main quest includes a GetAPI() function which you can use to access the API.  The primary function you will use is GetPregnancyInfo(akActor) which allows you to call all of the internal functions to manipulate pregnancy.  As of version 2.610, the mod also includes FPFP_GetPregnant and FPFP_GiveBirth events which will be sent out when a pregnancy begins or ends.  The FPE_Interface_Script available in the Downloads is a modder's resource illustrating the use of these features.
    Q: Does this work with the Menstruation system from Advanced Needs?
    A: Yes, with Advanced Needs 76 only, not with Advanced Needs 2.  Version 2.710 and up will check if you are on your period and prevent you from becoming fertile or getting pregnant if so.
    Credits @vinfamy for Family Planning
    @Chosen Clue for Four-Play Family Planning Enhanced, which is 99% of this mod
    @Z0mBieP00Nani for the Condom Boy texture on the condom box
    @TheBottomhoodofSteel for the Fusion Girl morph sliders and help with the BT3 pregnancy morph
    @fedim for the original AAF 79 port of FPE
    @WandererZero for quality assurance
    @AppleWaterSugar for developing the male pregnancy morph sliders for Atomic Muscle and BodyTalk3
    @Ulfberth for help with Atomic Muscle pregnancy morph



  13. [AAF] Tattoo After Rape (1/18/2020)

    Tattoo After Rape
    A simple mod that adds a permanent tattoo on the player after the player is raped. Also adds an NPC in Dugout Inn (Diamond City) that will remove the tattoos for caps
    Tattoo After Rape
    When the player is raped, the mod will add a random Tattoo on the player. The tattoo used by this mod is from Tattoos for captives. It will randomly pick from over 100 tattoos from that mod. Note that that mod has over 300 tattoos, so not all tattoos from that mod are used. Only reason is after adding 100, I got tired of copy pasting  . The player being raped is interpreted by "PlayerRaped" meta, a flag used by mods like Violate, Sexual Harassment, etc. It will also look for "Aggressive" animation tag.
    Note that the tattoo added by this mod is "permanent", meaning it will not fade away on its own. Only ways to remove it are by talking to a tattoo remover (added by this mod), or via looksmenu (cheating).
    Customize Chance
    You can customize tattoo application chance per rapist race and faction. For instance, you can set it so that rapes from Super Mutant has 25% chance of tattoo being applied, while human Raiders have 100% chance. The current list of supported race and factions are: Super Mutant, Synth, Human, Raider, and Gunner. (Human includes Ghouls)
    Faction Specific Tattoo
    If your rapist is a gunner, they may put on gunner-specific tattoos. Alternatively, raider rapist may put on raider-specific tattoos. The chance that the rapist uses faction-specific tattoo instead of a generic one can be set in MCM. Non raiders or non gunners will not use these faction specific tattoos, and will always use the generic ones. Currently, only gunners and raiders are supported for faction-specific tattoos.
    Tattoo Removal
    Adds an NPC called "Tattoo Remover" who will remove all tattoos applied by this mod for 2000 caps. (It will also remove the same tattoos applied by other mods, if the ID are the same). He's located in Dugout Inn of Diamond City. He's next to the ice machine (to the left after you enter the inn). Nothing special about this NPC. He removes tattoos for a living.
    The tattoo removal cost is changeable, via MCM. Note that even after you change the cost, the NPC will keep saying it costs 2000 caps. That's only because of the game's limitation.
    APIs for Mods
    This mod exposes 3 APIs so other mods can easily integrate tattoos. Other mods are able to call:
    GetTattooCount - returns the number of rape tattoos that are currently applied on the player AddTattoo - Adds a random rape tattoo on the player AddTattooFromSet - Adds a random rape tattoo on the player from a set (generic, raider, or gunner) RemoveTats - Removes all rape tattoos on the player  
    Details can be found in the Modder's Resource section below.
    Fallout 4 Game version of 1.10.162 or newer (creation kit changes are backwards incompatible) AAF and all its requirements - animations, themes, etc. Requires  Looksmenu (also required by AAF anyway) Tattoos for captives - 2.4 or newer. Make sure to download at least the "Captive Tattoos" file  
    MCM - if you want to be able to change settings. Or you can just use console to change settings, too.  
    Known Issues
    Since the mod randomly picks from over 100 tattoos, sometimes they may overlap, and look ugly. If this really bothers you, you can customize the pool of tattoos this mod picks from in Data/AAF/tattoo_after_rape_overlaysdata.xml file. But it's hard to tell from that file alone which overlaps with what. So you'll have to figure that out somehow.



  14. AAF Dirty Sex

    This mod applies dirt effects from Get Dirty to you and your companion when you have sex outdoors or with certain types of NPCs.  Sex in the Wasteland, with creatures, with Raiders, etc, will leave you covered in dirt and grime.
    Mod Features
    This mod integrates AAF animation events with 7StarC's Get Dirty (Take a Bath) mod.  It will work with any AAF animation, whether launched by a mod or directly through AAF. 
    Get Dirty causes the player to get dirty as they explore the wasteland.  The dirt level increases over time.  AAF Dirty Sex listens for AAF animations and increases your dirt level if appropriate.  The dirt is actually applied by Get Dirty and follows all of that mod's rules for cleaning yourself, increasing over time, etc.
    Whether you will get dirty during sex is based on the following factors, all manageable from the AAF Dirty Sex MCM:
    Dirty Factions: NPCs from certain factions, like Raiders, Children of Atom, Super Mutants, Creatures, etc, are dirty.  Having sex with them can make you dirty. Dirty Mods: Non-consensual sex from mods like AAF Violate, AAF Sex 'Em Up, and MCG can leave you covered in filth.  Dirty Animations: Animations tagged as aggressive, bondage, etc, can make you dirty. Dirty Locations: Having sex out in the Wasteland or outdoors in settlements and cities can get you dirty.  If you want to stay clean, have sex on furniture in settlements, or in a clean indoor location.  Clean locations include places like the Institute, the Prydwen, Home Plate, Piper's house, etc. The more dirty sex you have, the dirtier you will get.  You can use the MCM menu to control how many times you can have sex before your dirt level increases.  Having sex with multiple partners can also get you dirty quicker.
    Get Dirty (Take a Bath) Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) Installation
    Install the mod's requirements, then install this mod using your favorite mod manager.  Ensure that this mod loads after Get Dirty.
    This mod does not work well if CWSS is installed.  The cleanliness buffs from CWSS interfere with the way this mod communicates with Get Dirty.  That's fine with me, though, because I don't like CWSS or use it in my game.  BYOP (Build Your Own Pool) works fine with this and doesn't cause any issues.  Get Dirty also provides an elegant and hassle-free way to turn any shower or sink into a cleaning station. Only one companion at a time will be affected by this mod.  This is due to the way Get Dirty tracks companion actors. Technical
    The mod basically does three things:
    First, AAF Dirty Sex listens for AAF animation events, compares the animation conditions with the MCM settings, and increases your dirt level if appropriate.  It ignores animations with tags that indicate they are not sex animations, such as poses, dancing, etc. Second, AAF Dirty Sex applies the Get Dirty dirt effects to the player body double during AAF animations.  If you already use Get Dirty, you may have noticed that the dirt effects disappear from your character when you start an animation and reappear when it stops.  AAF Dirty Sex fixes that. Third, if you have NaiRae's The Cozy Scavver workshop item collection installed, AAF Dirty Sex will add that mod's shower and bathtub to the list of furniture you can use to get clean.  This is a minor feature, but since I use The Cozy Scavver items in my settlements I threw it in for my own convenience.  Note that this is completely optional and The Cozy Scavver is not required to use this mod. AAF Dirty Sex does not modify any scripts or forms from Get Dirty or change its functionality in any way.  The only way this mod interacts with Get Dirty is by forcing the player or follower's dirtiness level to increase.  This is done by detecting the mod and remotely calling its functions at run time.
    The plugin is an ESL-flagged ESP so it will not count toward your 255-plugin limit.
    For Mod Authors
    The "Dirty Mods" feature uses the optional Meta strings that scripted mods can send through AAF.  AAF Violate, AAF Sex 'Em Up, and MCG use a standardized set of Meta strings, described here, to indicate consensual and non-consensual sex animations.  AAF Dirty Sex listens for these strings in animation events and will act on them if the "Dirty Mods" feature is enabled.  If you want your mod to work with this feature, simply add the appropriate strings to the SceneSettings.Meta when you call AAF to start animations.



  15. She's Got That Glow

    She's Got That Glow
    What does this mod do?
    In short, when someone (or some *thing*) comes inside you, you take configurable radiation damage.
    Why would I want this?
    I originally envisioned SGTG as a complement to the radiation-based armor slot stripping in FO4 Nude Basics. It seems as though that mod is currently unavailable, but perhaps someone will make another version of the same idea in the future. SGTG would also play nicely with rad morphing mods, causing body changes as a direct consequence of sex. Another consideration might be pregnancies from Family Planning Enhanced (original or Redux), whose unborn babies will require healing for all the additional radiation. Or you could just let the radioactive creatures of the Wasteland terminate your unwanted pregnancy...
    Beyond those niche cases, SGTG primarily just adds another negative consequence to sex in FO4. Maybe you want certain combat defeats to be extra punitive, or for your questionable sexual escapades to result in more than mere social condemnation. Maybe you play a Goodneighbor prostitute who wants a new reason to upcharge ghoul clients. Or, hell, maybe you just want an excuse to use the seemingly hundreds of doses of radaway that the vanilla game showers upon us.
    Isn't there another mod with a similar effect?
    Expansion 3 - AAF Content, for Advanced Needs 2, has an option to apply a small amount of radiation damage after sex with certain creatures. This feature never worked for me. In lieu of fixing it, I decided to craft my own version with better configuration options.
    Features and Other Gritty Details
    First and foremost, this mod only affects the player. I'm unlikely to change this aspect because substantial reworking of the scripts would be required for little gain. So if you always longed to play as a half-Supermutant who irradiates his enemies to death via sex, I apologize for crushing your dreams.
    This mod should work regardless of player gender. Player must be the “receiver” to take damage. SGTG is independent of animation packs and works by listening for AAF events. At the end of an animation, it will apply radioactive cum damage per your settings.
    Only the vanilla game is required currently. As a consequence, only vanilla creatures/races are natively supported. Other creatures and/or custom races can still deal radioactive cum damage if you select the proper MCM setting.  I tried to make SGTG as configurable as possible, and so it includes the following MCM settings:
    -Vanilla Fallout 4 (no DLCs needed)
    -AAF with working animations. SGTG contains no animations of its own.
    -Tags for your animations. I recommend installing AAF Themes. Alternatively, you can use animations that are tagged by the author, like those made by SavageCabbage (1.2.4+) and BP70 (2.7+). Certain patches add, revise, or substitute their own tags as well. You need properly tagged animations even if you intend to use Max Compatibility mode, unless of course you don't mind taking rad cum damage from spanking.
    -Mod Configuration Menu (MCM), for SGTG settings and overall function.
    Known Issues
    -All valid actors in group/gangbang animations will deal damage even if they don't all penetrate the player. Technical stuff under the spoiler.
    -Glowing creatures don't all share any sort of common keyword. Some don't even have the “glowing cloak spell” designed for their race (seriously, Bethesda?). I tried to catch these cases by name but if you encounter any glowing creatures that don't cause the right amount of rad cum damage, please let me know so I can fix it.
    -Under the hood, Bethesda's Gen 3 Synths all use the human race type. Lore wise, it makes sense. I mean that's basically the Railroad's whole argument after all... but for SGTG, it means prominent Gen 3 NPCs like H2-22, Z1-14, and X6-88 will be treated as human for determining rad cum damage.
    My Thanks To
    -kinggath, who I cannot praise enough for his incredibly detailed and informative “Bethesda Mod School” series on YouTube and his scripting template files.  Seriously, don't stab around in the dark, let this man distill his hundred (thousands?) of hours of modding experience down into an hour per topic for you.
    -EgoBallistic, twistedtrebla, and Nebuchadnezzer2, all of whose excellent scripting I studied, scoured, pondered, and otherwise picked apart to figure out how to make SGTG hum.  Thank you for keeping your source code available so we could all learn from it.
    -Special thanks to the AAF Help discord for sorting me out way back when I was a wide-eyed newbie, to whom the process of mod-making was akin to sorcery.
    -Honorable mention to Saya_Scarlett for the often thankless work of maintaining the definitive AAF Adult Oriented Setup Guide. Even today I reference it when ramping up a new playthrough.
    Feel free to re-post, re-host, patch, translate, and/or incorporate into your own mods as long as the result is freely available and not paywalled. Just give credit back to me and the original LL post. No support offered for sites outside of LL.



  16. (Legacy) Family Planning Enhanced More Creatures

    This Mod has been discontinued, its successor is found here->
    Here is my expanded WIP mod addon for Family Planning Enhanced. (which is an requirement to this mod)
    due to changes this mod is only compatible with the latest version or
    AAF Family Planning Enhanced for CBBE, Fusion Girl, and Jane Bod 2.400
    FPEAIOCreatureAddon contains both the impregnation from creatures as well as the Egg mechanic.
    FPEAIOCreatureAddon_NS is a non sexual version with only the Egg & Womb mechanic (I did a poll and no one plays this version so it will excluded from now on, message me if you want it)
    FPEAIOCreatureAddon_Breed only contains the impregnation quests. (v1.45 is the last version)
    FPEAIOCreatureAddon_Null is a more restricted than the nonsexual version, all creatures offspring is a non-living sac's (v1.45 is the last version)
    FPEVanillaCreatureAddon contains both the impregnation from creatures as well as the Egg mechanic from the vanilla game
    I have finally made a FOMOD so installation is really easy just choose the version you want
    Life Cycle
    In Balancing the life cycle of the creature, I have added an extra step for certain creatures such as Dogs, Yao Guai
    so using the pregnancy model
    Pregnancy->New Born(or egg & bio-womb)->Child->Adult
    so using the found egg model
    New Born(or egg & bio-womb)->Child->Adult
    Egg's or Wombs

    Basically there is a chance on a dead creatures bodies, there may be a chance of getting a dying creature egg(or womb) which is designed so that the quest won't start until you want it to start. also there is a chance that you can find a living hostile egg in a nest
    To revive the egg, visit the chemistry station with the egg, stimpak, Jet and some of its DNA(flesh or blood)
    this also requires two(of three) perks - Science! and Animal Friend or Wasteland Whisperer (with different level depending on the creature)
    Additional, you can delay, buy and sell eggs (and babies) via the use of cryogenics, in chemistry station, you can add liquid Nitrogen or Cryo ammo to your eggs to enable them to be sold
    there is also a price incentive for this as well that frozen eggs are worth 4X the value of dying eggs (revived eggs are 0)
    To reheat the egg, visit the chemistry station to reheat them. (this step is designed because the eggs kept hatching on vendors)
    The progression of the egg(or womb) cycle
    Dying --> Revived  <--> Frozen
    Children & Adults
    when an Egg(or womb) is revived then the quest begins and after a certain amount of time(depended on the creature type)
    Then the revived egg is hatched with a friendly baby creature spawning at your location(or settlement if you drop them at a settlement)
    after an amount of time the child will grow into an adult and then it becomes one of two possible outcomes.
    Tamed Creatures are dependent on the workshop but provide greater defense but you can control them and they at a lower level)
    Feral Creatures are independent and don't provide anything to the workshop but they are usually at a higher level than tamed but you cannot control them
    Loyal Creature are build to be strong loyal followers to the player but they require extra resources to construct
    Creatures eggs and wombs included in this mod
    Nearly all Fallout Creatures are included.
    The following are the exceptions
    Bloodbugs (hostile only)
    Radroach(Disgusting Sac Only)
    RadAnt(Disgusting Sac Only)
    allows you to craft injectable semen from dying creatures egg and different chemicals
    Added Injectable Semen to impregnate yourself or friendly NPC's allowing you to be pregnant with creatures
    (found under Clothing in your inventory)
    Player usage - Equip it and exit (and you are pregnant)
    Friendly NPC usage - Trade with a friendly NPC, give them an injectable semen, equip it and exit (and they are pregnant)
    However some Impregnations will not work until animations come out
    Additional Information
    This is NOT compatible with "Family Planning"
    The most pressing issue at the moment is fixing the newborn models for a number of creatures
    This mod is still work in progress so I still have to find good balance of the number involve in this mod
    which include making a quick and dirty life cycle for each creature.
    Please give me constructive feedback



  17. Cum inside banner example

    A cum inside profile banner. It's a 2D frame animation. you can attach it on your orgasm stage.
    This is only an example. The original frame pictures are not made by me. They're from Kuromaru character of MUGEN.
    I just use them to make a swf. So it can be triggered by AAF banner feature.
    It's just an idea. I really hope someone professional can make better resources.
    Watch the AAF WIKI to know how to attach banners on animations:
    You have to do it yourself!
    You can see there are color tint and radiant blur effects on my screen. They're triggered by AAF ISM attribute and not included in this example.
    Special thanks to dagoba_king. The author of AAF. Without him AAF can never trigger this banner.
    Requires AAF 127 beta or higher version.



  18. Grey User Gag Equip V3

    First off, I did not create this file, the original was created by dapool
    I have made several edits/ bug fixes to the original, including removing the gag from animations that were tagged "no gag", and added MM support, and fixed a bug with lieto's animations, with indarallo's patch installed, were the gag was being equipped on the dominant participant.
    This is a work in progress, I hope to implement these features in the future
    1: remove the Devious Devices dependency has an optional file(I'm not a hater)
    2: Direct implemation into Grey's original ESP(if permissions are granted)
    3:Fix the totally borked sound files(may be bazinga(yes I just threw you under the bus lol) can help here with some custom moans love??)
    Installation: Install the required files, then install this file, overwriting all. 
    The file is compatible with indarallo's patch, and contains for the most part , the one patch to bang them all v1.0.1 



  19. [AAF] RSE II: Wastelanders Rash (01/10/20)

    Wastelander's Rash has arrived for RSE II.
    This mod requires the RSE II Resources ESM, as well as AAF, MCM and it is coded to take advantage of Family Planning Enhanced's condoms if you have that mod installed.
    This mod adds a Fallout variant of herpes to your game! It functions by randomly assigning the disease to spawned actors, be they ghoul, human, super mutant or dogs. You can catch it and you can spread it. Same goes for the NPCs that are infected. Left unchecked, with appropriate mods in place (Random Shenanigans or SEU), you could have the entire Commonwealth infected in no time! The disease is persistent on the afflicted characters and never goes away unless it is cured.
    When infected, you will suffer periodic episodes of flareups. This incurs charisma penalties and damage over a span of time. You can find or purchase relief items that will stop an ongoing flareup. You can also find or buy the cure item. Also, you can remove the rash by visiting a doctor and curing your wounds.
    NPCs infected might die if they have sex with another infected person. You can enable or disable this in the MCM.  You can also mitigate this with an NPC antiviral medication that you can craft in the CHEMLAB.
    If you are cured and have sex with an infected person, there is a 50% chance they will be cured by your fluids. Or, as of v1.1, you can simply give a friendly NPC the cure item and they will be cured ~ this must occur as a transfer of the cure from your inventory to theirs for it to work. It cannot be done via the console.
    Just install it like you do any other mod. Due to its overrides of certain faction ACTOR types, the lower you place it, the better, just to ensure propagation of the disease to these actors can occur.
    A functioning install of AAF.
    MCM -> https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497
    The source code is provided for you to make personal changes, should you wish to. It is not provided for you to alter, compile and redistribute your own version of the mod. The mod, Wastelanders Rash for RSE II is only allowed to be hosted and downloaded from Lover's Lab, under my specific user account.





  20. MCG Zodiac Integration

    A really simple mod which adds an interface between Zodiac and Magno Cum Gaudio (MCG) for FO4.
    Well, even "adds an interface" is kind of overstatement since the only function it has (at least for now) is increasing your infamy by 2 when you service a Zodiac client. And that's it. I just though not having a bad reputation for being a prostitute wasn't immersive.
    Testing it took more time than writing it, still if there are any problems, please let me know. The mod adds traces to the papyrus log with "MCG_Zodiac" labels, one when the mod loads, and two per event (any sex animation and the one about "Infamy increased", so you might check for those if something is wrong.
    Released under Mozilla Public License 2.0



  21. AAF Family Planning Enhanced Addon Pack

    what is it?
    at the beginning it was only to be a Deathclaw Addon, but now that we have more animations that support other creatures, this file will become a pack for all creatures that have animations. I will try to update this pack according to my free time.
    future plans:
    add the rest of the creatures that already have animations.
    Yao Guai
    Advanced Animation Framework Beta 93 or higher By @dagobaking
    AAF Family Planning Enhanced 2,300 or higher By @EgoBallistic
    AAF Creature Pack Release 3.00 Version 3.00 or higher By @Gray User
    Just use a mod manager like MO2 or Vortex, but if you prefer to do the manual installation just put it in the Date folder of your game.
    Sorry for typing errors, but English is not my default language.
    @Chosen Clue for FPEMakeYourOwnBabyAddon.pdf, thanks for this great tutorial.
    @EgoBallistic for for continuing to update AAF FPE



  22. AAF Gag Equip GrayUser Animations

    This is an experimental AAF plugin which causes the GrayUser Bondage Animations to actually equip a gag.  It uses the tape gag from Devious Devices, so you need that installed.  I chose the tape gag specifically since it is used by Violate and RaiderPet.



  23. [AAF] RSE II: Reproductive System Effects (07/25/19)

    This mod adds a menstrual cycle to the player, be they female OR male, as well as various pregnancy related effects such as morning sickness and fatigue, as well as miscarriages. The options in the MCM highlight all of the current functionality, in a plain and understandable way. Integrates at this time with Wasterlander's Rash and in the future will also integrate with Advanced Needs. Note that there is no requirement to have either mod installed ~ their inclusion is done through a soft-check.
    This mod starts in a "disabled" state and you will need to go into the MCM to set your timeframe for what the mod considers to be a month and then enable periods. This was done to prevent the mod from automatically starting on MALE player games, when you have forgotten the mod is installed.
    A functioning install of AAF.
    MCM -> https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497
    Family Planning Enhanced
    RSE II Resources ESM
    All assets are to remain intact with RSEII: Reproductive System Effects. You may not take any part of it, in whole or in part, to use in your own mods without express permission. Trust, I know my code, function flow and my assets - if you use it without asking, I'll know and it wont be good for you. RSEII: Reproductive System Effects is made to be used in whole, not for you to rip apart and coopt components of it for your own uses. This mod may not be altered or redistributed. Lovers Lab is the only site that has permission to host the file and does so under my own user account.



  24. AAF Animated Fannies

    AAF Adaptation  for Animated Fannies.
    Vagina and Anus animation
    Integration with "Plugs of Commonwealth" by @darkconsole (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2664-plugs-of-the-commonwealth/) 



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