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Adult oriented Oblivion mods that add or modify in game companions

2 files

  1. CM partner nightelves (updated for Xenius' compilation pack)

    Hey guys. I found some mods made by Abriael that haven't been updated in a while. At the moment if you try to use it in your current Oblivion installation, it will simply crash because it still works with the old nightelves mod made by Xenius. I thought this was a shame and since Abriael didn't seem to plan on updating any time soon, i took it on myself to update it to the current version (aka compilation pack).
    Since i could not find the Original hairs that came with the Original mod. I had to assign them myself from the compilation pack. So they might look a little bit different from what they used to look like. (you can change this yourself if you really don't like it with the construction kit). Faces and other stuff should still be the same as the Original. The only things i updated was the race usage and the hairstyle.
    Therefore i give all credits to Abriael since i simply fixed what could be fixed. So feel free to go to the Original file and give credit to him/her. (but don't download the mod unless you still have the old version, but then this mod shouldn't be of any use to you anyway).
    Note: there is still the strange "fake smile" bug where the npc's show their teeth. This bug was also apparent in the Original mod so it will still be here to. This is simply something i can't do anything about.
    If Abriael ever plans on updating the mod by him/herself, i would gladly remove this mod.
    Also i'm planning on doing the moonelves too so look forward to the release of the moonelves too.
    Anyway have fun!



  2. Zodiac Companions - GuangXiHou

    So many Evys you'll puke.
    Standalone collection of 12 Evy Companions crafted by GuangXiHou, Chinese modder.
    Original ESPs were based on various companion mods. I thought about translating them all, but decided not to bother.
    There's also some lore behind these characters. Long story short, these girls are notable knights/assassins/mages/divines chosen by Talos to help you out with the main quest.
    They're all placed in the Bruma Chapel of Talos and come with various outfits and equipment.
    Use MCS to recruit.
    This mod is highly derivative, it is impossible to fully credit all original authors.
    darkness1027 and yangyang created the BnS outfit conversions



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